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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 20, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> that's the last call. thanks for being with us. tomorrow senator john mccain, former house entering newt gingrich and others will all be here. you don't want to miss it. go to and tell us what you thought about this show. as soon as the show ends, i will put nadar tonight says. >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: in 48 days americans go to the polls to elect the next president. the choice is more clear when it comes to the economy. two videos surfaced to help voters understand the philosophy of president obama and governor romney. president obama believes in redistribution and government
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control. >> i think the trick to figure out how do we structure government conditions that pool resources and fa is it tate summary distribution, because i believe in redistribution at a certain level to make sure that everybody has a shot. >> somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allo allows you to strive. if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made it happen. >> kimberly: i don't think so. on the other hand you have mitt romney who isn't pushing the entitlement state and wants more. >> 47% believe they're victims and believe that the government has responsibility for them. who believes they're entitled to healthcare, food, housing, you name it.
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>> a society based on a government centered nation where government plays a larger and larger role, redistributes money is the wrong course for america. the right course for america is to create growth. create wealth. >> the centerpiece of the president's re-election campaign is attacking success. in america we celebrate success. we don't apologize for succes success. >> americans have a choice. have there been more defined candidates -- forget the labels, democrat and republican. you have two visions that are different. one of the choices is help yourself, work hard and provide for your family or the other is what we have become with food stamp, entitlement, economy and debt. not going in the right direction. >> this is progressives. you will see this, blowing their mind because the lid has been blown off the cover.
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the president is re distribut distributor in chief. if you go after one class to benefit another class it's socialism. he says pay your fair share, that is code for redistribution. it's code work, dog whistle for socialism. for three-and-a-half years i've been calling him what he is. now we find out he has admitted to this. 12 years ago. >> bob: dog whistle? >> greg: what is dog whistle code for? >> bob: i don't know. it's a codes for something. >> greg: in defense of president obama he said it 14 years ago. that is a long time ago. we were young and eating at chichi. we made a lot of dumb mistak mistakes. >> bob: i still eat there. >> greg: it doesn't exist anymore. mitt romney in his words was inelegant. in a way i take a clumsy capitalist over suave spreader
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in chief. ideas are not articulated as beautifully we want. but it comes down to individual versus collective. especially this gaffe is a gift if it brings the conversation back to this enormous question. do you want big government or small government? the collective or the individual? even a mission take like this is awesome. >> bob: that is the worst gaffe i've heard in american politics in a long time. i was in st. louis last night at the head of the veteran of foreign wars. he said what is romney talking about? veterans are those among the 47%. so are those getting the social security and medicare. so are the single mothers who have to raise single children. and children in abject poverty. you have tell me which one you want to do away with. >> eric: redistributor in --
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>> bob: give me specifics. give me specifics. >> eric: i'll give you specifics. starting 12 years ago, or 14 years ago, 14 weeks ago, 14 days ago -- >> bob: give me specific. >> eric: increase in food stamps. >> bob: doing away with the benefits -- >> eric: every social program hassing creased under president obama. he taxes the wealthy and gives to people - -- >> kimberly: hold on. trying to get dana perino. in shouldn't celebrate that more people are depen dep on the state. that's a disappointment. >> bob: sick soldiers depen don't the state. what else do you want? >> dana: i understand why you are asking for specifics but show me where someone said they'd cut the veteran benefi benefit? what he said might have been offensive when he used the word victim. but it doesn't change the fact that more americans are dependent on government than before. so the question is, the bigger question is what government do you want and how much are we
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willing to pay for it? >> bob: he did not say 47% -- >> dana: he's at a rundraiser. >> bob: not willing to say one thing. forget the rundraiser for the campaign not one thing about the 47%. >> kimberly: two minutes is also missing from the tape. >> bob: two minutes? >> kimberly: it is. go to a different topic, because it was edited out. that's what we're dealing with here. >> greg: bob is making a point and you have to admit it. mitt romney accidentally conflated the base of obama with the idea of entitlement. which is inaccurate. our leaders beliefs have to articulate our own. this challenge that obama never had. because he articulates his vision in a way. vision that pernicious and wrong.
