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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 14, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: and this is a fox news alert. it is day 4 of deadly protests outside the u.s. embassy in cairo, where radical islamists continue to riot and scream "death to america!" today on the friday day of prayer in the muslim world, the protests have spread to nearly 20 countries throughout the middle-east and north africa. the heaviest was in sudan, where islamist converged on the american embassy and tried to storm the mission, clashing with sudanese police who opened fire on those trying to scale the compound walls. breaking, u.s. officials announced that a marine rapid response team is headed to the sudan. in tunisia, several thousand
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battle with security forces outside the u.s. embassy in tunis. some protesters scaled the embassy wall and planted the islam i felt flag in a nearby school was all but destroyed by a fire that was set n. lebanon today, rioters set fire to a kfc and a hardee's restaurant in tripoli. at least 25 people were wounded. finally, an attack yet to be connect to the protests, we're learning of a deadly strike on a marine base, shared with british troop in afghanistan, called camp leatherneck, camp bastion. all u.s. personnel in tunisia, yemen and afghanistan are ash accounted for. a protesters was killed a few hours ago in a clash with police. joining me with the increase of violence continuing to go on throughout the middle-east and north africa, leyland vittert.
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>> reporter: right now, here in cairo, 3:00 a.m., we are still seeing, smelling and feeling those barrages of tear gas canisters going off here and that distinctive crack of rubber bullets. as of now, though, the large concrete barriers on the streets, leading to the u.s. embassy are holding. today, friday prayers let out around 12:45. there were thousands of protesters in the street, many carrying huge posters of osama bin laden, three, four, five-feet tall. they were throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at security forces. the president of the muslim brotherhood here in egypt, who controls the country asked that has people not attack foreign embassies. they didn't listen to that. however, president morsi has ordered the police and military to dig in and they have done that, so far, to protect the american embassy here. of course, that was breached on
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tuesday when they took down the american flag here. one of the demands that the protestirs have made is the u.s. ambassador leave. that has not happened, according to local reports. she is in the country, although there is a lot of graffiti outside the united states embassy, spray-painted by a number of protesters, including one that says, quote, take care, america. we have 1.5 billion bin ladens. they are chanting, our soul, our blood for the prophet muhammad. the big difference from what we saw 18 months ago in the revolution, was that back then, people were talking about freedom and democracy and how much they loved america. now they are talking about how angry they are at america and chanting "death to america." sean, back to you. >> sean: thanks for that report. as anti-american protests spread, this administration is trying to deflect blame for its failed policies and trying to peg all of this violence on a
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youtube video. i know, believe it or not. watch this. >> this is a fairly volatile situation. and it is in response, not to the united states' policy, want to -- obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a film... that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. that in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. but this is not a case of protests directed at the united states, at large or at u.s. policy. this is in response to a video that is offensive and -- to muslims. >> sean: that comment is pathetic and it pretty much says it all. we are dealing with an administration that does not have the courage to stand up near country. we have a president who is operating from a position of weakness, a president who refuses to call people what they are, in this case, radical
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extremists, islamists. and speaking of that video, the president's indifference to a little something that we call free speech. now, fox news has confirmed that the white house has asked youtube to, quote, review the trailer. that sounds an awful like an administration strong-arming a private company. why? to censor its comment. but google, who owns youtube, will not remove this clip. how do we get to this frightening point? i think it began with this president condistantly apologizing to america, his willing tons reason with malevolent forces that are committed to killing us. let's take a look back to 2009, when he spoke in cairo in the same city that you are seeing right here, where islamists are chanting "death to america." watch this. >> i'm grateful for your hospitality and the hospitality of the people of egypt. i am also proud to carry with me the good will of the american
