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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 22, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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etiquette and disrespectful. thanks to all of you for sharing in and weighing in with your thoughts and appreciate it. that's it for me here in washington. kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by for more news. don't miss the senior advisor, robert gibbs stop by with chris wallace. make it a great day, everybody. everybody. >> a fox news alert, major developments in libya, the story continues to grow. thousands of libyans angry over the killing of a popular american ambassador have stormed militia compounds in benghazi, sending the armed thugs packing and also setting fire to their weapons and ammo. welcome everybody, to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters, i'm jamie coally. huge developments. >> kelly: welcome, everybody, u.s. ambassador chris stevens was well liked among so many
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libyans. his killing and the murder of three other americans at the u.s. consulates in benghazi, apparently the the last straw in what has been simmering tensions between ordinary libyans, and the armed militias, who roam the streets there. greg palkot streaming live from tripoli now joins us. >> kelly, we were just speaking to an aide to the president here in libya and say they're happy with the events overnight, but like a lot of things in this country the events overnight got a little out of hand. today in benghazi, officials were taking stock. some 11 people were killed, nearly 70 people were injured. our contacts on the ground confirm this is all happened after a peaceful rally turned into a violent attack. >> various militia compounds were hit in the town of benghazi. the main target of these attacks and those in groups al sharia, that group is suspected by authorities hereof direct involvement in the killing last week of ambassador stevens and three
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other americans. now, after protesters ransacked that group's compound, the group announced today they were evacuating benghazi for security. in fact, however it is the insecurity created by that militia and others which triggered the attacks overnight and also triggered a new jersey peaceful protest yesterday in benghazi, not just the killing of stevens that has people upset, the string of incidents associated with these militants and experts here reminds us that it's going to take more than one day of action to rein in the militants, rein in the islamists in this country, but frankly, kelly, after hearing days and days and seeing days and days of anti-u.s. protests, it's good to see at least one day of positive notes from some folks here, back to you. >> kelly: thanks very much, greg palkot reporting live for us. jamie. >> right now there's new information as well on the investigation into the deadly attack on the u.s. consulates in benghazi.
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and a game changer this week to hear that it wasn't just spontaneous after a protest, but there were terrorists involved and intelligence sources are telling fox news, that a hundred militants took part in that assault last week. fbi agents are on the ground and looking into whether in fact the attack was an inside job. national security correspondent jennifer griffin's all over this, live in washington with more, hi, jen. >> hi, jamie, well, a fbi team assigned to investigate the murder of u.s. ambassador chris stevens is looking into whether the group of about a hundred attackers armed with rocket propelled grenades had inside help from the private security contractors who the state department had hired to guard inside the benghazi consulate. senator susan collins asked the director of the international counterterrorism center matthew olson this very question at a committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales to vet and hire local guards for
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the consulates and the contract worth nearly half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been chasing the conflict were revealed by an online post by sean smith, and went on a gaming site. auming we don't die tonight we saw one of the quote police that guard the compound taking pictures. and at the periphery of the compound and take out to strike out at one of the armed militia thought to be in on the attack on the ambassador and consulate. tens of thousands of anti-isl anti-islamic protesters, al sharia, thought to be increasingly allied with al-qaeda and burned the office and looted the group's weapons and then moved on to a second a target, a second armed militia, firing into the crowd
