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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 10, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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another edition of fox news watch. >> gregg: new fallout in the wake of a bombshell scandal involving one of nation's top military intelligence leaders. c.i.a. director and retired four-star general david petraeus stepping down after revelations about an extramarital affair. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> harris: i'm heather childers. f.b.i. -- >>. >> heather:. they discovered it through the f.b.i. and on the woman may have had access to personal e-mail
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account but many are questioning the timing of this as general petraeus was gearing up to testify next week before house lawmakers concerning the deadly attack on u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. molly henneberg is live in washington with the very latest on this story. >> molly: now that he stepped down, general david petraeus will not testify this up coming week at house and senate intelligence xheet committee hearings investigating the benghazi. some on capitol hill they do want to hear from him in the future. >> i hope we don't have to subpoena a four-star general and former c.i.a. director. i hope he would come voluntarily. if he won't, he will be subpoenaed. >> molly: petraeus who had been in charge of the c.i.a. since september 2011 has said the attack was in response to a protest over an anti-islam video. one g.o.p. congressman is asking questions about the timing of
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his departure. >> it comes days before he is set to testify before the house intelligence committee. it really begs the question what did the f.b.i. know and whether did they know it? how long did they sit on the information? i recall that petraeus briefed the senate about what happened in benghazi. did he have this looming over his head? >> molly: general petraeus who has been married to his wife holly since 1974 called his extramarital affair unacceptable and showed, quote, extremely poor judgment. senator dianne feinstein lamented the loss of petraeus at the c.i.a. writing in a statement, quote, this is an enormous loss for our nation's intelligence community and our country. i wish president obama had not accepted this resignation but i understand and respect the decision.
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c.i.a. director michael morrel will head the c.i.a. until now until they decide on another director. >> heather: molly henneberg, live. >> gregg: we are learning more about david petraeus had the affair with, paula broadwell that served as active duty captain. was promoting lieutenant colonel. she has taught international security and research associate at harvard's center for public leadership. in her early life she was valedictorian and homecoming queen. two meant back in 2006 when he spoke at harvard and later with his cooperation she begin a doctoral dissertation that included a ks study of petraeus's leadership which resulted in a book on his career. >> heather: his resignation comes days before he was set to meet with lawmakers about the
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deadly attack in benghazi, libya. at this trial we understand he will no longer take part in the discussion. what does it mean for the investigation moving forward? tune in tomorrow for a fox news exclusive. california senator dianne feinstein weighs in his resignation. she oversees the nation 16 intelligence agencies. >> gregg: another major story we're following this hour, slow pace of storm recovery efforts in the northeast. 12 days after sandy, some residents saying they are not receiving any help from fema or even the red cross. with such widespread devastation residents are dealing without basic services. that before the storm they took for granted. >> no water. no heat. no lights, garbage not being
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picked up. garbage, halfway. garbage thrown everywhere. smell. the environment out here is terrible as far as smelling. odor is horrendous. it's depressing. >> gregg: anna is covering this live at staten island. >> we are 300 yards from the water at one of six dumping stations around staten island. we have been watching this debris pile up for two weeks in the nor'easter that hit last week. it did slow the crews. it's quite an active scene behind me today. a sign of progress being made. that is good sign. also hundreds of volunteers piled into buses at city hall this morning with their own tools and shovels helping out super storm sandy victims.
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volunteers sorting goods going house to house and cleaning up parks. groups are leaving a large footprint and makeshift donation centers are popping up. >> the people, a lot of progress they made. as far as like the government help, they are kind of slow with it. all the togetherness is beautiful thing about it. >> fema says $276 million will already in the hands of new yorkers. 26 disaster recovery centers are in place. food, water and blankets and phone and internet access as well as information. >> i owe them an answer. i owe them to work harder and get it done. somebody asked me the other day, yeah, but you are bringing people from all over the country. i met people in hawaii, california that are all here. a lot of them are former
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new yorkers are coming back because they care about this town. >> reporter: reminiscent of the 1970s, gas rationing seems to be helping somewhat with the hour's long lines. odd-even system was put into place yesterday. very important phone number to put on the screen for you so you can call fema for disaster assistance. that number, 1-800-621-3362. homeland secretary janet napolitano plans to meet with people tomorrow. president obama is expected to be here on thursday. back to you. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: while power has been restored to many storm victims. there are plenty of people for the lights to come back on. here are the latest numbers, more than 900,000 of them are living in new jersey. more than 169,000 are in the dark in new york city. nearly 146,000 are waiting for power on long island new york.
