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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 25, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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nobody should be scolded in tahiti, and don't be a pronk. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here, because we're definitely looking out for you. >> bill: tonight the hit-and-run is complete. at this very hour president obama's back in washington after fleeing new york city and the united nations general assembly. that means yet again he's free to resume his daily routine of fundraising, hobnobbing with celebrities and campaigning. as we reported last night during his brief visit to new york he found time to sit down for an interview with, yes, the ladies of "the view." today he cleared a few minutes on his schedule to deliver a quick speech at the u.n., however declined to meet with a
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single world leader while on the ground. that makes him the first president in more than two decades to avoid his counterparts on a u.n. trip. in addition, he uttered the word "terrorist" only once today. ironically the same amount of times that he tweeted about the ongoing nfl/referee labor dispute. it's statistics like these that show where the president's priorities lie. let's see, whoopi goldberg and joy behar, trumping benjamin netanyahu. if you needed more proof that this president is not interested in siding with our allies in israel, it came yesterday. this is the american delegation listening to mahmoud ahmadinejad delivering his remarks, the same remarks where he said that israel will be eliminated. our representatives were patiently listening to on monday. oh, by the way, we're learning from reports that iran is
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test-firing missiles, ones that are designed to hit warships. by the way, the iranians are bragging to the world that they've developed long-range drones capable of carrying bombs and missiles to anywhere in the middle east. we're glad that everyone welcomed with open arms adolf jr. to the u.n. today president obama took to the podium and wasn't long before he used his time in the spotlight to bash that anti-muslim youtube trailer once again, you know, the one that was released in july that initially he blamed on all of the violence in the middle east. here's what he said. >> that is what we saw play out in the last two weeks. it was a crude and disgusting video, sparking outrage throughout the muslim world. the united states government had nothing to do with this video. we understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them. i know there are some who ask why don't we ban such a video? there's no video that justifies an attack on an ambassador any
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more than the people that produced this video represent views of americans. >> bill: i'm confused. now we're back to blaming the video for the terrorist attack. weren't we told it was "self-evident" by jay carney this was all the work of al qaeda? then it was terrorism, then al-qaeda. my head is spinning trying to keep up with the changing versions and the finger-pointing going on. let's call this what it is. it's a cover-up by the administration. a pair of senators must be smelling the same stink, because they're demanding that the secretary of state, hillary clinton, release ambassador stevens' diplomatic cables. a few short blocks away from the u.n. where the president continued to condemn this youtube trailer, we're awaiting this week the return of the biggest piece of trash disgilessed as so-called art, a crucifix in the artist's urine.
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we heard nothing about this. joining me with reaction, our former new hampshire governor, one-man romney wrecking crew john sununu along with fox contributor john trippi. has anybody drawn more attention to this video that was so amateurishly put together than the president of the united states? why does he continue to obsess about this? he didn't o obsess. he said that the video was wrong and bad. and it was. i disagree with you, sean. he mentioned that we shouldn't -- you know, freedom of speech is important, but you -- >> bill: joe, he's been saying this from the beginning. it's the video, it's the video. >> no. >> bill: wait a minute. he sent susan rice out there, jay carney. sent them out there for days telling the american people that on the anniversary of 9/11, the
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attacks on all of our embassies, the death of four americans, was all related to this video, nothing to do with the u.s., nothing to do with the anniversary of 9/11. >> right. >> bill: why does he keep promoting it, so if anybody doesn't know about it they will? >> no. he said in his speech, not just this video, but any video that goes against christianity, offends christianity, jews, anti-semitism, any of that has no place, but it's also no excuse for violence. he made that very clear in the speech, sean. i mean, he did. that's the facts. i mean, the thing is he -- he sat on the world stage and gave that speech, and i thought it was exactly what he needed to say. >> joe, there is no way he could have -- he should have referred to the video almost 10 times in that speech. look, this is a president who is trying to hide the fact that we knew ahead of time that september 11th was going to be
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a horrible day, that poor ambassador stevens understood he was in serious trouble there, that we left him underprotected, and that the assault was not a demonstration -- >> we didn't know any of that. >> -- the assault was not a demonstration, but a well-planned military movement attacking on three sides with rocket-propelled grenades, and it was deliberately designed to be a september 11th assault. it had nothing to do with the video. shame on this president for going back, trying to hide the facts by saying it over and over again in new york. >> we don't know any of that. we may know that when all the facts are in and it's all investigated, and it will be, but at the time this happened that is not what we knew. >> bill: joe, stop for a second. >> they admitted it yesterday, and the day before, and now he's retreating again. look, let me tell you what the big problem with this president is, in my opinion.
