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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 27, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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and markets. the occupying power has also continued its construction and expansion of settlements in distant areas throughout the west bank and continued its suffocating blockade as well as brazen attacks against our people in the gaza strip who to this day continue to suffer from the dises is trous impact of the destructive --. jon: if you would like to hear more of mahmoud abbas's speech, the palestinian authority president is now speaking in front of the united nations. we'll have it streaming for you live on that does it for us today. jenna: america live starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a historic moment. we're minutes away from remarks that could set the stage for a new battle in the middle east or an opportunity to stop iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. welcome to "america live",
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everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the prime minister of israel is expected to speak at the united nations any moment now as his nation faces ever increasing threat from iran. prime minister netanyahu is expected to fus on the red lines he says need to be drawn regarding iran's nuclear development. recall he could not reportedly get a meeting weather our president to sit down and discuss these issues but he will have a very big microphone when he appears at the united nations moments from now and we will will all hear what his mayesage is. david lee miller is live at the u.n. for us. david lee? >> reporter: megyn, speaking right now at the united nations is the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. after he speaks we expect one more world leader, the representative from slovonia. in all likelihood benjamin netanyahu will take to the podium. he is here within the building behind me at united nations. he arrived at the united nations 40 minutes ago.
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reporters asked him when he entered the building what he would say today, he responded simply saying, listen to my speech. as you rightly pointed out it is expected he will specifically address red lines where they need to be drawn, just how much further iran is going to be allowed to go and in developing its nuclear program, a program that many believe is on its way to the development of a nuclear bomb. insider traveling with the prime minister's plane has told israeli media that the remarks by the prime minister not expected to conflict with the position of president obama, at least not publicly and that the u.s. and israeli governments do share a common goal. and i should say this too. the israeli prime minister, before embarking to the united states, made remarks briefly yesterday on the holiest day, right before the holiest day in the jewish calendar, yom kippur. he said this speaking about
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mahmoud ahmadinejad speaking at the united nations on that very same day. and i quote. on this day when we pray to be inscribed to the book of life a platform was given to a dictatorial regime who tries at every step to sentence us to death. it is position of the israeli prime minister if not stopped iran will developed enriched-uranium that could be used to make a bomb as early as spring of 2013. we expect him to elaborate on that in just the next few moments. megyn. megyn: david lee miller, thank you so. there was, as we've always heard from iran some bellicose language from its leader in the united nations. israel will have the chance to respond after mr. netanyahu speaks, we will be joined live right here for reaction and perspective by general jack keane and ambassador john bolton. don't miss it. busy afternoon. >> the cost of food is up. the cost of electricity is up. the cost of health care is way up. the cost of gasoline is
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doubled. the american family, middle income families are having a hard time. look i know the president cares about america and the people of this country. he just doesn't know how to help them. i do. i will get this country going again. [cheers and applause] megyn: that was governor romney on the campaign trail in ohio yesterday making his case for a new american economic agenda. 12 hours later, we got our weekly unemployment numbers. the labor department now saying 26,000 fewer americans filed for jobless benefits last week than the week before. that brings the total number to 359,000. but exerts say typically, the number must consistently drop below 375,000, to indicate that highering is strong enough to actually lower our unemployment rate. a big new study meantime provide little hope for the employment picture going forward. a survey of a group of leading ceo's shows they expect to cut jobs in the coming months rather than add them. fox business network's robert gray is live in new
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york. robert? >> megyn, that's right. it is the business roundtable. this is their third quarter outlook. they are much less bullish if you will on the economy and on hiring than they were just six months ago. as of right now, only about 29% of these ceo's see adding jobs. meanwhile 34% of them say they see headcount declining over the next six months. the reason here is uncertainty facing us. we talk about the fiscal cliff. of course that is where they see, we see higher taxes which are currently going to come in the new year. mandated spending cuts part of deal struck a year ago by congress and really lack of confidence among ceos that congress can solve the growing national debt problem. they're seeing less growth going forward. they're expecting not only to cut jobs but they don't see spending as much either on capital expenses. in fact they see spending less than they did a few months ago. the ceo of boeing, jim mcinerney, saying quote, the uncertainty is cold water on long-term planning. they're looking for clarity. in fact he went on to say, some ceos say they would not
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necessarily be uncomfortable with new taxes if they just knew what they were going to be. it is incertainty on taxes and regulation they claim are holding back hiring and spending and planning for it. they can't do it right now, they see 2012 gdp lower than they did six months ago. 1.9% from 2.1ers back in june. megyn: robert, thank you. >> there is no question that the administration was covering up from day one, putting out a totally phony story to try to block the political criticism that the president took his eye off the ball. the president in his haste to make himself a tremendous hero over getting bin laden, he deserves credit but by god he wanted to make himself a superhero. this is a cover-up in the middle of a campaign. megyn: fox news alert on the story that mayor rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york was talking about earlier. fox news confirmed about a report we told you about first on "america live".
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fox news learned that terrorists were behind the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya within 24 hours of the attack. they even believed they knew who was responsible. yet in public for days and weeks afterward, top members of the obama administration continued to tell a different story saying for days after it was a spontaneous protest that got out of hand. that attack killed four americans including our ambassador to libya, chris stevens and four days after they were told, intel knew there was a terrorist attack, this is what the administration sent our u.n. ambassador on the sunday shows to tell america. >> the best assessment we have today is that in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. that what happened initially was it was a spontaneous,
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reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. our current assessment is that what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what transpired hours before in cairo, almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in cairo, which were prompted of course by the video. what our assessment is as of the present is in fact what it began spontaneously in benghazi, as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in cairo. megyn: joining me now, simon rosenberg, president and founder of ndn think tank and former advisor to president clinton. mark these send, fellow at american enterprise institute and former speechwriter for president george w. bush. mark, what the intel services are telling us now is that not only was what she said not true, but this
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administration knew it wasn't true and they knew it for several days. not only did they know this was a terrorist attack, but, they knew it had been listed officially inside the government as a terrorist attack. that they were searching for the suspects. that it was an attack on u.s. soil, which a u.s. consulate is. and the first u.s. ambassador to be killed since 1979. they knew all that when susan rice was sent out to tell us it was in response to a video and just a spontaneous act. what, please put this in perspective for us. >> well, let's have the most generous interpretation possible for this administration. when eli lake broke the story, why i think it is wrong, this is only explanation possible. when eli lake broke the story. megyn: "daily beast". >> yeah for "the daily beast", soon after the attack we had a pretty good bead on some of the individuals involved in the attack. another one said we had two kinds of intelligence on one guy. we believe we had enough to target him.
