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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 5, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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i just felt bad for the bear. he or she wanted a little nap in a tree and they squirt them with water. jenna: the bear on the run in ohio we want if you live in that community, he is still out there. thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. >> this is the solution to the sound which is about to begin. the band is down below, and now i am in my happy place. i hope that you are too. megyn: the second day in charlotte, north carolina. some troubling polls for president obama. new content one day before he accepts his party's nomination. welcome to a special edition of american life. i am megyn kelly reporting live from the democratic national convention in charlotte. we are told the american idol
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winner is about to take the stage for the better part of two hours. just up, the dnc's plans to hold the bank of america stage speech has been moved. folks are taking everything down. instead, the president will speak from here at the smaller, time warner cable arena. concerns about possible severe weather tomorrow night. however, a top democratic official also told fox news that there were fears it would be difficult to fill the 74,000 seat stadium. a series of new polls signaling for team obama. the president's favorability dropping. 47% in april, he was up 54%. among women, the numbers are even more concerning for the president. there has been a sharp drop. 46% say that they have a favorable opinion of the president, but in april, it was that 67%. look at that.
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the female vote is crucial for the president. in 2008, president president obama easily won the women's vote, getting 66% compared to john mccain's 43%. chris stirewalt is with us now. you know what is interesting, as i was down on the floor moments ago, they were setting up order sandretto -- sandra fluke. all about how mitt romney is bad for reproductive choices and there is a war on women and the democrats are the only one who care enough about women. this is not enough for a new argument. they have been making it for months. yet, the numbers with the women suggest what? reporter: well, here is a theory.
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it comes down to one group. moms. middle-class moms. right now they are very anxious about the state of things. the romney campaign, these are the mothers that are trying to make their dollars driving a little further for a tank of gas and going a little further to keep their families together. they are not in jeopardy, but they are concerned. what they don't wind is partisan attack. what president obama has been doing since april when he saw his numbers has been rained top, personal attacks on mitt romney, giving him time to talk about substance and issues that they are concerned about to just take the hide off of mitt romney. the weakening economy has to be part of these numbers for the president. but you have to think that for this group, and you see among women, this sharp drop has something to do with the president's strategy of wiping out mitt romney and basically destroying him.
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megyn: you talked about this very issue not too long ago on this broadcast. in your view the president could not run under his own record because, you know, it's complicated for him. so he would need to make this about making mitt romney unacceptable. you said to me not long ago that that poses a problem for president obama because it forces him to go negative. the change and hope and promise message that got him into office, which he said could backfire among key constituents. is that what we are seeing? >> it could be. here is the deal. the president knew there would be a cost. of course there is a cost when you change all that. the hope was that they could do it fast enough and effectively enough that by this point, the president could turn and be more optimistic and hopeful. what you heard from the first lady last night when she talked about the two parties that he loved, republicans and democrats in unity -- mitt romney is still in the hunt. when you look at his
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favorability, mitt romney should have been wiped out by now, but he has hung on and is still alive. the president can't stop now. he has to keep trying to wipe out mitt romney because given the circumstances in the country and the concerns that people have and the unpopularity of two of his biggest agenda items, his 2000 tenet healthcare law and 2009 stimulus, he has to with romney. the question is, can he survive? all of the tax and the blowback that he gets from him. megyn: how big of an impact do you think the message that we saw the rnc last week will have on the president's message going forward? last night we heard speakers go after mitt romney, no holds barred. the keynote speaker, mayor castro, got up there and called him a good guy. i was wondering whether that had anything to do with the parade of witnesses at the rnc talking about mitt romney and taking care of the dying children. you know, volunteering his time to make someone dinner when
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their child had a brain hemorrhage. the stories were one after the other. digit handicap the ability to go after mitt romney the demon double, the vampire? [laughter] megyn: do you know what i mean? then you see the favorability numbers. reporter: there is something to that. here is what you see. republicans all stipulated, good guy, bad president. they say that he's a good guy, a good family man. he's a nice person. we are sure that he didn't mean to do what he did to the country, but he needs to be fired. that puts a little onus on team obama. if you think his policies are wrong and bad, but you think he's an okay guy. maybe there is a bit of that. the other thing is these numbers can cause concern in the obama campaign. how can we continue to victimize mitt romney. how much are women voters,
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especially in ohio and pennsylvania and other places saying enough of the attack. megyn: chris stirewalt, thank you so much. >> you bet. megyn: as the president's favorability ratings dropped, take a look at this chart showing the average of all polls. at the start of the year before governor romney cured his party's nomination, president obama had a clear advantage over him. take a look. there we are back in january. mitt romney is in the red, barack obama is in the blue. you can see it peaking in march. as it became clear that governor romney would be the gop nominee. the president's lead widened and over the summer, he still enjoyed a lead over the governor. taking a look at july, there was a considerable advantage in the president's favor. same thing leading into the later part of the summer. look at september. look at august. the president's numbers have
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gone down and governor romney's numbers have gone up. bringing us to where we are today, which is at a dead even tie. it is just incredible. here we are two months out of after the election, and here the two men are tied. the romney campaign, this is where they wanted to be. they claim that they are very happy with that type. more on that in a bit later. the democrats feel that the big boss -- big roster of speakers called out paul ryan and mitt romney. shannon bream has that part of the story live from washington. reporter: one of the hottest topics on the campaign trail is the issue of medicare. some democrats say they are excited about romney's decision to pick paul ryan as a running mate. they say that his position is so radical. or is what kathleen sebelius said last night. >> what is missing from the
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romney-ryan plan or medicare is medicare. [cheers] [applause] instead of a medicare guarantee, republicans would give seniors a voucher that limits what is covered. costing seniors as much as a $400 more per year. reporter: that number is based on an outdated plan that is significantly different from two important things. romney's plan and the revised updated plan. even if the number was accurate, it would not impact anything are currently on medicare. the newest russian plan does not eliminate medicare as it is known right now. it would continue on as an option along with private options. also last night, duval patrick went after romney's record of that state. >> in massachusetts, we know mitt romney. by the time he left office,
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massachusetts was 47th in the nation in job creation during better economic times and household income in our state was declining. reporter: the truth is that massachusetts was in 50th place when romney took over as governor. during his time in office, unemployment went down and there were modt jobs gained. by the time he left office, massachusetts was ranked 28th. a significant lead. not 47. jobs creation claims to be allowed to statistics, we will keep updating it throughout the day. we will keep an update on tonight's speeches as well. only you can make those headphones look good. megyn: i feel like dick clark, but you are too kind. we are hearing such concerns today that the president and his party may have just angered a critical group of voters. in 2008, the dnc platform read that jerusalem is and will remain the capital of israel. but this year, that line has
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been removed. harvard professor and attorney joins us now to tell us why this change among others are causing big worries for some in the jewish community. and a hollywood actor in the hot seat after a series of on repeatable -- unrepeatable tweets. that question right after this break. and the u.s. is now more than $16 trillion in debt. more than 136,000 for every american family. can you avoid that? what this means for america's future generations and how this could affect the november election. >> i need this and i need this -- and i'm going to take this.
