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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 7, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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sampled? both weeks? >> i thought there is a good convention put together well. there is a striking difference is that there were many but there is one that juchs out z that is a patriotism here and honoring of the troops is absent at the republican convention. i i it is t reflect well on the republicans and having this come after that. and this is i think great for democrat autos panel, thank you. >> and details on how people on twitter are responding this evening. chris? >> we heard applause and all. we heard smartest political analysis in the business. and so what are the folks at home say something of the 140 million twitter users there are two million tweets launched tonight touring the -- during the speeches but first, take a look at the moment caused the most
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discussion during president obama's speech. top three, he defended role of government, he racked up an astonishing 37,000 tweets. when he went on the attack against medicare, or romney ryan plan, boom, 39,000. but the one brought the house down, i'm the president. when he said i'm not the candidate, i'm the president it was 43,000. that is a tremendous lot. but to get an idea of how big that is, let's take a look at some of the top tweets for the week. so... the top four tweeted moms for the speakers you have joe biden's big moment short of 18,000. bill clinton, 22,000. and there is the president head and shoulder as above the rest. they weren't all positive. back to you. >> thank you. >> and what a two weeks it's been. >> amazing. >> pleasure being alongside you like lice-wise.
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and there is a shout tout panels who work sod hard. -- so hard. there is an army of folk that's work harder than most of us do. >> that is it for us. remember as of tomorrow, 60 days until election day. our next big event, probably october 3. the first debate z they would co-have a big impact. >> thanks for joining us. >> on the record is starting right after the break. i understand carl rove is there. >> we'll look forward to seeing him. >> good night. >> aouncer: meet tom, a proud dad whose online friends all "like" the photos he's posting. oscar likes tom's photos, but he loves the access to tom's personal information. oscar's an identity thief who used tom's personal fo to buy new teeth and a new car, and stuck tom with the $57,000 bill. [tires squeal] now meet carl who works from the coffee shop and uses the free wi-fi.
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>> greta: well, it's official, president obama is the democratic nominee, again. >> madam chair woman... delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> the election four years ago wasn't about me. it was about you. my fellow citizens, you were the change. if you turn away now, if you turn away now if you buy into the cynicism that the change we fought for isn't possible,
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well... change will not happen. if you give up on the idea your voice can make a difference, then other voices will fill the void. lobbyists and special interests. people with $10 million checks trying to buy this election. those trying to make it harder for you to vote. washington politicians who want to decide who you can marry or control health care choice that's women should be making for themselves. america, i never said this journey would be easy. yes, our path is harder. but it leads to a better chase plais. yes, our road is longer but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. we pull eachw> other up.ó3qi we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes but we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon knowing promise can
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s.with us and we're surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. thank you. god bless you. and god bless these united states. >> greta: we're live in charlotte north carolina this is the most-important night of the democratic national convention. how did the president do? carl rove joins us, so, it starts with your general over view opinion of this. >> well, look. it, this man is z.his teleprompter are quite a team. put him in front with a pedestrian speech, he's deliver it in a way come as cross more powerful on the screen than it reads that. is what happened tonight. i thought this was a so, so
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speech delivered in a powerful fashion. i was struck by a couple things. biggest thing was i love this line. i won't pretend the path i'm offering is quick and easy. i never have. suddenly all of those very specific promises of what would happen and how quickly if we pass stimulus bill unemployment would top out and be at 5% today, he was go owing to create millions of manufacturing jobs. five million green energy jobs. we're going to have your health insurance costs. average family of four will see their premium drop by the end of 2010. he would cut the deficit in half. these were specific and very precise and quick if you will, promises none of which have been of delivered and yesterday the president dropped those down the memory hole. >> apparently chairman of the republican national committee agree was you. he tweeted tonight it was just
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rolling throughout the speech from all sorts of areas but he said why would anyone believe the promises when he hasn't begun to fill ful fill the ones from 2008? he had promised things before and now just saying well it's going to take more time. >> and there is -- part that have is true. what got me is that promises got scaled back. tonight he said i'm going cut oil imports in half by 2020. and four years ago he said we're going to end middle eastern oig and you know tonight he said i'm going to create one million jobs in manufacturing. four years ago, millions of jobs in manufacturing. i'm going to train, he said tonight two million workers through community colleges for new jobs well, wait a minute, he's already said he's going to do that. congress approved legislation to begin that. and zp and he said i'm going
