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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. today is august 29th. thank you for watching "fox rand friends first. a touching night at the republican convention. ann romney and chris christie making their case to the country for mitt romney. >> he loves america. he will take us to a better place just as he took me home safely from that dance. give him that chance. >> it is time to end the era of ab sen see leadership in the
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oval office and send real leaders back to the white house. america needs mitt romney and paul ryan and america needs them right now. >> we will have more on the rnc in a moment but first an update on hurricane isaac. category 1 storm bearing down on the gulf coast right now. we have live team coverage for you. in a moment we will go with phil keating live in theodore, alabama. >> meteorologist ma roa molina right here in the extreme weather center. but first we go to jonathan live in new orleans where isaac has been hoovering all night long. jonathan? johnathan can you hear me? a windy situation as isaac makes land fall. >> in new orleans you can see we are experiencing heavy rain,
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heavy winds with hurricane isaac coming ashore. governor jindal and other state officials preparing to deal not only with the onset of the storm but also the aftermath. the governor issuing several executive orders, one of them authorizing registered emt's from other states to come into louisiana to assist if needed. the governor is also mobilized 4,000 national guardsmen. they have been called to active duty to assist with communication, engineering and law enforcement during and after the storm. there's the potential for as many as 8,000 national guard troops could be called into the area. but right now what we are experiencing are the heavy rains and the heavy winds.
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back to you. >> brace yourself in that wind. clearly it has picked up live for you in new orleans jonathan seere. hi, phil. phil keating you are on. can you hear us? >> it is so loud in these places they cannot even hear. >> yes. i hear you. >> go ahead, phil. >> >> if you guys are listening to me we are here on mobile bay. behind me is mobile bay churning with this wind. fortunately we are getting a little bit of a reprieve at the moment. that is the rain bands have been drenching this area for several hours all morning long.
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they have subsided for a moment and then you get count counterclockwise of wind and rain. they were partially damaged hurricane ivan 8 years ago and then left in this current destroyed state by hurricane katrina. they will stay that way through the duration of hurricane isaac as they are not as strong as either of the two storms but it will be a long day of high winds high winds big storm surge coming up around 11:00 a.m. which will be high around the gulf coast. it is good to add vice all of the four states affected here that being florida over the panhandle here in alabama, mississippi and louisiana as well. if you don't have to go outside
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today if you don't have to get on the road it is not pleasant and fun and by doing so you could cause more danger especially to the emergency responders. we are out here in it and it's coming through and it looks to keep coming through perhaps with greater intensity as this day progresses. phil keating live on the coast. >> projections for isaac moments ago. she is in the extreme weather center with details for us. what's the latest? >> good morning everyone. we are getting updates from the national hurricane center every hour because it is making land fall. it is a hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 80 miles per hour. it is moving at 8 miles per hour it was stationary producing the storm surge. now slowly starting to move
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inland. we are starting to see some of the worst conditions pushing into new orleans. some of the heaviest rain associated with isaac. some of the worst conditions moving into new orleans. this has wrapped around the eye wall. you see the strongest winds around here. there is a threat for tornadoes. we have a tornado watch in effect across the western pan sandal of florida. dry air making its way into the center of the storm. we will see what happens in the next storm with hurricane isaac. a slow mover could dump as much as 20 inches of rain and make a storm surge up to 20 feet. >> we will certainly check back t with you, thank you. back to the other top stories the republican convention finally in full swing. republicans nominating mitt romney as their presidential
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candidate. there was no shortage of moments as they took center stage. ann romney had the crowd on their feet in florida last night. she sfoek for abospoke for abou minutes and directed her remarks toward women in the context of the relationship with her husband. she said women are the hope of america and also focused on a main theme for the entire convention based on something president obama said in virginia a few weeks ends ago. hit will be the first to tell you he is the most fortunate person in the world. he has strong parents who taught him the value of work. he had a chance to get the education his father never had. but as his partner on this amazing journey i can tell you mitt romney was not handed success. he built it>> mitt romney
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watched his wife's speech from a green room off stage but joined her near the podium, there it is, once she was done. once they left the stage chris christie came out to give the keynote address and he came out swinging. >> tonight we choose the path that defines the nation's history. tonight we finally and firmly answer the call that so many generations had the courage to answer for us. tonight we stand up with mitt romney as the next president of the united states. together everybody together we will stand up once again for american greatness for our children and grandchildren. >> the former governor of new jersey said after that speech
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governor chris christie set the tone for that campaign. former governor keating said that chris christie supplied the thrust and the fuel for the rocket to take off. >> mitt romney's wife and speaking on a personal level. >> yes, mrs. romney showing americans mitt romney the family man speaking about her marriage and the man she calls warm and loving. we now have five sons and 18 beautiful grandchildren. (applause) >> i am still in love with that boy i met at a high school dance. he still makes me laugh. i read somewhere we have a story book marriage.
