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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 17, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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watching us. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out you. >> sean: tonight, we find ourselves in the middle of the meanest, the sleaziest, dirtiest campaign in american history. now, although our nation is more polarized than ever before, barack obama wants to you believe he has fulfilled his pledge to be a uniter. he has gone on record saying he has done nothing to divide this country. now this ridiculous claim was made -- where else? during an interview with that hard-hitting news outlet, known as "entertainment tonight." >> romney accused you of running a campaign of hate and anger. >> well, nancy, you have been on the campaign trail with me for a day and-a-half. this is pretty typical of what
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we do. we are going around the country, talking about how do we put people back to work? how do we improve our schools? i don't think you or anybody watching my campaign would suggest that in any way, we have, you know, tried to divide the country. we have always tried to bring the country together. >> sean: good grief. you know, mr. president, i know you are used to running without a record and you think that "entertainment tonight" is not going to fact check you. but it's different. your supporters, your advisers, you are all on tape. watch very closely, this is your legacy. >> in one week, you can put an end to the politics that would divide a nation just to win an election. >> 2012, it's fear of the alternative. >> they are going to put you back in chains -- >> fear of the of the alternative. >> it is a trojan horse. >> this would be a death trap for some seniors. >> a radical vision.
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>> passes like a tornado through america's nursing homes. >> making an allegation responsible for the death of this woman. >> you have the republican who is want to literally drag us all the way back to jim crow laws. >> women who die on the floor -- >> murder will continue to rise. all crimes will continue to rise. >> i wish thati they had some notion what have it was like to be on the other side of a gun. >> they must have been founding members of the flat-earth society in congress. >> let's take these son of a b-s out. >> just appalling. >> i always use the word extreme. >> sean: all right. imagine what else you are going to hear over the next 82 days. the author of the great disproier, david limbaugh, who has done legal work for me in the past. and joe trippi.
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democratic legal strategist. on top of the lies about medicare, scaring seniors, scaring people about the environment, we want dirty air, water, throwing granny over the cliff. now he's going to lie and a, i have never -- nancy -- you have been with me a day and-a-half -- i have never done anything to divide this country. where's your intellectual honesty. tell me you are not buying into this garbage. tell me, you are not buying into it? >> if you had been with him in iowa the last day and-a-half-- a day and-a-half. >> i think he has been doing a great job-- one day. >> no, no. >> sean: a whole day?! >> sean, to be really blunt about tyou could have run a tape on the other side doing the same thing -- you know what, joe, i take issue on that -- no, joe! joe! [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: republicans accusing the president of killing people.
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we can't run a tape of the republicans saying that obama wants dirty air and water. we can't run a tape of republicans playing the race card like the vice-president did. your examples are not comparable in this case. >> i mean, it was both sides with members of the flat-earth society-- that's a weak response. >> no. it's the truth. you had-- you are making excuses. >> you had the woman who called the president a monster in asking romney a question. romney didn't say anything about it. he just stood there. he didn't say the president's not a monster. >> sean: what's the difference. >> he's a debt monster. maybe that's what he was talking about. he is the most divisive president in history since they have been recording it, at the end of the second year, 81% of democrats approved of him -- excuse me, there is a 68% gap between problem and democratic approval.
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his divisiveness is a strategy. he's intentionally divisive. he is dividing us on the base of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion. he is playing this itity politics. it is turning people against each other and he's doing it in a way to demonize people -- insurance companies, banks, private jet owners peel who make too much money, businesses. he doesn't bring us together. americans have an equal opportunity society, it is us against them-- let's look at -- over the summer, the president's outspent mitt romney 2 or 3 to 1. he has his surrogates, scare granny, medi-scare, all of these things -- scare children. all of those things. he's a felon, a tax cheat. you know what? you won't denounce it, the campaign won't denounce it. let's look at wisconsin.
