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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 15, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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we want to know what you thought about tonight's show, keep it here on fox news channel. good night and go to greta we'll see you there in just a minute. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and andrea tantaros. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: earlier this afternoon, fox news political analyst brit hume got the first solo interview with romney's new running mate congressman ryan. he was kind enough to give us exclusive clip for "the five." he takes medicare head on saying president raids medicare to pay for obamacare. here is more. >> here is the issue. what president obama is trying to do with his medicare plan, he is trying to count a dollar twice, trying to suggest that the medicare cuts can help medicare. it doesn't because he is
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taking dollars from medicare to spend on obamacare. we prevent it from happening in the house budget. be clear here, brit. i am on the romney ticket. what mitt romney is proposing is repeal all of obamacare. the house i voted for that position, pleased to support the position of getting rid of every piece of obamacare, including the cuts to medicare which are used to pay for obamacare. >> dana: his answers are important because liberals and conservatives agree how that issue gets defined is key to winning in november. >> if the democrats succeed painting him as the guy that throws your grandma in the snow and then will toss her over a cliff they will lose particularly states like iowa or florida. which are heavily senior. that loses the election. >> whoever defines the ryan budget, medicare cuts in terms of the perspective of florida who does it fast and does it
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hard may end up winning florida. you will see both sides being aggressive. >> eric: brit hume's interview will run later in the next hour, "special report." >> dana: but we got that clip. how do you think of america reacting to this in terms of the specifics? jobs and the economy are number one. this issue when romney chose ryan, it brought it up front and center on medicare. >> andrea: people are finally relieved that they are someone with a political courage to have this discussion. no one has had the guts to do it until paul ryan came along. i would like to say brit hume, high five for coming out of retirement. the michael jordan of political analysis for scoring this interview. it's important because he is able to explain and clarify his position that has been so misrepresented. he is not trying to cut medicare. he is trying to save it. the democrats already gutted obamacare. that is something that happened already, dana. >> dana: medicare to pay for obamacare.
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>> andrea: correct. you cannot simultaneously be a supporter of obamacare and protector of medicare. paul ryan makes that clear. he has to keep doing it. after they passed obamacare, republicans missed a huge opportunity. they should have been blasting this message from the rooftops that they already raided your grandma's medicare the minute it passed. now, it's a little late in the game. can they still do it? absolutely. but it would have been better if they would have been saying this already. for over a year. >> dana: good point. i remember when that debate happened. they took the vote. then it was like everybody, the strategist said let's pretend it didn't happen and moved on. now they have to deal with it. >> eric: also, it's interes interesting. john sununu talks to chris matthews, they are pushing back. they're trying to frame this as the "ryan medicare plan" and the "the ryan budget." the romney surrogates say no, no, this is romney's budget, romney's idea, romney's presidency.
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maybe it's a mistake. in 2010 they passed obamacare. everyone said what about romney? what about romney in massachusetts? maybe by choosing ryan they should be focusing on the ryan medicare solution rather than romney's. then they can keep the defense of mass care and offense of ryan's budget and the medicare plan, which is the only one that will save medicare. >> dana: interesting point. bob, in your experience and working on vice presidential capped dassies and choice -- candidacy and choices and how you make the decision, how much does your vice president policies stick to you as a presidential candidate? if people think the vice presidential pick doesn't matter when it comes to election day, is this different? >> bob: eric, that was a good try. in this case, more so than most. he has been out front on this ryan budget. as we come to the budget of
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the republican party. let me also say that there has not been a dime raided on medicare in the last obamacare passed a dime >> dana: not yet. >> bob: wait a second. there is a belief among cbo and others that the savings that will be had because of obamacare will make medicare that less expensive. the bigger point they went to florida, romney and ryan and they didn't talk about medicare at all. you talk about the courage he has to bring this forward. yet, they didn't mention it. i don't blame them. joe trippi is right. whoever defines this in florida will win florida. they have a medicare plan to be defined. it won't be successful. i don't care how you cut this, ryan was chosen. he has a medicare plan. it's about the plan. it will be, by the democrat standpoint democrats will make it that exclusively.
