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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 5, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> brian: in the after the show show, i'm going to alert to you a parent violation that occurred during the competition. only to be seen on the internet. >> steve: all right, very good. brian and anna, great job inside the nascar hall of fame. we'll be back here tomorrow, same time, same channel. drop by if you're in the neighborhood. bill: and it is nine here in charlotte. day two of the dnc rolling on. appealing for a second term. the woman who knows president obama best makes her case in prime time. good morning, everybody. welcome back in charlotte. i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom" for the dnc. how are you feeling? martha: i'm feeling great. day 12, whatever it is. we're good. i'm martha maccallum. good morning to you. good morning everybody at home. first lady michelle obama headlines the democratic national convention last night. it was a big night for her. she stood in front of a crowd of faithfuls and
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basically said that the president needs another four years to finish the job. >> i see the concern in his eyes and i hear the determination in his voice as he tells me, you won't believe what these folks are going through, michelle. it's not right. we've got to keep working to fix this. we have so much more to do. [cheers and applause] [shouting]. bill: so already now we have reaction from the romney team saying in part, quote on the first night of president obama's convention not a single speaker uttered the words americans are better off now than they were four years ago. our country deserves real solutions an a plan to turn our economy around, end quote. bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill." let's get to romney's comment first. the speech last night, how did it play?
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>> bill i was in the arena. it played very well. brought down the house t was genuine. at the same time very crafted speech didn't mention mitt romney's name. clear contrast she was drawing between the president and mitt romney saying he understands ordinary americans and suggesting that mitt romney does not. bill: back to the romney statement. what are democrats trying to avoid in this national conversation, bob? >> well, every day that we're talking about the economy and the question of are you better off that is a good day for republicans. we're talking about mitt romney's tax returns. democrats are winning. if we're analyzing the economy and ailing economy right now. you look at all the numbers. that is what republicans want to talk about. we didn't hear a lot from michelle obama on that other than we need more work to do and you need to give us a little more time. bill: michelle obama's pleading for more patience. how tough is that as a political selling point when unemployment is 8 plus?
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>> well, i mean it is a tough sell, bill. it was a great speech. i think a speech of both conventions so far but if you look at last three elections, 2006, 2008, 2010, wave elections where the electorate has been very angry. a lot of people think we're on the wrong track. when you're pleading for patience it is a very difficult sell. that's why i think president obama will be attacking mitt romney on thursday night because he needs to say this is not necessarily a referendum on him but a choice between two different directions. bill: what viewers at home may not have seen unless they were watching earlier in the night, are the many appeals and speeches to abortion and pro-choice here in charlotte and the appeals directly to the auto bailout. what is the strategy there, bob, on both? >> well, bill, i think on the abortion, it is getting the base out. both mitt romney and obama, they need their base out. so when you're you can talking abortion that will rev up the activists that are here in charlotte. as far as auto bailout, that
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plays well in michigan. that plays also well in ohio and this battle, i think will be won or lost in the midwest. so we're going to hear a lot about auto bailout. abortion you will probably hear less of this in this convention but you need to fire up the base and that is what the strategy is. bill: we'll hear sandra fluke in "the nine" hour. sandra fluke i should say. thank you. martha: speech from rising young star in the democratic party last night. san antonio mayor giulianian castro is the first latino to deliver address at the democratic convention. a. he talked about the wealthy needing to pay their fair share. here is what he said last night. >> four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression despite incredible odds and united republican opposition our president took action and
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now we've seen 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than anyone that there is more hard work to do but we're making progress and now, we need to make a choice. it's a choice between a country where the middle class pays more so the millionaires can pay less, or a country where everybody pays their fair share, so we can reduce the deficit and create the jobs of the future. [cheers and applause] martha: here's a bit of fact check on that. the most recent data from 2009 shows that the top 5% pay almost 64% of all income tax in this country and they make up about 26% of all the households in the u.s. and earn an approximate or median of $267,000 a year. bill: one noticeably absent theme from this year's dnc platform, god. in fact, democrats failing to make mention of any higher power this year in its platform. that compares to previous years in the following way.
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2008, four years ago, the word god was referenced only once. 2004 was used seven times. and four times back in the year 2000. by contrast, the word god came up 10 times in tampa at this year's republican convention platform t was mentioned twice four years ago. three times in 2004 and once, 12 years ago in the year 2000. martha: just last hour, republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan responded to the democrats message last night. listen. >> well this is what you expect when you have a president who can not run on his record. what you did not hear is that people are better off than they were four years ago. what you did hear were simply attacks against their opponents. they don't have record they can run on. hope and change has become attack and blame, smear and fear. we owe every single american a real clear choice of two futures. president obama is offering more of the same. he can't run on his record so he is trying to attack
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us. he is, hope and blame, hope and change excuse me have become attack and blame. we owe them big solutions, big ideas, based on our founding principles and how we get prosperity back in america. martha: congressman ryan will be back on the campaign trail today. he heads to the swing state of iowa. he has been a busy man since the convention in tampa. there are six electoral votes in iowa on the road to 270. bill: meantime we have a jam-packed show today. coming up next two hours, karl rove stops by, reagan campaign manager ed rollins is here to analyze. south carolina governor nikki haley. oklahoma governor mary falin. they're both live here in charlotte. brit hume who had one of the more interesting phrases of the night last night. we'll play that for you. next hour a fact check of the first night of the convention on the stage behind us. keep it here, live team fox coverage of the dnc, rather, continues throughout the day and night right here, only on the fox news channel.
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martha: right you are. all right, here's a fox news alert. a disturbing milestone for the u.s. economy. the national debt more than $16 trillion. just think about that number for a moment and take it in as it continues to tick by at a frantic pace. that passed just hours before the gavel dropped at the start of the convention, the big 16 number. joining me stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. this is not a milestone we raise our champagne glass to and toast like ticking down of the clock on new year's eve, stuart. >> most definitely it is not, martha. we crossed the $16 trillion mark on friday. we only found it yesterday mid-afternoon when the treasury updated the numbers. so this $16 trillion figure was ignored at the dnc last night and been ignored by the mainstream media this morning. we rolled past a very important milestone with very little attention given to it.
