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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 11, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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jenna: right. jon: and just so much has changed in this country, and it seems like only yesterday. jenna: a heavy, heavy day, but a good reminder for us, jon, today to reflect upon. thank you for joining us, everyone. jon: "america live" starts right now. ♪ megyn: welcome, everyone. eleven years after, we are seeing a different sort of 9/11 in a different kind of america. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. the reading of names just ended in downtown manhattan, remembering the thousands of innocent lives lost when terrorists attacked the united states on september 11th, 2001. for the first time, the new york city memorial is only about the families, no politicians giving speeches. one woman overcome as she runs her fingers across the name of a friend who died at the world
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trade center. the anguish on her face takes you right back to that day. but it helps you remember all of the lives that were lost that morning. another image shows a 7-year-old girl placing flowers by the south tower pool in memory of an aunt she never knew. nearby tears flow from a mother's eyes as she hugs the wall where her daughter's name is etched in stone, and her father looks on. their daughter, marilyn garcia, was only 21 years old, valedictorian of her high school, a bright future ahead. just a few years ago on another september day her father was photographed holding a picture of their beloved daughter. our eric shawn spent hours on the air the day the attacks happened, and this is now his tenth straight year of covering ground zero events for the fox news channel. eric? >> reporter: megyn, you know, it's been 11 years since that day, and it seems as if perhaps not one day has gone by.
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this event, this ceremony here was smaller than in past years but no less emotional. it was another morning of tears and tributes as the family members paid homage and tribute to their loved ones. there were, as always, six moments of silence, but unlike previous years no public officials were invited to speak and address the crowd. instead, it was only the families, more intimate this way. there was then the slow, mournful reading of the names, all 2,983 victims, a stark and vivid reminder of the devastating toll. for the family members brought photos, momentos and keepsakes and their pleas were deeply personal and heartbreaking. >> my nephew, mark kinsey. mark, they say time heals all
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wounds. it's not true, mark. thers a void in all our lives because of this that will never, ever be filled or healed. we love you dearly and miss you more, mark. they have silenced your voice, but your infectious laughter will always be heard and remembered. you are on our minds and in our hearts forever. god bless. >> reporter: the site may be sacred ground, but it's also a symbol of renewal. 1 world trade center is set to be open within the next two years. museum financing was announced to be set last night, that means the museum is set to be open by this time next year. the memorial that opened on september 11th last year, four-and-a-half million people have visited that, seen those waterfalls overwhelming in their simplicity for themselves the very first time. but for some like former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, he fears the nation may forget. >> i'm worried that too many americans may be forgetting, and we can't forget.
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this is not over. it's not like pearl harbor. this is still an ongoing war against us by islamic extremist terrorists who are planning, who have been planning for years to kill us. and over 40 attacks have been foiled in the last ten years alone. so that gives you a sense that this is an ongoing effort. we can't forget it yet, even if some people want to. >> reporter: and tonight the tribute and light will be lit, those two beams, those white beams that almost ascend to the heavens, a reminder of what we lost and, megyn, the threat that does still exist. megyn: eric shawn, thank you. in arlington, virginia, a memorial for the 184 people killed when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon. the president and first lady among those in attendance, laying a wreath in honor of the victims. the president later speaking to all who lost loved ones on that day. >> this is never an easy day, but it is especially difficult for all of you, the families of nearly 3,000 innocents who lost
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their lives; your mothers and fathers, your husbands and wives, your sons and your daughters. they were taken from us suddenly and far too soon. megyn: following the ceremony, the president planned to visit wounded soldiers and their families at walter reed national military medical center. and then there's pennsylvania where united flight 93 crashed into a field when the passengers and crew fought back against the terrorists aboard that aircraft. today their loved ones honoring their brave actions that prevented other innocent americans from being killed that day, it is believed that plane was headed for the u.s. capitol. vice president joe biden among those in attendance, laying a wreath and acknowledging the pain and horror never really goes away. >> for no matter how many anniversaries you experience, for at least an instant the terror of that moment returns,
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the lingering echo of that phone call, that sense of total disbelief that envelopes you when you feel like you're being sucked into with a black hole in the middle of your chest. megyn: and in just a few minutes right here we will be joined by a mother whose son was on that flight, united 93. alice hoagland has become a staple on the fox news channel on 9/11 each year. and there hasn't been a time that she's been on this channel that she hasn't moved many of us to tears just in the way she remembers that day and her son's brave actions and the perspective she has on that event and how it's changed america and what it means for all of us and our children. she's coming up. well, in the wake of 9/11 president obama and governor mitt romney are taking a break from the campaign cycle, suspending their negative ads out of respects for the victims. however, a moment before we went
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on the air we got a report that senior obama campaign adviser david axlerod sent out a tweet challenging governor romney's tax plan and offering a kind of attack against him. that is just breaking. we'll have more on it just ahead. well, brand new reports suggesting that national security is not necessarily at the top of president obama's list of priorities. data reportedly show that is the president skips his daily intelligence briefings more than half the time. white house press secretary jay carney says it's not true. >> he gets it every day, okay? the president of the united states gets the presidential daily briefing every day. there is a document that he reads every day when he is not -- well, he always reads it every day because he's a voracious consumer of all of his briefing materials, and when he is physically here, most days he
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has a meeting in his office, the oval one, with -- [laughter] participants in his national security team including, obviously, tom donilon and others. he also has regular meetings with -- >> physical briefing from whoever's -- >> this is a case of -- you know, i don't know how far i want to go here, but i believe if you compare our foreign policy record with the one that preceded this one, we're comfortable with that comparison. megyn: mr. carney was then asked if he thought the report was misleading. his response: the article was amusing. joining us now, the man who wrote that report who may be familiar to you, marc thiessen, a former speech writer for president george w. bush. he's also author of "courting disaster: how the cia kept america safe and how barack obama is inviting the next
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attack." marc, so you work for this conservative group, and you wrote an article about how often the president actually sits for his presidential daily brief. there's a piece of paper, there's, you know, a written report our president gets, but there is also an in-face meeting that they normally have, and before we get to the attack on your conclusions, just tell us what you found. >> well, yes. well, the obama administration actually has been promoting, actively promoting how brilliantly president obama runs this daily meeting. they released a photo of him taking the briefing on an ipad, and they promoted stories of him, how he runs this much better than his predecessor did, so i thought i'd dig into it a little bit. i worked with researchers from the government accountability institute, and we looked at the president's daily schedule from the day he took office until mid june of this year, and what we found is of the 1,225 days that he's been in office, he's attended the daily intelligence briefing, the meeting, only 536 times. that's 44% of the time.
