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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 19, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> eric: have a great day. >> jamie: take care. see you next week. >> the president raids $716 billion from the medicare program to pay for the obamacare program. >> first of all, he should thank president obama for what he has done too extend the life of the medicare trust fund. >> the romney/ryan plan is to save medicare for future generations. >> shannon: the debate over medicare intensifies as the obama and romney campaigns accuse the other of threatening the future of the elderly in america. i'm shannon bream. we are live from the nation's capitol, starting right now.
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we have breaking news from syria. embattled president assad making a rare public appearance today, hours after the last united nations observers were forced to pull out of the war-torn country, as reports surface of more bodies found near the capitol of damascus. steve? >> reporter: slanon, this is the first time we have seen president osaud in a public appearance in more than a month, his first appearance since four top security aides, including his defense minister and brother-in-law were blown up in damascus. the appearance was in damascus. rebels are saying it is vice-president has defected. the state is denying any defection. the fighting continues in aleppo, where the rebels have hung on, despite being outgunned and having no air power. and in the north, in a small town controlled by the rebels near the border with turkey,
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they have been turned turned ino ghosttowns through heavy pounding by heavy artillery and mortars. those who remain in the small towns are facing tough shortages of food, water and electricity. and the water itself is often contaminated. back to you. >> shannon: steve hariggan, live. thank you. back at home, medicare is steako taking center stage on the campaign trail and the sunday shows. the tone more hostile with both sides claiming the other will destroy medicare and leave seniors out in the cold. steve centanni is live. >> reporter: facts, figures, attacks and counter attacks over medicare. vice-presidential candidate, paul ryan kept the spotlight on the issue yesterday by appearing alongside his 78-year-old mother, saying medicare has helped his family and everybody should enjoy that same promise. he also claims the obama plan would hurt seniors and put the program out of business.
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he was backed up today by republicans supporters on the sunday talk shows. ive the medicare trust fund part a. being solvent through 2024 under the obamacare proposal is unrealistic. and that's a fact. what we do know is that as we heard robert gibbs say, they are funding obamacare taking $716 billion out of medicare now, current beneficiaries affected by it. >> reporter: that figure has been hotly debated. the obama team says it's a savings due to more efficiency. providers wouldn't need to be paid less and service to seniors would not be cut. obama campaign aide was questioned about that today on fox news sunday. >> under the obama plan, obamacare, there is a $716 billion cut i. there is a $716 billion -- we found $716 billion in efficiency and savings,
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primarily by reducing the suo subsidy that the government was paying to medicare advantage through private insurance, costing medicare -- not saving medicare as it was designed to do-- >> reporter: no campaign events for either candidate today. both are attending sunday services. >> shannon: all right. thank you for the latest. there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the romney campaign since the announcement of paul ryan and governor rom flee's runningmate. has that buzz given a boost with voters? juan williams and edrollins, thank you. >> good to be here. >> reporter: ed, i want to start with you. it was an interesting pick by governor romney. he had to know it was going to spark a conversation about medicare and the budget. do you think that's a plus or a minus? >> i think we have had a great week. i think we are talking about substance, as opposed to bain capital and tax returns and
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things that were not relevant. both sides have different views. i think it's a very important discussion to have. i think that ryan had substance and has an understanding of the budget process in washington and is a great addition. >> shannon: juan, you might disagree. but some democrats have been celebrating in thsaying, it gives them a clear target to shoot at. in the days since paul ryan was announced as the pick to join the ticket, fund-raising is up for the romney campaign. their social media likes and follows are up and they are up in some polls, do you think it's a minor blip or do you think paul ryan has long-term positive impact on the ticket? >> i think as ed gillespie said, if you look at base of the party, they love paul ryan. they are quite energy energized by the pick. their concerns about whether or not mitt romney is a real conservative have been allayed because they know that paul ryan is a real conservative. he has been part of the tea
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party caucus in the congress in the republican-led congress. i think that when you look beyond that, there is just so many things -- i think we are not talking about a referendum on president obama's handling of the economy, which i think is the best hand possible for republicans in the presidential race. instead, we are talking about medicare and that's a losing hand for republicans. we're having to defend the fact that ryan took part in the stimulus spending while condemning the stimulus. i think a lot of this is not ps for the g.o.p. ticket. >> shannon: juan giving advice to the g.o.p. ticket, giving us inside scoop there. what impact do you think it has that at this point, a lot of americans don't know who paul ryan is? it will be the democrats defining him? >> fortunately for the republicans, they have another week before their convention and they go to the convention, which obviously gives an opportunity to take the ryan story to the country, in addition to telling more about romney. i always welcome juan's counsel.
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i think to the point, at this point in time, people pretty much have made up their mind on the about the. there is nothing he can do to make himself a successful three and-a-half years, people who think he has failed will be supportive of the romney campaign. people who are still supportive will be there. this is a base election. we have energized the base. but we are talking about substance and not peripheral issues, where we were a few weeks ago. >> shannon: juan, this week, obama's campaign manager sent a letter to the romney campaign publicly, saying just release five years of tax returns, three in addition to the two you partially released and we will leave you alone. promptly declined from the other side of the ticket, saying issue you know, this president wants to talk about tax return, but it's about bigger issues like jobs and other things. but we know that the romney campaign will release a more detailed 2011 tax return. when do they do that? what's the best timing? since you are giving out advice.
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>> the sooner the better. i am curious to hear what ed thinks about that. but they should have done it a long time ago and get this off the table. i thought the way that the romney team handled this week was terrible. if not downright stupid saying he paid 13% in taxes every year. i thought, 13%. wait a minute! i don't pay 13%! i pay a lot more and i am not a zil whereonaire. so i thought they enflamed the situation and brought it back to public attention in a way that was want helpful. >> shannon: he's not a billionaire, he's now a zil whereonaire. zillionaire. what do you think about pledging to release? >> the quicker, the better. you don't want to spend the last three or four weeks discussing new disclosures in a tax form that is very complicated. my sense is that it should have been done in the primary. get this behind us. he paid all the tax he's required by law to pay.
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he's a wealthy man. he has given a great deal to charity. there are more substantive issues, as opposed to his personal resources. >> reporter: let's talk about something else that captured the headliance, the ongoing speculation that president obama would release vice-presidentid joe biden and bring in hillary clinton. this is a head to head at the white house. >> to settle it once and for all, all the speculation, this is the ticket -- obama/biden. that was settled a long, long time ago. i appreciate and have great admiration for senator john mccain, but one place i would not go to for advice on vice-presidential runningmates is senator mccain. >> shannon: juan, did the obama campaign consider at any point bringing on secretary of state hillary clinton as number 2? >> all week, i think the republicans have tried to put a focus on joe biden too distract people from talking about paul ryan and medicare.
