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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

9:00 pm pleasecheckoutmybookonlaura ingr pleasecheckoutmybookonlauraingr thanks for watching us tonight. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here, because we're always looking out for you. . >> tonight after two months in hiding, president barack obama finally found the courage to take questions from members of the white house press corps. during a surprise appearance this afternoon, in the briefing room, he was asked a wide range of questions from foreign policy to campaign-related matters. among the topics that were covered, whether or not mitt romney should release more of his tax returns, and here is what the anointed one had to say. >> when it comes to releasing taxes, that's a precedent that
9:01 pm
was set decades ago. i think people want to know that, you know, everybody's been playing by the same rules, including people who are seeking the highest office in the land. this is not an entitlement, being president of the united states. this is a privilege. >> i still want to know why he hung out with bill ayers. the president didn't end there. his answer continued as his response was so hypocritical and bungled that reporters couldn't hold back their laughter. >> the american people assume that if you want to be. of the united states that your life''s an open book when it comes to things like your finances. you know, i'm not asking to, you know, disclose every detail of, you know, his -- his medical records, although we normally do that as well, but -- [laughter] you know, i mean, this -- this -- this isn't sort of overly personal here, guys.
9:02 pm
this is -- this is pretty standard stuff. i don't -- i don't think we're being mean. >> maybe your college transcripts? an open book? may be time for the president to take a look in the mirror, and, by the way, that laughter was because the president's medical records are open to the public. another hot topic at the impromptu press conference was whether or not that obama support are engaging in gutter politics by suggesting that the gop hopeful is in fact a felon, murderer and worse. we'll have more on that with dick morris later tonight. plus, a left wing protester spitting in the face of a romney supporter. first we head to the great state of texas to get analysis and karl rove. sir, welcome back. >> thank you, sean. thanks for having me. >> sean: my favorite omoment at the press conference, you know, the president -- "we didn't accuse mitt romney of being a felon."
9:03 pm
really? i think we can prove otherwise. >> really? >> sean: roll the tape. >> i'm not sure all those characterizations that you laid out were accurate. for example, nobody accused mr. romney of being a felon. >> either mitt romney through his own words and his own signature was misrepresenting his position at bain to the sec, which is a felony, or he was misrepresenting his position at bain to the american people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequences of his investments. >> sean: he's actually denying these things. it's proofbly false, karl. >> sean, who are you going to believe? you or your lying ears and eyes? it was the president saying, nobody accused mitt romney being a felon. how dare you suggest otherwise? >> sean: how dare i? >> i left out bob bauer, foremanly the white house counsel, now back again the counsel with the obama campaign,
9:04 pm
who joined less than five weeks with stephanie cutter and also alleging that mitt romney was a felon, and somehow or another he escaped the president's recollection as well. >> sean: what did you think? we'll throw up "newsweek" magazine. this is "newsweek." even they sit, hit the road, barack, why we must have a new president. what do you make of that? >> well, first of all, the piece is by neal ferguson, a brilliant economists, a wonderful writer, a contributor to "newsweek." my suspicion is everybody else at "newsweek" from andrew sullivan to you name it had indigestion at the piece, but it's brilliantly written, expertly done, and well worth reading. everybody ought to pick up for this one copy for "newsweek" for whom i used to write, because it's a great article. >> sean: polls last week on the economy, none of them good for president obama. new polls out, swing state voters. this is a gallup poll, they're asked whether or not they're better off than 2008.
