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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 24, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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know everything is okay with rob beckel. that's "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known on craigs list, ken, age 22, ab molder and blusher. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up? >> dee snyder tells paul ryan to stop playing a twisted sister at his rally. and why ryan was using "pea cruel to your school" in the first place. and the feds wanted to use eggs used with acid. as if i didn't need prylosec already? a little jew yish humor there. jewish humor. and can you put a price on
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being delightfully quirky? >> thank you, andy. go away of the let's welcome our guests her smile is known to melt audiences all over the country. fyi, smiewl smile is the maim of her flame throw better. and he is so sharp that darts play him at sports bars. he is america's future foundation chairman. and in greece he is considered a bucket. he is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if musical genius was a genie lamp i would rub him with both hands until my dream came true. next to me, andrew wk. >> i like that. that was fun. >> i always wondered what a lead man was. >> and it is spelled incorrectly.
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i never understood that. it is a plea from dee. twisted sister asked the vp nominee to stop playing the disco classic "we're not gonna take it anymore" at his event. ?ieder and his geriatric band may oppose them with guitarist jj french saying, quote, we understand it is a protest song, but the use of our particular version of the song caw notes our support. we are absolutely opposed to the republican ticket and a social agenda we find particularly disturbing. ryan's campaign said it would comply e-mailing, quote, we're not gonna play it anymore. those cards. in other music news, miles davis' ease stap sent a cease and assist to this door.
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>> the door won a grammy dana, i go to you first, and you were married briefly to dee snyder in the 1980s. what do you make of this? it seems to happen all the time. >> it only happens to republicans. that's why the oak ridge boys are the only band you can book at any of these events. if i were them, why wouldn't they be grateful anyone is wanting to play their songs. or they can do like we do which is play a cover song of their song. if it is not the actual recorded version, and andrew might know it better, which is allowing them to use it. >> are you not using the performer's recording, you can cover any song. but to use and get their rights, that's another story. i always wonder, why don't they ask before? >> they assumed that somebody is going to say no. i remember party hard was a staple at bob dole's campaign, right? >> i don't think i recorded it at that point yet.
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>> he was the inspiration. would you like your music used? >> i always thought once -- this is just for me, but once you make a song and put it out to the world, to the public, it isn't yours anymore. i understand there are a lot of folks that make their songs and want to keep the control. it is meant to be out of control. i would like to see it used in ways that even i disagree with. i feel like it would be a song of the people at that point. >> he is such an open minded person. >> what you are saying is mercedes can take it right now. throw it in the ad and no money exchanged. >> if they give you a car, then they can have it. >> i am torn. i am tired of the clicheed artist who hates republicans. but i think you should say, if i don't like their views, i don't want my song associated with them? i don't know if that is so wrong of. >> maybe. my take on the whole thing is they should get some updated
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material anyways. no more u-2 "where the streets have no name." just play some top 200 stuff, get kanye's stuff and put it on repeat. i loved in dc for a very longtime. i watched bill clinton walk out on straight at a dnc -- >> walking on sunshine. >> he walked in fiftc-cent. and i saw barack obama open up for jay z who starts out playing "99 problems." it can work for you, paul ryan. >> on stwitter one of the things -- on twitter one of the things you can do is say a retreat does not equal an endorsement. we are not saying we even like twisted sister. we just like the song. bill, what band should ryan use? >> well, there is the oak ridge boys. >> or the ridge oak boys which
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is a cover band. they give you a little different take and then the boys boys. >> and then leonard skynard. >> and then kid rock. i think that is it. >> lovely larry gatlin, big and rich. >> you know, have larry gatlin come, but don't stick around for story tellers. >> he watches. >> i love him. i was saying these things can only last so long. the donors are old. they need to go to bed. >> you should tell bob beckle more. >> we are just lobing insults to those who are our friends. >> to twisted sister to stuff that makes you blister. they are planning mayhem for the gop. anarchists loathe both parties
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and they could try to disrupt the upcoming conventions by blocking roads and shutting down transit systems and stinking of their own feces. the feds have sent a bull law tin to the local police alerting them of possible violent protesters using weapons like monthly to have cocktails and eggs filled with acid or monthly to have d.a. d.a. -- molitov eggs. they say most will be peaceful, but -- >> there is no doubt a small percentage will come here bent on destruction. those are the individuals we will deal with quickly. >> meanwhile, many lefties are crowing over what they see as a flaw in the gop's plan to have "we built this" as a theme. the convention is being held in an arena originally built with the help of $86 million in taxpayer funds. speaking of threats. our hipo is afraid -- are rip -- hipo usa frayed of