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for example, the leader right now, close, but right now, it is romney 48, obama 47. let's look in florida. that swing state. romney 45, obam 43. let's look at the gallup poll on the main issues affecting americans. his handling of the economy, sick% disapprove. let's look at his poll on job creation. 58% disapprove. on the federal deficit. 64% of americans disapprove. you know what? no wonder he wants to talk about garbage. >> sean, look -- you have mitch mcconnell from the very beginning, my job-- respond to the numbers. >> one-term president. make him a one-term president. this is a campaign for president of the united states. >> sean: look at the numbers on the economy. >> romney can't take the shouldn't be running for president. if he can't stand up to barack obama. >> romney can -- >> he's a hard target -- now
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they are turning paul ryan into a flip-flopper, it is unbelievable. let's talk about real subjects instead of this stuff. >> joe, that's the point. we can't talk about substance. obama has a record. he won't talk about the issues, he wants to distract from the issues because of the record is so abysmal. >> you can't -- >> turning people against us. [overlapping dialogue] >> paul ryan who i thought on the issues was going to stand somewhere and they already have him flip-flopping? >> stop, joe. you know what is amazing to me? you will let the president accuse romney of being a murderer. you will allow him to be -- >> he didn't-- the president didn't -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: stop! you are going to say republicanning want dirty air and water, they want to flow granny over the cliff and allow the president to say, i never
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divided this country -- where's your conscience! >> the president never called romney a murderer-- no! his surrogates have! romney -- [overlapping dialogue] >> they didn't call him a murderer. this is like -- the obam campaign or people like me, we have smoke and the romney campaign screams fire! >> the liberal refrain that both sides do, that's not true in this case. obama is continuing to distort the record. he is lying. it is not dirty politics to correct the record. it is a lie to say that the ryan/romney plan will destroy medicare for seniors. it neither destroy its for current or future seniors. it preserves the system, so that hopefully, everybody can have it. >> sean: we have to go. >> turn it into a toucher plan. it is not going to work.
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>> it is not a voucher party you? >> are selling your soul and not standing up for any level of intellectual honesty or integrity. there will be a price to pay for this campaign that you are running. it is guys like you that i would expect to warn the president. i am surprised. >> you know me better than that-- then condemn it. speak out and condemn it. >> there is enough to be condemned on both sides. >> you know to condemn it there. >> sean: the sleaziest campaign in history. thanks for being with us. congressman allen west is angry over this sleazy ad, calling it racist. he will explain why he thinks the naacp has no problem here. don't forget, tomorrow night, a "hannity" exclusive with vice-president dick cheney, including our fly fishing adventure here. adventure here. we'll explain, a sit-down the capital one cash rewards card
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try as much as u like any way you like, like new teriyaki grilled shrimp or new parmesan crusted shrimp, for just $14.99. [ angela ] creating an experience instd of just a meal that's endless shrimp. my name is angela trapp. i'm a server at red lobster and i sea food differently. >> republican congressman allen west is outraged over a new political ad that depicts him punching grandma and white women and children. >> allen west fancies himself a fighter. well, maybe so. west has socked it to seniors, voting to end medicare as we know it. he has wacked women with his votes for huge cuts in women's
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health care funding. he has mauled middle-class families, supporting a budget plan that would have cut taxes on the rich while eliminating our tax breaks for college tuition and mortgages. allen west is a fighter, but it's time for us to fight back and knock him out of congress, once and for all. >> sean: considering he is a republican -- by the way, a war hero, it is not surprise that this naacp says the video contains no stereotypes and so is not racist at all. florida congressman and colonel allen west. congratulations on your big primary win, sir. >> thanks so much, sean. it's a pleasure to be with you. >> sean: let's start with the ad, you are punching grandma, you are punching a young woman, you are punching children. you said you think this is racist. explain that? >> well, first of all, it has me with a gold tooth. you think you can see from my smile, i don't have a gold tooth. i think that is stereotypical.
