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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 21, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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one of them has the time to fix the economy. that is what he said? >>. >> greta: that is your last call. there is an on the record special. and we'll hear from joe trippi. you don't want to mis >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: fox news learned what may be the identity of the mastermind of the athat cans that killed four americans in benghazi, libya. he wasn't a filmmaker. al-qaeda terrorist with ties to blood bloo bin laden held in.
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sufyan bin qumu. see this no, spontaneous reaction. but for some reason, the obama administration is linking the violence to a movie. >> and as i have said, the video that sparked the protest is disgusting and reprehensible. >> eric: that was today. here is white house spokesman jay carney yesterday. listen. >> based on what we know now, and knew at the time, we have no evidence of preplanned, or premeditated attack. >> eric: jay carney today says it's self-evident it was terrorism. so americans deserve some answers. why won't this president call a terrorist a terrorist? hillary clinton, madam secretary, smart lady, do you really think it was all about a movie? jay carney, c'mon, you know better than what you have been saying. ambassador rice, please stop insulting our intelligence. this is a coverup of the highest levels of the united states government. don't they realize this just
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emboldens al-qaeda? andrea, the issue here is what is the perception in the muslim world? what is the perception among radical muslims? how does the obama administration treat what is going on in the middle east? >> andrea: considering that hillary clinton is on the hill lobbying for more aid to the countrys egypt and libya, they're laughing. they are saying they are not even going to acknowledge this was an act of terrorism. the only reason that jay carney came out and said it was self-evident. if it was, he should have been more self-evident himself, because the national intelligence officer came to capitol hill and admitted it was a terrorist act. look, they knew from day one this was a big embarrassment. they have gotten terror wrong before. remember the bomber, they said was isolated incident, lone wolf. they make the gaffes because they don't want to acknowledge real terrorism. eight weeks before the election, national humiliation on their hands and they don't want to be held responsible for dropping the ball.
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they did. they were warned. >> eric: is that what this is? the obama administration not wanting to call terrorism terrorism with 87 days left before the election? >> greg: they called fort hood workplace violence. in that definition, the libya terrorist attack was a pride march. it worry how beyonce and jay-z are taking the news and will it affect the consumption of champagne? do you think jay carney thinks benghazi is a person? america desevens better than the cast from "happy days." if the administration was a tv show it would be "you got no talent." >> eric: are they that misinformed or are they covering something up? >> dana: i don't know. then they say they don't know. then they say they do know. black is white and gray is white and black. then the spokesperson for the white house says it's self-evident it's terror, it's saying don't bother me with
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your silly little questions. on september 12, the day after the attack, president obama talked about terrorism in his remarks. three days later, we hear it's all about the video. the spokesperson at that time said the video is not in response to anything about the administration, it wasn't about america. then today they say oh, obviously it's terrorist attack. okay. terrorist attacks to me cannot be both spontaneous and premeditated. it's one or the other. if is it a terrorist attack, then they had an obligation to say what they will do about it, if anything. >> eric: maybe explain, bob, you call this the day after the attacks. you said look, it doesn't look like they were -- it was a protest that ended up killing the four diplomats. it looks like a free planned attack. that video from reuters showed attackers. there were no protesters. you were right. let me ask you this -- that video there. why didn't the state partment know about this? if they did. did they drop the ball?
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>> bob: do we know for sure this was taken before the -- >> eric: according to reuters. >> bob: a couple of things strike me. why they don't own up to it is self-evident. it was in fact a terrorist attack. i have serious questions about this. if there was someone let go out of gitmo in 2007, who is the mastermind of this, the white house would and should, more than likely would have blamed the bush administration for it. but that indicates to me we don't have the pieces put together here yet. this was done, demonstration done in egypt, cairo at the time. you can argue i suppose they use that as a cover. hard to make it as a cover if there is nobody there. nowhere near the mob that was initially thought. >> greg: going back, you did mention that the real important thing here where was the pronext? you usually see security at
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selena gomez in shopping mall appearance. ridiculous. i have to go to what i said before. in this administration it's knee-jerk response to blame anything but the source. blame is appeasement. this is coming from the sense of belief that america is always at the heart of problem. always our fault. it bleeds to foreign policy. >> andrea: think about it. the first response is not call it terrorism. it's to call it everything else. they expect libya to work with us to bring the thugs to justice. that's what president obama said. what did the administration do days after the attack? they threw the libyan president under the bus. he said this is a terror attack and the administration said he doesn't know what he is talking about. if i'm the libyan president i go what? thanks a lot. by the way, if egypt is such an ally, where was the egyptian military to help protect the embassy? >> bob: the egyptian military is there driving them back. using water hoses and other
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things. >> andrea: water hoses? super soakers? >> bob: i don't know if you have been in front of a water hose -- >> greg: i did a movie once in germany with a water hose. >> eric: or is this orchestrated coverup because president obama has taken victory lap after victory lap. treb slogan bin laden is dead but g.m. is alive. if this was a coordinated attack, preplanned 9/1 9/11 retribution attack it takes the legs out of his -- >> bob: there are a number of consuls around the world. they outsource security and they did to british security agency. why did they not do it effectively, i don't know. i don't think you expect to see the grenade launched missile off somebody's shoulder at protest. >> eric: you are refuting the news you broke on tuesday or wednesday.
