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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 1, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> sean: let not your heart be troubled. that's it for this edition of "hannity." we will see you from the dnc convention next week. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, everyone. saturday, september 1st. how did that happen. i'm alisyn camerota. it's the speech everyone is still talking about. clint eastwood's convention surprise. while most hollywood celebs are bashing the speech. one well known person says the reaction is proof of mainstream media bias. >> and the p.c. police are at it again this weekend. the state department wants' you to watch what you say. find out which common phrases could get you a little hot water with the government. >> and babe, sugar lips, honey bunch, talking but, alli. do you have significant other?
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we are revealing the most hated pet names for your loved ones. "fox & friends" begins right now. sugar lips. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> sugar lips. who calls their loved one sugar lips? >> i'm trying to think, do you have a pet name? yes, you do. >> i had one. >> spill it? >> she called me. there is no television show on the program in which i will mention it meijer'sy and my cleats. >> if you have a pet name that you love or hate we'll be talking about the most hated pet names. >> if you can believe it is september 1st. >> i can't believe it. >> it is remarkable. is summer officially over this weekend? dave is retiring the
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seersucker? >> i think this may be it for the suit. i had to bust it out. i was at the beach yesterday though. >> you can show us the socks for one second? he matches my dress. how fab blues is that? >> oh my gosh. >> that's enough. >> send us your vacation picks. we know you are enjoying your weekend. we had this window between the conventions where everyone is assessing how the rnc did and assessing what the dnc needs to do. but all eyes this morning if you pick up the "new york post" there is still this assessment coming in about how did clint eastwood's speech fare and the "new york post" called it off his rocker. >> that ain't cool. >> this was the moment that everyone was talking about probably not what the rnc had intended not certainly what romney's hand lers had expected. it was interesting. the "new york times" has a piece this morning about what they knew before clint eastwood went on the stage it turns out not much. they gave him carte blanche.
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they knew he was the surprise speaker and mitt romney privately invited him they did not vet his is speak the way they did all the other speakers. >> they gave him a few talking points. they gave him a time minute and flashing blinking light to tell him when to stop. he ran through the stop sign needless to say. he had 5 minutes, went about 12. one of the points lost in all of this clint eastwood did say there are actually conservatives hiding out there in hollywood. >> there is a lot of conservative people, a lot of moderate people. republicans, democrats, in hollywood conservative people why the nature of the word itself play it more close to the vest. they don't go around hot dogging it. we don't have to be voting for anybody we don't want in office just because they seem to be nice guys or maybe not so nice guys if you look at some of the recent ads going
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out there, i don't know. [cheers] >> i want to say one thing. the difference between the way people responded in the convention hall and way they responded if they responded on tv was striking. people were excited about what he was saying. they were clapping, laughing, they got that this was a comedy bit. obviously the huge tidal wave of now criticism from people who watch it on tv connections ought to be who is sitting at home no ho is signature in the arena that's a small slice of the republic party. >> some came forward and said we thought it was weird. theater of the absurd one senior advisor for the romney campaign went on the record about. there were a number of tweets from hollywood that we're watching to what clint eastwood was talking about that hollywood there are a lot of secret conservatives. a lot of tweets came out from hollywood. this one is from star jones, which is not surprising said i can't believe i just watched clint eastwood turn into
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somebody's drunk uncle harry on the stage of the g.o.p. rnc he hue mill nateed himself. >> do you think the same reaction would have happened if this were at the dnc. if it were a tailored message toward democrats clint eastwood figure speaking at the dnc would hollywood turn on him? >> impossible to know because this was such a singular experience. this was a star trek actor's tweet george, clint eastwood's speech to imaginary empty chair i'm drafting a dnc speech to imaginary romney in an empty factory. >> clinton eastwood make my day i want him to take his pills and be grateful he doesn't need medicare. >> one celebrity though initially liked it and stood by the clint eastwood speech kirstie alli cheers name that's where i know her from. i loved it, funny as hell and
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on point and i'm a democrat. u.s. media is so biased in favor of dems. >> there you go. that's a bold statement from a democrat there. there was instantly a twitter feed of barack obama's invisible obama and it's very funny. there is lots of funny jokes on there. >> 62,000 followers. >> i must say there are some amusing things on there. the real president's twitter feed did put out -- they responded some pundits say why did the president respond. back to the seat back to the camera said this seat is taken. >> let us know how you feel about the clint eastwood speech. you had again romney staff members going on record thought it was weird and didn't know what was happening. it was absolute home run. let us know how you feel about
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it. >> donald trump loved it the reaction is all over the map. the republic national convention is of course in the history books. all eyes are on president obama and the democrats. >> fox news wendell goler live in charlotte, north carolina where they are prepping for the democratic national convention. wendell, what's going on. >> guys here in clinton democrats voters president in the face of economic recovery as strong as he wanted they need to convince same voters. mitt romney doesn't have any specific plans to back up promise to create romney's convention speech, in fact, the entire republic feet convention was fact-free. here is obama ad released yesterday. >> not a plan tax cuts to big corporations and the wealthy.
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a plan that could cost a typical middle class family $2,000 a year. romney didn't mention his plan to end medicare as we know it, replacing guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. >> democrats also criticize governor romney for not mentioning the current mention in afghanistan in his convention speech 80,000 u.s. servicemen were there. criticized the president for timetable bringing them home that brings the taliban a calendar to weight them out. the republic offered no alternative. in contrast to past years. obama campaign officials think national security is a plus for this democratic president. usama bin laden's big part of that. fort blistex, yesterday. mark the second anniversary of the end of combat operations in iraq wire stronger for doing that the president said when he would only send troops into harm's way if necessary. he would not hesitate to it
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use force if it comes to that ali, clayton, dave. >> thanks so much for this hurricane isaac up to it 7 people. that includes five in louisiana. two in mississippi. can you see entire neighborhoods there still completely flooded. nearly 5,000 people now living in shelters as a result of the storm there are also half a million people still without power in louisiana alone. now, yesterday, presidential nominee mitt romney canceled several campaign events so he could meet with first responders and victims of the storm in louisiana. he toured some of the hardest hit areas along with his wife ann and louisiana governor bobby jindal. president obama will visit the area on monday. hundreds of people turned out friday to pay their respects to an american hero neil armstrong. navy jets there flew over the private memorial held near cincinnati celebrating
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armstrong's life and accomplishments. among the guests were fellow astronauts john glenn, buzz al doctrine and michael collins, gave eulogy calling armstrong reluctant hero who touched so many lives. >> he appreciated the fact that people were grateful to him but he expected nothing in return. armstrong died at the age of 82 complications from heart surgery. national memorial honoring armstrong is planned for september 12th. another person speaking out against lance armstrong this man assistant 2002 to 2004. he is now telling he found steroids in armstrong's bathroom at the time. when he confronted armstrong about at the responded by saying quote, everyone does it armstrong has stopped fighting doping charges but insists he never took steroids. some say armstrong's ex-girlfriend sheryl crow may
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have talked to investigators about the doping charges against armstrong. no word on what crow may have said to them. okay. those are your headlines. >> coming up, new polls show americans trust president obama when it comes to national security but former secretary of state condoleezza rice is not convinced. fellow americans, we do not have a choice. we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind. another republic putting their trust in the wrong person. >> businesses not the only one hurting under president obama. household incomes have taken a hit as well. how has the decline impacted small business? we'll explore this topic coming up. ♪ ♪ [ owner ] i need to expand
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>> welcome back, everybody. are you better off today than you were four years ago. a new report proves that not could answer yes. >> according to the research average incomes have declined 4.8% since the recession officially ended. >> how does all of this impact small businesses? here to help us crunch the numbers is the editor of real clear hi, john. >> good morning. >> how does this effect small businesses? >> with, effects them in a very basic way there are no companies and there are no jobs without investment. and in that sense it's very easy to explain why incomes have gone down in recent years. there is very little incentive to invest in new ideas and existing companies because the government has made it explicit that they will try to raise the taxes on those profits. they will impose new benefit
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on those businesses offering jobs. with profits being explicitly reduced by the federal government. there is much less incentive for companies. >> leading economists will say we have investment in small business. in fact, we have lowered tax rates. republicans encounter that and at democrats say that's a fallacy. they say the small business express loan has been investment in small business. is that accurate? has that helped? >> even if it's accurate, businesses don't grow based on different, you know, subsidy programs offered by the federal government. they grow as a result of real private sector of. the obama administration is being very untrue about this. if it were true that investment and businesses were rising. you would see that in higher incomes. the fact that they are down tells you very explicitly that investment in businesses today has been reduced greatly. i think we know why. >> it is interesting. john, i have to ask you about an interesting piece you wrote
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on forbes just yesterday when you referred to mitt romney's speech ascii relate a sports medicare you called it a bunt single. you say that he was average and that's okay. you say his opponent is so wrecked that he can bed mediocre and still win. you believe that's why mitt romney didn't really break any new ground, didn't really take many risks in that big speech on thursday night? >> i hope that's the reason because, let's face it. it wasn't a great speech it was vague in terms of policy ideas. lots of big sounding platitudes but you got no real knowledge about what he would do if he were president that you could argue it makes sense. the polls in many ways some of them he is tied right now. odds are he does better. and if you look at modern times. americans tend to fire presidents who oversee failed economies. that describes president obama's presidency despite a country that is brimming with the greatest talent on earth. president obama doesn't know he has put up barriers to
6:17 am
economic growth rather than removing them. romney's best chance i they is to basically glide into the election and win based on romney not being a success. >> john, let's take a look at some of the examples of what the economy is doing right now. put up some numbers for viewers this is the median household income it has declined among african-americans down 11.1% in these three plus years. wonder if if this will also be reflected in the polls. >> i think there has got to. excitement getting there to wait a couple hours in line. one of the great lines romney had the other night and paraphrase here is he probably were excited to vote for barack obama in 2008. are you excited to vote for obama in 2012. that speaks for a very real problem for the obama administration. will people who see these lives materially worse and now
6:18 am
we have empirical basis for this be very energetic about getting out to vote in november and i don't think they will be. >> who do they blame as the larger question? do they continue to follow the attack line that the democrats have used which is blame the former guy? do they buy that line anymore? here is the another interesting sta tisz particular. i want you to weigh in on this. median household income declining among those without a college degree. who would these individuals be voting for anyway? >> it's a very good question. my understanding is maybe they don't vote as much. logically there are people, americans particular vote pocketbook. are they going to re-hire someone who has overseen basically a decline in economic chances? let's face it, president obama came into office saying i will offer the change, if you elect me things will get better, there will be more jobs, you have better opportunities, he has not lived up to that. so why are you going to energetically go out and put the person back in who has
6:19 am
overseen such a limp economic time. >> john, you are the editor of real clear always clear to get your impression. >> check out his piece on forbes it's a good one. >> trump -- american voters are putting their trust in the wrong person. >> p.c. police are at it again. is this being politically correct or do you not want to use these offensive terms? wait until you hear what holding down the for the means or rule of thumb. these are very offensive terms. >> i'm offended just hearing you say that this morning. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal.
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back. here is your news by the numbers this morning. first up, $337 million. that's how much one michigan man won in a power ball jackpot. get, this the first thing he bought with his winnings? a pack of gum next up 4. how many times this woman was highway to hell inside her new hampshire home. are you sure that's not camerota. people dink beer from a curved glass instead of a straight glass. it's harder to tell how much is in the glass and therefore harder to pace yourself. now, i know what kind of glasses i'm buying. >> that's why i drink it out of the bottle. the president getting high marks from the american public in the area of national security. but should he?
6:24 am
some republic leaders think the president's leadership does not live up to that praise. there is only one thing missing now. leadership. it leadership that you don't get from reading a poll. you see, mr. president, real leaders don't follow polls. real leaders change polls. [cheers] >> we have led when necessary with the armed might of freedom's defender and always we have led from the front, never from behind. [cheers] >> no one will lead and there will be chaos or someone will fill the vacuum who does not share our values. my fellow americans, we do not have a choice. we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind. [cheers] >> congressman louie represents texas' first district he said the president's policies are doing more damage to our country's credibility than voters know. good morning, congressman.
