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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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we thank you for watching the special coverage of the democratic national convention. i am bill o'reilly. please know in north carolina that the spin is going to stop in your state tomorrow because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we are live in charlotte, north carolina, the site of the democratic national convention. tonight, we are awaiting former president bill clinton's keynote address, coming up in just a moment. georgetown law student and obama supporter, sandra fluke will take to the stage. but that is being overshadowed by a bombshell reversal of the dnc platform as the party has re-inserted references to god and jerusalem. you may recall that earlier, delegates approved a platform that blatantly admitted such words. but fox news has confirmed that the president personally interceded to halt the
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proceedings and have the language reinstated. however, that task was far from easy because when the convention chair held a voice vote to authorize the amendment, he couldn't win over the two-thirds majority that he needed. watch this. >> all those delegates in favor, say aye. all those delegates opposed, say no. in the opinion of the -- let me do that again... all of those delegates... in favor say aye. [yelling aye]. >> all those delegates opposed say no. [delegates yelling no] [grumbling from crowd]. >> i... i guess... >> you gotta let them do what they are going to do. >>il do that one more time.
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all those delegates in favor, say aye. [yelling aye]. >> all those delegates opposed say no. [yelling no]. >> in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopt and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> sean: now, despite the fact that a clear majority didn't vote to approve the change, the los angeles mayor went ahead with it anyway. here's why, in his teleprompter, the script was already load, ordering him to declare that, quote nthe opinion of the chair, two-thirds having vote in the affirmative, we are going to continue all of this and continue the coverage here on "hannity." but first, let me welcome the reverend jesse jackson. >> good to see you. >> sean: this will be the convention that we will remember as the time that god was nay'd and boo'd by the democratic national convention? >> what i really think is that
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jesus at pon toint point said, lord is not the issue. it is not the name god, it's the will of disbod that's at stake here. we must focus not on whether we name god, allah, ya way, but we feed the hungry. >> sean: but we are not talking about feeding the hungry. we are talking about the democratic party boo'd and loudly and three separate times they boo'd, obviously a majority wanting it to stay the same with god taken out and jerusalem as the capitol of israel taken out. that's a reaction that the country has taken note of. >> i am not sure why some people would want to focus on the word god versus ali, allah or ya way. it is not the name god that makes one religious, it is the will of god that makes one religious-- we are endowed by our creator, our founding document. we are endowed by our creator. it was in the 2008 platform, seven times in the 2004
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platform. they purposely took it out. the delegates wanted to keep it out you. mow how should america interpret ha? >> vigone to schools with 50 different languages and several different religions, so the issue of a religion and a name can be device 95 a multi-cultural society. >> sean: all right. what about the fact that in spite of the overwhelming majority of delegates, you know, going against this, that the chair, after three votes -- and you could hear the loud nos, why did they go ahead and move forward? are they ramming this down their throat, whether they wanted it or not? >> he had to make a choice and he had to make a choice-- against the people. >> i am not sure it was two-thirds-- it was not close to two-thirds. >> giving all that is happening, i think what determines the outcome, if we came in four years ago with 8 million jobs down, now 4 million jobs up, the
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jobs might-- with all due respect, we have hundreds of thousands fewer americans working since barack obama became president. if you look at number of americans working, back when he took office in january 2009 and today, we have fewer americans working. he said he would cut the deficit in half, he gave us $5.4 trillion more. >> more people are working. we lost 8 million jobs in 8 years-- no, we didn't. >> and the trajectory was down. we have a net gain of jobs in six months. >> sean: we have the longest period -- if you want to look at the statistic, we have the longest period of long-time unemployment since world war ii. i will give you -- >> what drove us here? we near a surplus. we made a decision to have two wars off budget and cut taxes. >> sean: that was in the bush years. >> having said that, this is connected and those lend to
