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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> back and forth. about how you are doing in this economy. the question, are you better off than you were four years ago and more deaths of our brave men and women already in harm's way overseas. and i'm harris falkner, we're live with the fox report tonight. the u.s. military, now, halting the training of some afghan forces after killers in uniforms turn their guns on our troops in a deadly attack. fox report journalists on the ground in kabul tonight. the new plan is to protect our fighters in the battlefield.
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and homes destroyed, livelihood's lost and feeling the fallout from isaac. >> and in minutes, the the first estimates of the storm's financial toll. and also, he hasn't exactly been through the desert on a horse with no name, but he did just complete an epic journey in the saddle across the usa. we begin tonight with a state of the economy. and the pivotal role its already playing in the 2012 election the. 42 months, how long the national unemployment rate has been above 8% and the national debt on the verge of a symbolic and hovering milestone, look at that, 16 trillion dollars. . analysts estimating we could hit that huge number oddly enough on the same way the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte. none of this of course good news as the nation struggles to add jobs and recover from the economic crisis of 2008. it's also political ammunition for republicans not letting up. blaming the current president and his policies for
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restraining the economic recovery. >> the president needs to explain why he didn't do what he said he was going to do. and when he took office, shortly after his inauguration, if he didn't have it turned around his presidency would be a one term proposition. well, the economy hasn't turned around. >> harris: the president on the road in colorado, a swing state. speaking to college students at university of colorado in boulder. he tried turning the economic tables on governor romney in his campaign accusing him of proposing nothing new to turn around the economy. ed henry is travelling with the president, live tonight in bolder. an interesting say for the obama campaign. as one of its own surrogates, saying on one of the sunday shows today, that americans in fact are not better off than four years ago and tips off a day long, back and forth with the romney campaign firing out a statement moments ago. what is the response now from the obama campaign?
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>> the obama campaign, treat it go carefully and delicately. and dangerous stuff because this is what turned the 1980 race against the democrats and jimmy carter, the central question that ronald reagan posed in those debates and are you better off than were you four years ago. the country decided it wasn't and turned for reagan. what the republicans are trying to do now is the same for mitt romney. and governor martin o'mallory of maryland was on cbs and basically said we're not better off. take a listen. >> can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> no, with you that's not the question of this election. the question, without a doubt. we are not as well off as we were before george bush brought us the bush job losses. the bush recession, the bush deficit and charged for the first time the credit card. the national credit card. >> and now, the response he
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mentioned, a furious response from the romney camp to amanda henberg, on the same day that the obama camp conceded the americans were not better off the president offered no solutions to the problem facing our country, the romney-ryan plan for a stronger middle class will spur economic growth and bring backs jobs and turn our economy around and that's a statement from the obama camp and what governor o'malley was saying and when he pivoted in the second part of the answer was more important trying to say in the context of where things were when president obama took office, things were better than that, nonetheless, a tougher case for the president to make. >> as you said, it's explosive stuff for the campaign to be dealing with. i know earlier today. i had read that the president has been spin spending a lot of time working on his convention speech he'll give thursday night and testing out, i understand, new themes. >> he is, i speak to one of his senior advisors told me the president was happy of the
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early drafting of the speech, but tinkering with it himself aboard air force one, a campaign swing through the battle grounds. he's trying to build on the argument making for weeks now, which he believes he's the person standing up for the little guy. mitt romney is not standing up for the middle class. and he's charging that basically in tampa, romney had no new ideas. >> in spite of all the challenges that we face in this new century, when they offered over those three days was an agenda that was better suited from the last century. it was a rerun. it could have been on nick at night. we've seen it before. you might as well as watched on a black and white tv with some rabbit ears. >> and to give you an idea of how seriously the president is taking this campaign. he was campaigning essentially in the buff today. i should clarify, that the name of the restaurant is the buff.