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and injuring dozens an increasing backlash against anti-armed militia's in benghazi, in the wake of the ambassador's death. >> jamie: things have not calmed down there, jen, stay on it for us. kelly. >> kelly: hundreds gathering at the islam center of america in dearborn, michigan, muslims, jews and christians side by side, one speaker pointing out there are millions of muslims here in america and there hasn't been any violence in this country. >> the muslims have to condemn the this kind of movie, but should not result to violence by attacking innocent people and killing the diplomate. >> and through using peaceful speech and getting to know each other, even if we don't always agree, but we can respect each other. >> we are all here today because we want to do something for peace, for
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freedom against evil, for good. >> kelly: well, the leaders are hoping the demonstration of unity will show that people of all faiths can actually stand together. ♪ the road to the white house, both sides seeing activity spread across the map. vice-presidential nominee paul ryan is in the crucial swing state of florida trying to win voters there and governor romney holding fundraisers in california while president obama is in ryan's home state of wisconsin today, which is turning into a battle ground state as well. our national correspondent steve centanni is live in washington with more details on the political landscape in the presidential campaign. >> that's right. just a few weeks left before the election, about 45 days. paul ryan on the stump in florida, one of the most fiercely contested battle
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ground states the at all. at a campaign event in orlando the vice-presidential nominee took name at president obama, he appeared with former florida governor jeb bush, florida senator marco rubio and mitt romney's son craig introduced him to the crowd. during, he focused on a statement he made on spanish language television. >> a couple days ago on univision president obama admitted that he can't change washington from the inside. why in the white house in the first place? and we send presidents to change and fix the mess in washington. and if this president has admitted that he can't change washington, then you know what, we need to change presidents. >> mitt romney, meantime, is out west, he was in las vegas, nevada yesterday for a campaign event and traveled to california for a fundraiser in a wealthy suburb of san
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francisco. he's under pressure under some republican reporters spending more time campaigning in the the battle ground states, but no question he also needs to raise money and that's what he's doing and outpaced in campaign fund raising in august, 114 million for the democrats, and 111.6 million for the g.o.p. and he has two more fundraisers in california today. and one this afternoon in san diego and one tonight in los angeles. since he has no chance of winning in california he has no campaign events scheduled. all he's basically doing is raising money, back to you. >> kelly: steve, thanks for the update. >> still inside america's election headquarters, fox the place to be. the new developments in the murder of the four americans in libya at the consulate. republican lawmakers are calling on president obama to
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clarify exactly what happened there on 9/11. senior administration officials of the white house have gone from calling the attack spontaneous from a protest to a self-evident and i'm quoting, terror attack. they're questioning as well if the president now needs to address the american people on this issue, especially since this story is not going away. let's debate a fair and balanced with angela mcglowan and julia, and an advisor to senator wattenburg, i imagine you're fired up today. >> yeah, we are, jamie, we are. >> julie, is this a question of delay on what we now know or denial, because it certainly looks like the white house is dialing back on the immediate assertion, not terrorism in libya. >> well, two things, i think one is they are he' trying to get to the bottom of this. my understanding is that the
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agencies in benghazi are investigating and for that matter the president shouldn't go out there and say something when he's not 100% certain of what happened. these things take time to investigate and secondly the president did come out that very day that this happened or the next day and said this is a terrorist attack. secretary clinton done the same thing and jay carney the white house spokesperson. and angela and i can probably agree this is a terrorist attack and we need to get to the bottom of what happened and i think it's presumptuous of inbound to have a press conference bought the facts straight. to get the facts straits-- >> what about assuring the american people? angela, susan rice the u.s. ambassador to the united nations was on practically every sunday show last week, just saying, no, no, it's spontaneous, these are her words. it's due to a protest. these are just regular citizens with rpg's. >> well, and the thing is this, julie, and jamie. the u.n. ambassador came out and she was very specific that