6:25 am
>> good morning. >> what do you mean that the president's policies are doing damage to our credibility? >> well, for one thing, we turn on our allies, like the northern alliance that fought for us and with us in afghanistan before this president added so many more troops. and they -- the administration has thrown our allies under the bus. whether it's in israel or afghanistan or allies in iraq. we keep turning on those who have been our friends and apologizing and trying to pay off those who have been killing us. you guys have been talking about are you better off now? i did not realize, this alisyn. until parents of one of our seal team 6 members who was killed after this administration outed seal team 6. never supposed to do that. this administration did. put targets on their back. but those parents of aaron vaughn told me that, gee, 70%
6:26 am
of those who have been killed in afghanistan have died in about three and a half years under obama. under bush over seven years, 625 americans killed in afghanistan. and then since obama took over, 1474. 70%. when it comes to the wounded we have had 2638 who were wounded under president bush over seven years in afghanistan. 14,817 have been wounded under obama. where are people talking about that? 84% of the people wounded, 70% of those killed in afghanistan have been under this president's lack of leadership. >> well, and yet, the person public mostly believes that the afghanistan war was president bush's war. not president obama's. let me show you some poll
6:27 am
numbers and i want you to get to you respond to because i think these are interesting. fox news polls. which president do you trust most to handle foreign policy, president obama gets 51% over mitt romney's 38%. that is a significant lead. >> it is. but he has the complicity of the mainstream media and they don't even remind people that obama actually called this in 2008 the afghan war the good war what kind of guy calls a war a good war and especially when he has gotten our troops killed and wounded by the thousands. he is not only leading from behind. is he pushing our troops out in want from of him. from over and over our troops have said it's this president's rules of engagement. not even being able to defend themselves when they are fired upon. not even being able to get -- call in a gun ship that can see those who are killing our
6:28 am
seals and they can't shoot at them because there may be a civilian in the area. our troops need out or they need to be allowed to do what it takes to win and come home. >> now on the flip side, of course, the american public does give president obama a lot of credit for issuing the kill order for bin laden and for getting al awlaki. one of the polls that he we might show to you also asks from fox news who do you trust more on national security and once again, the president gets a higher number. 48% to mitt romney's 40%. >> well, like me, i didn't know that this president had gotten -- had more americans killed under his watch. 70% of them in the half the time of president bush. i mean, the american public doesn't know this stuff. thank god for fox where we can get this stuff out and the american public may see it and, unfortunately, that's why the -- so much of the mainstream media keeps losing
6:29 am
credibility. but this stuff has got to get out. george washington once said, men unused to restraint must be led. this president keeps trying to drive our troops out in front of him. that's not leadership. >> congressman louie go merit of texas. thanks so much for coming in and sharing your perspective. >> thanks so much. thanks very much. >> the white house says it doesn't leak secrets but some insider emails tell a different story. we have those details straight ahead. then babe, sugar lips, honey bun, do you have a nickname for your significant other? we are revealing the most hated pet names next. ♪
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6:33 am
know each when he has a script. >> there will be a lot of red ink. >> it will be interesting to watch this coming week. here are your headlines. get right to those. new details about that gunman who killed two co-workers and then himself inside a new jersey supermarket. yesterday, 23-year-old terrance tyler -- yesterday this happened but terrance tyler is a former marine who had only been working at the supermarket for a couple of weeks. police say that he finished his shift at 4:00 a.m. before coming back a few minutes later shooting at random with assault rifle and a pistol. the victims 24-year-old brian green and 18-year-old christina were both graduates of new jersey's old bridge high school. a vigil was held at the school in their honor last night. we are told she wasn't supposed to would be,ing the i-working the night of the shooting but she had agreed to cover for friend. double-decker party bus fakd
6:34 am
with teenagers was on the george washington bridge in new york city last night headed to a party. police say 16-year-old daniel fernandez stuck his head out of the roof overpass there was a bus attendance can't double-decker bus student killed on the upper level. investigation is now underway. 11-year-old boy from virginia being hailed as a hero after saving his mother's life. darryl was in the passenger seat when he -- she started to lose consciousness. he grabbed the steering wheel and drove to safety and called 911 >> turns out. derek's whom mom bad virus. thanks to derek she was able to go to the hospital before it was too late. >> i tried not to cry because
6:35 am
i cried and get all nervous. wouldn't know what to say. definitely my hero. definitely my number one. >> derek also getting a special common accommodation award from city council. he has the bieber hairdo. >> he is rocking the beeb. >> he is rocking and is he a hero. total package. >> you were lamenting the other day you said my hair looked like the beeb. >> i likeds to said -- at it again at the state department. a new column telling us some phrases we never realized were offensive could potentially be just that, clayton. >> first of all i never realized that the state department had its own magazine.
6:36 am
it's called state magazine. the chief diversity officer john robertson has written a column as dave said mentioning that some of these phrases are offensive to certain cultures, to certain people. for instance, holding down the for the. he says we should get rid of because it's offensive to native americans and back during the 1800s it was a phrase saying hey we will hold down the fort because we don't want it to be overrun by native americans. >> it also meant aggressive towards native measures. this one going dutch? how often do we say that? pretty regularly, that is offensive to people from threatter lands because it suggests they are cheap. >> right. >> so rule of thumb, why is that offensive? the width of your thumb was the width of a switch that would be used back then to beat your wife? is that what i'm toledo believe. >> it has a reference to domestic violence. >> again, what woman on the
6:37 am
planet thinks of that when someone says the rule of thumb here is x, y, z. >> this is a funny like knowing the et molg of words. i think it's a fun exercise but the state department -- this diversity officer is suggesting that we not say these things anymore out of sensitivity. some years later have all of these lost their nasty origins and -- >> -- we're not at war with native americans anymore. do we upkeep a lot of 40s in the united -- -- forts in the ud states. outlaw like cowboy and i understand yaps games play with. >> you have to be thinking about a classic seinfeld, right? >> i am. >> indian giver. >> the episode is called the reservation. >> scalping tickets. >> we're going to go scalp some tickets, oh, i didn't mean that sedating a native
6:38 am
measure. >> all -- native american. >> it all goes back to seinfeld. >> hated pet nicknames. some of them are classics. what do you think of babe? i like babe. >> i see that on a regular basis. my 2-year-old son now parrots that so he will yell hey babe to his mom says i'm mommy not bane -- babe. >> the most offensive or annoying i guess it is. pet names collected. we're going to start in reverse. number a, baby girl. >> you know what else is annoying? baby talk. baby girl teeters on baby talk. >> dave, do you ever call your wife baby doll because that's number 4 on the list. baby doll. >> dave looks like he smells something rotten when you ask that. here is a horrible one and i blame snooki.
6:39 am
it's snookums. >> number 2 sweet cheeks. clayton says that all the time but only in guest. >> i hope it's in guest. >> i called reichmuth that. >> i like babe. it's number one. >> hey, babe, did you bring the car keys down? >> best ones in case this morning in case you want to change your tune. number 5 darling. >> 1950s. >> i like this one, love. it's nice to call each other love. >> number three lovely? >> number 2 is beautiful. come on, call anybody that they are happy. >> then it loses its impact. >> and gorgeous, again, i usually use that tore dave. i wouldn't call my wife that. >> feel free to begin calling me that? >> whole crew calls me. it's really nice. >> i want to check in with sweet cheeks now.
6:40 am
>> sweet cheeks reichmuth. >> my butt still hurts after you pinched me, clayton lawsuit. >> sorry about that i will do the next cheek next time. >> even it out for me, please. >> look at the weather. take a look at the maps. guess what today is alisyn just for you. we'll ruin your day it is the meteorological start to fall. fall is on its way. not the astro logical or astronomical start to fall. anyway it's early. 78 degrees in new york city. 92 in phoenix. what is left of isaac. still bringing in very heavy rain across parts of the central parts of the country. area that has a lot of doubt going -- drought going on. causing some flooding we are getting a little too much rain too quickly. this rain does not help unfortunately this harvest season but it will help winter
6:41 am
wheat crops. that's some good news. take a look at the first alert forecast for the day today. up across the northeast a warm and bit of a muggy one. 86 in new york. 79 up towards nash with a, new hampshire. still -- warm. peoplecross the south that don't have air conditioners because they don't have power yet it is incredibly humid day even humid by their standards. 101 in oklahoma city. another warm one as well. 88 degrees in fargo. see plenty of sunshine there. obviously all that rain around chicago and st. louis and indianapolis. then out across the west. continuing to see that monsoonal activity aside from that dry, seattle had no rain in the month of august. none at all. so that dry condition and dry trend it looks like it's going to continue. all right, guys, we will send
6:42 am
it back to you. meerge call fall meteorological fall starts today. >> crisscross apple sauce. >> that's how my kids say it. >> i like crisscross apple sauce it sounds more delicious. >> it does sound delicious. >> keep those coming. thanks to the obama administration our military, some say, it's their fault, facing $500 billion in spending cuts. how would a romney presidency change things for our men and women in uniform and who is to blame there. we are asking lt. colonel tony shaffer next. i'm lt. graves [inaudible] growing up in a family that flew the american flag every day fills a sense of national pride. i'm grateful for the opportunity to serve the united states coast guard. that is why i'm proud to be an american. ♪
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to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> welcome back, everybody. the g.o.p. says the white house's policies are putting our nation in the backseat. >> when the world looks at us today, they see an american government that cannot live within its means. they see an american government that continues to borrow money, that will
6:46 am
mortgage the future of generations to come the world knows that when a nation loses control of its finances, it eventually loses control of its destiny, that is not the america that has inspired people to follow our lead. >> he we can't afford another $500 billion in cuts in our defense budget on top of the nearly 500 billion in cuts that the president is already making. his own secretary of defense has said that cutting our military by nearly a trillion dollars would be devastating and yet the president is play nothing leadership role in preventing this crippling blow to our military. >> the question this morning, how would mitt romney handle our military if elected? joining us now to weigh in is lt. colonel tony shaffer. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, how are you?
6:47 am
>> doing fine, thanks. one thing we don't see in that montage rnc is mitt romney saying anything about afghanistan. that concerns many military experts, analysts, even the republicans on the right. what does that say to you in terms of how he would be as a president dealing with the military? >> right now he has established a defense policy group and some folks on that group i know personally. john layman, former secretary of the navy under layman. special assistant to reagan nuclear weapons. is he bringing in the best and brightest to look at what the best path is forward. i think it's prudent to understand everything that's going on to a deep degree before you start making policy statements. about beyond that i think you would see a real resurgence of at least two things which are failing right now. we have to have a strong navy to do power projection. if we are pulling everything back from overseas. wonderful. you still have to be able to influence things globally. secondly, we have a very strained military.
6:48 am
10 years, 12 years of war has taken its toll. look how we update, upgrade maintain a proper force level and do what's necessary to protect the american people and our global interests. >> he is the first republic presidential candidate to not mention war in his acceptance speech in 60 years. bill kristol of the "weekly standard" was very critical of the lack of mention of afghanistan. it doesn't concern you? you say that suggests is he going to livin' to all military experts -- listen to all military experts once in office. >> i think is let's talk about afghanistan real quick. the current president has been re -- i talked to a unof in folks inside both sitting and former leaders, generals that, president does not take advice outside well. there is two big mistakes he has made obvious. will surge in afghanistan too little, too late, it's sliding now. i said this on fox news go big or go home. we didn't go big. other thing was libel i can't.
6:49 am
he weighs advised to not lead from behind he did anyway. president obama would listen to his leaders a lot letter more reaganesque and do things which are more able to sustain the hard work that our military force was do for our country. >> would hopefully put a stop to the heax. i want to ask you about something he we learned this last week contained 4 or 5-inch stack of documents that document communication between obama administration and film maker kathryn bigelow the film director. how concerning is is this to you and how do we put a stop to such activity? >> hugely, this is a differentiation to look at between other administrations and this one. there is is always leaks but never leaks from the senior level. had you joe biden outing seal team 6. dr. afraidy out as one of the guys who helped us. there is a series of things. let me tell you, this is one
6:50 am
of the most serious where you have official white house opening doors. giving what i believe and others believe is classified access. let me say this for the record. there is actionable information in those judicial watch documents. you could give this to a prosecutor. i'm a counter intelligence officer. i used to do investigation. indicate federal crimes were committed and need to be investigated. >> lt. colonel tony shaffer. stay tuned to that thanks for being here this morning. we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> coming up. chilly new details on the auto -- aurora movie theater massacre. what he was doing that some say could have prevented the entire tragedy. not old enough to drive this high school freshman being hailed a hero for preventing a school bus crash. that story coming up. we believe honor is not exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath.
6:51 am
the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different.
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>> time for quick headlines, possible merger in the works. companies signing agreement to exchange confidential information. officials say they are exploring options and talks are preliminary. ford is on track to beat toyota for the best selling car in 2012. the automaker has sold more than 48,000 -- yeah, 480,000. ford focus sedans and hatch backs worldwide 27,000 more than toyota's best seller the carolla. clayton. >> while suspected shooter james holmes' psychiatrist took the stand for the first time on thursday. she talked about her interaction with holmes and what happened just nine minutes before he went on a shooting rampage. how significant is the relationship between holmes and his doctor lynn upon --
6:55 am
fenton. nice to see you this morning, all of you. let's talk about this 9 minutes the school switch board about nine minutes before the call. how significant is this. >> very significant. what i would argue from prosecution point of view. he called psychiatrist to get aholder of her shoe. he did not answer the phone he got through to no one as far as we know. the point here critical for the prosecution is he now he was about to do something. he knew he was about to do something that was very very wrong that belies insanity defense. he didn't know right from wrong if i is calling a psychiatrist 9 minutes before he loads his gun and shoots everybody. he knew what he was doing was wrong. >> i disagree with least. he got through to no one. we don't know did he know the difference between right and
6:56 am
wrong. >> he didn't say anything. the fact that he made that phone call. >> what if he made the phone call and he was going to say something then you argue that. >> defend this, which is this notebook so we hear about this notebook that he had been scrolling down his diary. whether this could be put into evidence admissible patient client privilege, right? if this is entered in, is that a real problem for the defense? >> this is huge. if the notebook stays out, then the defense at least has some legs because we will will never know what was in there. if it comes, in i think he is sunk. look what we have. we have he was treating with the psychiatrist, right, over here, and then we have this horrible event over here. and in the middle we have this notebook that came and nobody got to see. i think it's a manifesto for what he was going to do and sink the defense if it comes in. >> i think it will come in because a psychiatrist herself said we had no patients privilege at that point. we had nothing. she didn't even get to see it i think that comes.
6:57 am
in. >> they did have privilege. >> is that the goal for the prosecution this prosecution the connective dot between everything. >> i was going to do. this maybe and i say hopefully in a bad sense of the way. no hope here. but hopefully he has outlined exactly what he was going to do. that's why she went to her board to say he is about to do this. do something about it. >> final word, does he have a -- does he have insanity defense? does that hold water? >> it's very difficult defense. i have only seen in the last 10 years. andrea yates is the only one who got rid of it. it's going to be very hard. great to see you this morning. thanks for waking up with us. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] away...
