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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 23, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >> well, good morning to you, it's sunday, september 23rd, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn this morning and president obama says he just wants a little bit more time. >> i've always said that change is going to take more than one term and more than one president. and it takes more than one party. >> but, will a second term really bring the change to washington that the president has promised? >> plus, we are 100 days awhich from over the largest tax hike in u.s. history. that's good news for you folks, unless congress tries
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to stop it. will google be caught in the cross hairs. >> don't worry, dave, congress moves quickly to solve this. buy a chevy volt so get $10,000 back. can't seem to sell them so now the car that costs more to make will cost you less to buy. we'll get out the abacus and try to sort that out. the chevy volt problems continues. "fox & friends." ♪ >> hey, everybody, good sunday morning, good to have ainsley in for alisyn. >> i love being in here for alisyn. >> clayton: i don't know fw you caught, dave is a manly guy and he's at disney world and dave. >> dave: don't pull that. it's got a crown on it. >> you don't have a daughter.
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>> dave: i do, but it's more me, the princess. >> i love this kind of thing, and this is the type of thing you'd buy in the airport. >> dave: only a real man can hold the princess pen. >> clayton: more on that. >> lots to talk about. >> clayton: a lot of news to get to. >> first pakistani minister fueling anger in the middle east by offering $100,000 for the death of the maker of the anti-islam film that of we have been talking about. while in libya, thousands are threatening a revolution to get rid of militias there and extremists. catherine herridge joining us for the latest. >> let's go to pakistan, the maker of the youtube trailer and the senior member of the government in pakistan announcing a $100,000 reward for anyone who kills him and what's key here, the minister is calling on al-qaeda and the taliban to join in this quote, blessed mission.
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in benghazi, hundreds protesting against the militia blamed for the a tack on the embassy. and to rid them of the those in eastern libya and the collapse of the regime. and a source telling the evidence points to a joint evident by al sharia not tied with al-qaeda, but sympathetic tried to fail establishing a state in eastern libya. and, the detainee is linked to the group in libya considered the most extremely. given the consulate attack is now branded tyrannyism, why the obama administration seems to be leaning to criminal
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prosecution. >> how could an attack go that long and what kind of response do we have in place for an attack that of could have went from six to ten to 12 hours and the law enforcement model seems to be being used here. i think that's a huge mistake, the fbi agent who briefed us was singularly unimpressive. >> reporter: fox news is first it report on 9-13 two days of the attack there was evidence suggesting insider help and reuters is now reporting that that is the central focus of the fbi investigation. guys, back to you. >> dave: thanks so much, katherine. >> to other headlines. amid chaos in the the middle east, egypt's new islamist president will be arrival in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. before the trip, mohammed morsi is saying it's town the u.s. to fix relations with the arab world and reportedly says that the u.s. needs to show respect for arab values even when it conflicts with wherein
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values. it's not known for sure if morsi and president obama will have a face-to-face meeting during his visit and also attending the assembly is iranian president ahmadnejad, many people are planning to protest outside of this hotel close to fox news during his time here. and a strong and decisive warning from north korea to southern neighbors threatening to wage a great war south korea fires warning shots. after the teachers strike, there's word that their pension fund is drying up, about 10 billion in assets, but paying out more than a billion a year, way more than it's taking in. the concern now being with the drain on the reserves, it could lead to cuts and services and even have the burden fall op taxpayers, this
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as experts say the funds could collapse in a few years. and general motors, is offering a hefty discount if you want a shoef volt in an attempt to boost sales that have struggling electric car. buyers, if you're interested you could get as much as $10,000 off which according to an auto website is more than any other industry car, reportedly losing 49,000 on each volt and the company has admitted to losing money on that car, but hasn't confirmed how much. and those, my friends, are the headlines. >> clayton: thank you so much. and let's go to rick reichmuth through the first full day of fall. >> rick: today is our first full day of fall. it started-- >> you're right it started at 10 a.m. yesterday. >> well, actually. >> rick: and today will be your first full day of fall and feel like it across the northern plains, very cold here at least for one more
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morning. this morning, and then tomorrow morning. and look at the rest of the country, temperatures much warmer down to the south and talking tempts into the 60's and everyone is out, 86 in phoenix, it's not fall for everyone, but reports that colors are changing on the leaves for so many people and keep sending the pictures to me. take a look at the satellite picture. a storm system that moved through and cooled things down a lot across the northeast, severe storms and something that bad moving across the coastal areas last night. behind it we're going to see a ton of sunshine today. the tail end this have for us, however, stretched down toward florida. heavy rain into south florida, six inches, in and around miami, maybe another inch or so, nothing as bad as yesterday. one of the spots we'll see the rain across the west, a light bit of rain, across the pacific northwest. we've got a day that's sunny and across the country.
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>> dave: thank you, rick, the first full day today, my friend. >> get it straight. >> dave: 44 days out from the election and the report i read defiantly optimistic, many feel that the romney campaign is done with this, but look at the tracking polls, neck and neck down the stretch. >> clayton: if you look the at the national average, sure, the number that they're happy to report and rasmussen reports 46% to 46% and dicier on other state by state polls and the gallup poll, 47% to 47%. and go state to state and that's why president obama is spending time in wisconsin, rain drenched state that turned into a battle ground state now that paul ryan is out on the ticket and donors in san diego, trying to get
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the support there, it's the state to state polls that have obama up a little bit. >> right, particularly in ohio, virginia, and that's what-- >> depends what article you read, an article this morning, president obama, we're winning, winning this race. look at the numbers, two hefty polls, rasmussen and the gallup poll saying they're neck and neck, says a lot about romney's campaign, because it's hard to beat an incumbent. >> it says something about president obama in this down economy that he's leading mitt romney, a candidate insurgency right now. he in wisconsin in a rain storm says he basically needs more time, needs another term to get things done. take a listen. >> from the day we began this campai campaign, but more importantly, from the day i ran for this office last year, or four years ago, seems like just last year.
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i've always said that change is going to take more than one term, and more than one president, and it takes more than one party. part of what is election about is giving the american people a voice to break the deadline. >> dave: he hasn't always said that. >> clayton: the criticism early on, you had a full house, a full senate, you had the presidency all democratically controlled. >> dave: and the president right there to my point, he said i've always said that it takes more than one term. we all known that he hasn't always said that and one most notable sound bite from his first term is this one to matt lauer about that very one-term proposition. >> i will be held accountable. i've got four years. >> and quickly how people-- >> that's exactly right and you know, a year from now, i think people are going to see that we're start to go make some progress, but they're still going to be some pain out there.
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if i don't have this done in three years then there's going to be a one-term proposition. >> dave: those are words you regret, aren't they. >> clayton: it's the read my lips moment, you wonder. you can pars that any way you want. we haven't completed the work yet. haven't gotten it done because what he with as saying on the show, there's too much gridlock. what i said in the beginning, you had the house, the senate, the white house, all democratically controlled and didn't get this done. didn't take on jobs early enough. went to health care. >> had a trillion dollar stimulus package that didn't work. and candidates know this on national television, we have clips-- >> and in this videotape from tonight, headlines tonight from a big story on 60 minutes and here is mitt romney talking, he is going to be in an interview tonight, asked how do you turn your campaign around. by all accounts as charles krauthammer said, one of the worst weeks this his campaign. >> a lot of republicans would
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like to know a lot of your donors would like to know how do you turn this thing around? you've got a little more than six weeks, what do you do? >> well tdoesn't need a turn around. we've got a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president of the united states. i've got a very effective campaign doing a very good job, but not everything i say is elegant and i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the people. >> dave: he followed up by saying, you know, you didn't totally answer that question, but to romney's point. do you need a complete change of direction or turn around or campaign better and minimize mistake. comes down to debate. october 3rd the big first debate. >> and like that he addressed the 47%, hey, i wasn't an elegant speaker and i do want to help all americans. >> clayton: now more on that, and could it come down to foreign policy? we'll ask chris wallace about that coming up in a little bit. the number of able bodied americans on food stamps has
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doubled as president obama changed to welfare reform law. how can it be a fair and balanced debate. >> not so sweet 16. thousands of teenagers showing up and reuting in the streets. ahead. ♪ ♪ where's the party, i want to free my soul ♪ ♪ where's the party, i want to lose control ♪ ♪ where's the party (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> he's increased the number on food stamps by 15 million. that's more than the population of ohio, a randomly selected state. it is-- this is a tragedy, a human tragedy, these are real americans, these are our brothers and sisters who are in poverty because of the policies of this president.
6:17 am
>> dave: in 2009 president obama suspended a welfare law that regulated how long able-bodied adults could collect food stamps and now a report by the nonpartisan congressional research service reveals the aftermath of that decision with the number of able-bodied americans collecting food stamps nearly doubling since then. staggering numbers. how can it be good for our struggling economy and why aren't more people outraged. angela mcglowan and executive vice-president of young democrats of america, coleman eldridge, good to see you both this morning. >> good to see you you. >> good morning. >> dave: angela, is it proof that the changes that the president made to welfare are not working or is this just about the bad economy? >> well, it's both. it is about the bad economy and why we have more americans on food stamps, but if you look at that percentage that this law impacts, that has doubled and that's able-bodied
6:18 am
welfare he recipients and basically in 1996 you had a republican congress at that partnered with bill clinton that moved folks from welfare into work-fare, but with obamanomics, fewer jobs, more people in poverty and depending on the federal government. it's the government's job we'll all agree to help the poor when they have a stumbling stone, to give them a stepping stone, but not to create dependency. >> dave: the numbers don't lie, if you're the obama administration, in january of '0932 million. in june of 2012, 46.7 million. how do you explain that away. >> good morning, and i tell you this might be red fodder for the redwing media elite and redwing blogosphere. in rural america where i live,
6:19 am
folks understand the economy and when the president took office, 700,000 jobs had been lost, and 4 1/2 million have been created since then and we've had 30 months of private sector job growth. they understand that people are in need. the cbo, congressional budget office's own estimation again, nonpartisan study the average income for the folks that we're talking about is $268 a month. hardly something that would qualify as folks living high off the hog. so, i would say let's be very clear not to castigate folks and no, no, no. >> and folks we're giving a
6:20 am
monologue. the bottom line is this. >> this is what happened. this is the bottom line, i am from this, i have seen it and one of the reasons why i switched from democrat to republican is the republican party got it right. we don't want folks dependent on the government. the best program you can have is-- >> not just the democratic party. let me finish. may i please finish? in my mother and my grandparents lived it, too. look, lbj's great society. under obamanomics did not help the middle class folks. the median income has moved from decreased 4,000, $4,000. >> and we're out of time and we've got it run-- love to have you both back on the program and finish. >> the with this president
6:21 am
make sure that they-- >> obama needs to-- >> coleman and angela thank you both. and ahmadnejad on the way to u.s. for the u.n. general assembly and staying at one of new york's swanky hotels. should we allow the man who thought 9/11 was an inside job such extravagant accommodations? we'll discuss that next. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ]
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>> welcome back, world leaders headed to new york city for the annual united nations general assembly, but not all leaders are welcomed by americans, most notably, the controversial president of iran, mammoud ahmadnejad, whether he'll be wearing the members only jacket. >> ainsley: for the second year he'll be staying at the posh hotel, but should we allow the man who denies the
6:25 am
holocaust and says 9/11 was an inside job such extravagant accommodation. joining us to answer that is-- what do you think about this? >> i think it's outrageous that we allow this guy in the country. we before didn't allow terrorist extremists into the offense and it's offensive. he personifies the hate and ideology that killed thousands of people in new york city. even though he's not involved in the attacks, obama administration says the iranian have personal with pakistan with weapons so they can kill our soldiers. a regime link today al-qaeda that killed so many americans, and the leader of it is coming to new york city to speak.