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has anyone see vice president paid more attention than president? i haven't. >> dana: sarah palin. it's not easy to understand. i have done a lot of reading about this. i'm a bigger fan of the ryan plan than ever. it is a way to preserve medicare going forward. do you think in interviews like this, they can explain it to people in florida and others? >> kimberly: i do. people are actively listening. they want to hear what he has to say. there is misinformation out by political pundits. >> eric: some misinformation tonight. >> kimberly: he is specific that it's romney plan. ryan put forward his plan. good for him. he is in it to save and work for the american people not about his own political career. he makes it clear, not trying to hurt or take anything away from anybody over 65. okay? if you look at obamacare, that is where it's actually frightening. the chief political trick because they are going to do
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it after he is safely supposedly in office the second term. >> eric: clear up the misinformation we brought out here? there is in fact $719 billion withdraw from medicare that the cbo used to score obamacare. if you put it back in to medicare, bob. you say it's not coming out. then medicare costs more than $2 trillion. >> bob: it's fee for each individual service. they believe, the cbo, over the 10, 15 years obamacare will save medicare, $1 trillion. because it's going to lower costs for medical services. you may not agree with that. >> eric: what really lowers cost is competition. that's what the ryan plan is. not the obama plan. >> andrea: how are they going to lower the cost, though? this is something that the public hasn't heard a lot about. independent payment advis advisy
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board. bureaucrats appointed by obama. these are not healthcare professionals. they're professor professors ine intelligentsia and they will unilaterally decide what -- this is an exact quote -- "cost containment issues in medicare system." they will decide what procedures people can get or can't. they are designated to cost cut. >> dana: what i like about the plan, if i can get in here, what i like as an individual, because what they would do is say here is kimberly is your allotment. if you want to stay on the current medicare plan, government approved one, that is great. if you shop around and you can choose one to save money and you pocket the difference. if you want something more than the government approved plan you pay for it. that's american. >> kimberly: doesn't it make sense from practy call stand point? it does. common sense. why reject that. >> bob: $8,500 is far less than what it cost to do medicare --
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>> dana: it wouldn't just be $8,500. >> bob: let me make a point about what andrea said. i have to be on one side of medicare and you're on other side. >> dana: that is not fair. >> bob: i'm on the side of healthcare. >> dana: obamacare. not medicare. >> bob: we agree with that. we don't have to go over it and do it again. what the obamacare is now specifically said is instead of being fee-based performance, it will be quality performance for doctors. if doctors have outcomes that are good, they will be reimbursed for those. >> dana: but they cut reimbursement so nobody will want to be medicare doctor. >> bob: you said cut it, trying to cut it for a long time. they should have cut it a long time ago. >> andrea: if doctors don't think they'll get reimbursed they won't treat you. what does it do? it gets insurance -- pits insurance companies against each other to give medicare recipients the best deal. that panel of individuals is so scary, bob, it should frighten every person in this country. on medicare or not. >> bob: you sound like sarah
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palin now. you are more than that. >> andrea: these are the facts. >> kimberly: that is not nice. >> bob: the reality, name me one person that turned out from medicare? >> dana: on my twitter today talking about it. >> bob: all over your twitter. serious people. >> andrea: did you listen to dr. marc seigel? >> bob: he doesn't turn down medicare patients. >> andrea: he has to if they don't reimburse him for treating them. >> kimberly: you like and respect him. >> bob: like him very much. get this a chance. >> dana: if you are 53 years old and you know you have the current plan, it doesn't affect anybody that is currently 55 or under, or by the time it's past 53 an under. but it preserves the program in the future for the people that are under 55 and for your children, why wouldn't you want to try this, rather than go to a system like britain where prostate check is 18 weeks late. >> bob: preserve for people who are 55 and under? >> dana: if the ryan plan went in effect today ten years from now. so anybody who is 55 would
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still be, would be grandfathered in the current medicare plan. >> bob: but they won't get to that until they're 65, right? dabs it doesn't go into effect for ten years. >> bob: 65 they get vouchers to buy -- >> andrea: you can stay on medicare. >> dana: stay on the plan. >> andrea: if you like it, you don't have to -- >> dana: that is the beauty of it. >> kimberly: i think we converted you. >> bob: if they turn 65 they stay on the medicare plan? show it to me in writing. >> dana: right here. wrote about it -- >> eric: here is the problem with people on the left all day long talking, they ept even understand the ryan plan when they are trashing it. if you're 55 years or older you stay on medicare. it will not affect you. if you're under 55, the savings from the plan will preserve medicare so you can go to the voucher system as you call it, it's actually called a define contribution. but it's also called payment system. but medicare will be there for people.
