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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 15, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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do not be a blooter. thanks for watching us. please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: 84 days are all that remain before the voters head to the polls in one of the most important elections in our lifetime. here's the reason why i believe that. listen to what vice-president joe biden said earlier today. >> romney wants to let -- he said the first hundred days, he's going to let the big bangs write their own rules. unchain wall street -- big banks. they are going to put you back in chains? >> pretty unbelievable. we will have more on that outrageous comment later on in the program. but team obama proves yet again, they don't have a record to run
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on. while campaigning in iowa, president cheap shot couldn't resist an opportunity and brought up the old story about the romney family dog, shamis. watch this. >> he said that new sources of energy like wind are imaginary. his runningmate called them a fad. during a speech a few months ago, governor romney even explained his energy policy this way. i am quoting here -- you can't drive a car with a windmill on it. that's what he said about wind power. you can't drive a car with a windmill on it. now -- [chuckles] -- i don't know if he has tried that. i know he has had other things on his car. >> sean: by the way, does the president forget he admitted to eating a dog? if that is not a sign at that time obama campaign is in panic mode, i don't know what is. while they are throwing mud to distract you, the voter,
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governor romney and congressman ryan are putting forth bold solutions about how to get this country back on track and get people back to work. here's what congressman ryan said earlier today. he was in colorado. >> we are offering solutions. and among those solutions we are offering are number-1, make sure that we use our own energy because we have our own energy in this country. the last thing, when i was filling my truck up, it cost $100. the only reason was because the pump cut me off at fl 100, i didn't even fill the gas tank. enough! we have our own oil and gas. we have nuclear. we have all of the above -- wind, solar, coal, let's use t. let's make our energy independent. let's create jobs -- [cheers and applause] -- >> let's stop spending -- [inaudible] by buying oil overseas. >> sean: joining me now, karl
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rove. welcome back, sir. >> good to be back. thanks for having me. >> sean: we are going to get into this in more detail. but we have to start with biden. this is the dirtiest campaign i have seen in my lifetime. a campaign that is full of lies, distortion, propaganda, misinformation. they seem unhinged, desperate and on top -- just the need -- beneath the dignity of the office, karl. you know? >> you left out one thing, which is today, i think it was an appeal to racial unrest. i mean, danville, virginia is in the south side of virginia. it's an historically african-american... community, strong african-american population throughout the south side of virginia, where they used to have plantations. to say, we're going to put you back in chains makes it look like the republican ticket are going to be a bunch of slave owners, going to enslave african-americans again.
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this is insensitive language. we have come to expect it from joe biden. but i wonder, if since he was working off a teleprompter if they didn't put this in there to make a racial appeal. it was remarkable. >> sean: they have a truth team member of virginia who suggested that romney was racist. let's see, he's a felon, hasn't paid his taxes. you know, he wants dirty air and water -- what is left? are they going to stab granny, slice her throat and then throw her over the cliff? >> they have already thrown her over the cliff. >> sean: they have to shoot her first. >> torturing granny. maybe that's even too much for the obama campaign-- i don't know. >> i thought the nonchalant attitude of team obama -- we don't have a problem with biden's comments. if they don't have a problem with it, then let's have vice-president biden make that part of his standard stump speech and see how far it goes. the american people are not that dumb. they are in large measure turned
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off by this president because he spoke so beautifully about bringing us together in 2008 and now the campaign has been reduced to smear, slurs and half truths and demagoguery and then, mean-spirited appeals like we saw today from the vice-president. >> sean: let's look at the electoral map. in the end, we are looking at 12, 13 states that are going to matter. have you broken this up in red for romney, blue for obam alight blue is leaning obama. the changes in the states over the last 30 days, particularly, colorado, connecticut, georgia, missouri, arizona -- explain those. >> a couple of changes that i don't really believe which are missouri and georgia. they went from being solid romney. they switched at one scpoint -- two points and ended up being leaning romney. they will be in romney's column, no if ifs, ands or buts.
