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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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[ male announcer ] now you'll know when to stop. hk! ] the all-new nissan altima with easy fill tire alert. [ honk! ] it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ >> in 2012 nothing has been off limits in liberals. they accused mitt romney of being a felon a tax cheat even a murderer. president obama and his allies have taken the politics of division to new levels this election cycle. what we have seen in recent months is the president's willingness to play ggiarize th worst attributes of democratic candidates in the past like john
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kerry. like al gore barack obama is willing to look into the camera and distort any and all facts to woifrn voters. we are going to demonstrate how the 2012 obama play book is nothing short of the ultimate highlight real of the desperate methods long utilized by democrats in the past from class warfare to the race card we are going to cover it all. we are going to begin with the less most offensive scare tactics aimed at frightening you to support president obama. you don't have any fresh ideas you use scare tactics to get voters. if you don't have a platform you paint one to run from. >> in his own words reads like a
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prophetic description of his 2012 el leksz campaign. >> if you reject the notion that our government is forever behold ento the highest bidder you need to stand up to the election. >> since he doesn't have a record to run on it's no surprise the left has taken a page out of the long established democratic play book they have no choice but to use scare tactics. >> murder rates are up robberies are up. >> when they say they will turn around the economy beware. >> he has signed up for great positions. >> he is going to put ya'll back in chains. >> in an attempt to scare and fright ten senior citizens democrats dusted off the old reliable medi scare tactic. >> mitt romney and paul ryan want to end medicare as we know
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it. >> i wouldn't trust the republicans on medicare stars i could throw them. >> what's missing from the plan is medicare. >> mitt romney a paul ryan want to end the medicare guarantee and turn it into a voucher. >> they are distorts ing the facts in order to scare seniors into thinking they would eliminate medicare as we know it. >> it is a death spiral for medicare and the republican party has never been supportive of medicare. >> it would not apply to people over the age of 55 meaning medicare would stay exactly as it is for today's seniors a fact that liberals failed to mention. this type of shady politics is nothing new to the left in fact it's business as usual.
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>> i want to be president of the united states because i love this country and i think it's going in the wrong direction. people are worried about how they are going to be able to have a retirement, how are they going to have healthcare. >> if you count on medicare it would mean fewer places to get care and less freedom to choose your own options, you will pay more for drugs fewer service and lower quality care. i don't think that's right. in fact it ain't right. >> medi scare is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the obama campaign's dirty tactics. they are also busy fabricating the idea that republicans launched a quote war on womenment>> i think mitt romney is out of touch with the average women's health issues. >> so this november we are going to remember -- >> how you through women under the bus just to get the nomination. >> beyond medi scare an attempts to manufacturer a war on women
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democrats would also like you to believe you like them or children wouldn't be educated. >> he puts them back in the classroom construction workers back to work rebuilding america. >> that's my plan. their plan is let's have dirtyer air and water less for health sinc -- insurance. >> he is taking a plague over a long established left wing play book. >> this is the most precious resource we need to protect our oceans and bridges if elected president i will do that. >> what sets it apart from the dirt yessest of our time are campaign ads like this one. my family lost their healthcare. a short time after that my wife became ill. >> this ad says it all.
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it accuses mitt romney of essentially murdering a woman. later in the program we are going to show you a face behind the despicable pro obama super pack ad. >> there was nothing they could do for her and she passed away in 22 days. >> as usual the left stood by the ad despite the public out cry. >> is that the kind of rhetoric you want to hear in a campaign like this especially with the president of the united states especially a president who ran four years ago on rhetoric. >> you do know we don't have anything to do with priorities usa. >> how about the other members of team obama? they claimed ignorance. >> i do not have any role in third party groups that produce these ads. >> this is an ad by an entity that is not controlled this campaign. >> it clearly shows one thing president obama and the reelection team are scared they have no good ideas no pressure
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solutions and no record to run on. they are thanking the fact that american voters aren't smart enough to see through all of these liberal lies. >> mr. president take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america. >> coming up next on "hannity's america" we examine the key component of the president's divide and conquer campaign strategy that being class warfare. we will look at how they hope to fix the haves verses have notes in order to win a second term in office. that and much more coming up next. ♪ why should saturday night have all the fun?
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity's america. the campaign has become the dirtiest in political history. since he is unable to run on his record he is forced to use another dirty trick that is divide and conquer. for him that means drawing a line between the rich and boor. watch how the spin masters are using class warfare to try to win votes come november. >> we owe our country a better future. >> in torques 8 he promised a new direction for america. >> i say let us begin the work together. let us unite. >> remember what his message was? unity. i am going to unify the country.
