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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 16, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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the message is showing long term thinking. >> that is it for this week's she. and thank you for watching. we hope to see you here next week. ♪ >> arab spring? yeah, right. isn't spring supposed to herald a new ging? hello, welcome to justice. i am judge janine pirro. 18 months ago we cheered when the middle east was in the midst of the arab spring. we identified with the protestors in the levi genes and gap t-shirts and atransacted to them the best of intention and marveled at the use of twitter and facebook and social media and we trumpeted their move to democracy. they are just like us. look. they are even tweeting like
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us. flatteryill get you everywhere with the obama administration. the white house was so charmed that they threw egyptian hosnimubarak, an ally who provided us with intelience and in a region smoulder with american hatred under the bus. we didn't know who would replace them. the muslim brotherhood wear suits and they look pretty good 18 months later, the middle east is on fire. our flag is burning in 20 countries. why do i feel like i had seen this movie before? american embassies on fire and american flags desecrate americans kill chants in 20 nations of death to america? didn't i see this movie during
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the carter administration? are we that gullible? are we that weak? it wasn't two months ago that hilary clinton talked about obama forgives one billion of the billions that egypt owes us. are we so so weak that the president of egypt who of ared two billion dollars. two billion of our taxpayers dollars and takes him two days to condemn the murder of an american ambassador and three other officials? are we that weak to ignore four assaults in benghazi in the last several weeks? does the obama administration see no evil but hear no evil? these assaults with rocket propelled grerngrenades and explosive devices foreshadowed the deadly violence that
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occurred on the anniversary of 9/11. oh, yes. i have seen this movie before. the obama administration apparently didn't. with them, flattery will get you everywhere. i guess they never read about the trojan horse. and this is a fox news alert. the state department is ordering that all family members and nonessential u.s. government personnel leave sudan and tunisia. get right to greg who is there. >> good evening, greg. >> hey, judge, the state department warning a u.s. citizens not to travel here to tunisia. if you are here use extreme caution . we spoke to one official and that person was cautious all of this in response of the
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violence that was seen here in the u.s. embassy yesterday and thousands of protestors outside of the embassy and some scaled over the wall and looted and smashing windows. no embassy staffers were hurt. four protestors killed and 50 injured and that prompted a show of force from the tunisian embassy. we were outside and we saw armored carriiers and all precautionary the interior minister apologizing for not protecting the facility. tunisia is a moderate islamic. there are scary characters. next door in libya. a complex terror manhunt is just ging. for - beginning. for the ones who killed the
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ambassador. ther set to be in libya and traveling to benghazi and marines are already there. and two destroyers will be off of the coast of libya and overhead surveliance drones and aircraft, in fact some of them were shot at yesterday by islamist in the eastern side of the country, a sign of how difficult that manhunt will be. security on shore and the government not necessarily in complete control of the territory. judge? >> i understand that four people are in custody for being involved in the instigation of what happened in libya. do you have anything else on that? >> it happened pretty fast judge andly the government has not specified who they are and what they were involved with. and a lot of people are taking
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a step back from how serious that is. again, the fbi will go in there and it is not their terrain. and it is it a lot of different characters and it is it a dangerous situation and it is difficult for them and they will have to rely on the government in which critics say is not quick enough to respond to the islamicist threat. >> stay safe out there. and now the latest from egypt. leland? >> good morning, judge. 3:00 a.m. right here right now. and you might describe it as a intense calm in tahir square. hundreds if not thousands of riot police trying to make sure there would be no problems after violent protest. overnight last night. protestors and the riot police a lot of tear gas filled the
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street and the spell of tear gas and rubber bullets and one person killed boy a shot gun place fired by the security forces. they numbered in the thousands and carrying pictures of osama bin laden and chanting. obama, we are all osama. and carrying that black islamic flag that is on the un embassy. it is it part of the protest. al-qaida and the arabian peninsula praised the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed four people calling for more people and calling for more attacks . security is stepped up significantly in the u.s. embassy. and we are down the road from the embassy compound hundred yards to my left is a huge
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concrete barrier that is built to prevent any one or car or truck from driving near the u.s. embassy compound we are told by local media and confirm would by a local intelligence officer as of now there is a credible threat made in cairo and that was made by a jihadist group and they don't know what the threat is it. and it is it a tense situation here in cairo as they try to deal with the protest issue and burning american flags and chanting deaths to america and a potential bombing here in cairo, judges. >> thank you so much. and with me now is it retired four star general and chief-of-staff and military analyst general jack ceem that
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is result of people who are angry over the film that is that they say is an insult to mohamed. and today in the new york times, and i am reading from it the broadening of the protest appear to reflect a pent-up resentment of western powers in general. now, what is amazing about that. there is no discussion of religion. i mean, really? is this really pent-up resentment of western power? >> no, i think specifically taking libya where there is a catastrophe. there is a attacks all summer. british ambassador was attack motor cade with an rpg.
