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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> let me ask you this. >> this is -- okay. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. go to greta watch the entire interview. there is an open thread for you. good nig pat buchanan. many, many more. stay with us on fox business. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: the obama administration coverup of an american debt. not a spy thriller or conspiracy movie. it's real. four americans are debt and it's all playing out in front of our eyes. fox news has confirmed within 24 hours of the assault in benghazi, u.s. intelligence knew it was preplanned and ladies and gentlemened it a terrorist attack, an al-qaeda terrorist attack. we have been saying this all along on "the five." thereon the obama
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administration trying -- listen to the obama administration thighing to spin the story -- trying to spin the story. they were aware of this by september 12. pay careful attention the dates. >> there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> we have no information to suggest that it was a pre pre-planned attack. it's not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> eric: all right. here is president obama tuesday. >> there are no words to excuse the killing of innocence. there is no video this justifies an attack on an embassy. >> eric: kimberly, now we know that the obama administration labeled at it terrorist attack, so they could release intelligence in the area. but for better part of two weeks they have been denying it was terrorism and blame it on the movie. is there ever a reason for the
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president of the united states to lie to the american people? >> kimberly: no, there is not. in this particular situation it was glay grant. flagrant. if their lips are moving, they're lying. shameful behavior and weakened our position overseas internationally. people do not fear and respect the united states now because they know we will not act on it. we will instead do the 2012 apology tour. frankly, the american people are over it. it's outrageous that they lied. repeatedly over and over again. despite direct evidence to the contrary. >> eric: i want to get to you. i know you want to respond to that. andrea, immediately after, we said are they that dumb? do they think we're that dumb? what was it? they're that dumb, we're that dumb? >> andrea: they know the media won't cover them the way they'd cover republican president. but they haven't been forthcoming and they should be when it comes to terror. remember after september 11, rudy giuliani set up every day and told the truth. this tells me one or two
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things this year. either the president didn't do this job and didn't read his intelligence briefings or his intelligence agencies weren't communicating with him. it has him ticked off. he should call for heads to roll. or president knew what was going on but instead of putting our national security interest first, he put his own political career first to protect himself. remember, successful terrorist attack on 9/11, that kind of hurts that "i killed bin laden, i'm a strong leader" message. >> kimberly: exactly. >> eric: since september 12 and we knew four americans were killed we do v done the story and led with the story every day since it happened. didn't pass the smell test. >> greg: you keep saying they were lying. it's a not lie. it's a manmade honesty malfunction. get that straight. if this is a coverup, it's the worst ever. makes the plumbers look like 007. bigger question here is when you have a smell in your house, what do you do? you look for the source. at my place it's the hamper.
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what are we looking for here? we are looking for the source to the assertion it was the video at fault. because we could talk about this being a coverup. it looks like they're trying to cover up something. what drives me nuts is why do they immediately assume that the video was at fault. somebody has to go, president obama, you said the video was at fault. where did you get that information? what is your source for that? that to me is the smoking gun. smoking howitzer. >> eric: bob, go ahead. can you defend the administration at all hearing on september 12 they labeled it a terrorist, al-qaeda terror attack and everyone out there, susan rice, hillary clinton, jay carney saying it was the movie. >> bob: with all due respect to our reporting on this, having dealt with the intelligence community for many years they did not confirm this was a terror attack on the 12th. these were intelligence sources who said they believed as i believed and everybody else believed it probably was a terrorist attack.