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having me as an african-american male, punching a white senior woman and then another white woman, that is definitely not in concert with the values that i stand for. i have been married 23 years with a wife with an mba and a phd, and daughters 15 and 16. i don't believe in violence against women. this is what happens in the age obam ayou cannot talk about the issues or run on any type of record or talk about the economy, debt and deficit. so these are the attacks against the character, the lies they put out there. >> sean: imagine if paul ryan ran an ad like this. knowledge imagine if paul ryan said what joe biden said. let's roll this tape. >> he's going to let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street! they gonna put you back in chains? >> sean: unchain wall street!
12:16 am
like al gore and hillary clinton before him -- everything change, predominantly african-american audience. if paul ryan said that? >> if paul ryan said that, they would go apoplectic. but not too long ago, i made a speech in port saint lucie that talked about the dependency class. and i said that was a new form of enslavement. of course, everyone on the left went absolutely idiotic and tried to condemn me about bringing up the specter of slavery. >> sean: the first african-american governor in the country -- douglas wilder, i have to give him a lot of credit. one of the few committee democrat who is had the moral integrity to call this out for what it is. >> when you make a statement that says, they are going to put y'all, which means i'm okay, not going to happen to me.
12:17 am
>> oh, that's interesting. >> we will work through it. but y'all will be in chains. slavery is nothing to joke about! and the history of this nation's involvement with slavery is nothing to pass off in a joke. >> sean: why is there this double standard? why do you think there is? >> it's simple. you don't hold yourself to any standard whatsoever. when they come after conservative republicans, myself, scott walker, condoleezza rice, we intimidate them. more of us that talk about the failures of liberal progressive policies, especially toward the black community, when you look and see that my wife and i represent 28% of a plaque family with a children and a home, and
12:18 am
40% unemployment for black teenagers, they don't want to talk about that and they don't want to have individuals who can stand up on their own -- look at myself from the inner city of atlanta, georgia, 22-year career in the military and now i am a member of congress. i represent the highest per capita zip code in this country. >> sean: i keep saying, this is one of the sleaziest, slimiest smear campaigns i have seen in my lifetime. let's look at how hillary and bill clinton were reacting to the tactics of barack obama. let's roll this tape. >> shame on you, barack obama! it is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. that's what i expect from you. meet me in ohio. let's have a debate about your tactics and behavior in this campaign. >> i think they played the race card on me. we now know from memos in the campaign that they planned to do it all along. >> sean: are they playing the race card?
12:19 am
have they played it? has joe biden played it? >> of course. they have to. they want to make sure they get the large vote being electorate from the different communities. they look at us as collectives, not individuals. this is going to continue to happen. the president emanating from chicago, it's all about chicago-style politics, fear and intimidation and lies and deceit. >> sean: thanks for being with us. glad you had an opportunity to respond to this. you think there is no media bias? media mash is next, a special paul ryan edition, as he was red meat for the liberal media. the essay written by the first lady, michelle obama. wait until you hear what is in wait until you hear what is in this. check out bass pro shops' fall hunting classic for these amazing doorbuster deals... plus bring the family
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash. our weekly analysis of the ways that the mainstream media tries to put their liberal spin on the news. back this week, we have the one and only brent bozel, a special paul ryan edition. good to see you. >> brother hannity. >> sean: media races to define paul ryan as a big budget
12:24 am
extremist, budget slasher. roll tape. >> battle lines have been drawn after mitt romney chose conservative congressman and budget slasher paul ryan. >> ryan, the architect of a polarizing budget plan, to slash trillions in funding, including medicare, has set a clear choice. >> he really slashes into programs across the board in order to get this budget back into bbs. >> sean: safer gave a context -- cuts medicare. the only put who cut medicare is the president. $741 billion. they didn't tell that part of the story. >> no. here's a key thing, with the budget slasher. a key to remember, the ryan plan doesn't balance the budget for 28 years. it is 28 years before the budget is balanced in the ryan plan.
