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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> andrea: hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros. this is a fox news alert. verdict has been reached in the murder trial of former chicago police officer drew peterson. jury convicted peterson of murdering his third wife kathleen savio found dead in her bathtub in 1994. he faces up to 60 years in prison. now on to the other big news tonight. sorry. sorry. go around here. reaction, eric? >> eric: so he is 58 years old and faces up to 60 years. he will be in jail for thest of his life.
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former life in jail, won't be pretty for him. but he was convicted he leaned to his lawyers and said god job. no emotion. >> andrea: there must be some comfort for the families that have watched -- it's not just one family. he was actually convicted of -- or accused of doing something to his fourth wife. so all the -- >> dana: she has been missing. >> andrea: right. can't find her. >> andrea: that family heart must sink a little bit because we probably think we know what the truth is here. this is a real war on women. women in relationships where men are violent. i think you are agreeing with me on this. we talked about it before. the stories crop up from time to time. it's not -- it is the one thing that women can't seem to figure out how to get out of these situations. that is where we could use more help in identifying what type of personality this is, disorder or maybe it's just
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violence. >> greg: i don't consider this a disorder. a remind they're evil exists and evil laughs at you if you don't take it seriously, or if you don't admit there is evil. this guy is straight out of a jim thompson novel. if you ever read "the killer inside me." terrific novels about men like to who revel in the fact that you can't identify the difference between good and evil. he takes advantage of that wherever he goes. he'll enjoy prisons. psychopaths are not unhappy which is why he must die. he should be killed. >> bob: i thought you were rushing to get to democratic national convention was worthwhile. >> i'm excited, bob. >> eric: the family without resolution is the family of the girl that is missing. she is probably dead but you
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hold out hope. the case was overwhelming. gave a policeman $25,000 to knock her off. i don't get it. >> bob: everybody here knows a policeman in jail, hell of a pleasant time. >> andrea: it is a devastating story. on some level, but now what i was so application, to get to. chomping at the bit. the other big news tonight, the final night of the democratic national convention. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: during the 10:00 p.m. hour, president obama will make his case to american public why he should be elect for a second term. a tumultuous week in charlotte and 24 hours ago there was a showdown on the floor of the convention over whether "god" and "jerusalem" should be part
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of the platform. after excellent reporting from fox news channel and other places, plus pressure from the american people democrats caved and put "god" and "jerusalem" back in the platform after initially omitting both. today, stephanie cutter, president obama's deputy campaign manager said this about his reaction. >> when he found out about these two things, they were under any circumstances, they were a mistake. he said we have to fix it. he directed his staff to fix it yesterday. >> andrea: why were god and jerusalem omitted in the first place? here is dnc chairwoman debbie waserman schultz talking to john roberts, fox news. >> was it an omission? intentional? >> it was not omission and not intentional. absolutely not. >> how did it get out then >> like i said, sometimes there are technical corrections. we have to make technical corrections to legislation on the house floor all the time. >> andrea: technical corrections. do you believe her?
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>> eric: very important. john roberts is doing amazing reporting. earlier i e-mailed him and e-mailed back. he said here is how it got taken from the platform. he quotes, he had a sit down with former congressman robert wexman, i'm the drafting committee member said when the plank was crafted it was written to accurately reflect the president's official policy that jerusalem is machineer of time status negotiations. so when they took it out, there was a purposeful, the intent was to take it out. debbie waserman schultz is either lying on t right there or just completely misinformed about what is going on. it's really bad what they are doing. >> greg: i have a theory, though. i believe that president obama took god out of the platform because he is dyslexic. i apologize to the disleckics but not the platform. >> andrea: he saw dog and got upset? >> andrea: took it out. >> dana: the true story how this happened will come out
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eventually, whether a woodward book down the line or tomorrow morning. we'll get the story how it happened. wexler is probably the key to this. he was on the platform committee. second thing is a management question. originally after this happened yesterday there was a story that came out that the white house, president obama approved the platform. then today they're like no, they hadn't seen it. you saw it or you didn't. if you didn't see it, that is not good. if you did see it and you didn't catch that -- it's not as if you removed the word "and." removing the word "god" and "jerusalem," two hot button issues. on the jerusalem point they made this bed and now they're lying in it. it's only been in the last six months they are had to answer the question over a over again. there is a reason it was taken out. we'll find out what it was eventually. >> andrea: what is the reason? is this mismanagement? we heard on the sunday show. campaign in conflict. conflicting messages about are you better off than you were four years snag now different stories on this.