9:05 pm
56% say no, 40% say yes. rasmussen poll, americans already think that paul ryan is more qualified than joe biden to be president. reaction? >> yeah. well, first of all, remember, this gallup swing state poll, every one of those swing states was carried by president obama last time around. we're not talk being utahs, texas, alabamas, wyomings. we're talking about battleground states, every one of which was carried by president obama. this is his fundamental problem. one recent poll, 46% said his economic policies will never improve the economy. that's pretty harsh. that was cbs news/new york times. pretty liberal poll. roughly 2/3 of the american people believe that his policies have either not helped the country or have hurt the economic recovery. that's a bad place to be if you're the incumbent president running for re-election. the gallup swing state poll is
9:06 pm
confirmation of that. the second thing about romney, romney's pick of paul ryan being more qualified than joe biden, i mean, first of all, that's not a high bar to jump over, particularly as we've seen in the last week. i think this is going to be my favorite line in the campaign, joe biden trying to do a southern bigot. "they're going to put y'all back in chains!" i mean, please. paul ryan is an incredibly able individual, who has brought new energy to the republican ticket. it's an insight into what mitt romney will make, not only about this campaign, but his presidency, picking had able wisconsin budget chief. >> sean: the president uses this press conference to condemn a relatively obscure congressman, one very few people have heard of, running for the senate in missouri, but he's silent on bill mauer, joe soptic accusing
9:07 pm
mitt romney of rumor, silent on the felon comment, denies it happens, silent on these vicious attacks against the war on women, the felon, the dog, everything across the board. will the media ever hold this guy's feet to the fire as he does these hard-hitting interviews on "entertainment tonight"? >> watch that news conference. 22 minutes. you got the cbs reporter asking a tough question, which obama sidesteps about the conduct of the campaign, and jake tapper has an incisive question about afghanistan, but then asks about the economy at the same time. this is a stockholm syndrome. what's the first question? the a.p. reporter says, would you like the opportunity to denounce this republican congressman as an extremist and while you're at it lump him in with romney and ryan and attack them, too, mr. president? we're so delighted to see you, we haven't seen you for so long. it's like a kidnapping victim
9:08 pm
who sees his captor emerge, offers him a bottle of water and offers him profuse thanks. it was embarrassing. please! >> sean: the reality is the media in this country is more concerned about a few freshmen skinny-dipping republicans and they're more concerned about an obscure republican who mitt romney condemned, what a difference between president obama. whenever he's faced with a sister soulja moment he fails the test. >> once again today, a classic, i didn't have anything to do with that ad, he says. remember this, there's footage of obama saying, if there was a super pac, headed by robert gibbs, and i couldn't call him up and tell him not to do that kind of stuff, you'd be laughing at me. remember priorities usa is headed by a deputy to robert gibbs. maybe the president didn't have any ability to influence a deputy of robert gibbs, but he could influence robert gibbs. i mean, please, the president of the united states should have condemned that ad.
9:09 pm
you know what, there's a version of it on his website right now, a version on his website of that steelwork blaming mitt romney for the death of his wife. the president has done nothing to clean up this campaign. you know why? it's the only way he can win, and he knows it, is by tarnishing mitt romney's reputation and going after him in a deeply personal and really repulsive way. >> sean: all right. karl rove, great to see you, sir. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me, sean. >> sean: tomorrow night a sit-down with mitt romney's running mate on "hannity," paul ryan will join us, and how the left is doing to smear his record, and the latest on life on the campaign trail. coming up next, video evidence proving that we're in the middle of the dirtiest, the sleaziest, the most divisive campaign run by the democrats in history as a left wing protester in fact spits in the face of a romney supporter. dick morris is next.
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>> sean: tonight as we have been reporting, the president finally managed to find some time between golfing and campaigning to answer questions from members of the white house press corps. one thing above all appeared to be the focus of the reporters in the room, and that being are obama supporters going too far in their efforts to smear and
9:14 pm
slander mitt romney? after all, in recent weeks the governor has been accused of hiding something in his tax returns, he's been accused of being a felon, and even being complicit in the death of a man's wife. well, here is president civility's response. >> if you look at the overall trajectory of our campaign, and the ads that i've approved, and are produced by my campaign, you'll see that we point out sharp differences between the candidates, but we don't go out of bounds. >> sean: all right. as we've covered earlier with karl rove this evening, when he was pressed to denounce that ad that accuses romney of murder, moral courage was once again on holiday as the president refused to condemn the video despite admitting in fact it was a lie. watch this. >> i don't think that governor romney is somehow responsible for the death of the woman that was portrayed in that ad. keep in mind, this is an ad that i didn't approve, i did not produce, and as far as i can
9:15 pm
tell, has barely run. >> sean: the fact that people like president obama refuse to condemn such deceptive ads it helps to fuel the bipartisan divide in the country, and that divide was never more apparent than on friday when a left wing demonstrator spit in the face of a romney supporter. hate to show you this, but watch this. >> get out of my face. >> oh! >> come on mary, time for you to leave. >> bye. >> good-bye. >> bye! >> time for you to go. good-bye! >> romney, romney, romney, romney! >> need any more proofer what
9:16 pm
the dirtiest campaign is doing to divide this country? here with reaction, the author of the book "screwed," dick morris is here. he's saying they didn't produce the ad. they did bring up the soptic, he had his own ad back in may. he's lying. >> i recall that was something he approved. what i would do with this, you watch the olympics, with the volleyball, just hanging there. >> sean: spike it. >> spike it. what i would have them do, and i hope they're watching tonight, is i would have ann romney stand up on the first night of the convention, and i heard her speak at the faith and freedom forum with ralph reed, not this year, but last year. >> sean: right. >> at the time her comments were aimed at gingrich really, although she didn't mention his name. she said, some people say that mitt romney is a flip-flopper.
