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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 18, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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vulpine when spouting off. what does it mean? i'm not telling beuse my third grade teacher once said to me, william, if you look the word up, you will never forget it. very true. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill please always remember the spin stops right here. we are looking out for you! >> tonight we start with the very latest out of cairo in egypt. after nearly a week of protests outside the embassy there, the walls that were breached by radicals are calm tonight. the violent crowds disappearing after a crackdown by police over the weekend but while the egyptian capital has quiet, all continue to protest in afghanistan. and in lebanon.
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the leader of hezbollah called for sustained protests before hundreds of thousands of cheering supporters. joining me now is our very own leland vidart, and he had a big interview today. >> indeed. we are learning more today as it goes on about the attack on the u.s. embassy in benches gazy and libya. originally the administration said it was part of the original protest but now it looks like it may not be the case. 9:35 in the evening the attacks began. it turns out there were no protests going on at all. and as it turns out, we are also learning the libyan president may be correct in how it went down. it happened in 9/11. also the fact that he says they were able to attack a safe house in addition to the compound building and in addition he points to the fact there was a level of coordination between the attackers and this was a
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sustained, militant operation, not simply a protest that got out of control. in beirut, they took to the street and demanded more protests as a result of this anti-muslim movie that came out. this entire crowd chanting back "death to america." today i sat down with the organizer of the protester here in cairo. he's the brother of the leader of al-qaeda. what is so amazing he said he hasn't even watched it, let alone knowing all the things that are in it. it's the extremists in lebanon, which is a very explosive combination. back to you. >> an explosive report. thank you for that. that report and the events of last week serve as very painful reminders of the rethreat that is posed by radical islam. sadly we have an administration in place and president that they refuse to recognize the threat. instead they, operating in a fantasy land where america will
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beloved by all because the anointed one, barack obama, happens to be our commander in chief at the moment. even as our flag is being burned and "death to america" is being chanted all over the middle east, members in of his security team are trying to argue that the united states is more popular that ever before around the globe. believe it or not. watch this. >> look at this map. there have been protests around the world over the last several days. and president obama pledged to repair america's relationships with the muslim world. why does the u.s. seem so impotent and why is the u.s. even less popular today in some of these muslim and arab countries than it was four years ago? >> jake, we are not impotent and we are not even less popular to challenge that assessment. i don't know on what basis you make that judgment. but let me -- >> it seems the u.s. government is powerless as this erupts. >> it's exactly the opposite. >> on what basis, our embassies are being breached, people are
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being killed, our flag is being burned and "death to america" is being chanted. ambassador rice has just taken his cues from the president's own talking points. he was recently quoted at a fundraising saying one of his proudest accomplishments was that he restored respect for america around the world. that's the type of arrogance we are faced in this election year, 2012. we have a president that not only refuses to take any responsibility for his failures, he fab indicates success that doesn't exist. he has not restored america's credibility in the world, far from it. he kicked off his presidency with a downright embarrassing apology tour and bowed to the king of saudi arabia, and has shaken hands with and accepted gifts from dictators like hugo chavez. this is not from somebody who has restored america's credibility around the globe. this is somebody who is willing
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pander to others. you may remember this. >> i'm grateful to your hospitality and the loss by about talty of the people of egypt and i'm proud to carry with me the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace for muslim communities in my country. i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world. let there be no doubt, islam is a part of america. and i made clear this america is not and never will be at war with islam. >> despite that speech, the streets of cairo are now littered with charred american flags. to be sure, he's not done any favor for america's credibility in the world. that mission, mr. president, is far from accomplished. and here with reaction is the author of the new york times best-seller "screwed" author
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dick morris. good to have you back. >> good to be here. >> let me start with the whole story they concocted is falling apart and the the middle east continues to burn and their policies are exposed as a failure. but the media in this country, their focus -- by the way, the media in this country is just a sellout media. they are focused on mitt romney. does it have an impact on the race? >> obviously it does and obviously the two stories the media aren't covering, minor stories, the failure of obama on foreign and domestic policy. but they are just not covering it. the economic data is getting worse and worse. obviously the u.s. prestige and position around the world is unraveling, as we speak. yet there's no focus on that. they are so busy digesting polls that show obama ahead that they can't cover the actual events that are taking place that define his presidency. >> look at these images, the american flag being burned, the embassies being raided and
