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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 17, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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alzheimer' have a great week. we'll see you next fox news season. sunday next, huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee . u.s. embassies are underattack as chaos breaks out in the middle east. >> how quickly this began and turned violent. >> who is behind the attacks? here's the latest. and federal chairman ben bernanke launches another stimulus. >> what we are trying to do is create jobs and employment. >> but is it an effort to save one man's job? >> plus, what if i toweled
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jesus came to abolish religion . >> he is a christian who loves jesus. for religion, i hate it and literally resent it >> utube sensation jeff joins the governor tonight. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> mike: thank you. wow. what a great audience we have here tonight and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. we hear the latest job numbers and they are not good. they are dismal. estimated 23 million americans don't have jobs beyond those numbers there are real people and some of them are in a world of hurt. i have a special friend in iowa and got to know her in -- and her family in 2008. she is a beautiful young lady
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and a some say a special needs child but i prefer to say she is truly special. yesterday, wendy went to work like she has in the past len years in the local wendy restaurant but it was locked up and a sign on the front said it was closed. and the manager explainedine though the store was doing well. but the company said it needed renovation in this economy it was not enough money for the cost. for a while she just sate -a sat in her room and then she said, i think god is telling me right now, i am not feeling too good. i have a frosty key chain and i couldn't use it she could get a free small frosty in the end of the shift with her key chain. when i was in iowa.
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her partners try to bring wendy to see me she came and gave me a big hug. i wish i could give her one right now. more than that, i wish i could get wendy and her job back. barak obama and mitt romney will slug it out and talk about economy and jobs and what they'll do to make things better. i truly believe president obama wishes things were better. but after watching his plans fail for four years, i doubt he will make them better. i do think mitt romney understands if they don't have a job they can't buy a hamburger and if wendy's isn't selling enough hamburgers and the ever-rising food prices they will close people like my special friend wendy won't have a job. i don't expect barak obama or mitt romney to fix it all by themselves. and i know they can't
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personally keep every windy's open. and so my friend wendy will have a job. i would like bark obama and mitt romney to be able to look wendy in the eyes and convince her and me that they really understand who she is. and she matters as much as any banker or broker on wall street that got balled out of their trouble it is not just jobs, it is people. they don't care about the politics. they just want to feel good again. and investigators are not saying that the attack in libya was planned or carried out by a specific that attack happened on thursday sept september 11th. and the white house press 60 said they don't hate us. they are just angry over a film trailer . >> it is in response not to
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the united states policy or obviously the administration or the american people. it is in response to a video. a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. >> mike: sure, that is all about a video. so, how has this administration handled the crisis? my first guest is on the house intelligence committee. please welcome michelle bachmann. [applause] good to see you and thank you for coming. >> thank you. good to be here with you. [applause] >> mike: congresswoman, the white house is blaming all of this on a movie trailer for a movie that no one has seen and trying to say that all of this
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violence was stird up because people saw a film. your thoughts, and what we are dealing with is a film? >> it is the excuse but we know what is happening since 2005. the pen muslim countries in the world had a plan for 10 years and want to force all of the rest of the world to be in compliance with their religious law. it is called sharia law and want nonmuslims to follow their laws and what i want people to know. we are not the problem. the problem are the islamics that are demanding we follow their religious laws. this is not being mean to muslim. we are not being mean to muslim. in this country we believe in religious tolerance. if you are a catholic or jew or muslim and hin did the it
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is a different view this has serious conquences. our state department agreed with something and pushed with the muslim countries, un resolution 1618 and what it does is criminalize speech. it said to countries in the world. you can't say anything negative about islam. not any other religion but islam. >> mike: it is troubling that in the after math of the attacks on egypt and libya. that the immediate response was tell everyone they can't say anything that offends the muslims. wait a minute people say things that offend me and i don't storm the walls of the city hall. >> take a look that the radical islamics have about jews and christians. jews should sleep with the eyes open and they intend to