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reinvestment. have you two wars you are paying for on credits and no investment at home. -- didn't president obama say, he said, he cut the deficit in half. he has given us the largest deficits by far of any president in history. he said he would create shovel-ready jobs, fewer americans are working. how do you answer the question: how are we better off than we were four years ago? >> if you ask the workers who are working again-- thru there are fewer working. >> but they were completely out of business. if you are going to ask those who have health coverage who didn't have it before, are they better off, they would tend to say yes. those who couldn't afford to stay in school. 100,000 troops in iraq who are home, they are better off. >> sean: when bill clinton said four years ago, barack obama played the race card on him and the mayor of los angeles said about the republican party, that you can't trot out a brown face
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or a spanish surname and joe biden says they are going to put you back in chains and bill clinton will speak saying that barack obama played the race card and planned to do it from the very beginning. you hear these racial statements. you have been outspoken on the issue of race in this country. does that disturb you that the race card has been played and is being played? >> i think when you call the president a liar-- like george bush was called. >> it's never right when you call him -- say he was not born here, you are not a christian, you are not one of us-- who said that. >> you know that, whether it's the birth argument or by trump or welfareue know the roll call. >> sean: obama called and said that george bush was unpatriotic. >> i am not sure what he meant by that. >> sean: he said george bush on the debt is unpatriotic for $4 trillion in 8 years and he gave
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us $5.4 trillion in less than four years. >> i am not sure what is the definition of a patriot. and sometimes language is loose. but i do know that our economy is coming back. do i know our troops are coming home. i know more americans have health coverage. to me, those arrows are pointing in the right direction. >> sean: we will hear from sandra fluke. the contraceptive mandate. you air minister. should taxpayers pay for contraception and abortion for people who hospital them on demand? >> sure, they should. >> sean: free abortion? the government should pay for it. >> first, it's a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy, that's a health issue. to reduce it to a moral issue and not take into account medical associations. >> sean: charities and catholic institutions should give it even though they it is against their faith. >> we live under faith special
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we live under the law. >> sean: we have freedom of religion. >> we don't live on the bible. i am a strong commitment to our bible, but we live, fortunately, on the constitution. >> sean: all right. keep hope alive. >> same to you. >> sean: thank you for stopping by. coming up, any minute now, sandra fluke will take to the stage and address the dnc. michelle malkin will be here in the skybox with the reaction. and tom brokaw will join us. all that, juan williams, lanny davis, and chris coomes as we await the big speech with bill clinton, tonight on "hannity." this country was built by working people.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." tonight, you will hear from former president bill clinton, we will bring that to you as soon as it happens. but first, we are joined by the author of a new book, "the time of our lives," tom brokaw. >> thanks for having me on. >> sean: love the book. we were talking about tim russert and big russ and the books he wrote and how successful they were. i love "the greatest generation." you have been to a lot of conventions, covered a lot of conventions. we saw a unique scene on the floor earlier today, where, you know, they had taken out of the democratic platform a researches to god and jerusalem, not the capitol of israel and the boos were so loud. what did you think of that? >> how that kind of thing happens is beyond me. as i was puzzled last week -- although i know a lot of people liked it -- when clint eastwood got on taj and began wandering around and doing the riff he was doing, but these things can be tightly scripted, but things get by.
