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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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friendships, to buy their camaraderie. to buy their love. i'm not saying they all hate us. but enough of us hate us, really hate to us make us question the wisdom of giving them all that money. ron paul sorts it tonight on fbn and only fbn. ♪ ♪ >> dana: this is a fox news alert. the u.s. just evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli as they remember yesterday. anniversary of 9/11. four americans were killed in libya including ambassador chris siebs and sean smith. foreign service information management officer. the names of the two others have not been released. same time, egypt, angry mob stormed the u.s. embassy, tore down our flag and tried to replace it with a black flag with the words, "there is no
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god but god in muhammad is his messenger." greg palkot joins us now from london. explain to us, is there an al-qaeda link here? >> there could be al-qaeda link. experts are look at the possibility that this could have been attack by those in alliance with terror groups. as you noted, well regarded ambassador to libya for the united states chris stevens and three other american officials overnight in benghazi. rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun, setting the place on fire. the latest report say that the u.s. security officials struggled very hard to save the officials. steins ended up in the benghazi hospital. later, he was found dead. now officials are working at video from the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, number one in al-qaeda. ayman al-zawahiri.
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he admitted to the killing by the june along the afghad pakistan border. he called for revenge against the united states. al-qaeda-linked group are now thought to be prime suspects in the killing. this comes shortly after another violent protest yesterday at the u.s. embassy in cairo, seemingly spontaneous and seemingly in response to a film made in the united states critical of the muslim prophet muhammad which got a lot of play throughout the region. in response to both of the attacks -- [ inaudible ] high alert, protest and reaction are heard. in various countries. bring to justice those responsible for what increasingly looks like again a well coordinated, deadly hit against american officials.
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>> dana: thank you, greg. earlier in morning, president obama spoke at the white house. >> the united states condemns this outrageous, shocking attack. we're working with the government of libya to secure the diplomats. increase the security and diplomatic posts throughout the world. make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> dana: secretary of state hillary clinton had this to say. >> america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. but let me be clear. there is no justification for this. none. violence like this in no way to honor religion or faith. as long as there are hose to take innocent life in name of
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god, the world will never know true and lasting peace. >> dana: all right, bob, in these situations, the first reports are almost always wrong. things get caught up too quickly and we didn't find out until about 2:00 in the morning that ambassadorsteins had been killed and now we are finding out the name of the others. sean smith. what is your reaction to this? >> bob: first of all, you have to look at the various reports coming in. you're right, you have to be careful about making firm conclusions about this. but it looks like the riots in front of the libyan consulate and the egyptian embassy, the american embassy in cairo were not coordinated and were not a part of what killed the libyans. killed our consuls. they were a group who apparently were associated with the blind cleric omar in
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jail here. they had a thing called the brigades, fallen his name. 20 people apparently who attacked the ambassador and the other staffers as they were leaving the embassy, consulate to come out of the the secure route. they could be two separate incidents together and they used riots as a cover to get in with the sophisticated weapons to do what they did. >> dana: earlier today, senator ben nelson from florida, phil nelson from florida, democratic senator, chairman of the intel committee called for an immediate investigation because he wants to know if there was an al-qaeda link here. >> eric: i'm not sure if he called for it. i watched shepard interview him and matthew shepard said i hopshe -- i watchedshepard smit. i e-mailed friends and i said is this, this is who we're going to entrust with finding out who did this? the question for me, dana, is president obama and secretary of state clinton, are they going to go with this limp, soft, response to what is
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going on now that they know that maybe, it could be a group of terrorists that planned this? or are they going to say not one more red cent, not one more on vote of $20 million of appropriation tomorrow to libya and $1.2 billion to egypt in the next couple of months. not one red cent until you turn over people who did this. >> dana: tough vote for congress. i don't think it's tough for me, they don't end up with the money. i want to get to you about the video. we heard in greg palkot's report and ever since yesterday that a video made in america, question islam was the thing that sparked this. now that is not -- that is in question. >> greg: yeah, there are a lot of reports out there, not sure there is a video. i don't care. i don't care about the root causes of terror. people every day insult people
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and are offensive -- i'll talk about it later in the monologuism don't give a damn about the root causes. what upsets me most is everybody is concerned with the muslim outrage. why isn't anybody concerned about american outrage? i'm always wondering if that is our fault. when something bad happens, we're not out on the street yelling and screaming like they are. maybe we should start going out on the street yelling and screaming. or maybe we should videotape what happens to us after a super bowl and show that so people can see us reacting with emotion. the fact is we don't -- no one is scared of our outrage. >> dana: i want to get to you about the anxiety that america feels watching this and the vote come up in congress and thinking what are we going to do? >> andrea: when you look at a situation like libya, president obama whether you agree with it or not decided to lead from behind. a lot of people said we don't have a stake in libbia, fourth world country. let the english and the french lead. that's what president obama said.