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as the controversy mountsd over slow moving recovery efforts after super storm sandy, we are learning that janet napolitano is scheduled to travel new york city hard hit staten island tomorrow. she will meet with local and state officials and get a firsthand look at the response that is happening there. president obama will make his first visit to the area on thursday. white house says he will meet with storm victims and first responders. >> gregg: in other news with the election now behind us, thankfully, so many people, washington is getting ready to tackle the fiscal cliff, an economic mandate that could throw the economy into a tail spin unless democrats and republicans stop it all. house speaker john boehner wants a deal on spending cuts. president obama says that is not
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enough. >> if we're serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine cuts with revenue. >> joining us is jonathan strong. even if tax rates went up on the wealthiest households earning more than $250,000 a year the president, as the president demands, this would actually do almost nothing to reduce the deficit. i look at the joint tax committee report of conscious saying it would reduce the deficit only by 7%. that is 7% out of $1.1 trillion. in many ways is the president's solution more of an illusion? >> he is trying to sell this as a matter of fairness. he seems to be making progress politically on that front.
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you have a good point. another good question, there isn't any theory this would help the economy. the estimates are it would hurt this the economy. is now the right time for that? people are still hurting out there. >> gregg: the president is claiming, you heard him say this -- he has a mandate for raising taxes. i'll quote him. he said on tuesday night, we found out that the majority of americans agree with my approach. jonathan, that is not true. exit polls ask the question should taxes be raised to help cut the budget deficit? the answer, no by nearly two to one. is the president making a false claim here? >> i think there were some figures in some exit polls i've seen democrats point to. the larger point here is really that president obama won reelection the same way that george w. bush did which is to define and tear down his
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opponent early on. that is not the type of approach that really gives you the kind of mandate of unifying the country behind your governing agenda. my personal opinion, it's wishful thinking that anyone comes out of the election with a mandate. >> gregg: just before the president spoke, john boehner had this to say. >> problem with raising tax rates on wealthiest americans, more than half of them are small business owners. we know from ernest & young, 700,000 jobs would be destroy. we also know would it slow down our economy. raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they wanted. >> gregg: in fact, twice during his first term the president agreed with that saying that raising taxes would hurt the economy. actually, when he said that, growth was at 5.6%. now its even worse.
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by calling for higher taxes, is the president really contradicting what he said for the last four years? >> i don't know about that. clearly you have the president and speaker boehner in different places on paper, but what is interesting to me, republicans are still in full tail spin mode after these elections. you heard him say remarkable things. reporters -- we were chatting about these appearances he made. who is this person and what have you done with john boehner because it didn't sound like him. on paper they are in different places. speaker boehner is wobbly and president obama is feeling feisty. i am expecting one side to fold, it's definitely speaker boehner at this point. >> gregg: there is some light between the two sides. boehner says he is willing to
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compromise. by closing tax loopholes, eliminate tax deductions and exemptions which would result in wealthier americans pay more taxes and increasing government revenue. is that really the potential compromise here without actually raising the tax rates. you do get the wealthier americans paying more taxes that way. >> you could engineer it that way in such a way that it would be significant win for president obama on the substance. i think this should really be a slam-dunk for obama. the danger we face in terms of no deal happening you are hearing voices on the left say to obama. no, hold out for a better deal. we're on top here. that could end up playing any kind of negotiations because you may have democrats decide we're going to hold out for more and
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overplaying their hand. >> gregg: biggest driver is entitlements. what are the chances that those programs could actually be reformed with some fairly simple alations. raising the retirement age. young people in their 20s. medicare choice and competition. that has been thrown out there. block granting back to the states. what are the chances of entitlement reform? >> those are some of the things that are on the table. i'm not sure we're really quite close to achieving that kind of thing. it certainly isn't going to happen in the lame duck congress. we may get some kind of short term deal. we're not going to see significant reform to those entitlements. in part, because speaker boehner has said lame duck is not the time to do that kind of deal. >> gregg: jonathan strong, good
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to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up the clock is ticking on the first big test that president obama's economic policy following the election. big tax hikes across the board and spending cuts set for the end of the year. what happens if he fails to stop the economy in going over this fiscal cliff we talked about? >> wounded warriors reaching new heights. how they are proving that teamwork can take them from the battlefield to the top of some of the country's highest peaks. >> heather: that is great story. we have the latest on relief efforts on some of those hit hardest by super storm sandy. we'll speak to assemblywoman helping in staten island. >> you don't think it is going to be you and then it is. it puts me on the other side of the table. you are never think it will be there. you are. you realize how important it is
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. now that the president's healthcare law is becoming a reality. more companies now say they are planning layoffs.
