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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 6, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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jon: get out there and vote. and thank you for joining us. jenna: you too send me a picture. thanks for joining me, everybody, "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a white house race for the ages, a review of polling data now suggesting the contest between president obama and mitt romney is the closist presidential race in almost 890 years. welcome to election day 2012 right here at america's election headquarters. i'm megyn kelly. thank you for being with us. after four nationally televised debates. after millions of ads and knocks on doors millions of americans are heading to the polls, as they do each camp doing what they can to keep their supporters voters and
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believing. mitt romney holds a pair of 11th hour rallies in ohio and pennsylvania his team releases internal polling regarding key battleground states. this is why the president is hold up in chicago and his campaign manager has messages for supporters saying keep calm no matter what they first hear about exit polls. i do want to sig to say that the vice president is also campaigning in ohio. keep calm, i know that comes from a campaign operative. that sounds like good advice for both sides as we start to get trickles of exit polls data. chris stirewalt joins me. >> reporter: they put too much significance in things early in the day. people make too much out of
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things that aren't real. what stef cutter is saying to their folks is more important because they are predict ago good win. they have been supreme lee confident. the romney people say we can do this. the obama people say, we got this. never going to happen for this joker. and what is going to be difficult for them is when it stops looking that way because this is going to be so impossibly close the democrats might freak out. megyn: what makes you so certain this is going to be so close? >> it's never been this close. this is what we're in this for, right? we are down to the wire. even in 2000 the and remember you can get your news 24 hours a day at our website, or by downloading any of our abc7 appsist election in recent history you saw the soon to be present george w. bush cry a 2 point lead. he was coming in with a clear lead. this is a deadlock, within a point and it's fantastic to see but it does make people very anxious. megyn: here is my take away in looking at all the polls so
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far. while president obama does have a narrow lead in some of these key battleground states in particular, most polls show a significant stapl link o sampling, tkepls plus 7. this time around gallup did that national survey that the country is r plus three. there's been a 15-point swing in the country from dems whatever it was and now it's in the republican's favor. how do we trust the polls when it says dem plus 7. >> it may be predictive of what folks at home are saying. what counts is who goes to count. that's why gallup is different from the rest. you have to answer several questions to be classified as a likely voter by gallup. most of these polls, are you
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going to vote, yes. he's a likely voter, in the mix he goes. what is constituted at the polls today and in the final vote may be very different than those polls. thattess don't mean that the polls are wrong, it just means they may not be predictive. megyn: brit hume was saying earlier you may have an unenthusiastic voter, as long as he votes you don't care. you're part of the fox news decision desk and we joke about it but it's a serious responsibility. and i mean this is it. americans have been watching this so closely, so many millions of americans care deeply about what is going to happen tonight. walk us through what the evening is going to be like for you as the data come in. >> reporter: i think this is important for you as you're telling america this story and i think it's important for folks at home to remember this. early in the night we'll get the exit polls starting at about 5:00, the exit polls will come in. that is not going to tell us too much about how the election is going to turn out in the horse race number but it's going to tell us who is in the election threat and especially for the president is he scoring the
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kinds of numbers that he needs among key demographic groups, among hispanic voters, women voters, and what does the electorate look like. republicans are less likely or whatever social, psychological reasons to participate in exit polls. megyn: that's been proven, republicans tend not to speak as much to the commit pollers. >> reporter: this is what history tells us and it holds true to a lesser degree in telephone polls that are conducted before elections, republicans do better. john mccain did 1.1 better than he did in the polls before the election. that is going to give us a picture and we're going to start to be able to forecast what the make up of the electorate is and whether the president is getting where he needs to be. megyn: what time tonight do you think we'll have real number, real calls to offer the viewers. we are going to start at 6:00pm eastern. >> reporter: 7 clock there will be states we can call. megyn: i mean states people care about. >> megyn we are under enough
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pressure today. we promise you'll be the first to know. we will not hold back and those guys do a great job. megyn: not bret in. >> no comment. megyn: all right, chris, thanks so much. looking forward to working with you. it's been great.. he's such an invaluable addition to our programming throughout the election it will be great to have him here tonight. president obama hosting the last campaign event of his political career in the state of iowa last night sharing the stage with singer bruce spinning stein and rapper jay-z. this is the place that launched his career into the spotlight four years ago, his presidential career in any event and where he chose to deliver his final campaign to voters, listen. >> if you're willing to work with me again, knock on some doors with me and make some phone calls and turn out we will win ohio. we'll win this election. we'll finish what we started. we'll renew those ties that bind
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us together and reaffirm the spirit that makes the united states of america the greatest nation on earth. 0 god bless you, ohio. [cheers and applause] megyn: the president in ohio there and in iowa last night as i said. besides doing a few satellite interviews this afternoon the president and first lady say they will spend the rest of the day watching the election results from their family home in chicago. meantime governor romney and his wife ann were at their local polling site in massachusetts this morning making their voices heard just like everyone else. after that it was right back out on to the campaign trial, two stops, in pennsylvania and ohio where the governor left voters with this final thought. >> this is much more than our moment. it's america's moment, a moment of renewal and optimism and purpose. we've journeyed far and wide in this campaign for america's future and now we are almost home. one final push and we'll be there. we've known many long days and
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short nights, and now we're close. the door to a brighter future is there, it's open, it's waiting for us. i need your work, i need your help, i need your votes, walk with me. let's walk together. tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. [cheers and applause] megyn: the governor and his wife will spend election night this their home in bellemont, massachusetts. governor romney has said if he doesn't win tonight he will not make another run for the white house. remember folks keep it right here for our continuing special election day coverage. please join me and my cohost bret baier for all the latest results from around the country, our special coverage begins tonight at 6:00pm eastern. we will have complete analysis from chris wallace, brit hume, karl rove, joe trippi, all the gang will be there to bring you the announcements and perspective you need. charles kraut hammer i shoul krauthammer, it's a huge cast of
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stars, names you know and trust to put this into per pebgt tiff for you. we hope you tune in tonight at 6:00. all eyes are on ohio today the most prized swing state of the entire election. just a short time ago vice president joe biden making a surprise stop in the buckeye state. governor romney and his running mate paul ryan also there as part of a last-minute appeal to voters. all this and we are hours way from getting the state's first early voting tallies. mike tobin live in columbus with more. mike. >> reporter: you know, megyn there is a piece of video that shows all the excitement and how much focus is on ohio. mitt romney and his chartered plane made the unscheduled election campaign stop in cleveland. while his plane was on the tarmac air force 2 goes by carrying the vice president. joe biden has been in ohio more than any other state in the union during the campaign process. 18 electoral votes up for grabs. you already know that. the people in ohio know that.
