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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 5, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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no balloons. last week in tampa they had 100,000 ready to rain on the parade when nominee accepted the nomination. what are they doing tomorrow night? time will tell. now we just received word there will be no balloon drop. no balloon drop. that's sad. thanks for watching, everyone. >>shepard: it is all balloons. what are you talking about? no balloons. >>megyn: that is the best part, with the balloons. 24 hours is not enough times to get 100,000 balloons in here. >>shepard: it won't be the same. >>megyn: we will throw the water balloons tomorrow night. >>shepard: that would be great. the news begins anew, live from the democratic national convention here in charlotte, north carolina, where we have major changes going on. organizers today announced they
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are changing the location of the big speech because the weather is bad. it has been bad for days. they talking about lightning tomorrow. rather than speaking in the open air to 70,000 people at bank of america stadium, the president will address the nation from here, inside the time-warner cable arena. unlike the stadium down the road, this has a roof but it holds 40,000 fewer people. safety is the primary concern. a staffer said, the last thing we want is a stadium full of people with lightning breaking out. and now, james has a preview of the former president clinton's speech. but, first, ed, what do we hair about moving the speech? i bet it cost a lot of money. >>reporter: a lot of reworking of plans. the president just arrived air force one and we told by the aides he is pleased with what first lady michelle obama did last night. they are very disappointed in
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the campaign and in the white house, that they have to move the venue from the outdoor stadium, holding 65,000 to about 20,000 at the time-warner center. a local meteorologist tweeted it could be clear on thursday, the republican national convention suggested maybe it was a lack of enthusiasm they could not fill the stadium. that's what really led the democrats, not the weather concerns, to move the venue. spoke to the deputy campaign manager, and she said that is nonsense. >> 65,000 people that were scheduled to come tomorrow night probably disagree with that and are pretty disappointed they cannot come to see the president. we are disappointed, too. but the chance of severe weather, the chance of putting the people at risk was too high and we could not risk it. >>reporter: officials tell us they had a waiting list beyond the 65,000 people of up to 19,000 or 20,000 that wanted to get in the stadium. they say they would have filled it and then some. >>shepard: i hear top campaign
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officials say there could be bigger money concerns than what we have heard about. >>reporter: i spoke to top democratic money people here who are in charlotte the they say it is say in closed door meetings, obama campaign is expressing alarm that mitt romney raised $100 million in august, expanding the cash ledge he had, big time. but the democratic national convention is down playing any of those concerns in public because they say that there is only so much money that mitt romney can spend, there is only so much impact he can have. >> they have spent millions and millions of dollars in states across the country including the super pac's. the president is ahead or tied in every battleground state. at some point the ads have diminishing runs. what happens up here on thursday night versus what happened in tampa, and last thursday night, that is going to be more of a determination of the outcome.
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>>reporter: top romney officials believe that mitt romney having a cash advantage in the final weeks will help not just with tv but with the ground gain in turning out the vote. >>shepard: have to spend it on tv ads. >> when former president bill clinton delivers the speech, it will mark a shift in his public relationship with president obama. he openly criticized in 2008 then senator obama. this was a heated battle. aides to the two say those days are behind them and the two enjoy mutually beneficial partnership. and now the news from charlotte. >>reporter: this extraordinary moment is not the full flowering of a warm friend but a transaction between two pros, former president clinton is the democratic party's superstar
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fundraiser, surrogate speaker. he also is, at times, veering wildly off topic. but that is nothing compared to the antagonism between the clintons and the obama forces during the 2008 democratic primary. >> they played the race card. we now know from memos they planned to do it automatic along. i hear things being said, by former president clinton, which i don't think so seemly. to use the "race card," on president clinton. >>reporter: and mrs. clinton is now a member of the obama cabinet. he will rebut the charge that president obama has gutted welfare reform and the president who declared big government over will make the case for the economic stewardship of an
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incumbent would has more governed from the left, something bill clinton has done in recent campaign ads. >> this is a clear choice: the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper income people and go back to deregulation. that got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from the ground up investing in innovation, education, and job training and only works if there is a strong middle class. that happened when i was president. >> this will be bill clinton's 7th address to the democratic national convention in 25 years and, also, a historic first, follow me on twitter and i will tweet it out. >>shepard: jimmy will tweet it out, all right, james, we will follow you. with us is former speech writer to president clinton who helped draft president clinton's state of the union address in 2009 and the speech at the dnc in the year 2000. good to see you.