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butterflies? >> how did they get to 2012? >> they kill more people in africa than any other animal? >> you survive if you run away. that's a good strategy. >> i learned something. butterflies are not to be screwed with. hipo, what is wrong with you? >> power of the pepa. >> why do anarchists have to be so an arcky? >> i was thinking about this, and i believe there are two sides to this. one they are trying to stir up up -- every time i hear we are anticipating this kind of attack, the protest will get out of hand, they are asking for it. >> it raises the bar. >> there will be some fraction of the protesters that will
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take them up on that. careful what you wish for in that regard. we know how a nice protest can have somebody on the other side infiltrate. >> there is lowering the bar at the same time. >> their going to do it -- they are going to do it on both sides. >> it is ineffective if they don't get the point across. >> speaking of when dana has to go to a nightclub, they always lower the bar. >> what is the theme song for "the anarchist." if twisted sister was the theme song, would they have the political cajones to say we are in disagreement with your agenda to have "acid in the face" as a people and we don't want you playing our song. >> because an arcky is cool. they don't care about the message as long as it is cool. the republicans won't hurt anybody, but they don't like
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their message. >> he was looking forward to it. >> i was so successful i tried without asking. >> it is hollow and eating my innerds as we speak. >> do you think anything will happen? >> there will probably be protests. there almost always are. i would be shocked if they were protesting both events. is it bs it is equal? >> absolutely. i do want to take issue with painting anarchists with a broad brush. like spooner who an ab ligsist and open -- abolitionists. he never threw an acidic egg at anyone. >> i nodded along acting like i knew who he was talking about. >> he is now my hero. you know what will happen, i will use that story later as if it is mine. >> one more thing.
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>> there is not a lot of crossover between "red eye" and" the five" so i will steel everything you said. >> what is the name again? >> spooner. >> you put the stuff on the spoon and then cook it. that sounds like a drug. >> bill, what is wrong with saying we built this inside a building built with taxpayer money? >> the whole point is it is not the government who builds something. it is you and the taxpayers rather than the tax money. they made hockey popular in tampa bay. that can't be easy. that in itself was a feet. that blows my mind. >> it is all of the snowbirds. >> the people who live in new
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england for their retirement. >> is this code for jew? other people have moved out of state to florida, and it is not just older jewish people. >> i am so glad you called her out on that. >> thank you. it is about time. >> it is not just them. >> that is so not cool. if we don't speak up, people will think we are endorsing her sick belief. >> they do send letters. no e-mail for them. >> are you okay? you can't tell if you are laughing or crying. let's move on. from dumb slobs to no jobs. it is a hard truth for many youth. their ba doesn't pay. their favorite kind of rising college grads think their diploma is a dud with no choice but to take low skilled jobs. another study says the graduates ' current position
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doesn't require a four-year college. society's most talented people are unable to find a job that gives a diseent income. decent income. that's not too per accept tiff. and another, these young americans are trapped. you know who is not trapped? >> camille, experts say older americans are take the jobs of college grads. are they evil? >> i believe so. there are way too many people getting degrees that don't
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need them. you get a foolish esoteric degree in like astro psychology and you can't find a job because you have to marketable skills. >> you invented an amazing field. astro psychology is like the psychology of astronauts or the psychology of stars. >> fake grass. >> or is it therapy for astro turf. whatever it is we don't need that. >> we do need it. andrew, did you go to college? >> no. i am not proud of it. i researched college, nyu, columbia. the only school that was teaching a class on parties, because from an early age i wanted to be a partier, but yale. at the time i went to college there was no one. i bypassed that and i am more successful than i ever dreamed through partying. >> my point. should people join bands no matter what and create bands.
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>> it worked for me. that was the brilliance of it. i have no skills and no talent. i have a dream and a vision. if you are passionate enough -- >> i have seen you play piano. >> you saw me and hence the real skill that is the illusion. >> dana, what was your first job out of college? >> during college i was a country music dj from 2:00 a.m. 26:00 a.m. for minimum wage in pueblo, colorado springs. >> do you remember anything? >> the number one song at the time was "achy breaky heart." it will stick in your head for qleers. and that year i got to see garth brooks for free at the state fair because i was the dj. the first job out of college -- i worked for the cbs local affiliate in illinois, and went to capital hill -- capitol hill after that.
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can i make one point? >> please. >> the whole president obama campaign has been about class warfare. i actually think the real warfare is generational. we just don't know it. they are not just taking the jobs. they are taking all of their money. >> the younger people are now getting health insurance at 26 and at the expense of older people getting hit with their medicare. an excellent point. didn't need the whole resume. >> is your radio voice different? >> i don't think so. my very embarrassing moment was the -- basically you had to get the cassette or the tape deck -- gite cartridge, and then you pushed play and introduced the song. i didn't noah lot about country music. it said tracy lawrence. here is tracy lawrence with her new song whatever. but tracy lawrence was a man. that is em -- beam bearing.