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my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at >> good morning, everyone. it is saturday, september 1st, if can you believe that i'm alisyn camerota. many hollywood celebrities are bashing dirty harry's convention surprise. but one celebrity says the criticism of his speech is just proof of the mainstream media's liberal bias. >> and the teachers' unions donating serious cash organization known for atablegging fox news. the cash supposedly went for public relations costs but is that how the money was really spent? >> and remembering princess diana. can you believe this? 15 years ago her tragic death occurred. how the most beloved royal in the modern times changed the face of the royal family
7:01 am
forever. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> oh, it is september. can you believe it? i know, dave, you arela. ing the passing of summer. i'm excited about it it fall i absolutely love. >> fall is your season. >> it is my season. >> you like the chicago chunky sweaters, the cow necks. >> zip ups pumpkin spice latte when that makes its appearance. >> usually you like post season baseball but not this year. >> 16 and a half games back there is hope. there is hope out there. >> you know what else there is hope for, this show there is a lot coming up. michelle malkin, governor huckabee, joe trippi and the golden bear jack nicklaus. >> so excited. >> he is coming up live on this show. so a the lo ahead in the next
7:02 am
three hours. >> all right. fantastic. in the meantime what people are still talking about is clinton eastwood's memorable speech at the republic national convention. i'm sure by now you have seen it and so many people who were not in the room have taken to twitter, taken to all sorts of social media to slam him and his speech that they thought was just sort of halting or just incoherent, some have said. let me give you a few examples. star jones, she, of course is on "the today show." she says i can't believe i just watched at hash mark clint eastwood turn into somebody's drunk uncle harry on the stage of g.o.p. rnc. he humiliated himself. >> he took attack line against hollywood a lot of conservatives who just don't go out and there show boat and talk about their politics as much. let's listen to a little bit of clint eastwood from the
7:03 am
r.j. in case you missed it. take a listen. >> there is a lot of conservative people. a lot of moderate people. republicans, democrats, in hollywood. it's just the conservative people by the nature of the word itself play a little more close to the vest. they don't around hot dogging it. we don't have to be metal massakist and vote for someone that we don't really want in office. just because they seem to be nice guys or maybe not so nice guys if you look at some of the recent ads going out there, i don't know. [cheers] >> so george took to twitter, former star trek actor saying eastwood's speech obama empty chair. i'm drafting dnc speech to imaginary romney in an empty fang -- factory. how did it happen after romney's handlers were investigating everything so closely. we heard that chris christie's
7:04 am
speech gone through with a red marker. they took out line. then clint eastwood because is he clint eastwood an american icon they gave him the speech. >> they gave him five minutes and he took like 12. >> he didn't have any written up remarks. he was going to be improvisational. which he was. >> that's why this surprises me. mitt romney is not a risk taker. he runs everything close to the vest. entire campaign has been about not taking risk. the whole speech he gave was about not putting things out there. i think for the president to attack. so why then did he and apparently if you read the "new york times" went all the way to the top that romney himself privately asked clinton to do this speech. and gave him cart blanche, i guess, to say what he wanted to say. they gave him talking points and five minute time limit and blinking red light all of which thrown out the door. >> romney staff members come forward to say hey it wasn't me. we didn't have anything to do with the speech. some calling it strange and weird. one calling it theater of the
7:05 am
absurd. >> some people liked it and even support it kirstie alli is an interesting one. she said i loved the speech and i loved it measure media is biased in favor of dems. >> too t. took away from the message. not only squashed marco rubio's speech good performance by mitt romney. we haven't had a chance to talk about it i thought the delivery was as good as i have ever seen him going back 10 or 15 years ever on the political stage. really connected. wasn't breaking new ground. i thought he did a tremendous job. >> talking about narrative. >> delivery is what i'm speaking about. >> the whole night the narrative with those individuals giving their personal accounts of mitt romney excellent, tear jerkers. they didn't have the movie. and then the broadcast networks came in just as the movie was ending, so the first thing that the broadcast audience saw was clint
7:06 am
eastwood's speech. that was your set up to mitt romney. marco rubio's great speech and mitt romney later in the night. one speech so odd for the narrative of the evening. >> which one of these three was not like the other of course it was clint eastwood its that spawned a new verb eastwooding. it's like tebowing but setting up a chair and just talking to the chair. people describe it as cathartic. you can say whatever you want to the empty chair. >> they are posting pictures all over twitter with just talking, interviewing your chair. if you somehow don't know what we're talking about with the chair, here is an example. >> it's maybe time, what do you think, for maybe a businessman. [cheers] a stellar businessman. quote, unquote, a stellar businessman. and i think it's that time.
7:07 am
and i think if you just kind of stepped aside and mr. romney can take over, you could still use a plane. [ laughter ] though maybe a smaller one not that big gas guzzler driving around when you are going around to colleges and talking about student loans and stuff like that. >> one of the funniest tweets i saw in the aftermath of this was people who want to invite clint eastwood to passover to talk to alee gentleman in the empty chair. >> that's funny. obama campaign fired back and tweeted a picture of president obama and we don't have the picture here. but the seat -- he says the seat is already taken. >> one of the twitter feeds that's taken off since then was invisible obama. now 62,000 followers with tweets like this one. their latest -- if i were a droid my name would be see through b.o.
7:08 am
you don't like that? that was latest. >> that popped up in the moments after the empty chair appeared. so did clint's hair. also twitter account. >> republic convention is now in the history books. all eyes set on president obama and the democrats. >> and fox news' wendell goler is live in charlotte, north carolina where the democratic national convention is getting ready to kick off. when we first talked to you an hour ago, we didn't realize you are actually in clayton, north carolina, is that right? >> well, i'm actually in charlotte, north carolina i believe. i'm right outside the carolina bobcats convention center -- arena, pardon me, which is where the first two days of the convention are going to be held. do you know more about this than i do? you might. >> we must have misheard you. you must have been saying hello to clayton there is a e.coli ton, north carolina. >> we're going to see if we can move wendell to that location a little bit later. >> no. i was just saying hi to clayton. >> you said clayton on the
7:09 am
brain. >> how is the set up going there? do they have everything lined up and ready to go for the big kickoff this week? >> i think what they are doing this week is going back through everybody's speeches, making sure that there is no one like clint eastwood planning to have uncle harry moment here at the democratic national convention. michelle obama will speak on the first night. former president bill clinton will formally nominate mr. obama man 00 second and deliver a speech that may be as important as the president's own acceptance speech. the third and final night. the obama campaign has been using mr. clinton a lot pick stick with the president with all the disappointment in the economy president's role is toe radio mind voters he last economy with full employment. budget surplus of course was gone a year after republicans reclaimed oval was o. we will also hear from john kerry, the head of the foreign relations committee who is on the short list of replacements
7:10 am
for hillary clinton for secretary of state if mr. obama is reelected. foreign policy and national security have seen strong suits for president in contrast to past democrats. 6,000 democratic delegates are headed here to cherlt next week. that will make this twice the sides of the republican gathering in north carolina. in 2008 he was the first democrat it carry north carolina since jimmy carter. going to be going to be tougher this time. and mr. obama's endorsement of gay marriage within months of carolinaens endorsing a statewide ban on it has hurt him here politically. unemployment rate in charlotte is higher than the state average. the conventions helped a bit planning for this event has been going on for three years. the convention sites. the carolina bobcats basketball arena going on behind me and the panthers stadium are the final day will
7:11 am
be held will be local labor. back to you. >> you don't want to do anything in the bobcats arena, man. that place is cursed. nothing wing comes out of that arena. >> that would be the third strike. >> that would be bad no joe. if you are just waking up. share headlines with you now. mitt romney canceled several campaign events to meet with victims of hurricane isaac yesterday. here he is in lafayette, louisiana, just one of several neighborhoods ravaged by the storm. romney also met with some of the first responder who's helped rescue people from the floodwaters. meanwhile, president obama will visit the area on monday. right now the death toll from isaac stands at 7. five people in louisiana and two in mississippi. a thousand still living in sherlings and more than half a million are without power. in a move that could create more tension between the u.s. and pakistan, the obama administration is consider
7:12 am
labeling the heck can any network terrorist organization. group is said to be responsible for a series of vicious attacks on american bases through the afghanistan in the recent years. the label would reportedly allow the u.s. to place sanctions on the netanyahu work thereby weakening it. neil armstrong remembered as humble hero as family and friends said their good byes. hundreds intralted armstrong's life and accomplishments. among the guests were buzz aldrin and john glenn. armstrong called a reluctant hero who touched many lives. >> he appreciated the fact that, you know, people were grateful to him. but he expected nothing in return. >> armstrong died last
7:13 am
saturday at the age of 82 from complications from heart surgery. a national memorial in his honor is planned for september 12th. many felt it was perfect there was big bright blue moon on friday night. >> so poetic. >> kind of cool. >> republicans pushing to appeal to both women and minority voters did. this week's convention help accomplish the goal? we're going be grading the rnc next. >> also, he is not even old enough to drive. but this high school freshman being hailed as as a hero for preventing a school bus crash. that story ahead. you know, i was once used for small jobs. yeah, and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but now that mr. clean's got this new select-a-size magic eraser, i mean, he can take on any size job. look how easily he gets things cleaned.
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articulate what we can do
7:18 am
best. it's great to have a brown face. great to have a female. the party needs to get its message in line. >> when you talk about moving forward 2016 santita, a lot of people are talking about condoleezza rice. marco rubio. susanna martinez. dots dnc have to counter that this week. >> look color counts and content and context matter much more. i was really pleased to see all of the people that davis, the me a loves, the condoleezza rice and mrs. ann romney who reminds me of my own mom. mother of five kids, stay at home mom. i loved it delegate count 328 delegates. 125% hispanics, 32% women. there is a lot of work to do. what we have to do for all americans because 90 million americans are not going to vote. they are turned off by both parties and that's more than half of those eligible to vote is get out a message i think that is transpartisan that inspires people to have a real
7:19 am
conversation about economy. unbloivment. >> santita. >> yes, angela. >> i'm so glad you said have a real conversation. having howard dean say that the g.o.p. is bashing homosexuals, and g.o.p. is bashing latinos, the g.o.p. is bashing blacks then to say that the g.o.p. has a war on women. that is not a real conversation. even chris matthews said because we are talking about welfare to work. work requirements, what's wrong with work? he is saying we know what you are talking about. we know what you are saying. that's race baiting. how is it welfare to work is race baiting black people? i don't understand that. >> let's talk about that but then do senator santorum said his father would not depend upon welfare because immigrants don't do that that's racially coded. we need to stop that cut that out. >> how is that racially coded. >> if you think people want to be on welfare. median wealth of black women is $100. they want more.
