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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 8, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> greg: no, no. he is a good guy. admit. >> dana: i like him. >> kimberly: he's fantastic. >> dana: is he a good seasonal, too? >> kimberly: watch the show. that's it. thank you for being with us. covering the convention the >> tonight, for the hour, we expose the lies and distortions that democrats attempted to show you at the convention this week in charlotte. we will expose the nasty rhetoric that flowed behind the podium. while the mainstream media sleeps, we will tell what you you didn't hear and the truth about the economy, the truth about the bin laden raid tonight and we will lay out the untold story of the g.m. bailout and reveal what the 2012 dnc will be remembered for. no, it is not bill clinton. this is an investigation you will only see tonight here on "hannity." we begin with an in-depth look into president obama's
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acceptance speech. it was an address, filled with a laundry list of new promises. let's show you a recap. >> we choose this path, we can create a million new manufacturing jobs in the next four years. if you choose this path, we can cut our oil imports in half by 2020 and if support more than 600,000 new jobs in natural gas alone. yes, my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet. i will use the money we are no longer spending on war to pay down our debt and put more people back to work. my plan would cut our deficit by $4 trillion. >> sean: now, if the past 3 1/2 years are any indication, what you heard would be part of a list of broken promises. and the question is, should he win another term? after all, mr. president, you failed to make good on your word countless times. so before you promise us the world, you may want to work on a few of these old pledges. >> no family making less than
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$250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. today, i am pledging to cut the deficit. we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office. we will have the negotiations televised on c-span so people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents. >> guantanamo will be closed, no later than one year from now. >> transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. >> if you choose change, you will have a nominee who doesn't take a dime from washington lobbyists, doesn't take a dime from washington backers. when i am president, their days of setting the agenda in washington will be over. >> sean: now, of course those broken promises were conveniently left out of last night's speech. interestingly enough, also absent were some of his biggest so-called accomplishments. not once did he talk about obamacare by name and he didn't mention his stimulus plan.
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no, he is not campaigning on the so-called achievements, he is running away from them. that's because he wants you to forgeth about his failures and the price tag they come with and believe the hype, the hope, the change. obama -- change, change, change. joining me to expose the truth behind the democratic convention. sarah palin. governor, so many broken promises. the media in this country ignores them. he comes up with a cut-and-paste speech with a new list of promises. it seems like we have to focus on the old ones first, don't we? >> well, we do. those repeated promises. and then as you are suggesting, a whole host of new promises, really is a slap in the face of the electorate. there is an estimation of an unintelligent voting block out there, i think that president obama is assuming will continue
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to want to get free stuff, despite free stuff will replace freedom. and he's just assuming that that voting block will be large enough to get him back in there. but i just pray that americans will open their eyes between now and november when they know that theyville to make that choice between free stuff or freedom. you can't have both. >> sean: governor, i watched last night, watched really closely, watched all the speeches during this convention, boring, stale... uninspiring, out of ideas. i just didn't feel it this time. i knew in 2008, something huge was happening. i mean, them moving it inside, the weather was perfect, that was part of it. what are the adjectives that you use? >> well, last night, it was very painful to watch the president's speech. not just because we knew he was not telling americans the truth, with his suggestions of how well
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things were going and how well things will go if we gave him 4 more years of these repeated, failed policies. but you are right. there was a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of passion for this country. a lack of sincerity when it came to, for instance, his claims of supporting our troops. yet, many of us look back a number of months ago and remember a specific about the troops, for instance, where he was ready and willing to throw our troops under the bus, if he didn't get his way on budgets and debt ceiling increases, he was going to withhold the troops' paychecks. so as he talked about the support that he has for, again, for instance, the troop, all you have to do is go back in time and the very recent past and realize that he contradicts himself. he really is the antithesis of consistency that you would hope would be in a president. >> sean: we will get into this,