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and another consulate was attacked and we have a pattern of specific aggressive attacks and finally our consulate is attacked that is it a movement that is doing that and coordinated the people who are doing that. and i don't think that any film or any 9/11 may be the day they chose to do it because of the significance. but that is it people who are out of power and moderates in power in libya and undermine the government and foreign powers are the targets and obviously an agency is a target. and so clearly there is a pattern dismiss it as pent up frustration diminishes the significance. >> and look at the other side of it if there were four attacks and ieds. just prior to 9/11.
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shouldn't we have ramped up our own security begin the significance of 9/11 and the incident that happened just before in benghazi? >> we'll do an investigation of what the security requirements are and common sense will tell you that our security for that ambassador and consulate is totally inadequate and if we do that and put the proper security in place. rest assured what ever it looks like 30 days from now is what it should have been prior to the assault. judge pirro. you have to understand libya is a threat area. we were in baghdad and put our embassy in threat and also in kabul, that was a threat area. we put an embassy in place to defend itself. that is the samuation in libya. those host nation forces are
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not capable of defending fixed installations and we need resources and keep those people safe or they shouldn't be when you think about the war in iraq. where did most of the anti-u.s. soldiers and militants come from? they came from benghazi. it is not like we didn't know there is it a problem >> look. every country in the region has a radical islamic movement that is operating inside of it. and they move fighters around you they make no mistake about it and final question. have we gained anything by our involvement in the middle east? should we change our strategy.
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and like any president wouldn't. given what is happening to us. and our policy now is unstate we saw it unfold over the last three plus years we are disengaging from the middle east. our friends say why aren't you standing here with us. look at iran. permitting them to have a nuclear weapon and we have a feckless policy that is not standing up to them and we are pulling out of iraq despite the recommendation and turn it over to iranian influence and time table in afghanistan as well >> thank you so much. and are we angry enough over the violence in the middle east? ambassador bolton next and finding justice for four americans killed in [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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libya. >> we need a hard diplomatic stance to get our american citizens and embassies closed down and look at representatives and diplomats and tell them to go home and figure out what they will do and the relationship they will have with the united states and control radical islamism in their country. >> congressman allen west will join us for tomorrow for a special edition of justice. definitely the question is, be those governments control the radical islamist. good evening, ambassador. >> good tock with you. >> ambassador, why is this
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happening? >> i think what is been going across the middle east for the several yearings has been a wave of radical islamism. a high loo politicizing version of an extreme interpretation of the muslim religion and it is it gaining force it most vividly in the terrorist actions that hes bollah and hamas. and we see it as the 18 months of what some people thought was arab spring. it was not a democracy movement and may have been against the rulers in libya and tunisia and else where. but it was not for a swift democracy. the proof is in the streets that's threat we face. >> this is it a country we
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help tod liberate. benghazi is a city that we defended. how could we not have known that based on the instances that we are hearing about now that something might happen on 9/11? it was a massive failure of intelligence which is a possibility. the state department thought it was operate nothing a benign environment that it didn't need to gather intelligence and i am worried, it is more likely the latter explanation and it speaks to a world view that is flawed. ip supported overthrowing gaddafi once he threatened with terrorism. but who do you replace him? here 18 months after it started. the writ of the central government does not run country wide. there is it a risk of
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fralmentation and terrorist will take root in the meditarianium. and this is spreading in the region. and we don't understand what the risks are. president likes to say gaddafi is overturned without any american casulties. there is an un envoy to talk to president assaud. he killed 20,000, of his own people. does the un really think he will help us with this? >> the envoy may be a little bit more realistic than the state department. he said his job is almost impossible. i would delete almost.
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and the state department operated on the assumption that we could chitchat russell to help ease assaud out of power this is a missed perception. >> and should we consider stop giving money to egypt and libya that americans give. >> i would say privately, but maybe not publicly. if anything like 9/11 happens again they can kiss our mobby goodbye. they can't protection for official americans and many americans who are at risk. >> thank you for joining us. >> look who is responsible for the murder of innocent americans in the middle east. and special insight about
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chris stevens from someone who knew him before he was an ambassador. are you okay, babe? i'm fine. ♪ ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> will we ever know who murdered ambassador stevens and the three others in libya.