7:20 am
>>ism grants -- immigrants are people of color, too. >> poll shows 4, 42 in terms of who women would vote for. is that good enough for the romney ticket? how does he continue to bridge that gap. >> that's not good enough. since obama administration began, 866,000 women have lost their jobs. women want to start small businesses but the policies of the obama administration actually stifles us. what we have to do, dave, is get out there and say what we will do better. by having ann romney speak. that's great. condoleezza rice, that's wonderful. mayor love, that's wonderful. but we need to do more. >> all right. angela. >> got to do more. got to do more. the republicans and democrats need to talk. let's cut, let's stop the sound bites and get to a real conversation about how we can all build wealth together. >> i think we can all agree on
7:21 am
that. >> santita jackson and angela mcglowan thanks for being here this morning. >> god bless. take care. everyone has goals. take the steps to reach yours, with us with real advice, for real goals. the us bank wealth management advisor can help you. every step of the way. from big steps, to little steps. since 1863 we've helped guide our clients, so they can take the steps to help grow, preserve, and pass along their wealth. so their footsteps can help the next generation find their own path. all of us serving you. us bank introducing share everything. unlimited talk. unlimited text. tap into a single pool of shareable data and add up to 10 different devices,
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♪ ♪ >> she was the people's princess most globally
7:25 am
recognized and beloved royal. diana's sudden death sent shock waives around the world. >> so hard to believe she died 15 years ago yesterday. how does influence continue to influence u.k. and the family and the world? let's ask elm elm jean. nice to see you this morning. you were there when this happened. >> yeah. >> you were in the u.k. when this unfolded. it was the middle of the night and you woke that up morning to what? >> huge outpouring of emotion very unbritish. it was one of the strangest weeks in our history. who can forget the carpet of flowers outside of palace where she lived it was extraordinary extraordinary week where the monarchy was rocked. it looked like the monarchy wasn't going to survive. of course it has. it's been completely rebuilt since diana's death. it's going to be seen as one of the most major turning points in british history. >> before we get to his tri and how the monarchy was
7:26 am
built. how was it that she affected people worldwide. here in the united states we were beleft when we heard the news. people i remember what i was wearing and where i was when i heard the news. we are not brits, why did she have that sort of rest nance. >> she said she wanted to be the queen of people's heart. she made the monarchy approachable. all of us want to believe in a fairy tale. so many levels she seemed to be the fairy tale. didn't have a happy ending. embodied that escapism and obviously beautiful. >> escapism is ultimate word to use. that's what led to her death that night escaping from the pawps, trying to get away from that camera constantly following her around. talking about her legacy, has the paparazzi changed or incessant culture needing to catch her in that type of thing. >> still there but certainly in britain they are very aware of it prince harry's latest
7:27 am
escapade gotten away with it. brits think he did nothing wrong and there he was partying away in las vegas they saw it as invasion of privacy. william has what's called a smiling hatred of the media he believes his mother was hounded to her death by the media is he very very protective of kate middleton. she, and they have been allowed to step back and be flexy time royals as it were. been given a bit more leeway. >> interesting to watch her sons. everyone thinks she did a good job with them. they are, even though harry has a few you know debacles or moments they seem like they are good kids. what is her most lasting legacy, do you think? >> certainly her sons. she has made the monarchy more accessible through them. through them it's about keeping it real and keeping it royal as well. hun narky more likely to survive because of her doing that but also, of course, her legacy amazing charity work what she did for aids victims
7:28 am
and removing the stigma for those with aids and h.i.v. land mines and so forth. she did incredible work. since she died the diana memorial fund has raised $160 million for charity. it's a huge huge legacy. >> folks have been pouring out this weekend putting flowers down and wreaths over the area. that tunnel where, of course, she was killed. is it still resonating in u.k. 15 years later? i mean, we're seeing some of that. is it as palpable as it was then. >> it's there but in a more measured way. and certainly the monarchy is stronger since she left. the queen's approval rating is 8 the%. william is 90%. american politicians would kill for that sort of approval rating. that's happened because she died and the monarchy learned its lessons from all the problems that happened. >> elm mow jean lloyd weber. book is called diaries. >> teacher's unions donating cash for organization known
7:29 am
attacking this very network. >> then she is making football history for throwing like a girl. we'll show you how the first female quarterback in the state of florida did in her first game. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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7:32 am
>> welcome back, friends. it's time for your shot of the morning. twitter and facebook were blown up with this last night a blue moon. here is a few of them. let's explain what a blue moon is, alisyn. it's not actually blue. >> no. >> i went out looking for that. he said where is this blue moon everyone is talking about. it means it's the third full moon? -- no, it's the third full moon in a season. so when you have the summer season, it's the third full moon of that season. >> i don't believe that's the official definition. i think it's the second full moon of the month. >> it's also the second full moon of the month but third full moon of a season. >> we might have ourselves a little squabble. reichmuth. >> i think you are making things up. rick reichmuth our chief meteorologist agrees with me. second full moon of the month. >> go to nasa's web site and look it up. >> second full moon of one
7:33 am
month. >> right, but it's also the third full moon of a season. >> second way to get a blue moon what you are saying. >> two ways to be qualified. >> traditionally it's the third full hewn moon of a season. >> i know clayton has a direct nasa feed into his brain. >> that's a star trek feed. >> star wars theme. >> let us know. >> until the next moon comes around these folks have their way. >> not until 2015, right, rick? >> right. >> let us know what you think. >> it wasn't blue. >> no. it's not made of cheese i wish it were made of cheese. let me all know what you think of the blue moon controversy. if you were just waking up. get right to your headlines including this very sad story. begin with a tragedy during a sweet 16 celebration. a double-decker party bus packed with teenagers was traveling on the george washington bridge in new york city last night headed to a party in new jersey. that's when police say
7:34 am
16-year-old daniel fernandez stuck his head out of an opening in the roof and struck an overpass killing him. there was bus attendant on board but that attendant was at the lower level student killed on upper level. investigation is now underway. new details two co-workers and himself during a supermarket in new jersey yesterday. we now know that 23-year-old terrance tyler left the store 4:00 a.m. and returned minutes later shooting at random with assault rifle and pistol. tyler's family says he had been depressed since his mom passed away in 2007. he has made comments on twitter and facebook pages including this tweet from 2009 quote, i'm starting to see why people go on killing sprees. 24-year-old brian breen and 18-year-old christina were killed in this rampage. the colorado springs teenager being hailed as a hero. jeremy rice on his way to school on the bus when the
7:35 am
driver reached down to pick up some trash off the floor falling out of his seat and getting stuck on the stairs. that's when the 14-year-old jumped into action running to the front of the bus and grabbing the wheel. >> the blue semi-truck, it was coming straight at us. and you could hear him trying to hit hits brakes. there was like a dip. it was like a dip and there was a tree and we were afraid of hitting that. pulled back over in the lane and i actually got it pretty per second fecket. >> emergency brake and pulled over. no one was hurt. why can't he drive my taxis in new york. this kid. he has a bright future. >> he is not old enough probably. let's talk a little sports this morning. college football kicks off today with a full slated of games top ten match jump and a beauty. alabama, michigan 8:00 eastern time tonight. all eyes this afternoon will be on happy valley where penn state begins to attempt to pick up the pieces they will
7:36 am
open at home against ohio state -- against ohio, rather. it should be a very interesting scene there last night another big ten school michigan state taking on boise state, also check out levyian bell. this guy went off for the spartans. hurdle there shows athleticism. he carried the ball 44 times. workman like. 210 yards, two touchdowns despite the amazing performance the eighth ranked spartans found themselves down in the fourth. bell to the rescue. second of his two 2 -- td's. traded away some of their best players to the los angeles dodgers. after last night they might want a few back from the a's. former red sox, george qatar was, brandon mass and josh reddick. they went off and destroyed
7:37 am
the sox. first career grand slam in the seventh made it 18-2 a's. a two run shot capping off a 20-2 rout of the red sox. moss had a career high four hits and four rbi. throw former red sox combine for 13 rbi against their former feel team. who is worse the players or the front office? we report, you decide. meanwhile, who says movable is just for men? a florida high school senior making history as the first female quarterback in that state to play in the game. put your hands together for erin demegalo south plantation high school put erin. in she entered friday night's game two minutes left two. snaps handed the ball off twice in win. 500 girls have played on boys'
7:38 am
teams in florida history but 500 girls have played there in florida but never a quarterback. that's always good news. >> so impressive. >> let's get out to rick reichmuth. controversy is settled. blue moon is the appearance of the third full moon in a season with four full moons never really blue. >> he is not wrong to defend my co-least here. >> it's both. i just read it in wikipedia which makes me think that you just changed it. >> i said the same thing that has said. >> it's both. >> both are. >> definitions of it. >> george, according to the maine farmer's almanac. you are right clayton. >> thank you. >> as are we. taking a look at full moons. i didn't realize you were going to be talking about full moons but i put one in my picture here. over high view, west virginia. they said they did, sue did
7:39 am
anyway. 73 degrees. today showers and thunderstorms. some of that moisture coming in from what is now just a tropical depression that was isaac. keep sending me your pictures rick reichmuth on twitter. let me know what is going on in the weather where you are today. move forward. take a look at the first alert forecast across the northeast. very nice conditions. warm muggy conditions across the northeast. some of those showers moving into the ohio valley today from isaac counsel to the southeast. another hot day. and a very humidity day down across the gulf. even for their standards it's going to be extremely humid. take a look quickly at some pictures out of pine bluff, arkansas. obviously we saw all of the impacts across the coastal areas from isaac. but some of these areas in arkansas up to 7 inches of rain and caused major flooding for them in pine bluff. big problems. they have had such significant drought going on the ground so dry cannot absorb that much water that quickly. ultimately certainly will help in the drought but rough day
7:40 am
of it. yesterday go back to the maps and that moisture moves farther off illinois and indiana up to seven inches of rain falling over the next couple days for people there expect to see more flooding be very careful. mormon siewnel activity around the higher elevations. >> mother thoftd day in neengs, 104. back to you inside. >> thanks so much, rick. if you are looking for something to do look no further than the first ever cow harbor recreation event. takes place next weekend in north ponte, rhode island. rocco is the president of cow harbor warriors. gentlemen, great to have you here. rocco, let me start with you. what is the cow harbor warrior weekend? >> okay. well, a group of friends of ours and family. we decided just saying thank you isn't enough for all the
7:41 am
warriors and what they have done for our country. we never take freedom for granted. so what we decided to do is we live in thun believable area in long island, new york. we wanted to team up with the wounded warrior project and bring in our wounded men and women from both iraq and afghanistan wars. honor them and enable them to do the things that they did. before they might have been hurt. and it's just been a great experience for all of us. one of our wounded warriors is with us right now. sergeant robert gil you had two tours in iraq. tell us what happened over. >> there december 1st, 2006, a improvised explosive device was headed towards a group of soldiers during monitoring and i interfered, got in the way, detonated the vehicle, received some shep nell but really between dbi and ptst
7:42 am
those are the wounds that noun one can really see. events such as cow harbor they bring soldiers out there. >> we get back on the track alive. >> we should mention you received the purple heart. i'm so gadd you brought up ptsd. invisible wounds are what people are suffering with now. >> invisible wounds come back and fast pace of life and you are just trying to learn how to focus and think and sometimes you stutter with your speech. it's -- the wounded warrior project and events like this. you slow down. you learn how to adjust on your own terms. and, you know, it's very effective and beautiful thing to have. >> let's talk more about what the events are if you want more info on how to donate to this. you can visit "fox & friends" weekend web site. so here are all the weekend details. what's going to be the high point? >> well, we have four mile
7:43 am
warrior run and quite frankly, the following weekend is the great 10 k run, one of the five 10 ks in the nation where we have 5,000 people come to north port. this is great weekend for that fishing, adaptive water sports and we have a golf tournament and we have certainly a welcome parade for our warriors and it's going to be a great weekend. >> it sounds wonderful and so great to keep the spotlight shining on this great cause. robert and sergeant robert -- rocco, sorry. anybody want ho wants more information go to our web site for this great cause. gentlemen, great to you have guys here. thank you so much for your service to our country. meanwhile, up next, the military is facing $500 billion in spending cuts. so how would a romney presidency change things for our men and women in uniform? and the teamer's union donating serious cash for organization known for attacking fox news. the cash supposedly meant for public relations cost.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
>> alisyn: the country's largest teacher's unioning spending cash. now a document from the national education association shows that the union cone nateed $100,000 to the controversial liberal group
7:47 am
media matters. the money is described as public relations costs. the mea listed media matters as a political organization. so what about the fact that it claims to be tax exempt charitable organization? joining us now is vince, senior online editor for the daily caller. hi, vince. >> hi, ali. >> donated $100,000 for p.r. costs what do those mean. >> yeah. they wanted media matters to do public relations work for them. the type of work that media matters does as we have well documented over time is they work for democratic purposes. they are a democratic party advocacy group. they work hard to help whatever that message is. now, what it really means though is that in many regards they have continues their war of attacking fox news. it's well known that media matters despises fox. 's to see the network driven off the air. as a result the mea must have somehow identified with this
7:48 am
mission, gave $100,000 to media matters. media matters took that money and regularly attacked fox news just for discussing teacher union issues. it's kind of a remarkable way to get at this issue and the media matters is a group that's very close to the white house. very close to many media organizations that will take work that media matters does and put it on their web sites. and in their news publication. so this is a very serious thing that's going on in the national education association. the biggest teacher's union and very closely aligned one to the democratic party is doing. this. >> here is a breakdown of what's happened since the the nea has made that payment. 41 articles referring to the nea and other teacher's unions. taken a favorable stance on organized labor all published articles. criticized outlets that disagreed with these articles and attacked fox news directly 29 of 41 articles. one of the interesting things is, vince.
7:49 am
the nea made this to quote a political organization. of course media matters calls itself a charitable organization. 501 c 3 tax exempt nonprofit. are those two things at odds? >> well, i mean, they claim to be some sort of like -- first of all, they claim to be educational charitable organization. and they came to be this arbiter of objectivity that he they're out there trying to correct misinformation. when you are taking the the nea talking points and publish them on wrowrp web site. it doesn't sound like you are arbitrating anything. duplicating talking points. it's a huge question mark because now you have them advocating for the nea. giving money to what they call a political organization. meanwhile media matters does not pay taxes nor do its donors when they contribute to media matters. it is a remarkable thing that you could be in that position. >> vince from the daily caller, thanks so much for bringing it to our attention. >> thanks, ali. >> the p.c. police are they at
7:50 am
it again in the state department wants you to watch what you say. find out which common phrases could get you in big trouble. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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7:53 am
>> welcome back. republic presidential nominee mitt romney touching on many themes during his acceptance speech at the rnc thursday night including a pleasure to keep our nation's military strong. >> everywhere i go in america, there are monuments that list those who have given their lives for america. there is no mention of their race, their party affiliation or what they did for a living that america, that united america will preserve a
7:54 am
military that's so strong no nation would ever dare to test it. [cheers] >> joining us now with his reaction ceo of concerned veterans for america pete gorgeous, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> i know you spent some time at the rnc this past week. i'm curious your thoughts on what mitt romney said about the military, about our national defense. and also what he didn't say, of course, not mentioning afghanistan. he is the first republic nominee in 60 years. not to mention war. what do you make a of all of this? >> sure, i mean obviously as someone who recently returned from afghanistan, i wish he would have mentioned the fact tea zee 80,000 troops in harms way there i don't think it undercuts the theme talking about. wrote a book 2010 no apologies. i think that was the theme what he was talking about. renewed leadership in the world and unapologetic for american exceptionism.
7:55 am
america is a force for good in the world and military as such. specifically he said we would stand by allies in israel and stand up to our enemies, folks like iran. and he did talk about staving off the deep defense cuts that are looming with sequestration. type the person who would want to reform a bloated pentagon as well as just cut it across the board. >> new ad out from the folks at special operations for america. here is a piece i want to get your reaction. wait for it it's really good. here it is, i think. >> we bleed not because we want to. we fight because we need to. and sometimes we die because we love this country. i believe in american exceptionism as a navy seal i fought so that i would never have to see my president bow to anyone.