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attacked, and al-qaeda flags being held up, "death to america." and then they say this has nothing to do with america or american policies. >> it's just a movie. >> it's about a movie whose trailer has been out sense july, dick. >> it's obviously a pretext for the muslims and an excuse for obama. but really, obama is clearly identified with the strategy of outreach and conciliation toward the islamic world and with the war in libya. those two identifications are going to dog him as these demonstrations continue. >> but he goes on this apology tour and this is what drives me nuts. he goes on this apology tour and he tells, of all places, this was in cairo back in 2009, and "i-ended tore tour" and "i've ordered the closing of gitmo" which is still open. what does that say when he is saying to the world that
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america, and by the way, there's no bin laden without enhanced interrogation, no spiking the football as he's now doing. so he says he ends tore tour. what have we gotten for all the good will he's reached out to to the muslim world? >> absolutely nothing and i think that's evident to people. sean, i did did a poll last week and it has alarming news. you have me taking the optimist in this situation and i am, and i am still confident we are going to win. but my sample, which before the example had romney 7 ahead, now has obama 3 ahead. and the two things that are driving it more than anything else are, first, a shift toward a democratic party identification. used to be 34 democrats, 31 republican. now it's 38 to 28. secondly, single women. married women are voting for romney by 55 to 40. but single women are voting for obama by 60 to 32 and 45 for
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single white women and married white women and 45% of all white women are single. so these are huge obstacles. i couldn't understand during the democratic convention why they were constantly pushing the party brand. not obama and not attacking romney but equal pay and abortion and contraception and all that stuff. and the answer is because they have really scored big with white single women. >> but you agree with me, there is some averages out there, we are 50 days out. this is the selling season. a lot of people are very nervous and i think they should be, but neither candidate has closed the deal. >> no. and i'm still firmly of the opinion that we are going to win. underlying the shift in party id, because of a hoopla at the convention, the fact 54 to 35, people want government to leave them alone, not lend them a
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hand. that fundamental division will assert itself and work in our favor as we get closer to election. you watch. >> i want to go back to this cairo issue. the dnc is a little bit old now so i think there will be new polling data on the president's failed policies. this is obama, this a al-qaeda, and this is him apologizing for this country and we are losing our values and our eye deals. here is what he said. >> 9/11 #* the -- 9/11 was a to our country. the fear was understandable but in some cases it led us to act contrary to our tradition and our ideas. we are taking concrete action to change course. i have unequivocally ordered no torture at ga taken mow bay and i have order it closed by next
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year. >> and i think it is irrelevant because of the events in the middle east? >> i sure hope so. it's rare that you have a president that's so identified with a certain genre of foreign policy that blows up so thoroughly in his face as is going on right now. you know, the thing is, if everybody was born into the democratic party, you know, your ethnicity or you are a single mother or you are a blue color working union family, and people have to kind of work out of that by thinking for themselves. and anyone who really is thinking is realizing that romney is the answer to the economy. even those single women that vote for obama agree that romney would be better on the economy. and that's why i have to believe we are going to get a whole bunch of them back. >> dick morris, great to see you as always. >> thank you. >> appreciate you being with us.
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and why the obama white house is trying to pressure you into getting rid of a trailer that had no influence on what happened over the weekend and also a hannity investigation tonight, what signs did we have that were missed and why didn't we beef up security knowing that this was the anniversary of 9/11? and is the white house trying to cover that up? we investigate tonight right here on hannity. bob...
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>> the outbreak of anti-person violence has them trying trying to blame it on the youtube video. in the process they have stomped all over free speech. last week they learned the white house tried to strong arm youtube. asked them to review the trailer and asking a private company to
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censor it's content. but google, that owns youtube, denied that request and did not remove the video over the weekend. authorities brought the alleged filmmaker in for questioning, but what exactly they asked him, that remains unclear. but i want to be clear. we are not defending the movie, it's the worst trailer you have seen in your life. he has the right to free speech. you think the president, a harvard glad, constitutional lawyer, columbia grad, would understand this. and joining me is mark steyn. welcome back to the program. >> great to see you, sean. >> this is all predicated on a lie. this is not about this horrific trailer. >> no. >> a film student would get an f. >> yeah. the president of libya is speaking more truthfully than the united states government on this at the moment. he says what happened in benghazi is a premedicated attack. it has nothing to do with the deo.
