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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 7, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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way to go, bailey, way to make us proud. jon: congratulations. and thanks for joining us. >> we begin with fox news alert on new reaction coming in on an ugly jobs report and what it all means for the 2012 election. welcome to american live i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. vice president joe biden said america has turned a corner. president obama asked voters to hang on and give him a second term. some 368,000 americans just quit hanging on and completely gave up looking for work last month. the august jobs report shows only 96,000 jobs were added to our economy last month. that's a whole lot less than expected. the unemployment rate fell to 8.1%, moving in the right direction but only because so many people gave up looking for
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work. only 63% of working-age adults are in the workforce, that is the lowest level since 1981. translates to nearly 9 million able-bodnear nearly 9 million able body deed adults not getting a paycheck. back then 275 jobs were ordered. it slumped to 245,000 in june. august 96,000. this news comes as the candidates kick their general election campaigns into high gear. we are waiting for reaction from president obama, he's in the key battle state of new hampshire speaking at this hourment he's been talking for a few minutes but has yet to mention the job report. if he does we'll check it out. mitt romney is attending a rally in iowa. earlier he spoke to bret baier about the jobs report. >> for every net new job created about four people dropped out of the workforce, so we are going
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in the wrong direction. this is a very difficult time for the american people, and by the way, wages are also not rising. so no increase in wages, declining wages, actually, declining number of people being able to find work, people dropping out of the workforce, it's another continuation of very bleak news on the employment front. shannon: chris spire quality is our host of power play, great to see you today. let's talk about this. not a good jobs report this morning. unemployment is moving in the right direction for maybe all of the wrong reasons. last night the president hoped about hope, faith, hang in there. this job didn't done yet, it's going to be a tough path but let's walk it together. what does he say about the numbers today. >> reporter: probably as little as he possibly can. as you said that top line number which is deceiving, the top line number, the 8.1% number is only useful if the economy is growing or shrinking quickly that you can see changes in the arcs of
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the employment situation. what we've had for so long is a very stagnant economy, it's not doing anything, sputtering along. the federal reserve, the federal government do things to stimulate it and keep it there, it's not really moving. the top line is not useful. the numbers you talked about with all the discouraged workers, that's the word economists use, discouraged workers, guess what else they are, discouraged voters. when you talk about the 23 unemployment, under employed or having given up looking for work you're talking about a an army of people across this country that not only themselves are dissatisfied with the situation, but they are telling their neighbors, friends, and family members and the exam pelts in exam else in their lives. when you see this many people dropping out this means people aren't optimistic and they don't see change coming. shannon: we understand the president has access to the numbers the evening before release to the general public.
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how much if you think he did know go into the tone of his speech. he mentioned a number of times this is going to be a tough path. i never said it's going to be easy. >> reporter: sure, remember this is what we had for a longtime. there was no expectation that the jobs number would be good. there was an expectation it would be less bad than this. people said they are surprised. there is no surprise in this. the president knows this is the ground he's talking about. we are only 60 short days away from the election. it is on right now. the president knows the situation is not going to be any better so he has to make two arguments, argument one is that it could have been worst that's what a lot of this convention was about, blaming george w. bush and the republicans. it could have been much worse if the republicans were in control. the second is i need you to hang on a little longer. the republicans did it so terribly i need a little more time than i thought and i promised that i would need in order to get this done. that is a tough bank-shot argument to make. as we see mitt romney continuing to hang in there and even bump
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up a little bit, starting to get a little mojo the president can't like to have this news on this day. shannon: chris, i hate to interrupt here. let's listen to the president. i believe he's addressing the job concerns now and has talked about for 30 months in a row jobs have been addedment. >> we need to fill the hole left by this recession faster. we ned to come out of this crisis stronger than when we went in. and there is a lot more that we can do. you know when congress gets back to town next week you need to send them a message, go ahead and give middle class families and small businesses the confidence of knowing that their taxes, your taxes will not go up next year. everybody agrees we shouldn't raise taxes on the middle class, let's go ahead and get that done, let's get it done now. [cheers and applause] shannon: a little bit of what the president had to say there. he urged folks there in the audience in new hampshire an important state where he's speaking today to go after congress and tell them to get
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something done. numerous times he said, hey when congress won't act i will. we've seen a number of executive orders, those kind of things. now he's saying it's on congress to get this fixed. >> reporter: the white house likes statistics about 30 months of added jobs. if you add too few jobs to keep up with the birth rate and immigration rate in the united states and you have people leaving the labor force adding jobs is just -- it doesn't koupt. a month like this adding jobs doesn't really matter because you're still falling short of where you need. economists call it a growth recession, where you're technically growing but you're losing ground while you do. the president can keep talking about this and blaming the house republicans but as we heard last night he doesn't have a new mess edge didn't really bring out anything new to offer the american people in this closing argument except for stay with me, stay the course, stick with me a little longer. that is a tough sell on a day like this. shannon: safe travels home from shar lot.
