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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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know, maybe 12, thousand, maybe 15,000 letters a week. give me the headline. thanks for watching me tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always were the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight the mixed messages from the obama administration are now closely resembling flat-out lies to you, the american people. a major scandal is develop in the wake of last week's assault on the u.s. embassy in benghazi. four americans are dead and still this president is refuse to go come clean about what happened and more importantly, who was to blame. after more than a week of denying this was a premeditated salt, the white house has reversed its position saying it is, quote, self-evident tend it
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was a terrorist attack. that remark came that jay carney today and it was self evident to any objective observer that it was all the work of al-qaeda from the very beginning. the only people denying that the last week is people like jay carney. they wanted us to believe the afascinations of the ambassador, stevens, and navy seals were the quote of a movie trailer. this had nothing to do with the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. but as more facts about the tragedy were revealed, that story began to change and contradictions began piling up. let's review. >> this is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to united states policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video, a
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film. >> the best assessment we have today is that, in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. that what happened initially, it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> we have condemned in the strongest possible terms the violence that has erupted from these protests. and as i have said, the video that sparked these protests is disgusting and reprehensible, and the united states government, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with it. >> all right, now how this event can evolve from an impromptu riot about a youtube video to a premeditated terrorist attack in a span of a week, it can be explained one of three ways. number one, this administration is stupid, simple as that. number two, this administration is on the receiving end of some of the worst intelligence in american history. or number three, we are witnessing a wide-spread coverup
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based on flat-out lies, all aimed to protect the president, who happens to be running for re-election. i'm going for number three, and in a moment i'm going to show you the evidence to back it up. but this is not the first time the anointed one and his teams have been less than truthful. for years they have been lying to you about the republican party. republicans want dirty air, dirty water, they lied about kids with autism and the elderly having to fend for themselves. they lied about mitt romney being a tax cheat, and even worse, a murder. we have a president who will not come clean about the security lapses that resulted in the death of four brave americans. and all of the mainstream media wants to do is cover-up for their president. they are more interested in whining about the timing of governor romney's statement. was he ten seconds too early? but at least he had the courage to denounce the anti-american violence that was erupting
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overseas. mitt romney had the courage to call out these extremists for what they were, a clear threat to this country. and that's more than i can say for an administration whose first reaction to the events of last week were anywhere between ten to sixteen hours, depending on which timeline you believe in, for hurting the feelings of anyone offended by a low budget movie trailer that nobody watched that was released in july. joining me more reaction is the former new hampshire governor, i call him a one man romney-supporting wrecking crew, the one and only john is back. >> what is wrong with this administration has been encapsulated completely in what has transpired over the last week. first of all, this administration always wants to blame someone else or something else. they have not capacity for understanding that they have failed.
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and where they have failed dramatically is in foreign policy. this is a fred who took that no bell prize who was handed to him six weeks or so when he came into office and let it go to his head. and his foreign policy was going to be based on the charm of barack obama. he goes overseas, tries to ingratiate himself by apologizing for the u.s. and in doing so just erodes all the respect for the u.s. which is so necessary for stability. what is happening in the world today is because the foreign policy of barack obama is an absolute, unmitigated failure. >> governor, it gets worse, if you can believe this. jay carney told the country on behalf of the president today it was self evident this was a terror attack. the president for the first time, because he never does any real interviews, he goes on letterman and hang out with beyoncé and jay-z, he doesn't get tough questions. he wouldn't come on this program
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if his life agained on it. so he was asked on often vision tonight, he was asked the question why didn't we have beefed-up security and he contradicts his own statement. he's back to blaming the movie trailer. >> many people want to know whether you expected so much anti-american sentiment in the islamic world, and why wasn't your administration better prepared with more security at our embassy on september 11. >> first of all, we moon the loss of the americans that were killed in benghazi. but i think it's important to understand that's not representative. the attitudes of the libyan people toward america because they understand because the incredible work that our diplomats did, as well as our men and women in uniform we liberated that country from a dictator who terrorized them for 40 years. >> wouldn't use the word terrorism. he went back to the movie trailer again. >> and look, two things to point out. number one, it's the government
