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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 15, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> cheryl: i have to tell you, helicopter ben had a heck of a week. that is it for the cost of freedom block. thank you for joining us. i will see you on the "fox business" network weekdays at noon eastern time. have a great weekend. a man pretending to be an afghan police officer turns on international forces, kill to go men fighting for his country's freedom. this is al-qaeda praises the killing of the u.s. ambassador in libya and calls for more attacks on u.s. embassies. hundreds of afghans have taken to the streets shouting death to america. protesting the antes islammic film the white house blames for starting all of this. those deadly protests now span more than 20 countries world wide stretching as far away as sydney, australia. calm has now returned to egypt. the center of the so-called arab spring. but only because egyptian police have finally cleared protesters from the streets. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in
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washington. we have live team coverage from afghanistan to the white house. let's begin with conner powell who is joining us live from kabul. conner? >> a deadly few hours here in afghanistan. few hours ago we got word that a member of the afghan security forces turned his weapon on two nato troops and shot and killed killed -- late last night, the taliban launched a deadly and sophisticated raid on a very large u.s. and nato base in helman province of 10:00 p.m., dozens of insurgented launched an attack. they managed to go ahead inside the perimeter of the base. they launched rockets, grenades and small arms, attacks on that base, killing two u.s. marines, wounding several others. the taliban say they launched that attack on camp leather neck
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because there were both reaction to the riots -- >> cheryl: we're going to apologize. we want to break away because we want to take to you a live ehave not where paul ryan, the vice presidential candidate is speaking about afghanistan. let's listen in. >> or that they're more concerned about their next election than they are about the next generation. we are not going to make that mistake. we will lead because what mitt and i are asking you is help us get this country back on the right track. we want to earn your votes and deserve this victory so that we have the mandate and the moral authority to get this country back on the right track. [ cheers and applause ] to be fair, president obama came in with some pretty tough times. there are no two ways about that. he inherited a difficult
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situation. but here is the problem, he didn't make things any better. he's made things worse! he's run out of ideas. and that is why -- no, he had ideas, let me correct it there. he had a lot of ideas and he got most of his ideas in place and that's the problem! you see, when he came in, he came with one party rule. president obama and his party controlled everything. the obama economic agenda did not fail because it was stopped. it failed because it was passed! it didn't work. if borrowing and spending and regulating and taxing and consolidating power in washington worked, then we would be entering a golden age along
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with greece. and believe me, i know there are a lot of greeks here and though know exactly what i'm talking about. you know, if you take a look, that's why you're here. thank you. i understand. if you take a look at the record of the last four years, it's a record of failed policies. of an absence of leadership. president obama came in and he jammed a stimulus through law, $831 billion of big government spending and borrowing. and he promised that if he passed this, unemployment would never get above 8%. it's been above 8% for 43 months. now here we are, just larceny month we got a really bad jobs report that came to us on friday. a week ago friday. for every person who found a job in america, which is great, nearly four people stopped looking for work. we had 23 million people struggling to find work today.
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and just yesterday, we heard that the federal reserve is coming with a new bailout. (boo). >> so the federal reserve is basically saying that we don't have a recovery. obamanomics didn't work. so they're coming with their bailout. here is the problem: we don't need sugar high economics. we don't need synthetic money creation. we need economic growth! we want wealth creation. we don't want to print money. we want opportunity and growth! >> that's paul ryan there addressing supportive crowds, talking about his campaign, along with mitt romney for the republican campaign that's going on against the president. and at the top of his remarks, he made reference to the two u.s. service members who were killed in a taliban attack, in afghanistan last night, along with paying tribute to all our service members overseas.
