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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 24, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> thank you for joining me. we will see you in tampa this weekend. america's newsroom live from tampa, and "studio b" with trace here for shepard smith. >>trace: thank you, the news begins anew. on "studio b." a gunman on a deadly shooting spree at the empire state building with two dead and eight hurt. reaction from witnesses. the possible motive is ahead. the police response, as well, is ahead. the republican national convention is days away. tropical storm isaac is getting stronger. preparing for a chance of chaos at the convention is coming up. a new study says one in five whilers drink, smoke, or do drugs during the school day. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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>> first from fox at 3:00, a dramatic and deadly police shootout knee one of the most famous landmarks. we are now hearing police may have shot some of the victims. it happened outside the empire state building in midtown manhattan during the height of the morning rush hour. police say a disgruntled former worker at a business gunned down a former colleague and as cops closed in, he took aim at officers. here is the new york city mayor. >> the police were there on their usual counterterrorism assignments. they saw this. they went after him. a construction worker helped identify them. they approached. the guy pulled a gun and tried to shoot the cops and kill the cops. the cops returned fire. he is dead. >>trace: you can see the accused shooter dead on the sidewalk. the mayor says that bullet cops fired to take him down may have hit innocent bystanders. in all, nine people were
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wounded. two women and seven men. officials say they are all expected to survive. this all going down in one of the busiest tourist spots in the entire country. witnesses describe a stampede when the bullets began flying. listen. >> must have heard ten shots. people were running all over the place. coffee was spilled and people were running in all directions. >> there was in screaming, just slow-motion. i thought it was firecrackers and everyone started running for cover along with me. the girl that was running next to me fell down to the pavement. when i looked i could see she was hit in the leg. i saw a woman sitting up against the building with her foot. she was shot. i looked halfway down at the doors where you enter the empire state building and the supposed shooter was on the ground. he was shot. >>trace: copped have covered the shooter's body and marking
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for evidence. we are learning more of the accused gunman. and now to the scene in new york city. what else do we know about this guy? >> well, the accused gunman is jeffrey johnson, in his late 50's, living in manhattan in the upper 80's on the upper east side. he worked at a company but was fired about a year ago. he did harbor a grudge. the target, this morning, was the vice president at the firm identified. the two men each filed harassment complaints against each other. the shooter, we are told, brought with him a black bag. we have a of from of the bag. it was in this bag that he actually had placed his .45 caliber. we are told from authorities, and this is chilling, also, in the bag, another magazine, more ammunition, and he was prepared for a great deal of bloodshed.
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trace? >>trace: we mentioned nine other people were shot. what do you hear from people who were at the terrifying scene? >>reporter: well, i was here a few minutes after the shooting took place. the seen was chaos. the initial fear this morning was that there was an act of terrorism that had taken place. soon people realized, thanks to the police, it was in the terrorism. many believed it was a robbery and we learned more that it was simply a grudge resulting from an angry former worker. now, we heard people fleeing the area in a panic, we talked to one witness, in particular, who, although worried about her safety, did stop and help others. listen. i heard four gunshots. they were very loud. muffled. but four distinct shots. i was crossing the street adds i crossed, people started falling down. a woman tale fell at my feet.