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the truth about the bin laden raid, it wouldn't have happened, if his policies that he supported had been implemented on the gitmo rendition. same with g.m., how much they still owe the taxpayers. we will get into those details and more details about, i think the single thing this conviction may be remembered for -- this convention may be remembered for are the delegates. they removed god and the capitol of israel from the platform, you hear -- i can't remember a convention where they boo'd god or said notice to god in a convention. >> i know, i know. that's the equivalent of thrice denying our lord. you know, go back into new testament teachings on what happened then. >> sean: three times before -- >> that's right? >> the l.a. mayor said, i don't care what you say, we are going to do what we want anyway. >> and, sean, want to discard
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god is a list of priorities. what is most important to you, collectively as a political body, for what seemed to be the majority of the degigates, wanting god out of there. i thought was... quite -- disrespectful of other good democrats who are out there who have that faith, who understand god-given rights and are not ashamed of proclaiming that it is god who gives us our rights? >> i think it showed the views of a few in the hall. i think they were reaching out to energize their base. but the other thing about this convention that strikes me -- and i want to get your thoughted thoughts on this -- bill clinton who said that obama played the race card on him, was brought in to save the day. interestingly, the romney campaign has come out with an ad, reminding us what clinton said about obama in 2008. let's roll this. >> as the economy gets worse, barack obama calls on bill clinton to help his failing
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campaign. >> it's about which candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. >> he's a good soldier, helping his party's president. but what did he say about barack obama in 2008? >> give me a break this. whole thing is the biggest fairytale i have ever seen. >> 23 million americans struggling for work. a middle class falling further behind. >> give me a break. >> i'm mitt romney. and i approved this message. >> sean: is that a good lawyer defending a guilty client, governor? >> that's exactly what it is. here, barack obama is sprinkling that fairy dust and the fairytale that he wants americans to buy again for another four years. >> sean: thank, governor. coming up tonight... >> all those delegates opposed, say no. [crowd yelling no] >> sean: the defining moment. 2012 convention, delegates booing god and jerusalem.
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we show why this is the moment that this convention will be remembered for. and then, as our dnc rewind of the lies and distortion continues, we bring you the something -- the president couldn't talk about. and that's the truth about job numbers. also, we'll examine g.m. and the bailout. we will give you the truth behind those numbers and the bin laden raid, as this very special laden raid, as this very special edition of "ha [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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america, offer a prayer. >> they boo'd god and then they boo'd jerusalem. and we give the full scrutiny to the sudden rewriting of the dnc platform to re-include both those words. democrats would like to think they will be remembered for biden's passionate plea and begging for a second term, the president's promise of a better tomorrow and their appeal to celebrities like eva longoria. the truth is, this convention, in my view, will be remembered for the delegates booing god and jerusalem, into the convention platform. let's take a look back at this defining moment. >> all those delegates in favor, say aye. [crowd cheering aye]. >> all those opposed, say no. [crowd cheering no]. >> in the opinion -- let me do that again. all of those delegates... from favor, say aye.
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[crowd cheering aye]. >> all those delegates opposed say no. [crowd cheering no] [grumbling from crowd] >> i... i guess... >> have you to let them do what they are going to do. >> i'll do that one more time. all those delegates in favor, say aye. [crowd cheering aye]. >> all those delegates opposed say no. [crowd cheering no]. >> in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds of the vote is in the affirmative. the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> sean: joining us now, former clinton adviser, author of the book "screwed," dick morris is back. what happened to the party of the people, dick? >> there was no question he didn't have a two-thirds
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majority. probably didn't have a simple majority. that shows how deeply, deeply against our traditional values as a country and our support of israel the core of the democratic party is. here, the president was trying to re-insert jerusalem and god and his own delegates didn't want to let him do it. >> sean: yeah. you know one thing, the l.a. mayor who was obviously trying to get the crowd again and again to go his way, it was actually written in the prompter. we got a shot of this, where it said in the opinion of the chair two,-thirds having voted in the affirmative, it was already written in as a preordained issue. let's go to the speech of the president. your general thoughts? >> i'm sorry. before we leave that, i want to point out that there were three things that were deleted from the israel plank. jerusalem, which they put back in. a provision that said we should isolate hamas, as a terrorist organization.