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but 16 trillion ask 16 trillion and it is going very rapidly. and in fact, martha, the pace of accumulation of this debt is about to speed up. because our economy is weakening all over again. factories are producing less. we have spending on construction, down. and a big shipper, fedex, sees gloom and doom all over the place and a slowing economy. when you have a slowing economy, you build up the debt even faster. so that $16 trillion figure is going to grow more rapidly. martha: yeah. you have to wonder how that impacts this election? we heard a lot last night about the president needing another four years. we've also talked a lot about whether or not you're better off than you were four years ago. stuart, i want to get your thoughts on this, it is an individual question, a person-to-person question. when you talk about the possibility more layoffs coming down the road over next couple months, that will be a tough element to all of this. >> i think we have to look at the country as a whole,
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the economy as a whole. are we better off now than four years ago? absolutely not. look at, $3.82 gasoline. that is the national average, compared to $1.84 when the president took office. look at $16 trillion worth of debt versus $10.6 trillion when the president took office. look at 8.3% unemployment, versus below 8% when the president took office. look at overall level of employment, the lowest in 30 years for number of people, proportion of people actually going to work every day. i find it very difficult to say that the country as a whole economically is better off than four years ago. i would say the reverse. we're worse off. martha: that number on the screen is not one we heard a lot about last night and i doubt we'll hear too much about it this evening we'll see. we'll see. stuart, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: jobs number on friday. we'll see what happens then. we're just getting started. there is a new controversy
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at the dnc over israel. we'll talk to the former israeli ambassador to the u.n. what that means about the u.s.-israeli relationship here. martha: it will get interesting around here today, folks. former president bill clinton, he is the main act tonight and what he is expected to say and whether or not anybody will see his speech beforehand. complicated relationship between the clintons and the obamas. we'll talk about that. bill: pretty good question, right? who has read that thing if anyone? karl rove on the changing poll numbers and what they mean. >> the days we live in are not easy ones but we have seen days like this before and america prevailed. with the wisdom of our founders and values of our families, america prevails. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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i was born with scoliosis. without shriners hospitals, my life would be completely different. they gave me my future back. send your love to the rescue. donate to shriners hospitals, today. bill: 14 minutes past now. brand new polling numbers show a very interesting story in the past couple months on the president's favorability and what mitt romney is doing as well. the president now at 47%. that is down seven points from the month of april. karl rove, former senior advisor, deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and a fox news contributor, and karl, good morning to you. i know you brought the whiteboard nice and early. what do the numbers tell us
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as to why these numbers are changing? explain the numbers first. then we'll get to the rationale. >> all right. first of all, as you pointed out in that very fancy traffic, president -- graphic president obama favorables, unfavorable, 47-49. that is "abc news" "washington post" poll. that is down from 56-40. most of the decline is among women. in april it was 57-39. think about it. a nine point decline among women in favorability and an 11 point increase in his unfavorables. that is not a good direction to be going. on the other hand, mitt romney is at 43-49 today. improvement from where he was after he ended republican primary on april 11th. brutal primary left him at 35-47. the favorability gap closed dramatically. interestingly enough after a summer which the democrats spent all their time talking
9:16 am
about the war on women and appealing to women voters the movement has come mostly among women. if this is being, if this is also showing up in the obama campaign polling data, it may be why they put such a heavy emphasis on women at this this convention. stop erosion in the president as favorability ratings among women. bill: two specific questions on women. why would that number be changing the way it is? >> well, i think there are two things. one is, i think they might be turned off by the president's aggressively negative campaign against mitt romney. all the campaign has been doing this summer is been tearing down romney. they haven't been heralding achievements of the obama administration, nor have they laid out a positive vision for the future. women may be looking at that, you know what? that is not what i expected of barack obama. the other reason is the economy. women are adversely affected by the economy. women tend to be caregivers. they know what is happening to health care costs. women are people filling up, stopping by the gas station to fill up the car on the way to taking kids to school
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or soccer. they're the people making purchases at the grocery store. they don't feel good about the economy. people in many households, people paying the bills. when you have economy which two out of every three americans think we're in recession, and two out of every three americans think the president's policies actively hurt the economy or have not helped it, you have a lot of women who are concerned about the number one issue, jobs and the economy. bill: to barrel through the favorability mark then because it's only a four-point separation now, how would that have changed in june, july, and august based on messaging or perhaps advertising? what explains that, karl? >> well, messaging, you have the global message being put out across the country. this is an election, most americans, many americans are paying close attention to. they're reading about it, hearing about it. seeing it on the news. watching cable tv. looking at internet, talking with their friends. that is all having impact. the other thing, look we've had extraordinary amount of money spent on television in
9:18 am
the battleground states. i think we're now approaching nearly half a billion dollars worth of television advertising by the end of september. and it started on may 15th with the first buy by the obama campaign. they have been watching at least in the battleground states, this campaign being fought out on television and it may be that what they, how they have seen the obama campaign fighting it and how they have seen the romney campaign fighting it have been bad for president, good for romney. bill: one other query here. yesterday the romney team reported raising $100 million in august. so that is three straight months, june, july, august where the romney team raised more than $100 million in each of those three months. you have early voting in some of these battleground states that is about to get underway in a matter of weeks. what is the strategy now when you have this huge pile of cash and then how you make the decision to distribute that money and when? or you ask yourself, are you taking the chance of sitting on it and waiting too long
9:19 am
before you use it effectively? >> well, let's roll the tape back a little bit because this is an interesting story. at the end of april barack obama and the democrats had a $95 million cash advantage over romney and the rnc, the republicans. at the end of may, they had a $61 million cash advantage. at end of june they had a $26 million cash advantage. at end of july that had flipped and republicans because of extraordinary fund-raising and not spending their money had a $62 million cash advantage. we won't know until later this month how big the advantage is for the republicans a the end of august but i bet it is about 110, maybe $120 million. you're right. we have absentee voting beginning within a matter of weeks. early voting beginning in states within three or four weeks. so, we've got, both campaigns are now needing to spend. interestingly the obama campaign has its television buy pretty well set this month. romney campaign has not had its ad buy set.
9:20 am
we'll see if obama campaign being up here immediately next week or whether the romney campaign sitting in vermont, working on their debate prep are also working on their television ads and television buy and get-out-the-vote activities to be launched next week. bill: it is an important thing to watch and we shall. karl, thank you. see you throughout the day. >> you bet. bill: karl rove here with us in charlotte. martha. martha: this is one of the big questions we discussed a lot about this campaign season. are we becoming a nation on the dole? a new report shows how many americans are on food stamps. it will shock you. bill: also, he is an outspoken supporter of the president. what he says is a fair solution to america's financial problems. the question today, is he right? >> please listen to this because when your country is in a costly war with our soldiers sacrificing abroad, and our nation is facing a debt crisis at home, being asked to pay your fair share
9:21 am
isn't class warfare. it is patriotism. [cheers and applause] >> as i stand before the american people and think of the honor this great convention has bestowed upon me, our -- there's the sign to the bullpen.