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a lot of people said not the right move. so it is difficult because we chose to lead from behind. now we had an attack on us. there's pressure for to us do something. we are looking at a country in libya with no viable political leadership. no constitution. no functioning institution. so you're right, and this is two months away from election day. where we see -- >> dana: ours. >> andrea: we'll get to this later but we see candidates going back and forth now. if i'm the american public, i am very, very scared. [ overtalk ] >> greg: we got to address this one point. we were told it was a small savage group. how did this happen? the fact is i always thought that embassy would be as well protected since 1979 that this would not happen. though protection is expensive, it's necessary. >> eric: this is how it happened. outnumbered by the crowd. libyan security forces did little to stop them. this gentleman is in the
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interior ministry. they say whoever is supposed to protect our people in the embassy, besides our own people. they step aside and let it happen for that -- >> dana: that is a question. >> bob: one of the questions but it was not the mob that killed these people. it was organized, and i think the sources are good. organized group of terrorists. >> dana: which might be worse. >> eric: right. the idea that obama led from behind and had something to do with this -- >> bob: first, we didn't. >> dana: they're the ones who said that. >> bob: the point is -- >> andrea: bob, i'm not actually -- i wasn't one of the ones who said that was necessarily a terrible idea. it's just the fact of how we approach this -- >> bob: can i make one point? in cairo when this was going on, negotiations going on to forgive $1 billion in debt to egypt. we had 100 businessmen there
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negotiating how they could go there and bring the u.s. interest in cairo. >> dana: and it was on 9/11. that is when you say coordinated attack. bob, one thought from you, because you used to work at the state department. say a couple of words about what it's like for foreign service officer who has gone through the training and worked quietly his whole life. what kind of person, what kind of people are they at the foreign -- >> bob: they're the most underestimated people in the whole federal government. they go to places that most people wouldn't go to. they work very hard. three-year tours. a lot of them have been killed. this is not the first time. >> dana: they don't get plum assignments. >> bob: they do not. >> dana: you send your best people to difficult people. >> greg: how does the muslim brotherhood feel about this? or egyptian president? how >> eric: i heard muslim brotherhood in part organizing this. >> bob: no, no. they condemned the deaths of the americas in libya.
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>> eric: if you have a smoke screen to allow the gunshot taken or rocket-propelled grenade taken, aren't you -- >> bob: if you read the muslim brotherhood statement after it took place, they denounced it. >> dana: we have to go. we'll keep talking about this, because in the media and elsewhere some people blame this on the anti-muslim movie we talked about. greg doesn't buy it. he's next.