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you said it wasn't a coverup. it wasn't a protest that inspired the deaths of the foreigambassador. >> bob: i said it was a terrorist attack but where was the security? >> eric: i'm glad you asked that. univision asked president obama and he refused to answer the question. look at this video. i'll talk about this video. we are spending $780,000, spending $70,000 on ads that are airing on pakistani tv, saying we're sorry we had nothing to do with the movie. is this the right message we're senning radical isla islamists? >> perhaps the intel community told them this is what was needed in order to get people to calm down. looking at the pictures today from pakistan. it doesn't look like it was working. troubling to think if you, at the opening when you talk about possible al-qaeda guy, the former detainee of gitmo
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under the libyan government control under gaddafi, current government has very little control. if al-qaeda is now able to be spontaneous a planned without any detection, that was interesting. last monday, mark peason of the "washington post" wrote a piece about president obama and how few times he attended the intel briefings in person. he gets the paper product every day. but he didn't go for a week afterwards. guess what? he has gone for the last five days a row. all of a sudden. mark wrote about that today. >> eric: the news broke last night that this al-qaeda guy may have been part of the mastermind behind the attacks. i don't see it in the news. >> bob: this is my point. don't you think they'd they he was let go under the bush --
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>> dana:>> i imagine at some point the obama administration will blame president bush for. this president bush's position was to close gitmo as well. there was a problem with recidivists, detainees getting back on the battlefield. obama promised to close gitmo. they have a responsibility to track the guys. they didn't uphold their end of the deal. now they're trying to tell us -- >> bob: i'm saying i'm surprised the "new york times" didn't say that. >> eric: i see on the upper right, these are above the fold. tight race, obama wields all leaves of power. >> andrea: i'm sure that there is other stuff. other ridiculous stuff if you go further. this is the reason the administration can change their position quickly. the media is not going to cover it. another point, why doesn't our security embassy in these countries have live ammunition and water guns instead? the final point is this. pakistan gave its people a national holiday tomorrow to protest.
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this is a huge story. the ads aren't working because they will take the day off tomorrow in pakistan to protest. >> bob: i think the $70,000 is well spent. dana is right. intelligence community, anything with the steam out of this. maybe it didn't work. what else you going to do? >> andrea: p.r. campaign. >> greg: if only we made the soccer field at gitmo bigger they wouldn't hate us as much. >> bob: hot water in shower. >> greg: speaking of hot water there is no way to get rid of the steam. the steam was there before we were born and it will be there long after we're dead. they hate us. >> eric: good way to sum up. remember when candidate obama promised this? >> under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. >> eric: uh-oh! guess what? promises broken. millions of americans are going to get hit with a
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crippling obamacare tax. got the numbers next. >> bob: crippling? >> eric: tax. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. president obama has been promising since 2008 he will not raise taxes on people making under $250,000 a year. remember this? >> i can make a firm pledge. under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year, will see any form of tax increase. >> if your family makes $250,000 ra year, or less, like 98% of americans, you won't see your income taxes increase by a single dime next year under my plan. >> and do you remember when then house speaker nancy pelosi said this in the obamacare debate. >> pass the bill so we can find out what is in it away from the fog of the
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controversy. >> dana: well, now that we cleared that up, we know what is in the bill and it's not good news for the middle class. according to estimate by the congressional budget office, 6 million people have to pay a penalty adding up to $8 billion a year. set the stage here and tell you why one of the reasons the congressional budget office got it so wrong initially. they were under the assumption based on what president obama white house said that unemployment would be at 4.9%. now they estimate because of the fiscal cliff, because they have to estimate it won't get fixed it would be 8.7% by then. so the most, in the most volatile election, the most enduring unpopular piece of legislation is destined to get more unpopular. not only will 6 million americans instead of 4 million have to pay the tax, they won't have health insurance either. >> eric: i'm glad we are calling at it tax. that is what the supreme court called it, a tax. here is what is going on. beside the fact that more people will be unemployed than they expected in the debate, people realize, companies
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realize it's cheaper to take the penalty than put people on healthcare to obamacare. you have that, there are other people who are realizing this. that the i.r.s. is the group that is going to be responsible for monitoring who is on health insurance and who is not. but they don't have the power to garnish wages or freeze assets so they are only going to do this, assess you an amount you owe. they can't make you pay it. they can't put you in prison for not paying it. underpay taxes and owe the i.r.s. every year and get around it. >> bob: look at the tape. he said your income taxes are not going to go up. run the tape. >> dana: that is not how they billed it. >> bob: i'm saying that is what we said in the tape. rerun the tape and look at what obama said. income taxes. but even so, the people ought to pay that. they call it a tax. if they are not willing to pay for insurance i'm not willing to take them either. don't take them in emergency rooms. let them be in the street.