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>> reporter: thanks, shannon. shannon: since the start of the fiscal year of 2011 through the latest statistics through june of this year, authors the latest available numbers. 2.9million jobs have been added to the economy, but over that same period 3.5 million people have also been added to the food stamp rolls. vice president biden said last night that america's economy is basically back on the right track. >> because of the decisions he has made and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner. shannon: coming up in our next hour we'll ask our economic panel if america has really turned the corner. we'll discuss. as the con conveniences come to an end the final campaign battles are set to begin. you are looking live at governor mitt romney he is in a rally in the crucial battle state of iowa. as his campaign launches a massive media offensive with ads running in critical states it's clear the fight is just getting
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fierce over the air waves. >> here in colorado we are not better off under president obama. excessive government regulations are crushing job creation, thousands of jobs lost. here in north carolina we are not better off under president obama. his failed economic and trade policies with china have destroyed thousands of jobs. >> here in virginia we are not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over 130,000 jobs lowering home values, putting families at risk. shannon: and you could see those different ads tailored to very different states. a romney-ryan aide says the massive fun raising hall in august produced these ads starting today. some are calling it a full on carpet bomb offensive will continue right up until the voters step into the booth to make their decision. a major legal decision giving the go ahead to one of the most controversial sections of arizona's immigration law. a federal judge upholding the requirement for police to check the immigration status of anyone
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they detain. now some officers say that is putting them in a very tough position. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with more. hi, trace. >> reporter: it's called show me your papers. it is the most controversial part of the arizona law upheld by the supreme court now upheld by the same judge who blocked it last year. the reason susan bolton upheld it is because she said there is absolutely no proof that there has barometer any racial profiling because the law has yet to take effect, though it could take effect soon. even the supreme court said let it take effect and see how it plac plays out. those fighting against this say they will look very closely at how police enforce this. the law requires police to ask people they stop for other reasons to show they are in this country legally if they find that person suspicious. many arizona cops say it kind of puts them in a pickle. a pima county sheriff says this is a ton of gray area saying,
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and i'm quoting here, so now we get sued when we do profile and we get sued if we don't profile. but arizona governor jan brewer believes the police are up to the task. listen. >> our law enforcement officers have been trained when they became law enforcement officers, and we, again, have taken steps in order to restrai reretrain them to know exactly what it is that they are able to do. >> reporter: the feds fought against this law and the only way this law will work is if the federal law enforcement cooperates, because only immigrations and customs enforce manyment, ice and the border patrol have access to verify the database controlling or checking immigration status, and if they don't play along with the local cops when the local cops call in then the law will have very little if any teeth at all when it goes into effect, which we expect could happen in the next few to several days, shannon.
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shannon: it is a delicate balance. trace, thank you very much. president obama knocking governor mitt romney on the issue of foreign policy, but governor romney just gotten doresment of four former secretaries of state. we'll talk about that and romney's credential with former u.n. ambassador to john bolton. they say president obama has big plans for organized labor if he wins a second term. in three minutes we'll see what that could mean for workers, employers and the u.s. economy. a 92-year-old world war ii vet is getting a lot of national attention after he had to shoot an intruder in his home killing him with a single shot. we'll show you the fallout for the man who was not going to be a victim. >> i hit him in the center of the chest. >> is that where you hit him? >> yeah he was a big guy, he fell backwards down them stairs.
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shannon: keeping an eye on a breaking story out of colorado after two gun machine apparently opened fire during a robbery at a denver radio shack. reporters on the scene say that two people were injured before police arrived as folks in nearby schools and local businesses were told to stay inside. we are getting reports that the gunmen apparently did begin shooting at police, there was some exchange of fire. police are now standing down. we do not know the out cox the firefight, it's still unclear. as soon as we get more details on what is happening in denver we'll let you know. new questions today about the president's second term plans for big labor. teamster's president james hoffa said that president obama has a big gift for organized labor if he wins in november. he says the president will push for a cotroversial change to how unions are allowed to organize. john informant is a columnist with a magazine and an author. john, good to see you today.
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what do you think this big gift for labor is all about? >> apparently lots of people have an understanding of what the president's second term is, but he's not going to share that with the person people. remember he told the russian president, give a message to vladimir putin, i will have more flexibility in my second term. well apparently he's sending that same message to jimmy hoffa the head of the teamster's union, he'll have more flexibility. a gift to the labor unions? it's not probably something congress can pass because they will probably be controlled in the house by the problems. it will probably be an executive order. i think we will see an executive order that stretches to the outer limits the executive authority of this country, an imperial presidency no doubt. shannon: there have been several attempts at the employee free act. 50% of employees or more than 50%, if they are authorized, verified signatures that they say they want a union you would
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skip the secret balance will the and unionize that workplace. do you think that is the specific gift that hoffa is hope to get. >> i'm not sure if he can get that through congress and get that through an executive order. he might try. remember the president appoints a majority of the national labor relations board which governs all of the labor law he could literally rewrite the regulations. he could have his folks at nlrb rewrite things. he's been somewhat constrained in that by precedent. in the second term i don't see the precedent having any constraints. when he makes promises to labor, one thing we know from history, a president who makes promises to organization like the teamsters is obligated to deliver. shannon: some people are upset with them that he didn't get everything done they expected to get done. they were not happy that they theld the convention in north carolina, the least unionized state in the country. there wasn't even a single hotel
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for them to stay at. we know there was a little bit of bad blood. the donations from organized labor was not high, they were putting their money elsewhere. the dnc platform included things that are an outrage to big labor. there are battleground states highly unionized. pennsylvania, ohio. how much do you think the president is thinking about those particular states and those promises? >> the president can't win re-election unless he has an enthusiastic union labor vote. car check is very important to the union labor bosses. it ends the secret ballot for future elections if you can get enough workers temporarily for one moment to sign a considered at 50% of the employees, that means 50% of the employees are completely shutout. no secret ballot. there could be intimidation and work-force pressure. i think the president is trying to move in that direction. he may not get all of it. if he is reelected he will use executive orders since we have never seen since richard nixon. shannon:
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shannon: how worried do you think union leaders are about a romney-ryan presidency. >> ryan is an ally of scott walker who ended the automatic deduction of union dues and seen half the members of the union members drop their membership. that would be a tremendous blow to labor union's arbitrary power to coerce workers to give them money for political purposes. in romney and ryan were in charge in washington that would be a tremendous impetus and encouragement to governors all around the country to pursue programs like scott walkers. shannon: as that played out unions did not do well and scott walker hung onto his job. they say that actually mobilized and fired them up in a way that they won't have been had they won that fight. do you think that is accurate and gets more of them to the polls in november. >> mobilizing people is great. the real excitement is when you win. when you mobilize people and you lose that deplates you and