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people and a greeting of peace for muslim count -- communities in my country. >> 9/11 was an enormous trauma to our country. the fear and anger that it provoked was understandable. but in some cases, it led us to act contrary to our traditions and our ideals. we are taking concrete actions to change course. i have unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the united states and i have ordered the prison the guantanamo bay closed by next year. >> sean: enhanced interrogation is not torture. without it, without gitmo, you don't get the call to go after bin laden. this was a dangerous display of weakness. we are now seeing the fruits of this reckless rhetoric. this disaster, the obama administration can't get on the same page about whether or not
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we view egypt at this moment as an ally. watch this. >> you know, i don't think that we would consider them an ally. but we don't answer them an enemy. they are a new government that is trying to find its way. >> you are saying that the administration, state department, still regards egypt as a major non-nato ally and is a recipient of all that that entails? >> yes. >> sean: what is it? does the administration think that egypt is an ally or not? instead of answering, the white house talks in circles. when asked about the contradiction a spokesman said this, i think folks are reading way too much into this. ally is a legal term of art. and it all depends what "is" is. and we weren't having sex either. here with reaction, fox news contributor, our friend, charles krauthammer. welcome back. >> happy to be here. >> sean: i loved your line, we should have as the united states, told them to go straight
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to hell. we didn't. where does if -- it stand now? >> the things you quoted from carnet and administration... this has nothing to do with us or our policies, it's about a video is either willfully obtuse or simply clueless. what has happened is, as you pointed out, beginning with the cairo speech, obama changed american policy on the theor theatreason that people hated us was because we were tough. they hated us because of iraq and because of guantanamo. they hated us because of the torture -- he used the word and accuses his own country ever torturing. and he is now apologizing and promising to change course. we would no longer be tough. we would be loved. we would show compassion. and we would get out of iraq. he set a deadline for afghanistan. he doesn't support the green revolution in iran.
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he shows the ayatollahs tremendous respect. he essentially protects them when they are under attack. he gets nowhere on the iran nuclear issue. he is equivocal in the arab spring. he leads from behind in libya. the theory was if we go soft and we are very nice, if we -- if we say [speaking in arabic [enough times, it will be all right. he decided, the theory and therefore the practice is going to be, retreat and withdraw. remember the line he uses? the tide of war is receding. >> sean: exactly. >> that means the tide of american power is receding. and the reason that american interests, schools, embassies, businesses are aflame in the middle-east from tunis to south asia is because things don't happen in a vacuum. when you withdraw the power and the influence of the strongest country on earth from a region,
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the vacuum will be filled. >> sean: great point. >> whaty are seeing is the salafists, the islamist, understanding this is their opening, america is in retreat. the tide of america is retreating in the region. and they are now going to fill the gap. >> sean: all right -- >> that's why all of this is happening. >> sean: charles, a superb analysis. here's what's happened. you see the world is burning. they are against america and our ambassador killed two u.s. navy seals -- killed. i will get to this later. what are we going to do about it? they apologize. they say that egypt is still our ally. run by the muslim brotherhood, the muslim brotherhood gets $2 billion of our taxpayer dollars. this is the motto of the muslim brotherhood, charles. allah is our objective. the prophet our leader, the koran our law. jihad our way, dying in the way of allah, our highest hope. why would we give them $2
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billion? why?! >> well, look, i don't think the issue right now is foreign aid. if morsi,he president of egypt, doesn't cooperate, doesn't support our embassies, protect our embassies and doesn't honor the peace treat weisrael, there is already trouble. then i think you withdraw the aid. you have to be very careful, now. the vacuum is already been created. the trouble is already at hand. american enemies are on the move, everywhere as we can see. right now, our hand is very much weaken from the three years of obama policy. at this point, you don't want to make it worse by -- you know, a move that is reactive and too fast. you withdraw all of our aid today, we have no leverage. what you do is you portion it out-- all right, charles. >> but the problem is this: pro-american elements in the region, look around.
