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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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after my dad. that is it for us today. we'll see you back home base in washington next fox news sunday. ... ♪ >> good sunday morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am hert nauert. it is labor day monday september 3rdrd. hope you have the day off today. thank you for getting up with us and watching "fox & friends first". mitt romney and fellow republicans made their case on how to get america back on track. starting tomorrow president obama and the democrats will start to argue why they will try for another 4 years in the white
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house. good morning kelly. >> good morning to you as well. hope you are doing well on this labor day. democrats are already arriving in charlotte. they expect to have an exciting week but realize they have a tough battle ahead of them to win 4 more years in the white house. democrats are hard at work making final preparations on their convention site in charlotte. in the midst of high unemployment and a sluggish economy the president who spent the weekend campaigning on the road to charlotte knows he has to deliver a message that shows they are better off than they were 4 years ago. >> i will offer you what i believe will be a better path forward. it will create more jobs and grow the economy and strengthen the middle class. the good news is you get to choose the path we take. you can go with their plan for tax cuts who already made it or
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we can go forward with my plan to keep taxes low for every american who is still trying to make it. >> the republican response is that it is time for a change. >> take next week in charlotte. the president needs to ex why he didn't do what he said he p didn't do. when he took office shortly after the inauguration in an interview he said if he didn't have this economy turned around this president would be a run term proposition. the economy hasn't turned around. president obama is set to hear on friday night. meantime they will feature speakers who are stars of the party such as fist lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton. challenger will spend the week preparing for debates with president obama that of course is governor romney. those debates are scheduled for
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it. back to you. >> thank you so much kelly. it is time to brew on this at the as the democratic national convention gets underway the debate centering on one question. are you bert oe better off toda you were four years ago? >> we are getter off in the sense that when this president took office the quarter before he took office was the worst quarter this country had eek nomcally since the great depression and we are in a different place 29 straight months of job growth, 4.5 million private sector jobs. are we where we need to be? no. for three-days they never offered anybody a plausible alternative. he spoke 45 minutes and never offered any real ideas for how to move the economy forward for how to lift the middle class and i think his convention was a terrible failure. >> romney campaign issuing this statement in response to those
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comments quote on the same day the obama campaign conceded that americans aren't better off than they were four years ago the president offered no solutions to the problems facing our country. instead of taking us forward president obama had taken us on a path of de clean in income high unemployment and trillion dollar deficits. we will be watching that will clock later today because it is expect to do hit $60 trillion. are you better off than you were four years ago. send us comments you can tweet them to us or shoot us an e-mail at take a look at who is talking now. as the surrogates hit the talk shows president owe bam kn-- ob hits the campaign trail. he said he didn't hear new ideas from his republican challenger. >> despite the challenges we face in the new sen tou tour r*-
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/* -- century what they offered is an agenda better suited for the last century. it was a rerun. it could have been on nick at night. we have seen it before. you might as we will have watched it on a black-and-white tv with rabbit ears. and if you didn't dvr it, an amazing recap goes something like this. the economy is not doing what it should be, it's all obama's fault. that was the key theme. and governor romney knows a secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. and then there was ate lot of talk about hard truths and bold choices, but the interesting thing was, nobody ever bothered to tell us what they were.