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of libya that is saying, mr. president, you are not telling the truth. that what happened here was terrorism. and the second thing that's important to note is that the unfavorables of the u.s., recent polls show that they have gone huge increase in the unfavorables in that part of the world n jordan, in egypt, in the other arab countries. the unfavorables have increased with barack obama as president. and he came in saying that he was going to be the president that caused the muslim world to come and be different to the u.s.. >> next question. in this univision, the first time, the first interview where he is pressed on his failures, and they specifically asked him, and i'll get into this later in the program, you promised immigration reform in your first term. then he blamed republicans. well, he had the congress for two years. but i will get back to that in a minute. he actually said that you cannot change washington from the
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inside. watch this and then watch gov. romney responding to that. >> i've learned some lessons over the last four years. and the most important lesson i've learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. and that's how the big accomplishments like healthcare got done. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again! he said he can't change washington from inside, he can only change it from outside! well, we are going to give him that chance in november. he's going outside. >> and he changed the slogan to no, i can't. i can't change it. >> let me tell you, ronald reagan changed washington, george herbert washington bush helped change washington. they changed it not from the inside or the outside, you change it from the top. everyone wants bipartisanship. by part tan ship happens if the
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president wants bipartisan ship. i had a president that want it had, we had to go in and it a bipartisan clean air bill, we did a bipartisan americans with disabilities act, and a a budget bill when we had almost no republicans. president is the one that can create bipartisan ship and this guy has failed. >> here's the last question i want to ask you. we have a dead ambassador, two dead seals and assistant that died, killed, murdered. we have our flags ripped downed and burned, a chanting of death to america, al-qaeda flags being raised. they tell us, jay carney, use san rice, it's not about america. >> either they are stupid, they have bad intelligence or they are purposely lying. you pick one here. >> one and three. >> think about this. not only are they lying maybe to protect his chances for re-election, but we had a terror
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attack that killed americans, governor, and the lie would protect al-qaeda from being exposed for perpetrating this attack. help me out here. >> its just -- shawn, you know, if there was -- if there was a sanity to the silliness, it might be passable. but it isn't. this is incompetence. sheer, unmitigated incompetence. this guy cannot manage a lemonade stand. he's got to go. >> all right. governor, thank you. we appreciate your time, as always. coming up, if you had $70,000, what would you do with it? well, our apologetic president has equally apologetic sidekick, hillary clinton, use that amount of money, get this, they are spending money buying time on pakistani television apologizing. so they apologize again and again to radicals that are burning our flags, screaming death to america for the shoddy move have trailer that nobody had anything to do with.
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our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. >> the apology tour continues. sarah palin is here to respond to that. and if you weren't sure nbc was in the bag for president obama we play you the media bias moments away. and i call this trua das city, the american re-enters the american flag in honor of himself. we have the response and all of that straight ahead on hannity. are you okay, babe?
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>> tonight president obama and his administration continue to operate from a position of weakness. now particularly in the middle east. if you are not convinced, the smoking gun has now been uncovered. today the associated press confirmed that our state department is spending upwards of $70,000 on television ads in pakistan. why? to apologize to all those
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radicals whose feelings may have been hurt by the low budget movie trailer. the stars of the ad are none other the president himself and secretary of state hillary clinton. >> since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. but there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. none. >> let me state very clearly, and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. >> joining me now with reaction, former alaskan governor sarah palin.
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let me get this straight, taxpayer money for that ad in pakistan. they blame the movie, the movie, the movie. itself evident it was terror and now we are back to the movie again. help me out here, governor. >> right. so in the midst of this apology tour we see our embassies in the middle east under siege. so how is that u.s. apology tour working out for you, mr. president? look, if our fearless leaders insist on waiving the white flag like this, and they need to bring our troops home from the middle east, no more blood, no more u.s. treasure spent, not one drop, if those in control of our troops' lives and tax dollars going into things like this are going to capitulate, wait, apologize for a first amendment right of ours, freedom of speech, that our troops are over there fighting for. our commander in chief is contradicting what we believe our troop's mission is and that is to protect freedom. >> but think about this, this
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lie they told, they are protecting the perpetrators of terrorists, the murderers of americans. what is the thinking behind this? >> well, certainly he is succeeding in weakening america when it comes to these foreign policies that he is adopting. it's the an tisesis that we aren't going to follow-through on threats or as soon as those things we need to do in order to be that beacon of hope from bright light that other countries can look to america and wish to emulate those practices of ours to help create a safer, more peaceful world. have you ever seen a more disorganized and dishonest administration than what you are seeing today when it comes to these convoluted messages, these