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colorado had old polling that showed it as a lean romney. now it's solid romney. interestingly, a new poll in connecticut, showing the state has drifted from solid obama to leaning obama and colorado with 9 votes had gone from lean obama to tass -- tossup. two things are not reflected in that map that are reality. look, south carolina, which, you know, the last poll we have there is from december. joe trippi and howard dean's former manager and bret baier and i discussed, we are going to put it in the romney column, raising his total by 9. i think we are likely toy see a change in the next week in ohio with 18 electoral votes and wisconsin with 10. ohio is a tossup state. it has been moved into the lean obama column by the presence of one poll, overly large democratic sample. the next poll or two will put
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them back into the tossup. and ryan's presence is likely to move from lean obama to tossup. >> sean: i tend to agree. but ohio's key in this race. this is dead even in the rasmussen. 45-45. that report also showed ohio's opinion of paul ryan, midwestern guy, porn% favorable. 39% unfavorable. favorable for ohio. what do you think? >> look, i think we are likely to see this duplicated in a lot of places. as people get to know this attractive 42-year-old, thoughtful, reasonable, sensible, constructive member of the congress, they are going to say, that's a good choice. not only that, he's a truth teller who takes complex issues with deficit, debt and government and break its down in terms we understand paul ryan's district was won by al gore, won by barack obama and after his first race, which he won with
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57% tpaul has been re-elected 6 times with 63 to 68% of the vote. and in a blue-collar, democratic-leaning district, he can carry the message to the people who will decide the election. >> sean: you are right. every modern democratic president has won ryan's district. obama won by 4 points and he has 60-some-odd percent -- >> 68. >> sean: well, he split the ticket. people split the ticket. one out of five obama supporters split it. the rasmussen poll -- was paul ryan the right choice? 43% say right choice. 22% say bad choice. let me play a s.o.t. of paul ryan. his background is fascinating to me. here's what he talked about as relates to those who demonize him, his grandmother on medicare and his life experience, working at mcdonald's. >> he's speaking to people as if we are stuck in our station of
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life. victims of circumstances beyond our control and only the government is here to help us cope with it -- [boos from crowd]. >> you know, i don't know about you but when i was growing up and flipping burgers at mcdonald's in front of that big hobart machine, washing dishes or waiting tables, i never thought of myself as stuck in a station in life. i thought of myself as the american dream and the path of journey and i can find happiness however i define it for myself. >> sean: you notice, no teleprompter, compelling life stories. >> yeah. look, this is one of the great things about this guy. i know him well. we spent some time driving his district together. his brothers give him no respect whatsoever. this is a great sign -- member of the congress -- big whoopety-whoop. so that's really fun to watch. he's so passionate about the right to rise. this is what we need.
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you didn't create that, the government did it. but you have a right to rise. we need to change government and remove the obstacles, to you being everything you can be in life. i didn't come from much of anything. i didn't go to college except i have a $1500-a-year scholarship. life's been good to me. that's the life we want for our kids and grandkids and paul ryan embodies this and is passionate about it because he has lived the american experiment. >> sean: fascinating 84 days ahead. thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me? >> the romney campaign says that joe biden has taken this to a new low, including this racially charged remark from earlier today. >> romney said the first hundred days he's going to let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street! going to put you back in chains. >> sean: when we come back, we will explain why the president's
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>> sean: tonight, the vice-president of the united states appears to be nothing short of unhinged. earlier today, joe biden, with a long and illustrious history of
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gaffes he declared to the crowd that mitt romney and the republican party want to put the american people, back in chains. we can't make this up. watch this. >> romney wants to let -- he said the first hundred days he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules -- unchain wall street! he's going to put you back in chains. >> sean: now, a spokesperson for the romney campaign responded to the comments saying they have taken the phrase to a quote, new low. the president's deputy campaign manager's refusing to denounce biden's racially charged rhetoric. instead, they are defending t. take a look. >> the bottom line, the president agrees with joe biden's sentiment but not his comment. the thought -- we have no problem with those comments. >> sean: once again issue we are witnessing firsthand that the president lacks the moral courage to govern. not only should he condemn the vice-president's words, it is time to ask the question do,
12:16 am
they need joe to go? joining me with the reaction to the controversy. stuart varny and dana perino. what do you do when you are dealing with a campaign that is dirty, full of lies, misinformation, what do do you in this case? >> i personally am getting tired of it. i don't like being accused -- i am a conservative, ordinary guy. i don't like being accused of wanting to put people in chains. i don't like being accused of wanting dirty air and dirty water. i am tired of this low-level campaign, which is hostile to ordinary americans. i never thought 3, 4 years ago that we would come down so low as we are now -- ever. >> sean: doesn't this all start at the top? the president has had an opportunity to say, i don't want bill maher's money. he has had an opportunity when the truth team member of virginia accused officerny of being a racist, to make a