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let's get back to conner powell who is standing by in afghanistan with the latest and more on that attack that took place at the u.s. military base. >> that killed two u.s. marines la night because it was a response to that anti-islamic film on the internet. they also say they launched it because prince harry, or captain harry of wales, the third in line to the british crown was at camp leatherneck where he has been stationed for the past week. he has a four-month deployment in hellman. the taliban says they will do anything to try to capture him. this attack last night was the first in what could be a series of attacks on camp leatherneck to try to capture him. the u.s. military and the british military say prince harry was never in danger. but the attack last night was sophisticated. they got inside the perimeter of the base. they damaged several aircraft and buildings and more than -- bodies of insurgents were found inside the perimeter. they had been killed. dozens more got away as part of
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that attack. it was a very deadly and brazen attack that left two u.s. marine s dead. >> conner, thank you very much for that update. a day after at least six people were killed in a wave of angry protests over that anti-semitic video that conner referred to, a branch of al-qaeda is looking to co-op that anger. al-qaeda is praising the killing of the u.s. ambassador and calling for more embassy attacks. lyland vittert is standing by live with the latest from cairo from that. >> right now here in cairo, we have got a lot of riot police out on the streets. go ahead, i'm going to step out of the. so we'll zoom in to tahrir square. there are dozens of bands holding very heavily armed riot police who went in examine cleared the streets of cairo early this morning, making dozens of arrests. there was a pitched battle all night that took place here and now things have calmed down as
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the police have finally gained the upper hand. protests around the arab world were incredibly violent yesterday not only here, but also in tunisia where two people died, another 29 injured as thousands of people there tried to storm the u.s. embassy chanting anti-american slogans. in sudan as well, there were protests and a number of people injured when police had to shoot at those trying to enter the u.s. embassy compound. here in cairo, we have video shot overnight as these clashes took place. tear gas and rubber bullets. the protesters were hurling stone, molotov cocktails as they carried posters of osama bin laden. islamist flags and then, of course, were chanting some very, very nasty things about the united states. the riot police finally seemed to tate upper hand early this morning. the numbers in the crowd went down. they came through tahrir square and cleared things out. finally being able to actually
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get the rest of the protesters out and so far, none of them have come back. there was one person who was killed in the battle overnight. he was shot with what's called bird shot, which means at some point, the egyptians were authorized to put in shotgun shells and use them against this crowd. that goes to show how serious egyptian police have been coming about protecting the embassy here. global media reports there was a credible threat by a jihadi group based in the sinai peninsula against the american embassy here and over the past couple of days, we have seen a huge amount of presence around the american embassy, including the egyptian building concrete walls in the middle of the street, not only to prevent cars from approaching the u.s. embush era tax cuts but also now to prevent any people from getting within about 150 yards of the u.s. embassy despite the protesters' best efforts, so far those concrete barriers are holding. back to you >> thank you so much for that
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update from cairo. certainly good to know that some of the crowds have cleared there. all right. as anti-american violence spreads in the muslim world, critics are raising questions about policies in the middle east. the obama administration is defending itself, saying that video insults the prophet mohammed and squarely is to blame for the attacks and protests. not the president. medical medical is joining us live now at the -- molly henneberg is joining us with more. >> the white house insists there was no actionable intelligence, nothing to tip them off about what exactly was about to happen prior to the attack on the consulate in libya. the white house also says there was no information to suggest that this was a preplanned attack. in his weekly radio and internet address taped yesterday, released today, the president said those who target americans overseas will find, quote, no escape from justice. >> we are doing whatever we can to protect americans who are serving abroad. we're in contact with the governments around the globe to strengthen our cooperation and
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underscore that every nation has a responsibility to help us protect our people. we've moved forward with an effort to see that justice is done for those we lost. and we will not rest until that work is done. >> but the top republican on the house intelligence committee isn't ready to agree with the white house just yet that this was a spontaneous attack. in reaction to that video, especially since the consulate in benghazi had just been hithf( it's just too many coincidences here. do i believe that they were targeting this ambassador at that time? probably not. i do believe that they thought someone senior was there. >> meanwhile, the white house says it asked google, which even
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youtube, to look at that video, make sure it met google standards. that's a video that the obama administration says caused the unrest in libya and elsewhere because muslims found it disrespectful to mohammed. google says the video is within its guidelines and will stay on youtube, although google did take it down in countries like india and indonesia where the video was against that country's law. google also took it down in libya and egypt because of the sensitive situations there. >> thank you very much. it's not just american protesters, the middle east are also furious -- chanting death to israel. so what does this mean for our strongest ally in the region? joining us to talk about it, deputy knesset speaker, denny, author. welcome. great to have you here. >> great to be with you. >> we've been seeing that many of those protesting are calling for the destruction of israel as
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well. how concerned are you that we haven't heard much from people like egypt's president morsi con depping the violence against the u.s.? >> we are very concerned because what we are seeing is not the attack against the united states. it's against our values that we share together and those countries who get a lot of money, billions of u.s. dollars every year, from the united states of america, they keep inciting and do not cite -- the radical forces are taking over and weak governments allowing them to attack your embassies, our embassy and we are very worried about that. >> isn't it true that israel has been warning the u.s., that the arab spring protests did not necessarily mean a positive outcome for the region over 18 months ago, that there were extremists who were the leaders of that movement?