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cut the growth of college expenses in half in the next four years. you know four years ago said i'm going to cut the cost of education by $4,000 per student. and in an interesting one he said i'm going to cut $4 trillion out of the deficit. and... you know what? that just is not true. and you counts that a trillion dollars in spending in deficit reduction congress approved and counting it again going forward. there is $848 billion infant yom war costs assuming that we continue iraq and afghanistan z since we've ended iraq war on george w. bush's schedule and afghanistan in 2014 he then counts those savings. this is $800 billion in
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interest payments and he call that's a spending cut. no account for $716 billion from medicare he's borrowing from medicare and has to repay. if you look at his budget what he's put there in black and white and ask congress to pass versus g.o.p. house budget president obama calls for a trillion dollars more in spending than is called for in-house republican budget and $300 billion more in taxes so this is increasing the deficit above what republicans have been suggesting we do. yet, tonight went out there and said i'm going to cut this $4 trillion wasn't believable. >> and that is one of the things last week in tampa is this theme if you didn't build it they've been slamming the president for that. tonight we didn't hear that but that was the theme is that
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everyone sort of worked together as a community and citizen. soy thought he was directly trying to respond to that without using buzz words which have been inflammatory. >> tonight we had a paragraph he praised entrepreneurs for creating enterprises. that wasn't his aattitude in july in virginia. you know there is one other thing i thought was interesting is that by saw it if the film the president never mentioned the word stimulus. and this is again, mentioned in the film he never said the word obama care or affordable care act and glossed over these two things. he knows the first one has been considered by most americans as an utter failure. and you know the pollso two
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out of every three americans believe his economic poll says have not helped or hurt our economic progress. there is 2.2% growth since the recession ended. and we've got high unemployment as a result and family incomes dropped over $4,000 dpirs time that happened in a recession. he sort of glossed over that but not mentioning stimulus and there is obama care is highly unpopular. he didn't mention that in the someone said mr. president a lot of people will be watching we'll put it the film and let's not put it in the prime time that is going to be seen by a broader number of people. >> do you think that this speech, i mean the readers are excited to hear president ob obama speak. and i'm curious we've seen polls as neck and neck across the country.
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i'm boasting on undecided. do you have a thought or vision what imact on the undecided? >> i don't think it got it done for them. you're right. it was fired up and ready to go. and look, everybody waubing in tonight was passionate about barack obama. everyone left the arena tonight passionate about it. but i think the average american is going say wait a minute. you know? you told us all of this stuff would happen and it didn't. now you're telling me you need four more years? now i think the president damaged himself but this habit he has he can't treat his opponents with any kind of intellectual riggor he has to say they believe government should do almost nothing. really? i haven't heard them say that. he said they want to turn social security over to wall street. really? who? how? the speech was filled with these references to republican
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opponents but in the contempt of some kind of straw man build up a false image whof you're running against then smash it down and declare yourself the victor f you're not with him, who are you? you're with lobbyists and special interests. and can't he have respect people can have an honest disagreement with him? these straw men were unbecoming and in the independent voters have been hearing this four months, five months since the end of the republican primary z they haven't been impressed with it which is why the president stuck in a dead even mash with mitt romney. >> congressman stand by. we have more going on here we're going to check back with you. straight head your favorite political panel is here, we have live, don't touch that remote. it's the biggest night of the democratic fashional convention and politics in general. coverage continues in just a few minutes. stay with us.
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>> they want your vote but
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don't want to you know their plan. and that is because all they have to offer is the same prescriptions they've had for 30 years. have a surplus? try a tax cut. deficit too high? try another. feel a cold coming on? take two tax cuts roll back regulations and call us in the morning. >> and we're back. what does our political panel think? let's find out. abc news rick klein and byron york and michael crawlly. byron? >> i thought the fourth best speech of the convention behind bill clinton, michelle obama, joe biden, the president, last. i thought joe biden was a much better speech and seemed to have the audience going with it. >> and speaking of vice
2:51 am
president biden, joe trippi is going to be here, he tweeted vice president biden was the best of both convention autos i don't think this is a among his best. i think he's given many better speeches and i think this speech is being weighed down by the income bensy itself by the fact he's been doing it four years, it's something he tried to use as his advantage. particularly on national security. and there is the fact he's made a similar call to arms four years ago. people know promises haven't been kept. >> and did he give any indication or explanation as to why that doesn't happen? >> no. i think that there is a little
2:52 am