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he's absolutely lazy and detached from his job. when he doesn't go and attend 60% of the detailed presidential daily briefings that come from the cia and thinks he can just skim it, skim the summery paper on his ipad instead of sitting down and engaging in what i -- i was in a white house with george herbert walker bush. he took that brief every day. george w. bush took it every day. i believe that bill clinton took it every day. this president thinks he's smarter than those guys and doesn't have to engage in the discussion. that's the most important half hour of the day for a president who has to protect the security of the united states. >> george herbert walker bush did not hold any bilateral meetings of the united nations in 1992.
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>> bill: wait a minute. hang on a second. joe, joe, this is what you're missing. the president of the united states is lying to the families of four dead americans. >> he is not lying. he's not lying. >> bill: if this was a spontaneous attack, they happened to have in their back pocket rocket-propelled grenade, if it wasn't a planned, orchestrated attack? they happened to have a mortar round in their back pocket that they were firing at the embassy? >> sean, sean -- >> bill: wait a minute. why were the -- >> sean, wait for me for a second. when libya fell, when the government collapsed, there were thousands and thousands of rpgs that were missing. we all know that. that's a fact. >> bill: that they just happened to bring to a spontaneous rally -- >> no, no. i'm not doing the spontaneous rally thing. these weapons are all over that country. >> bill: why didn't he beef up security on the anniversary of
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9/11? >> those are things that will be -- if there's an investigation -- look, if you're a government you don't say it's terrorism until you know it's terrorism. >> joe, let me ask you a question. here's the chance for you to show me up. >> how's they're a cover-up? >> joe, here's a chance for you to show me. >> okay. >> i admit i haven't got the slightest idea what in god this president means when he says our strategy in that part of the world is to lead from behind. why don't you explain to me so that i will then know it. what in god's name can you mean by "leave from behind"? >> this president made a promise to the american people we'd get out of iraq. he did that. >> you don't have an answer, right? you don't have an answer. let me tell you why the answer is important since you don't have an answer. >> it's not leading from behind. he's led us out of iraq. >> that's what he called it that. >> no, he didn't say that. he didn't say that. >> the reason it's important is
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that we have lost respect in that region. that is a region of the world were you must lead by respect. not by popularity. >> right. >> not by the warmth and charm of the president, but by respect, by the strength of the united states, the resolve of the united states, the clear agenda of the united states, the commitment of the united states. on issues like iran's nuclear power, this guy has drifted for four years, wandering around without crippling sanctions on these people, and we're going to end up one day with a nuclear power there that is so mischievous it will scare the hell out of everyone. >> he has built a coalition worldwide, unity on sanctions, stronger than any sanctions ever put on iran. >> bill: oh, stop it, joe. >> he has. >> bill: stop it. i'm quoting, "iran, cuba,
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venezuela, those countries are tiny. they don't represent a threat." who said that, joe? do you know? >> who said what? >> bill: iran, cuba, venezuela, those countries are tiny. they're not a threat." who said that? >> i don't know. >> bill: barack obama said it. >> barack obama said it. he said we needed to get rid of assad 15 months ago, and he's been sitting around watching the russians pump weapons into syria without having a serious discussion. >> bill: let me move the ball a little bit. i have no problem with the president going on "the view." they have a big audience. >> he's eye candy, right? >> bill: whatever. yeah, exactly. that's what i read. here's the thing. he's not going to meet with bibi netanyahu. we have two continents on fire, ablaze, our flags ripped down,
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our ambassadors killed, navy seals killed, "death to america" being chanted. of course he says that nothing to do with america. the president goes on "the view." won't meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu, because then he'd have to meet with other 10 leaders. oh, should we not burden the poor president? obviously we see a priority, sitting down with letterman, meeting beyonce, hanging out with jay-z, but not meeting with world leaders as world terrorism looms. >> he's talked to all of them. he talked to -- >> bill: why wouldn't he meet with them? >> there's no need. >> bill: there's no need? >> no. >> bill: there's a need to go on "the view"? >> yeah. >> bill: letterman, vegas? >> the guy can govern and do this at the same time. >> letterman starts talking about the debt. letterman says it's