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embarrassing. >> have you ever seen garth books at a fate fair? >> yes, for free. joe walsh was there too and he fell off the stage. >> joe walsh? i love joe walsh. he was not country. >> no, but he was at the state fair. >> he said life has been good to him so far, and that's not good. >> this show has fallen apart, i believe. it beats what we were talking about in the green room. >> you think? >> very uncomfortable physical blee as well as emotionally. coming up, what should you do with loud children? dana discusses her new book "my favorite stew recipes.
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yes, she eats children. first, are more teens getting drunk and high at school? hard to tell with my binoculars.
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there we go. so are they curing munchies with cafeteria lunchys 1234* one in five high schoolers do drugs, drink or smoke cigarettes during the school day and they say it was parent that they were stoned during class. and facebook is at fault, probably. 75% says having access to pictures of pals partying on
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social media served as actual encouragement, and these kids were four times likelier to smoke weed and use alcohol and tobacco. apparently marijuana is the easiest drug on school grounds followed by prescription drugs. cocaine and ecstasy, speaking of ecstasy. >> have to make my point. ever since we made gay marriage okay, different animals are getting together. that never would have happened in the 1960s or 1950s. >> i guess you are right. >> the door is open for -- was that a lemur and a deer? >> i think so. >> i think there was two lemurs. exactly. never mind. i don't know what i am saying at this point. andrew i go to you. what do you make of the gnarly
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numbers? >> i did go to high school. i tried to get out as quickly as possible. i stayed the course and graduated a bit earlier. seeing a lot of my friends who were on drugs and were consuming alcohol, they were having the time of their lives. i had to push through and work through those years, but they coasted through. i think it was a sub sub blip national influence from the school. high school. if you are high you are living up to the name. >> you have to treat it so value you blee. if you abuse it you can't have it all your life. don't do it in high school. wait until you are may age. my age. as a drug user you are probably thinking, right on. >> i am. i hope the next time i go through senate confirmation this tape is available. and you wonder why america is in decline. the chinese are laughing at you will.
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at us. >> are you saying they can see us? >> the 1%, so some of these kids will become the 1% versus the 99%. the 1% will be paying for the 99% -- >> i am cracking my neck. i was honestly cracking my neck. that's the problem with acid. it stays in your spinal cord. >> it never goes away. if i do this enough i will get a flash back, and d block will be amazing. >> >> you can put a hole and a ball bearing. >> it is one of those poz -- puzzles. >> if i do this enough andy turns into a lizard. >> i was going to ask you a serious question, but i don't remember what it was.
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study grouped cigarettes with drugs. that's ridiculous. it ruins the statistics. should we trust this? >> i thought these numbers were ease stowndingly low. all of these kids are obviously pre gaming for college years. all will awake in a drunken stupor and walk into class. >> nothing should take fourers years. >> i think camille brings up an excellent point. it is not the kid should do drugs. i am talking about prescription forms of course. only given byhe advice of a doctor. don't schedule classes at 8:00. wise up, kid. come on. >> i have to say do not take advice from bill schulz. you can see how he lives his life. >> pot is easy to get because it is illegal. you don't need an id.
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once you legalize it you have to get an id and it is hard to get. that's why it is easier to get pot or booze. >> you never see kids drunk anymore, but smell pot at concerts. >> i smell it all the time walking down the street of new york city. that's john gibson. he has a new cologne. it is just called "john." it is san dahl wood -- sandal wood and it is hemp john. i can just go to the tease. do you have a comment? if you have a video. it is of an animal doing something cute send if to fox slash red eye. still to come the half time report from andy levy. he is an animal. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by the sphormer
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-- the former man from mexico.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. >> hi, greg. how are you? >> you don't care. >> it is out of plightness.
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>> that's why i don't answer. >> i don't get politeness and response. >> why should i? >> it is a human thing to do. >> are you not even close to being human. you are closer to cat. >> as long as there are people like you i am proud. you are like a hairless cat. >> that was a low blow. i don't want letters from owners of hairless cats. i get them all the time anyway for that film i did in the 1990s. >> that was not a cat. >> it was an elderly man. >> bertrum if i remember correctly. >> wrinkly little man. >> what happened to bertrum. >> when you are that small you get lost. >> is a that what you told the police? >> fell in a hole. >> stories like this we get from dana and we just passed them on.