12:17 am
statement. where is the president's civility? where is he? >> you could call a meeting and a, i want everybody to reign it in, more civility, are you on the merits? we can win on the merits. that hasn't happened. it probably will not. -- because why? why is that? -- he wants the helicopter and the house and the plane so bad? >> or he wants to push an ideology that he talked about earlier in the week about shared prosperity. maybe they really be believe it. i think to me, their campaign has gotten to a point where they are just say, well, this is politics and everybody does it. what i see in the pretionz and i have heard from some of them, people i dealt with many years and say, how can you accept this? -- what do they say? >> you know, everybody does it. okay. i think that -- when american people either tune out or they think, what would happen if the
12:18 am
republican had said that about putting americans back in chains? this is a civil society, you do not say it. >> sean: cancer, causing cancer -- a felon. murderer. doesn't pay his taxes. e. coli party. wants to throw granny over the cliff. we can go through this t. never ends. >> and the question, do you think that biden could be replaced at this late stage? that's my next question. flat-out, no. >> sean: i disagree. >> this is a president who has never reversed course, despite constant fail nur most policies. he has never reversed course. do you think he will reverse the course with the failure of his vice-president? i don't think so. >> sean: if he viewed biden as such a liability and thought that hillary would get him re-elected, they would say he has health issue, come up with an excuse and replace him tomorrow. >> 80-odd days to go? >> i think they underestimate the power of a little bit of grace and a little bit of
12:19 am
dignity and a push-back saying, whoa, got caught up in the crowd, in the moment, i shouldn't have said that. let me tell you what i really meant to say and go on from there. there is a power of graciousness -- that permeates a campaign. if it came from the top -- for example, a story about president obama buying everybody beers except the romney supporter. that's the guy you should buy the beer for and that's the story that gets out. when rachel at chick-fil-a is reamed out by the guy. what about calling her, instead of sandra fluke? or in addition to -- a little bit of give. >> doesn't this raise a sharp contrast between the official vice-president and the candidate for the vice-president, say, paul ryan? what a huge difference of a stark contrast this reveals. paul ryan has just redefined the election. he's energized the election. he has brought his campaign from the center. they are now leading the obama
12:20 am
team, spocial this issue of medicare and how to pay for it. that's a sharp contrast with joe biden. let's not forget, it was the vice-president of the united states of america who whispered an obscenity to the president of the united states on camera. everybody knew what he said f. that doesn't lower the office, i don't know twha does. >> sean: i think it's so beneath the dignity of the office and says so much about how they cannot ran their record. it reveals a lot about obama and the character and the person i felt this is the kind of thing you say when you run out of substantive things to talk about. i understand your adrenalin is pumping and you go on a step too far. >> this is part of -- look, i believe harry reid was sent to say what he said. >> i do, too. the opportunity to pull it back, walk it back. they never do it. >> we were talking before we came into the studio and i asked the question, do you think that this could have happened, that
12:21 am
we could sink so low? i said, no, i never imagined t. but i think they are emerging as chicago thugs, political thugs. >> you know who could have imagined it? the hillary clinton campaign of 2008, the same recipients of this type of behavior. >> they played the race card on me. you can do your stuart varny impression. >> good night, stuart. >> sean: good night. thank you for being here. coming up, we open the obama video scprawlt expose more hypocrisy from the president. it seems he's only a fan of scare tactic when isee uses them and we get to the straight numbers on medicare tonight, as we vet the president, right here on "hannity.
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>> sean: now that paul ryan has been revealed as mitt romney's runningmate, democrats are painting to attempt him as a ruthless fiscal hawk who doesn't care about the elderly, kids or anybody. the attacks have centered around his medicare proposals because he has had the courage to step up and revamp medicare to save it from bankruptcy, now he's accused of throwing granny over the cliff and turning his back on poor children in america. the medicare and medi-scare
12:26 am
tactics are particularly troubling from a president who actually had the audacity to lecture paul ryan and republicans at their house retreat in 2010 on this very issue. back then, he railed against the politics of fear and division. now, my, how things have changed. watch this. >> that's why i say, if we are going to frame these debates in ways that allow us to solve them, then we can't start off by figuring out, a., who is to blame; b., how can we make the american people afraid of the other side? unofficial, that's how our politics works right now. it's all tactics. it is not solving problems. so the question is, at what point can we have a serious conversation about medicare? and its long-term liability? we put this in one of president obama's do as i say file -- if
12:27 am
there is any room left. joining me on the use of the scare tactics, welcome. >> thank you? >> listen to what he said here. he said, it's all tactics, it is not solving problems. the question is whether we can have a serious conversation about medicare. >> the call now for your free information and this the senate hasn't passed a budget in four years. the president's budget was defighted -- defeated 99-0 and so he is being serious. and he is being tarred and feathered. >> sean: romney's plan is going to restore the $700 billion plus that obama cut. that's number 1. they are going to rein in future costs.