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these guys have return address, camps people and variety of things we could do. if you had intelligence about a possible terrorist attack would make sense not to tip off al qaeda that we knew so we could have element of surprise if we wanted to respond to it. the problem with that is, one we didn't respond. it has been 17 days and there have been no drone strikes on al qaeda camps or, return address hasn't been hit anywhere. two, there is difference w hole holding intelligence and lying about intelligence to the american people. what susan rice did in the clip you played was bald-faced lie on every element. there was no protest. we did know at that time it was a planned attack on the anniversary of 9/11. so she went out several days, five days the incident happened, and lied about it and so the question the ad administration really needs to answer right now is one, why did you lie to the american people and two, why 17 days, if we had all the great intelligence about the individuals behind this attack and their return
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address why haven't we hit any return addresses in 17 days since the attack happened? megyn: simon? >> it is a little hard for me to listen to an official from the bush administration who had their guard down when the worst terrorist attack in american history happened -- >> oh please, simon, come on. >> never, in seven years, never in seven years were able to actually catch the bad guy. >> you've got to be kidding. >> complaining about 17 days. >> not kidding, mark. lack of reaction in 17 days. look what actually has happened in libya during the is 7 days, right? the people, i'm trying to finish. mark is interrupting me. is that first of all i find it offensive tact coming from a bush administration official because if was our guy, president obama who end. up cleaning up their mess with al qaeda many years after they let this guy go. >> please. megyn: wait a second, mark. i will give you floor. promise you that. >> you got your time, mark. is that the point is that is
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what's happened in libya since? we've seen outpouring of support for the american, for the american government in libya. we've been working cooperatively with our ally, good ally the libyan government today. we saw the libyan people raid go of the militias themselves. standing two of three major militias potentially involved in this action and kicking them out of their own country, right? they have been disbanded and dismanned he willed by the libyan people themselves. idea nothing happened or progress has not been made is itself a lie and knowing disbelief not acknowledging what is happening on the ground in libya. this is all something to do about nothing. i mean we have had problems in the middle east for 40 years. we're going to have problems for decades to come. there has been tremendous progress made. megyn: listen, i let you give a very full answer. >> yep. megyn: you by did not hear an answer to my question, to the topic that we're discussing. which is, even if everything you said is true. >> yeah. megyn: why did the administration send our u.n.
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ambassador out to all those sunday shows to tell us this was about a protest and it was spontaneous and it was copycat to what we saw in egypt when they knew according to these reports that it was terror? i got to hold you over. hard break in five seconds. i'm going to come back to simon and mark right after this break. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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together we'll go far. megyn: simon rosenberg and mark thiessen back with me. simon, go ahead. >> idea that competing intelligence, when actual lead guy on the ground is assassinated and idea that susan rice lied? we don't really know what happened. you guys are basing everything you're talk be about based on one report by right-wing ideologue. megyn: not true. let me correct you on that. >> more true --. megyn: sir, simon, let's play fair with one another because bret baier confirmed this with two intelligence sources him sell today and
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broke the news on fox news channel. this is not, not just a "daily beast", and by the way that is not right-leaning publication. >> but he is. megyn: bret baier confirmed this. he covered the pentagon for years. >> megyn, it is unbelievable that in the fog of war, given everything that is going on the assertion is that she lied. i mean come on, guys. i mean, the lead guy who was there was killed. it is very volatile situation. we didn't have a lot of people in benghazi. that has been obviously well-maintained by now. and so the idea that somehow the administration purposely lied to the american people, it is ridiculous. they have, we have now know what's happened. they said that this was a terrorist attack. they understand what's fog on. they have the fbi on the ground. two of the militias have been disbanded already. tremendous progress is being made. give them time to figure it out and do what is right. i think that is the respectful thing to do here. megyn: mark, the administration was very quick to come out and say mitt romney spoke too soon
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on this, and campaign spokesperson for obama came out and said he shoots first and aims later which was picking up on his boss's remarks when. it comes to this issue what happened in libya, is it fair, is it not a fair question to ask whether that is what this administration did in sending susan rice out there to tell all of this is about a video when they had other information? kirsten powers was on our show yesterday saying this was either gross incompetence or this was a deliberate attempt to mislead. >> she is absolutely right. look, we now know that within 24 hours they knew that it was a, that it was a terrorist attack. al qaeda was involved and five days later susan rice went on national television on five sunday shows and said it had to do with a protest on the ground about a video, which we knew there was no protest and two it was terrorist attack. i don't know any other conclusion you can draw either she is incompetent or she purposely misled. the reason simon and obama
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administration are so defensive on the your show today right now is because for months they have been gloating about how barack obama kept us safe and there have been no terrorist attacks on his watch. well, guess what, there was just a terrorist attack on his watch. we got hit at u.s. embassy, the first american ambassador killed since 1979 on his watch on the anniversary of september 11, 2001. this stuff about how george bush let 9/11 happen and barack obama kept us safe and no catastrophic attacks on his watch, the only reason we haven't had another 9/11 on the watch because a bomb on plane malfunctioned on detroit. that was not foiled terrorist attack. the bomb malfunctioned. they got through our defenses and the fact is that as steve hayes has been reporting today in the, in the "weekly standard", they lied about that one too. three days after that attack they said it was a lone, a lone man when we now know it was an attack by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. said after times square bombing it was a lone man
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acting alone. we know now it was a taliban attack. they said after the fort hood shooting it was workplace violence. we now know that man was in contact with the american al qaeda cleric running al qaeda in arabian peninsula. these people have a record of downplaying and dismissing terrorist attacks when they have gotten through our defenses repeatedly on their watch. megyn: simon, go ahead. >> all i will say if you look where we are today from when the president came into office almost four years ago, we've seen more movement towards democracy and freedom in the middle east, in his watch, during his watch than we saw in 5,000 years of arab and middle eastern history. we just today signed a massive free-trade agreement with the gulf nations to bring more trade, more commerce, more investment to the region, to hopefully help stablize the region overtime. we know that al qaeda is severely weakened. it is not gone. you and i agree on this there are still threats there, severely weakened. bin bip is no longer there. we've also seen, we are seeing significant movement in the region working more
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croptive way with the united states to isolate and contain iran. iranian threat is real. it is something we have to take seriously. megyn: you're off point now. >> there is unprecedented level of cooperation. megyn: you're off point now. >> i'm not off point. megyn: you are because we're trying to get to the bottom of -- we're trying to get bottom. >> this administration has been successful we're trying to get to the bottom of why we were given bad information. >> i answered that megyn. megyn: you just said she wasn't lying. you said she wasn't lying. >> she wasn't lying. megyn: why? susan rice didn't go out there on her own. she didn't think on herself i will two go tout american people and tell this was spontaneous attack at as a results. you do what the bolgs told you. somebody told her to do that. the question is did that person know about these intelligence report officially declaring this tear rate of attack and not spontaneous protest. >> go he had ahead mark.