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defeat israel and kill jews and they intend to defeat the united states. there is it terrible hateful speech on the jews and christians and they are serious about that. we are not the problem. the problem is the evil that is coming from the islamist that intend to defeat and kill jews and christians. >> mike: immediately after the attacks on egypt. mitt romney came forward and issued a strong statement because of the message out of the embassy and he said, we are not apologizing for us mirns and will not blame ourselves for the attacks the press did all over him and republican pundints. they were more upset by mitt romney taking a strong stand and than they were about burning our flag and desecrate it help me to understand what
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is the reason that there was a back lash over what he said and when he said it? >> it is because the state department that issued the statement was absolutely wrong. here in the middle of all of the carnage they were trying to prevent the mayhem start negligent cairo and they knew. we apologize. and wepologiize and continuing was a terrible movie and it didn't stop it at all. it continued to inflame mitt romney was right. and we don't go out as a country and apologize for these people who are attacking our embassy. we don't apologize to them. they are doing wrong by us he was right. mitt romney was right. and the problem is, governor, this statement epitomizes the current administration. bark obama's policy is that statement because now hilary
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clinton and barak obama are abiding by the union -- un resolution that our government will not say anything negative about islam. that is handcuffs that you put on the entire government. >> mike: it really is. there was a letter that came out of the egyptian intelligence service warning about the terrorist attack against u.s. anderaleral bass baz in cairo. this letter was written on the fourth of september and published on the jerusalem post on the 11th. if we lack intelligence. we could read the jerusalem post and pick tup. i don't mean to be facilous. did this get talked about the intelligence committee. >> our committee is all classified materials and we had a meeting with the cia
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director and briefed on the issue and i am not at liberty to talk about that and as everyone appreciates and understands. it is it clear knowing that it is it, september lenth, - 11th. we should have beefed up security. one thing we have to make clear to the world. that the obama administration. we will not elevate islamic sharia law over the constitution. we'll not abide by sharia. but the constitution . the constitution provides for freedom of speech and our government is not to prefer a religion. when our government said we will not say anything about islam. we can't do that as a country. we have to get back to common sense and realize we are americans and we have nothing to be ashamed of and stand on the constitution and we will
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never abide by sharia law in america. >> mike: very well said. and we will continue along the line and talk about the events in the middle east. and talk to congresswoman bauchman about the impeding fiscal cliff that why are ab
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are to go to fox >> mike: congresswoman, you
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were critical of obama's actions. let's talk to that. and how do you feel he handled the after math of this situation to concerns that you had a year ago. i said it was wrong per barak obama to come in. and he started bombing libya and gaddafi, no one loved gaddafi and he was neutral and working with us on different issues and now the problem was. we knew we had a lot of al-qaida in libya and recruited to kill our troops in iraq. if you desuppose gaddafi, the question is who is next? who will take over. that's the problem that we are seeing in libya? it is complete lawlessness in a break down of society and a lot of weapons that went missing when gaddafi was desupposed and a lot of those
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weapons are now in the middle east. >> mike: one of the people killed hours before he was killed, he said we are fearful that there will be an attack. i hope we don't die tonight. he said one of the guards had taken photos of the embassy and safe house. we know it was not a spontanous effort because you don't have rocket grenade launchers. they captured a number of secret documents out of the embassy and contained of contacts in libya. going forward, what do we learn? you are on the oversite committee. what do you say to the intelligences and military so that this doesn't happen
