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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that was one of the most asinine things i've heard. they all clap. corporations aren't people. meanwhile, the convention made possible by corporations fork over dough, i almost lost my appetite. i got over it. but meanwhile, even france's richest citizen fighting back against class warfare. find out tonight at 8:00 p.m. on fbn. adieu! he's gone. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, greg. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: i spent time over the weekend thinking about america. thinking about -- [ laughter ] -- what would happen if we give the community organizer four more years to transform the great country. let's do some arithmetic. bill clinton. first, main street american, 12.5 million people unemployed. we knew about that.
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261,000 fewer jobs under president obama. household income down. net worth, down. take a look at the obama zombies. 145,000 more federal workers under obama. listen to this one. 14.6 million more people, new people on food stamps. solyndra, fisker, blow the money. g.m. loses $49,000, loses $49,000 per volt. the uab rolls in our dough. do you see what is happening here? president obama is driving people out of the workforce and on to government assistance. methodically transforming america from innovative free market capitalism to subsidized freeloaders who would rather watch jerry springer on the couch than occupy a park or earn a living. remember the night in chicago when obama won the election? president obama will pay for my gas. he laughed then but not so funny now. greg, what is so funny, by the way? >> greg: you spent the weekend thinking about america. >> eric: i did.
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>> greg: that is what you do on the weekend? >> eric: i did. >> greg: i do other things. i think about america ferrara. >> bob: do you think about it in the bathroom? >> eric: no, while the debt clock -- go ahead. >> greg: you painted a egg intive picture on this. the fact is we're now back to being a world leader. we were number seven i guess in global influence. but now we're number one in food stamp production. i think, you know, you got to reshape your priorities. be happy. we're number one! we make more food stamps. >> eric: you don't think about america? >> bob: i do. i don't think about it every day, every minute of the weekends like you do, but that's fine. i was bowling the other night, i didn't think about him. >> greg: you were thinking about eric bolling. >> bob: eric is bowling with a red, white, blue ball. >> eric: i would if i had one. a friend of mine is a staunch liberal called me up and said you know what? i think i'm going to vote for romney this time. i said why? she said for years, it's
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obama. she said i'm worried about my husband and if he gets laid off what will happen, i'm worried about the economy. kimberly, things aren't good out there. >> kimberly: it's not good. this is not a made up situation. if you look at the cold hard facts and numbers, it's abysmal picture. people want to decide? they want to invest four more years in obama, because he will do the same thing. he didn't give solutions of how to remedy the situation or correct the problem or correct new jobs while would you bet on the same losing horse? >> eric: we didn't hear anything new over the weekend? we didn't hear it last week in the dnc. waiting for sunday show to bring up something new. >> dana: only thing i saw is the attack on medicare in florida, which was pretty gutsy and major deception. the second thing i saw was the photographs from the weekend that greg is going to talk about later on. other than that, from the democrats, the number that got to me last week on the job number was that for every net
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new job that was created, four people left the workforce. >> kimberly: true. >> dana: forget whoever wins in november. whoever gets this next job, this next four years are critically important. if you look at the bob woodward book that came out this weekend, lack of leadership on the democratic side from the white house, being able to persuade, pull people together, come up with a solution and find a compromise, they wanted so much to have a do-nothing congress. they got one now. they have america in a real fix. >> bob: the thing i got over this weekend, from the sunday shows was neither romney nor ryan could say one tax loophole they would close. >> dana: yes, sir. the wind tack credit in iowa. >> bob: the wind tax credit? >> dana: absolutely. big deal. that's gutsy, don't you think? >> bob: no. >> dana: really? >> eric: you know what is gutsy is for you to bring up the fact that mitt romney who was asked which tax loopholes he would cut. he said there are loopholes we will cut.
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not going to raise taxes on the wealthy but close the loopholes to keep revenue the same. if you ask obama, president obama what his plan for america is, the plan for jobs, he doesn't have an answer. >> bob: bills in the united states congress and -- >> greg: the employment would be worse. everybody talked about how the people are leaving the labor force, going to social security or back to school. if it had the same participation in 2009, the numbers would be at 11.4 -- yes, so in fact, his numbers are like dana wearing lifts. if you took the lifts out, it would be far smaller. >> eric: what is with the every month there is a revision? the 20,000 jobs came out of the economy from june. meanwhile, that was two months ago. here is what happened. the labor department puts up the number. it looks okay. here, but the real number is down here. they don't tell you about it. >> dana: in the bush years it was the other way. they'd be revised upward. >> eric: better.