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but he articulates it beautifully. >> eric: i'll give you a hardcore example. president obama three, four years ago said if you want -- raising the right hand, take a oath. if you want to build a coal fire plant we'll interrupt you. alpha national resources cut 1200 jobs because of the regulation that the obama administration on the coal industry. the man tells you in advance he will pick and choose winners and losers. then go ahead and does it. that is why -- >> bob: could you take a social class and socialism and understand what it means? what you said so far makes no sense. >> eric: what do you understand about socialism. >> bob: tell me one thing that romney mentioned he would change. who is going to change it? >> eric: who is paying for redistribution -- >> bob: get out of here. you can't answer a damn thing. >> greg: i can give you a quick lesson on socialism.
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you have can't spell redistribution without retribution. if you pay off peter you punish paul. you can't spell the white house without o-w-s. >> kimberly: welcome back to the program. >> greg: why did they endorse the sentiment of occupy wall street? >> eric: this is what you do and what the media is doing. the alpha financial resources thing, jump in here. it's important. wi are losing jobs in coal industry like crazy. the plan move from coal to solar power. >> bob: let dana have a say in here. >> kimberly: i want to ask dana how do you think obama should have handled this with the statement, video of romne romney. >> dana: if i were obama i would have jumped on it, too.
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they got the redistributor in chief. eric points out the 1200 jobs in the coal industry there is a trickle down effect. this is why obama is not doing as well in battleground states in the national polls because if you are a mom and you got up early to take your kid to school. fill up with gas and it's $100. it is. around the water cooler you find out that the corporation profits are slashed and there are rumors there will be layoffs like yesterday at american airlines. 4400 jobs. that is the anxiety that people are feeling. and that woman, when she hears romney, saying i wouldn't say it that way. but inside i work hard every day, i'm okay helping the poorest but i don't want to help everybody.
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>> eric: you are talking about ohio, it has 11% unemployment for the only state to have it come election day. more people working because of g.m. and what obama did. they love him there. >> kimberly: we can play that game all day long. >> bob: he has to win ohio. >> here is the thing. we'll spend our time talking about 47%. >> bob: give it to romney. >> eric: talk about obama's economy. get back to the economy. >> bob: are you going to do this for me, baby? c'mon. >> kimberly: bob is not hearing things. >> greg: the 47%, message from romney was a mirror image of obama you didn't build that. in the sense both candidates they were not shining moments that the fans were attracted to and opponents felt were ugly. they're the same.
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>> kimberly: use of victims was a problem but understand the message. >> dana: steve hayes had a good line. in politic rus are not judge -- politics you are not judged on what you meant but what you said. that's why we play the video of obama and why you see the romney video every day. >> eric: he hasn't said how they will get them off of -- >> kimberly: he does. detail-specific plan on the website. click on it. read it, bob. i got to pull the rip cord. we have to go. >> bob: because you don't have the answers. >> kimberly: after the break we have answers for bob. i don't know if he will like them. top republican are demanding answers from eric holder and hillary clinton on whether there was a deal to release omar obdel, the blind chic who was instrumental in the 1993 wond trade center attack.