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in the last two years, 2011 and the first half of 2012, that's dropped to 38% of the time. so he is not attending his daily intelligence meeting with senior intelligence officials on a daily basis. president bush, by contrast, held that meeting six days a week without fail during his administration. so this is something that when he came into office, the intelligence officials -- many of whom carried on from one administration to the next -- were shocked when all of a sudden the presidential daily brief, the meeting wasn't happening on a daily basis anymore. megyn: all right. so now the white house comes out, and jay carney calls your report amusing, according to one report he referred to it as hilarious. and they, their push back against you, marc, seems to be, look, this is national security council spokesman tommy vitter saying the president is among the most sophisticated consumers of intelligence on the planet. he receives and reads his presidential daily brief every day, and most days when he's at the white house he receives a
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briefing in person. so he reads the document and just most days he gets the briefing in person. >> yeah. well, president bush didn't just read the briefing, he got it in person every day. and, look, the interesting thing is people say they disputed my account. they actually haven't disputed my account. not one person from the white house has questioned the numbers, they just said i'm right, but it doesn't matter. the white house spokesman says, well, he's the most sophisticated consumer of intelligence. what they're basically saying is president obama's so sophisticated and smart he doesn't need a briefer. he can just read the paper, and he doesn't need to sit down or have an interactive -- megyn: well, why is it important that he do that? >> well, because that's when you get to ask questions, when you get to probe assumptions, raise issues that might come up with it, and president bush thought it was important to do it on a daily basis. if you found out that your child was skipping school more than half the time but said he was doing his reading, that wouldn't
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fly. and then they also said in pushback, well, he has other meetings where he gets intelligence briefings like when he's about to meet with a foreign leader. well, so did president bush, but he still made time on a daily basis for his daily intelligence briefing. i don't understand what they don't understand about the word "daily." all identify uncovered is that he -- i've uncovered is that he structures his day differently than president bush. president bush structured his day to include the daily intelligence briefing, and president obama doesn't. they haven't disputed the fact, they just say it doesn't matter, and i say it does. megyn: marc thiessen, thank you. >> thank you. megyn: well, new demands from a top republican senator after fox news breaks an exclusive report on the jailed pakistani doctor who helped deliver bin laden to america. he says that our supposed ally, pakistan, considers america its worst enemy and is working actively to undermine us there. we'll show you the washington backlash now in three minutes. and 11 years ago today mark bingham helped fight back when
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terrorists hijacked united airlines flight 93. his mother, alice, joins me with a message for all americans, next. >> united 93 traffic 1:00 12 miles eastbound. >> negative contact, we're looking at it, united 93.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ megyn: well, 11 years ago today the passengers and crew of united flight 93 turned the tables on the terrorists aboard their aircraft. their heroic actions inspire us all to this day. today their loved ones gathered in pennsylvania to remember the lives that ended far too soon. and earlier this morning right here on fox former new york governor george pataki expressed concerns that the unity we felt in the days after 9/11 is gone.
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>> one of the sad things 11 years later is that that sense of unity, that sense of common identity as americans whose freedom had been attacked is something we don't see now. and i think we have to struggle and work to try to reclaim that. because for whatever superficially seems to divide us, we all are americans, we all share so much, we all wish for a better future for every one of us and can for this great country. megyn: alice logue hand's son -- hoagland's son was one of the heroes who took on the hijackers. she is with us now. alice, welcome back to the program. so good to see us. >> thank you very much, megyn. it's a delight to be here. megyn: you know, let's just pick up where the governor left off. he's so right, isn't he? >> oh, i agree with governor pataki. we need to regain that sense of unity and to overlook the minor
1:18 pm
differences that divide us. i'm so sorry that we've dissolved again into warring factions. megyn: and you feel it in particular this time of year, you know, in the political silly season putting aside, you know, whether you're a republican or a democrat, what you believe in. first, we're all americans. i mean, that's what binds us together on this earth. >> you are so right. and we are as americans also members of the larger human family, and if we could put aside our differences, we could have a worldwide community, and that would be just wonderful. what an antidote for terrorism, what an antidote for war. megyn: it reminds, you know, as we were getting ready for the segment, we were taken back to what we felt after 9/11, what we saw in this country. and i want to take you to the steps of the u.s. capitol on 9/11 where we saw an extraordinary event unfold in the evening hours, a bipartisan showing of love for this
1:19 pm
country. and let's just watch it for a minute. ♪ land that i love, stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above. ♪ from the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam -- ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home. ♪ god bless, america, my home sweet home. [applause] megyn: what does that make you feel? i mean, how do we recapture it? >> i remember that. that was one of the bright spots in a very black day. i remember it well. and i think we can recapture
1:20 pm
that spirit by realizing that we still have a lot of unfinished business, realizing that there is a lot of work to be done to combat terrorism and eradicate it and to make sure that our airplanes and trains are safe for us to travel in and to make sure that we understand that we are at one with those people who see that we are the enemy, feel us as the enemy. we are -- america has been the world's best advocate for many generations. and if we can reestablish that, it will be a wonderful day for america and for the world. megyn: mayor giuliani was saying earlier today that he's worried, he's worried that people are forgetting as we stand here 11 years after the fact. i know you share those concernses, in particular when it comes to airline safety. >> yes. and i think mayor giuliani is correct. i was afraid last year on the tenth anniversary that that would be the swan song for devotion to the causes of 9/11.
1:21 pm
i'm glad to see that we still are attentive to the anniversary of that horrible day. aviation security, for me, is a strong point because i have worked for four different airlines, i retired from united airlines when i couldn't bear to fly anymore because my son was killed in the cabin and cockpit of a hijacked 757. and i knew that the airlines had not done enough to make sure that that my son and all the thousands of other people who died on 9/11, to make sure that they were safe in the ground and on the air. we still have many things that are not, are not good about aviation security. we have a flawed no-fly list, and we have people coming onboard with what could easily become a weapon; screwdrivers, wrenches, scissors just a little under 4 inches long. megyn: yeah. >> it's scary how much that we have slipped back and gotten
1:22 pm
away from the emphasis on security. the airlines have never, never been as security conscious as we should be and for that reason, our crews, our cabin attendants and pilots go without the securities that they deserve. megyn: alice hoagland, we honor your son's memory today. thank you so much. we'll be right back. >> thank you very much.
