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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it. these are the some of few folks we'll talk about it this weekend. how do we get around something if it were to come to pass, would easily lop us in to a recession. easily lop millions out of work and millions more paying more in taxes. >> andrea: hello. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, brian kilmeade. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: so who won the v.p. debate last night? we'll get into that in a minute but there is one thing that nobody is disputing. joe biden had a lot of laughs last night. he was laughing during discussions about libya, iraq, afghanistan, the economy, taxes, and on and on. and on. now here is reaction from some fox all-stars. plus, the president, even opineed about the veep's performance. >> if you heard it on radio,
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biden won. if you watch it on television, he lost. >> i think he had a strong debate. but was diminished, was diminished by the smirking. he overdid it. >> it was unattractive, rude and i have a feeling it will come across to a lot of people as rude. looked like a cranky old man to some extent debating a polite young man. >> i don't believe i have ever seen a debate in which one participant was an openly disrespectful of the other, as biden was to paul ryan tonight. >> it's pretty amazing how often he was interrupting and heckling and laughing and smiling and grimacing and grinning. it's like they put joker juice in the water that he had there on the stage. >> he was so rude. he was so toothy. he was so -- >> tooth -- >> -- overdramatic. rolling his eyes. but on the other hand, it's joe biden. >> i thought joe biden did
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great and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> andrea: surprise, surprise. we have to ask karl what joker juice is. rude, crank i can, disrespectful, really unprecedented behavior. if you're trying to swing voters in your camp when you're down, probably not the way to do it. >> eric: unfortunately, joe biden, mr. v.p., confirmed all of our suspicions. a jackrabbit. he embarrassed himself. he embarrassed the office. he embarrassed the country. he lied about taxes and contraception. he lied about his voting record on wars. most importantly he lied about what went on in libya. the scary fact that this guy is one heartbeat away, condescending smug, morally, intellectually bankrupt man is one heartbeat away from the presidency. your question, andrea, four more years or four more weeks? >> andrea: dana, watching that, i thought as a woman he just looked so cocky. and so arrogant. i thought you know every woman has worked in an office, in the workplace with a joe biden. the guy that puts his finger
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in your face. the guy that dresses you down and knows more than you do. honey, go make some coffee. that's how i took it. if he is going to behave that way in public with millions of people watching how does he behave in private? >> dana: i actually -- that kind of behavior, any of us had to work with peel like that. when i was watching it, i found myself not watching biden's answer. that happens, was he just laughing? what is going on? a lot of this, remember watching it and all of those things could be true but those were men we talked about. all those on last night. if the men neault way, imagine how a woman feels. give you a piece of advice. say you're in your 60s, you're thinking you would like
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to date again. if you want to know exactly how to turn off a woman, watch that debate last night and follow biden. >> andrea: by the way, paul ryan the last time i checked was a member of congress. even how he talked to moderator. he rolled his eyes, he was interrupting. every time paul ryan would respond he did it respectfully. i want you to react when paul ryan tried to get him to stop interrupting him. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up lost ground. but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> don't take all the four minutes then. >> brian: my reaction to this, that was a good line he had. joe biden came out and do what obama didn't do. attack, make points and reaffirm everything. one time i asked you to make you coffee, i didn't know i called you "honey."