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is a bad visual. you have the democrats divided on the floor booing down god and booing down jerusalem. >> eric: i'm not sure -- i don't think it's fair to say they were booing down god or jerusalem. >> andrea: they were. >> bob: the jerusalem piece is a complicated issue. republicans had it in their platform in bush years. president bush did the exactly the right thing. it's a complex deal. he would never recognize, nor would president obama that the final status, that is what they mean. this is a complex situation. >> eric: why is it come flex? correct me if i'm wrong. nothing complex about the republican side. mitt romney said jerusalem is the capital of israel going forward no, matter what. there is no "final status negotiations" involved. >> bob: but there will be final status negotiations. east jerusalem, question at one point there have been a lot of proposals before.
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and east jerusalem separated out. leaving it aside, was it handled well? no. bob wexler watch this and saw the plapping pulled out, nobody is stronger -- and he saw the plank pulled out. nobody is stronger on jerusalem than wexeler. why it was pulled out -- all in all, the things that did happen, i don't think the american people got up this morning and said gee, that horrific jerusalem/god issue is killing us. >> andrea: they are still trying to explain it. chuck schumer came out and said the president will address it tonight. he gave another excuse. he said people in the audience didn't know what they were supposedly voting on. >> dana: maybe they were booing the process they wabed to take a vote -- they wanted to take a vote. they screwed up. senator schumer yesterday on television asked about the jerusalem issue and president obama's position on it he said i don't know. this is a senator of new york. saying he doesn't know. today is a different story. he didn't say he would address
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the jerusalem issue. he said he would bring up israel. not a shocker. >> eric: can i point something out? the whole fire storm that surrounding them and the walk-back and platform and the questionable yea/nay vote and was it two-thirds or not stemmed from senator durbin trying to bend the fact that god and jerusalem were taken out of the platform. he defended it. bret baier held him to the fire. became a big thing. thank you, bret. thank you, john roberts, for roberting this stuff. we have kept it in the news. >> dana: democrats are lucky it was caught. and that president obama fixed it as soon as he did. say it had gone until tomorrow and they hadn't fixed it yet, they would have bigger proble problems. >> bob: you want to say something? >> greg: i want to go to boo. that is the moment the curtain was pulled back. generally when liberals speak, they put on a faux karaoke. this is when you can see the
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leftist backbone of the party. i don't mean bob. but you can't fault progressives who don't want god in government when they believe god is government. it's competition. competition to them. the reason why the media isn't after this, they believe it, too. having covered dnc the drug dealer getting -- >> andrea: wait i want to react. mark halperin said there is no liberal bias. they fixed it. move on. here is him explaining. >> change in the platform, i don't think it's liberal bias of the media, the story is pretty much done, because they fixed it. >> bob: let me say i got a call, rather irate call this morning from nobody. because i said on the show yesterday when the yeas and nays were called in my own convention in '84, i did not say this convention, i said in my convention we figured out ways to cut the nays down and
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yeas up. the inference is that is what happened. they were not going to allow it to go to a vote. it was very clear. the way you do it is you don't stammer. get somebody up there who knows what the rules are about. yep. >> andrea: let them do what they are going to do. >> eric: point to the teleprompter what the decision was going to be made, already made forward. just read the script. which he did. does anybody watching think it's close? was it two-third that said yes or no ore.? if it's even it goes to a vote. >> bob: does anybody watching think it's that important. >> andrea: good question. should republicans make it an issue? they stayed away from social issues. >> dana: i think they already had. if you are an obama supporter, blowing this off. if you're a romney supporter you are thinking mm-hmm, i told you exactly that.