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plus top intel in the obama administration admits the attack that killed four americans in libya was terrorism. eric has details on both. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. fox news obtaining intelligence documents suggesting the deadly attacks on egypt and libya may have been effort to protest imprisonment of the man behind the original world trade center bombing in 1993. the radical islamist, called on burning it down to demand the release of sheik abdel-rahman. now they are worried that even discussing the release of the blind sheik would be seen as, "sign of weakness and lack of resolve by the united states and the president." kimberly, i was in the building when the thing blew up. i felt the building shake. that man, the blind cleric,
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the blind sheik, the mastermind behind that. he's imprisoned in north carolina but there may be negotiations. maybe, maybe not. >> kimberly: buzz behind the scenes that there is a negotiation going on, based on the humanitarian concerns. we heard that before. they want him back and said like to get him back and support the people, et cetera. for me, this is a surprise. do i know it's directly related? it's an act of terrorism. >> eric: we heard a lot of things out of the administration since the deadly terrorist attack in lib yeah. it was tied to the movie, it wasn't. can you believe anything we're getting from the state department? >> greg: look, this administration thought the fort hood massacre was workplace violence. this report is b.s. when you say a source close to
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the bartender -- i mean i can't believe we're doing the story without having a shred of a source. i know we got it from blaze. blaze is an entertaining site. c'mon! where is this coming from? >> eric: site the blaze, we have a letter from eight republicans. >> greg: i saw the letter, i read the letter. the letter said there are reports. there are reports. >> greg: where are the reports from? i think it would be hilarious to pull a prank on the sheik, tell him we're releasing him, put him on a plane and fly him around the world, fly him back and put him in gitmo. fake a month of pretending he's back home. that would be the greatest thing ever. y you can't pin this on an administration without an actual source that is not there. >> eric: for the record, the administration, state department -- >> greg: said it was garbage. >> eric: they said -- >> greg: utter garbage. >> eric: of any discussion.
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fine, we'll move on. president obama -- >> dana: hold on. >> eric: you want to get involved? >> bob: yes, we would. >> eric: sure. i'm getting heat from the good friend over here for talking about something -- >> greg: this is important. i was like a source. that's all i'm saying. look, i come from mentall baggily and my source are personal trainers. it still think there should be a source here. >> dana: i'm a big fan of victoria newland at the state department and she calls it utter garbage. because there is a report about something. you can do it with anything. you can do it like why did the chicken cross the road? answer it yourself. why did the chicken cross the road? i imagine why someone thinks it's true. there were rumors that the administration would bring the 9/11 terror trials and that would be crazy. that's the ridiculous thing we ever heard. political suicide. but that ended up being true.
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so you could be right one out of ten times if you're a republican congressman. >> bob: the idea that this thing would actually happen is so ludicrous and ridiculous that it does not deserve to have a place here to discuss. we decide to discuss it -- >> eric: all i have to say, if more information comes out and there are actual negotiations, there is a thought -- okay. that's what we do. do we not get in front of the news cycle -- >> bob: you get in front of the right wing blogs. >> eric: stop it. roll the letterman clip on president obama talking about how he'll deal with the muslim extremists. listen. >> the message we have to send to the muslim world is that we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe. we expect their full cooperation. that's the only way that the international order works. >> eric: all right. before the table blows up right now, kimberly --
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>> kimberly: i'm the only person who can talk to him right now. >> eric: cooperate. >> bob: tell me you don't agree with this. >> kimberly: what is going on? somebody check these cuffs here today. look. what can i tell you? never mind. got to go. >> greg: we're not talking about this? >> eric: no. we'll go. you don't want to talk about it. >> greg: bunch of babies. >> eric: video of romney talking, 47% aired on main stream media. now signs that socialist in chief redistribution video has run on the main stream video. lame stream media. following with full color next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i have people on twitter calling me a liberal now. i never thought that would happen. it was you! it seems to me that mitt and barack are opposite like the road runner and wiley coyote. bill maher and comedy. obama was elected by soaring rhetoric exalted by adoring media. mitt needs supports to make the case for him. the problem is most of mitt's supporters don't have tv shows or newspapers, which explains why every morning show ate up romney vii% remark. obama redistribution remark got zilch. after he was partying with jay-z, romney has always been the underdog team, fighting without cheerleaders. not that they care, but something has to be stated to
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america's main stream media. you're letting the country down. we know you prefer obama. we got that! but the thing that separates america from the rest of the world from even our european allies is the first amendment. but freedom of speech is only valuable if you exercise it. you're abdicating it. service to your election prejudices. you sold yourself cheap. you're destroying your profession and danieling the country in tradition of free debate. monica lewinsky may return with a book about her trip with bill clinton. who doesn't love an elicit love affair with a president that jeopardizes a country. sorry, enough about obama and the media. of i can't wait for the lewinsky book. all right eric. >> eric: me first? >> greg: going to you first. cbs, "good morning america," "today show" spent loads of time on romney remarks and almost zero on redistribution.