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this was not a unified terrorist attack, it was a spontaneous attack due to these protests, but bottom line is this, the videotape that we're talking about, the anti-muslim videotape was out in july and they did it attack on our diplomatic installation on september 11th. i don't believe that the administration misled the american people, but come out and give us assurance that you guys know what's going on. >> jamie: or even investigating, please don't bring up the tape, it's so hard to believe that that tape, as you point out, angela, it came out so far before this happened, and we lost four great americans who cared so much about libya, to say even the libyan people, look what's happening today, pro-american protesters in libya, defending the ambassador and these three others that worked there, true heroes. >> i'm tired of hearing about the film in relation to what's going on there, but jay carney came out, julie, jay carney
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the white house press secretary came out and said terrorism now. so if he can come to the podium, why shouldn't the president? >> the president did, jamie, in fact if you look at the president's remarks he addressed them as terrorist attacks, when they initially happened. and the president did that right off the bat i think there's no disagreement from any of us certainly not from angela, me or the president for that matter or the secretary of state that this was a terrorist attack, of course it was, people killed our ambassador and our fellow americans, of course it was a terrorist attack and seems to me it was probably coordinated from everything that initially is being reported, but i think-- >> but julie, but i think it's very important to make sure that we have all the facts before the president goes out and there says something that turns out not to be accurate later on when it's complete. >> jamie: is that the case, angela, or is the president side stepping the issue because the economy is on the mind of voters and he's been campaigning and mitt romney is campaigning. is it important enough that the issue of economy and
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voters should take a back seat and that we should still be talking about foreign policy? >> foreign policy is very important. national security is very important. jamie, if we don't protect our homeland we're not going to have an economy and julie, he might have come out and said that this was a terrorist attack, the day of, but jay carney, our u.s. ambassador and secretary clinton all said that these were spontaneous attacks and now we know, we have information that was classified that's now been released that this was a planned terror attack and the problem is we don't know what our national security plan is. and when we had president bush, we knew where we stood. we knew we were protected aen knew we had power through strength, strengths through power or peace through strength, and peace through power. the bottom line is this: with this administration we don't have that. >> jamie: i've got to leave it there. and ronald reagan wasted no time to come out and talk about issues like this, reassuring the american
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public. i imagine, julie, i will agree with you the president will continue to talk about this as need-be to reassure us and glad they're getting to the bottom of it, on the ground, as you point out, julie, with the fbi. angela, julie always great to have you here, have a great day. >> you, too, thanks. >> jamie: kelly bicycle riders goes across the country and for a good cause. >> jamie: we can all use inspiration. and the presidential campaign looking to put battle ground states in their win column. the all morn state. the latest on which ones are you up for grabs. >> kelly: anti-american anger on the muslim world. more protests on the streets after yesterday's massive event. what will it take to calm the muslim world? we'll discuss that coming up. there are patients who will question,
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♪ >> welcome back, everybody. everybody should do what they can for fallen soldiers families, there's a group of folks bicycling across the country and raising money to support them. the trek beginning today in california and the group will ride all the way to ground zero right here in new york city in just nine days.
1:19 pm
and clauda cowan is live in ocean side to tell us more, sounds great. >> oh, well, jamie, it really is a great charity ride and 12 of the fittest men you'll ever meet are about to show everyone what colonit's all abo as they're on the warrior ride across america. >> after training hard for six months, these ex-marines are biking across the country and raising money for charities and the families of fallen heroes. >> it will be somewhat vaguely similar to being on deployment again and being out with our buddies, focusing on a mission, doing something we all believe in for a great cause. >> among the riders is a recipient of a purple heart, a tri-athlete. >> and a support team medic.
1:20 pm