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if you are an independent voter it might give you pause, maybe not because the word "jerusalem" or "god" but the mismanagement. >> andrea: in '72, amnesty, abortion that was his platform. now is it atheism, abortion and auto bail-out. >> greg: it shows how far they have moved away from the average american whether you believe in religion or not. it wasn't long ago their candidate criticisms americans for guns a religion. this isn't that far off. >> bob: tactically, the republicans spent too much time on this and away from the economy is a mistake. >> dana: the democrats didn't talk about the economy until bill clinton's speech last night. >> bob: for good reason. >> andrea: i think it will do some damage. coming up, bill clinton fired up the liberal follower last night in charlotte. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside.
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but who burns for america on the inside. [ applause ] >> andrea: but was he trying to put lipstick on a pig when it comes to president obama's economy? we look at the facts up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: president clinton fired up zombie nation last night with a speech long on locker room hype an short on facts. >> it was a highly inconvenient thing for them in the debate i was a country boy from arkansas and i came from a place where people thought two plus two was four. it's arithmetic. we simply cannot afford to give the reins of government
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who someone who will double down on trickle down. >> eric: he tagged romney on the arithmetic and paul ryan on his brass. he don't have time to expose all the laws but here is a few. obama has not created 4.5 million jobs as president. he lost 300 ,000. he didn't save the auto industry, he bailed it out with our taxpayer money. paul ryan's plan won't bankrupt medicare, it saves it. barack obama hasn't moved people off welfare, it's driven record of americans in post officeer the i. republicans are not responsible for the debt. your pal has to be part of this. and you have the brass to call up the g.o.p. for your party failures. bob, the democratic party, and the media and the democratic party have a love affair going on with this guy. i don't get it. >> bob: first, i got to say
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"zombie nation" was a great line. this guy is a master at telling a story. made the base case he could for barack obama's economy. ripped apart romney and ryan economy like a stiletto. whether you like it or not, whether you want, you disagree with it t facts, this guy is powerful force in american politics. second most popular person in politics behind marble obama. masterful, masterful, masterful. >> eric: masterfully manufacturing lying -- >> andrea: we don't have enough time to refute everything he said in the speech. so bill clinton cut romney taxes when he cut captain gains tax? and he raised taxes on the middle class with the gas tax? >> bob: no, he didn't. >> andrea: he cannot have it both ways. barack obama raised -- >> greg: he has. >> andrea: that is the
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problem. he talked about romney not reining in spending with wall street. and a war on women and they rolled out bill clinton, somebody with civil charges brought against him and was eventually disbarred. really, i know he is an excellent speaker, bob. maybe so good he will overshadow the president. >> eric: can i ask you a question in this form. we're watching a guy who was impeached, who went up and who was accused of having sex with an intern. underage intern. accused of doing nasty things, yet the media has absolute love of watching him speak. >> greg: yeah, they carry his water. they are his own personal alhambra truck. what is not like to about him? he is actually entertaining. the problem with him, his speeches are so long, and you have to check everything fact, it's like fumigating a house. it takes days to get through his words. but there are a bigger point
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here. liberal and conservatives have different problems. liberals have in my opinion a lousy message but good messengers. conservatives have a great message but the messengers aren't as charismatic as clinton. the message is so good that the liberals steal the conservative message when they want to get re-elected. we have to learn from them. >> eric: i was tweeting as this was going on, my head -- it felt like my blood pressure was going to go through the roof. >> bob: that would have been terrible. >> dana: i'll give you a specific that bothered me. on the energy portion he said president obama is responsible for resurgence of the oil and gas industry in america. no, he's not. he's actually tried to stop it at every turn. it's the governors who moved things forward. america could be doing better on the path to energy independence because it would also help grow the economy. that bothered me. on healthcare, it is fantasy land to think that taking $800 billion out of medicare is not going to affect some