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>> absolutely. in my book i write it very directly that when president obama came to the middle east, he we want to cairo university. he delivered a nice speech, appeasement speech by the arab radical is a sign of weakness. they've seen the u.s. is weak. they're seeing israel is weak. they are wrong birks the way. but that's the way they see it and that's why they're allowing themselves to attack us. you can not show weakness in this neighborhood and when somebody is take tacking you -- attack you, you have to fight back. that's when prime minister netanyahu wants to send a clear message to president obama, you can not ignore iran because iran is behind a lot of what we are seeing today. these are direct linkage. if i want to become nuclear, it will be a threat to the american people as well. >> the white house continues to say that the protesters are upset about that anti-muslim video on the internet and that has nothing to do with u.s. policy or its actions in the middle east. do you agree with that? >> with all due respect, this
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was a stupid movie that was done by stupid people. but it is not an excuse to attack embassies, to kill or massacre the ambassador in libya. this is not accepted. what will happen tomorrow morning? there will be another video on youtube. it will be another excuse? we do not accept it and we know that those radical forces, when you hear them in the mosques preaching against israel, against the u.s., somebody is listening to them. even today in iran, children go to school, march on the israeli and american flag. this incitement brings the attack we've seen today n does it bother you that the white house so far is not referring to the extremist involvement in these attacks as terrorists? >> i think we have to call it the way it is. it is a war, a terror war against our value, against our principles and with total respect, no appeasement will not bring stability of the i will
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expect that administration to send a clear message to those countries. if you will continue to support those organizations, we will not help you. we will not give you billions of dollars. this should be the basic line coming today from washington and we do not hear it. in the past, the enemies of the u.s. were afraid of the u.s. and its allies could rely on it. today we see the opposite. the strongest ally, israel, we are not sure we can rely on the u.s. when we're dealing with those forces. >> you say you're not so sure you can rely on the u.s. going forward. on the heels of that, much has been made of the president not making time in his schedule to meet with prime minister netanyahu when the u.n. convenes in new york. what's been the reaction in israel there? >> in israel today we support our prime minister, netanyahu. i believe there will be a meeting eventually. but with all due respect, going to the david letterman show, it is not more important than
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meeting prime minister netanyahu. we need to discuss within the current situation we are. we have some discussion about the time line, when iran will become nuclear. we know it's coming. we can not ignore it, especially now when you see those pictures, you ask yourself, i don't know if they will choose to attack israel first or the u.s. we saw on 9-11 they chose the towers of new york city and the towers of tel aviv that you've seen behind me. >> thank you so much for joining us today whether your insights from tel aviv. we really appreciate it. as the protests continue and want to know what action, if any, should the u.s. take in the middle east, tweet your answers to us. i plan to read some of your responses later in this hour. the man believed to be behind that video that sparked protests in 20 countries around the world now picked up by federal authorities. we're going to tell you what they wanted and what happened
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>> fox news alert. investigating whether the man linked totients islamic movie that sparked global protests is guilty of violating his parole. authorities are saying he was picked up at his suburban los angeles home and questioned by federal probation officers. he was not detained or arrested. he is banned from using computers and the internet as part of his probation after a conviction for bank fraud. as the anti-u.s. attacks and protests spread world wide, our u.s. embassies abroad are facing millions of dollars in cuts to security. those details came a week late, but the white house is now finally providing a breakdown of where the cuts in the budget will come from on january 2 if congress fails to reach a deal on deficit reduction. peter doocy is standing by with more from washington.