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but there has been no evidence from anybody that i talked to near the top of the obama campaign that they had any interest in replacing joe biden. i will say that, hillary clinton's now the most popular politician in the country, shannon am she is a woman. so she would be a terrific addition to anybody's ticket. but i think it would smack of desperation if the obama team switched horses here in the middle of the race. >> shannon: ed, your thoughts? >> totally agree. i find it amazing that after 3 and-a-halfr 1/2 years, that you spend 45 innocents in a press conference talking about whether biden should be dumped. he had a terrible week with many misstatements and the idiotic putting people in chains comment. the longer biden has a spotlight on him, the more mistakes he is going to make and that makes paul ryan look better. at the end of the day, people vote for the top of the ticket, not the runningmate. biden has never been a big vote
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getter. the president pick who is he wants and he picked biden. >> shannon: thank you both for weighing in, we appreciate it. and ed klein, author of behind the amateur, who has made allegeds about hillary clinton being offered that number-2 spot, he will join us. hear the latest from him on that speculation. we are a week away from the rnc and most of the lineup has been revealed. we want to know which rnc speaker are you looking forward to most? and why? suite tweet us your answers. we will read some of your responses later on in this hour. stay tuned for an exclusive interview with reince priebus, he is in tampa getting ready for the event. i will ask him what a lot of you have been asking us about. what role will congressman ron paul have at the convention, if any? planes loaded with pesticides are about to take off over the texas skies. we will have more on the massive
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effort to reduce the west nile virus and concerns that the solution could be worse than the problem. 10 years after no child left behind, juan williams looks at america's schools and whether the efforts are working. >> the flor dar formula is focused on accountable. we grade schools "a," "b," "c," "d" and "f." >> the critic says, oh, you know, these politicians, they don't know anything about education. >> most of this is not about dictating what teachsters do, it is about setting expectations of the results. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! sp! slap! slap! ] ow! [ male announcer ] when your favorite foods fight you, fight back fast with tums smoothies. so fast and smooth, you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tutums [ male announcer ] tums smoothies.
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>> shannon: planes loaded with mosquito-killing pesticides are set to spread hundreds ever acres arounds dallas today. a west nile virus outbreak has caused state officials to declare a state of emergency. it has killed 10 people and sickened more than 200 others in the area so far. elizabeth prann is there. >> reporter: there is a huge concern not only in texas but across the nation.
12:17 pm
last night, a 76-year-old cancer survivor died after being infected with the virus. and there are more than 690 reported cases across the nation. the cdc says most cases has been in texas, wheres in the state, 14 people have died. there have been 6 deaths in louisiana. other states, such as arizona, california, mississippi, missouri, oklahoma and south dakota have also had deaths. that being said, as long as people are prepared, death could be prevented. dr. mark segall tells us, four out of five victims won't feel any symptomsats all. listen. >> if you get west nile, if you get the disease, 80% of the time, you don't even get sick. 20% of the time, you get a mild flew. 1% get really sick. >> reporter: for the first time in decades, texas officials are taking on the public health epidemic, resuming aerial spraying in dallas tonight, after a two-day delay. more than 80,000 acres have been
12:18 pm
covered, but officials say they want to spray another 200,000 acres between tonight and next week, this is all in an attempt to get a handle on the spread of the deadly virus. humid weather and standing water have left over from storms have created a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. the epsr arsays insecticide does not pose a significant risk to humans or animals. but they are taking all precautions seriously, which is why they are spraying at night when people are not out and about. >> it's a tough problem to juggle. thank you very much. >> shannon: recent studies show the u.s. is falling behind other countries in education. but some schools have found a way to turn things around. juan williams is back to tell what did you say he has discovered on the special that airs tonight at 9:00. thanks for sticking around. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: all right. we know there are problems in the u.s. educational system.
12:19 pm
but we want to start by showing a clip with dr. edwards, a superintendent in north carolina. let's take a look. >> we have had teachers who have said, i can't imagine going back -- they call it old world -- going back to the old world where we were teaching and wishing and hoping and guessing. >> when you cut the teaching staff, you saw then a jump in terms of your size of classrooms t. went from 17 students to 30 students per class. >> uh-uh hi. you are telling us that this has led to better results and higher levels of achievement for your students. why? >> i refer to our teachers as roaming conductors. they might move over here and work with the wood winds and ask a particular trump tote pump it up. but they are providing more individual instruction than we have ever seen. >> shannon: juan that, sounds counter intuitive. class size goes up, but this
12:20 pm
superintendent says it's working. >> i am so glad you played that piece. a lot of people will say, i love teachers and i want to make sure that we are not doing away with teachers. that's not the issue. as you just heard from dr. edwards in north carolina, what this does, it empowers teachers and gives them a valuable tool so they can know, that juan williams, he is not so good at math. shannon's terrific at math. so we are going to customize instruction and we are going to give juan extra help, but shannon just needs a little boost and she can be at the very top. she can be extraordinary. she shouldn't be waiting on juan because he's having a problem. so we can cater and shape the curriculum to benefit both shanoon and juan in the same classroom and do it because they both have laptops, we can put the programs in. and the teachers comes along and can see, is shannon progressing? is juan progressing? is juan able to catch up? my parents will know, your parents will know. everybody knows, so there is no
12:21 pm
situation of social promotion or people move along and they didn't understand the last year, so they won't make progress the next year and get frustrated and that leads to dropoffs. and in morrisville, by the way, shannon, they don't spend a lot of money. in terms of the state -- you know, almost at the bottom of spending. but now, they're tied for second in terms of student performance. >> shannon: where else did you visit? >> we went to arizona at a rural school district, outside of tucson. then we went to norrisville, a suburban school outside of charlotte. went to florida and looked at the state, benefitted by former governor jeb bush's florida and went to new york to an urban school district and found a school there, benefitting by increased use of technology tow help the teachers and help the students and get more parents involved, you know, you started out by talking about we know the problems. we have seen documentaries like waiting for superman.