9:17 pm
well, when i got ms he stuck by me, when i got cancer, he stuck by me. i think she should get up there and say, mr. president, your campaign has an ad running saying that mitt doesn't care about people with cancer. well, i had breast cancer. and mitt was with me every second of every day of every month throughout the years. so mr. president, i can tell you he does care. >> sean: and command this go away. >> my point is that they've gone so far beyond decency that you could really pull them up short and really -- i mean, that could be a have you no decency kind of line. >> sean: we're at that point. this is the sleaziest, slanderous campaign we've seen in history. there's no doubt about it. i put together a montage. the president in this press conference is looking for plausible deniability. i didn't see that, i didn't know about that. then he even lies in the press
9:18 pm
conference. he knows everything that's happening. let's just look at a quick synopsis of all this. >> i think mitt romney realizes what he's done to anyone, and furthermore i do not think mitt romney is concerned. >> i don't know the facts when of joe soptic's wife got sick or died, but i know the facts of what mitt romney did with g.s. steel. >> they'll put y'all back in chains. >> he strapped the family dog to the roof of the car. >> i think the agenda of the republican party, and of mitt romney, has clearly been interpreted as an attack on the issues that matter to women. >> their plan is let's have dirtier air, dirtier water. >> he's speaking to that friend out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position.
9:19 pm
>> it's thinly veiled social darwinism. some are middle-class families who have children with autism or down's syndrome. these are the people who count on medicaid. >> this president has no moral courage. he's leading the slander, smear, besmirchment campaign. >> he is. his poll was about 10 points above his job approval in march and april, in the mid 50s. job approval in the mid 40s. he's fallen 20 points in personal favorability. so it now lags, his job rating, as opposed to building on it. that's because of the montage you just played. these are shots -- at the same time romney's poll numbers have not dropped an inch with these attacks. you are looking at a gun that
9:20 pm
doesn't shoot bullets, but has one hell of a back kick. >> sean: certainly the media are complicit -- it's like the extension, especially nbc is probably the worst of all of them. they're the extension of the obama press campaign. you know, they're more concerned about skinny-dipping -- a few skinny-dipping freshman republicans in the red sea and more concerned about an obscure congressman that nobody in the country could identify running for senate in missouri they are about the president himself leading the smear machine. >> let's spend a second on this congressman from missouri. his name is todd akin. he won the republican primary in missouri. >> sean: i interviewed him today. >> he has until 5:00 tomorrow to withdraw. his comment about rape not causing pregnancy, that somehow a woman's body closes it down,
9:21 pm
was so crazy, so off the charts, that he's completely surrendered his chance to win. it's worse than christine o'donnell's witchcraft line. now claire mccaskill was the single most vulnerable democratic incumbent running, and this will elect her, unless by 5:00 tomorrow todd akin decides to put country and patriotism ahead of personal ambition and withdraw. i'd like anyone that agrees with me to go to and sign a petition and we will send emails to todd tonight urging him to pull out. >> sean: it's a huge distraction. we're talking about, we need 51 votes to repeal obamacare, that's what we need. it's too important. but i will tell you, the double standard is infuriating, because -- >> our ability to run the senate -- >> sean: joe biden should have had to resign last week based on this standard. >> our ability to control the senate could be captive to todd
9:22 pm
akin's bad statement. >> sean: okay. got to run. coming up, president obama promised to transform washington, and he is, but it's not through hope and change, but through deception. tonight we continue to vet the president. how the white house is attempting to control and censor the press corps. guess what. they're all too willing to go along. a "hannity" investigation is next. choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> sean: in 2008, barack obama ran on a platform of hope and change. well, four years later, hope is nowhere to be found, and the change we got is the most deceptive administration in american history. now let's run through the glaring examples. now first we're learning that joe biden's aides have been caught editing press pool reports, meaning the notes drafted by a press-appointed reporter were first altered by biden's team before being distributing, and in what looks like an attempt to hide his constant gaffes, the white house has not released the complete transcript of any biden speech for more than two months. remember when the president had his name edited into the white house biographies, the past presidents, obama operatives in the state department are also