>> our goal here is the same as over there, making sure they don't kill themselves. >> it's roughly the distance from new york to charleston and the route winds north to the rockies, east through the heartland, into the midwest and finally in just nine days arrive at 9/11 memorial at ground zero. when the going gets tough the riders will dig deep and be part of a unit once again. >> all of us staying together and knowing what we're riding for and kind of pushing each other as we go through this will probably be of the utmost importance. >> their goal to raise 1 million dollars and about a quarter of the way there. and the roin raised will go for college scholarships for the children of fallen soldiers. and go to the law enforcement foundation, and groups benefitting, and jamie,
1:21 pm
we'll be here and we'll cover the start of incredible bike ride, about four hours from now. >> jamie: we, claudia, will be definitely covering that finish. and i'm so motivated i think i have to go down to the ground zero and tell them. >> a week from tomorrow. >> jamie: for sure. claudia, a great story, thank you. don't miss the coverage, the warriors, an amazing story. the arrival at the world trade center site will be here next weekend. kel kelly. ♪ >> michael phelps is one of the the world's most celebrated olympians and how he thrilled millions of people while swimming for gold. he has won 22 olympic medals, 18 of them are gold. and what you may not know is that since 2003, phelps has been a strong supporter of the boys and girls club of america and believes the club gives children the one thing that helped him be
1:22 pm
successful, mentors and coaches that cared enough to help him live the life beyond the dream. >> i've been able to get here by really just one thing, a dream. i had a dream of being the best that i could be and the greatest when i was a kid growing up. >> michael phelps dreamed of becoming a great olympic athlete. he began pursuing the dream as a young child growing up in baltimore, maryland. his single parent mother helping him with encouragement and support. >> what my mother did for my sisters and i were absolutely incredible. she made sure we had everything we ever wanted, coming off the jocks, doing this, doing that, and she was going around all the time and she always made sure that we had everything we needed and taken care of and watching her work so hard, i think, really helped us sort of learn that whenever you put your mind to, you can achieve. >> through the years of trials and triumphs, michael developed
1:23 pm
an appreciation for people who never gave up on their dreams and he also says if you have a dream, a plan and the courage to reach for it, you can accomplish it. >> if you put your mind to it, to something and you would have a passion, you have a goal and you like it and you love it, then, anything is possible. that's how i've been able to get to where i am today. i started with a dream, a plan, and i reached for it. >> michael is using his accomplishments to help motivate children to dream big and live large, he recently became an honorary member of the hometown in baltimore and the michael phelps foundation. the nonprofit organization partners with kids now and the michael phelps swim school to promote health and wellness through the sport of swimming. a program offered at various boys and girls clubs across the country. it helps thousands of kids stay safe in and out of the water, teaching them the basics of water safety, for children under the age of 14, the program helps
1:24 pm
reduce the risk of drowning, the second highest cause of death for that age group. >> too many people are obese, too many people drown. and two things that are very important, are something that i may be working a lot with more and more in the future, and hopefully we can change those things. >> michael continues to receive praise for all of his hard work to be the best he can be, honored by presidents and adored by fans. and he recalls what it felt like to win more goals than anyone in olympic history. >> one of the coolest things that i've really been able to experience throughout my career has been sort of the support that our country gives one another, and you do feel it, you know, even if i'm overseas, you feel the country getting behind you and that's powerful and being able to be american and represent the best country in the world is the greatest thing that i could ever imagine. nothing better than standing up
1:25 pm
and listening to the national anthem with an olympic gold around your neck. >> michael is retired now and he says he'll continue to help children focus on their dreams. >> the youth of america is important and these are going to be the kids that take over in our shoes. >> and he has the heart of a champion and soul of a servant and the children be the best they can be. >> jamie: libya is not the only place where tensions are rising, iran and israel, a hot spot. what has iran's leader saying about a war with the the jewish state? that it's inevitable. >> kelly: plus, cancer on the rise among pregnant women. what doctors are saying may be the cause. our medical a-team weighs in on this important topic just ahead. . hey, bro. or engaging.