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and whp governor romney finally had a chance to reveal the secret sauce, he did not offer a single knew idnew idea. >> romney saying the massachusetts governor strongly criticizing president obama's economic policies and what he says are failed promises. >> you can go back because this is going to be the democrat's convention week and you can go back and say, look, do you remember president obama's speech and his promises from when he was running four years ago. they will nod their head. let me remind you have some of them. he said he was going to measure suck cea success by whether he was able to get incomes to go up. they have dogone down 45 percen per family. he was going to measure success on whether entrepreneurs was able to start up new businesses. we are at a 30 year low. he said if you measure success
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by people who wereable to find new jobs we have 23 million americans out of work to drive some of the work force or can't find full-time work. if there's a coach with record 0-23 million you get rid of him and get somebody new. >> make sure to tune into fox and friends they will be live from charlotte with continuing reaction from this week's convention set to start officially tomorrow. it is time for your 5@5:00. top news at this hour romney taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare for the debates with president obama. he's spending labor day at his house in new hampshire. he will be spending three-days pressing for the debate show down. ohio senator rob portman who was on the vp short list will be standing in as the president. portman played senator obama in debate preps for senator mccain. a terrifying scene in a monster truck show where an out of control pickup truck crashes
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into the stands. take a look at this. it will >> looks like hey bails between that truck and the audience there. maybe that's just a mesh fence. regardless you can hear the screams of the frightened spectators there. three people were hurt. fortunately they were not life threatening. the hydraulic brakes went out causing him to lose control. >> a group dedicated to voter fraud making a troubling discovery in the swing state of north carolina. they found 30,000 people that are dead still registered to vote in that state. they compare it had to voert lists. it is reviewing that list and will take appropriate action. harsh words about lance armstrong from a former assistant of his.
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he said that armstrong all but admitted he had doped saying quote everyone does it and armstrong also kept banned steroids in his medicine cabinet. he sign add deal to stay silent about his work with armstrong. this comes as a new telltale book set to be released tomorrow. armstrong denies ever taking performance enhancing drugs. the shelters became over crowded with animals that were rescued from the storm. the greensburg shelter stepped in to help. the dogs ranging from 8 weeks, 8 years old are all in good health and will be ready for adoption in a couple weeks. if you are looking for a dog there you go. >> those are your 5@5:00. now to politics -- actually no. we are talking weather.
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president obama heading to louisiana to survey the damage left by hurricane isaac. this as more than 150,000 people still remain without power amid some sweltering temperatures in the south. marianne rafferty joins us with more. good morning mary ann. >> hurricane isaac was a category 1 storm but it has done more damage on a larger scale. the remnants of isaac strong enough to spawn tornadoes in missouri ended up with several inches of rain. no one was hurt and there were no reports of any major damage. over in louisiana hundreds of thousands of people remain without power. electric companies say it could be days before all of the lights were backed on that spells misery as the sun is starting to si shane in th shine in that heat index. a new round of flooding and evacuations in the parish. it is expected to crest sometime
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today. >> as far as living on the river you are eventually going to live in the river. >> get back in and salvage whatever we can. we were in the process of moving. now we are in the process of rebuilding. >> president obama will visit louisiana today a day ahead of the democratic national convention. he is set to meet with local officials tour storm damage and view response and recover reef forts there. >> janet nepal tapolitano visit yesterday. >> russell crowe over the weekend, seems he was lost at sea. but this was not for a movie role. we will tell you why the coast guard had to rescue the gladiator. >> the department of homeland security rocked by allegations of lewd conduct now a top official is stepping down. as we head to break an update on the weather conditions across the country. ♪
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>> quarter after the hour. he usually plays a hero in movies but russell crowe was in the need of rescuing in this story. the actor getting lost off of long island while kayaking a friend. he flagged down the coast cagua for help. what's ironic they were shooting noah's ark. it is time to go shopping
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ladies. labor day sales offered a discount for clothes, shoes and accessories when compared to last year's holiday weekend. >> i am going shopping today then. >> buy me some stuff. >> a top official at the department of homeland security is stepping down for good amid of a controversy we will hear more about in the future. peter doocy is live. >> he told a colleague he was a sexy expletive. now she is making news for telling her boss she is stepping down. the now former ice chief of staff voluntarily placed herself on leave in august but now she is leaving for good as she wrote in a letter to ice director john morgan obtained by fox news in recent weeks i have been the focus of unfounded allegations designed to destroy my
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reputation. of vater concern is the threat they represent to the reputation of the agency and the men and women who proudly serve the country by advancing their mission. the letter was 3 paragraphs long but ice's response was only 2 sentences. director morton has received barr's resignation. we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. but peter king went into far greater detail expressing far more concern with the situation saying the rezings nation raises questions about management and personnel policies department of homeland security the department of homeland security will intensify the review of all of the facts regarding this case and personnel practices across the board. but suzanne bar says the allegations are without merit and she is competent in time her reputation will be restored.