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if at 60, i start dating again i should get permission from my wife. she might be watching now. i did take cable out of the house. it's a shame because biden hurt himself. whether he believed him or not, he was control of the issue and environment, confident. conversing in all areas. but his actions when he wasn't speaking spoke of somebody who comes off as bullying and distracting. then i saw tom brokaw this morning, he said you should not be laughing in a discussion about thurmonuclear war with iraq. his content was good, demeanor was awful. he hurt himself with how he acted. >> andrea: i wonder what the ladies of "the view" thought? >> brian: they would have loved that. embraced it. >> andrea: that is the liberal stereotype. dress people dun and cocky and rude and arrogant. they think it's funny. if you watch the liberal networks they think he did a great job. one of the cnn analysts, a
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woman came out and said yeah, not his best look. women are having a really offensive response to his behavior last night. >> bob: well, let me just take a counter view here. >> andrea: as a woman. >> bob: joe did what he needed to do. this was about a base debate. not about persuadables, number one. number two, i agree he probably went a little overboard with some of the hysterics. however, he did finally with the moderator, finally what i have been trying to make the point over again expose ryan and romney for what they are. they have a tax plan. not want to talk about it. expose them on medicare. two things they want to do, and the base is excited this morning. >> andrea: you have offended so many women in your life. you wouldn't have counseled him, though, to behave like that. i know you well enough to know that. >> bob: i said i thought, i agree with joe trippi. i think the histrionics were
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not necessarily, but on substance he had ryan on the defensive all night long. >> dana: can i ask bob a question about that, though? >> andrea: yeah. >> dana: would vit been a base debate if obama had done better week before? because biden is trying to get out of the deficit that obama created in the first -- >> bob: that's exactly right. >> dana: biden had a different job last night. actually paul ryan's job was to appeal to seniors and to women. i think he nailed that. and so, whereas some of the other lines he might not have won the point, actually overall he won overall with his base, too. >> andrea: if the strategy is to rally the base, the base is women. the democratic base. war on women. they went in to this, pew research found that 51% of voters already had an unfavorable view of the vice president. he did himself no favors. >> eric: that is an important poll. i bet that number goes up after that. he was not likable. everything he did, the smilin smiling, smugness, he cut off
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paul ryan 82 times in 90 minutes. that is almost impossible to do. the other thing is "wall street journal" points this out. he was on the attack. they call it bully versus the wonk. he was on the attack. meaning joe biden, all night. every time he attacked paul ryan on a topic, it was wrong. his facts were -- >> bob: it was not wrong. >> eric: the facts were wrong, bob. i got them right here. obamacare will likely put 15% in the hospital out of business. romney's plan will not raise taxes on the middle class. and medicare will cost you more under obamacare. the things he attacked he was wrong. >> bob: i'm not going to laugh at you but say you have been at odds all night long. >> brian: what he said about the $716 billion of what biden said is not cut out of medicare. the a.p. fact checker said they are cutting that out. and using money to improve benefits but most money is used to expand healthcare coverage outside of medicare. this is the a.p. fact check.
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>> bob: difference between savings and gutting. >> dana: then okay, if you want to use that measurement, what biden said at the end about ryan cutting the budget was not true, because ryan over the back and forth between raddatz and biden said, no, it's 3% increase, not 4.5% increase. difference in the budget. >> bob: the other thing i thought was a great hit is when ryan had to subject himself to admitting he was for the stimulus for his district. >> dana: i agree. >> bob: two, his medicare example explanation was miserable. >> dana: no, no no. >> andrea: i agree on the first point. the first point you're right, bob. >> bob: you're acting like joe biden now. dais you said it five times. >> andrea: i don't think he was off on medicare whatsoever. he gave a great description of it. what troubled me the most is when they went to the serious and sensitive issues not just the laughing, i just wish paul ryan would have looked over at him and said joe, what do you think is so funny about four
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dead americans? or a nuclear armed iraq? >> brian: i think he was stunned by it. trying to concentrate. it did throw him off. give me an example, give me an example. i'll give you an example. john f. kennedy. now you're john f. kennedy? no. you asked for an example and i gave you an example and you cut me off again. >> bob: this is not mrs. mrs. federer finishing school. >> roger? >> bob: no. federer school that does finishing with little boys and girls to have the right manners. >> dana: what year did you graduate? >> bob: i didn't. but the fact of the matter is ryan was so far out of his league last night. i mean he finally stepped in to something that you come out and say welcome to national politics. >> eric: he was not out of his league anywhere. he was right out -- unfortunately the economy is only ten minutes of the 90 minutes. right on the economy. right on it. joe biden turn out -- bost give me the quote. >> eric: he made joe biden break news last night, which
