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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 29, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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we fight but in the end, shake hands and hundreds of results. and whatever happens this year, making of american presidents >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: well, it's been more than two week since four americans were murdered in libya. each day that goes by it gets worse and worse for the administration. now to refresh your memory, here is what ambassador susan rice said on september 16. remember, u.s. intelligence officials have told fox news they knew on september 12 it was a terror attack. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. what happened initially was it
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was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. >> andrea: why would the administration try to sell us that story? >> so why did they deceive in it's obvious. the attack took place five days after the democrats spent a week in charlotte, out thing, spiking the football on bin laden. >> the reason we call it benghazi-gate it contains the grim prospect that the administration knew or should have known. this is the one cancer on the presidency. dare i say that. >> we have been lied to. we flat out have been lied to. everybody with two eyes and i.q. above plant life understands that what happened in egypt and what happened in libya was not some spontaneous reak to a stupid 13-minute video on youtube. richard nixon was forced out of office because he lied. because he covered some stuff up. i will be blunt and tell you this.
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nobody died in watergate. we have people dead because of this and there are questions to be answered. >> andrea: it's not just republicans concerned about this. just yesterday, senate democrats also started demanding answers from the administration. greg, we're 17 days out since we learned this was a terror attack. even leon panetta said this was a terror attack. but nothing from the commander-in-chief. shouldn't he have been honest the first place? >> greg: this is confusing to me. the response is let's coordinate it, with an engineering major. if he knew it was terror, they're now say it's terror, why did you go to vegas on day one? was al-qaeda playing craps at mgm grand? catching a show at the renetian? possibly carrot top? none of them were on message. the big coup here was imprinting the idea that the video was responsible in the media and the public. is it the question that needs
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to be asked over and over again. where in the hell did you get your source? where did you -- why did you decide that it was the video's fault? who told you that? they cannot answer it. they don't have an answer. assumption that came from their heart. >> andrea: they tried to answer it today with a statement from the director of national intelligence. other breaking news we learned today. intelligence source on the ground told fox news that no threat assessment was conducted before ambassador teachs and his team began taking up residence in benghazi. we found out on a scale of 1 to 10 they said this was a total failure of ten. they dropped the ball in protecting him and the other americans. >> kimberly: you can apologize but sometimes sorry isn't good enough. people are dead. it was their responsibility. they tried to hide behind a video that was shameful instead of being honest and direct with the american people to tell them what went on that.
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weakened our position overseas. that is enough. this whole deback is enough to throw them out of office because of this. isn't it interesting how the tables turned and they're leaking information on what happened? >> andrea: democrats can no longer carry water on this. it's spilling over in their districts. we heard senator john kerry speak yesterday. a letter signed, eric. should there be hearings? we have a chorus, bipartisan chorus demanding answers. >> eric: here is how it goes. the timeline. september 11 the attacks happened. september 12 our own u.s. officials know it's terror. they label it terror to release assets to combat terror. on september 13, sorry, on the 12th also, secretary of state hillary clinton comes out and calls it the movie. blame the movie. 13, jay carney did. 14, susan rice does, blames the movie. september 25, barack obama at the podium blames the movie. september 27 our fox reports they knew two weeks ago.
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what happens today, 28th dn saying well information is evolving and the democrats are you no saying well, i guess we didn't know what the truth was now. we are getting it. here comes the spin. >> kimberly: investigate it after the election. november 7, sounds good. >> andrea: are you going to speak out with the democrats to demand answers or sit here and give us excuses? >> bob: i'm not giving excuses. >> greg: president obama should assume it's not evil that causes eel, but silly tape. >> bob: okay. sorry i raised this again but i want to say this, intelligence sources the office of the director of national intelligence said the following -- the information that led to us assess the attack began
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spontaneously process earlier that day in cairo. we provided that to the executive branch officials and members of congress. he said we have revised the assessment. this is the director of national intelligence. you can use all the sources you want. none of them have the rank this guy has. >> andrea: they are contradicting each other. >> eric: the intelligence services coming out directly contradict the head of the -- >> they're not on the record. >> bob: they had to label it terrorism so they can get authorization for the use of military force against terrorists. it's an act. it had to be labeled terrorist and done on that day. when the documents prove it -- >> andrea: so you're telling me that the dni didn't know that other intelligence officials had labels it a terrorist attack?