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we all stand as one. i am going to stop these divisions. >> in this election the message of unit ty is gone. >> 1-4 millions paoloer tax rates than middle class households. >> in order to turn the attention away from the economy he turned it us against them. the haves verses the have notes. >> should we ask middle class people to pay more when their budgets are stretched to the bridging point or should we ask the rhetwealthyest americans to their fair share. >> divide the country rich people verses every one else. those evil rich people aren't paying their fair share of taxes. >> do their fair share. >> pay their fair share. >> that is the height of unfairness. >> almost like a scene out of
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that batman movie where bane takes over new york city and he says to the people you are oppressors of the rich people, the people live in the penthouses. >> we can settle for an economy where few people do really well and everybody else struggles to get by or build an' coon mow where hard work pays off. everybody does their fair share and everybody plays by the same rules. >> president obama does not want to call it class warfare. >> some see it as class warfare. i see it as a simple choice. keep taxes where they are for millionaires and billionaires or we can ask them to pay the same rate as a plumber or bus driver. >> the president and allies have eyes set on a bigger target the rich. >> he has to find some billing he has made rich people or successful people, people who succeed in life and create businesses and make money as the
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villains in the economy. >> the romney rule let's fat cats rig the system so they pay less and capass on the burden t hard-working americans like you and me. when the wealthyest pay taxes like the rest of us it keeps the american dream alive for everyone. tell mitt romney kittens are cute one less who won't pay their fair share not so much. >> it's so much to win an election with america on the verge of falling off the fiscal cliff democrats are using the divisive rhetoric to push for higher taxes or else. >> if we can't get a good deal, a balanced deal that calls on the wealthy to pay their fair share, then i will absolutely continue this debate into 2013 rather than lock in a long-term deal this year that throws middle class families under the bus. >> what the democrats are proposing today is an entirely avoidable high stakes game of chicken.
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and with the single minded goal of taking more money from those who earn it for government to waste. >> congressional leaders republican leaders have been clear that they will hold hostage tax cuts for the 98 percent of the american people to their insistence that millionaires and billionaires get tax cuts, too. >> this budget show down will likely pit the president against his vice presidential rival as the campaign hits a fever pitch with president obama calling out paul ryan's plan as quote not serious. >> nothing serious about a plan that reduces the deficit paying trillions on billionaires. >> exploiting the people's emotion of fear, envy and anxiety is not hope. it's not change. tears partisanship. >> if you look at the top 10
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percent in the country the top one out of 10 americans in income those tend to be business owners and entrepreneurs they have their 10 percent of the people but they pay 70 percent of the taxes. the top 20 percent pay over 90 percent of the taxes. in this tax system which is highly dependent on rich people. >> you have the top 2 percent paying almost half of all income taxes. is that fair? we want an income tax system that is fair according to the obama's system standards. >> the top 10 percent of income earners already pay more than 70 percent of the income taxes in the country. we could jack that up to 80 or 90 percent as president owe combam ma wou-- obama would hav do. that's not the point, while it may make the class warfare crusaders feel better it wouldn't make a single job in america and it would destroy many. >> the partisan divide is only
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growing as liberals from coast to coast have eagerly adopted the president's class warfare talking points. >> we are walking today because the city has been occupied by an invasion of the one percenters who destroyed our school system. >> mr. obama is for the middle class. romney is not for the middle class. >> mitt romney is the candidate of the one percent. >> barack obama has been the leader of the occupy wall street movement. he's using the very same rhetoric that those fanatics that were protesting in front of wall street were using. it's the top 1 percent verses the 99 percent. if only the one percent didn't have all of the money then all of us would be doing better. >> what would happen to romney. >> the occupy guys have it all wrong. they were in about class warfare and envy and taking from others. the american dream isn't you are entitle to do your neighbor's property the american dream is if you can work hard your children can do even better than you have done.