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why? >> eric: cbs has to plan the upcoming season. gives him a hard-hitting journalistic stuff they get out of him when they talk to him. it's the liberal bias. they pick out the 47% comment because they feel a weakness. they won't go after president obama. nbc this afternoon, andrea mitchell said they weren't rolling on nbc or msnbc because they weren't sure if it was p obama. >> kimberly: authenticated. >> eric: but the "washington post" had comment from obama saying it was obama's voice. this is embarrassing. >> kimberly: the best he doesn't have to pay a dime for it. he is out there raising the money. main stream media is doing a better job to carry the water and make a case for him. then they disproportionately cover something romney does, they won't cover anything for
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obama redistribution. they won't give it air time. >> greg: could they make the argument with obama said was a long time ago? >> dana: sure. they did. the other thing said on the other channel was they were trying to talk about class warfare and that is trying to change the subject. but that is the subject. that is what we led with. that's's the choice -- >> kimberly: it's relevant, isn't it? it's consistent with the policy and administration. the program he supports and chooses -- >> dana: they're not enshrining themselveses in glory this -- what are you doing? >> eric: what are you doing? >> bob: getting for my par of the segment. >> kimberly: what are you doing? >> greg: bob, care to comment on this? >> bob: it's three years old. somebody could have brought it up as well as us. yesterday, greg went to elit
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elite -- colleges to fill with communist thoughts. it started a program here. >> kimberly: what are you doing? >> bob: these are schools that are self-described con seventive university. providence. clairmont. ashton. lee university. mississippi state university. oklahoma state university. nebraska. notre dame. wharton. geneva. southern methodist. texas. i could go on and on and on. >> dana: what does vit to do with media bias? >> bob: you said the media comes out of the the schools and they're preprogrammed by the instructors to be liberals. i'm started to list of schools that are conservative and they go on for hundreds of pages. >> greg: i don't know if it's hundreds of pages. >> bob: i just started. >> kimberly: there are three pages. >> bob: you want me to keep going? rice. st. john's. >> greg: a lot of those are not -- >> eric: there are 30 names on the list.
2:31 am
10,000 institutions in america. >> bob: i only got just started. >> kimberly: we don't have time for that. >> bob: of course you don't. get time for something substantive and serious. >> greg: last week, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius found violation of federal law against engaging in political activity. she gave speech to call for obama re-election, the white house briefings, maybe jake tapper brought it up. i don't know. >> dana: it was on drudge for several days. >> eric: then jay carney was asked about it and said it's violation of hatch act. carney said don't worry, we'll fix it. pay for a trip so it's campaign event. the stock act or hatch act. people answer different rules. >> kimberly: they hide. >> eric: a quick story we did yesterday. d.o.j., d.o.j. head of the
2:32 am
communication department at d.o.j., tracy schmaller, a group of republican congressmen who are calling for media matters to lose the 501c3 status because of working with tracy. i think tracy, maybe she should step down and get fired for what she has done. >> bob: republican congres congressman? >> dana: p.s. at the end of the other letter. >> bob: any democrats on the list? i didn't think so. >> eric: no. >> greg: all right. coming up, are the students revolting against a nanny state that limit what is you can eat? or are students just revolting in general? i find them lout and unkemp. stick around or kimberly will beat me unconscious with a clog. i hope so. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: students at high school in wisconsin are boycotting the lunch because it cast call rays that they can eat at lunch is 850. they say it's not healthier but the portion sizes. 6'3" football player that burns 3,000 calories at practice is expected to eat the same amount as 100-pound freshman girl. the guidelines come from the usda and funded by healthy hunger-free act in 2010 promoted with good intention by michelle obama but the students are saying we're starving to death. what do you think? being expert from men's health magazine. >> greg: we have a federal government that won't regulate borders but regulates bagels.