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>> dana: yeah. so june would have been better than originally reported. why is it this way? why can't we get better stats on this. bob, cansky you one thing? >> bob: sure. >> dana: something paul ryan recommended in the past which i thought you would like, closing a lot of loopholes including a suggestion that the mortgage interest deduction should go away. there are things in there i think are operated toward helping the middle class and fixing the budget which were pretty bold. >> bob: it is bold. if he would say it. but romney i think, his people convinced him not to talk about it. i think it was a bold move. but listen, the other thing, when you are open here, eric, which are always enlightening to me, you suggest that the president of the united states trying to push people to a socialist state. you don't really believe that. >> eric: i honestly believe that. the more people on the doll, the more votes he gets. if you are getting free stuff, what do you do? vote to get the gravy train to stop? no, you vote to keep it
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coming. >> bob: in less than 60 days he'll have the last votes he will ever have. >> eric: i'm deathly afraid of what happens in the next four years if we have socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth. $81 billion in food stamps in 2019. up from 39 billion the last year. the bush administration. there is serious redistribution. >> bob: people who qualify for food stamps and they need to eat. >> greg: the other upside is he is creating job for the guy who creates food stamp card. that is a good thing. i don't think -- >> kimberly: so positive. >> greg: i don't think it's diabolical that he is creating more dependency for votes. when you come from an ideology where you believe the government can do better than the private sector and the government's responseability is to give jobs, keep unemployment down that is the consequence. democrat is the go-to solution. >> greg: it will always be this way. >> dana: also congress has a very hard time over the years in both republican and
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democratic administrations of ever taking anything away. they just continue to add, throw something in here. >> greg: if you keep buying dog toys, your dog eats it. >> dana: helping retail sales. >> eric: talk about gallup. gallup has a poll out today saying that president obama has a five-point lead over mitt romney. a big change from a couple of weeks ago, couple of months ago. what is going on there? >> kimberly: you just have to take a look at it, take a moment, because it does raise the question as you recall back in april, jay carney sent out a tweet essentially criticizing gallup and their methodology. and at that point, romney was five points ahead. now you see a reversal of unusual fortune in the polling. of course, there was also a lawsuit threatened by the department of justice to investigate gallup. >> bob: keep this in mind. rasmussen who tepid to lean republican also saw a big jump
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for barack obama. gallup, this is 3,000 surveys so the margin of error is very little. they do a daily tracking poll. the answer is very simply, which you wouldn't buy, the democratic convention did more for barack obama than the republican did for mitt romney. >> dana: i agree. if you think about it, convention bounces for incumbent in 2004 had a .6 bump, president bush did. i don't know if president obama's could last. interesting the cnn poll that just came out that had 54 approval versus 40 for independents. so that suggestsen oversampling of democrats in the overall poll. [ overtalk ] >> greg: i cannot keep up with the poll. one poll says this, one says that and i believe polls exist to keep pollsters in business, or to shape the narrative of the story. there -- they are as stable as
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the baldwin family. the ultimate poll is when people vote. >> bob: greg, there are certain polls that are fairly consistent pattern of being right. gallup is one of them. trust the numbers. you just face it, you just hate the poll. >> eric: over the weekend we saw paul ryan ask questions. there are so many things going on, economy, medicare, job situation. he was asked about his time in marathon. what is -- >> dana: you remember last week greg i think you did a monologue about reporters complaining about state of the campaign and how they wish to talk about something more substantive? i guess, they were trying to get out at question of character when it came to presidenpaulryan. i suppose that is what they were asking about. the question about medicare and what he would do on the program and how he would support romney. to some of the things that ryan suggested in the past are not talked about now because