9:18 pm
mixed up messages of theirs as they tell the public many, many different sides of the story. >> the libyan president told us this was premeditated, contradicting all the spin they were giving us. we were told we had three days notice. this happened on the anniversary of 9/11, and then we discover that we didn't beef up security? thank god univision asked the question. he dodged it, he didn't give an answer. but why wouldn't the president have beefed-up security here? in the process do you think this was premeditated lying by the president to cover up their bad policies? >> well, the president is masterful at dodging the question. the press really stinks at following up, and making him answer questions, making him being accountable to the people who elected him to be a leader. i don't consider him a leader. i consider barack obama a politician. it is atrocious what is going
9:19 pm
on, and we need to exert strength, we need to be protecting all those things that we have believed that our troops are in war zones for. otherwise we are wasting u.s. blood and treasure, and i say no more. >> here is what a driving me crazy, as well. because all the pandering, it's interesting it all happened in cairo with i stopped torture, he accused our brave men and women, he accused our men and women of torturing, which is not true, and he said i'm closing gitmo, which he never end up doing anyway. but now the muslim brotherhood is in power. he didn't see it coming. some of us did. he pushes mubarak out of the way. and president 346789orsi was the head of this. our prophet, jihad our way, dieing in the way of allah is our highest hope. do you think one taxpayer dime should go to egypt, go to morsi who was called the israelis
9:20 pm
vampires? >> not unless the egyptian government changes their tune and says, no, they will not support those tenants of the muslim brotherhood's belief that the sometime my freedom and seek to harm the u.s. remember we were told, shawn, when mubarak was being ousted and you said and i said it looks like he's out the door but we asked who was the replacement going to be? when we were threatened with the muslim brotherhood being the replacement, we were told they would be harmless and they would seek to be allies of the u.s. we are finding that's not the truth. >> looks like vegas behind you. good luck out there. i like play blackjack. >> thanks, sean. i appreciate this opportunity. >> we will need good luck in 47 days. and coming up, the media mash. first coming up, they burn our embassy, we send them money, they turn our flags, we send them more money. next you hear the egyptian prime minister in his own words, and you tell me if this is the nation we ought to be supporting
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>> now ever since the outbreak of violence erupted in cairo, we have been demanding right here on this program thahathe administration immediately stop funneling your hard earned tax dollars to this regime. the egyptian prime minister gave us another reason why. watch this. >> we need to reach a balance between freedom of expression and to retain the respect of other people's beliefs. we get to work on it immediately in the short term but i think we also see the immediate to long-term. balance is the keyword. >> just to make sure i have this
9:25 pm
right, are you asking for the united states and other countries to take another look into their existing laws? >> i'm calling on them to take the necessary measures to ensure that insulting, you know, billions of people, half a billion people that believe in their prophet, that that should not happen, and if it happens, that people should pay for what they do. >> no more free speech. no cartoons, no movie trailers, don't say anything that he doesn't like. so basically he wants to curb free speech here in the u.s. so how does the administration respond? according to the, hillary clinton met with members of the house and senate today, why? in an attempt to beat back pressure to cut united states aid to egypt. what is worse, listen to how the state department spokesperson described the radical regime in egypt earlier this week. >> we are continuing to work with the hill on the support that we think is important to
9:26 pm
support those very forces of moderation, change, democracy, openness in egypt that are very important for defeating extremism of the kind that we saw. >> forces moderation, change, openness, and they want to limit the free speech of you, the american citizen? joining me now with reaction, the host of war stories, current natural oliver north. i don't even know what to say. first they go to youtube, now they are being lectured and nobody can say anything negative. >> first of all, the mainstream media has helped the obama administration wane a nine-day disinformation campaign, and now the o-team is caught up in our own web of deception. these attacks weren't spontaneous outrage over some internet video. it was all very carefully planned, including what happened to benghazi, and unfortunately the mainstream media isn't asking the kind of questions
9:27 pm
that would get to the bottom of it. for example, what was our ambassador to bringly doing in benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11? no one seems to me. >> there was no protection. >> very little protection. and, of course, the descriptions of what transpired there was nothing like a spontaneous outburst of some protest that got out of control. you have four dead americans in benghazi, two more dead in afghanistan four days later, and the mainstream media isn't asking how could this happen and why is the administration -- >> nobody is asking. nobody is asking. >> exactly. >> they are the extension of the press office. >> exactly. so what this disinformation campaign has done is to distract people from the real issues. why has the so-called arab spring gone straight down the tubes? and it's because it's not extremists, it is radical islam, and this government, this administration in washington, cannot say the words.