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the al-qaeda connection, everybody in eastern libya -- >> eric: bob, bob -- >> bob: let me finish. >> eric: please finish. what you are saying is incorrect. >> bob: it's not incorrect. i bet you whatever you want to bet, there is nothing, any intelligence report. i listened to the intelligence guys sit back and they guess what happened. how would they know? f.b.i. is investigating this. they weren't on the ground. if they knew so much about it, how come cnn got ahold of a diary by the ambassador? it's the most ridiculous concept i've heard. >> eric: so according to our reporter, u.s. officials confirm they had several intelligence assets on the ground, c.i.a. on the ground, sealing to protect assets. understand this. ambassador stevens was killed with another seal. four hours later, two more -- four hours later, two more seals were killed in the annex. in the time between the two, somebody had to know they were being attacked. >> bob: it's not a question they knew they were attacked but to confirm the
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intelligence agency, that the finding this is a terror cyst attack it's not possible. >> kimberly: it is possible. they had intelligence and reports prior to the ince tent that there was unrest and problems in the area. they knew that. they saw what happened. in 24 hours they labeled this a terrorist attack. let me finish, please. in order to release assets. special forces, seals, intelligence officers. to respond to the scene to be able to find out exactly what happened. in order to do that and send the force, you to do that. they went on the sunday shows and five different times said that in fact this is blamed on the video. the video was a scapegoat. rabbit and red harring so the administration didn't take responsibility for epic fail on their watch. that is the bottom line. >> bob: calm down. >> kimberly: i'm very calm. >> bob: i want to know what they confirmed in writing in the intelligence briefing this was a terrorist attack. i bet there is not a single one. >> greg: this is my point. somehow they were able to
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confirm it was the video's fault. you to understand there are two points out of this. evasiveness that is weird. you get straighter answer from rupaul. it raises the question where does obama get intel, from the media matters home page? georggeorge clooney's colorist? >> eric: sorry i stepped on the line, greg. bob would have us believe that the c.i.a. knew, the f.b.i. knew, no one in the white house knew. carney, obama, hillary clinto clinton. >> andrea: so that is a worse argument, bob. everybody knew except susan rice, hillary clinton and president? then we shouldn't re-elect them. i want to build on something else you said. f.b.i. isn't even on the ground. i have a theory. why is the f.b.i. involved at all? this isn't a bank robbery. it's an act of war. i think the administration is using the f.b.i., under investigation, as a stonewall. under investigation equals stonewall.
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anytime anyone asks what is going on, they say it's under investigation. tell you after the election. >> kimberly: she's right. >> bob: f.b.i. is always the agency that integs these things overseas because it happened on u.s. property. that's why. it's right. >> eric: they say it's not safe enough to be on the ground. remember when the libyan interim president said we know what is going on, preplanned terrorist attack? our state department said we're not sure of that yet. guess what? we still don't have the f.b.i. on the ground there. >> kimberly: you know why, too? are you kidding me, they are going to moon walk this tall way to past the election. saying f.b.i., law enforcement matter, this is the routine. it ages the investigation. that's what the defense attorneys do. you have a bunch representing the jihadnist the department of law and they think it -- >> bob: you're suggesting --
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[ overtalk ] >> bob: you are suggesting a complete and total amount of evidence available in-1/2 hours that confirmed, officially confirmed this was a terrorist attack? >> eric: they labeled it. fox news conditional label it. fox news is saying that the white house -- >> kimberly: the administration. >> eric: -- they told fox news -- >> bob: sources? >> eric: u.s. officials told fox news. they labeled it. >> bob: if you went to any intelligence group of people, everybody would have reached the same conclusion we did; that this was a terrorist attack. >> greg: i go back to original point. i can see bob's point there night not have been enough information. the assumption was made rather quickly that it was a spontaneous attack. where would it come from? it comes from the premise, that we deserved it. it couldn't an evil group of people that planned this. something we did pissed people off. that's what we accepted off the bat. to me is disgusting and shapeful. >> kimberly: they're not
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responsible, greg. do you understand? they're not responsible. this wasn't our fault, we didn't know about it, not a terrorist attack. victim of circumstance overseas and it's fortunate. we'll have a moment of silence. >> andrea: the libyan president came out and said wait a minute. we said you're wrong. we told them he didn't know what he was talking about. but if you thereon the reporting we got, the group that is expected to con duct is al-qaeda and islamic magrad. their goal is the same everywhere. the taliban. it is global islamic rule. when bin laden in days that followed 9/11 he took that video out, he said this is for 80 years of disgrace. does anyone know what that means? that means 80 years after they broke up the call faith, they want one thing, they are not -- broke up the caliphate. they are not going to apologize. >> bob: to rush to judgment about the video is a mistake. no question about that. but the idea -- first of all, the libyan president has a
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real terrorist problem on his hands. that was his politics talking. nothing to do what -- >> kimberly: >> are you saying he's not right? >> eric: u.s. officials confirming it was labeled terrorism within the department, wherever within the f.b.i. or c.i.a. -- >> andrea: you were in the state department. you figured it out in five minutes. maybe you should be running things because they know far less than you do. what does that tell you? >> eric: we are running out of time. last night, hillary clinton was at an event where she said there is an al-qaeda link to. this here is the question. i don't want to play. we don't have time to play this. do you think tonight, obviously after last night's evil news, do you think tonight, abc, nbc or cbs is going to lead with this breaking news? >> greg: no. i admire the network dedication to obama's incompetence. it's almost superhuman. >> andrea: when is he going to admit it was a terrorist attack? >> bob: once there is enough evidence to do it.