1:22 pm
>> jay carney give him a pass he is not in the intelligence loop. susan rice the ambassador, they chose the person it be spokesman on national security. you don't think she was not briefed about true intelligence. they put her on five sunday shows. megyn: we're left with more questions than answers. i appreciate both you guys being here. simon, mark. thank you so much. don't go away. questions?
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megyn: fox news alert. again we're just minutes away from what could be a historic speech from the prime minister of israel to the u.n. general assembly, a speech that many believe could set the stage for possibly a new battle in the middle east or an opportunity, as he would like it to be, to stop iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. prime minister netanyahu is expected to focus on red lines he wants drawn regarding iran's nuclear development. he wanted to speak to our
1:26 pm
president according to his government, the white house denied that. he claims denied a meeting. he will speak to us all right now moments from now. we have ambassador john bolton former ambassador to the united nations and general jack keen standing by. a retired four-star general, former chief of staff of the army. you will come back and talk about netanyahu after he speaks. we want to bring you in and talk about the news bret baier bok this morning following up on "the daily beast" reporting. for viewers at home this is what it amounts to. we were told by the administration the death of our ambassador, murder of, assassination of our ambassador in libya was the result of a spontaneous protest over a video and it wasn't preplanned. now we find out from two intelligence sources no the only they know it was terrorist attack within 24 hours of the man's death and three others murdered too it was officially declared as such. they knew it was al qaeda.
1:27 pm
they had general idea who and had cia operatives on the ground and that's fine but four days later, five days later they had susan rice, who has your old job on the sunday shows telling everybody something very different. put it in perspective for us, ambassador bolton. >> let's talk about the federal government just for a minute the responsibilities of the u.n. ambassador are truly vast but they do not encompass terrorist attacks in libya against our ambassador. why was she put out there? i have a theory that they wanted secretary of state hillary clinton to go out and peddle this line that you have heard and she declined to do it. the ambassador to the u.n. is not going to have the background information to be able to comment expense tiffly on the issue. she will repeat what she was given. i think what they gave her was their conclusion, based on their ideology. she could have said it is too early, we don't have the facts. she could have said that. that is not what she said. she had explanation she was given and that came from the
1:28 pm
white house. megyn: that is what we're used to, general keen in these situations. we don't want to get ahead of our skies on this. let's wait until the investigation plays out. we'll see. we have some suspects. we believe it was this, that the other thing, not a definitive telling you this is what it was about and this is what it was not about. >> it was astounding that interview took place and those facts were provided by her given all the circumstantial evidence. this was the fifth attack since early summer by al qaeda or a terrorist organization against western interests in benghazi. and to include one of those attacks was made on our consulate there with an ied. the other thing was, it was a four hour firefight with weapons, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, all that circumstantial evidence tells you this is a planned deliberate attack, that probably, was significant in terms of 9/11, and these guys truly knew what they were doing. they knew that security was inadequate. they were going to be able to overwhelm that. that alone would tell you
1:29 pm
that, this was a planned attack. the evidence is there and something i think should have been provided, at least, plem nary investigation revealed some of those circumstantial facts and give the american people a sense what took place as opposed to narrative we were exposed to which is totally out of whack. megyn: ambassador bolton, in addition to many other duties and qualifications have advised romney campaign in the past. many suggested this is politics. the question is why? why would the administration do this? if they were actively misleading why would they do that? >> well i have had no contact with the romney campaign on this issue at all, period. so let's start with that. i think there are two explanations for the administration's approach. one is that they are engaged in a cover-up and they are engaged in falsehoods. the other is that their radical ideology so colors their view of the world that they simply can't accept that al qaeda remains a threat, that all is not well in libya and there are
1:30 pm
indeed grave dancers for the united states in the region. i prefer if the first explanation were true if they were covering up. that would at least indicate they understand reality. and are trying to obscure it. the second explanation means they don't understand reality and four more years of that could leave us in real trouble. megyn: general keane, can you put this in grander perspective. we went into libya. chose not to go into syria. chose not to go into iran with beginnings of a revolution. we went into libya and got rid of this dictator, helped get rid of them. there is argument there is having couple of power around some are trying to fill it. some are hate us. we crippled them. we weakened them. can you give us a grander perspective what happened in libya this 9/11. >> well the greater view, is radical extremists want to dominate the region. eve and every country in the region particularly authoritarian regimes are
1:31 pm
taking advantage of drivers of instability which are political, economic and social injustice to do that. these are violent movements to be sure. and to accomplish what they, what they need to accomplish they have stated time and time again to be successful, in that region to dominate countries individually. they have to drive the united states out of the region. that is what 9/11 is all about. fast forward to libya. we have a transitional government in place. it is a moderate government. the radicals are trying to undermined that government because it is a line with the united states. they want that government to be weak in the face of its people. they want to gain influence. that is also taking place on the wall in egypt. the salomon smith barney la fist, ultraright-wing part of the muslim brotherhood want to separate the government from the united states. these are calculated political ideologies taking place here using violent extremists to carry them out. megyn: it is still begs the question of why the
1:32 pm
administration would not just come out and say that's all happening and, as a result they tried to hit us and tried to weaken our resolve. that hasn't exactly been the messaging thus far. gentlemen, we'll see you after the prime minister's speech when you rejoin us again. we're awaiting the prime minister of israel expected to speak at the united nations in moments. [ female announcer ] with the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. free streaming quotes, all your investments, positions, and even your trade ticket are all on one customizable page. see the 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb
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1:36 pm
the most unprecedented media bias. governor romney made a joke saying he did not understand why airplane windows can't roll down after his wife was stuck in a plane full of smoke. he was mocked for being too stupid for understanding the see you evenings of pressurized cabins. >> when words captured on video in front of an audience are going to stick, when foot and will end up being a turning point in the election and end up being a defining thing that everybody remembers about that candidate. ultimately something always sticks. today, for instance we got this bit of mitt romney talking about the emergency landing last week that at a time was carrying his wife ann romney. >> i appreciate the fact that she is on the ground safe and
1:37 pm
sound. [applause] and i don't think she knows how worried some of us were. when you have a fire in an aircraft, there is no place to go exactly. and you can't find any oxygen to get in the aircraft. the windows don't open. i don't know why they don't do that. about it's a real problem. >> it's a real problem that the windows don't roll down onaire planes. is it also a problem that guns don't shoot backwards and diving boards are only built over deep water? i don't think he was joking. you can't joke about your wife almost being in a plane crash. megyn: joining me is nina easton. and bill mcbern.