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>> bob: there is somebody to label the terrorist attack without director of national intelligence. >> bob: this reminds me when i was a kid, watching saturday morning cartoons. and obama administration is the grad student in the scooby-doo van. they're riding over bumps in the road and think think old man magilicutty is behind this but they're wrong because it's somebody evil who did this. there was a time when killing americans got new press than the new iphone. >> andrea: this statement said the attack began spontaneously following protests early they're day but it doesn't say it evolved out of a protest in benghazi?
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the stories are too new to name. verbal gymnastics are impressive. >> they threw her under the bus. let me tell you. there has been an occupy the white house by a bunch of actors i have never seen such bald-face lies told to you like it's truth. unbelievable. then they're not responsible. it's not a fail on their watch to do accurate assessment of what the threat level is. you don't need a kindergarten class to figure out that is unstable area and have adequate security for the personnel there. however, bob, i know you can't wait. one more second. they are so concerned about diplomacy and offending people and worry what they think about us over there they are failing to adequately arm the people there to secure the area and protect our personnel. >> andrea: is it that? are they worried what other people think? it smells like a coverup. trying to give the white house cover. >> al-qaeda says we planned it. you know why?
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we planned it because of president obama's constant victory lap over killing bin laden. how many times have we heard it, bin laden is dead and g.m. is alive. they pinpoint that is the reason for the attack. they have had 11 chances to have a retaliatory attack on 9/11. >> andrea: why didn't they tell the truth? how it's a new jersey controversy. >> bob: i think you're willing to take the leaks of 30,000 people in intelligence community, unnamed sources and put it up against people of national intelligence own the record. he told administration and conditioning this is result of what happened in cairo. turns out he was wrong. we did further assessment and changed our position. that was days after the assessment. the idea unnamed intelligence sources -- i could find any intelligence source you want in washington to say anything.
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>> eric: why is it better they were wrong? that our own di? wrong? >> bob: the people who said it's -- i can say it. >> kimberly: you were in the state department. there you go. >> unnamed intelligence sources my guess is they use the same thinking i did, obviously a terrorist attack. you can't be obvious about something -- >> andrea: libyan president did the same thing of the intelligence officials. what does it say if the dni has his own people? >> greg: where do we get our intel from? michelle's travel agent? this is disturbing. i agree that mistakes were made. if someone admits a mistake i'm willing to forgive it. something about choosing to believe in something. in the worst, about the west. over the worst in radical islam. to me, when i go to the whole idea of the source. why did you go there? why did you immediately decide
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a fill system what -- >> bob: let me take the source of the president of libya who has his own political butt to cover. >> kimberly: why do it? >> bob: he has his own politics. >> kimberly: it doesn't make him look good. it happened in his area and his country. he is telling the truth. >> bob: he is dealing with tens of thousands of terrorists coming to his country. he has to deal with that is the political reality. >> greg: i agree. hard to say. why did you go there? >> eric: you keep it in the media and you keep talking about it and you don't go to terrorism which it was, they knew it. because terrorism looks bad. >> bob: you go to our named intelligence services -- >> eric: you wouldn't get reelected if it's terrorism and you're not keeping us -- >> kimberly: this has backfireed because a bloomberg poll shows a reversal of fortune and romney now has advantage over areas of foreign policy. >> bob: issues that have nothing to do with the outcome of the election.
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leaving that aside -- >> andrea: hold on, i have to go. 48 to 42. advantage given to mitt romney. not surprise that president obama would have been forth right instead of trying to cover his butt, maybe it wouldn't have happened. we wouldn't have four americans dead if they would have done the job. >> bob: that is one of the most outrageous statement us heard you say. if they had done the job before -- you're taking unnamed intelligence sources to make a stories based on that. >> andrea: ahead, filmmaker blamed for violence in the muslim world has been arrested. what was the alleged crime? we will tell you when we come back. hopefully bob will stop talking. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: got to love "the who." nothing says presidential leadership like decisive action. that's what we saw last night with the producer of the anti-islam film arrested for violating probation. yes, this arrest has nothing to do with the fill that obama
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and crew pinned the middle east mob on. no, just a coon dense, it's it - coon dense. it's all about probation. and i'm 5'10". the filmmaker gets no bail. he is dangerous. he makes scary films, films that kill people. like the ring but without the creepy japanese girl. the feds would not arrest the black panther vote intimidator and he was on real-life film. so a film of a real crime, widely distributed gets ignored but a fantasy home movie nobody saw leads to an arrest. where the hell is hollywood? shouldn't this scare the diapers off alec baldwin? matthew modin, where is the march for freedom of expression. streisand, clooney, julie luis dreyfuss, where are you people? hiding under harvey winestein? i know you can. but you know who will be arrested next? kathryn bigelow.