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many of them claim it's because they simply can't afford the new or higher tax rates. nephew of george w. bush makes a campaign filing in texas. it doesn't specify what office he is seeking. statue of liberty is glowing once again after super storm sandy left her in darkness thanks to donated service and equipment. liberty island is among one of parks that suffered major damage from the storm. >> heather: that is nice sight to see. president obama holding firm to his intentions to tie a tax increase to any negotiation with congress to avert a fiscal cliff. now, the plan is to generate revenue. critics say that big budget cuts coupled with tax hikes is a recipe for disaster. is the u.s. economy headed for a black hole? here is more from washington.
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>> reporter: fiscal cliff was crafted to be so distasteful they would do anything to avoid it which obviously did not work. >> we go over it we could be in a recession next year. it would decrease the size of economy. >> the fiscal cliff is $400 billion in taxes and $200 billion of spending cuts. >> not waited mr. obama wants to begin his second term. the fiscal cliff and simultaneous convergence of tax increases and spending cuts will wreak havoc with the economy. spending cuts would take $1.2 trillion over ten years, 100 billion in the first year. >> these are big cuts, 10-14% in programs through quarter of way through the fiscal year. >> tax increases, everyone wants to extend the bush tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year. president wants to raise taxes
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and add other taxes to booted. some analysts say it would crush small businesses which create two-thirds of all jobs. >> the tax increases that president obama has fought for would actually increase taxes on small businesses by about $50 billion a year going forward. >> reporter: in 2010 when the economy was growing at 2.3%, president obama extended all the tax cuts saying the economy was too weak to digest a tax increase. now it's growing at 2 percent but obama is forging ahead and senator reid says he has a mandate to do so. >> president campaigned around the country saying, we know what the problems with this. we need some revenue. that was the issue. >> reporter: speaker of the house says increased revenues are fine depending on where they come from. >> for the purposes of the bipartisan agreement that begins to solve the problem, we're
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willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> meaning new revenue, not tax increases. he points to 1986 reagan reforms that eliminated tax deductions in order to lower tax rates. the same approach given president obama by the bowles-simpson commission. in washington, jing angle, fox news. >> gregg: anger and frustration is growing. hundreds and thousands still find themselves in the dark almost two weeks after storm sandy. what is it going to take to get things back to normal? >> heather: new questions as well about the resignation of c.i.a. director david petraeus and how it could affect the investigation into the benghazi terror attack. >> person that came and briefed congress the man that was involved with it during, before and after benghazi and stated this was not a terrorist attack, it was a spontaneous demonstration that was caused by
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. time for the top of the news. new questions concerning the stunning resignation of c.i.a. director and retired four-star general david petraeus. after admitting to an extramarital affair, f.b.i. discovered that he had a relationship with his paula broadwell after they learned she may have access to personal e-mail accounts. the timing comes days before he is supposed to testify before house lawmakers about the c.i.a.'s role in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. here is peter king. >> i just can't accept this whole story. first of all, when did the investigation begin? if the f.b.i. is surveiling the head of the c.i.a. and allowing
4:29 pm
that and what was after six months. if it was not criminal what right do they have to be doing it? if it was that serious, wouldn't the director have told the president of the united states that his own c.i.a. director may be compromised? so i can't believe they don't know about it. when did general petraeus find out about it. did he know about before he came to congress on september 14th. all these issues that are out there, i don't think they have been answered, when did petraeus find out about it. when the president found out about it. >> heather: tune in tomorrow for a fox news sunday exclusive. dianne feinstein sits down with chris wallace about the petraeus resignation. she is chair of committee on intelligence and oversees the 16 intelligence agencies. check local listings for time.