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we'll get to. one of the most interesting things i've ever heard coming out of a debate, a vice president saying counter acting everything the president said. >> bob: i know dana keeps saying. i want you to give me one single sentence that ryan said explaining the tax plan. >> dana: he did. he said he would work with congress. >> andrea: after they were elected. >> brian: closing the loophole. >> andrea: bipartisan support. that wasn't good enough for you? >> bob: no. bipartisan support, joe biden pointed out he was there with the last bipartisan support. >> andrea: here is the unfortunate thing. everything that they were hammering -- when they say "they" i mean the moderator and biden were hammering ryan for, the president and vice president are deficient on. a tax plan, a real budget that was taxed. everything they were explaining or trying to nail him on, they didn't have any answers themselves. what are their plans to reform entitlement? >> bob: they have no tax plan. don't you understand that? >> dana: something else that
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happened last night, last night, joe biden didn't even try to defend the last four years and he certainly didn't give anybody a reason to vote for them for the next four years. not a single specific proposal why you should want us for another four years. it was basically, the strategy was make my opponent look small, ridicule him and call him a liar before he gets started. that was the strategy. >> bob: interesting focus group last night in ohio of undecided voters of which joe biden overwhelmingly won. >> brian: all the other polls, paul ryan won. >> what is everybody talking about? even if your argument is right he made points on substance, everybody talking about the style. >> bob: who is everybody? >> andrea: bob, every network today is talking about the style. >> dana: i think when you go on a train tonight you should just listen and overhear what people are saying.
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>> brian: don't get in the quiet car. >> andrea: bob in quiet car? bob, i got to put you in -- >> dana: off the rails. >> bob: that's good. >> andrea: i got to put you in the quiet car now to go to break. okay. chance to come clean on why the white house misled americans for so long on the libya terror attack. so what did joe biden do? he threw the intel community under the bus. >> when people in the consulate first saw armed men attacking, there were no protesters. why did that go on? >> we were told by the intelligence community. >> andrea: wait until you hear the white house spin this afternoon. that's up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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♪ ♪ >> dana: many americans are still trying to figure out what the administration knew about the libya terror attack.
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joe biden started out of the gate last night. >> what were you first told about the attack? why were people talking about protests? when people in the consulate first saw armed me there were no protesters? why did that go on? >> we were told by the intelligence community, the intelligence community told us that as they learned more facts about exactly what happened. they changed. we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. by the way, at the time, we were told exactly, said what the intelligence community told us they knew. >> dana: biden claims he did not know there were requests for more security. but state department officials admitted in a hearing on capitol hill that requests were made and refused. jay carney, the president's spokeperson wassed a about biden's comments earlier
5:19 pm
today. >> speaking directly for himself and for the president, he meant the white house. >> dana: brian, help me out there. i was white house press secretary. i'm not sure how you calf off part of administration when you want to, when it sevens your purpose. >> brian: i should ask you that. >> dana: i can't answer it. >> brian: he said the state department. he said the cia, you're on your own. we're okay. i'm thinking to myself, state department is a career -- what is that? i did this, or i did that. the cia has a way of getting back and get their story out. to say we were doing our job. we relayed the message. you might not have heard the message, we relayed the message in on top of that. maybe it brings up the whole situation. what are you doing on a regular basis? libbia, one, two or three in terms of importance. how could you not know there were 17 attempted attacks in that area in some way, shape or form? i don't see a way in which
5:20 pm