1:38 pm
let me start with you. you are married to a senior adviser to the romney campaign but you have a long history as a straight news jltd. rachael maddow is not a straight news journalist. take a look at "huffington post." they write, mitt romney wonders why anne romney's airplane windows don't roll down. yahoo, why plane windows don't roll down as romney would like. you tell me if there is a bias against mitt romney. >> they played off the maddow mocking moment. i think if you look at the main streams media which i think is more biased i can remember on these issues, the media has been really quick to decide that this is the end of the mitt romney
1:39 pm
campaign, 40 days out. and to just start sewing up that coffin. and failed to look at history. in 2000, george w. bush before going into the debates was 8 points down. so it's not a done deal. secondly the media loves to trumpet the mitt romney gaffes or mistakes or misstatement. of course, we haven't stopped hearing about the 47% remark. yet moment when obama says things like, you didn't build it if you built this business, you didn't build it, the media trumpets or takes on the white house talking points and claims that it was taken out of con detective by his critics. if you look at what he said it wasn't taken out of context at all. megyn: when you watch the clip it's clear he was making a joke. but a lot of people see those
1:40 pm
headlines and hear rachael maddow and walk away thinking the man is a moron. >> the real bias in the press is not that they sit around calculating how to hurt republicans. it's because they largely share the framework of liberal democrats. so their idea of what is news largely fits that of the white house. that leads to the second problem which is just sheer volume. when a republican commits a gaffe, and it seems only republicans are capable of gaffes according to the press today, it's picked up everywhere. megyn: my apologies to my panel. but we have got to get to the united nations where the prime minister of israel is take together microphones. let's listen to benjamin netanyahu. [applause]
1:41 pm
>> thank you very much, mr. president. it's a pleasure to see the general assembly presided by the ambassador from israel. and it's good to see all of you distinguished delegates. ladies and gentlemen. 3,000 years ago king david reigned over the jewish state in our eternal capital of jerusalem. i say that to all those who proclaim that the jewish state has no roots in our region.
1:42 pm
and that it will soon disappear. throughout our history the jewish people have overcome all the tyrants who have sought our destruction. it's their ideologies that have been discarded by history. the people of israel live on. we say in hebrew [speaking hebrew] and the jewish state will live forever. [applause] the jewish people have lived in the land of israel for thousands of years. even after most of our people were exiled from it, jews continued to live in the land of israel throughout the ages. and the masses of our people
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never gave up the dream of returning to our ancient homeland. defying the laws of history, we did just that. we gathered the exiles. restored our independence, and rebuilt our national life. the jewish people have come home. we'll never be uprooted again. [applause] yesterday was yom kippur, the holiest day of the jewish year. every year for three millennia we have come together on this day of reflection and atonement. we take stock of our past, we pray for our future.
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we remember -- we remember the sorrows of our persecution, we remember the great travails of our dispersion. we mourn the extermination of a third of our people, 6 million, in the holocaust. but at the end of yom kippur, we celebrate, we celebrate the rebirth of israel. we celebrate the heroism of our young men and women who defended our people with the indomitable courage of joshua, david and the maccabes of old. we celebrate the marvel of the flourishing modern jewish state. in israel we walk the same
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paths tread by our patriarchs, abraham, isaac and jacob, but we blaze new trails in science, technology, medicine, agriculture. in israel the past and the future find common ground. unfortunately that's not the case in many other countries. for today a great battle is being waged between the modern and the medieval. the forces of modernity seek a bright future in which the rights of all are protected. in which an ever expanding digital library is available in the palm of every child. in which every life is sacred. the forces of medievalism seek a world in which women and minorities are subject gentlemen
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gate, in which -- knowledge is suppressed and not life but death is glorified. these forces clash around the globe. but nowhere more starkly than in the middle east. israel stands proudly with the forces of modernity. we protect the rights of all our citizens. men and women, jews and arabs, muslims and christians, all are equal before the law. israel is also making the world a better place. our scientists win nobel prizes. our know-how is in every cell phone and computer you are using. we prevent hunger by irrigating arid land in africa and asia. recently i was deeply moved when i visited one of our
1:47 pm
technological institutes in haitha, and i saw a man paralyzed from the waist down climb up a flight of stairs with the aide an inreally invention and -- with the aid of an israel invention. when disaster strikes anywhere in the world in haiti, gentleman man, india, turkey, indonesia and elsewhere, israeli doctors are among the first on the scene performing life-saving surgeries. in the past year i lost both my father and my father-in-law. in the same hospital wards where they were treated israeli doctors were treating palestinian arabs. every year thousands, thousands of arabs from the palestinian
1:48 pm
territories and arabs from throughout the middle east come to israel to be treated in israeli hospitals by israeli doctors. i know you are not going to hear that from speeches around this podium. but that's the truth. it's important that you are aware of this truth. and it's because israel cherishes life that israel cherishes peace. and seeks peace. we seek to preserve our historic ties and peace treaties with egypt and jordan. we seek to forge a durable peace with the palestinians. president abbas just spoke here. i say to him and i say to you, we won't solve our conflicts with libelous speeches at the
1:49 pm
u.n. that's not way to solve them. we won't solve our conflict with unilateral declarations of statehood. we have to sit together, negotiate together, and reach a mutual compromise in which a demilitarized palestinian state recognizes the one and only jewish state. [applause] israel wants to see a middle east of progress and peace. we want to see the three great religions that strange forth from our region, judaism, christianity and islam coexist in peace and mutual respect. but the medieval forces of radical islam you just saw storming the american embassies throughout the middle east, they oppose this. they seek supremacy over all
1:50 pm
muslims. they are bent on world conquest. they want to destroy israel, europe, america. they want to ex -- want to extinguish freedom. they want to end the modern world. militant islam has many branches from the rulers of iran with their revolutionary guards to al qaeda terrorists, to the radical cells lurking in every part of the globe. but despite their differences, they are all rooted in the same bitter soil of intolerance. that intolerance is direct the first to their fellow muslims, and then to christians, jews, buddhists, hindus, secular people. anyone who doesn't submit to
1:51 pm