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>> greg: some media hacks believe a video sparked the attack on the embassies. they even want to try the film-makers for murder. once again, their overarching concern is for causes of muslim rage, rather than the rage, itself. but we know there is no justification for the ravages of savages, and to think a movie sparked the violence is irrelevant. by the way, i hate the phrase "spark." if something sparked an assault you would assume it would not happen on the solemn day that commemorates the most devastating tragedy sparked by islamic extremists. if you believe that is a
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coincidence, i have a mosque downtown i'd like to sell you. these media people are delusionadelusional we are the . our existence, way of life is one long spark. they want to extinguish that spark. we're reminded by the leaders to reject denigration of religion. christians are the butt of jokes by lazy comics and are killed in places where jokes don't suffice. we only respect the denigration of one religion because we're scared. we need to start worrying about what sparks what and focus on what protects the itselfs on the prehistoric evil. as hillary clinton said the acts are are confounding. what is not confounding are the attacker's mote i. they hate us. you might as well say a fish is no way to honor a bicycle. evil only understands death. do you have, does anybody believe for a minute that was
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not planned? >> eric: could i throw something out here? 2:00 in the morning we found out the embassy is attacked with the rpg and we lost the ambassador. i went to youtube to see this film, the 13:51 trailer of a film. it only had a few thousand views at the time. there would probably be more people attacking the embassy than actually viewed that film. this was more than just a reaction to a film. as you point out, they hate us. this is a way of life. when the giants win, there is a whole bunch of new yorkers who go crazy when the giants win. it felt like the same mob mentality, the same we hate them, let's get them, an opportunity to do that. >> greg: we have seen van gogh was murdered for writing something that was anti-islamic. cartoonist who started to draw muhammad had to go in hiding. we treat muslim religion differently because we're terrified of them. >> andrea: right. they'll use a cartoon, they
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will use a video or they will use nothing. don't forget the british embassy was attacked this summer there. wasn't anything supposedly that you said sparked that. they hate us. we sat around the table yesterday on 9/11 and we said they will continue to go after us and they will continue to kill us. that's why when we hear folks from the administration say there is no war on terror, it's very, very upsetting. the more we apologize, the worse it gets. they don't care if we say we're sorry, they don't care if we stand up and say the first amendment, they don't care. they don't respect our values and they will continue to kill us. it's disappointing when you have the united states come out first and say we're very somewhere wi upset you or did something wrong. that should not be the response. >> bob: wait. i was in iran, the last delegation we took there, before the president that was ousted and khomeini came back in the country. we looked out the window from the hotel and 200,000 screaming radical muslims. a frightening thing. we got out of there as fast as we could. if i'm sitting in an embassy
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and i have 2,000 people who hate us, and they do, this release of this statement which is not cleared by the u.s. state department, it was during the middle of this attack. i would release whatever you could possibly release to try to cool it down. >> andrea: anything? okay. >> eric: bob, the statement released prior to the mob uprising, prior to the killing. statement was out -- >> bob: two different things. >> eric: i hear. i don't want to speak for you, andrea, but president obama has been apologizing for us and the treatment of muslims since the first month he was in office. speech in cairo in june? he apologized for our reaction to 9/11. >> andrea: his statement led with we lead the effort to -- >> bob: if united states can't say we protect religious freedom what do we say? >> andrea: i didn't say it was wrong but shouldn't the
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main opening theme. >> greg: how do you deal with this? it seems intractable. this movie, they might not even have ever seen it. it was diversionnary tactic for terror. >> dana: in the world of social media, i understand that corporations, government, individuals, they try to get out first with the information. it wasn't just so much that the state department put out their statement but then they started tweeting to try to reconfirm that the first instinct was not to say get off of our property, first of all. secondly, freedom of speech is something you fought for. we will help you get there, but not if you pull this kind of stuff. if i were at the state department right now i would tell all of my embassy people, if anything happens here, there is no social media. because these first responses are always wrong, they've got them in a bunch of trouble. there is a lot of unanswered questions here that they will have to start answering things they said earlier. for example, when the secretary of state says the
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libya attack was work of a million and savage group, not the government or people of libya, i hope that is true. if you get back to one part and coordination, somebody had to know where the ambassador was and somebody tipped them off and maybe it is true that the libyans tried to help him, to get him to the hospital. but there is a lot more here that meets the eye. they should have backed off for a minute. >> bob: one thing we do know this brigade that was put obama in front of the same consulate six months ago and took credit for it. it's not surprising to me they have the intelligence and the ability to do that. and use this. maybe now somebody stirred up the crowds so they would get the diversion. >> dana: either paid or organized in a way they -- >> bob: organize a couple thousands. >> eric: on 9/11? on 9/11, c'mon. >> bob: sure. i'm not -- i'm saying it was for 9/11. that's what i'm saying. >> eric: clearly. >> andrea: you talk about they were fighting for free speech in tahrir square. but do we know if they were really fighting for that? or were they fighting for jobs
5:22 pm
and higher food prices? i didn't see paul revere in tahrir square. i don't think they were looking for a constitution. look, we told mubarak to go. now we have the muslim brotherhood. i don't hear a word from the democrats celebrating that. >> greg: to me, the most embarrassing thing out of this is the members of the media, msnbc or people on this network who are exercising moral relativism. that somehow saying something that is a joke or a offensive about religion is the same as somebody being beheaded or murdered. that is idiotic. to me that is disgusting, offensive as i don't know. >> bob: let me go on the record saying i am delighted that mubarak is gone. he was a savage. he murdered hundreds of thousands of egyptians. >> eric: all right. >> greg: move on. coming up, mitt romney's take on the embassy attack. >> eric: america will not tolerate -- >> america will not tolerate attacks against our citizens and against our embassies. we'll defend also our constitutional rights of speech.