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discourages you. in wisconsin i've been there recently, labor unions are very discouraged. they are not putting up a real fight for the state legislature, they have basically conceded they are going to lose that. they were very excited but they lost. shannon: john fund, great to see you. thank you sir. in 2008 then candidate obama, famously said if you don't have a record to run on then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. a new analysis suggesting the obama campaign may be the one leading in what is often called the politics of personal destruction. we'll debate that fair & balanced coming up. clint eastwood is speaking out with his public convention speech and the discussions he had before he took the stage. the details from a brazen bank robbery in l.a. sound amazingly similar to a recent action movie. did that film serve as the inspiration for this real heuf life crime? we have information from police on that coming up. >> the suspects gave her a
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shannon: clint eastwood breaking his silence one week after taking the stage at the republican national convention. the hollywood icon delighted some and irritated others when he talked to an empty chair representing president obama. in an interview with a california newspaper eastwood says the out pouring of criticism, followed then by a wave of support is proof that his convention appearance did exactly what it was supposed to do. it was unorthodox and helped americans realize they, quote,
1:25 pm
had the wool pulled over their eyes biobama. and not vetted by the rnc votes before giving that. police are looking to a hollywood action movie for possible clues in a real life bank robbery in l.a. the bang's manager said two masked men snatched her from home and strapped what they claimed was a bomb to her chest. the suspects are till on run. did they turn to the silver screen for inspiration? trace gallagher is on the case. >> reporter: two movies in recent years have had the bank manager abducted and robbed their own banks. in this case the bank manager says she was abducted outside her apartment the morning of the robbery by two black men wearing ski masks. she had the bomb strapped to her, she was told to drive her own car to the bank. they followed in a white kia. she was told to go inside and grab the cash. she said she did because she feared for her life. after she and the employees grabbed the bags of cash she tossed them outside. they they ever stepped foot
1:26 pm
inside the bank and apparently they did their homework because they had the cash tossed outside of the back door where there are no surveillance cameras. the bank manager's car has been impounded, her home searched, boxes of evidence taken away and the question now is did she know the suspects? listen. >> that is still part of the on going investigation to determine whether there was any connection. i don't have that information for you now. >> reporter: the suspects got away with a significant amount of cash. the device, as you see the robot there, the manager was wearing, was detonated by the robot, it was not an explosive device. the cops have very little to go on, so now they are checking the surveillance tapes between the apartment of the manager and the bank to see if they can pick up that kia and see if they can identify the suspects. right now they have nothing to go on, but they are looking at the bank manager to see what she knows about them. shannon. shannon: very interesting. thank you trace.
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warnings are going up as a number of potential hurricanes show up on radar including one that is creating high surf and rough cease all up and down the seaboard. janice dean the weather machine is next. back in 2008 the president said engaging in personal attacks is what you do when you have no ideas of your own. as he takes on governor mitt romney we'll look at a new report that suggests the obama campaign is taking personal attacks to a new level.
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shannon: you heard from the president. now mitt romney also talking about jobs. let's listen in. >> kids are wondering whether when they get hope at night mom and dad will can there because with two jobs to make ends meet they can't be there. seniors worrying about if they can put food on the table at the end of the week. wouldn't have as many college students wondering if they can afford college. or whether they can find jobs when half our college graduates can't find work. this president tried but he didn't understand what it takes to make our economy work. i do. i will use that experience to get americans to work again.
1:32 pm
[applause] at the democratic convention they had that video that said we all belong to the government. [boo] >> they sure got that wrong. the government belongs to us. and we value the government we have. and we pay for it, too. it ain't free. and we want that government to encourage and protect our freedoms, to honor its promises, to create the conditions that make it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs and innovators and students coming out of school to begin their life. that what i'm educated to doing. i love this country. i love the principles upon which it was founded. i don't want to transform erika into europe. i don't want a bigger and bigger government telling us how to live our lives. i want a government that
1:33 pm
encourages individual initiative and freedom. i will be a president who never says to you, you didn't build it. if you get the honor roll i will congratulate you, not the bus driver who got you to school. shannon: governor mitt romney on the campaign in a very important state of iowa. his comments are streaming live on the tone of the campaign trail is getting attention. it says the president and his top campaign aides have engaged in far more character attacks and personal assaults. david axlerod called romney a charlatan. steffey cutter the campaign manager, said he could be misrepresenting his position with bain to the sec which could be a felony.
1:34 pm
candidate obama railed against personal attacks back in 2008. >> if you don't have any fresh ideas you use stale tactic to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone who people should run from. you make a big election about small things. shannon: alan colmes is host of the alan colmes radio show and "thank the liberals for saving america." and the author of "50 things liberals love to hate." shannon: alan i'll start with you. accuse something one of a fell any during a campaign, you can't take that lightly. >> stephanie cutter said either felony or lying. she didn't say he's a felon. he is lying.
1:35 pm
i was just watching the clip you were playing. i just made notes of the live stream. he repeated the lie that obama says you didn't build that. that clearly was out of context. he talked about student loans. they want to make it harder to pay back student loans. obama wants to reduce the interest on student loans. the bus driver had nothing to do with helping the kid get to school. he repeated that ridiculous statement. and i didn't see any video to say this a few moments ago, you belong to the government? i didn't see that. i was in charlotte. i watched much of that. i don't know what video he's talking about. i didn't hear anybody say you belong to the government the he has misstated item after item. shannon: i did see the video. the statement was something like the government is the one thing we all belong to. mike, i can hear you like a kentucky derby racehorse jangling at the gates to get
1:36 pm
out. go right ahead. >> i'm used to these desperate spin tactics alan and his buddies are using it, an air of desperation. i love listening to governor romney's speech right before we began. because he of course is right about the role of government and what government should be. we don't belong to the government. the government belong to the people. there is a very different view. this is about character let's be clear. barack obama and his surrogates have repeatedly attacked a good and decent man's character. mitt romney has been called a felon who likely killed a woman with cancer. his surrogates have said over and over again that mitt romney is not a man of character or principle. governor romney on the other hand is rightly criticizing this radical government ideology that barack obama believes in. my big fear is that mitt romney
1:37 pm
will be afraid to even put his toe in the today water of going after the jugular. he better go after the jugular the way obama and his surrogates are going after it. shannon: mike thinks romney should get tougher. >> ask newt gingrich if he was ugly. ask rick santorum if he was ugly. he said obama never had a job. john sununu said obama should learn to be an american. romney said obama doesn't understand way it's like. he did say that. i didn't interrupt you, let me finish. >> don't say thing that aren't true. >> i didn't interrupt you. show some politeness here. he said obama didn't understand american values. if that not an attack.