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intelligence is poigning to the al-qaida linked group anshar al sarah. and eric stapleback is with us now. >> great to be with you. >> eric, we watched the muslim brotherhood rise to power and now hearing about the al sharia. and who are they and should we have known? >> we should have known. onswar al sharia is one of the radical milt -- millitias. they are a group that set up shop in benghazi where the consulate was attacked. we should have known because for two decades al-qaida had a presence in benghazi. i have interviewed former libyan jihadist.
12:25 am
yes, they had connections. a few hundred guys and a lot of them young and trabetrying to take power in institution no, sir benghazi . local and city institutions and really flex their muscles, judge. they are a part of the rise of the muslim brotherhood courtesy of the arab spring. but another group is it the sulaphi. this is osama bin laden, al-qaida islam. brotherhood on one head and salaties they are violent and unlike the brotherhood they don't hide their true intentions and that's who they are. >> and the brotherhood has no control over them, is that what you are saying? >> that is it a million dollar question, judge. how close are the brotherhood and salafies coordinating in egypt. morsi, is trying to wipe his
12:26 am
hans of everything that happened in the embassy that was driven by the sulafies. different tactics and the brotherhood. suits and ties and eloquent and fluent in english. they don't tell you their true agenda. and the salatiesment said we want jihad and sharia now. it is same goals but different tactics. >> with respect to where we go from here. the united states has any influence now? it took two days for you know, morsi to even give his condollence for the death of americans. do we have control? does anything follow the money? >> no, we don't have much control. the entire region is in flame in sud an, australia, london,
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and indonesia seen massive protest in the american embassy and the time of flexing our empties under this administration is gone. >> can i ask a question: when you look at australia and paryis all of the other places, was the hatred for america so close what is going on that we couldn't sense it? could we not have known about it? >> you have to be asleep since 9/11 and 1979, where this wave of radical islam modern day kicked off and in places like europe. you have growing muslim populations and they are radicalize that's why london is london istan. no surprise. we have seen these rise 18 months ago, ambassador bolton who you had on, said this is not anything going to be good.
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we are taking out bad guys, secular guys. but replacing them with radical islam who are bent on america's destruction. the obama administration didn't see that. i guess. >> as the saying goes. better off with the devil you know than the devul you don't. eric thank you soap much toint. >> thank you, judge. and coming up president obama's questionable support of israel? we'll get the latest live from jerusalem and later, how did we not know these attacks were coming?
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live from america's news headquarters, fbi agents have arrested an 18-year-old american, they say he wanted to blow up a downtown chicago
12:31 am
bar. the suspect reportedly made comments online about killing americans in the name of jihad. under cover agents supplied a phony car bomb. prosecutors say the teenager mentioned 29 other possible targets. and also, in chicago thousands of teachers gathering that city's union park in a show of solidarity. we do know the union and chicago school districts say there is a framework of a deal. and union members say they need it in writing. we can see hundreds of thousands of children returning to classes on sunday. now back to justice with judge janine. dition of fox report at the top of the hour. this is it a fox news alert. anti-american protestors spreading to 20 countries in the middle east. rick is live from jerusalem.
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good evening, rick. >> good evening, judge. al-qaida and yemen urging fires to set the fires blazing and the mideast was quieter we saw trouble in europe and down under. in paris today hundreds gathered outside of the u.s. embassy in a protest that was unauthorize sparked by calls to action on facebook. numbers grew to more than 250 in paris. people there said they were denouncing the people in the u.s. that ipsulted the prophet mohamud. four officers slightly injured in paris. but the scene was worse in belgium when couple of hundred young muslims protested. chanting obama go to hell and hollywood go to hell some carrying black flags associated with radical islam they used sticks and spray to
12:33 am
detain them. and in australia antiof had american slogans in the american embassy and throwing shoes and forced clashes with the police. and one officer was hit in the head with a bottle. and num arous protestors were hurt and not all were violent but al-qaida in yemen urging more attacks and concern about where it may go in the days and weeks ahead, judge. >> rick, stay safe. >> president obama shocked foreign policy experts when he said he wouldn't consider egypt our ally. mitt romney said obama was sending out mixed sig nams whompt who is on our side? with us is a house committee
12:34 am
member on intelligence pete hucstra and congressman and candidate and chairman of the house intelligence commission. good evening. >> good evening, judge. >> we are seeing so-called allies out there to whom we give billions was dollars are not responding the way we would expect an alley to respond. right now, the sudan is refusing to allow our request to send in a platoon of marines to bolster security outside of our embassy. i will start with you, congressman nuniz. what is going on? why are the countries not respecting us. the arab pring is now turned boo the arab winter and it is over simplistic for the obama
12:35 am
administration to continue talk being a 14 minute youtube video that caused that is over simplistic and because they are trying to avoid anything before the campaign what is happening here, every country is different there is it multiple problems within each country, but boil it down to two important points. one they have an economic problem that is drin by rising commodity prices especially rising food prices. q. with that and the combination of young people and economic problems, you have a great opportunity for chaos. >> you know, i will go to congressman huskstra, but the truth is, if young people have no job and why are they taking it out on us, the country that gives them literally billions of dollars? >> it goes back to 2009 when
12:36 am
president obama made the speech in cairo. he set high expectations and said he would reset our relationship with the muslim world. i think what a lot of people in the muslim world heard was that the relationship between the u.s. anderal was going to change and there might be an agreement the muslim world and solving the palestinian problem and what devon was talk being. they saw a hope for economic opportunity and they heard that gitmo would be close people in the cia was prosecuted. it is it a new era where america is respecting the muslim world and they have not seen those expectations that president obama never filled and we felt short and we are seeing that resentment boiling yup as devon said it is not about a 14-minute movie it is it a failure of leadership.