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in the story books i read there were chapters for ms called breast cancer. a story book marriage? no, not at all. what mitt romney and i have is a real marriage. i know this good and decent man for what he is warm and loving and patient. >> time for your 5@5:00. top 5 stories at this hour. two big races decided overnight in arizona. jeff flake beating self funded businessman will cardin for the
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senate nomination. he is running to fill the seat of retired senator john kyle. congressman ben quail becoming the 12th house lawmaker to lose the primary this year. he was beaten by congress thanman dave swie kert. texas says it is decision that goes well monday the limits of congress. voting map drown by the legislature. they encyst there was november any disregard for the redistricting process. >> two kout west flights made emergency landings within two hours of one another. the first left for denver when tefz forced to make an emergency landing because of pressure issues in the cabin. the second landed after takeoff because of smoke in the cockpit.
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both landed safely and passengers moved to now flights. >> the 15-year-old maryland boy accused of shooting and critically injuring a classmate on the first day of school. robert bladin's father says his son was being bullied and brought the shot gun to school to intimidate those who were teasing him. his victim is 17-year-old student with downs syndrome. he updated his facebook status he said first day of school last day of my life. he has been charged as an adult and is being held without bail. no court hearing has been scheduled at this time. >> nasa's curiosity rover sending these stunning new color images of mars back to earth. they show a detailed view of the landing site. the 3.4 mile high mount sharp. it sent the first audio recording of a human voice from mars to earth. that is your 5@5:00.
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hurricane isaac. we are heading back to louisiana with the storm. the white house denying it helped producers of the up coming film about the raid that killed osama bin laden. new details or e-mails may prove differently. >> democrats originally denied timothy cardinal dolan's instration to speak at the convention. highlights from last night's speech by scott walker. >> let this be a time in history so some day we can tell our children and grandchildren that we were there that we chased the course of history for the better. let us tell them that we helped elect mitt romney and paul ryan to save america.
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to baton ruj also in the path of isaac anna kooiman joins us live from there. we are bringing you the latest problems that louisiana residents are dealing with. we are live at the homeland security and emergency preparedness center live in baton ruj. first up gas prices for a lot of prices they are up and gas stations are packed. louisiana attorney general's
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office has been getting price gouging complaints largely about gasoline prices which is illegal. they have graded a waiver to use their summer in an effort to main thane fuel supply. there are 81 hospitals 71 nursing homes in the area. several have evacuated patients. federal assistance is making 100 operational staff ambulances available and rebuild for medicaid assistance so they can get 30-day supply of their prescriptions right now. we are hearing from utility officials 37,000 homes and businesses are in the dark this morning and will likely remain in that scenario through out the duration of the storm. we expect to get a briefing from governor bob jindal sometime this afternoon.