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they're not specific. >> greg: concerning the marathon thing, guys lie about three things. the sporting achievement, they lie about their salary. >> dana: don't do it, please don't. >> bob: i was worried about that. >> greg: charity. that's it. >> bob: chastity. >> eric: coming um, what happens when you have one part biden, to one part biker chick, two parts biker dude, simmer on high heat for 30 minutes. gutfeld is next with the concoction. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back to greg's fun with pictures. today's snapshot, joe biden in a diner. now for some, this is just another example of the loveable lug. that is mr. heartbeat away. i see it as a metaphor for the state of our country. here you have jocular joe,
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representing the happy-go-lucky administration. it's what me worry on cealis. job numbers are irrelevant when you have rhetoric and scarlet johanson by his side. the lady in his lap? that is the media. as long as they avoid direct eye contact they can sit there all day. charlie mccarthy to edgar burgen. you wonder where joe's hand is at. what about these guys? that is the american people and their worried faces say it all. the country is in crisis and you're doing this in front of everyone. have you lost your marbles? maybe there is an explanation. remember clint eastwood said about obama, the seat is vacant. biden is saying so what? empty chair has its privileges or he's discovered a new jobs plan. furniture. or maybe biden was practicing playing santa claus. you know the fairy tale guy that brings you free stuff
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without doing a thing. can you imagine this conversation. hello little girl? what do you want for christmas? medical care for life, free birth control and fox news to go off the air. coming right up, honey. i have to check with the elk union. bob, does this hurt? or help joe? when he is in these situations? >> bob: it's classic joe biden. look, these things, when you look at them, people say what is he up to? he has been doing this -- i have known him 35 years. he has been doing stuff like this, you know, he will walk in a place, he went in a bowling alley one day and somebody was bowling -- >> andrea: >> kimberly: two bowling references. >> bob: he was about to bowl. who are you bowling for? he said i'm bowling for opponent. he ran up and kicked the ball. you have can't make it up. he is joe biden. i think people relate it to. i do. he's fine. >> greg: i think they were sitting in separate chairs but they seemed extremely cozy. i guess -- aren't there
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reporters somewhat jealous he gives more access to a biker? >> eric: i just love your analogy. american people looking at him like hey, what are you doing there? you like joe being joe. with 57 days left, keep the ladies off your lap. >> kimberly: euphoric. if you give a better speech than the president, you're better than me. check me out, ladies. >> bob: he's not on his lap. >> greg: they were in a booth or two separate chairs i'm not sure. i think -- i think he is on a booth. he's leaning forward. >> dana: i thy he is sat on his lap. i think that is what the poole report said. >> greg: dana, you sit on a lot of laps. >> dana: what? >> kimberly: glad you said that about her not me. >> dana: here is the thing. if you're in the republican party -- >> eric: trouble. >> dana: if you are in the
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republican party abyou say joe biden is clowned vice presidency, you are considered a prude. some people might decide to say. they seem unphased by the seriousness of the moment. that might be one of the reasons the independent numbers look like they do. right before a storm, the air feels -- >> kimberly: why are you laughing at me? >> dana: i have a good point to make. right before a storm, tornado here saturday morning. the air feels unstable and shaky and you can feel something is going on. that's how america is before an election. in particular this time. they could take things more seriously. mark pieson in the "washington post" writes how president obama attended half of the intelligence briefing that were supposed to be provided. not that they haven't done a good job but at some point get off the campaign trail and do your job. instead, you the other picture. show that one? >> greg: i will!