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he writes his own speech? >>guest: he does. he was at the table last night and all day yesterday and in the hotel room with yellow legal pads. >>shepard: he writes on legal pad. >>guest: long hand. yellow legal pad. >>shepard: how long is it? what is the goal? next is no better surrogate than bill clinton, with a goal of not only getting the appealing of the independent and helping on making a case for great times of the democratic party and great times of our country, no one is better than him. >>shepard: what do you mean with the polling? >>guest: the polling i have seen there are gaps in terms of demographics. he has a great appeal across the table and he will, unlike many surrogates, he embodies touching everyone. in one fell swoop.
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>>shepard: you used to write speeches. why would he do this all by himself? it is not like president clinton cannot get help. >>guest: course, people are helping, and people have sent in ideas and he reaches out. >>shepard: what kind of ideas? >>guest: he always in the way he has written speeches back in the white house and since, he picks up the phone, loves do call people and make phone calls and ask what do you think we should talk about. he also is out in the country and talking to real americans all the time and getting input. he wants do hear what they think the art should be. that all boils in, and he will make a strong case, why there is no better choice here for both making the investments today, but, also, for the future. when he was president, that was great economic times, and not only was he fiscally responsible but made the case to keep investments in education and innovation and jobs. he will make that case tonight and say there is no better person to continue that legacy than president obama. >>shepard: is there a concern, then, that when bill clinton is on the stage in the middle of a
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big democratic event, that everyone will remember those times and how heady they were and money was flowing and times were great, and contrast with the difficult days. >>guest: no, he will also remind people of what it was like when the republicans were in charge. he will refresh people's memory and say there is a huge hole, a big ditch, it takes time. we have momentum. we will rebuild. he will remind people that democrats can be in charge, and, also, have great fiscal responsibility but economic boon. >>shepard: first big football game, the giants and the cowboys on follow. he is aware of that. how did that set? >>guest: he will do very well with viewers. people will switch between the two. people will not miss either. >>shepard: all right. >>guest: it is a big tent. he is bringing everyone in. the party is more unified than ever before. now, with him --. >>shepard: you think? a lot of people in the hardcore
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base seem very unhappy about things that have happened. >>guest: we are better than last week in tampa and bill clinton reminds how great it was and reminds them what the other side looks like. it will dovetail nicely with what president obama has done. >>shepard: he is always entertaining. >>guest: that was a good copy of bill clinton's voice. >>shepard: president clinton will get a lost attention and republicans are trying to grab the spotlight. paul ryan is on a tour through two swing states and we will check in with the vice presidential candidate from the other side and see what they have planned next as we report live from charlotte, north carolina, day two of the democratic national convention democrat. just a moment ago, john kerry was doing a walk through.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage from the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. mitt romney sent an e-mail to his supporters today saying and i quote, "no president in modern history has ever asked to be re-elected with this many americans out of work." governor romney has been out of the public eye this week rehearsing for the upcoming debates. with democrats bringing in former bill clinton to speak, the romney catch is scheduling interviews to make sure that republican message shares the spot light with the convention here in charlotte, north carolina. carl cameron sat down with governor romney and is in new hampshire. the governor has strong words about democrats removing "god," from the platform. >>carl: he fired up, he did not watch the convention last night but he has been informed, and briefed and read clips.
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he called it a celebration of failure, the democratic national convention, 2012, in charlotte, north carolina. i asked about the democratic national convention decision to remove "god," from the platform, and he teed off. >> having removed purposefully "god," from the platform, suggests a party which is increasingly out of touch with the mainstream of american people. this party is veering further and further away into an extreme wing that americans do not recognize. >>carl: i i asked if he thought it was war on religion? he said, no, part of the democrats being out of town. and he complained about 47 million americans on food stamps, 15 more since president obama took office. >>shepard: what did governor romney say about the president giving himself an "incomplete,"
3:16 pm
grade on economic recovery? >>carl: like so many have said, when you get that in school usual hi you have to take the class again. that is what he said. then he went on to say he doesn't think the american people will do that and made the theme of the republican side of this part of the convention cycle: you are not better off than you were four years ago. he said did you not hear that last night because in his words democrats don't have the "temerity" to suggest that with gas prices doubling, food prices are rising, et cetera, et cetera. a long series of complaints and mitt romney animated clearly itching to get involved in the countering of the program by the democratic national convention and emerged to come to new hampshire to do some shouting in charlotte. >>shepard: carl cameron, live from west lebanon, new hampshire. the democrats made impressive claims about the president, and
3:17 pm
had a lot of complaints about governor romney. let's do some fact checking. shannon will do that coming up. and the man who stood on stage at convention and told his fellow democrats to "grow a backbone." that and some of the other highlights from last night coming up, like, from charlotte. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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>>shepard: a democrat kicked off the convention in charlotte and they made lots of impressive claims of the president and the administration but like at last week's g.o.p. convention doing the same, analysts say some of what they heard might have been a little misleading. we will get a fact checker on that. shannon? >>shannon: a statement by the most popular speaker, san antonio mayor castro.