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assembly. religion. >> greg: was this a smart move? we discuss next.
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>> andrea: welcome back. earlier today, governor romney slammed the administration for the response to attacks in egypt and libya. >> america will not control rate attacks and underscore that the world is a dangerous place and the american leaderships sorely needed. embassy of the united states issued what appeared to be an apology for american principles. that was a mistake. the president take responsibility from the words that come from his mouth and his ambassador and administration and embassy and the state department. the white house distance
5:28 pm
itself from the statement saying it wasn't cleared by washington. that reflects the mixed signals they're sending to the world. >> andrea: what do you think about that? he has come under fire for making the statement. >> dana: good for him. his instinct was to protect the right of free speech. the next thing he does is something that president obama has not done in months, except for the three-question press conference. the complaint is he was too quick to defend america. the media helping carry reid, pelosi, i could go on that dissent at that point was patriotic. the thing that kills me about this, the complaints about mitt romney after the white house, itself, distanc itself from the statement, after there was actually -- you brought this up last night, maybe first on "the five." >> greg: yeah. you can never be too quick to defend america.
5:29 pm
that's why -- what did he do wrong? >> andrea: should he have gone after the administration? is that issue. i agree with him defending america but maybe not going after the administration so quickly. >> greg: the media is conflating two things. he said never apologize. it's part of the administration, never apologize to your attackers. you can have that thought on your head an condemn the actions against america. what media did in the press conference is conflateed it and went after him and said he was condemning the administration. he was saying c'mon, guys. these are the enemy. >> eric: i think it's -- we're mixing this up a little bit. here is how it went down. when the embassy released the statement that we agreed was probably misguided statement through twitter or whatever they did. romney came out and said hey, administration, don't apologize for american
5:30 pm
exceptionalism or strength. certainly don't apologize when you're being attacked. >> greg: i just said. >> eric: however, then the media went after romney for saying it too early going after obama, too early. should not be going after obama. then president obama after romney made the statement, then president obama condemned the killing. of course he has the right in the world to say really, we're going to apologize -- when you read it yesterday i thought we're apologizing to muslims and they are killing our people? >> andrea: vilry yol from the media -- vitriol from the media. take a listen if you missed this today. >> statement ast night, do you regret the tone at all given what we know now? >> do you think coming soon after the event unfolded overnight was appropriate to weigh in on the crisis unfolding?
5:31 pm
>> do you regret having the statement come out too early before we learned about all the things that were happening? >> andrea: what do you think, bob? >> bob: he made a very political statement, took advantage of a crisis, did not know the full facts, does not understand that area of the world. the idea that you suggest he is saying that he attacked obama's values, obama was not attacking anybody's values. also, just to get the record straight here, he never apologized for america -- >> eric: the embassy did. >> bob: i understand that. but you said that this was the standard of the administration. >> eric: no, no, no. you have want to talk about that? i have video -- i'll do that in the next block. go ahead. >> bob: wait a second. the fact that the embassy was under siege is a frightening situation. if they release something to try to get out to take the pressure off, they define clear it with the statement department, not an administration statement. >> eric: fail. fail on the state department fault. fail in the white house. can i point something out, two thinvery, very important.