1:38 pm
he also played the race card when he said obama just wants to sign checks to people without a work requirement. shannon: how is that racist to make a statement about signing checks? >> because you are basically saying all these people on welfare and we know what that code for are getting welfare checks. shannon: there are white americans and non-minorities on welfare. >> it's the dog whistle of racism. you are the only guys that hear it. you and chris matthews are the on guys that hear racism. this is an important point. this is the problem mitt romney faces. when he tells a joke about being born in michigan and he has his birth certificate to prove it and everybody knew what a light-hearted joke that was. the dog whistle hearing race baiters, they are not going to allow to roll up his sleeves,
1:39 pm
yet they don't mind when barack obama and his surrogates call romney a felon murderer. i don't know how much worse it gets when saying he killed a wife with cancer. shannon: alan. you mentioned john sununu, attributing his comments as a romney surrogate. but priorities u.s.a. is a third party, an outside group not directly linked to the president thought it's run by people who used to work for him. you to think it would be to the president's credit and smart for him to step up and 100% once and for all disavow that ad and say it goes a step too far? >> i would like to see them both do it. i would like to see romney disavow comments by john sununu that he should learn to be an american. but romney probably believes it. this is a subtle way of saying obama is not one of us.
1:40 pm
he wants to make us into another country. i don't know how that's not a personal attack. shannon: we'll leave it there and allow your books to continue the dueling. months after the president's top political adviser got into a dust-up with a polling firm the doj joined a lawsuit against that same firm. one published report is suggesting a connection. we have breaking news on white house plans for trying to manage billions of dollars in mandatory defense cuts. ralph peters talks about what needs to be cut and why our troops may ultimately pay the price.
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shannon: a published report suggests a conspiracy theory with the doj joining lawsuit and an angry tweet from david axlerod. he tweeted that a gallup poll was fraud in the way it had been conducted. gallup suggested axlerod was trying to work the wrap and the charge was politically motivated. the doj jumps into a years' old lawsuit against gallup on something that is unrelated. chris wilson, the president of the texas republican party. chris, i want to start with you. how often is it people who don't like poll numbers from somewhere as important as the presidential campaign reach out and publicly denigrate a poll on its methodology and the what it was
1:45 pm
conducted. >> i don't think public denegration of the poll is unusual. the problem here is the way they went about doing it. they contacted guam and asked them to change their methodology and when they didn't the doj joins this lawsuit. it shows you how quickly obama is ready to jump to chicago-style politics. gallup is one of the most trusted organizations in america and they are part of the media. what obama is trying to do is influence the media by using the department of justice. that's frightening for all of us. shannon: the "daily caller" says they have e-mails showing the gallup people thought there was political motivation. they say david axlerod suggested one of their pollsters go over and discuss with the white house to defend their methodology.
1:46 pm
a lawsuit was started years ago by somebody who used to work at gallup, about it turns out that person was an organizer for the obama campaign in iowa. is it just a coincidence? >> not at all. i think the dod needs to hire houdini to get them out of this mess. it looks like mr. lindley, he worked for obama in 2008. then obama is elected. he goes to guam, works for gallup for a year or so then mysteriously quits or is fired, i don't know which one. then shortly after that he files these allegations against the gallup poll under seal and sues them. fast forward almost three years later. the doj investigated for a year and a half. didn't do anything about it. now two months before the election the doj is going to jump onboard with this lawsuit?
1:47 pm
clearly it gives the perception that the doj is using this lawsuit as a protect to bully and intimidate guam to come up with more favorable numbers for president obama. it's really terrible. it's unsettles. shannon: robert gibbs says he don't know anything about any communication between the campaign and gallup so we have to take that word from him. would it make sense if this was politically motivated, would it make sense to do that two months before or a couple months:we count back, this lawsuit has not been filed yet -- or the doj's involvement tonight. would it make sense to go after guam when they need those poll numbers to be accurate. going into an election 60 days out? >> it does. if gallup shows obama is losing they could discourage the
1:48 pm
democrats where you had a lot of democrats that didn't turn out to vote because they didn't believe their candidates had a chance of winning. the timing is suspect in the fact it was two months after axlerod went after gallup. and if you replace the word gallup with "washington post" or "new york times" and replace polls with newspaper or news report. imagine the outcry from every journalist in america it is such an amazing story how quickly our fundamental freedoms can be threatens because the obama administration doesn't like the stories coming out which in this case are just simply poll numbers. shannon: have you had a chance to look at any of these numbers. what we know about gallup and its track record? >> guam is the oldest pollster in america. their track record is impeccable. they are meticulous in the way they sample voters. you cannot argue with the work
1:49 pm
they have done over the years because they updated it over time. they have a 7-9-step vote screening process to make sure they are talking to a voter. the obama administration don't like the fact is their numbers are showing romney has a lead where a lot of democratic numbers show obama has the lead. if they want to question anyone it should be the numbers showing obama ahead. shannon: we have not had comments from the white house. but robert gibbs says he doesn't know any connection between the campaign and gallup. where do we leave this at this point. this was an existing lawsuit, it's unrelated. the doj got involved. where do we leave it? >> this is horrible timing for president obama to do this. last night on his speech he talked about every american having a fair playing field and fair opportunity to have success and have a good job and provide
1:50 pm
for their families. here two months before an election you have what appears to be on the surface an unfair playing field being created in favor of president obama. it's just a terrible p.r. strategy. the doj investigated this back in 2009. a year and a half went by, the gallup poll came by and asked for a meeting. nothing happened. now all of a sudden you are going to join in the lawsuit. it's bogus. it's a bully tack figure. they need to withdraw from this process and let it play out. shannon: if we do hear from the campaign, the doj or white house we'll hear their side of the story. megyn, i'm sure will bring it to you on "america live" if we get it. a world war ii vet is getting national attention defending his home from an intried. a record number of americans are out of work and the labor department is lowering estimates
1:51 pm
for job gains. up next we are live on the campaign trail with reactions from both camps. [ female announcer ] e-trade technology can help make you a better investor. our e-trade 360 investing dashboard shows you where your money is, live. e-trade pro is so usable you'll actually use it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade. 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve,
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shannon: he testified our country on the battlefield. now a world war ii vet is getting national attention after an intruder reportedly tried to rob him in his own home. 92-year-old earl jones found himself face to face with a 22-year-old. he shot and killed the intruder at 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: he has worked his kentucky farm since 1950. in recent months he had three separate break-ins. the sheriff's department hooked him up with surveillance cameras. those cameras captured three men
1:55 pm
breaking into his basement. he heard a loud bang. he grabbed his gun, sat in his favorite chair and waited. they kicked open the basement door and earl jones fired. >> i hit him in the chest. >> reporter: the two other accomplices grabbed the dead man and they fled. earl jones says his only regret is he couldn't shoot the other two, saying these people aren't worth any more to me than a groundhog. and that they cause havoc for our country because there are too many crooked people walking around and under kentucky stand your ground law residents have the right to defend themselves with deadly force if anybody invades their house. the cameras show these guys did in fact invade that house.