3:21 pm
>> four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression. an incredible odd with united republican opposition, our president took office, now, 3.54 million more new jobs. >>shannon: that is not the true if you measure from the time the president took office until now. the numbers since that time, the private sector has added 300,000 but the overall economy has last 300,000 since john of 2009 and the mayor could be using a different period of time. of course, one of the hottest topics has been the issue of medicare. here is what hhs secretary said last night about that. >> what is missing from the romney-ryan plan for medicare, is medicare. so, instead of the medicare guarantee, republicans would give seniors a voucher that limits what is covered.
3:22 pm
that would cost seniors up to $6,400 more a year. >>shannon: if that number was accurate, it would not impact any senior currently on medicare and would not kick in until 2022. but the number is not accurate and based on outdated ryan plan that is significantly different from two things: romney's plan and the revised updated ryan plan. in fact, in the updated land for medicare, spending is now slated to grow at the same right as it said in the president's proposed budget plan for medicare. well watch the speeches tonight. back to you, shep. >>shepard: good deal, shannon. more passionate speeches came from the massachusetts governor last night. governor romney was the governor there back in the day, and what he was saying the governor romney did not do a good job and got on that record and made the case for president obama to have four more years.
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>> this is the president who delivered the security of affordable health care to every single american inry corner of this country after 90 years of trying. this is the president would brought osama bin laden to justice, who ended the war in iraq and is ending the war in afghanistan. this is the president who ended "don't ask, don't tell" so that although of country, not love of another, determines fitness if service, who made equal pay for equal work the law of the land. >>shepard: republicans responded to all of that saying that president obama's record is one of disappointment and failure. the romney camp put out a quote that seas not a single speaker uttered "americans are better off than they were four years ago." true story. joining us is the communication director for the rnc. so, the fact checkers are out.
3:24 pm
what did you think 1/2? >>guest: look, you are not surprised i don't think they were right. first of all, the president has created 4.5 million private sector jobs in 29 months. we do not go back to the going of the administration because mitt romney said we should not go back to the going of the administration. this year, for example, the last year of the bush administration, a month in the entire year they created any jobs, at all, so, we are clearly better off. >>shepard: republicans say that number is pulled out of the ether. >>guest: the only job those creating is that of fact checkers. the facts are we heard blame, a lost attacks about governor romney but not much how they will put america back to work, no talk in 34 speakers whether
3:25 pm
we are better off than four years ago. a lost blame and a lot of attacks. they do not want to talk about accomplishments base they are not there. the record is not one to be proud of. you will see a continuation, tonight, of a lot more blame, attack, excuses. >>guest: i find that interesting, the sound bite that shep played had deval talking about bringing the automobile industry back. and mitt romney wanted to let it go bankrupt. and guess what, obama talked about his record. >>guest: two lines from the six hours you could find a couple of things. >>guest: you said it was nothing. but it was played on the air. >> no one was talking about jobs or putting people back did work. no one was talking about, are you better off than you were four years ago?