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>> andrea: wow. >> what a compassionate liberal that is. >> bob: you say someone is not paying $700 to leave themselves up for to us pay for it if for the rest of their life? >> andrea: pretend you're the person you don't care about. >> bob: i didn't say don't care about. >> andrea: pay a $650 penalty or $5,000 a year premium? what will people do? same thing happened in massachusetts. they said i don't care, i'm not paying it. i'll pay the penalty when i get sick. what does that mean? that a bunch of people when they get sick come in and out of the system. driving costs through the roof for everybody else. >> bob: talking about young people that don't have health problems and they get on the snowboards and go down and break their back. we have to pay for paraplegic the rest of our lives. >> andrea: snowmobiles? >> dana: that happens all the time. >> greg: i finally figured out what nancy pelosi meant when she says you have to pass something to find out what is in it. she was quoting her
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proctologist. this thing stinks. this is the problem with collectivism. advocates do the collecting. the definition of the greater good, it only harms people who can't afford it. if the greater good fails, it's you. not them. why did communism and socialism kill 100 million people? trying to get it right. to make something free, you got to do it by force. >> bob: you are the same people that sat around the table and said medicare advantage would be in trouble. medicare advantage went down in terms and -- >> dana: okay. bob, president obama and -- >> eric: the funding -- [ overtalk ] >> dana: funding cuts that president obama put in obamacare for medicare advantage haven't started yet. the program is a pilot program that everybody admitted was just a ploy to get through november so people, that were senior citizens in florida and ohio didn't lose health insurance. jo there was a slush fund in
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obamacare, demonstration fund. the cut to medicare advantage were already in there. but they knew it would be devastation. what did they do in take $8 billion and paut band wade on it. there will l be seniors furious, because the administration has played a game. >> dana: if president obama, if they were to win again, they might have to subsidize medicare advantage on the back end. it's paul ryan plan. >> eric: do you scratch and wonder why aarp is in favor of obamacare? when medicare advantage is gutted everybody will flock -- >> bob: how do you know -- >> dana: because it's in the bill >> 's in the bill. [ overtalk ] >> dana: bob, stop. cuts to medicare advantage are
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in the obamacare bill. we knew that before the bill was passed. didn't have to wait until after it was passed. >> bob: medicare advantage says the costs have gone down. >> dana: in the pilot program. >> bob: i want to know what you dot tt the 30 million uninsured. what are you going to do about it? >> andrea: first, the cuts are the law of the land. when the $8 billion runs out. a lot of seniors will lose the benefit. democrats are jumping up and down and say look, the cost will go down. people don't use the healthcare when we're in town. they can't afford it. >> bob: ridiculous. >> andrea: it's not. it's facts. >> bob: a fact. okay. all you seniors out there that are not obamacare filling prescriptions e-mail us. let us know about it. >> dana: seniors who like medicare advantage and want to keep it. >> bob: how many out there are not filling the prescriptions because of obamacare? [ overtalk ] >> bob: and what do you do with the 30 million who don't have insurance? >> greg: not my problem.
