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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 15, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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nbc did aapologize for it's a mistake. that is wrap on news watch. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it here on fox news channel. we'll see you again next week. >> gregg: this fox news alert. new questions about a deadly attack on a military base in afghanistan that left two u.s. marines dead, several other troops wounded and the taliban now claiming responsibility for the assault on camp leatherneck. that is southern helmand province, to avenge an anti-muslim film produced in the united states. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm header childers. u.s. na to have coalition say insurgents surged the embassy last night. how did the militants get past all that security to begin with.
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conner is live in kabul with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of more serious breaches we've seen in afghanistan. it's not clear how they got in the outer rim of security into the camp leatherneck area. they say at least 17 taliban fighters breached the outer perimeter of security. once they were inside they launched a massive attack on the camp. this is a camp where there are more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops including prince harry is also stationed there. the attack lasted for some period of time. it started after 10:00 p.m. last night. taliban hit the base with small arms, to grenades to rocket launchers. two u.s. marines were killed and several others were injured and
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buildings were seriously damaged in the attack. it was a brazen attack. taliban don't have night vision capability to launch an attack in the middle of the night says a lot about how serious they are about trying to get into that base. the taliban did two reasons for last night's attack. one in response to the anti-muslim video that has created rights around the world. they also said they are operation to kidnap prince harry and speculation that the taliban are going to continue to attack leatherneck or the station next four months as part of an effort to kidnap princess harry. they say prince harry was not engaged. they repelled the attack by the taliban. u.s. military and british military says prince harry overall tour of four years will not be cut short but there does appear to be a target on prince harry by the taliban.
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>> heather: thank you very much. just a little more insight into camp leatherneck. its sprawling 1500 acre installation. making it the largest marine base in afghanistan with more than 7,000 u.s. troops combined with the british side of the base, the facility houses as many as 18,000. the base is attacked often but this strike seemed to be one of the most severe incidents on record. bob scales has spent time at camp leatherneck and explains how hard it is to breach the perimeters of the compound. he will tell us if the insurgents had help from the inside and what that could mean for the safety of our troops. >> gregg: u.s. diplomatic posts around the world right now on high alert as anti-american protestors spreading across the globe. now beyond the muslim world. in sydney australia, clashing
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with police. finally there is some quiet in cairo where all the rioting begin with days of rioting. they sealed off the area close to the u.s. embassy. leland vitter has more. >> reporter:, there is still the smell of tear gas grenades in this ground here around downtown cairo. there are hundreds if not thousands of riot police that are out today to try to make sure the riots did not start again after clearing out the last group of the major round of arrests early this morning. overnight there was serious clashes, at least one person was killed in the clashes that begin on tuesday and continued right through friday evening and into the early morning hours. the crowds here in cairo numbered into thousands have large signs of osama bin laden. they were carrying the islamic flag that has been put up at the
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u.s. embassy back on tuesday and they were chanting obama, obama, we are all osama. that is what they were doing while they were throwing rocks at security forces which are dug in around the u.s. embassy and firing back at them with those tear gas and rubber bullets. cairo not being the only place, tunisia there were thousands that tried to breach the walls and they were repelled. two people killed in tunisia, 29 injured as they attacked the embassy but also the american school in tunis which is the capital. in sudan, a local sheik went on the radio. thousands clashed with riot police and number of people were shot by the military. al-qaeda and arabian peninsula issued a communication they felt they endorsed the protests and
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violence called for more violence and more attacks against u.s. diplomats, alluding to the attacks in benghazi that killed four people. there is higher level of security around the u.s. embassy as local media reported there was credible threat against the embassy. hundred yards to my left is one of roads leading down to the embassy compound. that has 18-foot tall concrete blocks blocking the road so no trucks or cars or for that matter person can get anyway near the embassy. >> gregg: our viewers remember the coverage of the original arab spring. you were right there in the middle of it. now, so many months later, juxtaposed the scenes and explain the change in attitude you have witnessed? >> it has been a change.
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18 months, people were chanting freedom. they told you were american and how much they loved the american ideal. now, they are chanting death to america. it's a different crowd and much less educated and much harder line islamic. when incited by this movie a lot of people live on less than $2 a day. these aren't people going on youtube watching a video and coming down to protest. these are people who are in mosques who are being told about the video. the preachers had a huge part in calling for these protests over the past couple of days. that is the incitement for the protests. they have backed off on the protests but what you realize 18 months after the revolution there is a fear level of anti-american sentiment and a
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high level of hatred toward the united states and for that matter western ideals. >> gregg: leland, thanks very much. in the meantime, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is calling for more attacks on american embassies. so far u.s. embassies in yemen, tunisia and egypt and libya have been targeted. in a statement posted on militant websites. terror network calling the killing of ambassador chris stevens the best example for those attacking u.s. interests adding the ultimate goal of protestors should be to, quote, expel american embassies from muslim countries. >> heather: f.b.i. on the ground in libya hunting those that rioted in been gadz zi. they are stepping up drone flights and sending intelligence agents to search for those suspected of killing ambassador
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christopher stevens and three other americans. u.s. officials say they have found no evidence pointing to a particular group or indicating the attack was planned. as investigators try to close on in the killers in libya no questions are being raised at home. the white house claiming that there was no actionable intelligence, those are their words, pointing to an attack on the consulate but members of the congress saying there were multiple attacks on diplomatic attacks in benghazi and the consulate was a clear target. molly henneberg has more details from the white house. >> molly: there was an ide attack on that same consulate in benghazi in june. then the red cross in benghazi came under attack in august. they insist the 9/11 was in response to a privately made video posted on youtube in june
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that though found offensive. here is what part of the president said about it. >> there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there are no excuse for attacks on consulates. we will not tolerate efforts to harm fellow americans. >> the body of chris stevens and three others killed in the attacks were brought back to andrews air force base yesterday. white house has been saying there is no information to suggest this was plea planned attack. the republican can chairman of the house intelligence committee isn't so sure. >> there is no high degree of confidence that it was or was not premeditated. there are still analysts who disagree from our civilians agencies and department of defense agencies. i still have a lot more questions to say definitively it was just a spontaneous event.