6:26 am
>> clayton: and furthermore hotel, where do you stay? what hotel says you can keep the whole third floor and has plans to keep him here in the united states and will they bow under pressure and not allow him to stay there? >> we're going to try to make them. staying at warwick hotel, the second year in a row he's be allowed to stay there. over at radical, we started a boycott. if that's what you want to do you're going to have to pay a price for it. what other hotels do they own, just the warwick. >> no, a chain around the country and this is something that the americans acrosses the country can say we're the not going to stand for you host ago anti-semetic, terror sponsoring madman. >> and there's been talk about mohammed morsi the new egyptian president and speaking with bill clinton at the global initialism and
6:27 am
coming for the united nations meeting what. do we know about morsi, there seems to be a question, people calling him a moderate. people say we don't know enough as far as extremist, and yet, support in other areas is questionable. what do you make of his new presidency? >> look, hamas is a branch of the muslim brotherhood. if you look at the hamas charter, they say they're a wing of the muslim brotherhood. if you say that mohammed morsi and the brotherhood, that's what you say about hamas. and there's never a single moment that the muslim brotherhood condemned anything that they've done. we fall for the slick word games, they condemn terrorism and violence, but in reality, they support suicide bombings in israel and last year, that mohammed morsi himself was interviewed and saying, oh, we're not for violence and the interviewer, a eer said what ab
6:28 am
the attacks in israel. >> that's not violence, that's resistance. >> ainsley: and america is giving them money. >> we're giving them a ton of money and not confronting him ideology, and somehow we have a false view they're democratic because they participated in the election, but everything you say positively about the muslim brotherhood, you have to ask yourself, would i say this about hamas. >> clayton: and even senator john mccain calling them moderate. >> ainsley: r. and anne hathaway, david letterman, sound with the president. but he has no time for benjamin netanyahu. and what about middle east peace. >> clayton: if you want to keep your man happy, give him housework to do. >> ainsley: i'll go with that. >> clayton: and see if we can throw it out in his ear when we come back. ♪
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6:33 am
guest room. >> dave: mammoud is not a good house guest. would you clean up after yourself. bagels and didn't eat any of them. and crumbs all over the floor, he's the not staying at my house. >> dave: kid. >> clayton: and the president has been sitting down with media and a number of different venues trying to reach a bunch of different audiences and saw this in 2008. campaigns changed. you need to reach audiences with late night television and david letterman, the view and host of different places. beyonce, a weird show, eddie vetter, aaron sorkin the creator of the west wing. jerry springer, joanne woodward and w nba champion who the president has been meeting with. >> dave: we say this in the
6:34 am
context when the president is here tomorrow and tuesday, the u.n. will be meeting this week here in new york, and the president will not meet with israel israeli prime minister, netanyahu. when you'll sit down with the ladies of "the view", but won't meet with our ally abroad. both said there's not time for the schedule. we don't know. and some say that the president said he would not meet with hearlier in the week. >> he said we talked an hour and a half on the phone, the president and benjamin netanyahu. if you're the president, you can change your schedule. you're the president of the united states. >> dave: you can free up time. >> clayton: maybe i can't switch up my schedule as easily. the president can call and say, hey, can we move that to a tuesday so i can meet with
6:35 am
the prime minister on a wednesday? >> there's a full nuclear program working in iran we're worried about. >> clayton: call me up, let's work it out. >> ainsley: now to our headlines, six inmates at a juvenile injury escaped after beating up a staff member, it happened last night at the echo glenn detention center. the group of boys, 15 to 17 years old took off after the assault and caught hideening the woods. the staff member is expected to be okay. we're learning more about why that guy jumped into the tiger cage. >> dave: oh, please tell me. >> ainsley: at the bronx zoo. wondering why he did this. well, david told police that he wanted to be one with the tiger. >> dave: of course. >> ainsley: he described to police being dragged around about that 400 pound beast as soon as he landed inside and he said he still got his wish. he was able to pet that tiger before being rescued. he's still in the hospital
6:36 am
recovering with the injuries and charged. >> clayton: he was one with the tiger, it bit him. >> ainsley: a not so sweet 16 birthday party for a girl in the netherlands. she's 16 years old. she doesn't know you shouldn't post your birthday party invitation on facebook and she forgot to make the event private so a crowd, thousands of people saw it, they showed up, drunken re ee een rioters, with police and three officer injured, all considered with nonlife threatening. and this story, listen to this one. a georgia jeweler, a jewelry store in georgia has an unusual incentive to get you to go into the store and buy the stone. if you buy a diamond, you're going to get a free gun. degeller and son the owners
6:37 am
they're receiving millions about this offer and unfortunately it ended yesterday. >> oh, yeah a perfect, who gets it the guy or the girl, a perfect lineup. >> right. you're going to need that gun. do you need it? >> have you heard of the magazine gardening gun. isn't that cute, garden and gun. >> ainsley: yes, a southern magazine and-- >> anybody, let us know, a night in college football. it made the michigan quarter denard robinson, he had many yards against notre dame, not
6:38 am
then. four interceptions and six turnovers in all for michigan, more shocking when you consider he racked up nearly 1,000 yards against the irish, notre dame's 13-6 victory snapped michigan's three-game winning streak over the irish, a big come back win for the backup there. sound oklahoma, the sooners this morning. can you you remember, kent state got blown out last year by ou, running the run on a perfect season and this year they repaid the favor. second quarter. oklahoma quarterback, ramsey jones is out of the heisman trophy race. let's move on to an impressive record. one that may never be broken. old dominion university quarterback, taylor, hit a ncaa record throwing for clayton, 730 yards. five touchdowns, no interceptions and odu comes
6:39 am
from behind, wins 64-61 over new hampshire and previous record. 716 yards, good for 22 years, 730 yards. >> it sounds fake hike a score you get like playing madden. >> dave: that is. i couldn't do that in old techno bowl. >> ainsley: how could you not include the game-- >> a tough loss for clemson against florida state. florida state looks legit. florida state and notre dame, feeling like the mid 90's, both are back. >> ainsley: a good game to watch. >> dave: and south carolina destroyed missouri. >> ainsley: go gamecocks. >> clayton: here is rick with the weather. >> rick: they come to me when you were doing your too legit stuff. and the conditions after that front moves through last night. all around the northeast, a little bit of rain today in
6:40 am
cleveland. that's nod bad. a quick passing shower, but for the most part. most of the northeast, sunshine and five to six days and temps like these feeling very cool. and you're going be to be able to open up your windows and cool the house down, keep your windows open, everything looking really, really nice, a little more detailed look at your forecast across the northeast today. and here you go. a few very light scattered showers behind the system that will whip across the great lakes, it's not going to cause any big problems, but the temps are cooler, not humid like yesterday. just a spectacular one. down to the southeast, also looking nice. a little bit of rain in miami. nothing like you saw yesterday, but you notice that atlanta much cooler, 77 with plenty of sunshine. still warm across texas though, into the northern plains, warm up a couple of degrees compared to yesterday. and still doing very much like fall for everyone out here, if you want some summer, plan a quick trip across the west because it's still very warm
6:41 am
and a ton of sunshine there. 71 in seattle. 88 in l.a., the triple digits again down in the desert. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> ainsley: thank you, rick. >> clayton: here is a study i think i'm coming to believe might be true. the university in sweden has found out that when men do their share of the housework, they are mentally healthier than when they don't and they just pawn it off on their wives. >> so we're actually saving your life and making you do chores. >> clayton: do you psychologically believe this. >> ainsley: i think it feels like you're part of the family. >> dave: never ever-- >> and makes your wife happy. a happy wife, a happy home. >> clayton: share the responsibility and a constant feeling of guilt. if you're sitting there with al bundy with a beer, doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen, it's like, i don't
6:42 am
know, a sub conscious guilt. >> ainsley: when we're cleaning up and making the bed and folding laundry and cooking and cleaning and you're sitting on the sofa all we want from you is to say, honey, can i help you, it that all it takes. >> dave: no, no, no, know what this is about. when i'm sitting here on occasion, on the couch, i'm on the i-pad and my wife is cleaning up, i don't do that much, and taking care of the kids. what makes me less happy when i get yelled at. and that's why guys are-- >> you're right. >> dave: because they get yelled he at when they don't do the chores around the house. let's be honest. >> clayton: perhaps, but maybe your wife-- >> i'm not happier for making the bed or happier for not getting yelled at. >> clayton: maybe your wife is an odd bird and she'll tell you get off your butt and do it. other ladies quietly-- >> walk softly. >> clayton: softly. >> ainsley: that's so true. >> dave: let us know who is right, who is wrong. >> ainsley: we've got to make time to talk about this.
6:43 am
and. >> clayton: your e-mails and tweets. friends@fox news, ff weekend, coming up the holeiest day for the jewish faith coming up, rabbi joseph patasnick is here. >> i messed that up. >> ainsley: and we're days away from a largest tax hike. who will be caught in the cross hairs of tax-mageddon. whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah, he's probably got... [ dennis' voice ] allstate. they can bundle all your policies together. lot of paperwork. actually... [ dennis' voice ] an allstate agent can help do the switching and paperwork for you. well, it probably costs a lot. [ dennis' voice ] allstate can save you up to 30% more when you bundle. well, his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds.
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6:47 am
show. religion on the line. rabbi nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> for the person who doesn't understand what yom kip ser all about, take us through the meaning. >> it's called the day of atonement as well and in coming here, i saw a sign that said cleaning messing alterations, and i thought that's the spirit of the holidays, the time to spiritually cleanse ones self. the time that the prayers, the total readings challenge us to be better and ultimately we have to make changes. that's what yom kippur is, it's about making the changes and someone said the smartest guy he ever met was his taye tailor. every time he went he measured him to see how he changed. >> clayton: and we talk about someone who the change happened overnight. you made the point it's not about changing overnight. it's a gradual process. >> we believe in behavior modification and small steps a good deed and the person
6:48 am
tomorrow could be better than who he or she was yesterday and that's to me the best form of change, more lasting. >> clayton: historically though take us back to the history of this holiday and is it rooted, is it rooted in this day, one specific day or is it a long-- >> no, a certain day of this month, the 10th day, you know, of the month, you have to afflict yourselves, what does it mean? you have to suffer. so you go with about 25 hour fast. you refrain from all the pleasureables activities that you enjoy the rest of the time and above all, you spend, concentrated periods with family and friends and i think that's very important. the essence of religion has to be in the context of community. we can't just do it alone. can't just do it online. you have to be there with people. >> clayton: if you're not jewish, what can you take away from this holiday. especially your friends who are jewish. >> that we can make changes, that none of us is fixed in stone that we can't modify who
6:49 am
we are, there are people who walk around with all kinds of, you know, grievances and all kinds of gripes and say, that's me. and jewish tradition says, i think all religion says that's not you, you can do better than you're doing. >> people have their stories and stick to them for so long, i'm this type of person and make the changes. >> they look back and refuse to look ahead. >> clayton: interesting stuff. thank you for educating me and some of our audience, nice to see you this morning. do you say happy holiday. >> thanks, rabbi. chaos in the middle east, as professors continue to take to the street. so the president's foreign policy making us look weak? we'll dive into that discussion. and tax-mageddon on the way as some are calling it, now just 100 days left before the largest tax hike in u.s. history. what will congress do to stop it? will they? [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> we are now exactly 100 days away from the largest tax hike in american history unless the president and congress act to stop it. >> dave: tax-mageddon as some are calling it, will be a 494 billion dollar tax increase on americans. what to expect, how badly could you take a hit? joining us now is the founder and president of americans for tax reform, grover norquist with the bad news. you are the bearer of bad news this morning, sir, tell us
6:54 am
where tax-mageddon begins. >> well, here is the challenge. president obama has opposed all efforts to permanently extend the alternative minimum tax patch, the bush lower tax rates from 2001, 2002, expensing for businesses, and then he added to all of those pending tax increases the 20 different tax increases in obamacare. so, he created this moment, january 1st next year, just 100 days away. if he gets reelected, 500 billion dollars of taxes take place automatically because he has refused for eight years to make nos, four years to make those permanent and he says, he wants to make some of them permanent, he says. but here is the interesting thing. he never acted to make any of them permanent ever. >> ainsley: for the folks at home who don't know where they fall. let's start with personal income tax.
