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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 12, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to fe great. miralax. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: 11 years ago today, terrorists attacks the united states in new york city, pentagon and also shanksville, pennsylvania. almost 3,000 people died that morning. a look at what happened then and how it was remembered today. >> an incredible plane crashed in to the world trade center. >> all we can do is stare aghast at the pictures at this point. another plane just flew in to
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the second tower. >> it's a tragedy. it's abhorrent. it is disgusting. >> we are hearing right now at another explosion has taken place at the pentagon. >> it's gone! the whole tower! [ siren ] >> united airlines flight 93 crashed. >> we have suffered a great loss. in our grief and anger, we have found our mission. and our moment. we will not tire. we will not falter. and we will not fail. >> the united states has conducted a operation that killed usama bin laden. the leader of al-qaeda. [ bells toll ] >> james c. o'brien junior.
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>> michael c. o'brien. >> scott j. o'brien. ♪ ♪ >> no matter how many times we come together on this hallowed ground, know this. your loveed ones will never be forgotten. somewhere, a son is growing up with his father's eyes, and a daughter has her mother's laugh. living reminders that those who died are with us still. >> i can feel him with me. i'm thinking about you all the time. me and mommy miss you. hugs and kisses from your baby girl. ♪
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>> dana: moving tribute on the day, 11th anniversary of the day that changed the world. it certainly changed everybody's life across america. in particular, our troops. we want to thank very much for what they did in the aftermath of that. reflection,eric? you had a personal experience there. >> eric: right. 1993, i was in the world trade center when the islamic terrorists tried to blow the building up. they exploded a van in a parking garage, felt the whole building shake. everything, the building held. i also watched on 9/11 the second plane fly in the tower. i was coming across the river. getting on the boat that takes you to the world trade center, where we had our office. i saw the plume of smoke. i got on the boat. got over there. i literally saw people jumping out of windows. i knew it was horrible, it would be bad. i lost 16 very, very close friends that day. in the aftermath, though, the worst part of this whole thing there were no bodies. i went to 16 memorial services because they couldn't be funerals because the bodies weren't recovered.
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you know, held kids of friends of mine, hugs wives of friends of mine. we need to, you know, we need to "a," never forget. we need to forgive. the day of forgiving can cap on your time. i'm not ready to forgive yet. it won't forgive until every last islamic terrorist is dead and buried but for now we need to remember. you're right, remember the troops. >> dana: this morning i was on a flight from boston to new york. the airport staff, that was there, working for delta, they had been there on 9/11 as well. as we were flying to new york on this beautiful day here in the fall, i thought, i tried to put myself in their shoes because you want to try to imagine what it would be like, because it's kind of a way to help remember and keep their memory alive and think about them. it's almost impossible to think about what it was like. >> andrea: yes. this morning, it's funny. it woke up, too. you have to remind yourself it's september 11. i looked outside.