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>> molly: the obama administration says it asked google to look at the video and make sure it meets its standards. in response, youtube said in a statement this video which is widely available on the web is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on youtube. however, we restricted access to it in countries where it's illegal such as india and indonesia as well as egypt given the situation. youtube did not restrict the video in those countries because of the white house inquiry. >> heather: thank you very much, molly henneberg live in washington. >> gregg: both presidential campaigns weighing in turning the focus back to politics. how is this playing with american voters. here to talk about it. matthew who is editor of the washington freebie con, a contributing editor for the weekly standard. there is new fox news poll, this
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one was actually taken before the embassy and consulate attacks. it shows likely voters by a substantial margin, 54-39% trust president obama of doing a better job than governor romney. this next poll shows only 4% actually thinks it is important in deciding who to vote for. nonetheless, do you think this week's events elevated the foreign policy stature or just the opposite or diminished it? >> i think the events diminished and they are diminishing it rather quickly. the media is reporting that the white house is expecting a long campaign of these types of riots of these types of attacks on our interests not only in afghanistan but embassies in the muslim world. this is danger for the president americans get the feeling that things are beyond obama's
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control. the greater that feeling becomes it's a serious threat to reelection campaign. >> gregg: is there aanger in romney's attacking the president's policies that he says led to all this? >> the only danger is being caught up to the particulars of the events as they unfold. when you are trying to react to on a fast moving situation, sometimes you don't get the timing down right. what romney needs do is focus on the big picture, look, obama came into office four years ago thinking the problem was america and the middle east and problem was george w. bush. as we see that hasn't been a success either. >> gregg: maybe paul ryan made the better argument. he hit the president very hard on his middle east record. let me quote him from yesterday. look across that region and what do we see? the slaughter of brave dissidents, mocks storming embassies and iran four years
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closer to gaining a nuclear weapon, israel our best ally treated with indifference bordering on contempt. matthew, is that the sort of argument that could resonate with voters? >> i think it is. i think it's important. i also like congressman ryan had a regional context. you can extend it to the globe. every region of the world and obama policies have not made america stronger and certainly they have not made america stronger in terms of economic strength. i think ryan was on the right track talking about a global perspective but also stressed the social issues, as well. i think those will play an increasing part in this campaign. >> gregg: let me pivot to what is main issue among americans. latest job reports shows the hiring is way down. unemployment still above 8%. gas prices are spiking. take a look at this fox news poll. a full 80% of voters believe the
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recession continues to this very day. all of this under president obama's watch and yet he has erased governor romney's edge on fixing competent. the two candidates are tied 46% each. what happened to the romney advantage on the economy? >> i for the romney campaign was so concerned with the concerns of suburban women the republican party is not waging a war on women that they ignored what governor romney's affirmative economic agenda is. it's very important for governor romney to get off the defense when it comes to issues of taxes where details of his plan have been unclear and he has been defensive when it documents media. he needs to reassert is way across the board is 20% tax cut and he needs to show the recent decision by the federal reserve to start the money pumping only
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shows again that the obama economic policy has failed. >> gregg: it's interesting, you look at the polls and very few voters seem to be on the fence. most say they have absolutely made up their minds. president obama and holds a lead in ohio and florida and virginia. those three states likely to determine who wins the white house. has governor romney changed that dynamic? >> think he needs to give the white working class, white workers without a college degree he needs to give them a reason to go out to the polls. he hasn't been able to do that in the swing states. good news, i think for romney he has about six weeks to give them a reason to vote. >> gregg: matthew, good to see you. thank you. >> heather: coming up, new details in a case that has stumped the f.b.i. for 15 years. new information on man who investigators believe is behind the anthrax threat.
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines, teachers rallying in chicago park as union and school board try to hammer out a contract. negotiators say they have agreed on framework for a deal. 350,000 students affected. tens of thousands marching in moscow marching against vladimir putin. they say the presidential election last marred by fraud. and british royal family threatening legal action over photos showing kate middleton sunbathing sans top. as a third publication gets ready to run the photos. >> heather: f.b.i. zeroing in on suspect on an anthrax investigation. they believe one person is
4:22 pm
sending threatening letters filled with the deadly substance. anna has more on this. >> reporter: the f.b.i.'s profiling saying it points to a syracuse area man who is 35 years old. they believe the suspect has had significant contacts with the mental system and they have difficulty function independently. f.b.i. has released two pictures believing someone will recognize his handwriting. letter is generally start with the paper you are now holding has been thoroughly saturated with anthrax and they reference talks raising theories and oppression of muslims. >> it may seem bizarre and unusual. they may be distorted thoughts but to this person they can be very real. they can be so extreme they may
4:23 pm
even be delusional. >> according to the f.b.i. ten of the letters went to a high school college and business and congresswoman's office in syracuse area. the other went to military and police associations, nonprofit groups, private businesses and tv celebrities. >> we don't believe the person only does these on thaoes threatening letters. this person does around the house or workplace. if somebody recognizes those, we would like to hear from you. >> they are offering a $10,000 reward leading to the culprit. if you have any information contact the f.b.i. at this number. back to you. >> heather: thank you very much. >> new concerns about the safety of american troops after insurgents storm a military base in afghanistan. coming up after the break, bob scales will be here to talk about the possibility that the militant had help from the
4:24 pm
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try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. >>. >> gregg: fox news alert. anti-american protests spreading to more than two dozen countries the turmoil now reaching well beyond the muslim world from great britain to morocco and all the way to australia. live in jerusalem rick levanthol >> reporter: it's been a quiet a night in israel. the protests across the region smaller today but we have seen violence erupt including terrorists where hundred people were arrested earlier today during a demonstration near the american embassy also to sydney, we saw hundreds of demonstrators clashing with police outside the
4:29 pm
consulate and getting violent when they tried to push the crowds away from the consulate steps. one officer was injured. they used batons and pepper spray to control the mob. some of the group claimed they were defending the honor of the prophet muhammad. in qatar, the protests were large but nonviolent. thousands of people took to the streets in traditional white robes marching toward the u.s. embassy but staying away from the fence before dispersing without incident. the scene in sigh nay was far more dramatic. dozens of militants armed with lighted weapons and automatic weapons stormed a base near the border which is home to a multinational peacekeeping force. they set fire to vehicles and troops while other militants threw grenades over the fence. soldiers were hurt in the clashes. eventually the army arrived and regained control. there are ongoing concern that
4:30 pm
militants will use the controversy over the film as an excuse to create more mayhem in the streets across this region. >> gregg: rick eleven an thol, thanks very much. >> a deadly attack on a huge nato base in afghanistan. two marines were killed and several more injured and couple jets were destroyed when heavily armed militants attacked leatherneck. it's part of the same base where britain's prince harry is serving. some are asking how militants were able to breach such a sophisticated nato base. let's bring in retired major general bob scales. thanks so much for joining us. we have a base attack and insider attack in 24 hours. now, we have two marines dead, several injured. major damage to buildings and aircraft hangar, one of two jets were damaged are a destroyed.