12:28 am
if you are younger, you get the same plan and you can keep it. but if you want one of the premium plans, you get a choice, "a," "b," or "c," the middle cost is the one you take. you pay no money. none. zero. >> but the problem is, is the issue. it is the issue that in the dna of voters, they think democrats will spend us into oblivion and raise taxes. they think republicans want to gut social security and medicare. we saw what the president said. he promises not to be involved in doing this. but the fact is the attraction is too great. they see it as an electoral issue. the question for romney/ryan ticket is this, they have 20 days to go and discuss the big issue. for the first time, romney has the advantage. >> sean: i agree with you. here's the interesting part. they cannot get away with this -- this semantic game they are playing here that this is about savings. the cut isn't a cut. no, a cut's a cut.
12:29 am
the new romney ad is extremely effective. i want to get your thoughts on this about the medi-scare. >> you paid into medicare for years. every paycheck. now obama has cut $716 billion from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. now the money you paid for your guaranteed health care is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney/ryan plan protects medicare for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. >> i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >> sean: political jujitsu. great ad. it lays it out clearly. makes people realize that the obamacare is not a free program. it is going to cost -- it is going to cost people on medicare today. i think the reality here is let's have a serious debate on the issue and find a solution. >> sean: before i get your take on this, pat, let me show you
12:30 am
obama in a 20 09 interview, admitting that he is going to cut medicare, which he did and he is the only candidate in this race that cut medicare. watch this. >> one of the concerns about health care and how you pay for, one-third of the funding comes from cuts to medicare. >> right. >> are you willing to pledge that whatever cuts in medicare are being made to fund health insurance, one-third of it, that you will veto anything that tries to undo that? >> yes. i actually have said that... it is important for us to make sure this thing is deficit neutral without tricks. i said i wouldn't sign a bill that didn't meet that criteria. >> so congress needs to know you will veto any attempt to walk back what they pass. >> congress needs to know when i say this has to be deficit control, i mean it. >> three times the estimated cost. remember, it was 10 years of taxes, 6 years of benefits and
12:31 am
he took all the money from medicare. >> yeah. you get to the figure, now the figure doesn't hold. look, i have argued, the thing about the romney ad is that they have pivoted to the issue tshouldn't be about medicare t. shouldn't be obamacare. they should be dealing with the taxes and the whole idea that the mandate was a misled. s misled -- that's a better ground. and the president did cut it. the problem is, people believe in their bones, this is what they have to overcome. i don't understand -- if i were ryan, he has a mother on medicare. i would have that mother saying, my son isn't going to do that. >> i agree, totally. i am on medicare. [chuckles] >> sean: you don't look a day over 40. come. >> the key thing here and the part that's missing here, 12,000 people a day, the baby-boomers are added to this. so the idea that you don't have to make adjustments is absurd.
12:32 am
the president's got in the way, throughout this debate on obamacare, without telling the truth-- comma that comment -- >> now we need to be very serious. >> sean: this is dev stateing. we're out of time. good to see you both. i had no idea you were over 50. >> vilived a hard life. >> an exemption into medicare. >> sean: he is not backing down from this comment. >> as far as harry reid is concerned, listen, i know, you might want to go down that road. i am not going to respond to a dirty liar. >> sean: reince priebus sits down with me and talks about fighting the obama smear machine and says that obam has blood -- his hands and we will play a long list of praises for paul ryan as
12:33 am
12:34 am
12:35 am
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12:37 am
is any person in this debate has blood on their hands in regard to medicare it's barack obama.