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and the same sky, the same temperature, you know in new york, whenever there is some explosion or like minor subway issue, you always think that it's happening again. it's just a gut instinct. listening to folks on tv today, on fox. rudy giuliani, peter king, the homeland security chairman, they said you know we are safer. and everybody police officer i saw today i thanked. it's not just the men in uniform here, it's many in uniform overseas. we're safer but they still plot to kill us. we can't take one time off. >> dana: they only have to be right once. i can't remember where you were on 9/11? i think i've heard the story. >> bob: on capitol hill. trying to drive down when the pentagon was hit. the thing that strikes me about this, as you pointed out today is to say that the temperature the weather. but also that people from 90
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countries died that day. 90 countrys. the other thing that strikes me, i can look out my apartment window and see the freedom tower. it's not near being completed. it was 11 years ago. got caught up in the bureaucracy between new jersey and new york, whatever else has to approve those things. the sooner they get that done, that will help. >> dana: greg, let me just throw it wide open. what do you think? >> greg: i think commemoration is very important. people like to think they want to move on, but it's important to commemorate because there are people that weren't there. people that weren't born yet. what worries me is people forget that evil created this. this was not some kind of event that was steeped in root causes. that somehow this idea gets halftimeed in academia to say that perhaps we're at fault for this. when in fact we aren't. it bring this up only because just before the show, thousands of egyptian demonstrators tore down the stars and stripes at a
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u.s. embassy in cairo today. on september 11. and replaced it with an islamic flag. this happened now. that's not the outrage. the real outrage is the embassy's response. the embassy's response to what happened just there was the embassy of the united states and cairo condemned the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims as we continue efforts to offend believers of all religion. what a bunch of chuckleheads. that's the embassy's response to what happened there. that is disgusting. that's why commemorate. we have to remind people there is evil out there. not b.j. teacher lounge crap like that. sorry. >> eric: where were you? >> dana: my life changed dramatically. after 9/11 is when i came back to washington, d.c. from san diego. and i worked at the justice department. and if you think about at the time, way back then there was
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no homeland security department. everything was held to justice. immigration, everything. all eyes were on there. i went back to join a friend of mine named tucker working for john ashcroft at the time. i had never met president bush until then. one thing i will say about him, all the times that i got to spend with him from that point on, it didn't matter where he was. i think president obama probably the same. it doesn't matter what they are doing, there is always something in back of their mind and in their eye you can tell are we doing everything we possibly can do to prevent this from happening again? thankfully, this is not partisan issue when it comes to fighting al-qaeda and setting up protocols in the united states to keep us safe. it was not a democrat issue or a republican issue. american one. success so far. vigilance is the most important thing we can do on the 11 anniversary. >> eric: we owe a debt of gratitude to george bush and dick cheney for setting the wheels in motion immediately. immediately upon that attack that kept us safe since that
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day on american soil. >> dana: one of the big issues there to prevent it the intelligence community and law enforcement could not speak to one another. there was a law that made -- put up a wall between the two. that was torn down. we're safer. >> bob: the c.i.a. had information they shared with the f.b.i. that may have been able to do something about this. greg, you talk about, the day that 9/11 happened they were dancing in streets, i found to be outrageous. and -- >> greg: no one questions the root causes for their idiocy. not much time on campuses are spent on discussing being justices, only if the injustice is perpetrated by the united states. >> eric: there are verses in quran that con dom condone jiha. nonbelievers killing them.
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that is a sign to allah you are doing the right thing. that is cause of islamics extremist. >> andrea: you got upset with me earlier because i brought up something off-topic but i think it was related. we spend time not thinking about september 11. but we talk a lot about debt and deficit. the reason we were able to be successful to this point is we have money to be strong, to fund this. when we waste it on stupid things we can't be strong. we can't have a strong military. so, all of this is related. our financial security has directly related to the national security. i know we took a day offer of politics today. >> dana: well, for now. at this point, take a moment. everybody hold victims in your hearts from today and forward. we're going to be back with more on "the five" in a moment. but first, we'll leave you with a look at the freedom tower in downtown manhattan. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ et ceter
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♪ ♪ >> greg: one of the who's greatest. day two of the chicago teachers strike, the government faculty complex, high relief, monster that dems created. with rahm have the guts to slay the dragon? why doesn't he make bill ayers superintendent of chicago schools and be done with it? 80% of eighth graders aren't up to speed in math which may qualify them for a teaching position. we have a teacher's union demanding raises for six-hour work day, the teachers must be one of the communities obama organized in chicago. but the good news is that kids are learning. daily lesson from the strike, how to demand more from government without giving more. how to throw a tantrum, known among unions as a strike. union math, how 5-3/4-hour work day, full benefit and requirement and 60% pay raise is still unfair. how to get an "a" though you
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turn in "d" work. 55% of students graduate from high school. so as a field trip, forget the aquarium. you can go to the picket lines and learn more about mod earn economics from watching this line of the angry and entitle entitled. what is that anger about? the teachers fear what they oppose on students. grades, evaluation. standards. how dare you expect me to do better. you must be racist or something. this isn't a strike, it's occupy the classrooms. we might as well dump exams for drum circles. that might prepare them for life in the park. andrea, a big fear here?e? standardized tests is threatening their seniority. isn't that what this is about? >> andrea: yes, it is. we should recognize that if this isn't a conservative or democratic issue. you are v seen a friends among the chancellor d.c. chancellor michelle reed, and joel klein saying the same thing. they are coming out an saying how do we measure success?