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and there's always a video, there's always a cartoons there's always a teddy bear, there's always some prenext for the mob to go crazy. what is important is for free nations to say we around going to get into that game with you. and it's absolutely disgraceful the sight you showed, the people taking them in for questioning. >> this is a point we are going to get into. why, on the anniversary of 9/11, why did we learn that valerie jarret has more security as she takes her vacation in martha's vineyard, than on 9/11 at our embassies in cairo and libya? >> there's a credibility issue here. and it's easy to look tough by sending some guy to a suburban apartment in los angeles and sending a big posses of sheriffs
12:18 am
to arrest him. where is the toughness when the al-qaeda flag is flying offer your embassy? >> what is he going to do? president obama, our embassies have been breached, our flag taken down and burned for whole world to see. what is he going to do about it? 1. >> he and mrs. clinton have chosen to blame the obscure video. that's misdirection. it has nothing to do with that. >> my kids get in more trouble, not usually for what they do, it's when they come and i didn't do it and they lie. and we've been lied to by susan rice over the weekend and we've been lied to by jay carney. >> no. they are shouting death to america. there's no qualification there, death to america. which of those three words doesn't the united states government doesn't understand? death to america. what they are doing is going to endanger the lives of americans because they are actually
12:19 am
confirming the mob mentality, that the government is responsible for the content of the movie. i went through this battle in canada, and i said then i wasn't interested in canadian officials' views of my book. if they want to write a book review, which it for the book review of canada. if president obama and clinton want to be film critics, they need another job. but they should not take a position on this filmmaker pause they are endangering the lives of others. >> this is the same mentality that when fort hood happened and you have the major screaming before he kills people [foreign language] this is not a terror incident. this is an overseas contingency. i read your peak over the weekend. armageddon, it's pretty clear, you said as a foreigner that came to this country, where do i go next? you raise that question.
12:20 am
is it that bad? >> well, i used to say when i got into trouble in free speech in canada and europe, thank god america has the first amendment. what we've seen in the vacuum of the global power, the first amendment gets swallowed. basically in the way the mob is torching the american flag, the u.s. government is torching the first amendment to distract. >> what is it about this president that has an unwillingness to identify radical islamists that want to destroy israel and us? and the entire western world? >> the point is, you don't put your basic values up for grabs. there was a brilliant tweet, i think it was from iowa over the weekend, that said, hey, if barack obama had been your prime minister, you would be dead now and that's the difference. mrs. thatcher loathed him. he was a big left winger, he
12:21 am
called her mrs. torture, he hated her, and in the end she stood by his right to publish that novel. this guy sends a sheriff's posse at made night to drag some guy into custody for some alleged probation violation. >> does this have an impact on the election? last question. >> it should. basic lesson in my book is when money drains, power drains. when you broke you lose control over your destiny and your future and that's the connection between the multi-trillion dollars debt and the burning embassies we are seeing. >> we love reading your stuff and still for a time we have some freedoms left. >> that's right. and use them while you can! >> i'll be right behind you when we get thrown out. god forbid. so was the the attack preplanned? why is the government trying to tell you it is spontaneous?
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>> was the attack on the benghazi consulate that killed an ambassador and four americans and two navy seals planned or not? one would think it's a simple yes or no question, but as usual with this administering, it's complicated. over the weekend susan rice stuck to her talk point saying it was not premeditated. oh, really? let's watch this. >> the best assessment we have today is in fact it was not a premeditated attack. what happened initially, it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just happened in cairo as a consequence of the video. our current assessment is what happened in benghazi was a
12:26 am
spontaneous reaction to what happened hours before in cairo. almost a copycat against our facility in cairo, which were prompted, of course, by the video. what our assessment is of the present is in fact it began spontaneously in benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in cairo. >> spontaneous. they had rocket pro held grenades in their back pocket. let's hear this. >> is it of this a planned attack as far as you know or what do you know about that? >> the way these perpetrators acted and moved, i think they are choosing a specific date for this so-called demonstration.