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i ducked behind one of the planters on the street. i was afraid the gunman was still going to keep shooting. >> we her the mayor this morning describe the behavior of some of those would were here as displaying and i quote, "extraordinary acts of horror im." trace? >>trace: thank you, david, from midtown manhattan. tropical storm isaac gaining strengths today as it hurdled to the gulf of mexico. frommers warn it could still be on a path to strike the united states early next week. with the republican national convention set to kickoff in just three days, emergency management teams are preparing for the worst. keep in mind, convention officials say they expect some 50,000 people to descend on tampa starting this week end. today, florida's governor, rick scott, explained why he and not spent visiters to stay home i have talked to mayors and sheriffs around the state. there is no indication that
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people are deciding not to come. they should. we are prepared. this is a state that understands hurricanes. we know how to prepare for them. we are a hospitality state. we have thousands people here each day, 87 million tourists. we are ready for these things. >>trace: isaac over the last six hours, the tropical storm could get dangerously close to haiti by tonight. maximum sustained winds could still increase beyond the current strength of 60 miles per hour. what is more, forecasters warn it could dutch up to a foot rain on parts of the island. rick is live in the fox extreme weather center. isaac is a huge inform. rick: the size is large. but it is not as strong as its is large. but because it is large, and haiti, that side of the island, has been stripped of all of its
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vegetable so they have erosion and flooding. the center of the storm right now is 135 miles southeast of port-au-prince. the model is consistent. we are going to deal with this across parts of the u.s., very likely florida. that is the center of it. but all of florida will see a lot of rain. it will start sunday morning to sunday afternoon around the keys. by monday morning, even tampa, will deal with a lot of rain. looking likely at a landfall around the florida panhandle tuesday night or wednesday. it will likely spend a lot time over cuba but that depends, and it could be close to key west on monday morning which has an impact open how strong it can get before it potentially makes landfall. look at this, trace, a big cone by the time we get to the landfall some time tuesday night
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or wednesday morning. still, new orleans, still back to places to the east of tallahassee which will need to watch for a direct impact. >>trace: i am watching the path. if it passes to the west of tampa, how will it affect that area? rick: they will get strong winds, maybe at 40 to 50 miles per hour, mostly on monday and monday night but a lot of rain falling across areas to the south of it and back, again, across the panhandle. but tampa, according to our molds, could see 4" to 8" of rain, and that amount of rain, after having a wet summer, there will be significant localized flooding. that could be the case in tampa. >>trace: and tampa is flood reason to begin with. thank you, rick. the president and c.e.o. of the tampa bay host committee for the republican national convention. ken, you heard rick talking
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about the fact that tampa is, even if years where they do not get a ton of rain, tampa is prone to flooding. in this summer they have gotten a lot of rain so even if the hurricane misses you, downtown tampa could be flooded. what is plan b? >>guest: we are watching the storm and not sure if it will hit directly or hit further west. to we get rain the good news is that florida knows how to deal with hurricanes. we have not had a major hit in almost 100 years. we had a few storms in 2004 and we dealt with them. we have a great management system for emergencies. and last month with debby we dealt with it. we have a good system in place. we deal with health, life, safety, first and then everything else is second. we have a good plan in place and make sure everyone is safe and comfortable in tampa.
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>>trace: talking about tropical storm debby, you had that back if june and it shut down three major bridges in that area. the sunshine state skyway, whatever the bridge is called, was shut down for three days. is there a plan to back the bridges up and how for get the 400 or 500 buses down to downtown tampa if something should happen, the winds pick up and the bridge are shut down. >>guest: that is a great question. the sunshine skyway connects st. petersburg and all of the budgets -- delegates staying only in two counties. so it will not affect the charter buses. during debby we did not have to shut down bridges. people were safe and secure. that bridge, the big bridge, leading from st. pete, even if it closes we can move the delegates and the people in and out of tampa as we need to for the convention. >>trace: thank you, mr. jones.
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a concern has been security. you are drawing some 3,500 police officers from around the state of florida. if this hurricane hit as different part of the state are you concerned that some of the officers who are supposed to go to the convention might have to stay home and protect their own city? >>guest: the tampa police department and our chief has talk about this plan. we have met as recently as this morning with the mayor, the emergency management officials. there is a plan b in place. just because we true a few thousand officers from other parts, they still have the corporation team in the other cities so they are fully eastbound quipped to deal with an emergency. pulling officers from, say, dade county or miami or the panhandle will not affect their ability to operate the city governments. we have been assured of that. we feel good about where we are right now. >>trace: thank you, mr. jones. good luck to you and the rest of the folks in florida. >> spectacular fall from grace for one of our nation's most famous athletes, lance
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armstrong, the founder of the cancer charity "live strong," stripped of his seven tour de france victories. why? that is next.
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>>trace: the man who used his success on a back to build a foundation to fight cancer has given up the battle against allegations he cheated. now, the u.s. antidoping agency has stripped lance armstrong of his record seven tour de france titles. and more. for years, lance armstrong has denied using ill tell substances but in july the united states antidoping agency announced they had evidence he used banned drugs and encouraged his teammates to do the same. lance armstrong filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the case but a judge rejected him. last night, lance armstrong declined to pursue the arbitration that would have laid out all of the evidence against him.