12:38 am
>> sean: joining me now republican national committee chair is with us. i mean it's true and remains true but we've got a real opportunity here to save the american dream in this country. i think that this president has a problem with the american dream. and i don't think parents out there are looking for a glass half empty america that barack obama wants to sell this country so we're going to be aggressive. if they want to punch us, we're going to punch back with brass knuckles owe if there is one thing i've heard, things seem to have changed is that why isn't -- why aren't republicans fighting back harder? i know they threw a lot of money at you, and when you say this is a nasty negative
12:39 am
campaign, here is the question, is that true? >> when you you look at what joe biden said today and comments and priorities usa ad blaming mitt romney for the death of someone six years after they left the company, i mean, at the end of the day only thing shovel ready are the words coming out of barack obama and joe biden's moublg. just think we're doing this and the fight we're having is not about the future of our party this, is about the future of america, this is worth fighting for. we're going to lose this country unless we turn the economy around this, president hasn't lived a mission, and hasn't fulfilled promises and as a result we're going to lose the idea of this country. >> sean: i think a big mistake was made in 2008. everything was taken off the table. here you have mitt romney
12:40 am
being called a murderer, felon, he hates women and dogs. he wants dirty air and water and doesn't like kids with autism and down's syndrome. you're not going fight back, hard? >> of course we're going to fight back. >> you're seeing that. think you've seen a benefit of an an rnc and romney campaign working well together. we're going to be able to outspend barack obama's campaign now. they've spent all of their money early. we're spending now and i think that the leadership mitt romney showed by picking paul yin tells you an important thing. that this election is very different. not going to be about just winning an election. it's going to be about governing like we've campaigned. that is what the country needs. >> there are 49 million americans in poverty.
12:41 am
47 million americans on food stamps. 25 million americans on or under employed. and these are real lives, suffering. i think we deserve better than a president that is running a campaign out of chicago full of lies and comments such as the president is running. i don't know where is the decency? i'm a little shocked. >> when you consider what barack obama ran on, he ran, was going to carpet the world and bring together everybody and going to be different this, is one of the most hateful operations we've ever seen in this country. this president has not met the basic romiss that he laid out to the american people. not a man of his word. and i think of all of the things, talking about economy and jobs and issues of all of the things i think will undo
12:42 am
barack obama is that he's not real anymore. and if there is something america is starving for are real authentic people that want to serve this country and make a difference. that is why this medicare debate and how to get the debt under control, that is why we're going to prevail because we're going to offer something bigger than chicago is offering. >> we have a theme for the convention? >> we do. a better future. we don't want another four years of this misery that we've been through wh. i grow up in wisconsin my dad was a union electrician. i remember driving around touchbl my parents like a lot of parents didn't point to beautiful house on the corner and say kids, look at the lousy people here that are successful. my dad and said listen up, pal, they go to school. and you work hard.
12:43 am
you're going to live in that house, mom and dad hope it's bigger than that house. every parent in america wants their kids to be successful. for whenever reason this president is using success, making something from nudging and living the american dream as a negative that. is not what parents want for their kids. >> you're describing my father. my grandfather came here with $40 in his pocket from ireland. irish catholic need not apply. my father fought in world war ii. buying a $15,000 house on a 50 di100 lot. i have three sisters and that is hell on earth. >> three is hard. >> my mom born in sudan. my dad in the army in eej yop yachl they moved here then back to wisconsin. so america hangs in the balance. we're going to have a great
12:44 am
debate about big solutions and problems in this country. i think that is what america is fighting for. >> thank you for being with us. >> god bless you make sure governor romney doesn't kill anyone between now and... that is what he's being accused of. >> yeah, thanks and coming up an ode to the nearly tapped vp and then, see these two images side by side, is that that is a shot of the president's crowd in 2010 this, is a shot of his crowd nouchl see a problem there? the president and his team does. now, he's worried his popularity is waning. our political panel will weigh in. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you
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start? the answers start here.
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>> sean: and he is the editor of national review, syndicated columnist, rich lowrie, she, an attorney, tam raholder, a columnist for the sun sentinel, noel.
12:49 am
all of these democrats have been praising paul ryan, how smart he is, how brilliant he is -- bill clinton. watch this >> have any of you met paul ryan? we should get him to come to the university. i am telling you, this guy is amazing. i always thought i was okay with arithmatick. he can run circles around me. he is straight forward and sincere. the budget is just like paul ryan. it is a sensible, straight-forward, honest, serious budget t. cut the budget deficit just like we did, by $4 trillion. >> i think paul, head of the budget committee, has looked at the budget and has made a serious proposal. i have read it. as i said before, this is an entirely legitimate proposal. >> sean: isn't it interesting that it is not paul ryan under fire, it is joe biden opening his big, fat mouth again?