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there is no america. i will give you one example. does anybody care about what we think about syria? the major country in mespotamia. they want to know what the russians are doing, the iranians and hezbollah. these are the active players. that's what happens when america withdraws its power and its influence. we become irrelevant. >> sean: charles, i -- dead-on analysis. thank you for being with us. we need this perspective during this, what is a worldwide crisis. thank you for being with us. >> pleasure. >> sean: coming up... despite what the white house claims, this is not about a movie. what we are seeing is the new face of international terrorism developing, right before your eyes. the rise of the radical islamists. when we come back, our panel of experts tell us what we can expect in the days, weeks and months ahead, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. at this hour, we are following breaking developments out of cairo, where for the fourth straight day, violence and deadly protest rage on. as this is unfolding, as the world burns and american flags burn, as embassies burn. as u.s. ambassadors and other embassy personnel die and navy seals die, what does barack obama and his administration do? they are placing blame on a short piece of video on the internet. joining me with the author of the battle for the soul of islam, and the president of the american covenant together foundation. the president said that because he lived in indonesia and studied islam himself, is quote in the new york times as saying, one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset is -- talking
9:17 pm
about muslim prayer. then he said, the day i'm inaugurated, the muslim hostility will leave -- will leave. that's what he said. he is uniquely qualified to end this. what happened, michael? >> well, his hope was right. he was in the right place. but the situation didn't work out. i think-- wait a minute. but he apologized for torture -- which was not torture, enhanced interrogation. he apologized for gitmo, in order to close. he went on a worldwide apology tour. he supported the muslim brotherhood and overthrough mubarak. what happened?! >> he didn't apologize. he stated what was going on and letting the people know what position-- he did apologize -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: he said we went contrary to our traditions and our diehl ideals. he said, i stopped torture. he was talking about enhanced interrogation. he said that in cairo! this is how cairo responds.
9:18 pm
he supported eliminating mubarak. i see a president on his knees, apologized, kissed rings, he has begged, he has bowed. and this, the muslim world -- they have no respect for him. none. >> i'll tell you, i actual, sean, i think even though he may know indkneesia, my family's from syria. if you talk to american syrians, we know we are able to practice our faith more freely here than anywhere in the world. you can see what's happening. the president and jay carney and his comments, i find them offensive as an american, in that they have no foreign policy. they are missing in action. what is happening is the moderates, remember, the mobs that we see in the past few days, are nothing like what was happening with millions in the streets last year. those moderates that are in the streets today are waiting for america to defend liberty, to defend freedom across the middle-east. just as charles said earlier, you see a vacuum and the
9:19 pm
salafists, the middle-east has been torn between two fascisms and wow, this is all it takes to get america out of the middle-east, one trashy video and they are outta here and they are weak. we are being taken for fools. and the principles that my family came as devout muslims and for us to need help, to fight back against jihaddists and radical islamist, they need help on the ground -- it is not happening. >> sean: michael, i want to know -- you explain to me why america support -- and this president -- and you know because you and i have been on this program, we discussed all during the arab spring. i toll you the muslim brotherhood would come to power. you told me they wouldn't. they said they weren't going to run n. recent weeks, they kicked out the immediately. allah our objective, the et our leader, dying in the way of allah our highest hope. you explain to me why i would expect anything but what we are see are there. and why are some people surprised?!
9:20 pm
i am not, as you know. >> today, i don't know if you read the news release, from the brotherhood, they are saying they guarantee the freedom of speech-- the brotherhood was encouraging further protest, michael. that's not true. -- wait a minute, president morsi referred to israel as vampires and morsi went to aline himself with the supreme leaders in the ayatollahs and ahmadinejad who, want to annihilate israel. >> he was saying, you can express the protest, but in a peaceful manner. freedom of expression is the most cherished value. we should not compromise on-- why do people act like this if there is a cartoon against the prophet? why do people act like this if they don't like what a movie trailer says? >> it is not following islam. >> mike, if you want to prove what islam is, you need to speak out against these islamists and
9:21 pm
the brotherhood who, you have a president there who not only is a conspiracy theorists about 9/11, asked for the release of the blind sheikh when he came to power and his media in the past week, stoked the flames because we were talking about this video, they translated it into arabic. president morsi knows exactly what is happening. he could have stopped the mobs. you have to face up. if you want america to support the liberal and show that they exist-- we could have gotten help from our own embassy. a lot more to come. a lot of ground yet to come. egypt, libya, tunisia, iraq, american flags are being burned in the streets. coming up, we will add up the taxpayer dollars being sent to these nations and we will look at the media in this country and frankly, how absolutely pathetic that they have been in their coverage of what is going on in the middle-east and the presidential campaign. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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>> sean: anti-american ror protests continues to spread. and our embassy's surrounded by anti-american mobs and radicals, where a protester, in fact, was killed by police. the protests, where thousands are shouting "death to america" near countries that receive millions and billions of taxpayer dollars every year. since 2009, egypt which is run byked muslim brotherhood is receiving $6.4 billion...