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>> bob: you are telling me if you are 55 today and you get to be 65, medicare -- >> dana: old plan. >> bob: you can be on the old plan? >> dana: yes. you know what? if i were 65, i'd say i want a new plan because i want to shop for a better product. >> eric: i can do you one better. people from the romney campaign today said when this is implemented, the age may go down to 52. >> bob: if the medicare plan so bad why stick to it? >> kimberly: it's about choice, bob. >> andrea: you can cut the budget all the different ways but unless you reform entitlement, we're bankrupt flat out. >> dana: one thing to mention before we go. announcement that two possible vice presidential nominees that were named, chris christie, gor of new jersey, and senator marco rubio of florida, they have prominent roles in the convention. chris christie will give the keynote. rubio will be introducing romney in the home state of florida. so, that's coming up in a couple of weeks. don't forget to catch brit's interview with congressman
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ryan in less than an hour from now on "special report." coming up, how much did the auto bail-out cost you, the american taxpayers? treasury department released figures. they aren't pretty. eric has them ahead. ♪ ♪ @ñ
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♪ ♪ >> eric: we had a verbal
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slip-up last block. i want to let everyone know i smacked bob, i hit him. i hit him hard. it should haven't done that. i take full unmitigated responsibility for that. okay, remember this? >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. you've got a business. you didn't build that. nobody else made that happen. >> eric: liberals go bananas when i call the president socialist in chief based on inadvertent comments which expose his real agenda. if president obama is not a sadist why is does he keep saying it over and over again. case and point. two days ago in chicago, take a listen. >> do we go forward toward the new vision of america in which prosperity is shared, or do we go backwards to the same policies that got us in this mess in the first place? >> eric: here is the kicker. sometimes president obama doesn't even try to hide his progressive agenda.
2:28 am
>> i believe in the american industry. now the american auto industry has come roaring back. as g.m. is number one again. >> eric: save the auto industry? g.m. still has $25 billion of taxpayers burned. capitalism demolished. the president's union buddies walk away billions richer than before obama bailed them out. that is the definition of socialism. where am i wrong here? $25 billion they still owe taxpayers. >> andrea: you are absolutely right. it kept a lot of people working. not everybody, but a lot of people working. but the taxpayers have gone for quite a ride. it's not just them. it's chrysler as well. we bailed them out to tune of $12.5 billion. $1.3 billion has been written off as unrecoverable. it's not just one entity. it's more than that. this is why government shouldn't stinker with the auto industry. they should have let them go through the typical bankruptcy proceedings and play out that way rather than put taxpayers on the hook.