4:31 pm
another says five were attacked and three were damaged. >> let me break it down. this is huge base. 1600 acres, two ten thousand foot runways. afghan and british marines. it's defended by active and passive defenses. it has a balloon overhead that is patrolled by foot patrols add yet the enemy set up a very sophisticated attack on the base. this wasn't harassment attack. this was a well orchestrated attack preceded by mortar rounds fired with great precision into the hangar area. an rpg attack followed by small arms by a force that i've heard is up to about 19-20. two marines were killed and nine marines were wounded so seriously they had to be evacuated to germany. this is not your typical suicide
4:32 pm
attack or not your typical harassment attack. this was a well orchestrated military operation that was carried off with some intelligence provided by the inside. >> heather: talk about that more. how would that achieve, it was actually intelligence from the inside? >> we know for a fact that the taliban has gps receivers that they have walked off some of the ranges inside the base. we know from past experience with green and blue on attacks with the taliban they have been very successful in placing their own people inside the ranks of the afghan security forces. it's probably not unlikely that an attack with this precision, with this degree of deadlyness and this complexity so sophisticated a defense had some help from the inside. >> heather: you mentioned the taliban. the taliban has taken credit for the assault saying it was in part, it was in response to
4:33 pm
release privately youtube video referencing the prophet muhammad. and they have called for further retaliation. but is this about the video or just an excuse to incite violence and hide behind a planned attack? >> something like this isn't thought of over night. it's about prince harry. it's about the taliban setting up a campaign to hasten american and nato withdrawal from afghanistan. they know our timetable. we don't know theirs. they have been very author in launching these attacks to try to push us out of afghanistan sqls as they can. this is a very sophisticated game plan pulling off. >> heather: so it's not about youtube video and not about prince harry. he is stationed at the base and taliban claimed they would kidnap him or kill him by his
4:34 pm
birthday which is september 15th. should he be there. is that adding unnecessary risk to our troops? >> no, i don't think so. the british royalty to their great credit have been serving in the military going back hundreds of years, lord mount batton was a ship captain in world war ii. one of princes piloted a helicopter. this is great tradition for the royal family. should necessity not serve their country in uniform it would probably not sit well with the british people. i think what difference harry is doing is noble and proper. >> heather: they say he is going to serve out his time there. something you referenced, 47 international service members they died at the hands of afghan soldiers wearing their uniforms. 12 such attacks since august. how can we stop the green on
4:35 pm
blue attacks or is it just inevitable? >> part of it is nbl. you can't be hundred percent sure about those that you hire are going to stay on your side. we need to do a better job of vetting them. afghans need to go with better intelligence. they need to be sure that those they bring is n as recruits have backgrounds have been researched thoroughly. at the end of the day, taliban is getting so good at this that sadly in spite of our best efforts we're going to see this type of violence continue. >> heather: most troops are going to withdraw by 2014. will these attacks complicate those plans and efforts to further train these afghan forces? >> no, i don't think so. there have been efforts to separated green from blue. for the most parted, particularly our trainers, special forces are being incredibly steadfast in my
4:36 pm
opinion and enormously brave in continued to be live and to mentor and train those afghan security forces that are going to stick with it and defend our country after we're gone. it's still a very, very dangerous proposition given what has been going on with green on blue attacks. >> heather: general, thank you so much for your insight. >> heather: new warnings over the possibly devastating impacted of $110 billion in spending cuts looming over the u.s. military budget. it was created by last year's failure to reach a bipartisan deficit reduction plan. peter doocy has those details from washington. >> reporter: u.s. embassys will get $129 million less for security, maintenance and construction over the next decade if the sequester takes effect at the beginning of next year. >> i can't understate the cuts
4:37 pm
would do to our military. they would hollow out our armed forces. >> reporter: military pay and veterans pay are exempt but some jobs are in jeopardy and some military contractors are looking to trim their staff. >> there is a requirement that employers give an advance notice. it would come ironically couple days before the election. >> reporter: chairman of the senate armed services committee says the need to compromise on plan that makes prudent spending cuts and restores revenue is urgent. speaker of the house john boehner says the house passed a bill in may that replaces with commonplace spending cuts, protecting our troops and reducing our deficit by $243 billion. the white house wants to remind republicans in congress that both parties voted for sequestration as a penalty for the failure of the bipartisan debt reducing super committee. >> it is important to remember
4:38 pm
that democrats and republicans voted in majorities in both houses in congress and supported this. >> reporter: if no agreement is reached it kicks in january 2nd and half the cuts would be domestic programs. the other would be to the defense budget. >> heather: thank you, peevt. >> gregg: if you stopped to fill up your car lately? bet you have and i bet you noticed the prices at the pump driving up what we pay for lots of othe things, as well. coming uping we'll take a closer look for the struggling u.s. economy. >> growing concerns over foreign policy, how the anti-american riots around the globe could impact the future of u.s.-arab relations. (car horn)
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>>. >> gregg: can you believe it? that is australia, anti-american protests spreading around the world sparking demonstrations in dozens of countries from great britain to north africa all waited to australia today and now, there are new concerns of over what impact the riots will have on the future of u.s.-arab relations. let's talk to christian whiten, principal of d.c. international advisory. first of all. why the anti-american sentiment? is it internet film depicting the prophet muhammad or is that a pretext for a more pervasive anger that may be director misdirected? >> i think the film is only incidental. if you look at the genesis of this uprising in egypt and libya it's likely in the participants
4:44 pm
in the early protests and violence against our embassy and diplomatic officials they may not have known about the film. it's been tacked on but broadly this anti-american western movement. they want to kick america out of these countries and our influence and our ability to send our interests and they want to cower in silence. >> gregg: we were talking moments with leland vit tev, people in cairo, most of them have not seen the video and no little about it except the heads of these mosques and maybe other places like madras segs are going up the anti-american anger and directing the people go out and engage in violent protests. what do you make of that? >> i think that is absolutely right. when you have islamics that are distinction from muslims. people who wanted to unify mosque and state.