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thanks for that. >> dana: i'm so mad at you. >> greg: i know. i was joking. >> dana: i'm not really mad. if i say i'm mad it sounds like i'm a prude. >> bob: i don't blame her for being mad. >> greg: i think we have a tape of this, actually. president obama being lifted up by a pizza owner in florida. check this out. kimberly, i think obama actually handled this pretty well. for something so weird. but don't you -- no one would do that to putin. you can't be picking up the president, right? >> kimberly: right? give him plutonium or something. >> greg: don't you think -- >> kimberly: it's odd. i'm surprised that the secret service allowed him to get that close to the president. what if he hurt his back or something like on the water slide that time. >> greg: yes, i remember. >> kimberly: unfortunate, in the middle of the campaign. >> dana: shows that president obama doesn't weigh
5:21 pm
enough. he needs to eat a pizza. >> eric: put the picture up on the side. i love the picture. where is the secret service right now. >> kimberly: that's what i said? what is going on. >> bob: they're there. anymore columbia. >> greg: guys at the chairs. >> kimberly: empty chairs. >> greg: they don't expect this to happen, i guess. you can't do anything about it. it's kind of humorous. citizen shouldn't pick up the president. >> dana: you don't want to embarrass the president getting in the way of a moment where guy is hugging him and secret service comes in. >> kimberly: that is too familiar. don't you i? >> bob: that guy, the owner of the pizz pizzeria was checked out thoroughly. he has 57 days and he's out campaigning. he is on a stride. campaigning well. he does it very well. >> eric: what he does, he gets a heck of a lot of
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practice. 250 campaign events. it can't remember the last time he spent the day in the oval office doing any work at all. >> kimberly: not that fun there. there are so many problems. $16 trillion deficit. no jobs. >> eric: here, spent the first two years passing obamacare, the fourth year getting re-elected. maybe put in a year out of the four. >> bob: so women could have equal pay. >> greg: they are shouting in my ear. >> dana: why don't they get equal pay at the white house? >> greg: in the break, dana will yell at me. >> bob: you will sit in dana's lap after the break. >> greg: coming up, after the convention, the democrats highlighted contraception, as a draw for women voters but the g.o.p. has a different message for women. >> i would like federal government to let me keep a little of my own money to pay for my own contraceptives if i want to. >> greg: which is resonating
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more? we answer that and dressed as your favorite character from "cats" up next. ♪ ♪ you've been busy for a dead man.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i do run too far. >> dana: it's too fast. not too far. both parties fighting for the female vote in upcoming election at the democratic convention, much of the emphasis was on contraception and women's health. republicans have a different focus. you talk congressional candidate mia love on "fox news sunday" yesterday. >> under president obama, i think women have suffered a little bit more. if you think about it,
5:28 pm
5.7 million women are out of work. we have gone from 7% unemployment to 7.8% unemployment. i would like federal government to let me keep a little bit of my own money to pay for my own contraceptives if i want to. i think that federal government trying to be, trying to get, bring this so-called war on women, i think it's just a way to distract from the fact that they're not talking about their failed policies. >> dana: that is mia love who kimberly, you love. i want to ask you about, so as a woman -- i don't have children, so i have a different situation. all i have is the puppy, that is easier to deal with obviously than kids. i don't know any of my friends who don't constantly worry about something. will they lose their job? will their parents get sick? how much debt are they getting? will the kids have education? on and on. as a mom, do you think that mia love is more per situation i than what was heard at the democratic convention?
5:29 pm
>> kimberly: i do. it's more related to me and my life. i worry about the future and debt passed on to my child and other people's children. there is a real concern about the future an the trajectory downward spiraling fast in terms of what we're doing. it worry about the record number of women unemployed. so for me, we need to do something to correct that situation. and create some stability, and you know, something that looks more positive in terms of the financial outlook for the moms out there. you know, whether they're married or single moms, what. >> dana: whatever they choose or their life. >> kimberly: absolutely. >> dana: the numbers, men are at an unemployment rate at 7.6%. women is 7.3%. however you average that is 8 8.1%. ann romney touched on something in her speech where she said every woman wants a little more time in her day. the way things are going, women will have to work longer than ever to try to make ends meet. >> eric: we heard a lot about contraception, and the
5:30 pm
dnc platform. heard a lot, heard it from sandra fluke. the real war on women is going on in the economy. not surprising they want to talk about everything but the economy and jobs because women are sucking wind in the economy. kimberly, you pointed out a month ago 500,000 fewer women in workforce today than when obama took over. fewer women are working, gasoline prices 100% higher than when he took over. that hurts any mom driving a kid around. school costs, think about this. single mom who wants to send a child to college up 30% in the last three years alone. school costs are out-pacing inflation. >> dana: plus they might have their own student loans. >> eric: war on women they can't keep a household payment and can't keep the checkbook intact because of what is going on. >> dana: let me ask bob from abc poll, last week, ancient history from september 4. obama approval rating amongst women dropped from 57% to 46%. do you think that they can turn it back around?