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why the democrats would do that is beyond me. >> sean: why they would take it out. you covered conventions and i have watched you a lot, when it is going to be a simple one-on-one question: are you better off than you were four years ago? you see the answers flying around. no. maybe. yes, by every measure. incomplete. what do you -- >> i have reduced it to this. i have said, i think the campaign's going to come down to, mitt romney is going to say, look what he has done to you. and the president's going to say about romney, look what he's going to do to you. i think that will be the intersection of it all. i will say this, sean, i do think that this downturn was deeper and wider than anybody anticipated, including republicans and democrats. >> sean: well, when you look at numbers, they are significant. i am sure you saw the abc/washington post poll. 69% say the country is on the wrong track. other statistics -- we have, only, what? 31% voters believe we are in a
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better shape than we were four years ago. very difficult re-election conditions for anybody. >> absolutely. in fact, i raised those very questions with valerie jar oat the morning show eye am permitted to say that, right. >> sean: of course. >> she was giving what she hoped would be the positive obama message and we let her finish, but 69% of the country said we are headed on the wrong track. i have been all over the country, i have been the reporter on main street. and what i hear on main street at this point is a lot of waryness about the promises that are made -- actually by both sides because they have been burned so many times. >> sean: sure. and the last years. >> wars, recession, and with everything they were assured would not happen, in fact, did happen. if you look at the last 3 years, the first quarters look really promising, everybody gets really excited. second and third quarter tgoes into the tank? >> the president was very clear. he said it was the worst economy since the great depression, when
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he was campaigning. he said he would cut the deficit in half or this one eye one-term-proposition and he said he would have shovel-ready jobs. we have $5.4 trillion in new obama debt. when everything, when the clutter is put aside, does it come down to that? are you better off? four years ago, $5 trillion in debt ago? >> i think it is less about the debt than employment and the confidence in the future. i really do. part of the debt was funded wars. part was proposition "d," attached to medicare, unfunded prescription drug benefits. >> sean: that was the only program that did better than they were projected. one of the few in history. >> at any rate, my own impression -- and i have been doing this for a long time -- we got into this together, to one degree or another. a lot of consumers who knew what was going on. we turned our backs on the people who went to war -- both administrations, less than 1% of the population took 100% of the bullets come home in body bags
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and emotionally troubled. their families were left behind with no one reaching out to them to find the support services they needed. that happened. we are beginning to catch up to it. my really strong impression is that there is a longing in the country for us to find a big idea that we can all rally around. >> sean: in the courses of my career, vigotten to know you. i really loved tim russert. i thought he was probably the best at what he did, not an anker like you. but peter jennings came into my radio studio once, he read my book, cover to cover and underlined t. dan rath ear maybe he doesn't like me so much -- long story there. media's changed a lot. >> it has. there is more of it. >> sean: there is more of it. there is the internet, fox, cable, abc, et cetera. for the better or the worse? >> i think it's better. one strong argument i make, whatever ideological makeup, you can no longer be a couch potato.
9:18 pm
have you to be aggressive. you have to figure out what works for and you what doesn't work -- not just works for you, but what can you count on? what has integrity? you need to apply the same test to that that you would to buying a shirt or a flat-screen television or a new razor. >> sean: have you to research it? >> have you to do research. there was a time when you watched the evening news and read the newspaper. that's not good enough. there are too many other people, across the spectrum who are trying to manipulate nusome fashion, the bloggers working lift and right and back again. so you need to take a deep breath and say, i have a responsibility here, to myself, to my family, to my community. >> sean: do you think we goat a point with the ratings in the old days, you had a bit of a monopoly -- >> not just a bit of a monopoly! >> sean: all right. i was being charitable. >> we liked it. >> sean: you owned it.
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i bet you did. >> i think the convention themselves may not be exactly in the same form. sean, i wrote manage in the times a week ago saying it's time to re-examine how much money is spent here. everybody who arrived here this week and last week, it was shake special bake. they knew what was going to happen. they had their candidates at the top, the platforms have been written in advance, the speeches have been vetted, delegates were told where to sit, where to stand-- that's why today was so exciting. >> it was unanticipated? >> conservatives have pointed out, media bias. do you understand why we say that -- i do an example every week, we do media mash and we show the mainstream media and show how biased they are. i think, one of the reasons fox is popular is because of that -- >> i think you have a bias to the right. so i think that that-- i am the only outspoken conservative here -- >> i know. i do! i think that roger, when he put
9:20 pm
this together, i have known him a long time, he knew exactly hahe was doing. he knew there was a big audience who wanted to have their points of view re, firmed on a daily or nightly basis. sure, from time to time, there will be people-- from time to time? >> bias is the wrong word. >> sean: what's the word? >> the right word is trying to have a big picture over a long period of time. you can take a moment and say, well that was biased reporting-- i have to run. >> maybe what the reporter found out, that's the interpretation seemed fair to everyone at the moment. then we find out over time. i have been doing this for a language time. in the 1960s in the civil rights movement, i was called a communist, i was called a reporter for profit because i was covering civil rights, after all. >> sean: always good to see you. do i love the book. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: hope you come back. coming up, michelle malkin and frank luntz, juan williams and lanny davis and a preview of bill clinton's speech.