their unforgiving creed. they want to drag humanity back to an age of unquestioning dogma, unrelenting conflict. i'm sure of one thing. ultimately they will fail. ultimately light will penetrate the darkness. we have seen that happen before. some 500 years ago the printing press helped pry a cloy -- a choicerred europe out of a dark age. 's so too a cloistered middle east will yield to the irresistible power of freedom and technology. when this happens. our region will be guide not by fanaticism and conspiracy. but by reason and curiosity. i think the relevant question is
1:52 pm
this. it's not whether this that thatticism will -- it's not whether this florida fanaticism will be defeated. it's how many lives will be lost before it's defeated. 70 years ago the world saw another fanatic ideology bent on world conquest. it went down in flames. but not before it took millions of people with it. those who opposed that fanaticism waited too long to act. in the end they triup -- they triumphed. but at an horrific cost. we cannot let that happen again. the stake is not merely the future of my country. the stake is the future of the world and nothing could i am --
1:53 pm
could im perks, peril our culture more. not understanding what the world would be like with a new jar armed iran. imagine the world with a nuclear armed al qaeda. it makes no difference whether they are in the hand of the world's most terrorist regime or the world's most terrorist weapon. look at what the iranian regime has done up to now without nuclear weapons. in 2009, they brutally put down the protests -- mass protests for democracy in their own country. today their henchmen are participating in the slaughter of tens of thousands of syrian
1:54 pm
civilians including thousands of children, directly participating in this murder. they abetted the killing of american soldiers in iraq and continue to do so in afghanistan. before that iranian proxies killed hundreds of american troops in beruit and saudi arabia. they turned lebanon and gaza into terrorist stronghold, embedding missiles and rockets in civilian areas. thousands of these rockets and missiles have already been fired at israeli communities by their terrorist proxies. in the last year they have spread their international terror networks in two dozen countries across five continents from india and thailand to kenya and bulgaria. they even plotted to blow up a restaurant a few blocks from the white house in order to kill a
1:55 pm
diplomat. and iran's rulers repeatedly deny the holocaust. and call for israel's destruction almost on a daily basis as they did again this week from the general united nations. so i ask you, given this record of iranian address without nuclear weapons. imagine iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. imagine their long-range missiles fit with nuclear warheads, their terror networks armed with atomic bombs. who amowng would feel -- who amowng would feel safe in the middle east. who would be safe in europe. who would be safe in america. who would be safe anywhere?
1:56 pm
there are those who believe a nuclear armed iran can be deterred like the soviet union. that's a very dangerous assumption. militant jihadists are not secular muslims. militant jihadists behave very differently from secular marxists. there were no soviet suicide bombers. yet iran produces hordes of them. deterrence worked with the soviets. because every time the soviets faced a choice between their ideology and their survival, they chose their survival. but deterrence may not work with the iranians once they get nuclear weapons. there is a great scholar in the middle east, professor bernard
1:57 pm
lewis who put it best. he said that for the. >> -- he says mutually assured, it's an inducement. they believe a holy man will reappear in the wake of a devastating holy war insuring their brand of radical islam will rule the earth. that's not just what they believe, that's what is actually guiding their policies and their actions. just listen to the ayatollah who said the use of one nuclear bomb inside israel will destroy everything. however, it would only harm the islamic world. he says it is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.
1:58 pm
not irrational. that's coming from one of the so-called moderates of iran. shockingly some people have begun to peddle the absurd notion that a nuclear armed iran would actually stabilize the middle east. yeah, right. that's like saying a nuclear armed al qaeda would usher in an era of universal peace. ladies and gentlemen, i have been speak being the need to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons for over 15 years. i spoke about it in my first term in office as prime minister. then i spoke about it when i left office. i spoke about it when it was fashionable, and i spoke about it with it wasn't fashionable. i speak about it now because the hour is getting late.
1:59 pm
very late. i speak about it now because the iranian nuclear calendar doesn't take time out for anyone or for anything. i speak about it now because when it comes to the survival of my country, it's not only my right to speak, it's my duty to speak. [applause] and i believe that this is the duty of every responsible leader who want to preserve world peace. for nearly a decade the international community has tried to stop the iranian nuclear program with diplomacy. that hasn't worked. iran uses diplomatic negotiations as a means to buy time to advance its nuclear
2:00 pm
program. for over 7 years, over 7 years the international community has tried sanctions with iran. under the leadership of president obama, the international community has passed some of the strongest sanctions to date. i want to that governments represented in here that have joined in this effort. it's had an effect. oil he can ports have been curbed. and the iranian economy has been hit hard. it's had an effect on the economy. but when must face the truth. sanctions have not stopped iran's nuclear program either. according to the international atomic energy agency, during the last year alone, iran has doubled the number of centrifuges in its underground nuclear facility. so at this late hour, there is
2:01 pm
only one way to peacefully prevent iran from getting atomic bombs. and that's by placing a clear red line on iran's nuclear weapons program. [applause] red lines don't lead to war, red lines prevent war. let's look at nato's charter. it made clear that an attack on one member country would be considered an attack on all. and nato's red line helped keep the peace in europe for nearly half a century. president kennedy set a red line during the cuban missile crisis. that red line prevented war and helped preserve the peace for decades. in fact it's the failure to
2:02 pm
place red lines that's often invited aggression. if the western powers had drawn clear red lines during the 1930s, i believe they would have stopped nazi aggression and world war ii might have been avoid. in 1990 if saddam hussein had been clearly told that his conquest of kuwait would cross a red line, the first gulf war might have been avoided. clear red lines have also worked with iran. earlier this year iran threatened to close the straits of hormuz. the united states drew a clear red line and iran backed off. now, red lines could be drawn in different parts of iran's nuclear weapons program. but to be credible, a red line must be drawn first and foremost
2:03 pm
in one vital part of their program. on iran's efforts to enrich uranium. let me explain why. basically any bomb consists of explosive material and a mechanism to ignite it. the simplest example is gun powder in a fuse. that is, you light the fuse, and you set off the gun powder. in the case of iran's plans to build a nuclear weapon, the gun powder is enriched uranium. the fuse is a nuclear detonator. for iran amassing enough uranium is far more difficult than producing the nuclear fuse. for a country like iran it takes many, many years to enrich uranium for a bomb.