12:22 pm
and this effort by fox news, this effort by the documentary unit and his people wme hosting, is an effort to go to the next level. here's a solution. here are things we do right now to help american schools bet get back jenny topping, instead of falling behind in terms of competition. >> shannon: it's fascinating. 9:00 tonight right here on the fox newschannel. 9:00 on the west coast as well. it is good to have some positive news about what is working, juan. thanks. >> thanks so much. >> shannon: well, there are plenty of hillary clinton supporters out there. many want to see her run for president again in 2016. but some want to see her replace joe biden on the 2012 ticket. i will talk to the author who said clinton was already asked to replace biden and turned the obama campaign down. ed klein, next. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take
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>> shannon: medicare is the latest battleground in the fight for the white house. doos doos has some of your top stories. >> reporter: both sides are doubling down on claims that the other side would gut medicare. vice-presidential candidate paul ryan maid the case yesterday with his mother, a medicare recipient, by hissed it. and today, robert gibbs says mr. ryan should thank the president for what he has done for medicare so far. a roadway bomb has killed three nato troops in eastern afghanistan. so far, nato has not employeded the nationalities of those killed. hundreds of people near feeingerville, iowa, are evacuating their homes as a wildfire has scorched 130 square pile miles, about the size of philadelphia. a group. russian activists are suing pop
12:28 pm
singer madonna for more than $10 million. they claim she broke a law against promoting homosexuality to minors. according to the suit, at her recent concert in st. petersburg, she distributed arm bands in support of gays and lesbians and stomped on an orthodox cross. those are the top stories right now. >> shannon: and they're surprised by that? >> reporter: it's madonna. >> shannon: if you book her for a concert, peter, you will know. >> reporter: not going to happen. not in this lifetime. >> jamie: >> shannon: thank you. this is a fox news alert. we're getting word that another flight has had to make an emergency return to newark, airport, this is the seconds united flight in two days that has had to go back because of a problem with the plane. the faa said the plane was found for seattle and had possible smoke in the cabin and the cockpit. no injuries reported on the flight. last night, another united
12:29 pm
flight, this one bound for germany, had to return to the airport after it experienced engine problems. we will keep you updated. as you saw earlier, the white house confirmed that vice-president joe biden will stay on the democratic ticket. but our next guest says that may only be because secretary of state hillary clinton turned down the job. ed klein, author of "the amateur," is live from new york. good to have you today. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on your show, shannon. >> shannon: all right. tell us what you know. you say, according to sources within the clinton camp, what do you know about a possible offer to the secretary of state? >> this took place actually before joe biden's latest gaffes. it was a luncheon in the white house, between valerie jarrett, who as you know is the president and the first lady's senior political adviser and hillary clinton. and they were meeting about policy issues, but the vice
12:30 pm
presidency came up. the subject came up and hillary made it very plain that she was not interested in running as his number 2 on the ticket. >> shannon: is it true that you also say former president bill clinton wanted her to consider taking on that number-twenty2 pn from biden? >> according to my sources, bill clinton has been thinking about there for the last year and-a-half. y hoo has, to begin with, tried to get his wife to actually challenge barack obama for the democratic nomination in 2012. she said, no thank you. since then, he has been pressuring her that if the vice presidency were offered to her, she should take it because it would be a perfect launching pad for her to run in 2016 for president of the united states. >> shannon: all right. i know that she had some concerns about that. you mentioned the lunch, the meeting with valerie jarrett, one of the most senior advisers to the president and the first
12:31 pm
lady. her indicating that she didn't want to go along with this. what would be her reason to decide this is not the time to jump into this ticket to a spot held by the current vice-president? >> i think she had a couple of really good reasons. one, if she were on the ticket and he won, and then she ran in 2016, she would be in the position of having to defend the obama policies, which she doesn't agree w. number 2 fshe were on the ticket and he lost, then she would be tarred as a loser. so she saw it as a lose/lose proposition and decided not to do it. >> shannon: we had a number of denials who say this is not possible that this would have played out this way. let's roll tape on this. >> do it now, smacks of desperation. it would upset all kines of people. and -- and i don't think that -- so that's why i don't give much
12:32 pm
credence to it. >> shannon: he doesn't give much credence. but you have said, this may not be over. there may be a time when hillary would be approached again. we're just 3 months away from the general election? >> we are only, what, 20 days from the democratic national convention. so there is very little time. i don't think it's going to happen. but i do think that if the... obama campaign got desperate enough and biden -- i was going to say biden -- people refer to him as o'biden. if he continues to make these gaffes and projects himself as somebody who is really not in a position to step in as president, if he had to -- then i do think there is this outside possibility, very outside that both obama and bill clinton would put prosh hillary to take
12:33 pm
t. i would say, i would put that as a 50-50 or 40% possibility. >> shannon: wow. noose a stung prediction. we'll watch and see whether it plays out. ed klein, your book continues to remain on the best seller list. congratulations on that. wow. shocking predictions. we'll see what happens. thank you. >> thank you so much, shannon. >> shannon: pennsylvania has a long history of voter fraud. but is the new law too strict? we will get perspective on what is at stake in november in the keystone state. ♪ why not use all your vacation days this year? get points you can easily redeem for your vacations, with chase sapphire preferred.
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why not get buried in something other than work? get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred. >> shannon: a pennsylvania judge ruled on the commonwealth voter i.d. that law that requires voters to show identification before casting a ballot, just months ahead of the 2012
12:38 pm
election. eric shawn takes a closer look at what it means. >> reporter: voter i.d. upheld in this 70-page opinion, a pennsylvania commonwealth judge refused to grant a preliminary injunction to stop the new voter i.d. law, saying that it is reasonable. if people don't have one, the judge said, they can vote by provisional or absentee ballot, writing that, quote, to vote in person, everyone must present a voter i.d. that can be obtained for free. it does not expressly disenfranchise or burden any elector or group of electors and gives another tool to verify that the person votes is who they claim to be. >> this is an important victory because this is the first step in a legal challenge in an important state in pennsylvania. we think the fact that a judge affirmed our belief that the law is constitutional will help lay the groundwork for upholding the flaw future appeals.
12:39 pm
>> eric: the new law ignited a political firestorm in the crucial swing state, with the aclu and other groups that filed the suit saying it will disenfranchise minorities and the elderly. they promise to go to the state supreme court. said one lawyer, we are disappointed, but will seem -- seek to appeal. at trial, we demonstrated there are a million registered voters who lack the i.d. necessary to vote under the new law. if the court decision stands, a lot of these people will not be able to vote in november. a recent study bia republican commission found evidence of voter fraud in the may presidential primary, including nonsignatureses votes, double voting and people voting who are not even registered. the justice department is investigating the way state elections officials are administering the law to determine if it complies with federal stat uses. >> shannon: thamps to eric shawn. the stakes are high in pennsylvania, expected to be a
12:40 pm
pivotal swing state. the author of "who's county," and a former member of the federal election commission is here with some perspective. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: all right. you are very familiar with the pennsylvania case. the folk who is are challenging the law, you saw what they swore to in courting a million registered voters in pennsylvania don't have the necessary i.d. >> he said that he specifically rejected the team ofs of the petitioners to inflats the dismbs in fact, he found that the expert they were relying on -- he said that his testimony was not credible. i mean, that's the words that the judge used in the decision. >> shannon: okay. there was a washington post poll that came out this week on the topic, there are so many of these laws being challenged, it showed that 74% who were asked, do you think you should have to show i.d. in order to vote, 74% said yes, cutting across party
12:41 pm
lines, everywhere else, why do you think that the d.o.j. and other groups continue to fight this battle to take down the laws ch when the vast majority of americans think they are necessary? >> ask the attorney general -- >> shannon: we invited him. sadly, he has not taken our invitation. but he is always welcome here. >> one thring have you to take in mind with this case, the fact that the claims that the plaintiffs made were rejected, this epitomizes the claims they have made. the aclu sued georgia five years ago. they lost that case. one of the reasons the judge threw the case out, he said they couldn't come up with a single person who would be unable to vote. in the pennsylvania case, a 93-year-old woman who was the main, the main witness, the day after the judge's decision, she did what? she got a photo-i.d. >> shannon: she did. i know there are others involved. but you mentioned that it's
12:42 pm
tough to show a case where people cannot get the i.d. tathey need. the other side argues that there is not voter fraud, this is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. >> let's talk about pennsylvania. one thing that a photo-i.d. will prevent is people voting under false registrations and the justice department prosecuted a very big case there, u.s. versus c.n. suuli, in which they convicted 25 people of false address there is philadelphia. one of them lived in new jersey and voted in new jersey and philly. a photolife i.d. with a current pennsylvania address would have prevented that fraud. >> shannon: hasn't the supreme court ruled? why hasn't this settle snitched the u.s. supreme court has upheld photo-i.d. laws, that's why the aclu sued the state court, not the federal cort. they said it was
12:43 pm
unconstitutional under the state constitution, not the u.s. constitution because they knew they would lose in federal court. >> reporter: they are appealing to the pennsylvania state supreme court. do you think there is a resolution on this before election day, come november? >> i don't think there is a resolution. but the judge said the law could go into force. so it will be in place in the november election. and in fact, again, similar to indiana and georgia, the aclu took those cases to the state supreme courts and they ultimately lost. >> shannon: we know these battles are going on in a number of states and with the tight election, every vote is going to count. >> that's true. >> reporter:r. >> shannon: thank you very much. interesting new book. thanks for your time and good luck with the book. janet napolitano was in the hot seat for allegedly playing favorites on the jobful we will tell what you that is all about, right after this. when you have diabetes...