3:16 am
they took that out and it stayed out. and then a provision saying that palestinian refugees should settle in new palestinian state and not seek to return to israel. those are the core demands of israel in the negotiations. the united states has always supported those positions. obama's people pull it out of the platform and the president chooses not to put it back in. very significant. >> sean: what do you make of -- we have two issues. number 1, the reaction to what i thought was a pretty stale, boring, cut-and-paste speech last night and the issue of the economy, the economic numbers that came out today, i mean, a net loss of another couple hundred thousand jobs, when you include the people who have left the labor force. your reaction? >> well, i think that the -- to me, i suppose in visual terms, you are right, the defining moment is that vote. i think that is likely to be remembered. but i think that in political terms, the enormous blunder was
3:17 am
when speaker after speaker said, yes, we are better off now than we were four years ago. and that became a logo of this convention and it is very clear that the american people dont agree. and fortunately, romney is alert to it. they are pouncing right away and in all of the swing states he is running ads, where he has romney saying, this president can ask us to be patient, he can even ask us to blame someone else. but he can't tell us things are better than they were four years ago. >> sean: it's amaze ago wasn't that amazing you? you get, no, we are not better off. somebody else, we might be better off. the president, incomplete, but he previously said, you know, he did a good job and stephanie cutter, by any measure -- by zero measure, which we will point out later tonight. >> and bill clinton said it directly. and called on the delegates to say the word yes, we are better
3:18 am
off. that was a huge blunder because it makes that issue, the turning point of the election. the election will hence forth be a referendum on whether we agree that we are better off than we were four years ago. and the incumbent is certain to lose that referendum. >> sean: dick morris, really appreciate you being with us. see you again sometime next week. >> good. thank you? >> still ahead tonight, as our special continues, reince priebus will join us. but first, gutter politics was not on vacation at the dnc, as democrats spent most of this convention, spewing very divisive rhetoric. we will play the low-lights coming up next. then, later, good old joe strikes again and tries to claim the country has turned a corner. we have the figures that prove otherwise. we will tell you the truth about the bin laden raid and the g.m. bailout, as this post-dnc convention of "hannity"
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>> welcome back to hafnlt tonight, we are dedicating the entire show to highlighting the distortions and lied, spewed during the dnc. instead of using their podium time to pitch a plan to save our ailing economy -- well, they decided to do this instead. >> republicans support opening the floodgates to
3:23 am
special-interest money and suppressing the right to vote. >> governor romney, congressman ryan and their republican colleagues say it's everyone for themselves. and that's fundamentally the choice in this election. between republicans, who only fight for the favored few or a president who fights for the middle class. >> the republican vision is clear. i got mine. the rest of you are on your own. >> when it comes to getting the middle class back to work, mitt romney says no. when it comes to respecting women's rights, mitt romney says, no. >> when he strives to take us back to the days when insurance could charge us more just for being a woman, or deny coverage to breast cancer survivors like me, that's personal. >> sean: sadly, this was not the only example of democrats resorring to gutter politics. three times during the dnc,
3:24 am
leaders of the party compared the g.o.p. to nautsy and john burton compared republicans to the nazi propagandist and dick harpullian compared nikki haley to hitler's misstress, eva braun. peace and love? hitler, nazi -- what is -- come on. >> wait. why are you bringing this on me? >> sean: this is your party. you know what you never do, you never say, president obama, stop the smear, the slander and lies. why don't you say that? >> no! both sides should stop the smear-- give me a comparable example. >> aiken-- aiken was repudiated by romney -- repudiated. >> make crazy statements-- stop for a second -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i do not support demonizing on either side.