2:04 pm
that requires thousands of centrifuges spinning in tandem in very big industrial plants. those iranian plants are visible and they are still vulnerable. in contrast, iran could produce the nuclear detonator, the fuse in a lot less time. maybe under a year. maybe only a few months. the detonator can be made in a small workshop the size of a classroom. it may be very difficult to find and target that workshop. especially in iran. that's a country that's bigger than france, germany, italy, and britain combined. the same is true for the small facility in which they could assemble a war head or nuclear device that could be placed in a
2:05 pm
container ship. chances are you won't find that facility either. so in fact the only way that you can credibly prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon is to prevent iran from amassing enough enriched uranium for a bomb. so how much enriched uranium do you need for a bomb? how close is iran to getting it? let me show you. i brought a diagram for you. here is the diagram. this is a bomb. this is a fuse. in the case of iran's nuclear plans to build a bomb, this bomb has to be filled with enough enriched uranium. iran has to go through 3 stages. the first stage they have to
2:06 pm
enrich enough. the second stage they have some enrich enough medium enriched uranium. the third stage and final stage, they have to enrich enough high enriched uranium for the first bomb. where is iran? iran's completed the first stage. it took them many years. but they completed it and they are 70% of the way there. now they are well into the second stage. and by next spring at most by next summer at current enrichment rates they will have finished the medium enrichment and move on to the final stage. from there it's only a few months, possibly a few weeks before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb.
2:07 pm
ladies and gentlemen, what i have told you now is not based on secret information. it's not based on military intelligence. it's based on the public reports of the international atomic energy agency. anybody can read them. they are online. so if these are the facts, if these are the facts, and they are, where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. before iran gets to a point where it's a few months away or a few weeks away from amassing enough enriched uranium to make
2:08 pm
a nuclear weapon. each day that point is getting closer. and that's why i speak today with such a sense of urgency. that's why everyone should have a sense of urgency. now, there are some who claim that even if iran completes the enrichment process, even if it crosses that red line i just drew, our intelligence agencies will know when and where iran will make the fuse to assemble the bomb and prepair it warhead. -- and prepare the bomb and assemble the warhead. no one appreciates our intelligence agencies more than the prime minister of israel. all these leading intelligence agencies are superb, including ours. they foiled many attacks. they saved many lives.
2:09 pm
but they are not foolproof. over two years our intelligence agencies didn't know that iran was building a huge nuclear enrichment plant under a mountain. do we want to risk the security of the world on the assumption we would find in time a small workshop in a country half the size of europe? ladies and gentlemen, the relevant question is not when iran will get the bomb, the relevant question is at what stage can we no longer stop iran from getting the bomb? the red line must be drawn on iran's nuclear enrichment program because these enrichment facility are the only nuclear installations that we can definitely see and credibly target. i believe that faced with a
2:10 pm
clear red line, iran will back down. this will give more time for sanctions and diplomacy to convince iran to dismantle its nuclear weapons program all together. two days ago from this podium president obama reiterated that the threat of a nuclear armed iran cannot be contained. i have much appreciate the president's position. as does everyone in my country. we share the goal of stopping iran's nuclear weapons program. this goal unites the people of israel, it unites americans, democrats and republicans alike, and it is shared by important leaders throughout the world. what i have said today will help insure that this common goal is achieved.
2:11 pm
israel is in discussions with the united states over this issue. and i'm confident that we can chart a path forward together. ladies and gentlemen, the clash between modernity and medievalism need not be a clash between progress and tradition. the traditions of the jewish people go back thousands of years. they are the source of our collective values, the foundations of our national strength. at the same time the jewish people have always looked towards the future. throughout history, we have been at the forefront of efforts to expand liberty, promote equality, and advance human rights. we champion these principles not despite our traditions, but because of them. we hear the word of the jewish
2:12 pm
prophets to treat all with dignity and compassion. pursue justice and cherish life, and to pray and strive for peace. these are the timeless values of my people. and these are the jewish people's greatest gift to mankind. let us commit ourselves today to defend these values. so that we can defend our freedom and protect our common civilization. thank you. [applause] megyn: the prime minister of israel addressing the general assembly of the united nations speak on a number of topics including iran. he says the hour is getting very late when it comes to iran's nuclear efforts. he says he believes the iranians will be on the brink of having enough enriched uranium to have a nuclear bomb by next summer.
2:13 pm
he says if we draw a red line to prevent that from happening iran will back down. saying a clear red line on iran's nuclear weapons program wouldn't lead to war, it would prevent it. we have ambassador bolton and general keen who have interesting thoughts on it. we'll share them with you after this break. lan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affe seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at
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and a meter. megyn: joining me with reaction to the prime minister's address. downbolton a former ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor and retired general jack keane. you have some interesting thoughts on this. use were saying a shift in the timing in terms of what the prime minister views as sort of the ultimate date on iran's nuclear weapons program. >> the prime minister has been saying we are out of time. a number of months ago he said we have 6-8 months left.
2:17 pm
i think pushing that time lime back to the spring or summer of next year is closer to where the current administration is. i think our administration is beyond that time frame. but he's clearly moved closer to where this administration is. we do have more time. megyn: you mentioned -- we saw the prop that he had. he actually busted up the prop with the bomb and the fuse which does make you pay attention. some will think it's hokie but it makes you pay attention. it seems to be drawing the red line. they can't get beyond 90% uranium enrichment. >> i was surprised by that. if i was drawing the red line i would draw it when they go from 20% to 90 percent and begin to move towards that. that gets you that weapon. why wait until they completed it is where he has drawn that red line. the use of that graphic is
2:18 pm
brilliant. to get people to understand what's taking place here. it's such a complicated, sophisticated subject. he has broken it down to where any person could understand. megyn: it reminds me of the saturday morning cartoons. >> i thought he made one important point that people don't understand. that is, the economic sanctions may have caused iran pain economically, but they have not stopped or materially impeded the nuclear weapons program. you can have sanctions until the cows come home. north korea is the most heavily sanctioned country on earth bar none and it has already explode two nuclear devices. people are prone to say what don't we toughen the sanctions up a little bit under his time line. the sanctions are not going to bring iran to it's ins before they have crossed his red line. i thought that point was important to make and i think people need to understand that,
2:19 pm
especially if military action follows. where i think he made a mistake is on the red line. i think i agree with jack on that point. the security council set a red line in 2006. it said stop all uranium enrichment activities and iran has blown right past that red line effectively with no consequences for its nuclear weapons program. so to me the concept of a red line has dubious effects because the iranians have seen previous red lines repeatedly ignored. megyn: in this country there is a debate about what we should be doing about iran's nuclear program. ron paul says what business is it of ours if iran developed a nuclear weapon. while listening to the prime minister you knew he would get to a quote from bernard lewis. and he did. for the ayatollahs, mutually
2:20 pm
assured destruction is not a deterrent, it's an inducement to getting them. >> if you prize life in the here after more than you prize life on earth the threat of being deterred won't deter you. one thing you could say about the communists during the cold war they were atheists. the entire notion that it would be bad if it got nuclear weapons and that we could contain and deter a nuclear iran, it's delusional. secretary of state hillary clinton said audi arain why would get nuclear weapons as well. making an already volatile region even more dangerous. >> he laid out the threat of radical islam. we have a nation state that espouses that and wants a
2:21 pm
nuclear weapons. the last command we had in iran believes the shiite militia given weapons about it iranians, killed 2,000 of our 4, 400 americans dead. i think this characterization of that threat and what that means not just to the region but to the world is absolutely clear and one of the best presentations i have seen on the subject. megyn: got to run. thank you so much. appreciate you being here. coming up. allegations of a coverup by the administration. as fox news confirms the obama administration knew terrorists were behind the attack on our consulate in libya despite repeatedly telling the american public otherwise. bret baier broke the news for us. he's here live next.