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>> bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. pakistan, there's an outpouring of anger against the internet video, critical of islam. more than 1500 people including women and children are rallying in the capital of islamabad. >> kelly: they'll conduct searches of random airplanes to syria, the goal to make sure they're not carrying weapons to the syrian government, an ally of iran. >> jamie: and republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan is campaigning today in the key battle ground state of florida. and speaken to cuban-american voters in miami, congressman ryan promising to be tougher on the castro government than president obama. >> kelly: and president obama will campaign for the first time there the first time in february in wisconsin, the badger state
1:31 pm
home to 10 electoral votes. chief white house correspondent ed henry is there where air force one will soon touch down. >> reporter: great to see you. it's a battle ground state. the republicans feeling good about it, because paul ryan is out on the campaign trail and this is their home state and they believe they have momentum scott walker, dealt with the recall election and pushed back the democrats and ended up winning here, democrats saying the president has a small edge, but still in the lead here and his message is pretty clear, yesterday, he was campaigning in virginia and the president was pushing back on republican mitt romney who really had jumped on the president a couple of days back, for saying that it's difficult to change washington from the inside. the president's point was, that you've got to change it from the outside, you've got to get the public behind you to enact real reform and mitt romney tried to say what the president was, was
1:32 pm
admitting was failure, but the president had a pretty sharp response to that yesterday in virginia, take a listen. >> we don't want an inside job in washington, we want change in washington. and from the day we began this campaign, we've always said that change takes more than one term and more than one president and certainly takes more than one party. it can happen if you you write off half the nation before you even took office. >> reporter: now, as you say, this is a battle ground. the polls are close. the president still up 5 or 6 points depending on what poll you believe. pretty close to the margin of error. why republicans think they have the president on defense here is that he won this state by a wide margin in 2008, almost 14 points. so, to have the president in a single digit lead here suggests that he's fighting hard for this state, but again, he's still in the lead here, but one of a handful of battle grounds, he and mitt romney are fighting
1:33 pm
hard for. >> kelly: and i think you sum it up best, the president is fighting hard for wisconsin and fight for every state that he's trying to win in the battle ground states. >> reporter: he does, mention, ohio, florida, any of those, very close. >> kelly: good to see you. thank you. >> reporter: great to see you >> can you hear me? he always sums it up best because he is the best. listen, keeping an eye on syria, too, there is fierce fighting and it's raging throughout the country. in the northern city of alepto, amateur video shows a fighter jet dropping bombs on opposition strong holds, vastly outgunned, the rebels say they need surface to air missiles to take down planes and helicopters used by the syrian military. how long will this go on? the fighting is also intense in the capital of damascus, artillery shelling and gunfire echoing across that city and no word yet on the casualties in the latest attacks. and syria on the mind of
1:34 pm
ahmadnejad, saying the civil war there will be a top priority when he addresses the u.n. general assembly next week. his remarks coming as he left tehran for new york city, he's on his way, as the commander of iran's revolutionary guard says he expects that israel will go beyond threats and attack iran. rick leventhal has been in jerusalem all week monitoring this. >> and tensions remain high in israel as threats continue to fly offer the pocket of an israeli a. and iranian president ahmadnejad boarding a plane in iran earlier today and yesterday, there was a military parade in iran. and some say, a show of force in
1:35 pm
many ways towards israel. the iranian military displaying a defense system with missiles designed to take out fighters jets, cruise missiles, smart bombs and drones and the head of the revolutionary guard predicting these and others will be used in defense of an israeli attack. he says a war will eventually happen. calling israel a shameful and cancerous tumor. and the commander al-jaafari says that the regime knows if it starts something, that will be the point of their annihilation and the end point of their story. and they say they are trying to build an atom bomb and benjamin netanyahu says they will not wait for the united states to act, and they have a right to defend itself. and some say it could happen before the election. but the attempts to get president obama to establish red lines failed. and in his efforts to have a meeting with president obama in
1:36 pm
new york next week have also so far not come to fruition, jamie. >> jamie: so far, that is true. rick, great reporting this week, thank you. >> kelly: and there's no letup in the anti-american protests we have been talking about, that is sweeping throughout the muslim world. this is the scene we're looking at in bangladesh today. and police firing tear gas to disperse hundreds of stone throwing protesters there. reports of dozens injured and arrested and several cars burned. after days of protests, what will it look like to calm or what will it take to calm the muslim world? joining me live right now, stuart holiday, ambassador to the u.n. for special political affairs and the president of the meridian center and always good to have you join us on the program, and tell us about exactly what's going on in the middle east right now. how do you see american foreign policy? is it working there or? a sign that something is wrong? >> well, it's complicated.