9:27 pm
editing official agency documents to praise the president as well. joining me now with more on the shady practices of team obama as we continue to vet the president, fox news political analyst kristen powere powers ad political analyst michelle fields. the press has never done their job. i say that journalism died in 2008. i still want an answer about bill ayers. that's how far back i go with this. do you as a liberal have them editing reports before they send them out? in other words, they're sending the reports, but first it has to go by team obama and joe biden? >> the big problem is they edited the pool report, which is supposed to be really an account of what happened for the other reporters who weren't able to be there. it's not up to them to edit that. of course i have a problem with that. to say -- to use as an example, and call them the most deceptive administration in history, i
9:28 pm
mean i think iran-contra was more deceptive. >> sean: ronald reagan, his administration ended in 1988. can we just focus on the present? >> i know, but when you say things like "the most deceptive," this is bad, but i wouldn't quite it put it in that category. >> sean: it is bad. we can go back to watergate if we want to talk about that. >> yeah. >> sean: here's the deal. michelle, here's my point. this campaign is about smear and slander. we've shown tonight in the first two segments of this program the president lies today. there's not going to be a report anytime in the "new york times" about it. the president acts like "campaign negative? that's just not true. my campaign knew nothing about any of these things." time after time he gets away with it. the press here -- >> yeah, because -- >> sean: go ahead. >> no, exactly. the press isn't on top of things. for the press to be upset because the biden campaign, the biden aides are trying to edit their pool reports, what do you
9:29 pm
expect? you were backing up these people and basically let them get elected without doing your job. the media failed to do their job in 2008, so for them to be upset is kind of ridiculous, because they're the ones who protected them. >> sean: you know, here's another fair question. do you think if paul ryan said, kirsten, "they want to put y'all back in chains," to the cadence vice president biden did, what do you think the reaction would be? >> total hysteria. he'd be called a race monger. there's no question that joe biden gets a pass on things. >> sean: you're running my show, because you're agreeing with everything i'm saying. >> i'm not agreeing with everything you're saying. >> sean: pretty much. >> we're finding commonality. look, i think any honest person, any fair-thinking person can look at this and say, this has been going on for a while. i wrote a column about this, biden versus palin, the kinds of
9:30 pm
things that biden has gotten away saying that would frankly disqualify almost any other person. it's inexcusable. >> sean: i don't care if they're dividing the country along racial lines, playing class warfare, or michelle causing romney of being a felon or a tax cheat. if paul ryan or mitt romney did any of this, it would be a different campaign. >> exactly. >> sean: but for fox news and blogs and talk radio, it doesn't exist anywhere. >> exactly. it's such a double standard. what really bothers me is that this campaign is really a propaganda machine. taxpayer resources are being used to promote this. just with the state department, the state department is now editing descriptions of countries and putting obama's foreign policy positions in them instead of the history of these countries and the historical context. now the white house biographies have been edited. really a lot of historical inaccuracies, especially with ronald reagan's biography, on
9:31 pm
the white house website. this is being done with taxpayer resources. i don't see any media jumping on this, other than fox news. >> sean: all right, guys, good to see you both. thank you, kirsten. i appreciate when it you're right. i really do. coming up, a political war has broken out. there's word that two of the president's top campaign aides are barely on speaking terms. we're going to analyze how this bombshell story could impact the president. coming up on a special friday edition of "hannity," our exclusive sneak peek. you don't want to miss this. a brand-new movie that everybody will be talking about. you'll see it here first friday night. >> tonight is your answer. >> the most exciting and important election night -- >> i needed some kind of hope. >> barack obama will become the 44th president. >> i barack hussein obama -- >> the torch will be passed. >> people were desperate.