this does not become front and center at the town hall on tuesday. >> eric: this has to go up. >> dana: it is. if you look at the white house briefing that's all they asked about. >> eric: joe biden said, "we." we, we, we. do you want to include president obama in we? circle the wagon around the two of them. fine. where is hillary? she runs this on the right, m.i.a. she is going to be out here and some point she will say wait a minute, wait a minute. we told the world we told you, you were notified that it was "a," terror; "b," we needed more help prior to the attack. at some point she will come back and say no more. my guess, probably within the next couple of weeks and you know what will happen? if it's president obama second term, it won't be hillary clinton. >> dana: not only did they say -- bob, i'll get to you in a second. not only did they say that
5:21 pm
hillary clinton hasn't been seen for a while, she has said on the record, comments from her that they were determined to get to bottom of this. in the debate prep, is it too much to ask that the vice president of the united states actually be briefed on what has happened in the past month after the ambassador was killed and the front page of every national newspaper? >> bob: he should have been briefed. however, it's clear to me that there is no way vice president or president of the united states would know about request for security. every embassy in world was asking for more security. the republicans cut security around the embassies. >> dana: so embassy in poland asked for more security? >> bob: yeah. everybody was. >> brian: did you know that the answer -- i blame paul ryan for this, too. the day before it was asked, it was asked a question to lamb. funding have anything to do with the reason -- >> dana: can we play that? we have that. a charge made by the vice president last night. then made today by the
5:22 pm
president's press secretary. then he tried to walk it back. it turns out not true. listen to charlene lamb. >> it has been suggested that the budget cuts were responsible for lack of security in benghazi. i'd like to ask miss lamb, you made this decision personally. was there any budget consideration and lack of budget that led you not to increase the number of people in security force there? >> no, sir. >> dana: if you are in a crisis communication situation, you typically want your answers in a row before you go forward instead of repeating things. the situation the white house finds themselves was preventable. but instead they have the deputy campaign manager saying this is political. i looked to me like the reporters were finally starting to do what they needed to be doing, asking them questions they could have asked three weeks ago. >> andrea: the entire thing is political. here is what doesn't add up.
5:23 pm
if joe biden is going to shirk responsibility and say it wasn't us and blame the intelligence community for bad intel, the state department said we knew all along it was a terrorist attack. if i'm the president of the united states and the intelligence community is saying it's the video, bad intel. you have a contradicting theory coming from the state department saying it was a terrorist attack do you go hmm, i'll just go with "a" and go out there? why if the state department knew if it was a terrorist attack all along would they send out susan rice and say it wasn't? this is one big coverup. they accepted the coverup to get through election day. it hasn't. to your point, if you are saying -- >> bob: i haven't made a point. >> andrea: you did. if you say somehow every embassy is asking for security, that's even worse. that means that the state department doesn't understand the threat of terror in the middle east and they can play poland with sweden and libya. they're all the same. >> eric: why mr. president are important enough to know what they need?
5:24 pm
>> bob: shre you selectively edited the piece. she said he is figured out a way because of your cuts to try to reallocate our decision. >> dana: congress hasn't passed a budget in 1262 days. >> bob: they start -- >> dana: there is a continuing resolution. are you telling me they don't have thalcation authority? you work -- allocation authority? you work at the state department. >> bob: sure. >> dana: so if you know there is an al-qaeda threat in libya, your ambassador is personally asking for more security. do you sit and worry about the embassy? >> bob: this may be the biggest case i've heard in my life. >> dana: if the shoe were on the other foot and i was up at the podium you would not say. they's despicable that the reporters and liberals on the left are not holding them to the same standard they would hold another person, commander-in-chief. >> bob: they did hold people, intelligence community for 9/11, failure to tell people what was going to happen. it would have been stopped if they had. >> eric: september 25, two weeks after the attack.
5:25 pm
>> bob: that's what i said. >> dana: wait. very important. he just said that president bush knew intel and could have stopped 9/11? >> bob: i didn't say president bush. i said the administration. c.i.a. knew -- >> dana: they weren't allowed to by law? that is an outrageous thing. you should take it back before we get out of the segment. >> bob: i'm not going to take it back. >> andrea: i'm surprised you're not more outraged or the president isn't outraged or biden. they should say heads should roll. we'll figure out what will happen. they want to fix it like it's a broken toilet. >> eric: two weeks after the attack, september 25, barack obama went to ton podium and blamed the movie. two weeks later. now they're saying we never got -- >> andrea: they're numb. >> eric: two weeks after it happened they didn't have intel still? >> bob: there are events all over the world. by the way, i hate to get it down to secure politics, people voting on this is negligible one. >> dana: politics, liberals blame the intelligence community.