5:31 pm
>> bob: i don't believe the poll. >> dana: perfect. >> bob: because every other poll done in the same period -- >> dana: rasmussen poll today? >> bob: his numbers have always been strong among women. there is a reason for this. >> dana: why did they drop? >> bob: if you believe that. i don't happen to believe that. right now he is winning women over romney by 15 points. >> dana: should he be? >> bob: sure. >> kimberly: why? what has he done for women? >> bob: you can't blame every one of these things at the foot of barack obama. >> kimberly: i'm not, but look at the number since he took office. >> bob: 10% or better for the last ten or 15 years. you can't blame it on barack obama. >> dana: if you make a decision in an election you don't think it's his fault personally. that's what the polls show. they think can we do another four years or do we want a different direction? your wife has her own business. what does she think? >> greg: she doesn't care. >> dana: you don't talk to her about it.
5:32 pm
she is a businesswoman. >> greg: she is a businesswoman. thank you. it's amazing how democrats think they are empowering women when they are basically telling you to replace your husband with government. they think that the dnc is a replacement for archie bunker when averageie bunker is more tall rant than debbie waserman schultz. they want women not to understand the economy. they want women to believe everything you get for free is free, when in fact it is not. >> kimberly: there are consequences. >> greg: cost to everything. single women versus married women i bet you married women know more about the economy than single women. >> bob: they talk a lot about forced procedures where you had to have a sonogram. >> dana: cokie roberts said on the panel of abc news the democratic convention was over the top in abortion. every single speaker talks about it. so but why do they spend so
5:33 pm
much time on it? >> bob: for one reason and one reason only. polling well for them. but when you do that, you try to get people, certain percentage of people to talk about it. in this case, everybody talks about it. probably a mistake. it didn't take anything away from the convention, it works. >> kimberly: they want to scare you in to voting for them. >> bob: they're scared of republicans. they have been for a long time. >> greg: it has to be hard to be a young conservative woman. democrats diminish your womanhood. if you don't buy in their beliefous're not a real woman. just go on twitter --dais my favorite thing is how people i have known for a long time say you don't really believe that, do you? i do. >> bob: the best women i know are republicans. >> dana: sitting right here. >> greg: but you are an exception. >> dana: coming up, one of the navy seals involved in killing usama bin laden revealed his version of the details of that night. terrorist brought to justice. you hear from him next.
5:34 pm
>> when you say you engaged him, what do you mean? >> fired. >> you shot him? >> yeah. >> he is still moving. >> a little bit. >> dana: more from the "60 minutes" interview when we come back. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, 57 days and counting and the obama campaign is touting new poll numbers. tonight on "special report," it appears that president obama is getting a bump. after the democratic convention. romney is doing his best to swing ohio his way. bright hume will have analysis of -- brit hume will have analysis of the race.
5:39 pm
republicans trying to get specific on the sequestration. the cuts in the program designed to facilitate a budget compromise. we get an update. president obama adopted hometown enduring the first teacher strike in 25 years. 26,000 teachers will have walked off the job in chicago. forcing the nation's third largest school district to close its doors. medicare or mediscare, we'll fact check. that's at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: "60 minutes" last night they told tin side story of the operation that killed bin laden. >> kimberly: detailed in the book "no easy day."