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they were packed at the polling centers before the doors opened at 6:30 this pwhoerpbg. i morning. it looked like they were selling the new iphone. it takes about an hour in ohio to get through the lines and cast your ballot. 8.5million voters in ohio, 1.8 million of them already cast a ballot. the rest of them were hounded by the campaign volunteers, from the state elections, local elections, national elections have melted down into two ground game juggernaut behemoths if you will tracking every single voter here in ohio on election day. megyn: mike tobin thank you. an extreme weather alert now. a new storm is bearing down on the east coast expected to hit many of the areas that are still struggling to recover from the damage inflicted by hurricane sandy. this nor'easter expected to bring frigid temperatures, strong winds and a mix of rain and snow. look at the pictures. we can't take it. these are pictures from an area of queens, new york called the
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rock aways. many of these folks have no power and no heat. we're talking about elderly folks in a lot of cases, babies in a lot of these homes. they've already suffered so much damage as a result of hurricane sandy and a lot of them have been complaining that there's been no sign of anybody, no sign of fema, not even the red cross, so there is a question about how they survive and get through a nor'easter that is now barreling down on them. meteorologist janice dean watching this. jd, how bad is this going to be. >> reporter: megyn we are hoping that the storm kind of stays a little bit more offshore than originally thought. we'll have to really watch the computer models as they come n. right now we are expecting this to be a moderate nor'easter. i want you to take a look at the radar as we head up the coast over the next 24 to 36 hours. it actually really gets its act together along the coastline. rain heavy at times, some mixing along the coast. we could see heavy snow, 6 to 12 inches in some cases across portions of new england, heavy snow for the interior and
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mountains and the coastal flooding and erosion. a lot of these dunes and the natural barriers have been really swept away from sandy, so they don't have the protection that they usually do with these nor he's ters. taking a look at wind gusts the peek of it coming overnight wednesday into thursday. certainly 30, 40, even 50, 60 miles per hour along the coastline, jersey shore, long island, southern connecticut, areas that were battered very badly by sandy. at least, you know, we can keep you up to date about the forecast and hopefully neighbors can get together and help those in need especially the elderly and the children and keep an eye on both of those. megyn: janice dean thank you so much. as we hear desperate stories from growing numbers of families affected by the super storm former new york city mayor rudy guiliani says the federal relief effort is failing. he tells us why later this hour. as governor romney wraps up his campaign he's suggesting that he wins he will not begin his presidency by blaming his pedestrian toda predecessor.
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>> paul ryan and i will bring real change to america from day one. when i'm elected i know the economy and american jobs will still be stagnant, but i won't waste any time complaining about my predecessor. [cheers and applause] >> from day one i'm going to go to work to help americans get back to work. megyn: that was governor romney speaking last night in new hampshire repeating a message his campaign has embraced over
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the last few weeks, saying that if he is elected he will not waste any time blaming his predecessor. president obama has come under fire for putting too much blame on the bush administration. joining me now to discuss it fox news contributor liz cheney who happens to be the daughter of one of the men that our current president thinks is to blame for a lot of the troubles that the nation has undergone over the past four years. your thoughts on that closing message by mitt romney. >> well, i think that governor romney is exactly right. i think that you've got a situation where probably it's unprecedented for a president this late in his administration to continue to blame his predecessor. and, you know, i listen to president obama and his spokes people saying, we have to come together as a nation, we have to work together, and it's almost as though they think people will forget they've been in the oval office for the last four years. there is a track record there. and it's true, we have to work together, but he certainly hasn't done that, and, you know, i see no reason to think that if he's given another term he'll
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suddenly decide that he knows how to lead. megyn: there is no question that president obama inherited an economy that was in trouble, but what do you think the statute of limitations is on pointing to the previous administration on something like that? >> i just think the american people expect more from their president. you know, we elected president obama in 2008, and we didn't elect him to blame his press seser. predecessor. people understood the economy was in a very, very bad situation. i would say he's made it worse in terms of his policies. we are not where we ought to be in terms of economic growth or private sector development but, you know, you want somebody who knows how to lead. you want a man or a woman, hopefully one day soon in that office who understands that whatever went before, you know, certainly governor romney is going to have a lot that he can look back and criticize president obama for, but that is not what we pay the president to do, and that's not what elect somebody to do. we elect them to put policies in place that will help take the country back to where it should be.
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megyn: even -- i know you disagree with this. even if you think the criticism is valid, right, that president obama's criticism of president bush and vice president cheney is valid is that damaging to the country, that kind of rhetoric? i notice, even though your dad has been critical of president obama, president bush has said nothing, he has said nothing. he has not criticized president obama, he's been notoriously cited and refraining from doing that. >> i think you have to differentiate here. on the one hand when you're talking about the president, the sitting president who is in office who has the a built actuallthe ability to implement policy on the domestic side or national security side to take the country in a new direction, for him to continue to look back and blame his predecessor seems to be a sign of somebody who doesn't know how to lead or doesn't have the power and strength to lead. when you're talking about what has happened in terms of the president's criticism of things like the enhanced interrogation
1:20 pm
policies, which is when my daddy sided to speak out, it was because the president wasn't just criticizing he was actually threatening to prosecute men and women at the cia, for example, who had implemented these policies that the justice department had said were completely legal and that had been approved by the national security council. it was at that point that my dad stood up and said, wait a second, we approved, we agreed, these were our policies and the notion that the president is now going to come in and threaten prosecution for policies that kept the nation safe is simply beyond the pale an wasn't going to sit silent for that. megyn: i want too ask you as a family member for someone who served the nation for several years as our vice president what you think the families are going through today. for all of us it's pins and needles as we wait to see who wins. what it's like for the families of the candidates. >> it's probably more intense pins and needles, just because you poured your heart and soul into these campaigns, because you feel so deeply about the issues and about the person who is on the ticket. i can remember in 2000 and 2004 you wait and you wait and you
1:21 pm
wait and then the exit polls come out, in both case the exit polls were wrong but it is a roller coaster. megyn: we talked about that in 2004 john kerry was told by one of his top aides may i be the first to say congratulations mr. president, john kerry. he did not win. how did you find out? how did you find out, all right my dad and george w. bush won. was it from tv or a different source? >> in 2000 we were in austin at one -- at the election night party at the hotel in austin when they called florida for gore, and it was really a downer. megyn: yeah. >> and then i remember i saw my dear friend and wonderful person, mary madeline on the air saying everyone hold up. panhandle is not in. this is an inch responsible call. then there was a call for us. that was an incredibleee lacing, but then we had the 37 days that followed.