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$10 trillion. the president says, i don't know what the number is. how can he not know it's $16 trillion? how can he be president of the united states and not know it's $16 trillion? >> if mitt romney believes the country should go to war, he should say so. >> bill: this isn't about mitt romney. >> sean, we had this conversation. look, the middle east has been burning for 2,000 years. >> bill: not like this. >> are you kidding me? beirut, beirut, beirut under reagan. >> bill: he's going to vegas. >> this is like -- look, we have u.s. assets all around the world. every president's had this kind of situation happen much worse than this one. and this president believes you go get the guy -- it's not bravado, you don't say bring it
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on, you don't send 200,000 troops in. >> bill: why not? there's four americans dead. >> you find them and kill them. that's what happened with osama bin laden on this watch. it's not words or rhetoric. all this is is garbage rhetoric. >> come on, joe! you're defending the indefensible. >> no, i'm not. >> this president has cost us -- >> the bush doctrine -- >> bill: joe, let me the governor finish a sentence. go ahead, governor. >> joe, this is a critical time. this is a part of the world where a transition was taking place. and we should have been there leading it. we should have been there putting pressure on the russians not to be supplying assad. we should have been there providing assistance to those that were fighting in the right direction rather than just letting the vacuum be filled by the folks that we don't want running these countries. we were not doing that.
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>> that's not true. >> this president, instead of going to cairo, talking soft, that he was all of a sudden going to move the muslim world because of his relationship with them. >> no. they were men like chris stevens fighting to move this forward. i would caution everybody that in an area like the middle east with the factions that exist -- >> bill: joe -- >> hold on. with the factions that exist there, where you can say something worked or didn't work after three years after a place that's been bumping for 2,000 years -- >> bill: do you think it's a bump in the road and noise? four dead americans are a bump in the road? that's not insulting? >> that's not what the president said. >> bill: exactly what he said. he said, "it's a bump in the road." >> joe, what he was trying to do with that phrases was gloss over a difficult question. he made a dumb mistake.
9:16 pm
he has to deal with that dumb mistake. he thought he could gloss over and suggest that it was not a critical issue. >> bill: let me move on. joe, let me ask you this. hang on a second. >> it was romney making statements before he knew the facts at all late that night. >> he turned out to be right, didn't he? >> bill: joe, let me ask you. do you think that our representatives at the united nations should have picked up with israel when adolf ahmadinejad talks about destroying israel again? do you think it's appropriate for our delegation to sit there during that moment? >> i think the delegation -- you know, i don't know the answer to that one. i mean, i think that the -- that the administration has made some mistakes, but i don't know that that was one of them. >> bill: joe, let me ask you one more question. do you think we ought to be -- if this ambassador --
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>> i thought we were talking about free speech. >> bill: hold on a second. the ambassador writes inside his diary that he was fearful for his own life. if he wrote that in his own diary i think it's an obvious conclusion to draw that he had to tell people at the state department, people he worked for, this is banghazi, where it's a known terrorist training site in the world, probably told people in the state department, white house, what was going on there. don't you think that all of these cables should be released and released tomorrow so that the families can have some closure as to what happened and an answer to the question of why the president didn't beef up security in such a critical part of the world, dangerous part of the world on the anniversary of 9/11? >> no, i don't think they should be released. we don't know what classified information is in those documents. >> bill: i'm not looking for classified. >> look, i'm sure they will be released once there's an investigation -- >> bill: after the election. >> after the investigation is over. >> let's not talk about what
9:18 pm