12:27 am
i think this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned, predetermined. >> joining me now for a has been city investigation, we have a chairman of the house homeland security committee and that's u.s. congressman king and congressman gomer. i believe the libyan officials over this nonsense. our own administration and government is saying. >> absolutely. i put my former judge hat on. you look at the evidence. you have a film, a ridiculous video from somewhere, and it's out there for months. nobody notices. it doesn't have any effect, and then all of a sudden egyptian television, run by the muslim brother head, nothing gets on that they don't approve of, and all of a sudden me start blasting that right before 9/11, people get stirred up and all of
12:28 am
a sudden spontaneously you have all these weapons show up and kill an ambassador? >> we are being lied to, and the the lie would be in a couple areas. one is that this is spontaneous. 9/11, and we didn't have extra security at our embassies? that's malpractice as far as i'm concerned. >> egypt, they were warned there would be heavy demonstrations in cairo that day and no one spoke to the president, even though he gets $1.6 billion, he did nothing to protect us. as far as libya, that area is large numbers of forces there, and al-qaeda, and all located in that part of libya. >> but the libyan president, and we have high-ranking libyan officials who have come out and are now saying that they gave a direct warning to the united states that this was coming and they knew it, and we did
12:29 am
nothing? >> even if this was planned, per se, to me it was malpractice not to have security at that consulate in the middle of 9/11 when the american ambassador is coming there, and also knowing that we did know there were large demonstrations planned for cairo. to me that is in defensible, and that also has to be investigated. >> it does. >> and valerie jarret, she's going on vacation to martha's vineyard and she has more security than our emambassador. we lost two navy seals in benghazi. >> not only did we lose them but the statement the press got said a former navy seal was killed running for cover? >> what? just the opposite is what i heard. >> well, the accounts, you can find them, well, the administration says that he was seeking cover, running for cover at the time he was killed. but let me tell you, if you wonder, you say well there's not enough evidence, the fact that
12:30 am
we have departments saying we are partnering with these muslim front organizations, if you want evidence of muslim brother influence in this administration, look at the fact that this is the only group of leaders in the entire world that is saying, oh, this -- this isn't because they hated america, it's not because they don't like our administering, it is all about a video. that's what they are being fed. >> i want to know this, congressman, because this is important. we gave the muslim brotherhood 2 billion taxpayer dollars. and we know he met with iran and my question is when are we going to stop funding them and why didn't the president understands that the muslim brotherhood was the likely successor to mubarak? i said it on this program. >> and the fact is the president, ever since he began the apology tour in the summer
12:31 am
of 2009 has made apologies for these groups, the muslim brotherhood and others. and the reason they don't want to admit this is a terrorist tick attack because that shows their policies have failed and they have failed miserably. >> they are afraid of the scrutiny. here we are 50 days out of an election as of tonight. so for political purposes they will willingly lie to the american people about what happened here? why? so as to show that an apology -- >> he says bin laden is dead and because of his policies that al-qaeda no longer is in force. >> but he said he wasn't going to spike the football. >> he totally did. >> he went to cairo and he said there i'm stopping torture in america. no enhanced interrogation, no gitmo. >> they look at us as weaker, and in fact just this afternoon we hear that the doj is now
12:32 am
going to be investigating this incident. >> the d. o. j.? >> d. o. j. he's guys are at war with us and we are preparing a criminal case for the courts? they are at war with us. >> read their mission statement which says the koran is our way, sharia is the way and the highest honor is to die in the name of alla. >> he didn't even mention egypt, and morrisey turned his back on us. he was actually speaking in arabic, encouraging a demonstration. >> and they change the their tune four times. even the president said it was terror after enormous criticism and then susan rice goes out and says the opposite. and the media wants to beat up mitt romney, which is driving me nuts. >> what they send in the way of messages, july, the president has known members of terrorist tick organizations come to the white house. come to the white house. and the message is, go ahead, we
12:33 am
will invite you to the white house. >> when is morrisey coming, in a month? >> they are already asking for the blind sheik. >> they do that, the election is over. what they will do it put it off. >> morrisey and netanyahu was a disgrace. >> i have to go. thanks. we have reach the final 50 days before the election. gov. mitt romney released some new television ads. our political experts are here. they will analyze them. it's all coming up tonight right it's all coming up tonight right here on hannity. those surprising little things she does still make you te notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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>> we is have reached the final 50 days of the campaign. economic concerns are still very much on the minds of many offers. today the romney team released a number of brand new tv ads focusing on those critical topics. >> my plan is to help the middle
12:38 am
class. trade has to work for america that. means crackdown on cheaters like china and open up new markets. next, you have to balance the budget. you've got to cut the deficit. you've got to stop spending more money than we take in, and finally champion small business. have tax policies, regulations and healthcare policies that help small business. we put those in place, we will add 12 million new jobs in four years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> here with an analysis, brother bob beckel and penny nans. and billy cunningham is back. how are you? >> how are you. >> you are a great american. you said something, you admitted what few democrats would admit. we were being lied to this weekend. this isn't spontaneous, this is the result of the movie.