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>> andrea: he is at the top. his spokesperson, the mouthpiece said it was. when will he? november 7? >> kimberly: november 7. >> eric: you hear me say hillary clinton, the secretary of state. right? >> bob: yes. i understand that. i understand that. >> kimberly: somebody take the keys to the white house. can we get a countdown clock? >> bob: coming up, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the u.n. today warning about the iranian nuclear threat. listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the relevant question is not when iran will get the bomb. the relevant question is at what stage can we no longer stop iran from getting the bomb? >> eric: all right. but is obama, is the obama administration prepared to deal with the terrorists in tehran? that's next. ♪ ♪
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there is only way to peacefully prevent iran from getting atomic bombs. that's by placing a clear red line on iran's nuclear weapons
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program. where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before iran gets to a point where it's a few months away or a few weeks away from amas amassing enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon. >> andrea: that was a powerful address by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today at the united nations. he flashed a bolling-like diagram showing the progress iran made developing a nuclear bomb and he warned the world that the hour is getting very late to confront it. so eric, this is the most dire warning. i mean he basically said 90% uranium enrichment. we have to do something, maybe by next summer. what does the president say now? we heard him numberable last terror incident. this is a threat. does he run away for this, too? >> eric: he tries to buy time through the election. let's not address this until november 7 or 8. i'm not sure what he does
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then. right now, the prime minister says they are so close, they're closer. they may have a bomb. there is no reason for them to say what they are going to do. they have already said we're testing long range missiles that could maybe hit israel, maybe go further. the u.s. has 5,000 nuclear warheads. israel has somewhere between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads. maybe iians would listen to that more than drawing a picture. no offense to prime minister. show the warheads you have. >> andrea: kimberly, earlier in the week, president become bam said we will walk aside you, alongside of israel in the peace process. not we will stand behind you, we will back you up. but he did say well, israel is an ally. >> kimberly: we will walk beside you but not meet with you. >> andrea: if i'm netanyahu don't you feel insecure? >> kimberly: of course you do. i don't think he can rely on
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the united states under the president's direction of the administration. that is a real crisis of consequence here that they are facing. this isn't a political decision for the israelis or for netanyahu. matter of survival. for president obama it's a matter of politics. what can he do? what is popular? what can he do in terms of the votes. he has to appease the voting electorate here that is upset with him in regard to the policy with israel. this is a no-win situation. because we have to support them. without their support and mutual accord between the two country, we are in dire circumstances in the middle east. >> andrea: ahmadinejad said he is developing this for peaceful purposes, for energy. how about an oil-rich country like iran need that kind of energy? >> greg: he tried to contact dimi but he is not on yahoo. what can we do? what does america do? i say the nuclear option. send iran another videotape message from obama. i know! it's extreme. but it's the only kind of message they understand.
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>> remember when president obama said he would sit down with him, bob? remember that? i'll sit down, we eke talk, we'll chat. how has that worked out? >> bob: i want to point out that netanyahu has tried to get the allies, israel allies around the world to underscore this red line. not one of them has come forward. the reason they haven't and the reason he is going public now, he is under political pressure back home from the party and the religious parties. they want to get their allies out in front of the red line. the red line is dangerous. while, by the way, the sanctions are working and crippling tehran -- iran. >> andrea: but crippling them economically. we have seen a decline in their oil and four rounds of sanctions. but it hasn't slowed down the weapons process. >> bob: we don't know that. israel and the united states, israel particularly has done a good job taking out the engineers. there is a lot they have been behind in the centrifuge development. >> eric: are you willing to basically bet the world that they're not that close to nuclear bomb?