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every generation wants that for our children. >> with the days ticking away toward the election the important question is is it working? there is evidence that it is not. the democratic think tank third way polled independent voters in battle ground states and found they don't buy the tax fairness argument. >> they don't see themselves as victims in the system. 60 percent of them say our system is fair. when you ask them how to grow the economy they didn't talk about fairness they talked about opportunity. >> we will know how effective the class ferret rick is. >> i think ultimately they will reject this class work ermis sandaling because they understand the people who sign the checks tend to be job creators and they are the people that barack obama is villainizing. >> coming up, the president has armed himself with several key figures to orchestrate this campaign who are beneath the
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>> as we continue our investigation into the dirty tactics of the obama campaign it's time for us to pull the curtain back and expose the one person who can be credited as the driving force behind the hateful tone that has been spewing from team obama and the surrogate. >> the obama campaign has been called one of the dirtiest in ne american history. to many americans that face is stephanie cut cutter. >> i am the campaign manager at obama for america. >> willing to say anything necessary to get her candidate
9:22 pm
re-elected cutter has has a campaign of lies and slander. this political operative has been using the same tactics for nearly a decade. she gave political experience volunteering for the presidential run of michael dukakis cain 1988. she began her career with the clinton administration in various communication roles later moving on to work for senator ted kennedy. s she received her first level with presidential campaign senator john kerry. it was where we saw her trademark tactics emerge. >> add the middle chlass to pay more taxes than he could give 250,000 more tax cut for people making more than 3 million a year. it's like robin hood in reverse. it's romney hood. >> but in 2004 it was stephanie
9:23 pm
cutter making the same claims than president bush appearing on fox news cutter attacked president bush claiming he pursued a policy that put the wealthy on top and left the middle class behind. cutter's time with the kerry campaign was rocky due to her difficult and surl lee personality. members of the campaign immortalized cutter with the creation of a new verb. to schutter means to try to control or dominate. the word has a more crude definition as well, to, well, blank up. a refrps to her miss handling of the vote. >> it was brought back from the dead by the owe bam paw campaign. the brutal tactics would foreshadow what has come four years later. >> if john mccain and governor palin can stand up there and attack barack obama and use false attacks on us we are going
9:24 pm
to call them on it. this is politics. it's time that john mccain and sarah palin start telling the truth. this has to do with john mccain the campaign hypocrisy on women. they are having a false offense onning putting lipstick on a big when john mccain doesn't stand for equal pie for women doesn't stand for children's health insurance thinks the economy is going fine where millions of children are going without healthcare. where is the offense of that? that is where the american people are offended by that. >> sound familiar? mitt romney and his wife receiving the attacks over women's issues having no issue of the former employers like ted kennedy and john kerry cutter led a crusade against president kennedy and mitt romney's wealth claiming he has broken the law. >> either mitt romney through his own worth and signature was misrepresenting his position to
9:25 pm
the fcc which is a felony or he was misrepresenting his position at bane to the american people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequences of his investment. >> following a firestorm of criticism cutter was forced to apologize for those remarks. >> if you look at what the discussion was we were having, last week it was revealed that mitt romney signed his name on a series of fcc documents saying he was the chairman ceo, president, sole owner of bane capital. but he is telling the american people he is not responsible for anything that happened there. so we are pointing out the fact that both things can't be true. if you were signing documents to the federal government as you all know that knowingly aren't true that is a criminal offense. we are not suggesting romney commit a crime here we are suggesting he's not going being front with the american people about what his involvement was for bane.
9:26 pm
>> she caught heat for her tactics but her lies as well. priorities usa a pro obama pact made the infamous romney ad in which the former steel worker claims the cancer death of his wife mi wife. >> i lost my healthcare and family lost their healthcare. a short time after that my wife became ill. i don't know how long she was sick. i think maybe she didn't say anything because she knew we couldn't afford the insurance. she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he has done to any one. furthermore, i do not think mitt romney is concerned. >> when asked about the obama campaign's connection with coptic and the ad cutter played dumb. >> we nothing to do with priorities usa by law we are not allowed to coordinate with them and by law we don't have anything to do with the ads.