1:37 pm
for the last several decades, you've had the pentup frustration in the muslim world, which is the product of a lot of things, but largely, it's pa product of regimes where freedom of expression and tolerance and economic opportunity didn't exist, so, what america should be doing is painting a picture of the future that involves a society where free speech is not only respected in the united states, but where these societies around the world have the opportunity to have a better standard of living, a better quality of life, and that violence simply will not be tolerated. we have to be very clear about that, and i think recently, there have been sort of muddied messages as we defend our freedoms at home and we're trying carefully not to group the two billion muslims in the world all into one basket. however, it's very important to have very bright and clear line between what we will tolerate in terms of normal behavior, and defining terrorism, and calling it as we see it, but also
1:38 pm
encouraging our friends and allies around the world to engage with these countries to try to provide more opportunity. >> well, you know, now, most of the violence as we've been discussing took place on friday, and in that particular situation, in bangladesh, there were at least 20 people killed, 150 injured. the protesters even went as far as to burn a makeshift coffin draped with an american flag with an effigy of president president obama. is this more of a reaction to a comic that lampoons islam's prophet muhammad or as you've mentioned more clarity in our policy. >> first of all, in islam, you do have this sort of history of what bernard lewis called, you know, a legacy of humiliation and looking at the defense of islam in the face of those nonbelievers or people outside of the religion. so, that's part of the tenets of the the religion.
1:39 pm
and the other thing you see, people in the world not understanding how the united states could not be actually behind these videos, in those most of these countries, information is sort of tightly controlled and i think we need to do a better job of explaining that while we respect freedom of expression, that the united states, in our country, we, you know, we are not-- our government is not behind the creation of these videos, but you have to deal with the conspiracy theories and 60% of the population in egypt believes that the united states was behind september 11th, the tragedy there. so you're dealing with a fundamental gap in understanding and perception. >> kelly: absolutely, understand. what's your perspectives, however, on the recent actions that we've seen in libya, where thousands of angry libyans protested in the street, not against the u.s., but against the islamist group al sharia, believed to be responsible for the death of u.s. ambassador
1:40 pm
chris stevens and three other americans? >> i think it's a good sign and it shows courage and it shows the kind of courage that other moderate muslims and citizens in these countries should be -- should be stepping forward to paint a clear line that this kind of violence against a man, particularly, who did so much to free people in benghazi, cannot be tolerated. so, i think hopefully it will be also broadcast throughout the world and that there will be lessons learned and people will see that it's possible to stand up and be a loyal muslim, but also support efforts to weed out those radical violent extremists which are really not doing the religion any favors. >> kelly: ambassador, we thank you. thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you very much. >> kelly: jamie. >> jamie: how is your retirement account doing? the dow is riding high lately.
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>> it sure was sweet while it lasted. the dow's rally did take a break though yesterday. closing down for only the fourth day in september. and that raised new questions, if the recent rally will hold. mickey car guile, investor of management, great to have you back. >> thank you, jamie, good to see you. >> jamie: it was fun while it lasted, but a lot of earnings reports coming out the. first, i want to ask you about the federal reserve. here we go again. they're trying it manipulate things. you and i talked about this not that long ago. did what they did work? if that's even gienglish, but y know what i'm saying. how did they do for us?
1:46 pm
did it help us out. >> it's certainly boosted the talk about prices. in reality it doesn't really do anything. you know, the fed goes out and buys bonds, it artificially suppresses interest rates and interest rates are really back about where they were before qe3 started so the overall impact isn't that large, however, we have seen the stock multiples go up some because of that and in fact, all of the gain that we've seen over the last 12 months has actually been from the price earnings multiple, that is what we're willing to pay for a dollar of earnings of stock. and we've seen that increase and we've actually seen all of the gain over the last 12 months come from that earnings multiple expansion. >> jamie: in the research that i did for speaking to you, because i've got to be on my a-game with you, the s & p is up 16% since the end of last year, before we get all excited about our retirement accounts.
1:47 pm
is that what we live on the profits, should we be talking precaution? >> jamie, in my 32 years of investing, providing investment advice i've never seen a gain this large feel so bad. it really doesn't feel like we've had that kind of gain. everyone should have a discipline, if they have a certain percentage of money in safe investment and certain in risk. it's certainly a good idea to peel off some of the gains in your stocks and go ahead and reallocate that and get your allocation back, if you have half your money in safe investments, half in the stock market, then rebalance that, back to that level. however, i do still believe there is some room for the market to go higher and just based on what we saw back in 2010, we think there may be another 4 or 5% left in the s&p 500. >> jamie: between now and the end of the year, what kind of impact does an election year have on the market historically?