12:25 am
that is how austere it is. i wish it were more austere. under the ryan plan, medicare goes up, not down. under the ryan plan, medicaid goes up, want down. here we go with the same medi-scare tactics they used with the contract with america in the 1990s, designed to scare the public. >> sean: okay. meanwhile, it's going broke and the country's going broke. brian williams and tom brokaw and this the network that says that paul ryan is not a pick for women. war on women. round 2. let's roll the tape. >> i think you are going to see that they -- are deciding this election, this is know a pick for suburban moms. >> he is a catholic. he opposes abortion being legal, even in case of rape and incest. you will see that factoid and his support for the human life
12:26 am
amendment in the literature and focus on the women voters in the suburbs. >> ryan's views make him so anti-choice that the national right to life committee game him a 100% positive rating. he has voted 59 times against reproductive rights. >> sean: he is not for women. he is anti-choice. not pro-life, anti-choice. he is pro-choice on medicare options for, you know, medicare premiums. go ahead. >> i think if i am the ryan people, or the romney campaign, my fervent hope is that those kind of reports continue day after day after day. why? in 2006, 51% of the public was pro-choice, 41% was pro-life. today, it's 50% pro-life, 41% pro-choice. the majority are pro-life. did you mention that -- he is catholic! guess what. this is the year of the catholic vote. >> sean: that's interesting. good point.
12:27 am
let's go back to the brian williams, tom brokaw, matt lauer network. paul ryan, if you vote for romney and ryan -- guess what? people will die. they are going to die. roll the tape. >> they should be focused on, what are the convinces -- consequences of repeal of obamacare, and the consequences are death. repeal equals death. people will die in the united states if obamacare is repealed. they need to move on to a debate about the main issue, which is obamacare. and they can bring death into the conversation and say, no, we are not calling mitt romney a murderer. we are saying that if he's elected president, a lot of people will die. >> sean: people will die -- repealing -- you know, look, i will be honest. i laugh, but it's not funny because all of these attacks. these are lies. it is fear mongering. we'll get to race baiting in a second.
12:28 am
it is the lowest of the low, brent. this is -- this is the lowest, sleaziest, slimiest campaign that i have seen in my lifetime. yeah. that sleaze-ball did exactly accuse romney of murder. he said fobamacare is repealed, people will die. he is putting -- by the way, it is not just mitt romney who responsible for murder, it will be the vast majority of the american people who don't want obamacare who will be responsible for murder by this guy. why -- sean, here we go again. where is the discussion of civility? where are the high-minded people talking about civility now? >> sean: it doesn't exist. i have to get this in. this is interesting. al gore, hillary clinton, they go before prodominantly african-american audiences. their dliefer and cadence changes and here's joe biden, playing the race card. watch this. >> isn't that clearly racially coded language? >> i think we are making a
12:29 am
mistake. you said half of the room was african-american. who was the other half of the room? could he have been talking to the whites as well, wanting you to be in chains, in terms of wall street and shackling folks with debt? wanting consumers to run up their credit cards and have subprime loans? >> i think they are right to defend themselves. i think stephanie cutter was right not to back down and fine, joe biden spoke inartfully, but i don't think he has anything to apologize for. >> sean: they are going to put you in chains and if you elect romney, you are going to die. i mean... i can't make this up! >> and when he was talking about credit cards and subprime loans -- funny thing -- funny. republicans have used the word shackles in the past. that's not what he said. you know, the media in this country, i declared them dead in 2008 this. proves my point. this is the so-called mainstream media. always good to see you.
12:30 am
never run out of material. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: coming up next, we continue to do what the mainstream media refuses to do, that's vet the president. up next, the daily caller uncovers an essay written by michelle obama at harvard. the contents raise a lot of questions and make it even more obvious why it's time for the president to disclose his college records. he is supposed to be transparent. and later, his million-dollar man, bill maher is back to using hate-filled rhetoric with the latest insults against the tea latest insults against the tea party. when i found out my irregular heartbeat put me at 5 timesgreater risk o, my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i have the most commonype of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead to reduce my risk of stroke. in a clinical trial, praxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) reduced stroke risk 35% better than warfarin.
