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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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by no less than john mccain at the start of the broadcast. bottom line, that's politics. this is more important. mitt romney and the staff traveling with her safe after making emergency landing in denver. something that quickly brings you back to reality. she is fine. the campaign goes on. good day. >> dana: this is a fox news alert. moments ago, mitt romney's plane made an emergency landing in denver while en route to los angeles. the cabin was filled with smoke after an apparent electrical fire but the aircraft landed safely. mrs. romney and all on board are okay. we'll keep you posted as more information is available. well, get started. hello. i'm dana perino along with the great kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, not so great greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: nearly ten days after -- ♪ ♪
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>> dana: obama is finally admitting what seemed obvious at the time, it was a premedicated act of terror. while the investigation is ongoing, it appears there are al-qaeda connections. last week, the administration insisted the attack was a spontaneous reaction to a youtube video. but today, secretary clinton said it was indeed terrorism. here is a look at the various explanations from the administration about what happened. >> the best information and best defense we have today, in fact this was not a preplanned,be premeditated attack. >> self-evident that what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> we're still doing an investigation. there will be different circumstances with different countries. i don't want to speak to something until we have the information. what we do now is that the natural protests that arose
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because of the operation and video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they could harm u.s. interest. >> what happened in benghazi is a terrorist attack. we will not rest until we have tracked down and brought to justice the terrorists who murdered four americans. >> all right. there are many unanswered questions and troubling ones for the white house. what took them so long to get to this position and what should president obama do about it now? before we get started, i do want them before we started here, herron of fox news who has broken a lot of news. you can see it coming up after this on "special report" intel sources are now saying, kimberly, that 100 men took part in the coordinated assault on the ground. i came in two ways. not only rpgs but direct and indirect fire and mortar. how do you lose track of 100 men? >> kimberly: you don't. they lose track of what they're saying. what do you mean? i didn't say that.
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if it's on tape they don't care because the main stream media won't call them out on it. fox news has been right from the beginning because that's the initial report that herron got. that shows clearly it was a coordinated, well-planned attack and not an angry mob that all of a sudden erupted. people get in terms of the weapons, the rpgs, the mortars. they were heavily harmed. video surveillance that shows them coming in ally armed. where is the security? where is the protection outside? this is despite the fact that the obama administration had benefit of all the intel from years of the bush administration. all the c.i.a., all the intel evidents. compilation together and still they drop the ball on this because they're more worried about diplomacy than the safety of people sevenning the country abroad. >> dana: possibly not just a safety and diplomacy but the politics. >> eric: there it is. >> dana: rice goes on the sunday shows. first, she is never out. you never see her. she goes out and says this is all the video, the information we have at the time. three days later we find out
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that is completely wrong. how does that happen? >> eric: honestly, dana, looks and smells and probably a coverup. the white house is covering up for what will be a terrorist attack on american soil and three reasons. they're all political. in the hours and the aftermath of the attack, president obama decided to go to vegas and pick up cam pape checks. number two, this isn't an attack in retaliation for 9/11. 9/11 was 11 years ago. this is attack in retaliation for bin laden killing and the victory lap that the obama administration has been taking, especially at the dnc. remember this line? "bin laden is dead. g.m. is alive." the more they did that, the more it angered the radical muslim world. enough is enough and they went and did that. that doesn't look good. politically it looks bad for president obama. they had to blame it on a movie. anything but what it was. terrorist attack. >> dana: let me ask juan about something. you covered many white houses.
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the press sometimes they will smell blood in the water. on this one, i think they feel like they are, there is a lot of unanswered questions here. do you they they are going to try to uncover it or sweep it under the rug? just i don't think there is any -- jus -- >> juan: i don't think there is sweeping it under the rug. there is eking information. people think on the outside they must have known everything and knew it right away but i'm not sure it's a clear statement. i understand what rice said is not operative to use washington language but i don't think when she said it it was malicious. >> dana: victoria newland at the state department, on monday she said remember, reporters ambassador rice outranks me and said we don't know enough to label it. why wasn't that the first reaction. >> greg: the problem with the administration you get straighter answers from a circle.