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that's what people don't understand. >> stories like this? >> yes. >> dana you pointed out this only happens to republicans and the only thing they can use are the oak ridge boys. what about ted nugent orchid rock? >> i love them. i use them as an example. #*s. >> from detroit, that's good. >> what about the ramones? >> joey is very republican, but he is dead. >> no, johnny was a rrn. was a republican. >> maybe that's it. you need to use their music only if they have passed away. >> beethoven. >> nothing rallies the crowd like beethoven. >> you also said maybe things should be made clear that using a song is not an endorsement. the thing is we don't know musicians can actually stop
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campaigns from using their songs. i don't think there has been an actual lawsuit. the campaigns back down. >> because the headlines are terrible. it is embarrassing. >> legally they may not be able to stop them. >> got it. >> andrea, you said it is weird they don't ask for permission first. i assume because they know the musician will say no. one way or another it will be a hubub. maybe they have the controversy. >> use their song, i hate this band. >> every time it happens we will do this story. >> and the band knows it too. a lot of people #r googling twisted sister. >> the victim -- >> it is like what happened to my sister when she fell in the
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laundry machine. no, it is a bond. >> that was in 1994. >> you can google -- years of rehab. >> she is still twisted. >> you said politicians should get more updated songs. >> yes. you can go back and say that was a good point. >> i want them to use old songs. >> you want them to connect with the kids. >> i don't want it. i want the entire 20 plus minute song, i want it played. >> they should do the full unedited roundabout. can you imagine that? that's the injured song. everybody would be asleep. >> there is a double album that is one song.
3:35 am
they should do that. >> is the music necessary? can we do it in silence? >> look at the album, dope smoker. that's a 46-minute song, right? >> very heavy. >> it is for the whole night. >> andrea, you say it seems like the feds put these things out like they are trying to encourage confrontation. the police chief says we expect the vast majority to be peaceful. if they aren't, we will deal with it. i don't think they are trying to fan the flames. the problem is the feds sent these bull law tins to the law enforcement and they become public. >> we are planning the themes.
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it is you, andy! suddenly you have people who may never have thought of it. it. >> if you are shooting into something -- >> is that a rhetorical? >> andy, we have to be -- this is some serious stuff. >> yes, yes. >> acid is not good. i just want to point that out. >> how do you know it is lsd? >> it is actual acid. we are joking. >> obviously i have never been to a protest. >> a lot of hard boiled eggs have salmonella. why not wipe out the middle man and hope there is eggs. >> i reward them.
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>> you said some of your personal heros are anarchists, but i think the people we are talking are the collective anarchists. we just used the word anarchists and so i wanted to make sure i stood up. >> and it dignifies these people to pretend they have an an arcky. >> thank you. >> you are pretty smart. >> not really. greg, you asked what is wrong with saying we built this with taxpayer money? they don't take taxpayer money. they take government money. >> because they used that phrase they acted like the government is owing us that money and they can make the rase of their argument. >> a lot of people don't want their money to go to these conventions. they like it to be private.
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sometimes it is. >> the thing that is weird "we built this" that's what obama was saying. >> that's the point. >> yes. no! >> yes. >> what? obama's poin was you didn't build this, we built this. >> obama's problem, not his p oi nt, when he said you didn't build that that was referring to businesses -- they are sidewalking about roads and bridges. i thought it was clever on the republicans. the republicans don't win many of these things. >> i think obama said we built this rather than you built this. >> i kind of heard him say "we will bring hockey to florida." >> if you read the whole speech -- >> actually i wanted to get to a point you are correct and
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are right about the jews. don't back down is what i am saying. sting to your guns -- stick to your guns. half of cling -- college grayings taking any job. college taking any job. it is a model and then it grounds itself in theory. >> that's not a major. >> no, that is a major. >> you are not going to find a job. >> the stars are real. >> you are going to become a psychic like in a touristy area of unto. >> that's good business! >> that's a good major. >> needs to go to college for that. >> dana says it is tempting to go into those. >> before i go which i have to soon, i want to get in on a couple of things, was it a cbs
3:40 am
affiliate. >> w ch ia -- wcia. i was getting a graduate degrees for reporting. part of the -- i got the scholarship. and it was clear by about april that it just wasn't -- >> i was hoping for a much better story. >> i don't have one. i am so boring. >> i think she was hiding the story that you will not get. >> you made an interesting point when you said old people are destroying the country, i thought it was -- and they moved to florida. i thought it was your favorite movie. you are assuming she is old enough to know what it is. >> why i know there is no way she doesn't. everybody dyes at 30. >> did they have fun?