3:25 am
don't roll your eyes at me. i am smart. that's why you have me on the show. >> sean: there we have it. thank you for being with us. wait a minute. i said to you, why doesn't president civility repudiate it? romney and ryan did say that. >> what aiken said was not a personal attack. look, the democrats have been lectsuring us for a couple of years now on tone and how we should elevate the discourse and how bam balwill set a new standard and the democrats will set a new standard. then they engage personalized ark tax. it is not just the nazi references, but the personal attacks against governor romney, now the republican candidate for presidency -- they have called him a tax-- listen closely. >> they have called him a tax cheat, a felon other a murderer and an aspiring slave owner. nobody on your side has condemned any of those slurs. >> sean: wait a minute. this is important. what she is asking you. poling pall and mitt romney
3:26 am
spoke out against aiken. here are all of these examples -- where is president civility? your president. >> your president, too. let me talk about moving forward-- you are not answering the question. >> no, i am not answering the question. because what you do is make every comment, demonizing. everything is demonizing. it's the fear factor -- wait! let me finish! >> sean: no. >> no. what i am going to say is that these speeches that the american people are listening to were about-- the nazis -- >> both sides demonize-- give me an example. >> you give me an example. >> sean: she just gave you four of them. >> let me just tell you what is going on here -- >> no! [overlapping dialogue] >> what you are getting is pure projection, she is saying the other side demoppizes that's when that's what the democrats are doing. and both sides are doing it.
3:27 am
both sides are not doing it. you don'tv hear this kind of language from governor romney and paul ryan and anybody on the republican side. >> let's get away from the language-- checkmate, monic amount of i am on the show to be beaten up on, anyway. i know that. i am always the loser. however, let's talk about the difference between-- i wouldn't call you a loser. you are a very nice person. you are wrong. you are a radical. >> you were going to call me a nut job-- i said radical. >> but my point is that the language on both sides needs to change because -- >> mitt romney does not have a plan. -- excuse me. did romney call obama and accuse him of causing a woman's cancer? did romney seasay he's a felon? a tax cheat. >> sean: a racist. >> no, because romney only cares about the 1% that are going to-- romney is a racist and a felon and a murderer. >> this conversation is not
3:28 am
about governor romney. >> sean. >> this is not about romney and ryan. this is about president obama and his party and the kind of campaign that these folks are running. this is the president for obam a. four years ago, he ran a campaign based on hope and change, changing the conversation, changing politics. he and his campaign and his party are engagedin gutter politics-- i have to run. you are infuriating. just -- >> no, i'm not. >> you put me on and beat me up and i have to get all of these tweets all the hate mail -- ahhh. >> and i have to go to my therapist. >> sean: tell tam rawhat you think of her comments. coming up, it's the comment that everyone's talking about. vice-president joe biden proclaiming that america's turned a corner. we have the facts that prove this could not be further from the truth. we will give you the real economic numbers and democrats are busy, this week, spiking the
3:29 am
football over the osama bin laden raid. we will explain why they should be thanking president bush and also coming up, the truth about the so-called g.m. bailout. we will lay it out for you tonight on "ha
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>> because of the decisions he has made and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner! the worst job loss since the great depression, we is since createssed 4.5 million private-sector jobs in the past 29 months. >> sean: i have no idea, no clue, what corner the vice-president is talking about. now, this is just another example of democrats distorting the fact this is week. but don't worry. tonight, we are going to sort through all of these lies and less than 24 hours after making that statement, you, the american people received more bad economic news. according to the bureau of labor statistics in august, only a
3:34 am