1:22 pm
i think there will be a decisive victory for mitt romney tonight. megyn: thanks. can you imagine being told that you've lost only to find out later that you've won. i guess it's better than the alternative. whoever wins the election battle should be ready to roll up their sleeves tomorrow. stu varney is next with a couple of economic concerns. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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megyn: it's election day. no matter who wins tonight's election they better be ready to roll up their sleeves tomorrow. we are only seven weeks from the so-called fiscal cliff and this is serious business. $7trillion worth of automatic spending cuts and tax increases over ten years. if nothing is done the mandated federal spending cuts will kick in at the beginning of the year
1:26 pm
which experts say will likely push us into a new recession and could also send the stock market into a tailspin. stu varney is the host of varney & company on the fox business network. if is so important that when president obama was asked about it he says it's not going to happen. that came as news to everybody. it is going to happen unless lawmakers act and the president signs a new law changing things. as a practical matter, though, they can't let it happen, can they? >> you're right as a practical matter they can't let it happen because the consequences will be disastrous. and you are also right in that the fiscal cliff is the big, immediate problem. with respect i would suggest there are other problems over the longer haul which we are in an economic crisis. think of it you've got very, very slow economic growth, three and a half years after a recession ended, that is very bad. you've got no confidence in the business community that growth is going to pick up in the future. you've got the accumulation of
1:27 pm
an extra trillion dollars every year added to our debt as far as the eye can see, and you've got this fiscal cliff. you add all that lot up together and you've got the next administration, whoever it is, faces a financial, economic crisis, and they've got to act and act quickly. megyn: what is the likelihood that if president obama wins a second term he's going to go in there, it looks like the republicans are likely to keep the house, the democrats are likely to keep the senate so no matter who wins we'll have a divided government. what is the likelihood that these politicians are going to do any better in reaching a deal that they've now twice failed to reach? >> if president obama wins today, takes the white house for a second term and the democrats keep a small lead in the senate the theory is that the president will be forced to compromise, because he has no serious mandate, he didn't win by ten points, he might win by one or two points he has no mandate, therefore he will compromise on this fiscal cliff.
1:28 pm
but he has not compromised in the past. after the disastrous losses in 2010 he did not change course, he kept on exactly the same course, no compromise for two years. megyn: he was still facing re-election. there is a real question about who president obama will be if he wins re-election and doesn't have to face another re-election, will he make people believe he's farther to the left than he's actually governed and that's the person we'll see? many people believe we'll see a more moderate president obama than we've seen. >> if you're asking my opinion this president wants to be a transformation alpresident, he wants to transform american society. he will not change course. he's embarked on that course in the first four years, he'll stick to it in the second four years if he wins re-election. megyn, i've got to tell you the key to the whole thing, unwinding this crisis is growth. if you can grow this economy, four, five, six percent as we did after the last bad recession you ease all of the problems that we now face. megyn: revenues go way up,
1:29 pm
people pay more in taxes naturally and so on. >> exactly, the employment situation, the housing sis, the growth situation, everything changes if you have four, five, six percent growth. who will give us the best growth. megyn: growth will be nice around everything but the waistline. >> you're right. megyn: i was on stewart's show this morning we were talking about our waist lines. there is a widely red analysis of the president's campaign in 2012 versus the campaign he ran four years ago suggesting a big stumbling block for his re-election effort may be the president himself and the change we've seen in him. plus, so many people still without power, heat or a police to stay in the northeast, and another storm is now threatening the region. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani says the federal relief effort is failing, an thinks he knows why. >> we had to take action because we were kind of like, where is everybody? >> tow teld u >> they told us we weren't important. they said they had more
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1:34 pm
former mayor rudy guiliani joins us in moments on those efforts and how he believes they are falling short. [music playing] [cheers and applause] >> what a moment. the 2008 democratic national convention, that was live in denver at envesco field when then presidential candidate barack obama enthusiastically accepted his party's nomination in front of 80,000 enthusiastic would be voters. his campaign was built on hope and change. fast forward four years later, and politico's glen thrush
1:35 pm
observes that the president has has been a not owe so happy warrior, looking at how the campaign has differed so much from four years ago. they suggest if president obama loses he has only himself to blame because early on he wasn't that in to his campaign's negative tone. on display he says was comments like this. >> for all you moms and kids out there don't worry, somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. yep, who knew that he was driving our deficit? we are going after that. he's decided we're going after big bird and elmo is making a run for the border, and oscar is hiding out in a trash can. at the time the republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of mitt romney. [booing] >> no, no, no, don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge.