7:56 am
>> the image there of the bow very powerful one but specifically in terms of actions, the president has taken, do you believe he has bowed to other nations? >> well, hey, it's pretty clear in this cycle that the seals are ticked off. and i think ticked off when they don't feel like they have got the kind of leadership they want or need at the top. i think the lead from behind mentality is one they are pretty frustrated with. especially with all the big issues we face in the world. the threats we face in the world. you know, and it's not just overseas from terrorism and looming threats like china and motion cow, but it's our debt crisis, spending crisis here that will ultimately cripple our military as well. these seals are saying we're are not seeing the kind of leadership we want and need. bowing or being apell get particular doesn't get it done. >> to clarify that ad was former navy seal ryan zincky. but in terms of handling of the military in terms of our national defense, lt. colonel
7:57 am
tony shaffer joined us earlier on. he says he believes romney would be different from obama in that he would pay special attention to listening to what his commanders are saying. do you think that would be a departure from the current administration? >> i think that's a good point. our commanders in afghanistan ask for 60,000 troops. they got 30 and they got 2014 deadline at the same time that told our enemy where they are going to leave. i would like to think that our commander and chief would listen more to what our commanders need in order to execute the mission. so that would hopefully be a change. we always want to be listening to our commanders on the ground and taking their consideration. >> pete hegseth thanks for being here. >> thank youou new doping allegations against lance armstrong. ♪ ♪
7:58 am
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call the number on your screen. [♪...] then, a warning over some common phrases, why the government says you need to watch what you say, not hold down the fort. we will tell you what's off limits. >> the smoke hasn't cleared from this 4-year-old's shocking pageant performance with a fake cigarette. is she too young to be imitating this sexy scene from greece? we have got the chills coming
8:01 am
up. >> that's hone boo booesque. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> i love when dave briggs can use honey boo booesque ever heard that. >> no. >> we should say congratulations to the prime time folks here at fox news even beat the broadcast networks broadcasting the rnc. wow, some huge numbers this past week. touche to all those folks. megyn kelly and bret baier and so on and so forth. >> if you did not watch the rnc gavel to gavel because you couldn't because so much of it wasn't in prime time, we have compiled for you some of the lighter moments or the funniest moments or the best moments in this little montage. let's watch. >> good evening, everyone. and welcome to barack obama's retirement party. [cheers]
8:02 am
>> my dad and my you uncle ownea bar in cincinnati. i worked there growing up. i mopped floor, tended bar. believe my i learned how to deal with every character who walked in the door. let's say some guy walked into our bar full of guys looking for work having a tough go of it. guy says the private sector is doing fine. you know what he we would do? that's right. we would throw him out. for four long years, barack obama has been running from the nation's problems. he hasn't been working to earn re-election. he has been working to earn a spot on the pga tour. >> we are a full generation apart, governor romney and i. and in some ways we are different. there are the songs in his ipod which i have heard on the campaign bus. [ laughter ] and i have heard it on many hotel elevators. [ laughter ]
8:03 am
he actually urged me toly some of these songs at campaign rallies and i said, look, i hope it's not a deal breaker, mitt. but my play list it starts with acdc that ends with zeppelin. >> last night america got to see what i saw in paul ryan, a strong and caring leader who is down to earth, and confident in the challenge this moment demands and i love the way he lights up around his kids and how he is not embarrassed to show the world how much he loves his mom. but, paul, i still like the play list on my ipod better than yours. >> romney ipod. >> i would like to know. >> ingle burt hummer dink. >> he called it elevator music. >> rnc all wrapped up. now we turn our attention to
8:04 am
president obama and the democrats. >> fox news wendell goler is live in charlotte, north carolina this morning where they are prepping for the dnc. good morning, wendell. >> good morning. one of the main themes of mitt romney's acceptance speech is that americans deserve better than barack obama. democrats in charlotte will try to give voters a reason to stick with the president in the face of an economic recovery that has not been as strong as he wanted or even as strong as he and his aides had promised. they hoped it would be an easier sell in north carolina when they planned this convention three years ago. unemployment is 9.6%. higher than the national average. the state's democratic governor is not running for re-election. president's gay marriage came after carolineans passed a statewide ban on it foreign policy credentials. minutes after mitt romney's acceptance speech in tampa, democrats were asking why he didn't mention the more than 80,000 servicemen and women stationed in afghanistan why he didn't offer any specifics
8:05 am
about how he would help them if he was commander and chief. in his convention speech, romney suggested isn't committed to american acceptsism. in the past he said mr. obama was too quick to find a way out of iraq and plan a withdraw from afghanistan. fort bliss, texas yesterday the president denied that. >> ending the wars responsibly makes us safer and it makes our military even stronger. and ending these wars is letting us do something else. restore american leadership. if you or anyone trying to say that america is in decline or that our influence has waned don't you believe it. >> shortened to three because of hurricane isaac. the gathering here in charlotte was always planned as three day event. tuesday through thursday. 6,000 delegates, twice as many as the republic convention will attend.
8:06 am
ali, clayton, dave. >> wendell goler thanks so much for the preview. >> i talked about the bad mojo at the charlotte arena. i think that's why the president is moving outside for the speech. not because of the crowd the bad vibes in there. you have got to get out, right? >> i like it. >> it's all about sports. >> you are going with it let's get to your headlines right now. we have to update you on the death toll from hurricane isaac. it is now up to seven people. including five in louisiana and two in mississippi. you can see entire neighborhoods there still completely under water. nearly 5,000 people are living in cheryl's as a result of this storm. more than half a million people are still without power in louisiana alone. yesterday republic presidential nominee mitt romney canceled several campaign events so he could meet with first responders and victims. he toured some of the hardest hit areas like la fitte, louisiana. bobby jindal. president obama will visit this area on monday. remembering an american hero.
8:07 am
hundreds gather at a memorial honoring neil armstrong. navy jets flew over celebrating life and accomplishments. among the guests were fellow astronauts, john glenn, buzz aldrin and michael collins. armstrong called reluctant hero who touched so many lives. >> he appreciated the fact that people were grateful to him but he expected nothing in return. >> armstrong died last saturday at the age of 82 from complications from heart surgery. national memorial planned for september 12th. >> another person speaking out against lance armstrong. anderson was armstrong's assistant from 2002 to 2004. he is now telling outside magazine that he found steroids in armstrong's bathroom during that time. anderson claims when he
8:08 am
confronted armstrong about it. fighting doping charges but still insists he never took steroids. some reports also say that armstrong's ex-girlfriend sheryl crow may have talked to investigators about the doping charges against armstrong no word on what crow may have told them. let's talk about phrases. assumes like p.c. police out in full effect. want to be offended about everything these days. like herman cain says we all have a sense of humor. laugh a little bit more. phrases saying for years and years and years. many of us don't think about the context or the history. now the state department has published in a new column in their state department magazine. >> every month i get this. >> just like highlights magazine for me. they have now printed these phrases they say are completely offensive and should probably be removed from our vernacular. >> going to have to remove holding down the fort, why?
8:09 am
because that is potentially offensive to native americans. holding down the fort was in caves the native americans, the indians attacking your fort referring to violence and aggression of the naivel americans. >> aggression used against them. also going dutch which is an ethnic slur against even from netherlands suggest they are cheap. >> going dutch means when you are out to dinner you split the bell bill. >> rule of thumb refers to. i always heard this in mid evil times it was a mid evil rule that you could beat your wife basically by the thickness of your thumb. you had to measure a switch which she would then smack somebody with and had to be the rule of thumb. couldn't be any thicker than your thumb. >> let me play the other side for you. i like knowing the etymology knowing the roots of words. we have taken a lot of words in the past decades out of our
8:10 am
vernacular sensitive. maybe it is full-time for us to be sensitive. >> final awoman on the planet offended by the rule of thumb? i'm not offended by that buy going dutch might be ethnic slur. >> really? that's ridiculous what about handicap? >> good question. handicap that's also on the list because it's offensive and history and root to that word as well. >> many disability advocates believe between being disabled and a beggar. you had to beg with a cap in your hand you couldn't get a job. handicap. that one doesn't mean as much to me. maybe i should eliminate going dutch. >> stop it. >> what do you call going italian. [you are italian. >> means becoming really cool. [ laughter ] >> producer has one for us baton down the hatches. now that the hurricane coming down. is it offensive to anyone, rick. it could be. do we need to take it out of
8:11 am
our vernacular as well. >> aren't there a ton of things that you used to say as a kid were offensive that actually were. >> that's my point. we have now corrected for those. >> these might be a little crazy. >> leave well enough alone. wait, i might be offending the welch. >> nice. so, we had tropical storm hurricane isaac this is what is left of it now. here across parts of the ohio valley. eventually in towards the central plains bringing in very heavy rain northern missouri in towards parts of illinois. eventually towards indiana. western part of the country especially the coast very dry. seattle had no rain in the month of august. about to break a record for the longest streak without getting any rain there pretty significant event. this is where we are going to have the rain today. all these remnants from isaac continuing to be here stretching towards ohio, eventually west virginia. some areas may be 4 to 8 inches of rain. that is going to cause localized flooding.
8:12 am
we need it because we have a drought requesting on there. tropical storm going on. leslie will likely to become a hurricane later on today. modelsmodels were indicating sog impacts across the eastern shores of the u.s. i'm not completely ready to rule that out things are trending towards the east. good news. may be staying away from bermuda. at this point we are not going to worry about it too much. let you know about it if we need to. >> update on blue moon controversy this morning. >> oh no. >> it turns out our viewers pointed out your definition of blue moon is incorrect. >> and alisyn. >> that it dates to incorrect publication in sky intel scope magazines from the 1950s. only one true definition of blue moon. >> how about rick, how about them apples? >> you are offending produce. >> apples are offended. [ laughter ] >> meanwhile republicans are hitting back against president obama's blame bush mantra including the former president's own brother. mr. president. it is time to stop blaming
8:13 am
your predecessor for your failed economic policy. >> so how will the democrats respond to that one prominent democrat joe trippi is going to join us next. see you in a minute. >> woman busted with a furry accomplice. we'll tell you what they are in trouble for. we have big drea. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas.
8:14 am
it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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8:16 am
so how are democrats responding? joining us now is fox news contributor and former campaign manager for the howard dean campaign joe trippi is down there in charlotte this morning. joe, nice to see you this morning. >> good to be with you, clayton. we have this poll which i think is interesting. what we will see this week from the democrats who is more responsible for our country's economic problems? this is how americans say in this poll 54% still blame
8:17 am
president bush for. this 32% president obama. so, will we hear a lot of blaming bush or will drattle take the higher road and say people are aware of that? what do you think? both parties are really aware of where the people are that's why the republicans keep saying things like jeb bush did that n. that clip. that the president was dealt a bad hand. that infers bad luck was involved. democrats will say it was bad policies. bad bush policies. and if both romney and ryan are going to perpetuate those same policies we can't go back. we have to go forward. that is how i think -- i don't think you are going to hear george bush the person mention that much but the bush policies, the bush failed economic policies those kind of lines you will hear a lot at this convention, i think. >> some of the criticism we heard from the rnc and even from conservatives that we
8:18 am
didn't get specifics on policy. that this is the first time americans are legally paying attention to the political season right now and they are watching them on the national stage and wanted some specifics. the same can be said of democrats this week. and we see when the president is standing up there he has got that line that says forward period podium. >> what does forward mean? does that mean current mow mum tum? the critics say we don't have a lot of forward momentum. how will they articulate what that forward means to the american people? can they do it? what should they do? yes, they have to. look, this can't be a convention just talked about failed bush policies. no one really wants to get into cares about what happens in the past anymore. in that case i think what jeb bush was talking about is correct. people want to know where we are going. i think it was incumbent both on romney and obama to articulate to the american people where they want to take the country. i'm not sure romney did a good job on the specifics. i think he did a good job of setting up, to take a look at him this last stretch here but
8:19 am
for obama he has to, i think, at this convention lay out for the american people his vision specifically where he -- what his plan is to change things moving forward. i think if he can move that then romney puts a lot of pressure on romney to put a more specific plan forward the rest of the way. >> if you were advising president obama. it would be to give the american people specifics? is that what you would say to him? >> yes. i think he has to say here is my plan for the second term for turning on jobs, creating, you know a vibrant economy and protecting social security medicare. here is the plan to do it. not just the plan problematic but what is the plan? >> joe trippi, always great to see you. look forward to your coverage down there and analysis of the dnc unfolds from charlotte. thanks, joe. >> thanks for having me. >> come up, the smoke hasn't cleared yet from this 4-year-old's shocking pageant
8:20 am
performance. should a toddler be shown shown on national television? we will ask dr. keith ablow about her fake cigarette dance coming up. ely. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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8:23 am
>> a kiddy beauty pageant disturbance is stirring up controversy 4-year-old strutting on staged with teased hair, leather jacket and a cigarette. >> are you ready? >> get your smoking. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage contestant number 27. >> a big round of applause for destiny. >> destiny comes out with a
8:24 am
cigarette in her mouth. destiny has a cigarette. what is she thinking? >> you could see some parents there were outraged. joining us to weigh in a team dr. keith ablow. >> good morning, alisyn. >> here is the back story. the mother says it was a fake cigarette and she was just using it as a prop to look cool like sandy in greece. is that -- in grease? is that okay? >> not even close to okay. shows the fails of her as parent. listen, we wouldn't suggest that you have your kids at home playing with a bottle of scotch and say hey, there wasn't scotch in there it was apple juice. the shot glass that wasn't really a shot that was just the apple juice. hey the bottom line is kids learn by example. this is bad for this 4-year-old but bad for our children who learn to model their behavior in part by what they watch. and this is inappropriate. the worst of it is that what they are watching is a mother
8:25 am
who must lack self-esteem using her child like a puppet and dehumanizing her child because she wants to drug herself with applause. >> for the kids, for the 4-year-old here, what really is the danger? will this 4-year-old ever even remember this? >> well, the 4-year-old, number one, sure 4-year-olds remember plenty of things. but the notion that you get applauded for smoking and for looking sexy because this is a show toddlers and tiaras had kids dressed as prostitutes. kids dressed with falsies to look like adult women. the bottom line is, yes, they remember not only the fact that they were applauded in this case for smoking early on but that they were object objectified. they don't understand why some people would be looking at them with i don't know fusion whether they are adults or children. ought to be the subject of some kind of interest or not.