meager 96,000 jobs were created in the u.s. for the month, leaving the unemployment rate at still above 8%, where it has remained for the part 43 months. don't be fooled by a slight dip to 8.1%. the jobs report also indicates that more than 360,000 americans in the month of august have stopped looks for work. unfortunately, this is not the only dismal economic news that was dropped on your lap this week. we have learned that under this administration and their watch, the number of americans receiving food stamps -- get this, 46.7 million, record. let's not forget the nation hit another milestone this week. this week, the national debt passed $16 trillion. again, what corner is biden talking about? joining me with the reaction, the chairman of the republican national committee, reince priebus. you know, here's one statistic, the labor force participation rate. if it were at the level it was
3:35 am
in january of 2009 when the president took office, right now, the unemployment rate would be 11.2%. the numbers are phony, fraudulent and deceptive this. bothers me, especially heading into the final months of the election. do you think that story is getting out that, 96,000, but we wliewz 360,000 that are participating because they gave up? >> it is going to get out and it is getting out. we are seeing it, hitting people across america. i was in iowa yesterday. people get tsean. i mean, people were talking last night that the president's speech was flat. it is almost as if he knew that the truth would be waiting at his doorstep the next morning. in fact, it was. and what the good thing about our situation here in this race is that, you know, the truth matters in this race, in that you can't outspend the --
3:36 am
out-spin the truth. we saw it this morning. don't forget. i was in iowa yesterday. we were talking about a lot of the voters that were there. when the president ran in 2008, let's not forget the basics. he ran at a time when he was running against the economy. he ran saying that he would fix the situation that we were in in order to the economy. for him to come back and say, well, listen, i didn't know how bad it was -- either he didn't know what he was talking about, and/or he failed in solving the problems he said he would solve. the fact of the matter is, we have a situation now in the next 60 days, where we are walking into a closing argument. and the good thing is, is that the facts are on our side. it is not a good thing for america. it is not good that unemployment's through the roof and the president didn't doing about about the debt and the deficits, but there is nothing better than walking into a close closing argument with the facts on your side. that will set us free in this
3:37 am
race. >> sean: the president promised four years ago to cut the deficit in half in his first term that. didn't happen. he said shovel-ready job it's oops, they are not so shovel ready. and even laughs about it chiam sure is anoising to the 25 million unemployed americans. they predicted that if they passed the stimulus, that unemployment would be 5.5%. >> 5.4%. >> sean: okay. here's my question. they went out and they lied. we created 4.5 million jobs. that's not true. what they said to the american people. we have fewer americans working than when we took office. he didn't say that. only private sector -- not the whole job market. are you going to be able to get through what is an obvious talking-point lie given all throughout the week. >> absolutely, sean.
3:38 am
here's why, because people know the truth. people know what is happening in their neighborhoods. they know what is happening in their communities. they know that things are not as great as joe biden and barack obama are claiming. so, i mean, we have -- we have an opportunity here to not just deprive home the message with the funds that we have raised and the grassroots army we have put on board, but what is really going to up-end this president is the fact -- there is a lot of reasons. we can debate about employment-- explain about 4.5 million figure is a lie. we're running out of time. >> but people don't think that he is real anymore. people don't believe in the same barack obama 2008. when people start to not believe that you are real anymore and that you are not who you said you were, that doesn't fly in iowa and wisconsin and ohio. and that is his problem. hey, he can give a speech. but he can't connect the dots. when people start to see it and
3:39 am
think that maybe you are not who you said you were, that starts permeating throughout the electorate. and it is like a cup of poison in the well. once that hits, i think he has big problems. and i think that that the truth is on our side in this election. >> sean: all right. reince priebus, thanks for being with us. we'll see you in the days and weeks ahead. still to come tonight, the lies and distortion and the untold story of the g.m. bailout and what it really meant. but coming up, the truth about the bin laden raid. we'll check in with liz cheney and she will tell us why it's the bush administration that laid the groundwork for the that operation. and by the way, what happened to the president who said he would not spike the football? that's all straight ahead.
