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tv   Stossel  FOX News  September 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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...and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissanltima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ live in los angeles i'm geraldo rivera reporting on the major foreign policy blunder that may haunt the president in the final weeks of the election campaign. his administration stubborn refusal to state the obvious that the deadly attack on our people in libya last week was not a spontaneous mob reaction to an ugly antimuslim movie but rather a well planned coordinated terrorist attack. call it benghazi gate. the question of what the obama administration knew you about
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the true nature of the assault that killed our ambassador chris stevens and the three other brave americans and when they knew it and consider the possibility that this unfolding scandal will become a serious distraction for the president as he tries to capitalize on rival mitt romney's own week be from hell including mr. romney's comment about the 47% who don't pay any income tax and who therefore will never vote for him, the release this weekend of the governor's 2011 tax returns and the widespread feeling in the mainstream media at least that governor romney is losing this race. >> you are the c.e.o. of this campaign. a lot of republicans would like to know, a lot of your doan hes would like to know how do you turn this thing around. you have a little more than six weeks. what do you do? >> well, it it doesn't need a turnaround. we a campaign tied with an incumbent president of the united states. >> geraldo: mr. romney is right about the national polls showle
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him tied with the incumbent president. with six weeks left in the campaign ras musten at 46% and gallup at 47% show the men in a statistical dead heat. big picture the real clear politics ten day moving average has the president up by about three points, 48.1% to 44.8%. this is the real story that a trails in budgetmy trails in the swing states. down by about 8 in virginia. six in florida and down about seven in ohio, tom? >> well, he is down in these swing states and certainly i think given all of the data that we have if the election were held today obama would win. the election isn't being held today. six weeks. four debates. two more jobs reports coming out. the libya thing is hanging over the administration's head
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moving forward. a lot of time left. you're right, obama is ahead in crucial swing states. ahead by about a point and a half or two in the real clear politics average. in florida, the two main states that obama is leading that romney really has to be concerned about are virginia and ohio where obama has leads of four and four and a half points respectively. romney has to win either or both of those otherwise his path to the white house gets very difficult. >> geraldo: do you see, will, one of the events that you mentioned which would you bet would be the most impactful, the debates? >> probability. probably. the debates give romney an opportunity. romney has been on the defensive for two solid weeks now. getting hammered in the press whether you think it is fair or not he has been on the defensive and he needs an opportunity to sort of get a change of possession and get the ball back and start moving it down the field in his direction. the debates certainly offer that opportunity for him.
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>> tom bevin thanks. i think the debates are overrated. i think a lot of people already made up their minds in this election. let's circle, ladies and gentlemen, back to libya and start tonight with benghazi gait what i'm calling it, the political impact if any of the administration's is stubborn refusal to relationshi recognis obvious that whether what happened was a terrorist attack. my terrific panel includes two prominent daughters of former speakers of the house of representatives. how often do you get that. the democrat kristine pelosi and jackie gingrich cushman. >> hello. >> another beautiful lady, linda chavez is also with us. the first latina nominated for a cabinet post. she was nominated for secretary of labor. a fox news contributor. linda, thank you for coming on. i appreciate you being here as well. >> great to be with you. >> geraldo: and the guy, you know, the guy representing us guys representative actually of