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she is the maker of "zero dark thirty." in anyone dies because of the end zone dance of death, she i'll have blood on her hends. right, mr. president? >> bob: you know, greg, i want to know who the source was on that video? >> greg: i was the source on that. >> bob: i do this from a public relations standpoint, the worst idea imaginable, i first thought about it and i said probation violation. even if he did, wouldn't you say to yourself i think i'm not going to arrest this guy right you in wait a couple of weeks. >> eric: worse, they perp walked him before they arrested him when think called in for questions. in the middle of the night the l.a. police took him out. >> kimberly: this is america. >> eric: what about bringing
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him in questions before arresting him. >> andrea: nobody believes it's a probation violation. how many cops do they need for a probation violation. there was like ten. >> greg: they will argue it was for his safety. you don't arrest a guy for safety. you say we'll put him somewhere. >> kimberly: that is over the top. ridiculous. this is america and this is happening? why isn't everybody outraged over this? wait a second, forget killing and first amendment and free speech. you killed it. >> greg: you know everybody in hollywood. cloon:has been chasing you for years to no avail. aren't they cowards? can you e-mail clooney and go where are you? >> kimberly: no, not him. pick somebody else. alec baldwin. >> bob: she has a thing for clooney. >> kimberly: e-mail baldwin and say where is the outrage? where is the twitter rant? where is the outrage about the
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fact we can step all over the first amendment in this country? >> bob: kim and andrea both whose shoes are more than my retirement fund. >> kimberly: how is that relevant? >> bob: because he handcuffed? i think he was. >> eric: not when they led him out. now he is hand cuffed. >> bob: if you pick up somebody for questioning don't you have to read rights? >> kimberly: i will tell you from gutfeld says from the legal course you can take someone in and have the officers if you say it's for their safety or protection or the guy had death threats against him. the sheriff department will be sued if anything happens to him while doing a bizarre perp walk which is filmed to further appease the jihadist. >> bob: do you think the lapd let the press know it will happen? >> kimberly: that's how this works, bob. >> greg: who is president obama going arrest for the 8.1% unemployment?
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arrest somebody for that? when kathryn bigelow movie comes out it's the victory lap. intel given to her isn't available to anyone else. literally, the obama administration opened up the door of the cia and said come in. here is what you can have. make a movie of killing bin laden. >> bob: are you no longer giving the united states credit for killing bin laden? >> eric: don't spike the football. >> andrea: biggest threat to free speech is liberal. they cherry pick when they want to use it. build a mosque at ground zero, that their right. first amendment, first amendment. they run away from it. >> bob: don't say all liberals. >> kimberly: bob, forget
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about it. >> greg: can by clear we actually got the filmmaker before the terrorist. have we gotten the terrorists? mission accomplished we got the filmmaker. >> eric: we just admitted there were terrorists yesterday. >> kimberly: though we know which group did it and who was in charge of it. >> bob: libyans picked up 70 some people. >> andrea: do you think it will stop us after seeing him hauled off? >> greg: this was the appearance of appeasement to the middle east. >> kimberly: perp walk. >> greg: they don't get cable. sorry. coming up, which media outlets are doing their job supporting the benghazi terrorist attack? eric will name the names and read from the collection of hiku poetry. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: i challenged the media to announce breaking news of the coverup and the results are in. cbs didn't lead with the coverup they never mentioned it in the broadcast. not a word. hey, scotty, axelrod on line one. he said thanks. nbc, the bastion of journalism led with the biggest news story since watergatesa. vanna, sweetie, how do you become a serious journalist ignoring news like this? on abc, george stephanopoulos
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led with story on cyber attack. others did good reporting later in the block on libya. any questions the main street is as biased as the day in long? greg, that do you think? >> greg: it is amazing what you can get away with, when the media is in the tank for you. obama could actually give alaska to russia. by day two, the "new york times" editorial board will report on ann romney's horse. you are asking a network to report on a scandal about obama is asking them to narc on themselves. >> bob: sarah palin know about that trade? >> greg: you are terrible. my point is asking a member of a gang to narc on a member. >> eric: this a big story or not >> bob: it is a big story. but you jumped all over nbc. netanyahu speaks to the u.n. about iran. >> eric: but they didn't mention the libya story once in the broadcast.