bit of that. and there is a little bit about congress but i don't there is a full accounting of why things fell flat for a lot of the promises and why things didn't work out quite like he hoped it would and people listening he hochs things have gotten better. >> there is rhetoric about how long it's going to take. we have to have patience and this is a long haul. that is an acknowledgement to people reading between the lines that expectations can't be too high and he may have been acknowledging they were too high. i've heard it suggested he offksqqñ to apologize in some way. this is a suggestion from republicans saying i'm sorry we didn't do more. and i raised expectation lz is?w nothing quite like ta. i think he was trying to send a message and i think he went out of his way not to soar or get too high. it was a againneric speech in the end. to me suggesting that he
2:53 am
thinks he has an advantage and it was a fairly simple democratic, republican choice speech. >> audience felt differently about the speech than these gentleman. they loved it. >> and god in israel which has been sort of the discussion here that didn't make the platform. i thought interesting he didn't mention god but said, quoted lincoln and talked about getting on his knees and did bring up israel a little bit. i thought that was deliberate. >> those are simply not big issues of the campaign. the president did always say god bless the united states of america and did talk about quoting lincoln about getting down on his knees. and as far as israel he expressed support for israel and said we have to support the peace process. that is a tiny part of it. yesterday's controversy and thisg1d is as far as excuses i
2:54 am
think he relied on bill clinton a lot to say that. clinton went on about the depth of the hole obama started in saying no president, not even bill clint qonton could have done better. >> there is no question they were trying to get different things answered by different speakers. michelle obama playing a role. bill clinton playing a role. i feel like there is a lot scrammed into that speech there. was a campaign section and a why things didn't work section, then you've got a classic barack obama speech that that gets the crowd reved up there wasn't a main through line that carried through that. >> to soming degree it's not that surprising. i recall people flowed into giants stadium and they suspected it was and there was a laundry list and i heard people saying that tonight. and i agree there are passages felt like he was checking boxes from different groups
2:55 am
and programs. some of the language didn't soar when talking about energy in the year 2020is#r and creatig a certain number of jbs and i think that that is much like what he did in 2008. and so this is i think a little bet of a let down. >> it didn't hurt the main concern of the voters. and the speech had not ended before i got an e mail saying 40 minutes and he hasn't answered where are the jobs? is that that is the slogan republicans used to win in 2010. one they're going keep throwing at him this time around. >> the one he said is be patient. and so there is a problem is that people will give him time if there is evidence he's on the right track that. is why jobs numbers may be
2:56 am
instructive. i didn't see him provide a reason suggestive of the great success to give more time. >> he has to move beyond that question. which is what is missing here? why is the economy struggle something. >> he got good shots in in saying republicans plan is not as good. so. >> there is tax cuts and reduce regulations in the morning i thought was an effective way of saying republicans are unimage in a tiff. >> and he's critical did foreign policy saying highway the laugh at the exkbreerns and new to foreign policy ignoring all of us are saying so were you. and quick break. we're going to check back with you. coming up, carl rove, plus in just hours that new jobs report i talked about. whatever that number is expected to have a big impact on the race. our live coverage from
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charlotte continues, next. >> after more than 10 years without justice with thousands of americans murdered on september 11th. after mitt romney said it would be naive to go into pakistan to pursue terrorists, it took the president against the advice of many, to give that order and finally rid this earth of osama bin laden. ask osama bin laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? we're back live in charlotte on the third night of the democratic national convention. tonight, president obama accepting the party nomination for a second term. vice president joe biden nominated and accepting. here are the highlights of night three. >> the current right wing tea party dominated republican not only has hasn't learned from mistakes of the past they're determined to repeat them. we will not let that happen. >> one side of the campaign we have a president who has made america lead like america again. and what is there on the other
3:01 am
side? an extreme candidate lacking the judgment and vision so vital to the oval office. the most inexperienced foreign policy to run for president and vice president in decades. >> and barack obama is the kind of leader my he father brought wrote bchl he does what is hard. he does what is right. >> congressman ryan says he wants medicare to be around for his grandkids. well... if that is the case, he had better vote for barack obama. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart and a spine of steel. and, because of all of the actions he took, because of
3:02 am
the polls he made and determination of american workers and unparallelled bravery of our special forces we can proudly say what you've heard me say the last six months. osama bin laden is dead. and general motors is alive. if you believe new plants and factories can dot our landscape and new energy can power our future and schools can provide ladders of opportunities to this nation of dreamers and believe in a country where everyone does their fair share and plays by same rules, i need to you vote this november. >> karl rove is back with us. there is a fact check coming in. tweeting that president obama
3:03 am
proposed only to return employment to november, 2008 levels so people are starting to fact check and go over number was them. i'm curious. in light of what he said tonight as a political analyst what would you have advised him to do differently? >> i would have advised him to be more specific about his plan. and this is we know he can deliver losty goals thachl is part of the lure in 2008 but it's wearing thin. so the sort of big declarations going to cut oil imports in half in 2020, how? and this is nice to set that goal but you've set that goal before. and you didn't achieve that. the second thing is that there are a couple good notes. i thought waits smart to under play the killing of osama bin laden rather than doing as he did in the aftermath and say i