12:37 am
we did reset. >> congressman nuniz. have we lost respect. and has the obama administration put america in light of being weak and not able to respond? >> it is not just about losing respect . they are kids and they are following radical islamiced wellers who are trying to control the counselry. they are extremist and they have a lot of problems and every country is different. don't forget the big question. how close is iran to getting a nuclear weapon. we can transform from an arab winter into a nuclear winter very, very soon if it hasn't happened already. >> that is frightening and congressman huskstra. the fact that iran is closer to getting a nuclear weapon. isn't if more important than
12:38 am
ever for the obama administration to ally itself with israel, the only neighborhood that is not burning our flag and hate us? >> the bottom line, the way to contain iran was to have strong relationship with israel, but also have a strong relationship with saudi arabia, and egypt and the other countries in the area who are frightened of a nuclear iran. but remember this president said we would move our focus and move it to asia and lead from behind. we have less engagement and the end result, iran is closer to a nuclear weapon israel labe isolated and the middle east is in flames. this policy is a disaster since 2009. it is not working. >> all right. and the shame of it is, a president who flies to las
12:39 am
vegas to a fund raiser in the middle of the middle east burning. thank you. and deputy speaker of theraleral knesset joins us. danny, for being with us. >> it is it great to be on your show, judge. >> all right. danny, you are with the knesset anderaleral parliment. what are the people of israel think . united states? do you they think we are standing with them? >> we know that the american people are behind us. but what we see coming from washington is confusement. it is like in june 2009. he came to cairo he didn't come to visit us in jerusalem and in cairo trying to tell the muslim radicals we will talk . people see it as a sign of
12:40 am
weakness and today we see the results of the appeasement we knew it and now i think also you in the united states are seeing the result of the appeasement policy. the latest problem seems to be that prime minister netanyahu wanted to meet with the president and at first, the white house said that they never, netanyahu never asked. they say our schedules conflicted. do the people of israel be concerned about that as well. well, we are very concerned, judge and see the continuation of president obama's policy regarding israel we have a strong connection and same values and heritage unfortunately the same enemies. they are burning theraleral flag and american flag. it is just they hate us.
12:41 am
it is it a religion of radical muslim they don't care how much money you are giving them. prime minister netanyahu must meet with president obama to discuss the issue much iran. it is much more important than any other thing. >> and it is it president obama's suggestion that israel aboud by the 367 borders. and let me ask you one final question: are people in israel concerned that there will be a war in the middle east? >> judge, in my book i just published. unfortunately we have to engage in a conflict. and because of the hatred,
12:42 am
they are teaching their children it is going to happen. we are getting ready for the next conflict. and one thing i will guarantee you we can't allow iran to get a nuclear weapon. >> what do you want to see from the united states? >> we want to see leadership. i would prefer to see a president who said we are not supporting you it is it a lack of leadership when he is deciding not to decide he is telling us hold your horses and don't do what he is intending to do. you see the border mass cure. you understand who is the good and bad guys.