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>> eric: you yourself are saying it's a big story. >> bob: it is a big story. american people deserve to know there could be a coverup going on in the white house. >> bob: i assume they probably think the american people do not care much about this. >> greg: you had four americans die and we care more about the iphone. media is the obama snuggy. >> andrea: leopard one. the only industry not doing your job ensurous keep your job. they didn't do the libya story but when obama went on "the view," abc, cbs, msnbc covered it. why would they cover that and nothing else? anytime they get snubbed personally, ladies of the view got the interview then they speak up. every couple of months they feel blown off.
2:30 am
the press has to stop by the press room. >> kimberly: absolutely. this is the truth. the obama administration wouldn't have been forced to come clean on this and admit the obvious truth if it weren't for catherine herridge's reporting here at fox. that is a fact. because of her intelligence sources all of that has been confirmed. everything she said from day one on this incident has been proved to be true. that is what outed them and they had to come admit it went because of video and the source. this was a terrorist attack well coordinated and preplanned. >> eric: so you can't rely on the mainstream media, the liberal leaning media to progress, to advance the story. you to rely on conservative media. listen to rush limbaugh. >> the f.b.i. is not even in benghazi to investigate. there is a reason why.
2:31 am
here is why the f.b.i. isn't there. the f.b.i. will find out what happened. the regime does not want it reported. the f.b.i. will not lie about what they find. so the regime has to keep them out of there. >> eric: bob? >> bob: that's just tote it will outrageous. i think the idea that the f.b.i. is going along with some coverup -- you know, the fact of the matter is -- >> kimberly: he said the f.b.i. wouldn't go along with a coverup and they are kept out because if they go there they will investigate and find out the truth and get the results, which a little problematic. >> bob: do you think that the f.b.i. would not go because they're told by the regime not to go? >> andrea: everyone knows, bob, you know this better than anyone having the d.c. experience. investigation equals delay. the longer they delay it the better. this is a holder trick to slow everything down. can't get on the ground. >> kimberly: we covered this yesterday. >> bob: we did? that is a long time ago in my mind. >> kimberly: get the
2:32 am
refresh. >> bob: can i ask you for three years when the mainstream media is bludgeoning obama on the economy. do you think he got a free ride? >> eric: yes! >> greg: absolutely! where was the bludgeoning? >> bob: on the economy. every day is bad news. >> greg: wait, you echoed many people who said the economy is roaring back. >> bob: it is. >> greg: millions of the invisible jobs. >> kimberly: where is the roar? >> greg: you can't have it both ways and say he has been bludgeoned at the same time the media gives him more water than niagara falls water institute. >> eric: where is the integrity. if they won't report a story that is this importance that may implicate the white house, don't hit two of three news channel, abc did, cbs and nbc isn't. no integrity. >> greg: they have to advance an agenda. >> bob: do you think they have an agenda like that? >> greg: yes! they all come from same place. >> bob: they have editorial
2:33 am
meeting this morning and said what can we do for bam snap >> greg: they already share the assumption. >> kimberly: think, bob, it's ingrained. it's not like anyone says it out loud. it's the way business is done. uyou know that. >> andrea: they hand the economy the way they handle foreign affairs. they handle economy the way they handle foreign affairs. same thing. ignore, ignore, ignore, don't report. >> eric: don't forget. where obama been? quite a few times over the last year he has been on cbs "60 minutes." >> bob: yeah. >> kimberly: vegas, baby. >> eric: they didn't cover the story. pilot pulls a frank on the girlfriend tricking her to think the plane is going down. going to crash before proposing. would you marry this guy? we'll show you the tape. ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." last night on "the factor" bill o'reilly had the observation about the american electorate. >> no one knows how many american voters are uninformed folks who vote on whims but safe to say the group is substantial especially in a time when social media is diverting attention away from important issues. if you look at newspaper circulation, and tv news ratings you might come to the conclusion that half the country is simply uninformed. they don't know anything. >> kimberly: is it dangerous in democracy to have half the population clueless about what is going on in the country? i see a tremendous amount of movement on this end of the table. twitching or something. [ laughter ] yesterday was scratching. i'm going to get this boy some
2:40 am
cream. >> greg: i had my eyes dielated today. >> pupils are very big. >> bob: that is not from -- it's something else. go ahead. >> greg: i'm torn. sometimes i don't mean the less you know is better. if you aren't informed don't vote. >> kimberly: is that how you feel? if you don't know enough, don't -- >> greg: if you you're in the military, vote. if you have a job. make a living, vote. >> bob: if you're unemployed don't vote. >> greg: you don't have to. >> eric: it turns out half the country may not be paying taxes as well. maybe those are the people uninformed. they're going to choose to vote for whoever writes the checks. >> greg: unemployed should vote. they should vote for somebody who will help them create better economy for more jobs.