2:39 am
only in government would they seek to institutionmize anorexia. the reason the kids are slightly overweight we're greatest country in the world and we're punishing them. it's socialism. >> bob: there it is again. >> greg: we have calorie intake to every student. setting a glass ceiling for your stomach. idiotic. >> eric: can you source that? >> greg: with my fist. >> dana: so congressman have just introduced a bill to repeal this. do you think the kids have a right to say whoa, u.s. department of agriculture and government you can't tell us? >> kimberly: they have a point. this is the no hungry kids ac act. my munchkin went to public school last year. they give him lunch. he was getting so skinny, i said what is the deal with
2:40 am
this kid? he's like a toothpick. now he is in private school i give him what i want to send for him for lunch. he is plumping up kind of nice. >> dana: bob your point is some of the students they eat at school. i think this is well-intentioned but how do you feed football player and 100-pound freshman girl? >> bob: on the football team it was 2800 to 3,000 calories a day is what you need to eat. beyond that the students come from the poor background and they use the lunch meal as the
2:41 am
hate hearing this. i'm not sure we should finance every meal for kids at school. at some point it's our own responsibility. >> eric: chapter 18 of the socialist manifesto. when you were in public school, did you send extra food with him? >> kimberly: you could bring a snack or something like that. other than that, they had the breakfast in the morning if you want to pay extra fee for that. >> dana: i don't know how parents of teenage boys manage and keep up all the food they need in house. boy like that, he could eat an entire box of cereal in the morning. that is $5. >> eric: can't you buy additional food? of course you can.
2:42 am
every school has a lunch line you can buy it. i think you can use the ebt to pay for lunches in schools. right? use them everywhere else. >> greg: as you know as a part-time job i run an ice cream truck around public schools. not a truck. it's a van. not really ice cream just stuff from the refrigerator but i have been making a kil killing! >> kimberly: tall kids line up. that is the one thing they want. they're hungry. i'm telling you. 15 minutes to eat. little kids can't focus enough to eat that fast. >> bob: in the cafeteria, friday they have fish stick because of catholics. we stuffed our shirt with five pies. >> kimberly: that's you. >> dana: that's what happened. >> bob: part or it. >> dana: brutal. steven spielberg has released
2:43 am
a trailer for the upcoming block boster on president lincoln. >> you cannot have both. >> hundreds of thousands in the administration. >> created unequal. but, everybt steak and everyone hates it when their steak doe
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♪ ♪ >> eric: the trailer for highly anticipated movie "lincoln" starring daniel day lewis and directed by steven spielberg was just released. take a look. >> we here highly resol that the dead shall not have died in vain. that the nation under god, shall have a new birth of freedom that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth. >> abra hamlin con asked to us
2:48 am
accomplish the death of slavery. >> fight for the united states of america. >> this settles the debate for all coming time. not for the millions in bondage but the unborn millio millions to come. >> shall we stop this blee bleeding? >> bob: greg, hundreds of books written about lincoln and number of movies. what about this is specifically different? >> greg: this is an outrage. daniel day lewis is british. we're outsourcing our president to english. first, canyon in the white house. now a brit playing lincoln. another problem with this movie, we already know the ending. this is basically the titanic with a beard. >> bob: that lincoln dies? >> greg: yes. that is a spoiler alert, bob. should haven't said that.
2:49 am
>> bob: the book, band of brothers -- >> dana: team of rivals. >> bob: i knew it was something like that. a lot of books about lincoln. anything to put in film that match that stuff? >> dana: some people don't like to read. [ laughter ] >> eric: why are you looking at me, bob? >> dana: i like the dramatization. look back. >> dana: if you make a film there are a lot of things that people don't know. >> bob: do you think people don't know? all the work done on lincoln and the biographers is there anything we don't know? >> eric: one thing there won't be a movie, president there won't be a movie about. president carter.