12:39 am
and when jay carney went out and said they aren't attacking america, it's a lie. >> i'm not going to use that word. let's say they were misinformed. but it's impossible for me to imagine that you could have the coordination of that attack on a safe house within the compound of the consulate, and an ambassador, by the way, that new full well what he was getting into over there and not have security around there, it had to be an inside job. >> why on 9/11, the anniversary of 9/11, why didn't we have security at every embassy? >> those are questions you ought to ask. >> obama has failed, then. >> somebody has failed along the line. but the point is, was it the result of that demonstration? no. it may have happened before the demonstration. >> just happened to have a rocket rocket-propelled grenades. i happen to have one in my back
12:40 am
pocket. cut the bull here. >> sean hannity, it should have been headlines, america successfully attacked on 9/11. we were the victim of terrorism on american soil that. consulate was american soil and we were hit again on 9/11, it was a success it will attack. i looked at a fox news poll a day or two ago and obama has higher numbers for foreign affairs than romney. >> i don't believe it. >> the media doesn't cover it. >> why should romney have numbers on foreign matters? >> he has more experience than obama did. >> i remember an ad that said iran a tiny country, they aren't a problem. and that's obama. >> i think we will see these numbers change. i completely disagree with bob and agree with billy. we've got to let public been gel
12:41 am
a little bit. but clearly american women are concern about the safety of our children, we are concerned about $16 trillion about debt, we are concerned about four dollars a gallon gasoline. we get the whole picture. we won't be bought off with free stuff. we understand -- >> i want to go to you on this. the president of libya says that this is a premeditated attack. we are also told that a high-rankling official in libya has come forward and said he informed this country three days prior that this was going to happen. >> today obama is in cincinnati, ohio where i live. >> by the way, he has not had an intelligence briefing. >> and right now he's in there talking about things, tax cuts. he's talking about romney's taxes. he's talking about bain capital. he refuses to talk about deficits, joblessness, $4 billion a day being borrowed. america hit on 9/11. >> why is this even close? >> it should be a. out for romney and i think even beckel knows it.
12:42 am
>> can you calm down a little bit? >> you ager me, bob. >> i don't care, frankly. if you would cool it down a little bit. and maybe a guy named romney. you see those ads? he talks about the things you are talking about. not one specific about how he's going to deal with it. that's the problem. >> wait a minute. what is obama's plan? what is he going to do in the next four years? wait a minute, what is he going to do to avenge the death of two navy seals and an ambassador and all the embassies that are breached? what is he going to do, bob. >>? >> you are sitting too close to him. >> and on 9/11 and ambassador is killed. >> what's he going to do? >> what's he going to do, bob? >> i think he will bring these guys to justice. by the way, i wouldn't trust the intelligence out of libya. terrorists have infiltrated that border. it's a very difficult thing to understand and reason through and you can't trust intelligence right now.
12:43 am
>> can't trust intelligence right now? >> no. >> really? >> you can't trust intelligence coming out of libya right any. you have to calm down a little bit. i'm worried about you. >> there's a lot at stake this election. this is a tipping point. we have the most incompetent apologist in the white house who is destroying the white house. >> and we will come back. >> and then, god forbid, president obama just can't seem to find time to meet with the israeli prime minister but he is clearing his schedule for jay leno, and others. we will check in with congresswoman michele bachmann. she's live in the studio with a message she
12:44 am
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[ you know, ronny...ood choice business pro. good choice. folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> welcome back to "hannity." we continue with our panel. let's assess the race at this point.
12:48 am
penny, what do you see? >> i think that we are still early. i think that -- i was looking at the real clear politics polls today and it appears that in some, you know, in some romney is up and in some obama is up but i think we still have time. we have to be clear, and i think romney has to be very clear about his intent and very clear about what his message is to the american people. and we have to work on that. >> i want to see romney hit harder. in these debates i would like to see him sting, take it right to him. because i think obama is arrogant. i think he can't take a punch. >> i had a bumper sticker, 2012, if romney had your passion, if romney had your intelligence, he would have a shot. but i sense ryan is the guy i want to hear, but romney does not excite conservatives in the state of ohio. >> if romney parked in ohio would they do better in ohio? >> i think if ryan parked in ohio. >> because he has connections to
12:49 am
the state. >> ryan went to school there, went to butler county which is next to hamilton county. he went to school in oxford. i've met his economics professor two or three times and he's wonderful. romney needs to park himself there. >> have you seen him for president in 2016? >> he actually had a bumper sticker made up. >> would you vote for hannity? >> i love him but i wouldn't vote for him, no. he's too far right. >> you are farther right than he is. >> there are three states that are absolutely critical and i'm giving north carolina to romney and indiana and probably new hampshire forsake of argument. still romney needs to run the table on florida, virginia and ohio. right now he's behind in ohio solidly and as we talked about in the state they are starting to vote in ohio in another two weeks. >> how do they vote in ohio before the debates?