8:26 am
listen, there are some people everywhere, people might have to confine objections to the adults. be careful not to stoke those flames. >> dr. ablow, always great to get your perspective particularly in a split screen with children wearing big huge diapers to enhance their butts. >> this show should be off the air. thanks, alisyn. >> we got it we heard you and that is a good platform. thanks, dr. ablow, see you soon. new polls show one in four voters are actually persuadable. who are they more likely to side with come november. governor mike huckabee ways in on that and so much more. he doesn't fake smoke. >> woman buffety with accomplice. what they are in trouble for today.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
don't have any money. hello. >> welcome back to "fox & friends." it's 8:30 eastern time here. didn't like that one. >> i like you not laughing. >> am i a leno fan? no. >> wow, bold statement. >> how many years in a row i am a governor huckabee fan though. >> governor huckabee is actually funny. >> he is funny. everybody note that. in the meantime, get to your headlines, a lot to tell you this hour. new details about a gunman killed two co-workers and himself inside a new jersey supermarket. 23-year-old terrance tyler is a former marine who had only been working at the supermarket for a couple of weeks. police say he left at 4:00 a.m. before returning minutes later apparently shooting at random with an assault rifle and a pistol. the victims 24 brian bream and 18-year-old christina were both graduates of new jersey's old bridge high school. a vigil was held at the school in their honor last night. we are told she wasn't
8:31 am
supposed to be working the night of the shooting but that she had agreed to cover for a friend. well, not much to like if you are holding stock in facebook. the social media's share value closed at an all-time low of $18.06 per share. nearly 20 bucks below initial public offering of $38 per share. the free fall has cost mark zuckerberg billions of dollars. an oregon woman fined $260 for driving in the hov lane. the problem is her extra passenger was a giant stuffed teddy bear. >> i hope she put the seat belt on it. >> scarlet admits that she went a little overboard in the interest of saving time. >> i was going on a camping trip so i was trying to get home fast. i know it wasn't the right thing to do. i'm -- car driving and i turn and i see a motorcycle cop and i just had this huge smile on my face because i was like yep, i'm getting a ticket right now. >> she probably would have actually gotten away with it
8:32 am
if she hadn't put the teddy bear there might not have called as much attention to herself. >> or maybe a baseball cap on the teddy bear that could have passed. she says she does not keep the teddy bear for the purpose of fooling police. she said it was simply in her car. >> for conversation? >> a friend. >> because she has been meaning to donate it to goodwill. >> i thought it was like that movie with mark wallburg where they just talk and hang out. >> ted. >> reichmuth is outside with a check of our weather. >> wasn't there a seat belt on that bear? >> yeah. seat belt law. >> it has built in padding. >> built in. >> ted is the movie, dave. >> very funny one, too. let's talk about the weather. it is a very nice summer-like day across the northeast. even though today is the beginning of meteorological fall. our meteorological seasons are about three weeks ahead of everything else.
8:33 am
of the regular season. there you go. change is coming. taking a look at the maps. monday's first alert forecast, monday labor day it very much still looks like summer. 88 in minneapolis. a big cooldown across areas of the northeast with showers though and up across the pacific northwest temperatures are cooler but will be very nice for your monday. take a look what we have going on right now. rain continuing from what is left of tropical storm isaac. now it's a tropical depression. was a hurricane. rain from kansas city across northern missouri in towards peoria, illinois up towards chicago eventually. that rain will very slowly, still a slow mover, spread off towards the east bringing drenching downpours and little bit of flooding. take a look at your first alert forecast for today. in across the northeast warm and muggy one. plenty of sunshine. start to see that rain filter in towards western p.a. parts of west virginia and eventually in towards d.c. and baltimore. down to the southeast, it's going to be a hot and humid
8:34 am
one. incredibly humid in areas across the south standing water from the storm and temps into the 80's and 90's. it's going to feel very uncomfortable and of course a lot of people still don't have electricity. that means no a.c. to cool them down as they deal with the clean up. into the northern plains and parts of the central parts of the country that's what you will see from isaac. flooding rains across illinois and indiana and out across the west, more sunshine continuing coastal areas looking very very nation again. all right, guys. send it back to you inside. here is the word of the day persuadable. are you a persuadable? one in four voters are, in fact, persuadable. bring in governor mike huckabee now to talk about this. persuadable. what does that mean? shake up numbers significant way that maybe puts them in
8:35 am
the g ng problem it is not geared towards the delegates. geared towards the television audience. geared towards talking with those people who are the 25% and saying you have heard mitt romney was sterile and different and cold. he is a pretty warm person and done remarkable things as evidenced by the testimony of the families i thought that was strong. ann romney's speech fantastic. that's what it is geared towards. i thought it accomplished that here are the stats dive in more of president obama's supporters 24% say they are persuadable what's interesting about this governor i think that so often voters so polarized. opinionated either end of the spectrum. partisan. no, apparently people are are in the middle they could go either way. >> or do they just say that? >> i don't know. there is a hard core right and hard core left. people that are going to vote
8:36 am
it doesn't matter hot democrat is or hot republic is. they are going to vote for their philosophical partner. but then there are these people, the persuadables and they are not sure who blame for all the mess. they are the people that i call the vertical voters. they don't vote horizontally. left right, conservative, democrat, republic. they vote politically. are you going to take me up or take me down. whichever politician gets the vertical voters win the election. >> most polls have undecided 5%. your speech a great one this week. >> you had to say that because i'm here what did you say when i was not here. >> but one of the things you pointed out is that you don't care where mitt romney goes to church. >> i don't. >> that's not an issue. it really hasn't been an issue his mormonism. >> no. i thought it was important that he just addressed it. he said growing up in michigan i was a mormon. look, it's not a big deal. the fact is we have some great public servants with a history
8:37 am
been mormon. senator orrin hatch. michael left former governor of utah and cabinet member in the bush administration. >> agreed. >> robert reid. >> two out of three ain't bad. that points out that you can't always just say here is how they are going to think or vote. they are like everybody else. they have their own, you know, point of view. but they have been very very effective in public service. and i think one of the things that you have to admire, mitt romney, he has lived the point of his faith. and when i pointed out, for example, in my speech of his extraordinary generosity of 16% of his income given away. authenticity there. doesn't make occasional trip to church election year but practice that faith in his tangible outpouring of his own resources. >> you are going to have much more with governor huckabee in a element movement get your take on the dnc and looking forward. that word forward it's been on
8:38 am
my mind. i want to see if the democrats will actually explain what that means and maybe you can help them do that. plus. >> we're going to talk about the little tiff you are in with chair woman debra wasserman shoults. >> uh-oh. >> a war of words. he is going to tell us that after the break. >> supporting troops and their families. the sixth annual patriot golf day happening this week. talk to golf legend jack nicklaus. >> who? >> also the founder of the foundation behind this event. don't go away. ♪ i'm coming home. ♪ tell the world. ♪ i'm coming home. ♪ i'm coming home (phone ringing) good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire.
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get two times the points on dining in restaurants with chase sapphire preferred. >> tampa has been a wonderful and hospitable city and i'm grateful for all that they have done for us but the only hitch in an otherwise perfect week was the awful noise coming from the hotel room next door to mine. turns out it was debbie wasserman shoults practicing her speech for the democratic national convention in charlotte next week, bless her heart. >> well, not surprisingly dnc chair woman debbie wasserman shoults is not happy with those comments. here is how she responded. >> i think mike huckabee's
8:42 am
comments was an example of how he isn't familiar with the voice of a strong woman and that was evidence, probably explains why when every major leader in the country condemned -- >> we're back now with governor huckabee who she also called irrelevant. where does this story end? do you have a message this morning for dnc chair debbie wasserman shoults? can you deliver it for that camera. >> debbie for 38 years i have been married to a woman you have obviously never met. when you meet her you will know the voice of a strong woman. that is funny. i loved her reaction. >> you knew the audience you were playing, to of course. as soon as you mentioned her name there in florida you got boos just erupted through that. >> they were booing me. that's why i threw her name in there that way i could transfer it over. >> she is partially in charge, of course of setting up the d.c. next week. crafting what this message will be down there and organizing it. of course, you see president obama out on the campaign
8:43 am
trail and vice president biden and they are standing in front of that podium that says forward with a period. that's been the narrative all summer long. at the convention next week, what does that specifically mean? will we hear the specifics of what forward means? >> probably not. >> what would you be advising on them. >> subliminal. we are moving you forward and the republicans want to take you backwards. back can mean anything. it can mean anything they want it to mean. and that's really a clever rhetorical device. i would give them credit for that it's almost one of those great sort of messages that is so subliminal that it can be interpreted as you wish to interpret it. so i think it's an effective one. >> it's hard to have forward as your slogan if you are going to do any looking back, blaming bush, blaming past policy. it's hard to have those big banners up and looking backward, isn't it? >> i think that's their exact point. we don't want to go back to the bushes and reagan years. >> not blaming him for the
8:44 am
current mess we are in. >> but they are. and that's part of their forward message. something better normally come up with it's when they start expanding on it breaks down. >> governor, you mentioned your wife who you called a strong woman. talking point this morning about people's least favorite pet name do you have one you would like to share your wife on public television. >> ma'am. >> here are one of the worst ones. >> she calls me hey you, get over here. >> hire is a list of some of the worst ones baby girl. >> i didn't believe i have. >> baby doll. >> no. >> snookum. >> no southern man would ever call his wife that. >> how about sweet cheeks. >> not if i don't want a red face on mine. >> red cheeks yourself. babe? what's so wrong with that? >> there are worse things indeed. they were listed right before that. >> that's right. babe and hun.
8:45 am
>> just the check, hon. >> we are are going to do a preview of the dnc with chris wallace. ed klein the author of amateur. some things that have been in the news lately about some inner workings in the democratic national committee and the obama team as to what they are looking forward to. >> are you going to the dnc? >> no. they decided there is not enough security in charlotte to keep me safe. >> somethin' tells me you would be okay in charlotte. >> after debra war says hand schoult's comment i don't think so. i will be inen public view. >> thank you. buy me a beer. >> coming up on the show. everyone is still buzzing about clint eastwood's speech at the rnc. take a closer look at reaction from hollywood stars and mainstream media about the empty chair speech. michelle malkin joins us at the top of the hour for that analysis. >> plus teeing up for our
8:46 am
troops. sixth annual patriot golf day up next. here from the legend on your left. he, of course, is jack nicklaus. founder is on your right. major dan ruiny. they are coming up just a couple of minutes. don't go away. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank.
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>> labor day weekend, i ask you to join thousands of golfers across the nation to support patriot golf day. this important effort helps fund scholarships for families of our brave military men and women who have been killed or wounded in service to our
8:50 am
country. it is the right thing to do for our heros in uniform and for their families. for more information and to find a course near you participating in this worthy cause. go to patriot golf thank you for your support. >> so if you are planning on golfing this weekend, there is a great way you can help the families of our troops. the second you tee off because it's patriot golf day at pga golf courses across the country. talking about 4,000 plus courses. here to tell you how you can help our golf legend jack nicklaus and major dan ruiny. great to see you both this morning. >> thank you, dave. >> thanks great day to be an american. >> major rooney about this weekend and why it is so important to our troops and their families. >> well, dave, when you entered you said if you are playing golf this weekend. i think i speak for mr. nicklaus and say you need to play golf this weekend because your country needs you. >> yes.
8:51 am
>> we will have over 4500 golf courses participating across america and the fifth patriot golf day and it's an opportunity for the 99% of us that are free courtesy of the 1% who serve to go out and make a small donation and make a very big difference. >> it helps provide scholarships for the children of our military members. jack nicklaus, it's an honor to have you on the program this morning. tell me what brought your attention to this event. major dan rooney brought my attention to this event. i'm honored to be here. asking golfers to support patriot golf day. it's really need -- neat. i have had a great opportunity to see a lot of our soldiers that have come back from the wars and seeing what's happened to them and seeing how golf has meant so much to their life and rehabilitation. that's reilly kind of neat.
8:52 am
it's -- i'm just proud to be here. >> and major dan, tell people what they can do to help out and it's not difficult. >> no, if you visit patriot golf as i said thousands of golf courses across america participating this weekend and you need to get out and play golf. make a small donation. last year we raised almost $4 million over this patriot golf weekend. running all the way through labor day monday and as you mentioned those funds go forward to fund scholarships for spouses and kids. we have had either somebody killed in afghanistan. today we have a million folks that fall in that category with greater than 87% not qualifying for federal he education assistance. i think it speaks to the cause that we would have somebody like the legendary mr. nicklaus come out today on behalf of patriot golf day and the pga of america and the
8:53 am
usga to encourage people to support. >> yeah. jack. >> also supported over 3500 kids. i think that's fantastic. you helped design 9 hole golf course for our wounded veterans. that's going a long way to help our wounded veterans. got to ask you a little golf this morning. everyone always talking about tiger woods pursuit of your major record of 18. this past week another mac royal's pursuit of records. 64 on friday. can he catch a record of 18 majors? >> i think he probably will. he still has to do did. i don't think that's what's morning this weekend, frankly. i think you know, i don't play a lot of golf. i probably even get out this weekend for this. >> that's good. major dan, i think you have got all the husbands in this country off the hook, right? because you go home and you simply tell your wife i have got to do my patriotic duty.
8:54 am
honey. i don't want to gulf. but i have to do this for the troops, right? isn't that how you explain it? >> >> we have laughed a few times. we issued the biggest hall pass in the history of this country. i will play like six rounds of golf this weekend and my wife just gives me a hug or kisser time i go out the door. it's a great thing. no yard work allowed. your country needs you on the golf course this weekend. >> jack, real quickly as we wrap this up. how humbled are you when you meet some of these troops and you just realize how lucky we are to have them doing what they are doing so people like tiger woods and like roy mcilroy can do things like play golf for a living. >> well, when i first out out to american lakes out in tacoma, washington. if anybody is interested in helping with that. veterans golf dot oolinger organize find out more information about american lakes or donate if they wish. first time i went out there.
8:55 am
vietnam. this guy took up golf after about 20 years later. i was out there hitting a seven iron. one of the fellows came out and had one arm he lost in iraq. he started hitting seven irons. 20 yards where i was hitting my seven iron. i said man this guy is something else. these guys were so impressive to see the rehabilitation and how it brought them back into the world and into live life. major dan playing with amputee who would kick my butt all over the golf course. it is humbling to see what they are doing. glad involved in this project. jack nicklaus arguably the greatest golfer of all time. we remind you the web site is linked to our web site so go to "fox & friends." click on the weekend section. we will tell you how you can help out. husbands off the hook. biggest hall pass of all time.
8:56 am
the major just told you about. thank you both. coming up. no i.d., no problem. high court ruling against a law requiring voters to have picture ids at the polls because it discriminates against the poor and minorities. then women taking center stage at the rnc. what does this mean for democrats calling out the republicans for having a so-called war on women? reaction from michelle malkin ahead. also, a former bachelor but now politics is his passion. andrew firestone just got back as being a did he go at the rnc. hear his impression of the convention and does mitt romney get his final rose. we will ask him coming up. ♪ but will you love me tomorrow.