9:27 pm
i don't have the facts of when joe's wife got sick or when she died. but i do know the facts with what he did with gs steel. i know the facts that he lost his job lost his healthcare the entire company went bankrupt. >> that was far from the truth as cutter previously hosted a press conference with joe coptic. >> she was diagnosed with cancer i had to put her in a county hospital because she didn't have healthcare. when the cancer took her all i got was an enormous bill. when you look at what mitt romney did you can tell he is only worried about one group of people and that's the people like him, people at the top. you can't expect mven mouch mor someone who says he likes to fire people with no concern about what their family really means. now i turn the call back over to stephanie. >> great, thank you, joe. we appreciate you and david sharing your experiences. >> always on the attack even as she was caught lying herself
9:28 pm
cutter lashed out at the presidential republican ticket following their convention. >> it was a week of personal attacks, empty platitude. the one thing you were left with is they really think that lying is a virtue. i think the american people disagree with that. >> are you saying they are just a bunch of liars. >> no, bob, i didn't say that. >> you said lying -- >> i heard a lot of things that weren't true. >> her tactics are more of the same out of the democratic play book attempting to win votes by spreading fear and resentment. >> let's get the facts out. it's important that you guys know the truth. thighs guys are going to say whatever it takes to tear down the president. they will literally say anything. we are going to call their bs when you see it we need your help to call them on it, too, and set the record straight. >> coming up next... >> there is not a black america and a white america and a latino america and an asian america. there's the united states of
9:29 pm
america. >> soaring rhetoric of only his actions louder than his words. we look at the other weapon the obama campaign arsenal is using that is race. a look at how play tantly this reelection team and surrogate has saturated or national discourse with racially charged attacks. it was the president's silver bullet in 08 we exposed how in the bag the media is for president they abandoned their role as journalists and let the thrill of vetting this president four years ago. tonight we have had the obama mania media's handling of this 2012 election cycle. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't.
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it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. [ female announcer ] do you think the best of nature and science and research should go into the products you trust? then you think like amway. yes. amway. using the highest quality standards, we develop and manufacture just what you need for nutrition, home care, and beauty, backed with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee. amway conveys quality. learn more from your amway independent business owner. >> we have shown you step by step how this president and his campaign have used scare tactics class warfare and plablatant li this is november. it gets worse. this president was spoused to move our country beyond years of racial division.
9:33 pm
spoke of one america despite the promises of hope and change to get him into the white house he has never seen racial rhetoric used to the extent that we have seen in recent years. >> there is not a black america and a white america and latino america, an asian america. there's the united states of america. >> a powerful declaration from the president. 8 years later those words of unit, that promise of one nation has turned racially divisive. races become a pool a method to insight fear of the president's largest voting block and get them to vote in november. >> can't just trout out a brown face or spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or candidate. >> more than any other administration in recent history the president's campaign and the soldiers on the left are
9:34 pm
resorting to attacking republicans with racist accusations. >> it is the most vicious scare tactics that are being used. they are using any means necessary to get out the vote and inspire that record turnout that the president had in 2008 to try to begin it up for 2012. >> all of the grand promises that this man ushered in four years ago. i think a lot of them do want to stay home. i think the democratic party is going to stoke as much hatred, fear and bigotry to try to get them to go to the polls. >> sometimes language is subtle just a change in enintonation. vice president biden is expert in this. >> unchain wall street. they are going to put ya'll back in chains. >> while some take a subtle
9:35 pm
approach some with blatant racism. >> they want to drag us all of the way back to jim crow law and literally and transparently block access to the polls. >> let's be clear about it mitt romney is speak to go a group of people out there who don't like folks like president obama if any elected or leadership position. he is speaking to the prenfrien out there who don't want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. i have been able to convince my children finally racism is alive and well. >> just when you think it reached a fever pitch it manages to get even worse. >> republicans hate black people. to all of the republicans i ask you this day on august 2012 i ask you this day, where did you
9:36 pm
lose your dignity in laying down for these damn cracker who's make this black community no good. their future has shown this for what people i can see call them crackers on the day you refer to me as a (bleep) and reference black people as a (bleep) and treating the black community as a (bleep) let us off your own (bleep). you better believe my foot on you (bleep). >> it is surprising we are seeing these types of scare tactics. a look back shows the political tool is a tired old strategy readily featured in a democratic play book. speaking at an naacp convention presidential candidate al gore struck racial cords with this comment. >> they are in favor of affirmative action if you canning jump a basketball with a three point shot. they are not in favor of it if
9:37 pm
you merely have the potential to be a lead you aer in your commu and lift people up and make this a better country. don't tell me we have a color blind society. >> back in 2006 when naacp chairman alleged the idea of equal rights as american flag and federal swastika side by side and look back at political ads there was no mistake which message nerp trying to send with these two ads. >> when you don't vote, you let another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. when you don't vote you let another assault wound a brother or sister. when you don't vote, you let the republicans continue to cut school lunches and head start. >> june 7th, 1998, my father was
9:38 pm
killed. evidences beaten and dragged two-miles all because he was blacked. when bush had the legislation it was like my father was killed all over again. >> the election president obama should have ended any signs of racial divide perhaps there was for seshadowing the race that would have occurred. he himself was a first offender when he call braut his race to the forefront on the campaign trail back in 2008. >> what they are going to try to do is make you scared of me. he's not patriotic enough. he has a funny name. >> he doesn't have any president he is on the dollar bills. >> it was that election when former president bill clinton accused the owe bam paw campaign of playing the race card against
9:39 pm
him. >> i think they played the race card on me. we know from memos and the campaign and everything they planned to do it all along. >> they weren't completely leading they discovered to grab headlines to have these offensive allegations against these republicans. >> it is animosity toward barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he is african american. >> i hussein so bam ma do solemnly swear. >> after bringing him into the office it should have brought the nation together and unify the one american president obama once spoke about we seem to have taken several steps back in time. >> for president obama and friends of president obama and staff of president obama to play the race card is not only
9:40 pm
unhealthy for our democratic republic or healthy for our country it is a betrayal of the reason they elected him in the first place. >> when they ask are we better off than we were four years ago we definitely are not. the obama operatives used against their well meaning good faith political opponents things have gotten way worse. >> why are these racial lines being drawn again? the chosen to put politics ahead of progress. politics ahead of real stability. >> on a horrible reality for americans of all colors. that is what is going to win or lose the election. >> the president has no choice but to appeal to the lowest common denominator and try to win this election by getting out his base. i don't think that will work.