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megyn: new developments today with one of the ugliest attacks on political spouses that we have seen in years. it started at the end of last week when jason biggs sent a slew of discussing twitter messages attacking ann romney and jan o'brien. nickelodeon got involved because biggs happens to be the star of a new show on the channel.
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the media and political world have been completely silent on this. joining me now is that she president and ceo of women's campaign fund and that she should run foundation. i made the mistake of actually going on his twitter page to see for myself what he had written. it goes well beyond, what he wrote about janna ryan. underscoring to say that jason biggs is a disgusting pig. >> it is no longer acceptable. when you said there was no response, to be honest, that has been the modus operandi for this guy. here is the deal. the research we have done shows as long as you do respond, you undo that damage and you deter
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it from happening again. that is the critical piece. megyn: get out there and found that? for now they have responded. the folks online are really the ones who brought this to the nation's attention. here is what nickelodeon said. they were offensive comments, we do not condone them. it was our mistake to link from our twitter feed to his account. does that do it? it's not like he made one comment that he can dialback. >> it does not. here is why. that young man's livelihood is depending on people not getting upset at him and he screwed up. beagle thing is here you are, a very important national anchor, talking about it on national television. that is what we need. also quite frankly what ann's team and janna ryan's team needs to do -- with the biggest
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deterrence is is to keep women from running an office, to keep us ranked 94th in the world is this kind of thing. it's the second most important thing they report. megyn: if they respond, then they elevated. >> that's wrong. you should respond. when i ran for congress in 2008 in the and the crazy nonsense came at me, i had the endorsement of everybody. everyone said don't say a word, you don't want to blow it up. guess what? they are absolutely dead wrong. i drive that product around project around with me for two years and i finally got the research and what does it say? that kind of stuff is devastating electoral lead to women. but the good news is as long that long to respond right away, no man would ever have to deal about when you say that sexist. megyn: why are we not see seeing more about this in the press?
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one of the things the online folks have been excited about is when rush limbaugh went after sandra fluke, it was everywhere. people were outraged. he was condemned for his remarks justifiably. >> we have a couple of other examples that were quiet like this one. democratic congresswoman janice hahn was portrayed as a pole dancer. it took all of our efforts to try to get that one called out. christine o'donnell, which i think you and i talked about -- she was pilloried in the press and no one stood up and said, after i was on your show, she called up and said you were the only person standing up for me in the country. so i think the record on this stuff is mixed. ritual in media. i think there is countless examples, of this stuff. the key thing is his women need respond.
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we need far more women running for office. on the republican and democratic side. if you have more women out there in the political realm,. megyn: i think it's fine to take a shot at their politics and their policies, and even with the sandra fluke thing, you can object to what she said, but there is no reason to go after people in this way. >> this is a whole different level of file. megyn: saying that he wanted to sexually assault the two of them, it's the most disgusting thing i've read in a long time. >> explicit, awful, inexcusable, it should not happen. megyn: i think that nickelodeon has a real problem on its hands. thank you so much, it's always a pleasure. let me know what you think. should this guy lose his livelihood because of this, because of how he feels? about women and other issues? promoting and joking about child rape in aquilino at megyn kelly.
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the debt level yesterday across the 16 trillion-dollar mark. that is $136,000 for every family. imagine if someone came to your door and wanted to collect that. up next, stuart varney and what america is looking forward to for the next four years. and growing concern about one group who says politics are at stake at the doj. >> president obama and the band of his merry men, might as well erected their own pink sign at the arizona mexico border saying welcome all illegals to your united states. our home is your home
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megyn: little before 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon from the united states marked an unfortunate milestone. the national debt past $16 trillion. if you just sit and watch the number, it's really kind of disturbing. just watch it. we were talking about this yesterday. it didn't get a lot of attention, not on the media headlines for charlotte, north carolina. stuart varney is with us now. >> to ignore this is to ignore a real danger to the country. our debt is now bigger than our economy. our debt is now greater than all of yours that combine. we have interest that we have to pay of $10 billion every single week for ever on that.
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worse yet, this debt is accumulating much faster than they used to because our economy is now slowing. as our economy slows more, so the deficit grows faster. not a good position to be in. megyn: when you talk about $136,000 per family, i mean, that is if they win today, this afternoon and collected from all this. when you watch how quickly the numbers go up, you think about your children. i have a 3-year-old and a 16 month old. ten years from now, what is that number going to be? >> that is the speed of this accumulation. it is a huge problem. who is going to lend us the money? when we see deck getting completely out of control, who wants us all of this money? who lends us a trillion dollars a year. at the moment, the federal reserve is literally printing
1:27 pm
money to lend to the treasury,, which then spends it, which then has to go out and borrow more money. it is largely a round robin. at some point, that has to stop. at that point come interest rates go up, the economy goes down and we have flat out unpayable debt. no way around that. megyn: thank you so much, stewart. coming up, first lady michelle obama saying one of her husbands best quality is that he sees no us or them in america. from bankers to business owners, the tea partiers have felt differently about that. experiencing the wrath of the white house. a panel and a fair and balanced debate coming up. new questions about our closest allies. a harvard professor and attorney joins us live to tell us why this change is causing problems in the jewish community.