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in washington peter doocy, tofo news. the time now 17 after the hour. a disturbing scene along the eastern sea board a great white shark found washed ashore. one convention down and one to go? what's the latest political buzz? clayton morris tells us where each candidate now stands after the break. ask me. [ male announcer ] if you think even the best bed can only lie there... ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves. [ male announcer ] to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america. ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. ask me about having all the right moves. [ male announcer ] these are real tempur advanced ergo owners. find one for yourself. try your friends on facebook. see what they have to say unedited. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want.
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>> it is 21 minutes after the hour. gamler cashing in following the
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guj's ruling. the casino will have to pay out nearly 1 and a half million dollars. it was at the center of a dispute over a card game where the deck was not shuffled. 20 million americans will hit the road this weekend 5,000 more than last year. despite high gas prices heading into the weekend. the national average is 3.83. that is $0.15 higher than the labor day word that was set in 2008. >> social media taking on a whole new role ahead of the election and during the convention. where do the candidates currently stand in tech guru clayton morris is here to tell us. >> this is the first time we are looking at a convention happening in hyper speed. before you used to get a big bump after a convention you used to get a few weeks after a
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convention now you get a few days. pundits and journalists taking to twitter almost immediately. one of the fist places you saw it haven an impact is paul ryan's speech. pundits showing factual mistakes that over shadowed his speech on social media. >> he said he ran a marathon certain amount of time he had runners saying i am a marathon runner you can't run a marathon. even his brother took to social media to call him out and say you didn't run it that quickly. >> paul ryan his speech 6,700 tweets per minute. governor romney's speech 14,000 tweets per minute. it is a powerful measure to see how fast the tweets are. he>> he sits down with focus groups has them watch certain commercials or speeches and have
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the dials going up. take that and multiply it by 10,000. you have 14,000 tweets per minute you get a real mood. mitt romney's speech didn't fair so well in social media. he took a little hit in the twitter political index. he went from will 46 down to 38 percent after his speech on twitter. >> it will be interesting to find out if the younger generation goes to the polls now. they feel like they have a voice being able to comment on the conventions. they are more interested in politics i am sure because they are watching these speeches and commenting on twitter. >> think about it as a second screen. most are watching the convention speeches they want to interact with their friend to see how they responded to the speeches. they sit there with their tablet and cell phone and they are watching the speeches. the most retweeted tweet all week long didn't come from republicans came from president obama about the famous chair and
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said this seat is taken and tweet add picture of him sitting in the chair. >> second most retweeted ever. first is when he supported gay marriage. >> it will be interesting this week with the dnc. people are out there fact checking. you have people out there instantaneously taking the blogs. you will be able to correct something saying that's wrong mr. president. >> don't we expect the dnc numbers going up in the tweets? the younger generation are tweeting they are usually the democrats? >> if you think about twitter's infancy it came about because of the conservatives. the famous hash tag is a conservative hash tag. you saw more conservatives taking to twitter. john mccain was one of the leading conservative before democrats got on it. i don't know how it shakes out liberals and democrats on
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twitter but conservatives have a strong choice on twitter. 25 after the top of the hour. coming up a day of fun taking a horrific turn for this family. you see them speeding through the water but you will not believe what happens next. as democrats prepare for their big moment this week you will they will be joined by an economic milestone. not one they are going to be celebrating. >> first this day in history kelly clarkston wins season 1 of american idol. 2002. we are getting older.