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another prominent political dynasty the former senator evan bayh who also served as governor of indiana. since you are the only guy on the panel there, senator, what do you think is, first of all, let's concentrate on benghazi gate as i'm calling it. do you think it has legs and that the people care that the administration was either intentionally ignore rant or woefully naive in this thing? >> geraldo, it is obviously a tragedy and getting a lot of air time so, of course, the american people will h pay attention to it. i think at a heart this is a domestic election particularly driven by the economy, jobs, that sort of thing foremost and then what are we going to do about the deficit and the fiscal situation in the country. unless there is malfeasance laid directly at the foot of the president which to date there is nothing directly linking all of this to him i think it comes back to domestic
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politics and the economy and mr. romney needs to focus on a couple of things which are driving the real clear politics numbers we were talking about. number one, show that he can relate to the economic concerns of the middle class. the president is doing better than that dimension right now. and secondly basic likability. he needs to come across in the debates regardless of the substance as someone the american people can relate to. those are are his two main challenges right now. >> geraldo: jackie, you are deep inside of presidential campaign, fight for the republican nomination with your dad newt gingrich, you know what it is to be up. you know what it is to be down. do you think mitt romney can if, indeed, he is down as the polls indicate can he reverse this in the next six weeks? >> absolutely. and, first of all, i want to say a couple of things. when you talk about and say this is really a domestic election i think that is great news for milts. president obama has had almost four years to really set the nation straight and it hasn't
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happened. we started with $10 trillion in didn't and we are now at 16 trillion north dakota debt. over 8% unmany ployment and when you add in those that are working part time that want to work full time we are at 17%. this is not a good economic picture for the president. if we are talking about the domestic battle clearly mitt romney is in the lead. when you talk about international security i think this dose do him real damage because it says look what he has been trying to do for this term has not worked. they talked early in his administration about being a transformational leader and how he could go out and mend the ways and reach out. clearly that hasn't worked. his apology tour has not worked and people understand it is important the united states of america to be strong abroad. >> geraldo: is there a kristine pelosi, like a club of daughters of former speakers of the house? do you know jackie gingrich? >> i don't. i know her are now. hi, jackie. >> geraldo: something very
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unique. >> we can start one. >> let's do that. >> i don't know if we should get on a couch, geraldo. i think we are -- i will say this when it comes to libya i think that from day one many of us were skeptical. i appreciate that the state department can't come out day one and say something before they know all of the facts. i knew when they were reported as protesters i have been a protester for 30 years i never brought guns and a grenade to a protest. we knew there was something opportunistic that was going on. 9/11 and benghazi is already a dangerous place. already we know that. what i was encouraged by in libya were the 30,000 that took to the streets this weekend as a counter demonstration to try to take their country back. it is very important that we help these nation democracies actually succeed in egypt and libya. otherwise we will have a lot more trouble on our hand.
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>> geraldo: pictures now of rescue benghazi day. is it worth it do you think? do you think the president's policies can be salvaged? >> the bigger problem, benghazi is really just a symptom of a larger problem and that is is that he woo are fighting islamist extremists around the world. the president hoped that he would go out and say nice words about the muslim reledge yan and be more conciliatory and put a little more distance between himself and israel and that ever would love us. that in fact has not happened. there are more antiamerican demonstrations going on now in the middle east than in any time in my lifetime. i think this is a bigger problem for the president and we were told by the president when was a candidate that the reason people hated us was because they hated george bush and his policies. well, they still hate us. and they are now burning barack
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obama's efigy. >> we will talk more about the proamerican rally today in libya. it was real? and also i will tell you all about this muslim american actress. take a shot with her if you can. she was duped into an undisclosed location. duped into appearing in the vial antimuslim movie that although it was not the cause of what happened in benghazi in all likelihood certainly is playing a key role in mob violence sweeping the muslim world. we will meet her and talk more with the panel and then monica lewinsky. all that, after this. mom: ready to go to work?