9:32 pm
>> today does mark the beginning of the end. >> starting with the bail-out. >> millions of americans don't have a job. >> look at unemployment. >> spending is out of control. >> i don't quit. >> he says the same things over and over. >> it's still about hope. >> gridlock. >> hopes fades. >> it's still about change. >> it's going to fall on deaf ears this time. >> the party is over. we're done. >> can we go through another four years of this? things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
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[ female announcer ] do you think the best of nature and science and research should go into the products you trust? then you think like amway. yes. amway. using the highest quality standards, we develop and manufacture just what you need for nutrition, home care, and beauty, backed with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee. amway conveys quality. learn more from your amway independent business owner. >> sean: looks like more trouble brewing in chicago as new details are emerging about widespread conflict between top obama aides. including to the new e-book "obama's last stand," what seems to be a lack of coordination between the obama white house and the re-election headquarters
9:37 pm
in chicago has caused a major rift between campaign advisor david axelrod and campaign manager stephanie cutter. sources say they're barely on speaking terms. according to sources here, the president is fueling much of this turmoil. the book reports that chicagoland is far from impressed with the job that debbie wasserman-schultz has done as the dnc chairwoman. today jay carney dismissed it as hearsay and that the president has full confidence in wasserman-schultz, but that may schultz when he needs to start packing in november. where was jay carney about hearsay when it came to harry reid and his unnamed source about mitt romney being a tax cheat and maybe a felon? >> what's your point?
9:38 pm
>> sean: the point is jay carney is upset with hearsay. he wasn't upset with hearsay that the obama campaign used against mitt romney. why the double standard? >> if jay carney read the book he would have realized that obama does say, if you believe the book, that he is to blame, that obama blames himself -- >> sean: not what the book says. >> yes. i read all 398 pages of the $2.99 book on my ipad. >> sean: the book says "unless things change and obama can run on accomplishments, they will have to kill romney," according to a democratic strategist -- >> unnamed. >> sean: doesn't matter, mitt romney doesn't pay his taxes. i'm going by their standard, the standards that the democrats have set up. it says "in interviews with two dozen or more current obama advisories, they said at least in the beginning the kill romney strategy, he's personally signed off, meaning obama on the campaign's paid advertising,
9:39 pm
although he often, quote, toned down. i guess we go from murder to maybe murdered. >> i think what we've here is a campaign -- which all campaigns are organized chaos, let's get that on the table. we have panic starting to set in on this campaign. they have a message that's not working. they're spending more than they're bringing in every month. romney has the financial edge going into the last stretch of this. >> sean: where are the good democrats? >> like me. >> sean: like you. writes the widespread condemnation that mr. hope and change, not red america, blue america, united states, where is the outrage from people like you who voted for him about how mean, sleazy, negative, how slanderous this campaign tennis where have you been? >> first of all, well, i was reading the book, the 400 pages. >> sean: where are the democrats? >> fly ball, the problem is, is that axelrod, who is in the
9:40 pm
campaign as you know, all the people within the campaign, they understand the message has to change. this hope and change message that you're reiterating, that's not part of this message. >> sean: they can't run on their record. >> they get it. >> sean: he's going to talk about his record now? >> you're saying there's internal strife. >> sean: wait a second. they're going to run on a positive campaign? >> they're trying. >> sean: they're trying? >> three points that the book pointed out, sean, if you read the book, the message, boots on the ground, and money. >> sean: okay. >> none of those say they're going to have a positive message. it's going to talk about the record. >> did you read the book? did you read the book? did you read the part in the book where it specifically said that axelrod of all people is very angry about the negative tone of the book? >> sean: who cares what he says. it's by their actions we judge them. >> this presidency has talked a lot about what they want for america, but the talk has never matched the walk.