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sandra fluke is expected to take the stage. we'll cover that live right here on the fox newschannel. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money.
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9:24 pm
number-1 best seller, "culture of corruption," michelle malkin. i never see nuperson. >> i know. that's right. >> sean: we got a release of the sandra fluke speech. your president can be a man who stands by a public figure who tries to silence a private citizen with hateful slurs. and she got the call from obama, who won't stand up to the slurs or any extreme, bigoted voices in his own party -- wait a minute. this is the same barack obama that took $1 billion from bill maher. he never called sarah palin, you, michele bachmann. >> this is such a grand theater to distract from the failures of obamacare. remember, this sandra fluke rhoads to fame in a few matter of months, somebody who have been primed as a tool for the feminist left. she came to fame in order to
9:25 pm
what? pedal free birth control. this she is a standard bearer of the democratic party. >> sean: the fact she is here and how the relationship got started and then think bill maher gives $1 million to obama and called sarah palin the c-word -- >> let's distract from the real war on conservative women and let's talk about the war on pro-life democratic women. they have no voice on this platform. there are 21 million democrats out there, sean, that identify themselves as pro-life. what do they think of this abortion palosa. >> sean: you are right. they are not talking about the economy. will this be the convention where on the floor of the democratic convention, delegates boo'd god and jerusalem being
9:26 pm
the capitol. >> it's a p.r. disaster. we have seen the true, unhinged face of the left, the progressive left. this is not mainstream. she will be get up and try to scare america and make the republican party look like it's anti-woman, make it look like we going to lose our health care, if the savior doesn't come. we belong to them. the idea that women are not empowered by republican principles of free marks and ideas, this is nutty. we have entered the czaro world? that's about the taxpayers -- they have added to this, taxpayer-funded abortion, taxpayer-funded birth control, all included in what you are saying is radical, her claim to fame. >> yeah, that's right. remember the context, the reason why the house g.o.p. and oversight and reform decided she was not qualified to testify before congress is because she is not an expert in anything other than her own need, wants and desires to get into our pocketbook-- as a law student.
9:27 pm
>> for birth control. >> sean: which is $9 a month. the other big speaker is bill clinton. there was a big controversy this week, they brought up comments that had been related to tim russer in the a conversation with ted kennedy years ago, barack obama would be carrying our bags. in 2008, bill clinton saying, they played the race card and they planned it from the very beginning. >> this is a dysfunctional family, for sure. >> sean: now he will be saying -- >> you wonder if there will be more boos unleashed? i would think that any self-respecting women would see the disconnect between elevating a sandra fluke, talking about the war on women and having bill clinton on their pedadispal honoring ted kennedy yesterday. women -- are you thinking? do you see what's happening here? it is a complete circus. >> sean: let me go to the incorco-herrent answer about a very simple question. it is fundamental to voters. are you better off than you were
9:28 pm
four years ago? in spite of the facts, there are things that are incontravertable. there are fewer people working now than when barack obama became president. obamaa said he would cut the debt in half, it's dlfr $5.4 trillion. how do they get over these facts that the american people are suffering under? >> they put sandra fluke on-- to distract. >> it's a huge distraction. we have talked about tswirl politics. squirrel, squirrel, squirrel. let's talk about anything other than the real shame, an democrat death poll. >> sean: are you confident of a romney win? >> you can never be sure of anything in politics. but i think you can't take anything for granted. the fact is that we have so many expired, grassroots activists on the right. you look at the difference between putting this is me, me,
9:29 pm
me. what have they done to establish themselves? for my daughters, these are not the role models of america. >> sean: michelle, great it see you in person. >> you bet. >> sean: coming up tonight, we are monitoring the podium and waiting speeches from sandra fluke and former president bill clinton. but first, our panel of frank luntz, juan williams and lanny davis, they will break down the convention so far and preview the critical address tomorrow night, right here -- not outside, but from the time warner cable arena, in spite of an only small chance of rain, coming up.