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providing. it's -- that is a fact. i am find with story telling but the speeches are boring me to tears. >> greg: it's called wine. >> bob: i had a similar reaction when i listen to paul ryan. but he gave a good speech. but listen, the fact is you say the media carries this guy around. 62% of the american people who carry him around. >> eric: now, now bob. i remember a date he was up -- in fact, he did have sex with that woman. >> bob: the american people do that. >> eric: they need to be reminded -- >> bob: they don't need to be reminded. i love this guy. >> dana: the economy stuff, go back and forth on the surpluses piece and he cut capital gains taxes, president obama decided to raise them. even president obama himself in 2010 said the worst thing we could do is raise taxes in a recession. now that is a platform. president clinton didn't talk about that. >> eric: how about when he accused the g.o.p., bme them
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for the massive debt. >> andrea: laughable. that was very funny. the most funny he said president obama cooperated. with who? he hasn't cooperated not just the republicans but his own party. think about what clinton got up there and did last night. he revised down success. stood in front of a crowd and basically said 4 million jobs, right? that is abysmal in any other place. and the crowd went crazy for it. he stood there and he said i did a good job and obama couldn't. he screwed him there. >> eric: trying to reach out to the right wingers in the house who wouldn't sit down and talk to him. >> dana: how about the time president obama invited paul ryan to his speech, in the front row and proceeded to insult him in front of the nation when paul ryan had to sit there and take it. that is reaching out to somebody -- >> bob: i think, look, the republicans never gave a vote to him, at all.
5:24 pm
except for the ledbetter act. >> dana: they had the congress two years. >> bob: passed a lot of bill. >> dana: not one bipartisan vote on that. >> bob: because the republican party moved so far to the right. >> greg: my last thought is be honest here. bill clinton didn't believe a single word he said. >> dana: i agree. >> eric: especially that handshake at the end. the chair of the democratic party is caught in a lie right here on fox news. >> he says he didn't say that. >> i didn't say he said that. unfortunately, that comment was reported by conservative newspaper. not surprising they would deliberately misquote me. >> eric: uh-oh, dana has the rest of the story. debbie's tall tell next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> the election to me is about what candidate is like loyola return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper income people and go back to deregulation. that got us in trouble in the first place. bob...
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♪ ♪ >> dana: so what happens when you tell one lie, then you tell another and you get astronaut check in out. out -- and you get caught? check this out. >> debbie waserman schultz told a group of people at the dnc we know and i have heard no legislation than ambassador michael orrin say that, that what the republicans is doing is dangerous for israel. earlier today is, ambassador issued a statement denying he ever calle called the republican policies harmful for israel and his nation has friends in both the united states political party. as i mentioned, dabby waserman schultz is with us. he says he didn't say that. >> and i didn't say he said that. unfortunately, that comment was reported by conservative
5:30 pm
newspaper, not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me. >> dana: dnc chair debbie waserman schultz told shepard smith said they misquoted her. but then the original audio surfaced. listen to this. >> we know and i heard michael oren say this, while the republicans -- what is the republicans are doing is dangerous to israel. >> dana: i can understand how frustrating is it to be misquoted by any newspaper, conservative liberal or otherwise but when you are caught on tape is it the right thing to do, apologize to the reporter and them bass dore trying to navigate tricky waters and in the make it political? >> greg: no. she's exactly right. that's not exactly what she said. it was amazing --dais how can you just lie like that? >> greg: there are tells when you lie.