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>> shannon: republicans rale ready to rally mind their pick. the convention in tampa is a week away, but no big event goes off without any hitches. i will ask reince priebus why some big names weren't given a prominent name. and the republican platform --
12:48 pm
will religion be a factor? >> as a citizen, it is my civic duty tow tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy. it will get americans killed. >> shannon: sharing america's secrets. a group of former navy seals and military analysts claims the white house is giving america's enemies an advantage. we'll talks to the navy seal mind this controversial documentary. and this is man's best friend or a boy's life-saving best friend. evan suffers from crippling seizures. an incredible story of how his dog saves him, every day. meet them both. time for a look at the headlines. karl rove is out with his vote map predictions and paul ryan was announced. his conclusion, this race is a tossup. rove says wisconsin is headed from leaning obama to tossup.
12:49 pm
and he noted that he has always felt the medicare battle is coming and he thinks the medicare debate is an open andon honest one. the u.s. envoy to syria says he will face the same tough challenges his predecessor, kofi annan faced. he made a public appearance after the last united nations were forced to pull out. wikileaks founder has made his first public statement, since taking refuge two months ago, calling on president obama to end his, quote, witch-hunt and release the soldier accused of passing secret files to wikileaks. ecuador has given him asylum. but president obama says he will be arrests feds he leaves the embassy. word that a former israeli intelligence officer is asking president obam obama to come to israel. this is happening as iran reportedly dodges the full force of economic sanctions aimed at
12:50 pm
it and curbing its nuclear program with a surprising ally, iraq. there are reports that some iraqi government officials are profiting from that move. we have the author and fox news middle-east analyst here to break it down. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: what role is iraq playing? >> a tremendous role. actually, a defactor ally of the iranian regime. even the government, even though we have good relations with the government, it is penetrated by pro-iranian leaders on the military intelligence and political level. iranians are using iraq to get to syria and from there to hezbollah. the missing piece between hezbollah and the eastern mediterranean and the iranian regime. >> shannon: what about our presence there? the lives that were losst and spent there? that was for not? >> that's the question that many in the region and america and europe are asking, by withdrawing from iraq without
12:51 pm
enabling, iraqi government that is not influenced by the iranians and iranians have the upper hand from baghdad. >> shannon: it is clear there are links all through what is going on there. in sirria, the so-called 48 hostages, allegedly, some are top jgs from the revolutionary guard from iran. what are we to make or surmise from what we know about how involved iran is involved in syria. >> we need to understand that there is a formal strategic cooperation treaty between the syrian and the iranian regime. this is like east germany and the soviet union. this is a formal relationship. so if syria is attacked, iran has the obligation to support syria and vice versa and the iranian revolutionary guards have been on syrian soil from the beginning. hezbollah, an iranian outlet has
12:52 pm
spread inside syria. so what we see is an alliance, deploying inside syria to support the regime against the opcision and the nato or the united states, eventually. >> shannon: i want to talk about israel, there is growing speculation with the ramping of defense missile systems and gas masks and the new text alerts that can go out by phone, it sowm sounds like israel is preparing in case of a war or an attack. there have been a number of iranian official who is have stepped up and said, we welcome that. tell give us a chance to wipe out israel, once approximate for all. what do you make about the tone there? >> the military doctrine of the iranian regime, it was announced by khomeini, ahmadinejad and the leaders of the revolutionary guard is that israel should not exist as a country. that alone is very concerning for israelis and the community. iranians, all they are doing now over the past four to five years vis to build two components.