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martha: we want to give you a little behind-the-scenes look what it's look down here. it is freezing here in the mornings. they crank up the air-conditioning. a lot of morning shows are set up behind me as everybody gets their start on the day and begins the action. people go home for three hours in the middle of the night at the end of our long evening and special report and everything in the evening. we get right back down here early. that is sort of where the
9:25 am
dnc hub is in terms of media operations. let's swing around over here. if you look to the upper level, this is the suite level. you can see right there in that beautiful prime spot, fox news, america's election headquarters. that is where you see bret and megyn do special from in the evening. we talked to karl rove from that location moments ago. that is area for our guests to be as we report from the floor. see all the delegate seating around here. this is mini control room. usually in the new york they're far away from us. alan, jen, matt, all tapping away. morning guys. over their shoulders you see the podium where bill clinton will be tonight. there is our own bill, bill hemmer. bill: cosi down here. not a lot of room to be. martha: nicely done. back to you, bill. bill: that is our headquarters for now, isn't it? there are shocking new numbers how many americans rely on food stamps. 46 million in june alone.
9:26 am
peter doocy on that live from washington. how much money does each of the 46 million get per month, good morning? >> reporter: good morning bill. $133 each month on average. break down the numbers on foot stamps known officially as snap, supplemental nutrition assistance program, you see why this is such a huge campaign issue. because the june 2012 low income people on the snap program, 46.7 million is much larger. 14 million than the larger 32 million or so folks on the program when president obama took office. a romney campaign spokesman, e-mailed me this morning that democrats are desperately trying to convince voters that they are better off than they were four years ago but the opposite is true as evidenced by the 23 million americans struggling for work. as we learned just yesterday, the record number of americans on food stamps. we need a new direction. congressman paul ryan's budget that pass the house back in april proposes about
9:27 am
$33 billion in cuts to the program over 10 years. bill. bill: that is from the romney team, what is the obama administration say about this, peter? >> reporter: the agriculture department says food is necessity and their secretary tom vilsack is quoted this week, saying too many middle class families who have fallen on hard times are still struggling. our goal is to get the families temporary assistance they need so they're able to get through these tough times and back on their feet as soon as possible. food stamps or snap, is actually run by the states and local agencies even though it is a federal government program, as both political parties try to make their points on issue, just know the two states that get the most money from the program are california, a blue state, and texas, a red state. back to you. bill: wow, peter doocy, thank you. there in washington. nice little tour there, kid. i think you might have a future in --. martha: walking and talking? bill: yeah. do it for a living.
9:28 am
>> future in a game show for me down the road, you know? bill: possibilities. martha: all right. so the women in the campaign have taken center stage really in both of these conventions. of course the women's vote is a huge issue? in this election we told you many times. michelle obama and ann romney in the republican convention last week, how the two speeches stack up and what their speeches say about their husbands candidates. bill: former president bill clinton with a prime time speaking spot tonight. in a moment the complex relationship between him and president obama and the gamble that democrats might be taking on stage tonight. >> when your wife is running against barack obama in new hampshire, this must bring back memories to you, the press favored obama, correct? >> oh, i think yes. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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bill: it is one of the most anticipated speeches in this convention. it happens later tonight in prime time here on the fox news chan when bill clinton makes the case that barack obama deserves another four years but the two men have not always seen eye-to-eye. chief washington correspondent james rosen on that today in charlotte. a exclusive club this is, group of living and former presidents, james. even by those standards, this is not your typical relationship now, is it? >> reporter: that's right, bill. that complexity dates back of course to the spring of 2008 when former president clinton was an ardent and sometimes embittered surrogate for his wife, then senator clinton during the democratic primary of that year. police clinton joining obama cabinet as secretary of state and former president tapped for things like the
9:33 am
haiti relief mission. these two men, final democratic president of the 20th century and, they will be defined some extent bip their differences in style and philosophy. >> president clinton famously headed the dlc tried to find common ground, bridge differences. we now live in a time when the bases of the two parties are highly polarized there tends to be more of an appeal to the party base as opposed to reaching out to independents and so forth. so i think, and then there's, a generational difference somewhat as well. >> reporter: in short you might see this extraordinary moment the first time a former president has placed the name of a it something president in nomination as more of a transactional event than the capstone to a warm and fuzzy friendship, bill. bill: i have yet to meet anyone from the dnc who has seen his speech or read his speech. what is the expectation for this address later tonight? >> reporter: well, bill, i
9:34 am
spoke with a senior official from the obama-biden campaign just a few minutes ago. they tell me they're working closely with the former president. they have reviewed broadly what he is going to say. his speech as of this morning is quote, substantially done. his remarks will include a rebuttal of this charge we've heard from the romney-ryan campaign that president obama, has quote, gutted the welfare reforms that mr. clinton enacted. mr. clinton.aid put credit for the obama speech sketching out where the country has been, what the best path forward is and addressing key issues presidency and how president obama performed it and that is decision making, bill. bill: james rosen live in charlotte this morning. martha. martha: let's stay on that topic a little bit. we're joined by mary ann marsh who worked with bill clinton who worked on his campaign in the early 90s. ode rollins are working on reagan-bush ticket in 1984 and major roles in nine
9:35 am
other campaigns. mary ann, let me start with you, talk with me a little bit this arrangement and why bill clinton is here tonight? he said he was surprised very surprised to be asked. i don't know if that is really true or not but here he is, teeing up for tonight. >> well, look, barack obama needs bill clinton, more than bill clinton needs barack obama today. but the fact is bill clinton needs barack obama tomorrow and the next four years if hillary clinton runs for president. there is only one person in the world who can stand up and say i put the american economy back on track after recession, created by president named bush. now he is will confer that credibility on barack obama. that is about this election. and by bill clinton doing that, if hillary clinton runs in 2016. there is no question that president obama will owe two clintons a big debt for tonight and for her service as secretary of state. i think that is something --. martha: that is very interesting take, mary ann. it is a great point. they do need each other and may need each other in the
9:36 am
future regardless of the fact there seems to be in some cases not a lot of warmth between these two men. they're very, very different men. ed, what is your take on this? bill clinton, he can be a bit of a wildcard and one of the big questions whether or not he will get up there and talk about how great his presidency was and maybe do a chris christie to some extent and forget the reason that he is standing up there isn't really to talk about him? >> no smatter politic shun in america than bill clinton, and bill clinton will do what is right for barack obama. complexity of the relationship bill clinton moved the democratic party back to the center and basically got reelected twice which hadn't happened since fdr. basically today is the most popular man in america. most popular ex-president alongwith ronald reagan. the president is one of the least popular people running for re-election. i think to a certain extent clinton may have expected as the senior president that clinton, that obama would have reached out to him, asked for his counsel.