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>> good morning everyone. welcome back to "fox & friends first" on this labor day. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. mitt romney says president obama fail to do tdeliver on his promises but the president says he is the best choice to lead the country forward. for four more years as the dnc kicks off tomorrow in charlotte, north carolina. doug luzader is live with more. hey, doug. >> good morning, guys. even at this hour we are seeing people scurrying around the floor getting things ready for this thing to start. charlotte is full of democrats open whoing to ma-- hoping to m
5:31 am
2012 a repeat of 2008. we have been watching some of the final preparations take place from what is essentially a big three-day pep rally. this will culminate thursday when president owe bau ma'am -a arrives in the swing state. there was a stop in iowa. >> we will win iowa again. we will win this election. we will finish what we started. >> the romney ryan ticket meantime hitting some swing states of their own over the weekend. big college football week in jacksonville, florida and a enjoying appearances and mitt romney was talking unemployment. >> if there is a coach whose record is 0-23 million you get rid of him and you get someone new. >> finally if you remember during the republican convention
5:32 am
vice president joe biden was supposed to arrive in florida to crash the party and they had to call that trip off at the last minute because of then prtrap c storm isaac? paul ryan is expected to campaign today in greenville, north carolina. still a ways away from charlotte. still never the less he will be campaigning as democrats get ready to kick things off in charlotte. back to you in new york. >> we will be following that through out the week and give us updates. thank you so much. >> these guys didn't get a break. one convention to the other. now to the top five stories. when the democratic national convention starts it will start with a milestone. official debt clock is expected to show tomorrow our nation's debt has crossed the $16 trillion mark. i think that will happen sometime this hour or next. republicans focused on the nation's soaring debt with two
5:33 am
debt clocks one for the total debt and the debt accumulated during the convention alone which was $8.5 billion. too busy to rays a murder suspect? a detroit man trying to turn himself in not once but twice after allegedly shooting four people at a party and killing two of them. the suspect first went to the fire station. when the firefighters called police they were told all of the officers were out on other high priority calls. when police didn't show up the suspect left the fire station and went to a local precinct where he was then raised. police officials are investigating. 7 people jumping over board with their boat caught on fire along the coast in northern washington. another boater rescued the 7 to the water and took them back to the marina before the seattle coast guard arrived. the coast guard is looking into the cause of that fire. a terrifying discovery at a new england beach when a great
5:34 am
white shark washed up on the shore. we want to warn you some of these images might be disturbing. two beaches were shut down after a fisherman found the 1600 pound shark on the border of rhode island in massachusetts. it is not known how it ended up there or how it died. shark sightings this summer prompted officials to shut down 10 miles of the beaches in cape cod. animal lovers don't love that but i would rather see them on the beach than in the water. it is all caught on camera. you can see this family as they are thrown back and forth after their boat nows into a large wake at high speed. the driver loses control and gets slammed into the side of the boat. look at that. ouch. >> insane. >> all 7 passengers were hurt 5 of them treated at a local hospital. fortunately for minor injuries. that is our 5@530 on this monday
5:35 am
morning. >> portraying michael jackson as a quote mess in the weeks leading up to his death. aeg prompter randy phillips e-mailing his boss before 2009 press conference promoter. i am used to reading a prompter not doing so well to announce the king of pop's come back london tour. jackson was locked in his room drunk and despondent. he called him an emotionally paralyzed mess. kim kardashian asked for her own star. reality tv stars aren't in consideration to get a spot on the coveted beule vard. only real actors are they say. horror film "the possession" took number one with $17.7 million from friday to sunday. it could be over 21 million when today's numbers are factored in. it is the second to the
5:36 am
final week of the u.s. open and it kicks off today. the fox business network partnered up with the tennis channel to bring you around the clock coverage. jim courier was one of the personalities you can watch on that channel. he took time from his busy schedule to talk with our own heather childers who snuck in a free tennis lesson with the number one player in the world. >> what a nice facility you have on the plaza. >> it is a beautiful day in new york. you did some analysis last year but this year you extended your role. what can fans expect? >> i am going to be involved with tennis channel from first ball to last ball. it comes on at 10:30 in the morning every day and we roll through to 7:00 p.m. and replay everything overnight. you are not going to miss any of the action if you are watching tennis channel. the tournament is just underway. it will be a great u.s. open. there are lots of story lines i
5:37 am
will be following. >> who do you think will be in the men's final four? >> we are missing rafael nadal. there's a big forward there's a real opportunity for someone to come in that's a bit of an outsider. roger federer novak yoke vich and randy murray. the other player may be out of spain but you have an american named john isner that is very dangerous 6 foot 10, massive serve massive forehand he has beaten federer and joyoke vich this year. >> i have to get you to give me tips on the tennis courts. >> people at home might think volleying is a little bit more than it is. volleying is just like punching something. you grip the racket keep your elbow in front it is about a 12 inch move. just like that. exactly like that. the trick is the backhand side.