9:26 pm
>> the worst part, as american flags are burning in the streets, america will continue aid in billions to these counselries. we have a former u.s. attorney general here. good to see you itch yeah. >> sean: we have a dead ambassador. we have two dead seals, american seals, that are dead. others are dead. our flag's being burned, al qaeda flag now is flying at our embass netukneesiasm so far, the president has done nothing but apologize and promise continued aid. what is he going to do? >> well, the fact that we near this position is his fault in the first place. you don't have an apology tour, pull the rug out from under leaders in this part of the world, create a power vacalm and -- vacuum and expect nothing bad to happen. when the incidents happen to say it's our fault, to apologize for this movie, which nobody cares about. these were well-planned,
9:27 pm
organized attacks that the governments, i think in these countries must have been compliceit. the fact that the united states doesn't condemn these countries and the leaders is beyond belief. >> this table was set a long time ago. the apology tour. the segment you quoted, the portion of the speech you quoted in the earlier segment. he had the muslim brotherhood at the 2009 speech by his invitation in the first row to the mortification of mubarak and others in his government, who the last thing in the world they wanted was to invite these folks? >> sean: maybe we can say it was a mistake to go to vegas? maybe if our ambassador's killed and our navy seals are killed, maybe you should have stayed home. just a thought, if you are the president of the united states. >> yeah. well, the arab spring, 18 months ago, which the president encouraged and supported throughout is being hijacked by islamic militants militants and
9:28 pm
fundamentalists. in the crowd, it was like the royal fam leave al qaeda, the brother of the head of al qaeda, and the two nephews of the blind sheikh, this was organized. this is part of a plan. flow what has happened is a country, after could you want reafter country, it is caught on like wildfire, this is not the end of it. you are going to start seeing americans expected. americans harmed. we have-- what will be -- this is the thing, what will be -- you know, the administration -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: proud of our foreign policy. then they said, of course, this is not directed at america. my question is, this happened on 9/11. we have learned, this protest, in spite what have they claim is a youtube video has been planned since august. it's 9/11, a day of great significance, as it relates to the terrorist world, why was there not beefed-up security at our embassies around the world, in anticipation of this?
9:29 pm
mr. attorney general? >> well, there are two things that fuel this. one is, the islamist version of the religion. the second is success. 9/11 was their biggest success. and you would think that people would anticipate that that would be a day when our embassies and our consulates would be most vulnerable. >> sean: do you think they view united states us in the middle-east as weak -- not us -- obama. do they view him as weak. >> osama bin laden said if you have a strong horse and a weak horse, people want the strong horse. america is perceived as the weak horse, on the retreat. our economy is in shambles. we're leading from behind. we are the weak horse. >> sean: mr. attorney general? >> the... the administration has -- has refused to back freedom fighters in iran. during that uprising, the president was notably silent. we are, as you pointed out,
9:30 pm
irrelevant in syria. we have announced that we have pivoted to asia and the pacific. so what that means is, we are out of the middle-east. we are withdrawing from iraq and afghanistan with a deadline. we're telling them, basically, we are no longer here. >> sean: got to run. i have a question for president obama. mr. president, we have a dead ambassador, we have two dead navy seals. we have another dead american. and the al qaeda flag is flying over our embass netunisia. president obama, what are you going to do about it? when are you going to do it? coming up, the president is wat the -- the president is not the only one failing the country. critical questions that the journalists in the bag for the white house, should have been asking the white house, as we continue this edition of "hannity." ♪ you do
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. chaos is erupting on the streets in cairo, as rioters wreak havoc for a fourth day and night. not only is this the only location of anti-american protests and rallies. for the latest on the spreading violence, we go to our own rick levanthal in jerusalem. rick? >> reporter: angry mobs, flag burning and bloodshed across the region with anti-american demonstrations in 20 countries in northern africa and the
9:35 pm
middle-east. we have heard of hundreds injured and several killed, including three in tunisia, which looks like war in the streets today. hundred thens of rock-throwing protesters, clashing with police, firing tear gas and live rounds into the crowd. the demonstrators ransacked the u.s. embassy, breaking windows, looting telephones and computer, ripping down the american flag. they burned it and replaced it with the black flag of islam. they trashed a school next door and some were chanting "obama, obama, we are all osamas." similar violence in sudan, after men said friday prayer, they charged a line of riot police and stormed the german embassy and set fires before they were dispersed. an elite marine rapid response team was flown n. marines are dispatched to yemen, where there was more anti-american ugliness and another flag torn and