9:37 am
has done that very little. i think the relationship has not been good over the years. president desperately needs him today. and obviously, assume president clinton will rise to it occasion and give a fabulous speech tonight. martha: ed, i will stay with you for a moment. i know that you think that michelle obama's speech was fantastic last night. >> it was fantastic. there is no way you could say anything different, whether you disagree with the content or what have you. she looked fabulous. she had great strength. she delivered it with the best of them. she is polished, accomplished speaker almost in the same league as her husband. certainly above and beyond any other first lady i have ever been around. she energized that convention last night. once again 40 years ago i was a democrat i would have stood and cheered. i'm not a democrat anymore, i'm a partisan republican but i have to give credit where credit is due. she is a professional. she delivered a professional speech last night. martha: mary ann, it is of
9:38 am
note he is slipping in the polls with women, president obama. michelle obama needed to do more last night than maybe everybody feel good about her husband and speak about him as his wife and his, person who has been by his side all this time. she needs to better those numbers with women. >> well, and she did just that. remember every election is about trust. but people aren't going to trust you unless they like you first. michelle obama last night did all of those things. she reminded people why you like barack obama so of. she reminded people that they are middle class, working class families just like them and came up the same weigh people are living today. at the same time reminded everybody that mitt romney is none of those things. so to that degree michelle obama with her own personal rating so much higher on that the president's has tremendous credibility being validator for barack obama. she hit it out of the park last night on everyone of those scores. in an election that could be decided by two points or less, it is very personal vote everybody casts. michelle obama did just that. martha: great points, you
9:39 am
guys. thank you so much for being here today. >> thank you, martha. martha: americans tend to like first ladies better than the president. >> now you know why. >> that's a good thing. martha: we'll dig that that another day. thank you, guys. bill: if you're anyone in politics especially as a democrat you're here in charlotte, that includes newark, new jersey mayor, cory booker, getting rousing applause last night, laying out his party's platform this way. >> you should be able to find a job that pays the bills. you should be able to afford health care for your family. you should be able to retire with dignity and respect. [cheers and applause] this is our platform. this is our platform. this is our platform.
9:40 am
bill: often times you can see the future due to the performances on stage here at conventions. people are talking about him being a player in 2016. next hour, fact check for the first night of the democratic convention. reaction from the romney team. martha: cory booker speech gave very early in the evening 6:00. duval patrick, close friend of the president from massachusetts had a very prime spot. some people think he got bumped for sticking up for venture capitalism very on. but his speech was somewhat buried yesterday. you boy, did it get the crowd moving. bill: booker lives and works in that new york city metropolitan area. he relies money from wall street to help fuel his own campaign. that is part of the reason he made the comment. martha: good relationship with those folks. democrats changing their platform, speaking of that, in terms of the position on
9:41 am
israel. this has stirred up a big controversy. coming up we'll ask former israeli ambassador to the u.n. dan gillerman how this could affect diplomacy in that region. bill: we'll talk with two female republican governors about the so-called republican war on women. what sup with that? that is next. >> i know this president and i can tell you that he cares deeply about the next generation of young women in this country. his daughters, all love our daughters [applause] >> the national convention of the democratic party will now come to order!. >> who is mitt romney? the american people know barack obama. >> barack obama will never ignore our truth. he will fight for them. >> when detroit was in trouble, president obama saved the auto industry and saved a million jobs. >> for us democrats,
9:42 am
obamacare is a badge of honor. >> that was the change we believed in. that was the change we fought for. that was the change president obama delivered. >> that is why he is my choice on november 6th. >> that is what change looks like. >> here is what we'll see say to mitt romney in november. we're going to say no!. >> being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> we need proven leadership, proven judgement and proven values. america needs four more years of barack obama!. >> stand together, for the man we can trust, my husband, our president, barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> four more years!. >> as you heard her deliver it, it was masterful. >> this arena is electric. >> we'll be watching back from the floor. back to you guys. >> we hope you stay with us here at the democratic national convention. ring so, i'm walking down the street,
9:43 am
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9:46 am
bill: as you know, one of the storylines being pushed during this presidential race is the so-called war on women waged by republicans. that is the charge from some democrats but a new poll finds president obama's favorability among women dropping. he is at 46%. back in april he was up around 57%. my next two guests are republican governors, nikki haley out of south carolina, mary falin out of oklahoma. ladies welcome here and good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good to be with you. bill: and to you as well. governor haley, is the storyline on women working for democrats? or is it wearing off? what do you think? >> it is really not working. i think the democrats think if they say republicans hate women enough that women will start to believe it but what they don't understand is, women are so much smarter than that. the fact that women think about a lot of things, not only do think they about contraception they think
9:47 am
about their families. they think about the debt. how average income has gone down. national debt has gone up. we've watched the global competitiveness of our country drop four years in a low row. women are very results oriented. on election day they will vote for their families and they will vote for this country. bill: governor fallin, if you were in the hall last night, before the networks came on last night, there were many speeches about, about 34 minutes worth, of about pro-choice, about abortion rights. democrats, sandra fluke in fact speaks tonight around "the nine" hour. democrats must feel they're making inroads on this giving it so much attention. do you believe they are? >> no, i don't think they are. i think they're not talking about the issues that are very important to mothers, to women in general. you know, i and my husband have six children between the two of us. we're concerned will our children be able to find a job when they get out of college? will our children be left
9:48 am
with mountains of debt from college loans? will they be left with mountains of debt from obamacare which will be a huge drag upon our national economy. $16 trillion of debt in our economy of 23 million americans that are unemployed. you know the fact of the matter is, women are actually suffering under this president. number of women on food stamps go up to record highs. you have seen the average median household income go down by $4,000. that's not good news for american families. and american families have not thrived under this president. bill: governor haley, back to that poll number i mentioned. what do you believe explains why the president would drop off on that number over the past four or five months? what's happening out there that would reflect that, do you believe? >> i think that the american public is now getting to the point where they're asking, are we better off than we were four years ago? and what they're seeing is their wallets are thinner. they all know someone that
9:49 am
lost a job. they see debt their children will have to pay for. they wonder if their children will have to move back in with them because they can't find a job. all of these things that affected them, they're looking back saying are we better off than we were four years ago. the answer is very clear, we're not. when you have a president that grades himself and says he gets an incomplete, as a mom, i know my children come home with incomplete, basically means they failed. i think women will look at the whole picture. they which pay attention. you will continue to see the numbers move. women are thoughtful, they're strong and smart. they think a lot more than just one issue. bill: to the same point with governor fallin with you, the few moments i have left here. what do struggling women and mothers want or need to hear? in order to make them feel just a little bit better, that things will go the right way real soon? as you know the anxiety levels are super high. >> they are super high. women are more concerned
9:50 am
about the kitchen table issues, about being able to take care of their families. about their husbands or themselves having a job. being able to support their families in the way they need to. i'm worried about my children. what kind of future are they going to have when an america with so much debt on it, big government control telling them how they can live their lives or how they can not live their lives. those are things i think you will find women are concerned about. and certainly i was getting tickled at you, governor haley, about children moving back in. we had a child move back in with us because he has so much student loan debt. he is back on his own. it is challenging for our families these days. bill: it is a good thing you're there for your kids. but i'm sure your child doesn't necessarily want to move back home with mom and dad. you know there is a point where you want your freedom and independence. governor haley, thank you. governor fallin, thank you to you as will, ladies. with the hell cop it --
9:51 am
helicopter second quartering overhead. here's martha. martha: stepping out of this arena for a moment. there is another story we're keeping an eye on today. that is awaiting the verdict in the drew peterson murder trial. this has been a long time coming right? the jury gets the case this morning. bill: she was the first person who use that you did not build that comment. she speaks tonight in prime time [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love.