5:32 pm
hold on. hold on. >> greg: the embassy should be shot. you don't apologize, you shoot. >> this is very important, bob. the media today, mitt romney made his comments and then he took questions. the first seven questions in a row were asked whether his timing was wrong? it seems weird. now, go to watch what happens. the media coordinated, coordinated the question. if he says that, i'll ask that. it's disgusting. >> andrea: it spiraled out of control because now the president recently addressed mr. romney personally and he is saying he used this for political gain and saying that this is shocking. >> dana: did he say that while on air force one on the way to a campaign event in las vegas? i think if i had been the campaign staff in the white house i would have said can we skip one fundraising day? could the president stay here please, until we figure out what is happening? >> greg: how many briefings does he miss? >> dana: 50%. >> bob: that is a good point maybe he should have left a and not done a rundraiser
5:33 pm
today. the idea that somehow mitt romney was standing up as a statesman here was absolutely -- >> andrea: he has a right to say something. >> bob: hold on but what he said is wrong. >> eric: wait. obama made a statement -- >> bob: he is a political -- >> eric: bob. obama made a statement, three or four minutes and walked off, didn't take questions. why is that? >> bob: i have no idea. >> andrea: mitt romney has the right to say what he said. should he have gone after the administration? i don't know. now you have the administration going after mitt romney. two candidates as the middle east -- >> bob: he has a right to say that but he should say something that should be accurate. >> dana: the next time the media writes a story how they hate covering the campaign because they there is not enough substance we can run it over and over again. >> andrea: good point. keep it on file. israel is one of america's closest allies but president obama can't or won't make time to meet with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu later this month. was it a scheduling conflict or a snub? details when we come back.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, reaction to attacks on american diplomatic facilities in the middle east and north africa. tonight on "special report," rampage on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, leaves four people dead, including the american ambassador. intelligence officials say that attack was well-coordinated and orchestrated and could be tied to an al-qaeda-linked group. president obama is condemning the violence and vowing justice in benghazi. his administration tried to distance itself from the initial response by the cairo, egypt, embassy, that critics called an apology for free speech. mitt romney quickly condemned the cairo statement but he is criticized for politicizing the tragedy. president obama telling cbs tonight governor romney shoots first and aims later. we'll examine the event on the ground in the middle east. with experts who know the region well. our all-star panel. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five."
5:39 pm
>> eric: the divide between the apologist in chief and the only true ally in the middle east, israel is widening and fast. prime minister netanyahu is getting restless waiting for clarity from president obama on what to do with regard to nuclear iran. >> the world tell israel wait, there is still time. wait for what? >> eric: some advice, mr. prime minister. if you are going to go, you best not wait for president obama's blessing. remember this? >> i am honored to be in the timeless city of cairo. the united states does not accept the legitimacy of continueed israeli settlemen settlements. this violates agreement and
5:40 pm
undermines effort to increase peace. time for the settlement to stop. >> eric: the comments were three-and-a-half years ago coming after moment he apologized for 9/11 response. israel is extremely important to us. why the snub? >> andrea: i see that president obama has been, a theme of his tenure, trying to downplay our relationship with israel. if he is doing it, to try and somehow appease the muslims, it's not working based on the last 40 minutes of the show that you heard us talking about. i was in morocco when he gave the speech. i saw it with the muslim leaders did anything strike you? what are you listening for? they said one thing and one thing only: do the united states stand with palestinians or israel? that is the one and only issue that matters to most of the middle east. we seem like we're on the wrong side. >> eric: he made it clear. greg, speeches like that, when he turns his shoulder, does it portray a weakness, weakness
5:41 pm