9:41 pm
>> coming up the mainstream media has always been in a pocket for president obama but their bias reporting for the 2012 presidential race has reached new heights. we exposed their hidden agenda and how they are trying to take down governor romney. that's coming up next. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university,
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>> welcome back to "hannity's america." they are the super pack of all super pack. barack obama was elect the president of the united states. over the past 3 and a half years the blatant left wing bias and mainstream media has only gotten worse. the slanted reporting in the 2012 race it may be the most pathetic to date. >> they pretend to be unbiassed journalists. >> what do you think of the republican criticism that the white house is criticizing it?
9:45 pm
>> those can no longer despise their bias. >> this will be the single most important election in our lifetime. >> the need for the american people to have the truth in front of them has never been greater. when the media are going out of their way to decembistort an eln in order to advance one party, then they are doing a tremendous disservice to the american people, they are doing a tremendous disservice to history. >> you just don't have to take our word for it. they are being admitted openly. >> i think the press likes this story a lot. they are susceptible to doing what the obama campaign wants. >> i thought the media helped tip the scales. i didn't think the coverage was fair to hillary clinton or john mccain. >> there was a clear distinction as to how they choose to cover
9:46 pm
the two political parties. list tone how the obama mania media covered the dnc. >> we posted the media's reaction what they are saying it was a grand slam. chuck todd saying michelle obama owned this convention the way no speaker owned it. they tend to be quite spit ten with the obamas. i don't know if we should over interpret it. >> it wasn't for the two-week stand they showed their true colors. list tone what rom my and ryan have been asked during their interviews. >> there are people claiming you played a little fast and lose with the truth on certain key elements. >> people hear he is not going to release the rest of the returns. they wonder why. is there a year there that he paid no taxes, did they wonder about expensive horses and houses and what have you. are you prepared to leave this gathering and own the fact that the platform of this party allows a woman who has been raped no exception but to carry
9:47 pm
that kyled to term? >> i just got a copy of news week cover that is going to be hitting the news stands tomorrow that calls you a wimp. >> has any one called you a wimp before? >> who needs campaign surrogates to attack the romney ryan ticket when you have them doing the media dirty work. the media tries to hide obama's blunders but highlight romney's campaign. here's an example of the friends helping to make this point. back in may may abc news ran stories about the romney campaign accidentally misspelling america. >> they are bumbling the iphone app. >> he is a bit red faced after misspelling america on the campaign. >> during that same week president obama made a highly ex sensitive gaff while resistant fighter during the nazi om
9:48 pm
payings of poland the commander-in-chief said this. >> young served as a courier for the polish resistance during the darkest days of world war ii. before one trip across enemy lines they told him jews were being killed and smuggle nude a polish death camp to seek for himself. >> the polish death camps created an uproar in poland in typical fashion the mainstream media never reported it. this is one example of the story those in the mainstream media refused to cover. when it was announced biden would be campaigning in tampa during an rnc an unprecedented move mind you not one of the three major networks covered their story in the nightly newscast or on morning shows but when it was announced paul ryan would be campaigning in carolina before the dnc. >> mitt romney is resting but
9:49 pm
paul ryan will innovate charlotte north carolina where the democrats hold their national convention this week. >> we have seen this bias by omission murging in the last several years. new stories that are funews to everyone are being plotted out if it goes to a narrative reelection. >> it isn't just those running on the take et that are subjected to the west spin. she is battling her illnesses. >> this is not in any way to make light of ann romney's difficulty with ms. it's a difficult thing to bear. but come on, dress sandali dres does not appear in any of the courses of treatment. >> we knew ann romney herself had suffering with multiple
9:50 pm