could have happened before -- >> by the way, stevens should have -- >> let me ask you about afterwards. don't you think it's irresponsible and unconscionable for this administration to not have gone in and looked for things so that ambassador stevens' diary would not have been found by a press group but would actually have been taken out by the u.s.? and shouldn't we have been looking for that and other things in there before we left it four days unexamined? >> there was no -- as best i know, there weren't any americans left there. they had all been withdrawn. >> there was certainly material there since they found it. >> yes, there was. that's right. i think it was irresponsible for romney to go out and make comments before knowing what's going on. >> we've got to get professional with our foreign policy. we have to understand there is some reality to peace through strength and trying to be soft and apologetic as a foreign policy tool is the dumbest thing
9:19 pm
we can do. >> the president made no apology in that speech today. >> bill: joe, let me ask you this question. joe, he was pandering -- i was embarrassed frankly to watch him give the speech. >> i was proud of him. >> bill: didn't talk about the block there was a crucifix in urine. >> read the speech. read the speech. >> bill: joe, you got to stop interrupting. juan at interrupting. one at a time. >> you interrupt me, i won't interrupt you. >> bill: that's the way it works. this is a picture of mohamed morsi, former muslim brotherhood head referred to the israelis as vampires, was part of a terrorist organization, gets $2 billion, american dollars, a year, and i want to know, he says that we're not necessarily an ally of egypt, he's aligning with iran. why should we give more cent to the muslim brotherhood in egypt? should you explain why that
9:20 pm
should be american policy? >> i don't think -- i hope john sununu doesn't think we should withdraw completely from egypt. >> no, i don't. i'll tell you what i do think. i do think mitt romney's idea of conditionality on the funds is the right thing to do. when you give people money you have to tell them what you expect of them, and you expect them to deliver. >> bill: we'll take a break. we'll come back. more with john sununu and joe trippi. who are the people supporting barack obama? howard stern thought he'd go out and find the answers. the widespread ignorance will shock you. plus, the white house and the president tramp all over free speech by asking you to question the muhammad youtube trailer, that we limit free speech when
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>> bill: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with former new hampshire governor john sununu and fox news contributor joe
9:25 pm
trippi. governor, where do you think the race is at this moment? >> i look at rasmussen and gallup. they both have slightly biases, one toward the republican, one toward the democrat. those are the only two polls that i think are accurate. they both have it virtually a dead heat. i look at polls in states i know like new hampshire, and i know romney is doing better, even though rasmussen has him head in new hampshire, i know he's doing better than rasmussen's numbers. i think the debates will be important. i know everybody's trying to say they're not, but i actually they'll be more important than people think. i think you've got two folks going into it, president obama and mitt romney, who are used to that kind of environment. i think it's going to be really be significant for people who are not having an easy time making up their mind right now. >> bill: joe, you know polls. the governor knows polls. i read polls. one of the things that i think the media has made as a mistake here is they've skewed these
9:26 pm
polls based on the 2008 model. now we know that the president's support among many in his base has been reduced. every enthusiasm poll shows that it's down significantly. he's lost independents. so when you go back to the 2008 turnout model, that can't be accurate. especially in light of what happened in 2010. so do you acknowledge that those polls are skewed? >> no, i don't think that's what we're seeing. i think what we're seeing is -- at least i've really looked at the cross tabs. what you're starting to see is a small number of independents are starting to self-identify themselves as democrats. in 2010 that was a huge swing of independents self-identifying themselves as republicans, sean. that's what ended up with a huge wave. it's not by any way definitive yet, but you're starting to see a move from -- >> bill: no way that model shows from 2008 to 2012. i will bet you any amount of money it's not going to exist. >> joe, keep please thinking like that. hey, joe, please keep thinking
9:27 pm
like that, and see if you can get the president to believe that garbage. >> bill: gentlemen, good to see you both. the lies keep coming. the president takes to his soapbox at the u.n. and blames a shoddy youtube clip for the violence in the middle east. the muslim world seized the opportunity and as a result made a pretty brazen request when it comes to our free speech. we'll tell you what it is. also howard stern interviews obama supporters. it's shocking what they don't know. we've got that coming up as well. . . spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma,