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>> bob: israel will do what israel is going to do and they can't do it without the united states so united states will be in it. >> greg: we should send delegation of occupy wall street there speak to them about peace. by then, maybe they will blow themselves up. >> andrea: speaking of allies you brought up allies. if i were israel i'd be puzzled. we thought mubarak was ally of ours now. when president obama was asked interview with tell money doe if egypt was an ally, here is what he said. >> i don't think that we could consider them an ally. but we don't consider them an enemy. >> andrea: maybe someone should give the president a flowchart on two the allies are and who they're not. egypt, are they not, the muslim brotherhood? >> eric: someone tell me, did i miss it or has president obama not gone to israel yet? as he not stepped foot in israel? pretty sure he hasn't. >> kimberly: too busy. >> eric: not as president, right? he has gone to cairo and he has gone to several other places. he made time for some of the
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other allies. israel is amazingly important to keeping the peace in the middle east. if israel goes or israel taken over or bombed by iran, the whole area -- if you want to talk about caliphate? caliphate two. >> andrea: hold on, bob. i want you to react to this. here is what obama said about the status of israel as an ally. >> now, i feel an obligation, not pressure, but an obligation to make sure we are in close consultation with the israelis on these issues because it affects them deeply. they're one of our closest allies in the region. >> eric: one of them. >> andrea: so speak louder than words. take a look at the map of the middle east. bob, maybe you can identify who is an ally and who is not to help president obama. he is not sure about egypt. turkey is supposedly an ally. remember they voted against sanctions, against iran. so -- >> bob: i can -- >> andrea: help him out. >> bob: first, it's not
2:23 am
right to say america ousted mubarak. his people did and the generals did. >> kimberly: we supported it. >> bob: jordan is a key ally of ours. by the way, egypt without having our -- >> eric: jordan? >> bob: yeah, they happened to -- >> eric: i'm laughing that that is what you come up with. jordan is important. but so is israel and so was egypt. i'm not sure if egypt -- i'm not even sure we're allies with egypt anymore. >> greg: he retired from the n.b.a. years ago. >> bob: okay. >> kimberly: the king of jordan has always been a strong a lyle. however, the position is weakened now. he is under tremendous pressure for muslim brotherhood and other forces. that is not something we can count on right now. saudis are mad at us as well. >> andrea: this is big every than israel. the fight we're facing is bigger than israel. israel hasn't been around as long as the hatred from the radical islamic jihadist have. coming up, racist and threatening hate mail sent to mia love, utah mayor who would
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be the first ever black republican woman to be elected to congress. so is somebody trying to intimidate her? that's next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: love that oasis band. not as good as the beatles, i guess. what if you had the answer to bad economy in middle east in front of you? if you were matt damon you will bury it under mountain of lies. hear of fracking. not is only fracking creating full employment wherever it goes it could unleash billions of gallons of oil, divorcing us from much of the middle east mess. plus, frac is just a funny work. damon is working on
2:29 am
anti-fracking movie called "promised land." the flick typical story has the frackers as bad guys and anti-frackers as the heroes. turns out according to filmmaker the abbott fracers are the fraudsters making up the lies after absurd lies. it may not be damon's fault. he could be come down with something. according to the "new york daily news" anti-fracking freaks that got obama to block the keystone pipeline are trying to block fracking in new york saying it leads to syphilis. >> kimberly: my gosh. >> greg: logic is fracking will encourage men to go to new york to work, where then they will catch a disease or whatever. you could say the same thing about the modern green movement. of all, the activists produce more germ than health club yoga mat. these days the green movement is full of cranks and crooks whose purpose is end capitalism. how does it affect a rich actor like damon? it doesn't. which why you can spread the dishonesty like a disease at will. >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. >> greg: oh, my gosh.