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megyn: to the campaign trail now, and a new twist on a story we first covered yesterday. a pizza shop owner got national attention when he arranged to give the president a bear hug at a campaign stop in florida. now he says he's facing a boycott. trace gallagher has more live in
1:26 pm
l.a. >> reporter: the reason president obama went into big apple pizza in the first place was because the owner started a foundation that raises awareness for blood donation, and then ca came the bear hug. watch it again. [laughter] >> i can't even -- >> come on, man. >> reporter: even though scott says he's republican, turns out pizza, pasta and politics is not a great mix. unclear if he's actually being boycotted, but he is getting pummeled onier, the restaurant review site, some saying, quote: >> reporter: but there are
1:27 pm
some good ones as well. >> reporter: scott continues to put his toe into political waters. now he says that president obama could beat paul ryan, the big p90x workout guy. the president, quote, can take him. can take him down. megyn: my husband looked at the video, and he said men don't like to be picked up by other men. >> reporter: no, they don't. megyn: did not appreciate that, although it seemed to be a show of genuine warmth. trace, thank you. yesterday fox news reported on some dramatic news from the jailed pakistani doctor who helped us find usama bin laden. up next, see why that story is leading a top story to call for a freeze on all u.s. aid to pakistan.
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megyn: 1:31 here in the east, and we are waiting for a speech from governor mitt romney with his thoughts 11 years since the september 11th attacks. he is about to speak to the national guard association convention in reno, nevada. we will bring you there when it happens. also today a big new twist on the story of the doctor who was jailed after helping the united states catch usama bin laden. the pakistani doctor. he described brutal torture to us at the hands of pakistan's
1:32 pm
interservice intelligence and says that they are openly hostile to america, saying they told him, quote: the americans are our worst enemies. those comments leading kentucky senator rand paul to renew his call for the to freeze all aid to pakistan unless that that doctor is released. >> why would they be torturing a man who helped us get bin laden, and why would they be imprisonnenning a man who helped? pakistan says they're our ally, they gladly take our money. if they want to be our ally, they need to act like it. megyn: joining me now, leslie marshall, fox news contributor, and lars larson, a syndicated radio host. in our interview with this pakistani doctor, not only did he claim he was tortured repeatedly for months on end by this intelligence service in pakistan, but he goes on to say that not only are we their number one enemy in their view, but pakistan's fight against
1:33 pm
islamic militancy is completely bogus and, quote: it is just to extract money from america. they've received $23 billion from us in military aid just since 9/11. lars, should we be reevaluating that in light of this report and not to mention the help we know they gave usama bin laden? >> not one thin dime. and what president obama should do with all the time he safes by skipping those -- saves by skipping those national security briefings is stand up and defend this man, tell the pakistanis you're not getting anymore money until you send this man and his family to the united states where he'll be welcomed with open o arms as a hero. that'd be my take. megyn: leslie, it's problematic to have a guy who helped us find bin laden wind up getting tortured and blind folded for a year, he claimed, and, you know, for us not to do anything about it, not even cut off aid. >> i don't think -- cutting off aid is extremely premature when we are looking at one person, albeit he did help us, we need
1:34 pm
to have that, we need to have an investigation to see, a, if that's true. two, we're talking about the equivalent of the cia, if you will, in pakistan which is one division of the government, not the entire government. and with all due respect to senator rand paul, i have to tell you, you don't know what the state department is doing, what the pentagon is doing, what the military is doing. we don't just cut off aid without looking into this. this is one allegation -- >> leslie -- >> about one branch of the government. megyn: go ahead, lars. >> megyn, why should we give more money to people who are openly hostile to the united states? the pakistanis are people who have not done a lot to help us out on the border of afghanistan, they have not done -- they didn't do a damn thing to help us find bin laden in plain sight and, leslie, you want another study, another government commission? will the president even hear about it if he's not paying attention to national security? megyn: but there is a reason.
1:35 pm
in answer to your question, lars, there is a reason why we don't just cut off aid to pakistan given its conflicting role. leslie, do you want to share what it is? [laughter] >> what is it, leslie? >> first of all, lars and i, megyn, not even you as beautiful as you are, and certainly not senator rand paul were in the room when the president made a decision with the navy seals, with our top brass from the pentagon to go in, to take out osama bin laden. there is a lot we're not privy to no matter how transparent any administration says that they are. and with pakistan i believe that to be the case as well. we are winning this war on terror, we are repairing the relationship with pakistan. this is not a time -- and, lars, when you talk about the people, i lived in pakistan in 2007. you're dead wrong. you're talking about some politicians that we hear in the media, but if you go into the towns and the villages and the homes, they're in awe of us as a people and a nation. and they fear us. megyn: let me just jump in, and i'll let you respond, lars. just a couple of things. first of all, they say an abrupt
1:36 pm
cut in u.s. aid will endanger our security cooperation, however limited it may be over there, it's important. they say we can't fight in afghanistan without the fuel and dry goods we ship through afghanistan -- >> i'm aware of the argument. megyn: responsible withdrawal of forces in afghanistan, we need pakistan for that. their stability effects india, afghanistan, iran and so on. so there are real reasons why we continue funding them despite, i mean, forget reports like this, this is disturbing enough, but they were harboring bin laden! >> yes. and beyond that the most recent thing that the public could see was the pakistanis handing to the chinese an opportunity to come in and look at our high-tech helicopter that crashed during that raid. now, that's an openly antagonistic move toward the united states, handing our secrets away to one of the other superpowers on the globe? leslie, you can't believe that people, government officials who make those decisions no matter how much the average pakistani loves us, if their government officials are doing things that
1:37 pm
are antithetical to security, why should we be writing them checks? and i accept the argument about the supply chain. megyn: i've got to run. the argument is we'd be in even more danger without it. but we'll see. leslie, lars, great job as always. dramatic new development today on an infamous piece of world war ii history. we'll show you what has turned up in secret files from the '40s. plus, a wounded warrior gets a life-changing gift since 9/11. he was behind that flag right after this break. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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♪ megyn: well, as the world marks 11 years since the events of september 11th, we are getting an inspiring update on a wounded american soldier. u.s. marine corporal juan do min guess was left a triple amputee back in 2010.
1:41 pm
you may remember him from the group of proud patriots we featured back on july 4th when we had a chance to ask him about his sacrifice. juan domingues, your spot in afghanistan, you've got a daughter, victoria, and can the first thing you said to the nurse was don't be sad for me, ma'am, i would do it all over again for my country. i love this country. what does this mean to you today as we stop on independence day, people going to fireworks, think it's about that. what's your perspective? >> i just think back on all the great warriors before me that sacrificed more than i did to give us the day we breathe today. and i just wanted to be part of that and part of this great nation and do my part as an american citizen in helping fight the war on terrorism. megyn: wow. today corporal domingeus is getting an incredible gift. watch this. >> let's move back that flag. take that flag back.