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3:44 am
ask osama bin laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago! >> sean: senator john -- i voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it, was one of the many democrats who took the democratic national convention stage to praise barack obama for the osama bin laden raid. but he failed to say that barack obama opposed nearly every one of the programs and methods that helped our intelligence community locate the terror mastermind. his stance on waterboarding. >> waterboarding is torture. it's contrary to america's traditions, it is contrary do our ideals. that's not who we are. that's not how we operate. we don't need it, in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. we did the right thing by ending that practice. if we want to lead around the
3:45 am
world, part of our leadership is setting a good example. and anybody who has read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture. that's not something we do. period. >> perhaps this week, speakers could have been praising president george w. bush, not the man who opposed his predecessor's aggressive policies. here with more, liz cheney. one thing at a time. let's listen to the president, lectsuring the country. we can't show bin laden's body, we will enflame the tensions in the muslim world. we can't spike the football. remember this? >> yeah. >> we don't try trot out this stuff as trophies. the fact of the matter is, this is someone who was deserving of the justice that he received. and i think americans and people around the world are glad that
3:46 am
he's gone. but... but we don't need to spike the football. >> sean: sounds like they were spiking the football to me. what did you think? >> even before the convention, we know that they let hollywood directors at least one hollywood director into the white house. we know that they were sharing very detailed information with hollywood about what he was saying was such a sensitive operation, which it clearly was. this president, sean, loves fotake credit for other people's work. he loves to push blame for his own acts off onto others. i think that one thing people ought to remember, if they don't remember anything else in the polling place on november 6, is that if barack obama had been president on 9/11, we would not have put in place any of the programs that not only led eventually to locating and killing osama bin laden, but those programs saved american lives. we know now because of declassified intelligence that those programs helped us to
3:47 am
prevent terror attacks on this nation. >> sean: he opposes enhanced interrogation, uponned to close gitmo, said he would do it on day 1. didn't happen. he opposed rendition. we interviewed jose rodriguez. he was there when -- when the waterboarding, the enhanced interrogations occurred. i asked him, would we have been able to find bin laden if we had not used the intelligence-gathering that obama opposed. here's his answer. you don't think we would have gotten bin laden without the interrogation methods? >> there was a clear trail, a facilitator we captured in 2004, that told us about bin laden's courier and gave us a pseudonym-- that was what led to bin laden in pakistan. >> we got the true name of a kuwaiti. >> sean: without that -- the things he opposed wouldn't have
3:48 am
allowed him to take make that decision. is that a fair statement? >> that's a fair statement. >> sean: no gitmo, no rendition, no bin laden. he's taking all the credit. spiking the football. >> exactly. first of all, anybody who hasn't read jose rodriguez's book altought to read it. secondly, you know, this president his own secretary of defense, who was the head of the cia said it was intelligence from the enhanced interrogation that helped leaditous bin laden. >> sean:be leon panetta. >> leon panetta. this is a very, very serious business. i want to remind people, we prevented attacks on this nation through our enhanced interrogation techniques. barack obama can take credit for osama bin laden, for making that decision, but there is no question, if he had been sitting in the white house on 9/11, he wouldn't have put those programs in place and there is no hl telling who would have happened.
3:49 am
>> sean: very key component to this -- yet they are spiking the football -- but the thing that offends me in what they are doing, they accused our troops, brave men and women -- did what their government asked them to do, working through the legal process of what is legal and what is not, under the most controlled conditions to get information that we know saved american lives and they say that they tortured people. terrorists. khalid sheikh mohammed, et cetera. >> it's outrageous, the president of the united states, a lawyer, should have been able to look at the legal opinions and understand, we didn't do anything in that program that we hadn't done to our own program in the seal training program. it was not torture. there is no question about it. you know, one word i didn't hear mentioned at the democratic convention was iran. if you want to talk about this president's record on counter terrorism, you cannot do that without saying, all right, the biggest threat we face today is a terrorist armed with a nuclear
3:50 am
weapon. he has stood by while the iranian, every day, you open up the newspaper, make steady progress towards a nuclear weapon. >> sean: let me quote candidate obama -- iran, cube avenezuela, these countries are tiny. they are not a threat. that's his great foreign policy experience. we have to run, liz. thank you for shedding real light on this president, spike the football, wouldn't have happened if he had his way, obam aisle thank you. >> sean: coming up, a constant theme at the dnc this week, obama's bailout of g.m. but what was not mentioned, how much tell cost you, the taxpayer and you will never be paid back. that's next.