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>> they hang up on you and don't answer. i called them. we can't get an inspector. i have never had anything like this. >> we can't. >> it's so hard on me. i don't know what to do. >> gregg: there you see it. clearly a lot of anger, a lot of frustration. utility crews racing to restore power across the northeast but not fast enough. 12 days after super storm sandy and hundreds of thousands of victims are still in the dark. peter doocy has the latest on restoration efforts from washington. >> reporter: 3% of new jersey and 2% of the state of new york are still in the dark today, almost two weeks after super storm sandy passed through. it was the storm everyone knew was coming but the large
4:31 pm
lateralingest power company is now being blamed for poor preparation. >> i don't believe it was adequate and i don't believe it was right. i think the system design and part of is their performance. part of it utilities are monopoly. >> at first the government owned lipa other utility companies for 700 workers to help them restore power but they ended up needing 10,000. company that contracted to help them clean up, they are doing extremely well. >> we are progressing very well based on the unprecedented damage of the storm. >> i am very comfortable with how we performed on this restoration. >> not comfortable with their performance? peter king. he wrote a letter to president obama saying i urge you to personally intervene to make sure that all appropriate federal assets are fully deployed to the region.
4:32 pm
king and congressman israel wants the army corps of engineers. they can go into baghdad and kabul and turn lie itself on, it's time for them to come to new york and finish the job the utility company hasn't been able to. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. >> heather: power restoration, that is one of concerns for some of those still struggling to get back on their feet. nicole, an assemblywoman from hard hit staten island. she joins us now. thank you so much for joining us. the district you represent there in staten island was one of the hardest hit in the flood zone. 60% of that district devastated, you said? >> yes. i represent the whole east shore of staten island. we have been very hard hit. my constituents have been struggling over the last 11 days. >> heather: what are some of the
4:33 pm
most immediate needs right now? >> right now, electricity is a major issue. we have 7500 that do not have electricity. the temperature went up to 50s so it's not as bad but there will be cold nights since this storm hit. electricity is definitely a priority of my office. those are calls i've been receiving most about electricity. help that is being needed to clean out basements and clean out houses to begin remodeling. those are kinds of things we've been hearing most about. >> heather: the power situation. we heard these people talk. they talk about being the forgotten borough. why is not the power still not on for 7500 people. why are they going to sit tonight and be cold and in the dark? >> i'm being told that the 7500
4:34 pm
people are within zone "a" flood zone. the reason why it's taking them so long there is significant damage to the home. they need an electrician to help certify with the company, con edison so they can begin the process. everyone who is self-certified by monday, they will have their power restored. those remaining after monday will be only those that still need to get electric work done by a private electrician. 7500 people by monday in order to get turned back on have to have an electrician come out to their individual homes to see. >> harris: that is going to take a lot of electricians? >> we begin that process. that is number one thing. we are looking for electricians, self-certify these homes we can get them back. con edison has been going door
4:35 pm
to door and locking the meters that pose a risk so they can turn on remaining neighborhoods. >> heather: the people that are homeless. tell me about the shelters and there have been food rationing going on at the shelters? >> we have a couple of shelters right here. one in my district. we have families that are staying there. also fema is paying for hotels. that is another big issue is trying to find out where are the people are going to go. we have 266 homes that have been completely is red-tagged. they are not structurally safe. over a thousand yellow-tagged you need some type of structural engineer to see what kind of damage needs to be repaired.
4:36 pm
we do have a lot of people displaced. that one of the questions for the city. what are we going to do with these people. they need a permanent residence because a lot can't go back to their homes. >> heather: you are not just an assemblywoman. this is your home. you grew up there your entire life. share with people watching all across the country a final thought. what do you need? >> we need electrician, plumbers we need them to come out here and help us. we need blankets, more blankets. coats. those are types of things we still need. we have lots of clothes, but we still more things like blankets, hot meals. we have restaurants that are providing hot meals. we need more. residents and volunteers need it that are cleaning up. >> heather: hour prayers with everyone there on staten island.