6:55 am
starting january 1st, who will be affected. >> everybody. >> ainsley: and how much will taxes go up. we're looking at the full screen right here. >> sure. >> ainsley: break this down for us. >> the 10% rate, the low heest rate goes up to 15, so there's a 50% increase. and in tax rate of lowest income americans, the top rate up from 35 to almost 40%. >> ainsley: if you pay taxes, your taxes are going up regardless. >> every american and for many people if you don't pay taxes, they take away the marriage protection against the marriage penalty. >> ainsley: higher taxes if you're married and if you have children. >> $500. up to a thousand, you lose the higher credit that was put in under bush. that goes away, that costs you per child. so, a lot of people don't pay any taxes last year, this year, will be socked next year. >> dave: and there's yet another wave, you suggest it comes basically this three waves, wave number two has to
6:56 am
do with obamacare. now, we don't know specifically how these will effect the average consumer just yet when it comes to specific things like the medical device tax, but one would think these would trickle down, is that the thinking? >> oh, yes, the medical device tax that the obama and the democrats put in is a tax on stents put in for heart surgery, for a wheelchair used in a hospital. i mean, this is everything that's a medical device. they raised taxes on health savings accounts, you may not be able to keep your health savings accounts because of taxes that the-- flexible savings accounts that a lot of people have for hand capped children those are now heavily taxed. >> ainsley: all right, grover norquist, thank you for breaking this down for us, and helping us to understand it, we appreciate you being here. >> you've got it. >> dave: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> good morning to you, it's sunday, september 23rd, i'm
7:00 am
ainsley earhart filling in for ali. candidates come out in full force against the white house foreign policy. >> a military that's indisputebly the strongest in the world and that's not what we're taking in the obama doctrine. >> ainsley: does it look weak in the face of terror? we'll report, you decide. >> dave: then a number of americans on food stamps exploding after the president's wave to work requirement. we've got some startling numbers. >> clayton: and friday night lights and god being banned. cheerleaders just wanted to inspire the team that they have to change their message and their banners. we'll explain. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> good sunday morning, everyone, welcome in to "fox & friends," it's 7 a.m. eastern time and dave briggs, ainsley
7:01 am
earhart in for alisyn. >> good morning. >> ainsley: so good to work with you guys as always. >> dave: and foreign policy will be a bigger issue down the stretch. the president suggested it would be in his big dnc speech. >> clayton: hoped it might be. >> dave: right. >> clayton: and osama bin laden is dead, gm is alive, that message, but now of course the middle east on fire and a lot of contentious areas over there and we're going to talk to chris wallace about that a little later in the show because he has robert gibbs on his show and so he'll dive into campaign strategy. >> ainsley: a the love lelot of coming to new york this with. and the murder of the maker of that anti-islam film, mocking islam, well, it's fueling tensions and anti-american in the middle east. and to get rid of militias and extremists. catherine herridge joins us
7:02 am
from washington d.c. >> good morning. the fbi in washington is keep a lid on the status of the investigation in libya and the most recent we have is from greg palkot agents have not reached benghazi because conditions are considered too unstable and real concern course. and hundreds protesting against the militias, claimed to attack the u.s. consulate on 9/11, some demonstrators warning of a revolution in their country, to get rid of the armed militia and islamic extremists who police eastern libya with the clash of gaddafi's regime. a joint operation between the al-qaeda and affiliate in north africa and al sharia. ansar al sharia, sympathetic goals. and from the state in learn libya, on 9-13 two days after
7:03 am
the attack, there does appear to be insider help and one thing for sure, the brigade was nowhere to be found and americans were left on their own and the assaults on the stevens compound. on the hill this week, republican senator susan collins, however, there was collusion between the guards and terrorists. was there any indication there were communications between extremist elements and the guards, the libyan guards that were assigned to the consulate? >> in the immediate aftermath -- or $. >> prior. >> prior to, i think that that's-- that question, i think, would be better addressed in the session that we're going to have tomorrow. >> what's even more surprising is that this issue of insider help is not new. in the summer british
7:04 am
ambassador's convoy was attacked in benghazi with an rpg, rocket propelled grenade and expected insider. and the consulate was closed and the american consulate remained open. . >> catherine herridge with details unfolding from the middle east. the subject on the campaign trail was not lost on the candidate. trail ryan making a point we need to change our strategy as relates to our foreign policy. strength and showing strength and resolve. president obama has tried a more moderating approach in his outreach to the middle east and talked about having a hand open, not a clenched fist, recall that from the 2008 election. how has that worked? paul ryan in florida has a take on it. take a listen. >> we're seeing pictures of our president being burned. we see our flags being burned in the foreign capitals all over the world and was it worth doing as a result of the obama foreign policy by
7:05 am
showing we want to cut defense, by being equivocal and speaking out forcefully and clearly for values of freedom and rights and religious freedom. we are projecting weakness abroad, and if if we project weakness abroad, a vacuum occurs and it gets filled by people who do not like us. for the sake of our own peace and for the sake of our own security and prosperity, we need peace through strength. that means a strong military. that means a military that is the strongest in the world and that's the not what we're getting from the obama doctrine. appreciate it, thank you. hey, everybody, how you doing. >> ainsley: all that. >> clayton: all that, with this context. >> dave: and president morsi of egypt in an interview to the new york times, said
7:06 am
really echo what paul ryan is talking about and who really does like us, guys? who doesn't like us? the president morsi said yesterday, the american administration purchased with american taxpayer money dislike is not hatred of the people of the region. he asked if we're their allies, your definition of ally, where has that cairo doctrine, if you will, gotten us. >> clayton: and pakistan. >> ainsley: their children are chanting death to america, kids in school in the middle east. and-- >> and one of the only people talking about this during the primaries was ron paul. on stage looking at his republican counterparts, he's saying because we're there. and the other republicans are saying no, that's not the answer. but that's what president obama was trying to counter and trying to make the point in 2008, the bush doctrine, and trying to have a more moderating approach. the question, where did it get us?
7:07 am
so, having a sort of open hand doesn't seem to be working at all. especially given what's going on in pakistan. >> ainsley: and the picture-- >> the word in the cairo speech, beginning with mutual respect. implying it wasn't when he took office. and mutual respect, far from whatter we're having now. >> clayton: all of these questions and different ways-- and talking with chris wallace later on in show about this. will foreign policy, who would have thought this would suddenly become-- >> in this economy, with this miserable economy, the policy could in the end, and that's barring an accident between the iran and israel, without that. >> right, 4 4 days until. we've got other headlines to cover as well. a terrifying scene in northern nigeria, after worshippers attend a sunday morning mass and rocked by an explosion. this happened where a car bomb
7:08 am
went off outside the catholic church. one person is said to have been killed and 46 wounded and some critically. the area has seen a number of bombings and shootings recently believed to be at the hand of the radical islamic sect. one brooklyn doctor racked up over the years, a psychiatrist there quasi rahman puts in over 80 hours a week in overtime at the kings county hospital according to the new york post. the hospital defending it, saying he had a severe shortage of doctors and he had to cover many shifts. a 63-year-old vietnam vet takes matters into his on hands when two suspected burglars broke into his michigan house and he's also battling stage four lymphoma, he heard them getting in the house and grabbed his shoot gun and waited at the top of the stairs. >> stood up and hollered to
7:09 am
get down and told them not to talk, be quiet, stay down, got the phone and called 911 and had a tense five or ten minutes, hold being them on my steps. >> wow, well, the suspect is now facing burglary charges and those are your headlines. every time i read headlines, with a gun. the last one, buy a diamond in georgia, got a gun. >> clayton: thank goodness i bought the diamond, now you've got a gun. >> rick: i'm going to give that guy a free room in my apartment and stand guard. to protect you, i like it. and here are your temperatures waking up. take a look right here. one the air masses where it kind of feels like fall. the southern tier is not getting in on that too much although much cooler temperatures, not as humid across parts of the south and here are the current temperatures waking up. the salt radar picture, the bick system moved through yesterday. brought some more rain showers again across parts of the
7:10 am
northeast, that's out of here, behind it, we see the winds across the lake and light showers picking up. down to south florida, yesterday, incredibly rainy day in south florida, six inches of rain in miami. today maybe one or two inches of rain and north florida talking much drier conditions and feeling like fall again this morning. out across the west, mostly dry and a really nice day in store across everybody in the country and rain showers into the west, not that bad, and got into the southwest, extremely warm. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> all right, new interesting numbers out this morning, from the congressional research service, about what's going on with food stamps in this country. and with newt gingrich on the campaign trail and labeling the president the food stamp president and that's derrogatory, but when you look at the usda, food and nutrition service, 14.7 million under the current president. now, some are saying it's a change in the regulation and way in which you can get access to the cards and not
7:11 am
printing out stamps, but mitt romney on the campaign trail yesterday slamming this president for that, take a listen. >> and he is increased the number of food stamps by 15 million. and that's more than the population of ohio, a randomly selected state. (laughter) >> it's this, is a tragedy, a human tragedy, these are real americans, these are our brothers and sisters who are in poverty, because of the the policies of this president. >> dave: now we debated this earlier in the program and got contentious when there was the insinuation that the republicans are, you know, casting apersians on the poor. that's not what's happening here, no one is saying these are slackers that want to live on the government dime, but the fact of the matter is when you've got a 15 million increase in just a couple of years, you've got a system that's making it perhaps too easy and i know that romney campaign ad was debunked in terms of changing the work,
7:12 am
welfare to work requirement. but was debunked a little bit, but it was the republican governors to wave that because they thought they would get more back to work. if that's not happening why at this point. >> ainsley: why at this point, why are more americans on food stamps, they can't find jobs and can't feed their families and the median income is $4,000 less per year. right, some of the regulations changed and recently people buying cigarettes and other things using the card and that sort of thing. mia love a breakout star from the g.o.p. talking about these, take a listen. >> i think that we should be compassionate and i think that we as americans are compassionate. if we're going to provide everything for everyone we're literally crippling our nation and never be enough money. what makes this country great is that we have the opportunities, ordinary people have the opportunities every day to do extraordinary things. if you take that away, then
7:13 am
you create an environment of dependency, you create an environment where people are less self-reliant and ultimately, less free. that's why the food stamp program was set up, you could get food stamps for three months, within a three year period, that was it. >> clayton: goes back to what rush limbaugh was talking about. the environment of dependency. that this president may get reelected as a result of the safety programs that rush pointed out a few months ago. we'll talk much more about this coming up. >> dave: one network refuse to go air tape of president obama from 1998. because ne could not, had they done so-- is the media trying to protect the president's reputation? media bias next. >> ainsley: and buy a chevy volt get 10,000 bucks back. yeah, they can't sell them now the car that costs more to make will cost you less to buy. even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years.
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>> figuring out how do sfruch government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in redistribution at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> duels videos shaking up the race for the white house. mitt romney captured at a fundraiser and president obama took a hit from this video that resurfaced from 1998. >> clayton: and we heard the audio from that. nbc at first refused to air the tape and abc and cbs haven't shown it on theirs, but the whole piece about the bias in the media, john, nice to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> clayton: okay, so is there bias as relates to the different tapes? let's be honest, when you work
7:18 am
in the media the tapes show up and we don't know where the tape came from from the mitt romney, don't you have a level of resistance before you put these things out there? >> sure, but the standards have to be the same regardless. that's only fair. look, the romney tape, we were presented with it and everybody ran with it. all the media ran over and over like a continuous loop, but we didn't have the complete tape and story of who was behind it. we now president carter was in part behind it, only 24 hours later that mother jones put up what they said it was the full video. it wasn't the full video, missing a critical one to two minutes, what was in that one to two minutes, was something taken out of context, the romney story completely legitimate. no questions asked as they were asked in previous tapes,
7:19 am
for example, when james o'keefe with acorn and the sting videos. all they said, you're taking it out of context, we can't trust these tapes. let's have the same standards. the obama tape, astonishing, it's his voice. and you can't authenticate it? i think there's some basic questions that should be asked regardless what tape comes forward, they should be asked regardless who is on the tape. >> ainsley: the main strstream media, should be more concerned how it happens and it picks up in the middle of the the speech, the 47% speech. >> exactly. and they had-- i understand it's a good story because it fits into an ongoing story, and doesn't care much about people, but the obama tape plays into another story line that's been going on for several years. remember joe the plumber, confrontation with joe the plumber the president saying i want to spread the wealth around. redistribution. that's legitimate story line
7:20 am
because it's what we've heard from obama in the past, but for some reason-- >> you have it on audio and the president, and affirms sort of what he said on viewpoints and relates to his administration. and seems to be news worthy. another piece of tape, kathleen sebelius on the tax violation, or the hatch act violation, tell us what happened here. >> the hatch act put in during the the new deal because we had government employees blatantly using government resources for political purposes. so, we passed a law saying on government time you can't to politics. and what kathleen sebelius did on an official visit to north carolina is she not only endorsed president obama for reelection, she urged people to vote for democrat for governor in north carolina. and that's clearly a violation. she was slapped down hard by the inspector general and almost no coverage anywhere. almost as if, this is a candidate official, it's worthy of some notice. >> clayton: you would think, john.
7:21 am
john from national affairs columnist from national review online. thank you for joining us. >> ainsley: thank you, john, so good to see you this morning. still ahead as the middle east continues to burn, how should the u.s. respond to the anti-american events going on there. we're going to talk with a terror expert. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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7:24 am
♪ >> tensions on the rise across parts of the mideast. the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the critics of president obama are saying that it's failed policies at that brought us to this point. >> when you look at what's happened across the middle east and there is a parallel with jimmy carter, when you deposed a leader in the middle east, you have to think about
7:25 am
the second or third effects. who is going to feel that leadership void and history has shown when you have that type of void, radical islamists are always looking to fill that gap. >> so, how should the white house respond to this growing anti-american sentiment? joining us now from washington d.c., terrorism experts steve emmerson, good morning to you, steve. >> good morning. >> what happened. that 2009 cairo speech from president obama promised a new beginning, one based on mutual respect. what happened to that new beginning? >> it was a the most naive speech he's given, because in the first who rose in cairo, sitting before him were the invited guests and who were they? the top members of the muslim brotherhood. let's be very clear, the muslim brotherhood founded in 1920's was clearly, 100% totalitarian movement that believes in conquering the world. success in the the last month is culmination after 90-year
7:26 am
effort to establish supremacy not just in cairo and why there are riots in the just in the middle east, there are riots in france, riots in africa, riotsn europe. the fact that they are demanding that we take down the film, that we not insult the prophet that we not uphold the first amendment. not only are they imposing on their own people, but 100,000 christians who lived in egypt fled egypt in the last year because of the incredible violence committed against nem as a result of the election of the muslim brotherhood who despise the christians. yesterday, a christian was convicted for quote, insulting the prophet so the reality is this new regime is a totalitarian regime. it's friendly with iran, with hamas and grievances the fact that we support israel, not
7:27 am
that we support israel, but the fact that israel exists. and the regime, if we don't stand up against it and try to destabilized it, honestly the way that we should have destabilized ayatollah khomeini when he first was elected and the brotherhood-- >> and a member of the muslim brotherhood, morsi, says it's up to washington to repair relations with the arab world. and if u.s. as an ally, depends on your definition of an ally and take on the american administration have purchased the hatred of the region. in administration helped pave the way for his election, and a freer egypt. what in the world should president obama do in this situation? >> listen, i hate to bring up a historical episode that people think is sort of, you know, too awful to talk about, but in 1930, 1959, and the
7:28 am
(inaudible) to take over poland and hitler realized that to start world war ii. the reality is we're now em boldening a regime that's going to start taking over the entire middle east. >> dave: what should he do? what should he do. >> we should not be crying out that we're sorry as we just did in a commercial in pakistan for having the first amendment. look the reality is, suppose i did it, in fact i'm doing a film coming out next week, it's called jihad in america, the grand deception working on a two-year documentary and that the muslim brotherhood in the united states and showing the extensive collaboration between the obama administration and muslim brotherhood in the united states. it's pretty shocking, because i think that he reveals his philosophy. i think mr. obama is not necessarily a muslim, i don't believe that, i think he's pro islamist and that philosophy is allowing totalitarian views
7:29 am
to be imposed around the world and even in our country. very dangerous and should be confrontational not friendly. >> dave: and steve emmerson, got to leave it there. thanks for being with us. does this play house bother you? a woman now being sued by her home owners association having it on her property. wait until you hear why. and thank goodness for tracking apps. you'll never guess where one man found his missing ipad. that story coming up. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do right? get. out. exactly! really?! [ mom ] what?