2:30 am
andrea, you feel as strongly as fracking as i do. >> andrea: i woke up this morning and all ibev an able toto think about. >> greg: this could problems and celebrities are changing the truth. changing the truth to prevent something from happening that could benefit millions of americans. >> andrea: 600,000 jobs i believe it was that president obama said in his "state of the union." look at how dumb we are. we have this natural gas here to create jobs. what do we do? we export the clean, cheap, natural gas to china while we import dirty expensive crude. president obama could back the natural gas act. he hasn't. more lip service. promised to get us off middle east oil in ten years. four years later we're not even close. what are we doing about this? what is our energy energy policy? >> greg: windmills. solar panels. >> kimberly: solyndra. winner. >> bob: i haven't heard that in a long time. >> greg: we'll bring it back. solyndra shows that they
2:31 am
invest in idiotsy. and they're destroying something that is important. eric, isn't it great when you see celebrities or left wing actors with egg on their face? they're wrong on this and they can't let go. >> eric: wrong on it. couple of numbers. we have spent $250 billion overseas because we are spending more money on gas. president obama came in. here is the way to drop gasoline. embrace fracking an natural gas. hundreds of billions of dollars of economic activity would stay in america. tens if not hundreds of billions of tax re-knew would stay here. if you want to talk about closing the debt, the deficit. allow fracking. frac away. by the way, there is nothing, never has been any proof of disease or anything -- >> greg: they tried it with breast cancer -- >> bob: i wasn't supposed to talk about the disease part. andrea made a good point. marellus shale runs from ohio, to upper new york state. our friend denny harton you met. friend from west virginia. he convinced me how safe
2:32 am
fracking was. it's an important point. if you drive buss with natural gas, it seems you can drive anything with natural gas, right? >> bob: he told me we didn't have the infrastructure to carry natural gas. why not invest in infrastructure to carry natural gas? not have so much dependency on foreign oil. >> kimberly: welcome to the conservative party, bob beckel. >> andrea: can you spread that in your party >> eric: >> bob: when you have that much of an energy resource and you know it runs things, the only problem, of course, is that -- well, anyway. >> greg: k.g. -- >> kimberly: i'm for fracking all the way and anything that gives us energy independence so we're not on bended knee constantly to the middle east to put the country in peril, the positions we're doing. i oppose president obama war on poll and fossil fuels. big mistake and it has cost americans livelihood and jobs. shame on you. >> greg: shame on you, kimberly. coming up, president obama camp says women don't care about wha what happened in the
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last four years but that's not what ann romney is hearing on the campaign trail. if you leave now, andrea will set fire to eric's chest hair. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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we send it back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: so, do women care about what is happening to america in the last four years? apparently not. according to stephanie cutter, president obama's deputy campaign manager. >> what you find most often with women, they are not concerned about what happened in the last four years. >> kimberly: that is not what ann romney has been
2:39 am
hearing. she spoke to greta last night. >> i will tell you four years ago, women that would speak to me had a lot of different concerns on their mind. this time around, it is nearly universal. that they are talking about jobs, the economy, their future. they are talking about debt, entitlement and everything that is so critical we make sure that we get ahold on this economy. >> kimberly: eric, wouldn't it seem to make a lot of sense that women would support the candidacy of mitt romney because hof his experience with the economy, with jobs, with trying to put food on the table, money in the bank? >> eric: again, i don't understand why people are voting for barack obama. women, single women are voting for barack obama overwhelmingly. look what is going on. we talked about it how many times? 500,000 fewer jobs held by women in america this time around versus four years ago when he took over. the unemployment among
2:40 am
african-americans, 97% of african-americans are going to vote for barack obama. but the unemployment number skyrocketed under barack obama. i don't get it. he is winning in demos he should be losing in. >> bob: i don't get how any working man or woman would vote for a republican. >> kimberly: why that? why are they in a better position under barack? >> bob: because the republicans have been consistently against dumb things that are against working men and women. simple as that. >> kimberly: what do you mean? they want lower taxes? >> bob: for example, job creation bill in house they haven't passed. barack obama passed a ledbetter act with congress. that is equalizing pay. we edited out what she said at the end of that. >> andrea: women are making more and more money. it's pretty dense for democrats to assume that there are the one issue voters. more a more women are becoming care-takers ifer their parents a they care about what happened. obamacare, because it hasn't affected premiums and it's
2:41 am
gone up. they look at their kids, too. they wonder okay, how am i going to afford to send my kids to college? they are not one issues voters, it's not monolithic. but this campaign divides and conquers so don't say anything. >> eric: i agree. >> kimberly: are you making movements to me like gesturing and weird things? >> greg: i feel bad for, i said this before. the number one cause -- the number one media celebrity target of abuse is the young conservative woman. they are surrounded constantly by people who behittal them, because -- belittle them because they don't tow the line. any jokes or abuse is okay if you are a young conservative woman. they believe you're from the '50s. >> bob: you all the time. >> greg: i allow me them to abuse me. i pay for that. >> kimberly: bring this up in the little time we have to talk about mia love. another interview by greta van susteren. take a look at this. >> it's to be expected.