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>> sean: we are at the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. in just a minute, former president bill clinton will take to the stage and deliver his remarks with sandra fluke. we bring in juan williams and frank luntz and lanny davis. take out references to god, jerusalem is the capitol. have a big floor fight. they lose it. they take it twice -- three times and then they just put in prompter, okay, motion accepted. whatever to liberal democracy? come on. they got beat on the floor because they were shouting no to god and jerusalem. >> what does will roger says --
9:33 pm
i belong to no organized political party,im a democrat? >> i almost felt bad for the mayor of los angeles. no! they outweighed the ayes. take it a third time. >> when we screw up, we do it in front of everyone. >> sean: you screwed up. this is the first time god was rejected in a political convention. >> we have dialed god before. he does pretty well. he outscores barack obama. >> sean: is that right. politically speaking, it may have played well in this hall in charlotte. but you have the hard-core base here. i don't think this plays as well around the country. this will be remembered as a convention, this might be a tipping point, more than you may think. >> i think it's a distraction. it's a minor issue-- minor? >> very minor. if you look at the platform, in actuality, there is a lot of conversation here about faith and religion in american life.
9:34 pm
>> sean: they took out the reference to god -- >> it was god-given ability was the phrase, it is not talking about god or deny ago. >> sean: they took out god-given ability and they took out jerusalem as the capitol of israel as a time of heightened tension it's. >> sean, did you miss that the bush administration awls also said-- bush is gone! >> we shouldn't talk about any responsibility for republicans, let's not do that. >> sean: this may not be a good idea. i am sick and tired of four years of bush, bush. at what time does president obama take -- is this his economy? can we say tonight, at this convention, four years later, he owns if? >> i absolutely think he own its. i think he has done a pretty good job of digging out of a deal deep hole. >> sean: give me a measure. >> i don't think we are 4 1/2 million private-sector jobs. >> sean: put the caveats, this month and that month. we have fewer americans working than when he took office,
9:35 pm
period. >> sean: i am not going to say we are better off than we were four years ago. we were in a deep hole. we're digging out. there are things i wish he had done differently, but between him and mitt romney and for me, and bill clinton, you will hear tonight, it isn't even close -- [overlapping dialogue] >> three numbers to remember. 23 million, 716 billion and 16 trillion. 23 million unemployed. those people are not better off than they were before and their family, their children, their parents. 716 billion that was taken out of medicare so people over 65 now have to -- >> paul ryan -- >> [overlapping dialogue] >> and -- and 16 trillion, which just went over today, a $16 trillion debt -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let me give smunumbers-- let me add two. 1 in 6 million americans in poverty and 48 million americans on food stamps, 15 more than when obama took office.