5:38 am
>> this is the hard one for me. >> keep the elbow upkeep the racket in front of you it's only about that. i am going to go around here couple balls you are going to show the world how good of a volley you are and how great of an instructor i am. >> like a hammer you said? >> lovely and talented squeeze that grip. >> you are throwing them to me? >> i am just going to throw them. >> elbow in front. just an easy punch. oo a a look at that one. >> the court is over here however. try that. see, that racket is working for you. now tray the backhand. >> elbow where? >> you got it. >> let's stop right there. one more. one more. >> oh. yes. thank you so much. >> fantastic. >> that was good but i won't be headed to the u.s. open any time soon. >> hopefully you will watch. >> tennis channel on fox business network providing the
5:39 am
coverage. jim courier thank you so much. >> it is 38 minutes after the hour now. coming up you are better off than you are in 2008. did you know that? >> that is the case that the obama administration is trying to make this week. are we really better off? we will head straight to charlotte for an interview. that's coming up next. >> you want to add a few years to your life it might be as simple as standing up. we will explain next. >> an update on the weather conditions across the country.
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next southwest china dealing with massive flooding from the heavy rain. more than 60,000 people forced to flee or be rescued fro their houses. the rain falling last week it's not known if any one is injured. finally down in mexico the annual mar yaciachi festival. mariachi bands playing in the streets there. the festivals drawing musicians from around the world. performances taking place over the weekend in the streets in the city in various places. looking really pretty. are you better off today than you were four years ago? this is the case the democrats
5:44 am
plan to make this week in charlotte. here are some of your responses so far. john from washington says yes, but i thought it was because we all worked hard in our business. turns out we didn't build it. wright minority treated i am not bert off than four years ago. insurance premiums jumped so i had coverage taking a job 10,000 dollars less. >> steven from oregon says absolutely not. gasoline doubled healthcare premiums are up but our income remained flat. >> thank you to ye one who responded we will check with them later in the show. stand up and live longer. research giving new reason for all of us to get our butts off the couch. students and teachers learning how to protect themselves from an intruder and now let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up. last day to wear white. are you wearing a white suit? >> i am wearing only one thing
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that is white. i sdant show them on camera. let me tell you what's coming up all week and this show on labor day. we will be live here in the nascar hall of fame. we will give a quick tour of glory road in a short amount of time. our guest flew in successfully. karl rove will be live. the rnc perspective on the dnc. we are going to give you all of the highlights in the shows david axle rod david puff and company, too, against the best talk show host perhaps on sunday mornings. how they stack up against the republican convention all coming up as fox and friends hit the road. look at that sign. it is my signal so i know where to go. don't miss the top of the hour. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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>> they are being taught a new method to deal with attackers being taught to fight back. it includes throwing things at the attacker even tackling them if necessary. you want to live a little longer you need to stand up. a study finding it can add two years on to your life. standing lowers the risk of
5:50 am
heart disease. >> oo we are in a better position than they were four years ago. >> without a doubt we are not as well off as we were before george bush brought up the bush job losses the bush recession, the busch series of wars. >> not growing as fast as it needs to grow. the auto industry isn't near collapse. the melt down is surely lending to homeowners small businesses and going to college. do we stay on that course or the course that led to the disaster on day one. >> democrats trying to make the case americans are better off now than they were four years ago. how about president obama convince voters at the democratic convention? let's ask vanceda jackson. you heard republicans last week
5:51 am