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the football team in boulder is colorado buffalos. and they call them the buffs. and they say eat in the buff. it's important for the obama camp to clarify this, just a saying here, harris. >> harris: we're glad you cleared it up for us, ed henry live from colorado. thank you very much. and from the republican ticket, after campaigning yesterday in the battle ground state of florida, governor mitt romney returned to his summer home in new hampshire and we're told that he will spend the next day there and tomorrow, and preparing for the upcoming debates against president obama and congressman paul ryan set to attend a rally in east carolina university at greenville, carolina, and same state democrats are holding their national convention. let's go in fact, charlotte, with a little background how the host city is doing. charlotte, a major financial center, second only to new york city. and it's home to fortune 500 companies like lowe's, home improvement. duke energy and the nation's
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largest bank, bank of america. and reality there right now though, unfortunately, charlotte was hit hard in the financial crisis. and losing thousands of well paying industry jobs. the areas unemployment rate stuck at 10% for the month of july. well above the national rate 8.3%, mike emanuel live tonight in charlotte, north carolina. mike, this is the time for that city to shine. >> there is no question about that, there are estimates that the democratic national convention here in charlotte could pop as much as $200 million into the local economy and at a time when the charlotte area has been struggling, this obviously could be a much needed shot of relief for people in this immediate area. inside the arena, where the event will be held, you see all kinds of technology set up, the obama logos are up and the big screens are up, they're going be to be able to stream the event live over the internet and live translation into spanish, so the bottom
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line, all people interested in accessing the democratic national convention will be able to get it in a way that they're able to enjoy the event, learn more about what's going on with the democratic party, and obviously, this is a great time for people here in the queen's city to generate some buzz and try to get businesses to move here or to come back. >> harris: i tell you if you haven't been to charlotte, it's gorgeous, isn't it? more techno gizmos and i would imagine more security starting to tighten as well. >> harris, no question about that. we've seen the barricades going up and the police out on the beat and they've seen the no parking signs set up. the police dogs, if you will, out and about. and there are some definite obvious signs of improved security and beefed up security and there are also plenty of unscene measures out here for an event of this magnitude and when you have the president of the united states, vice-president of the united states and dignitaries, both local and federal will be ready, harris. >> we've seen some interesting
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venues from the president, from the greek columns for one speech. what's the venue for next thursday night? >> well, thursday night, the president's going to give his big address at the home of the carolina panthers of the national football league, and the football stadium here where cam newton and the guys play their home games and holds 74,000 people and we're not expecting greek columns, but an event democrats are hoping to fill it up so that show that the president has strength in a key battle ground state in north carolina. >> mike, appreciate the report tonight. and now this. the reverend sun myung moon has died. the self-proclaimed messiah, with a doctrine loosely based on christianity, followers known as the moonies you may know. and his church stirred controversy for holding mass weddings in the 1970's and '80s, he passed away in south
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korea, born in what is now north korea. the washington times, the newspaper founded by moon, first reported his death from church leaders. today a statement from that president, moon long loved america and believed in the need for a powerful free press, for values for people in a free world. we're told he died from calmcations of pneumonia. he was 92. right now, hundreds of thousands of americans coping as best they can in the wake of isaac. the power is out. and temperatures sweltering, flood waters rising. well, you can see them there. and concerns linger over a rain swollen dam. and also, considering this labor day weekend means the unofficial end of summer, there's a lot coming up on the economic front this week, including a fresh jobs report. what will it all mean for your
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. >> mike: after what's happening days ago, it still looks like that and meanwhile, university companies making progress if restoring power to people in new orleans, 700,000 homes were lift left without electricity. our casey stegall live in the big easy, casey concerns over the pearl river hours ago, what can you tell us? >> yeah, harris, it was all over lock number two, as it's called, in fact, we have an aerial picture of it we want to show you now that shows
7:14 pm
some perspective of what we're talking about here, it's the pearl river diversion canal in the par irup north and east from the crescent city. pressure is basically building behind that lock and people living around it were evacuated in case it busted. but we have an update, the arm corps of engineers able to take some water and it's holding fine. evacuation orders around the area lifted tonight though the river crests tomorrow and there could be problems with that, and of course we'll keep an eye on it. let's take you over to braveway in plaquemines parish, we'veline live all week, hit really hard as isaac made land fowl and fox news going along for a boat ride in that community, and look at this picture. when you can see the water nearly reaching some people's