9:36 pm
>> let me give munumbers, okay. >> sean: help us out. >> gdp higher than when barack obama took office. corporate profits at record levels, historic levels, right now! okay? if you are talking about job creation, you are talking about 29 straight months of job creation in this country. if you are talking about wall street, if you are talking about nasdaq, we are back above where we were when the economy was sinking and about to go under-- let me give you more numbers. 69% americans say the country is on the wrong track -- >> what did they say during the bush years? they said the same thing. >> sean: only 31% believes we are in better condition. >> i am for obama. but we have a very tough argument and we have to compare the choices that are very tough or nearly impossible. >> we are going to win because mitt romney and paul ryan, as we just heard, one number mentioned is exactly the same number that paul ryan was going to cut from medicare. but you forgot to mention that. and you are going to hear bill
9:37 pm
clinton talk about the achievements to the obama administration, starting with national health care. everybody watching tonight does not have to worry about losing insurance. and pre-existing conditions and their kids-- three times what was -- >> they are better off on health insurance -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: frank's right. they raided medicare to do it -- >> no, they didn't. >> then so did paul ryan. >> sean: no! obama took the money! lanny! paul ryan did not take the mon! >> it's a matter of reducing the rate of growth, in terms of medicare spending and the pressure is not put on mom and dad. the pressure's put on the service providers, sean, of the guarantee for service under medicare remains -- [overlapping dialogue] >> same number as paul ryan, yes or no? >> we have been asking these undecided voters, the people in this center how they react. and the danger for you, lanny, the language of barack obama at this convention will be what it
9:38 pm
was four years ago. that happened at the republican national convention, word for word, barack obama saying the same thing, the same hope, the same change as he did in 2008 and the american people say, you know what? he's a politician. he's a good politician. he's an effective politician, but he's a politician and the words don't mean anything, sean. >> sean: unemployment is up 7.8, with what he inherited, 8.3%, gas was $1.85 a gallon, it's now $3.78. the average length of unemployment has nearly doubled, home prices down 35%, net worth down 39%. and average health care prices -- >> you know what? here's what i would say to you -- this is what vice-president biden will say tomorrow night. it's a bumper sticker. this president saved g.m.-- you know what? >> how bl this -- this president got us out of a war in iraq. how about this-- how about the time table to get us ought out of afghanistan.
9:39 pm
>> sean: the cbo said they will never pay back the american people. do you know the number -- >> no, i don't. >> sean: let me educate you. >> you would let gherns unemployed. >> sean: no. no. government doesn't pick win ors or losers. >> romney said throw them out of here. >> let me focus on-- we'll talk about that -- >> that's the positive we should talk about. >> sean: i want to talk about bill clinton. he did accuse obama of playing the race card. more with our panel and we will -- from sandra fluke and lanny's best friend, the man he defend to the hilt and defended, we're alone, but we never thought we were alone, bill clinton will be there. stay with us, as we continue live from the democratic national convention. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> sean: welcome wack to "hannity." we have juan williams, frank luntz and lanny davis. they moved the big, you know, invesco field. there are very little weather concerns for thursday night and he said the severe threat is zero, almost zero. they couldn't fill the stadium? >> are we here to talk about the weather. >> sean: that's what they said. it sounds like they couldn't fill -- they had to make the call. they were afraid. >> i agree. i gave a speech yesterday to high school students here.
9:43 pm
i talked to the administrators and they are saying, initially there was a premium, but a flood of tickets were available and they thought, you know what? they are going to have trouble filling the stadium. >> this is a major issue. they were very concerned about not filling the stadium. >> what about the 30,000 young people that drove here to see that speech? what about the respect for them? >> sean: the people who were bused in? >> the number-1 priority -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the number-1 priority that the american people want from their elected officials is respect. they want politicians to say what they mean and mean had they say. you look them straight in the eye and tell them the way it's going to be. does that describe this president. >> of course, it does. >> i would suggest that the viewing audience is not going to vote for the president, based on what frank luntz just said. >> sean: you were his biggest offender -- >> and friend and still am. >> sean: all right. i got it. nice going. >> i want to say to --
9:44 pm
>> don't. >> all the hot chicks out there tonight -- [laughter] >> another great issue. can he overshadow the speech tomorrow night? i bet you more people want him back than obama. >> first of all, obama is hard to overshadow because he's one of the great speakers. but bill clinton is one of a kind. we all know that. >> sean: what did you say to me on the break when i asked that? >> i said that -- [laughter] >> truthful, he doll a great job, telling people why barack obama shares his values, his positions-- the era of big government. >> passed national health care.