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the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned premeditate the attack. what happened initially is it
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was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> it is i think self-evident what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. our embassy was attacked violently and the result was four deaths of american officials. >> what happened in libya wasn't a common crime. it it was an act of war by unlawful enemy combatants who killed americans and they should be captured and interrogated under the law of war and humanely treated and sent to gitmo for a trial in the united states. >> geraldo: continuing with kristine pelosi and jackie gingrich cushman and senator evan bayh and linda chavez the former secretary of labor nominee. senator, bayh, do you believe that the administration really didn't know what happened or were they trying to put a spin on this thing to make the president's policy vis-a-vis the muslim world seem more effective? what happened that they were so
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wrong and so obviously out of touch? >> in a case like this, geraldo, events move pretty quickly and your information is less than perfect and there is a lot of pressure on to make statements before you have all of the facts. i think that is probably what happened. the other statements got the a little ahead of the information. now, we have a clear understanding and they need to clarify the record. possible this this is a hybrid situation where it started off with demonstrators and al-qaeda or terrorist elements seized that to their advantage and carried out the attack. none of us really know all of the facts is yet. i think you can probably pin most of this on just the chaotic nature of a situation like this. i happened to be with some national security people the morning after this was happening and they were getting called out regularly to give briefings to the highest people in the country and it it wasn't clear even to them what was happening. >> geraldo: do you think with
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the pro-u.s. rescue benghazi day today that libya's worth our staying the course? >> well, obviously it is worth our trying to be involved in the middle east. i think part of the problem of this administration is that they have had a hands off approach in syria. they didn't do much when the iranians took to the streets and it took them awhile to get involved in libya. i wrote columns calling for u.s. support in libya before the president was able to make himself at least give some limited support. i think the problem is a lot of our friends, a a lot of the people in those countries who are moderates and i think in many places that is the majority of the population they feel that we cut and run when things get difficult and we are not good and loyola friend loyd so they risk their lives trying to stand for democracy. i think we should be more involved, not less involved. >> geraldo: jackie and
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kristine, i want to ask both of you because you have grown up in the public eye so to speak and your privacy has been violated time and time again. have you heard that cnn has been chas advertiseit tised bye department and by the family of ambassador stevens for taking the ambassador's journal which they found four days after the ambassador was killed and using it in their reporting in cnn reporting. kristine first, would you comment ton that? >> i think cnn was outrageous. these are the personal effects of a person that was killed and they belong to his family and there is no way they should be reporting on the private contents of his journal unless they have the next of kin permission which they did not have. what does it say to any one out there in a war zone and say to our military if a news person
10:18 pm
happens to get to your corpse first they get to really pick a diary and start publishing it without the wishes of your family. that is wrong and they crossed the lined a they ought to give that to the family and let the man rest in peace. >> jackie, kind of creepy, isn't it? >> kristine is exactly right. you lose the ability to have any kind of privacy and it shouldn't be that way. people have a right to private lives and a right to their enfiercal private writings. clearly if it is done as part of his job it is very different. his own personal journal you wouldlike to say that people can have a private life and just because you happen to go and serve your country which clearly he was doing, that doesn't mean that he no longer has a private life. that is a way for people to say i don't want to go do that. just like many good people don't want to run for public office because it is so
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over two million more hispanics are living in poverty today than the day president obama took office. in 2008, candidate obama promised us a world of limitless hope but. what we got instead is a world where hope has painful limit. >> according to many, what is your biggest failure.
10:23 pm