12:53 pm
we know more about the nukes. but we know less about the missiles. they have a fleet of missiles. so for the israelis, the red line is when the iranian missile will have a nuke. they have a different clock than ours. they valid to act. >> shannon: quickly, do you feel there are some within iran who want to provoke an attack by israel? >> the iranian regime's absolute goal would be to see the israelis attack the iranians so they could respond from iran and syria and hezbollah and eventually from gaza. but the israelis know, so they would not engage in any action, except if the iranians have armed the nuclear missile. >> shannon: doctor, always good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: america's self-titled comeback team is hitting the road and they will formally be introduce to the republican party. coming up, the rnc chair, reince priebus, i will ask him about
12:54 pm
reports that ann romney will speak to kick off the romney convention and about the role that ron paul will or won't play. a lot of you have been asking about that very thing. >> we welcome congressman paul with open arms. hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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12:57 pm
>> shannon: a top homeland security official is on leave
12:58 pm
after being accused of cultivating what is called a frat house atmosphere on the job. doug mcel way has the details. >> the discrimination lawsuit filed against homeland security secretary janet napolitano is full of accusations of female favoritism under the secretary. the plaintiff alleges that napolitano passed him over for a key job at immigration and customs in favor of her friend. the suit says she enjoyed a long standing relationship with the secretary and he leaved he was being replaced because of this relationship and because was not female. it alleges a lewd come on by a high ranking napolitano appointee. at some point during the conversation i witnessed suzanne barr and turn to seen your ice employee blank and state you a sexy expletive. they sheen looked at his crouch
12:59 pm
and asked about it. several employees laughed. >> i know there have been two affidavits that have come forward but we haven't heard anything from the defense and you know there are always two sides of every story especially in these types of claims when you have allegations on one side there will be a serious response on the other. >> ice told fox news ice has referred the allegations to the dhs office of inspector general and the ice office of professional responsibility for review. mrs. barr has voluntarily placed herself on believe following the outcome of the review. plaintiff hayes had been the subject of a dhs inquirely but an section found him not at fault. james hayes is seeking $200,000 in compensatory damages. >> shannon: the romney ryan team is ramping up attacks on president obama's record. tomorrow, the self-proclaimed
1:00 pm
america's comeback team will reunite in new hampshire. president obama won new hampshire in 2008 but right now polls show that race is practically neck and neck and is is the case with a growing number of swing states. voters in new hampshire know romney well, but for many people there his picks for vice president is not well known. governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan will be formally hun introduced to the party at the national convention in florida. i talked to the chairman of the republican party about how the is european feeing behind the romney ryan ticket. >> i -- unifying behind the romney ryan ticket. >> what are are we going to learn from the platform leading into the convention starting the following week? >> i think you will see a whole lot of activity this week. the convention for sauce us io week period of time and we bring in the convention piece
1:01 pm
that you all see every night as part of the republican national committee summer meeting and then we temporarily turn it over to different people during the week that you get to see. so this week what we are doing is we are debating the rules of the republican national committee, setting the rules for the convention next week and then we are also putting together as you referred to the platform. i think you are are going to see, shannon, the republican party staying true to the basic principles of liberty and freedom that you have seen our party be consistent with over the years and so i suspect that we are going to have a pretty smooth week this week and we are going to have just an unbelievable convention here in tampa. it is going to be fantastic. >> shannon: with word that the dnc is going to include gay marriage in its platform. will there be a place for social issues in the republican platform and if so what role? >> issues of everything you can imagine from taxes to
1:02 pm
sustainability of our debt and getting our deficits under control. everything from puerto rico statehood to energy to marriage to -- i mean everything you can imagine is in this document. i think we good guidelines to follow from previous platforms and i would is suspect there aren't going to be a whole lot of changes moving forward but certainly some deh debates. >> it is an all-star cast, a lot of the most prominent names in the gop party but one which is missing is ron paul. he has well north of 100 delegates going into the convention. i hear folks they are planning their own events and want him to have a voice in what is going on at the rnc. what role do you see playing if any? >> congressman paul is going to be here maybe this week and next week. certainly next week he is going
1:03 pm
to be here. we wok congressman paul with open arms. in fact, rand paul his son is speaking at a prominent place at our convention. i would keep the powder dry on ron paul and i think he is going to have a great week and we certainly respect his -- you know, what his people have done and what he has done in this campaign and brings a lot of good points to the debate and i think you are going to see us embrace a lot of it. >> shannon: this is the coming together moment for the gop now officially nominating mitt romney to forge ahead in running for the white house. a lot of folks outside of what we do and following the campaigns on both sides of the ticket for months and more than a year in many cases but for a lot of americans this will be the first time that they are tuning in and really seeing the head to head comparison. what message does he need to take away and what do you hope he will communicate at his
1:04 pm
speech in the convention. >> two things really important for us in the next week. number one, we will continue to prosecute this president as to what he promised this country and what delivered. the fact that he promised all these jobs. he promised to get the debt and deficit under control. he hasn't delivered on any of it. things are just miserably worse under this president. we are not going to come off of that i think prosecution of what this president's record is. the second piece is and what you are alluding to i think is that we are going to tell it the mitt romney story. we are going to be on offense. we have so much to be proud of with governor romney. the fact that he built something from nothing. he gave away his father's inheritance. he is a good dad. a good husband. he has lived the american dream. it is an american dream that whether you are republican or democrat and you are a air rent out there it is the dream that we want all of our kids to live. that is what our party wants for this country. and i got to tell you the glass half full america that this president wants to sell this
1:05 pm
country is not the america that we want to pass on to our kids no matter what your political persuasion is. we all want more for our kids than what this president has to offer. i think you are going to see a vision of optimism. a mitt romney story. you will see us focus in on what this president promised and what he delivered and all in all i think the convention is an enormously important launch for the message that we want to present to the american people. >> shannon: and we are are hearing that ann romney will have a prominent speaking portion a week from monday. the monday night of what most folks consider the opening of the convention what they will see on television. can you confirm that for us? >> well, i can't confirm it for you because i don't want to get ahead of the producers, shannon. but certainly an is just an unbelievable asset to the campaign and such a class act and i think really relates to all americans across the country and so she is going to have a prominent role of
1:06 pm
course, and it is only good for us is to have her making a presentation of mitt romney, their vision for this country and i think she is a star and but i think she is someone that everyone can relate to. we are excited about her being out there. >> shannon: all right, chairman of the rnc. we'll see you in tampa. thank you, sir. and just a week away from the rnc, the gop all-star lineup has been reveled. we have been asking you, we want to know which rnc speaker are you looking to most and why. we have gotten a whole lot of responses already including 30s of sarah palin. >> you said governor sarah palin but she did not make the list because the rnc is afraid of a high a dose of truth. the person i look forward to speaking is sarah palin. wait, she's not invited. big disappointment. tweet your answers to us and we will read you the responses for
1:07 pm
folks who actually want to hear someone who is on the list to speak. speaking of tampa, america's news headquarters is tampa bound next week. we are excited we will be live from the republican national convention starting at 12:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. joan us as we take it on the road. medicare front and center on the campaign trail this weekend. congressman ryan took his message of medicare reform to the swing state of florida. campaign carl cameron caught up with mr. ryan at the villages america's largest retirement community. >> you made your medicare pitch here to the folks. tell us what they said? are they persuaded that you won't end medicare as we know it? >> people are going to see through all this. >> the democrats argue that your first proposal would have completely changed medicare as we know it by replacing it with the paper service voucher program as they dub it. now, it is an alternate, a choice. walk us through the process of changing it because mr. romney objected to the first one
1:08 pm
because it wasn't a choice. was that what changed your mind? >> mitt romney came out with his medicare reform plan first before we did in the house. as we got into looking at this issue talking with democrats, it evolved to be a plan that is now bipartisan. this medicare reform plan originated in the clinton bipartisan commission to save medicare. a bill with bipartisan support in congress today. what mitt romney is talking about is making sure that we keep the medicare program intact for people in or near retirement and preventing the raid that president obama has put on the program to pay for obama care. by repealing obama care we can restore medicare and we are offering a bipartisan solution to make sure it is there for future retirees when they retire. >> is it not that there are some things that republicans are now proposeing that they opposed in the past and democrats are proposing things that they opposed in the past? >> we are offering leadership. we are offering solutions.