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today, the group stripped him of seven titles along with competitive results and banned him from the sport for life. he said he got tired of fighting an unconstitutional witch hunts adding and i quote, "i have been dealing with claims i cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven tours since 1999," the toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where i am today, finished with this nonsense. laura, what do you say? >> it record has been replaced. he is said to have used drugs from 1996, all to boost the
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performance, and claimed that it had ten former armstrong family mates ready to testify against him. armstrong maintained his innocence pointing to the hundreds much drug tests he has passed but the world antidoping agency, the governing body which oversees the usda says there was opportunity for him to set the record straight. >>guest: if he was innocent, he would have stated as much by rebutting the evidence, and cross-examining the witnesses. that will not now happen. >> source close to armstrong says the doping agency has in power to take away the titles and that it is a decision that will be up to the sanctioning bodies of the particular races involved, so, still more to come on this. trace? >>trace: what about all of his sponsors? what happens there? >> nike, one of the biggest sponsors, will stand behind him and the lance armstrong foundation which has raised half a billion to assist cancer
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survivors. now, it is also being reported that the postal which gave tens of millions in sponsorship money to armstrong's team could try to get the money back. and a texas company that shelled out $7.5 million to him for performance bonus in 2006 could also try to get a refund now that the titles gone. and as far as the organizers of tour de france, they will wait to see what happens before commenting on armstrong's case. trace? >>trace: laura, thank you from new york. and now, sports illustrated senior writer, and senior writer. it is amazing because the antidoping agency says they have all this evidence and they have people lined up waiting to testify against lance armstrong, but, yet, not a single positive test. can you recall of any athlete, anywhere, being stripped of their medals or titles or records without a single positive test for doping? >>guest: absolutely. it is not that unusual to have
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it happen, especially in track and field. the fact is, the dopers in terms of technology are often ahead of the we antidoping technology and intelligence gathering among other strategies is one of the preeminent ways of sanctioning athletes. >>trace: when you see someone like lance armstrong who has been known as such a fighter, such a competitor, when he gives in on a thing like this, is it, in your mind, and i know it is in the mind of a lost fans, an admission of guilt because he says i am not guilty but i am tired of fighting? >>guest: obviously if you ask lance armstrong he would not put it that way but for people on the fence, they will see it that way and, frankly, he took a shot to fight it. but a federal judge in texas ruled that the agency could go forward and they were offering due process by way of a robust arbitration process and he chose not to go forward. other people have had this same kind of rules and they have
3:20 pm
gonna forward with that and he decided not to do that. he would have been facing an uphill battle and the agency is 58-2, in arbitration, so, they do not pursue this frivolously. the normal process, this would be the international cycling body that would strip him of the titles but they are part of the world antidoping agency code and because of that, this would be the normal process. to do anything else would be unprecedented. you had a clip on from a world antidoping agency official saying that same thing. >>trace: that lance armstrong could have proven himself innocent. good of you, sir. thank you. >> new united nations report claims that iran may now be speeding up their nuclear program. it comes just as talks, today, between iran and the u.n. over the program fell to pieces.
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>>trace: police in texas reported randy travis for assault after he got in another dispute at a church parking lot. his fiance was arguing with her estranged husband and he stepped into the mix at 1:00 o'clock in the morning. this is just the latest trouble from randy travis. back in februaries he was cited for public intoxication at a different church parking lot. as you know, especially this month, police arrested travis for d.w.i. after cops say they found him naked at the scene of a car crash. >> fox news can now confirm that the united nations nuclear watch dog and iranian government,
3:25 pm
today, failed to reach a deal over tehran's suspected nuclear weapons program. the latest diplomatic set back comes amid reports that iran has carried out explosives testifies at a military facility and has installed hundreds of new separate underground bunker that is impossible to attack. plus, this is growing tension teen israel and iran and talk of a possible military conflict. early this week an israeli television station reported that israel is "determined to attack iran before the united states elections." we cannot indepedently confirm that. gregg jarrett has the news live in new york. >>gregg: if israel is considering a strike as widely reported, evidence allegedly uncovered by the nuclear inspectors could militate in favor of it. at an underground site iran has built hundreds of new
3:26 pm
centrifuges and could be accelerating their uranium enrichment. >> there is no reason to enrich at a level of 20 percent. can you not make a bomb with 20 percents you need 80 percent or 90 percent but that gets you down the path. that is what is most worrisome. that is what intelligence and government officials will look at. >> officials do not think iran has made a decision, yet, to build a nuclear weapon. but they are developing the capability to do is. it could then just be a matter of months before iran could construct a crude nuclear bomb. trace? >>trace: we have been asking this a number of times recently, but that is the status of negotiations with iran? >>gregg: two separate levels. today's talks with nuclear inspectors broke up without an agreement. the separate talks with the united states and other major powers in iran, seem stalled. here is how "new york times" put
3:27 pm