8:57 am
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60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free. use promo code: be secure order now and get this document shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. [♪...] >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, september 1st, i'm alisyn camerota, women taking center stage for the rnc. what does it mean for the democrats calling out the republicans for so-called war on women. reaction from michelle malkin straight ahead. >> dave: no i.d., no problem. a court ruling against a law that would require voters to have picture i.d. at the polls because it discriminates against the poor.
9:00 am
>> clayton: and then is all fair in love and politics? from former bachelor to rnc delegate, andrew firestone shares his thoughts on this week's convention, he's going to bring us a rose. that's what they do on that show. >> dave: yeah, buddy. >> alisyn: don't pretend you don't know. >> clayton: i don't. ♪ >> jack nicholas, on the program, i hope you caught it. he thought that tiger woods would caught his record. >> he's said that a number of years, but now, given the trouble that tiger had. you saw him at barclay he didn't look. >> alisyn: 18 majors, what is that. >> how many tiger has. >> alisyn: 14. i thought it was fishing. anyway right to your headlines, something i do know
9:01 am
about. mitt romney canceling several campaign events to meet with victims of hurricane isaac yesterday. here weiss in laffit, louisiana. and one of several neighborhoods ravaged by the storm and met with first responders to rescued from the flood waters. president obama will meet the area on monday. the death toll from isaac stands at seven, five from louisiana, two in mississippi and 5,000 in shelters and more than a half million without power this morning. in a move that could create more tension between the u.s. and pakistan, the obama administration is considering labelling the hafani network, a terrorist organization. would reportedly allow the u.s. to place restrictions on it. an american pioneer, never wanted attention for it. family and friends remembered
9:02 am
neil armstrong and said goodbye. goodbye. >> navy jets flew over the private memorial service near cincinnati celebrating armstrong's life and accomplishments, long the guests for fellow astronauts, john glenn, michael aldrin, and portman gave a eulogy calling armstrong is reluctant hero who touched so many lives. >> he appreciated the fact that, you know, people were grateful to him, but he expected nothing in return. >> alisyn: armstrong died last saturday at the age of 82 from calmcations from heart surgery and national memorial honoring armstrong is planned for september 12th. as you have pointed out, dave, it was a fitting tribute in the sky, a blue moon. >> dave: perfect, right. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth for a look at the forecast. >> rick: so we had hurricane isaac this week, and still causing problems, such a slow
9:03 am
mover and across parts of the central area of the u.s., kansas, illinois, eventually towards indiana and some big rain there, i'll show you the rainfall totals in a second across the west though, incredibly dry. seattle did not have any rain in the month of august, you think rainy seattle, august none at all. about to break a record for the longest streak of no rainfall there. there is your rainfall totals across the plains, red, and a few isolated areas in that eight inch rainfall total and that means some flash flooding unfortunately and also means very needed rainy, all of this area under significant droughts. so we're going to get good rain out of this the next day or two. here is where we are, we're in towards the end of august and the peak of hurricane season, september 10th, so a ways to go and a lot of activity. there's a hurricane, hurricane kirk not going to i am pa kt anybody and leslie hopefully will not affect anybody and they're trending farther to
9:04 am
the west-- or to the east than yesterday and that's good news. and probably see this making curve and not impacting anybody, a very active season continues. back to you. >> clayton: with a name like leslie, can't hurt anybody. thanks. >> we wanted to bring in fox news contributor michelle malkin from colorado springs and provide analysis for us on the rnc. good to see you this morning, michelle. >> good to see you all, thank you. >> so we wanted to sort of get right to the sound bite because what is interesting is that there was question, what would the rnc put forth. turns out on stage so many women and a lot of minority speakers, take a look. >> president obama's version of america is a divided one. often pitting us against each other based on income levels, gender and social status. his policies have failed us. >> growing up i never imagined a little girl from a border town could one day could become a governor, but this is
9:05 am
ameri america, in m earthquake all is possible. >> and her parents can't take her to a movie theater or to a restaurant, and they were absolutely convinced she could have a hamburger at the woolworth counter and she becomes the secretary of state. >> so, michelle wie want your reaction, it's obviously hard to argue that any of those women are not substantial women. what does that do to the democrats theme of a war on women? >> well, i think it slows it up. decimates it, and gives lie, i think to the rhetoric, not just of the democratic party's campaign this year or two to three decades worth of public excoriating of the republican party when there are so many, many koi conservative women who
9:06 am
embrace, you look how impressive the lineup was. it goes through generations and a thread that runs to condoleezza rice to susanna martinez, to nicky haley, to the terrific rising star, mia love. and i think it is far beyond the rigid republican lines because this story, this narrative of people who have been able to come to this country, and this is particularly true of the first and second generation american women, who spoke at the rnc, it's something that, that transcends the narrow political leaves that have been drawn particularly by the democrat party when they talk about conservative women. the smearing, the misogney, and i think that the conservative women on the right have exposed that there is a war on women, the war that the left has waged on
9:07 am
women who choose to leave the plantation that they've set. >> clayton: and yet, michelle wie see the poll numbers and female voters on the presidential election, and ut about put this up on the streen. 48 for obama-biden and 42% for romney and ryan. and we had a debate on the show, and the point was it's great they have the minority women up on the stage, but when you look at delegates in the theater, 1% african-american and fewer, around 30% women on the conservative sued among the delegates. so it's great they were on the stage, but reflects what goes on in the polls? what do you say? >> well, i don't put much stock in the racial bean counting of santita jackson and her family and the civil rights institution which don't apply the same standards when you look at, i don't know, pictures of the chicago
9:08 am
headquarters of obama which are blindingly white. i need sunglasses when i look at them. or the major liberal institutions that are always wagging their fingers at the republican party for not being diverse. take a look at the editorial board of the new york times. again, it's like snow in the rocky mountains. he think that there's been a demonization of the last 20 years of course i've been in the battles for a long time, to try and make people who are conservatives in the republican party look like they've got horns and fangs. and i think that the effectiveness of the republican national convention was that finally, they were able to do something, that the zilinskiites have perfected, the art of story telling. the stories that were told on the floor were true as opposed to the fables from the white house and then on the left. >> and from mia love, marco rubio, will that narrow the
9:09 am
gap between hispanics and african-americans is immense, will that narrow now, post rnc. >> well, that's a good question and of course, when you have biased media organizations that are centrally journalistic tools for the obama administration and democratic party, pretending they're neutral and white washing out of their speeches out of their coverage, it makes it more difficult to make your case to the american people. however, there are far more ways to get the message out there. that's the effectiveness of social media and transcending all of these information road blocks that they've put up to control the narrative and i think that the great impetus now, the great objective post convention is for all of those inspired activists and delegates and people who watch the rnc and said to themselves, you know what? they're speaking for me. to then go ahead and amplify those messages and spread those stories and talk to the neighbors and colleagues who have been brain washed that
9:10 am
the democratic water serves the poor and minorities best, and women best, when the record shows the complete opposite. >> michelle stick around, we want to talk about the big sort of water cooler issue, that of course being what dirty hair i -- harry said and his speech and is that what mainstream media biased or if he was sort of off the reservation. >> dave: stick around, michelle. and he's his mom's hero. this 11-year-old's quick thinking saved his mother's life. we'll hear from both boy and mom straight ahead. rocking the beebs there. ayaya,
9:11 am
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9:13 am
. >> welcome back, everybody. clint eastwood defiance the liberal hollywood stereo type with his memorable, shall we say performance at the r. nc. if tinsel town is supposed to
9:14 am
be so tolerant. why can't he express his conservative views without being slammed? well, is that what they were slamming? we're back with michelle malkin to digest some of it and watching your twitter stream that night and funny to watch everything said during the speech. you tweeted this, okay, i like eastwood movies, but that was weird. [laughter] >> what is when you saw the hollywood types coming out like roger ebert. clint my hero is coming across as sad and pathetic, he didn't need to do this to himself. unworthy of him. what did you think? >> well, i did think it was a little weird. after watching the replays more, i thought, this ended up being an unintendedly fantastic performance and there's method to madness of course, and this harkened back to the bob newhart skit and it was completely unscripted, obviously, and unbuttoning the
9:15 am
completely unbuttoned down, straight jacket culture of most of these conventions was really an unorthodox thing to do and of course, the big effect out of it that's so striking and if we saw this in social media the last couple of days, the outburst, it was cool. i mean, you now have got this phenomenon of eastwooding. but, i think that this probably is why, and i'm sure we'll get to see it. this is probably why there was such a vicious reaction from most of the left and the hollywood left, the vulgarity that we saw, this idea that this really obnoxious idea that perhaps he was demented or senile and you saw a little suggestion of that with roger ebert and his colleagues, that this is so sad, that he was being used. come on! this is a hollywood legend. he's certainly in his right mind both capital r and lower case r and that still causes a lot
9:16 am
lot of conniphonings in tinsel town. >> he's got a movie coming out and-- >> the fact that we're not talking about romney and rubio, that hurts. >> no, you can do two things and people can reflect on it, but i think it exposes a lo the of all of these liberal shiflists and he think that maybe what it's going to do, one of the underplayed after effects, encourage those working undercover and in the closet in hollywood finally say, you know what? what the heck, i'm out there. if he can do it, i can do it. >> alisyn: well, he called out jon voight, but we already knew, it wasn't a surprise. >> yeah, there were some interesting people that came out and supported him and we covered this on, my site.
9:17 am
ke keirty ali and blake shelton, at-a-boys. and maybe encouraging them to be more bold in daily dealings. thank you, clint. >> alisyn: thank you for sharing all your thoughts and we'll try to share the kirstie alley tweet later. >> dave: a requirement to have picture i.d.'s at the poll, because it discriminates against the poor. >> alisyn: and the democratic national convention is this upcoming week. we're ahead it charlotte with a preview. ♪ it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy.
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♪ >> 20 minutes past the hour, time for quick headlines. a possible merger in the works for americans airlines and u.s. airways, with the company signing an agreement to exchange confidential information. for now, officials for the airlines say they're just exploring their options and emphasize the talks are preliminary. and also, several beaches along cape cod, massachusetts now closed for labor day weekend after great white sharks were spotted, just a few feet off shore. and these pictures show not one, but three great whites getting way too close for comfort. dave? >> yikes! meanwhile, a federal court strikes down a voter i.d. law in fed ex and now the state's attorney general is vowing to take his fight all the way to the supreme court. >> the evidence in this case
9:22 am
showed that there is no disenfranchisement of anyone. to show a photo i.d. the supreme court agreed with that, said having to take the time of getting the photo and putting all of your documents together, it's not an infringement on are right to vote. >> chief counsel for the american centers of american law and justice joins us today. good to see you, dave. >> how are you. >> doing well. the ruler says the voter i.d. law in texas was a strict unforgiving burden on the poor, who are often racial minorities. do you think that's where it will be at the end or overturned at the supreme court? >> it's an interesting thing because the supreme court of the united states in the case out of indiana held that voter i.d. laws are constitutional, as long as those voter i.d. laws are readily available. and a number of states have announced and put into effect voter i.d. laws. the court here that struck the
9:23 am
texas law is unconstitutional. they thought disproportionate that couldn't get. that same court said it's a narrow ruling, it's appropriate to protect the integrity and liability of the electoral process to have photo i.d.'s shown when you vote. all of us do that, it's come on. the problem under texas law, those voters i.d.'s were not as easy to get as they were in some of the other states. texas has two options here, one is to go ahead and take this case up to the supreme court of the united states and see if the court will hear it or modify their law and make those i.d. laws more readily available and that is have them available at the department of motor vehicles, make sure they're free. make sure that the i.d.'s can be, even college student i.d.'s should be able to qualify and georgia has done that and voter i.d.'s have been fine. and greg abbott right, that voter i.d. laws are constitutional and the texas
9:24 am
problem, what the court had problem under the texas law, it was too restrictive to access to the i.d.'s and the real issue in that case. >> more restrictive thatten the one in indiana. here is what eric holder said, under the proposed law many without purported voter i.d., would have to go great distances and some pay the documents they might need. regardless what changes they need in texas that you just alluded to, for all practice cal purposes, the left has accomplished what they set ought to, it's not going to change for the upcoming election, no matter what they do. >> very unlikely, you're going to get expedited supreme court review here, that doesn't happen. the court doesn't sit back until october. i don't see this being expedited. you're right. here is the real problem. eric holder doesn't like voter i.d. laws, it's interesting, because if you were trying to go et into the department of justice in washington d.c., where eric holder's-- you have a show a valid i.d.,
9:25 am
same thing should apply for voting. i've been voting a long time. always showed a photo i.d. again, what you've got is the left saying no photo i.d.'s requirement and give a name and say i want to vote and would be enough for them and those of us that are concerned about the ip at theing-- integrity of the photo process, the court has said it's constitutional, but it has to be readily available and that seems to be what the problem was in texas. it will be interesting if texas changed the law and making it readily available, then what would they do. they don't like the idea of voter i.d. law at all. i think that's where they're wrong. >> if the states followed what indiana did by the book. you're right. i can't get in the building and i host the show, can't get in. i won't be in, i'll be out on the sidewalk doing the show. thank you for doing this, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, are you ready to
9:26 am
rumble? a season about to start and home depot has a great project for football fans and their kids. how to create a goal post nks. next. he's a former bachelor, but now, politics is the passion. andrew firestone is back from being a delegate at rnc and hear his impression of the convention and i'll ask him if mitt romney gets the final rose. ♪ hello?
9:27 am
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♪ >> well, president obama told if he is reelected this november, it will be like popping the blister in washington. popping the blister, what happened with the soaring oratory from this guy, remember stopping the tides from rising, bending the arc of history. now we're popping blisters, what is next? busting zits? what is that? >> and nasty. >> we apologize. >> no more jay leno on this show. >> no, we should not. >> people in the studio audience agree with me.