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>> you're right, united states embassies abroad will suffer further security setbacks if the sequester takes effect because there are $129 million in cuts to embassy security and maintenance and construction in a 394-page report released by the white house yesterday that lays out the specific things that add up to the $1.2 trillion in cuts over the next decade. half copping from domestic programs examine half coming from defense spending. >> i cannot understate the amount of damage these cuts would do to our military. they would essentially holly out our armed forces. what that means, we would have the smallest ground force since 1940. the smallest navy since 1915. and the smallest tactical fighter force in the history of the modern united states air force. >> john boehner says this report confirmed that the president's sequester is a serious threat to our national security and must
12:24 pm
be replaced. the house passed the bill in may that replaces the president's dangerous defense sequester with common sense spending cuts and reforms, protecting our troops and reducing our deficit by another $243 billion. but the white house wants to make sure that if the sequester takes effect at the end of the year and there is blame going around, it isn't just directed at democrats. >> sequester was designed to be bad policy, to be onerus and it's important to remember that democrats and republicans voted in majorities in both houses of congress in support of this. >> the top democrat on the house armed services committee, adam smith, says he is ready to work with republicans to pass a balanced solution to this sequester, but part of the balance that he talks about is new revenue, which is going to be at the center of some intense arguments between now and the end of the year as they try to avoid these automatic cuts. >> uma: no doubt about that.
12:25 pm
peter, thank you. right now thousands of grassroots conservatives are meeting at the values voter summit in washington. and what's clear is that they have no problem talking about god faith or confirming jerusalem as israel's capital. virginia's attorney general spoke to the crowd. ken cuccinelli is joining us live from the summit now. >> good afternoon. >> uma: the economy is still dominant and do you think that mitt romney is doing enough to connect with voters who are having a very tough time in this tough economy? >> he had to get through a long, tough primary and he's got some catch-up to do that will take him all the way to election day. in virginia, we're seeing him or paul ryan on a nearly weekly basis. paul ryan was there yesterday, i believe mitt romney was there wednesday. and he's talking to people one on one and introducing himself
12:26 pm
in person, in virginia for sure and i know he's doing that around the country as well. so he's undertaking that task while talking to people about the economy, the continuing bad job numbers which actually mask how bad it is. it's interesting that over 8% unemployment, that's a benchmark the president set years ago when he proposed his massive stimulus package. and he has failed to meet his own benchmark there. at the time he said look, if i don't get this right, it's going to be three years and i'm going to be a one-term president. well, i look forward to holding him to his word and mitt romney has put forward an alternative to the really poor policy this president has undertaken and you can see looking around america and our economy where it's led us. another downgrade yesterday. >> uma: yeah. another downgrade. that's raising real concerns about our solvency as we go forward against the back drop of this election. the reaction from people across
12:27 pm
the board on the conservative side, though, is that mitt romney needs to do more to show voters that he has a very clear plan that sets him apart from the president and at times it seems that plan is not being broken down to real specifics where voters can really get to know what it is he has in mind. >> well, i think a lot of people would keep saying that regardless of what mitt romney said. that complaint would still exist 'cause it's just part of the back and forth at this stage of an election. but if you look at the course of government and you look at mitt romney's history, look when he headed the olympics. he came in with nearly $400 million about deficit. by the time he was done three years later, they had $100 million surplus. that's the kind of turn around that we need at the national level. he's top it before. did it with cuts and did it with efficiencies and dropping things that weren't necessary. we're going to have to have a lot of that at the federal level
12:28 pm