9:52 am
could've had a v8...
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9:54 am
bill: will mother nature throw organizers a curveball in charlotte? at the moment it is on for tomorrow. the president speaks tomorrow night outside of the bank of america stadium in front of oh, some 64,000 people. that is what they expect anyway, but they may move it back inside to the much smaller time warner cable arena where we are now if the severe weather causes a safety issue. if that happens, what do you
9:55 am
do with all the people who have passes to attend the big stadium, bank of america stadium? what do you do then? martha: good question. bill: 30% chance of showers tomorrow. but every afternoon here we've seen showers pop up around 4:00 and they go into the early evening hours but the lightning is the big concern. martha: they're concerned about safety. so we'll get a late call on that i guess as we head into tomorrow afternoon. let's move out of here as i said for a little bit different news for just a moment. he is a former illinois police officer who somehow kept losing his wives. now drew peterson is facing life in prison, accused of murdering his third wife. his fate will soon be in the hands of a jury. steve brown is live outside the courthouse in joliet, illinois. steve, what does the case against peterson hinge on? >> reporter: essentially it is hearsay. the prosecution can put kathleen savio dead in her bathtub in 2004. they have a medical expert said after exhuming the body,
9:56 am
after initial finding her death was an accident, can make this or can create an argument that her death was a homicide. but in terms of pinning this all on drew peterson, a lot of it is going to have to deal or depend on the jury buying into secondhand accounts. >> you told so many people in so many ways, he would kill kathleen and make a look like an accident. that is what the jury will hear when they go back to the courtroom. she is dead. looked like an accident. drew is only one that could have done it. he had a motive. >> reporter: all of this goes back to illinois's hearsay evidence law which allows statements told to other people to be brought into as testimony, even though normally those kind of statements are not permitted. martha? martha: boy, still a lot to think about. as soon as that jury has a decision we'll let everybody at home know. thanks so much, steve brown. bill: we've been hearing a lot, a lot of hits on the romney team here in
9:57 am
charlotte. the romney camp is responding details on that. last night julian castro claimed that democrats created 4.5 million jobs. we'll fact check that in a moment next. >> what you did not hear that people are better off than they were four years ago. what you did hear are simply attacks against their opponents. they don't have [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action.
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>> this is a test [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them.
10:00 am
[ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> this is a direct quote from a video from yesterday at the democratic national convention. government is the only thing we all belong to. we have the romney campaign's quick response to that statement. also, new at 10:00 o'clock a.m., a stunning change in israel party platform. no mention of any support that jerusalem as israel's capital, no combination of the mass. all of this was in the platform four years ago top supporters are demanding answers.
10:01 am
>> let's start by a statement by leon castro. >> four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression. fighting incredible odds and uniting what is in opposition. our present president took action and now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs. martha: according to the number of bureau of labor statistics, if you see went january of 2009, since that time, the private
10:02 am
sector has lost a net of 300,000 jobs during that time period. what about the president's record on working across the aisle? that was one that raised some eyebrows as well. >> it did. in her moving speech last night, she did talk to be about the president's willingness to move beyond party. >> i love that for barack obama, he doesn't care whether you are a democrat or republican. or none of the above. he knows that we all love our country and he is always ready to listen to good ideas. speak to it that is something we repeatedly heard over the last couple of years as well. republican leaders point out that when it comes to the really big issues like the jobs bill and what affected her credit rating, like the health care
10:03 am
law, that they were rebuffed. house speaker john boehner and mitch mcconnell both talk about the number of times have they reached out to the white house. their phone calls were not returned. in those pieces of legislation as they were passed, ultimately, they played none of their ideas were included. that is another one, as he said, raised eyebrows last night. martha: shannon bream, thank you very much. bill: we have some breaking news in charlotte, and this is significant. for the democratic plans and the president, barack obama on thursday night. moments ago, the democratic national committee, the dnc working the convention here in charlotte, says the outdoor arena has been scratched. president obama appears before some 64 to 74,000 people will not happen at the outdoor bank of america building across town here in charlotte, north carolina. instead it will be moved indoors to this arena.
10:04 am
the time warner cable center arena in downtown charlotte. this arena is considerably smaller. perhaps 16,000 maximum capacity and size as opposed to the 60 plus they would've gotten in the visuals you would've gone on a thursday night. weather is the issue. the concern is lightning, possibly rolling throughout the area late in the afternoon into the early evening hours. we have seen that almost everything that we have been here this week. we seem to be in that pattern of storms cropping up. around 7:00 o'clock last night, you heard the thunder. that has been a concern for the obama team. now, what do you do with the tens of thousands of people who have donated their time and their energy and the efforts just to get a ticket. martha: this is a big deal. obviously we heard from the campaign that they were not at all concerned about filling the
10:05 am
stadium. that was one of the questions all week. it was supposed to be reminiscent of december. that huge moment. it's also remember that one of the reasons, and they were very open about this, it is because it is a great outreach opportunity for them. they collect e-mail addresses from anybody who walks into the stadium. he gives them a unique opportunity to tap into a whole new group of people that they hope to turn to volunteers and voters. of course, that opportunity will be lost as well as a result of all this. bill: it is my understanding of the people who have plans to attend, they had already given up their e-mail and cell phone numbers. that part of the equation has already been solved. he has already mind that data in charlotte, much like they did in denver for years ago. that is their mission. to identify voters in north carolina, specifically in mecklenburg county, which was so strong for president four years ago. they still have that
10:06 am
information. but now you wonder about sore feelings or a damper on the overall convention in charlotte from the democratic perspective. our reporter has more. what have you found out? reporter: part of the equation is to boost the north carolina turnout. the president carried it by a very narrow margin in 2008 and is trending for mitt romney now. they wanted to build a stadium to inspire people to go out and work for the obama election campaign in the final weeks. it is not just the possibility that is clearly the serious threat to the stadium. secret service restrictions would've prevented people to even carry umbrellas into the stadium. you have the prospect of tens of thousands of people sitting in the rain without even the protection of a number a lot. though they have been saying all week that the nominating convention will be held come
10:07 am
rain or shine, they decided to move back into the basketball arena. we are not sure yet exactly what scorn to be done in terms of a crowd. it is quite possible they have several sites around the city for members of the crowd. the president could, in fact, visit some of them. this is going to be a disappointment for many thousands of people at the football stadium. bill: i am just reading something here from the dnc. as they go through the weather concerns and etc. they have monitored storms in the area. if you watch the weather forecast day-to-day, it seems like a the weather forecast was expected to get better. tomorrow and thursday. therefore they say that we have decided to move thursday's proceedings inside the time warner cable arena to ensure the security of our delegates.