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directly ahead. bolling breaks down economic issues from last night's debate. right back with that on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unitedhealthcare wants to know
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. continuing in-depth analysis of the big v.p. debate last night. signed the economy block. i was jumping out of my twitter feed last night, begs, yelling, pleading for moderator to go to the economy. that's what the american people are most concerned with. fortunately of the 90 minutes
5:31 pm
allotted only ten minutes were used on the economy. other topics, garnering big chunk of time, contraception, abortion, lib yeah. not surprising, however, biden did fail on the economy over and over. >> on to taxes. if your ticket is elected who will pay more in taxes and who will pay less? starting with vice president biden for two minutes. >> middle class will pay less. people make $1 million or more will begin to contribute slightly more. >> eric: biden was wayoff. the obama tack plan is raise taxes op people and businesses earning over $250,000. not a million dollars as joe biden said right there. blatant lie used to dupe the american middle class. >> andrea: who do you think works for a lot of the small business owners? the middle class. when the small business owners get taxed they have to cut down the workforces. who do they fire? the middle class. also when paul ryan was trying to make points because the moderator wasn't channeling biden on his record, biden
5:32 pm
thought it was hilarious that millions of americans were out of work. knee-slapping the whole time. rolled his eyes. sighed. it was so insulting to watch. he did not have good comebacks. that's why the next debate, again, weak script. president obama -- he can't laugh. he can't do what he did last time. what is he going to say? i guess he'll lie like biden. >> eric: let me ask you. $1 million, sounds like class warfare game he is playing. millionaires, million dollars or more, when the real tax plan that he put out -- >> bob: i'm trying not to use the word "lie" you use on a regular basis. i say paul ryan and romney both say that, they're misinforming people because they don't have a plan. what biden said last night was 97% of the people, small business making less -- >> eric: what he said -->> -- >> bob: he said that. he was off script with what the administration is. is that what you want me to say? what i would like to say
5:33 pm
ens.t.d. of spending the whole segment talking about why biden did bad, why you guys insist on allowing these two people with no plans, with nothing but -- >> eric: wait, wait, wait. >> bob: cut it off. cut it off. cut it off. forget about it. >> eric: vice presidential debate where biden used numbers that he made up. out of thin air. not what obama did. >> eric: single cut -- >> bob: is there a single cut about ripe not explaining anything about the plan? >> brian: only thing ripe was not able to explain is loopholes and tax breaks that are going to go away. that is what he says he will do, he will negotiate it if elected. ronald reagan did not do it as a candidate. he did it as a president. how do you expect him to be bipartisan if he's not in office? >> bob: that's not what he said. when joe biden said he was in the room with reagan before young boy here out of -->> brian: he was three years old when senator biden was senator biden the first time. >> eric: i have to get to
5:34 pm
that one. this is so good. >> from thest night. administration stimulus. watch. >> $90 billion in green pork, campaign contributors and the special interest groups. there are just at the department of energy over 100 criminal investigations. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> look, his colleague -- >> crony capitalism. >> his colleagues, investigative committee spent months and months monthshs -- >> inspector general. >> months and months and found no evidence of cronyism. >> bob: why did not use the tape with ryan saiding he crony for his own snore bob, stop, stop! -- >> eric: bob, stop, stop! there are 100 investigations going on right now. inspector general. >> dana: i haven't said a word in the segment so far. i'll get a word in. ryan did not have a good followup answer. biden said you sent me a letter looking for this money for your district.
5:35 pm
ripe didn't answer that well. if you don't like politics, you dislike washington, you look at that gosh, all the guys are in it together. however, the inspector general looking at all the companies, in particular, solyndra, the poster child for the type of cronyism for rate -- wasted taxpayer dollars on product that did not work. that will happen again in the next four years. if there is not a change in administration. >> bob: i give you credit for raising that. we edited it out completely for the segment, the debate segment. >> eric: edited nothing. i use joe biden's words exactly. >> bob: you didn't edit out that ryan asked for money? >> eric: that was another discussion. i didn't equit squat. stop it. >> andrea: where is the rest of the stimulus money by the way? >> bob: the rest of the stimulus money saveed you from depression. >> andrea: where is the rest of it? you didn't spend it all. what will you do with it? >> bob: i hope they continue -- >> andrea: is anyone asking that question? >> dana: on the economy, it was interesting they didn't talk about gas prices. gas prices, $3.00 and more in
5:36 pm
change higher than they were in january when they took office. also, the big elephant in the room. housing. no one talked about housing. energy, housing, education. >> eric: biden did. he said we need to help people stay in their homes. leigleave it there. when joe says something, you better believe him. >> i always say what i mean. >> i never say anything i don't mean. everybody knows whatever i say, i do. >> eric: did the vice president seriously want to go there? that's next on "the five." i did not pick this song, for the record. ♪ ♪ mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee...