9:41 pm
here you go again, is just pointing out that they're going to change the message -- >> sean: stop for one second. this is important. the president himself has signed off on all the negativity. forget about what they say they're going to do. the reality is they've accused romney of murder, being a tax cheat, being a felon, hating dogs, hating women, and wanting dirty air and water. >> he doesn't know what he wants. >> sean: excuse me. tamara, that's been his campaign. and democrats like you are silent. you make excuses. >> i'm not silent. this guy you want to elect as president won't even show his tax returns. it's like me going on a date with a guy, i'm, like, do you have a family? umm, i'm not going to answer that. last year i did. >> sean: tamara, you're a murderer and you want dirty air and water. >> why can't he put it out there? >> sean: you're a murderer. you want dirty air and water for our kids. >> why are we not talking about the bigger issues? why are we caught up on the little things like that?
9:42 pm
>> sean: because that's what they want. >> 56% of americans in swing states who say they're not better off than four years ago. that's the first time. >> sean: the reason we can't talk about is because president civility is a phony hypocrite running a sleazy campaign and democrats defend him. that's why. >> this book that you're quoting also points out about how both sides do not have a plan. that's the problem. so it was your talking about debbie wasserman-schultz, there's these little fights -- >> sean: kill romney, kill romney, that's their strategy. >> that's not their strategy. >> sean: he can't run on his record. it's a failed record. $5 trillion in debt, hundreds of thousands, fewer americans working. good luck. >> thanks. >> sean: coming up, mitt romney and paul ryan, they have a message for president obama on medicare. that is coming up next. they say bring it on. ronald reagan's former campaign manager will explain how
9:43 pm
republicans can win this important debate in the election. later an exclusive first look at book that the white house does not want you to read. when the author of "leading from behind" is here in studio, it talks about, well, the fact did president obama have to be pushed to get bin laden? straight ahead. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000.
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>> sean: it is vice presidential candidate paul ryan's biggest platform, and it's not going anywhere. over the weekend ryan sent a message to the president, that when it comes to debating medicare, he's saying bring it on. the president's weak record includes stealing more than $716 billion from medicare to pay for obamacare, and the romney/ryan ticket made it clear today they're not backing down. let's take a look. >> we've heard a little bit about medicare lately from the president. [laughter] we want this debate? we need this debate. we're going to win this debate about medicare! [cheers and applause]
9:48 pm
what president obama will not tell you is that his signature achievement, obamacare, raids $716 billion from medicare to pay for obamacare. [crowd booing] >> his campaign calls this an achievement. >> sean: joining us with more, fox fox news contributors ed rollins and doug shone. good strategy? >> nobody is better than paul ryan to explain this. talking about how it cripples the economy by cutting into medicare, you're affecting the overall affect, affecting jobs. >> sean: the country is in mood to hear about -- >> they want substance. he knows substance better than anybody. >> sean: the democrats thought paul ryan, we're going to get him on medicare, scare granny again, paul ryan throwing granny over the cliff. what about obama's $716 million in cuts? they have no answer for it.
9:49 pm
>> they want a fight. the republicans can win this election on jobs, economy and economic growth. if the election is about paul ryan and medicare, i can tell you, sean, the republicans will be disadvantaged, because ryan's unpopular, his plan is unpopular. >> sean: more popular than joe biden. >> well, he's not a poster boy. >> sean: good point. >> ryan will give us a boost, a great articulate spokesperson out there, wipe up the floor with biden in the debates. my sense is you get it started, lay out your plan, you've talked about substance. the country has been crying for -- >> sean: do you agree with doug that it's better to talk about jobs? >> jobs are the endgame. people want jobs. >> ed, it's the key to the election, isn't it? wouldn't you run on jobs and the economy? >> the point i'm making i'd basically face it up today, get a good couple-week run on it, let them say everything they can
9:50 pm
say -- >> sean: you'd rather debate it now, be proactive? >> exactly. the closing weak, when the economy continues to get bad, which i wish it wasn't, but it is, then the president can talk about his program, and we can talk about how his program has basically -- >> sean: paul ryan a week ago saturday was announced as vp, and all last week it was a question about joe biden's competence. >> well, joe biden made a couple of pretty big gaffes. he was in the wrong state. he talked about "y'all in chains." those are not good things. i'm a democrat, sean, but you can't defend what joe biden said. you can't defend obama's campaign tactics, except they're holding his own. ed, you'd agree with me that in most circumstances mitt romney would be five, six points ahead of a very unpopular president, but for superior obama campaign tactics. >> sean: are you going to vote for obama? >> you know i'm not. i told you. >> sean: i just want to ask you every time you're on, make sure you haven't changed your mind. >> no.