it, despite a covert program, aiming to slow the iranian program with attacks, iran has made table progress in producing enriched uranium recently from one bomb's worth when president obama took office in ion twine to the equivalent of about five bombs' worth today." again, that fuel would still require further enrichment to make a usable weapon but for israel, trace, that could be cutting it way too close. >>trace: gregg jarrett, thank you from new york. you feel like the economy is getting better? many americans are now taking home mauler -- smaller paychecks than at the height of the recession. less than three months from election day we have new polls that show the race if the white house is tightening. not just tightening, but in a
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>>trace: this is "studio b." the economic situation headed in the wrong direction. this is a like look at the national debt as it races toward an alarming milestone. not first time it is set to pass the $16 trillion mark. it could happen in just days. the news comes on the heels of
3:32 pm
this week's dire warning from the fed, the nonpartisan congressional budget office reported that the u.s. could be headed toward a major recession early next year. the report, cautioning congress to act before scheduled tax hikes and spending cuts take effect and says that so-called "fiscal cliff," could erase any economic recovery and cost millions of jobs. doug with the news is like in washington, dc. doug? >>doug: that is an alarming figure you showed $16 trillion. here is a way to visualize it. if you spent a dollar every second for 32,000 years, you would spend just $1 trillion. so, multiply that times 16. that where we are. >> the national debt is a ticking time bomb. no question if we do not do something, it will go off. >>doug: there reaches a point where the debt is unsustainable and interest payments on the
3:33 pm
debt alone create an economic implosion without significant reductions in spending or significant increases in revenue, that implosion is on the way. compounding the problem, the baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, you and me, trace, the first of them are now retiring. >> we are facing this avalanche of seniors moving into medicare and medicaid and social security. so, federal expenditures driven by, largely, medicare and medicaid, are going to go up faster than the who can grow. >>doug: and some added urgency, the approaching december 31 deadline when the temporary payroll and tax cuts expire and sequestration, huge cuts to military and other federal programs, kick in. >> that would be a significant tightening of fiscal policy. it would probably lead to a
3:34 pm
recession early next year. >> the economists point out it is not necessarily the $16 trillion figure that is so dangerous. it is the trajection of the debt that matters. if the economy grows robustly, that trajection starts to level out. as we all know the economy has been in neutral. four years of stimulus efforts while causing trillion dollar deficits have done little to row the intended results. >>trace: we are at the end of the baby billion. thank you, doug, from washington, dc. sobering news, more sobering news for the economic recovery. we learn that many families are earning a lot less, now, than they did during the recession. take a look at chart from a leading research group. that shaded area you are about to see shows the middle range of household incomes between 2007 and 2009, the height of the recession. since then, you can see the number has gone way down. most households are earning
3:35 pm
$51,000. or less. that is a drop of almost 5 percent. wendell is live for us at the white house. explain what this means for the overall economic recovery. >> it means a couple of things. the recovery has non-been -- not steep as the recession was deep. unemployment almost always rises after a recession is over. this time, so did the length of time people spent out of work. it is almost twice as long, you now, as it was during the recession. and washington has let us down. >> we have gridlock in washington. we have the federal reserve basically carrying the economy on their back right now. their job is to get the jobs market going right now. with an uncertain environment in washington and uncertain tax environment that seems to be slowing down job creation. >> he says big cities where
3:36 pm
president obama's support is strongest have been hardest hit by the slow recovery. >>trace: and the political impact of the report? >>reporter: the white house has admitted the recovery is not where they want. this seems to support romney's claim that it sunday where -- it isn't where it should be. here is vice president biden on the recovery followed by paul ryan's remarks. >> we have a long way to go but the middle class is on the way back. >> joe biden said that the middle class is in the midst of a recovery. president obama said that the private sector doing just fine. this is the obama imaginary recovery. >> fox poll ises more feel their finances will be better with romney and ryan elected but the president hold as slim lead over
3:37 pm
all. address trace thank you. today, the president is saying he stands behind his v.p. putting an end to speculation that he could drop vice president biden in favor of someone else. some suggested the secretary of state, hillary clinton, but, today, president obama posted this message on his twitter account, quoting today marks four years since i chose joe biden to be my running mate, and here is to an outstanding vice president and a great friend, signing it b.o., and vice president biden has made headlines with some colorful statements the past four years. most recently drawing fire from the g.o.p. for remarks during a campaign speech in virginia, saying republican candidate romney's policies will put people back "in chains." obama campaign has said that he meant that as a metaphor for loosening wall street reforms. so, the critic say if you have
3:38 pm
to announce on twitter you are behind joe biden there is some question whether you really are. >>guest: well, the announcement came four years to the day after he announced biden as his vice president nominee in 2008, four years ago. there are lots of reports we have seen this week about talk about the shuffle in the obama campaign and some tensions there. of course, it would be unwise at this point to take out your vice presidential nominee. it would she not a vote of confidence. in a race like this where you are trying to persuade all the voters who need confidence, they would not want to do that. >>trace: the race is tightening up. i want to show you these numbers, put these up. this is choice for president among likely voters, three polls to run through.