1:36 pm
megyn: joining me now leslie marshal and lars larson, and david brooks of "the new york times," he leans right, he's a center right guy, says the difference between obama 08 and now is so obvious. can you think of a person who ran such opposite campaigns? i tried and i can't. >> the president has rean to b reason to be disappointed. four years ago he had all the answers he thought, he was going to heel the economy and all the rest of that. it turned out he didn't have all the answers. his answers didn't lead to solutions and he had nobody to blame except himself. i watched his speech right after michelle obama spoke. he looked sad at that point. i can understand why. he had adoring crowds four years
1:37 pm
ago. he has a tough time now scaring up a decent-sized crowd. i think a lot of democrats are not in to him or his solutions or a faith that he needs to get done for america. they are not crazy presidental tern tiff for voting for romney but they are not into obama at this time. >> leslie they talk about how obama's pollster told him early on that hope and change could not be recycled in a country the way so many americans are, the unemployment rate and so on and they decided to go negative, they decided they had to quote, kill mitt romney. the theory of th is that president obama didn't really love doing that. he loved the hope and change but he knew he had to do what he had to do to get reelected. he's trying to change the message in the last few days to get more positive but a number of americans are wondering what happened. >> thank you dr. larson. when you have over 10,000 people at a rally in ohio i wouldn't
1:38 pm
say they were begging people to come. i wish i could get ten people. >> not 80,000. >> come on, give me a break. it's not about the number of people at rallies. to answer your question, megyn i do feel this is a different president now than four years ago and i think that is of anyone who is an incumbent, quite frankly. i think that both a democrat or a republican running for the presidency has their idea of what it would be like to be commander and chief until the reality hits when they walk into the oval office and see what the reality is of that office. and some of the promises they made perhaps that they cannot make, whether it is their party, somebody who wrote a check, et cetera. i don't think the president is comfortable with negative, and i think what we're seeing right now is that he is trying in the final days to campaign the way he would really like it to be done, although the negative campaigning was very effective. megyn: go ahead, lars. >> when he's off prompter here is what happens, the real barack
1:39 pm
obama emerges. the sound byte you read about revenge i've been running that in a loop since friday. that is the real barack obama. he does not have a positive view of america, neither does his wife. they've both talked about it. it only sneaks out when they think nobody is watching or he's not reading off a prompter. it sneaked out when he talked about the gun to*eting rurals he didn't like so well. it sneaks out when he talks about revenge or getting back. this is the real barack obama. he's angry and he's angry because he came to america with all the right solutions and the reason they don't work is always somebody else's fault. it's bush's fault, it's congress' fault, it's the tsunami back in the day. the dog ate his homework and he's not happy because he knows he's the smartest guy in the room, he has all the answers, it's just that the people around him won't cooperate. that kind of negative attitude is not what we need in a leader. megyn: the theory in this piece is even if the president wins
1:40 pm
they posit there could be nasty consequences to this kind of campaign. remember the nation was pretty divided when president bush won re-election back in swore and there was a question about whether that's what we're going to be, you know, in a second obama term. that's what they are asking in part in this piece. your thoughts on that? >> i don't think that -- i think -- sorry. >> i don't think that we have changed in our division since 2004 to be very honest with you, megyn, and i say that as a talk show host. >> so it's still bush's fault. >> who has audiences around the country. it's not bush's fault, people have made choices and we have chosen as a nation to divide ourselves a long various lines and politics is another one of those categories or lines. >> megyn. megyn: let her finish. >> neither candidate is going to get a mandate here. whoever wins the other side is going to say, yeah but they didn't win by much and we'll probably have the same component.
1:41 pm
megyn: barack obama did have a bit of a mandate when he took office. he won by a significant margin. he had a lot of folks cross over party lines to vote for him. there is a question about what happened? how did he lose that? go ahead, lars. >> i think i can tell you what happened. let's go back to jimmy carter. you're too young to remember this. megyn but gym knee carter had the whole country demoralized. we had ronald reagan who was a unite tere. he would work across party lines. he got the country thinking on a positive track. this president came in, refused to meet with the other side, i mean way back in the first year in office the republican leadership begged him for a meeting on obamacare so they could be involved in its design. he pushed them away. that is exactly the attribute of a guy who says, i've got all the answers i don't need to listen to this other side and that transmits down to the american public. megyn: we will know soon. next time i see you guys we'll know, we hope. thank you both so much. >> good luck, leslie.
1:42 pm
>> thank you. good luck, lars. don't cry tonight. megyn: they are still going. we've got some breaking news ahead from a critical battleground state where some republican election observers say they were thrown out of polling sites and then replaced with democrats. why? plus, with the new nor nor'easter coming to new england and new york governor bloomberg is ordering evacuations. new jersey has 4 million without power. rudy guiliani joins us next to explain why he thinks this whole thing is a federal failure. >> we have to get some help. >> what is going on here. we got not even. [bleep] >> there are old ladies that got nothing, nothing. >> we got to get some. [bleep] help. >> seriously people out here are very frustrated by what is going on. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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megyn: fox news weather alert. mayor bloomberg just ordering evacuations from water-front areas as a nor'easter approaching. heavy rain and snow and winds up to 60 miles an hour. we just went through this. we are hearing a growing number of voices in new jersey, new york and connecticut angry with the federal recovery response to hurricane sandy. it's been more than a week since the super storm hit. in parts of new york there are mounds of trash and debris still piling up on the streets. there is a stench. people are still dying. and more than a million people are living in homes that are cold, dark and ravaged with floodwaters. then there is this report filed yesterday by david lee miller out of red hook, brooklyn. watch this. >> there are thousands and thousands of people who live in red hook in public housing. the conditions they say after the storm are now deplorable and that's what we saw. we had to climb a stairwell ten flights, there were no emergency
1:47 pm
lights. there was debris in the stairwell, there was human waste in the stairwell. we were told that a rape had taken place there earlier. we entered the apartment of one of the residents. she was heating her apartment with her oven. she said she had the gas on throughout the weekend, extremely dangerous. other residents doing the same thing . no running water, no toilet facilities. the only food that she has has been provided spor sporadic lee she said from the national guard. we talked to her briefly outside her apartment house and she told us that she is in desperate need of help. megyn: rudy guiliani is the former mayor of new york city and a romney supporter. he's with us now. mr. mayor, welcome to the program, that is a devastating account. >> it breaks your heart. it's eight days later. it's not as if we are one or two days later. >> you see the "little children" and the bunk beds and you know the condition their home is in and they've been forced out. >> this is not isolated. you could have done the same report in staten island.
1:48 pm
you could do it in breezy point, rockaway, parts of long island, parts of northern, n jersey. a lot of people have been affected. if fema thinks they did a good job here we are in a lot of trouble. they need to use this as a lesson of how to improve themselves. they didn't position water correctly. we didn't have enough access to generators. generators should be coming in from all over the country. they should be able to fly it all into kennedy airport and get to it breezy point in ten minutes. megyn: why do you think it's not happening. >> i don't think the fema effort is a good one. it's a government bureaucracy that doesn't operate rat with the efficiency that you want it to operate. i know september 11 within 3 or 4 hours, joe alba was here, president bush's head of people a. he sat next to me and governor pataki and anything i wanted and needed and we sure needed a lot of help, we continue do it on our own any more than the city can do it on its own.