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can you tell me about the conditions? you said it felt like a balmy day in the park. that is expected to change as you were saying. >> it is almost the calm before the storm is. if you look behind me some of the trees are rattling a bit from the wind. also if you look up there by the treat lights you can see some of the rain coming down. it is almost sporadic. it hasn't been bad at all. we are counting our blessings. isaac is a slow moving storm. we are expected to get absolu absolutely spanked later today. we are trying to bring out more weather gear for later today. anna i know we have all covered storms like this before. it is definitely ironic to say the least coming on the 7 year anniversary of hurricane katrina. what are people saying about that there? >> we are hearing a lot from
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residents. we have been here for hou36 hou or so. it's awful. they think about new orleans flooding 80 percent of the city and 1800 deaths blamed on hurricane katrina the worst natural disaster in united states history. of course hurricane betsy that happened in the 60s. that's not so far removed from today. we will check back in with you. appreciate your coverage. the latest projections for isaac out moments ago. let's head to maria molina in the extreme weather center for those details. that's what everybody wants to know. good morning everyone. isaac still has maximum stain sustained winds at 80 miles per hour. we know tropical storm winds outward of the center of the system up to 175 miles. hurricane conditions about 60 miles out from the center of the storm.
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because it took so long to intensify we expect it to take a long time to weaken. out here across southeastern use louisiana we have warm conditions and swamp land. we are not expecting to see a rapid weakening. there is dry air making its way across the western parts of the storm trying to make its way into the center of the storm. that could help weaken isaac. we will have more updates from the national hurricane center. it has picked up in speed. during the overnight hours we saw it stationary across southeastern louisiana not moving at all. now it picked up speed up to 8 miles per hour. hopefully we see that increasing but the forecast is not for that. we are expecting it to be a slow mover. thursday early morning and thursday afternoon still sitting over the state of louisiana. that is why we are anticipating
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up to 20 inches locally of rain. shy of 11 feet in shell beach, louisiana. we are getting reports in. would youer outages and strong winds. we know some of the worst conditions are occurring across new orleans. a lot of rain headed their way. we will check back in with you. >> 21 after the hour. we are continuing to track hurricane isaac. we are monitoring the situation out of louisiana. there are reports now of levees overflowing already. we will bring you the latest through out the hour. >> that has a lot of people concerned. >> plus all of the highlights of yesterday's big night at the republican national convention.
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>> a fox news weather alert. we are hearing reports of a levy in louisiana over topping. let's head to new orleans. jonathan seere is live for us. hi, jonathan. >> hi there. we have our local affiliate fox 8 heading down there. the levy there are reports of water over topping that. however the levy system protecting the city of new orleans so far appears to be holding very well. viewed as the first test of real storm since hurricane katrina where the levees were freed. the investment protecting that city from hurricanes like this one coming through right now. you can see the winds are really picking up. we have heavy rain and really the rains are going to be the
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biggest long-term threat. we talk about the storm surge anywhere from 6-12 feet affecting low lying coastal regions the rain, which could be in excess of 20 inches in some isolated spots and anywhere between 7-14 inches through out much of the state of louisiana could cause flooding in low lying areas well inland from here. we are going to be dealing with this storm system for a long time. as you can see in downtown new orleans heavy winds and rains. >> jonathan live from new orleans thank you. a levy over topped in plackman's perish. one family reportedly trapped in their attic. our fox affiliate on their way there now.
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louisiana not the only area getting hit. phil keating is live in theodore, alabama with the latest there. phil? good morning. we are in mobile county about 20 miles south of mobile and 20 miles north of dolphin island. one roadway above the water. it is closed off. cops on both sides. he lost power down there. any one who is riding this hurricane isaac out on dalton island now no power, no services, hopefully they have got well stocked supply of water and food. certainly promises to be a very long day of heavy rain, heavy wind and of great concern across the four states impacted here that includes the florida panhandle in alabama coastal
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mississippi as well as louisiana is the big storm surge which is anticipated to really peak out to really show flooding issues during high tide. it could be a storm surge of 12 feet. here in alabama could be up to 6 feet and 1 to 3 feet in the panhandle of florida which remains out of the hurricane warning area but still a tropical storm warning. also an issue through out the day is going to be tornadoes. the tornado watches are in effect basically through all four states right now in the coastal region. we have already had since the night began four tornado warnings issued so far in the region thanks to this hurricane. back to you. thank you very much phil keating.