to achieve the kind of solvency that this country needs to be stable for the long-term and that's the kind of thing that has to happen in cooperation with congress. let's look at which candidate has been able to cooperate and work across the aisle. he had over 80% democrats in massachusetts when he was governor and he got a lot of things done there. he worked with them all the time. this president talked about being post partisan and blah, blah, blah. and he came in and did nothing but lacerate, attack, and was vicious with republicans. to this day he hasn't been -- put any effort into work across the aisle. he just attacks them, sits down, gets lip service, attacks more. only one of these candidates has demonstrated that they're willing to be cooperative. they have a track record of being cooperative, to work together with whomever will come to the table in washington to solve the economic challenges and the fiscal challenges that the federal government faces. let's not forget, they're enormous. this president has absolutely been unwilling to do anything
12:29 pm
about that. >> uma: all right. ken, thank you so much for joining us with your insight today. we appreciate it n my pleasure. >> uma: second half of america's news headquarters starts after the break. here is what's coming your way. u.s. embassies around the globe on high alert as the violence spread. and while the protests rage on, the white house blames the violence on a movie. >> it's in response not to united states policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a film. >> uma: just what is to blame for the growing crisis? i'll sit down with colonel david hunt. the unemployment rate dropped, but not so fast. many americans have just gotten fed up and stopped looking for work. are you better off? coming up, a fair and balanced debate. and hundreds of jobs making uniforms for our military gone. now it's federal inmates who are supplying our men and women
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>> uma: welcome back. the hunt is on for those responsible for the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the f.b.i. investigation team landed in libya there to help. it's the bottom of the hour and peter doocy is standing by with more on that and some of today's other top stories. >> the investigation is complex. spies and drones are heading to libya to beef up intelligence gathering. they'll help search for suspected al-qaeda sympathizers who killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. but even as the investigation ramps up, u.s. officials say there is no evidence pointing conclusively to any particular group. pope benedict is appealing for religious freedom in the middle east. on the second day of his visit to lebanon, the pope said religious freedom is fundamental for stability. he held up lebanon as an example
12:35 pm
of co-existence between christians and preliminaries. wisconsin governor scott walker is vowing to appeal a judge's ruling yesterday that struck down nearly all of the state laws he's championed. the judge said the law that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most public workers violates both the state and u.s. constitutions. starting today, amazon will begin charging sales tax in california. the change comes after years of fighting between amazon and the state's legislature over whether internet retailers should have to collect the tax. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> uma: thank you very much. protesters anger over the anti-muslim film aren't just targeting the u.s. they're also taking aim at israel. in the wake of the violence across much of the middle east, israel is stepping up its security. rick leventhal joins us live from jerusalem with more on this, rick? >> the general mood seems to have calmed somewhat. the protests we've seen across the region appear more peaceful.
12:36 pm
one place things did boil over was sydney, australia, where hundreds of muslim demonstrators clashed with riot police outside the u.s. consulate where things turned violent. when the police pushed protesters back from that consulate, one officer was hit in the face with a bottle. dogs and pepper spray were used to try to control the crowd. many there claimed they were demonstrating to defend the honor of the prophet mohammed. there were also several protests across india, including one in kashmir r a man held a sign saying, behead the man who insulted our religion. but unlike days past, marchers there did not cause any trouble. we've also now seen the base that was stormed in sinai, northern egypt, near the israeli border. it was home to a multi national peace keeping force. it was breached late friday by an islamic militants carrying automatic weapons. they started fires and raised black flags. security force with tanks regained control of that base.
12:37 pm
in the meantime, we're hearing from an al-qaeda group in yemen that's calling for more protests across the region asking all muslims to stand up, even calling for more diplomats. u.s. diplomats to be killed. >> uma: thank you very much. what if you were laid off only to see your job go to a prison inmate? it's happening right now. that story coming up next.