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make an example. capitalism is based on the faith that people make sound choices about their lives and the economy shapes itself around this. if you want to look at something like lasik surgery it's more effective and cheaper because it's not tied to insurance. you can get your eyes fixed at fraction of the cost it used to be. we're fearful of the only engine that ever worked in our lives. that is capitalism. we want handle that. >> bob: i hate to step on the capitalist train but i got lasik and it was paid for by insurance. >> andrea: you didn't. >> bob: i did! >> andrea: i'd love to know the plan. >> dana: i put mine in health savings account and obamacare eliminated those, too. coming up, obama campaign is now selling its version of american flag. greg has the story of ways obama supporters are pledging allegiance to the president. directly ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: once again, disciples are pledging allegiance to the prophet obama. haven't seen this devotion since the last election in north korea. the rituals writing on yourself. after all, you're just a chalkboard for change and empty slate in every sense. oh, natalie portman, we're dual live impressed be -- duly impressed by the belief you're so raise. it's nice a rich actress thinks other women need government as the husband. look it's jared leno supporting a woodsman beard and the best picture in years. what happened to the dope? the message on his hand is the longest script he has read in years. and jim messina, owes campaign
2:29 am
manager making a hand gesture that on planet obama means take me, i'm yours. if you find anything creepier than the photo, lance it. kitten hair is every bit as infectious. modified american incorporating the obama logo. meaning whatever obama is, he is better, more sophisticated than what passes for american. once again, the president demonstrates that he is the only president in history who seems to think that the job is too small for him. this all creeps me out. as many of you know, i don't creep out easily. i guess i'm just not one for cults. they always end up in empty bank accounts and tears and regrets. i'm just not swayed by the cool kids adopting the cool religion. what would these people do for their leader if asked? what would chi for you? you don't need to ask. they're doing it now. and if they get four more years you will writing on
2:30 am
yourself, too. it will be help in chinese. >> how do you know it says help? >> i had expert do it for me. >> dana: i thought it said buy our bonds. >> bob: who were those people? does anybody care? really? >> dana: obama campaign does. >> bob: i don't know who the people are and nor do i care. i don't see what the big deal is. >> greg: the cool people forming a cult. >> andrea: i think this is try to get the youth vote out this time. you asked what would a cult leader ask you to do that you wouldn't want to do? remember david karesh asked the followers to put on the bright white sneakers? i would don't that. not changing in my shoes for bright white sneakers. >> greg: can this turn people off? how can you vote for something or someone that jared lito would like? he doesn't anything good since "fight club."
2:31 am
>> eric: they want the young youth vote. do they have the youth vote and the east coast and the west coast? cool set? so middle america is going, independents are going this is what i want? i want four more years of this? the economy stinks and all this guy can think about doing is hanging out with celebrities and buying $800 bottles of champagne. >> dana: earlier today the press zealot said it's self-evident that it's terror. we have more important things to talk about like the celebrities are writing on their hands. that's the gimme department at the -- gommic department at the obama. treb last one? don't accept a wedding present. add to obama campaign. sell your collectibles and evening you would get at flea market and give to obama campaign. imagine the brainstorm in the gimmick department? >> greg: it has to be entertaining.
2:32 am
the flag, some call it desecration because obama photo. are they tone dead? >> bob: i don't know a campaign that doesn't use the american flag one way or another. i know mitt romney doesn't have a cult. maybe he does. >> greg: stop it. you are bad! >> bob: i take it back. what cult are we talking about? >> greg: cult of handsome men. >> bob: i think it's much ado about nothing. >> greg: nauseating to you. >> bob: join mitt's cult. >> greg: how do you know i'm not part of it already? >> bob: you may be. >> eric: job creator's cult? >> andrea: it looks silly when there are serious things in the world a you see the campaign manager posing with the hand gesture when so many in america want to give
2:33 am
administration -- >> greg: it's creepy, dana. did you dorph that? >> dana: would i write on my hand for somebody? no. i used to write my homework schedule on the inside of my palm so i wouldn't forget it. i don't write on myself for anybody. >> greg: i hope what i wrote on my hand comes off. >> bob: you know what that really means? >> dana: we have to tease. >> greg: all right. coming up, time to get personal. who snoops and who doesn't? the biggest petpie pet peeve. it rimes with jasper. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." we're tempted to do it. snooping. when your spouse leaves the house or when your girlfriend leaves her phone on the table, or your kid leaves their back pack in the hallway. is out kay to snoop? i went to times square to find out. >> i believe that you should not snoop on your mate. >> serve entitled to privacy. >> it's okay. >> absolutely. >> have you ever been snooped on? >> yeah. >> multiple times. >> can you tell me what happened? >> not on camera. >> you were snooped on yesterday? >> i went to bathroom and came back and my boyfriend had my phone. >> i was on a trip and i went back and my girlfriend is like let me see your phone. you got to trust me! >> have you ever snooped on him? >> no. >> are you lying?