10:08 am
it continues. the energy and enthusiasm for our convention has been overwhelming. we share the disappointment of more than 65,000 who signed up for community credentials to be there with the president in person and the republicans not sitting idle during the democratic convention. we know also, according to democratic officials here in charlotte that they have planned to bus folks and not just from north carolina but the surrounding states. south carolina, georgia, and tennessee. what do they do that to handle these people let the moment are either here or nearby in charlotte are on their way very soon? >> that is a question i cannot answer. our indications are that the president may speak to some of these people before the nominating convention. the press reports that you are reading from say that we invite community credentials holders to continue to come together with their friends and neighbors to watch and participate in
10:09 am
history. the president will speak to these credential holders in a national conference call tomorrow afternoon. we will work with the campaign to ensure that those that are unable to attend tomorrow's event will be invited to come between tomorrow and election day. there will be a lot of disappointed about this decision to cancel tomorrow's proceedings at the football stadium. especially if there is not a lot of weather to blame it on. martha: wendell, that is my figure. that is for sure. that obviously is the way it is with weather. they are trying to make life a little bit easier for some of the people who are trying to come to a survey to change their plans. he gives them time to ease some of those concerns, i would imagine, right? reporter: that is right.
10:10 am
we must remember that the republicans lost the day of their convention to the threat of hurricane isaac, which turned out not to hammer the florida area where they were. martha: that is absolutely right. when you look at the whole convention structure, a lot of questions were raised about the timing, why it is done in the middle of hurricane season. this is also the time of year when you do see thunderstorms roll through in the late afternoon. you just wonder. i was talking to chris wallace yesterday. everybody seems to think of this this whole process is too long. but it needs to be shorter in terms of days. and he said yes, but i've been following them for so long. every single convention, that's the discussion you have. for a variety of reasons. it continues to go along as planned with these long four-day conventions. reporter: a couple of things to say on that. first of all, the democrats did shorten their convention to three days.
10:11 am
the second reason is they are having these conventions in the south to draw the voters of the south, doing it precisely at the time that they experience extreme weather. martha: you are so right. maybe mayor jim would be a nice time. we will see. wendell, thank you so much with for the big news there that they have canceled the big stadium event tomorrow night. that will be held here. a much smaller arena. we will have that later. highly anticipated speakers will be on stage tonight where we will be digging in for the next two nights. bill clinton is the marquee name this evening. the former president, hugely popular in democratic circles. the obama campaign hopes that he will win over undecided and independent voters when he steps on a stage in front of the podium. also on the list, georgetown law center graduate, sandra fluke.
10:12 am
her testimony really upset the catholic church and mobilize the catholic effort on the other side of the campaign. also tonight, the los angeles mayor and chairman of the convention, antonio villaraigosa, will also take the stage this evening. the mayor recently criticized republicans for not backing up their appeal to hispanic voters. bill: back to the main headline now, barack obama speech at bank of america stadium will not happen. it is being moved indoors. what we will not know ultimately is whether or not the democrats would be able to fill that stadium. capacity is 74,000. yesterday we were told they have blocked off a certain area for staging to withhold the capacity of 64,000 people. many wondered whether or not there would be empty states and
10:13 am
10 seats inside that stadium. as for now, we will never know. brit hume called last night's convention speeches a destitution derby. what was he talking about? brit hume is lied to react. the two do you remember the comment you didn't know about? before president obama senate, another democrat hit that theme hard. but will elizabeth warren touch that controversial topic again? when she steps in front of the stage here in charlotte. >> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. you moved your goods to market on the road to the rest of us pay for. you hired workers the rest of us pay to educate. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000. bill: there is breaking news where it is rating on the obama for a. president obama speaking on thursday night at an outdoor stadium called bank of america, that move, moments ago has been scratched. the president now will move indoors to the arena here across town where there will be a considerable audience that is
10:17 am
smaller to receive his message. this is breaking news. martha: indeed it is. let's bring in fox news analyst brit hume. what is your reaction to this news? reporter: there is not a lot happening this morning, as big of a news as it is. it's not a matter to people at home. this has to do with the methodism equalities of speech and all the things that are going to matter indoors or out. we are all in the middle of this maelstrom. to the broader public it seems like a detail. martha: what about the north carolina voters that he won by a very slim margin in the state. people were enthusiastic to take part in a big spectacle tomorrow
10:18 am
night and to witness that bit of history? they are going to have to scramble to figure out how to keep those folks happy. reporter: well, i suppose. how many people will make the trek to this arena were not decided or heard about? it sounds like this was a collection of people that are highly motivated developer they wouldn't want to make a late summer night director said in an outdoor stadium in charlotte. they are decided under excited to see barack obama. martha: it makes things a little bit easier in that respect matt. reporter: and they are not getting rained on, which is a question for everyone concerned. [laughter] martha: you said something last night. something that got a lot of attention. let's listen to it. reporter: there is one thing
10:19 am
that seems to be happening. they get into a destitution derby in which every speaker seems to be trying to best the previous one in the limited things they had growing up. i knew that barack obama did not grow up rich. but i never knew until tonight that he went dumpster diving for furniture. and then he drove a rusted out car in his shoes didn't fit. i guess i admire him all the more. martha: dumpster diving for furniture and a destitution derby. it was the quote of the night. we talked about quite a bit afterwards. reporter: think about it, martha. we had been pro-romney, talking about eating dinner on the ironing board, but they made it sound like they ate nothing.