9:28 pm
they describe it as extremism. >> wait a mitt, fort hood, another example. >> no, workplace violence. >> a man causes disasters. overseas contingency operation. so here is what we have. they lie, a lie, by the way, that protected exposing al-qaeda, the terrorists involved here barks are afraid to admit that their outreach, that their benches he have lens, that their uncanny ability to bring back the muslim world and make us like us again has failed. now we are going to give them more money. >> and now there are suspicions that one of those -- may have been one of those who participated in the murder of the ambassador, was somehow related to the uprising against gadhafi. he was freed by gadhafi, despite our add mow anythings that he not be freed, and we will probably never know the relationship that he had to chris stevens. >> charles krauthammer said something we should have done on day one, tell them to go
9:29 pm
straight to heli. here's the muslim brotherhood, morsi the head. jihad our way and dying in the way of allah, our highest hope, he meets with iran, and also calls the israelis vampire, why one red cent? we only have about 20 seconds. >> and we now have the egyptians lecturing us about our first maimed. >> free speech. >> go figure. >> and the administration begging you to please tone it down, please. >> pretty pathetic. >> colonel, could to see you. >> good to be with you, brother. >> media mash coming up. with over one month since the election, the he have dense of media bias is mounting at an alarming rate. and leave it to team obama to profit off america. i get nothing is sacred for this president. and reince priebus of the rnc,
9:30 pm
how will they fight through these debates? that's straight ahead.
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>> newly uncovered evidence revealed the secretly record video of gov. mitt romney speaking to donors back in may has been doctored with crucial minutes missing. this comes after the washington bureau chief from mother jones, a claimed leftist, claimed he released unedited video but that is an outright lie. he was forced to write an update on the website which reads, quote, according to the source the recording device was inadvertently turned off between these two segments. the source noticed quickly and began to rerecord, resulting in an estimated one to two-minute loss of tape. here's another not so shocking revelation, korn is on the way
9:35 pm
roll for abc news. he's an analyst. and here is brent brazel. how are you? >> good. >> we have a sellout media. how many minutes do the networks devote to the romney secret take place as opposed to the comments of obama saying, you know, i believe in redistribution? let's see, romney 34 stories, 1 hour 7 minutes, and obama 8 stories, 6 minutes, 28 seconds. your analysis? >> well, they are both inflammatory if you want to look for inflammatory comments. but in the case of obama's comment, i think it's far more serious because it confirms what evyone has been saying all along and what the left has been denying all along that's correct he's a socialist that believes in the redistribution of wealth. it's a huge, huge story. you think that would lead every network newscast, not this stupid video.
9:36 pm
i'm so tired of hearing about it. it's so inconsequential, that is so meaningless. and look at the disparity, ten to one. >> now we will stay on nbc news here because they are the worst, in my opinion, the worst of all the networks. they are an extension of the white house re-election campaign for barack obama. it's clear, it's evident, people need to know it. andrea mitchell. so the timing of this is interesting because when they have the romney tape, they run with this hour after hour after hour after hour. they are running this on the nbc cable network. interesting, so the tape comes in of obama admitting he's for redistribution, andrea mitchell, nbc news, we can't authenticate this so we can't run it. here's what she said. >> we have not authenticated this 14--year-old tape from loyola college from barack obama was a state senator. because we have not independently at of nbc news and we are not airing it. but the basic issue is they are
9:37 pm
accusing president obama of class warfare. that is trying to change the subject. >> in other words we don't want to make obama look bad and get his real feelings on tape for the american people to judge for themselves. >> but even better than that, sean, you heard her say at nbc and ms-nbc we haven't authenticated it. there's only a couple problems here. there was authenticated by the obama campaign that said it was truth and it was authenticated by the white house which said it was true and she's still there saying nbc hasn't authenticated it. you can't get more list honest than that, sean. >> prior to her comments jay carney authenticated it. i guess they don't follow the news that closely. but let me run -- this was before her show. this is jay carney. >> 14 years ago then senator
9:38 pm
obama was making an argument for a more efficient, more effective government. specifically citing city government agencies that he did not think were working effectively. he believed then and believes now that there are steps we can take to promote opportunity and make sure that all americans have a fair shot if they work hard. >> now, one more tape and i'm going to give you the final word here because this is important. now that we -- they ran with one tape, not the other, an hour versus six minutes of coverage, now that we point out here the information has been taken -- we now know there's a lapse. in other words, oops, what is missing in david corn is a committed leftist. look at how the news networks cover this entire story. watch this. >> david was a political earthquake in the presidential race and all because of a small camera, secretly recording from the side of a room. >> these are tough days for the romney campaign. inside 50 days to go now until the election, and they are dealing with something of a
9:39 pm