sclerosis and also suffered from breast cancer. do you think he is intentionally using her to close the agenwe gender gap. >> they had a field day about a shirt she wore during the cbs interview. >> it was recognized as the reed auto bond silk shirt part of the reed crack off 2012 spring summer collection. the shirt is available to any one for a mere $990 yet another example of how out of touch the romney family can be with how 99 percent of americans live. >> that was first lady michelle obama treated by the press. she gets the royal treatment. the media flat out ignores her pricey attire. she wore sneakers that cost over 500 bucks to a food bank event a 2,000 dollar sun dress during a hawaii vacation and to top it all off a 6,000 dollar jacket to an event at buckingham palace. where is the outrage there? you shouldn't be surprised to
9:51 pm
learn there was none. instead this is what the first lady is used to. >> she wore the tracy reeves dress and j. crew shoe and many male members have been commenting on this morning, a blue gray hue nail polish that is really the talk of the internet. i have been calling all morning at the first lady's office to discover the shade but i haven't been able to feigned out. >> the president's liberal bias is doing a disservice to every single voter who dares to tune into their broadcast. >> if the national news media are so biassed in one direction, can a democracy function? and i would suggest that that very democracy is in peril by this. are they doing the american people a favor? absolutely not. and coming up i will demonstrate how hate speech, deception and gutter politics failed democrats in the fast. i will explain how republicans
9:52 pm
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>> tonight we exposed how they are attempting to provide you and the american people in order to remain in office for what would likely be another four gruelling years of economic distress and international uncertainty. oy want to share closing thoughts on what will be the dirtiest in our election history. we have heard some of this rhetoric from the left in years past class warfare scare tactics flat out distortions and the race card. what makes 2012 so different is unlike any other in recent memory the obama campaign has displayed a willingness to implement each one of those into this year's reelection strategy.
9:56 pm
>> you have their plan which is let's have dirtyer air and dirtyer water. legs peop less people with health insurance. >> i want to talk about the idea that everyone in this country should do their fair share. some see it as class warfare i see it as a simple choice. >> mitt romney through his own words or signature was misrepresenting his position at bain to the fcc which is a felony. or misrepresenting his position at bain to the american people. >> i lost my healthcare and she passed away in 22 days. i don't believe mitt romney realizes what he has done to any one. furthermore i don't think mitt romney is concerned. >> let's be clear about it mitt romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don't like folks like president barack obama in any leadership position. he is speaking to the friend out
9:57 pm
there who do not want to see anybody other than the white person in the leadership position. >> that often goes unrecognized by the average american especially when the members of the mainstream media serve as sur cats to the presidential campaign. when such miss truths and hate is in a handbook it is difficult to turn a blind eye to them. the key question we have to ask tonight is will the voters allow gutter politics. to find that answer let's take a look back at candidate barack obama claiming to be an advocate a proponent of changing the cull newer too washing -- fculture i washington. >> we made specific solutions as to how to move these forward and identifying the change of culture in washington. that is the job of the next
9:58 pm
president of the united states that's what i intend to do. that's why i am running. >> he through a pitch got a strike. four years earlier democrats nominated a man who was the quintessential washington insider willing to change his position on anything to get elected. >> i did vote for the 87 billion before i voted against it. >> they declared that comment into the football hall of fame on critical issues like magsnal defense in order to appeal to the base does not resinate with the electorate. it will fail president owe bambina in november. he has done a 180 on closing gitmo to allow lobbyists to work in the white house and beyond. he increased america's debt limit until he supported raising it as president. hope and change works flip flopping and pan derring not so
9:59 pm
much. let's rewind to al gore running a campaign based on distortion. he is talking his opponent or worse he sought out flat out lies. here's what he said why democrats want to use him in the year 2000. >> i have traveled through out every part of the country the last 6 years during my service in the united states and congress i took the initiative of creating the internet. >> that was an utterly baseless claim it was made by our former vice president. it serves that stretching the truth will not win you an election. it doesn't hood wink enough voters in 2008 that soaring rhetoric no longer strolls. they intended to win the wt