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>> eric: is there a business in the world, entity that couldn't take $25 billion of free money and make it work for them? >> kimberly: no. that is a great point. really, with that much cash influence here, infrastructure, why wouldn't you be able to make it a success? still they weren't able to. for some reason, the administration has on rose-colored glasses where they see everything like hearts and rainbows and sunshine. it worked great. we're wonderful. let us tinker with something else. they haven't had one success thus far. why would we reward them with the taxpayers hard-earned money so it can be squandered or thrown at political cronies in the example of like solyndra? it makes no sense. >> would you be putting us out there as a victory lap, success story? >> dana: if you want to win michigan and ohio, yeah, probably so. i do think -- they do think it was a success. the way they look at it through their view, it is. i was struck by the prosperity comment. to me, that was a look that was a little bit more at the base of what this is about. one of the criticisms but also
2:30 am
the advantages of romney choosing ryan is that it became more of a choice of a vision. i think that is good. may the best candidate win. >> eric: isn't it time that i don't know. david axelrod, i would probably tell the president stop using the shared prosperity thing. people don't like it. >> bob: first, not sure people don't like it. when you talk about success, saving the united states auto industry is a success. they owe $25 billion. they could pay it back. g.m. is now once again the biggest car company in americ america. and a lot of the industries helped will come back and pay off their debt. the fact is without this you would not have had an american auto company. the idea of having to sit here and sell -- >> dana: ford didn't take the money and they're still kicking. >> bob: they are kicking because if it hasn't been before companies that supply auto companies they went under and ford would haven't had supplies. >> andrea: if i'm ford, i say why do they get
2:31 am
$25 million and we don't? we have responsible business practices. we manage our books right. it's just not fair. obama's whole plan about sharing prosperity is taking from the successful who take the risk and manage it and spread it around to everybody else. it's not just trying to perpetuate poverty. the plan institutionalizes it, expands it and perpetuates it. >> bob: the idea of shared prosper perty is heart and -- prosperity is the heart and soul of the movement. it's right they ought to share the prosperity of the business. their labor and sweat. >> eric: here is the problem. it's not shared prosperity. it's taking and redistribution of wealth. what happened to uaw. uaw put nothing up, no money up. >> bob: that is not right. >> eric: bondholders and shareholder of g.m. got wiped out. uaw walked away with $4 billion. >> bob: they took healthcare cuts. >> dana: nonunion guys got
2:32 am
their entire retirement wiped out. with the stroke of a pen. >> eric: right. delphi group that wasn't part of the union did. they lost a lot of pension. last thought? >> kimberly: this is a choice. okay, he can run against obama's record. but now as dana said it's about an ideology, world vision. do you want to redistribute the wealth or focus on a system that rewards entrepreneurship and focuses on the private markets and free markets? very clear. >> bob: one class of winners; is that right? >> kimberly: not one class of winners. these are the principles that the country was founded on. >> bob: founded on fair pay for fair work. >> kimberly: that is how it should be. but tell you something. hard day of work, in work hard -- >> bob: where is prosperity for the rich in the constitution? >> eric: we have to leave it there. we can go on this for a long time. you better listen up, because check this out. check out the billboard
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trashing j.c. the losers. kimberly has more next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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delay. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: i love it. most people think of disney land they think of mickey mouse and goofy but a woman who used to work there isn't happy with the magic kingdom. she filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company because she wasn't allowed to wear a religious head scarf to work. >> i don't know why it's hard for me to work here and get accepted to a woman, as muslim
2:39 am
woman or american. who just decided to wear her head scarf and have a simple life. does she have a point? >> dana: i see she is obviously upset and i see her point. aclu defend her. but i don't know why they don't come and defend disney for the right to have a policy that set standards and uniform code. they told her if she wanted to work in a place she didn't have to work in the uniform they'd find her something like that. if i was the aclu i'd defend american corporation the right to set a policy. >> kimberly: they don't do that. >> eric: the aclu is obviously going to go in defense of the woman. disney try to make amends. it's -- they even call themselves cast members. people are who are in front of the public. out in the parks and whatnot. they're called cast members. so they wear costumes. >> kimberly: important distinction. >> eric: absolutely. for them to have a problem with disney. now maybe there is a case to
2:40 am