of bond between us and israel? >> greg: maybe if he wanted a meeting with obama go to a golf course or demand birth control pills, so then he will definitely call him up. the middle east is weird place. unstable neighbor on your block that you try to avoid. you a friend that happens to live next door to unstable neighbor and the good friends wishes you were as tough as he was, but we can't be, because we don't have to deal with it every day. he has to deal with the idiot neighbor. you don't. c'mon, obama. i got problems here. are you with me or the crazy neighbor? >> dana: i will give them the benefit of the doubt where there is a request for a meeting but there maybe wasn't. interestingly as we're dealing with egypt and libya last night, president obama is on
5:42 pm
the phone for an hour with netanyahu trying to smooth it over. two clocks, netanyahu has one and obama has one. they're not sinked up. netanyahu, the clock is moving faster and worried. obama wants to slow it down for the good intention and the election. >> eric: given what is going on in egypt and libya, isn't it time for president obama to say maybe we'll make an exception and i will sit down with you. >> bob: wait a second. so many bad assumptions here. every president since george h.w. bush condemned the setmentment as illegal. they are illegal and they should be taken down. a continuing policy from going back to the george h.w. bush. >> andrea: borders, bob. '67 border. >> eric: bush saying we should go back -- >> bob: if the two-state solution concept is something that has been at the center of the negotiations with israel and the palestinians for a long time. it's a complicated subject. all i say is use that, the settlements to say they turn
5:43 pm
his back on netanyahu -- >> stay on topic. >> bob: you raised it. >> eric: you can have an issue with me, with my intro. fine. is it time for president obama to say yes, it's time, we need to sit down and make sure we have a strong -- >> eric: that is -- >> bob: that is a phone call. their clocks may be different. netanyahu calling for red lines. if you cross the red lines, cross the red lines and there we go. we attack. not one ally agrees with that. >> dana: red line was important in 1914, because people didn't know. they kept pushing the line. >> bob: obama has a red line to incross netanyahu. us and israelis and no other allies around the world. israel will be isolated further. >> eric: last thought, they want a tease. last thought? >> andrea: if i'm netanyahu i don't seven to look at the way the u.s. handleles israel.
5:44 pm
look how they handle their own issues. he should have come out yesterday strongly and said you do this again, egypt, we take the aid. by the way, libya, we are coming for you and we'll find those people. didn't say that. >> eric: have to leave it there. danny denon, deputy speaker to the knesset, their parliament or government, their congress actually told me he thinks that president obama is viewed weak throughout the middle east, including israel. coming up, jimmy carter had iranian oil embargo, weak economy and embassy crisis. so does president obama. took reagan to solve carter's problems. will it take romney to do the same 31 years later? in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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government to support and in effect participate in the taking and holing of hostages is unprecedented in human history. no recognized religious faith on earth which condones blackmail. >> bob: that was jimmy carter in 1979. i was in his white house at that point, not long after dozens of americans were attack and held hostage by iranians militants when they stormed the united states embassy in tehran. hostages were held for 444
5:49 pm
days. it's widely believed that the crisis contributed to carter's defeat by ronald reagan in 1980. of that i have no doubt. it did. so is there a correlation wean between the two events? i don't know where to say. the idea that reagan had anything to do with releasing the hostages $is the same reagan administration that sent the national security advisor with a cake for whole whole to help the contra. don't tell me -- it's ridiculous. watching president carter, there was a good plan to get hostages. regrettably it blew up in desert. military planning could have been better than it was. but we had a plan -- >> eric: do you remember what caused the hostage crisis? it was carter's enamorment with the shaw of iran. >> bob: you know something -- god.
5:50 pm
the american government was supporting the shaw of iran before jimmy carter was born. >> no doubt about it. >> bob: oh, i see -- >> eric: it sparked it. there was an embrace didn't the shaw come over and they had some lavish party for the shaw -- >> bob: they brought him -- >> eric: khomeini went ballistic, took hostages and it took reagan to free hostages. >> bob: stick to energy. >> eric: i'm still waiting for you to come up to stay refute anything i said. >> bob: khomeini came back from france, one of the great allies supposedly, he came in iran, there was the students were militant and he did nothing to stop them from doing it. it had nothing to do with the shaw of iran. the overthrow of the shaw had a lot with our connection with the shaw. that's true. >> greg: the segment we're supposed to compare now to then, right? isn't that the point?