4:45 pm
it's a political movement. they had pretty good year. they have taken control of egypt and about to take control of syria and chemical weapons. it's an attempt to take it to the next level. they are not pushing back and not recognizing what is going on. >> gregg: romney campaign places the blame on the policies of president obama, so-called apology tour which is described as a record of appease. here is what his foreign policy advisor said, i'll quote him. for the first time since jimmy carter we had an american ambassador assassinated demonstrations and respect for america has gone down there. is not a sense of american resolve and we cannot protect sovereign american property. the president can't keep track of who our ally or not.
4:46 pm
this is amateur hour? >> i think he is right. the epicenter of his apology tour in cairo where he basically apologized for u.s. actions taken after 9/11 to defend united states. it was in cairo he apologized when the u.s. defended soviet encroachment in the u.s. and bowing to the saudi kings, just as apologizing for accidental quran burning did not mollify our adversaries there. to defend our interests in cairo and in egypt hasn't mulllyfied our opponents there. white house says they are upset at film and hillary it's a small group. its broad group and push back against. >> gregg: many people how can we blindsided by this. that invites the columner read
4:47 pm
recently in the washington post, according to white house records, he reports that president obama skips his daily intelligence meetings more than half of the time. how unusual is that? >> that is pretty shocking. last president who did that was bill clinton who famously had a remote relationship with his director of central intelligence who had the at that point in time provided the daily briefing on intelligence. frankly democrats have made eight bit of a regime to blame george w. bush and "new york times" did this to not reacting to a report that bin laden and al-qaeda wanted to attack. it lacked any specificity to what happened on 9/11. president has a lot of dhiongs in his day. burr perhaps between fund-raisers he could find time to do what the most important
4:48 pm
parted of his job. >> his predecessor attended daily briefings without exception. let's move on to secretary of state hillary clinton. she tried to calm muslims over the videotape that insalts muslims. but at the same time she denounced the violence against our embassies. is there a moral equivalency there. is she somehow apologizing for free speech which, of course, more cherished right in america? >> i think it's somewhat foolish and misleading. these are not actions of the u.s. government. they are not official policy but regardless, frankly even if they were, it is not okay to commit violence against us, to attack diplomatic compounds and not okay for governments to take all the steps they have promised under the vienna convention to protect our compounds.
4:49 pm
in egypt we pay a billion dollars for year. i bet they would do it for free. it's shocking and appalling they were allowed local egyptians were allowed to do what they did to our embassy. it's understanding in libya but it's shocking. >> gregg: christian whiten, thanks very much. >> now to a fox news alert. f.b.i. agents arresting an 18-year-old man in chicago saying the man planned to set off a car bomb outside a downtown bar. the suspect was closely monitored after he apparently posted comments about jihad and killing americans online. the car bomb was provided to suspect by federal agents. he the was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to damage and destroy a building with an explosive. we will keep you updated with the latest developments on this
4:50 pm
breaking story. >> gregg: new report that shows consumer prices are absolutely skyrocketing and gas, what is the main culprit. with high fuel prices mean for an economy struggling to recover. brand-new polls showing surprising movement in the race for the white house. where each of the candidates stand less than two months from election day. i'm so glad you called. thank you. we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>> heather: fox news alert. the violence begins to subside across the muslim world, a new message from al-qaeda emerges. the terror group calling for more attacks on u.s. embassies. hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. in a statement posted on islamic militant web sites, al-qaeda's branching yemen praising the killing of american a ambassador chris stevens and three other americans this week. and calling for protesters to, quote, expel the embassies of america from the lands of the preliminaries. all of this as we're learning there were several recent attacks on diplomatic targets in
5:01 pm
libya in the runup to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi this september 11, contrary to what the white house claims. >> heather: we had team coverage for you from leeland vittert to molly henneberg in washington. let's begin with molly, live at the white house with the very latest from there. molly, what intelligence did the white house have prior to the attacks? >> the white house says there was nothing specific before that attack and as they go back and look it over, they say there was nothing to indicate this was a, quote, preplanned attack. in his weekly radio and internet address, the president said that those who target americans overseas, quote, will find no escape from justice. >> we're in contact with the governments around the globe to strengthen our cooperation and underscore that every nation has a responsibility to help us protect our people. we move forward with an effort
5:02 pm
to see justice is done for those lost and not rest until it's done. >> the top republican on the house intelligence committee is not ready to agree with the white house that this was a spontaneous attack and reaction to video posted on-line. especially since the consulate in benghazi was attacked in june. this was a place that was targeted months before with an ied. it's clearly one they wanted to hit and cause casualties. i find the glaring question of a 9-11 date, it's just too many coincidences here. >> rogers says he doesn't think the attackers were targeting ambassador chris stevens directly, but somehow they had gotten wind a senior government official was in that building. heather. >> heather: the white house contacted youtube about this video. what can you tell us about that? >> the white house contacted google, which owns youtube, and asked them to take a look at the
5:03 pm
video and see if it meets google's and youtube's stance standards, what they say caused the unrest in libya because preliminaries found it his respectful to mohammed. google says the video is, quote, clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on youtube. the country did restrict viewing of that video in india and indonesia and other countries where it's against that country's law to have such videos and out of sensitivity to the situation overseas, also restricted the video in libya and egypt. heather. >> heather: molly henneberg live from washington, thank you. >> gregg: egypt's islamist president facing a difficult balancing act of protecting the u.s. embassy while keeping islamist backers happy. police there sealing off the area surrounding the american embassy in cairo after four days of violent and deadly protests said to have been sparked by an anti-islam film produced in the united states. leeland vet ted streaming life
5:04 pm
from cairo, egypt. >> it is a very tense calm here in downtown cairo. down on the street level, you can still smell the cs tear gas. it's potent stuff launched over the past four days to try to push back these rioters. they also used shotgun rounds to try and push back rioters. one protester here in cairo was killed by bird shot from a shotgun. the one thing that is on the street tonight is hundreds, if not thousands of riot police ready to go into action if protests begin again. last night it was a violent street battle between these protesters who were hurling stones and molotov cocktails. riot police firing back with tear gas and also rubber bullets. these protesters who gathered friday had four foot tall posters of osama bin laden and chanting, obama, obama, we are all osamas. they were carrying that black
5:05 pm