7:30 am
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♪ >> you justed missed ainsley. >> ainsley: i was at a concert recently, that lady who sings that jingle was at the microphone. and she's the one who sings the fox and friends jingle. >> clayton: now ainsley earhart is taking over. my two-year-old son sings it. >> ainsley: it's addicting. let's go straight to headlines this morning, okay, a san diego woman suffered second degree burns after she was attacked with acid. and she was walking into this laundromat came up and threw sulfur ishg acid on her and
7:34 am
the chemical burned through her clothes and is expected to be okay. the suspect arrested a few miles away and the attack appears to be random. okay. take a look at this, the truck dangling over the edge of this bridge. this is in brazil. wow. and the driver still inside, luckily was rescued by bystanders able to pull him to safety with a rope. it all happened when a car in front of that truck reportedly stopped short. causing the truck driver to lose control and swerve over that guardrail. can you imagine? a georgia grandmother being taken to court over this play house, why? because it's pink. the home owners association is suing becky rogers over the color of the house, saying she needed the association's approval first and the group says the neighbors complained, however, at a meeting earlier this month, other neighbors showed up in the the woman's defense. and a flight attendant is
7:35 am
caught with a stolen ipad after a passenger used an app to track her down. 43-year-old was arrested at her oregon home on friday night, a nevada passenger used a find my ipad app to try to locate the missing tablet. it would-- it was leading right-- what, it led cops right to the house, have you heard of this. >> clayton: when you use it are it's built into the operating system and track it using gps, and she claims another passenger found it and gave it to her. and the the cops found personal information stored on it and she was using it, charged with theft. >> ainsley: do you have that app? >> it comes built into ios into an iphone or ipad and turn on find my iphone or find my ipad. if it ever gets stolen. >> ainsley: and great, worst case scenario, they can track your child down. >> clayton: they've had that where individuals have been lost or something and because they've had the phone on them
7:36 am
been able to track them and find them. >> dave: joining the tech talk. and lock your iphone and ipad. >> clayton: and the flight attendant couldn't get her personal information on it. >> dave: i know at that reichmuth has a pass code. >> rick: yes, find my ipad doesn't work in europe. >> ainsley: oh. >> rick: because i-- somebody is enjoying the ipad in europe right now. >> sorry, rick the clouds across the east and front moved through and temps are dropping. a very cool morning headed out at least the mid atlantic in the northeast and the great lakes. and even down towards florida. take a look at maps and take a look at the picture from highland beach, florida, right now, you're talking about temperatures in the 70's, but a beautiful sunrise there, this is actually yesterday morning's sunrise in highland beach of the beginning of fall sunrises, spectacular and that would make me get up early enough this morning to see the sunrise if they're going to
7:37 am
look like that. near you go, 76. today 84. might ab quick thunderstorm there. and keep sending me your pictures, especially the fall pictures at rick reichmuth on twitter put them on my facebook page a look at the forecast today. the northeast is spectacular if you like those beginning days with fall not the end days of fall where it's cold, but the beginning days in the 7 p 0's, tons of sunshine. down to the southeast, another nice day, and the temps cool, and getting into the 70. how far south the front moved in. and you will after these areas, and so into the northern plains quickly, and then we're also talking about temps. a little bit after warm-up. back to 70 today in omaha and very nice sunshine. all right, guys, back to you. >> dave: thanks. ainsley. >> ainsley: a great way to end-- >> you say it's windows open time. >> ainsley: it is, isn't it the best time of the year. not too hot, not too cold. nice.
7:38 am
>> i'm looking forward to that, too. >> clayton: more of that coming up. >> dave: we'll open the windows in the studio. >> clayton: yeah, get some fresh air in here. listen to this, the 2012 dodge charger pursuit, the 2012 chevily 9 c3 detective caprice, the interceptor cop cars are the newest edition of the crime fighters, sure to even the speediest of criminals. our own anna kooiman got to drive them. she has more, take a look. (siren sounding) >> all the way from the motor city, doing this now, the detroit editor of motor trend magazine, and good morning to you. >> good morning, anna. >> thanks for being with us, in your october issue, the cop car shootout and we have all three of them behind us. what are we looking at here. >> all three cop cars, the last 15 years or so, ford crown victoria has been the reigning cop car king, reliable and easy to fix you,
7:39 am
but it's an antique. >> i was going to say, it's time to go rnths time to . >> time to go. ford put out this based on the taurus and a versus based on the explorer. and this v-8, all wheel drive and 365 horsepower. >> okay, this actually has the sport utility type of car. >> sport utility. >> utilized where. >> in places where the police need to carry a lot of equipment. especially in places like new york or los angeles, just about-- >> post 9/11. >> post 9/11, the world needs extra equipment, tactical units, that sort of thing. >> the next car, the chevrolet caprice. >> and anna, this is a chevy caprice, this is-- this car is only available in north america as a cop car. next year we're going to see versions that are smaller, called the chevy super sport that you and i could buy. >> what's the horsepower on this, all of the cars that
7:40 am
you've got. the car with muscle out there. >> 355, it's a rear wheel drive car, a very comfortable ride by handles well, a big sports sedan thanks to the police department. >> and can i get in this one? >> let's try it. >> and okay, this is one of the-- this is the only one of the three where they have not moved the gearshift from the floor up to the column because obviously, if we have to park and we need all of this equipment. a computer is pretty much standard equipment in any cop car, if you want to turn on the lights, that diet switch. turn it to your right and there you go. >> very nice. >> all right, finally, looking forward to getting in this one you say you're going to let me do the siren, right? >> i. >> scream the siren. >> scream the siren and the perps, yeah. >> the dodge charger. >> this is a dodge charger pursuit. 370 horsepower, rear drive. good handling car and they've got a setting on the stability
7:41 am
control where you turn it down and move the rear end out a little bit. and these cop cars have the kind of handling, and now we can buy a car similar to this and it's a big american sedan and fun driving it. >> they're all in the ballpark of what, $30,000 or so. >> something like that, but of course you know these are on a bid basis, how many cars you buy, special paint. for example, michigan state police bought a bunch of these and their special michigan state police blue. you know, all of those different things go into account in terms of which car you buy. >> i'm thinking about the bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do ♪ right? >> this is a bay boy car. attitude. >> let's see it, okay, i'm gog get in here, and-- >> okay you've got that, and turn on the lights. >> okay. >> and there you go. and what about the siren. >> and push the to gole there, try each one (siren sounding)
7:42 am
>> that's called the yelp. and the pierce. (siren sounding) >> you mentioned it's important for the cars to be inexpensive, because it's taxpayer money we're concerned about. >> inexpensive to fix, but also the cars have to be, have to have good response, give good feedback to the driver because we've got cops out there who are, when they do the training course at michigan state police in lansing, they have cones, if they drive around the cones as one of the officers told me you know once they get out in the real world and chasing a perp, those aren't cones out there anymore. >> got to do this one more time. thanks, back to you in the studio. >> ainsley: sounds like my apartment. >> that sounds like new york city. >> i've heard that. >> and a cop in the-- >> you learn to ignore it when you live in the city. as we inch closer to the presidential election, the fight for battle ground states heating up. now we're going to break down the latest poll numbers with
7:43 am
scott rasmussen coming up next. >> dave: and it's friday night lights, but god is not invited. a group of atheists are challenging necheerleaders who just want to inspire the team. we'll talk to them coming up. straight from the microwave. like oven-roasted chicken in a creamy alfredo sauce. marie callender's new comfort bakes. it's time to savor. marie callender's new comfort bakes. with two times the points on dining in restaurants,?
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7:46 am
let the good hands people give you great protection and a great rate. call your local allstate agent now for a fe quote or find one at 888-allstate. that's 888-allstate. >> welcome back, i'm anxious to dive into some of the numbers here, rasmussen report says the accurate polling results in 2008. the latest swing state survey found that president obama is leading the top three states, ohio, florida and virginia over mitt romney. so, what does this tell us going into the final weeks to the election, 44 days left. independent pollster scott rasmussen is here now, he's not too busy this time of year. scott, nice to see you. >> it's great to be with you during the the slow season and the key three states, president obama up by 1 or 2 points, and got to be clear about this. mitt romney cannot win the white house unless he wins florida, almost certainly
7:47 am
needs to winnowo, virginia is important to him. there are some other ways to get around if he lost virginia right now down by a point or two in each of the states. >> clayton: it is remarkable. you always hear the campaigns, they play that sort of general, that national number, one way or the other, right? if they are he' up in the national poll they say that's great. if it's a national poll we don't look at the blanket poll, the individual state. you can't pars it any other way and you have to look at the swing state polls and ohio seems to be ground zero in what's going on. if he loses ohio he's done, you say? >> that's right, and this is a key state, every president, every republican president who has been elected has won ohio and it's a state we've seen in the last couple of years, last couple elections has been ground zero. right now, i think the romney campaign and perhaps even the obama campaign is little bit surprised at the strength that obama is showing in that
7:48 am
state. >> and even florida, too, which is pretty remarkable. 2008. let's go back to 2008, you're the most acts from the polling there. the trends from september until election day, what are we seeing on the chart? >> first of all, you have to remember that we were in the midst of the wall street meltdown. a week earlier, john mccain was up 3 points and lehman collapsed and the candidates were competitive and he went out and suspend his campaign and make sure the bailouts passed, within a few days, barack obama was up five points and reached 50% of the vote and never looked back, over 50% every day for the rest of our campaign. the story here is, events can change this race, just because it's tied today doesn't mean it will necessarily be tied on election day or very close on election day, but it's events
7:49 am
rather than campaign tactics that make the difference. >> clayton: with 44 days left we'll see if any of the swing state numbers move, not looking good for mitt romney right now. scott rasmussen from the rasmussen reports, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up on the show no mention during the teachers strike, now, chicago schools facing a new crisis, and draining its pension system. will the burden fall on taxpayers? and should a group of cheerleaders be allowed to hold up banners, the baseball verses, we'll talk to the cheerleaders next. ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> it's a fight to keep the faith in one texas school. the cheerleaders have been making banners were bible script tur to inspire the team before the game. last week a complaint caused controversy and caused the superintendent to ban the religious banners igniting a firestorm of support for the students now a judge issued a temporary injunction, to allow it. and joining us are two high school cheerleaders and a football man, ashley brown who start add facebook page in support of this. thanks, ladies, for being with us, you're so cute. >> thank you. >> ashton, i'll start with you, tell me what happened? well, one day at cheer practice we all came together at once and presented an idea to the squad of these scriptural banners to
7:54 am
encourage the boys because they have devotions before the football games at a local pastor and they really loved them and it pumps them up. so we wanted to include everyone in that and want today carry that out on the football field using scriptural. >> ainsley: and did you this and someone complained. morgan, who complained and what happened next? >> we don't have a name who complained, but they had complained to our superintendent and we don't -- no one knows the name of the person, but it wasn't our student's fault. >> ainsley: how do you feel about this? >> i feel like that it brought our town extremely close so in a way, i kind of thank the person who complained, it's brought so many people across america to know where that we were trying to get out to our school. >> ainsley: 2100 people live in your town, but 4,000 supporters on facebook.
7:55 am
ashley, tell me buabout your facebook efforts. >> there's actually 41,000 on the page. >> ainsley: you have more supporters, i'm sure you will after this story. what's happening on facebook? >> it's -- it's wonderful. it's the most uplifting thing to go on the site and read the posts of the people that are supporting and encouraging the girls to continue with their fight. and that's important. >> ainsley: that's what pushed you to do this? why did you come up with a facebook page? >> well, honestly it's to rally the troops to try to get the school district to change their mind. i had no idea that it was going to become this big that fast. >> ainsley: do you understand why? what about, what about the friends of yours at school that are jewish and they might not believe in these scriptures and don't want the football team running through banners like this? >> yeah, we totally understand why it would upset some
7:56 am
people, but it also-- the football players were asked by the cheerleaders if they wanted it or if they approved of it, they want to put something that was inspirational versus something violent, such as scalp the indians and so, the football players agreed with it and it's a wonderful feeling when the boys do run through it. and unless you have your child runs through it you couldn't understand that and i understand that they have a right to say that, but there was no one that i talked to or heard from anywhere in our district that had any complaints. they praised it. >> ainsley: okay, so we'll see what happens. this is up for appeal so we'll know, have an answer in about two weeks. thanks so much, guys, for being with us and coming on this morning to talk about it. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> ainsley: we wish you the best. nearly two weeks after the deadly attack on the the u.s. consulate in libya, the white house finally says, it was an act of terror. so, what was with the mixed messages?
7:57 am
we're going to ask chris wallace the top of the hour. and a not so sweet 16. thousands shows up to this birthday party and begin a massive riot in the street. details coming up. you've been busy for a dead man. after you jumped ship in bangkok, i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it. i'll always have it. so this is it? we'll see where the waves take me. sayonara, brah!