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they claim they are on the same page, and that would be true if it was torn from cybil's dream journal. nothing is making sense. where was the pronext? you people would get better protection from tuppeware. my potato salad is more secure than the consulate. that is the real outrage. we know that these people hate us. i am so tired of talking about hearts and minds. just give them the finger. >> eric: can i point something out? the information doesn't evolve. you know information doesn't evolve. facts are the facts. they had them. they chose to put them out there in a transparent or sit on them or divert using the movie as diversion tactic. >> kimberly: that is deceitful. >> juan: let me respond to that. i think information does evolves as you have intelligence collected -- >> eric: so you think -- >> juan: let me finish. >> eric: ambassador to the u.s., president obama the four people didn't have the intel they have now? >> juan: correct. >> dana: i think that is going to be the biggest
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problem. they didn't know and they didn't know why they didn't know it. >> kimberly: incompetence or deceitful? either way, throw them out. >> juan: no, no, no. you know what? we're not perfect people. >> greg: i am. >> juan: and select information and every administration goes through that. and sometimes you find, one day you think something and you learn something the next. we shouldn't conflate all the incidents that happened in libya with what happened in yemen, egypt, yemen. there were some reactions to the video. i'm telling you, i think what happened in libya is to be separate from the other places. >> dana: i agree. >> greg: if they believe, some people believe the movie is at fault, they will have a real, real issue when the bin laden movie comes out in a few months. i have a solution that i think the white house will embrace. if they take the new bin laden movie and they overdub it to make bin laden rusty.
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then they release that. maybe we will get all the people to finally love us as they see us asas name him. >> greg: you will not be on "the five" for long. >> dana: you're destined for bigger things. i have a legal question to kimberly. a question that catherine herridge on fox news has been asking over and over is the f.b.i. going there? why haven't they arrived yet? is it because it's unsafe? what is the other reason if you are the administration you want the f.b.i. investigating this? >> kimberly: this is their dog and pony show. instead of handling this through the military division they will handle it as a law enforcement problem. send the f.b.i. there. that means if they get anybody they want to question and integait, they will go, here is a happy meal. we'll bring you back and try you here. the wrong way to approach this situation. >> dana: it has happened before. at fort hood. >> kimberly: it has happened before. we've seen the epeck fail by the administration and holder of department of injustice.
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they don't know how to manage this. they are lacking. they are not respected in the middle east. now seeing weakened position internationally. if you look in the the violence erupting in different spots if this was president bush in the past administration, calls for him to be thrown out of office. >> dana: absolutely. we spent time thinking about this. what would you advise president obama do now? >> dana: >> as we watch the animals burn our flag, the symbol that so many tens of hundreds of thousands americans died for, sooner or later the president has to do something. i don't know if he is going to have authority over the embassies or -- >> dana: retribution. >> eric: wake-up call to them. admiral mamamoto, japanese admiral said after the pearl harbor attacks he says i fear we have done nothing less
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short of awakening a sleeping giant and embolden them. at some point, president obama has to wake up. we have been the sleeping giant. if he does wake up, does he have the cojones to do something about it or continue the apology tour? >> juan: before we run out of time you shouldn't cam people animals february they're the enemies. i don't like it. not good. the second thing to say is why would you start to militarize this. like fly over their empasy? >> dana:er thevism act of war. just wait, wait, wait. act of war by the people who attacked us. we have to understand what terrorism is. >> dana: there is intel that said there was someone inside the government --
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>> juan: it wasn't the libyan government. the libyan government has been supportive. >> eric: this is why president obama doesn't want to admit we can have a war on terror. if you have a war, have it with a country. just nobody said that -- >> juan: nobody said that. not true. you ku have a war with al-qaeda or taliban. not the government of libya. the libyan government tried to help and said they were unaware of the structure of the embassy at the time. "new york times" and "wall street journal" have great stories. they come to different conclusions because the "wall street journal" got information. >> kimberly: this is an offshoot, very dangerous because they're popular. >> dana: eking. >> kimberly: we are controlling it. stop apologizing. >> dana: i want to hear greg's advice for president obama.