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>> now, as we continue our investigation into the lies and distortions that plagued the democratic national connection this week, we look at the other major theme and that's the president's bailout of general motors. in other words, government motors. let's take a look. >> we can now proudly say what you have heard me say the last 6 months. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive!
3:55 am
>> his opponent wanted to let detroit go bankrupt. this president saved the american auto industry and it's coming back strong. >> the american auto industry is not just surviving, it's thriving. >> this is the president who saved the american auto industry from extinction. >> sean: what was never mentioned is that more than $25 billion in loans will never be repaid and $15 billion when you talk about gmac, meaning that you the taxpayer will be stuck with the bill. why did g.m. deserve the bailout? it's the unions. big labor has been a big supporter of the anointed one. this is the president, returning that favor. joining me to expose the untold story about the auto bailout, the author of the best sellir, number 1, obama's america. 2016, you are going to -- you are going to surpass al gore's, you know, what that was global
3:56 am
warming fiasco. >> this is a big weekend for the film. "an inconvenient truth." that will be a very inconvenient truth for al gore. it will surpass his film and sicko and bowling for clum bine. >> sicko, that was the auto biography. >> self description. by monday, we will be the second most successful documentary of all time. >> sean: amazing. good job. let's look at this. first of all, between the money that wasulent to government motors, the bailout, now we find out, we are not getting most of this money back. when we add into it what used to be gmac, the auto lending side of this, we are not getting a lot of that money back. so the american taxpayer, this great success -- they gave basically a gift from the taxpayer of $50 billion. >> yeah. you are right. it was a payoff to the unions because they rewrote contracts. they exchanged who the creditors were who would be paid in what
3:57 am
order. >> sean: winners and losers. >> and it's part of a bigger pattern because what we have seen is federal incurment into health care, insurance, banking, finance, energy, autos. sowhat are really seeing a redefinition between the relationship of the citizen and the state. i think this is part of an attempt by obama to have the federal government be the quarterback of the private sector. >> sean: and the important thing is, we have bankruptcy laws. that doesn't mean go out of business laws, but we have a legal process which i supported, governor romney supported, whereby they would be able to stay in business. they would be able to rework their contracts and so on and so forth and go through bankruptcy protection. they are acting as though governor recommendny wanted the doors to be shut. no, he said go through the process that every other business in america has to go through if they can't afford to pay their bills. >> or any family. have you to make sacrifices and
3:58 am
you can come back, but it will depend on your own efforts. >> sean: every american family is making those sacrifices now. >> exactly. >> sean: i went through and according to the american bankruptcy institute, bankruptcy, 61,000 in 2009. 56,000 in 2010, 48,000 in 2011 and this year, first quarter, we had 11 thousand. so, the question is, all of those other companies -- they are not getting a bailout. why? because they don't have the union members to kick back the money from the dues to the president and his re-election campaign? >> what amazes me about obama, he keeps punning the problems and saying they were caused by the previous administration. now, look, there is no question he inherited an economic nose dove and nobody is saying that all the problems should be fixed. >> but you expect them to be better than they when were he came into office. unemployment when he came in,
3:59 am
7.8%. we are not saying it should be 2%, but it's higher than it was four years ago. despite all the momonet and bailouts and the stimulus, obama needs to be judge judged on his record. >> sean: here we have g.m., bad unemployment numbers, the osama bin laden -- all lies that went on this week, the tone and civility. booing god. all of this goes on this week. and got very little mention in the press. we spent an hour examining each one of these issues. what does this say about the media in this country that they are not doing this job? >> well, this is the real scandal. when i was brewing the people for my film, we talked to people who knew obama's mom and dad and young obam aindonesia and kenya and i would say, when is the last time you interview audio they would say, never. why is the new york times? where is cbs news? they think it is morally important for america for obama to be re-elected. and if they think they


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