be made for someone not in front of the public, but i don't think disney made that distinction for anyone not in front of the public. >> andrea: i agree. i see why this woman is upset. if you are jewish and wearing a yamica, probably the same rules apply. just because of the strict rules that disney has, they are fiercefully protective of the magic kingdom and their brand. this isn't about discrimination. they have gone out of their way to find work for the woman. if she doesn't like it, i'm sure she's very hardworking she can find work somewhere else that is more embracing of her religion. >> kimberly: right. it's one place that celebrates that diversity and -- it's disney land. the first ride everybody loves to go on. it's a small world. there is a good spot for her. why not? >> andrea: after all. >> kimberly: thank you. i don't know. >> dana: that was a disney moment here. >> kimberly: for sure. but i mean she has a point, but disney preserving their image and corporation. they will probably settle it. they will do something, because they don't want an
2:41 am
investigation andrea from the department of justice. eric holder coming down crushing the ears off of mickey's head. >> andrea: exactly. our country decided a long time ago we were going to fight the civil war. we believe in human rights. we believe in certain rights for individuals. but let's not clog the ports with all of the crazy lawsuits. back and forth. back and forth. disney is going to make an effort. they already have. >> dana: doesn't disney also have a policy against like you can't have face piercings or lots of tattoos? they are strict about it. that is their right. >> eric: it is their right. government funding, not a public school. listen, they have a right to have a dress code. grooming code. >> kimberly: let's talk about another story getting a lot of attention -- >> bob: can i make a point? >> kimberly: you sure can. >> bob: i was thrown out of disney for being drunk. >> dana: world or land? >> bob: land. i don't blame them. they had a right to throw me out, particularly after i
2:42 am
knocked goofy over. >> andrea: something tells me there is a long list of not just amusement parks but other places. >> kimberly: the happiest place in the world. >> bob: try it with 200,000 kids and cotton candy. countrcandy >> kimberly: okay, bob. it's a place for everyone. disney. we'll get past this. there is an atheist billboard, they called jesus -- i hate to even say this -- but it's the story. a useless savior. is a dassic god, talking about mormon bigotry. take a look at this here. this is an athiest group using this. democratic national convention to take aim at presidential candidates religion, targeting mormonism, targeting christianity. and this is in charlotte, north carolina. bob, i'll go back to you on this. >> bob: you know, i guess they have the right to run these billboards. i find that probably more offensive than anything we've talked about today, except
2:43 am
what i said. but you know, it seems to me that people get, you know, they take these events like. this and people who are believers have to look at this every day. it's not easy to do. if it were up to me, and maybe i will. i take a saw. >> kimberly: go around the table. >> eric: quickly, taking a shot at christianity you take a shot at 80% of the population. probably not a great thing to do, especially trying to get votes in north carolina. >> dana: all i can think of is do these people have nothing better to do or anything better to spend their money on than a billboard like this? >> kimberly: they want attention. >> dana: i guess so. >> andrea: they complaint that people aren't tolerant of them. they are being rude to another religion. not a great way to get votes in north carolina. not a great way to get people join your group. guess what we believe in? nothing! what a great crowd motivator. >> kimberly: not a resume builder. to be fair, the president of american atheists sponsoring the ads said the political
2:44 am
system is rife on religion, spend toog much on religion and not enough on substance. that is the nicest thing i could put forward they had to say. coming um, olympic medal winner gabby douglas made a brave admission to michelle obama on "the tonight show." >> after the competition, i splurged on an egg mcmuffin. >> gabby, don't encourage that. >> kimberly: i love an egg mcmuffin and you can get two or $3 before 10:30 in the morning. more on that, when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." remember her? olympic champion gabgy douglas got to meet the first lady again last night on the "tonight show" with jay leno. she made this admission. >> how did you celebrate? what did you do? >> we didn't have time to celebrate. it was finals.
2:49 am
we had to take all-around finals and event finals after. that after the competition, i splurged on egg mcmuffin. >> egg mcmuffin. >> gabby, don't encourage. [ laughter ] >> i'm sure we it was a whole wheat mcmuffin. >> whole wheat bun. >> egg mcmuffin. very good. >> you're setting me back, gabby. >> sorry. >> andrea: turn it over to the resident egg mcmuffin expert, kimberly guilfoyle. democrat is me. >> andrea: at first i thought she was trying to be funny, but not that funny. gabby burns 2,000 calories a day. if anyone deserves an egg mcmuffin and soda it's gabby. >> kimberly: what is wrong with it. you have bread. you need carbs, okay? bay con on there. i love bacon. i'm fine. whatever. and an egg. egg is good for you. proteen. you get something on the go.