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put the standardized tests in place. you the union versus the democrats. their in-fighting on this one. i think it's embarrassing, greg, that the teachers, with these students that have such poor scores, i mean some of them here, 20% of the eighth graders in public schools are 14% below the national average. they expect a raise. they're getting one. rahm tried to give them a 16% raise over four years in a down economy, i don't care if i'm a republican, democrat, anybody, i'd be ticked off at that. >> greg: bob, here is what i am concerned about. they are angry, even if they win this strike, do you think they will be unbiased when they teach the students about what went on? is the strike the least of our worrys? is their attitude in the classroom? that bugs me. >> eric: you know, i'm -- >> bob: i'm a strong union supporter, strong supporter of teachers unions. having said that, the idea they're not willing for a long time, i have supported means tested for teachers.
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testing for teachers. they want the people who have been let go of the school system to automatically come back. the reason they're out is they weren't good teachers. >> greg: right. >> bob: they they are the first in mind to get teaching jobs is crazy. >> greg: it is crazy. >> bob: the 35%, they moved immediately off that. they are holing up on this whole issue about the teachers should be raised on what their kids do on the standardized tests. why not? >> eric: in their contract is the only thing they cannot strike for. only thing they can strike for is money. i think the latest they came back and said we didn't want 35%. we have only wanted 25-1/2%. what are you talking about? 15 packet of eighth graders read at eighth grade proficiency level. teachers are making $74,000 a year plus benefit. average household in chicago makes under $50,000.
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i have no problem with good teachers. just put on the merit-pay system. by the way, once they graduate from high school, colleges and universities pay on merit. wife can't you do it for, you know, the lower grades? >> dana: i'll defend the teachers here on one aspect. that is when a lot of the kids get to school, they don't even know their shapes or their colors. and then it just compiles so by the eighth grade, they can't do basic math. so you have a chicken and the egg situation. where would you want to be a teacher in a chicago school, inner city school? probably not. do they deserve to get $75,000 plus benefits, and guaranteed retirement package compared to someone who might work at hos space, who doesn't have a union that helps them in that is why the public unions are a little bit skating on the edge here. when you saw what happened in wisconsin. now they have reform. the sky didn't fall. actually that state is starting to come back. >> bob: say one thing about merit for teachers.
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there should be a system worked out for teachers in schools and iner city schools where the kids are not as prepared in other schools. so that you can still do merit testing for teachers but you have to take in to account -- >> dana: but this is where i think government can't solve all the problem. this is a breakdown of the family problem. >> bob: absolutely. >> dana: it doesn't matter how much money they try to throw at this. the teachers aren't going to be able to say to a kid who gets there when he is 6 years old and further on. only graduate 65%. no wonder we have the unemployment rate we do. 48% of kids that aren't going to graduate will not work the next ten years. >> greg: but we throw money at this. even if protesters have to realize, they have a tv. they can look in the future. all they are going to see is greece. this is where it's going. >> bob: you are asking andrea this question? >> andrea: right. striking in the middle of the street isn't is the answer. they should consider cutting off federal funding that go to school that aren't producing. it's ballooned over the years.