1:56 pm
and earl jones was ready. shannon: thank you very much. a high-powered defense after some democrats go after governor mitt romney's foreign policy. four former secretary of states are praising romney's position. former ambassador to the u.n. will be here. federal agencies ramming up after three people die from an illness caused by rodents. the how the white house plans to manage cuts to our defense budget. and why our troops may pay the price in the end.
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
shannon: i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly. a new jobs report signaling a weak economy, only 96,000 jobs add in the move august according to the labor department. look at this chart. a huge tee klein from the gains we found six months ago. more americans have given up look for work. estimates show 368,000 people quit look for work all together. governor romney addressed this at an event in iowa a short time ago. >> he was going to get people back to work with his stimulus plan. he said with we let him borrow $787 billion he would hold unemployment under 8%. it's been 43 straight months above 8%. there are 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or underemployed. it's a national tragedy.
2:01 pm
shannon: the white house reacting. ed henry has more. >> reporter: the president in new hampshire, iowa and florida trying to hit these battleground states to get some sort of a bounce. one of his top aides traveling with the president told reporter he has momentum coming out of charlotte. but you have to raise the question, does he have momentum with this jobs report coming right after the end of the convention? if you listen closely to what the president said last night. one of his big new initiatives was saying he was setting a goal of 1 million manufacturing jobs the next couple years. known while manufacturing which had been a start recovery, all of a sudden this past month we lost manufacturing jobs for the first time in a year. that's why the president at his first event in new hampshire had
2:02 pm
to do a little bit of explaining. >> after losing 800,000 jobs a month, business once again added jobs for the 30th month in a row. aal of 4.6 million jobs. but that's not good enough. we know it's not good enough. we need to create more jobs faster. we need to fill the hole left by this recession faster. we need to come out of this crisis stronger. >> reporter: the president went on to do what he was doing last night. set this up as a choice election saying it's not just about the record. it's about moving forward and what governor romney would do to make the economy better. he mocked governor romney and said all he would do is cut taxes to help you lose weight and cut taxes to help you improve your love life. mock governor romney's agenda
2:03 pm
about being cutting taxes. when you have vice president biden saying we turned the corner, a lot of people will be wondering whether that statement is true after this new jobs report. shannon: ed henry live in iowa. thank you, ed. with jobs growth slowing to a snail's pace, many wonder what the president's jobs council is doing about it. they met only once this year but they have recommendations for improving the jobs crisis. jim angle has more. >> reporter: the job creation continues to dismal. president obama has not met with the jobs council he appointed since january of this year. they recommended many of the things the president talks about such as education. but he ignored other recommendations which includes change to the corporate tax which is higher in the u.s. than anywhere else in the world. the the council called for a territorial tax system meaning
2:04 pm
foreign earnings are not taxed again when they are brought home. many council members agree the u.s. should shift to a territorial system of taxation to make america more competitive in global markets. it went on to say the other nations have done that and it will bring us in line with our trading partners eliminating the lockout factor. meaning corporations don't bring home foreign profits because they will get taxed again. last night vice president bind ridicule.the idea. >> in this budget tax proposal he talls for a new tax. a territorial tax which the experts have looked at and they acknowledge it will create 800,000 new jobs. all of them overseas. >> reporter: the president also criticized the proposal.
2:05 pm
the u.s. has the highest corporate tax in the world at 35%. romney would reduce it to 25, obama would reduce it to 28. it simpson-bowles commission proposes eliminating deductions which is also a proposal by paul ryan. shannon: the administration announcing last hour it will give congress details next week on a plan to implement budget cuts to our nation's military. that announcement comes in place of the plan the administration was supposed to deliver to capitol hill yesterday. joining to us talk about it. ralph peters, a retired lieutenant colonel. thank you for joining us today. this report was due yesterday. we may get it next week. that what we are hearing from
2:06 pm
the white house. in the meantime nor john thune one of the you a those of this sequestration transparency act says the administration talks about americans having to play by the rules but according to john thriewn the administration is not playing by the rules. >> the administration never does. even if we do away with he questions traition which would be a disaster because it would be too much, too deep, arbitrary cuts across the board. the department of defense will have to shoulder its share of cuts after a decade of spectacular growth. my concern is the obama administration and the romney administration will make cuts, indeed they will have to but they will cut in exactly the wrong places. we have the most experienced military in the world. the greatest military in the world because of the people. and i believe the obama given four more years will cut between 300,000 and 400,000 troops.
2:07 pm
but even romney-ryan could cut between 150,000 and 200,000 troops. why? they will all cut troops. the real treasure, the golden arrow in our quiver to preserve welfare payment to major defense contractors. shannon: that just the first cut. we know the pentagon is facing $487 billion in additional cuts aside from sequestration. i want to read something from frank kendall the undersecretary of defense. he talks about the fact if you have a defense budget with 25 lines in the budget. each those lines would have to be cut 11%. but you are saying you think the administration would find a way to preserve the big fat defense contracts at the expense of our troops? >> i think congress would. the way it's set up, our giants,
2:08 pm
the titans of the defense industry, the boeing, lockheed martins, they aren't interested in efficiency or turning out cost effective weapons our troops can rely on. what they have done is they put office functions, research facility, sub contractors, assembly plants in all the major congressional districts. what that means is that although politicians from both parties love to pose with our troops for campaign photos. when it comes time to vote on capitol hill, a member of congress will vote to preserve 30 jobs in his or her home district even if it puts 30,000 troops out of work. so i hate the hypocrisy. what we have got to do is preserve the experienced force and you want to talk about jobs? what about pink slips for a couple hundred thousand troops to start? how does that help the economy?