12:50 am
>> thirty states have early voting now. >> there's not even a bat before then. >> that's sad. >> someone in america spent the last six weeks or so getting the message out that conservative women have to vote. women have carried every presidential election since 1964. we could be the key in this election. >> i'm sending you to ohio. >> we are there. we've been there. >> go back to your analysis. i think they will win wisconsin. but then from there you have to get iowa, you have to get -- >> new mexico, denver, colorado, nevada. but you have to -- >> i've been with you to vegas, and i can tell stories. >> let's not. >> along with prince harry. [laughter] >> did you playbill yards there, beckel? >> no, listen. the road to the white house for romney is so difficult and one misstep he can't get there. obama has four or five ways to
12:51 am
get there. he's not going to win by much, but he will win. >> i disagree with dick morris, this is not a slam-dunk. i think the middle east blowing up and when people look at the economic situation, if mitt romney shows that he's capable of leading in those debates, he's the next president. >> the fact is the economy has been what it has been for months now. >> no one has closed the deal here. >> for some reason people cannot get excited about mitt romney. >> who is excited about obama, hope and change? >> i am. >> you are never going to chase me to coast reeka. >> yes, i am. >> you are not going to do it. i'm telling you, if he wins -- >> coming up, michele bachmann. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
12:52 am
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>> it is my belief and my opinion that barack obama has been the most dangerous president we've ever had on american foreign policy. president obama needs to get his priorities straight. what he needs to do is cancel his interview with david letterman, cancel his meeting with jay-z, and instead agree to meet with the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu. >> that's michelle bachmann,
12:56 am
youing the president to re-evaluate his priorities. joining me more with all of this, as we get word tonight iran is closer than ever to a nuclear weapon, here's michele bachmann. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i want to see him do that. >> mitt romney is the candidate who went to israel, unlike our president, and i absolutely no doubt that he will. >> but this is amazing to me. the president, as i understand it, he's schedule today meet with the muslim brotherhood's morrisey, the new president of egypt? >> he is. i would have him cancel that meeting and instead schedule a meeting with netanyahu. we have a lot of trouble here because he cancelled military exercises already scheduled with israel and instead scheduled ones with egypt. everything is out of whack. if you look at the course of his presidency, almost everything he
12:57 am
has done is to lift up the islamist supremacist agenda. he lifts that up to the detriment of israel and puts them down at every opportunity. >> explain in more detail. think people miss misconstrue wt you are saying here. it seems like he has a mentality -- i know many people in the media want to be liked by other media people. i'm not one of them. never been to a washington correspondent's dinner and i'm proud of it. it seems if he's nice to them, they will like him. >> i started from from the very beginning. he thought it was part of his job as president of the ounce to disspell the anti-islamic stereotype. but the islamists we saw in the last week with all the rioting, they are driving ambition is to make sure that we --
12:58 am
>> dead. >> just consider this. we know that iran is bent on having a nuclear weapon. why? because they want to impose their will on the rest of the world. think of all these people rioting. now think of them holding a nuclear bomb. they will use it against israel and america. >> i agree with you. >> they will. >> why does the president, he says "i stopped torture, i closed gitmo" ask all these things he said in cairo. what is his thing here when it's israel that's under fire and under attack? israel that's under the threat of that attack of a nuclear weapon? >> it's torture right now because what we are seeing is iran is literally just a little away from obtaining a nuclear weapon, nuclear capability. netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, is doing everything he can to get the attention of the world. we need to recognize what country stands with israel? >> us. we are supposed to. >> well, we always have. i think for the first time since
12:59 am
the modern jewish state of israel reconstituted, this is the first time that the united states hasn't his real's back. there are deep and profound consequences when that happens. >> what an insult to cancel him for letter man and >> there were four americans killed over the weekend. 15 of the deaths in afghta


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