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while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] >> clashes broke out in a large number of arab and islamic countries as a result of religious information. this episode required some reflection, why we must acknowledge the importance of freedom of expression. we must also recognize that such
9:32 pm
freedom comes with responsibilities, especially when it has serious implications for international peace. >> bill: that was the egyptian president right here on american soil advocating for limiting the freedom of speech. it doesn't get scarier than this. we give this guy $2 billion a year. joining me with reaction, the author of the brand-new book "radicals." and democratic strategy robert brown is with us. comes on american soil, an anti-semite, supports terrorist groups, leading a muslim-led global ban on insults to the prophet. >> right. this is the head of the most aggressive hate group in the world. this is a man who freed the brother of al zawahri, the leader of al-qaeda, and his brother, led the attacks on the american embassy. this is a man who demands the
9:33 pm
release of the blind sheik who tried to kill 100,000 new yorkers, blow up the lincoln and holland tunnels. this is the head of an organization which can only be compared to the nazis. i mean, he said at a huge rally where his imam said they'd make jerusalem and israel a muslim country. >> bill: this was what was so humiliating about his pandering, embarrassing speech today. why doesn't he tell them, go straight to hell? you don't lecture america. >> he's responsible for morsi being in power. it was obama who pulled the rug from under muslim brotherhood mn ally, and said that they would be political. they came in, advocated the constitution, and obama helped them to remove the military from power. >> bill: yeah. >> so this fascist organization,
9:34 pm
the muslim brotherhood could rule egypt. >> bill: michael, help me out. the president all day long, we hate the movie, we hate the movie. i'm sick about hearing about the movie. how about he tells them, don't take $2 billion, don't come on american soil and lecture us about freedom of speech. why didn't he lecture them about basic freedoms we believe we're endowed by our creator with? >> any language of hate is not right, unacceptable, shouldn't happen. >> bill: what's the president going to do about it? >> i think that's one of the things -- keep in mind, sean, president obama is trying to fix what president bush broke. >> bill: oh, come on. i don't want to hear it. >> i know you don't want to hear it, because it's the truth, the fact. >> bill: bush, bush, bush. >> well, he destroyed a lot of our relationships around the
9:35 pm
world, and president obama is trying to fix them. >> relationships are worse than ever thanks to his appeasement and his show of weakness. he attacked a filmmaker at the u.n. while the chief haters, that nazi ahmadinejad, is sitting in the audience. why isn't he defending the united states? why isn't he defending the jews who are threatened by extinction by morsi, the egyptian muslim brotherhood and ahmadinejad? the muslim group dominates the u.n. there are 57 of them. they want to criminalize criticism of islam, radical islam. why isn't the president saying anything about that? >> bill: why doesn't he say stop reacting to cartoons and movie trailers and show that you are the -- you see the different is, we always say there's radical islamists and muslims. why doesn't he say to the radical islamists stop with your violence or you will pay a price.
9:36 pm
why doesn't he say that? >> he hasn't said that? >> bill: he spent all the time talking about the movie trailer. >> he never said that. >> first of all, i'm not here to defend or advocate for any particular side of this issue. >> bill: he's weak. >> well, you should be. >> certainly he's not weak. i don't think the u.n. today is a proper venue for what you want him to say. >> bill: ahmadinejad didn't have a problem saying what he felt about israel. >> you just don't want to give him credit. he's not weak. >> bill: go ahead. >> if you don't confront evil and hate, what are you doing? he's supposed to be defending. >> i agree with mr. horowitz there. >> we were attacked on 9/11. we were attacked on this 9/11. why isn't he defending us? why isn't he accusing our islamic enemies in the middle
9:37 pm
east in the charge of egypt? >> i agree about the protection of israel. i'm with you. >> bill: coming up, how well do obama supporters know their candidate? howard stern took to the streets of new york city to find out. they're nothing short of mind blowing. we will play that tape next. your reaction will be amazing. this country was built by working people.