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>> greg: my advice is not for president obama. i don't think it's possible for him to extricate him from the grad school ideology that america is at fault. that is where it's coming from. responseability is in the american people to get a collection of community organizers and grad student out of the administration. what they did is dragged toxic ideology from academia in the white house. where america is the victimizer, never the victim. >> dana: it's academia. freddie stop it. >> eric: fly the drones over the embassy. what is wrong with that? >> juan: eric, if somebody did something wrong in your neighborhood you want to fly drones over the house? >> dana: i think they should announce they are canceling three dayles of campaigning and sending bill clinton
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instead. to the campaign trail. obama stays at the white house in control. announce a meeting with benjamin netanyahu of israel. announce they have red line for iran and third thing is come out and say i made a mistake on keystone pipeline reversing that today. >> juan: here is what president obama should do. he should say right now i concede this election to dana perino. you win. let romney, eric bolling take control of our great country. >> kimberly: knock off the apology tour. it's unbecoming. it's like want to be madonna on a cheap tour around the world internationally. ♪ let me apologize ♪ apologize spending how much m millions in pakistan? >> dana: we stalk about that next. up next, deadly anti-protests across pakistan today. we have given them $23 million
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. you're looking at rioting ongoing in pakistan today. meanwhile, since the 19 mad ral muslims flew airplanes to the world trade center 11 years ago, america spent $23 billion in aid, billion dollars in aid to pakistan. listen to the pakistani prime minister today. >> an afack, 5 billion musli muslims. this something that is unacceptable. united nations and other international organizations
5:19 pm
see a lot. [ inaudible ] on all of humanity, international law, harmony an law. >> eric: that is what we get for $23 billion, the man been as speech, prime minister, i don't think so. greg, what do you think? >> greg: i think you missed the whole boat here. this is where all the occupy wall street people went. they're in occupy peshawar. how can they hate us? our president pronounces the country pakistan. jay carney today said they aren't saying death to america, they're saying death to veronica because they hate the archies. >> kimberly: glad you cleared that up. >> eric: fired up in the "a" mad. >> kimberly: still upset. >> eric: does it make you mad, too? >> kimberly: of course. i don't like when people disrespect our country, take our money, laugh in our face,
5:20 pm
keep secrets from us, bin laden living large under their nose. sorry, you can say who specifically knew about it? give me a break. they knew about that. they're making fools of us. they're laughing at us. $23 billion in aidell. aid. what are we ge getting for the money? >> juan: you want an answer? are you mad at me, too? they are in control of nuclear weapons. that's a big interest of ours. we have want influence in pakistan. >> eric: that is not fair. they have nukes so we have to pay for their friendship? when iran develops a nuke in a couple of months do we pay for the friendship, too? >> juan: look, look, look. we give egypt money. egypt, they're out of control. >> eric: let me turn this over to dana. bin laden was housed a mile from military install in the
5:21 pm
pakistan. the guy who helped us find bin laden is now in prison in pakistan. they're not friends of ours. >> dana: no. they are ratting him out. we should have protected that doctor. he should have been here living on fifth avenue. what amazes me, is if you listen to the prime minister there, when he says talking about banning speech, wherever would he get that idea? from here in the united states. where the administration sold out one of its own citizens because he exercised his first amendment rights. that is what happened over the weekend. and they blame it on the video. now we have a situation people are like yes, been a speech. that's right. >> eric: we do a perp walk for guy that made the film and blame him for the violence aren't we telling guys maybe we will been a free speech?
5:22 pm
>> juan: i would be outraged if nip said in america we should not have free speech. it's so essential to us. to my mind, religious tolerance is also. and the fact that they made the amateur file video and had been attacking christians i would have been deeply upset and said it was wrong. if the muslim community is upset and they think there should be tolerance -- >> greg: they don't believe in tolerance. they call themselves religion of peace. i'd tite see what a religion of war is out. >> kimberly: this is dirty money. we would haven't our presence in pakistan. we need the placement in the region. oh, yeah, hey, you know, big daddy, the check is late. the other phone, they're on the phone to the alqani network. make it difficult for our troops to operate there. despite the fact we telegraph when we're going to get out.
5:23 pm
so that is a joke. >> juan: we have sent drones and decimateed al-qaeda in the mountains of pakistan. >> dana: that is the qualifier not in the "new york times" five months ago when the administration did victory lap. they forgot the monster that is growing around the world. we have all need to work together on that. bring up the video. we talked about yesterday, brought up that president obama and hillary clinton are in this featured video, public service announcement in pakistan. somebody from the state department said there is precedent because we did this in 2005 after the pakistani earthquake when america sent aid. what? this is apples and onions, folks. there are onions. i was reading something from the onion when i read that. >> kimberly: junior high
5:24 pm
student government press secretary making these releases. they're not on point. >> dana: they're desperate to say oh, no, the bush administration did it, too. wait a second. you have to take responsibility for this. >> greg: one thing that amazes me when i look at the footal of the outrage. that is exhausting. they don't have gyms there. this is how they burn calories. burn 400-calories not including flag, screaming death to america. that's their -- >> kimberly: send them jane fonda workout tapes. >> eric: we have to go but before we go i wap to show the hypocrisy of the obama administration. look at this taxpayer funded art project, featuring the statue of the jesus christ in urine. where is the outrage of president obama and secretary of state clinton? where is the apology? where is the denouncement? what does president obama think his biggest failure is? he was asked. his answer will probably surprise you. or maybe not. that's next. ♪ ♪
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cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: what were you doing out there? >> greg: i don't know. they didn't know i was there. i ruined their picture. they were from sweden. >> juan: were you involved in taking the topless picture of the future queen? >> greg: i was with her at the time. >> juan: you are too much.