islamist flag that was run up at the u.s. embassy compound here on tuesday when people broke into it during that first violent protest on the anniversary of september 11. egypt isn't the ohm place we've had violent protests. tee unusual i can't american embassy, thousands came out. two people were killed. more than 29 injured when they had large scale attack on the u.s. embassy. also those protesters went ahead and looted and destroyed, set fire to the american school there. in sudan, there was an incredibly horrible scene as riot police tried to beat back protesters that had been bussed to the scene when a popular cleric got on the radio and called for mass protests and violence against the american embassy. the al-qaeda kind indicate group in yemen put out a statement of sorts saying that they very much appreciate it and were very positive about these protests
5:06 pm
against the u.s. embassies and also praising the killing of the american ambassador at the libyan consulate and said that they thought the rest of their followers should continue these protest examines they wanted to -- and they wanted to continue the attack. in egypt, local media reports that there has been a credible threat against the u.s. embassy by possibly a jihadi group and al-qaeda sending a group based in sinai, a few hundred miles from here, and security at the u.s. embassy here is significantly higher than what it had been in the past. just about 150 yards to my left is the road leading down to the american embassy and it has a large concrete wall block that has been built on the road now that's about 15 or 18 feet high. not only stopping any type of truck or car from driving towards the embassy, but, also trying to keep even any person from walking down towards the u.s. embassy. clearly the police and military here have decided to dig in. but the president of egypt has
5:07 pm
so far not condemned the protests. merely said he doesn't want anymore violence. gregg? >> gregg: want to get your reaction to a couple of things. we're receiving word from the department of state warning u.s. citizens against traveling in tunisia and sudan and there is a corresponding wire from reuters that the state department is ordering all family members in nonessential staff to leave the embassyies in khartoum and tunis. what do you know is this. >> the very standard procedure when you have these violent uprising, i can tell from you being here, there is a really strong anti-american feel. you just don't want to be an american citizen walking around. if things deteriorate and the u.s. has to end up evacuating people, meaning sending in u.s. marines or other kinds of security measures to try and get people out, they want to have as few people as they possibly need to to get out and lower the
5:08 pm
profile and lower the target, meaning how many people would be in the embassy if there was an attack or bombing, if people stormed the compound. so they're ordering families out. in tunis, there is no place for anybody to go to school 'cause the american school has been looted. families and nonessential personnel leave. we had heard for a while that sudan was getting sent a fleet security team from the marines. so far we're hearing now that the sudanese are saying they wouldn't allow them in. that would cause a very serious, serious situation. >> gregg: fox confirming all family members and nonessential staff leave the embassies in tu in -- too amnesia i can't and sudan. thanks very much. >> heather: pope benedict xvi appealing for religious freedom in the middle east, calling it fundamental for stability in a region bloodied by sectarian strife. the pope on his second day of his visit to lebanon, that's a
5:09 pm
country with the largest percentage of christians, by the way, in the middle east. the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly attack that killed two marines and wounded several other troops. this was at a british base in afghanistan. u.s.-led nato coalition says nearly 20 heavily armed insurgents infiltrated the perimeter of the camp in southern helmand province. conner powell is in kabul, afghanistan. with more. we should clarify it was the british side of the camp that was infiltrated. conner? >> camp leatherneck is in southern afghanistan. one of the more deadly and violent places in all of afghanistan, the tone to more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops, clogginess prosecute harry who arrived as a pilot. because of the size and location, it regularly takes indirect fire. last night's attack was much more intense and much more sophisticated.
5:10 pm
sometime around 10:00 p.m., the base was hit by a flurry of rockets, apg's, and small arms. reports say fighters got inside the outer perimeter of the base. the taliban don't have night vision capability and rarely operate at night. that was real braisen and unique attack. u.s. commanders say two marines were killed and several others injured. an aircraft or two was damaged and some of the buildings. u.s. commanders aren't speculating what this attack was driven by, by the taliban claimed responsibility, saying they launched it for two reasons. one, in response to the protests and riots around the world because of that anti-islamic video. but also as part of an operation to try to capture prince harry, who is at leatherneck for the next four months. according to both u.s. and british sources, he was not in danger. the taliban vowed to try to continue to capture the prince. >> heather: thank you very much.
5:11 pm
thanks, conner. >> gregg: on the campaign trail, president obama and gop nominee mitt romney are taking the day off while republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan hit a rally along tampa bay's shore. ryan criticizing the federal reserve in their latest plan to prop up the economy. take a listen. >> just yesterday we heard that the federal reserve is coming with a new bailout. (booing) this matters. so the federal reserve is basically saying that we don't have a recovery. obamanomics didn't work. so now they're coming with their bailout. here is the problem: we don't need sugar high economics. we don't need synthetic money creation. we need economic growth! >> gregg: congressman ryan also stressed how important florida
5:12 pm
is in electing gop nominee mitt romney. the sunshine state holding 29 electoral votes. >> heather: the wife of vice president joe biden campaigning in michigan. jill biden telling voters that her husband and president obama are looking out for them. in an attempt to garner support from middle class families, biden addressed affordable education, support for military families, women's health rights, and restoring jobs. extreme weather hitting los angeles. hot and dry conditions today, fueling this. a raging brush fire about 300 firefighters are battling the flames. the fire started as temperatures soared near 100 degrees. luckily no reports of homes damaged. residents understandably still worried. >> we were scared. we were very scared. >> the thought of losing your home and what would you do after that and thinking we need to
5:13 pm
pack up all your stuff, what should you pack up? when should you leave? >> heather: meteorologist maria molina is live with more on this. >> hi. good to see you. we're talking about across parts of southern california with basically widespread triple digit high temperatures. some of these temperatures are breaking records or tying records over the last three days out here. today we reached triple digits across l.a., san diego, and interior portions of southern california. death valley, 109 degrees. extremely hot here. i do have good news. that area of high pressure that's producing the extreme heat across southern parts of california will slow low start to break down and we're going to start to see improvement from the high temperatures as we head into tomorrow and also into the start of the workweek. l.a., 89 on sunday. 83 as we head into monday. looking at san diego seeing temperatures actually into the 70s as we head into monday to kick off the workweek.
5:14 pm
big improvement coming up for coastal areas in southern california. otherwise across the center of the country. we've been talking about the drought. almost a year in portions of the midwest and central and southern plains. we're continuing to see some showers and storms moving into these areas. localized flooding is possible. but not really expecting widespread severe weather. just beneficial rain across portions of missouri, illinois, western portions of kentucky, texas seeing much needed rainfall to the south of the city of lubbock. we're seeing a big improvement in the drought conditions. two weeks ago across parts of minnesota, into kentucky, we were at about 40% between extreme and exceptional drought. big improvement in this week down to 13%. you can see we've seen a big improvement in states like kentucky, indiana and illinois. big good news across parts of the midwest arresting the drought. across the northeast, beautiful. a lot of sunshine and temperatures very falllike.