5:40 pm
the second man in bin laden's bedroom and we received a star for valor and purple heart. he is in disguise in interview and said the object i was not to kill bin laden necessarily -- the objective was not necessarily to kill bin laden. >> was the mission plan to kill bin laden or capture him before you went in? >> this was absolutely not a kill-only mission. >> andrea: he goes on to describe what happened. the moment they spotted bin laden right after they shot his son khalid. >> the point man had seen someone stick his head out the door and shot him the way he shot khalid. >> yes. >> what next? >> inside the room i could see a body laying on the ground. over him was two females close to the door. they looked up and saw the point man. >> what did you do? >> myself and the next, we both engaged him several more
5:41 pm
times. rolled off. and continued to clear the room. >> when you say you engaged him, what do you mean? >> fired. >> you shot him. >> yeah. >> so after usama bin laden is wounded, he is still moving. you shot him twice? >> handful of times. >> handful of times. >> the seal in the stack behind you also shot usama bin laden, and at that point his body was still. >> yes. >> owen says the seals wanted proof before anyone said anything on the radio about killing usama bin laden. >> we got some; water on him, took sheet off the bed, wiped the blood off and took photos. >> wiping the blood off usama bin laden's face and shot pictures of his face and profile. describe what they look like. >> they are gruesome. >> what are we talking about? >> he had a bullet wound in the head, so that gruesome. >> kimberly: a lot of
5:42 pm
controversy over this interview, over the book, the decision to go ahead and talk about it and tell something. this is something that goes directly against what the intelligence community and the seal community -- >> greg: is that honestly a disguise, what he is wearing? >> kimberly: they had him in makeup -- that is not what he looks like. put it that way. >> greg: if only people could look that way under a total disguise. he looks like a normal human being. >> kimberly: we do that for you every day. time to come out -- >> greg: horrible! this guy should never have to buy a beer. crowning achievement of your life. he should go anywhere and eat for free but the problem is nobody looks what he looks like. >> eric: there is new information out. rivetting the interview last night. first, khalid the son the way they got him, literally saw the head. they whispered khalid. stuck his head out, book he is gone. bin laden, the same thing happened. they went upstairs an took a shot at bin laden, took him out. the point mab coming in and taking the two women against
5:43 pm
the wall to make sure they didn't blow up a grenade or a vest, make sure the other seals was okay. that was new. three seals shot. the prior information we heard, one shot to the left eye, above the eye. one to the chest. now we found out there were several shots. >> kimberly: bob, reaction? >> bob: my reaction to this is it's rivetting. but he is still an active seal. >> kimberly: no. retired. bob, he is no longer -- >> bob: but it seems to me this is still classified information. i would imagine it would anger the seal operation. all the way around. you are talking about obama people leak information. to talk about this, to cbs, "60 minutes" to me is amazing. i have never seen anyone with that level of intelligence -- >> kimberly: we don't want to diminish what happened here, what we accomplished killing bin laden but a lot of controversy. >> dana: question on accuracy by former seals.
5:44 pm
there are some things i feel like i don't need to know. that is part of it. i'm glad he's gone. >> kimberly: you don't want to endanger those who are active and still serving. that is what a lot of families think as well. greg? >> greg: i want to know think. eat it up. >> eric: i want everyone to know how awesome our seals really are to pull that off, the surgical strike they took bin laden down with. good the world knows. >> kimberly: one of many missions over the years. we owe them a debt of gratitude for the service. coming up, chicago teachers are officially on strike leaving parents and kids scrambling. what will happen? should unions have this much control over your children's education? we tell you what the unions are demanding and what they're already getting when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ and even more from real families who use them like this. we think there's another test to consider.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: let it be known officially greg has not liked any of the music we had today. >> greg: not true. i liked ac/dc. >> bob: whatever. teachers in chicago, the third largest school district, went on strike this morning for the first time in 25 years. canceling classes for some 350,000 students.
5:49 pm
leaving families scrambling to make a terptive plans. it comes after the weekend negotiation collapse between union leaders and mayor rahm emanuel. union officials demand higher pay r deuceed healthcare cost and more job security. here is how supporters of the strike feel about the situation. >> we would rather the children miss a few days of school, learn how to stap up for your right than to continue to go to school that is sabotaged by school district that doesn't put children first. >> support the chicago teachers union a stand with them as they stand up for what is right. not only a human right, civil right. [ applause ] >> bob: well, you can probably guess because i'm going to get the worst of this out of the way, what the response will be. i'll ask eric for his thoughts. >> eric: bob, you said in the intro, you said union officials demanded more. there are great teachers out, there teachers who want to go to work and open the school door and teach kids. they are not doing it. union bosses say no, we'll
5:50 pm
strike for more. if you are a teacher in chicago or anywhere, it's automatically deducted from your pay, goes to the union, membership fees. union bosses say we need to grow the union. they talk to politicians to say if you are pro-teacher, we'll support your campaign. here is what is so what. every one of these dollars down the chain comes from where? from taxpayers. >> bob: wait a second. negotiated contracts they have. they are the highest paid teachers in the country i think at $74,000. including benefits. >> eric: no, not including benefits. >> bob: okay. $74,000. so what? that is the reason you join a union so they can negotiate a good deal for you. >> kimberly: they're spoiled and acting petulant like little brats because they have been rewarded with higher salaries. rahm emanuel gave them everything they asked for. they don't want accountabilit accountability. they don't want them to say how good of a job are you
5:51 pm
doing? are children educated? can we do measures to determine this is working. education at the end of the day for increase of -- >> bob: actually, emanuel did take a lot away from them. there is no love lost there. >> kimberly: what did he take away? >> bob: i never heard, when the ceos run the lousy companys get the golden parachutes. >> kimberly: shay should be fired, too. >> greg: but that is private sector. this is killing the city, cities go bankrupt because of the selfishness. i love the fact that rahm emanuel might be growing up, now ther is spent eating its tail. >> bob: what is selfish about it? >> greg: what is the raise? 60% raise when people are out of work. they turned down a 60 president raise. nuts. >> kimberly: spoiled. >> greg: asking for more job security. what more can you get? you're in a damn school union. accountability thing, you are right. every day we come to work here, bob, we have ratings. we have to meet our ratings.