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>> kimberly: way to get to the bottom of it. >> juan: because information is evolving. president obama making news after his interview with univision. we get to what he thinks is the biggest failure in the moment. what is the most important thing he learned in his first term? >> i learned some lessons over the last four years. the most important lesson i learned is that you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. that is how the big accomplishments like healthcare got done. >> juan: so, that is his biggest lesson? greg? >> greg: just trashed himself. the obama of 2008. he just threw him under the bus with everybody else. i thought univision was a network for one-eyed people. >> juan: you would think that. biggest failure? didn't he say a while back the biggest failure was narratives? >> dana: he ran on something
5:31 pm
else. in 2008 he said he would be the one that came in, he would be the change. the hope and the change. that was the point. if this is true why does he want to run again? why didn't he say i'm not going to run again. i'm going to start an outside group, community organizes, sidewalking, because obviously, i can't change it from the inside so i am going out. does anybody here think for a second that his answer would have been different if he were somewhere else? >> kimberly: yeah, i do. >> dana: second part of your thing. sorry. getting ahead. in your tease, he says about immigration being the biggest failure. but the thing is put it on this one. he says he didn't change from the inside, he had every opportunity. the democrats ran the congress in the first few years a he could have done anything. he got through a healthcare bill the most unpopular thing in america. >> juan: stop it. this is what i don't get. republicans have been so strong and made a political point to block obama at
5:32 pm
everybody turn but you say it's obama's fault -- >> dana: how did he get all that stuff done? he got obamacare done -- >> juan: he didn't get a republican vote. >> dana: he didn't introduce a immigration bill. >> juan: he had no chance of getting republican -- >> dana: he wanted to do on his own, dream act. >> kimberly: that's how he wanted to get it through. >> eric: so here is how this goes down. he sit down with univision. talks to a hispanic audience. my biggest failure was not passing immigration reform. he failed to mention that in the hispanic community, 11.2% unemployment in the community. also he forgot to mention solyndra, speckor wat, eastern energy -- billions of dollars down the tubes he threw away. those i would say would be bigger failures than not passing immigration. >> juan: let's see the president discussing his
5:33 pm
biggest failure. >> well, you know, as you remind me, my biggest failure we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done. continue to work on that. it's not for lack of trying or desire. i'm certain we'll accomplish that. kim awkward. >> juan: he said we plan to get it done. >> kimberly: he has to go in front of the audience. saying i got you. let me get in again, i'll take care of the immigration thing to show them it's the most important thing because he needs the votes. politics 101, people. >> dana: can i do a conspiracy theory? >> juan: of course. we love them. >> dana: i think they deliberately held back on immigration reform to run on it in the second term because otherwise hispanic community would focus on the unemployment rate. >> juan: if that is the
5:34 pm
case, why did he deport so many people, a huge point of concern? >> dana: there was a report this week, i don't have the details with me it wasn't true. >> greg: can i say one thing. >> juan: quickly. >> greg: stop menacing words. to this president immigration reform means amnesty. he will ensure every new green card comes with a voter registration card with a check next to democrat. >> juan: i thought she was doing conspiracy theories. coming up, president obama wants the former lawyer for american taliban john walker lynn to fill the number three job at the justice department. kimberly on the legal implication of that madness when we come right back. ♪ ♪
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washington. big story here today, deadly anti-american dell stration in the muslim world and the obama administration evolving account of what happened in libya a week-and-a-half ago. tonight on "special report" we show you the protest that turned ugly in many places. pakistan was particularly violent. 19 people were killed there. secretary of state clinton is the lateest to describe the libya attack as a terrorist incident. we'll examine why the administration story may have been changing. sources tell fox tonight some 100 people took part in the two-phase attack. we'll sort out what else we know about that night. romney released his 2011 tax returns today. the republican presidential candidate had income over $13.5 million and he paid $2 million in taxes and gave $4 million in charity. we'll have other details and the rest of campaign news. plus, the friday lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to fork and my colleagues with five -- now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪