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president obama will be giving his acceptance speech tomorrow night after this. >> we are here in the time warner cable every night. this is where the president will accept the nomination tomorrow night. on the stage behind me. it feeds about 20,000 people, which is substantial. it is quite a shift from the bank of america stadium or the president will accept the nomination tomorrow night. while the democrats say the official reason for the change of venue is the weather, there have been conflicting reports about what is expected tomorrow night. the local forecast here, the latest report was they expect clear skies and now they are speculating about whether democrats have real concerns about being able to fill a stadium that seats 75,000 people as opposed to this one that would see 20,000 [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing
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hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] megyn: fox news election alert. president obama is departing andrews air force base. next stop, charlotte, north carolina for the democratic national convention. he will be officially nominated by none other than former president bill clinton. more on that in a moment, but first this. >> i love that he has never forgotten how he started. i love that we can trust barack to do what he says he's going to do even when it's hard, especially when it's hard. i love that for barack there is no such thing as us and them.
1:33 pm
he doesn't care whether you're a democrat, a republican or none of the above, he knows that we all love our country, and he is always ready to listen to good ideas. he's also looking for the very best in everyone he meets. megyn: that was first lady michelle obama last night in charlotte telling americans that her husband does not care about a person's politics, his critics already saying otherwise. he has been accused of being devisive in the past because of comments like these. >> there are small town tph-s pennsylvania, like a lot of folks in the midwest, the clinton administration or the bush administration and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are going to regenerate and they have not. so it's not surprising then that
1:34 pm
they cling to their guns, religion or antipathy toward people that aren't like them. >> today thanks to loopholes and shelters a quarter of a millionaires now pay lower tax rates than millions of you, millions of middle class families. when it comes to a woman's right to make her own healthcare chances they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s and the 21st century. [cheers and applause] megyn: joining me now monica crowley a radio talk show host. and julie ro roginsky. both fox news contributors. he uses the terms, us and them, and that has a lot of folks, monica coming out and saying, look the first lady while many people loved her speech and thought she was a real role
1:35 pm
model for young women in particular, that line wasn't necessary, and she set herself up for critics. >> yeah, you know, megyn i think in an otherwise really effective speech by michelle obama the line that you cited about us and them has instantly become the definitive comment, and it kind of detracts from the effectiveness of her speech because it rings so outrageously falls. this president has divided americans based on class and race and age and gender, and he has done it almost nonstop, because, look, by and large if is how the left looks at americans. they look at americans based on identity, they carry out identity politics and in order to ram their agenda through they tend to slice and dice americans into different groups and pit them against each other. the president has done that throughout his presidency and i think even to democra democrats
1:36 pm
, he told them to take a hike. it's not just us versus them versus conservatives, he went after fox news and other conservative media outlets. he is constantly pitting people that disagree with him or don't serve his agenda against themselves and against people that aren't aligned with them. megyn: there was one line, two together in the speech that was otherwise so sel well received. you could argue that it was too focused on big government and so on. this is the line that is getting her in trouble. >> i don't think it's actually anything she is saying is erroneously. god knows he tried. he came into office, he tried to work with the republicans. he got bipartisan support for the stimulus and obama care despite what monica is saying. he got bipartisan support for a lot of initiatives he got through congress otherwise he would not have got eve got got
1:37 pm
ten them through congress. he conceded a lot to get republican votes in obamacare. on the stimulus he again got republican support. the problem is you have people like mitch mcconnell who has a famous quote saying the number one priority of himself as a republican leader in the senate is to make sure that barack obama is a one-term president. very hard to being bi-partisan when nobody wants to cooperate with you on the other side and that becomes problematic. >> for his first two years barack obama had huge majorities in the congress and he was able to ram through whatever he wanted. >> no. >> also remember very close to when he first started as president he leaned over to the republicans and said, i won. he also told a moderate democrat who opposed the stimulus and voted against it, don't think we are not keeping score, brother. this is not a guy who has carried out his 2004 promise in that big speech he gave at the dnc again about now a red america or a blue america we are
1:38 pm
the united states of america or even the 2008 barack obama who presented himself as this transcendent guy who was going to bring us all together. he has done the exact opposite, julie and you know it. megyn: let me jump in. when the first lady is out there saying for the president there is no such thing as us and them. on the heels of a night in which the speakers went after governor romney, no holds barred and demonizing the republican party as, you know, what they want to do to women and so on. you have the vice president running around calling republicans barbarians at the gate. and saying they want to put y'all back in chains. does that ring true to you that there is no attempt to divide between us and them by this administration? >> i think what she was trying to say is that there is no attempt to look at somebody prime a fascia and say, this is us, this is them we are not going to try to work with you. look, politics is not -- it's not a polite game, you know that. the republicans spent all of last week going after barack obama now it's the democrat's turn.
1:39 pm
he can't sit there as democrats prior to him have and take it and take it and take it and not defend himself from vicious attacks. megyn: why did she even put that line in her speech? she would have been fine if she hadn't done it. >> what she was focused on again is not necessarily the fact that he's not going to engaging in combat when somebody brings it to him. what she is saying is if there is room to work together and somebody wants in good faith to come and work with us we will try and work with them. >> they have tried, julie, they have tried repeatedly over the last three and a half years only to be brushed aside. >> how is that possible when you have mitch mcconnell saying he's going to make barack obama a one-term president. how is that trying to work with him. >> when michelle obama said last night she is totally willing to listen to good ideas he blew off his own deficit reduction commission. he he has not met with republicans in over a year and won't even listen to the remaining moderates in his own party. that is not working together. >> the same deficit reduction commission that paul ryan voted
1:40 pm
against. >> that didn't deal with healthcare oro pw-pl a care, that's why he didn't vote it. megyn: your connection has been lost. we'll tri tow reconnect you with your party later. thank you so much. janice dean sent here a link to a pair that has ping sparkles on them. maybe we'll have four years from now. the crowd was cheering and applauding as some of the top democrats launched that no holds barred attack on mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan. the governor is responding speaking to fox news in brand-new comments. these are the first comments we've heard from the governor in the wake of what we heard last night. we will have that for you ahead. the pentagon says there are classified secrets in its view in the controversial new book on the raid that killed osama bin laden. we will see what that means for this book and for its author. plus, president obama's convention seat at this outdoor stadium that holds 74,000 people has been canceled and it has been moved inside.