10:20 am
and now barack obama -- he's getting furniture out of the dumpster in his shoes don't fit. [laughter] these contests is that people get into, it seems like they have these humble beginnings and are so comical. martha: there is a very kenzie intone on both sides. you get this image in your head how this played out. you just wonder how it resonates. when you put it this way, it strikes about all the stories we have been hearing. his mother was a single mom and all of god and -- that is all well reversed as before. reporter: i suspect that might
10:21 am
not be involved in the biographical information tonight. that could be really strange. martha: we will see so. would you expect from him tonight and weigh in, if you would, on sort of interesting history of these two players in the role that they will play in all of this tonight? reporter: i have no doubt that he will give a full throated endorsement of this president. and people do with the obama team wants him to, which is associate himself in the success of the economy into his presidency. that's what the president trying to do. in fact, however, as anyone with eyes to see, these two men pursued entirely different courses after the first two years of their presidency. both of which involved a major midterm congressional election defeat. in this case it was 1994 and republicans got control of the house. in the case of barack obama, it was a major, major wipeout. and he had lost control of the
10:22 am
house as well. bill clinton turned towards the senator. he moderated his agenda. the big health care plan that did not pass but he had pursued, and in his place was accommodation with republicans on some spending issues and so forth. might i add, a booming economy.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
bill: enter the number of delegates in favor of president barack obama. later when the president arrives in charlotte, officially denomination in 2012. that is one thing on the floor
10:26 am
here tonight. the other thing that is actually critical at the convention and political campaigns these deals unsent days come as something that you always see now. that is the teleprompter. in the back of the room, state and 10 straight in front of the stage, you might be in trouble, big trouble. >> you might be in for a long night. bill: the most in-depth coverage at the time warner center all week we have learned. barack obama will be inside here on thursday night as opposed to across town outside. martha: there is a lot of discussion as to why we needed to move it over there and a fair amount of discussion about lightning. in the meantime, the romney-ryan ticket responding to the opening night of speakers at the dnc. saying that they are not saying that americans are better off
10:27 am
than they were a year ago. not a single speaker. the romney team. what is the reaction up there, doug? reporter: it is hard to gauge from here. mitt romney has kept such a low profile. one official statement that mitt romney himself has released him in the form of a tweet. it was in response to this video that you are about to see. the video that was put together for the host committee and the city of charlotte. >> we do believe you can use government in a good way. we belong to different churches and clubs and we are together as a part of our city and county and state. reporter: after that video was released, mitt romney tweeted that we don't belong to the government, the government wants to us. while the dnc is distancing itself, the video is permitted
10:28 am
by the host committee of charlotte. it allows them to tie together these facts. the nation is now at $16 trillion in debt. in fact, one out of seven americans is now in food stamps. half of americans are taking some form of government handout. half of americans are not meeting the threshold to pay income taxes these days. speaking on fox and friends this morning, paul ryan said this points out the clear contrast between the two parties philosophically. >> we also believe that the role of government is to protect natural rights and promote equality of opportunity so we can make the most of our lives independent and self-sufficient. an upward mobile society. a safety net that helps people who cannot help themselves. help people get back on their feet. that is very different than what president obama is moving us towards. which was kind of a welfare state. reporter: paul ryan went on to
10:29 am
say that government spending under the obama administration is mirroring that of europe, and if we continue on the same trajectory, we will be facing the same financial crisis that europe is now facing. martha: thank you, doug. good to see you this morning, doug. bill: back i started job. martha: he does, exactly. bill: the dnc changing the prime location for the prime moment on thursday night. wombat in a moment as we get reaction. also, elizabeth warren of massachusetts. she is in prime time later tonight. will the you did not build that comment make it into her speech? what do you think? martha: here is a question that is being asked. word of god go? a lot less mention of religion at the dnc and in their platform. so why is that? >> and devotion to the country, we wish to keep it strong and we wish to keep it free. it requires at this critical
10:30 am
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10:33 am
so i know how important that is. bill: oftentimes, these they say these conventions are prepackaged and nothing changes. this time, charlotte has changed in a significant way. that is an aerial picture of the 74,000 people. home to the north carolina panthers. that is being transformed at the moment for barack obama on thursday night. that is all off. the construction will halt immediately because of weather, the dnc says that speech will move indoors here at the time warner cable center arena. glad brad blakeman and alan combs, so glad you're here. we brought you on for a
10:34 am
different topic, but this is breaking news in the past 30 minutes. the question is, how much of a deal is this? one charlotte video in charlotte comes and goes. now it won't happen. outdoors it will come indoors and a much smaller space. how do you view it? to you can fool some of the people sometimes, but not enough of the people. it is clear from the democratic strategy that i see, they told me they could not build phillis arena. as much as they tried to bus people in, there is no room at the inn within the confines of charlotte to house people. busing people and became very difficult because of the transportation, length of time. whether became a convenient
10:35 am
excuse. bill: you are saying that the weather forecast is the rationale for changing us? >> absolutely. a 40% chance of rain. democrats that can't be afforded caramels almanac? all you have to do in planning goes on a year in advance -- look at the weather patterns. they knew when they planned this thing. bill: well republicans took a risk with tampa, florida. with hurricane isaac. it was downgraded to a tropical storm when it was on land. as a democrat, how do you think this place? doesn't rain on the parade here in charlotte? remark this is absurd.
10:36 am
>> i am in charlotte right now. it has been raining on and off all week. it is drenching, and like a monsoon yesterday. this notion that they have to cover for the fact that not enough people want to go and see barack obama -- this is pure, bright right wing politics. [talking over each other] >> in 2008, people stood in a snowstorm to see this guy. >> they wouldn't have done it in a snowstorm. i believe that god is speaking. maybe they spoke to republicans because two and conventions in a row -- they had to cancel. this is ridiculous. >> politics at whether? come on, i'm already hearing from people in charlotte that volunteer their time and wait for the tickets. they were really looking forward to the speech on thursday night.