1:42 pm
[applause] isn't it a beauty? come on! [cheers and applause] megyn: yeah. it is a a beauty. juan receiving a brand new adaptive smart home today to try to help and make his everyday life a whole lot easier. that was made possible in part by these two men, gary sinise is an actor and musician with the lieutenant dan band, and frank siller is chairman of the towers foundation and lost his brother steven, a firefighter, who was killed after he ran into the towers in new york city to help the fallen. gentlemen, welcome. it's so great to see you both and, gary, you are there in california where juan got the
1:43 pm
key toss his new smart home -- keys to his new smart home today. how did it go? how did he react? >> oh, it's fantastic. the house is right behind me. juan is actually inside right now, he's giving a tour to everybody in the house. it's a beautiful day here, we got here as the sun was coming up. this was accomplished and so many people came together, i mean, the tunnels to towers foundation, gary sinise foundation, but there were so many people here in the community that came together around this wounded warrior. just very heartwarming, beautiful to see and then beautiful to see juan and alexis in their home. megyn: absolutely. and, you know, i want our viewers to know these two men work tirelessly for these wounded warriors. they work tirelessly just to get them a home in which to live, a home that they can live in a dignified way without having to rely on too many other people. it's run by an ipad, counters
1:44 pm
raise up, cabinets lower down, that house has an elevator, and they just try to help these guys who don't want, they don't want help or thanks, they just i want to live their lives and love america. so, gary, what we saw from juan and some of these other guys on july 4th when they came into the studio is some of them get a little sheepish, a little embarrassed when you heap praise on them for being the heroes they are. >> well, i mean, they're average, everyday americans who just happened to volunteer to go serve their country, and something bad happened to them. and, you know, what's heartening is that there are so many people that have reached out to help them. i mean, we're involved in a great partnership here, frank and i with the tunnel to towers foundation and gary sinise foundation coming together with our building for america's bravest program. and these are just, you know, a handle of the warriors that are -- handful of the warriors out there that have been grievously and severely wounded. we're going to try to help as many as possible.
1:45 pm
we do this by coming into these communities around the country. i play a concert to raise awareness and funding to help build these homes, tunnel to towers is constantly out there on the move doing -- taking care of all the logistics to get these homes built. we have to bring builders together and architects, and, mine, there's a lot that goes into these homes. so it's a step-by-step process, and today, right now this is the end of that process where we actually can give a great patriot and a great american like juan domingues his special home. this is going to be very, very important for him, and now on to the next several projects. megyn: absolutely. and we're seeing video from inside the house, you can see how the smart technology works to help these guys. it's so easy, frank, to look the ore way. okay, now i've got to go worry about my business. you, your brother stephen didn't live his life that way, and in the end it cost him his life at
1:46 pm
34 years of age, married with five children because he chose to run into the danger and to help those who needed him. you continue that legacy today through your foundation looking after not only the first responders and their families on 9/11, but the brave men and women who volunteered to fight the wars that followed. >> yes. i think now that 11 years later think how much stephen did that day, how he was saving lives and the lives that he's still changing today 11 years later because he inspired his family to start a foundation in his honor. so many people help us, we have so many volunteers. i saw a picture when you were giving that house today, iowa net wallace from -- annette wallace, and i saw standard pacific out there who helped build it. it is just what gary said, it is the community coming together, it is america coming together to make sure today and every day we
1:47 pm
don't forget the sacrifice that was made by stephen, my brother, and lost, you know, father of five like you said earlier. but our men and women in uniform are paying the sacrifice and making the sacrifice ever since 9/11 and well before that. most certainly, protecting us. so it's an honor to sit here and see that my brother's great deed from 9/11 is still spreading the message of goodness today. megyn: you know, frank, 9/11 changed us as a country, as individuals, it changed us. there's no question about that. but what do you think, did it bind us together more than it changed us? >> it made us come together. and i think i can speak for gary when i say this. when we go around all over the country and gary does his concerts and we meet all these great americans that are coming together to build not only these houses, but to stand up for our severely wounded and all our wounded men and women that are coming back that are paying a big sacrifice, um, it is
1:48 pm
remarkable to see america at its best. and this is what we see every day going around america. so i believe it brought us together on 9/11, and even though it is further away from it, a lot of people still care. and for those who are removed from it that might have forgotten about it, you see the joy in juan domingues' face right there when gary and the crew out there gave him that house. it is so important that we give back to these men and women that paid dearly for protecting us for our way of living, the greatest country that ever existed. megyn: absolutely right. gary, quickly, before i let you go, you have so much going on, you're a famed tv star and movie actor, and you play in the lieutenant dan band, and that's for charity, but for those out there who feel like they're too busy to get involved, how do you find the time? what makes you do this?
1:49 pm
>> well, megyn, there's probably several motivating factors. certainly one was what happened to us on 9/11 and the people that i've met since then. i have veterans in my family, so -- and vietnam veterans on my wife's side of the family and have been involved with veterans organizations since back in the '80s. i played one in forest gump, and i played a disabled veteran there, so i got involved with the disabled american veterans organization, and then we got hit on 9/11, i just wanted to take action. and i needed to. like frank, i mean, his family was grieving. they needed to do something to work through that, you know, that terrible tragedy and the terrible loss. and for somebody like me, i didn't lose anybody personally, but i felt deeply for our country, and i felt deeply for our men and women who were now being tasked to go out there and, you know, serve in harm's
1:50 pm
way in afghanistan and iraq. and i just wanted to do something. and that was part of my healing, the pain of what happened to us on 9/11. and since then i've met so many wonderful people, i met frank and so many wonderful folks that are doing good things out there, the firefighters in new york city have become very, very good friends. i've met so many people in the military traveling around. and just once i started, it became very clear that i was able to make a difference and it's been very hard to stop. megyn: you certainly have. i know that you, frank, you believe your brother's life brought great light to those around him, and it is your fervent wish to do the same in his name. you have certainly done that. gary, you as well. gentlemen, thank you both so much. >> thank you. megyn: all the best to the corporal. want to tell our viewers there are two ways you can help donate. tunnel to or gary sinise we'll be right back.
1:51 pm
♪ i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different.
1:52 pm
it's like another chapter.