1:09 pm
the president is not. >> shannon: all right. more of that with carl cameron online. in addition to lavish conferences bun congressman says the gsa is wasting your money in other ways including millions of dollars on vacant buildings. in addition to costing the country money he says the agency is costing america's jobs. fox news spoke with den ham about a recent hearing held at a vacant courthouse in l.a. because none of the gsa top brass showed up. >> in the new courthouse they have a couple of floors that aren't even being used for courts. they could shut down the old courthouse and sell it off but instead of doing that they are are trying expand and spend nearly $400 million even brand new courthouse that we don't need. what happened to the transparency that was talked about three and a half years ago? here is an agency that sets the standard for every other agency and they are failing to even
1:10 pm
show up and address the costs of these buildings. they say they want to sell them. the president did an executive order saying we were going to liquidate the properties and they don't even show up for hearings or sell the buildings off. >> shannon: congressman den ham says since officials won't show up for the hearings the next step is to subpoena them. arizona governor jan brewer moved to deny driver's license to those that qualified for deferred deportation. the republican governor signed a directive on wednesday ordering aerodynamic state agencies to prevent deferred action amply can'ts from obtaining arizona driver's license hs. brewer are says that arizona law requires all driver's license applicants to show proof of u.s. citizenship or legal status. the aclu is criticizing the move claiming that states do not understand the complexity of immigration law.
1:11 pm
a federal charge of assault with the intent to kill after gunning down a security guard at the family research council here in washington. the security guard who reportedly wrestled the gun away from corkins is now recovering. he said he didn't take the organization about's politics and frc has been labeled a hate group because of its positions on homois sexuallyity and same-sex marriage. joining us is johnny moore. great to see you again. welcome. >> good to see you. >> shannon: do you think we got ton a point in this country where it is just almost impossible to touch very touchy controversial topics in a way that is civilized? >> yeah, i think so. i mean this administration has brought in a decidedly more secular philosophy when it comes to america and that is not the philosophy of our founders or mainstream america. they have done intentional things that causes people of faith, catholics, mormons and
1:12 pm
muslims and hindus and you you name it. people are increasingly nervous about saying what they believe because who knows what have going to happen next. >> shannon: i got a sneak peek of the report that is going to come out from liberty institute that cat that logs 600 plus attacks on religious faith in this country. what are we going to learn about and what is at stake here? >> there are over 600 individually documented cases of religious hostility that have taken place over last decade. for every one of the new cases brought to light there are lots of things we are already aware about. the entire country has been encapsuleiated by the contraception mandate to the chick-fil-a incident. we have a president of the united states that taught constitutional law and i doesn't even stand with the aclu when they say that the
1:13 pm
chick-fil-a president had the right to say what he said. people like me in high school trying to start a bible club and my principal telling meow can't do that in america. this is america. the freedom of religion is our first amendment. i think this report is going to be an eye opener but i think people are ready for it and the chick-fil-a incident is telling us that the evangelicals and catholics and people of faith are tired of keeping their mouth shut and tired of being taken advantage of. >> shannon: how you difficult is it for people of faith when they are branded as those engaging in hate speech or bigots if they are trying to express their opinions. that silence for people who have a lot of things to say. >> despite the peer pressure of being ridiculed and isolated into some corner of society. what we saw this woo eck is you could have to fear for your life if you stand for
1:14 pm
traditional values like the sanctity of life. people were refer together frc as a hate group. i don't think it is a coincidence shortly after that we have a guy show up with a gun in the lobby of a building in the united states of america where we have free speech and we exercise of religion. we are in a place where we need to speak our mind but understanding there are consequences for speaking your mind. i'm not pessimistic. i think what the obama administration inadvertently unbenorthwesterned to them is they struck a batch and dropped it in a powder keg with the contraception mandate and it was fueled by the response of the chick-fil-a issue and we are going into an election season where obama himself did something that a thousand preachers and politicians couldn't do. he built an ironclad bridge
1:15 pm
between fiscal conservatives. >> good to see you. we look forward to that report in full tomorrow. >> thanks, good to see you. >> shannon: and this is a fox news alert. we want to update something we told you about earlier. united airlines released a statement concerning flight 409 which had to return to newark this morning. the plane experienced an unusual smell in the cockpit and out o of an abundance of caution they returned to the airport. that is the second united plane that had to return to new york. there was another -- to newark. there was another on its way to germany that was having engine problems. we are told they are working to accommodate the passengers this morning and get them to the final destinations. the second flight that had to return to newark because of problems with the plane. the faa says the plane today
1:16 pm
did return after reports of possible smoke in the cabin and cockpit. and the flight going to germany turned around because they had engine problems. as we learn more we will keep you update #-d. updated. >> efforts against iran appear to be losing steam courtesy of iraq and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. we'll have a live report, right after this break. you know why i sell tools? tools are uncomplicated.
1:17 pm
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a former israeli military intelligence officer is calling on president obama to alie fears about iran's nuclear program by visiting israel. in a letter to the washington post today he said quote the u.s. president should visit israel and tell its leadership and more important its people that preventing a nuclear iran is a u.s. interest and if we have to resort to military action we will. this comes amid allegations that america's economic sanctions against iran and the international community sanctions are being undermined by iraq. peter doocy with more. >> iraq is reportedly helping acran avoid the harshest effects the united states has placed on them and ambassador
1:21 pm
john bolton said this morning there is really nothing we can do tony more are. >> this is a reflex of iran's influence over th the governme. we lost any influence we have at this point over their government. >> the last american convoy of troops left iraq late last year on december 18 and a little more than 7 months later on july 31, president obama announced treasurety department sanctions against the bank based in baghdad. he said the iraqi bank facilitated transactions worth billions of dollars on behalf of iranian banks that are subject to sanctions tore their links to iran's illicit proliferation activities. a treasury department official told the new york times we will pursue and are actively pursuing efforts to prevent iran from evading u.s. or
1:22 pm
international financial sanctions in iraq or anywhere else. the new york times was also reporting that some high ranking officials in the iraqi government are profiting directly from smuggling and other trade with iran. senior intelligence official quoted who now does business in iraq says malicki's government is right in the middle of this. a bomb attack in eastern afghanistan claimed the lives of three international service members. nato is investigating exactly what happened and has not yet released their nationalities. most of the troops in eastern afghanistan are american. we will have more on the story as soon as it becomes available. >> hundreds of harleys headed to ground zero. what is it all about? >> it is all about the america 9/11 foundation annual memorial bike ride honoring fallen heros and victims of september 11th. they he have been to
1:23 pm
shanksville, pennsylvania, washington, d.c. and now new york city. we will have a live report from the world trade center site coming up.on constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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1:27 pm