>> as you remind me my biggest failure so far are is we haven't gotten come prehen is suv immigration reform done. we will be continuing to work on that. it is no not for a lack of tryg or desire. i'm confident we will accomplish that. >> geraldo: the all important latino vote the focus of the candidates this week. mr. romney speaking to the hispanic chamber of commerce. the president on univision. everybody agrees they need 38% of the latino vote. right now the president is up two to one among latinos. continuing with kristine pelosi and jackie gingrich cushman and senator evan bayh. can the republican candidate overcome his own harsh, very harsh antiimmigration rhetoric during the primary season and
10:24 pm
draconian language that broke no compromise, no compassion at all for the undocumented? >> i think it really is a problem for mitt romney but a bigger problem for conservatives and republicans in the future. the demographic wave of hispanics that has hit america is something that is going to be continuing and if conservatives cannot reach out and win hispanic support they are going to be a permanent minority. so mitt romney has got to get serious about this. i think the best way to do that is to talk about legal immigration reform. because the fact is illegal immigration is now down to a 40 year low. and we he could solve illegal immigration if we would simply allow enough people to come in legally, people that we need whose skills we need both at the high end and at the low end that is the solution. and he needs to be talking more about it and needs to learn how to talk about it. immigration is not the number one issue in hispanic voters'
10:25 pm
minds. the economy and jobs are. but he has got to learn to talk better about immigration and he has got to give up this delusional self-deport proposal because frankly it would be like an atom bomb hitting a major city if suddenly the united states lost 11 million people. it would mean homes that would go vacant. car sales that would drop. it would mean jobs that would go vacant. it would be a disaster even if it were possible. >> geraldo: i was going to ask the other guests about the immigration and latino vote but i have to have you about monica lewinsky. going to the big emmy party tonight, your husband is nominated. monica lewinsky returns. would you read her book? >> no, as bill clinton said elections about the future and let's talk about the future. i say amen to what ms. chavez says is exactly what mitt romney and president obama need to do. be about the future and
10:26 pm
demography is destiny. >> geraldo: would you you read the new book? >> i had to watch four hours of her videotaped deposition is because i was a juror in the impeachment trial and that was more than enough monica for me. i don't think that will be on my christmas wish list. i think linda had the immigration thing exactly right. this isn't rocket science. john mccain had been for immigration reform. george w. bush. the chamber of commerce. there is a way for being for this without being for open-ended amnesty and both mr. romney and the republican party need to find a way to do that otherwise it will be tough sledding going forward. >> geraldo: i have to leave it there. thank you all, evan bayh, jackie gingrich and jackie chavez, kristine pelosi. one of the worst movies ever made causing mayhem. the actors in the film revolt, after this. you know why i sell tools? tools are uncomplicated.
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using the highest quality standards, we develop and manufacture just what you need for nutrition, home care, and beauty, backed with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee. amway conveys quality. learn more from your amway independent business owner. live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. rough weather a cause for concern out west tonight. washington state firefighters on high alert as lightning and high winds threat ton spark new fires. and also fuel dozens of blazes already burning. severe flooding forcing evacuations in alaska. the governor declaring a state of alaska as rivers swell four feet above flood levels and forecasters keeping an eye on tropical storm miriam in the pacific. it could become a hurricane by monday. a new warning for iran as the country's president heads here to the u.s. to address the united nations. the commander of iran's
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revolutionary guard says he believes israel will attack his nation over the nuclear program and is warning that the jewish state will be detroyed if it takes such a step. mahmoud ahmadinejad is set to address the u.n. general assembly wednesday. i'm marianne rafferty. for all the latest news, log on to feuts .com. .com -- fox news .com. >> geraldo: welcome back live to los angeles. what happened in benghazi libya anda obvious act of terrorism is different than what is going on elsewhere in the muslim world where demonstrations continued today as radicals use the film to in cite violence in iran, indonesia, iraq, sri lanka, lebanon, norway, germany, the philippines, violence that has so far
10:32 pm
claimed at least 49 lives. that was the last i checked. it is probably much more than that now. farefufearful that they will be targeted and outraged over what they came is the the producer's misrepresentation of what the the film was really about. some of the actors in that movie last week asked a california judge to force youtube to remove the film from the website. the judge refused leaving those actors adrift and afraid as you can imagine. here is craig. i want to say that i'm extremely sorry for having participated in this but i did it it unknowingly. >> are you frightened for your family? >> i have a large family and, yes, i am. i don't like going around looking over my sold.