2:09 pm
and recently there was spectacle about a month ago. a defense ceo went to the hill and said, if you do these cuts there will be 2 million jobs lost in the defense industry. didn't say a word about troop cuts. nobody on the hill pinned them down and said common, where are those 2 million job losses going to come from? because it was a lot. we'll walk out with our eyeo eyes wide open, go into the next four years and we'll slash troops, put veterans out of work and the unemployment rate for veterans is estimated at 25%. we'll put them on the street in order to preserve bogus jobs in scongso congressional districts. i'm fed up. i want a strong defense. but you have got to cut the fat out of the weapons that don't work and take care of our troops. shannon: cutting the fat in the pentagon is something i have heard about from democrats and
2:10 pm
republicans on the hill. we'll see if they have the stomach to do it. thank you for your time and service. if you watch the democratic national convention you saw president obama and other top democrats raise serious questions about mitt romney's foreign policy. what you may not have seen is this. what four former secretary of states had to say say. the medical scare stat yosemite national park getting even worse. the live report with details. a report out this morning shows the ranks of discouraged workers grew by hundreds of thousands just last month. just ahead, our power panel looks at the bigger story behind today's numbers. >> obviously another disappointing monthly figure. the white house says you can't just look at monthly numbers. if you look at the last several quarters, the last several years you see the continued pattern. we are not creating the jobs we
2:11 pm
need to create to put americans back to work. this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. mhines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things.
2:12 pm
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2:14 pm
>> my opponent and his running-mate are new to foreign policy. [cheers and applause] but from all that we have seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blues terg and blundering that cost america so dearly. you don't call russia our number one enemy, not al qaeda, unless you are still stuck in a cold war mind warp. you might not be ready for diplomacy for beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally.
2:15 pm
[cheers and applause] my opponent said that it was tragic to end the war in iraq. and he won't tell us how he will end the war in afghanistan. well, i have and i will. shannon: that was some of what we heard from president obama and several other high-profile democrats as they went after governor romney on foreign policy. the president's senior campaign adviser robert gibbs saidth something that didn't get a lot of attention. there was an op-ed signed four for former secretaries of state, they praised the governor's foreign policy positions and said he is ready to lead on the world stage. ambassador.
2:16 pm
governor romney has not served in a national position and he hasn't served as a senator who would be looking at intelligence every day. is it fair criticism to say he's not ready? >> it's utterly without merit. barack obama is not one to talk about who is experienced and who is not when it comes to taking the oath of office as president. a mark of experience is to learn something from the job which he obviously had to do. governor romney's career has give up him ample experience in international affairs. the salt lake city olympics is not just pictures on the television. he had to deal with 130 national olympic committees in most other countries control bid their government. international sports federations, national sports federations, dignitaries, the media. i used to deal with the olympics during the bush 41 administration and sometimes that made the u.n. general
2:17 pm
assembly look like a sand box. you add governor romney's experience at the global private equity firm bain capital. he has plenty of experience and even more importantly he has more judgment than president obama and vice president biden put together. shannon: the four former secretaries of state said we cannot be strong politically unless we are strong -- strong economically. >> i think there has been a disconnect in the obama presidency that that article points out. you can't have a strong american presence internationally without a recovering u.s. economy which we don't have. and you can't have sustained economic prosperity at home unless there is a strong american position around the world to keep the lines of trade and communications, travel and the like open.
2:18 pm
this is something -- this connection, this relationship between a strong america internationally and a strong domestic economy is something i think is very important, something governor romney stressed throughout his campaign. shannon: someone else weighed in. vladimir putin said he thinks it would be better for u.s.-russia relations if obama is reelected. but he says if romney gets the nod he will be willing to work with him. >> i think it's clear that president putin has listened very carefully to president obama's conversation with former russian president medvedev. when president obama in an understand precedented act for an american president negotiating on his own behalf said to medvedev, give me more space until after this election then i can be more flexible. of course, putin wants obama. why should anybody be surprised
2:19 pm
at that. that endorsement by putin is practically haul you need to know on national security affairs to vote for romney. shannon: how different do you think a romney presidency and foreign policy presidency would be should romney win? >> romney reflects the peace through strength approach as contrasted to the obama lead from behind approach which believes american strength is provocative. we have very provocative president right now. shannon: several federal agencies are ramming up and expanding their warnings after three people died from a rare illness carried by rodents. 20,000 visitors to yosemite national park may have been exposed. hours after vice president bind said america has turned a corner. a new jobs report estimated
2:20 pm
368,000 americans have give up up and dropped out of the job market. they will break count numbers and the story behind those numbers. >> because of the decisions he has made and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner. ♪ multi-policy discount... paperless discount... paid in full discount... [yawning] homeowner's discount... safe driver discount... unicorn discount. unicorn wearing a sombrero. olé... countless discounts -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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2:23 pm
shannon: federal agencies are expanding serious health warnings after three people died from a rare illness carried by rodents. 20,000 people who made trips to one of america's most visited national parks could be at risk.
2:24 pm
trace gallagher is following it all. >> reporter: the reason this warning has been expanded because we thought it was focused on one tent camp in yosemite. now it turn out some of the victims were in other camps in and around yosemite miles away. the warning goes from 10,000 to 22,000. more than double. there are 8 victims who have come down with the hantavirus. three have died. the latest victim lived in virginia. toxicology reports confirmed it was the hantavirus he died from. the virus takes up to six weeks to present with symptoms, then you have to diagnose it. one out of three people who get this actually die because it severely limit breathing. the earlier you catch this the better chance you have of surviving because they can get on oxygen and improve your chances. it's caused by deer mice.