joe biden out campaigning telling his story to the american people, putting in front of people the choice that is going to happen in this election. i'm happy and proud of joe biden. >> i think joe biden makes himself an issue. you know, the fact is that when you look at his rhetoric and when you look at the kind of stream of attacks from joe biden versus the very serious proposals that are being put forward by mitt romney and paul ryan i think there is a very informative contrast there between the two tickets and two approaches. >> shannon: nothing was off the table this morning on "fox news sunday." senior advisors from the obama and romney campaigns let loose on running mates, medicare and taxes. i talked to chris wallace about the sometimes heated interviews. >> the debate from both sides about medicare, what really is
1:28 pm
going to happen under the president's current plans and under a romney-ryan plan essentially. >> chris: we had robert gibbs, ed gil gillespie. and the interesting thing is they both have cases to make. the republicans are hammering the democrats and the president about the fact that as part of his healthcare reform plan he takes $716 billion out of medicare to help pay for obama care. now, they say well, it is just going to be reduced payments to providers and insurance companies, not taking out benefits but as we pointed out and had quite a spirited discussion with robert gibbs it is pretty hard to take $716 billion even in washington out of anything and have no impact on benefits and services. conversely because of the fact that they have the spending cuts the democratic plan would extend medicare 8 more years
1:29 pm
from 2016 to 2024 and we asked gillespie about that because if he appeals obama care and takes back the spending cuts then the hospital insurance plan runs out in 2016, only four years from now. they both have strengths and vulnerabilities. >> shannon: you pushed gillespie on the issue of romney's tax returns. the letter back and firth saying hey give us five years and we will stop bugging you about it. do you think that is going to happen? >> of course, not. and democrats knew it wasn't going to happen. one of the other things we talked about and this is an interesting strategic point because romney has promised to release this year's the 2011 tax returns which he good an extension on. he should have released it last spring. he has between now and october 15 to release the returns. you know there will be stuff in it that democrats rightly or wrongly are going to jump all over. you don't want to release it three weeks before the
1:30 pm
election. my guess is and i brought it up to gillespie the midnight friday night after the democratic convention. sort of a dead time. i'm sure they will not wait for a couple of weeks before the election. >> shannon: the panel excellent today talking about the vice president joe biden and what he has had to say this week. a great discussion. >> chris: you missed the lead which is bill kristol wearing a is swamee hat. >> thanks very much for the preview. the interviews became pretty heated. you do not want to miss this. "fox news sunday" airs right after america's news headquarters. hundreds of motorcyclists take together streets for a three city memorial ride to pay tribute to the victims of september 11th and those who responded to the terrorist attacks. anna joins us live from new york. >> this is the 11th year that hundreds of riders from the
1:31 pm
america's 9/11 foundation have been able to come to ground zero but this is the first year that the riders have been able to go to the memorial sites in shanksville, pennsylvania and here at the world trade center. today marks the final leg of the memorial bike ride. after arriving in new york the group has traveled through six states and washington, d.c. they started in somerset, pennsylvania, and traveled to the flight 93 crash site in shanksville and then on to the pentagon and finally new york. we spoke with one man who has been on every ride. he gets emotional when talks about going through small towns and seeing americans lining the streets with signs in their hands and tears in their eyes. they talk about the importance of passing on the memory of 9/11 to a generation too young to remember. >> i experienced highs and lows. i mean i got through you the speech this morning pretty well. there are times i get up there and just start crying. i'm 66 years old. when i stop crying you can put me in the ground because it still is an emotional impact and that is difficult to see on
1:32 pm
the surface but people carry that within their hearts every day. >> reporter: board memory chard says 9/11 still haunts him today. he is a tower two survivor honoring his son in law's best friend joe clinter a firefighter who lost his life while trying to save others. for our years of coverage and survivors you port america's 9/11 foundation presented me with a flag on behalf of fox news channel. it has been flown over all three crash site. to date the motorcycle ride raised $180,000 in scholarship funds for children of active first responders across the country. back to you. >> shannon: thank you so much for giving us an up close look at that effort. >> top accusations against the obama administration from former members of the military. i will talk to a navy seal behind a new documentary that claims the white house is knowingly putting americans at risk. >> mr. president, you did not kill osama bin laden. america did.
1:33 pm
the work that the american military has done killed osama bin laden. you did not. [ alarm buzzes ] [ female announcer ] wake up time, but not for your eyes. they're still so tired looking. with olay challenge that, with regenerist anti-aging eye roller. its hydrating formula with caffeine conditioning complex, perks up the look of eyes. it works in the blink of an eye.
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and a great rate. call your local allstate agent now for a fe quote or find one at 888-allstate. that's 888-allstate. this administration didn't capture or kill or eliminate bin laden or anybody else. >> and with wanton disregard this administration leaked information deliberately or otherwise that led to the identification of the pakistani doctor that helped us in achieving our goals and killing bin laden. that makes it almost impossible to recruit other human sources. >> it was more than stupid because it was done with malice a forethought. it was done for a political purpose. >> that is a quick look at a new documentary called dishonorable disclosures created by the op sec fund.
1:38 pm
thank you for joining us and thank you for your service, first of all. >> my pleasure thank you very much for having me. >> tell us about the film and why you are putting it out now. >> sure. well, let me preface by saying this group and i'm just one of many and we don't see recognition or anything like that at all. we are tired and fed up with all of the leaks that have gone out. the reason why the group of special forces delta forces former intelligence officials navy seals have gotten together and decided to release it in this time because this is the only time quite frankly when politicians pay attention are when there are elections. >> shannon: and we are looking at a little bit of the documentary there so folks can see it. there are plans, you can confirm or deny this, this will be made into television ads that may air into key states during this election. is that still the plan?
1:39 pm
>> yes, ma'am, it is. and again, this is -- the timing is key because this is the time when politicians pay attention when their potential political lives are at stake and the key states are where the nation is going to be paying attention. the group doesn't seek recognition we are fed up with the amount of leaks from the highest levels of government. the men and women are highly organized as you would imagine, special operations and intelligence officials to be. >> shannon: it is no secret that you ran for congress as a republican and there are those who say this is is nothing but a partisan attack. that is the response we have gotten from democrats saying this is swift boding essentially in 2012. your response to those claims? >> it doesn't take much investigative journalism to see that i'm personally a republican. this issue isn't a political issue. it is a life or death issue. in our group we have obama donors and obama voters. we have folks from all sides of
1:40 pm
the aisle who believe in what they are are saying and believe very sternly that these potential leaks could hinder future operations and put their brothers and sisters lives at stake. >> do you are you encouraged by the fact that the president has also publicly thanked the members of the military involved specifically in the mission to take out bin laden and other times that he has praised the military does that offset some of the worries you have about leaks which the white house has denied the leaks have come from their levels and their ranks. do you appreciate at least the chance he has taken to praise those who were involved? >> yes, absolutely. let me say we appreciate and reis spect the president and his position. he deserves credit for the killing as would any president who would preside over this type of operation. but again, these leaks have obviously come from some of the highest levels in government because of the way that security and classified information works it is compartmentalized.