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you have the kids who aren't essentialcated but yet, the salary -- educated but yet the salaries go up and race to the top things coming out of the washington, d.c. they're trying, look, rahm tried to reform it. tried to -- as dana points out a lot of this stuff is too late. that's why they are in the mind they are in. >> eric: you have kids who are mostly -- >> bob: mostly single parent and women who live in a ghetto who have no influences outside the ghetto. you expect them to be the same as some -- >> eric: you can have a baseline and say you can draw a line here, here is the baseline. if the students rin creasing their level from the baseline, the teacher is doing a good job. you don't measure it against a suburban kid. >> dana: what about the respect for taxpayers who work really hard all day long. pay taxes and watch this and know the city is in decline. who wants to move the chicago? nobody wants to put their kids there. they want to go to a private
2:22 am
school or charter school. >> greg: they are inoculated against this sort of nonsense. there you go. >> andrea: no one is doing anything about the charter schools. they're held to a different standard than public schools. they are great. parents want to put their kids in charter schools. >> greg: all right. got to move on. coming up, where does the president stand on the chicago strike? >> since the concern is for the students and the concern for students and families who are effected by the situation. >> greg: but back in 2007, president obama seemed to be on the side of the unions. >> the united states senate or in the white house, i will make sure that i am marching with you on the picket line, because that is what i believe in. >> greg: does where -- do we know where the president really stands? i hope it's something that he can lean against. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> eric: yesterday, jay carney said the president stands in chicago. >> our concern is for the students and his princ principal concern is for students and families affected by the situation. we hope both sides are able to come together to set this quickly and in the best interest of chicago's studen students. >> eric: stands with the kids, students or the unions. but hasn't the president been saying for years that he is a guy that sticks if you were working class? the workers rights and all that?
2:28 am
here he is. here is what he said in 2007 when he wanted the union vote votes. >> i've crossed picket lines before. i've got some comfortable shoes at home. if it's hot outside, then i have a hat. if it's cold outside, i've got a jacket. but if you are being denied your rights, i don't care whether i'm in the united states senate or the white house, i will make sure that i am monthing with you on the picket -- marching with you on the picket lines. that's what i believe in, making sure the workers have rights. you've got a partner with me. >> eric: listen, partner, you can't have it both ways. and are you with the kids or parents, voters in chicago or the unions who dole out the campaign cash for favors. hey, partner, which one is he? is he with the kids? >> greg: you're not supposed to hit anymore anymore. >> eric: right. where is he? which obama do we have today? >> bob: first of all, that was a cheap shot that you just
2:29 am
took at obama, as usual. he was campaigning in front of -- we don't know the teachers union or not. union members. for the unions. everybody who campaigns with the union says they will join a picket line if they go on strike. so that is, you can't -- >> eric: everybody? >> bob: democrats. >> eric: every democrat. >> dana: that is absurd that democrats can't -- cannot be held accountable for their words because even does it. that is unacceptable. >> bob: i don't think you had any problem with the words, standing with you on the picket line. >> dana: why did you call it a cheap shot, then? >> bob: we took something from a 2007 campaign stop and took it up -- >> eric: wait. no. here, that was president obama saying i stand with the union workers. jay carney yesterday said president obama doesn't stand with the union workers and the teachers. he stands with the kids and the students. >> andrea: his silence tells me he stands for the unions. his principal concern is not
2:30 am
the union. it's getting re-elected. it's the same message. the teachers want to keep their job and they want raises and they don't want to be graded by any standardize test. their record. we have a president who wants to keep his job and forget a raise, but he doesn't want to be graded on his record. it's the same theme. every day this is on the cover of the paper the worse it gets for him. even if i'm a teacher in albany new york and making $44,000 a year, i'm not happy about what is going on. i am even more unhappy if i'm unemployed out there. his demographic gets more a more raises and no accountability. >> greg: we know what the white house is concerned with, the food in the school cafeteria. i look at this stuff going on and i'm like what is more frightening, hot dog in a cafeteria? or constantly entitled angry teacher. those guys go back in the school are going to be far more harmful to your kid than i don't know, a slice of pizza. the other thing is you know who looks presidential right now? scott walker.