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again>> it is the projection of strength. when barak obama made it clear, that the united states was not standing behind israel. that changed the dynamic in the middle east? when barak obama sent one unmistaken signal. to even when the state department will not say jerusalem is the capitol of israel. and when the united states took a step back under barak obama's direction that changed the dynamic. we have to send a signal. you punish bad behavior. that's what we need to do and reward good behavior. the president should cancel his meeting with david letterman and beyonce and jay z and schedule with benjamin
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netanyahu and he should stand up and say we will not only recognize jerusalem as the capitol but we'll move our embassy from teleavive to jerusalem. >> mike:ip wish it would happen. i need to ask you one quick question about the economy. we are headed toward what is described as a fiscal cliff that we are going to fall over. what must we do to prevent it >> it is called tax magedon. we need to continue the current tax rates as they are. last thing we need to do is increase taxes. on january 1st it is tax magedon. it is in my drict in minnesota increase of taxes of the average household and someone making $50,000 joint income of
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$400-- $4739 per household. they have lost that much in income in the last four years. and gas prices have doubled. you saw wendy and what happened with her life. if you have an average household looking at an increase. we are talking about average americans. very few americans, mike can afford that increase. this is going to set us way back and a certainty of recession and what we have to do is make sure taxes don't go up and cut back on all of the wasteful spending . >> mike: hopefully convince the colleagues to go on along with you. thanks for being here. >> harris: thank you . >> mike: you heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thipping over and over and over and expect
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being different resultings. after printing money to get the economy going and failing, guess what the fed did again this week. charlie from the fox business net work is here to tell us what they did. ir
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>> >> mike: that is an attempt to help the economy recovery and create more jobs. charlie said the federal reserve chairman is biding time to keep the president from losing his job. charlie joins me now. charlie, you wrote a powerful article this week and spoke to the idea that ben bernanke is
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doing something because obama is doing nothing. >> a lot of people critize bernanke's move and he is throwing a life line and help the president's chances of election. i don't think it is quite that. i think the federal reserve chairman knows that fiscal policy, the policy of the white house and bush and monetary policy. fiscal policy is not working. what does he have to do. he has to print more money. what is ben bernanke afraid of. a double dip recession and us going into a depression. is that totally out of the question? i don't think so. you look at the numbers, unemployment goes down because the labor market shrinks. and median income is lowest since 1995. and take the stock market out of it. and regular people are not in
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the stock market. you look at those numbers and it is scary and that's what bernanke is worried about. >> mike: pern bern was appointed by a republican. and he is a republican and he was kept by the obama administration . i necessarily believe he is pushing obama. he is trying to figure out if there is anything i can do because it doesn't look like the president is doing anything. it is good for the interest rates to be low. >> so the banks will lend you money. >> mike: charlie, people can't get a simple loan. >> it is not just dodd frank. they are worrying about the future as well that's the odd thing about never before has so much money print so little time. remember since 2009. this is qu 3 and other qe. and operation twimpt >> mike:
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make sure that our viewers hear. it is not queen elizabeth cruise ship. it is quantitative easing. >> although it may be sinking. >> mike: i called titanic one and two and three. >> they go in there. the fed runs all of the banks and banks, we are going to buy bonds fru. ie, we are going to expand our balance sheet and give you money. meaning barchings have more money to lend out. guess what, they are worried about the future as well. i am telling you, when this began in 2009 a lot of smart economist said never had so much stimulus pumped in the economy. we have to have what is a v shape recovery. go way down and shoot back up. guess what, it hasn't happened. and the reason why. banks and businesses are
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coming what came out of washington. what do we do to fix this. >> this is my opinion. i think you need a more rational tax code plug loop holes and don't let big business get away with the tax breaks. and a lot of the business people believe it forget what i say. why are businesses not hiring people? >> they are afraid of the cap and trade guess what. obama care doesn't help. >> no, it doesn't. and this keeps interest lates low. and it keeps the low rates. and senior citizens who have depended on the interest from cd's and certificates of deposit, figure 300,000 would have brought in 1500 a month today, it brings in 250.