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[♪...] >> good sunday morning to you. september 23rd, i'm ainsley earhart filling in for ali. and president obama wants a little more time. >> i've always said the change is going to take more than one term and more than one president and takes more than one party. >> ainsley: but will a second term really bring the change to washington the president has promised? >> and a texas town may be one step closer to a rental ban against illegal immigrants. why the decision could have national implications. >> clayton: plus, we are 100 days away from what will be the largest tax hike in u.s. history unless congress acts to stop it. so, just who will be caught in the cross hairs of what some
8:01 am
are calling tax-mageddon. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> welcome in, everybody. i heard an offset chuckle laugh. >> ainsley: it's eight o'clock. >> dave: i might have missed the punch line as usual. >> ainsley: eight o'clock on the east coast and a lot of people are just waking up. haven't been watching up, but we have a lot of great news to tell you, and a lot of people getting up to go to church. >> dave: looks like foreign policy is moving to the front burner of the race, 44 days out. a pakistani minister in fueling in middle east offering $1,000 for the murders of the maker of that anti-islam film and inviting the taliban to join the mission in libya. officials are learning more who was behind this deadly attack on the u.s. consulate.
8:02 am
>> clayton: yeah, catherine herridge joins us live and tracking the latest developments. good morning. >> clayton, ainsley, dave, good morning. a document helps to understand the scope of demonstrations, in the first week after the attack on the consulate in benghazi, 73 consulates issued 116 security messages and also worth note that go this homeland security document from the fan operation center makes no mention of the youtube video clip the anderson cause of these demonstrations. and an estimated crowd in the hundreds, not protesting at the u.s. sites, but rather, protesting in the militias, who are blamed for the attacks on 9/11. some demonstrators warning of a revolution to rid the country of the armed militias and islamic extremists and pleased eastern libya with a class of the gaddafi regime. an intelligence source on the ground tells that the evidence points to joint operation between the al-qaeda affiliate there.
8:03 am
aqim or al-qaeda and al sharrey a-. ansar al sharia is not affiliated, but has goals. they've failed to establish a state in the eastern part of libya. and first identified by fox as among leading suspects is linked to this ansar group in libya, which is considered the most extreme. >> clayton: given the consulate attack now with terrorism. and the obama administration seems be to be leaning towards a criminal prosecution. how can an attack go on that long and what kind of response did we have in place for an attack at that could have went from six to ten to 12 hours. the law enforcement model seems to being used here, i think that's a huge mistake. the fbi agent who briefed us was singularly unimpressive. >> the latest information of the status, we have in libya, agents are on the ground in
8:04 am
tripoli and yet to reach that site in benghazi, clearly two weeks after that attack so one must conclude that that crime scene is not intact and has been contaminated. back to you. >> all right, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> today's headlines, a strong and decisive warning from north korea this morning to the southern counterpart. the communist nation says it will wage a war if they fire into the north territory again. south korea fired warning shots as north korea-- or at the north koreaen fishing boats. and teachers strike in chicago, the pension fund is drying up. more than a billion in benefits each year, way more than it's taking in. the concern now being with the drain on reserves, that could lead to cuts in services or even have the burden fall on
8:05 am
the taxpayers. this, as experts say the funds can collapse within a few years. a touching reunion in las vegas this week. a group of vietnam vets who hasn't seen each other in 47 years getting together. they were members of the regiment deployed if 1965 and many haven't seen each other since the war until a veteran tracked everyone and organized the reunion. >> it was like family coming back home. who we'd been in a fox hole with and knew somebody got shot and see them again and they pop up here, it's just been, it's been awesome. >> the group is planning a 50 year reunion and those are your headlines. >> let's get to rick reichmuth who has a check of the fall weather. rick, and caramel mochas.
8:06 am
>> ainsley: he brought me one, they're delicious. >> and i always thought the pumpkin spice lattes. >> what they talk about on twitter all the time. >> i was thinking about it earlier. kind of sad to me that people's association with fall is starbucks. >> i know. >> rick: and starbucks all the time, but-- >> football. >> ainsley: it's a hot drink, the smell, the cinnamon. >> clayton: apple cider donuts and the apple cider cologne you've been wearing this morning. >> rick: i dribbled it down my side. the cool tilts in across much of the northern freeze into the great lakes, it's much cooler, 56 in new york city and warm down across parts of the south. the front moved through, and the satellite radar pictures, hine this front really clear
8:07 am
for almost everybody, up and down the eastern seaboard, the rain showers are exiting maine now behind it, a little bit of wind and great lakes and we might see a little bit of the lake effect or lake enhanced rain showers, down through parts of florida, very heavy rain and south florida six inches around miami and flooding concerns. but the tail end of the front will stall out here. an inch or two of rain and not as bad as yesterday. anywhere to the north of that. much drier and cooler morning across florida. across the west, this disturbance into the pacific northwest, light showers at times. take a look at temperatures and much of the west coast extremely warm at least to the southwest. 105 again today in phoenix, a really nice one in seattle and texas you're still warm as well. all right, guys, that's it. >> thanks, rick. >> let's talk about the polls, we just had scott rasmussen on a short time ago to talk about the latest polls because he's been most accurate in his
8:08 am
polling since 2008 and he had the most accurate polls in 2008 and so if you look the at the national polls right now between mitt romney and president obama, there it is, 46%, 46%, and the gallup tracking poll. 47 to 47. smell some trouble in some the swing state polls in mitt romney, down in ohio, down in florida, down in some of the other swing states as well down in pennsylvania. >> dave: right. colorado is trending the wrong way, and iowa trending the wrong way, but i think there's 44 days left. and the debates are october 3rd. and we haven't had a single debate and think how much a dynamic of a race can change depending on one night, one debate. a lot of the folks still don't know really what mitt romney will do and who he is and that's the debate. >> and already, we have been talking about the economy, the economy, the economy and that's what people are looking for. now unrest in the middle east and saying in the commercial, people are starting to pay more attention to this.
8:09 am
>> dave: they ought to. i hope they are. >> clayton: certainly why we've been leading our shows with it the past few hours. president obama in wisconsin in a rainy event there in one of the swing states, a bit after swing state because of the selection of paul ryan in that state. one term isn't enough, he always said he's needed more than one term. and time. >> since the day we began this campaign, more importantly from the day i ran for this office last year -- or four years ago. seems like just last year. i've always said that change is going to take more than one term and more than one president and takes more than one party. part of what this election is about is giving the american people a voice to break the deadlock. >> ainsley: he hasn't always said that. >> dave: that's right. if i am, i'm using two words, two different states.
8:10 am
i've always said. and then go back to 2009, what he told matt lauer and seems these two directly contradict one another, you decide. >> i will be held accountable. you know, i've got four years. >> quickly and-- exactly right, you know, a year from now, i think that people are going to see that we're starting to make some progress, but still-- if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition. >> clayton: we were talking about how much older he now looks and the president the famous photos of abraham lincoln, everyone in that job, they all look much older. only 100 days until arguably what is the biggest battle right now, taxes. at the end of the year, remember, earlier in the summer, no one in congress is talking and we here on the couch is saying this is going a big time, taxes will go up for nearly every american.
8:11 am
>> dave: no, these are baked in now. >> ainsley: no, congress can change them, whether or not they will. >> dave: sure, congress can change these, but right now, as of right now, these things are baked in nearly a 500 billion dollar tax increase, when you consider across the board. here are the personal income tax increases according to grover norquist and the americans for tax reform. even though 10% bracket rises to % and top bracket. 35%, just under 40%. and everyone's going to feel that in the pocket. >> ainsley: if you pay taxes, your taxes are going up. >> clayton: and this affects folks in other categories as well. marriage penalty, narrowing tax brackets tore married couples and take that, 500 bucks for that. child credit, from 1,000 to 500. and capital gains tax raise from 15% to 23.8%. >> dave: of course the big fear there, it hurts investment. the dow has been surging.
8:12 am
>> clayton: really. >> dave: and s&p 500 surging and nasdaq. if you cut capital gains-- increase. >> clayton: you think about real estate in the country and investment. if you wait two years, the capital gains tax goes down and a number of other things, the death tax as well. >> dave: death tax goes up north of 50% that's drastic for families who have already paid taxes on that money, and pay it again. i'm sure congress will be fine and move very, very quickly. >> clayton: they'll get something done, don't hold your breath. taken the white house nearly two weeks to call the attacks on the consulate in libya acts of terror. what took them so long, more on mixed messages on libya with chris wallace, next. >> ainsley: if you look to keep your man happy, females out there, give him housework. some news, they'll cheer on. ♪
8:13 am
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>> we have no information to suggest it was a pre-planned attack. it is not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of. >> this was not a pre-planned, premeditated attack. >> and there's no evidence that what happened in benghazi was a terror attack. >> we don't know yet, and we're going to continue to investigate this. >> what happened is benghazi was a terrorist attack and we will not rest until we have tracked down and brought to justice the terrorists who murdered four americans. >> the obama administration there finally coming to terms with calling the deadly consulate attack in libya a tactful act of terror, what
8:17 am
took so long? what was behind the mixed messages. >> clayton: joining us is host of fox news sunday, chris wallace and chris, an interesting show. nice to see you this morning. a lot of questions, and we have some harsh words coming from republicans yesterday here on the couch, and among them saying that he wanted to be blunt. he feels that president obama and the administration lied to the american people, that they had the evidence, they knew about this ahead of time and were keeping quiet to keep with this narrative. they didn't want another terrorist attack on september 11th. what do you make of all this? look, we don't know. it's a reasonable supposition by governor huckabee, if you want the best face on it, it was a changing situation and investigation as to what's going on. as the facts changed their story changed. i will say this though, you had that clip of susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. right here at this table a week ago. >> right. >> she flatley denied at the
8:18 am
time that it was a pre-planned terror attack, she said it was spontaneous and spun out of control. there were an awful lot of people that said that wasn't the case. i specifically mention today her the president of libya said it was pre-planned the day before, on another show she said, we know more than the president of libya does. and it's one case we're not going to rush to judgment, but they were putting out a counter story, and leads-- i don't know that i'd go as far as governor huckabee, but leads to the question, were they spinning a story to put the best face on u.s. foreign policy. obviously, if it's spontaneous and if it's about the video, it's not an indication that obama's policies are not popular in that part of the world and in fact, that al-qaeda is a lot stronger than they would pretend that it is. so, you know, at the very least they were giving a
8:19 am
certitude to something they didn't know about and possibly some political spinning going on. >> dave: so, the obama cast has to handle that and the u.n. assembly, and the president morsi of egypt telling the new york times, a number of things, including, he said it's up to washington to repair the relations with the arab world, he said that successive american administration purchased the hatred of the region and when asked if the u.s. is an egypt ally, he says that depends on your definition of an ally. how about the obama administration handle that? >> well, you know, this, again, goes to the question that you raised at the beginning. it seemed to an awful lot of people that this wave of violence, real violent, anti-american, you know, burning obama effigy, burning of the american flag that it's a lot more than a video. not saying that the video isn't a provocation, but it's a lot more about the video. you read the morsi interview and it becomes clear that they've got a lot of
8:20 am
grievances against the u.s. they feel that the u.s. has not been on the side of democracy and reform in that part of the world. and the fact that there has not been a peace between the united states and israel, other rather the palestinians and israel is a huge sore point for them. so, again, what it basically says, there's a lot more going on here than just a video and that the the administration was making things easy on itself by saying it was just about the video. >> clayton: well, president obama at the dnc talked a lot about foreign policy and it will be interesting to have you have that conversation with robert gibbs, the obama campaign senior advisor. and what's the policy at the top of the ticket. >> dave: can't wait to hear what scott walker says about the romney campaign, i think the lack of governors standing with romney, walker, christy, you name it. we'll be watching. >> ainsley: thanks, chris. >> clayton:. >> thanks, guys. >> clayton: one holding up on
8:21 am
a ban renting to illegal immigrants. it could have a national implications. >> ainsley: a movie that's been getting standing ovations around the country. next we'll talk to the director and producer about the powerful film. >> a man thinks different when it's his boy going into harm's way. >> and our country. >> it disappears just like everybody else. and what makes me any different? [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> welcome back, everybody. it's a movie with a strong mental. the last ounce of courage is being praised as a film that stands for faith, family and freedom. i kept thinking about my son. now is the time to honor his sacrifice. >> and to this little town. ♪ >> we can't silent anymore, the silence has to stop today.