5:51 pm
which i don't think is fair. leadership is about things that are out of your control. today's stuff are things that came forward. carter's administration would have been different if it hadn't happened and we don't know what will happen next with president obama. but this has more on the impact of how he is remembered than the soaring rhetoric. >> andrea: it's apples and oranges. i don't think we do know. it's similarity, both an outrage. but they're different. we have different relationships with the countries. unfortunately we have a dead ambassador and we had hostages at the time. a lot of people think carter's response was feck lest and he bundles it i'm not sure if that's how history will show obama handles this. it's too soon to tell. >> bob: carter had two choice, negotiate or go in and invade iran and every one of the hostages would have been killed. >> dana: i will say that
5:52 pm
foreign policy crisis can focus the electorate's mind. sometimes these things happen in september, october, but there is always some sort of foreign policy issue. -- going on that needs to be taken care of. in 2004, not just the war in afghanistan, but will president bush with a better person than kerry in office at that time to protect from future attacks. >> eric: what worries me is the obama administration will -- >> bob: what worries me is the obama administration overreacts to this. i can hear them do whatever it takes, put boots on the ground. the whole idea scares me to death. >> eric: i think you're safe. you will not get overreaction, you will get underreaction, the same that president carter did and president obama is doing now -- >> bob: hold your reaction -- >> eric: we're not going the buy your oil, iran. what did carter end up with? what is president obama going to end up with? more extreme iran, emboldened
5:53 pm
iran to finance terrorism around the world. how is that working? >> bob: very well. >> eric: ambassadors are being killed. >> bob: that has nothing to do with iran -- >> dana: it might, actually. egyptian government folks were in tehran the week before. there might be a connection. >> eric: i totally agree. >> andrea: aren't we glad we got mubarak to step down? the arab spring is working out well, isn't it? >> greg: arab assault. >> you're up. [ laughter ] >> bob: one more thing is next. my gosh. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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>> dana: all right, time for one more thing. we had a packed show so we have to go fast. bob? >> bob: congressman west, one of my favorite people made a statement about what happened in libya in egypt and said americans need to question whether the death of innocent patriots could have been avoided. president obama policy of appeasement to islamic growth manifested itself to unconscionable hatred. it won't attack you, but if you lose your race, you need to get some help. >> greg: that is not an attack. >> dana: right. >> greg: takes one to know one. >> andrea: so remember 58-year-old karen klein, the bus driver was was bullied. 25-year-old nutritionist from toronto that set up a website to help solicit funds for the
5:58 pm
woman and they raised $703,000. they presented her with a check recently. >> dana: she is a responsible lady. >> andrea: vacation or something. >> dana: i hope so. >> greg: she will buy her own bus. >> dana: >> her own kids. the >> andrea: or move to tahiti. >> greg: banned phrase, quickly. "opine." i don't know why i don't like it, i just don't. it sounds like a product for mmahogany furniture. >> dana: from ireland. my one more thing, i have to wish happy birthday to brother i never wanted. greg gutfeld. how many days till 50? >> greg: 745 day until i'm 50. >> dana: we have a countdown. eric and i had the same idea for one more thing but he got to it first. take it away. >> eric: the greatest car chase in history today was
5:59 pm
going on in los angeles. bank robbers, did you see that? they're throwing money out the window as they drive. whole bunch of cops following. people were coming out of their homes and apartments. look. look. money -- they're throwing it out the window as they drive. getting rid of it. >> bob: do you ever wonder why most of these happen in los angeles? >> dana: there is no traffic? i don't know. >> eric: fantastic. >> dana: my point was when i watch this, you will see a huge crowd gathers. i don't know if they're watching fox news and car chase and they heard about it. they rushed out. look at those people. 11:15 in the morning at california. they're not working. >> eric: you know what another point to make is it had to be a democrat driving that car. >> dana: because it was a volvo? >> greg: president obama. >> eric: greg, i could have gone there but i chose not to. >> bob: i'm sure it's not president obama on his way to los angeles. >> greg: if there is a truck throwing out money a lot of people are over it.


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