3:26 pm
>> one of the very first sound bites was the sound bite about 4.5 million jobs by castro. >>shepard: no one talked about the wars. >>guest: you start a convention on the day we hit $16 trillion of national debt that will saddle the next generation of americans, with that debt, you have a pressing problem. americans are out of work. they need to get back do work. they are concern about the next generation. it will not be better off. >> let me talk about the debt. you built that. that debt is on your want. paul ryan, the guy that mitt romney picked --. >>shepard: there is a lot of debt over the last 3 1/2 years. >>guest: let me finish. paul ryan voted if the two wars unpaid for, prescription drug benefit unpaid for, two tax cuts unpaid for, 70 percent of today's deficit is a result of policies that paul ryan voted for. >>guest: he is a power will man, in you say one member of
3:27 pm
congress is equal to the president of the united states --. >>guest: he did not vote for those? >> he put out a budget and passion add budget that achieves balance and this president has not gotten one vote for a budget. >> that is not true. >>shepard: to make budget we have to get commercials in. i don't like them but we love our sponsors the guys, have a good time and enjoy yourselves. >>shepard: when the camera is not on they seem to like each other. well be right back the bottom of the hour and the top of the news coming up from the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith. this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour in charlotte, north carolina. crews are tearing down the stage at the football stadium. organizers say the threat of severe wet tomorrow forced them to move the move indoors. he will be here, inside this building on the main convention stage. it has the protection of a roof but about 50,000 fewer seats than the stadium. that means some folk whose had tickets to see the speech need to make other plans. >> this is television. that is where i will be, parked in front after television.
3:32 pm
>>shepard: the president will hold a huge conference call to speak with disappointed ticketholders. we could see in improvement in the nasty weather that everyone here has endured during the start of the convention. our meteorologist is back in the severe storm center. we had severe storms yesterday, let me tell you. somewhere, there is a pile of about 30,000 umbrellas because wherever you go they take your umbrella. >>guest: i don't think it is a bad idea that they are moving the speech indoors because we are going to have a chance of showers and storms throughout the next 24 hours. let's look at the future radar, storms, or at least rain banging on the door of charlotte, and as we look ahead to thursday, a chance for showers and storms in the forecast, right for the charlotte area so people are lined up trying to get in the stadium. there is a chance we could see
3:33 pm
thunder and lightning. so, i don't know, i think it is a good idea to move things indoors. 9:00, still a chance for rain, so, we do not want soggy folks in an outdoor stadium. that is for sure. now a look at the forecast for thursday, a chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day, and skies should clear up later on, late in the day and into the evening. >>shepard: all right. my understanding is there is hurricane out there now. >> yes, our sixth hurricane if you can believe it. this will be a dangerous storm headed into the weekend for bermuda as we head into friday and saturday becoming a category two, almost a category 3, 111 would make it a category three, right on top of bermuda. really dangerous, as we head into the new work week, atlantic, canada, needs to pay attention. a little bit of the remnants of isaac, if you can believe it, causing problems across the gulf coast. if it is named it will be named
3:34 pm
nadine. a depression or a tropical storm that could make landfall anywhere along the northeast or even the gulf coast shores in the next several days. we are watching the tropics. >>shepard: i thought the low pressure center that used to be isaac shot up the coast. >> it did but a little bit of the moisture was left behind, not enough d.n.a. to call the "isaac," so they will name it nadine which has never happened in meteorologist history. a lost areas, here, are already saturated so that is not good news. >>shepard: janice dean, thank you. >> the president prepares for the big speech in charlotte, north carolina, a poll suggests he has his work cut out. a abc-"washington post" poll,
3:35 pm
with the lowest favorability since the 1980's by the voters for an incumbent. that is from abc and the "washington post" which is a drop from the same poll last month with decline in popularity among women voters. the same poll shows republican nominee, mitt romney, with a lower favorability at 43 percent, and 48 percent view governor romney unfavorably which is an improvement after the convention gave him a boost in that category. now, erin, a political reporter is with us now. i read there was they boost but it looks like there was in that category. >>guest: a little. that is what they wanted to increase the favorability rating and build up his image. that is what michelle obama's speech was about. both of the conventions are
3:36 pm
trying to improve the likability factor. this negative campaign has taken a real toll. >>shepard: people mostly know president obama. we have had him in our likes for five or six years now. governor romney, from what i am able to discern, i don't think people really know him yet. they don't get engamed until after the labor day holiday. >>guest: you are right of the it could be that both these conventions do not matter that much because voters may not tune in until after the convention. >>shepard: it will be interesting to see what happens tonight and tomorrow night. now i wondered what sort of effect president clinton will have, he is an incredible speaker and lights up the room. we know this. but he also is a reminder of very good times and times now are not very good. >>guest: what he will say, the economy was very prosperous when i was president, but it is president bush's fault the economy is the way it is but you need a democrat in the white house to restore the kind of economy we had in the in knew's.