9:45 pm
>> sean, there is a way that obama can acknowledge that the last fowrz years, he did provide the hope and the change. >> sean: they have been incoherent as a campaign. >> [overlapping dialogue] ! >> simile said, had it comes to this, he thinks that in fact, we are having to dig out a deep hole that was so deep four years ago. but you know what? everybody says -- we are absolutely -- go back to standard economic measures, mr. hannity.
9:46 pm
[overlapping dialogue] >> sean: it is not just are you better off -- is america better off, as a country? we are more divided. we are more angry -- you can see it here. >> we are not angry. >> oh, come on! [overlapping dialogue] >> i am not angry at all. >> you are yelling now! >> between the positions of mitt romney, who wants to cut taxes for the wealthy-- stop with the -- that's not true! >>-- let me finish. >> the choice of barack obama, which is to-- all right. >> pay their fair share and people who are wealthy should be contributing more. you will hear bill clinton say, you can tax me. i am able to pay more taxes, why is mitt romney-- it is not about taxes, it is
9:47 pm
about spenning. the american people almost 4 to 1 say we don't have a tax problem, we have a spending problem. if washington stops wasting the public's money. they will not support a tax increase on anyone. >> they don't want the mitt romney/paul ryan budget that uses more credit cards and adds to the budget -- >> you tookitous $16 tril yon from $10 trillion. >> 8 years later -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: what does that have to do with obama -- obama gave you $5.4 trillion! and he said he would cut the deficit in half in the first term! >> what did bush do-- $4 trillion in 8 years. >> prescription drug benefits, two wars and gave us a recession that this president had to spend money to try to dig -- [overlapping dialogue] >> and new-- how many shovel-ready jobs? >> you know, we had reduced jobs in this country. as lanny was saying--
9:48 pm
because you keep saying it does not negate the fact that you are saying is untrue. >> what is untrue?! fewer americans are working because we were in a deal deep hole. >> sean: he said he would fix that. four years and he hasn't fixed it. >> he has made progress, sean. we are producing jobs -- >> this is hope? this is change? >> exactly! >> yes. >> success -- how bad can it get? >> this is obstruction. >> sean: okay. one at a time. >> one thing we can all agree on, $16 trillion debt is a moral disgrace, both parties are responsible for using credit cards-- not for this! nobody's given us $5.4 trillion. >> one at a time. [laughter] >> he'll endorse the simpson-bowles, raise revenues and cut spending-- the race card. now, we have a trying team member who called romney a
9:49 pm
racist, the president said nothing. we have joe biden, unchain! the los angeles mayor saying, you can't trot out a brown face or a surname and get people to vote for you. i want to know why the president said he would bring red america and blue america -- why hasn't he had the moral courage to stand up to the extremists in his party? >> i hope that barack obama sets a different tone tomorrow night and repudiates the negative ads and the character attacks and the bill clinton philosophy that you can say somebody is right or wrong without describing them as good or evil-- i call this the smear and slander campaign and the ugliest campaign, beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency. >> the american people think this is, first the most important election they have voted in, and the ugliest. i hate to say this, i think the next 60 days are going to be worse. i am hoping that barack obama
9:50 pm
takes a different tone tomorrow and says enough is enough. >> and mitt romney! >> kirespond to the question about the race card? >> yes, sir. >> what do you think about voter suppression, denying people the right to vote as a political strategy issue knowing that the republican party, dominated by white mail males and whites overall-- i only have a minute. >> that the republican party says we know how it win this election, we will keep the growing number of minorities from voting. >> sean: to get into this dnc convention, you needed i. d. so you are saying that the democrats are racist because all the republicans are saying, you have to have i.d. >> no! the problem is that you know it's going to have a disproportionate impact on a certain segment, the elderly, minority, the-- that's your definition of racist. >> this is about security. there is no evidence of voter fraud in the united states. >> how about this ending this panel with agreeing with frank and all of us that we want the tone of this campaign to change, with barack obama and mitt romney as well.