3:04 am
order it and my order i did this and that. he made a short reference to it which i think made it bigger. he could have had a brait note had he thanked said intelligence gathered by my predecessor. he kept claiming credit for things his predecessor did. agreeing to and negotiated by president bush and iraqi leadership before the president came into office. and he said i signed trade agreements. sometimes, you look bigger when you give those grace notes. he couldn't bring himself to do those things tonight. instead it was me, me, i, i. >> i do have to drks -- one particular thing. there is one point said we've
3:05 am
advanced rights of all human beings. i was in sudan in april and i can tell you that it's just horrible what is going on there. i saw people eating frogs. the united states has not been aggressively dealing with this problem. i had dinner with the president of south sued yachblt he said the only time7$ç you heard from president obama is when he shut town the oil fields and he would -- president obama was upset because there is less oil for the international market. so that is did certainly strike me the wrong way. >> look. we took the lead in liba. no. we led from behind as the president said and let the french and germans take the lead. we're absent from the international stage. and there is what he is
3:06 am
talking about is actions in jerking the rug out from under eej the poll.?d+ the president tried to project himselfs a strong leader on the international stage. he's been weak. policy recommendations he came into office on and all of these things fell apart. and he said we're tough with china. real gee? really? you've been tough with china? that seems to escape most of the american people. >> and the he says you don't call russia our number one enemy but this sort of lingering in the background is the fact he caught caught on open mic that things could be more flexible. so there is a we wonder about
3:07 am
different things we've heard or studied. >> we know so much about him. i was well delivered. and it's going to do him good if you're a true believer you're going to love that speech. i don't think he advanced his cause. biggest difficulty was he sai said... you know what? i, it's not going to be easy and quick. i never said it would be. well, wait a minute, you made promises and about what would happen to the united states if we enacted your policies and those things not come to pass. 23 million americans out of work. or working part time or cropping out of the work force all owe together. household income down, long term unemloimt up. food stamp use at a record high. those things we were promise
3:08 am
wod not happen oo. karl, thank you. >> you bet. >> and is it too soon to know if conventions were successful? joining us once again, our political panel. rick klein, and rick, how do you fine a successful convention? >> i don't think that exists in this campaign. i don't think it's realistic to expect a balance. i'm sure they'd love a balance. and there is about answering questions and laying foundation for the six or 7% of voters that haven't made up their minds so. this is your opening argument. and the first opportunity you have to have a argument for them z you hope it goes well. i just don't think that there is anything that happened these last two week that's changes this race.
3:09 am
i think lots of folks pointing to makes our arguments stronger but there is so much more to do to close a deal. >> and this is interesting to go back down. the interesting thing is that they didn't believe goitsing to make a difference anyway. because they looked carefully at undecided voters and people who probably voted for barack obama in 2008 and they say they've discounted his flourishes and speaking ability when they evaluate him. so he talks really well and this is what he's done that is a problem for us. if he had delivered a masterpiece they still felt it would not make a lasting difference. >> the country so ditch yidd and few voters left i don't think would it be a big
3:10 am
bounce. number of people going to swing is fairy small. i think we may have seen evidence of what the respective party bases are feeling. and this is in tampa, so much less energy than here, these activists were fired up and ready to go. to use a sloganful you just got a sense that they were enjoying it and liked mitt romney but not in love. i'm wondering whether we're starting to see the democratic base react ti vait and whether republican base has passion and energy that led to that surge. >> this is the year of the hispanics. what we saw were hispanics taking a leadership role and there are big speeches and here you had mayor castro. i think looking at numbers
3:11 am
hispanic vote going forward i think this is an invitation to go out and republicans tro-to-try to change what has been a democratic vote to go out to get it for the first time. >> that is right. hoping immigration is going to be the big poll. and americans this is the top issue for them like everybody else. this is one of the demographic autos and he gave that speech to american university and had the house and senate go dog these things and he just didn't. >> that is right and there is a dream act in the other drigs. >> and the thing is that long term voting patterns not going to change my november 6th. you saw prominent future oriented republican hispanic politicians in tamp ra but in terms of voting patterns... >> greta: i think it's starting to at least chip
3:12 am
away. >> it's a long term process. >> i think the republican primary dz a lot of damage to that project. i think your last guest would probably agree. he felt like the republican party had to change messaging to that and the by he went after rick perry people forget one of the key ways he knock out rick perry was going after hi on immigration. i think there may have been an opening because of the economy hitting hispanics because obama didn't follow through on promises of action he made. i think they blew the opportunity in the primary. >> this is in the state of virginia about 8% of the voters are hispanic. there is significant can't block of voter autos even here in north carolina. you're right. i wonder, too. he was so blatant with both parties trying to appeal to latino votes and there is to