9:31 am
>> dave: coming up in a bit, former bachelor andrew firestone was the republican national convention and what he thinks of romney. >> alisyn: which one will get the rose. >> dave: who gets a rose. >> clayton: i have a rose and give it to wendell goler. the republican national convention is a wrap and now democrats take center stage, a rose for our own wendell goler live in charlotte, north carolina, where the convention preps are underway. >> reporter: i didn't know you care. the president is a trip through iowa leading through four battle ground states on the which to charlotte, and in des moines city, and florida and a time out for hurricane damages in northerly. technically, north carolina remains a battle ground state and part of the reasons that democrats are gathering here is to help mr. obama carry the state again in 2008 he was the first democrat to win north carolina since jimmy carter,
9:32 am
but carolinians are wrestling with a 9.6% jobless rate, higher than the national average and mr. obama's endorsement of gay marriage is not popular here, days after voters in north carolina passed a ban on it and delegates in charlotte will approve it as part of the democrat elk party platform. former president obama will nominate mr. obama on the night of the convention, with a speech and maybe as important as the president's speech and they've been using president clinton a lot, to stick with the economy and president clinton as role to remind voters he presided over the last economy with a full employment and a budget surplus, gone about a year after republicans reclaimed the oval office. several dozen democratic members of congress will not be attending the convention here, including missouri senator clare mccaskill looking locked in a tough
9:33 am
reelection bid and texas, west virginia, and ten kentucky also will not be here. and obama officials are telling democrats will do well where the president does well and acknowledge there are places. >> dave: that's interesting, and staying clear. >> alisyn: thanks so much for the preview. hopefully there will be unpredictable moments at the dnc that create as much fodder as the rnc. >> dave: we can hope. and joe biden might serve a few up. >> alisyn: meanwhile, let's get to your headlines and update you on the tragic story, new details about the gunman who killed two co-workers and then himself in a supermarket in new jersey, we know that the 23-year-old terrence tyler left at 4 a.m. and returned meant later apparently shooting at random with an assault rifle and pistol and he'd been depressed since his mom passed away in '027. and since then alarming
9:34 am
comments on twitter and facebook and 2009, quote, i'm starting to see why people go on killing sprees. two were killed in the rampage. five suspected militants were killed in a drone strike, on a house and car in north wiz stand, the first sentence the top of the haqani network, it's not sure if the men belonged to that group. and the haqani network maybe labeled a terrorist organization by the administration. and a 11-year-old helped to save his mother' life. he was in the passengers seat and his mom started to lose consciousness. he grabbed the clearing wheel and called 911. >> what is the dress of your emergency? >> well, my mom is having trouble breathing.
9:35 am
>> and keep talking to her, okay? >> okay, mom, mom, love you. >> and turns out derek's mom had a bad virus, thanks to derek, she was able to get to the hospital before it was too late. >> i tried not to cry because if i cry then he'll get all nervous and won't know what to say. definitely my hero and number one. >> and a special award from the winchester county, and we like his heroism and hair. >> dave: the heroism and hair, and a combination. and both categories, but we love him any way. >> alisyn: true that. >> clayton: dave, this is up your alley. we're going to be making football goal posts at home depot, something dave should be doing at home for the craft project. looking to do something for the kids. why not head down to home depot, in honor of football season, kicking off, from dave
9:36 am
white, a terrible pun. and what are the kid's work shops? >> we've done this over 15 years and like you said, it happens the first saturday of every month and it's free and it's a workshop with the kids, a lot of cool things, we've done a ton of the little bird houses and you know, you can see the little sail boat here, a fire boat. check this out. >> and this is like a little periscope. >> where did mike go? >> you see him. >> that's fun. we show kids how to do it and in honor of football season, we're building goal posts, you see kids here helping out and painting and it's cool because the kids not only do they get to learn some basic building skills, which is neat. but they also get to be creative and paint and create a neat thing. like the bird house, some things are practical the kids build them and take them off and hang them in the trees and birds move in. it's a neat process for the
9:37 am
kids to see, a real sense of accomplishment. we've done this for year and the kids build it a lot of times and this is the first actual thing that the child has built using actual wood and tools and a sense of accomplishment. >> i have to say, i have shop class in my high school growing up. or junior high, whatever it was, now because of the different programs in schools, they've gotten rid of shop classes and home ec, the first time they use tools. i have to ask you, mike, is pink allowed on a goal post? >> you know, when you have a small cute little girl, pink is completely allowed on the goal post, it's her goal post, and they can do whatever they want. and you can put stickers, write your names, use different team colors and we have the team color programs that have paint specific to different teams and do the colors for your team. but just so you know, and that's a lot going on today in the store. >> right. >> any child between 5 and 12 years old. it's totally free and a lot of stores that do these, they're
9:38 am
pretty popular and only have a certain amount of spots and if you want to go down today and try this, i would call the store first and make sure they have openings and go out and do it today. it's so much fun. >> and i should also mention, we have a look at other projects here, scout troops starting back up for the fall season again and you need projects and they can contact home depot, also and do the projects. any kind of group and you're looking for a group activity. a great way to get the kids together. and the associates to help them and they can get involved as well. are you kids having fun today? and are you excited for football? >> and we've got a tebow jersey on here. >> and i noticed that this is had a denver broncos, tebow jersey. >> it is. >> dave briggs, happy about that? and real quick, they get an aprn and every kid gets their own mini size and achievement and little bin and call your home depot and so if you can
9:39 am
be involved in the kids washing shops. >> nice to see you. >> dave, does it hurt your feelings at all, that tebow is not a bronco anymore. >> you love tebow in denver, see a lot of jerseys. >> you have manning now. >> number 18. still ahead, they've sacrificed their lives for our freedom now and you can give back to our nation's heroes, all with the stroke of a golf club and explain how you're off the hook this weekend. >> is all fair in love and politics, from former bachelor to rnc delegate. andrew firestone shares his thoughts on this week's conventions with us. >> first, let's check with neil cavuto, figures he's never going to take another day off and the cost of freedom business block. >> and scrambling around. where do i go, what studio am i in. i was going to go outside and be with the kids. you're right, guys, what's interesting, and we almost have to come in today. in between conventions this is an important time for both
9:40 am
parties and an important time to raise money for both parties, and republican seizing on the momentum are busy doing that and their candidates crisscrossing the country and we've got the president, and with us, tonight and today i should say. and who's been saying that this convention, is important about the president building momentum, and it's also important about getting a lot of his supporters to open up their wallets. that's the other sort of maybe unpleasant detail of a campaign, you always have to pay for it and he's the guy behind the obama money machine, he's on with me a little after the top of the hour, we'll see you then. >> looking forward to that and you know, 10 a.m. eastern time. we'll be back in a minute. what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot...
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9:43 am
>> started out looking for live and handing out that final rose on the bachelor. >> alisyn: now he has a passion for politics and instead of a rose he's handing out a promise to mitt romney as a delegate at the republican national convention this week. >> clayton: bachelor turned california delegate, andrew firestone joins us from san francisco. nice to see you this morning. how do you become a delegate? it's got to be a complicated process? >> well, i've been involved just sort of on the peripheral
9:44 am
in california politics for a while and my father was in office a variety of positions and i've been involved more recently and applied to be a delegate and somehow they chose me and excited to be part of the california delegation. >> you say that being a father really puts you to the next level. why so, did having kids, make you think more seriously about politics and what your impressions of the convention. >> i'm the father of two young kids and a husband and four years ago i was just a husband. a last has changed the last four years and certainly adjusted my outlook and thinking about my kids' future. things like the state of the education in this country, and most importantly, the economy. those two things are the biggest factor in making me get more involved for my kids not just for myself. and my impression of the convention, i went there to learn and i came back inspired what's going on on the republican ticket this year. andrew, i know you're enjoying our bachelor references.
9:45 am
i have another one. >> oh, boy. >> alisyn: who at the speakers at rnc would have given a rose to. >> dave: a first impression rose, i'm a bachelor fan myself. who would get the first impression rose. >> romney and ryan gave great speeches, but marco rubio was inspiring and spoke to what american opportunities offer to immigrants and what people sacrifice to come to america, the opportunities that the country provides and maybe the fact that some of that american dream is slipping away as the federal government grows, and maybe some of those opportunities are limited. and he think that marco rubio spoke to his experience and the sacrifices that his family made to give him a better life. and that, you know, that condoleezza rice was amazing, susanna, martinez, very, very inspiring. >> clayton: you come from a long line of business leaders, the great grandson of
9:46 am
firestone and tire company there, and a long history in the business world. when you look at president obama's resume' versus mitt romney's with regards to business. >> i think that business leaders can lead in certain situations, i think that four yearsing a, president obama made a great case why he should be the president and we've seen four years later those things haven't come to fruition and now we have a choice make, you look at mitt romney's record not only in public, but private business and he's a turn around guy and i don't think inbound in in this country, republican, democrat, libertarian, can say that the country is on the right track and we need somebody to put it back on the track. i can't imagine better than mitt romney, from massachusetts from a sdet to a surplus and the olympics, a terrible situation that was in crisis and pulled it out to unwith of the most successful olympics ever and now, we have the opportunity to put this
9:47 am
same guy in charge of turning america around and i don't care what party you're part of. we need mitt romney to turn this country around. >> dave: part of being a successful bachelor is tailoring your message to many different women you've got to date three, four, 20 at the same time. mitt romney, how did he tailor his message there? did it work for you? did he inspire you there? some say it was just too average. >> no, that's not-- not average at all. we all know his business acumen and his political history and what he's done in massachusetts so what i wanted to hear, i wanted to hear about mitt romney the man, the kind of guy i can trust and believe in and what ann romney spoke to, what his kids spoke to, and mitt romney spoke to was his history in philanthropy, he doesn't get a lot of credit for because he doesn't want a lot of credit ind hoo the curtain in his private life. and this is a guy that i trust, the speech he gave
9:48 am
humanized him. i like a president that wants to save 15 cents on an envelope. i like that, i want a frugal president to lead this country in a time when the economy is in dire straits. >> i have a feeling that politics are-- >> andrew, any plans to run for office. >> listen, receipt right now i've got a three-year-old and an unwith-year-old, being a husband and father is all i can handle right now. i hope that november that regardless of party, republican, democrat, you look, what is the best opportunities for my kids, to have the future that i want for them and is it, you know, an ever growing government or is it the opportunity that america provides, has provided for many other families. >> you live in a state that knows all about shrinking government, andrew. >> i'm in california and-- >> oh. >> and a mythical state. >> thank you, andrew firestone, great to see you, andrew. >> my favorite bachelor by the way, an avid watcher of the show. >> clayton: i know. >> dave: and it's derailed a
9:49 am
little since he left. we need stronger bachelors. >> alisyn: maybe he needs a bachelor second tour of duty, he's now married. >> dave: his beautiful wife. >> clayton: a consultant for the show. >> dave: i could be. >> clayton: and team golf, 6th annual golf day, find out ow you can support our brave men and women. why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards.
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and that's why i trust nature made. nature made the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. learn more at
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e. >> clayton: now, quick headlines for you, do you feel like you're addicted to the internet? who, me? turns out it's not all in your head, but perhaps in your genes. a new study finds internet addiction comes from the same genetic mutation that causes chain smoking and other addictions. and forget the coffee, have a glass of soda for breakfast.
9:53 am
taco bell introducing soda to its new breakfast menu. the drink called mountain dew a.m. a combination of mountain dew soda and tropicana orange juice. when word when it will be added to the menu and available in stores. ♪ >> labor day weekend i ask you to join thousands of golfers across the nation separating patriot golf day. this important effort helps fund scholarships for families of our brave military men and women killed or wounded in service to the country. it's the right thing to do for our heroes in uniform and their families and for more information and find a course near you, participating in this worthy cause, go to patriot golf thank you for your support. >> alisyn: did you know that only 1% of our country sacrifices their lives for our entire country and this weekend, you can give something back to them with just the stroke of a golf club
9:54 am
on patriot golf day. here to tell us how to help, folds of honor, dan rooney and alan rennowski. and former pga president brian witcombe, nice to see you. >> great to be here on a great d day. >> alisyn: brian, start with you, how did golf day come to pass. >> i was serving as president of pga america, a lot of phone calls and a great call to action for a great pga professional in oklahoma sitting right to my right, dan rooney, and it was a call to axon way as motivated and inspired by it and sent me an entry form for a fundraiser in mesh, and a story of a corporal and with the tragedy and strive that his family was going through and i was driven by a bigger force than i think a lot of us have and i think anybody in my position would have been motivated to move and i could almost proof prove
9:55 am
that, a few months later in the united states open and i was talking to the then president of the united states golf association and drew out a template i would love to see their involvement and see a man and brilliant patriot of the united states and i tell you he looked me in the eyes and thought about what i'd asked me to do and i could see in his eyes the answer was yes so he had to do something with the might and the clout of the united states golf affiliates and their members and that's sort of way it got started and i guess the rest is an american story. just another american story filled with hopes and heroes for sure. >> that's inspiring and tell us how it helps the families of our brave soldiers. >> well, it does. and i'm so proud to represent the 27,000 men and women as brain did, that will be engaged this weekend at almost 5,000 facilities around the country and it's a scholarship program for our families of
9:56 am
heroes either lost their life or been disabled disabled and got a story this morning from a young man might have had to leave without those, and raise 13 million dollars in the six years we've done it and i couldn't be any prouder, happier or more excited to see this great weekend, patriot golf day and for everybody out there. golf courses around will take part in the green's fees or raffles, and our head professionals did a marathon. if for some reason you can't go to play golf. go to the golds of website, and play golf ameri and you can find it. and major, we're up against a hard break and i'm going to steal your best line and tell everybody watching this is the ultimate hall pass today and everybody should go out and golf and their family will support them. and anyone who wants to learn more can go to our fox and
9:57 am website. thanks for bringing it to our attention. >> it's an honor. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in just two minutes. ♪ proud to be homegrown ♪ a familiar face and a name you know ♪ ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fueling the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there ♪ fueling the american spirit
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>> make sure to tune into the after the show show because the worst pet names we've ever been called. get out there and check out patriot golf day and help the children of our troops and


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