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it was a gift. >> bill: who are president obama's supporters and just how knowledgeable are they about their candidate and his campaign? howard stern decided to find out just like he did back in 2008. his producers hit the streets of new york city. here's what he got. >> if obama wins this time, are you hoping that we finally catch and kill osama bin laden? >> umm, honestly, i don't agree with the whole war thing. if we -- >> do you think he should just go to jail, then, bin laden? >> yeah. he could be tortured. you know, i don't believe in killing. >> do you think obama made the right choice by choosing paul ryan as his vice president?
9:42 pm
>> yes. >> do you like obama because he's pro-life? >> yeah. i'm for that, yeah. >> does it bother you that obama is a mormon? >> no, but he sways his votes a lot in the way that people look at him. >> how do you think sarah palin will do as mccain's running mate in 2012? >> i'm not telling. >> there's talk he'll drop sarah palin in this election. are you going to vote for him then? >> yes. >> bill: here with reaction david webb and from americans for prosperity, the one and only jennifer stefano. i've done on the man on street, and that's the best i've seen. tell me what you think. >> positively breathtaking. the woman who doesn't believe in
9:43 pm
killing, because believes in torture. amazing. >> bill: they said that obama was a mormon, that romney was a muslim. mccain's running. this one's running. ryan is with the obama thing. >> it's frightening. it's outright frightening. i've got the whole clip, went through 7 minutes, 32 seconds. there's even more of it. what's scary here, sean, is why the tea party took hold and needs to continue to grow. people need to get more involved. if you're that ignorant of issues, the basics, who's running, what year they're running, you become the tool of a political despot. the obama administration will feed you a narrative, which works on these people, and have you vote. >> bill: the media is a sellout media, and exactly what they did
9:44 pm
in 2007 and '08 they are doing here. could you imagine "60 minutes, they ought to be embarrassed. mr. president, you promised to cut the deficit in half in your first term, $6 trillion in debt, you said bush was unpatriotic and irresponsible for four years. explain. they don't ask fundamentals. fewer americans are working in spite of your caveats, mr. president. explain. explain all of the -- never does he get asked simple questions. >> well, the media complicit here and the collusion, which is what it is, is obvious. when univision does -- credit to them -- for asking tougher questions, never getting an answer, but asking tougher questions of this president, that's amazing. i mean, they've abrogated their responsibilities as media and the american people, what we hear in this howard stern audio, is the result -- it's partially the result of media collusion. >> bill: the reason democrats'
9:45 pm
playbook is always divide along class, rich versus poor, old versus young, the race card is always played, it's for a reason, that people hear these little bumper stickers and platitudes, so there's a certain amount of this works. >> look, the left can't win man-to-man. who would buy bankruptcy and failure? if the american people were forced to go into a booth and vote on the issues, could not see a lot candidate was, the right would win hands down every time. >> bill: if you notice the media, all they do is attack romney. >> yeah. >> bill: that's all they do. they don't ever go over obama's record in any way, shape or form. i said in 2008 journalism is dead. it's beyond. now they're an extension. nbc being the worst of them. >> the legacy of the failure of
9:46 pm
the dead journalists, for lack of a better term, or journalism is dead is what we see now. an uninformed populace. this is the real problem in america. look at world history, our history. when we're not politically informed we're at the mercy of that bumper sticker slogan. >> bill: see, this president lies. this president lies. >> yes, he does. he outright lies. >> bill: they lie and get away with it. >> they lie and get away with it, because really my coma toes hamster has more life than the media, more ability to ask a question. the com comatose hamster. >> it was widespread at the dnc. folks couldn't answer. >> there are a lot of people out there, though, that know the truth. >> bill: but it's us, that's it. >> well, it's up to us. >> bill: coming up, prominent
9:47 pm
pollsters are now calling out a new poll that shows the president leading mitt romney. so are democrats and their media friends. are they using fuzzy math to sort of take away your enthusiasm? we'll break down the numbers and show you where the race stands. when we get back, dana and stuart coming up. dr. rahmany ] , even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque... it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinical rinse.