3:39 pm
look at the numbers, romney and ryan, 44, and obama and biden 45 and 44, a deadlock. who would you trust to do a better job improving the economy and creating jobs? you have romney and ryan on top of obama and biden. the final one is, who will do a better job of presenting medicare and ensuring there is medicare for future generations? obama and biden on top, 45 to 42 but all these are in the margin of error. this appears dead looks. >>guest: it is a very close race. we heard from the obama campaign yesterday that they think that the race is stable which is interesting. now, what i found interesting about these polls is that, of course, romney's main argument is the economy but he only leads on that by about three points. with the nomination of ryan as vice president we have seen the
3:40 pm
obama campaign go hard on medicare. however, he is only leading by a couple of points on that, as well. so, the question with the numbers is, why is it so close? that is an important question to ask. >>trace: maybe paul ryan is resonating? governor romney came out with a "wall street journal" op-ed promoting his time at bain capital. it has been three or four weeks where he has been on the defense of bain capital and now it seems like he is thinking, you know what, maybe i should promote this rather than defending this. >>guest: right. look at the news we have had this week. we have had nearly five days of talking about todd akin and abortion and the social issues that republicans do not want to talk about in the campaign. romney, with the nomination of ryan, originally thought to get the discussion back on the economy and ways to fix it. this is our plan. that kind of went off track this week. so, again, headed into the
3:41 pm
election it is a crucial time to say, okay, these are my plans. get back to this. let's ignore thor stuff for now. this is what we are talking about. >>trace: crucial, indeed, good of you. the government has reportedly spent millions of dollars to figure out a way to allow us to keep our shoes on during an airport scan. so why in the world do we still have to take them off? we will find out. plus, a woman and her four-year-old son fall on to a subway platform and narrowly miss the third rail which was electric much the amazing rescue you will see. next. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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3:45 pm
with the kid. her young son was in her arms and a spokesman said the woman narrowly missed the electrified third rail. passengers say she was distracted. >> after watching the video, i am thinking, there -- it was excitement. >>trace: watch what happens. two people jumped on to the tracks to help pull her to safety. they say it was "instinct." both mom and son and rescuers are doing fine. >> the transportation security administration reports we all have to keep taking our shoes off at the airport. the t.s.a. reports after spending millions on four different devices that would let passengers keep their shoes on through security, it rejected all of those devices after they failed to detect dangerous items. according to the travel association, travelers hate,
3:46 pm
hate to take off their shoes, more than patdowns or body scans. with us is aviation spokesman and the chairman of body group aviation consulting. michael, we just said it, people hate taking their shoes off. we spent millions to come up with a device not to take off our shoes and guess what, leave on your shoes, and, possibly, for years to come. >>guest: the reality is, the t.s.a. is such an out-of-control organization run by people who are not security experts. we take off our shoes because one time we had a shoe bomber. we are no safer from 9/11 regardless of what the network correspondents tell us. we have major problems. this is the tip of the very big iceberg. >>trace: they will say we have foundation things in shoes since we started the policy and no scanner we have tried will
3:47 pm
detect gels or liquids and now bombs in shoes are made of gels or liquid. >>guest: that is another lie by the t.s.a. they are saying putting your shoes on that machine they can tell if there is an explosive the reality is, i don't trust any of them because frankly, they did not know what they are doing but they are very good at spending money and abuse customers. us. >>trace: it is a good question, that is the difference of putting your shoes on the belt and running through the scanner or walking them through the scanner? is there a different from ensure apparently not if you turn 75 you can leave them on or if you have a small children. terrorists kill each other and their own children. so, the t.s.a., really, it is all for show. remember, if a terrorist wants to do something bad at an airport, the t.s.a. is, they basically could deter a lovesick high school kid but a professional terrorist, the
3:48 pm
t.s.a. is just an object of control. >>trace: you say keep your shoes on if you ran the program and what else do you thin is more important? >>guest: did you focus on threats and what every, the spots where airlines are vulnerable. they will say they are doing other things but the back doors to airports are wide open and we need professionals running the t.s.a. not political appointees. >>trace: michael boyd is an aviation consultsant. thank you, sir, it is good of you. >> it may not shock you to learn that a lot of high school students admit to smoking, drinking or during drugs but you may be surprised at where the teens say they are smoking and drinking and doing the drugs. details on that are ahead. and the violent high speed chase that ended with police shooting at the suspect.