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>> think about it is good for the stock market and why does the stock market go up? because of all of the interest rates and returns on safer investments and u.s. government bonds and cd's and all of those rates are down. sophisticated investors go out and they bid up more risky assets. you are forcing people to invest in more risky assets. and that's what these moves do and creates commodity inflation. that's when the rubber meets the rod. and raise rates and create a recession. >> mike: charlie, you make a
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lot of sense. you should be in the government. but then he probably won't be because he does make a lot of sense. teacher necessary chicago are demanding more as students are left out in the cold. you will hear my reaction to the teacher strike and the foreign policy when we come back.t
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possible violations with the film. >> mike: even if you don't plan to vote for the same way i do. exercise your right to vote. a recent survey said people are likely to vote because of facebook or mail piece that urged them to vote. i am joining folks to launch a facebook event page and indicate you plan to vote and hopefully we'll start a movement in america to get people to vote. here's how to be apart. go to our vote
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you don't have to say how you might vote, but influence your friends to vote. it is our vote >> the president is highly critized over his reaction to the violence in the middle east. one of his comments kicks off quotes of the week. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally, but don't consider them a enemy. they are a new government trying to find its way. >> mike: you know, i heard that maybe 10 times and i am utterly baffled that the president of the united states is not sure whether egypt is an ally or enemy maybe because we don't have a foreign policy that is defined. here's what i do know. we have an ally called israel. and we haven't given them much
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back up when they have to take out the capacity of iran in the mean time if egypt is our ally how come we don't threaten to take away the billions we give when they don't intervene when our flag is it burned and stormed by vicious and violent people. prime minister netanyahu is it frustrated over our hesitation to stand with israel. >> the world testimonies israel. wait. there is still time. and i stay wait for what? wait until when? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran, don't
3:37 am
have a moral right to place a red line before israel. >> mike: i could not agree more with the prime minister. i believe that menge menge netanyahu is the church hill of our day. he truly understands the threat that exist and not only to the jews in israel. but he understands that they extend to the middle east and arab countris and the united states. iran is not a country that is rational despite the comments of the joints chiefs of staff which calmed it a rational country. there is it nothing rational about saying you want to wipe an entire country off of the map and denyinglet holocaust in which 10 million people six million of them were wiped out. there is nothing rational about murdering yours in the street because they protested
3:38 am
the outcome of an election. it is an irerational count reap with irerational goals and benjamin netanyahu is one of the rational people in the planet who sees that we are in a dangerous space and we can't wait and hope think that we would say something so polite and kind and refreshing. and they would back down and you know, you make such good sense when you speak sweet to us. good heavens, it is pime that want to kill us. >> it is september and the school system kick indeed full gear in the country except in chicago. teachers strikes have forced 350,000 students out of their classrooms this week. tichers feel beaten down in the count reap and feel beaten down because was test rather
3:39 am
than teacher driven policy and spike in poverty yedemand on them to do more with less and blame them when it doesn't work out. that is what created all of the frustration on the pickit line. >> i am for teachers and i never want to have anything i say interperted they didn't appreciate that we wouldn't do what they give if they gave us a pistol and whip and authority. and it is it a tough job. i wouldn't be where i am today without wonderful teacher public school system. my sister has been a teacher for 35 years. this is not loving and appreciating and honoring teep ares. in chicago. average teacher makes $79,000. and average person in chicago makes $40,000 the city offered
3:40 am
16 percent raise. and they wanted 30 pay increase. do you look at a 30 percent pay increase in our job? main of you are working for less money they don't want to be evaluated. neither do i. i would like to know that my show would go on and i would get a 30 percent pay raise even if no one watches. if you don't watch the i will be out to the streets selling hot dogs in manhattan. >> folks we get evaluated for the work we do and how well we do it. and that has to include educators and never right for a teacher to go on strike and leaving 3ep i kids to know what to do. and parents who can't pay their rent and food on their table because the teacher was not satisfied with a 16
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percent pay increase. that's why america is not that sympathetic with the teacher chicago: [applause] according to a new survey, 78 percent of the americans identify themselves as christians. coming up. a young man said christianity and religion are two different things and he has the internet buzzing about his videos.
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>> [applause] well he said he loves jesus and hates religion. his controversial message received 22 million hitos youtube. >> i mean if religion is so great why did it start so many wars and build churchs and
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fail to feed the poor. in the old testament god called religious people whores. >> please welcome jeff. >> thank you. >> mike: you know, some people think of you as a modern day prophet who is calling out the religious people for their own sins. how do you see yourself in the role. >> i love jesus and infatualitied with his grace and i think we add layers on top of him that completely mute and muffle how awesome and beautiful he s. i use my gift and what i like to do and peel it back and see who he really is. >> mike: you are getting in the heart of what faith is. and sometimes people equate faith with thippings that are earthly and temp oral one of the shots you took was at people who make politics equal to jesus. let's watch this one.
3:46 am
>> voting republican was not his mission . and it isn't automatically mean christian and you call people who are blind give you vision. >> mike: you know jesus was not a republican and didn't ride the elfapt down in the streets of jerusalem. >> i caught flack for that line. that was more ido thatry at the same time than political statement. and my whole point with that line is many things that the bible said is good. money, sex and set rampt and they make them ultimate they are bad. elevate politics and we are not getting our worth our identity is in jesus. you can tell if you made an idol on something if you demonize the people opposite of you. you can disagree with people.