1:41 pm
one top democratic official tells fox news weather was not the only concern.
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megyn: new reaction to to a developing controversy here at the democratic national convention. when the media got a look at the democrat's platform they noticed a long-standing reference as jerusalem as the capitol of israel no longer exists. it's been taken out of the platform. it came hours after debbie wasserman schultz was challenged on remarks she made to a group of jewish voters, giving them talking points on attacks against jewish democrats, and the issue of israel. she was giving them the talking points and she said something that became controversial, and
1:45 pm
now she has been questioned about that. so there are two separate issues, the platform and what debbie wasserman schultz has said about it. joining me is howard tkerbg *p dershowitz. a law professor and an author. i know you're upset over this. let's start before we get to debbie wasserman schultz's comments, let's talk about the platform. what specifically is it about the platform that you are upset with? >> for the first time in my memory at least the platforms of the two parties seem to deliver on israel. israel has always been a bipartisan issue. from 1948 until the present moment there has never been any difference really between the democratic and republican positions on israel. and now the new democratic platform has eliminated reference to jerusalem as the capitol of israel, has eliminated references to the refugees being settled in palestine if palestine were to become a state. has eliminated to references
1:46 pm
being hamas being a terrorist organization that should not be dealt with and eliminated references to the fact that the 67 or 49 armistice borders should not be the ultimate borders. that creates a political distance between the democrats and republicans and that is too bad. it's too bad for american supporters of israel. this is not only a jewish issue. the vast majority of americans, christian, jewish and otherwise support israel and want america to support the only democracy in the middle east, a democracy that helps the united states in its battle against terrorism, a democracy that has used its resources to help enhance the american military, american intelligence, and the democratic party platform should change to reflect that consensus and that bipartisan nature and if it doesn't at least the president of the unit united states in his speech should make references to the omitted portions of the democratic platform and return it to the status of being a bipartisan
1:47 pm
issue. megyn: does it really matter? we saw this from the republicans last week when their platform came under attack. folks came out and said, look it's the party platform it may or may not reflect what the actual in that case presidential nominee believes on issues like abortion. the democrats are saying president obama has stood behind israel and been a forceful advocate for israel. whether the language comes out of the platform is really kind of irrelevant. >> it's not irrelevant. because a change from the 08 to the 12 platform it's not what the platform says it's what the platform sales to say and what it said in the past. also i would like to see the president use his speech as an occasion for telling iran in no uncertain terms that there are red lines, and that it will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, so why incur the sanctions? it doesn't pay to incur the sanctions and diplomatic isolation because the administration has promised that you, iran, will never be permitted to develop nuclear weapons no matter whether it takes military intervention .
1:48 pm
obviously as a last recourse we always want military intervention to be the last recourse, but the iranians have to hear from the president that they will not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. if he says that, and if he goes back to what the 2008 platform says then the issue of israel will become a bipartisan issue and people can vote on what they think about healthcare and women's rights, what they think about the economy, but israel should never become a wedge issue that separates republicans from democrats. and i fear that this omission from the platform contributes to making it a wedge issue. megyn: what do you think is really going on here? why would they take this language out about israel and even risk this. given the importance of the jewish vote in this election? >> it's not only the jewish vote, it's the pro-israel vote which goes well beyond the jewish vote. it's foolishness. there is a lot of infighting within the obama administration. president obama has for himself been on the right side of all these issues.
1:49 pm
right now there is a big battle within the administration as to whether the president should draw very firm lines, red lines with iran. there are some who are saying no, there are some who are saying yes. there are some within the obama administration who are saying that american support for israel should be weakened and loosened. the president doesn't support that. but i suspect that some people who had a hand in drafting the platform may be on the side within the administration who are trying to soften america's support for israel and that's why the president has to be as clear as can be when he speaks, that american support for israel is bipartisan, unwaivering. the united states will never allow iran to develop nuclear wepbs. it will support israel's war against terrorism and seek a peace that guarantees israel's security and a neighborhood in which israel's security is always at risk. megyn: it's always dangerous when you make something like this a political issue because both sides will kick it around as though it is. i want to ask you about debbie wasserman schultz. she came under fire yesterday
1:50 pm
shaoefplt made a comment to a group of jewish voters here about look, here is what you need to tell people when they say i'm going to go with the republicans because they are better for israel. she was giving them talking points on it. at that group, to that group she said something to the effect that the israeli ambassador to the u.n. believes the republicans here in america are dangerous, are being dangerous on the issue of israel. she later denied that she said that, i want to play the remarks she said to the group. listen here. >> we know, and i've heard than michael oren say this that what the republicans are doing are dangerous for israel. they are undermining israel's security by suggesting that the united states and israel don't have anything other than a unique and close and special relationship. it undermines israel's security to its neighbors in the arab world and to its enemies. megyn: she later went on shepard smith's show last night and
1:51 pm
denied that she said that. the tape speaks for itself. i have 15 seconds to the hard break. i'll carry you over but your quick thought on that. >> clearly michael oren didn't say that. i've known him for years. he would never, ever turn this into a partisan issue, never say anything negative about republicans or democrats. megyn: i'll hold you on that point. we'll resume right after this break. professor, thank you. 8% every 1. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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1:54 pm
megyn: just to set this up for you, because i -- it was a little confusing before we went to break. debbie wasserman schultz speaks to a group suggesting that the american ambassador to america say republicans in america are dangerous on this issue that they are creating daylight on this issue. that michaele salahi he will oren comes out and says i categorically denied that i ever categorized republican policies as harmful to israel.