1:49 pm
we got what we wanted. next day from indiana 70 relief people showed up. i needed food, extra generators, got them right away. megyn: you heard president obama say this he's implemented a 15-minute rule that everybody gets a response within 15 minutes who call him. >> go talk to the people you just talked to in red hook and ask them if it's 15 minutes. megyn: whose fault is that? >> it's the president's fault. >> the mayor and the two governors have only a certain amount of resources, a certain amount of water and generators and food. in order for this -- we don't need fema if we're going to let new york city do the whole thing, right. new york city now needs help it needs nor generators, more water, more food, what's that fema exists for, to get it there and get it there efficiently. if the city thinks this is efficient the president is living in a dream world. this is not efficient. the constructive thing that can happen here. you look at this and figure out how the heck do we straighten this out. how do we reposition the water
1:50 pm
correctly next time. how do we have enough generators. megyn: the next time may be right now. we have another nor'easter facing us. it's not going to be sandy but it's going to hit an area that is vulnerable. >> that is part of the problem in making the recovery last eight, nine days now you can walk yourself into another storm. there has to be a sense of urgency about this. there can't be as much patience with delay as apparently there seems to be. megyn: i want to ask you about the politics of all this. we seem to have seen a slight bounce for president obama in the wake of hurricane sandy. many pundits are saying that that has disappeared going into election today. i know he's been criticized for not being more visible on the sandy crisis late in the game as opposed to early on in the game and i want to ask you for your thoughts on that but after the break, don't go away mr. mayor, thank you. we'll be right back. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
1:51 pm
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megyn: back with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. there was a photo op between the president and the new jersey governor. we haven't seen that much of the president in new york and new jersey since then. it's been more about the campaign. but he has the presidency to worry about. >> he's running for reelection. it's perfectly natural. as a mayor you delegate to people. and their performance -- you will be judged by their performance and fema's performance has been abysmal and the president has to intervene to kick them in the back side. people didn't have water. here is what it takes to have water. you get an airplane, you fill it
1:55 pm
up with water and you are 10 minutes from breezy points and 10 minutes from nassau county. somebody has to be on the ball. the president got his praise. put his commander-in-chief jacket on. they say he checks in, but there are no results from him checking in. megyn: do you think the initial bounce he got after the first couple days of sandy has dissipated? >> maybe it slowed down mitt romney's momentum which i think mitt started to get back saturday and sunday. i have been out in the field the last four days and i have a real sense the momentum its on romney's side. megyn: you said the most enthusiasm you felt was in the state of pennsylvania. >> the crowds were enormous near philadelphia. these are people who have been
1:56 pm
given a new life. they are campaign workers who were told they are irrelevant. this efforts in pennsylvania about it romney campaign -- they put a lot of money into media. this was a little bit of a sneak attack, i think. megyn: one of our favorite charities is >> every dollar goes to help people. megyn: a third u.s. state is threatening to arrest several members of an international group of poll watchers sent here to monitor our elections. 7 weeks ago former reagan speech writer peggy noonan challenged mitt romney to focus on bigger
1:57 pm
focus. >> the brightser future is there. it's open to us. it's waiting for us. i need your vote. i need your help. walk with me. let's walk together. let's start anew. america is coming back strong!
1:58 pm
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2:00 pm
megyn: fox news alert we are on halfway through election day 2012 and already voting controversies are bubble up across this country. welcome, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. the first polls close in five hours. at this hour we are hearing some reports of malfunctioning voting machines down in florida. some poll watchers being kicked out of polling places in pennsylvania. what is being described as a voting catastrophe in storm ravaged new jersey and reports
2:01 pm
of voter suppression. eric? >> reporter: there are problem at some polls. it's not just the long lines. we are hearing complaints and reports that some polling places opened late. machines don't work. people are not listed on the rolls even though they are registered. remember the touch-tone voting machines, that votes for mr. romney would be switched to mr. obama. now there are reports that's happening the other way around. election officials are trying to hunts them down. especially in west chester county where supposedly a call went out offering a $25 gift certificate if you voted. in pennsylvania the gop had to go to coat to get their election inspectors back into polling places there he claimed 75
2:02 pm
inspectors were kicked out being told no republicans would be allow. they had to go to a judge. then franklin school in philadelphia, a mural of president obama and his campaign logo was there all morning for hours until there were complaints. now take a look at it. it's been partially covered up, but not the campaign logo on the right. the deputy secretary of the commonwealth told us it's an absolute disgrace. election materials inside a polling place is prohibited by state law. one member of the new black panther party was there. jerry jackson who is a member of the new black panther party was there. fox producer kathleen foster tried to get him to talk. what's your purpose being here? are you protecting the people
2:03 pm
inside or what? megyn: we appear to have lost eric shawn's audio. so, not on is the new black panther not too chatty but eric shawn lost his desire to have a discussion with us. but we want to get to this important piece our discussion today. ever since the drama of the 2010 mid-terms pollster scott rasmussen has been an almost weekly guest on this broadcast. after hundreds and hundreds of surveys the president of rasmussen joins with us his predictions. your prediction is? >> i have no idea whose going to win tonight. i look at the numbers.
2:04 pm
i keep looking for them to tell me who's going to come out on top and it's too close to call. our latest daily tracking poll, obama 49%, romney 48%. so i'm going to do what a lot of people do. i'm going to wait to see what michael barone says about the county by county turnout in some key swing states. megyn: i want to ask you what emerged now is a discussion about whether these polls that have shown president obama a little ahead. a couple show him a little ahead and there is a question about whether they are assuming this electorate will look like it did in 2008. the dem's final number was dem plus 7.
2:05 pm
their polls this time around show this a republican electorate r-plus 3. so obama is up by 2. it causes people to say that's probably not going to be right. your thoughts on that analysis. >> the partisan makeup of a poll is the most important determinate. our own numbers compared to four years ago, the democrats had a 7-point advantage. d-plus 7. we are showing d-plus 2 today. that means republicans have a 5-point pickup from four years ago. i think if a state poll is showing similar partisan breakdowns from four years ago it's probably tilting in the president's direction. but we don't know how much of the republican enthusiasm will translate into more voters at the polls. megyn: is that wait comes down to? is it just about turnout because
2:06 pm
the race is so close going into election day? >> absolutely. this race hasn't changed much. it's about the economy. people aren't feeling better off than they were two years ago, but they aren't feeling worse off. the president's job approval rating reflects that. he's likely to get just under 50% of the vote. rasmussen reports eight states in the swing state category and they haven't changed all that much during year. when you see these races being very, very close, if you are underestimating the republican enthusiasm that means the numbers will be closer to gallup's projection of the partisan makeup and that's good news for mitt romney. if we are overestimating republican enthusiasm it's good news for barack obama and our
2:07 pm
numbers show it's too close to call. megyn: the teams have their own internal polls and their internal polls seem to favor themselves. when i hear the romney camp releasing its internal polls it seems to be more helpful to them than folks like you tell us. should we trust internal polls that get released? >> the internal polls themselves are very good. any that are released you should be suspicious of. the democrats are assuming that white turnout will be lower this time than it was four years ago. four years ago 74% of the electorate were white. they are expecting to it fall to 72% this time around. and they are not focused on the partisan breakdown. the romney campaign is assuming the electorate will be about the same mix of white and non-white voters. and that's a big deal.