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1:54 pm
megyn: history being rewritten about one of the great atrocities of world world war i. in 1943,22,000 polish officers and other prisoners were lined up and shot dead in a forest in toland not far from the russian border. for years it was believed to be the nazis who were to blame, but now we are getting ap reports that the national archives is releasing new documents proving the russians -- not the nazis -- are responsible for this massacre. there's also new evidence that
1:55 pm
president roosevelt may have known about it. trace gallagher has more. trace? >> reporter: in fact, the documents say reportedly that president roosevelt not even knew about it, but this evidence was covered up at the highest levels of the u.s. government, megyn. back in 1943 it was german-occupying troops that found those massive eight graves in the forest in the soviet union, and they had the decayed bodies of 22,000 polish officers who, by the way, in civilian life were the elite in poland, doctors, lawyers and teachers. american p.o.w.s were also on hand for that gruesome discovery, and they sent a coded message back the washington, but the accusation is that fdr did not address it because he did not want to anger josef stalin because the soviets clearly were a key ally in the effort to defeat germany and japan. in 1952, congress investigated the massacre, american p.o. o w.s who were at the graves also testified. the committee found the soviets were behind the massacre and
1:56 pm
recommended a trial in a world court. the trial never happened. the white house remained silent until the soviets finally admitted it in 1990. ohio congresswoman marcy kaptur fought and fought to get these documents released. here she is, listen. >> the full truth of what happened in the forest during world war ii was long concealed from the families of the victims, from the people of poland and from the world. >> reporter: the aim of the slaughter, of course, was to eliminate the intellectuals and the military elite in poland so they could not be a force against soviet control. the families of those polish officers, many who live in this country today, megyn, would like the united states to apologize. no word if that would happen. megyn: wow. all right, trace, thanks. well, a historic teachers' strike in chicago offering some interesting parallels to similar situations in the past. like the air traffic
1:57 pm
controllers' strike during the reagan administration. next hour we'll speak with president reagan's son michael and ask if the chicago leadership should take a few pages from the reagan playbook to bring this strike to an end. >> what lesser action can there be? the law is very explicit. they have -- they are violating the law. you can't sit and negotiate with a union that's in violation --
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
megyn: 11 years after 9/11. we remember the tragic events of that day. both governor romney and president obama pulling their political ads out of respect for those who lost their lives on that day. i'm megyn kelly. no politicians were invited to speak at the main reading in new york city at the site of the
2:01 pm
memorial museum. this year the was about the people. president and mrs. obama observed a moment silence before laying a wreath at the pentagon 9/11 memorial. ed henry is live from the white house. >> reporter: a rare day when both campaigns have taken their negative ads off the airways. the president you noted at the white house for that moment silence, mitt romney out on the road about to speak to veterans. bottom line is in addition to what the president was doing this morning and vice president bind going to shanksville, pennsylvania, to make sure both the president and vice president were part of these remembrance ceremonies 11 years later. part of what the president said when he later went on with first lady michelle obama to the pentagon was outside all the horror and tragedy, there is still hope that come out of that. take a listen. >> scripture tells us to not be
2:02 pm
overcome by evil. but over come evil with good. there is no better way to honor the best in those who died than by discovering the best in ourselves. this anniversary allows us to to renew our faith. even the darkest night gives way to a brighter dawn. >> reporter: is a was walk to the north lawn marine one was lifting off from the south lawn. he will be at the walter reed medical center to honor some wounded warriors. they are trying to not make this about politics today and make sure they remember the victims of 9/11. megyn: we are getting more information about that axlerod tweet going after mitt romney today. we'll bring that story to you in a moment.
2:03 pm
members of the house and senate filling the steps in front of the capital building on 9/11. the householding a similar observance before leaders of the house and senate made some remarks on the steps outside. >> although that terrible violence turned our world upsaid down it brought us together as a nation in the fight against terror. in this sense we crippled al qaeda, brought to justice the world's most dangerous terrorist, usama bin laden and our nation has begun to heal from the wounds of that devastating morning. >> every one, no matter their station, everyone stood their ground. everyone kept their place. the professionals who did their duty, who ran us in so others could run out. the patriots who banded together in the sky over shanksville, to
2:04 pm
save this capitol and these steps. the volunteers who raised their hands and said, i'll go and i'll fight overseas? perilous conditions. megyn: an emotional speaker john boehner in front of the congress. house democratic leader nancy pelosi said time will continue to tell the true story of 9/11 and how the families turned this national tragedy into a time of unity. look at this picture. they were trying to recreate, to pay homage to that moment of unity we brought you an hour earlier when they spontaneously came out on the steps of the u.s. capitol and broke into god bless america in the evening hours of 9/11. brit hume was anchoring on the
2:05 pm
fox news channel, doing his broadcast about the events of that day and stopped, silenced by the extraordinary sight of that moment. and just a flashback to it here today. the health compensation plan for first responders down at ground zero who got sick from the toxic dust at the recovery site will expand to cover 50 more cancers including breast and colon cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. it will take an act of congress some set aside more funds for the program to be able to continue. >> i had to retire in 2008 from lung damage, sleep apnea, a whole bunch of things. and they have given me five years of medical to take care of that. >> we need to make sure they get
2:06 pm
the care and assistance they need. megyn: the act was named after an nypd officers who died of a press priory disease from working at ground zero. where do politics and the war on terror meet? in 2004 george w. bush was accused of campaigning on the ashes of 9/11 victims when images of the burning towers aheard in just a flash in some campaign ads. last week the dnc aired a video touting president obama's order to take out usama bin laden. we'll debate whether that's appropriate fair and balanced coming up. turning to politics. both president obama and governor romney essentially suspending their campaigns to honor the victims of 9/11. this amid word of growing stress
2:07 pm
in the republican party about the polls showing president obama enjoyed a post-convention bounce. chris stirewalt, there is a cnn poll showing president obama up 6. rasmussen report samples likely voters shows the president up 5. and larry sabato comes on fox news and says all those samples in the immediate aftermath of the convention fail to take into account what has happened in the days since. so you tell me. what's the truth about the bounce and where we are likely to go from here. >> the polls are like popcorn. very tasty. you eat a little you always want more. but if you take in too much you might make yourself sick. i think that what happened to a lot of republicans who in the
2:08 pm
immediate rain shadow of the democratic convention. rasmussen had tracking polls out. we have seen the cnn poll. all the political junkies are so hungry for new polling data. we are eight weeks away. how do we stand in this final phase of the race? and i think people may have gotten overexcited, a little too wound up about what was going on. when we look at and wait for the poll from the "washington post" and abc news which is a longstanding poll it's an institution in polling, many republicans complained it has a democratic skew over the years. but what it shows is a tied race. once you goat likely voters you are talking about a tie race. so that's the tail of the tape when you get away from the noise of the convention. megyn: larry sabato said the numbers are already fading.
2:09 pm
he says the bounce is already fading and we are tuesday after the conventions. it's not unexpected that he would get somewhat of a bounce out of his convention but the question is whether this republican pan andic as it's been described by some is well founded and whether these polls are the be all end all. one of the things we deal with in this country is a liberal bias in the press. so there are certain journalists who take polls like that and get very excited and tout them over and over because they want a narrative that president obama's reelection is inevitable. >> sure. there was probably some happy dance going on in newsrooms, a couple i can think of maybe when they saw those tracking polls and started to roll in that showed obama with a 6-point or more bounce. but the reality is this. we talked about this before. your viewers know all about this. it doesn't matter what people
2:10 pm
say to a pollster. it matters who shows up on election day. that's why likely voter polls are so important. 17% said maybe not that likely in "the washington post" poll. you know who dominated among the 17%? president obama was the clear favorite of people who weren't sure they were going to go vote. that's why when you get away from registered voters and you get down to that key question, likely voters just as the fox news poll is asking and will tell us soon is when do people get to the polls. who do they want. it is still just as it was before, a neck and neck 1-point race statistic ai-pointrace sta.