2:31 am
maybe jay should call -- >> eric: a lot of similarities, right? video between madison, wisconsin, and chicago right now. dana can you weigh in? take a look at rahm emanuel talking about mitt romney's response. listen to this. >> the commitment here is to make sure that you don't have education resources. as well you have great principles, make sure you got resources to do what you got to do. he has a lot of other types of things to do like the tax cuts for the most fortunate. that means there will be tremendous cuts in education. that is the right choices. >> dana: definition of chutzpah when you are in, back on your heels and you still have got to get the talking points out about mitt romney. where was he last week when -- since last november they have been trying to negotiate the contract. last week at the democratic convention, said he would go back to chicago. didn't go back. murder rate is through the roof. got a school crisis on his hand.
2:32 am
he has support of the republicans saying we support you, r rahm. we want to be behind you. instead he pokes them in the eye. >> bob: romney wants to cut education cuts. >> dana: i don't know the details to the romney plan and you don't either. >> bob: yes, i do. >> dana: cut them willy-nilly, there is no other -- >> bob: they want to cut back on direct aid to students. >> eric: that is not what he said. he talked about mitt romney and taxes. he wasn't talking about mitt romney and spending. he talked about romney and taxes. that is a shot. >> bob: listen, romney went out and attacked the president on the chicago strike. right? >> dana: if that is an attack he is in big trouble. >> andrea: he should, so this is why this is dangerous because this is going to spill over and put other unions at odds with democratic mayors. this is not becoming the democrats and the republican issue. this is becoming more and more
2:33 am
people are waking up to this, more and more democratic mayors waking up saying i can't do my job until we cut. >> greg: the serpent eating the tail. rahm should have blamed it on chick-fil-a. >> bob: romney said the president should stand up and say put kids first, and he did. teachers unions goes behind. je to help the kids, help the parents, help the teachers. now there is a classic, you talk about the straddling the fence. >> eric: got to go. >> dana: can i say one last thing? in wisconsin two years ago when president obama took a shot at scott walker in support of the unions and then faded to black wait, we can't get involved in a local issue, the president either learned a lesson or he doesn't want to take a stand on this in his hometown that is shambles. >> eric: make a decision. does he want vote of teacher and students -- >> dana: he is going to get the votes anyway. >> eric: one or the other. coming up, the parents are -- >> bob: you said the
2:34 am
students. >> the parents are -- >> bob: just checking. >> eric: coming up, one of america's most successful businessmen huge supporter of president obama in 2008 isn't drinking the democrat kool-aid this time around. mortsuckerman blistemort -- mort
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eastern. now back to "the five" in new york. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to five five. mort zuckerman is one of the wealthiest americans and editor in chief of "u.s. news and world report." if 2008 he was unapologetic supporter of then senator obama. in the president's first term, mr. zuckerman has done a sharp aboutface, going so far to admit it was a mistake to vote for him in the first place.