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roofs. and people living in that community called this their katrina and basically there was a levee that overtopped in that community on the eastern bank of the mississippi river, harris. the water went in so quickly, i heard reports from one of the local station that a man grabbed his chain saw and ran up to the attic with his family and had to cut a hole in his roof and climb on top of the roof and be rescued and most of the area is underwater and we have to report, however, they're making progress and some water has gone down roughly a foot in the last 24 hours in that particular neighborhood, harris. >> harris: bless that family and dad's quick action to take care of them and get them out of harm's way. i know there have been controlled releases, curious, how does that work, exactly? >> welling, that's interesting, now, you think about it, sort of as a bowl of water. a lot of times, when you have these inundated water ways, the canals and what not, water
7:16 pm
will overtop the levees, and it will spill into a community that's surrounded by levees, so, the water just kind of sits there. what a control release is, and when they go in with heavy equipment and even shovels at times and they put intentional holds, or they do what's called cutting the levee, and what that does, it allows the flood waters to drain out of the community much faster than if the pumps were just working by themselves. they have pumps there and pumping the water out as well, but when they cut the levee, the waters recede more quickly and that happens over there, and what happened in southeast mississippi when there was a dam there that was threatened, pressure middling up behind a dam there. if it broke, it would have sent water down the river which runs all the way up into southeast, mississippi, into the state of louisiana and emptied into the northern part
7:17 pm
of lake pontchartrain and 60,000 people along that river were evacuated with concerns that the river that was already swollen from the rain waters could flood even more if that dam became compromised and that's why they're doing the controlled releases of water all the way around. so, hopefully, those structures will hold there. >> well, and the part of the story that we can't get to yet, casey, when those people will actually get back to their homes, what they will deal with, 'cause we don't know how long we're away from that date at this point as the water is still-- yeah, it's still rising. cas, thank you very much. we're starting to get figures how much damage isaac caused. total losses between 1 1/2 to 2 billion dollars. and to put that into perspective, hurricane katrina wrapped up 41-- racked up 41 billion seven years ago. mississippi, louisiana and alabama are most suffering.
7:18 pm
and plaquemines parish seems to have suffered the worst of the flooding. our forces are training afghans to provide their own security. but some of that's come to the expense of american lives. the military taking steps to prevent murderous attacks by afghans. and we go to kabul for the latest development. caught on tape, unfolding at the tracks, a monster truck out of control. heading straight into the crowd. (screams) want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together
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>> deadly ambush from the allied forces, halting the training of some afghan
7:22 pm
forces. afghan police and soldiers attacking coalition forces more than 30 times this year. and a sports person says the temporary suspension will affect about 1,000 trainees and give the american military time to adjust the evacuation process for new recruits. connell powell has more from afghanistan. >> some 45 u.s. and international troops have died at the hands of their afghan security partners and because of this increase in insider attacks, u.s. militaries announced today, they're temporarily halting the training and recruiting of the afghan local police forces and now, the police force is a local militia, trained and equipped by u.s. special forces and it's really a program that's designed to give local afghans, armed and equipped to fighting the insurgency, particularly in areas where there isn't a strong afghan security presence. there are no police or military in that area. and the whole idea is to have sort of a local awakening, but
7:23 pm
it's a controversial program here in afghanistan, because in some cases they've he recruited former taliban fighters to be a part much the low he ccal militia. most insider attacks have taken place in the traditional army and in the police force, but the u.s. military says right now they had they need to temporarily halt the training and recruiting of this afghan militia so they can go back and some 16,000 members at the militia force and make sure that everybody that's a part of the militia force is loyal to the afghan government and are willing to work with the international community. whether or not this change in policy, this temporary halting of recruiting and training will actually stem the tide of insiders attacks is up in the air and the u.s. military says this is an important step to try to reduce the threat of insider attacks, harris. >> harris: connor powell reporting, thank you very much connor.
7:24 pm
growing tensions tonight between israel and iran. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is saying without a quote, clear redline, tehran will not stop its efforts. the remarks after the u.n. nuclear watch dog says that iran doubled the amount of uranium enrichment machines and warning iran is quickly approaching the capability of making an atommic bomb and the threat must be seriously considered. a new violence rocking the capital of syria, two bombs giving an army post close to the offices of the military chief of staff, reports of four army officers wounded and this is the bloodshed of syria and may have hit new heights. two groups say about 5,000 people, civilians killed in august making it the deadliest month since the uprising began more than 17 months ago and of course, the united nations put the number of lives taken there at some 23,000 since at
7:25 pm
that uprising began a year and a half ago. >> it's a voting block that overwhelmingly supported then candidate barack obama in 2008. now, four years later. some political viewers are asking if it will be even a factor at all come november. and call him an urban cowboy, if you would, who didn't come home the same way he left. what inspired this man to take a 3500 mile journey on a horse. [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance.