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12:35 am
black law school association. we have spoken to the author who told us that the memo was sent to him by a harvard librarian. now johnson reports, michelle obamaaurs for race-based and faculty-based, the faculty's decision to distrust nontraditional qualities in tenuring law professors, enforces racist and sexist stereotypes. joining me, tea party activist and democratic strategist penny lee. i wanted to get to the bottom, why won't the most transparent president, by his own admission, give us his college records? >> i am just -- i am really -- the president that has been out there has been on the tax returns. for 30 years, every presidential candidate has released-- that's want true. reagan and mccain didn't. putting that aside, this is a red herring.
12:36 am
i ask you a question, i don't want to hear about mitt romney-- -- >> did you ask mitt romney for his? did you ask sarah palin for hers? >> sean: can i ask you a question. why won't president transparency release it? >> what does this have to do-- i think he has something to hide. >> i vote forward ronald reagan. i advocated for ronald reagan in college. i would not-- you are not a reagan supporter now, i'll actual that. >> come back -- [overlapping dialogue] >> how people -- their philosophies, their philosophies of life who, they associate themselves with and who they follow, that determines what their policies will be when they are an elected official. the president's policies have been terrible. they have been divide and conquer along racial, economic and every other kind of line. he has ripped this country apart t. would have been good if the
12:37 am
media had respiratoried where he learned and what he thought before he became the president. >> do we end discrimination with institutionalizing it. if you hire people because of race and agenda and others who were better qualified and did all the right things, why should they pay the price for past wrongs and injustices? >> we have been in this fight-- answer the question. i asked you a question. >> there are many times i have been the only woman in the room-- why should somebody -- [overlapping dialogue] >> why does it matter -- >> why do you assume they are unqualified? >> michelle obama d. i read that article. what michelle obama argued is that the ancient tradition of critical thinking and debate to illuminate ideas set by socrates was unfair to minorities and women -- [overlapping dialogue] >> she was encouraging-- one at a time -- jennifer. >> disrespectful to women and minorities, that we are not smart enough to debate by the
12:38 am
methods laid out by socrates. what jie she is saying is that women and minors can't make it and we have to change it because of their gender and skin color. that's exactly what she sadism she was advoighticating to open up the mind and say there are more qualified canned dhaits maybe you have ignored because you have traditionally only promoted those who are white -- >> no-- one at a time. >> read the article, penny. she argues against the method laid out by socrates that is traditional in law school, that they debate to illuolinate ideas and critical thinking. she suggested that debating, and putting the best deitaters is racist and sexist. that is appall, degrading and demeaning. >> i have a question that any article come from this daily caller eye question whether or not that is accurate. >> read the michelle obama article -- [overlapping dialogue] >> she advocates for a full and
12:39 am
comprehensive. >> sean: thank you both. i am only saying, it's simple. president transparency, you have nothing to hide. let's see how smart you are. just curious. coming up, more outrageous rhetoric from the not so funny bill maher. his latest rant against the tea party should have democrats and republicans calling foul. this is next. [ engine idling ]
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and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> sean: president obama's friends in hollywood, constantly rid ciewg cule, families and children. we have heard nothing but silence from mr. civility. particularly when it's one of his biggest donor, bill maher, who expressed outramming at the notion that voters should have to show a government i.d. at the
12:44 am
polling place. of course, he can't help but attack the tea party as well. >> the voter registration laws they are trying to pass, basically suppressing -- voter i.d., you need a picture i.d. now to vote. we are going to propose that we will give that you, but we get to give the tea baggers a literally test. if you are going to make poor, black people jump through a hoop to vote. we are going to make the tea baggers, name a country that speaks french, things like that. never call republicans racist. that's not what they are. however, they did find something that they do that it would be harder for a love black people to do. nobody does this -- nobody like, impersonates other people. i think it happened 10 time it's 10% of time. >> sean: joining me with reaction, 52 reasons to vote for obam abernard whitman and from the imus in the morning, how are
12:45 am
you? >> hannity, me lad. >> sean: you know what i am tired of-- the smear special slander and the accusation of racism, a truth team member in virginia, rom no's ais a racist. have you bideep, playing the race card. bill maher, playing the race card. obama supporters, when you are going to stand up and demand that president civility stop? do it tonight -- show me moral courage. >> you are talk about this most outrammingous and widespread attempt-- did i askue stop for a second! >> since the civil rights? >> wait a minute! [overlapping dialogue] i asked you a different question. i said you have a truth team obama surrogates accuses romney of being racist. the race card, million-dollar man uses the "c" word for sarah palin. now he uses the race card. where is your righteous-- do you have any shame!