5:31 pm
generally you lie generally you look up. she is k maintain pure eye contact when she is lying which is a great attribute when you are a liberalmen liber. >> dana: doesn't it bother you? >> bob: yes, it does. any politician how they get away with anything when everything is recorded. she should have recognized she said that. i can't imagine she forgot it. it was going to catch up with her. the idea that somehow politicians convince themselves that things won't catch up with them. >> dana: but she still, she is still saying it was a conservative newspaper that blew it out of proportion. i don't know, maybe she is a better spokesperson than i was. >> greg: don't say that, dana. >> eric: that is path log call. look what she is doing with the jerusalem, god out of the platform, saying no it was a technical omission. we know it wasn't a technical omission. she stood by it. anderson cooper to his credit said you are living in
5:32 pm
alternate universe if you think we will believe what you are saying. she has a pattern going on and detriment to democratic party and obama. >> andrea: she is the spoke spokesperson. >> dana: hand picked by obama. >> andrea: she has been out in front on a lot of issues. not just her explaining this issue. out there on healthcare and leading the charge on the war against women. how are we to believe anything the woman says? baby leading the charge on the war against -- >> bob: leading the war against women? >> andrea: leading the charge. >> bob: oh, the charge. >> andrea: democrats are trying to distract from the economy at the convention they are doing an excellent job of it. this is gone not just to vague social issues but -- >> dana: greg and i played a game. if we were at a democratic conventions where you have to get your talking point, you find out the word association. so i say unemployment rate. you say -- >> greg: hitler. >> dana: hitler. nazis. the references are all
5:33 pm
throughout. yesterday, dick harpootlean the state chairman of the democratic national committee in south carolina said in a state newspaper that nikki haley was like eva braun, hitler's girlfriend, mistress. then today he said what i was doing is, i don't mean it. it meant to call her a nazi. anyway, just my syntax. i have the same problem as president obama. i think south carolina jewish community probably came out and said to him you need to back off. nikki haley is the first african-american woman to be governor any state. >> bob: indian. >> dana: sorry. indian american woman. obviously i got that wrong. spoke at the convention. why would he call her eva braun? >> greg: two things. left created the idea of hate speech because they're good at it. we invented a word called harpootleaned. that means you say something
5:34 pm
stupid and ten say something dumber to get out of it. >> eric: i thought that was a biden. >> bob: i don't remember us having a long discussion when paul ryan gave his speech full of misstatements. >> greg: he didn't call anybody hitler. >> bob: you are right about that. >> dana: why did you bring up paul ryan? we are talk about the fact that democrats called republican, referring to them as nazis? bob, that is desperate. >> bob: johnny burden an ol friend of mine from california made this reference. he is a recovering alcoholic. sometimes recovering alcoholics make dumb statement. witness me. >> dana: that is not an excuse. >> andrea: if a republican would have done it, this would be a huge issue. this points to complete desperation in democrats. if there is an instance of antisemitism, this marginalizes that. like last night on the floor
5:35 pm
of the democratic convention. >> bob: under three marathon -- >> bob: you are cutting in your own time. >> dana: coming up, new face of feminism. sandra fluke got primetime spot at the dnc. look at this. >> you may remember earlier this year, republicans shut me out of a raring on contraception. it happens all the time too. many women are shut out and silenced. >> dana: in this country? anyway, does she represent the average american woman? we'll discuss it when we come back. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier, inside time warner arena in charlotte, north carolina. site of the democratic national convention. the big story here today, of
5:40 pm