public relations disaster. >> scott, i'll tell you, for a candidate that's fought the perception from the very beginning he's just a rich guy who doesn't understand the average folks, i cannot imagine what he could have said that would hurt his cause more. >> my question, does the sellout obama media owe the american people an apology? >> of course, they do. they are clearly fanning the flames. and let me say something nbc. you are the ones who have been caught editing footage twice this year. twice you have been caught. conservatives have every right to question the media and this editing process because we caught you several times editing footage already. >> all right. great work. >> thanks, sean. >> appreciate it. >> coming up, he's out of ideas and the ones he tried have crashed and burned. reasons probe bus on why today's job numbers could be the final star for the american people and why it's time for this president to go. we know obama is too busy campaigning to actually run the
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>> yesterday president obama sent out a tweet, not on the pressing foreign policy debacle that's going on in the middle east, no, on something far more important in the president and that is hocking campaign junk from his online store. they say there are no red states, no blue states, the united states, as he always said. the tweet links to a website that is selling this poster, showing the american flag defaced with the eobama seal. using the ultimate american symbol, why? because he needs money to get re-elected. what did you do, your own obama
9:45 pm
flag? >> we love the white board, don't we? >> by the way, the big white board. >> sorry. >> we will get to that in a second. >> i want you to do another one. we will have that one, then we will have one you have one, vote romney and on romney's at the bottom you say you decide. >> and romney would be the real american flag. >> exactly. what do you think? >> versus this, which is a desecration of the american flag and so unbelievable arrogance, it makes me sick. no one should buy this. >> i'm tired of being lied to by the president and his campaign. i'm tired of the characterization we want dirty air and water we want to throw granny off the cliff, and even though it's our embassies, they are burning our flags, putting up al-qaeda's flag and chanting death to america and killing americans, it has nothing to do the anniversary of
9:46 pm
9/11 and no mistake by me of not beefing up security. i'm livid. >> a lot of us are, and the news out today, we spent $70,000 apologizing on pakistani tv. where are we? it's not so much the apology, it's not it's so much trying apiece the us luckic world, it's the signal it sends to the radical muslim down there. you punch someone, you don't get punched back, you keep punching the guy. >> it's complete weakness. i knew things would get bad if he was elected but i didn't think we would fall this far in terms. our vow of the world, the people, how they perceive us internationally, the weakened position necessary the middle east, the disrespect for the troops, and we thought so hard and this is how we honor them? what is this about? >> and this is the point.
9:47 pm
since the flag came out, people are angry. >> people said i fought for the russ flag, the american flag. i didn't fight and risk my life for this flag, whatever it is. >> four more years of this? >> that's a great point. can you afford four more? this is what drives me know. he goes on letterman and he doesn't know. he was saying george bush was unpatriotic when he was running for office but he doesn't know what the debt is, he's hanging out with beyoncé and jay-z, and he used to be an admitted drug dealer and shooting his brother and hung out with $800 bottle of sam pain with the rich folks. >> one of the scariest things is in literally the hours after the diplomats were killed, president obama decided to get on the plane and go to vegas.
9:48 pm
tone-deaf, disrespectful. >> that's our commander in chief? that's really inappropriate. >> no intel briefings. and by the way, not even the day after. >> and too busy to meet with his council of economic advisors. >> can't meet with them because i guess we don't need jobs. what did he say? we don't need to worry about the debt, that's long-term. because he wants to pass the buck, all $16 trillion of it and counting on to future generations of americans. he doesn't care. he has four more years to put some more socialist programs in. >> the other big story is the media. the lap dog, suck-up, obamamania sellout, the sellout media in this country. >> what did the new york times say? where was the news? where was the breaking news that there may or may not have been negotiation was releasing the blind sheik. and these may have been
9:49 pm
preplanned in retribution to 9/11 and the killing of osama bin laden. >> we will never release the blind sheik. >> come to the white house and make that statement then. if you are not actually making these negotiations or considering them behind closed doors, come out and visit. >> i spoke to people, some of which you brought it, it was a great segment on the five when you brought up the issue congress wrote a letter and they want to know, and they are getting these very parsed answers. this could go away in ten seconds. we will never, ever release the blind sheik from a u.s. prison, period. >> and it stinks we have hillary clinton the secretary of state, the ambassador susan rice telling us, and it's all based on the movie, jay carney twice said it's based on the movie. video we got today showed it wasn't a mass protest that went awry, it was a handful of people. >> it is reckless foreign
9:50 pm
policy. on this alone he should lose his job. >> by the way, you guys are really nice to hang out for me for five minutes at the rnc convention. >> we took a picture. >> very quickly, do you want to do this we me? >> yes. >> place your left hand over your heart. the back of your flag, i pledge allegiance to the flag of the obama administration and to the regime to which it stands, one nation under obama, divided with tyranny and redistribution for all. amen. >> four more years? no. >> wow. >> no. >> you guys are in trouble on your own. >>. [laughter] >> let bob beckel be your attorney. coming up next, obama's tax and spend policies are not working but the economy is doing fine. 25 million underemployed, 1 in 6 in poverty and 49 million americans on food stamps. we have the math coming up next.