2:42 am
am i surprised? no. am i disappointed? absolutely. mail after mail and disturbing things, and i'm making sure that the police department is handling that. we're going to make sure that americans say we're not going to stand up for this non-sent. >> kimberly: mia love. >> greg: liberal white males haven't been this scared of a woman since their wedding night. >> kimberly: i am scared of your iing and scratching. >> bob: what is wrong with you? >> greg: mia love scares liberals as much as allen west. that means that has to be the greatest presidential ticket. allen west, mia love. somebody knocking on the door? no, it's bob's knees. >> kimberly: my goodness. andrea? >> bob: are you saying that seriously? >> greg: why not? why not? >> bob: let it go. election day is coming up soon. it's a great idea. >> andrea: if you don't know mia love, get to know her. she is not just a republican, young and dynamic. she is brilliant.
2:43 am
you can't bully her intellectually. this is how they have to do it, the lowest, most hateful form of bullying, because they're not going to get her on brain power. the real deal. >> bob: who is they? one crazy person sends her racist material. i get thousands of those. >> kimberly: yours are well-deserved. let's see, the democratic -- >> andrea: black female. i'm sure we have jesse jackson and al sharpton protesting outside. it's different i guess. >> eric: she will win on her merit. she has been fantastic mayor of a town. bond rating up. interest rates down. doing it all right. keep her eye on her. >> kimberly: #winner! coming up. >> greg: where are you? >> bob: i don't know. >> kimberly: n.f.l. referees are headed back to the field. is tonight the first time ever the fans give the refs a standing "o"? bob is looking to watch all nine innings of tonight's game. he tells us about it. that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: yeah, reunited and it feels so good! tonight when football players are back on the field with the real refs. who would have thought we'd say that? n.f.l. reefing deal overnight to kick replacement officials to the curb. it goes down to two game, one was the packers and the seattle super hawks. [ laughter ] there was a three-point shot that was not accepted as a three-point shot but we know the feet were on the three-point line. >> kimberly: seahawks. >> bob: two incidents here that were a problem. one was green bay and seattle. the other one was when the ravens played whoever they played -- >> kimberly: patriot act. >> andrea: how do i know this and you played football? >> bob: i have no brain cells left. bellicheck went after a ref and got $50,000 fine. tonight they can even it out. tonight is the ravens, right?
2:49 am
versus who? >> eric: look it up while we talk. >> bob: browns. greg is excited about this whole thing. so first time the refs will be cheered when they get on the field, until they miss the first call. >> eric: third minute in. they will blow a call. or have a questionable call and everyone will say bring back the -- >> kimberly: nobody likes refs. >> eric: people say you made no sense yesterday when you said but bring them back because of the injuries. that's the only reason you bring them back. $3 million is hanging on this whole deal the whole time. any one of the quarterbacks could get hurt because of a blown call or no call. there was too much risk to the franchise, so they say let's make deal. refs got most of what they want. they're union thugs. sorry, refs. >> bob: here we go. back to unions. >> andrea: i'm not an expert on football like you, bob, but the refs should never be the story. all week long the refs have
2:50 am
been the story. they have to up the game. eric is right. the n.f.l. is not going to let $3 million, pocket change to them, destroy their brand. >> bob: they almost did. they almost did. >> andrea: it's not the blown calls -- >> kimberly: their reputation. >> bob: the field goal, two people on the goalpost to look up. had the blow that. >> andrea: i thought they didn't make it on sunday night. >> bob: greg, you are really in to this tonight? are you glued in front of the tv screen through the seventh inning stretch? >> greg: i will be doing glue in front of the tv scree screen. i am in the minority. tired of the sanctimonious solaber. they should bring tobacco high-ly refs to do the game instead of football refs. tired of the public bullying. celebrity option twitter making fun of the poor refs after doing the anti-bullying crusade. they go on there and rip on bullies.