3:13 am
say well you're going put a base base out there. >> whether it's going to hit the street now between now and november. >> right. >> stick around. another break. we're going to check back in a few minutes. up next president obama makes remarks about the you didn't build that controversy. what he said, and also from tampa to charlotte which party was more successful some and how do you define success? coming up. >> for me this is a season of hope. hope for a justice and fair prosperity for the many and not just for the few. new hope and this is the cause of my life. new hope. that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that
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every american north, south, east, west, young, old, has health care as a fundamental right, not a privilege. ♪
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republicans base their entire convention around one line in a speech you gave when you said if you have a business you didn't build that. do you have regrets for the way they made that point? >> i have regrets for but everyone knows what i was saying. i talked about how we all have to invest in schools, and roads and bridges. for businesses to grow. for small businesses to be successful. >> president obama says he regrets the syntax, but not the poin. and managing editor joins us. >> this is, i think if he had an opportunity to go back in time, he would and he won't say that. and you're going to see this
3:18 am
throughout two months. there is republicans feel like and say as far as bridges if you did, taxes pay for that. so... >> and it's interesting. i thought he was addressing that without saying i'm going dress a position. he said government has a role in this. >> yes. >> and he would talk about citizens. there are ways he thought he was answering that. >> yes. it's a message, government versus private sector. and we heard michelle obama talking about student loans and you have to be propped up to get back in the game. and republicans have a different view on the role of government. and this is striking how different they are. >> and and in this situation, i thought the message is that government is not a theme.
3:19 am
>> that is right. you have a challenge there are government scandals and gsa and others, fast and furious darrell issa is investigating. and there is obama making the case, we'll listen. government has a role ask can help people. i can't. that is the message he said. i will embrace obama care. it show that's i care. republicans saying we can get a big speech. let's hear results. that is what is going to be, i think the focus in october. >> it's interesting how this republicans have backed democrats in this particular issue. is that where the democrats have to defend the government. >> yes. >> they, so every thing that ever happened to you by the government is that always now, it's like, you know, you're supposed to like the government. it's sort of a, it's a rather unfortunate political position to be in to have to defend the government when you mention
3:20 am
things like the investigation when president obama didn't tell gsa going to party. >> sure, sure. flip side is when this is a financial implosion. have you a type of food safety issue. what is the answer the public wants? they want regulations. republicans saying okay. not all regular laying laigss are bad. so both sides. >> he was actually talking about bail jut of gm. >> and how it's unpopular. and saying this is something, i won't have done this. >> and i think there is when we're going hear about the auto bail jut. >> looking at the facts i think both sides are fudging facts. >> democrats are, so are the republican autos they're both spreading truth. >> almost to the point of lie autos do you think that there is -- surprises? >> i was surprised the
3:21 am
president didn't mention is that heñ@éj didn't mention hilly clinton. and i know she's not here. and the interesting thing is joe biden thinking about running in 2016. i thought that would be a set up. >> i think there are pictures of the situation with osama bin laden. >> yes. true. >> and her husband was here last night. >> yes. he, there is a long beach. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up... two speeches so who did a better job? president obama or former president clinton? talking about that, next and also, just hours from a giant event. the all-important jobs report going to be released so what will numbers mean for the campaign? latest coming up. >> know this, america. our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met.
3:22 am
the path we offer may be harder but it leads to a better place, i'm asking you to choose that future. i'm asking you to rally. around a set of goals for your country. goals in manufacturing. energy. and education and national security and the deficit. real achieveable plans that will lead to new jobs. more opportunities. and rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation. that is what we can do in four years. that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> pund yits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue states. retd states for republicans and blue states for democrats. we worship an awesome god in the blue state. we don't like federal agents poking around in our libraries in red states.
3:23 am
we coach little league in the blue states. yes we've got gay friends in the red states. there are patriots who oppose the war with iraq and supported the war with iraq. we're one people. all of us pledging allegiance to stars and stripes. all of us defending the united states of america.
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>> i like the argument for president obama's rerex. here it schl he inherited a deeply damaged che. he began the long road to recovery and laid foundation for a modern, more well balanced economy that will produce millions of good, new jobs and vibrant businesses and lots of new wealth for innovateors. now... are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. and are we better off than we were when he took office? >> you're the reason a young immigrant who went to school here will no longer be deported from the country she's ever called home.