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>> a scuffle outside an embassy in india and trying to figure out what's going on. and it's our travel around the world in 80 seconds. india, tibet exiles chanting, the death at the chinese embassy and angry because the chinese defense minister is in their country and long blamed the dalai llama, inside india, a charge for the spiritual leader denied. >> burma, civilians in a march to the recent act. they're demonstrating in support of the government's stance on recent sectarian
7:29 pm
violence, it's the longest gathering since the saffron revolution in 2007. australia, usually you don't want to get too close to the thing that could kill you. and but at the australian reptile park in sydney, they're telling them to go out and catch the world's dead deadliest spider, they need to stock pile the anti-venom and they're hiding out and sparking a nationwide spider hunt in poland, hundreds lining the streets and dachshund owners strut their stuff. and this four-legged pooch in a poncho taking the prize. that's the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. and i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. final preparations underway for the start of the
7:30 pm
democratic national convention in charlotte and president obama visiting colorado part of a swing state tour before giving his nomination speech on thursday. and governor mitt romney in new hampshire, spending part of his week preparing for the presidential debate. the first of which is one month from tomorrow. and congressman paul ryan hitting the road tomorrow for a campaign event at east carolina university in greenville, north carolina just across the state from the site of the democratic national convention. in 2008 african-american voters turned out in record numbers and overwhelmingly supported then candidate barack obama. but now, four years later, the question for many black americans may not be for whom to vote, but whether they will vote at all. shannen bream explains. >> i think that-- african-american, black people stayed home. >> after a record in 2008, black vote,sent president barack obama to the white
7:31 pm
house, some say putting him at odds with the african-american community could dampen the enthusiasm. reverend william owens says the decision to endorse same sex marriage will cost him. >> the african-american in community in reality is more conservative than whites because of the belief system. because of the church, because of the environment and their background. >> the white house may take some comfort in an nbc small sampling showing that 90% of african-americans vote for mr. obama and zero for governor romney. >> i'm not a zero and others voting for governor romney, they're not a zero. >> and some within the black community say that republicans have only themselves to blame for the lack of connection with african-american voters. and this particular election, it has become clear because of whatever decision that is were
7:32 pm
made by the romney camp about barack obama and his support within the african-american community, na there's the not an interest in getting african-american votes. >> former democratic congressman arthur davis says he's gotten unexpected support. >> my inbox was flooded the other day with people who said to me that they were democrats, but who said that they don't recognize this democratic party. >> not so supportive. 14 members of the congressional black caucus, accusing him of flip-flopping and political calculation. in tampa, shannon bream, fox news. >> fox weather alert now, it's been days since hurricane isaac made landfall along the gulf coast, and the storm is not done yet. the remnants of that category 1 hurricane that was hundreds of miles wide, bringing much needed rain now to some drought stricken areas in the midwest and southern parts of the country and the chance for
7:33 pm
severe weather as it marches toward the northeast. let's take a look at maria molina. >> we're tracking what's left of isaac, now just a large area of showers and thunderstorms those bands hundreds of miles wide. nowhere near as intense as it was, when it made landfall across louisiana. it's bringing showers and storms and we're currently in extreme drought conditions in the midwest, indiana, illinois, western parts of kentucky and tennessee and exactly where we're getting the much needed rain. not a drought-buster, but we'll take the moisture when we can get it and heavier downpours across northern indiana into the central parts of kentucky and also southern parts of the state of tennessee and into northern alabama and like you mentioned unfortunately some of the storms could actually produce some severe weather and we're keeping a close watch on that. otherwise, your current drought. extreme exceptional drought conditions, for the worst category, southwestern indiana
7:34 pm
into kentucky and tennessee and especially bad across the state of arkansas and missouri, pretty widespread out there and see most of the state is currently out of the more categories and droughts and again, some neede rain for isaac, not a drought buster, but moisture needed out there. today's severe risk, areas like kentucky, tennessee and northern parts of tennessee and alabama, cities like memphis, nashville and birmingham and so potentially large hail, damaging wind gusts and even some tornados and we do currently have tornado watches in effect from kentucky down into parts of alabama and mississippi and these are in effect to late tonight 11 p.m. local time and a severe thunderstorm watch including northwestern portions of georgia, into western parts of the state of north carolina and again, pretty widespread area that we're looking at for the possibility of severe weather and long line of storms and heavy rain across northern alabama and we've had a number of tornado warnings issued, we had one across parts of alabama that has now expired and you can see a brand new
7:35 pm
one, just issued while on the air across northeastern portions of mississippi and now what to do when the tornado warnings get issued, they're short-lived, but a tornado could currently be on the ground and you've got to seek shelter immediately. >> harris: isaac has been on the move for three weeks now. >> it's been a while. >> harris: when is hurricane season over. >> november 30th and we actually have more activity, harris, i want to quickly touch upon, nothing impacting the u.s., but tropical storm kirk, no longer a tropical storm, but we have tropical storm leslie that's forecasted to move across the atlantic ocean and bermuda as a category 1. maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. . >> harris: maria molina, thank you very much. let's get back to the economy. and unofficial end of the summer, labor day, and what it could mean for more activity in your 401(k)?