3:47 am
but when you put it idol you demonize. i disagree and dialogue and epigauge and pursue true. if we worship and elevate politics more than they should be, we say the other people are the root of the problem. >> mike: i don't want anybody to listen. i think you are right. and i do think that the fact is, a lot of people elevate politics way beyond where it should. a hundred years from now. i will be a believer but not a republican. and that's what i happened. and i get it i totally get what you are saying. here's another message that you have getting a message that we want to see what you think about it. >> now in judging . quit putting on a fake if they know you are a christian only by the facebook. >> mike: that is it a good one
3:48 am
. don't put a fake look people will not only know you by the facebook. you could host the show but you will not get tompt talk about the fact that people put on the outward appearance in which it is loavely but they are not loavely inside. >> in the gospel jesus said the grouch people who everyone happenings speaks per god and the outside of the cup would be shiny but the inside is filthy n. the old testament god made it clear he is not after external behavior but after a heart that is trough for him. >> mike: by religion, how do you defoin them. should you not go to church. >> in my seattle portland, religion is on the street for more of the legalistic self rightous type of thing.
3:49 am
no way would i say church. i am a huge believer in church and on top of that it is more of an organd bride of christ and i never want people to take it that way. i never want to talk badly about christ's wife because i don't think it would go well for me. >> mike: are you shocked by the reaction. 22 million views. my gosh, man. there are rock stars that would like to have 22 million know who they are for heaven's sakes. is this a shock? >> i . i took a bet when we put it out six months ago we were betting dinner who will get the close views. lowest was 2000 and highest 8000 and was 1.8 million i still owe that guy dinner. >> mike: that is amazing. jeff said he didn't know jesus
3:50 am
always or talk about him or make you feel bad about what he said. i will ask him how he found jesus when w [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click,
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>> this is it true. no one was on to me. a church quid addicted to pornography. i was crate tod have sex and get wasted. i felt a facade of meekness now i know jesus, i boast in my weakness. >> mike: that is an unusual statement for people who never read the statement. and the whole point is i am strong and tough. what do you mean, boast in
3:54 am
weakness. paul said that. when you have jesus as your standing and jesus is representing you as a christian and on your behalf to the father. cuboast in your weakness and free it fail because you are not the one representing yourself. and christians should transparent and vulnerable people on earth. >> mike: did you come to an awareness of your personal faith late in life or did you have it as a kid. >> i grew up and had the cultural idea but god got ahold of my heart in college. i planted and launched a college ministry in the tacomma area. god got ahold of me then and i want to go to the campus and say this is why he's so awesome and better than other things calling you in college.
3:55 am
>> mike: jeff, i understand how this touches people in college and younger people. is it provocative to the point people are mad and critize you. >> there is staunch crit. >> mike: from religious people? >> it comes from everywhere. i have to say what am i getting critized for because i am a christian and what am i getting critized for and saying something stupid? it is it tough to sit in prayer. hey, jesus, is this because i am representing you or can i learn or grow here? >> mike: what is your long term goal? look, 22 million hits puts you in the stratos fire. >> up there with rebecca black. >> mike: and your message is better than rebecca black's song will ever be. obviously you struck a nerve with people.
3:56 am
and tell me what you hope to achieve long-term. >> i think we can get people to raise their hand for jesus my heart is to impact the college being demo and make disciples all over the nation and infect him with the grace. we are launching and we launched a college ministry in tacomma and our official launch is next week. >> that is go to the and we are in a super stage right now. i will be up there for a while and may even die there. >> mike: it is a remarkable kind of an approach you have taken and i am thrilled to be having you here. it is fresh and having someone take on the institutions and not being against it. and being for it to be authentic. and jeff, it is it a delight to have you here. thank you very, very much. and thank you for joining us.
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and i hope your life is authentic if it is not, jeff will come and get you. until next week, i am mike huckabee, good night and god bless. ♪ ♪
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