3:27 am
why soldiers won't be kicked out of the military because of who they are or who te love. why thousands of families have been able to say to loved ones, welcome home. welcome home. you did that, you did that. >> and you hear from both president obama and last night bill clinton. who did a better job? dick morris joins us. dick who did the better job? >> do i get to see either? there is clinton's speech like a really good lawyer defending a guilty client. you could look at moves and celebrate them. and at the same time, not be convinced. and that is a phrase of his are we better off is going to
3:28 am
haunt the democrats because by 2-1, people believe we're not. anyone thinks we are is nuts. and in the opinion of most americans. and that is i think going to hurt badly. i think for obama's speech is that he's used to giving good speeches. i thought 10 minutes were uplifting and very good. the core was making clearer than he's made before, that he's a liberal and a big government, big spending liberal. and this country isn't liberal. two things with not done. they did not destroy mitt romney. it was very little time spent in prime time on attacking romney. there was a bane capitol story buzz those weren't in prime time and from 20 years ago. and there are attacks on republican party.
3:29 am
and not on mitt romney. secondly there is no real portrayal of the substantive record. you look and say he saved gm, probably on the verge of bank rup six he killed bin laden. he's still dead. and that is it. they passed a law the public doesn't like. do you not have a sense from these speeches of any significant range after chiefments by this administration. so i think it's failed in both of the key respects. >> what would you have done differently if you advised president obama tonight? >> i would have had joe biden speak instead of bill clinton last night. and that is because clinton was not willing to attack romney. he thinks romney may win. he wants to have a good relationship and be relevant. it's obvious he's not going to personally afak romney.
3:30 am
you needed joe biden not to testify to obama being a good president and i was by his side, all thachl you needed him to play the role of a meat of a butcher going after a÷68-v butcher. where was your tax return? swiss bank account?mr the bane capitol stuff in prime time? none of that was there. that is a huge mistake at this convention. secondly, boy have urged him in his speech to move to the center. instead he just doubled down on liberalism. all of the stuff government will do zpour special interest leaders, gays or equal pay or pro-choice and all that. those who are well and good for people but not when the economy is fall pargt and the country is yernting a double dip recession. the concept we're making steady progress towards prosperity is belied by
3:31 am
reyablt of what that does. the theme is who are you going to believe? your eyes or my speeches? >> you said you had president yint on -- clinton tonight. and this is i would think you would not want president clinton back to back with president obama on the risk he'd overshadow him. and. >> and i think clinton was a very good lawyer. he is a southern lawyer. and i could see myself in the jury box. and saying he's doing a good job. and there is a problem with the speech is that in your mind you reclaim his record compared to obama's record. he says he balanced the budget for years. okay this guy is a $1.5
3:32 am
trillion deficit. under this guy it's $16 trillion. >> and there is a long, slow ride to create jobs. >> dick, you know president clinton welsh was there anything you thought he was sort of nibbling president obama? you know, sort of giving him a hard time? >> and no. i do believe that the fundamental decision that bill clinton made not to attack mitt romney does, did more to, put think the way, had' tacked mitt romney he would have helped obama far more than he did in the speech. very to believe he was pulling a punch in not going after romney. >> dick. thank you. >> thank you. >> and now, both political conventions burning question which party energized it's base more? republicans or democrats? it doesn't matter. both are trying to lure
3:33 am
independents and undecides. joe trippi joins us. i follow you on twitter. and you said that the best speech is vice president joe biden. you're now spending is it's now trending as a result that have. >> i thought it was best speech. i mean i think it was up there with clinton's and for the this best speech of the convention for the same reason. they're testifying about obama. they can say things about it he can't say about himself. and -- i think people forget how good an order joe biden can be. he was on tonight. >> the crowd reved up here and on fire. >> it's about reving up the base and also... i think the other thing about it is that both speeches, clinton and biden were about whose side this guy is on.