2:40 am
his criticism is intensifying. we get to op-ed he wrote in a moment. but first here he is on hannity last night. >> they know what is going on and they know the job market is worse than what you read in the headline of 8.1%, which is misleading number unfortunately. the real problems are greater than that. one thing that is interesting is the quit rate. what that is, is people willing to quit their job because they can find other jobs. that may have been a record low. snob willing to cut the jobs, quit their job because they know they won't find another job. >> andrea: he goes on to explain in the editorial that is a reason we saw. >> greg: two things he mentioned, the quit rate is a real bright spot for jerks like alec baldwin and naomi campbell. none of their assistants will ever leave because they can't find another job so you can still treat the people like crap knowing they will never leave. then he said, there is this thing call lum about the older
2:41 am
people. older people aren't leaving their jobs, which again is high point. where i go if go to costco they call me "young fella." it's nice! >> dana: like in florida. >> greg: "how are you young fella?" older people working and they're nicer than younger people. they do their jobs. i like older people working. >> eric: there is a down side to that. old people are staying in the jobs, clem for the first time ever, there is what is called a lost generation right now. people are graduating, the young guys are graduating from college. 1.3 million graduated and couldn't find jobs. unemployment for a while and drop off the workforce. those are grads. 1.9 million people who have some college education dropped out of the workforce. we have a lost generation not paying taxes. it's a student time bomb ready to explode. so many bad things that are happening because of what is going on. >> it's bad when, you know, the saying don't mess with people who buy ink by the
2:42 am
barrel. mort doesn't buy it by the barrel. he was an bam become supporter in the media, powerful voice. now he is saying no way. >> dana: remarkable. there are probably more people who feel like he does but aren't willing to say it. he is speaking from a position of strength and confidence in himself and what he thinks the right answer is. the other thing is wages have dropped and gas prices go up. if you're working class, that hurts you more than anything else. number of hours where the wage is down. then gas goes up and that means that food goes up as well. >> eric: can i say a couple of things? >> bob: if you follow your citizen in a lip of a store -- >> greg: i talk about the ones that work there. they're great. patient. >> bob: the idea, this fascinates me to see a billionaire talk about working people. i like mort personally. >> greg: he hires them. >> andrea: like me.
2:43 am
>> greg: billionaire, if they didn't have jobs we'd be unemployed. >> bob: i just think it's a little bit -- look, zuckerman is a nice fella but i don't think he can relate to people in the middle class at all. the other thing you're suggesting is all of this stuff, you read off, as you usually do, you blame all of it on obama. obama is not responsible for >> andrea: hold on. on that point. blame it on obama? >> bob: i got four against one here. can i finish, please? >> bob: >> yes. sorry, bob. >> bob: the idea that student debt has anything to do with obama is crazy. he cut interest rates on it. >> andrea: he put people on the fire -- >> eric: what i said is 1 1.3 million graduate college -- >> bob: you said college graduates. >> eric: 1.3 million dropped out of the workforce. what 1 million dropped out. 3.3 million not paying taxes. >> bob: that is obama's fault? >> eric: of course it is.
2:44 am
it he is ice economy. >> bob: no, it's not. it's the united states of america. >> andrea: president obama said himself that the buck stops with me. and the point i was going to make before, bob, blaming jay carney came out and is still blaming president bush. we didn't get a chance to play the sound. it doesn't matter if it's mort, those were facts. >> bob: cold, hard facts that you can't lay on the president of the united states. free market capitalists like you all are. >> andrea: coming up, a new post convention poll shows dead heat in the race for the white house. what ultimately matt centers electoral college. we have look at both when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. do you toss and turn? wake up with back pain?
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♪ ♪ >> bob: anyway, a new abc news/"washington post" poll of likely voters show a tight race as we head to november. president obama has a
2:49 am
one-point lead over governor romney, 49-48. other polls show president obama is leading mitt romney by a larger margin. there is a -- this is about not national goals but states and electoral colleges. you need 270 votes to win the presidency. if you just look at the real clear politics of electoral map here, evening you see in yellow states that we consider swing states. in order to win this presidency, mitt romney has three states that are semihe wins in all of them. florida, virginia, ohio. he has a tough road to get to the white house. you want to say something about the twick states? >> eric: i was going last but president obama has the same issue. >> bob: not at all. he has to carry six swing states and pick um ohio or florida.