1:55 pm
she goes on shepard smith and says this was a conservative report from a conservative newspaper, and i never said it. clearly she said it it was all on tape. why does this matter. >> the israeli government will never ever take a position on democrats versus republicans eye not part of the israeli government to decide american elections nor is it part of american politicians to decide israeli elections. i know the prime minister of israel very well, he's a close personal friend. we have discussed these issues many times in his home and office, he has never expressed a preference of one party over the other. michael oren has been a close personal friend for many, many years, he's been in my home, we discussed this. he has never experienced a preference of democrats over republicans. debbie who is a good friend of mine must have understood what was said by michael or he shall en. he is telling the truth when he said he would never, never say that the republicans are better than democrats or the democrats are better than the republicans
1:56 pm
for israel. everybody wants to keep this issue bipartisan. the goal is to make sure americans can vote on domestic issues and keep israel where both parties agree to support israel as the only democracy in the middle east and the only country that can be relied onto support america. we've relied on egypt, can we rely on them think more? we've relied on jordan, can we rely on them any more? the only country we can rely on is israel, that's why it's so essential, and what the democrats have put forward this their math form under cuts that israeli support, and the president should make a strong statement reaffirming the content of the 2008 party platform. megyn: good some see you. thank you so much. >> my pleasure, thank you. megyn: live pictures coming in now from bank of america stadium in charlotte now they are packing up after democrats canceled plans for the president's speech here. the tk-rbs nc blames weather but we'll tell you what we are hearing from our sources next. references to god are notably
1:57 pm
absent as well at this year's democratic national convention. they've removed that from the platform. we'll pick up from bret baier and dick durbin left off. >> in 2008 god was mentioned once. in 2004 it was mentioned 7 times. in 2000 it was mentioned 4 times. the question is why take it out this time? hi. i'm henry winkler.
1:58 pm
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and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ megyn: a fox news alert on a big change of plans in charlotte and new worries about campaign cash as we wait for president obama to arrive in charlotte, north carolina. we begin this brand-new hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. welcome, everybody. we are live from the democratic national convention right here at the time-warner cable arena. the day before the president's big acceptance speech we are getting word from top democrats that the party is struggling to meet its fundraising goals. senior fundraising sources say they are worried about how much
2:01 pm
the governor and the rnc has raised. then there is the question of the big outdoor speech at the outdoor stadium that was canceled. there was going to be 75,000 people watching, now it will be 20,000. >> reporter: i have been talking to senior democrats who say behind closed doors some of the president's top campaign officials have been briefing democratic campaign donors and they have been expressing more alarm behind closed doors than they have publicly. governor romney raised over $100 million in august alone. they think the final days of this campaign will be a battle between money that romney has and demographics which the democrats think they have, an edge, his and i can, african-american voters and female voters. we can expect the president to
2:02 pm
hit themes in his acceptance speech. but i spoke to brad wood house. he downplayed the fundraising concerns. >> they spent millions of dollars in states across the country clulg the super -- including the super packs. the president is ahead or tied in every state. at some point the ads have a diminishing return. as far as what happened here in tampa and the eastwooding will be more determinative of the outcome of this election than ads. report report other big story, the president's acceptance speech was suppose to be at bank of america stadium with 75,000 people. there were concerns there might be lightning outside with the president of the united states. i had been told by democratic officials that the campaign was
2:03 pm
planning to bus in people from several states just to meet the number in terms of 65,000 people. this races the question whether they were having trouble filling that stadium. stephanie cutter told me to way. >> the 65,000 people scheduled to come tomorrow night would disagree with that and are disappointed they won't be coming to seat president. we are disappointed, too. but the chance of severe weather and putting those people at risk was too high and we couldn't risk it. >> reporter: they are saying it was just weather, not a lack of enthusiasm. they said they had 65,000 commitments to fill the stadium and they had a waiting list of people want to go get in. megyn: the local nbc affiliate tweeted out that thursday night will be the best weather of the entire week. even some of the local meteorologists are questioning that decision.
2:04 pm
>> reporter: if there are clear skies there will be a lot of questions about it. they have to deal with shrinking a crowd of 65,000 to 20,000. there may be been a lot of people who flew in or drove in to see the president and they will be disappointed. megyn: the television anchors would going to have to sit outside in the potential rain. we pulled some numbers on governor romney many fundraising. in the first week of april governor romney began working with the rnc to raise money. they have outraised the president by $78.2 million. here is the breakdown in june. in july the romney team made $101 million, the president $75 million. that brings the total cash on hand at $185 million for team
2:05 pm
romney and $123.8 million for team obama. first lady michelle obama getting glowing reviews on her speech. but now there are questions about the speakers who preceded the first lady. >> it doesn't sounds like much to someone with a swiss bank accountant cayman islands. [cheers and applause] governor romney when we lose 23 cents every hour, every day, every paycheck, every job, over our entire lives, we lose just
2:06 pm
cannot be measured in dollars. >> mitt romney talks about all the things he's fixed. i can tell you massachusetts was not one of them. [cheers and applause] >> put simply, women in america cannot trust mitt romney. [cheers and applause] we cannot trust mitt romney to protect our health. >> swiss bank accounts never built an american bridge. swiss bank accounts never put cops on the streets or teachers in our classrooms. swiss bank accounts never created american jobs. >> when it come to getting the middle class back to work, mitt romney says no. when it comes to respecting women's rights, mitt romney says no. when it comes to letting people love who they love and marry who they want the marry mitt romney
2:07 pm
says no. megyn: joining me now, laura ingraham. she is a fox news contributor. you were amused. >> i love the headset. i feel like i'm back on radio. megyn: what about the tone? do you see a contrast? >> imagine with marco rubio and paul ryan got up there and started railing against nancy pelosi and harry reid saying they don't like babe why is and they don't like to help poor people. they are all about one issue, that's gay marriage and making sure to abort as many babe why is as possible. i might hear that on my radio show but you wouldn't hear that from them because the republican convention for the most part went toward the middle. you didn't hear mitt romney spend much time on the abortion issue and really little time on
2:08 pm
social issues. it focused on the economy and was an inclusive message. this convention very different. michelle obama told the personal story about the president. but these other speeches, this is throwing red meat at a salivating base. it gets this place rocking but the rest of the country is saying you don't like mitt romney's investments, you are saying they don't like women, i don't know about that. ann rom nip seems pretty normal. susana martinez seems like a great governor. but i can't get a job. we just hit $16 trillion in debt. my son went to college and he has loans and i don't know what we are going to do it's a substance-free convention. some of it conjured up with the pregnant paws and whispered tones.