4:37 pm
>> gregg: we're going to be talking to some folks in long island coming up about their situation. now that the dust has settled on the presidential election, president obama has earned four nor years of dealing with the most dysfunctional region the middle east. nuclear threat to iran to the stalled mideast peace talks and deadly attack on benghazi. it could make or break his presidency? >> heather: plus after serving on the battlefield in iraq, one wounded veteran is taking on a new challenge climbing one of tallest mountain for an amazing story. up next. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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4:42 pm
protecting u.s. interests abroad. honoring a distinguished group of marines for their service this morning, including one veteran that survived the battle of iwo jima back in 1945. on behalf all of us here, happy birthday marines. >> heather: thank you, thank you. as veterans' day approaches this monday, there is a new program out there to help wounded vets. taking them up three of most iconic mountains showing they can achieve anything they set their hearts and minds to. a navy veteran who is currently recovering from an injury on battlefield on iraq. now she is preparing to climb mount rainier. its group called my bright thank you for taking the time.
4:43 pm
>> i'm so glad to be here. >> heather: you joined the navy shortly after september 11th, this past september 11th you climbed your first mountain. tell me about that? >> actually this wasn't my first mountain climb, but i did have the opportunity to go with fellow veterans. it was an azing experience to go out there and suffer through it together and to be able to put these emotions that come up, especially for me during september 11th. to be able to put them into physical actions and do something on the mountain as they say. >> heather: tell me more specifically about the program. wounded veterans like yourself are able to do what we're seeing in this video. at least one of the different mountain climbs that happened. tell me about the specifics of how it works. >> paradox force is wonderful
4:44 pm
organization. it helps veterans. they have worked with my bright mountain. they provide these type of opportunities for veterans. there is a lot of details on my bright if people want to go there. veterans and donors would like to go there and they'll have the opportunity to learn more about the programs. i was notified by one of my fellow veterans that asked me to go on the climb with him. i was honored to do so. it was an amazing experience. it's so important for us thought to sit at home and get out and get active. push our limits like we were used to in the military. push our limits both physically and mentally. it does the soul good. >> heather: i know you don't want to get in the specifics of your injury. in 2003 you suffered this injury and past three and a half years you have been learning how to
4:45 pm
walk again. now you are climbing mountains and going to do it again. what are you planning to doing? what is next? >> there is a lot of really cool opportunities left for me. i'm really excited about all the different opportunities including the mount rainier mountain climb and just looking forward to train for those. opportunities to set goals and get out of your head with your injuries definitely helps. it gives everybody a chance to really push themselves which i think is so important. >> heather: as you said i think you said, leave it on the mountain. that is good saying for all of us. we appreciate you joining us. for more information, log on to my bright to help out. >> thank you and let me just say thank you to all my fellow veterans and all those have sacrificed for our country.
4:46 pm
>> heather: absolutely. yourself included. >> gregg: that is wonderful thing for them. >> president obama facing several foreign policy challenges including iran, how the middle east could make or break his legacy. why let constipation slow you down? try miralax.
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. >> gregg: president obama preparing for his second term with several foreign challenges looming. iran shows no signs of slowing down the nuclear crisis. questions keep mounting about that deadly terror attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. what needs to be done by the president? how should he handle and prioritize. aaron miller is advisor to six secretaries of state. i did enjoy reading your column. you offer suggestions for the president's second term. you started out by chiding him for elevated view in the mold of lincoln. pleat quote. with all due respect,
4:51 pm
mr. president, try to be a tad more humble. i knew abe lincoln. you are no abe lincoln. but seriously, you advised that the world is not going to be transform by him or anybody else. what do you mean? >> the problem is that the middle east, that i think is going to be one area of the world in which most of threats and challenges. it's not a rising china. it's not a russia seeking to regain its power and stature. real threat to american interests seems to be coming from a broken and dysfunctional middle east in which we're stuck and his problem. and had mitt romney become president as well, middle east is divided into migraines on one hand and root canal operations on the other. there are not a lot of opportunities for solutions. >> gregg: pick your poison. you are right. let's talk specifics. let's talk about iran first.