2:50 am
better than not eating at all. people starve themselves. i don't like to demonize mcdonald's. they do charitable things as well. a lot of families afford to get a good deal there. >> andrea: what is she supposed to do? you have a young son, but a young daughter -- or a son, you shouldn't say that to make them feel guilty. >> eric: this is what kids do. if you tell them not to do something, they want it more. true story, teaching my son how to ride a bike. two wheeler on the first time. took him to a church parking lot. big parking lot. one pole straight in the middle. buddy, whatever you do, don't hit the pole. 100 yards everywhere. got on his bike, boom, right in the pole like it was a magnet. the point is michelle is on the west coast, malia and sasha, right now at mcdonald's getting big mac. >> dana: grandma is sneaking them cookies. >> andrea: there was an article in "time" magazine in february that talks about how all the food fetish, the talk
2:51 am
about food could have a down side. and effect teens and young people with more eating disorders. there is a study out by c.s. children hospital that says 30% of parents are worried about their children. age 14 and over becoming self-conscious. >> dana: it starts earlier than that. worry about gaining weight. then, what i like is the idea -- i think mrs. obama policy is a good one. it helps people. first ladies come up with they want to do. i appreciate the fact, where i used to worry about what i ate because i didn't want to gain weight you no i think more of what i eat than how it makes me feel. do i have fuel to get through the show. right now i'm starving and i would do anything to have a pizza or -- >> kimberly: you would eat an egg mcmuffin now. >> andrea: bob, speaking of fuel -- are you awake? what do you think of this? you said publicly you support the first lady effort to make us a healthier country. a lot of people do. was this over the top?
2:52 am
>> bob: obesity costs the country a lot of money. no question about that. i would, if i were gabby i would have put in the fact that the mcdonald's apple pies. >> andrea: i love those. >> dana: cherry, too. >> bob: they have good desserts. >> andrea: you have a teenage daughter, do you tell -- >> bob: all she does is worry about her weight. because she reads stupid teenage magazines and everybody in those wear 18 pounds. it's in your heart. not how you look. she's a kid. she has to worry about those things. >> dana: what is the best thing for american health and fitness on the republican side, paul ryan has a 6% body fat. that is an inspiration. for sure. modvation the key. >> andrea: teenager girls have pressure without telling them what to eat. remember being a teenager? it's tough. >> dana: reward yourself with egg mcmuffin or designer dress that costs $2,500. >> andrea: one more thing. hold on. one more thing!
2:53 am
up next. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: time for one more thing. we just noticed we had somebody looking in the window here.
2:57 am
joe trippi. spying on us. andrea, go ahead. >> andrea: i kept thinking who is that looking at us? sorry, joe. just you. we heard a lot about paul ryan in last couple of days. what about paul ryan's better half? his wife janna. i want to give you an update on who she is. she is 43. she married paul in 2000. she is a stay-at-home mom raising three little kids. she grew up in little oklahoma. but she is anything but little. she is okie from muskogee like our producer, porter. a former lawyer, graduated from g.w. university. former lobbyist and went to the same school as hillary clinton, which is interesting. her mother was also a three-time cancer survivor. so just some fun facts about our potential -- >> dana: cute. really cute. >> kimberly: so mine is sort of awesome. tim tebow. it's very important. happy birthday, baby!
2:58 am
he turns 25. "gq" is takin kicking it off wih the n.f.l. issue out august 21 with fantastic photos. thank "gq" for having us have a peek at it. you know what? look -- >> eric: okay. you know, >> kimberly: you love it. >> eric: not in to president obama. there is one aspect of the president i do like. watch. >> it's nice cold and tasty. it's delicious. going to go well with my pork chop. >> eric: got to love him for that. >> dana: i don't like that people, maybe it's not true, but there is a report he would buy beer for everybody but not romney supporters. better to buy him the beer. >> kimberly: why did you tell me that? >> dana: could have won -- i read that on the internet. speaking of internet, big day for me today. on twitter, i love twitter. follow me.
2:59 am
@danaperino. twitter does a thing, blue chuck mark that greg gutfeld had one for a long time and i didn't have one. i meanous're verified. twitter verified me today. holy smokes. i have arrived. all the things i accomplished until now meant nothing. verified. >> kimberly: that is a big deal. you can't just write them. i did. bob? >> bob: i want to apologize for the outburst earlier. this is a swear jar. $20. i have a difficult time holding my emotions in. i regret that. i have tried. i'll continue to try. but ever since i have been a kid, i have been a battleer. it's something hard to change, particularly when you're as old as i am. i'll try to change. i hope you forgive me. change is not easy. >> dana: do you remember one thing about this jar, though? >> bob: what is that? >> dana: proceeds of this go to the romney campaign.


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