2:41 am
>> kimberly: when you go to disney land half the people there are not paying taxes. >> andrea: it's hard to take it away'ms seductive political experiment. >> kimberly: you brought that up yesterday about your family in greece. if people are used to getting things -- >> andrea: pension at 43 years old. >> kimberly: then you take it away. >> andrea: they can crazy. >> bob: goofy tried to give me a free lollipop in disney world and i punched him in the stomach. >> andrea: they don't know that nothing is free in this country. you pay for it in some form, higher premium or lower salaries. >> greg: i want to change my mind on something i said earlier. bell o'reilly is wrong that we're seeing more well informed people finding another point of view that didn't exist 14 or 15 years ago.
2:42 am
there was no fox news. we are educating people. >> bob: there are so many more outlets for information, that people can get. conservative, liberal. i'm not sure i buy the notion half the people are not informed. it depends on your position. >> eric: more and more the buy. for the right, and the left. not that middle of the road. important on 47%. when that hits 51%, 51% of the population isn't paying income tax, it's over. game over. >> bob: you said the democrats and republicans and polarization taking place, half and half. that is what reiley talk about republicans. >> andrea: uninformed or misinformed? >> bob: that is a good point.
2:43 am
>> andrea: this week, i received so many e-mails from people going i'm really depressed and i feel like the country is not awake. how could obama be leading? i don't know what the answer is. >> kimberly: people like obama. >> bob: you don't have a good candidate on the republican side. >> andrea: i said that. is at it combination of things. what is it? >> greg: like the n.b.a., people don't pay attention to playoffs. debates are the playoffs. >> kimberly: anybody else? that's it. coming up, pilot pops the question to his girlfriend after tricking her to thinking she was about to die. sound romantic to you? i don't think so. the plane crash that was plain wrong next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: i'm here so the
2:48 am
substance block is about to begin. love was in the air over the skies of chicago when a couple got engaged mid-flight. ryan thompson decided to propose to his girlfriend carly kennedy in a very unusual way. how did he do it? he said the plane's controls were malfunctioning and had her read instructions from the emergency procedures manual that included a request for her to be his bride. how sweet? how dumb? what do you think? >> kimberly: i would actually reject this proposal, obviously there will be others coming. >> greg: one of the few you have rejected. >> kimberly: what can i say? >> bob: how many times have you said no? we know you said yes a couple times. >> kimberly: i said no more than five times. >> bob: how about you? >> andrea: what about me? >> bob: what do you think? >> andrea: he's an idiot. but impressed with her level of calm. if someone said the controls are malfunctioning i would have been screaming.
2:49 am
he seems like a dweeb and i would haven't dated him let alone get in a plane. >> bob: how many times have you said no? >> andrea: i have never been asked. viewers send me cute e-mails but legitimately on one knee, not yet. >> bob: i can't believe that. >> andrea: believe it. >> greg: i don't understand pranks like this. i don't understand pranks when you tell people they are going to die, because not -- to me it's not a fun prank. it's an ominous sign of what will happen later in her marriage. she is getting into something for the rest of her life with a freak. >> kimberly: my god. >> eric: we're going to fundamentally change america, obama warned us and we married him anyway. >> greg: nice! nicely done. >> bob: did you have to bring in the fun block? >> greg: the plane is the united states. the plane is the united states. the woman is the american people. and obama is the pilot.