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♪ >> kimberly: yesterday, president obama nominated tony west to be the associate attorney general at the department of justice. that is the number three spot. we reported on this program in march that west defended convicted american terrorist john walker lin caught aiding taliban in afghanistan after 9/11. now a post that puts him in charge of the administration policy on gitmo detainees. may be the right man for the job. eric? >> eric: i doty they nominated the wrong guy. wrong west. maybe it should have been allen west. he could fix d.o.j.'s problems which are many in number. >> kimberly: the sans no. based op his experience and representation of jihad joh johnny. >> dana: by reputation, he
5:41 pm
is a well-liked guy, considered very competent. if you're president of the united states you get a chance and an opportunity to put in place people that you want in the job. i would say this might cause pause. but eric holder when he was in private practice he put forward a filed am cuss brief for -- amicus brief for jose adilla. he did not disclose that in senate confirmation. that was afterwards that my former colleague and i wrote about that when we found out through sources. >> kimberly: you wonder how he got away with that. this is when holder was senior partner at covington and burling where they represented 18 enemy combatants in the year 2007 alone. they donated pro-bono 3,700 hours. it was their concern and focu focus. >> greg: the reason he got the job is bill ayers was busy. interestingal jose padilla is
5:42 pm
an intern. d.o.j. is cool to have the representative enemies of the united states on the resume. you put it under hobbies and interest. adorable. you get right in. >> kimberly: let's talk about -- >> juan: don't i get a shot? >> kimberly: i was going to start with you. >> juan: let me say clarence darrell, thurgood marshall, great american lawyers part of -- >> greg: perry mason. >> juan: perry mason. all of those guys represent unpopular even rep he hencable people because in the american system they, too, deseven some defense. >> kimberly: you are right. >> juan: should we throw him out -- >> kimberly: no. no one is saying he was competent. dana made that case. his political persuasion and background is that of a prosecutor. so usually when you go to hire someone at the d.a.'s office as i've done before. do you have prosecutorial experience in no, i don't. >> greg: the bigger thing is, not just the fact he's doing his job.
5:43 pm
he does legitimately believe that the american taliban was not a terrorist. wearing unformnate halloween costume and he was arrested. that is the real thing. it's not about doing his job. he should do his job to defend people. >> kimberly: we go around real quick. department of justice. public affairs chief, tracy small. we talked about this earlier in the program during the week. should he is be -- quick question for everyone -- fired or resign for her complicit behavior with the media matters? >> eric: one or the other. fired or if she doesn't resipe, she should be fired. growing swell around the congressmen who are calling for her removal from that post because of what she did. she colludeed with media matters the left wing propaganda blog. >> bob: they attack me viciously. they're out of their mind and they hate fox news. i'm telling you.
5:44 pm
if you are asking me, reporters and people talk all the time and say have you looked at this? i'm not sure it's firing offense. >> dana: congressmen should work to change the i.r.s. code so media matters doesn't get -- >> juan: good point. >> greg: i forgot to read the story. >> kimberly: match that. you're out. greg gutfeld has been eliminated. thank you for playing. coming up, andrew breitbart final act. a new movie that reveal what is forces were at work in the occupy movement. >> we are finally telling you the true story of radicals behind the occupy movement. greg gutfeld has thoughts. that is directly ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [♪...]
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♪ ♪ doing what americans do. [ chanting ] >> this is not done spontaneously. this was community organized. >> greg: i love horror movies.