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inform welcome back. the latest jobs numbers continues to show that many americans are still out of work with a growing number of people becoming so discouraged that they've stopped looking for work all together. stopped looking for those jobs. we're talking about the fact that less than 100,000 jobs were created, added to a poverty rate that stands at 15%. that's close to a 20-year high. with the upcoming election, what
12:42 pm
impact will this have with voters. a poll is showing the president is slightly ahead of governor romney. joining us with thoughts, radio show host monica crowley, and julie. ladies, welcome. great to have you here today. >> hi. >> uma: monarch let me begin with you. what impact are the unemployment numbers going to have in the home stretch to the election day, particularly with so many people who just stopped looking for work all together? >> for any president who is seeking reelection, unemployment is usually the most toxic element to their reelection efforts. i think that's no different this time around as well. and look, the president has been trying to make the case that he needs more time, but i also think that the american people are looking at this and saying, we have had 43 consecutive months of 8% plus unemployment examine actual lea the real unemployment rate when you count everybody who has given up work or who are underemployed, that rate is actually about 15%.
12:43 pm
so i think for the president, this is the most devastating number and when you take step back in terms of the broader economy and the fact that we have little to no economic growth happening, that would improve those numbers, i think he has a really steep challenge. that's not to say that governor romney also doesn't have a challenge here. what governor romney should be doing, which so far he hasn't been doing, he has been talking about the unemployment crisis in this country and he has been tieing it directly to obama's policies, which is correct. but one of the things i think he should be doing, which he hasn't been doing, is personalizing the story. in other words, don't tell me a story about american unemployment. don't tell me applycal story about the policies that create it. tell me a story about how americans individually are suffering. show me those americans. bring them forward to show the american people that the unemployment crisis is not some abstract thing, but very personal. >> uma: julie, the question that continues to dominate the campaign, are you better off than you were four years ago? for lots of folks, they are not.
12:44 pm
as we clearly know. so far, though, we haven't seen any real benefit from the stimulus program, for example, to boost jobs. yet the president says give me more time. just stay the course. how do you think that's going to impact voters going forward? >> i'm going to disagree with you there because i think most economists would agree the stimulus did create or save a ton of jobs. i will also say on this anniversary of the collapse of leapen brothers, four years ago, the market was in free fall. peopler panicked. to see -- monica is right, we're not out of the ditch. but the thing is we're getting closer and it's getting better. of course, it's not going as quickly as people would like. but governor romney's problem, i differ from monica, his problem is not so much that he hasn't personalized it. miss problem is he hasn't really shown us a solution. you see the polling and the fox news poll that came out recently, that shows obama's closed the gap on the economy
12:45 pm
with romney. so who will do a better job and leads in some polls because romney has never explained what he would do differently. it's not enough to criticize. we need to show what the solution. governor romney failed to do that examine you see the polling reflect that. >> uma: to julie's point, even with the staggering situation that we have right now with unemployment and the high poverty rate, why is president obama, then, still in many polls that we're seeing across the board, leading the governor slightly at this point? >> i think there are two reasons. number one, i think because barak obama has been very successful in accelerating us to that tipping point where more americans than not are dependenton on government in some way, shape or form. therefore, this catastrophic obama economy, people are feeling less pain than they have in the past because there are all of these programs and the dependency is so much more widespread. number two, i agree with julie to this extent, on the one hand, i disagree.
12:46 pm
i think governor romney has very extensive pro-growth economic plans. he has put out there. he's got 59-point plan based on tax reform, entitlement reform, reining in the size and scope of government, repealing obamacare. he's been very specific about those things. but on the other hand, he's got to be more aggressive not just in attacking obama's policies, which he has done effectively, but making that positive, compelling case for himself. >> i apologize, we've run out of time, we're up against a hard break. we've had all this breaking news. we'll have to come back next time, julie, for to you get back into it with monica. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> uma: governor mitt romney and president obama both hoping to win big with hispanic voters in november. brand-new fox news polls are showing some up sight on this important demographic. when asked if the u.s. is the best country in the world, overwhelmingly, latino voters said yes. they were asked why america is the best country, nearly half said freedom.