12:46 am
any! at all! tell me. >> the single case of-- you didn't answer. answer the question! do you have any shame about supporting a candidate that doesn't have the moral courage to say stop dividing the country?! >> republicans in their attempt to disenfranchise voters is outrageous. i thought that getting more people to vote was what made america great. >> there are way more poor white people in this country than poor black people. so the idea of assigning a racial motive to voter i.d -- is there voter fraud? how do you protect? having an i.d., that's the smartest way to do it. >> no. >> what do you think -- what bill maher said, that black people take the buses, white people don't take buses? how is it racial? how do you assign every negative thing that anybody does -- you want to mix medicare, it's because you want to screw grandma -- >> it is not just racial --
12:47 am
>> sinister motives -- >> the republican majority leader in pennsylvania said, pass this law, it will deliver to the state -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: stop. >> sean: stop. are you going -- are you going-- answer the question. are you going to the democratic national convention? >> i am going to the democratic and to the republican-- to get into the democratic national convention, guess what you need? >> we are not-- stop! wait a minute! you need identification. so if you need it to get into the dnc, why don't you accuse them of racism? >> we are talk about a fundamental civil, constitutional right to vote. the constitution does not guarantee the right to attend a national convention. >> you need i.d. to buy a blockbuster tape. you need i.d. to buy liquor-- cigarettes! >> you are looking at disepifranchised people who are
12:48 am
not likely to vote for your candidate. the house leader in pennsylvania admitted it, why can't you. >> sean: you are playing the race card! >> i am talking about -- enfranchising voters here -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: you need an i.d. to get into the dnc -- >> we are afraid of voter fraud. >> it doesn't happen! >> it does happen! hold on a second. you and bill maher, have you to cut back on the refer that you smoke, that's first of all. there is -- >> i read that somewhere. >> it is very strong. and so take it easy -- >> you know what, the corollary, we are afraid of people being struck by lightning, so let's put up lightning rods everywhere to make sure that people are safe. >> it is stupid to get i.d.s -- >> no, it costs money-- don't you want to know -- >> erch doesn't have a car. everyone's not rich like you. >> sean: don't you want to know that our elections are fair and people who shouldn't be voting
12:49 am
are not voting? >> i do want to know that. >> do you have a better system of identifying that. >> a better system would be better voting machines, would be making-- how does -- wait, stop! how does the voting machine -- >> that would make a lot more sense. >> sean: how does the voting machine -- how does a voting machine determine whether or not someone's eligible to vote. >> if the voting machines don't properly tally votes-- how does a voting machine tell if someone's eligible to vote! >> you are looking for a remedy in search of a problem. the problem doesn't exist. >> the answer is it does. why don't you allow people to vote from home on the phone? i mean, if you are trying to not give people the right to vote by mail -- [overlapping dialogue] >> people like governor wilder are calling out people like joe biden and you and bill maher who
12:50 am
are pandering and exhibiting the soft bigotry of low expectation that people can't get an i. d. if they want to. of course they can. and they should-- guys, thank you. >> up to $20 to get an i. d. >> sean: coming up, president obam is trying to demonize paul ryan's budget plan. but more people trust paul ryan with his medicare plan than the president. now, this is more terrible jobs numbers come in and it throws the white house into panic mode. i guess they will be stabbing grandma, slicing her throat, shooting her in the head and then throwing her over the cliff. go out without my covergirl. are you crazy?