2:25 pm
the droppings dry, they get blown in the wind and the victims inhale it. 2,500 of these potential victims live outside of the united states. until people start presenting with sometime tops they can't get a focus of what other tent camps these people may have been in. do not be surprised authorities say if within days and weeks to come they don't expand the health warning other cams in and around yosemite. shannon: warnings for everyone who has been visiting there. thank you very much. former cop drew peterson convicted in the death of his third wife. now the prosecutors turn their focus to his fourth wife. 12 hours after the president asked america to hang on and give him four more years to fix the mess we find out 360,000 american workers just lost hope and gave up looking for work.
2:26 pm
up next, what to expect in the coming months. >> for every net new job created about four people dropped out of the workforce. so we are going in the wrong direction. this is a very difficult time for the american people. and wages are not rising. no increase in wages, declining wages and a declining number of people being able to find work and dropping out of the workforce it's a continuation of bleak news on the employment front.
2:27 pm
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
shannon: breaking news on a story we have been following out of denver. two gunmen reportedly opened fire during a robbery at radio shack. what the latest, alicia? >> reporter: right now and for the past 2 1/2 hours the denver police hostage negotiation team has been a block and a half behind where i am inside a radio shack trying to coerce the suspect who is inside. and from what police are telling us is likely armed and does have a hostage inside. according to our reporting done by the local fox affiliate. the suspect is a 19-year-old manager of that radio shack. it all began this morning at 10:00 a.m. mountain time in response to an armed robbery.
2:31 pm
they were in the neighborhood and showed up while the suspect was still inside. from the video we have seen, we have seen the front doors blown out of that radio shack. at some point a hostage was taken. a police officer who still remains inside came into contact with the suspect. complicating matters is the suspect reportedly is posting things on facebook. one a picture of the supposed hostage, another couple postings saying i swear to god i'm going to die. another saying, sorry, mom. all the businesses along this 2 1/2 block area have been evacuated. they locked down this entire street. this is a busy corridor of denver, colorado. this is an incredibly busy area. there are schools on lockdown as police continue this intense investigation.
2:32 pm
as soon as we know anything more we'll let folks know. thank you. >> i watched him. he has never wafered. he never backs down. he always steps up and asked in every one of those critical meetings the same fundamental question, how is this going to affect the average american. how is this going to affect people's lives. that's what's inside this man. that's what makes him tick. that's who is. chee.[cheers and applause] folks, because of the decisions he has made, and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner.
2:33 pm
shannon: that was vice president joe biden talking about decisions he had watched president obama make the last four years. but has america turned the corner when it comes to jobs? we have seen the rate of job creation drop sharply. 96,000 added in the month of august and the number crunchers cut their estimates for june and july which they often do. the rate declined to 8.1% because some americans have given up looking for work. welcome to all of you. simon, as the white house points out. unemployment number is down, the private sector jobs, 4.8
2:34 pm
million. that sounds like good news. >> it's not keeping up with population growth. you have to run faster to stay in the same place. you have to create 150,000 jobs a month just to stay up with people entering the labor force. people graduating college, leaving high school. that's not happening. we are nowhere near that. we need a heck of a lot more to make a dent in unemployment we need 250,000, 300,000 jobs a month. it doesn't look like we have turned the corner. and we are seeing a lot of weakness in manufacturing. that really matters. that's where a lot of highly paid hourly jobs are and we are seeing that decline. shannon: in his speech it's a million manufacturing jobs he's pledging to bring do you think he can make that happen in the second term? >> unless they completely
2:35 pm
destroy the dollar the answer would probably be no. it goes even further. here is the problem from my perspective. 8 million people have dropped out of the labor force since the president was inaugurated. these are people who have given up on the american dream. for how many people there are workingages down to 58%. un50 is what sparked the arab spring. white teenagers. 28%. black teenagers. 14%. are you kidding me? turning a corner? which corner? shannon: simon i know you had mentioned, you are worried about young people because their unemployment rate is higher than the average population. >> they can't find jobs. if you can't find a job that's awful particularly when you worked so hard in school and college. and you have are coming out. but if you get a job nothing is
2:36 pm
happening because there is so little movement in the work 40s's hard to move ahead. those years when you see a lot of acceleration in your career and you build that foundation, that isn't happening. people are snuck entry level jobs for a lot longer than they used to be, certainly than when we were starting. shannon: the president is out talking about the fact that i never promised you this would be easy. come on the path with me. it will be a hard path about it will get us in the right direction. >> in the last month of the bush administration we lost 741,000 jobs. if that trend continued we would be in a second-grade depression. that being said. we need faster growth. we need faster job growth. i think i would totally agree. that's your career path for life. it's very important. and that is why i would ask the republicans in the house why are you not acting on the jobs bill. where is mitt romney's plan.
2:37 pm
shannon: the first thing they will say is we passed the job business and they went to the senate to die. >> to create one million jobs, if you look at the stimulus, forget about the phoney jobs that you can i they created. $300,000, $400,000 per job in this is not how you create an economy. as long as the president continues to threaten the economy. if the same job participation was the same as in the inauguration we would be at 11% unemployment right now. >> we obviously created jobs. some people dropping out does impact there will be are no two ways about it. why are we not doing this? nobody wants government spending. but when consumers and businesses aren't spending. >> consumers have money. businesses have money.