8:25 am
>> dave: joining us now the director and producer of that film, last ounce of courage and with him, from the folds of honor, anl some of the proceeds from the film go to his organization. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> dave: kevin, i'll start with you, when i'm reading about the film, i've not seen it, you hear a lot about, read about religion. watching the clips, it seems that freedom is the essential theme. tell us how it's weaved in and what it's about. >> richard and gina hendricks had an idea, and the thought of freedom being the principal area all of us share and darryl campbell, screen writer did the film with me. it's an intergenerational story about freedoms in america and we're so glad to be with you all talking about it. >> dave: elaborate again on a story, about a father who lost his son fighting for our
8:26 am
country, and what's the journey he went on and why will that resonate to people outside of the the military? >> it really will, and the reason is because, as he's trying to find hope and he's looking for hope, he realizes what my son died for. i think that-- and i'm with the major, i'm honored to be with a patriot who has sacrificed his life and given his life and put himself in harm's way for our freedoms, you realized how cherished they are. and the response, people standing up and clapping in a movie, it's a little movie and what has happened is, god's blessing has been placed upon it for some reason, and just really, a feel-good movie. >> dave: and weem usually walk up, try to grab their cell phones and sodas. let me ask you, why are people standing up and applauding this film when it's over? >> well, as we always say it's
8:27 am
the honor foundation, freedom is about free and the foundation was started by major dan rooney and this movie has a lot of connection to what we do, and that is to provide the spouses and children of the fallen and wounded educational scholarships and together we're going to make a difference and when we came together on an airplane, kevin and i, and we talked about this movie because that's how we met, it was interesting because this was a great patriotic scene that had had, it does honor our service and i lost a leg in iraq on august 17th of 2004. as i always look at things, what did i sacrifice for my country? and what am i sacrificing now to give back? so i'm just humble to be part of this great project and i ask people to go out and see the movie. and also, support the honor foundation because today we're going to change so many lives. >> dave: it's already made, i understand, 2 million dollars on opening weekend, that's on just 1400 screens and this is kind after reminder to you,
8:28 am
kevin, a the lot of people seem to forget about our troops sometimes and they don't necessarily have the neighbor right next door who served in the military. it might remind a lot of folks the sacrifice these men like the major have made. >> it does, it points out that while we have freedom today to go to church or to spend tile, y -- time in the afternoon watching football, these men and women are sacrificing. it's such a great organization and more god and country company. you know, entertainment is about safety and freedom and courage and character and conviction and those men and women who put themselves in harm's way for us, we can't say thank you enough. if we could do it in some small way in a film. that's what resonates, i think, with the audiences coming in. >> dave: and bottom of the screen, folds of if you want the trailer go to youtube and put in last ounce
8:29 am
of courage, i think over 180,000 people have done so, looks like a great film. thank you both for being here and thank you for your service, major. >> thank you so much and god bless the united states of america. >> god bless you. >> coming up next, anne hathaway, david lettermen and the ladies of "the view" get to sit down with the the president, but no time at this point for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what about middle east peace, and how house works makes a man a happy men. e-mails on this one. come on, guys, do your work. ♪ jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn...
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8:33 am
>> well, good morning to you, welcome back, hope you had a great night if you're just joining us with lots to tell, but this morning. >> clayton: including your fall tv lineup. and a lot of it includes president obama sitting down with different television shows. "the view" next week will see the president sitting down with the ladies of "the view" and the president has been doing media appearances like shows, jay-z and beyonce, who
8:34 am
knew they had a show. david letterman we knew he had a show and met with he eddie vetter and pearl jam. >> harvey weinstein, aaron sorkin, jerry springer, anne hathaway. >> dave: and the 2011 nba champions the problem is when the president comes here to new york tomorrow, the u.n. general assembly here monday and tuesday, no meeting with iz israeli benjamin netanyahu. both sides said they had a problem lining up a meeting for the two. netanyahu is here next week, wednesday or thursday. it's okay to meet with these folks and raise money with the glitz and glamour of hollywood, but when you don't meet with netanyahu in new york, it didn't look good. >> clayton: you're the president of the united states. you can make a scheduling change, right? you know, and he can call up whom ever handles scheduling and look i want to make a change here and meet with the prime minister. >> ainsley: and i need your support, america, and i'm
8:35 am
anxious to stop iran's nuclear program and is asking the president to set the red lines so that iran can't go over these lines and invade. >> clayton: and some are calling this a snub. look, when your best friend comes to town you make arrangements. he's our best ally and we are-- and we stand arm in arm with israel as the president has said. when he comes to town, you go out to lunch. >> ainsley: and you would think they would want to meet though, because he is friends and netanyahu is friends with mitt romney. >> dave: old friends. >> ainsley: old friends. and netanyahu is being used by the super pac, by mitt romney's super pac for some ads in florida. you'll be seeing that in florida. >> dave: probably are. >> ainsley: more he headlines, we're learning more today why a man jumped into a tiger cage, did you hear about this? it happened at the bronx zoo. he told he wanted to be one with the tiger. he described to the police how
8:36 am
he was dragged around by the 400 pound beast, he got his wish, he got to pet the tiger while he was taking a chunk out of his back. he's in the hospital for his injuries and charged with trespassing. and a not so sweet 16 birthday for a girl in the netherlands. posted her party invitation on facebook and forgot to make that invitation private. so, thousands of people saw it, they showed up to the birthday party and drunken reuters fought police and started fires and 34 taken into custody and several injured including three officers and nonlife threatening. wow, a long island new york coach is behind bars now for stalking a family all over a little league game. is that right? did i read that correctly. he's been charged now with
8:37 am
aggravated harassment after sending threatening text messages to a rival coach. cops stay that he got into an argument with john reardon back in may after reardon's son struck out and struck out to the coach's son and three months later reardon started getting the threatening text messages of pictures of his son. >> he had a picture of me and my son at the bus stop. and say i'm going to pick him up at the bus stop for you, to me, that's when it went over the line. >> taking it too far. cops say that he used untraceable phone, but they were able to track it down where he bought the phone. his lawyer says there is no proof his client sent the text messages. hiccups can be annoying when they don't go away, and one michigan teenager knows the feeling too well. 18-year-old jason craft has been hiccupping for a year and
8:38 am
a half and he says he public hiccups 150 times a day and tried everything, every trick in the book to try to solve the problem. and doctors have run multiple tests on him and he has the doctors are stumped and he hopes the hiccups don't follow him through college. >> and a spoonful of sugar, that works. >> you saw the video of him doing it, it doesn't work. >> ainsley: mary poppens says. >> a spoonful of sugar. >> ainsley: and he has the 5 a.m. shuttle last week and saying a spoonful of sugar really works in ten out of ten cases. >> ands as for the 10th case, the video didn't work. >> dave: he's number ten. >> rick: it's chilly outside and the sun, getting blinded by the sun reflecting off the buildings in time square. take a look at your weather picture. across the northeast, if you're liking fall, take a look the at the temperatures in the next few days, and in
8:39 am
burlington vermont. 60's the next knew days, 70's by tuesday, but the overnight lows, ainsley window open weather into the 40's and 50's for everyone. a very nice time to cool out and clean out that air in your house after the hot summer. take a look at the forecast today across the northeast, a little more specifically we'll see a little bit of rain moving across parts of the great lakes so it's going to be very, very night in nature no big problems, mostly just sunshine. down to the southeast, another nice day as well. in fact, much cooler towards charlotte and places like atlanta and nashville, towards memphis, warm across the coast and in towards texas into the 90's, into the northern plains, another cool day, but a slight warm-up in the highs, 80 in nebraska. and back to you inside. >> ainsley: i love the open window weather. thanks so much, rick for bringing that us. >> dave: all right. guys, do your housework. do some dishes, make the beds. help clean up around the
8:40 am
house, why? because it's going to help you mentally, going you be a happier person in the end. >> clayton: according to university of sweden who looked at statistics of men actually doing housework and turns out psychologically they're improving because they're doing housework. now, we argue about how psychologically they're improving, right? are they better off mentally because they know wives aren't going to guilt trip them later or better off because they feel that everything is divided 50-50. >> ainsley: that's what it is, saved your life do your housework, change your lives. e-mails, one from julie, when women were home all day, it was different, she was the keeper of the home. when both husband and wife work outside the home both need to work inside the home as well. go for it julie. >> dave: when i'm outside doing yardwork, i don't get asked if i need help. i help inside without being asked.
8:41 am
shouldn't it work both ways? >> jeff brings up a very good point. >> dave: well done, jeff. >> clayton: and beth, i believe in shared responsibility and everyone needs to do cooking and dishes. e-mail us and tweet us. i agree with the outside. often the outside gets looked at clayton going outside and having fun. >> ainsley: please. >> clayton: he wants to mow the lawn. >> ainsley: no matter how many chores we do, guys, we do more in the house. you can do the yardwork. >> clayton: by far. >> dave: keep it coming on ff weekend twitter. some show that voters think the country is in recession what's taking us he so long. >> ainsley: and a ban on renting to illegal immigrants. they might have to let up. the immigration battle that could have national implications next. hey. hey eddie. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird.
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8:45 am
less than two months to election day, and things would get better if the country changes course, what does that mean. our next guest is asking questions and what it taking so long to recover in the first place. seems like we're going back in. and jack chambliss joins us now. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning, thank you. >> clayton: that question, what is taking so long for us to recover? >> well, first of all, if we look at historical recoveries that have been very quick and pronounced and provided jobs immediately. we can go back to the early '80s, president reagan was coming off the horrible stagflation. but the difference between the v-shaped recovery we got out of president reagan and huge growth we got out of president kennedy and what we're getting
8:46 am
today is both presidents kennedy and reagan understood that jobs come from promoting new suppliers of goods and services and new labor flyers and came from both republican and democrat, the largest tax cuts in our country's history to promote opportunities for people to show up and create jobs, opportunity and work, but the difference today is, if we look at the obama administration, even during the financial crisis, the economists in the obama administration told us that for every dollar, for example, corporate tax relierelief, the cuts, bush tax cuts, economy grew 29%, but they told us for every dollar of unemployment benefits, the economy grows for $1.64 and every dollar of food stamp benefits, grows by 1.73. so we have an administration with a completely different philosophy on what creates jobs and growth than what
8:47 am
we've had in the past, as a result. >> clayton: right. >> breeding this idea of an entitlement society and opportunities for businesses going forward, doesn't have an opportunity for businesses. >> clayton: and how the taxes will be structured, if they can hire or not hire. here is a fox news poll out. whether or not the country is better off accord to go this poll of 1,000 likely voters. 46% said that the country is better off now and 49% say, no, it's not. and you take umbrage with something that president clinton actually said during the dnc, which was look, no one could get us out of a recession in four years, not myself, not my predecessors, not president obama, you need to give him more time. you disagree with that and even some of the professors at your college on that point, right? >> yes, i do. first of all, i don't, i don't know which part of bill clinton's own administration he was referencing, but if he
8:48 am
would go back and look at the the last six years he was president when he lowered the capital gains tax rate. and signed welfare reform, promoted investment, we saw economic growth in his last six years as a result of doing the very thing that reagan and kennedy did. the idea that the economy could not have been turned around in four years is sheer nonsense when we go back and look at historical records. the economy from 1982, through the summer of 1990, grew phenomenally and tax revenues doubled and millions of new jobs were created by adopting a different philosophy that removed uncertainty from businesses. it's very clear, no business or individual wants to look into the future and not know what their health care costs are going to look like. not know what their business and personal income tax rates look like and without that transparency, businesses are going to sit on what cash they
8:49 am
have, they're going to be apprehensive and not go to job creation. i don't understand what mr. clinton is saying, but doesn't line up with the ladder of his presidency. >> clayton: jack chambless in florida, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> clayton: an investigation underway, looking into the the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. we have the latest developments from washington straight ahead. and a ban on renting to illegal immigrants. they may have to let up. that could have national implications, straight ahead. there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction
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the immigration fight is far from over in farmers branch, texas. the town is getting a second chance to enforce an ordinance there that would ban
8:53 am
undocumented immigrants from renting and the decision could have some national implications. >> our next guest has been pushing to up hold the ban. joining us is david coach, council member in the town of ban. and a co-council member. >> good morning. >> dave: why do you want and fighting so long for this to ban illegal immigrants from renting in your town? on a national level will. the impact that we have had on the economy, the jobs that are taken. that have traditionally one middle class jobs are no longer available. the wages have been driven down. we are look at overcrowding in schools, underperformance. the impact on overcrowding in housing. crimes. the hospital being driven to driven to the point of near bankruptcy. and so, the actions driven for reasons like that and what drove it over the edge probably in 2006, while this
8:54 am
was boiling up under the surface is the senseless loss of a life of a two-year-old where a drive-by shooting occurred and it turned out that the alleged perpetrators were illegal immigrants. >> ainsley: you say this will have national implications, explain that. >> well, i think that without a doubt, the discussions we've had with other cities, count members, mayors, that they're watching closely what's happening in farmers branch and if we're successful then there will be ab opportunity for those towns to step in and try to avoid some of the lessons of the impacts that they've encountered themselves. >> ainsley: the plaintiff with this statement, quote, no one, other than the federal government has the authority to classify aliens, originally the fifth circuit found this unconstitutional, and impermissibly interferes with the federal immigration system. why do you think this time the
8:55 am
ruling could be different? >> well, the best thing to do would be to take time to read the dissenting opinion for the judge on that case and she indicated that the two majority opinion judges had grossly overstepped their bounds and misinterpreted the-- this interpreted the constitution and the key cases that dealt with this issue and because it was so bad, she was able to get half of the 10th circuit to take a second look at the appeal and this last week, we had a rehearing where 16 judges sat to hear oral arguments and it was clear from the questioning that they felt the majority felt differently on the-- >> does the recent supreme court ruling regarding the arizona immigration bill, senate bill 1070, does that give you any indication where this may end up? >> we're very optimistic that it does.
8:56 am
it held up the key component of the arizona law, and we think the way that the judges ruled in that case, the way it was written, that similar incidents will occur for us, that the ordinance will be upheld and if there are any issues, it might be on the fringe pieces which can be severed out. >> ainsley: david, thanks for being with us, we'll be following it, have a good you day. the number of able-bodied americans on food stamps, it's doubled since president obama changed the welfare reform law. so, how can this be good for our country? we report, you decide. . >> dave: then, a truck driver left dangling over the side of it bridge. we'll tell you about the daring rescue the top of the hour. >> ainsley: oh my word, look at that. he g and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy --
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with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. zon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what'sretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage.
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verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. good morning to you. it is sunday, september 23. i'm ainsley earhardt. unemployment' filling in for allison -- i'm filling in for allison. candidates coming out in full force against white house foreign policys.