1:48 pm
>> you know, there have been years, and especially when i go back to the year where we had the tide election, where it had a negative impact on stock prices. that was kind after perfect storm that made priceses go down, but overall, it's a time when the market actually goes up in value. you know, we may have seen a little of that already happen in september, but regardless of who is elected, what that is, is the peaceful transformation of government, and we see in that some confidence come into the market for investing. >> jamie: confidence exactly what we need. investing as well. mickey, thank you so much. mickey cargile. great to have you here. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: kelly. >> kelly: jamie, we've got troubling new information for pregnant women. researchers seeing a jump in cancers. a member of our medical a-team weighs in on that next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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♪ >> well, a new study this week reporting some alarming news on pregnancy. cancers are on the rise for pregnant women. and researchers can't pinpoint what's behind the increased risk, but could be many factors, manny alvarez, a senior managing editor of fox and a member of the fox medical
1:53 pm
a-team, joins us now with perspective on what's going on here, since we can't determine the risk. >> well, i think, you know, listening to the way that the story is being told, it's not that pregnancy gives you cancer. what's happening is two things. we have better screening mechanisms for cancer than we ever had before, melanoma and breast cancer and now women having babies much later so as you look at rates of cancer in a nonpregnant population, let's say after 35, 40, you're going to find more cases of cancer. back in let's say 1997 you would see incidents of maybe a hundred cases of cancer, for every 100,000 women. now, it's coming close to 200 cases of cancer for 100,000 women. so, at the end of the day, i think it's just a combination of the, you know, the pregnancy population, you know, again getting pregnant later on and better screening and you know, doctors like myself, new high risk ob, i have a lot of patients that have either cancer
1:54 pm
currently during the pregnancy or are cancer survivors, you know, breast cancer survivors and things like that. so, we do have some challenges during the pregnancy, but, you know, something that it's sort of been looked at like part of doing business. >> kelly: well, let me ask you this then, a woman having cancer going into pregnancy, what risk does that present to the child? >> first about the cancer, what type of cancer, is it invasive cancer, you know, it's not -- and what type of cancer is it influenced by pregnancy hormones. and when was the cancer diagnosed. and then, you decide, sometimes you do have to deliver the baby a little earlier to give the chance for final therapy, whether it's surgery or chemo and sometimes we use chemotherapy while the patient is pregnant and really has very little effect on the pregnancy itself. so, the pregnancy, you know, fortunately, is isolated from the maternal side in this particular disease, so, but it's, you know, it's challenging. >> and doc, there's another
1:55 pm
issue that's come up with this study, sleep apnea. >> it's a huge problem. 33% of pregnant women in the u.s. are a little bit overweight and when you look at verweight-- >> you're being kind. >> and listen, that 33% even though i'm a guy, but, you know, being overweight and pregnancy can put you in a place for high risk development of apnea, when you have sleep apnea, you stop breathing are to moments during the night. and when you stop breathing, no oxygen coming in, increases your blood pressure and irregularities of heartbeat. and what happens in pregnancy, women who have sleep apnea put the pregnancy at risk, for pre eclamsa what you get when you're pregnant and this is an issue, if you think you have sleep apn apnea. >> kelly: jamie, my understanding, this can cause
1:56 pm
problems for children. >> jamie: first of all, i don't like that you're picking on the pregnant ladies for being overweight we have to have our pickles and ice cream. aside from that, if you're losing sleep, your baby may be affected. >> you can increase your blood pressure, what i was saying before if you find you're in the risk category of sleep apnea, snoring, wake up with headache and put new a sleep lab, one in hackensack university medical center, happens to be my hospital. when i see somebody comes in, boom, put them in, check them out and therapy during the pregnancy to improve the the oxygenation at night. >> jamie: report it to your doctor. >> absolutely. >> jamie: great to see you and see all of you, thanks for being with us, i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: the journal editorial report is up next. have a great day everyone. >> jamie: take care. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them.
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