2:50 am
>> bob: he can't lose both. >> eric: right. what is the big deal? obama has to sweep two of the three. >> bob: i am conceding north carolina and indiana. >> greg: i coin a phrase, the curtain variable. you risk being called a racist, in public if you say you won't vote for president obama. so you don't know what a lot of people will do behind the curtain. >> bob: i didn't know that. >> andrea: can we bring the map up again and look at the states here? you mention probably won't win virginia. now he won virginia in 2008. but he -- >> bob: no, i said north carolina -- >> andrea: ohio and florida. it should point out that the fact that wisconsin and iowa and i believe it's michigan are yellow, meaning the toss sup not a good sign for the president. they should be squarely in his camp. and another things he has to
2:51 am
spend money to defend the state. >> bob: they are dreaming if they think they will win michigan over a democrat and also wisconsin. you love to talk about this, scotty boy out there -- >> andrea: he has to spend money to defend a state he should have in the bag. >> bob: right. but north carolina they can save money and they won't do it. >> eric: you want to make a dinner bet that wisconsin goes to romney? >> bob: sure. heck yeah. >> dana: that means you the eat dinner with him. >> bob: thank you very much. >> dana: i haven't said a word the whole time. in every battleground state it's within the margin of error. the bounce that president obama got out of the convention made blue states bluer and possibly persuaded independents, but i think that that will in ten days we'll be saying i can't believe the race is this close and romney is ahead in a couple of states and neck and neck until the end. >> bob: the point is obama has more lines to go through -- >> dana: on that call in morning what did they say
2:52 am
about the whole thing they want to run as the underdog? now they don't run as an underdog. >> bob: the bounce from the convention won't last. >> greg: they can't run an an underdog because obama will eat it. >> andrea: the real point is likely voters, the "washington post" shows likely voters not just registered but the ones that are actually going to show up. he doesn't have a lead with those voters. romney leads with independents. >> bob: this poll, various with gallup, rasmussen. go on down the line. it is a dead heat. we can concede that. >> dana: that's what i said. >> bob: it's the nasty comment you made. that's okay. "you have to go to dinner with him." you were talking about eric? >> dana: yes. >> bob: i see. all i say is one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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>> dana: time for one more thing. i don't yell like bob. >> andrea: we have had a tough day. have good news. every once in a while, hollywood does something really special. christian bale the star of the batman movies did one of the kindest things i think he flew 4-year-old jaden barber, a cancer victim and his family out to los angeles for an
2:57 am
intimate lunch at disney land club 33. he brought his wife and little girl. they sat there and she has been fighting cancer for two years. they talked movies and superheros and christian was happy to hear everything that jaden had to say. went out to meet with the victims which is sweet. hats off to you. >> bob: erin demaglio first woman to play as a quarterback for high school in florida. south plantation high. came in with 140 left in the game. two hand off and broke the glass ceiling. i suggest she is outweighted by most of the linemen. i played the game it's difficult. but to do it as a female senior in high school takes guts.
2:58 am
dais that is real, she can be tackled and everything? >> bob: sure. she is a quarterback. >> dana: id a mir here. that is great. >> eric: bob is a defensive end. what are you going to do? hit her hard? move on. this morning i went to wounded warrior's project function this morning. i want to show you this picture. they are wounded warriors. bernie williams is in the picture. but at one point they are great guy, they sacrifice everything for freedom, remind they're freedom isn't free. even the positive attitude, they help the positive attitudes while rest of the religion is marginalize. pick up the picture. look at "the five." can i hold up four? i lost a finger. >> what heroes they are. >> dana: does it mean we can get rid of bob? >> bob: terrible. every time you put a picture up it has you in it? >> dana: that is the point. here is mine.
2:59 am
my grandfather started a ranch. they started the quarter horse raffle. but today, dixon, illinois. a woman named rita, she was a comptroller for dixson, illinois, and she stole $53 million from the city overtime. only busted for one charge of wire fraud. but can't afford $200,000 a month it takes to take care of horses so government is auctioning them off. >> greg: interesting. >> dana: hey! let's do something really interesting now and go to your one more thing which is so uncreative. >> greg: yes, my banned phrase is so-called. >> dana: i love this one. >> greg: people put it before something that is true. >> dana: reporters do it to bush all the time. >> greg: it's like me saying that dana perino is a so-called


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