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we will continue to bring you live updates through out the hour. >> we head back to tampa for a live report from the republican convention. we have the highlights from the first official night. stay with us. [ pilot ] now whend an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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you >> welcome back to "fox & friends" first. i am patty ann brown. >> i am heather childers. it is 32 after the hour. we will get the details from the national republican convention but we begin with a fox news weather alert. here is a live look at hurricane isaac unleashing fierce winds and soaking rains as it pounds the gulf this morning. police are going door to door telling people to evacuate in parts of louisiana. a that is where one levy has just over topped.
5:33 am
phil keetling let's go to j seere who is live on the ground in new orleans. hi, jonathan. >> jonathan serre, you are on. >> there are problems with them hearing us because it is so loud there in the storm. we are going to move on to maria molina who is live in the extreme weather center tracking the storm for us. maria, what's the very latest. >> we have some of the worst conditions occurring in new orleans. that's why we couldn't do our hit from there because the center of the storm system is starting to move over southeastern louisiana and starting to push some of the worst conditions the eye wall over the city of new orleans. some of the heaviest rain is
5:34 am
what we are experiencing. toward the coast some of the highest storm surge. we have reports of a storm surge just shy of 11 feet out of shell beach in louisiana. that is something we are looking at. otherwise you can see the bright banding there the yellow and orange shading across new orleans and areas north of that. you are talking about rainfall rates over an inch an hour. worse conditions moving into new orleans. otherwise a tornado watch is in effect across southeastern louisiana into southern parts of mississippi, alabama and extreme western parts of the florida panhandle. we could be seeing tornadoes. they interact with the land friction rotation happens and you can get quick moving tornadoes some quick touchdowns that could produce some damage. not talking about magnitude ef 5 but some could cause damage. we will keep you posted as far as any tornado warnings go.
5:35 am
none are in effect. we have noticed something occurring across the person part of hurricane isaac. dry air starting to move on in and trying to make its way into the center of the storm. you can see that right there the dry air basically we do not have any rain out there but we have strong winds. so it will be interesting to see over the next couple hours what that does to hurricane isaac. hopefully it will weaken it and hopefully we see lesser rainfall amounts from the storm. right now locally up to 20 inches of rain across southeastern louisiana and southern parts of mississippi. that will be a big flooding concern. i areas inland are looking for that threat causing flooding. we are talking about isaac being a slow moving storm system. it has picked up in speed over 8 miles per hour. looking over the state of louisiana. you mentioned the rain is falling at a rate of more than an inch an hour. officials have said pumps they
5:36 am
have in place can handle a half inch to an inch but no more than an inch of rain per hour. we already know one levy has water coming over the top of it. you are expecting this to continue. >> yeah, we do expect the tropical storm force conditions and possibly even hurricane conditions to last through out the rest of the morning and even into tonight. a prolonged period of time over southern parts of louisiana we have to deal with. strong winds heavy rain and even storm surge along coastal areas. >> maria molina, thank you. mitt romney formally nominated as the republican nominee for president hours ago. ann romney and chris christie made forceful cases for why they say voters should send him to the white house. doug luzader is live in ctampa with more on this for us. good morning. on tap tonight paul ryan who will formally accept the
5:37 am
nomination for vice president. the real surprise was mitt romney. he was not scheduled to be here until thursday night, tomorrow night. but he showed up a little early to watch his wife ann romney take the stage and deliver her address. her role was to really soften his edges a little bit to talk about mitt romney the husband. mitt romney the father. she acknowledged hurricane isaac and potential for devastation along the bull gulf coast. most importantly hafrom a campan standpoint she made a forceful case for her husband. >> this is a man who will work harder than any one so we can work a little less hard. i can't tell you what will happen over the next four years but i can only stand here tonight as a wife and mother and a grandmother, an american and make you this solemn commitment, this man will not fail.