12:43 am
state your namely needs the moral core. thank you for joining us this eveningment >> coming up. one of those injured in the 1984 attack in the embassy in birut. and later we are going to hear from ambassador chris
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>> the united states prides itself on the intelligence no warning was issued before the brutal attack in libya that claimed the lives of four american officials. how does that happen? and how was the consulate penetrated? we'll ask former cia mike baker and rich brewer guarding
12:46 am
our bass bazs and injured in a suicide bomb blast in the bierut embassy. how did we not know it was going to happen? it was the anniversary of 9/11 and we are in a country known for turmoil. >> benghazi is probably a thousand kilometers of bad desert highway between benghazi and tripoli. you are in an outpost and several attacks. the problem i have with it and weapons all over the place. armories were pill -- pilfered and no government or military police. >> why is our ambassador there. >> did we miss a piece of intelligence? no. these people lost their lives because over a year ago, the
12:47 am
state department didn't assess the risk which is it pretty clear. this is the fact that you could look at that ground environment a year ago and say it is a war zone the fact that they left the security up to libyan guards who came from couple of militias the libyan or host government is obligated to provide security what they did. they provide libyan security guards from a couple of militials. >> it is about the obama administration not protecting our ambassadors and officials. is this denine and -- benign or just tone deaf. it is a mistake in this case. i don't know whether it is indictative of other posts. i haven't seen, obviously in iraq and afghanistan we have
12:48 am
heavy security. but in libya, i don't understand. the state department and regional security officers are a terrific bunch of people. i don't understand how they, they missed the risk assessment on this facility? >> a civilian could predict that. it is 9/11 in libya. you are a marine and guarding the embassy, why was their no marines there? >> the administration miss today by a lone shot. a month or year ago, we should have had fast team necessary place like libya and sud an. >> and a fast team quick response if there is a problem? >> no, we should have had these, these fast teams or the fleet of anti-terrorist security that we are trying to deploy. sudan is refusing to allow a fast team in place. i hope that the obama administration forces it right down their throat. >> we had to beg president
12:49 am
morsi from egypt to apologize or send condollence. not apologize. why did he not have the ambassador have the security he deserved. >> the fast team should have been in plast last year. the obama administration has put too much confidence in transitional governments that do not have any infrastructure in place yet. >> that is nigh eve. and you are giving them the benefit. we don't have a lot of time here. what about the fact that you have an ambassador's missing eight hours and dragged through the streets. they said they were taking him to the hospital. i saw the streets. they were not taking him to the hospital. why did that fire on the safe house for two hours? >> here's the problem.
12:50 am
you don't want to just say okay, how did this go wrong on that day? >> this went wrong a year ago when we didn't do this properly it is it an outpost. benghazi is on the eastern sides of lib yampt and people in benghazi don't like the people in tripoli they have been in war with their own government and there is government there. >> and i have to stress in my experience, when we got hit with a car bomb in lebanon, we had two nationals guarding our gate. two. and they drove that car bomb right through on us. >> mike baker and rich brewer. mike will be back with us tomorrow night. thank you for giving your assess am. we remember the life and achievements was ambassador chris fer stevens. what's with you?
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>> we honor the four who died this week in the attack in benghazi, libiasm ambassador chris fer stevens was by all accounts a dedicated member of the foreign service. a skill would diplomat with a passion for the middle east. with us is david lavine who was ambassador stevens, law professor. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, judge. i want to extend the condollences why the families on this very sad night. >> we certainly all do. it is a heart renderinguation for those families. but professor, when you first met the ambassador he was a
12:55 am
law student. >> he was in my civil prosodure class in the mid80s. he came to us after his stint in the peace corp. and he's the guy who had a confidence. not cockiness. but confidence about him. and he was funny and great smile, and he was a friendly person and everyone liked him. he would come to my office hours and we would chat. >> he's one of the guys who stood out. a few stand out and chris was one of those. >> when he was a student in our civil prosodure class, was there any indication that he would go in international law or become enchanted by the middle east? >> he already had that love. he was interested in international law and going to foreign service at that point. it was going into the peace corp in morroco. turned him on to the middle
12:56 am
east and set his path. law school was manage he want tod do and whether it would lead him to the international law. that gave him confidence. he didn't come to law school and i came for no particular reason. he had goals and you could see that. >> professor, were you surprised to hear he was speaking arabic fluently and had a love for the middle east? >> well, i knew along the way, it is not that he spoke arabic in civil procedure. >> no, he had to learn it. >> little latin is all. and no, he spoke arabic and french. he was an accomplished guy. >> how was it that you cep in touch with him? >> he would stay in touch and stop by from time to time. we ran into each other in the 4th of july parade in
12:57 am
peidmont. they do a red, white and blue 4th of july and it was a great parade and we got a good chance to catch up i would hear from him time to time when our dean sent a not of congratulations on behalf of the school. chris was kind enough of including me and other professors who he remembered fondly. >> i want to thank you for sharing with us. >> that's it for tonight thanks for joining us and be sure to join us tomorrow night eastern time for a special edition of justice for edition of justice for amer people we rely on in the morning
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