course, president obama nomination acceptance speech hours from now. tonight on "special report," we're told to expect new policy proposals. senior advisor telling fox news that the president has been tippingering with his tinke speech. he is unhappy after moving inside from the football stadium as planned. the controversy over the democratic platform is raging here. several democrats are unhappy that references to god and jerusalem have been reinserted in the document. you will hear from them. talk about timing. bob woodward is out with a new book that paints an unflattered portrait of president obama and congressional republicans over negotiation in the debt crisis. we'll have a first look. "special report" from charlotte starts at 6:00 eastern, now back to "the five" up in new york. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> greg: got to love cold play. last night reminded me of college. sandra fluke was the angry undergrad who sees her personal good mood as a personal rights issue. describing a nightmarish america bent on victimizing women. somewhere in afghanistan, acid scarred girl shakes her head in disbelief. sandra's speech focused on one outrage. obama defended me, but romney did not. sounds helpless to me. sandra claimed that people tried to silence her. while speaking at a convention. in primetime. as women struggle with horrifying problems across the globe, the dems chose her because she wants you to pay for her birth control. i am women, hear me roar is now i am needy, give me more. then there was elizabeth warren, the grad opportunity, gaming the system as a fractionm cherokee. she rose not by effort but by
5:42 pm
identity. she has had mostly government jobs, counsel on this, society for -- council for this, society for that. she's living off our taxes so long she could be a u.n. delegate. she talks about fairness. worse no, shout-out to the native americans who made her career possible. that is just rude. finally, the big man on campus to the rescue. bill. the women swoon when he is in the room. but when he is on stage the fathers in the audience can finally relax. i want to go to kirsten powers was tweeting during the speech. i want to just read them off a couple and then i'll go to you, bob. the first one is i hope that any young girl who saw fluke speech has someone to tell her it's a lie, women are powerful and have freedom of speech. the second is i find this speech so offensive as a woman, the idea that women are silenced victims. what do you make of that? she is a democrat, liberal and
5:43 pm
saying she doesn't speak for me. >> bob: i don't purport to speak for women. but i can say that the, i think there probably is a difference of opinion about that. you keep jumping on her about the abortion pills and, you know, birth control. i thought she gave a good speech and made a good point. a lot of states -- not a lot, but six or seven controlled by republicans that women have to have ultra sounds before they get abortions. that is a lot more than $9. it costs a lot of money. the idea that you would force somebody to have a procedure they don't want to have tells her and tells me that the republicans feel that they -- they believe that, i won't take it away from them. >> dana: the laws are passed in the states in which those women are seeking planned parenthood services. >> bob: but you force them to have that before having an abortion. >> greg: we have a minute, i want to run the warren clip and get to andrea an eric.
5:44 pm
>> after all, mitt romney is the guy who said corporations are people. no, governor romney, corporations are not people. people have hearts. they have kids. they get jobs. they get sick. they cry. they dance. they live, they love, and they die. >> greg: applausing that they die. all right. okay. eric, corporations aren't people, then what are they? answer my question. if corporations aren't people, what are they? >> eric: they are a group of people. >> greg: yes! >> eric: point something out. she was an actual architect of you didn't build that. >> andrea: she went after romney not paying taxes and john kerry applauded her and he didn't pay taxes on his yacht. sandra fluke should have had a different career than lawyer. she plays a good victim, not an advocate.
5:45 pm
the message to me last night was message of failure. women, we can't do it unless we have a man, i'm sorry. the real issue facing women is not how women cannot get pregnant. it's women who want to get pregnant, have a family, have kids, do it all. she doesn't speak for me. i was embarrassed for her. >> bob: speak in front of a committee all male. >> dana: the establishment clause. >> bob: how republicans could -- >> dana: a perfect example of free speech in america. that you have the opportunity to do and be whatever you want to be. >> greg: nobody silenced her. >> bob: the republican committee silenced her. >> dana: why doesn't obama call nikki haley of south carolina and apologize for the state democratic chair calling her eva braun? president obama could be making calls all day apologizing. >> greg: barney frank. >> bob: have a speech, testify about the birth control. >> greg: we have to get -- coming up, the time has come, the moment arrived.