2:38 pm
they aren't spending or investing because they are afraid. there is a dark shadow over our economy. the dark shadow is we'll punish success. >> i talked to a young entrepreneur last night and she said she deals a few hours a week dealing with regulations and all that tax filings for her employees. and this is a small business. she wants to not be doing that and be doing the job of being an entrepreneur. >> during the clinton administration -- >> it's preventing her from growing her business and hiring people. no moral relativism here. it's stopping her from doing what she needs to do. >> if demands per 10%, 30% higher than it is now i'm sure she would finds a way to deal with the regulations. it's lack of depends. consumers and businesses aren't spending. no one wants government spending. but when it is the spender of
2:39 pm
last resort that's what needs to be done to jump-start the economy. >> don't we get into central planning when that happens? >> stock is up 15%. you could have made a zillion dollars on it. the true investments from the business perspective is frightening. >> we need infrastructure improvements. let's do it. think about what president eisenhower did with the interstate highway systems. >> i crunched eisenhower's numbers. and he had 500,000 jobs created. these temporary jobs you are talking about ... i want my bridges to be nice. but we are talking about bringing out the -- >> there is this creature of regulation. what are all these new regulations that have come about
2:40 pm
that made businesses so afraid. shannon: that would launch the two of you on another five-minute segment. john, charles, thank you for sharing your business expertise. and i do spend money at lululemon. my husband will tell you that. thank you very much. when the president took the stage for his big speech in charlotte he made the argument that america has the choice to make between two visions for the country's future. we'll look at reaction from the pundits and the voters. >> i know campaigns can be small and even silly sometimes. trivial things become dig distractions. serious issues become sounds bites. the truth gets buried under an avalanche of money and advertising. if you are sick of hearing me approve this message, believe me, so am i. [cheers and applause]
2:41 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> i won't pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. [cheers and applause] and the truth is it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. it will require a common effort and shared responsibility and the kind of bold persistent experimentation that franklin roosevelt pursued during on crisis worse than this one. shannon: that was president obama making his case for a second term during this convention speech. the president acknowledging the economic recovery has been slow
2:45 pm
but insisting our problems can be solved. his speech got mixed reviews. a "new york times" headline summed it up. liberal writer at the daily beast was pretty harsh. michael, big deal? people there loved it. lots of standing ovations and chance of four more years. was it really that off? >> i think the president has a tremendous talent for giving
2:46 pm
pedestrian words with a lot of self assurance. this was really not a remarkable speech. the only craft i saw whether attacks which were clever. but the problem was not the craft it was the complacency of the speech. almost nothing to say about the job crisis or debt crisis that undermines economic confidence. the policy agenda was tired and small like a 7th state of the union address with all the leftovers. i think this is the president's problem. he doesn't have a rhetorical problem but an economic recovery problem. shannon: when he came into the convention last time air was exciting and new. he had not had to make some of these tough policy decisions. we weren't struggling as bad as we are though some argue we have improved. he had a different set of facts
2:47 pm
to work with. >> i'm not sure he had much choice. if you go back to his 2008 speech. by his own measure he seems to have come very short. he might tell us now that no president could have done this in four years but that's not what he said a few years ago. a few years ago he was giving us 3 years. i don't think he gave us any reason to think something will be better down the line. i'm col pair it with president bush in one way. with the war, people are getting tired, not seeing progress. they were see mag reasons blown up every day. one of the things that really didn't go over well was the stay the course message that president obama gave last night. i don't think it worked for president bush in 2006, he gave a courageous speech on the surge in 2007. i don't think it will work for obama on the economy in 2012.
2:48 pm
shannon: what do you make of that hang in there which is how ben miller of the a.p. said. he said multiple times in the spiecht' not going to be an easy path but we need to keep the work we started. you need me for another four years. effective? do you think lit work? >> i think he could have tried harder. he has a specific problem which is under obama we pursue the largest monetary and fiscal easing in human history. and we have gotten the slowest recovery in american history. the slowest, weekest recovery in american history. he needs to attempt to explain why that's true. why it's going to be different in the next four years. and i think bill clinton tried to do that. he tried to describe the challenge. he essentially argued this is like an anti-biotic we have taken. it hasn't kicked in yet but it's going to work. at least made the case. i don't think obama even tried very hard to make that case.
2:49 pm
shannon: bill, do you think former president bill clinton has a better speech? >> it's a better speech but i think there is the same kind of switch-a-roo. in 2008 candidate obama was basically running against george bush. he tied mccain to george bush and that's who he ran against. last night they were trying to get us to forget the obama economic reality and have warm and fuzzies over the clinton prosperity. i'm not sure sit works. it could be a good speech but i'm not sure the message for four more years. clinton was masterful as a performer but the argument was completely absurd. shannon: michael if you had these facts and this record would you have take and different angle and seen it as a great cleaj? how would you have tackled it? >> i think you would have to
2:50 pm
pivot. not say just give me a little more time with no specified policies on why it's going to be different. he -- i think he's going to have to say before the end of this election, i have been through some tough times. i learned some lessons which i'm going to apply in new ways, some hopeful ways to try to pro motor job creation in america. he didn't make that case last night. shannon: drew peterson just convicted in the murder of his third wife. but coface brand-new charges. a live report from chicago next. the power to become a better investor has gone mobile. with features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade.
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2:52 pm
2:53 pm
shannon: late-break developments on the drew peterson murder
2:54 pm
conviction. his lawyers say they will appeal his conviction as we hear peterson could face charges in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacy. steve browns live in chicago with more. >> reporter: authorities would like to charge drew peterson wi the murder of his fourth wife stacy peterson. she was the person who from the grave if you will, gave up those hearsay statement as told by a pastor and her divorce attorney which were the key to the conviction in the kathleen sab ohiconkathleen sabio case. >> though we cannot have kathleen back. we know she can rest in peace. justice finally has been served. we all love her and will never forget her. she will be missed and remembered in our hearts all.
2:55 pm
stacy, you are now justice. james glassco says he's looking at the case. as for the peterson jury, a press conference wrapping up, they say they nearly had a verdict on day one of the deliberations. >> rethought about it right away. it was 7 guilty, four not guilty, and one open. and then there was one holdout. by the even of the first day of deliberation it was 11 and 1. >> reporter: we are told that one holdout was swayed by the hearsay statement by stacy peterson. shannon: a new jobs report shows the unemployment rate falling
2:56 pm
for all the wrong reasons. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor.
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we already asked 3,000.
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now for a heartwarming story out of illinois. a selfless eight-year-old boy reached out to a sick neighborhood to pay for the 2-year-old's chemotherapy. the prize, 1,000 bucks. both moms are very proud. >> i i would never in a million years expect this. especially from an 8-year-old boy. that's crazy. >> i heard that kara had leukemia and i thought that they really needed this money. and i didn't really need the money, so i wanted to give it to them. >> it makes my heart smile but he's always been a great, amazing kid, and a real giver. and it -- honestly it didn't surprise me too much. he's that kind of kid. >> the little girl's undergoing treatment for a form of leukemia that apparently has a cure


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