4:52 pm
you believe that the president should explore and exhaust diplomacy before you are taking military action. you are very specific. let's put this on the screen. you write this, start with an interim arrange. that deals with the issue of enrichment and forestalls resign to acquire highly enriched uranium to construct a nuke. how can you convinces them to do that? >> the problem is once a society gets to enrich uranium and a assemble a nuclear weapon. how do you forestall it? you can't bomb it out of existence. unless you can change the regime it would be nice. i don't see a way to do that. to explore, i'll use mitt romney as a reference point. had he become president he would have also exhausted every
4:53 pm
possibility to see whether or not there is a deal out. the idea is to keep iranians years away from actually developing a nuclear weapon. if they are not prepared to accept a deal on enrichment, then you may have to consider a military strike. one other point. you have three administrations who said they will not allow iran to acquire nuclear weapons. our credibility will be sub-zero if we can't make it reality. >> gregg: sanctions don't seem to have worked so far. it sounds well and good but doesn't diplomacy involves trust in adversary. is threaten there reason to believe that iranians are any more trustworthy than the north koreans. necessity snookered the u.s. it's hard to trust when you can't always verify? >> it is. i approach this from the standpoint of a sceptic.
4:54 pm
even at the end of the day you are going to have a to use force you have to do due diligence to create the reality you have done every conceivable thing you can before you go to war. we don't want nor can we afford the so-called iranian oil premium or plunging markets, particularly at a time of a fragile economic recovery. lay the basis by trying diplomacy first. >> gregg: does the president's handling of the attack on the diplomatic mission in benghazi raise serious and legitimate questions about his competent and how should the president response going forward? >> you have a state department investigating committee. the congress is now involved in this. there are a lot of questions how inadequately we assessed the situation, particularly in june
4:55 pm
and july where you had attacks against the brits. you had attack of the compound in benghazi. then, of course, what was the real story in terms of how we responded once the attack begin. finally, the issue of messaging. >> gregg: you have to come clean you said? >> yeah, i think at some point the president needs to lay out -- either you create an independent commission to get to the bottom of this. or the president himself or the national security south dakota advisor or someone assumes responsibility and presents a comprehensive explanation. look, he is now a second term president. it's not just competency, it's credibility. and it's important. believability is important. >> gregg: i'm against a hard break. let me skis this in. what should president obama do to facilitate a peace accord between the israelis and palestinians? >> three things, keep the egyptian peace treaty moving in
4:56 pm
the right direction or at least stable. try israeli palestinian and cooperation up and running and maybe, maybe, depending on what happens in israel in elections, maybe you can lay the basis for interim agreement. forget the big deal. it's not coming anytime soon. >> gregg: great column in foreign policy. check it out online. great to see you. thanks so much. >> heather: coming up, keeping an eye on the fallout from general david petraeus bombshell resignation. we'll have more coming up. [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p
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>> gregg: hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, frustration in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. we check in on the victims to find out how they're coping and if they're getting the help that they need. >> gregg: a bombshell at the country. director david petraeus suddenly quits. admitting to an affair. but many are questioning whether there is a whole lot more to this story. >> heather: and as lawmakers demand answers about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, there are new calls for secretary of state hillary clinton to testify. we'll explain why that's not going to happen, at least not
5:01 pm
for now. >> gregg: we begin with the anger that is boiling over in the northeast. hundreds of thousands of folks still suffering out there and still without any power nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy slammed into the shore. in hard hit staten island, some locals say assistance from the red cross and fema has been very slow. so they're pulling their boot straps up and turning to their neighbors for help. anna kooiman is live in staten island, new york. >> good evening to you. we are at one of six dumping stations here ostaten island and a lot of the victims we've talked to say fema has not been doing enough, although fema says 162,000 applications have already come in. >> a lot of people here feel desperate. it's been two weeks do you feel like there is anything you could have done better? >> i'm going to focus what i'm going to get done today and
5:02 pm