2:08 pm
romney wins 60% of the white voters and obama wins a huge majority of the non-white voters. megyn: scott, thanks so much for all the help you have give up us over the several months and years we have been covering this presidential contest and not's in the hands of the folks it should in the hands of, the voters. >> i hope it's over tonight or early tomorrow morning. that's the best we can hope for out of this. megyn: amen, brother. see you soon. megyn: i don't know. they are saying it's going to be a long night. we'll know early whether it's going to be a long night because virginia closes at 7:00. if there is a call in virginia that will tell us a lot. everyone remembers florida was home to the bush-gore election deadlock in 2000. now with reports of a tightening race the spotlight is once again on this critical swing state and its 29 electoral votes.
2:09 pm
melissa francis is live in tampa, florida. what are you doing there? what's happening? >> you can see over my shoulder things are very orderly here. but here in florida in the early voting where 4.5 million people turned out the lines were five and six hours long. that led to that in person absentee voting. but that's what they were doing here. in the meantime now lines have shortened. lines in orlando have been 2 hours long. just a lot of people out to vote. at the same time these folks are getting hammered with ads. i flew in last night and turned in david letterman. the entire block of commercials was all political ads. local stations have to be making a killing. i asked voters how they feel about all this attention they are getting. here is what one voter said. >> you feel like you are the
2:10 pm
center of the universe. everybody is focused on the middle of the state on the i4 corridor. >> i did until ohio came along. they knocked us out of it. now it seems like ohio. but it's still going to be close in florida as well. >> reporter: getting jealous of ohio here. but i mention the i4 corridor. this highway cuts the state in half across the middle. to the south is democratic territory. then there are the counties right on the border. this is hillsboro. and what happens here in tampa could decide the whole thing. megyn: ohio is like the new girl at cool that gets all the attention. then bam here comes pennsylvania. move over, i'm here, too, check me out. >> reporter: we could still come back with some hanging chads down here. don't tempt us. megyn: four hours from now,
2:11 pm
6:00 p.m. eastern time, tune in or our specialday election day coverage. we are about to get started. fox news channel is the only place to be as the results start coming in. please join me starting 6:00 p.m. eastern time for the latest updates and analysis. 7 weeks ago former reagan speech writer peggy noonan challenged governor romney to focus on bigger more uplifting messages. wait until you hear her call and whether he challenged the call. two former campaign insiders walk us through the longest needs they have spent on election day and they will tell us what to expect tonight. >> it's nerve-racking.
2:12 pm
it's hard to -- it's so close. president obama? colin powell: yes. when he took over we were in one of the... worst recessions we had seen in recent times... close to a depression. and i saw, over the next several years, stabilization... come back in the financial community. housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry. and the actions he's taken with respect to... protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
2:13 pm
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megyn: getting live pictures back from manchester, new hampshire, they are predicting 3/4 of the state voters will turn out today it am sharp jump over 2008. as we await the final the results, our next guests are campaign insiders who spent many long nights on election day. ed rollins and joe trippi, both are fox news contributors. i'll ask you about these candidates are doing today. president obama is going to play some basketball and chill out. but he sent vice president bind to campaign. mitt romney did some campaigning. >> it's the hardest day at all
2:16 pm
it, the day where there is no campaigning. romney did a little bit today. for these men who have been very * active. the team who have been very, very active, they are waiting for the first numbers to come in. megyn: how will they find out what the results are? >> i have been there. they literally -- first all, ed's right, it's a horrible day to go through. it feels like time is not moving. he walks into a phone bank. if he does that everybody stops phoning because the candidate came in. you disrupt thing -- but what happens when the numbers are coming in, it's interesting. particularly if it's bad news. if it's bad news, how the candidate can find out -- it's kind of this weird game of you tell him, no, you tell him. megyn: really?
2:17 pm
>> i'm sure ed was more than willing to tell his candidate. someone i have gown from the lower level to mid level to high level of the campaign. it always surprised me in a loss how the top just sort of stood there and let it kind of simmer for a while before one of them got the nerve to tell the boss that it wasn't going to happen. >> we did polls on air force one, who was going to win. the ones who were always the most accurate were the service guys. 20 years ago today they were the most accurate of anybody. megyn: i'm trying to understand, are they relying on the same exit poll data we are relying on? >> you have people around the country who tell you where they are turning out, what kinds of crowds are there. but they have no idea of the end game until we have it here. they are not doing polling
2:18 pm
themselves. it's too expensive to do. they wait for the networks. megyn: this is ed in the reagan campaign. which one is you, ed? >> i'm the fat guy in the middle. megyn: you look great. don't laugh, joe we have one for you, too. that was tom bradley, 1981. megyn: everybody talks about the bradley effect. >> all three exit polls said we won the governorship. i remember watching on tv our chairman being asked on the floor what it felt like to be the new chief of staff to the governor of california. that was one where no one told him. we knew -- we were looking at returns coming in over the computer, and we saw it dwindling away. he wasn't up. i was the one who had to tell him because the top guys --
2:19 pm
>> we put an absentee ballot program in effect in california in 1982 and we won the absentee ballots. he won election day but we had enough absentee ballots. >> that was the first time the absentee ballot gambit had been played and one. they came in and said why don't you go over the numbers with the mayor. megyn: do you bottom line it to the man saying you have lost? or do you just say -- >> i say there is going to be 100,000 votes coming in from orange county in a few minutes and when it does we'll go behind and i don't see a place where we can make it up. and you just don't have -- megyn: they work so hard no matter how want to win. they both work so hard. they have so many people who worked for them. god bless american democracy.