10:33 pm
as the wave of antiamerican violence continues around the world here in california actors associated with innocence of muslims plan to sue the producer. but at an undisclosed location here in rural california, we met up with one man who supports the decision to do the movie. >> do you believe you have blood on your hands from this your connection to the film? >> absolutely not. i have done the facts, evidence of proof. i don't want to get you injured. i'm going drive off. >> it steve klein is founder of concerned citizens for the first amendment which despite its lofty tight 18 an extremist organization that protests the building of mosques, mormon temples and abortion clinics. he got involved when the producer asked his advice on possible legal problems with the proposed film. >> the only question was if he made the movie would the united states arrest him and throw him in prison. for about an hour i explained different ways because his english is limited, that no, if
10:34 pm
he made a movie under the first amendment of the united states nobody would come and arrest him and he would be okay. >> this is disgusting. i'm embarrassed. and i'm sickened over the whole thing. it is -- i mean how can this be. and it is is. and i'm not the only one that feels that way who was unaware totally unaware. >> several unwitting novice actors dragged into the film are outraged, embarrassed and afraid and now they he banded together hoping to expos the producer's alleged fraud. >> do you recent the fact that he put words in your mouth that he put a a message behind the film that you were involved in without you knowing? >> absolutely. and that is one of the most that fairous things about the whole thing. >> we are looking at fraud in the inducement to contract. obviously they agreed to do a film about a desert warrior not about any antimuslim propaganda. we are look at causes of action
10:35 pm
based on infliction of emotional stress and defamation and making them seem like they agree with the film. >> one aspect of the case being investigated is why cheaply paid novice american actors with anglo looks were cast in arabic roles. >> i would not have cast me. i have blue eyes. >> is there any research or investigation into sam basil and the fact that he might have intentionally brought in americans to cause this hatred toward americans? this antiamerican sentiment that is going on around the world? >> absolutely. we are looking into all possible be motivations of his. but we do know that he was speaking arabic on the is set with the director and that he quite possibly may have an antiamerican agenda. >> here we have people being killed. an uprising now against americans across the world
10:36 pm
throughout the muslim world. do you think that is fair that one person does that, one film does that, one group does that? >> yeah, i think it is fair that when john brown stood up at harper's ferry and told the truth about the civil war and freeing the blacks, i think that is fair. >> what does that have to do with insulting muslims? >> can i answer that? i'm not insulting muslims. >> that is what the film did. >> you know what, muhammad insulted himself. >> it is like being hit between the eyes with a board. be one thing and then you wake up and find out that the world is falling apart because of something this man did that you participated in. it is embarrassing. it's sad. it's terribly sad. >> you were duped? >> we were all duped. >> geraldo: craig joins me live in l.a. what are the actors look aring for with the lawsuit, money damages? >> the most important thing for them is to clear their names. they want the world and the muslim world to know that they
10:37 pm
were duped and the film doesn't represent their views and if they had known this was the nature of the film none of these actors would have been involved in it. >> geraldo: you sign on to do gone with the wind and end up in a porn know, any guidelines. >> in a porno you get the picture in a couple of minutes. there are no guidelines. so many actors desperate for work these days they are easy prey for the unscrupulous producers. >> geraldo: we will call her janet. an american muslim. why did you you trust this man? >> because i applied for the job as an actress and i applied on craigslist and went to what i thought was a legitimate casting call and was offered what i thought was a legitimate part in a historical feature. >> geraldo: and when you found out the reality, i wonder are, you know, obviously we are protecting your are identity now. how frightened are you? >> i'm extremely frightened for
10:38 pm
are my life and for thes. do they fault you at all? >> people who know me know that this film is the absolute opposite of anything that i would have willing participated in so people who know me know the kind of person that i am and what you actually believe in and this film in no way represents any beliefs that i hold. >> geraldo: the lead attorney representing the actors, jeffrey steinberger joins us via skype. on vacation in central america. jeffrey, welcome. can you sue you this sam basil? >> i can certainly do that very well, geraldo. i can sue him for intentional infliction and i can sue him for defamation and sue him for slander, break o breach of con. a whole lot of stuff. i could sue him for doing a
10:39 pm
crap film and scaring the hell out of every single one of my clients. whether i'm going to collect money from him is a whole different story. but my clients is aren't really here for money. they are here for vindication. they are sorry. they are ashamed that they did this thing and they didn't get any access from their director and filllemaker and ended up on the editing floor what they thought was going to be an educational film and historical. some were just good bit players and extras. they ended up bying edited out and edited in to it a whole antimuslim schemeatic that this lunatic had. it is absolutely insane. and we will get him. we will litigate. we will be filing next friday a summons and complaint and serving him or try and attempt
10:40 pm
to serve him through his criminal lawyer who is handling the federal investigation of this matter. geraldo, you just have to know my clients you just heard them on tape. it has been a frenzy for them. they go outside and they are looking over their shoulders. they get death threats. they are walking around and don't know what is going to happen to their friends, family. people that they are with. they get e-mails that tell them they are going to die, that the islamic extremists are really going to look for them. i mean it has been a heyday for them that they regret the fact themselves that they were actors and on their shoulders they feel bad that two hroic navy seals are dead, a great ambassador in libya, chris stevens is dead and a high ranking state official is dead. we will get him. we will make sure that we will sue him. >> geraldo: good. >> we will make sure also that our actors are protected.