2:09 pm
the fundraising goals you touched on with ed henry. that a devastating indictment of how far this campaign has moved right to the ideological left and left out the centrists who a majority of them show they don't want obama to get reelected. megyn: we saw a tightening in ohio. that has a high percentage of catholic votessers. the discussion on whether this war on women, abortion on demand. whether that was alienating some voters in ohio who were saying i want to vote democrat but i don't like that message. and whether it was the right move to have the head of naral pro-choice. not a way that was respectful of the other side. that's a tough issue. you can discuss it in a way that is respectful of both sides. what we heard took a slightly different tone. >> imagine if one of the republican stars got at the republican convention and started talking about you are
2:10 pm
ripping babies out of the womb and dismembering children in partial-birth abortions. that would have been music to the ears of social conservative ideologues. but when they hear sandra fluke now thinks that sex change operations should be covered by the government. megyn: she'll talk about how there is a prb level access to contraceptives. >> apparently nobody can get control unless they get it free by their insurance which is man dated by the federal government. what a lot of people are saying to me. what's going to be mandated in the next obama term? what's next? we heard abortion on the democratic platform that has to be paid for. sex change operations? the premiere obama, sandra fluke, she is appearing with the
2:11 pm
president at events. apparently she believes sex change operations should be covered. that's insane. megyn: we have elizabeth warren. do you think we'll be shifting to jobs and economics tonight? >> they can't talk about the economic record. they can talk about it around the edges. you will hear a lot about the auto bailout. but for the most part they need to get this vote out. i can tell you, 80% chance of people not showing up enough to fill those seats, 20% chance of rain. they weren't filling up that stadium with this message and i think they know that and they are very, very worried about that. megyn: always a pleasure. you heard some of those attacks from last night. moment sea go governor romney responded in his first and only interview of the day. campaign carl cameron has that exclusive just ahead. the video showing arguing that
2:12 pm
we all quote belong to ought government. that debate right after this break.
2:13 pm
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
>> we are committed to all people. we do believe you can use government in a good way. government one thing we all belong to. we have different churches and different clubs. but we are together as part of our city or county or state and our nation. megyn: government is the only thing that we all belong to. that message brought to you by the folks in charlotte who are welcoming the democratic national convention to town. after it played at dnc, the dnc advanced the argument that "we all belong to government," they
2:16 pm
tried to say that wasn't from us. but many are pointing to the speeches saying the folks who took to the podium made the same argument themselves. ben ferguson and the former chief of staff to democratic senator joe manchin. the welcome to charlotte video was paid for by the host city's fund. the obama campaign, the dnc did not produce it, but they are getting labeled with it. and the charge is that it is reflective of how these democrats feel, chris. >> who was watching last night can't come to that conclusion. you saw the speeches, especially the ones in prime time. the americas row speech was fantastic and michelle obama's speech was incredible. they were saying government isn't the complete answer but government has a role to play.
2:17 pm
but more importantly we have a point to each other. if you look at when michelle obama was talking about her upbringing and the president's upbringing and the reality of what they went through, that is an important story and it's relatable. that's what was powerful about last night because what you saw was not someone who is just running to commander-in-chief, but empathizer in chief. you don't just elect a resume. you elect someone who understands your problem. >> he hasn't solved the problems he said he was going to solve four years ago. tell me where he's done well. the unemployment numbers aren't very good. how many people are on food stamps. you doubled the deficit which you said you were going to cut in half. the resume says he's failing. the government -- if they are going to be my business partner as this video claims, can they pay half my taxes? i would be more than happy for
2:18 pm
them to do that. megyn: i want -- you mention americas row. here was his message last night. listen to him. >> of all the things we heard last week in tam pat one i find most trouble is this. if we all just go our own way our nation will be stronger for it. because if we sever the threads that connect us, the only people that will go far are those who are already ahead. megyn: sever the threads that connect us. >> i think he's talking about the responsibility we have to each other. the education, the public schools, the roads, the infrastructure. these are not things built by single individuals, they are built by a society that contributes as taxpayers. >> correct. we work hard for that money. >> to make sure we have a better society. that's what he was saying very well. everybody understands this. imagine if we didn't have student loans.
2:19 pm
how many people would not go to school? so let me go back to what -- let me go back to the record. i hear this from republicans all the time taken find this amazing. republicans created a mess over eight years. they started this fire that brought the house down and now they are argue the president didn't put out the fire fast enough. >> barack obama ran and said i'm going to cut this horrible deficit these evil republicans have created in half by the end of his first term. more importantly you can't take credit for people going to college and working their tails off and act like the government did it. it's not new news. i took out student loans. so did a lot of people. but barack obama didn't hand me those loans. and to act like without barack obama i wouldn't have gone to college is insane. megyn: everybody has in some way, shape or form been helped by the government. it's a question of size.
2:20 pm
not wither it should be eliminated. the message is we belong to the government. the message you heard at the republican convention from this man here -- >> i just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. something that i think is very important. it's that you, we, we own this country. and it's not you owning it and not politicians owning it. politicians are employees of ours. [cheers and applause] >> amen. there is a big difference now. you have two different viewpoints. they are so crystal clear now. one is the government -- you owe everything to. and the other one is you can do it on your own and the government can help you with roads. but this is a huge ideological difference between the republicans and democrats and the democrats said that well last night. they said you are in the government. >> this is the part that's
2:21 pm
amazing to hear from republicans again and again. this notion that somehow they have the answers. 8 years you had control of the government. 8 years. you passed these policies that helped create this crisis. mitt romney does not have one policy different than george bush. >> i strongly disagree with you on that one. >> you talk about the deficit. i don't see the have you cans willing to negotiate about the deficit. >> they have. what do you think paul ryan has done with his budget. >> i know the budget. you cannot -- i don't care what paul ryan says ... you cannotific the budget without revenue and cutting spending. when paul ryan says it can happen without tax, without revenues and some times of -- >> 40 cents of every dollar we are spending is borrowed money.