2:20 pm
this is the way it works. about it must be hard to recover. >> both of these candidates and both these campaigns think they are going to win. i have had misfortune walking in when the early returns have come in and they think they are winning. and i have to tell them that, no, the numbers -- megyn: we are about to go into a critical period where we'll go on the air, we'll get the first wave of exit poll data, then we'll start to get some view vote in. back in 2004 the exit poll data was totally wrong saying john kerry was way ahead and there was no way bush was going to make up the difference. that was what the anchors went out on the air understanding. brit hume says to this day he's glad he didn't overplay that information. should we trust what we hear from the exit polls tonight? >> no. i think this time it's even worse. i don't think we know for shower
2:21 pm
how to count the early vote in with people today. i would take anything that we heard today. i think information why did people vote for one person over another. did the economy -- megyn: you are saying the white vote versus the non-white vote. >> that and age. if it's an older electorate and gets around 75% white, then romney is going to be the next president of the united states. if it's the younger electorate, slightly younger, that the obama people feel and more diverse electorate in terms of whites being more 72% of the vote, then i think barack obama is the president. it's that small difference. >> you have got he and karl rove, too. i watched them during the primarien as they knew exactly where every vote was. i have never gone the that much into the weeds. megyn: joe will be there along
2:22 pm
with karl analyzing the data. guys, thank you so much. coming up, 7 weeks ago former reagan speech writer peggy noonan issued a challenge to governor romney to give a more uplifting message to voters. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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megyn: a fox news alert. new warnings of another storm as victims of hurricane sandy. many of them homeless after last week's historic storm. the new york city mayor is asking some people near water to evacuate as the city braces for high winds, heavy rains and perhaps even snow. city parks and beaches also being closed from noon wednesday
2:26 pm
into thursday. more on that as we get it. new developments with a story about international observers coming to america and watching our election. pennsylvania complaining about it. now in iowa, the secretary of state is threatening to arrest international election observers if they come within 300 feet of polling places. we have seen texas, iowa and pennsylvania get tikd off about this. >> you said pennsylvania is the new girl at the dance. everybody is focusing on pennsylvania. and because they expect the state now to be razor thin you have both sides of the aisle putting heads. -- puttin -- butting heads.youo
2:27 pm
were ejected from polling sites in pittsburgh. the pennsylvania state department as you mentioned did welcome those u.n. aligned inspectors to come into the polling places and republican state representative darrell metcalf called that illegal and he says he will ask the u.n. observers be removed or be arrested and prosecuted. the texas attorney general made it very clear he wants the u.n. observers to stay at least 100 feet away from every polling place in texas. now the iowa secretary of state says 300 feet from any iowa polling place. listen. >> we want to make sure people knew what the law was. we were very firm in letting everyone know that u.n. observers are not aloud at iowa polls. there has been a little bit of controversy. >> reporter: to make sure that happens in iowa, pennsylvania
2:28 pm
and texas, they have more republican monitors to make sure those u.n.' observers stand clear no closer than 100 feet in texas and 300 feet in iowa. megyn: the guys on the set say ohio is not the new girl at the dance. pennsylvania is like the girl i used to date and she lost a bunch of weight and you take a second look at but, but nah. talking about getting attention from the campaigns. 7 weeks ago former reagan speech writer peggy noonan issued a challenge to romney urging him to give an uplifting message. did he respond to her call? i'm a conservative investor.
2:29 pm
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that dry my mouth out. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist and he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. because biotene really did make a difference. megyn: we have live pictures coming back from cleveland, ohio where the romney camp -- where their plane is leaving after a campaign event. 7 weeks ago taking a look at the romney campaign it looked very different from the way in which it closed out this election. and "wall street journal" columnist and former speech writer for president reagan peggy noon noon called for an
2:33 pm
intervention in that campaign. she got a lot of flack for that column. she wrote romney needs to get serious and fight. she continued reagan in 1984 used to put out his hand and come, too, come walk with me, come join, come help. whatever is happening in your life. again that was 7 weeks ago. watch this web ad released by the romney camp just yesterday. >> the compassion of the human spirit. the great northeast of the human spirit is something which cannot be overstated. this is something which makes america the unique nation that it is. whatever we draw on that spirit we ignite the spark within. america can rise to any occasion that's necessary. megyn: peggy noonan joins me
2:34 pm
now. welcome back. your thoughts. >> megyn, i'll tell you i think we are living through one of the great political moments of modern american history. this is really big it appears to be really close. we'll find out in a few hours. but i'm fascinated by the number of people who follow politics for a living who very actually and honestly don't know what's going to happen tonight. so that just kind of fast united nations me in general. megyn: you write in a column posted yesterday that you had a conversation with john dickerson of cbs news. he said to you before the last presidential debate he thought maybe the american people were quietly cooking something up, something we don't know about. you wrote, i think they are. and i think it's this. a romney win. explain that. >> well, i just got a feeling
2:35 pm
and i have had it for a little while that something is going on out there. maybe the best way to explain it to myself in a way in the last 24 hours has been all the data i get, all the anecdotes and one distinguished thing about this campaign and unusual thing is we have all been so overwhelmed by data, battleground polls. national polls, local weighted polls. in a way my mind has gone back to let's see what the humans are saying. all i get is a sense that the republican base, its many constituent parts. maybe has in the past 10 days or few weeks started to come together again and they are going to come out. i also see, this is from polls, the number of independents who
2:36 pm
appear to be breaking for romney. you talk to democrats who are feeling sympathetic, i'm just thinking something is going on there on the romney side. that's where something is breaking. it's just the way i'm seeing it. megyn: you write in your piece how he appears to have caught his stride. you say something old is roaring back. you were critical of him and his campaign not so long ago. but you have seen a shift. talk about that. >> i didn't even know it was 7 weeks ago that i had been critical. i felt that the romney campaig campaign -- i feel off point to say it today -- but to go back i felt the campaign was unfocused, that it was relatively joyless. that it wasn't speaking to the big issues of the time. thattist just hadn't come together, yet i must say the past week or so even as we have
2:37 pm
all been distracted by the storm and we have been distracted by the polls. i look at the romney campaign and i see these wonderful rallies where people are genuinely excited. i see mitt romney having a closing case or a closing argument that has dyna nirks sm and joy. this is what i will try to do. one of the greatest things he said in the past few days is i'm not going to spend any time blaming my predecessor. you know? i'm just going to move on. i'm going to get in there and do my work. so i know what i'm saying is a little amorphous. by i think the dynamics are on the republican side. i respect scott rasmussen on this. but oddly enough in a too close
2:38 pm
to call, i put my money on romney. you had another piece obviously you said look in the wake of the storm, hurricane sandy, maybe some folks will be looking for the status quo, then you said, something to the effect or maybe they will look at the president and realize he couldn't stop the oceans' rise. >> i know that it was -- it's bad to say if something is very damaging as what we are calling cold katrina up in new york. it feels unfortunate to look at tonight a political sense. but we know politics is part of life. the storm slowed up the romney campaign in a way by taking all the attention onto the president and going to the storm. and it sort of slowed up romney. but at the end of the day i
2:39 pm
think it's a wash for president obama. i don't think it does anything for him. then the situation in new york is turning grimmer. but, megyn, i think overall there has been a grimness and joylessness and profound negativity to the president's campaign. i don't think if it turns out he is the winner, i don't think it will help him govern. i think it will almost make it more difficult for him to work with republicans and gather anything together. you look at a picture of a romney rally and it looks happy. obama rally feels a little bit different. megyn: you said you suspect both romney and obama have a sense of what's coming and you think you can see it in the candidate's faces. in your experience is that true? >> you know, you sort of can tell in the bearing of the candidate. candidates are not stupid
2:40 pm
people. they are there because they are pretty smart, and i think they often have an intuitive sense of what's going on. in 1992 i can remember saying president george h.w. bush struggled with the idea that he was going to lose towards the end to the governor of arkansas. you can sort of see it and to me romney certainly looks peaceful like someone who knows he gave it his very best and he has no personal regrets. he really worked it hard. but he also seems joyous and happy. and the president does not to me. it's possible i'm reading too much into this stuff. but that's how it looks to me. megyn: peggy noonan, thank you so much for your thoughts. all the best. and you will see peggy with us tonight along with our all-star cast on fnc and our special election coverage. don't miss a moment.