2:11 pm
megyn: . president obama's numbers are going up among liberal democrats. the point of that rasmussen poll as "the washington post" point out. it shows obama up 50-45 nationally but only up one point in rasmussen's poll up to 12 swing states. the question is -- the immovable independents who completely refuse to show us their cards. >> you mention that cnn poll. people who -- the president has a problem. the president's problem is an enthusiasm gap. it's been 10 points in most polls. when you look at this poll and see the 6-point difference between all voters and likely voters you see the problem. the president needs to do something. that's why the convention did have such a skew towards liberal
2:12 pm
social issues and you heard so much about abortion and why god and jerusalem came out of the party platform before they were put back in. all of that stuff goes to the president saying to his base, come and march for me. i'm on your side. i need you. will you help me. if this trend holds. mitt romney knows republicans will march. the president don't know his people will do the same. >> you pointed out the president is literally starting interviews saying i have to stress how point is for people to show up and vote on election day. president bush was criticized for politicizing 9/11 when he ran for he election in 2004. what about president obama devoting time to the killing of bin laden last week at the dnc. a live look at reno, nevada where we are awaiting remarks
2:13 pm
from governor mitt romney. he will be speaking to the national guard association. an historic teachers strike in its second day after labor leaders rejected a 16% pay increase. the obama administration says it's staying out of this fight. is that what it did in wisconsin? and is that the best plan? when air traffic controllers went on strike under michael reagan he made a big move.
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
megyn: welcome back. it's been 11 years season the september 11 attacks and the republican presidential nominee governor mitt romney is spending the afternoon the battleground state of nevada. today he will address the national guard association convention in reno. we are told that this events is not open to the public. you have to be a service member to get in. but we have gone the our cameras in and we'll bring you his remarks live. governor romney is taking
2:17 pm
pushback for not mentioning the troops in afghanistan during his acceptance speech at the republican national convention. he will make these remarks today and we'll take them when he does. also governor romney's campaign responding to a tweet sent out by senior obama campaign adviser david axlerod. they said they would take a break from the campaign cycle suspended negative ads out of respect for the victims of 9/11. earlier this afternoon axlerod tweeted, youza. hold on. he was referring to this casino mogul. he donated big to newt gingrich.
2:18 pm
now he's donating to mitt romney and the tax break axlerod says he will receive under mitt romney. romney's campaign hit back saying ... take a listen to what romney has to say to the national guardsmen. >> for 375 years, whenever your countrymen have encountered threat and danger you have willingly gone wherever the cause of freedom has called, you have answered. and as the threats to liberty emnight from distant lands you served far from home and far from family. the nation has asked much of you, much more than had been expected but you never fall toward, never wafere -- never wm
2:19 pm
your mission. i saw the guard in louisiana after it was hit by hurricane isaac. people who just finished repairing their homes from katrina, the dpraj isaac felt like too much to bear. is a toured the flooded rights was not surprised to find the guard keeping order and distribute water and supplies and caring for those who had been evacuated and rescued. time and again it has been the guardsman's hand that has lifted a child from rising waters and that has fed and clothed a fellow american whose home and possessions have been lost to nature's devastation it's a guardsman who took out usama bin laden's tanks and secured the villages of afghanistan. thank you for that service.
2:20 pm
[applause] as you know too well, our world is a dangerous place, and the attack on our homeland and citizens september 11, 2001 remind us the mission of the guard is ever more critical and deserving of our support and honor. more than a decade has passed since that day of tragedy. but divisions and the events are seared in the memory of every american. we remember those who died. we marvel at the courage of those who stormed the cockpit when they became aware of the malevolent purpose of the hijackers. the family and friends have lived in the shadow cast by grief. we review our resolve to protect
2:21 pm
america from the designs of evil men. like you i remember where i was september 11. i was originally planning to be at battery park at new york city, not far from the world trade center itself. but as it turned out i was in washington, d.c. to meet with members of congress about the preparations for the security of the upcoming olympic winter games. a colleague and i were working in an offers we had in the ronald reagan building a few blocks from the white house. someone rushed into our office and said a plane had hit the world trade center. i turned on the small tv on our desk and watched in shock as the flames and smoke erupted from the north tower. i called my wife ann. she, too, watched the tragedy from her tv and wondered how a plane could fly into a building in clear daylight. then we saw the second plane crash into the second tower. these were purposeful attacks. these were terrorist attacks.
2:22 pm
these were evil and cowardly and heinous attacks. leaving the city i drove towards alexandria. the highway i was on came within a few yards of the pentagon. cars were stopped where they were and people had gone the out watching in horror. i could smell burning fuel and concrete and steel. it was a smell of war. something i never imagined i would smell in america. in our own ways we each were overwhelmed by the enormity of the loss of life. we struggled to comprehend the mag used to what this meant for the families of those who had been killed and for our hone families, for our nation, for the world. for some there was also anger. but grief and anger soon turned to action. and among those taking the lead were members of the national guard. members of the guard secured our
2:23 pm
airports and borders and members of the guard began to mobilize to deploy half a world away where you would become all too familiar with the mountains of the hindu kush and the streets of a through gentleman. the nation owes you a great debt of gratitude. i wish i could see you the world is less dangerous and less chaotic. i wish i could predict with certainly the threats that lay ahead. but on september 10, 2001, we had no idea america would be at war in afghanistan some day. in december of 2010 we had no idea a you nition stree --that r would inspire a revolution.
2:24 pm
what i can say with certainty is we need the national guard's vigilence and strength now as much as ever before. with less than two months to go before election day would i normally speak to a gathering like this about the differences between my and my opponents plans for military and for our national security. there is a time and place for that. but this day is not that. it is instead a day to express gratitude for the men and women who fought and who are still fighting to protect us and our country, including those who trace the trail of terror to that walled compound and the seals who delivered justice to usama bin laden.