9:00 am
>> a military indisputably the strongest in the world and that is not what we are getting from the obama doctrine. >> ainsley: are president obama's forecas tactics making. look weak in the face of terror? joe report, you decide. >> the egyptian president headed to the u.s. wait until you hear what he said first. he has some rather inflammatory things to say about the united states. >> and buy a chevy volt and get 10,000 bucks back. they can't sell them so now the car that costs more to make than it is worth will cost you less. the numbers don't really add up, do they? fox and friends hour four starts right now. ♪ all right, boy, we have is a lot of news to get to this morning. >> sure do. >> thinking it might be a quiet sunday as we enter the fall but
9:01 am
it is not. >> it is far from it. world relations. foreign policy on the hot burner despite the bad economy that may end up being a divisive factor with 44 days left. unrest growing in it libya as thousands tried to drive out the militia groups while intelligence officials get closer to finding who was responsible for the deadly attack on the u.s. consultate there. >> catherine herridge joins us live from washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning. >> dave, clayton it and ainsley, good morning. 100 militants attack the consultate in a coordinated assault. it points to al-qaeda in north africa and a group called ansar al-sharia. as fox was first to report two days after the assault there' peers evidence of insider help. the source telling fox one thing for sure is that the
9:02 am
libyan security force was no where to be found and the americans were left on their own in the assault on the stevens compound. a homeland security document obtained by fox news says 73 embassies and consultates issued 116 security and emergency messages. the homeland security operations center that put together the report makes no mention of the you tube video clip that was the alleged cause of the demonstrations. the president of egypt telling the new york times it is up to the u.s. to mend fences with the muslim world. successive american administrations essentially purchased with american taxpayer money the dislike if not the hatred of the peeples of the region. when asked if the u.s. is an ally president morsi said that depends on your definition of an ally.
9:03 am
>> responsible leaders, indeed responsible people everywhere are to stand up and speak out against violence and particularly against those who would exploit this difficult moment to advance their own extremist ideologies. >> one of the criticisms has been that you have not heard the administration vocally defending the first amendment or the right to free speech no matter how distasteful it is in this situation. back to you guys. >> with morsi headed here for the u.n. later this week is anybody from the state department scheduled to meet with him? i know the president declined thus far. >> there may be low level meetings. one of the critical things to watch is the level of warning that may have been given to the united states and also to the egyptians about what was going to unfold at u.s. embassy in cairo. in our are reporting here at fox we know of at least two prior to that incident and one
9:04 am
was related to the blind sheik and a demonstration and not at all related to this videotape. >> thanks, catherine. >> bill clinton will meet with morsi. >> , what will he try to gain in knowledge from morsi? maybe he can get a better understanding of why this guy is blasting our relationship ahead of the u.n. general assembly. >> the messages front and center on the campaign trail. we were all talking about the economy and now because the middle east has been on fire the past week, paul ryan in florida telling voters we need a stronger military and change and shift in our foreign policy. listen. >> we are seeing pictures of our president being burned. we are seeing our flags being burned in these foreign capitals all over the world and what we are doing as a result of the obama foreign policy by gutting defense, by showing
9:05 am
that we want to cut defense, by being y cal and not speaking up for are american values of individual freedom and individual rights and religious freedom we are projecting weakness abroad and if you project weakness abroad a vacuum occurs and it gets filled by people who do not like us. for the sake of our own peace and for the sake of our own security and prosperity we need peace through strength. that means a strong military. that means a military that is indisputably the strongest in the world and that is not what we are getting from the obama doctrine. >> even defense cuts aside you wonder what the approach will be as we try to reset this relationship because that 2009 cairo speech by president obama promised a new era based on mutual respect. charles krauthammer writing
9:06 am
about the recent events as the collapse of the cairo doctrine. where has it gotten us? >> i think americans needed to hear a speech like that and americans are anxious for one of the leaders to come forward and talk about what is happening in the middle east all the unrest. you are right, we have been talking about the economy, the economy. we were thinking that is the direction of this election and it is in many ways but now that all of the unrest is happening in the middle east that is on the forefront. >> burning the american flags and burning the president's -- >> and what does this mean for our country and our safety? >> and at the heart of it financially as well. the billions of dollar that we funnel to the middle east for what? >> exactly. >> pakistan at ho top of the h. sending money to egypt. where does it get us? >> the senate voted down a bill that would have cut foreign aid. >> and so many of you are e-mailing us about the ryan speech. this is something that people in america want to talk about. now, to he other headlines this morning.
9:07 am
the death toll rising at a terrifying bombing in nigeria. it happened when a car bomb went off outside of a catholic church. two people have reportedly been killed there and 45 wounded. the area has seen a number of bombings and shootings recently believed to be at the hands of a radical islamic sect. >> a million dollars in overtime. that is how much one brooklyn doctor racked up over the last three years. he puts in for over 80 hours a week in overtime at kings county hospital. that is according to the new york post. the hospital defending him saying it had a shortage, a severe shortage of doctors there and this doctor had to cover a lot of extra shifts. teak a look at this. a truck dangling over the edge of a bridge in brazil. the driver was still inside. luckily he was rescued by some bystanders who pulled him to safety with a rope.
9:08 am
could you imagine? it all happened when a car in front of the truck reportedly stopped short, causing the truck driver to lose control, swerve over that guard rail. and a flight attendant is caught with a stolen ey ipad after a passenger used an app to track her down. 43-year-old wendy dye arrested at her home in oregon on friday night. a nevada passenger on the plane where she was working used the find my ipad app to locate her tablet. so, it led cops right to her front door. she claims another passenger found it and gave it to her are. she was going to turn it in but cops found her personal information store ared in the ipad and then charge her with theft. >> if you are going to give back the ipad you don't suddenly change and add your own e-mail and start downloading apps for herself. >> she was trying to put her information in the address book so the girl could keep in touch
9:09 am
with her. ier on the show, rick reichmuth mentioned that he lost his ipad in europe and find my ipad doesn't work over there. >> the verizon one doesn't have the network. >> it does work over there. >> to find out information on how you to steal somebody's electronics, tweet clayton. >> he has great tip its. >> great electronic stipes. tonight is delegat going to bey cold. a lot of people in the northeast might have to close windows. temps tonight into the 30s. if you have tender are plants outside you might want to bring them inside. out towards the northern plains and the great lakes take a look at what is going to happen the next three days. temps warming up a bet. omaha back to 83 by tuesday. not fully into fall mode here. a little warm-up from time to time. that is what happens in early fall. overall a lot of sunshine over at least kind of the northern
9:10 am
tier of the country for the next couple of days. today is looking great for almost everybody. a system moved through the northeast last night. behind it a lot of sunshine but the winds pick up across the great lakes. a little bit of lake enhanced rain showers at times. nothing that is a big problem for the day. sunshine towards florida. the only problem in florida is far south florida a little more rain down towards the keys in miami, fort lauderdale, maybe up to around boca. in general northern parts of florida and the panhandle looking great. the west a ton of sunshine. a little rain towards the pacific northwest. not a strong system. no big worries for that. it will drop your temperatures down a little bit and we remain warm' cross parts of arizona and southern, california. >> the problem with keeping your are window open in the bathrooms in new york the soap dish is in the window sill and the soap is slippery and slides out of the window. sorry for the neighbors below. >> and you dropped the soap.
9:11 am
>> yeah. >> learn something new every day. >> it is a slippery slope. >> i'm going to say it is manhattan. >> it is. >> there are other problems with keeping your windows open. >> that's true. >> the flies, too. thanks so much, rick. >> coming up on the show, more of ainsley's bathroom habit. >> it is a tiny apartment and there is no other place to keep the soap. >> we also know how the attack on the u.s. consultate had nothing to do with the antiislam film but that is not stopping the justice department from apologizing for are it. the ad costing the taxpayers 70,000 bucks. >> the number of americans on food stamps is exploding now. what can be done about this and what can be done to get americans off the government payroll? >> coming up. ♪ i want to know have you ever seen the rain ♪ are
9:12 am
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after the deadly u.s. consultathletic attack in libya the president and secretary of state placed much of the blame for the mid east uprising on the antimuslim movie. >> the video that sparked these protests is disgusting and reprehensible and the united states government, of course, had absolutely nothing to do with it. >> since our founding the united states has been a nation that respects all faiths. we reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. >> also the administration has spent $70,000 on ads to disavow the antimuslim video in pakistan. our next guest says this shows the u.s. is losing its super
9:16 am
power status. joining us to explain is the author of "after america get ready for the armageddon" mark stein. good to see you mark. >> great to be back. >> you say barack and hill should have a pbs fundraiser, barack and hill at the movies. where has this apology related to a film and the $70,000 ad campaign gotten us as a country in the last week or so? >> no where. the minister for whatever it is railways in the pakistani government has put $100,000 bounty on the head of a u.s. citizen. this is what happens when you put core principles like freedom of speech up for grabs. by the way, every self-respecting american should be outraged that $70,000 which i know is nothing in the $16 trillion sinkhole of american federal spending but they should be outraged this has been spent on a commercial
9:17 am
in which government officials give their opinion of a movie that has nothing to do with the issue at hand. i would like to see people knock a buck of a their taxes next april, i know that is not much with the tax mageddon coming as a form of conscientious objection on public officials doing movie reviews on the public dime. they should do it as a pbs fundraiser. >> do you think it is ridiculous and evident that we lost our superpower are status? do you think moves like this enforce we lost our super power status? >> one thing you see around the world. a couple of days ago, a bunch of illiterate goat herds took out an entire squadron's worth of aircraft in afghan and it didn't even make the papers and what the nuclear ayatollahs in
9:18 am
tehran all get is that you can poke and product at the flailing super power with in inpugnity. when money drains power drains. you are seeing it in benghazi and pakistan and across the planet. >> in benghazi four dead and the $70,000 campaign in pakistan ended up with the pakistani government embracing a day of essentially rage against the united states. nearly 20 were dead there. now, the question, with president morisy in egypt saying it is up to washington to repair relations with the arab world and revitalize the relationship with egypt, what is washington, president obama and hillary clinton left to do now? >> what these guys have in common is they are all funded but you and me and other
9:19 am
american taxpayers. that is true of muhammad morisy in cairo and the pakistani government and the egyptian government gets basically $2 billion a year and buys us utter contempt from muhammad morisy. we are funding, american taxpayers are funding the rise of profoundly hostile regimes and that is completely ridiculous in any circumstance. when you are broke, when every single american man woman, in s country is carrying about $200,000 worth of debt in total it is even more prepostorrous. if we can't reform medicare we could at least not be given money to america's enemies around the world. >> and senate just voting to not do that so that will not be happening any time soon. great to see you this morning.
9:20 am
thanks for joining us this morning as always. we appreciate it. >> always a pleasure, guys. >> coming up, the obama administration attacking paul ryan for his medicare plan but our next guest says obama care is what senior citizens need to be worried about. the former president of the american medical association here next to explain. >> you preordered your iphone on lie. thline. the delay that is giving some customers headaches. >> clayton, he's got his, baby. >> that's right. ♪
9:21 am
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9:23 am
dancing to the music. embarrassing really. next up your news by the numbers. first, $10,000 that is how much of a discount gm is offering on the chevy volt to try to boost
9:24 am
sales for the struggling electric car. next up, four weeks, how long it could take for you to get your iphone 5 if you ordered it online. huge delay believed to be because of a shortage. sold out of the first bunch of them. two million sold on the first day of preorders. finally, 20 million bucks is how much i love lucy still rakes in each year for cbs thanks to reruns on the tv land channel. wow. ainsley? >> they are so good. they never get hold. >> a message president obama has been repeating time and time again that the romney/ryan ticket will mean the end of medicare. >> their plan ends medicare as we know it. governor romney and congressman ryan want to give seniors a voucher to buy insurance on their own. >> their plan replaces guaranteed medicare benefits with a voucher that wouldn't keep up with costs. >> but you a leading physician says the president's healthcare plan is the one that will hurt seniors the most. so here to break it all down
9:25 am
for us from new orleans, is the former american medical association president and the author of this book "the little redbook of leadership lessons" dr. donald palmisano. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ainsley. >> you're welcome. let's break this down. you say that med did h medicaro bankrupt with we continue with obama care. >> you can get that from the congressional budget office. by 2022 medicare will go bankrupt. it actually may go bankrupt before that because of the new healthcare law that the president is advocating and what will happen. we have 48 million people on medicare now. by 2022 we will have then, oh, 66 million. you can get those numbers out of the congressional budget
9:26 am
office. and the cost of medicare at that point will go up 90%. it will go up 90%. and so what you have then is a system that will fail so the president says keep the present system. well, the system is not going to work. what we need, what the romney/ryan plan is saying hey, we have to be fiscally responsible and going to come up with a plan. basically who has this plan already? all the people in congress like the federal employees health benefit program. >> and you say loss of access to care. >> absolutely. you will lose access to care because the physicians are price fixed with a formula called it is a bunch of jargon, a sustainable growth rate formula based on the gross domestic product. be so in the first quarter of next year physicians will be cut 27%. imagine all of the small business folks watching this program right now if you were told all your everhead is going to stay the same but now you
9:27 am
have to sell your product 27% less and so doctors are getting out of the practice of medicine. multiple surveys show that they are contemplating that. or they are restricting the patients they take. they are not taking new medicare patients. is that is not in the patients benefit. >> going to take a lot longer to get in with your doctor. the third is no real incentive for competition. explain that. >> the same thing that they have for the folks in congress. an' ray of choices perhaps a hundred choices so you get to peck and choose as opposed to a centralized plan run by bureaucrats far away and the independent payment advisory board part of the new healthcare law that president obama has advocated and 15 bureaucrats decide how much money to cut out of medicare and it comes out of physicians payments so you wind up with loss of access to care. the president in 2009 said that surgeons get $30,000 to $50,000
9:28 am
for an amputation and that is is why there is no incentive to save the leg. that is nonsense and the president ought to fire the folks who are giving him that information. the american college of surgeons put that up on the website. >> i would hope a doctor wouldn't do that. >> they get 740 to 1140 and that includes 90 days of post operative care. go to the american college of surgeons website. they said it is misleading. >> any doctor with a conscience wouldn't do that. thanks for being with us. your book if you want to buy it is the little red leadership book. >> the number of americans on food stamps doubling. what is the reason for it? we take a closer look coming up next. >> and buy a diamond get a gun. the latest jewelry promotion that has people flocking to that store right there. e super? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok.