5:49 pm
my favorite of all time eel dead 2. the second favorite is the obama administration. it kid! hands down the year's best horror fill system the documentary andrew breitbart made shortly before he died. "occupy the passes." revealing the tox ex, violent radicalism that festered within. director banon sent reporters in the mess rand found what 99% of the main dream media refuse -- main stream media refuses to cover. it's anarchists and the gullible media who colludeed within. the movie covers similar ideologies of the past, where millions of bodies piled high in the name of the greater good. the ultimate goal of o.w.s., overdrove of free democracy to be replaced by something else. which can only be fascism. it was freedom for only those on top suffering for those on bottom. what began as a media embraced movement now ends as a joke. but not a funny one. the race, obsolves, the
5:50 pm
poynous ideology is a bunch line worthy of jonestown. this is the best movie i have seen on radicalism, it's the only one i've seen on radicalism. nobody in media would have had the guts to do this. it would have cost them job or tenure. sadly, young people are seduced by this garbage every day which is why parents must get their kids to see this. i might be the only inoculation they really need. so, i got to say, eric, you have to agree with me on this. it's too bad breitbart is not around. >> eric: i don't have much time but two members of friends of his drinking with them. he could hold your attention for hours. he was wonderful. the day after he went to dinner with bill ayers and bernet doran, unbelievable. radical extremist and andrew together. stories that man had. i love him. it miss him, too. >> juan: breitbart was a
5:51 pm
friend. that guy is intense. he would be screaming and shouting at me. calm down. then you know -- anyway, phrase andrew for the film. i must say it looks like the right now is the film as a way to attack obama. >> greg: up with of three movies coming out -- one of three or four movies coming out. they're playing catch-up. the film industry is very liberal. >> dana: "fahrenheit 9/11" from michael moore. >> greg: yeah. [ laughter ] >> dana: what is the other one he did? the one i first remember going to the movie theaters to see. i didn't think conservatives had had a deficit in this area. >> juan: breitbart was strong on school reform. he loved starter school and vouchers. >> greg: kimberly, what time are we going tonight? i got us a pedicab. >> kimberly: a big spender,
5:52 pm
huh? >> greg: it's a cab with a bicycle. >> juan: a pedicure? >> kimberly: that he wants to give me. creepy. >> greg: the movie is playing in select states around the country. i don't know which one. if you go to you can find out information and order the dvd. one more thing is up next. in this special episode dana reveals to dr. worthing top who killed mrs. gathers by the lake. but will it put her job at the animal hospital at risk? ♪ ♪
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viagra. talk to your doctor. >> dana: time for one more thing. greg? gregg time for a banned phrase. the word is unpacked. let's unpack the numbers. let's unpack these facts. only thing you should unpack are suitcases, clothing or in dan ab's case bodies. >> juan: sparkly back pack. >> dana: it's in retirement. >> eric: on the cover of the "new york post" today, tebow. picture, he talks about inside what he is really looking for in a woman. good christian girl. someone who servant to god. i just came up with the greatest idea. tebow an anna kliman. both cut of the same mold.
5:57 pm
two beautiful people and great christians. i'll do it now. anna -- >> kimberly: he has shape. guns. they could work out together. >> greg: fox news match maker. >> dana: juan, dazzle us. >> juan: last night was a special night washington, d.c. not because of politics. my wife with her purple streak of hair was at the ballgame. and the nationals won. for the first time since 1933, 79 years ago the washington baseball team going to playoffs. i was in rich monday at historical society. my wife at the ballgame with 30,000 of her best friends having a great time. >> dana: i thought you were going to say she caught a foul ball. >> juan: no. actually i caught a foul ball this year, though. >> greg: the giants will kill them. >> juan: you always hold a
5:58 pm
grog, gregory. >> greg: i do. >> dana: huge baseball fan is charles krauthammer. he loves the national. >> kimberly: dana could win trivia on charles. she knows more about charles than charles knows about charles. just charles is at the ballpark every night. i go a lot. >> eric: you go a lot? >> juan: i do. i love baseball. >> eric: 1%. >> kimberly: okay. so here is a fun and also frightening thing. i was on twitter, nice young man william wrote me and said hey, we love watching "the five." next, our political science class is studying "the five" as one of their lessons. this is a picture. picture of a group of college republicans from bob jones university in south carolina. majority of them are in a political science class. what segment block were they
5:59 pm
watching when they were studying the show as part of the education? >> eric: this is a great thing. issue with steven colbert and my phone starts ripping. he put my phone number on one of his shows. but people are watching it for political science university. >> kimberly: now us. >> dana: you remember the teacher would come in and just run a video. watch a documentary or something. do that in political science. fast forward through the commercials. >> greg: make out with you. >> eric: what? >> juan: i want you to condemn right wing academia for showing the show. >> dana: i am trying to tell you i have a one more thing. >> greg: go ahead. >> dana: this is on friday, we'll take this moment as it's action day. in 1979, there are still 83,417 g.i.s missing in


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