2:40 am
>> no. >> i can'tbe go through all of your e-mails and messages. >> we have no secrets. >> have you ever been snooped on by a woman? >> yes! >> a lot of different opinions out there. some people said yes. other people said no. but one answer i got consistently parents you can snoop on your kids at any point. >> this is believed that kids have rights. where did that come from? they're not especially adults. they're barely human. my wife doesn't snoop on me. all she has to do is turn on the t there. i am. with dana again. [ laughter ] i do on my house boys point and click. they check the facebook pages. i'm the only one they charge. >> andrea: you go through their fanny packs. >> greg: not glitter in there. >> bob: dude said we have nothing to hide from each other. c'mon, give me a break. >> andrea: i take it, less, let me guess.
2:41 am
some woman snooped on you, once or twice or 37 times. >> bob: that is right. snoop on me one night. >> dana: f.b.i. agent. >> bob: there is nothing wrong with snooping if you get away with it. >> andrea: have you snooped on a woman? >> bob: hell, yes. >> andrea: find anything good? >> bob: the diaries. >> andrea: what did they write? >> bob: about former boyfriends. >> greg: you snoop on craigslist. >> bob: days gone by. >> andrea: dana? >> dana: i have a boring situation, because i never even -- i don't know -- no. no. i feel boring. >> greg: you snoop on your dog. when your dog leaves. jasper. >> andrea: eric? you're a father of a teenage son. so do you snoop on your son? >> eric: here is the thing. you can't call it snooping, because that wouldn't work. the best thing to do is let him or her know you will look and watch the facebook page and look through the phone. i remember one time -- well, i
2:42 am
had his phone here by accident. took his phone. look through the pictures. you don't find anything but the kids need to know you are looking. >> greg: by the way, we were just watching n my basement -- watching in my basement. >> bob: i went through my kid's pictures on the telephone. i thought i was reading hustler magazine. i didn't mean that. you are going to meet your boyfriend in philadelphia? >> andrea: you are the man who had a tracking device on your son's car. talk about mr. snooper. by the way, why are you snooping in my private life? >> bob: curious why you are doing. guest house at the beach house? >> andrea: none of your business. i had a good friend once, andrea panteros and she was italian. she snooped once. she will never do it again. >> bob: what did she do? >> andrea: that was my
2:43 am
friend. >> dana: what if you do find something you don't want to know? maybe it's better to find out than not. >> bob: that's how i got divorced. find my wife's cell phone and she had 450 calls to one guy. >> dana: to a lawyer? >> bob: no, that's why we got divorced. that's how i found out. snooped on the cell phone. good deal i did. >> andrea: you're the biggest snooper at the table. >> bob: i am. you didn't answer my question. are you or are you not staying in the guest room? >> andrea: biggest pet peeves everybody? greg? >> greg: my biggest pet peeve is word pet peeve. it's not a pet. i also don't like murder. >> dana: i have lots of them. but my current one is there is a guy at the gym i go on tuesday, thursday mornings and she is a muscle head. he wears headphones and he talks on the phone while he is working out. then he takes the huge -- i done know how big they are,
2:44 am
but've pounds doing bicep curl and throw them on the ground and it makes noise. >> eric: that is what we do. >> greg: talk about john scott. do it all the time. >> eric: biggest pet peeve, unnamed sources. [ laughter ] >> bob: pet peeve, sensors and -- i hate sensors. >> dana: when people are on their phone and eating dinner. >> bob: that's right. twitter -- like i took you to dinner one night and all you did is hold the phone like this. >> andrea: my biggest pet peeve is people get off the elevator before letting you get on. >> dana: i'm guilty. >> andrea: coming up who is the biggest tipper and cheapskate on "the five"? we'll tell you. stay with us. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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♪ ♪ >> bob: the worst movie. >> eric: you're bad. that is the point.
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>> bob: now we're with the liberal section of the show so nothing interesting here. ref cent article in the "new york post" says new york city waiters expect a 25% tip. that is regardless of the quality of their service. now i'm not from new york. 25% is not worth -- i wouldn't pay 25% at a good -- well, at a place. what about you, eric? >> eric: i think you start at 20%. for bad service. go up to whatever your heart desires. if i's good, give them, 35%. >> bob: you start at 20% for bad service? >> eric: they make a living on your tips. they get paid below minimum wage. it's ridiculous how important it is a tip. you can't look at it as additional cost of the meal. you look at it, if you didn't do it, what would the people be, how would they survive? >> greg: how will they pay for acting an improve lessons? think about it. the injustice. if you don't pay waitresses and waiters we lose on entertainment fair?