10:41 pm
>> geraldo: all right, good, thank you very much. janet, take care of yourself. really. appreciate you having the courage to come on. >> up next, she is back. return of the world's most infamous intern, monica lewinsky, after this. [ male announcer ] whether it's kevin's smartphone... mom's smartphone... dad's tablet... or lauren's smartphone... at&t has a plan built to help make families' lives easier.
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>> geraldo: back live in l.a. bill clinton is flying hi again. the most popular politician in
10:45 pm
our nation making the most memorable speech of political season at the democratic national convention. it wasn't so long ago that a liaison with a young intern almost cost the 42nd president his job. monica lewinsky is 39 years old now. and you are about to hear in what will be an exclusive report how she is aiming to cash in big time on her notorious affair. >> why would you want to go forth and testify? >> first of all, i thought it was nobody's business. second of all, are i didn't want to have anything to do with paula jones or her case. >> geraldo: january 17, 1998. delay deposition in position paula jones in her sexual harassment case against president clinton. washington explodes. at the center, former white house intern monica lewinsky. the talk of tapes, oval office sex and obstruction. the white house is under siege.
10:46 pm
>> the president adamantly denies it and ismail a rat in all this. >> geraldo: it is reported that former white house aide and lewinsky coworker linda tripp has tapes of the young intern discussing her affair with the president much the united states including nine alleged sexual encounters with mr. clinton all in the oval office. >> there is going to be war. >> tripp gives the case to independent counsel ken starzz who is already investigating clinton and the controversy around something called whitewater but the president vehemently denies the charges. >> i want you to listen to me. i am going to say this again. did i not have sexual relations with that woman ms. lewinsky. i never told anybody to lie. not a single time. never. these allegations are false. >> geraldo: and just 48 hours later comes word of a stained dress and phone sex. >> this is about embarrassing
10:47 pm
the president of the united states of america. plain and simple. >> geraldo: 8 long and tortured months latinoer under escalating pressure from starr armed with lewinsky's semen stained blue dress the president changes his tune. >> indeed, i did have a relationship with ms. lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. >> geraldo: the republican dominated house of representatives votes to impeach the president on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. leaving the united states senate to judge whether the charges were true. on february 6, 1999, the young woman at center of the president's problems finally takes the witness stand. >> i thought to myself i knew i would deknee the relationship. >> if you believe her you will see this morning how the president wove a web of perjury and obstruction of justice. >> i believe that the president did something you can always
10:48 pm
say you were coming to see betty or bringing me papers. >> geraldo: the president's lawyers argued that there is no clear evidence that he ever did anything illegal. the senate agrees. acquitting the president on all charges. >> i'm not ashamed of the fact that they impeached me. that was their decision, not mine. and it was wrong. >> geraldo: i agre agree it was wrong. married men lie about things like getting oral sex from interns. it has happened countless men, countless times. and the president was being judged by people whose hands were as dirty as his own in their own various nefarious affairs, some of them at least. joining us now is jennifer flowers who claim her own affair with the president of the united states. on the right, mike walker. he never had an affair with the president. maybe with any one else i don't
10:49 pm
know. he has the exclusive details on monica's multimillion dollar pay day. jennifer, what are do you think about monica and the resurfacing of all of this stuff. is it worth it? >> absolutely. i think she has a right to is tell her story. a lot of things happened in her life since she talked about this at all. she is almost 40 years old now. i think she was what, 21, 22 years old when all this happened. she lives in the united states of america and as far as i know we still have equal rights as women. and she has every right to come out and tell her story. if there is a publisher that is making money from her story she has a right to compensation. >> geraldo: so compensation but is it right, though, you know, hillary, to hurt the secretary of state and all of the good work that the president has done? >> i'm not aware of -- i'm aware of some of the good that he has done. i'm aware of a lot o of the bad that he has done and that he is a liar. he did perjure himself.