12:47 pm
finally they were asked if their family would achieve the american dream, 73% said. 15% said they already have. that's a quick peek on the polls on fox news. latino and you can find all of them on the web page come monday of the as we have been bringing you the news, hundreds of workers that used to stitch together uniforms for the military find themselves out of the job. the work is being done by inmates in federal prison. elizabeth prann is joining us with more. >> small manufacturers are trying to stay afloat in a tough economy. now they have to compete with cheap prison labor and that's translating to job loss in the private sector. two companies in particular, american apparel and american power source, both manufacturer army uniforms. they have laid off hundreds of workers bay between the two companies just this year alone. the uniforms they stitch are being made by federal inmates enrolled in the federal prison industry, which is a government sponsored program that gives them, by law, the first right of
12:48 pm
refusal to these types of contracts. it pays inmates between 23 cents and a dollar an hour. >> the way the law is, federal prison industries gets first dibs at contracts up to a certain percentage before they have to compete against us. >> wilson's company's charges $5 less a uniform, but says because the f.b.i. is -- sfi is guarantee add certain percentage of the market, he can't sustain his work force with the lagging demand and thus the layoffs. his story, as well as a number of others across the country, has now caught the attention of some washington lawmakers who are pushing legislation to stop it. that being said, we got a statement and it reads, it is important to note that the fpi produces 7% of the textile garments purchased by bla. the other 93% are produced by other entities, fpi's percentage remained fairly consistent over the past decade with slight
12:49 pm
declines. the law remained unchanged since the 1930s. but because we're facing this high unemployment, hear hearing from the small manufacturers who say this is unjust competition. >> uma: thank you very much. several u.s. embassies and consulates have come under siege this week. should the government be doing more to protect them? we'll ask david hunt coming up next. stay with us. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> uma: those images of anti-american protests we've seen over the last few days with militants storming embassies and consulates across 21 countries and chancing death to america continue to raise concerns. this along with last night's taliban attack in afghanistan killing two u.s. marines is fueling many questions about our security overseas. joining us now, fox news military analyst, colonel david, joining us with his thoughts on all of this. welcome, great to have you here. >> hi. >> uma: the taliban attack at our u.s. base in afghanistan is supposed to be one most secure military sites in afghanistan. yet we now know that it's another inside job that's responsible for this attack. what can we do to get ahead of this when we've been trying for years to build trust on both
12:54 pm
sides? >> they also attacked, by the way, that had prince albert on it. the british base. we have to suspend training, we have to do a much better job of vetting. there are things going on now, like we have soldiers and marines assigned to actually watch the people that we're training. but it is part of our problem in afghanistan that the soldiers and police and we've been training for ten years, are now killing us. it shows a level of infiltration by the taliban and a little bit by al-qaeda that's very troubling. >> uma: it is troubling indeed. i think you're referencing prince harry instead of prince albert. >> pardon me, yeah. >> uma: we've heard the force at the libyan embassy, that there were earlier attempts this summer to attack that site. if that's the case what, do you account for the security lapse, particularly around the anniversary of 9-11? >> i lay the blame right at secretary of state level. there were not any marines in
12:55 pm
libya, period. we had a low profile order policy coming out of the administration. the libyan guards did not even have bullets in their weapons at the consulate and again, there weren't even marines assigned to libya. they now are. >> uma: even when they had attacks earlier in the summer apparently, they still didn't have armed guards there. >> the only guards -- i believe the two navy seals killed, bodyguards, were armed, but the libyans we wouldn't allow armed. it's to show you the difference, when we have -- the embassy was storm, of it saved. marines did an excellent job with this mission. it was a policy decision and the rules of engagement at the state department that specifically prohibited marines to be assigned there. therefore, i think that they're partial to blame for loss of four american lives. >> uma: colonel david hunt, we really appreciate you joining us today with your insight. we'll check back with you again as events warrant.
12:56 pm
appreciate it very much. for more on u.s. policy in the middle east, tune in tomorrow when anchor chris wallace will be sitting down with u.s. ambassador susan rice. friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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>> we are back and we're going to continue to update you throughout this day on the events coming to you from the middle east, we are going to continue to havese


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