12:50 am
>> what? about slavery? there is nothing wrong with that. i knew how to get you all worked up. just saying one thing. it -- look, ryan is a great guy. i think that everybody on both sides agrees with that. if you are going to have a batman and a robin type campaign, he is the guy. he's a family man -- yeah. he's a family man. he is a hard-working guy. he not only worked in congress, but he also worked in personal training with that good body that he has and waiting tables? >> that good body of his -- >> have you seen him extend his arms. >> sean: no, i haven't. noel, did you notice? >> i did notice. >> i think my wife has noticed. >> sean: really? >> one of the things i will have to say, you could actually have a lot of fun with that and you could take two of those clips and it looks likeab endorsement of ryan. these are all pro-things? >> clinton, too. >> absolutely!
12:51 am
>> what they are saying is what everybody knows to be true. he is unfailingly civil. he's substantive and courageous on the budgetary issues. they said these things before the memo came down that they have to viciously attack him as some hateful threat to american seniors, which we are going to hear from-- wait a minute. i was watching this weekend. who -- there is only one candidate who gutted medicare. who is it? >> that's right. cuts on current senior it's. >> sean: [overlapping dialogue] who is counting? >> this shows, they will try to demagogue paul ryan because he wants to make the program more efficient and competitive and have elements of innovation and competition in it, 10 years from now. these are cuts that the president passed to fund another unaffordable entitlement right now. and the best thing that happened today is romney went up with that ad going right at him-- the one we just read.
12:52 am
>> that's the wrong thing. that's where the republicans are going to lose independents-- they are really going to listen to you -- >> of course! >> sean: you are trying to help them. >> the strategy is -- if i didn't get interrupted all the time -- [laughter] >> seriously, the fear that in 10 years from now, if you don't elect ryan and romney, then you are going to be without a hole, without a job, those are things that the american people don't like -- what would reagan do, sean. >> sean: the reality is, there is only one guy who cut medicare, $741 billion. and that was barack obama. the reality is, democrats have hone owned this issue, they have used the medi-scare tactics and now it's coming right wack to haunt them. when we come back, apparently the thrill is gone. now the word that the president is very nervous, we are going to show you the crowd levels at his event. we will compare it to years gone
12:53 am
by. that's straight ahead. that's straight ahead. well another great thing about all this walking i've been doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better. it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: a couple of things have been happening. let's make a crowd comparison here -- yes, we can, obottom achange, change, change. you look at the crowds in the
12:57 am
good old days in 2008 and 2010, versus 2012... what happened? noelle, why the empty seats now? >> i think that people are finally realizing, if you go back and you elect obam/biden, it's like i titanic, you hit it, you back it up, you hit it again. it's what we would be doing, re-electing that stratus. >> sean: i am sure have you an excuse. >>over an excuse. but it's like dating a guy who said-- let me -- [overlapping dialogue] >> this is a really good analogy and i wrote this on my blog. the guy said to me, if tudon't date me, you need me to save yourself. if you don't date me, you are going to be-- wait a minute. how does this -- >> i dumped him. >> sean: explain the analogy. >> but the thing is-- i am not getting it. >> i am trying to tell you. >> romney said, if you continue
12:58 am
on with obama, that's a sinking ship. that's the wrong message. >> sean: i am asking you -- let me show you the pictures. it might help. >> the republicans are talking about misery and hate. >> sean: romney 2008 -- 2012... big crowds. no crowds. what happened? explain what happened? >> i want to hear more about the text i. listen -- >> this is dealing with two ideologies here. have you the dream merchant ticket, which is obama/biden, manufacturing dreams. and then you have the deal-making ticket, which is romney/ryan, they put it in writing and they get it done. >> he's new. he has no record. he has a theme that absolutely captures the mood of the country. and that's not new. he has a record that stinks and he's flailing around, trying to make excuses. the only way he can pull this out is by destroying the other
12:59 am
guy and that's why you have seen this slime fest. >> can't you see a moment with all the negativity and the slimy tactics that they are using that, you know, he's going to say something in debate with governor romney and romney's going to be a -- to have a reagan moment, well, thru go again. everyone will laugh -- >> how can they defend it anymore? seriously, when you were on with rachel madoff, you can't even defend t. you can't defend the failed policies. >> i agree. okay -- [overlapping dialogue] >> but there are people who are in the middle, like myself -- whether you want to think -- i don't know -- >> i don't like the negative, misery, hateful message -- [overlapping dialogue] >> yeah. >> sean: you mean you don't like obama's hateful, negative message? >> no! both of them. that's what the republican spokesman said on your program.