10:50 pm
he has never really been held responsible for all of the lying and cheating that he has done. his wife needs to hold him responsible for that. i'm not having an affair with the man any more and neither is monica lewinsky. let hillary talk to bill about that. that is not my responsibility. >> geraldo: got to go. we'll be right back with mike.
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10:53 pm
>> geraldo: when left the white house bill clinton was a bruised and battered president, a former president whose affair with monica lewinsky had monumental historic implications. it wasn't just the fair or the impeachment. it made the president unable to complete a peace treaty between the israelis and palestinians because nobody trustd that the president would be able to
10:54 pm
deliver on his promises and it probably because of the complicated relationship the men had cost al gore the white house because of the bad vibes that impeachment left behind but now after the intervening years president clinton has redeemed themself in so many ways with his profoundly important humanitarian work. will people buy this monica lewinsky book? continuing jennifer flowers the enquirer's mike walker. you are the man who knows and with the exclusive report. tell us, first of all, how much is she asking for the book and what is going to be in it? >> she is asking for $12 million and i think she will get it. already been one report published they have scened a deal. i don't believe that happened yet. i think i would know that. she is there meeting with publishing companies all under, everything is nondisclosure. they can't talk about it and so forth. she has some bomb shell revealations. >> geraldo: like what? >> talk about how the president
10:55 pm
had this insatiable desire for three way sex, for orgies, for sex toys and he also was constantly referring to hillary as a cold fish. and that is quite a revealation that is going to hurt hillary a lot and for the first time monica is going to tell the exact story because apparently we haven't heard the real story of how she got the sustain on the infamous blue dress. >> geraldo: i thought that she told everything to andrew morton when wrote the comprehensive book? >> no, no, no. she never gave you will pardon the expression blow by blows of what really went on. did it in really broad, pardon the expression, terms. she was upset when bill did his memoir he threw her under the bus again and left her hanging again. people will say is she telling the truth. i think we all know bill clinton may be lying through his teeth.
10:56 pm
you can see the pain of this thing in july when hillary clinton i don't know if you saw the video she went to egypt as the. first visit since president morissy was elected. met by proteter protesters thrg tomatoes and shoes and screaming monica, monica, monica. can you imagine the impact of that for hillary clinton? >> geraldo: absolutely gross. >> and i don't believe she is not doing this even though my own paper says for revenge. i tell you what i'm hearing. somebody sat her down and said look you are 39 years old. not getting any younger. not the fact that president clinton has kept you from getting a job. you it is time. bubba is back and bigger because of that republican national convention speech among other things that suddenly bounced him back. bubba is hot again and this is the time when people are hot and things are on fire take it from an author who has written
10:57 pm
books like this that is is when publishers want you you. >> final seconds, jennifer flowers, last words? >> i would agree with everything that monica said about his propensity toward three-way sex and calling hillary a cold fish. >> geraldo: enough about the three ways in the oval office. the whole concept. mrs. jennifer flowers nice to see you. you are in new orleans and living down that way now. >> yes, i'm doing a reality show. >> geraldo: the only thing bill clinton ever did for me was allow me to meet jennifer flowers. >> geraldo: there you go. the match made in i don't know white house heaven. oval office. that is it from los angeles. thank you very much for watching. catch me on the radio and social media, twitter and facebook and that kind of thing. hope you have a great weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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