2:50 am
jimenez that was drented right at you -- >> greg: that was directed right at you. >> bob: did you have to drop that turn? >> eric: they're yelling mondale in my ear. >> greg: matheson played reagan. i wrote a script in 1989 on abraham lincoln. it's about how the lincoln ememorial comes alive. breaks free and starts to destroy d.c. the only man to stop him is the great, great grandson of john wilks booth. but he won't come out because he's afriday he will be ridiculed but he comes out and he kills a statue. >> dana: i'd watch that. >> greg: i wrote ten pages. >> bob: my great, great, great grandfather was in ford's theater on the night lincoln was killed an he got a spur of john wilks booth as he jumped off. sent it to the sheriff. sheriff sent it back to us and note to the family saying this was actually the spur that was
2:51 am
used in court. there is a certain celebrity at fox trying to buy it from us for a long time. >> dana: you sold it on ebay? >> bob: no. we kept it. had it a long time. >> dana: where is it? >> bob: museum in philadelphia. my brother and i don't want to sell it and neither do it. unless i'm broke. >> eric: we know where the genesis of your liberalism came from. your great, great, great grandfather picked up the spur from the gentleman that killed lincoln. >> dana: lincoln was a republican. >> kimberly: correct. republican. >> bob: is there any other president in history recorded and written about in >> greg: president obama. he wrote his own memoir, twice. >> dana: before he had memories. >> bob: let's turn this in to beat up obama. >> dana: i'm complimenting him. in the oval office spot to the left of the grandfather clock where every president is supposed to put the portrait of whoever they think was the
2:52 am
most influential or best president. abraham lincoln portrait has been there for a long time. i thought it was interesting because president bush when he gave a tour of the oval office, there is the picture right there. he would say i was conflicted because my dad was also president. so you might think his portrait should be there. i told my dad i hung his portrait in my heart. >> bob: the thing that amazes me about lincoln. lincoln knew nothing about war but he got so disgusted with the way the war was run he became -- he learned of warfare. he was the one who brought grant. grant was a drunk. they brought grant all the way out of tennessee. he won the war. >> eric: do you know is buried in grant's tomb? >> bob: his name is sherman. >> bob: don't hold your
2:53 am
breath. i'll be nice. one more thing is next! >> kimberly: see, i learned now. ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, yoargeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> kimberly: time for one more thing. see if we can get any weirder today. for that we go to the king of weird. greg? >> greg: twitter, the obama campaign are asking people to
2:57 am
tweet pictures of themselves with writing on their hands. here is the obama campaign manager jim messina. one word for this. creepy. this is creepy. this is not a campaign. this is a cult. they should set up a camp at a fairground to get you to enlist. >> greg: we could do a segment on that. >> dana: i thought today we could do something nice. victory for freedom. bipartisan when burma of given the congressional gold medal. that is her meeting with mrs. bush this morning. i don't know if it's escollusive picture of "the five." but one this morning. i came to know her because of mrs. bush. secretary clinton championed the cause. if you want to read more,
2:58 am
mrs. bush has op-ed in "wall street journal." radio free asia did reporting on this. voice of america over many years. i'm sure bob remembers that. >> bob: i do. >> eric: i read hollywood reporter. i love this magazine. brad pitt does a thing called yes i dade that. he said, "it's strange but i feel better having a gun. i don't feel the house is completely safe if i don't have one hidden somewhere. that is my thinking right or wrong." very nice. a great opportunity to -- not that is mine. the other one. >> kimberly: showing muscles? >> eric: that is my gun. >> greg: that this is a typical liberal. pick and choose conservatism. i like guns. >> eric: got to love it, right? >> greg: i do, i guess. >> kimberly: i like -- my turn. calling on myself.
2:59 am
i like american heroes. you probably saw the footen on fox about glen doherty who had his service, the touching story of 9-year-old boy, fourth grader named jonathan who wanted to go and pay respects to the fallen soldier. he walked from his house to the church. he stood if line to try to talk to the mom. he was able to talk to glen's mother. what he had to say was great. we have sound if you want to listen. >> a navy seal is tough job. i pray for him tonight. >> kimberly: last part of what he said is he should go to heaven. how sweet is that? we honor the fallen from the attack on the consulate. bring you updates about the other. >> bob: cute kid.


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