9:36 pm
burned. anti-american chants. rox thrown, fires started and those people squared off with the security officials outside the embassy, all in apparent retaliation for that low-budget, poorly-produced, anti-muslim film on the internet. sean, some of these protesters are calling for americans to get out of the country and calling for the producers and the people who took part in that film to be killed under sharia law. >> sean: thanks. as we watch the deadly protesters, we are reminded that it is not just president obama who has been failing. the american people in this international crisis, mainstream media in america as well. journalists are arasleep at the wheel. there is no accountability for failed leadership or hard questions being asked. tonight, we present a list of questions that our inept media ought to be asking the white house. for example, why did your administration apologize for hurting the feelings of the radicals that were attacking and breaching the walls of our
9:37 pm
embassy and burning our flags? >> sean: by the way, we have a dead ambassador and two dead navy seals and another dead american and the al qaeda flag hangs over our embass netukneesia. what are you going to do, mr. president? fox news political analyst kirsten powers and tucker carlson. i have to start, kirsten, you have been one of the few who has said what they did, coordinating, colluding, questions to mitt romney is outrageous, not asking the administration the right questions -- you know, you could really say that the media sold out. this is media malpractice on a level i don't think we have seen. >> i have never seen anything like this before. their lack of cureiosity about
9:38 pm
what is going on or why -- we didn't hear from president obama for such a long time. they are so obsessed with mitt romney's statement, which i have said before, if you think there is something wrong with mitt romney's statement, fine. but how about looking at what the president did? how about asking where was the white house? why was the only thing we heard from anybody related to obama, the obam campaign, the first statement they put out was to criticize mitt romney and say, oh, how dare he politicize this, when they hadn't attacked the fact that -- that our embassy had been attacked and that we knew one consulate worker was dead. >> sean: great points. i give you a lot of credit as a democrat. but it's the truth. at moments like this, when our embassies are attacked, our ambassadors and seals killed, it is about time to get some truth. this seems to be a mentality -- i have ended tort nur america of
9:39 pm
all places, he said it in cairo this. president wouldn't use the term war on terrorism. the man-caused disasters, overseas contingency operation. ft. hood is referred to as workplace violence. there has been a resistance, a mysterious reluctance and resistance to identify radical islamists for who they are! why?! >> because his world view is very different from yours, actually and from most americans' world view. but i want to get back to the press for a second. obama is running a campaign. he sees the world in a certain way. he is trying to live out his values, such as they are. the press's job is to hold him accountable. you know the read story in politico, the g.o.p.'s foreign policy middle, about the republican's foreign policy. here's a news flash, the republicans don't control the foreign policy. obama does. the middle-east joys fire and they are carrying water for the
9:40 pm
administration. >> sean: where is the extra security? this is 9/11! where is the security! >> exactly! >> sean: why is the president going to vegas?! why vegas! we have a dead ambassador, two dead navy seals! why vagas! >> when everybody's obsessed with the polittization of this. that was what romneyny did that was so terrible and obama can go to las vegas and that's completely fine. but there are so many questions that have not been answered because they haven't been asked. even when they did the mitt romney press conference, they asked him the same question seven times in a row. >> sean: they did this with mitt romney. i gotta be honest, i don't think i -- i liked mitt romney more -- you know, when he came out -- if our embassies are attacked and our flag's ripped down and our americans are getting kill audio which happened later after his statement -- i want leaders to say -- that was a mome for him
9:41 pm
i. the next 24 hour, story after story about mitt romney's gaffe. again, the press carrying water for obama. the key storyline that the press has backed up from the white house is, this is about the movie. it's about the video. middle-east is on fire because-- it was on the internet, it has been planned since august! >> exactly! floark times about the stupid video, as if that's the genesis of all of this. this has nothing to do with t. you would have to be a new york times reporter to believe that. >> sean: you are hosting fox & friend this is week. >> yes. >> sean: great. i like to agree with you, kirsten, every once in a while. >> don't get used to it. >> sean: i won't. we vey lot popular breaking developments. and also breaking, get this -- the u.s., while all of this is going on in the middle-east -- guess what? we got a credit downgrade? did you know that? one cannot help but feel that
9:42 pm
the wheels are coming off across the world. president obama doesn't have a clue about what to do about it. that's next on "hannity." bob...