5:15 pm
>> heather: feels like football weather. thank you very much. >> gregg: indeed it is. >> heather: yes. >> gregg: the f.b.i. releasing new detailstails in a 15-year-od mystery. investigators investigating powder filled letters. it's believed the very same person behind all of them. anna kooiman has more. >> authorities are kicking their search into high gear for whoever has been sending the letters since 1990. they're now offer -- 1997. they're offering a reward. they reloosed two sections of the letter, believing someone in the public will recognize this handwriting. the letters generally start with the paper you are now holding has been thoroughly saturated with anthrax. and you will soon indictment they make reference to aids, abortion rights, 9-11 conspiracy theories, and the oppression of muslim. investigators say the writer is pull pranks examine seems to have no clear agenda or cause.
5:16 pm
>> the person has an unusual sense of humor, may laugh at jokes or things that other people don't think are funny. there may be a joke that other people think are funny and this person would take offense to that joke unnecessarily. >> according to the f.b.i., ten of the letters went to a high school or college, business and a congresswoman's office, all in the syracuse area. they went to military examine police associations, nonprofit groups, government officials, private businesses and tv celebrities. >> harmful to the victims. these letters are meant to cause fear and they do. when someone opens up the letter with white powder and threatens it's dangerous, they are in fear. >> the profile points to a syracuse man, 35 years old, had significant contact with the mental health system examine may have difficulty functioning independently. if you have information, contact the f.b.i. at 1-800-225-5324.
5:17 pm
>> gregg: thanks. >> heather: coming up, new signs of progress. this could be good news in chicago's massive teacher strike. could students soon be back in class after a week off? we'll have the latest on the contract talks next. >> gregg: the f.b.i. on the ground right now in libya and others tracking those responsible for the deadly consulate attack this week, killing four americans. judge jeanine pirro will be here. >> heather: frustrating display on the house floor as leaders from both parties argue over failure to reach a deal with crucial issue like jobs. will anything get done? >> just because in the gentleman's mind that somehow somebody he doesn't like because they're so successful gets the benefit, the overwhelming majority of the people who will not get a tax hike under our plan will create a job. >> mr. speaker, it is absurd
5:18 pm
assertion that people i don't like. i would hope the gentleman would retract that. has nothing to do with people we like or don't like. >> absolutely retract that, mr. speaker. >> thank you.
5:19 pm
5:20 pm
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5:22 pm
>> heather: quick check of the headlines. progress in chicago. the teachers union and school board saying they have a primework to wrap up contract negotiations. and ford recalling 2012 edge vehicles over concerns that the fuel bind could leak and possibly start a fire. ford climbs a faulty manufacturing part supplier could be to blame. and actress angelina jolie is pushing the plight of refugees in iraq. the star trying to raise awareness about the estimated 50,000 people who left syria to escape the violence. >> gregg: a war of words and the floor of the house of representatives yesterday between house majority leader eric cantor and the minority whip, steny hoyer. they were blaming one another for the failure of the chamber
5:23 pm
to address crucial issues like taxes and jobs and the deficit. all of this against the backdrop of a record low congressional approval rating, according to gallup. watch this. >> there is not agreement right now that we ought to raise taxes in this economy. the best thing we can do is create a job. those 98% of americans and 97% of small business ought not to get a tax increase on january 1. and very frankly, you didn't respond to me, i presume you agree with that. what you don't agree with is that if we don't do it all on something we disagree with, that's what's causing gridlock in congress. that's what is causing this congress to be the least productive congress in which i have served in 32 years. >> gregg: that's the definition of friction, isn't it? let's bring in our political panel, chris is the former chief of staff to senator joe manchin of west virginia. chip joins us, former campaign manager for governor mike
5:24 pm
huckabee. good to he sue both. chris, let me start with you. i mentioned this recent gallup poll that shows congress is now reached a notable historical mark. the lowest -- there it is -- approval rating ever, 13%. juxtapose 1996, there you see it, 55% when republicans controlled both houses of congress. but look, chris, has congress earned its low approval rating? >> yeah. it works really hard at it. [ laughter ] let's just be honest. to be honest, when you see those clips and you see those kind of ratings, i don't miss not working on the hill. but in all seriousness, we've got serious problems in this country. what's happening here and i think chip would agree, the political dysfunction has gotten pretty severe. i'll be honest, both sides are to blame to some degree. but what you have here is a real difficult problem in terms of dealing with jobs and the deficit, whatever it might be. but when republicans are
5:25 pm
unwilling to compromise when it comes to taxes on any level, even at one dollar to ten dollars in cuts, you're not going to motivate democrats to make a deal. so you have right now are two sides who have no way to kind of bridge those differences. >> gregg: chip, when democrats control congress, they passed measures that turned out to be unpopular among americans, at least according to the polling data out there. then republicans take control of the house and there is absolute gridlock. surely they, the gop deserve a big share of the blame here, too, right? >> i think the reason that democrats lost control is they did a bad job controlling both houses and the white house. i think what you're seeing is the democrats had control of everything for two years. they rode rough shod over republicans and the american people. they got thrown out of one chamber and now what you're seeing is the house, republican house is trying to undo some of those thing, which obviously
5:26 pm
caused some angst on the other side. i don't see it getting any better in time soon. >> gregg: while we're assessing blame, chris, there is threaten to go around. how about president obama? he submitted a budget that unbelievably, no one voted for. not even a single member of his own party. the senate voted it down 99-zip. the house, 414-0. chris what, does it say about a sitting president who cannot lay out a plan that will gain a single vote for the financial future of america? >> well, listen, in fairness to the president, he has not had constructive partners to orc with with the republicans. >> gregg: zero votes, chris. not one person. >> listen, that being said, i think it's a fair criticism. i've always said the president's, whether it's president bush or president obama, it's a pretty big j. but you have to take the credit with
5:27 pm
the responsibility and the blame. what i would say is when you look what the president had to deal with, the crises he's to deal with, he's not had a constructive partner with republicans. i can tell you because -- >> gregg: chris, chris, chris. back to my question about the budget. when you don't get a single vote, does that mean that you submitted a budget that is absolutely preposterous to the point of being laughable? >> well, listen, like i said, i was there when that vote was being voted on and here is what was happening. this was more of a political thing. that being said, i think the president and the white house should be more kind of accepting of the fact that the republicans are not going to agree with them and put out a budget that makes more sense to box them in. they've been more kind of focused on making a statement rather than try to box republicans in. >> gregg: chip, the president aside, the senate has a duty by law, and they haven't produce add budget in three years, even though the law requires them to do so. and the senate really operates
5:28 pm