2:22 pm
we can't sustain that. megyn: i have got to leave it at that. thank you, ben, chris, a pleasure. what happens now that the pentagon has accused a navy seal of revealing secrets on the bin laden raid. is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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megyn: the sto broke during this hour yesterday. the pentagon declaring a new book on the bin laden raid does in fact contain classified secrets in its view. what happens with the book and the navy seal who wrote the book? trace gallagher has more report report pentagon sent a lower this former navy seal who wrote the book saying they are
2:26 pm
considering action. the pentagon said the classified information was revealed in this book and they are saying this book is the height of irresponsiblability because it was not checked out. >> we continue to review our options when it comes to legal accountability for what in our estimation is a material breach a non-disclosure agreement that was signed about it author of this book. >> reporter: the pentagon will not say what classified information was revealed. but they took eight step further. we do not advertise the nature of our work nor do we seek recognition for our actions. legal experts say the government can't afford not to fight this. >> because then the message that's sent to anyone within the united states who has worked on classified operations is, you can brazenly turn your back on
2:27 pm
your non-disclosure agreement and make your own choices and you can't do that. >> reporter: the lawyer for the seal who wrote the book under the name mark owen says the book does not reveal sensitive information and was vetted by a former special operations attorney. another former seal who wrote the book called "inside seal team six" thinks mark owen has placed himself in grave danger. >> i would hide out in the mountains and change my name. he will be a target the rest of his life and so will his family. >> reporter: the bikes on sale and it's doing very well. hates at number one. megyn: up next, a man who has known president bill clinton for 30 years will tell us what to expect when the former president takes to the stage tonight. will the democrats pay a price
2:28 pm
for a decision to drop god from their platform. >> those of us who believe in god and those of us who dedicated our lives in the name of god don't want to take a second seat to anyone thinking that the democrats across america are godless. we have big dreams.
2:29 pm
one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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megyn: fox news alert from the campaign trail.
2:32 pm
governor mitt romney has no public events today but he agreed to sit down with carl cameron a short time ago. he joins us now from new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney spent last few days over in vermont with his debate prep an came back to the granite state to meet with some people at a supply company. the i asked mr. romney specifically just a moment ago about the president's determination to give himself an incomplete grade for his first term. and mr. romney pounced all over it. >> well, you know, incomplete usually means that you have got to go back and take it course again. i don't think the american people want to see this president get another four
2:33 pm
years. the last four years have not been good for the middle class in america. there is no question his policies have led to more peopling falling into poverty. a record number of people on food stamps. 47 million. this has not been a good time for the american people. those who think they are better off than they were four years ago may decide to vote for him. but the great majority of americans who recognize we are not better off than we were four years ago recognize his policies are not what is needed to get the middle class growing with more take home pay and jobs. >> reporter: it was about a 10-minute interview. you will be able to get all of that on in a little while. a tremendous amount of material there. mitt romney aggressively trying to rain on the democrats' convention parade. megyn: we'll talk about this with the panel. but i understand he had a strong
2:34 pm
opinion about the democrats removing god from their plot form. >> reporter: he said it was trouble, disappointing and troublesome. he went on at some length about the founding principles that dealt with the existence of god, the creator. he took great offense to the notion the democrats have taken jerusalem as the capital of israel out of their platform. he says that's the obama administration throwing bibi netanyahu under the bus. very animated and aggressive, mitt romney in this debate prep was clearly anxious to weigh in on the debate. megyn: we'll see it where? >> reporter: it will be on we'll give more of it during the day as it unfold and more on
2:35 pm
"special report" with bret baier and it will be on the web in just a little while. megyn: last week at the rnc new jersey governor chris christie had republicans holding their breath before his speech wondering what he might say. now it's president clinton's turn. one of the most popular games in politics is guessing what the former president might say. who better to ask than lanny davis. he was former counsel to the clinton administration. his legacy is secure. but still 30 million people based on what we saw last week who will be watching. >> i haven't talked to president clinton in a while. based on my long years of knowing him, this is a big deal for him. to be invited by president obama to make it case which i think
2:36 pm
bill clinton does better than anybody in public life is what he loves to do. secondly i think all the personal stuff about 2008 and memories and i certainly have a lot of memories about some tough words that were thrown at president clinton by the obama campaign that were very unfair. tonight is about policies and issues that we all agree with. and don't agree with mitt romney's approach. so you will hear bill clinton i predict talking about the common policies and issues that he shares with president obama versus strong disagreement but respect for mitt romney and paul ryan. megyn: there will be no damning barack obama with faint praise. it should be a true recommendation and endorsement. >> i know bill clinton fought for national healthcare the way every democratic president from harry truman until barack obama got it done. we democrats who believe in that program and bill clinton fought for that will welcome that.
2:37 pm
you will hear about issues that won't be faint praise on issues. megyn: there is a distinction there. we talked about how there is said to be some animus between the former president and the president. but i want to get to this. you say two legacies barack obama should not ignore. one, fiscal responsibility. that's something bill clinton can talk about with some authority. >> that been missing. i'm a strong supporter of president obama. but when i mention this i'm accused of being disloyal. but i think i'm helping barack obama. he needs to endorse his own deficit reduction commission with erskine bowles as the co-chair. the national debt is now $16 trillion and it's a moral issue that we are using credit cards asking forour children to pay for. bill clinton balanced the budget
2:38 pm
and left a trillion dollar surplus on his last day in office. megyn: it was not a theme we heard about last night. but the keynote addresses last night. >> democrats cannot forget the debt is a moral issue just like helping the poor and healthcare are moral issues. if we use credit cards and ask our children to pay for the bills that's immoral. that's one big failure i hope president obama for his sake corrects tomorrow night that i hope president clinton mentions as well. megyn: the second thing you say we need to see from president clinton and barack obama needs to pay attention to is the former president's ability to disagree without being disagreeable. >> exactly. that's been my concern about president obama's campaign's decision to demonize mitt romney to the point accusing him of causing a woman of dying of
2:39 pm
cancer. bill clinton had an ability where he turned to george bush after the portrait ceremony in the white house in the spring of 2004 and he said, you know, we can disagree and say right or wrong. without accuse each other of good or evil. that's bill clinton's magic. i'm sorry to say barack obama had it in '08 but has lost it in 2012. you see the disapproval ratings going up because of these awful negative ads byrum any and obama. if obama says enough of these negative ads. he will shoot up in the polls and it will be up to romney to decide does he want to continue? bill clinton represents the ability to be civil and still disagree. megyn: i want to tell the viewers what we were watching is the president in air force one landing in charlotte. he's getting to town in advance
2:40 pm
of his big night tomorrow night as he officially accepts we think the democratic nomination for president in the second term. you may want to be careful if you ask dick durbin why his fellow democrats cut out any mention of god in the party platform. >> if you are trying to draw a conclusion that the democrats are godless. >> i am asking the question why was the word take out? aste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper, i'm getting like, pep-pepper. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, zip zip zip zip zip! i'm literally getting zinged by the flavor. smooth, but crisp. velvety. kind of makes me feel like a dah zing yah woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. woooo! ♪
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megyn: late yesterday the story broke that this year's democratic platform has dropped any use of the word "god" for the first time in recent memory. bret baier asked dick durbin about that and take a look at what happened. >> got out of the plaid form. why do that? >> if the narrative presented on
2:44 pm
your station on through your channel and your network is that the democrats are godless people, he ought to know better. god is not a franchise of the republican party. those of us who believe in god and those of us who dedicated our lives to helping others in the name of god don't want to take a second seat to anyone who is sucking one word out of a platform means the democrats across america are godless. >> reporter: i don't think that's what's being said. we are reporting what is in the platform. in 2008 it was mentioned once. in twoirt was mentioned 7 times. in 2000 god was mentioned four times. the question is why take it out? >> what i'm basically saying to you is if you are trying to draw a conclusion that democrats are godless. present your evidence. >> reporter: i'm asking the question why was the word taken out? >> we know both parties are devoted to this country. both parties are god-fearing
2:45 pm
parties. we want to talk about jobs in america. megyn: chris plante and and alan colmes. let me start with you, alan. are sweet brother bret baier who is just asking a question -- it's not often you see him put in that position. the question was very fair and durbin didn't like the and he seemed load for bear on that. why? >> no not load for bear. this is a real non-issue. the indication that because god is not in the platform, therefore, democrats are godless or hate god. i think the implication is what the senator was responding to. despite the fact that the platform goes on and on about faith. faith has always been part of the story.