2:25 pm
[applause] this is also a day in which all of us in this convention hall and in this campaign and in this country can hopefully agree on important things. this century must be an american century. it began with terror, war and economic calamity. it is now our duty to steer it onto the path of freedom, peace, and prosperity. america must lead the free world. and the free world must lead the entire world. in our dealings -- [applause] in the dealings we have with other nations we must demonstrate confidence in our cause. clarity in our purpose. and resolve in the application of our military might. for this to be an american
2:26 pm
century we must have a military that is second to none, that is so strong no one would think of testing it. [applause] american military power is vital to the preservation of our own security and for the preservation of peace around the world. time and again america's military has bent best ally of liberty and peace. american forces rescues europe twice. american forces stood up to brutal dictators and freed millions living under tyranny. america's military leads the fight against terrorism around the world and it secures the global vital to lifting people from poverty. while the war in iraq is over. nearly 70,000 american troops
2:27 pm
will still remain in afghanistan at the end of the month. our goal should be to complete a successful transition to afghan forces by the end of 2014. we should evaluate conditions on the ground and solicit the advise our military commanders. we can all agree that our men and women in the field deserve a as lewisness to complete their mission and provide for their needs when they come home. [applause] of course the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hollow out our military through devastating defense budget cuts. [applause] it is true that our armed forces
2:28 pm
have been stretched to the brink and that's all the more reason to repair and rebuild. we can always find places to end waste. but we cannot cancel program after program. we can not jeopardize critical missions and we cannot cut corners in the quality of the equipment and training we provide to our men and women in uniform. [applause] i have begun to recognize when our trooppedrick -- when ourtrod not have to struggle to find work. they should be able to find good jobs and the dignity of pursuing the american dream. [applause] we also have to keep the faith with our veterans. no matter when or where they have served, through a strong va
2:29 pm
system when the backlog for disability claims reaches nearly a million, when a federal building in virginia becomes structurally unstable because so many claims have piled up on it highest floor, then we can all agree the system is in need of serious and urgent reform, and it is. [applause] our veterans include care and benefits second to none. the backlog of disability claims needs to be eliminated. the waits for mental health treatment need to be shortened and the suicide rate among active duty soldiers and veterans must be treated like the emergency that it is. veterans' benefits are not a gift that is given, but a debt that is due.
2:30 pm
[applause] the problems with the v.a. are serious and they have to be fixed. we are in danger of another group of veterans losing faith in the system. we must keep our promises and regain the trust of all those who have worn the uniform and served our country. when i was governor of massachusetts, i saw firsthand the guards' bravery and valor. in 2006 i visited iraq and afghanistan along with two other governors. we met with members of the national guard from our respective states and were flown by helicopter from base to base. i said to them that if they want need call their spouse or family when i got home i would be happy to do that. just hand me a note with your name and their names and phone numbers. so when i left for home i found
2:31 pm
i had 63 note in my pockets. 63 calls to make. i knew that would take quite a few days or weeks. i returned home on memorial day weekend and decided to start make just a couple of calls. first thing in the morning before my kids and grandkids got up. after i made only about two or three calls, a guardsman's wife answered the phone and said this. oh, hello, governor, i thought that might be you calling. now, apparently the first spouse i called had called other spouses or they e-mailed their loved ones in iraq and afghanistan who then emailed their spouses back home to tell them to expect my call. megyn: governor mitt romney addressing some national guardsmen in reno, nevada. we want to go to carl cameron live in florida and he has been listening in. >> reporter: a somber speech
2:32 pm
from mitt romney devoid of politics. as he told the guardsmen gathered there. two months before an elect he would be addressing them about the contrast about him and his opponent. but he says today is not the day for that. he did recount his own experience of 9/11. and he also used the opportunity to sort of enunciate what he calls the romney doctrine. he said in our dealings with other nations we must demonstrate confidence in our purpose and went on to list how he would approach his foreign policy. there has been criticism of him. because he was a one-term governor of massachusetts, he has been critical of the president's foreign policies. we heard john mccain criticize mr. obama by emphasizing the withdrawal from afghanistan instead of victory in afghanistan. call can it a feckless foreign
2:33 pm
policy. romney is talking to the guardsmen and not engaging in presidential politics. there was a tweet from david axlerod earlier, the president's chief adviser that was partisan in nature. the romney campaign respond, we are not going to engage in that stuff today. it's about the 9/11 commemorative. megyn: breaking news right now on a requested meeting by the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu that may have been denied by the white house. the israeli media is reporting the white house declined a netanyahu request to meet with obama. he is coming here for a u.n. meeting and has requested to sit down with the president at the white house. but it is a quick turn around. the u.n. conference in new york the end of this month. unfortunately the prime minister of israel will only be here -- will only have a meeting window
2:34 pm
of a short time. he gets here on a thursday evening and can meet through friday evening and we are being told though we haven't directly confirmed this with the white house, it does not look like the white house can accommodate that or what we are hearing is the white house said the tight schedule of president obama will probably not enable a meeting. that's the reporting as it stands right now. it appears the prime minister * of israel has been denied a meeting with our president. the ostensible reasoning the schedule. we'll have more on that as we get it. here we are 11 years after the attacks of 9/11. it takes you back to how politicians have treated this attack on america and its consequences when the political season is upon us. during the 2004 presidential campaign president george w.
2:35 pm
bush was accused of using 9/11 as a political tool when images of the burning pouro towers appeared in his campaign ad. it got attention last week when the democratic national convention used a video featuring heavily the killing of usama bin laden. here is a clip. >> this is a guy who has a backbone like a ramrod. >> good evening. tonight i can report to the american people and to the orlandor world ... >> he took the order and the more honorable path. and the one that produced the best result. megyn: it went on. and several speaker went on and on about the killing of usama bin laden. is that appropriate? what is appropriate when it comes to campaigns and the war on terror? joining me now ed rollins.
2:36 pm
he has had major roles in nine other national campaigns and joe trippi. a fox news contributor. joe, was it appropriate? there was quite a focus on the killing of bin laden at the democratic national convention. appropriate or not? >> completely. when the president ran for office he said he would do a couple things. get us out of iraq and take the fight to where the terrorists were in afghanistan and take the fight to finding bin laden. and he has done that. as you pointed out, megyn. both president bush in 2004 and mccain, nor mccain in 2008 used the imagery and what they had accomplished in this regard in terms of the attack on 9/11. and what they had done. megyn: president bush was
2:37 pm
excoriated for it. >> the republicans will take on obama for doing it as well. the thing that's interesting is how back then both mccain and bush had an advantage on foreign policy and military might, if you will as commander-in-chief. people gave them a higher rating than the democrats. in this race in 2012, obama is the candidate that's doing better on foreign policy and as commander-in-chief than mitt romney. and i think that's why in 2008 obama didn't use any imagery of 9/11 or mention it much in his ads because it wasn't a strength for him. this time it is. megyn: ed, do you view sit as appropriate to have featured this oh prominently at the dnc? >> it's part of his record. any man or woman sitting in that chair would have made the same
2:38 pm
decision and they can talk about it. but this election is not about bin laden. it's about the economy and how you move forward. i agree with joe. i think the obama team cannot get credit for any leadership on the economy so they will stress foreign affairs and stress the killing of bin laden. and i think what they are going to do is bring the romney campaign into jumping into that battle which they shouldn't. they have to stay on message. the message is who can create jobs and get this economy moving. obviously the president and his team have failed to do that. that's what needs to be highlighted. megyn: is it in any way inappropriate to try to reduce to it a bumper sticker has vice president bind has been saying for a while. he thinks the campaign slogan should be gm is alive and bin laden is dead.