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>> sean: u.s. marines are on their way to sudan, an elite rapid response unit is headed to a violent and deadly attack occurred at the embassy. now the deadly events of this week bring a whole new meaning to the question we ask every
9:46 pm
night -- can you afford four more years of obama? the writing is on the wall. the stakes are higher and the american lives are clearly at stake. today, another economic hit amidst the chaos, the credit agency, obs announced it is downgrading u.s. debet to double-a, from the previously downgraded double-a. army veteran, peter hexais with us. >> i have a question. this is a serious question -- how much more failure and chaos do people need before romney's winning in the polls by 50 points? i want to know. let's go through this. we have $6 trillion at the end of four years of obam a. 2 downgrades of our country. record deficits under obama -- he said he would cut the deficit in half.
9:47 pm
record unemployment, the rofert employment record of any modern president, the housing market's a mess and the middle-east is burning. how much more chaos before people say, this guy's in over his head. >> i think this election is a real choice, right? whether or not the president actually is able to address some of these challenges is -- is one challenge-- he has had four years. how does he address it in four years -- another downgrade. >> the downgrade, we know because we have seen this in the past, it's a complete reflection of whether or not-- it's a reflection of a failed policy. >> whether or not they think congress and the president can get their act together-- wait a minute. the ceo ooh cbo said, if they get their act together, unemployment goes up to nearly 9%. worst case, 9.5. >> it's leadership. we are talking about the economy, in addition to what is happening in the middle-east.
9:48 pm
you talk about skaginant economy, sequestration, not a solution at all for our debts and deficit. that's the weakness at home that feeds-- let me ask thu-- >> it's all there. >> sean: i'm barack obama. okay? the prime minister of israel's coming to town. the muslim brotherhood is meeting with the ayatollahs, the supreme leaders, not a good situation, consider that this muslim brotherhood is a terrorist-supporting group, led bhie a radical who referred to the israelis as vampires. i'm barack obama, netanyahu requests a meeting. here's my option -- letterman, jay-z, beyonce or b.b. netanyahu. let me think -- this is a tough one... who would you pick? you are the president? >> first of all, there was no real request from b.b.'s office-- yes, there was. i confirmed it with his office. there was a request -- >> well, according to the white house-- the white house -- house,
9:49 pm
then, is lying. >> there has never been a challenge between the white house-- when they dumped b.b. and the white house, so the president got mad and stomped -- >> all the way up to the dnc, where he himself had to reinsert jerusalem back into the democratic party -- [overlapping dialogue] >> his support for israel is tried and true. >> before letterman, it was pimp with a limp-- who is that guy? >> i have no idea. >> sean: a radio host? >> i have been in radio 30 years, i don't know who it is. >> our embass's under siege. there is a voys of leadership. they smell leadership weakness and that's a clnch. >> sean: don't you think the president -- with all of this bad press and with the middle-east burning and the downgrade happening, maybe letterman, maybe vegas, maybe beyonce, maybe jay-z, maybe they should take a back seat to b.b.