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
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2:25 pm
megyn: fox news alert. allegations of a coverup by the white house. as fox news confirms a report we first brought on "america live" based on reporting we read at the daily beast yesterday. that the obama administration knew terrorists were behind the attack on our consulate in libya within 24 hours of the attack despite repeatedly telling the american public for days it was all the result of a spontaneous mob angry over a low budget film, excerpts of which appeared on youtube. you independently confirms this
2:26 pm
reporting this morning with two intelligence source. for folks who aren't following this as closely as we are, give us the highlights. >> reporter: two sources confirming the u.s. government internally knew this was a terrorist attack within 24 hours after ambassador stevens was killed and three others were killed in benghazi. it was internally labeled as such to get assets moving quickly. the intelligence community believed it was a terrorist attack and believed it was the result of a group called and a al-sharia or the broader group. you heard secretary clinton refer to these groups. they are tied to al qaeda. they are affiliates. and it's part of the growing expansion of al qaeda in libya. necessity knew that, believed it
2:27 pm
to be true and according to our source had a good bead on one person at least the area in which one person was operating. within 24 hours. also we confirmed today that while we continue to hear from the administration that the investigation is ongoing and they can't talk about details because they are going to get from the fbi, not a single fbi agent has stepped food inside benghazi since this attack, that's 16 days. so that investigation will likely take a long time since they haven't been inside. megyn: do we know what the explanation for that last piece of it is? >> reporter: the fbi is saying they are concerned about the security of their agents which is understandable. about it also raises questions. if you can't get an fbi investigative team into benghazi
2:28 pm
to investigate this attack what is a u.s. ambassador doing with minimum security inside that city. you also have the question about what exactly did they know about the expansion of al qaeda? we are learning more and more about the covert assets on the ground. the "new york times" had a big story about what was in that ann that annex? the "new york times" and we were able to confirm there were intelligence assets on the ground, people, they were trying to monitor the died affiliates. they were protecting it. not killed outside the consulate. this goes back to this report we brought you at the start of this story. a pentagon report will al qaeda expanding in libya. and this guy we told you about, he's the former gitmo buy we
2:29 pm
told but. he's tied to ansar al-sharia. this report is specific that the al qaeda group was organizing affiliate groups to start expanding the terrorist actions on the ground in libya. clearly the u.s. intelligence community knew about the presence and strength of al qaeda on the ground. so what happened as you look through the prism of knowing that the u.s. government knows, it's a terrorist attack and knows the significance of al qaeda on the ground. you look back at the statement 24 hours after the attack and the last week and a half. and it puts it in a different perspective. megyn: they knew al qaeda was growing, they knew it was a threat. we know our ambassador had written in a personal journal that he may have been on an
2:30 pm
al qaeda hitless. hit -- hit list. in the wake of this reporting, we have been talking about it all afternoon. why did they send susan rice out on those sunday shows. every single one of them to tell the world this is about spontaneous mob action. five days early they are had been told something different. >> reporter: it's not just susan rice. wednesday the 12th they would have known this was a terrorist attack and they would have known they were going after these groups. wednesday the 12th is when president obama taped that interview with 60 minutes and was asked about the problems in the middle east. that's when he taped that interview with steve croft. if you look at the events after that. he leaves for nevada. and he goes and campaigns. he comes back and he goes to the hispanic dinner. you see the next day and the white house what jay carney is
2:31 pm
saying at podium, and the next day. this is even before the weekend. when susan rice gets on the talk shows. megyn: the attack happened tuesday, september 11. they claim within 24 hours they knew it was a terrorist attack and you are saying no one believed was just the work of some mob. then wednesday night the 36 hours after with our ambassador dead and three others dead whenned administration is being told this is a terror attack. the president went to vegas, had a fundraiser and said we had a rough day, and within days jay carney at the white house and the u.s. ambassador are maintaining this is something very different and now the story begins to change. we know you will have more on this on "special report" and we look forward to hearing it. some fascinating details on how plans to handle this debate next wednesday. this could be the entire elect. we'll talk about it with our
2:32 pm
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2:36 pm
admitted to cbs's "60 minutes" that his campaign as ongopher board quote-unquote in some attacks against governor romney but he justified those attacks as part of life in politics. those particular comments did not make air but were subsequently released. there are reports that governor romney plans to exact check the president during the debate next week. joining me now, chris tire walt. fox news digital power play editor. margey clinton a former con substitutant to the obama campaign. this is a huge, huge moment in the campaign next wednesday in
2:37 pm
denver, colorado. and many people believe it's by far the most important debate, chris. you tell me whether governor romney has the right strategy here. >> it's in politico. we don't know the veracity of it. we don't know whether that's what they mean to do. but we know this. that if you are explaining, you are losing. what governor romney has been doing a lot of is trying to direct the record on president obama. in the sound you just played in that video the president said we know we don't get it right but we don't care. it's cool because it's politics. mitt romney is not going to do anything that shames the president into being a nicer guy or changing the way that he describes mitt romney because remember this has been the most rough, absolutely negative reelection campaign ever run by an incumbent. if mitt romney thinks he can change that by correcting the
2:38 pm
record he is making a mistake. >> i would say what's happening is what happens in every election. what we saw two weeks ago was the reverse. the obama campaign saying the romney campaign is coming off. you don't want to be on the defensive. what the debates should be about, it's a contest of character but it's also a contest of policy. staying on policy is more productive. i don't know that the american people take any of this seriously. the constant attack on the other. i think obama was saying this is the nature of politics. i think both camps have done things that are inappropriate. but politics as usual. megyn: can he change the momentum of this campaign when he gets to wednesday's debate? the president seems to have taken the lead in a couple swing states this week. so governor romney is clearly
2:39 pm
looking at that. >> what the president is taking the lead in most effectively. putting governor romney totally on the defensey which is not where he needs to be with the economy being what it is. and that is why it's so critical while he's on the same stage as president obama. no real filter in between. for him to turn around and say, mr. president, how can you make an affirmative case that we are better off than we were four years ago and how can you promise the american people we are better off four years from now if all you are promising is more of the same. it has to be assertive and pointed. he has to stick to some sort of discipline. this is the problem when you feel you are behind. you start to scatter. governor romney needs to be focused on his message. megyn: there is an interesting article talking about debates. in "gq," saying neither of these
2:40 pm
guys are very good at them. they are not the gifted bill clinton kind. so what -- you tell me whether when we listen to these two guys wednesday night it will be how they convince us who has a better poll policy or it will be a moment like avoiding a tbaf, or like al gore seeing. >> we have a greater history of negative things happening in debates that change the trajectory of races. so don't screw up. that's rule number one. but rule number two, if you are mitt romney when you go into this debate you need to change the trajectory of this. you can't do it by being a human fact checker. but what you can do is remember you are talking to tens of millions of american voters that night and whatever the question is, whatever obama says, mitt romney has to make sure he puts a simple clear statement of his views and his beliefs about the future of the united states on the record. it's his chance to put it on the
2:41 pm
record so he can't screw around. >> i would recommend him not telling too many jokes. he needs to be very careful. >> this economy is no laughing matter. i think most people will be be watching this debate in the hope of who they can feel they can trust this me in the hand of for the next four years. that is why i think governor romney overperforms what some of these sceud polls seem to indicate. our economy has thought been rescued. megyn: the president's approval ratings on the economy have been going up. >> the bottom line is you do have a situation where governor romney still has a lot of time. reagan changed the entire trajectory of his race against jimmy carter because of the debates. >> he did.