5:52 pm
would you strike because you had ratings? they're striking because -- >> bob: i said all along they ought to take means testing. they ought to do performance test. >> kimberly: but they're not doing it. >> dana: they don't want to do it. trend across the country to do more measuring, because you can't improve unless you're measuring. i want to make something clear. it's not like they try to negotiate for four days. if i was in the union, if i was a member and i had pay deducted i'd demand to see the legal fees surrounding this negotiation going on since last november. they couldn't figure this out. make a deal with rahm emanuel and the rest of the city. for good of the taxpayers and students is a travty. they are getting you know what with a lawyer. >> bob: they beat up on emanuel. he stood up firmly in the negotiation. >> eric: there are people that come up every week, teachers in new jersey who say look, i support chris christie. however, chris christie is the one who negotiated with the teachers union, collective bargaining and said either we
5:53 pm
renorthboundate this or going bankrupt. they say we don't want to go bankrupt. >> kimberly: 700 million to $1 billion shortfall for school system. >> bob: i just read the story. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis
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>> eric: time for one more
5:57 pm
thing. i'll start. take a look from friday of last week, listen to jon stewart take wish me. >> thank god fox news is on it saying where is god in the platform. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. thank god. >> eric: you can't say he comes from the lower than middle class. look i know you don't care about the obamas, but could you give a [bleep] about the car? apparently between the weekend of tampa and charlotte, eric bolling's heart shrank three sizes. >> eric: stewart, i know where you live and hang out. back off, my friend. >> bob: boy, your italian heritage coming out here. offer you can't refuse. >> dana: one of the great experiences and one of the
5:58 pm
most humbling, when i was on "jeopardy." i got the last question wrong. >> completed in 1959, it's been variously described as a snail, concrete tornado, even a giant wedding cake. did you get this? you weren't able to -- it will cost you how much? 3200. you dropped down to zero. >> dana: heart-breaker. guggenheim. this weekend, we get actual phone books in our post office box. look what is on the cover of the phonebebook. it's just sitting there taunting me. "jeopardy" show reruns tomorrow night. i play for companions for heroes, getting cam uponnian dogs for -- companion dogs for military veterans. great experience, but humbling. >> kimberly: i want to say everyone is talking about serena williams, incredible, fourth u.s. open. 15 grand slam title. she said she never gives up. you got to love her attitude.
5:59 pm
perseverance that comes from behind like that. incredible display of athleticism. >> dana: i'm glad she beat the woman with the grunting. it hate. that had to watch it on mute. >> bob: let me just say that i am inaugurating new bob saying today is "you got to be kidding me" much on greg's banned work. couple days a week for the election. the last 52 years the republicans held white house for 28 years and the democrats for 24 years. during that time we created 66 million private sector jobs and eric last week jumped op bill clinton for saying this, but other democrats, 42 million were created. republicans, 24 million. you got to be kidding, many either rick. you owe an apology. >> eric: that's not what i said. you lied about those created under obama. >> bob: you have to apologize. up nex >> greg: the banned phrase.


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