at the behest of the majority leader which prompted tom coburn. he called harry reid the worst majority leader in history. harry reid. and he said, harry reid has ruined the senate purely for political party reasons. that's pretty darn harsh, isn't it? >> it's pretty tough after they've produce nod budget. whether you agree with the house budget or not, they're doing their job. they pass budgets. they sent them to the senate never to be heard from again. they passed jobs bills, send them to the senate, never to be heard from again. it's easy for democrats to blame the republicans. but they're doing their job in the house and it's dying in the senate. >> gregg: i don't know if anybody is doing their job up there. i'll tell you why, chris, because the average american, i mean, the average american works 250 days per year. just five days a week times 50, they get two weeks off usually. but most people work more like 300 days out of the year. i think we work about 350 days out of the year around here. but we put our brain room on it
5:29 pm
and the senate worked 101 days. the house worked 103 days. that's it. and this is at a time of deep economic crisis. you got 23 to 25 million americans unemployed or underemployed. maybe that's the problem here. congress doesn't work hard enough. bunch of slackers. what do you think? >> i think there is a lot of truth to that. i don't understand and i think both parties have done this, if you look back the last 20 years, they have this kind of standard operating procedure where they kind of recess and go out and they come back a few weeks and recess. real americans don't work like that. real americans actually work 360-plus days a year sometimes. and that is just a reflection of the reality. one of the mistakes that both parties have made is this kind of notion of a small, short schedule when it comes to the session and whether the senate and house, i think it's a terrible mistake. i think it sends a terrible message and it contributes to
5:30 pm
congress' low approval rating. i hope it's something at some point we've got to work as hard as the american people in order to at least gain credibility with them 'cause we can't continue another two, four years with approval ratings in congress at 10, 12%. it's not good for the country. >> gregg: yeah. carl cameron works 364 days out of the year. he takes christmas off. that's it. >> that's my dad, too. >> gregg: guys, good to see you. thanks. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up, outrage spreading throughout the middle east. some say over an anti-muslim film. violent protests reaching jerusalem. we are there live next. >> gregg: the f.b.i. now working to track down those responsible for killing four americans at the u.s. consulate in libya. a former deputy national security advisor weighing in on the search for suspects. >> we join together in the condemnation of the attacks on american embassies and the loss of american life and join in the
5:31 pm
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>> gregg: american violence spreading to more than two dozen countries as anger continues to mount over anti-muslim film produced in the united states and there are other issues. the turmoil reaching well beyond the muslim world. new protests breaking out in jerusalem. rick leventhal is live there with today's developments. rick? >> fortunately today was calmer for the most part across the region with many middle east leaders calling on muslims to not be dragged by anger into the violence. but at the same time, we're hearing from al-qaeda in yemen, which is encouraging more attacks, asking followers to, quote, set the fires blazing. that did not happen in india. but there were several protests across that country, including one in kashmir. no reports of violence there despite ominous signs being carried by some of the
5:36 pm
demonstrators. one read, quote, behead the man who insulted our religion. seer y hundreds gathered outside the u.s. embassy where the ambassador was withdrawn nearly a year ago because of concerns then that it was too dangerous. syrian demonstrators held signs accusing the u.s. of holding contempt for islam, but again, no violence reported there. but the death toll from this week's demonstrations is now at least 12 with hundreds more hurt, hundreds more arrested. and among the new hot spots is sydney, australia, where hundreds gathered at the steps of the u.s. consulate and clashed with police officers while moving them back. one officer was hit in the head with a bottle. several demonstrators were also hurt as cops used batons, police dogs and pepper spray to try and control the angry mob. there were also about 100 arrests reported in paris tonight. apparently that was part of a demonstration near the american embassy and the ministry of the interior. so arrests in paris tonight, gregg.
5:37 pm
meanwhile, the group al-qaeda in gemmen, while may not be a part of these protest, is saying the goal should be to expel these u.s. diplomats from territories that it says include the land of the preliminaries. gregg? >> gregg: rick leventhal, thanks very much. >> heather: a moment of relative calm in the middle east right now while the f.b.i. is on the ground in libya hunting for those who turned a demonstration outside the consulate in benghazi on september 11 into a violent attack. intelligence agents searching for those suspected of killing ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. elliott abrams is a seen your fellow at counsel on foreign relations. thank you so much for joining us. >> glad to be here. >> heather: i want to begin with this, talking about security. at the benghazi consulate or lack thereof and i'd like to take a look at four attacks
5:38 pm
leading up to the murder of ambassador stevens and the three others. on june 6, an i.e.d. was thrown at the perimeter of the u.s. consulate. june 11, the british ambassador's motorcade came under attack by an rpg, two security personnel injured there. seven days later on june 18, armed gunmen attacked the tunisian consulate, burned its flag. august 5, five weeks before the assault on the u.s. consulate, the international committee of the red cross building in benghazi struck by rpg's. the question is, who was protecting the consulate and given these attacks alone, why was it not tighter? >> i think you're make a very good point. with these attacks in mind, it's really quite surprising to me that the u.s. ambassador would go there knowing what happened to the british ambassador. essentially without any protection at all. people at the white house have been saying, well, there were no direct threats, meaning we
5:39 pm
didn't have any intelligence ha said someone is going to attack your ambassador on that day. but the background information, i would think, would lead to a lot more care and concern about the security of the ambassador. so i'm surprised about this and i'm glad congress is going to investigate it. >> heather: the phrase they used was no actionable intelligence. so what is actionable intelligence when you have these, not just intelligence, but actual attacks happening? >> right. what they mean is that they didn't have that specific piece of information that said on that day at that time, there will be an attack on ambassador stevens. when you look at the background here, this is a very dangerous place. dangerous for the american consulate and for visiting ambassadors. so i don't have the intelligence information, but it seems to me very surprising that more security was not provided. >> heather: we'll look for answers there. we have protests in more than 20 countries from the middle east to southeast asia, beyond muslim countries, paris, arrest made there. we heard rick talking about
5:40 pm
that. talk about reasons. some are claiming the protests are because of that privately made youtube video about the prophet, mohammed. but is, in fact, that just a facade? maybe a tool being used to incite these groups when we reported here on fox on wednesday of last week that al-qaeda claim the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya specifically was revenge for the death of its second man. so what is causing these protests and attacks? >> let's separate -- you're right. let's separate out libya attack. this is a straightforward terrorist attack, murderous terrorist attack. these other things are demonstrations. they're being used by people who want to get the united states out and who want to test their own governance. more than a test of us, it's a test of those governments. in some of those places, like tunisia, they've actual lea protected the u.s. embassy. in aws trail i can't, of course. in paris. in egypt, they did not. they did not.