2:42 pm
is romney like ronald reagan? >> i don't think people thought ronald reagan was the great mane was at that time either. megyn: we have seen mitt romney in 26 debates. >> i was covering the debate in which mitt romney manhandled newt gingrich in florida. he showed he was capable of doing it. he was totally capable of doing it. megyn: we talked about this earlier, chris. mitt romney did very well in that one debate against newt gingrich, then he fired that debate coach. >> debate coaches -- the -- what he has to do is attack president obama. don't worry when the punditry says it was too mean or shallow or short on specifics.
2:43 pm
they always say that. he's got to launch an attack on president obama. he has got to weather the storm when the press says, oh, you are doing it wrong, we don't like what you are doing. so romney has to attack, attack, attack, then use that time in front of those viewers to lay out three simple points about what he wants to do. hit hard, keep it simple and get out of town. >> i want to point out the attack, attack, attack. there this what is we are defending this week in the press about character assassination. we need simple messaging. no singing. no jokes. it will be a different debate. he's not debating rick perry. megyn: newt gingrich was no easy sparring partner, and michele bachman was no easy sparring partner. >> nor was rick santorum. >> we have been hungry for policy versus these character
2:44 pm
discussions. we have some solid guys so i want to see some real facts. megyn: this is what they have to avoid. remember that? was it for who walked over to bush and got in his face? >> invasion of space. no touching. we'll be right back. hi. i'm henry winkler.
2:45 pm
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket today. request fear pension of half million a year for the man who was the top cop in a ski plagued by the corruption scandal. wait until you get to know randy adams. it's a story we brought you last week on "america live." he's the former bell police chief. he's demanding they double his pension based on his hefty salary which was almost $500,000 a year. the city doesn't want to do it. so now they are facing off in court where adams has invoked
2:48 pm
his amendment right not to incriminate himself 20 times, even refusing to answer a question about his salary. the one he wants to base his pension on. you may remember that 8 bell city officials were arrested in 2010. he wasn't one of them. but he does have a claim against the city for a bunch of money and there is a question about whether he should get one red cent. joining me now to discuss it, mark eiglarsh, and david wohl. i'll start with you on this, mark. could you make the case to us as to why mr. adams should not get one more red cent from the city of bell. >> as a lot of my family would call it, it's nothing but chutzpah, the average person takes home annually a pension of
2:49 pm
$81,000. he wants a half million. but he doesn't want to answer questions to justify it. he must show that he had a valid contract and that that valid contract is free from fraud. but you don't want to answer questions 14 minutes of i'm invoke my amendment privilege? sorry, bud. megyn: he did that in the course of his own litigation to get the pension he's demanding? >> yes. 14 minutes. 20 times. they said let many try is think it way. we'll show you some things to look at. i'm not going to look at that because i'm not going to answer any questions about it. megyn: he wants it per year? >> per year which in zimbabwe is $17 trillion. megyn: david, why does this guy deserve one penny? he's getting $500,000 as a
2:50 pm
police chief in this city. >> it's twice the pension of the lapd. >> this hard working public servant is standing amid a forest fire of corruption. he doesn't want to become singed by those flames. that's what he has done here. he was given the benefit if you will of a high salary by mr. rizzo who has been charged criminally and he took it. there is nothing wrong with accepting a legally turned salary as far as you know it's legally. and the public employee retirement system has a set pension standard that allows him to collect a pension based on one single year salary and he's asking for the last year of his salary before he retired by was
2:51 pm
$457,000. megyn: we don't know if there was corruption with the city officials who cut that deal with him. we want to show you his e-mail and you will like him even more.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
megyn: i want the viewers to know the guy made $247,000 a year in glendale. then he moved to bell, and he was police cleave for one year and he head $457,000 a year as a police chief. and based on that one year he's going back and demanding his pension be $510,000 per year for the rest of his life. that would make him the second highest pensioner in the state of california.
2:55 pm
right now he's just at number 8. so he's going for number two. you tell me whether the following e-mail exchange will be helpful to your fake client's case. let's put it on the board and show our jury what he said. i'm looking forward to seeing you, and taking all of bell's money. he's not going to get a dime. >> perhaps he was a bit inartful in that people. i'll grant you that. but what he's going to say i'm sure is all the money i'm legally entitled to you are units to the city's bylaws, as written by robert rizzo. megyn: but the defensed city
2:56 pm
had, they claim the city council never approved this big salary and pension. >> who kept it hidden? rizzo. not the character from greece. a guy in this city who apparently is facing charges for looting the city. so they want to ask adams questions on the stand and this top cop who has been a top cop in three different jurisdictions says i'm not going to answer because it's going to incriminate me. megyn: you will get nothing and like it. >> here is the bottom line. this city is the size of greenwich village. he's making a huge amount of money. but he made sure before he accepted this money that it was within the bylaws of the particular city. even if they found bin laden he still wouldn't be entitled to that money.
2:57 pm
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