2:50 am
>> andrea: we? greg gutfeld acting school? >> bob: what is your average tip? >> greg: i'm a good tipper, because i'm generally too drunk to remember. it leave too much money and wonder home. >> bob: i know dana is a good tipper. she tips everybody. what is it about you and tipping? from the west? >> dana: i think what eric said. i feel like maybe i'm a redistributionist. i'd rather give them my money. you know who i give huge tips to? delivery people. delivering your food. they work so hard. they don't even make minimum wage. work purely for tips, soaking wet from the rain. they're so nice. i have an envelope by my door. filled with $10, $5 and $10 i give them extra. nothing like giving somebody a smile like that and a surprise. i love that. >> bob: good. you used to be in the business. you were a waitress.
2:51 am
>> andrea: i made good tips. 20-25%. it started off at 20%. i'm with you, eric. if it's horrific and terrible and you all have the experiences i have gone down to 15%. i am known to tip 30%. sky cap at airport, little trick. if you do it with the sky track, they will put first class tags on your bag and give priority to your bag. dai >> dana: recommendation, waitresses and waiterers who work breakfast, double what you thought you'd give them. breakfast is the least expensive meal of the day, and the hardest one to do waiting service on. >> bob: i'm a good tipper, too. when dana and i were staying at the hotel -- >> dana: separately. >> bob: we were there separately. dana decides she will tip, she and i were going to tip the entire hotel. she tipped everybody from the furnace downstairs to everybody.
2:52 am
what did that cost me? >> dana: you never paid me. you got the thank you notes and credit. >> andrea: if you don't tip, you never go back to that restaurant again. they will follow you out. >> eric: give you a good tipping tip. this works. tell the waiter in advance i'll give you 30%. before the meal starts. >> greg: i find by tipping in hugs. so much more meaningful to me. >> dana: hug them around their knees? >> greg: coming from you, young lady. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: time for one more thing. greg will kick it off. >> greg: the last thing breitbart worked on was a documentary with occupy wall street and with steve bannon. given this is the first anniversary of the movement. i watched the movie last night. perhaps the most powerful movie i have ever seen on modern radicalism. it will blow your mind. if you haven't seen the movie and you must go to occupy it gives you a history of radicalism from '60s onward and the most chilling movie i have seen in years. >> i'll pick something right here. tomorrow maybe we can do that
2:57 am
movie and steve bannon put together another movie "hope and changes" also a documentary. i would love to take piece of that and talk about that. maybe the producers say so. >> andrea: do it in bob's block. >> eric: speaking of bob. your turn. >> bob: if it's my block we could do chinese cooking or something. let me see. reverend jesse jackson takes heat from people, controversial figure. one thing that jackson is known for over the years he has done it three or four times, difficult situations negotiate release of americans, held overseas. in this case, he did it in ganbia with two american citizens gambia originally and became american citizens rather. i say to jesseiacson, for tall heat you do, you do good work. these people are delighted to be out. the people we help before. >> eric: think what obama could do if he were doing that instead of hanging out with dade letterman, beyonce and jay-z. my one more thing today i saw
2:58 am
president obama in lima, ohio. it struck me that ohio is doing much better, bob, but not necessarily because of obama or obamanopcs but because of the great governor john kasich. >> eric: he is not the one -- >> bob: she is not the one on the presidential ballot. >> eric: but obama takes credit -- >> bob: he should take credit f it. >> andrea: bin laden is dead. you can't run on that much longer. can we percolate the presidential prediction? that is what 7-lieb i-eleven is saying. you can go to 7-eleven and buy romney or obama cup of coffee. in past years this contest has done well and predicted the presidents. predicted george w. bush. it predicted a bunch of others. so cast your vote at 7-eleven. >> bob: george washington. >> andrea: yes. the first george w.
2:59 am
>> bob: has everybody done prediction? >> eric: there are so many jokes in there thankfully greg didn't hear it. >> dana: mine, i read this, and i couldn't believe it. they want to make us be more like europe. that is socially or obamacare. imagine this, the recent assault on free speech. can you imagine in europe, in the european parliament a guy named nijel ferage, anti-european guy, he got fined ten days' expenses because he insulted the president of the council. this is the insult. he has the charisma of a damp rag and comes from a non-country, which would be belgian. can you manual being fined for saying something about somebody? in western civilization? >> greg: he's right.


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