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>>trace: a dramatic high chase ended with a driver trying to escape a cloud of gunfire. you have to watch this. the mercedes is moving in and out of traffic in miami, he going like 111 miles per hour. the driver and the others were reportedly involved in a suspected home robbery case. at one point the s.u.v. runs right into the back of a truck, smashing the cash's right headlight and part of the hood but the driver wants to keep moving and he was up, avoiding several other cars and turns on to an off-ramp going the wrong way. at this point the cops are behind him and that is the s.u.v. that is veering off, and right there on the side street and into some yards. here is what happened when it
3:53 pm
hit a dead on, the driver runs into the mercedes, hits the pens and another car pins him in and moments later the man gets out and watch this he jumps on to the hood, on to the trees, as bullets start toughly. cops arresting three other people need the car. the bullet hit the tire and the driver was rushed to the hospital l is in word, yet, on his condition. >> the number of high school students drunk or high in class could be higher than anyone ever thought. according to a study from columbia university, one in five high school students admit to drinking, smoking, or doing drugs during the school day. this may come as a stunner for most parents, not a shock to the students. up to 86 percent of the students say they are all well aware that a lost their classmates are tanked during the school day. with me now is a pediatrician and assistant clinical professor at ucla. one out of five students
3:54 pm
drinking or smoking during the day? we know they are drinking, but during school? >>guest: that is what the study shows. this is a great wake-up call if parents and the administration. we know that parents have open conversations with teens of the dangers of drugs but the teens are less likely to try dugs. >>trace: you talk to the kids at school, but you would think the educators would know, and you would think more parents would though about it but they are not? >>guest: we do need to educate parents and students, to look for the signs in your kids, maybe their grades are slipping. start the conversations early. i have young boys. when i give them medicationing i talk to them about the medication that help your body and medications that hurt your body. of course, as you become a teen, the conversations can change to drugs are dangerous. they illegal. they are addictive and expense i. >>trace: we have been saying "just say no," for 30 years, why the sudden surge? is it the social networking in
3:55 pm
what is the cause? >>guest: social media is another form of the super peer pressure our teens are under. a teenager wants to be normal. when their friends are drinking and partying, they think that is normal so it is up to the teachers and parents to say, that is not normal and teach the teens what is right. teach your teens about education, emphasize sports and after school activity. >>trace: should we be at the point where drugs and alcohol are no longer cool? it is cool, still, but should we be at the point where we are beyond that? >>guest: i think so. plenty of students that i see that know it is not cool. they are headed to college and years. some see it in the media, the movies, the tv, they portray it as cool so we need to do media education and teach students that, no, this is not the cool thing. >>trace: what is the key tip? >>guest: talk to your
3:56 pm
children. know what they are doing. have open connections. tell them if they make a mistake in the middle of the night they can call you. a parent would rather get a call at 2:00 a.m., than from the emergency room saying come, i have to find a body. >>imus: i would. a pair of newlyweds trading the aisle for the ocean. instead of a white dress, how about a jet pack. details on one wild wedding. next. this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye.
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>>trace: and before we call it a day on "studio b" what bets are way to say "i love you," than with a jet pack. a couple tied the knot strapped into a pair of $90,000 water packs. she wore board shorts and a rash guard, very roman dick. after exchanging 54s they jetted around above the water while the guests cheered them on everything went


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