2:51 am
they're only against bullying when it helps their career. >> bob: are you excited they're back? >> andrea: i love football but i have problem with any bad call. i can't stand injustice. it was shameful what happened. >> andrea: incompetence. >> kimberly: or incompetence. don't get me started. i love football and hate for the bad calls. instant replay. get it right. put on glasses. some of them need glasses. >> bob: why do you sit in that chair and i sit in this chair? never mind. >> eric: the refs, the deal they got. they will make $180,000 a season. that is more than congress people make. >> bob: oh! >> eric: part-time job. >> andrea: they both screw up their jobs colossally. >> bob: the average salary for n.f.l. 2011, they official got $149,000. i think that is right. now in '# 3 they get $173,000. 2019, $205,000. you ought to try to be a line
2:52 am
judge. >> eric: i would love to be. >> bob: one more thing. is up next. ♪ ♪
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2:55 am
>> eric: time for one more thing. kimberly, you are kicking it off. >> kimberly: break out the gogo juice. we have honey boo-boo has been picked up for a few more episodes. take a look at this. >> bob: who is honey boo-bo
2:56 am
boo-boo? >> dollar make me holler, honey boo-boo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> kimberly: greg's face is -- >> greg: why are we giving any time to that garbage? that person in ten or 12 years is going to be a mess. it will be her parents' fault. you're seeing lindsay lohan at 3. >> andrea: that person in ten years will not be a mess. [ overtalk ] >> eric: drugs are bad and cash. >> bob: i got to say i'm sorry. i wasn't making fun of her. >> eric: moving along. ann romney was on jay leno two
2:57 am
nights ago. you have to see the clip. it's fantastic. >> is he is a good dancer? >> you know, jay, he has gotten be a better dancer. >> that is a political answer. that is a political answer. i saw him dance when he came out at the republican convention. and here, take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: romney, ganga style. >> kimberly: i love that. >> eric: i don't remember that. >> kimberly: dancing in my mind like that. >> bob: i hate tattoos and i can't stand them and everybody is getting them. who would put this junk on their body? i want to tell you -- two things. one, there is one person on the "the five" that has a tattoo. i'd like you to guess who it is. i'll tell you who it is tomorrow. it's -- >> eric: how can they find
2:58 am
you? >> bob: twitter. what is that? robert beckel. i will tell you who it is and where it is. if you want to make a big investment with me, in ten years i'm going to start tattoo removal parlors. >> kimberly: they already have that. really? >> bob: in five more years all the tattoos will fall because of certain -- >> andrea: gravity. >> bob: yeah. but owe -- don't get in that. >> andrea: do you have a new technology never seen before? >> bob: i do. get rid of those. >> kimberly: invest while you can. get in on it. crazy. >> andrea: so while millions of americans and bob beckel are in denial about our fiscal state, all you have to do is look at greece. we haven't covered this on "the five" yet. these are recent riots. they're rioting because they're cutting benefits over austerity measures because greece is broke.
2:59 am
unemployment is 25% in both greece and spain. the under gem employment is double digits too, by the way. anytime anybody laughs and says it doesn't matter, it's not serious. if president obama continues to hand out check, try and take him away eventually like paul ryan to get us back on path to fiscal sanity, that is what can happen here. >> bob: do you have relatives left in greece? >> andrea: i have a whole family in greece. it spent so much time there. it's very, very serious. i have a lot of friends in athens. none of them can find work. they're all leaving. my family is suffering. it's a serious problem. people who haven't been to greece don't know. >> bob: feel bad enough. >> andrea: sorry, bob. >> greg: my banned word -- "game-changer." >> kimberly: oh, no! >> greg: when anybody says it's a game-changer, it's never a game-changer. >> bob: you did that once. >> greg: no, i didn't. >> bob: in my memory. >> greg: i keep a ror of everything i do. >> bob: you do? >> greg: then i eat it. >> kimberly: i like game-changer. usually i think it's


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