2:50 am
>> exactly. >> greg: hope and change. >> eric: and the plane is going down. the plane is the economy. >> greg: where is the parachute? >> eric: my wife would never get in the plane with me. if i did that she wouldn't marry me. >> kimberly: i didn't know they made plane that small. a little big wheel with wings. >> bob: i'm sensitive to a prenup, because my former wife wouldn't give me one. prenup, you know what they are? sign a contract saying this is what we will do or not do if we get divorced. andrea, go ahead. >> andrea: the story is basically that more and more people are getting crazier with the prenups. you can write anything in there. so there are reports, the "new york post" had a story which said that men are now writing in their wives must maintain a certain weight or might not wear a certain color or they're required to do the horizontal mambo a certain number of times in the week. >> bob: i don't see what is wrong with this. >> greg: i thought we were doing a story on extreme
2:51 am
preops. >> bob: that's good, greg. >> kimberly: you just turned in to bob beckel. >> bob: there is that and they said they can't cheat. one of these things said in a prenup you can't cheat. put me in trouble. >> do we ask these two? okay. so guy comes up, good looking guy, doesn't have a job, though, you fall in love. do you make him sign a premup? >> andrea: of course. i don't think i would date someone without a job. >> kimberly: bob is -- when bob is looking over at me i get this -- >> bob: did you have a prenup with your former two husbands? >> kimberly: yes, we shared one. kidding. no kidding, obviously not. >> greg: my prenup says if we split up, 50/50 with the unicorn and i get 57% of the leather mask. that's fair. >> bob: what does she get? >> greg: 25%. >> kimberly: you get a prenup the next time around? >> bob: i tried and she wouldn't do it. gave me four golf lessons in
2:52 am
six years and cost me half a million a lesson i figure. one more thing. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call.
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>> andrea: all right. time for one more thing. roberto click it off. >> bob: yesterday i said that one person on this show had a tattoo. and a lot of you came in and thought it was one of the two
2:56 am
ladies. no, it's not. take a look at the picture of where the tattoo is. it's dr. bolling. eric, the question is do you have tattoos anyplace else on your body? >> eric: first, that one is fake. >> bob: no, it's not. it's not fake. >> eric: from my old show "money rocks." >> bob: any other tattoos? >> eric: do you? >> bob: no. none. okay. i also want to do one other thing. john stossel -- >> kimberly: you didn't answer the question and you left it ambiguous. it's not me or andrea. >> bob: you don't have them. our friend john stossel doing a special called "winning the presidency." i was honored to have a chance to be part of it. take a look at this. >> they fought each other viciously for years. yet weirdly these tough guys came to this interview together. >> you spent a year to kill each other's careers but
2:57 am
you're friends. >> great friends. >> why? >> we could drink all night. we love the process, we love the game. >> you come to appreciate what the other guy, your counterpart has to go through every day. >> reassuring they're still friends. it says something good about america. >> bob: greg says the lonlongest session he's seen. "winning the president," john stossel. >> andrea: i have to clear something up. i got e-mail last week. i think i said it wrongdoing pet peeves and i said i don't like when people get out of the elevator and i go in first. it had it backward. i don't like when you are trying to come in. >> bob: we knew that. >> andrea: i had to fix that. pet peeves. comedy shows don't equal the criticism. last night, "saturday night live" actually did.
2:58 am
>> real change takes more than one term or one president. i don't know if it will happen in eight years. it might take 12. i could be long dead. maybe you will be dead, too. >> i guess. it wouldn't funny if it were true. >> kimberly: congratulations to reese witherspoon. she gave birth to her third child. >> greg: yea! >> kimberly: stop. you're jealous. she is pregnant with tennessee james. >> bob: which one of you is pregnant? >> andrea: which is pregnant? >> bob: first you say is a too and then with child. >> eric: you can't get enough honey boo-boo evidence by kimberly last night. went to facebook, her name and type in our name. first, type my name in eric bolling. this is what came up. eternal boo boo. greg, your honey boo boo name
2:59 am
is glitzy grace. yours is alicia tony. kimberly, your kiwi giggles. bob, bob beckel, bug bloom. she is awesome. >> andrea: you are a bug. you know how to bug well. greg? >> greg: i'm no excited. i went to the ophthalmologist today. they now use black gloves. these are fantastic. they are the coolest thing in the world. they don't do the puff air test. the puff of air test is the worst test you can have. you have to wait while they get close. black is new white


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