3:37 pm
>>shepard: the head of the dnc said this debt is from the bush administration. that is patently not true. all of this debt is not from this. i don't understand how they keep getting away with saying patently false things over and over and over. >>guest: both sides are saying pat. ly false things. >>shepard: today it was that side. >>guest: what we hear a lot from the obama campaign, they are blaming a big part of this debt on the wars and going to blame that on president obama. we will hear a lot of that the next few days especially from john kerry. >>shepard: president obama could have ended the wars. he is the president. >>guest: he say that he inned the war in iraq and is bringing the war in afghanistan to a close. we heard that from deval patrick, the governor of massachusetts. >>shepard: is there a noticeable difference between the two conventions? >>guest: there was a pall over
3:38 pm
the convention in tampa because of the hurricane. ann romney and mitt romney had to do a great job but because of the distraction they did not get the enthusiasm they hoped for. i sense a difference in the kind of enthusiasm we see her. >>shepard: i heard ann romney blew the roof off the place. >>guest: she absolutely did. but because the people know michelle obama so well and they expected a lot from her there was more excitement in this room than for ann romney. >>shepard: they already know the first lady harks is -- that is for sure. >>shepard: and republicans are pouncing on the platform, no mention of god or no next of jerusalem. and florida and ohio are the two biggest swing states and the housing crisis is sitting both of those states pretty darn hard. more cox of the dnc coming up
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>>shepard: congressman paul ryan taking aim for changes to the platform taking out word "god," and references to "jerusalem," as the capital of israel. so what of it? john roberts is live in charlotte, north carolina. >>reporter: i went to the democratic national convention talking to a last folks including a bunch of people who had gotten together for a faith meeting and were surprised that "god" was taken out of the the platform. there was a reference in 2008, talking about people living up to their god given potential and now they only go as far as "talent" and "drive," take them. the democratic national convention officials say it is no big deal, there is a paragraph about faith in church, et cetera, et cetera. but one fellow, a democrat
3:43 pm
running for congress, in virginia's first congressional district, he said he is very dismayed about the fact that the word "god," is not in the platform. >> as a son and grandson of pastors, it is an open mission -- although i did not see what it looks like last year. i believe this is a compart of our beliefs and i don't know how it happened but it shouldn't have. >>reporter: a lot of people are saying they are a party that believes in faith and god so why is it not in in the platform? a local pastor could not believe it, saying it is another assault on religion and a season although he is african-american pastor that he will not vote for president obama although he is african-american. >>shepard: last night, congresswoman shultz, -- congresswoman wasserman schultz
3:44 pm
accused someone of changing her comments. it turned out someone recorded the comments. >> unfortunately, that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper, not surprising they would deliberately misquote me. >> we know and i have heard for less than -- (inaudible). >> what the republicans doing is dangerous if israel. >>shepard: that is what she said she did not say. >>reporter: she denies that she said that the israeli ambassador to the united states told her that the republican polls approach toward president obama was "dangerous for israel." but the reporter recorded that conversation she had and she did say exactly what it was that he had reported she said. for many people, shep, the bigger issue is the removal of the line "jerusalem is and always will be the capital of
3:45 pm
israel." many people i have talked to have said it is outrageous and it never should have been taken out and it sends a bad signal to the rest of the world. >>shepard: the foreclosure crisis will be a key issue in battleground states. according to realtytrac, the swing states of florida, ohio, and nevada, still have the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. president obama won all of those states back in 2008 but voters in each state have elected governors since. gerri willis is live with us from new york city. how could the housing crisis affect this election? i assume it could? go gear it is interesting, there is a study great the university of california at riverside that shows areas with high foreclosure rates have low voter town out. that is because people get displaced when there is high foreclosures. what is more, their neighbors stay home. so, when you think back to the fact there is 3.7 million homes
3:46 pm
that have been foreclosed on the last four years it could create big problems for president running for the presidency because you don't know what to expect out of the states especially the swing states. and now let me give you numbers to see how big the problem is. in florida, big swing state, one in 352 homes in foreclosure, twice the national average. in ohio, cleveland and columbus, big problems with housing, one in 89 homes in cleveland, foreclosed on. nevada, they had the record for the highest number of foreclosures, they held that record for five years, only this year did it drop to number six. this could an big issue in the election. people do not think of this but the political parties try to distract voters and they want to know where you live. you could be gone because of foreclosures. >>shepard: the housing market is showing signs of life. >>gerri: i just got a report today from realtors reporting the amount of times it takes people to sell their home, "time