tomorrow. what i get done overt next couple of weeks. >> to register for assistance, call this number, 1-800-621- 1-800-621-3362. $276 million fema says already in the hands of new yorkers. 26 disaster recovery centers or drc's, are in place and they have more coming. food, water, blankets, phone, internet access and information can be found there. reminiscence of 1970s, gas monitoring and police monitoring the gas seems to be helping somewhat. the odd-even license plate calendar dates system was put in place yesterday. volunteers, we've seen them on the ground today sorting donated goods going house to house to check up on people and cleaning up parts. makeshift donation centers are popping up and grassroots groups are leaving a large foot print. >> on thursday when i heard they come with two little kids, the two-year-old and four-year-old that died, i couldn't stay home
5:03 pm
anymore. i couldn't watch tv anymore. so we put a bag of sandwiches together and packages of water and went to the community and we helped. >> also in this state of new jersey, officials began allowing residents on long beach island to go back into their homes for the very first time getting a first look of what was left after being evacuated ahead of the storm on october 29. gregg? >> gregg: i think the biggest challenge has to be just keeping warm, especially at nighttime. i know that was the case with my family for a week. so what is being done to make sure that folks there are at least protected from the elements? >> the national guard has been here. we've seen them on the ground handing out not just blankets, of course, to keep them warm, but flashlights. i've got to tell you, the biggest thing that's impacted me, i've been covering this storm for 12 days now, is just how many volunteers are here and the emotion that you heard in
5:04 pm
the voice from that one volunteer. we heard that from so many others. because it's saturday, it's a great way that they're able to spend time with their families as well. >> gregg: good for them. our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to everybody over there. thanks very much. heather? >> heather: another picture that we've seen across devastated areas, drivers in parts of new york and new jersey, they're dealing with the gas rationing. anna mentioned that. new york city and long island, new policies. constituent into effect yesterday. hurricane sandy knocked out power to hundreds of gas stations, resulting in long lines at the pump. over in new jersey, the governor is considering lifting the gas rationing. gregg, i can tell you we covered that and the rationing seemed to help move the lines along a lot quicker. >> gregg: i remembered in california back in the 1970s and it worked pretty effectively then. >> heather: one line in jersey city was taking about 15
5:05 pm
minutes, even though wrapped around the block. >> gregg: all right. now it's 12 days after sandy made landfall as the days grow shorter and the nights a whole lot colder, people are demanding answers. from the power companies and government leaders, peter doocy reports from washington on that. >> 3% of new jersey and 2% of the state of new york are still in the dark today, almost two weeks after super storm sandy passed through. it was the storm everyone knew was coming, but the largest power company on long island, the long eye hand power authority, is being blamed for poor preparation. >> i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. i believe part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and part of it is the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> at first, lipo reportedly asked other customers for 700 workers for help. but they ended up needing 10,000. the company lipa contracted to help them clean up the mess,
5:06 pm
national grid, said last night they're doing extremely well. >> we are progressing very well based on the unprecedented damage on the storm. >> i am very comfortable with how we've performed on this restoration. >> not comfortable with their performance, republican congressman peter king. he wrote a letter to president obama saying i urge you to personally intervene to insure that all appropriate federal assets and authorities are fully deployed to the impacted region. king and democratic long island congressman steve israel want the army corps of engineers dispatch to do long island. israel says if the army corps of engineergo into baghdad and kabul and turn the lights on, then it's time for them to come to new york and finish the job the utility company hasn't been able to. gregg? >> gregg: peter doocy reporting from washington. thanks. >> heather: new jersey thousands of storm victims are calling a tent city home. evacuees, utility and rescue workers, military and volunteers, they're all seeking shelter in the makeshift
5:07 pm
neighborhood. some of the tents, they're in a racetrack parking lot. evacuees are complaining about sleeping in the cold tents and complaining about the bathroom facility and limited shower areas as well. >> gregg: as victims of sandy face another night in the dark, are they going to get a break from some of the frigid temperatures at night? maria molina is live in the fox weather center. how about that? >> it does look like we're going to get a bit of a break as far as very cold temperatures at night, at least for a couple of days before another front moves through and that will be dropping our temperatures as we head into the latter half of next week. i want to quickly show you some of these cities. in atlantic city, look at the next couple of days. a slow gradual warming. by monday night, you'll see a low temperature of 50 degrees. much better than the frigid temperatures that have been below freezing for several nights, the last couple of days across parts of new jersey and as we head into basically tuesday and wednesday, that's when our front arrives. that's when we're look at the cold temperatures yet again. that does go as well for staten