5:46 pm
tonight president obama will try to explain why you should re-elect him despite the state of the economy. can he pull it off? if he does pull it off, where will he put it? this questions will be answered when we return. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: president obama tonight speaks to the democratic national committee in charlotte, north carolina. eric, what do you expect? >> eric: really? that fast. i don't think you will get a mea culpa or anything more than i've done great, i need four more years. i know i said after three years if i didn't fix it i'd be one-term proposition but i can fix it. ask bill clinton from last night. >> dana: i'm looking for something fresh, and some guide and i hope it's stripped of all con descention and partisanship, i hope. >> greg: god, family, israel. you always see this, when in trouble, put on your conservative clothes. >> andrea: his slogan is forward but we haven't heard anything that looks forward from any of the speakers. we heard him talk about the past and what he has done in the social issues but i'm interested to see what is his
5:51 pm
plan on the economy and what he will do in a second term. we haven't heard that. i want to see if he tops clinton's speech. i don't think he can. i think clinton knew he had to give the best speech of his life. >> dana: i didn't think president clinton's speech last that long. can it last nine weeks? freddie it felt like it. >> bob: not many left on the side, there aren't many. i think you will see mea culpa tonight. >> eric: on what? >> dana: didn't tell good enough stories. >> bob: if i made concession i know you expected more and so did i and i didn't do what i thought i could do. >> eric: really? >> bob: maybe or maybe not. listen, what he did -- bill clinton told him how to tell the story. stay off of romney like romney stayed of him, good idea. partisanship is not welcome here. this is a fantastic convention. do not turn it in to a --
5:52 pm
>> andrea: but he admitted that obama couldn't do it. >> bob: i don't think anybody could have done it. >> andrea: clinton talked what about clinton did. he said the guy couldn't do it. >> bob: what he said nobody given the situation he was in could have done it. he raised the expectations. you have to deal with that. this is not 2008 where you can talk about things that were not his own, three yeah years. >> dana: the clinton speech were more believable if he hadn't spent three-and-a-half years undermining everything he said last night. >> bob: you have an opinion about clinton. >> dana: i like him. >> bob: okay. >> dana: i like him personally. i do, too. i don't know. >> bob: all right. >> eric: one more thing quickly. the best speech of the night tonight -- >> dana: eva longoria probably. joe biden. got to love it. >> bob: one more thing. is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: it's now time for one more thing. >> greg: my banned phrase today is -- mea culpa. it's a crossword puzzle word that simply means you screwed up a you're admitting it. >> dana: what is an a naogram. >> greg: what is that? >> dana: i'm asking you.
5:57 pm
>> dana: it's d -- >> greg: it's dana is weird. >> eric: you don't know what the banned word is until it comes up on screen. >> dana: i'm taking a page from the one more thing book. president obama birthday is october 4. he is a leo. this horoscope is interesting for tonight. i hope he is paying attention and watching us. venus in your sign over the next few weeks will make you more laid back in usual but there is a danger you could be a bit too casual if your ways. also keep your personal feelings out of business matters. perfect for today. right? >> greg: that applies to everybody. >> dana: no, it applies to him tonight. >> greg: it applies to everybody. >> dana: august 4. sorry. i said october instead of august or something. >> eric: huge day in the bolling household. big bol eric bolling, first dayf high school.
5:58 pm
i snapped that picture, that look he gave me right there said dad, don't you dorph that to me again. great kid. >> andrea: he is looking at you going beat it. >> dana: bob loves the shot. >> bob: it's fortunate that child looks like his mother. i am going to date myself here, i have been to 16 con ventions, either participated in them, run one or covered them for the various news organizations. i have yet to see a convention as good as this one for the democrats. they needed it. need it desperately. tonight is a big night. i hope president obama comes through. this convention, by far is been better convention than any one i have seen. i want to ask eric how much bill clinton's suit cost? >> eric: pbably $3,000 suit. >> andrea: you really think it was the best convention? >> bob: absolutely. by far. >> andrea: after all of this? >> greg: he could be right. >> dana: president obama will rise to the occasion. he will give a fantastic
5:59 pm
speech. will it be persuasive to independents? doubt it. >> andrea: far just rally -- >> eric: greg making jokes about that. leave it to biden. >> andrea: my one more thing, heartthrob, tennis star andy roddick announced he will retire from the game and he lost his last four sets to -- juan martin dell potro. and his wife was crying in the stadium. you know, we still love you. if there is any consolation you still have a hot wife. be happy. >> dana: america in decline. >> bob: you just ruined my day this is happening. >> dana: at 10:00 you will be happy again. >> bob:ly be. >> greg: tennis is no longer considered a sport. did you hear that? >> bob: banned sport. >> greg: in my head. >> dana: dnc platform, they'll put step in addition tee platform


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