10:37 am
braddock, alan is challenging you here. yesterday we were told that seating capacity with the stage construction, they would block off 10,000 seats, which is pretty much normal when you're looking at a significant backdrop. that means 64,000 people would need to fill the stadium. how many are you reporting this thing would've gone forward? >> from what i have been told, they were scrambling and panic going that they would not be able to fill a large majority. i've been in charge of major media events for two presidents. i know the kind of worry and panic that can fit in when you don't have a base crowd you can rely on. i can tell you that as sure as i'm sitting on this show,
10:38 am
whether became the convenient excuse and they didn't want to embarrass the president and he is going on onto 15,000 people that are assured as opposed to 55,000 otherwise. >> this is pure political spin. anti-democratic. bill: do any of those arguments hold up to you, alan? >> no. they knew to logistically what they needed to do. it's a small city. there might be some logistical issues, but it's clearly a weather issue. there was a monsoon yesterday. they can't take a chance, so they are making a wise decision based on the weather. period. bill: thank you to both of you. we will know in days or once we are complete come friday morning as to whether or not there has been a significant impact on the perception of the convention were not. thank you both so much. martha: massachusetts senate
10:39 am
nominee elizabeth warren will take the stage behind me tonight. she is challenging senator scott brown from his seat. that was the seat left when ted kennedy passed away. john is with us today. reporter: it's going to be a very big night for elizabeth warren. two jobs are what she has. she is very popular with democrats. she was the watchdog for the t.a.r.p. program. also, her job is going to be to be reaching out to massachusetts voters. >> in fact, i can feel my heart rate going up. reporter: the senate seat held by ted kennedy is up for grabs after almost half a century. >> i would like to take this
10:40 am
fight for him straight to the floor for the united states senate. reporter: her current strategy is to moderate scott brown to conservative positions, casting him as too extreme for massachusetts voters. >> scott brown's best hope is to steer clear of this. reporter: he dropped in for a single day, refusing a single slot. on the campaign trail, you will rarely hear him utter the word republican. >> scott brown, republican -- how many times have you heard him say that? reporter: at the same time, brown is trying to paint worn as antibusiness. adding that her support for president obama's claims of you didn't build that. >> if you build a factory, good for you. you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us pay for.
10:41 am
reporter: warren is happy to amplify the most progressive rhetoric, hoping to win back democrats embraced her and 2008. reporter: massachusetts is one of the races who will control who earns the senate. the latest poll has drawn up by five points. but elizabeth warren has a substantial leading fundraiser. there have been some rocky moments in one's campaign. in may she became a punchline after claiming minority status in universe 30 directories. last week she lost a couple of days in the news cycle after her tabloid smacked around. she can use her appearance tonight to hook her wagon to
10:42 am
president obama is in a state that is overwhelmingly democratic, she can certainly make scott brown for the reelection of rough one. martha: it's a big night for her. john, thank you very much. bill: back to the headline, we will pass it along to you in a moment. reporters calling attention to a missing plane in the democratic platform. that now has some people concerned. we will tell you it's all about in a moment. martha: and you've if you've gotten a bit of a double take on the stage last night, you're not alone. cooley >> with hardware, everybody has to be able to get there. with hard work, everybody ought to be able to stay there. and go beyond.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
bill: back to the breaking news in charlotte, north carolina. the main event has been moved indoors. the bank of america capacity, 74,000. that is where barack obama was expected to make his speech on thursday night. forty minutes ago, fox news confirming it will move indoors to the time warner cable arena. ed henry reports the last couple of days there was anxiety expressed on the path of democratic officials on difficult it might be to build the stadium. we did know and have been reporting that there were busloads planning to bring in more people from tennessee, south carolina, georgia, but still deceives -- we are already
10:47 am
hearing from locals from charlotte, highly anticipating that speech, they are disappointed. they used a few other words, too. if you kenzie, barack obama stands and doors off for thursday night. martha: getting back to the dnc platform. it has gotten a lot of attention for what is not in it. democrats striking any reference to jerusalem from their platform this time around. avoiding the city's status as a capital. back in 2008, the platform read this way. jerusalem is and will remain the capital of israel. the parties agree that jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiation. this year it reads like this. a just and lasting israeli palestinian court, would contribute to regional stability and help sustain israel's identity as a jewish and democratic state. joined now by the former israeli
10:48 am
ambassador to the u.n. welcome, ambassador. give me your thoughts on us. >> well, martha, i am obviously as most israelis are, very disappointed and very worried. because this is not just forgetfulness. this is just not committing jerusalem. this is the moving of jerusalem. this is a pullback from jerusalem in a way, it is this administration we beat withdrawal from jerusalem. jerusalem was always here. jerusalem was, indeed, at the heart of the matter. as you just quoted, it wasn't the democratic platform four years ago. it was stated very loudly and clearly by president obama, even before he was elected, i was
10:49 am
there. the annual conference where he made it very clear how jerusalem -- how important jerusalem was and how it will forever be the capital of israel. removing it is, to me, a very ominous sign in a very negative message. to the israelis, to whom jerusalem is so important. to every citizen of the world. christians, muslims, and jews. jerusalem is the holy city. i just find it very worrying and very disappointing. martha: we know that the romney camp has already come out and said that they feel that this is an example, of a somewhat more tense relationship i guess you could say, between the president and the leadership in israel. but my question to you is, the president is not bound by the democratic party platform. we saw examples where mitt
10:50 am
romney had differences with the gop platform. if the president were to sort of reiterate and restate his commitment to jerusalem as the capital city, without a assuage your concerns? >> is the president does so in his speech, which is so widely anticipated tomorrow, it will, i think, make it very clear that he still is committed, as he claims to be all along, to jerusalem as the capital of israel. i hope very much the president will do so. i think it will be a very, very encouraging message to have him as our strongest and closest ally in israel. it will lock -- it will
10:51 am
alleviate a lot of fears and worries. martha: thank you very much, sir. bill: getting back to developments in charlotte as they come in. we will pass them along to you. is there an enthusiasm gap on behalf of the democratic campaign for the white house in the second term. more on that as we go through
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
bill: just a few minutes from now, we will push forward with the news for democrats. michelle obama bringing some in the audience to tears. what about the message that the gop has been pounding democrats on. are you better off than you were four years ago? we will discuss and look ahead to bill clinton's speech tonight. bill mcgurn, chris wallace, and ambassador john bolton. i will see you in six minutes.
10:55 am
martha: we want to bring you the very latest on the venue switch. it looked the left-hand side of your screen and the effort that has gone into building a stadium to fill it out. all of that has halted now. the president's big night will happen inside the time warner cable in reno where we have been all week. here is the word from the obama campaign. we are encouraging those who had community credentials to stay at home and organize watch parties with their neighbors. they can still participate in our live stream. we are encouraging them not to come to charlotte. they had people that would be bused here. they have the credentials and are saying please do not come to charlotte. bill: also the host city and the city of charlotte. there was a large amount of disappointment rippling across this town. people had have said that this
10:56 am
was the moment for charlotte in their city's history. oftentimes they would tell you it doesn't matter whether it was president obama or bush or any president. he still would've attended us. that's how much they were looking forward to it. there was also a program on behalf of the dnc in charlotte, but if you contributed nine hours of volunteer work on three separate occasions, you would get a ticket to enter. thousands and thousands did just that. now you wonder how they will react after hearing this. martha: it was called a 931 plan. drumming up new interest in the campaign, helping people on the road and in the ground game. bill: we will sort through this for you as it comes in. the new jersey governor was singing on late-night tv. have you heard his tone are you okay, babe?
10:57 am
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