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9:32 am
nobody loves that jingle like ainsley earhardt. >> it is just contagious and i like it. >> you love the fox and friends jingle. >> i do. >> welcome back. >> it is 9:30 eastern time this morning. let's talk about what the congressional research service has found. a new report out this morning on food stamps. a difficult subject to talk about for a lot of americans given the fact how difficult it is to find jobs in this country right now and food stamp participation under president
9:33 am
has gone up dramatically. you recall newt gingrich blasting him saying he is the food stamp president. the obama administration firing back on that, of course, but the numbers are concerning. 14 million people add to the fooded stamp participation. >> a lot of people, i think everyone is in agreement that food stamps can be needed in certain situations and it was set up you get themle one time for three months over a three year period. >> no one in this country should go hungry. >> we all support one another and we are all americans and live together in this great country by i think the problem is and what i'm hearing from a lot of people is you don't want people to get dependent on the government but the flip side is there aren't any jobs for individuals. how do you take the food stamps away when they are trying to feed their kids. >> and politically it is a difficult position because you have to present a compassionate side not argument. who does that better than mia love who gave a wonderful
9:34 am
speech. here is her take on the issue with entitlements today. >> i think that we should be compassionate. i think that we as americans have always been compassionate. but if we are going to provide everything for everyone we are literally crippling our nation and there will never be enough money. what makes this country great is that we have the opportunities ordinary people have the opportunities every day to do extraordinary things. if you take that away, then you create an environment of dependency and an environment where people are less self-reliant and ultimately less free. >> and i have a friend that was in line behind someone using food stamps at the grocery store and the cashier said i'm sorry dog food cannot be covered under food stamps. she got out of line and went backing and got a big slab of meat and threw it on the register and said how is this. >> this is is also the problem with the expansion programs under food stamps. people concerned is it going
9:35 am
for things they reay need just the food or is it going for alcohol and cigarettes which some are queued is happening. >> or to your dog, right, exactly. >> now, o her headlines this morning. a san diego woman suffered second-degree burns after she was attacked with acid. she was walking into the laundromat when a man came up and through acid on top of her. the chemical burned through her clothes and she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the suspect was arrested a few miles away and police say the attack appears to be random. six inmates at a juvenile detention center in washington state escaping after beating up a staff member. this happened at the echo glen detention center. the group of boys ranging from 15 to 17 took off after the assault but were caught a couple of hours later hiding in the woods. the staff member expected to be okay. a battle on the football fields in texas but not between opposing teams.
9:36 am
the high school cheerleaders were banned from writing religious phrases on the run through banners used to introduce the football team after receiving an anonymous complaint. >> they want to put something that was inspirational versus something violent such as scalp the indians so the football players agreed with it and it is a wonderful feeling when the boys do run through it. >> those cheerleaders now getting support across the country it and facebook. a judge temporarily lifted the ban. there is a hear set for october so that both sides can make their argument. a georgia jewelry store has an unusual incentive to get people to go to the store and buy some stones. buy a diamond, and you get a free gun. d.geller and son jewelers offering hunting rifles to any one who buys a dime worth 2500 bucks. customers don't get the gun right there on the spot. they get a voucher and go to a
9:37 am
local sporting goods store to pick up the gun. they have gotten a million hits about the offer. unfortunately, if you want to take advantage the promotion ended yesterday. >> can they cash in the voucher before the divorce because i don't want the gun to be -- >> if you want the gun, honey, you better buy it from that store because then i get the diamond. >> beautiful. let's talk a little sports now. they he always say defense wins championships and while it may not have won notre dame a championship just yet it certainly made michigan quarterback denard robinson look lost on saturday. big blue did not find the end zone. robinson threw four i.n.t.s in the percent half. six turnover for all in michigan. more shocking when you consider denard racked up nearly 1,000-yards of offense against the irish in the last two years. notre dame's 13-6 win snaps michigan's three-game winning streak over the irish. a big comeback win for the
9:38 am
backup quarterback who stepped in big for n.d. on to oklahoma where the sooners singing the blues this morning. if you remember, k state got blown out at home last year by oklahoma ruining their run at a perfect season. this year they repay the favor. start there. second quarter. it is oklahoma quarterback landry jones. many thought a favorite for the hose man trophy. forget about that, followings. he coughs it up. k state jumps on it for an easy score. o.u. retakes the lead. wildcats go in to norman 24-ed is the win. and talk about a huge performance. old dominion university quarterback taylor heineke set a ncaa division one record on saturday, throw hing for 730-yards. he also throws for five touchdowns, no interceptions. giving odu a come from behind 64-61 win over new hampshire.
9:39 am
previous record was 716. stood for 22 years. and an up and down day for ainsley. clemson lose to florida state. east tennessee and florida state and notre dame back on top in the top ten. and a win over missouri. >> i do pull for fsu and clemson. i went to carolina but you carolina and clemson. got to pull for the state teams. >> there you go. >> and my phillies lost yesterday. >> i'm sorry. >> check in with rick reichmuth with a look at the forecast. hey, rick. >> a little tease of something coming up in the show. if you see something like this make sure you don't change the channel for about the next 20 minutes. >> thanks. >> if i had a nickel for every time you told me that, clayton, i would be a rich man. >> i thought it was you. >> don't give me credit tore that. >> true. >> all right. let's take a look at your weather map, gees. take a look at the picture coming in from new jersey. everybody has a story about new jersey. this is from randolph from
9:40 am
nationally in new jersey one of the traditions aside from the darn starbucks tradition is going out to pumpkin patches and taking a look at the leaves. 55 degrees in randolph, new jersey. today getting to 70. look at the low temperature tonight. 41. tonight the coldest night across much of the eastern great lakes and the northeast that we have seen all year long. get ready for that. keep sending me your pictures. put them on my facebook page to keep showing you especially over the next couple of months. a quick look at the forecast around the northeast today. a beautiful one. not lots of sunshine. much cooler temps and down to the southeast a little bit of rain in across parts of south, florida. aside from that full sunshine everywhere. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> thanks, rick. >> where is your rack, rick? >> right here. right here. >> gets him every time. >> pumpkin patch, i love it. >> i went there yesterday to pick amples with the kids and it was a lot of fun. it was packed out there. >> was it? >> yeah. >> good stuff coming up.
9:41 am
the president doing finger pointing over fast and furious. this time saying the fast and furious program did not start under his watch. is that true? congressman here next. >> he he hunts buffalo, goose, deer, bear and more. then makes killer meals. >> literally. >> we will introduce you you to the meat eater, next. ely. ♪ but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management,
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we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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9:44 am
>> i think it is important for us to understand that the fast and furious program was a field initiated program begun under the previous administration. when eric holder found out about it it he discontinued it. he has my complete confidence
9:45 am
because he has shown himself to be willing to hold accountable those who took these actions. >> the president in the hot seat now once again over fast and furious. that gun running operation. this time, making a false claim that it started under the bush administration and he is still defending attorney general eric hold. joining us is a republican congressman from south carolina. nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> read you the white house statement on all of this on the president's remarks that we just played the video of. the president was referring to the flawed tactic of gun walking which despite republicans efforts to politicize this issue began under the previous administration and it it was our attorney general who ended it. are we getting into semantic territory here or does the white house have a point? yes. >> think the president needs to be cross examined a little more seriously. he was dead wrong to un ivision on both counts. i don't care what political
9:46 am
party started the tactic of gun walking it was wrong and to say eric holder ended it. he was the last person in america in my opinion to know that what was happening in his own department of justice. so, he waited until 2011 to stophe tactic of gun waying. bwalking. he was wrong about what it started. he was wrong about how eric hold oar ended it and to say that eric holder has been vindicated how would you like to be the top of a law firm that was the target and the subject of a scathing ig report that we read last week. he -- the same president that blames the tsunami for our economic woes. so i am not surprised what comes out of his mouth. i'm surprised nobody challenges him with more firm and vigor. >> the president is criticized a lot for blaineing the bush administration and saying that the bush administration started fast and furious when really if
9:47 am
you look at the facts fast and furious started nine months into barack obama's administration. i watched some of the clips from attorney general eric holder talking to congress and he says that wide receiver started which was a similar gun walking program started with president bush but he does say in it front of congress that president obama started fast and furious. so where is the disconnect? why is president obama saying this started with the bush administration when it clearly did not? >> because he could get' way with it. because he can blame what is happening in northern africa on a you tube video and nobody challenges him. he is dead wrong. it fast and furious are started under his watch. his criminal da investigation chief lan did i brewer was asleep at the switch. his department of justice didn't review the wiretap applications. you know, i guess the mantra is i'm going to it continue to say things that are demonstrably
9:48 am
false until somebody challenges me and then i will issue a retraction which seems to be the course. >> you think it is intentional and he he didn't just misspeak. >> he is wrong. and he is wrong in public with people that are listening and falsely defending his administration. what his intent is in misleading people i'm not smart enough to dane but he is wrong. >> they have been asking for the department of justice to be held accountable. do you think the investigation and its wrapup this week is sufficient for the family? >> well, i don't think it is wrapped up. we are still entitled to documents that we haven't gotten and we are going to court to get them and brian terry's family deserves a lot of credit for pushing congress. it depends on what reforms come out of this but the ultimate reform that i want to see is the department of justice that is not politicized. i'm tired of poe let cal hacks being in positions of
9:49 am
prosecutorial responsibility. that is across the board. i don't care which administration is in pow earl. the department of justice is to it important to have political cronies and hackles in place. >> from the great state of south carolina. how about the gamecocks. >> i loved it. >> it was a good game. >> thank you so much. >> yes, ma'am. >> up next, the meat eater shows us how to cook up some killer meals. i think he killed all of this stuff in cooking it for us. did he find this in central park? i want to find out what he caught there. >> it is like a man's dream, right? ♪ have some more bacon, have some more pie, it doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried ♪ ♪ just eat it, eat it, just ean it ♪ >> your table manners are a pai trying ♪ from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like.
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welcome back. he is a real life mountain man who loves to hunt. >> talking about me? >> no! >> oh, sorry. no, it the steven, the author of the book "meat eater" and as the season show meat eater is in its second season and we will take a look. take a look. >> in this no man's land you got to work for your game. >> well, today he joins us to help kick off the fall hunting season. steven rinella also the author of the book you were holding up and here with some meat in front of us. good to have you on the show, steven. >> a wild game, a hunter's way of paying homage to the animals you kill. >> do you eat everything you
9:54 am
kill? >> everything. we eat wild game. >> to be clear, this wasn't caught this central park? >> this is actually you are looking at montana, wisconsin and alaska. >> beautiful. >> let's start with montana. >> you can eat squirrels by the way. montana, place i used to live and love. where do we start here? >> it if you want to start with montana. you can start with a piece of muledeer. >> look at how tender that is. >> more hunt in this country mule deer are the most hunted animal. >> and because so many. >> this is the loin. >> this is the loin. if you are going to get a massage, they concentrate on what would be the equivalent of a loin on the ham. >> now, you are talking dave's language, all right. because so many people are cooking the deer how are you preparing this? >> when i'm doing deer, we hunt different animals in different ways. depending on the time of year.
9:55 am
you cook it them different ways depending on the cut. my preferred way for venison loin is whole in 6 to 8 inches. i brush it with a little bit of olive oil and put a dry rub on it. i do my own in the mortar and pesto. in the field i carry some in a container and then just cook meat over the fire when i'm hunting. this right here just grilled. a little bit -- >> much saltier than beef. >> it is very lean. >> let's go to the wild turkey. tell us about that. >> this is a turkey breast. a montana wild turkey. a spring gobbler. a male turkey. this is the breast. when i'm done i take the carcass and bones and everything and make a stock it and reduce tha that stock downr 8 hours and make a demiglaze.
9:56 am
>> are you doing this in the woods. >> this is at home. i roll out the red carpet because i'm cook for are friends and family. >> and this is rabbit. what do we do with that? >> this is back hams on the rabbit. i will par boil so i will put them in the slow cooker and cook them until they are tender and then at that point i do it on the grill and do a barbecue rabbit ham. similar to the same way you might do if you precook your chicken and do tonight grail. same style there. the par boiling breaks it down and makes it super tender. i cut my teeth hunting rabbits and a small game around my home. a lot of that lifestyle how i got start. >> we will give into more of this in a second. we are just out of time. >> we will do some bear. >> we will do some bear when we come right back. more "fox and friends" in two minutes. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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