1:41 pm
there are finite amount of people who know about the potential operations and in those comportmentallized groups it had to come from some where from the highest levels that is obviously and i think the american public understands that leaks are bad regardless of what political per situation that you are. >> shannon: how you do you think it will impact operations moving forward? >> it is certainly going to it.d tereshinder simple to understand whether fighting a war or playing a game of basketball or chest you don't want your opponent to know your strategy. some of the leaks make it difficult for to us recruit sources which sometimes takes years to develop and also going to hurt the trust that allies have placed in it us if we can't keep secret and and exposing some of the countries that worked with us in some of these missions. >> shannon: it is called dishonorable disclosure. thank you for explaining what is going on with the project.
1:42 pm
>> thank request you for having me. >> two months since julian assange and today he spoke out asking president obama to end what he called the witch hunt against him. he also calls on the u.s. to release bradley manning the u.s. soldier charged with passing secret files to wiki leaks. he is seeking to avoid extradition to sweden where he is wanted for questioning over sexual misconduct allegations. karl comcarl cameron's onee with paul ryan. a little more of that interview and the most clicked story. try, try again a woman trying to slim from cuba to florida with no help at all. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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1:46 pm
in one of his first interviews since being announced as governor romney's running mate congressman paul ryan spoke to our own campaign carl cameron. the video is popular online but just one of today's top stories online. peter doocy is checking out the most clicked. >> the interview came at america's largest retirement community the villages where congressman paul ryan who is known for his own budget plan called the president's stimulus
1:47 pm
plan bad economics. >> the point i'm trying to make is the stimulus was a failure. the president promised the stadium stimulus if passed would prevent unemployment from getting above 8 about percent. it has been above 8% for 42 months. >> on a personal note, congressman ryan said life on the campaign trail is a delight and his kids have made fast friends with the romney grand kids. catch the rest of that interview and fox news .com. another popular story online the two united airlines flights that have had to return to newark airport after mechanical problems. today's flight was number 409 headed to seattle. it turned around after smoke was smelled in the cockpit but landed safely and all 178 passengers and crew are being reaccommodated. and finally, endurance swimmer diana nyad is hoping the third
1:48 pm
time is a charm. hoping to become the first person to swim the strait between florida and cuba without a shark cage. previously had to quit after an asthma attack and dangerous jelly fish stings. she has already been sting by jelly fish at least four times. right now back to you. >> she is hardcore. peter thank you very much. the new school year is just around the corner and that means a last minute dash for folks out to get school supplies. according to the national retail federation school and college shoppers expected to spend almost $84 billion on supplies this year alone. brenda buttner here to give us a rundown of the latest gadgets for your students. hey brenda. >> hey, shannon, that's right. a big is survey by ebates.
1:49 pm
42% want a new smart phone or tablet before the bell ring. take a look at the gadgets. going back to school used to mean choosing pens, pencils and a lunch box. now, it is a multiple choice quiz for deciding the best technology to help your student succeed. jennifer jolly is the tech life editar for techa .com and says this year all about the hewlett packard ultra book. you can get one for 8 h hundred bucks and jolly says they are great for are older students. >> the hp envy four. super sleek and super life and an awesome battery life. we're talking nine hours. >> for younger students, the kindle, you can get one for $79 and it as perfect alternative for students who really don't need an ipad. >> i get asked all the time does ny my child need anergia .
1:50 pm
this is $79. you can have an entire library worth of loaner books in the palm of our hands. >> my charge costs between $40 and $100. >> this is portable power on the go. you can do it with iphones, android phones. it will charge the devices for an additional four hours. >> times have change, shannon. do you remember when we were are in elementary school and you just needed number two pencils to bring in. with two teenagers now, i'm already opening my wallet again and again. got to get ready for that. >> i just wanted the cool trapper keepers and i was set to go. >> exactly. the slide rule. i may be really, really dating myself now. >> i had the abicus so there you go. >> very good, shannon. >> shannon: take care.
1:51 pm
>> 8-year-old evan moss has epilepsy and wrote a book called my seizure dog. he already raised $45,000 for his cause and he is joining us now with his dog mindy and mom lisa. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> shannon: i want to ask you about mindy who is is the best behaved dog i have ever seen. >> thanks. >> shannon: what does it mean to you to have mindy? >> it means to me having mindy another best friend. >> excellent. >> shannon: a very well behaved best friend. how has having mindy helped your family and helped evan with his illness. >> hes born with a genetic epilepsy and he has seizures about every ten days or so and it is going to be great to have her because she will be sort of an extra set of eyes to help us when a seizure happens and we
1:52 pm
are hoping also that she will be able to detect before the seizure and let us know that it is imminent. >> will she go to school with him and stay with him all the time? >> we are planning for her to go to school with him and talked to the principal about that process and we are working through that now and figuring out what that is going to look like. >> evan, you know that there are other young people who aren't able to have a dog and you wanted to make sure and we have a copy of your book to raise money so that other kids would be able to have a service dog like you have with mindy. tell us about the book you wrote and why you decided to do this. >> why i decided to is four paws who gave me mindy said i need to draw something or write about something or even write a book about what i'm going to do with my seizure dog and after
1:53 pm
that we had to raise $13,000 or more so my sister was thinking maybe we could give my book to get mindy. >> and the book is fantastic. it explains about what it is to have a service dog and you tell us about the money that you you all have raised and now how that is going to help other familys. >> so as a result of evan's book we had a book signing and there was a lot of publicity about it and he ended up raising about $45,000. >> shannon: wow. >> and all of that went to four paws for ability to help other children like evan finish out their fund raising. so he was able to help several children with finishing their fund raising as well. >> and how long is this process to have mindy trained and have your family brought together with mindy so that you all can move on to the next step?
1:54 pm
>> so, we started the process in the spring of last year and we were fortunate in that our o fund raising didn't take very long but we completed the fund raising probably in august of last year and then we got mindy july last month. >> shannon: we thank you all for coming in. mindy is also very chill in addition to being well behaved. coming in and sharingn and your story and for the book that helped other children have a dog like mindy as well. we will have more information on the web and tweet and facebook that out so people can learn how to help evan and other kids to get a service dog as well. up next your turn to be part of the show. we have been asking who you were most looking forward to hearing speak at the rnc. one of the speakers at the convention replied to us. find out who it was, next. ♪
1:55 pm
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>> shannon: a special bible is being used to help victims of the movie theater shooting in aurora colorado to heal. a bible a chaplain gave a 9/11 responder back in 2001. >> i think it as symbol of healing and that something so tragic could turn into something beautiful and good and support of not only the community but the whole country and the world. >> shannon: the family of the two young shooting victims
1:59 pm
ashley and veronica moser, this was the first time they saw the memorial. with the rnc days aweigh we want to know whose speech you are looking forward to most and more. most want to hear rubio because he and ryan represent the future of the party and he is their most eloquent speaker. joe rosen berg replied saying i most want to here rick santorum and paul ryan speak. they truly understand threat of moral fiscal. >> rick santorum said on a sunday morning i should be more keenly aware of the virtue of humility in answering this question. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. team obama and team romney have fighting words for each other on today's show. campaign


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