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>> bill: all right. we have a not so surprising discovery. according to various reports, the mainstream media polls are slanted toward president obama. others are highlighting the facts that these apparently biased polls are basing their sample on the voter turnout model from 2008, even though almost everyone believes that we will not reach that number in 2012. here with reaction, the cohost of "the five," dana perino. want to introduce your partner? >> stuart varney. >> bill: the polls are skewed up. >> i don't believe them. >> bill: neither do i. >> you're trying to make me believe that america is in favor of a president who's given us 8% unemployment, $16 trillion worth of debt, etc., etc., etc., and these polls say, he's going to win. we're being told by the establishment media we should believe that.
9:52 pm
well, i don't. >> bill: to give you my take on it, reading all the polls, i would say probably romney is down by 1, 1 1/2 at this point. >> agreed. >> bill: but i would say the debates are crucial. and i would say that the polls are based on a model that will not exist this year. especially after what we saw in 2010. you'd think they would have adjusted. >> turnout is everything. turnout in key states is critically important. in ohio, the obama ground game will be very good. they'll have a ton of union support. >> bill: what about the romney ground game? >> i checked on it today. by their account, they feel very strong going into it. they realize -- i mean, the romney people aren't saying, we're up by 4 or 5 points in these polls, but they're saying when the media writes every day that governor romney has lost the race because the polls say so, might as well not have an election, that they're wrong. >> don't take your election coverage from the establishment media. >> i didn't. i'm telling you what they said. >> don't let them dictate --
9:53 pm
>> bill: i just watch you, imus and fox all day. >> really, in 40 years in america, i don't think i've ever seen the media on one side so much as they are this time around. >> then you weren't the bush press secretary. >> no, i was not. >> bill: there's no difference, but you know something, i don't want to whine and complain. all lied tike to see is an aggressive, thoughtful in the debate. i've never seen this president verbally stung. let's assume they won't ask the questions that need to be asked. >> they will not. >> bill: then romney needs to bring up his failed record. if he doesn't do that, that's a mistake. >> romney is a good debater. president obama is a good speaker, reads the teleprompter. >> bill: he never answers the question. >> you're right. when he's challenged, he can get defensive and come across as mean or angry. that won't help him with that important -- >> bill: if i was romney in the first 10 minutes, he would have, bam, a verbal pop.
9:54 pm
then every answer, i would jab, make -- because there's so much material. >> he must attack. mustn't come across as a mr. nice guy. don't do that. attack. attack the president's record. >> bill: you can be nice bit, smile while you're attacking, but just tell the truth that the media won't tell. >> go after it, because the media never will. recent the president has said, he's not concerned about $16 trillion worth of debt, it's not his responsibility. he didn't build up the debt. and romney pays less in taxes than -- >> bill: we've got to take a break. when we come back, harry reid has attacked his religion, saying he's sullied mormonnism. when we come back, we'll debate that next with stuart and daney after this break. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®.
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roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> bill: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with dana perino and stuart varney. attacking people's religion, the president keeps telling us, we
9:58 pm
ought not offend the prophet muhammad. maybe he has a lecture for harry reid who said he's coming to a state where there's a lot of members of the latter-day saints, lds, that they understand he's not the face of mormonnism, said that he's sullied mormonnism. >> is there anything harry reid won't say? he said he hasn't paid taxes. now attacking his religion. >> it's been three weeks since there was a disgraceful comment by senator reid. we were due one. this happened to be very offensive. most of the media would say, that's exactly right. no one reports on harry reid's religion. >> bill: listen, i'm not allowed to bring up jeremiah wright. >> you're not? >> bill: no, i mean because -- he knew nothing about jeremiah wright's radical islam. nothing. >> where is the screaming
9:59 pm
headline about attacking governor romney's religion? you will not see it. >> bill: these guys go on -- their little buddies, go on "meet the press," all the sunday shows, and i watch. why don't you put up the screen "i will cut the deficit in my first term. this is a one-term proposition." >> headline in the "new york times," romney paid a 14% tax rate. they never said he paid almost $2 million in taxes. >> and where is the evidence about the sullying of the religion? what is he basing that on? >> bill: look, he nearly lost his life when he was on a mission. he's donated a fortune to his church and charities. i mean, you know, can you imagine -- just ree