5:38 am
(cheers and applause) >> earlier in the day the convention really got most of the business done. there's a little drama with ron paul supporters but mitt romney and paul ryan were nominated to the top of the republican ticket. last night came the real stem winder from new jersey governor chris christie. >> leadership delivers, leadership counts, leadership matters. here's the great news i came here tonight to bring you, we have this leader for america. we have a nominee who will tell us the truth and will lead with conviction. now we have a running mate who will do the same. we have governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan we need to make them the next president and vice president of the united states. >> tonight from that podium paul ryan will formally accept the
5:39 am
nomination for vice president. mitt romney will do the same thing tomorrow night. paul ryan doesn't have the same national profile that mitt romney has so from that standpoint it is a little bit of a national introduction for him but he is no stranger to speeches. very early in his political career he worked as a speech writer. doug luzader, thank you. >> fox news weather alert to tell you about. isaac battering louisiana and flood water now over topping a levy there. 5-7 feet of water flooding homes there. baton ruj also in the storm's path. that is where it is headed. anna kooiman joins us live with the latest. we are here at the homeland security and emergency repairedness center in baton ruj. this is where the governor bobby jindal has been giving his media briefings. we expect another one sometime
5:40 am
this morning. there are voluntary evacuations in place. this is what we can tell but it. they have been going to shelters maned by the state the perishes and also the red cross. louisiana department of veteran's affairs also taking action ready with shelter space also vans and buses in case those are needed. the society of prevention of cruelty of animals in new orleans have been evacuating their animals. hundre hundreds of cats and dogs were sent to texas they are ready to be adopted and need loving homes. barack obama only graded a national disaster which will not reimburse the expenses the state and local governments occurred and governor jindal has urged the federal government to grant a full disaster declaration instead. jindal telling us it has gone from the regional fema office to the central fema office. they are awaiting signature from barack obama. reporting live from baton
5:41 am
ruj where isaac is headed very slowly because it is producing a lot of rain. a lot of folks are going to be affected. >> slow is bad. it is pounding the area. coming up we are continuing to track hurricane isaac. reports of a levy breech in louisiana. we will have live updates for you coming right up.
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>> mitt talked about how he helped others he sees it as a privilege not a political talking point. >> you see, mr. president, real leaders don't follow polls real leaders change polls. >> we can't afford any more dispintments. we need a new direction. we need a new president. >> this is our america. this is the america we know because we built it. >> some quick takes from the first night of the republican convention. who did the best job and did the gop accomplish what it wanted to so far? let's go to tampa and watch fox news contributor and author of 50 things liberals love to hate it came out yesterday. mike cgallagher, good morning t you. >> chris kris geeting mixed reviews. what do you think? >> what you sees what you get with chris christie.
5:45 am
he is not going to miss an opportunity to tell you what a great job he has done as governor of new jersey. he is kind of a typical new jersey giel. confident a little cocky a little brash, but he also talked about the first that americans have for leadership and the importance of having a leader who tells the people the truth. say what you will about chris christie he's a tough talking straight shooter who reminded everybody he has a president in office who doesn't smean what h says and doesn't say what he means. >> a leader is loved but they should always be respected. he made references to president obama referring to the love of the people rather than the truth. >> that is what a lot of americans are telling me patty ann all over the country day in and day out people are frustrated over this president's pension for this touchy feel lie hope and change gimmick.
5:46 am
last night set the tone for the week that listen we did build this we are companies, we are corporations, we are entrepreneu entrepreneurs. i thought it was a good message from chris christie. although for me the hit of the night, i am in love with mayor love from saratoga springs, u h utah. i thought she knocked it out of the park, patti ann. who would have thought a young black woman would evoke images of ronald reagan at the 2012 republican convention. she was extraordinary. i loved her theme of to tell her story and what we can accomplish. frankly, i love the fact that most of the night wasn't directed at president obama. it was what we could be as americans and what we have accomplished and hoping for better days ahead. the mayor of saratoga springs utah running for congress. a haitian american talked a lot
5:47 am
about her own story through this video that was presented. you see her as a rising star, you expect big things from her? >> it was barack obama who electrified the democratic national convention in what seems likely ons ago this unknown from illinois what was t who was the rising star. i think marilyn love is our version of that. she came out of nowhere for most americans. she took a jab at president obama which is a red meat guy who wrote a book 50 things liberals love to hate. i like the red meat and pitch forks and torches i like a lady who says president obama tears down what's great about america but we can rise up. i think she was the hit of the evening. you plugged the book so we don't have to do that again. we won't get to ann romney. we are doing storm coverage as well. thank you for joining us. >> you bet. the time now 47 after the
5:48 am
hour. coming up the latest on the conditions with isaac and over topping of a levy in louisiana. s the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with 0% apr for 60 months? oh yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering.