9:51 pm
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>> now before we leave tonight i want to examine the latest job numbers. 382,000 americans filed jobless claims last week. this is much higher than was expected. i don't know about you but i have lost track of just how many awful jobs reports in a row this is. but what i do know is that
9:55 pm
taxing and spending, doesn't work. redistributing wealth is not working. the president, his sidekicks and hack friends in the media, they don't see the reality. let's look back at the tale that they keep spinning for you, the american people. >> the economy is growing stronger. the recovery is speeding up. the economy is growing and they started adding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month. >> the economy is vastly improved from what it was when barack obama was sworn into office as president. >> just like we tried their plan, we've tried our plan and it worked. >> because of the decisions he has made and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner! >> we were able to, under president obama's leadership, turn this economy around. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> and, of course, he's going to cut the deficit in half in his first turn and shovel ready jobs
9:56 pm
aren't so shovel ready. and didn't we have the 2010 recovery summer? reince priebus is with us, chairman of the rns. how do you plan to counter this? >> one thing we have to make this about a choice of two futures for this country. there's a lot of ways we can counter it, but in most cases like any case in court, there's nothing better than going into the closing argument and having the facts on your side. no lawyer, no perry mason is better than having the facts on your side. i think two things, number one, getting to the american people with people and advertisements of the man on the street, the people who many. which may have supported barack obama, but are talking straight to the camera, talking about the things that didn't work under barack obama, and then using barack obama's words. i mean, take the words of barack obama just like you just did in that compilation and showing the american people this is what
9:57 pm
barack obama promised and had is what he delivered. today, sean -- >> go ahead. >> today the president, he finally did an interview with a legitimate news outlet called univision down in miami, and he finally sat down, he wasn't with a pimp with a limp or some of the other interviews he's been doing lately. [laughter] >> and the president said, the president said that one of the things that he learned as president, he can't fix it, you can't fix washing ton from the inside. he undermined the entire basis of his presidency. the next thing he said, and talk about pandering, he said that his biggest failure as president was that he didn't plan immigration reform. we will put that issue aside, but put that eye side but think about it. you haven't pass add budget in three years, there's nothing you can show that's improved and take a look what's happening
9:58 pm
over the atlantic ocean in northern africa and the middle east. we just have to be diligent, we have to keep pressing the case. our ground game, sean, is going to be second to none and we are going to win it on the ground. >> look, now we know that they have told lies about libya. lied. we have people dead, they lied. they lied to actually protect the world from knowing there was a real terror attack. lied about republicans and grandma and lied about kids with autism and down syndrome, lied about cutting the deficit in half. a lot of broken lies. he got called out on one. you mentioned immigration. he said when he ran his campaign, i can't guarantee it will be the first immigration but i can guarantee you we will have an immigration bill that i support and i'm supporting. he got called out on that tonight. watch this. >> that's right. you promised that. and a promise is a promise. with all due respect, you didn't keep that promise.
9:59 pm
>> there's the thinking that the president is somebody who is all-powerful and can get everything done. in our -- in our system of government, i am the head of the executive branch. i'm not not the head of the legislature, i'm not the head of the judiciary. we have to have cooperation from all these sources in order to get something done. so i am happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didn't get it done, but i did not make a promise i would get everything done 100% when i was elected as president. >> guarantee we will have in the first year an immigration billion i strongly support. he had both houses of congress. he could have pass it had. >> right. and that's a fundamental issue and that's something all of our folks need to keep in mind. number one, every fantasy he's ever had he could have gotten done. he had a super majority in the senate. 60 votes the first year, 59 the second year. the seeper majority of congress was in his