2:41 pm
it starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. there are new questions today about the media's role in the 2012 election. we'll debate how history will reflect media coverage of the 2012 elections and what impact if any the media may have. hurricane sandy throwing a monkey wrench in this year's election with millions of people without power, polling places closed and confusion over where to go to even cast a ballot. we'll look at what's being done to guarantee sandy's victims are not being left out of this process and whether this incident could affect the outcome tonight. >> it's our freem and right to vote. >> even with sandy you wouldn't have been any other place? >> absolutely. i would be here.
2:42 pm
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>> she says you came to her in 1999 at a time when you were having an i fair. she says you asked her to enter into an open marriage. would you like to take some time respond to that? >> no, but i will. [cheers and applause] i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country. harder to attract decent people to public office and i'm appalled you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. megyn: nobody smacked around the media like newt gingrich did. some of us at fox news were on the receiving end of that at times. but that was a moment in the presidential process.
2:46 pm
newt gingrich scolding john king about the media and their role in the 2012 campaign and the impact it may or may not have on the final results. joining me jonah goldberg and jewelry riginsky. so, i laugh because gingrich was entertaining, even when you are on the receiving end of it. i don't know if that's an example of bias. but there have been a lot of examples of the media putting the thumb on the scale in this election, jonah. and as we are on election day, how do you think it shakes out? >> i think it's sort of undeniable that the mainstream media or the meg i media whatever you want to call it, has been quietly or sometimes not so quietly rooting for barack obama.
2:47 pm
the way they cover this election talking about how obama's victory was inevitable. when romney was pulling ahead in the polls, that was called tightening. when obama was pulling ahead in the polls it was obama pulling away the race. they are never outraged about the things that would outrage them about george w. bush whether it's drone strikes or benghazi and calling the death of an ambassador a bum in a rode. these are the kind of things the mainstream media prided itself and has seen these things as inconvenient and trivial when they are inconvenient for barack obama. >> i'll say the media certainly in terms of news didn't give newt any harder of a time about his extracurricular activities than they did with bill clinton. so i don't know if the media is
2:48 pm
biased in that sense. i think the media focused on the wrong care. i don't care who newt had an affair with or bill clinton. there is something to the fact that most of the media is located in new york city and washington and you get a more liberal members of the press corps as a result of where they are ran they live. that's undeniable. i will say that george bush went to war with a very complacent media saying there were weapons of mass destruction. nobody really looked into it too much except for a few left-leaning newspapers. soy wouldn't say the media has done a good job in either case of get together bottom of what voters need them to get to the bottom of. megyn: there is a question of whether we reached a new level where the media loves a president. there have been many segments we
2:49 pm
have had when we talk about if mitt romney is running against the forth estate in addition to barack obama. >> there is a fundamental head wind against republicans. some of my friends on the right think there is an open conspiracy among the mainstream media to stick it to republicans wherever they can. i agree the mainstream media has given politicians a hard time. they are like werewolves, they prefer to meade on republicans but they must feed on someone. whether romney has gone the a fair shake of the media is untenable. guam has a survey that says americans have a lowest esteem for the mainstream media. the distrust -- 70% of independents think the mainstream media has fallen down
2:50 pm
on the job. mitt romney, the way he talks web's not a fluid, comfortable candidate. but you listen to the guys on msnbc who are convinced if mitt romney says pass the sale's a racist code word for white people and you get the sense they have it in for the guy. megyn: candy crowley was trying to mediate a dispute in the debate she probably wishes she could get back. and "60 minutes" just releasing a critical exchange with the president on libya that undermines what the president has been saying. >> there is no excuse for "60 minutes." i don't think fox news is in the tank for barack obama i don't think the "new york post" is in the tank for barack obama. so when you talk about the
2:51 pm
amorphous mainstream media you are talking about who? megyn: the nfm. the non-fox media. coming up against a hard break, thank you both for all your help. [ male announcer ] only polaris delivers the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility. the only trail capable side-by sides, featuring the ultimate value, r 570. the only 4-passenge sport machines, led by the all-new rzr xp 4 and the undisputed king of high performance, rzr xp. razor sharp performance. only from polaris. get huge rebates on 2012's and low financing on all models during the polaris holiday sales event. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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megyn: live pictures coming back from pittsburgh, p.a. we are expecting governor romney's plane to land here. the section of his election day stops. super storm sandy providing an interesting twist to these elections as victims make sure they get the chance to vote. some of them from crossing state lines to do it.
2:55 pm
>> reporter: they relocated a lot of these polling places. but if you have no power and have no place to lift' hard to get to those areas. new york mayor michael bloomberg estimating 143,000 voters could be affected by there is. new york governor andrew cuomo is allowing new yorkers who have been displaced to vote anywhere in the state. you can only vote in the presidential and senate raise. you cannot vote in local elections. if you vote in the local elections your vote won't counts. cuomo says even with these changes there will be a number of glitches. >> there is more of a situation than usual in polling places. that's unable and we ask the patience and tolerance of new yorkers. many of the polling places were moved.
2:56 pm
some of them had issues with electricity and generators. but it's important that we vote. it's important that the system works. >> reporter: the change is only good for the areas that got hit by sandy. knowledge trying to adom accommodate those displaced voters by allowing them to use e-mail or faxing them in. connecticut not really affected so no major polling place changes up in connecticut, megyn. megyn: the first polls set to close four hours from now as we await the outcome of decision day in america. all indications suggest your vote could make the difference in a presidential race most polls finds is a tossup. we find out together who will lead our country for the next four years. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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