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>> a fox news weather lart. we are heading now to new orleans. jonathan seere has an update. >> we are still getting heavy winds and heavy rains trying to keep our satellite signal up as long as we can. our truck parked behind a building getting as much shield from the wind as possible even though our truck operators told me that the trucks being bumped around with heavy winds. i am certainly getting blown around on the sidewalk. there are reports that one of
5:52 am
the levees not here in new orleans but in plackman's parish has been over topped and there is flooding in a section of the parish. the president says he confirms fox news two parish employees who were out inspecting the levy became stranded in the flooding that resulted. they are okay. they are in radio contact. right now crews are going out with vehicles to rescue them. just an indication of the power of the storm. down there in plackman's parish the storms are predicted to be anywhere from 6-12 feet. inplann inland it's expected to dump huge amounts of rain across
5:53 am
louisiana in small amounts of time which could cause problems. that's the situation here. back to you. >> jonathan serrie live on the ground in new orleans. thank you. the army corps reporting that all of its levees from in tact at this point. there are several levy systems the army corps system and local parish levees as well. fox news ovconfirming the downi of a levy in plaquemines parish. the army corps of engineers levy protecting all of new orleans. let's get the lathes on isaac's path from maria molina in the weather center. >> we know isaac was forecast and still is forecast to be a very slow mover over
5:54 am
southeastern louisiana. we have a prolonged period of time. we are still expecting those tropical storm force conditions and even possible hurricane force conditions. so even though isaac has maximum sustained winds at 80 miles per hour we could see stronger gusts of 90 or even 100 miles per hour. some of the worst conditions are moving into the city of new orleans as the eye wall continues to push in. we are seeing heavy rain out there. we are talking about over 6 inches already reported in the city of new orleans. we are seeing some of the flooding occurring in the city. we have a tornado watch. we have been talking about how we have a tornado risk. that's what we are seeing this morning across extreme western parts of the florida panhandle into parts of southeastern louisiana. this particular tornado watch goes into effect until 7:00 a.m. central time. we have one tornado warning across western parts of gulf port in mississippi. a tornado warning out there.
5:55 am
there could likely be a tornado on the ground. these are short lived and could cause damage. we will keep you posted on that. we are starting to see dry air making its way into the center of the storm system you can see it popping up on the western side of the storm. hopefully that does help to weaken isaac but it is still forecast to be continuing to be a hurricane over the rest of this morning slowly beginning as we head into the nighttime hours. thank you very much maria. we will check back with you. elizabeth pran is in new orleans. she has been standing by all morning long. if we can check in with elizabeth. >> heather, can you hear me? >> yes, we hear you. >> hi, heather. we are here standing on canal street. you can see the wind and rain the conditions here have really deteriorated. what a difference a day makes. what is so disheartening is the fact that we are probably going to be seeing these type of conditions anywhere from
5:56 am
24-48-hours 60-80 mile per hour wind gusts powerful enough to over turn that tollbooth there that we saw earlier. i am standing in a puddle of water. i heard maria reference how much water we are going to be seeing. we have gotten reports from homeland security that a levy in plaquemines parish has over topped meaning water has spilled over. we don't have any information about exactly how much flooding there is. plaquemines parish as well as saint charles parish they are in mandatory evacuations. they are in a low lying area. thank god they had the mandatory evacuations. as for the conditions here, typically you would see people -- heather, you know how this goes. typically you would see people running along behind these
5:57 am
shots. we haven't seen a lot of folks running around. i think we are the only ones. >> we want for elizabeth to protect herself and the crews that are out there. clearly the wind picking up in new orleans wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour reported there. >> and 5-7 feet of flooding. it is almost 2 minutes to the top of the hour. we will have more on hurricane isaac after the break.
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