9:51 pm
>> one thing we agree on. >> sean: that's all the time we have. sandra fluke and bill clinton are next. thank you as always. bret baier and megyn kelley are taking over, at the democratic national convention, as it continues right here on the fox newschannel. whoa. right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what? shut the front door. right? woop-woop! franklin delano! [ male announcer ] there's oreo creme under that fudge! oreo fudge cremes. now in two new flavors.
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9:54 pm
>> day 2 of the democratic national convention. we are waiting for former president bill clinton to speak. it's a big night here, after a pretty interesting day. good evening. i'm bret baier. >> good evening, i'm megyn kelley. the former president expected to talk about the economy and why president obama deserves another
9:55 pm
four years. >> we have bill hemmer and martha mccowan, we start with bill. >> reporter: good evening. we expect a special guest in the audience tonight. look to see president obama enter the arena very soon. also with the delegation tonight inside, it's been a fired-up crowd, but not nearly the pitch level we heard last night. it's bill clinton's job to change that. an hour ago, the police chief and the fire chief of charlotte closed the doors to the arena outside. it reached maximum capacity. there were several thousand people on the outside of the doors. we understand as of 30 minutes ago, all of those delegates and guests were allowed inside and they are inside at the moment. some of these delegates have been waiting in their seats since 5:00 today, that was 5 hours ago, waiting for the big headline when bill clinton comes out on the stage behind me in the coming hours. president obama, the rumors have been confirmed, the secret service literally crawling the floor here, as they did the
9:56 pm
night that mitt romney was in the arena in tampa. they are getting ready for his arrival. as for the delegates. they are fired up. they say they are ready to go. a woman from new mexico told me earlier tonight that they fired up the base last night and tonight, bill clinton will add to it. bret, megyn, back to you. >> martha is live on the floor. martha? it. >> stand by, we are going to try to get your audio. >> reporter: okay. >> there we go. >> reporter: you got me? >> the miracle of technology. >> reporter: in the massachusetts delegation, we have seen a lot of excitement. john kerry made his way in. a lot of speculation that he could be named secretary of state after hillary clinton steps down, if we do see a second obama administration.
9:57 pm
deval patrick, the governor of massachusetts, really fired up the crowd here. i spoke with him. he said he expects that bill clinton's speech will be a huge success. he says he always does well and elizabeth warren is the main reason for the concentration in the massachusetts delegation. they very much want her to win, back for democrats, a seat held by teddy ken fee and taken over by scott brown. and we are going to hear from sandra fluke. expect that she will have very strong rhetoric and say that there are too many women in this country who are silenced, that she has a chance to speak out and that's her voice, but so many women are silenced and she will argue that if mitt romney were to win election, that we would be, you know, thrown back into an old-fashioned relic of time, where women would not have the rights they have now. that is the argument that sandra fluke is going to make here. no doubt, there will be a strong reaction from the romney camp on
9:58 pm
that one. and elizabeth warren will speak. she will say the game is rigged and she believes the people in this country don't have a fair shot at success. look for that later on. >> thank you. >> today was a really interesting day here. it was very controversial, about the democratic platform. there was controversy yesterday when it was discovered that the word "god" was taken out of the democratic platform in the language that was approved. also that jerusalem would be the capitol of israel, also innocent there. -- >> taken out. >> and today, democrats tried to put it back in, by an amendment. and there was an interesting moment on the floor. take a listen as they tried to put it, god and jerusalem back in the democratic platforming. >> all those delegates in favor, say aye! all those delegates opposed, say no. and the opinion... let me do that again...
9:59 pm
all of those delegates... in favor, say aye. [yelling aye]. >> all those delegates opposed say no. [yelling no] [grumbling from crowd]. >> i guess... >> i'll do that one more time. >> all those delegates in favor say aye. [yelling aye]. >> all those delegates opposed say no. [yelling no]. >> in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. [boos from crowd]. >> two-thirds vote was