5:41 pm
they let people get right up to the embassy and get into the embassy grounds. so i think we should be a lot angrier about the failure to provide police protection for our embassies. the president of egypt to this day still has not apologized for that. >> heather: what about that, the perceived weakness on the part of the obama administration? a lot has been said about that this past week, putting not only our diplomats, but americans at risk, as you just said, is that the case and how should we react to this wave of protest as soon as what should we do? >> i think when a government is trying and the libyan government has apologized profusely and trying now to protect american, the tunisian government, then we have to work with them. but i think when they're not trying and they've certainly not in the case of egypt, i think there needs to be a penalty. a year ago, people overran the israeli embassy in cairo and they were all let off with suspended sentences. nothing. so i think we need to say to the egyptian, there's a price to pay if you're not going to protect
5:42 pm
our embassy. we were out there last week, we had a group promising them a billion dollars, a billion dollars in loan forgiveness. maybe we ought to forget about that for a while. >> heather: $1.5 billion in aid combined to egypt and libya. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. thank you. >> gregg: pursuit of justice begins in the deaths of four americans killed at the u.s. consulate in libya. judge jeanine pirro will be here to weigh in. the legal path ahead coming up, next. tuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's puttg more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy his year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real thin... for real. ...that make a real difference.
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5:46 pm
>> gregg: welcome back. president obama and other u.s. officials now in the justice will be served in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate and benghazi. the f.b.i. is now, according to reports, on the ground in libya. you can bet the c.i.a. is there and a whole lot of other americans trying to track down those responsible for the deaths
5:47 pm
of four u.s. citizens, including the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. joining us now is judge jeanine pirro, host of "justice" with judge jeanine. let's assume the f.b.i. or whomever, american forces find these killers. what can we do? >> it's interesting, gregg, because right now there are four people who are in custody that are believed to be part of the instigation of this assault on the consulate in libya. but the question is, if the f.b.i. does end up catching and identifying the people who killed our ambassador and three other americans, we have jurisdiction and the ability to bring them back to the united states, try them in the united states, although i imagine that if the libyans caught them, assuming they would do that, that they would then maybe be pressured into bringing them before the international tribunal at the hague. the international court. but then the question is, is it an act of war?
5:48 pm
this is a terrorist attack, supposedly. >> gregg: on sovereign american property. >> even in another country. do we have to bring them to a civil court? you know. we've got this u.s. attorney who thinks -- or attorney general that we should try the terrorists down here in the southern district in new york, which is a civil court. but even more than that, gregg, the question is, can the families of those killed in some way say to the american government, look, you didn't take care of our families. it was 9-11. you didn't provide security. you were negligent. you didn't listen to the chatter or what you may have been reporting on. the american government has sovereign immunity from lawsuit and the libyan got is not on the state sponsored terror list. so we are not in a position to be -- >> gregg: even if the united states government had actual notice of a pending attack and one has to assume they had constructive notice because as heather pointed out, there are four different attacks either on
5:49 pm
that benghazi consulate, on western agencies or western diplomats. my goodness, there is notice here. there is actual notice of danger. the "new york post" is reporting today that the u.s. ambassador was assassinated actually that very morning, had breakfast with a colleague and he talked about how worried he was about security and the danger. >> well, and the problem is that the united states government has sovereign immunity. you understand that. >> gregg: how about going after the libyans. >> it's a exec elimination under the act, then there is no indication that -- no way that you can actually recover. will the american government come through for the families of those killed? absolutely. but the problem is that i think that the american people are angry about this, as well they should be. if the report you just cited is one where the ambassador himself was concerned, then, you know, we have to start thinking about
5:50 pm
protecting americans in a better way. >> gregg: all right. you can catch "justice" with judge gentleman mean here on the fox news channel. she'll be talking about this and a whole lot more. thanks very much for being here. >> thank you. >> gregg: and we will be right back. don't go away ring so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering honoring america's troops., sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering which is actually in tquite fitting becauseade sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them.
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inform welcome back. brand-new polls by rasmussen reports showing governor mitt romney pulling ahead of president obama. >> heather: governor romney with 48%. the president, 46%. but romney's numbers still within the margin of error. so let's bring in scott rasmussen of rasmussen and author of "the people's money." scott, still anyone's ball game, right? >> this race is right where it was before the conventions. there were these two big parties. it's a toss-up. anybody who tells you they know who is going to win this race is either lying to you or druiding themselves -- delewding themselves. >> gregg: the national poll airplane, when you get down to it distant matter. it matters how many states you win and electoral votes. bunch of key swing states, you took a look at three of them. florida, north carolina, ohio, what did you find out? >> north carolina is a state that is moving more comfortably
5:55 pm
into mitt romney's territory. he's up 6 points right now. but in the other two, ohio and florida, the president has a very narrow lead. gregg, ohio and florida are absolute must win states for mitt romney. he can not split them. he has to win both. so the fact that he's trailing even bay point or two in each of those states is a little bit of a cause for concern for team romney. >> heather: it's all about the numbers and other numbers people are looking at, the economy. so which candidate, president obama or romney, do voters trust more to fix the economy? >> overall on the economy, mitt romney is trusted by 50% of voters. president obama, more by 43%. those numbers a little better for romney than they were a week or two ago, but not quite as good as they were a couple of months ago. a number of republicans are concerned that mitt romney hasn't made a stronger case to really lock up this question on the economy a little more. >> gregg: on job creation?
5:56 pm
>> that's right. the specifics of job creation, president obama looks much stronger. 47% say the president is trusted more. they trust the president more on job creation. only 45% trust romney. with these numbers, when you look deeper, voters don't really trust either guy all that much on job creation. they're very concerned. >> gregg: all right. scott rasmussen, great stuff. always interesting to talk to you. thanks very much. >> thanks, gregg. >> heather: that does it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. >> gregg: and we will see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. have a great and safe weekend. >> heather: bye [ engine revving ]
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