3:41 am
>> they are forced to. >> they try to escape. >> it is like a race 1234*. >> and who was in it? michael, yo, and do you remember the girl? >> farrah fawcett. she wasn't the main girl, the main girl was -- >> not justin timberlake? >> no. >> megan fox. >> jenni -- >> mccarthy. >> i don't understand. >> this is where a smart person googled it. coming up, can one be if one doesn't understand concept of being? it is not a story, just bill texted me last night. what is new with the on-line dating sites? sad de sexy shutdown.
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smie all right. logan's run, look her up, she was adorable. now to this story. they are taking the on-line out of on-line dating. the new york times says some of the biggest sites are going retro, organizing singles parties at bars to help people find mates more quickly. says one fan of the off line, quote, there are so many times i met up with someone on the internet and didn't feet a spark. it is disappointing spending that time e-mailing and then nothing. >> recent research is looking at whether personality tests can predict whether this is a good match. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rrrrooooouuuunnndd. light thig round. lightning round. >> is this finally the end of the on-line dating? >> no, all this is is adding partying into the computer.
3:46 am
it is hard to party unless you add something of your own will. hopefully they will just go back to finding somebody you like in real life. >> should you sell your stock in a dating site now? >> absolutely. it is over. people are going to bars to meet people again. you no longer need a -- app app on your phone. jew need alcohol. that -- >> you need alcohol that is what is missing. >> alcohol. >> speak for yourself. every yore they do these january wuss -- january 1st predictions. i predicted this would be the year that people started saying they are too good to do social media. and they have people that do that for them. i think it is good. >> i do too. >> bill, you know, this but
3:47 am
everybody is disappointed when they meet you. >> as a guy you build up who the woman sand the girl does the same thing. when they meet it is horrible. >> this is why i don't on-line date. they are dispod -- disappointed. i go later in the night when a little glassy eyes. i can't buy a drink, but let's go dutch and here is my number. work is better than >> amazing. >> see, america, you are confused right now. >> so really drunk buyer wants to buy me a drunk. >> that was before we hit the dance floor. then i dance like my twisted sister. >> we went full circle. we have to take a break.
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coming up, an interview with andrew wk. it can't bemised.
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>> it is the first time to party. from the legendary album, i get wet. he is currently on a 10th anniversary tour. it comes out and he has been with us all night. let's talk about it. i want to talk about the video you made which was done and filmed in new jersey. >> yes, new jersey. >> you did a second version of the video, and i want to show it because you took out all of the music. play it. >> it's time to party. yeah!
3:53 am
>> that is really amazing. no offense to the mu circumstances but the video is -- i agree, i think it is better. >> we worked so hard making this video, and then when we did the sound affects i thought, this is even better than the actual music. i'm glad you agree. >> i feel bad. i bought that album when it came out. i can't believe it is 10 years. played it to death. one of the best albums of all time. for exercise i used to run and it is amazing for for working out. pitch fork which is a strange site. >> strapping place. >> but you are on the best list, but also on the worst list. >> album originally came out in the u.s. in 2002.
3:54 am
the founder gave it a .6. >> out of 10. >> that's quite low. >> you could get lower, but depending on how far you want to go down. recently this last couple years they reviewed it and added features on it. then decided it wasn't quite as awful as they thought. that's definitely nice. it is an upward trend and dhaz dhaz -- that's all i can ask for. >> did they give uh new read ?g. >> .7. >> i read about you in the village voice. the way they describe the album, i went out immediately and got it. it was such a different, positive sound. where can they find you? where will you be on tour? >> we will be playing on conan o'brian. that is the 28th. that's when the rereleased comes out. it is a 10th anniversary. it will be on vinyl.
3:55 am
i will get you a copy. andrew has our tour dates. we have been on tour all year. no one is more amazes -- amazed that we party like this. >> i am a professional partier. it is for those folks who supported this vision. even those who didn't like it. >> people took part in the building of your partying. >> it is more fun when people are there. >> do you party alone? >> yes, and with bill. i didn't want to bring this up. >> i'll tell you something. i will be at my apartment and i think i am alone and then there is andrew. >> and he never knew i was there. >> and the things i did. >> the reissue comes out on tuesday. they should buy it. >> we close things up with a
3:56 am
post game wrap up with andy levy. go go to fox eye.
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back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks. looking forward to next week? >> i will be with mi co-host from "the five" and hopefully greg will stay medicated and not get too annoyed jie. if the hurricane hits you have to send him out to do stuff. >> i have my plan. bob beckle in a yellow slicker and one of the hats. we will see who can stand up in a stiff wind better, and it will be great. it is good for ratings. >> camille you recently set a record? the largest movie screening in history for our documentary film. congratulations to the team and renee and joe. >> wow.


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