7:36 pm
why is that? because stock traders are watching washington closely with the important information for august due out this week. senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, brenda bullet nttner with a loo ahead for wall street. >> it felt like everyone was on vacation wall street, trading levels the lowest in years and your 401(k) thought the bulls were at work and the broad market, s&p 500 up around 7% since june. and there's plenty to bring back investors as we kick off september. will the feds make clear at its meeting this month that it will try to stimulate the economy with bond buying for a third time? and the european central banks meet, too, and traders here will be watching, especially since a court rules on a rescue fund for the debt mess over there. over here, the big report out on friday, a look at the jobs market for august, will the unemployment rate stubbornly stay at 8.3%?
7:37 pm
all this as americans face the highest gas prices for the labor day weekend ever. after prices on wall street, well, september isn't usually a month to remember, all stocks often underperform. harris, back to you. >> harris: brenda, thank you very much. some terrifying moments at a monster truck show, when one of the big trucks racing toward the finish line is out of control and into the crowd. no one saw this coming. until it was too late. wow, i hadn't seen that vantage point of it. we'll watch it again when we come back. stay close.
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>> a monster truck out of control. flying into a crowd at a race in oregon. the whole thing caught on tape. >> oh. (screams).
7:43 pm
you can't blame whoever was rolling that for putting the camera down, you can see the blue pickup truck racing across the screen here in a second and suddenly veers towards the stands and that cameraman, running, trying to get tout of the way and you can't blame him. the truck hit a barrier and entered the crowd, hitting three people. they were all hospitalized. here it comes. but they're expected to survive, those three people who were hit. a track official says the truck's hydraulic steering failed and there was simply nothing that driver could do, wow. brand new reaction tonight for the resignation for a high ranking homeland security official. susan barr, former chief of safe of immigration and crust tomorrows enforcement, ice, resigned after being accused of sexual harassment by several employees. in her letter obtained by fox news, she called the allegations unfounded, but did not want to be a distraction. peter doocy now with the news
7:44 pm
from washington. >> harris, susan made news two weeks ago, telling a colleague he wags a sexy expletive and now she's making news for telling him she's stepping down. and now she's leaving for good, as she wrote in a letter to ice director obtained by fox news, in recent weeks af been the focus of unfounded allegations designed to destroy my reputation, but of greater concern, however, is the threat these allegations represent to the reputation this have agency and the men and women who proudly sever of their country by advancing ice's mission. the letter was three paragraphs long, but ice's response was only two sentences coming to a spokesman from john morton, quote, director morton has received miss barr's resignation, we wish her the best of luck in future endeavors. but the chairman of the homeland security committee petter king, went into far
7:45 pm
greater detail. expressing far more concern, saying the resignation of susan barr raises questions about management practices and personnel policies at homeland security. and the committee on homeland security will continue and intensifying interview of all the facts regarding this case and dhs across the board. and suzanne barr says the allegations are without merit and confident that in time her reputation will be restored, harris. >> harris: peter, thank you. tragedy strikes at an air show in iowa and a train knocks out electrical power to a entin ent section of chicago. two stops as we go across america. iowa, a stunt plane slams into the ground at quad city airport in davenport, the pilot died on impact and the crowd watching it all. >> i was instantly in tears because more than likely he
7:46 pm
did not survive. >> it went into the ground and burst into flames. >> the plane was making a 45 degree bank and able to turn as it crashed into the field. illinois, a freight train strikes the rear of another train sending several cars into a man's back yard in chicago. at least one of the cars was carrying liquid waste, crews saw nothing hazardous leaked out. no one was hurt, but 2500 people in nearby homes and businesses lost electrical power. michigan, a man back in a suburban detroit home after five months on the the road on horseback. leslie bender took two horses, riding one and then the other for 3500 miles from texas to michigan and taking care of his mom and when she recovered, he took off for a very long ride. >> and and, it was just, it was, you know, i just said i wanted to do that. >> he slept in tents most
7:47 pm