emphasize jobs and the economy. what are we going to hear from democrats this week? >> i am hoping we are going to hear the democrats affirm who they are not just tell us who republicans are not. we are going to see diversity on the stage, the diversity in the audience. more than half of the delegates are women. 44 percent are people of color they are niernities. i think it will be an exciting convention. i think we are going to see something more exciting. i think we will see president obama and everybody who will be able to tweet go after the undecideds and the uninspired. 90 million americans said they will not vote. i think they are going to make a real case for them. >> people this year are going to be voting with their wallets voting with their pocket books with unemployment over 8 percent back in 2008, november 2008 it was 6.7 percent. how does the president make the case we are better off now than they were weekeback then? >> he has to talk about we were losing 750,000 jobs month when
5:52 am
he came into office and while things are not as good as we wanted to be but they are better. governor romney said something that was interesting and true, we deserve better. i think the president will say you are right and we are doing better and we can do better than this. >> do you think the president will concede failings on the administration's part? >> i would hope that he would concede -- let's stop shifting blame and take responsibility. the fact is the economy has been in collapse. when you have the kind of depression era problems we have it takes a long time to get out of that. it took a generation to get out of the depression i think it will take that long to get out of this. if he could say this we could all take a deep breath come together and get this problem resolved. we have too many people unemployed. 100 million americans on welfare? really? >> there are a lot of democrats in the blame bush mode madeleine albright a couple weeks ago
5:53 am
still talking about that. do you think the president might be moving away from at ththat kf argument? >> i hope we go beyond blaming president bush. the fact is i wish that president bush could take responsibility for the mess we are in. you know what? dr. martin luther king said a generation ago, two generations ago that we would be right here because our priorities were all messed up. we are spending money on wars we do not want we are not investing in social endeavors that would enhance the american population. i am hoping the democrats will go to those messages that will affirm where we need to go not just talk about where we have not been and all of that. nobody wants to hear that. people want to know how we can become more prosperous how to expe extend the middle class. >> the debt is hitting $16 trillion. do you feel like members of your party are starting to get it things are growing out of control in this country and we
5:54 am
may not be able to afford those going down the road? >> entitlements, bane capital got a bailout, wall street got a bailout. the $700 billion ba700 billion dollar bailout dame bsh bsh >> they made money. because those companies paid back the bailouts. we made money off of it. i am talking about entitlements from medicare and social security. do you think members of your party are starting to realize some of those costs are spiraling out of control may not be able to afford it any more? oo i have to tell you i have two living grandmothers. am i supposed to tell them they are for the entitled to their medicare? is that what we are supposed so say? >> i think american families are too important not to savement you can't just tell banks they are too big to fail. you have to tell american families and americans that they are so important we want to save them. those are not entitlements those are something to which -- what's so bad about an entitlement.
5:55 am
it is important that you have medicare, you have medicaid. >> i don't think anybody would argue that. it's the costs are growing bigger and bigger lots of people getting nervous about that. the clock is set to hit 16 trillion and unemployment still obviously a huge issue in our country. >> not since the bailout, though. thank you for joining us live from charlotte. thank you so much. a groom turning into a crime fighter at his own wedding and a guest turnilanding himself in ts ugly. >> can you figure out what the word is? we will be back. it's 5 minutes before the hour. [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control.
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>> good morning, two minutes before the hour. we look at the good, the bad and the ugprince andrew propelled down the building in london to raise money for charity. the duke of york started before the top of the tower and finished on the twenth level an hour level. >> talk about fighting like cats and dogs. they are fighting over a cheeseburger. they must have been hungry. the dog won of course. the uga guest in a long island wedding tries to steal the gifts. an 18 year old spotted with making off with a box of envelopes. bride and groom chased him down as he tried to escape . here on the east coast a lot of people give money. i know someone that happened to them, too. >> who does that?


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