3:34 am
and it was really about he's on your side. it wasn't -- it wasn't about any of the issues or anything else. we're going to mess with medicare, do you think romney is on your side? or is obama on your side? if you listen to both they made the case that it's -- it's barack obama. >> i disif you read books about what is goes on behind the scenes and rich history, i'm not saying anyone should agree with him or not politically but often times he's at bullet dult in the room. he's a real thinker. people are sort of unkind to him and it's unjustified. >> people look -- he was during 80s that is out there and he was regarded one of the best orators in the party. >> even more. >> he's grown and matures on
3:35 am
issues and policy he's gotten much stronger over the years and has been a big help to the president. the other speech tonight that has gotten sort of -- the president is kerry. i think because the night was stacked with joe biden, the president sort of got lost. but i thought it's a good speech. >> and there is -- this place loved it. i don't know how it played outside of the hall but she got the roof coming off of the place. >> and there we're looking at it now.yth >> people who design and build those cars? well in, romney's world, the cars get the elevator. the workers get the shaft. >> of course she was the governor of detroit.çsn
3:36 am
who -- did either side come out ahead? >> i believe it's going to be a base turn out election. i think both conventions serve their prepare to do that. i don't think there are undecides left out there to fight over. >> i think the hispanic vote is going to be a -- i think that the first time we saw hispanics have prominent roles in both convention asks i think both parties are going to -- they're probably going to take a run at them. >> republicans -- both jeb bush and george bush were effective in courting the latino and hispanic vote. it's almost loik a bush thing. they wanted -- wheels came off of that with immigration and romney himself during primaries that it's -- i don't
3:37 am
think he's going to get thet bablg. i think long term that is a disaster for republican party. and this may be someone that can pull them in. >> governor martinez. i don't know what her influence she could have. >> again, if you don't change your -- if your policies so harsh on immigration, other issues out there i don't see that working. >> how did she get elected? president obama won that state by 15 points. how did she get elected? >> i think it's because, i don't think she has that position on immigration. i don't -- maybe. >> she is critical of governor rom neechl i'm just saying is -- i'm not sure athat is a lost electorate for the
3:38 am
republican party. >> no. it's not but they're going to have to work on it. i don't think romney gets back into this election. that is a problem. >> that is a problem. thank you. >> and straight ahead just hours after the president accepted party nomination there is another big event coming up. the new jobs report. why is is that such a big deal? latest is next. >> in 2008 less than half of all eligible voters between 18-24 voted. less than half. young america why are we only speaking with half of our voice. so many issues at stake here directly affect us? and eva longoria worked at wendy's flipping burgers feeded a tax break. but the eva longoria who works on movie sets does not.
3:39 am
3:40 am
3:41 am
live from america's nuss headquarters. wall street is set to open hours from now after a big day on thursday. the dow ending finishing at its highest level since december of 2007. the nasdaq posting its biggest gains in over a decade. investors credit the european central bank's plan to ease euro zone borrowing and the possibility of some good news today concerning the u.s. economy. his family is saying it was his wish. neil armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, will be
3:42 am
buried at sea. arm stropping was navy fight -- armstrong was a navy fighter pilot. he died at the age of 82. the commander of apolo 11 and his crew splashed into the pacific after their space mission. he said returning to the water is how he knew his mission was complete. a memorial service will be held next week at washington's national cathedral. now back that "on the record." . >> i pleej to the flag of the united states of and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> it was so fun to see her here former congress woman
3:43 am
gabby giffords leading the pleej here. shortly afterwards we caught up with her husband, captain mark kelly. mark it's wonderful to have your wife back here. was it fun? >> a lot of fun for her. she was very excited to be out there. >> when she heard she was coming here how did she respond? >> they've been talking about this for a while but she's been excited about doing it. but the plan didn't come together. she's been excited. >> we've been concerned and wondering how her health is. >> she's doing really well, continues to work hard at it. almost a full time job for her. you can see she's doing great. >> she's picked up on the crowd's enthusiasm. >> there is a lot of energy that that room. she has a lot of friends here. a lot of friends in congress, a lot of republicans are friends. so it's been great for her to be here. >> can you give us any idea sort of what your plans are?
3:44 am
and is this just too soon to make plans? >> gabby and i started political action committee recently couple days ago going to focus on getting moderates elected to congress and some issues she's been interested in. renewable energy and solar energy. the border in ardz arizona and then, veterans issues so she's excited about being involved again at some level. she's not ready yet to run for office again but she's going to be busy. >> and do i dare tell the audience the fact you have a new book coming out? >> i do. >> and you don't want to tell me? >> that is great. yeah. in a few weeks. in the beginning of october it's a kid's book, though. >> i know is a kid's book. do you want to give us a tease? >> it's about a mice that flew on the space shuttle. it's partially a true story. there is fictional parts to it as well. >> after your wife came back did you talk to her about what it was like?
3:45 am
>> yes. she add a great time pumped up and just ready to do it again. >> do it again. we're very excited to see her. needless to say the shooting affected all of us. as well. >> it did. it did and it was a sad day z tragic for so many people. but she's still getting better. >> good. great. thank you very much. this to see you great to see. >> and mark kelly, as straut naut on the shuttle and right now, taking center stage is jobs and we're only hours from the big, big story. the new jobs report coming out. and mike emmanuel joins us. what is the magic hour? >>:30 a.m. eastern time. there is when we know how many jobs are created and what the unemployment rate s there is rule the administration can not comment and spin numbers.