nights and only packed the necessities. >> four pair of underwear, four pair of socks, two pair of jeans and two shirts. >> never doubted he could make it, but he had to call a trailer for the horses, they were saddle sore. >> and a home at the zoo, they're splitting up, headed to the denver zoo to become part of the breeding program. clouded leopards considered endangered. that's a fox watch across america. just into the fox news room, first pictures of a massive hotel fire on this sunday. what we are learning about the intern no. and we told you about this last night, a retired navy seal with quite a dream. now, we have an update on tonight's fox report on his latest mission, what this cancer survivor just achieved with a donated set of lungs
7:48 pm
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>> in oregon an inferno at a hotel outside of portland and we've learned the fire broke out in the the early morning hours today and it took 200 firefighters several hours to get it under control. and we're told the hotel was vacant. the owner was use it go for storage. and no reports of any injuries, but investigators want to know now what started it. an amazing update to a story we first brought you last night on fox report. retired navy seal and cancer survivor lieutenant commander, set out to complete a half marathon in virginia beach virginia, and he did it. he crossed the finish line two years after receiving a double
7:52 pm
lung transplant as a last resort in his battle against leukemia and he says he took on that 13 mile challenge in honor of the 19-year-old donor who saved his life. i want to know more. if you do go to and read all about justin's journey. and organizers hurrying to put the final touches on the democratic national convention which officially kicks off in charlotte on tuesday, a lot of history being made at this event. here is fox news contributor and journalist, marvin cowell a look back at the highlights over the years. >> the convention of the democratic party will now be in order. >> reporting for duty. >> the conventions are an opportunity for the activist in each party to get together to drum up a great deal of enthusiasm and then to go out and try to win an election. >> i accept the nomination of
7:53 pm
democratic party. >> in the old days it was excite, they would have many before they agreed on a nomineements i ask the american people-- >> '64 convention was extremely interesting because a short time before john f. kennedy had been killed. >> we do offer the people a choice. >> lyndon johnson was well aware that to win, he had to look presidential. the 1984 convention, walter mondale, no democrat would have won because ronald reagan was simply that popular. but he decided to do, was to nominate a woman as his vice-president. >> my name is geraldine ferraro. >> it never happened before. it didn't work. >> we are the party that believes in the american dream. >> 1988 democratic convention, bill clinton was selected by
7:54 pm
dukakis to deliver the major address. >> and the speech went on and on and the delegates got restless and there was a bit of booing. >> go ahead. >> but-- >> in closing-- >> it's something like well, in closing, and all of the delegates at that moment stood up and actually cheered. the convention is part of the tapestry and background of democracy. >> and that was fox news contributor marvin cowell reporting. a tennis great not ready, not yet, to bid a fond farewell to the game he loves. andy roddick coming through at the u.s. open. he says he'll retire after the tournament in new york city. we'll see. rick!
7:55 pm
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>> tennis star anddy roddick not retiring yet, continued with a win over fabio, and after he announced he would retire, ten aces including this in the victory column. wow, i love his shoes. high school softbafootball, youw we love t florida, what one girl managed to do, a senior at plantation high school, erin doubleno the. first girl to play quarterback for the boys varsity football team. she saw action and completed two snapts and wears number 13 as a tribute to miami dolphin great dan marino and her team went on to beat them.
7:58 pm
go erin. who has more fun, do you know? try telling the red heads, they'll argue with you. thousands of redheads gathering in the dutch city, and the only requirement, well, you have to have naturally ginger hair. and the event celebrate everything to do with hair color and activities, include a fashion show, lecture, on keeping yomane fantastic and no, i didn't see any blond or brunettes in that crowd. and let's do fox fast forward, ahead the big story coming up this week. on monday, president obama will tour the area devastated by isaac in louisiana and he's campaigning in ohio and for the romneys ryan team, congressman paul ryan will make a campaign stop in the battle ground state of north carolina as well. and tuesday kicks off the
7:59 pm
national democrat democratic national convention and expects to show the u.s. debt, 16 trillion dollars predicted. and political rom if ications, the new national unemployment number for august coming out. national unemployment right now stuck above 8% for 42 months. 8.3%. on this day in 1935, one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in our nation's history punched the florida keys. and the category 5 storm wiping every tree and every building off that key and destroyed the railroad that connected it to the main land. it killed hundreds of world war ii veterans living in camps. and some people were sandblaste


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