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here today is the uproar over one of the vice president's comments in
5:41 pm
thursday's debate. tonight on "special report," damage control at the white house over what biden said about the security in libya prior to last month's deadly attack. that killed four americans. white house press secretary sparred with ed henry over that today. we'll show you. mitt romney and paul ryan about to take the stage in lancaster, ohio, for a rally there in the key battleground state. earlier governor romney praised ryan for what he called thoughtful, respectful, steady and poised behavior in the debate. how much of what biden and ryan said was true? we will check the facts. we will look at reaction to the vice president's distinctive mannerism in the debate. if you saw analysis today, you know that got a lot of play. it's friday. that means, the friday lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
5:42 pm
>> brian: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. when vice president joe biden talks, and he tends to talk a lot he says a lot of things that don't exactly add up at certain times. paul ryan called him out for that last night. >> romney is a good man. he cares about 100% of americans in this country. with respect to that quote, i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. [ laughter ] >> i always say what i mean. >> brian: well, the crowd loved it. joe smiled. but joe do you always say what you mean? for example. >> thank you, dr. pepper, and thank you chancellor -- dr. paper. unchain wall street. they are going to put y'all back in chains. how they can justify raising taxes in the middle class that has been buried the last four
5:43 pm
years. >> i always say what i mean. >> brian: that was a moment that will stand out. do you think he meant to say what he meant to say? >> dana: the audience started laughing before joe biden did, because i think biden was thinking about his next answer and realized it was funny and should laugh about it. i think he has a good sense of humor. but i think it would have been better for him to say nice one or something like that. there are a lot of clips. we have didn't run my favorite, though. >> brian: which is? >> dana: big stick. >> brian: that is something we get into. i want to talk angela, martha raddatz. >> dana: andrea. >> brian: we're not as close as we used to be. >> andrea: can we talk about it after the show? >> brian: yes. martha was, she had a greater presence. but also due to her location. she was right next to both
5:44 pm
guys, as opposed to jim lehrer further away. do you think it mattered? >> andrea: i don't. it looked awkward when she kept pressing ripe and wasn't pressing biden and he was laughing. there was one -- we have sound. there was one instance when she was talked to inappropriately by joe biden. can we take a look at that? >> brian: i'm getting rejected. >> andrea: oh. well, they were talking about the surge. he put his finger in her face. >> brian: a little rude. >> andrea: rude. she said you shoot straight with me. then she wasn't, she was factually inaccurate. i thought god, you think you know everything. she is a foreign policy expert. >> brian: she has a better follow township joe biden than paul ryan did when it came to the surge and troops and pulling them out. how did he do? >> bob: you're supposed to go to the tease. >> brian: okay. eric, how did she do? >> eric: bias. it gave her the benefit of the
5:45 pm
doubt on yesterday's show and said i hope she comes out and is fair. >> dana: at my recommendation. >> eric: but she wasn't. there was nothing fair. paul ryan was debating two people, joe biden. every time paul ryan made a point she cut him off. if biden made a point she let him go. >> andrea: surprised biden said i always mean what i say, i'm surprised didn't hit him did you mean that the middle class was buried? i guess they are. >> bob: i thought they said time to tease. sorry. my answer is that now that we have seen this 183 times on the show today, this guy has been in public office for a distinguished 35, 40 years in public office. and has done remarkable things. knows more than this young fellow in wisconsin at his fingertip than his body. the fact that we sit here and make fun of joe biden is despicable. >> brian: it's -- >> andrea: biden brought it on himself. >> brian: 15 before the top of the hour. coming up next -- will last night's debate have
5:46 pm