2:46 pm
the word god isn't there but the other side is trying to make so much of this, they are trying to make the point democrats are the godless party. is that going to get people jobs? that's what republicans always say. megyn: people care about the elimination of god in the public square and that does concern a lot of americans. it did raise eyebrows that it was in and it was affirmatively taken out. he wasn't passing a judgment he was was asking why. why do you think he touched such a nerve? >> very defensive and touchy. this is a touchy issue with democrats. one of the terms senator durbin used was god-fearing political party. they airbrushed the word god out of the democratic platform. we found out about it yesterday. today they canceled their big stadium event for fear they would be struck by lightning. but the reality is that the
2:47 pm
democrat party has been driving god from the public square for as long as i have been alive. they are against prayer in school. when a kid signs the cross after getting a touchdown at a high school football game liberals make sure he's punished. they get the creche off the white house lawn. they get crosses part of world war i memorials taken out of the middle of the desert if they can. they pretend the constitution guarantees freedom from religion, not of religion. the democratic party doesn't represent those values anymore. megyn: let me ask you this. there is a question about whether this is helpful. apparently some top democratic donors were lamenting, was this necessary to do two months before the election? >> they shouldn't have done it because they are giving people like my coguest here a reason to
2:48 pm
rail it's a democratic party it's an adjective. do we need our politicians to instill god -- do we look our politicians to tell us about god and what religion and we are a christian nation versus another kind of nation? our forefathers didn't i'd fight as a christian nation and you act like you own religion and you own god and you don't and i don't think it belongs in the political sphere. it's outside of politics it's a personal issue, not a personal one. if you think you are going to win on that good luck to you. megyn: the democrats are helping alan. they put up the barn and the american flag behind him. >> after decades of driving god and religion from the public square. alan, it's true and you know it's true. >> we want to drive it out,
2:49 pm
yeah. >> i thought we weren't interrupting one another. the reason senator durbin is so defensive about this is because it's indefensible. when called upon on defending the indefensible they go on the attack. bret baier -- i plated on my radio show today and my radio audience responded to it and this is typical of the democratic party. they row moist and become hostile with you for pointing it out. four more years, no, thank you. megyn: was this about looking tough, alan? durbin's response to bret? was that about looking tough for him? >> i can't speak for senator durbin. i agree with him on most issues but i can't tell you what's in his mind at that moment. megyn: too bad. you have to pick a team. team bret baier or team dick durbin. >> he was probably perturbed
2:50 pm
that this has become a line of questioning. mitt romney gets all upset about this and attacks the democratic platform when dose agree with everything in the republican platform? no. he doesn't agree that abortion should be legal in the case of rape or incest. getting back to the gold standard? he doesn't believe in that. megyn: why do we have these platforms if the head of the party are saying i don't agree with key parts of that. but they can do what they want. >> romney doesn't agree with a lot of his platform. megyn: thank you both for being here. we are in front of the beautiful mountains. this is fantastic. i'm enjoying my journey. a 35-year-long road trip just passed an amazing milestone. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years?
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megyn: the year is 1977. jimmy carter is in the white house. bell bought tomeds and flat form shoes are all the the rage. americans are fix eight on space thanks to "star wars." 35 years later voyager is set to leave the solar system to go where month man has gone before. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: the truth is when voyager blasted off 35 years ago, nobody knew how long this thing would last. it's about to burst outside of this giant plasma bubble we call our solar system. it will go beyond the stars 11 billion miles away from the sun. voyager one was meant to tour
2:55 pm
saturn and jupiter. remember the big red spot on jupiter and rings of saturn? then it used saturn's gravity to fling it, catapult it into the sun towards the sun and way beyond. the cameras don't work on it but it sends back tons of information. the computer on voyager left with 68kilotons of information. this ipod is 100,000 times more powerful than the computer on that. it's set to go for another 8-10 years beyond the other world. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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you come in here, we get our hair and makeup fixed up. this is my brilliant team. hair and makeup. they do fabulous job on all of us. we are very grateful to the heavy lifting they do. while we get the hair and makeup done we can hear what is going on. we pop over to the next room, where the studio is, right here. live program comes from here, bret baier special report, and hannity, we come in here, we go over there, work on the laptops, get our thoughts together, print out the speeches, get our headsets on, then we come over here. here. this is the fabulous abigail, without whom i would be lost. and you can see behind us we broadcast to you libel. one big thing is missing in this arena because of the last-minute venue shift. lot


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