3:47 pm
on market," is shorter at 69 days compared to 98 days. they say the prices going up, asking prices, up 2.3 percent. that is good news for homeowners >>shepard: thank you, gerri, from new york city. see you next week. >> first, iran is reportedly using iraq's airspace to funnel weapons to the syrian government. not middle of the civil war. old oil washes up on the gulf coast in the wake of hurricane isaac. they warned this might happen. now officials are trying to figure out whether this oil is from the b.p. oil spill. we value more on that and the political day's news when "studio b" returns live from the democratic national convention here in charlotte, north or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert
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>>shepard: iran is reportedly using iraqi air face to fuel the slaughter in the syrian civil war. according to the reporting of "new york times" newspaper, iran is shipping military equipment to the syrian military in what is a new push to keep the president there, bashar al-assad, in power. the report suggests that the white house has limited influence on iraq despite the u.s. role in taking down saddam hussein and forming a new government there. activists groups report that the civil rights in syria led to more than 21,000 deaths. with us is a senior fellow from breakings institution, a not partisan think tank. using the iraqi air face, what do you make of that? >>guest: well, it's not great. there are a lot of times where our own allies have denied us the use of airspace for
3:52 pm
operations they did not much like. denying airspace is not seen as all that hugely unfriendly of a thing. we had a lot of european allies deny it in the middle east crisis and france denied it in the libya operation. if iraq wanted to deny iran airspace it would not be a huge deal by the standards of the international community or how these kind of things work. as you know, iraq is won by a shia majority government. they are worried about being -- seeing president assad fall to insurgents in syria. they see this as a matter of national survival. that's probably why they willing to tolerate this overflight. >>shepard: is it fair to say that this began as sort of a people's uprising and switched to a bit a civil war, and, now, could be considered a religious conflict? >>guest: well, on the last
3:53 pm
point, sectarian religious part is based on the knick -- ethnic differences, the shia here, they have certain ethnic differences from other syrian groups. yes, i am just sort of adding nuance, there is a strong divide here, the shia in syria are the minority, the opposite of iraq, and they are in power assad sad was the minority sunni in iraq until he was overthrown back in 2003 so it is the reverse image of iraq and you have a lot of the same kind of potential for an ugly sectarian and religious war. >>shepard: there are a lot of calls out there for the united states to get involved with a line drawn in the sand. how do we know who we are for? >>guest: well, if my view on this, it is that there will
3:54 pm
always be bad sides. and we want to see that marginalized. assuming we receive the goal of the overthrow of the assad regime there needs to be a new effort for a new syrian government. the question is: how do you maximize your leverage? i tend to think that you do better with more engagement. by getting to know the insurgency, by helping the insurgency, not that we have to use american military force but i lean in arming the insurgents giving us leverage not to give al qaeda anymore influence than they already have. >>shepard: thank you, michael, from the brookings institute. >> officials in louisiana say they are still trying to figure out whether hurricane isaac washed up the oil from b.p.'s
3:55 pm
deep water disasterous oil spill. a large mat of tar was found on one beach. when we covered this, we were warned the oil could be washed ashore and it appears that is what they found. and advisors to the governor said surveys found several more so there are a number of locations. officials have restricted fishing in waters a mile off a 13-mile stretch of coastline. b.p. says it is too early to tell if the oil is from the deep water horizon disaster which sparked the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history. astronauts taking another spacewalk today outside the international space station. we will take you there for that coming up on "studio b" live from the democratic national convention.
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>>shepard: astronauts on the
3:59 pm
international space station made critical repairs with a tooth british. one of the tools that nasa astronaut and her japanese crew made, they spent eight hour on a risky spacewalk to repair the power system of the space station and ran into trouble with a stubborn bolt. they used spare parts to pry off the box and the toothbrush helped clean the debris. then this before we wrap it up, residents in a florida town say they have a new danger: lusty crabs, north of miami, saying land crab mating season is proving hazardous to their cars. some of the crabs are crawling on to streets and into parking lots when a driver hits one, the local mechanics say it often results in a flat tire. repair shots report double the number


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