2:39 pm
>> it took president obama against the advice of many to give that order and finally rid this earth of usama bin laden. ask usama bin laden if he is better off now than he was four years ago. we can now proudly say what you heard me say in the last six months. usama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> it many particularly telling. everything i have here. joe biden was the one guy arguing you can't make this decision. you can't go there, there is too much risk. any man or woman sitting there and received the data they received, would have made that decision. but more appropriate. let's get back to what matters most to americans, the economy and jobs. meg require want to ask but this
2:40 pm
dust-up. i guess the campaigns suspended their attack ads. these two have gone so far as to us spend their negative ads against one another. the viewers are not moved. then axlerod sends out a tweet attacking governor romney and suggesting one of his big donors will benefit big from romney's tax plans. romney says we are focused on those who lost their lives on 9/11. did axlerod make a mistake? >> i need to go back and check my twitter feed and make sure i didn't do something similar. megyn: you are not running for office and you are not on any team. >> i think it was a mistake to do that today. it gave the romney campaign a very easy comeback, it was a lay-up for them. both campaigns have done things like that throughout, and today was something i would have urned
2:41 pm
axlerod not to have done. i mean it. i hope i didn't do something like that today. sometimes you get caught up. megyn: we are going to check joe's million twitter followers. the reason i raise that with you. twice in this show we have paused to remember that moment on the steps of capitol hill. and that's not what 9/11 was about. but here in the political silly season and we see the politicians carping at each other. that was such a moment when you had the bipartisan moment putting america first. it didn't last long but they did. and they commemorated it today by going out on the steps. we have that only one hand and you have john boehner crying. not unusual. but he was there and then you have got axlerod sending out the snarky tweet. is it a turnoff?
2:42 pm
>> it is a turnoff. at the end of the day david axlerod is spenting 24 hours a day to get the president rerespected. you need to run your own campaign. at the end of the day this is a special day in america and will be rest of my life and your life and we hot to honor the men and women who tragically were killed and the men and women who gave the greatest service this nation has ever seen trying to save those people. >> i agree with ed. and i'm sure axlerod would take that tweet back he could and send it out another day. megyn: i think you can take your tweet back, can't you? >> you can delete it but then it turns it into a bigger issue than it already is. megyn: thank you guys for being here. coming up we have breaking news on the teacher's strike in chicago as fox news learns the
2:43 pm
union is demanding -- keep in mind the average salary is $71,000. only six in 10 go to a four-year college. 3 in 10 if you are black or his bank. they want 35% salary increase on top of their $71,000. that the regular teachers. not seen year teachers. up next the obama white house. the chicago teachers and a look back at 1981 when president ronald reagan ended the air traffic controller's strike with a move that changed labor relations in this country. >> we cannot compare labor management relations in private sector with government. government cannot close count assembly line. it has to provide without interruption the protect yimp services which is the government's reason for being. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ]
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megyn: a fox news alert on this teacher's strike in chicago. after rejecting the sometimes offer of a 16% pay increase. fox news just learned they are demanding a 35% raise. the white house says it's staying out of the fray on this. some republicans say that is like giving these unions the green light. don't forget the white house was quick to weigh in on what it saw in wisconsin when the unions were upset. governor romney accusing the president of siding against the children by attempting to maintain neutrality. the mayor rahm emanuel was also the former chief of staff. he took issue with governor
2:48 pm
romney's show of support for rahm emanuel's stand against the unions. >> i appreciate mitt romney's statement on behalf of the kids in chicago. if he wants to help he can promise if he becomes president he will not cut the funding to education. so while i appreciate his lip service. what really counts is what we are doing here. and i don't really give two hoots about national comments scoring political points or trying to embarrass or whatever the president. megyn: some people commenting on the strike are suggesting mayor menwell should take a look at 1981 under president reagan. air traffic controllers walked off the job. he fired them and band them from
2:49 pm
ever working for the faa again. >> i must tell those who failed to report for duty this morning they are in violation of the law and they do not report to work with 48 hours they have for fitted their jobs and will be terminated. megyn: that ban lasted over a decade until president clinton lifted it in 1983. joining me michael reagan. your dad was not going to take that lying down taken had the final say on those air traffic controllers. could mayor emanuel * take a lesson from your dad's playbook? >> scott walker took a lesson from my dad's playbook. rahm emanuel can learn a lot. my daughter is a teacher in a private school in los angeles. she makes $40,000 a year and doesn't get many benefits from
2:50 pm
it. if she had a class that wasn't proficient in reading or couldn't finish high school, she would be fired from that job in california in a private school system. the public school system in chicago is an example. they have no right to ask for more money and walk off the job and leave the children hang. megyn: the schools are among the worst in the country. apparently it is 6 in 10 among african-american and his andic boys. 3-in-1 00 that go on. they make $71,000 on average. that doesn't include the pension and benefits worth $15,000 a year. they want a 35% pay increase. they are going to keep 350,000-plus school kids out of school. should the white house weigh in
2:51 pm
on this? >> absolutely. where is the president of united states? he's from chicago. those are his children. where is the president on this? absent without leave. megyn: we are going to talk about that on the other side of this break and talk about the difference to the white house reaction to the wisconsin dust-up versus the chicago one. north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas.
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megyn: the president taking some heat today, michael, because there is a double standard in the way he dealt with wisconsin where the unions protested the crackdown on their collective bargaining rights which a republican governor and the president talked about that as an assault on unions. how it's important to recognize their contribution.
2:55 pm
where here they say our principle concern is for the students. >> my thoughts are with 23 million people out of work in the united states of america, and more people dropping out of the roles of employment, not even looking for benefits any longer. more people on food stamps than we have had in the history of the united states of america. i think most people as i am, as others are, are outraged the teachers in chicago would go on strike and ask for the dollars they are asking for. and the president of the united states takes this attitude because he knows he needs the unions to be on his team if he's going to win reelection novemb november. he's unwilling to take a strong stand on behalf of the children and slap the teachers down for what they are doing in an economy that is in free fail. i ask the question of people,
2:56 pm
megyn, not on are you better off today than you were four years ago, are you better off than you were yesterday afternoon? megyn: the mayor of chicago sends his kids to private school. >> ronald reagan ran for president promising to try to get rid of the department of education put in place by then president gemmy carter. the federal government has destroyed the educational system in the united states of america. it should be left at the state level where they know how to deal with it. megyn: rahm emanuel takes issue with that suggestion but he doesn't seem confident enough to put his own kids in the public school system there. we see that with the politicians that move to washington.
2:57 pm
their kids go to private school.
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