12:51 am
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12:54 am
>> we have tried their plan, we tried our plan and it worked. that's the difference. [cheers and applause] that's the choice in this election. if you have a business, that's -- you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. private sector's doing fine. >> sean: that was president obama sharing his economic views. i guess based on those statements, it is no surprise that we are seeing the weekly jobless claims once again surge this. week's report shows the number of people filing for first-time unemployment remained well over 360,000 americans. now, president obama has labeled this the worst recession since the great depression. he said that during the
12:55 am
campaign. the self-proclaimed, successful policies are not helping because the a.p. is reporting that obama's recovery is the weakest sinceue guessed it -- the great depression. joining me is sandra smith and jedediah billa. gal yup, on creating jobs, 58% disapprove, 37% approve. the economy. 60% disapprove of obam aonly 36%. deficit, 64 disapprove and 30 approve. those numbers, if the economy becomes the number-1 issue, how does obama win? >> rasmussen had a poll that 41% trust republicans more than democrats. it's over taxing and over regulation and epa gone wild. the president's done nothing in the way of energy independents,
12:56 am
despite the numbers on drilling which are inaccurate. people are out of work, their families are out of work. they know the prices of goods and services. they don't have any money in their pockets. it is very real. they will vote based on what is happening in their lives. >> this is why i think the sleazy, slimy smear campaign, obviously, the o-- president obama himself put his seal of approval on, he is not stopping t. the reason it doesn't work, behind every one of those statistics, 25 million un- or under-employed, frech million getting food tamps, one in six in poverty, they are suffering. i don't think they care about, you know, the attacks that are coming down every day. >> it's amaze that this president is patting himself on the barks saying his policies have worked. theirs didn't. 5.2 million americans have been out of work, 6 months or longer. if you look back to the great
12:57 am
depression, we have never been at this point, 3 years into the recovery, ever, sean. it makes me think that the president doesn't have his ear to the ground, when it comes to bbs businesses. wal-mart, worst performer in the dow. the chief financial officer came out. they said, guess what? our customer is having a harder and harder time, stretching the dollar to the next paycheck. consumers are hurting, businesses are acknowledging it. where's the president. >> i shop at k-mart, wal-mart, target. i go there, you know, i have been there -- a ton of times in my life. go there, still. take my kids. great place to shop. their prices are really reasonable. guto the super wal-mart, they have everything, including grocery, one-stop shopping. if people are struggling and the head of wal-mart is saying that, that means this has impacted every level of the economy, especially the middle class, which democrats say they have a monopoly on helping.
12:58 am
>> remember how much money was pumped into the economy, over $800 billion in stimulus that was supposed to prevent this from happening. so our deficit has ballooned, our debt has ballooned and there is nothing to show for it at the end of the day. that's what republicans and pull pall and mitt romney need to be talking about. it is not just that he was sitting around, doing nothing. no, this is your taxpayer money that has vanished and there is no results. >> you go back to -- we ran the sound bite of "you didn't build that," comment. we got the numbers, speaking to sean's point. the numbers are there. romney has to focus on that and obammal try to distract. we heard from the small business owners index. it fell for the second straight month t. has been dismal. they don't feel good about what is going on, politically and economically. there is so much uncertainty. sean, it is not just the small businesses, the large corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars, record amounts of cash, but they are not hiring.
12:59 am
why? they don't know what is happening with obamacare and taxes. they have zero confidence. it is going to come down to the selection. >> it's going to be about skyrocking gas prices and debt. scare tactics are not going to work. seniors know what is going on with medicare is not sustainable. people want solutions, the only people willing to offer solutions are mitt romney and paul ryan. >> they are offering serious plans and serious times and