9:50 pm
and the financial crisis that his policies in large part have created, his debt that he created? >> his debt that he created?! >> sean: naturally, under obama. >> we have seen -- has building upon-- this is obama debt -- >> that came from wars that were storted by-- stop blaming bush! he has been gone four years. >> i think it's relevant when we are talking about the missed east. >> sean: that's a talking point -- [overlapping dialogue] >> right now -- i am happy to have a president -- >> entitlement programs -- >> i am happy to have a president -- >> yeah, you can't solve everything with guns. the reality is -- >> taxes -- >> we are -- going to-- we have to go. >> we can't deal with all of this. >> sean: thank you. appreciate you being with us. if i am not aggravated enough, coming up next, as the mideast burn, the president campaigns in a moment where strength and leadership and wisdom and insight is needed. what do we get? weakness and foolishness. the poll numbers show just what
9:51 pm
americans think of his work. when we come back, my good friend, allen combs, return appearance here on "hannity." ? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> sean: cairo, days after the assault on the embassy remains a
9:55 pm
threat, even at this hour. these riots are spreading like a plague. the four americans who died at the hands of these radicals arrived home today. president obama was on hand at joint base andrews in merland for the return of the remains. he did make time for the somber ceremony. it came on the third straight day of cauming pain events for the o -- anointed one. instead of dedicating his time to the violence over sea, he attended a fund-raiser in washington that was closed to the press. a rasmussen daily tracking poll-- the halo after the convention is gone-- the clinton halo. he new trails mitt romney, 48-45. joining me with reaction, the brand-new book i. hard to say, isn't it? it looks very familiar. >> sean: you came in and got a standing ovation. >> that was very nice. >> sean: first of all, we see each other all the time.
9:56 pm
>> i wish you wouldn't use the speaker phone so much. it goes through the door. >> sean: you hear my bikel moment. >> every so often. >> sean: good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: the first book drove me nuts. o.j. is innocent -- red, white and liberal -- no, there are things i can thank obama for. >> here we go. >> sean: get the tongue out of the cheeks. >> thank him for the deficit. >> you can thank the liberals for everything that has happened progressively from our founders, who were liberal, in fact they were radical. the liberal document, the constitution and the declaration of independence. >> sean: you menged god, our founding document. the creator. >> most of our deities were liberal. jesus was liberal, buddha was liberal -- don't i missions me. >> sean: i see you every night. >> don't you miss this? apparently not. [laughter] >> sean: you know, people ask me every time i am out about you, i tell them how great you are
9:57 pm
doing, this is another part of your success. >> i have been carrying you for 12 years, you have done very well on your own. >> sean: first of all -- >> "the wall street journal" poll in the swing states that somebody is going to win, whoever wins those will win the presidency, obama is ahead 5 to 7 points. that's the problem for rom flee. >> sean: can i ask you a question. >> yes. >> sean: the president said he would cut the deficit in half, $6 trillion in four years. he said he would create jobs, we will have fewer americans working after four years. the president said this is the second downgrade we have, unemployment, housing, net worth of people, now the middle eave is burning. >> right. the middle-east burning is not the president's fault. i think it is outrageous that romney in particular is using that-- i am saying that louder than he is -- [overlapping dialogue] >> you want to blame-- let me show you! [overlapping dialogue] >> this is what obama promised. watch this...
9:58 pm
>> i truly believe that the day i am inaugurated, not only is the country going to look at itself differently, the world looks at america differently. if i am reaching out to the muslim world, they understand that i have lived in a muslim country and i may be a christian, but i also understand their point of view. so i am infinitely -- intimately concerned with what happens fwh these countries and the cultures and the perspectives that these folks have. and those are powerful tools for us to be able to reach out... to the world. >> sean: the day i am inaugurated it is going to change -- >> don't forget, 9/11 happened on the watch of the previous president-- no, no, no. >> you think he's responsible for every ill that is happening everywhere in the world, every violence is to be blamed on president obama? and mitt romney has been very nonspecific about what he would do-- i will give you an example. how is it that i predicted with
9:59 pm
pinpoint accuracy that the muslim brotherhood would come to power, during the arab spring and this president, with all the intelligence, he didn't get what was coming. >> you claim you like democracy. you like mubarak, you would rather have a dictator in place in egypt? >> sean: i will take the shaw in iran over the ayatollah and i will take mubarak -- >> democracy around the world. when democracy happens and hamas gets elected or the muslim brotherhood is elect audio they were elected. >> sean: the muslim brotherhood's motto is allah our objective, the prophet our leader, the koran our law, jihad our way, and dying for allah our highest hope. >> you are talking about an extreme faction, not the political faction-- that's the president morsi. >> do you like democracy in should people have the right to vote for who they want in office-- obama didn't see this coming. he is dumb -- >> people vote for this. do you like representative democracy or not? i don't know why i like y