9:51 pm
obama is running a good campaign, sean, as much as you don't like it. i don't like it either. >> sean: who's running a good campaign? >> obama, because he's holding attention away from the huge vulnerability, the economy. >> sean: the one thing he held throughout this down economy and broken promises and debt and no jobs is likability. i think people are now seeing how sleazy and slimy and -- they will stop at nothing to hang on to that helicopter, plane and house. >> you're exactly right. paul ryan will get stronger. he's very good on television. he's getting more confident on the campaign trail. >> sean: he's becoming a sex symbol. >> and romney is performing better. >> sean: obama will have to deal with the fact that he's not -- he's not cool anymore. >> no, he's not cool. >> in 2008, nothing he couldn't do wrong. >> he's maintaining enough of his likability to maintain competitiveness, but bottom line, sean -- and i hope the
9:52 pm
republicans are listening -- they have to move to jobs, the economy, and economic growth and a better future. they have to run like ronald reagan, otherwise they'll have a tougher campaign. >> total loss of cool is walking into the press place today where he hasn't been for months, and basically -- >> sean: miss me? >> not only miss me, but lay out more mistruths and misleading information. >> sean: he'll get hammered. i mean, there's a new media. new sheriff in town in terms of information. guys, good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, it is the brand-new book that reveals how a top political advisor to the president successfully halted the bin laden raid on three separate occasions. that's only the tip of the iceberg. we have exclusive details coming up from "leading from behind." that is next right here on "hannity." ♪ you do
9:53 pm
♪ something to me ♪ that nobody else could do
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9:56 pm
>> his new book is making waves in washington and all around the country. it's a book called "leading from behind: the reluctant president and advisors who decide for him" which debuts tomorrow. author richard miniter talks about the president's unwillingness to lead, the real force behind obama's accomplishments and failures. the book asks a fundamental question, is our commander in clevchief leading us at all?
9:57 pm
he joins us. is he leading? >> the campaign has said repeatedly the demonstration of the ability to lead is things like the bin laden raid. i looked back further than anyone has, people looked to the day before, the day before. look at the beginning when the president is first sworn in january, and the fir briefings occur on bin laden's location in the spi spring of 2009. leon panetta begins pushing to go after bin laden. what does the president do? in two years leading up to the killing of bin laden he only meets with the cia director nine times. at the same time he meets with the head of this anti-israel group 35 times, and meets with valerie jarrett two to three times a day according to white house visitor logs. >> sean: basically three separate times in 2011 passes? >> that's right. the planning for the mission, the bin laden raid, is canceled three times in 2011 alone. they stop the planning. they're not sure if they want to go forward.
9:58 pm
this is supposed be an example of obama's decisive leadership. these are accounts from career and political people intimately involved in this mission. >> sean: what about valerie jarrett? >> she's an unusual figure in american history. since 1991 he's been the advisor of both the president and the first lady, a mentor. never in american history, has someone simultaneously mentored the first lady and the president of the united states. the president has said he never makes a decision without consulting her. others refer to her as the other half of barack's brain. she panicked. she did not want to go forward. >> sean: what about handing off big decisions, like healthcare, we'll let congress deal with it. >> i talked to more than 100 members of the administration, past and previous, or people who worked with the president in congress, or other ways, one of
9:59 pm
the things that surprised me, obamacare doesn't deserve the name. it should be called pelosi care, because at the beginning president obama was not on board. rahm emanuel was opposed for months and months early on. it was nancy pelosi, with every moment of indecision, which every moment obama wanted to back away, she forced the ball forward. she was leading and he was letting her carry the ball. >> sean: i've always said he's a rigid, radical i' ed log. idealogue. >> hillary clinton was able to build an incredible relationship with him. >> sean: i say the clintons has. >> maybe bill does, but hillary clinton is the only one to have a weekly standing meeting with the president of the united states, and built