3:46 am
you come off the convention and if the numbers are not good, first thing in the morning american people you know momentum may go into reverse. >> is there a chance president knows about them tonight before the speech? >> we're told he was briefed about the numbers. there is he did get a heads up of what e report would look like perhaps tweaked a couple lines. it's unclear at this point. we'll find out whether he aadjust lines. >> i guess the story is that there is 8.3 where we are last month. so 8.4 or 8.2. >> and probably not anything radical. tough spot is that if a bunch of people file for unemployment, well it could still affect the unemploit rate. >> and let me spich back to
3:47 am
congressman giffords. you have better seats than the rest of us. >> it was the most powerful moment of the convention. she was doing the most basic function of a member of congress terribly wounded, lost dear friends in that incident. and to see her come out on stage and in that way, so proudly say the pledge of allegiance, it was awesome. >> there are many, we do have many members of congress athat stand up for different reasons and congressman giffords would come into the studio she would flash a smile at everybody. she was everybody's favorite. so it's, it so horrible so it's fun to see her recover. i'd like for her to recover faster. she's tough. imagine doing that. you know? people just loved it. >> you can see emotion on faces. the pride on her face. she knows how far she's come from that terrible saturday
3:48 am
when she was trying to meet with her constituents and a deranged gunman changed her life. >> i wonder if she'll come back listen how strong her voice is. >> tolt replub lick for which he stabdz stanldz, one nation, under god, indivisible, liberty and justice for all. >> so fun. and there is a number of people who died in that shooting but it's fun to see her back. >> thank you. >> coming up, what is next for the romney and obama campaign? where are the candidates headed? our panel is back to talk about that live from charlotte, north carolina next. >> america we need to rev up our engines in your car. the d is for drive forward.
3:49 am
r for reverse. in this election. we are going forward not back. let's he elect our great president barack obama. ar [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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3:52 am
half a century ago, ronald reagan the man whose optimism was inspiring to me to enter politics he famously said he did not lead the democratic party. but the party left him. listen i can relate. i didn't leave the republican party. it left me. >> we're back with our panel. and governor crist nice to see
3:53 am
him here. >> fills a slot. every convention has a defector from one party to another saying how their party left them. you know, or use the theme speech over and over. change the party id. >> he got a lukewarm reception. >> that was a spot in the floor. >> there is -- okay where do we go from here? >> this is going to be a constricted affair. candidates fly between iowa and ohio and virginia. and florida. and colorado and maybe another state or two. just going to camp in these places and that is what we're going to see. >> there is both campaigns going to be in iowa and new hampshire tomorrow. more things change, the more, there is a tied race. and there is seeming like new hampshire has all of four. >> why are they doing that? why are they going to new
3:54 am
hampshire? >> there is how close it is. >> if you must... there is the om way to bin is that he has to win this and then north carolina, virginia ask indiana then he has to win florida and ohio. he has to win one more. could with iowa or new hampshire. those could be enough. >> romney backyard made sense for him to be there. surprising is that democrats spending as much time as they are. there are all four principals going to be there and that is the first time that this happened other than on the stage today. >> i think there will be a lot of fighting to draw in the campaign. it's sort of the next big event vent. candidates going to have a chance to stand before the country and improve themselves. there are two presidential. that will be very pivotal.
3:55 am
and there is a a poll done before one debate two had and had a great debate. and there are other famous lines raising doubts about preparedness and ended up winning the election. and another key thing is that we're going to have jobs numbers tomorrow, looks like may be holding together but i think what happens with the economy here and overseas could be determining it. >> debates will be more critical for romney than obama. people know obama. they can decide on the basis of what they've seen for four years but people in the outside say that is his last chance to show people he's a good, plausible alternative to the president. >> what about money? who has got money? who doesn't? >> i think mitt romney as republicans are likely to
3:56 am
outspend. i think both sides goring to have more than enough to spend. and someone asked me a question is that on election day... >> was i the one? >> there is election day are we going to know who is going to win? >> i think i would have answered that. >> kidding. >> i don't think we will. and if this is close could be it in florida again? or wisconsin? boy like to go home for a time. >> i'd rather be obama than romney now, though. and there is a change in the game a little bit to pull ahead. >> gentlemen, thank you. it's been fun. >> and see you back home in washington. >> and make sure you go to greta let us know what you thought about tonight's show right there. tell us how much you liked the panel and hate me. keep it here on fox news channel. most powerful name in news. good night from charlotte north carolina it's back to washington, d.c., 10:00 at our
3:57 am
regular time, you can forget the coffee. and you can just watch our show because we're going to have a wonderful show next week, every day. stick around and go to greta good night from charlotte.
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