any impact on tuesday night grumble between obama and romney? bob is on deck with that next. ♪ ♪ oohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ two down and two more to go. week is the second debate between obama and romney. we didn't talk about immigration. of that is president obama went forward with the executive order that was like the dream act. surprised it hasn't come up yet. pleased it's a town hall format.s, people in the audience can choose the question and we can hear from them, rather than either of them going at one another or through moderator. what do you want to hear? who really caused the collapse of the economy. wasn't no child left behind or two wars on
5:51 pm
credit card or tax cuttism would love to see if romney will go there and say let's just stop this. this back and define what caused the collapse of the economy? that would have been a long debate. t answer oer on libya. it different than biden? susan rice and national director of intelligence and hillary clinton. debate was probably a draw. can't have a draw. needs a rebounding sin win, because if he doesn't and it's a draw. romney looks qualified to be president and obama loses. what do you want to hear? momentum politics. last team of the ball will win the game. important for romney to keep the ball. it's town hall, romney is going to do well in town hall format.,
5:52 pm
expectations are low.s don't fumble. is not hard to do not fumble. does well. questions come from people. say that this works. will be a luxury for romney. doesn't deal well and want to engage with voters. think obama does. obama has low expectations because he lost the first debate. repeat the fact he will say something funny when he starts the debate. is what romney needs to win. the way, who wins and loses the debate on scorecard meaning nothing about the outcome. not true. not? at the first debate. don't think he should open with a joke. laughing and making jokes, not good strategy. the political signs
5:53 pm
probably wrong. point was here, that if romney -- this is what romney needs. needs to be able to all of a sudden learn one-on-one people skills and obama needs to turn back the communication appearances in a row. he has never done. rise to the occasion. he will walk all over him. >> why are you in a bad mood? >> because i was looking for one thing here. just one thing. >> one more thing. >> one thing. >> speaking of one more thing. hit it. >> one more thing is up next. yeah. about time we got out of this show. >> right! h
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everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world.
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who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: all right. time for one more thing. >> live sweeting and i heard something really important in the debate. the reason i call it bias, the moderator bias, take a listen to this. >> what we're saying is lower tax rates 20%. start with the wealthy. work with congress -- >> you guarantee this math will add up? >> absolutely. six studies garp teed. six studies verified the math adds up. >> here is my problem. i'm not sure a moderator of a debate is supposed to ask one of the people debating whether they guarantee what he is saying is right.
5:58 pm
isn't it the or person's job debating the person? that seemed bias and unfair. tweeted 1,000 times in agreement with that. >> my unc is a debate coach and said biden and raddatz broke every rule. >> brian: greg gutfeld's giants advance and make the post season. yankees make the playoff, and they do it every year. but on saturday, the manager finds out his dad passes andway and he does something impossible. keeps it to himself. nobody knows for three days. he decides to manage and not distract his team. and stay in the dugout. he says that is what his dad wants to do. at which time he makes the gutsiest and most successful time in his history. he sits down alex rodriguez and put puts in ibane.z. we're in game five. fourth inning and scoreless. that's guts and poise to do
5:59 pm
that. >> it does. >> dana: i love the sportcenter segment of five five. >> bob? >> bob: just about out of time. it had a graphic, forget the graphic. romney, if you had v interest deduction on your mortgage all of you, middle class, rich, whoever you are, they will do away with your mortgage interest deduction. romney will do away with your interest deduction. >> that is opinion. >> dana: what are you talking about? said he'd close loopholes for the highest income. they had it at $1 million -- >> i'll repeat. they will cut -- >> we have to go. >> ridiculous. fox news. number one in cable news last night. preliminary numbers, 511 million viewers total and fox news beat other competitors combined because we have excellent coverage and good analysts. krauthammer, hayes, trippi, all of them. >> my one more thing would be mayor bloomberg blew offhe


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