5:08 pm
island, new york. by monday night, low temperature at 51. a little better than what we've been dealing with. the reason why we're seeing a warm up over portions of the northeast is that we have a strong cold front further to the west. ahead of that system, strong winds out of the south push not guilty that warmer air northward. again, that rise in temperature that we'll be seeing across portions of the northeast. out west, this front producing all kinds of issues across portions of the rock reese, cascades and northwest and portions of the midwest. showers and thunderstorms ahead of it, where we have the warm temperatures behind it, very, very cold air dipping down from canada. we have precipitation falling in the form of snow and because we do have this contrast in temperatures, warm air head of it, we do have the possibility of severe weather and a thunderstorm watch in effect for eastern portions of nebraska and parts of kansas, wichita, you are in included in that particular watch. we could be seeing some large hail and damaging wind gusts with some of those storms in
5:09 pm
that area. winter storm warnings in effect because some areas will be seeing over a foot of snow across parts of north dakota, portions of eastern montana, parts of montana have already picked up over a foot of snow easily and also winter storm warnings in effect across the rockies. not just because of the amount of snow, but strong winds and very cold temperatures, currently in the 20s in rapid city. 25 over in my sue la. ahead of it, very warm. 85 in the city of dallas. for today, stretching from parts of southern minnesota, into parts of the texas panhandle, large hail, damaging wind gusts and even some isolated tornadoes will be possible and then by tomorrow, a storm pushes eastward and more fear weather will be possible from parts of texas into arkansas. gregg? >> gregg: 81 in dallas, wow. that's amazing. maria, thank you very much. >> heather: what a difference. wow. serious new questions about the stunning resignation of c.i.a. director and retired four star general david petraeus. general petraeus stepping down after an f.b.i. investigation
5:10 pm
uncovered an affair with his married biographer. they are questioning the timing of this announcement. and possible connections to the ongoing investigation into the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. molly henneberg is live for us in washington with the very latest on this developing story. molly? >> the f.b.i. discovered that biographer appeared to have access to general petraeus' personal e-mail account. so f.b.i. agents started monitoring petraeus' e-mails, although he was not under investigation. they were concerned there may have been a security breach or concern that broadwell was stalking him and then they discovered the affair. meanwhile, petraeus, who had been the c.i.a. director for over a year, was supposed to testify this upcoming week at house and senate hearings on the libya attack. now he will not testify. and that concerns some members of congress. >> the person who came and briefed congress, the man who was involved in it both before
5:11 pm
benghazi, during benghazi and after benghazi and who was stated this was not a terrorist attack, that it was a spontaneous demonstration, that was caused by the video, that was general petraeus and it's important for us to find out how he reached that conclusion when his own people on the ground were saying it was a terrorist attack. >> general petraeus, who has been married to his wife, holly, since 1974, has been widely admired by both democrats and republicans for the way he turned around the war in iraq. he called his extramarital affair, quote, unacceptable and said it showed, quote, extreme lea poor judgment. in a statement yesterday, president obama praised the retired four star army general by saying, quote, by any measure, he was one of the outstanding general officers of his generation. going forward, my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus, who has done so much to help military families through her own work. i wish them the very best at this difficult time. as for that f.b.i. investigation that unearthed the affair, in the end, f.b.i. agents did not
5:12 pm
find any evidence of criminal activity. heather. >> heather: molly henneberg live for us from washington. thank you. and be sure to tune in tomorrow for fox news sunday exclusive. california senator diane feinstein sits down with chris wallace to discuss general petraeus' resignation. she chair of the senate intelligence committee and oversees the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. check your local listings for times. >> gregg: mounting concerns for the united states from two fronts, iran and china. the stand-off with iran continuing after the rogue nation fired on a u.s. drone. a new report suggests that china is only two years away from putting nuclear weapons on submarines. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> at 4:50 a.m. on november 1, just days before the u.s. presidential election, two iranian frog foot fighter jets
5:13 pm
like these intercepted and fired twice upon an unmanned, unarmed u.s. predator drone over the persian gulf. it is the first time the iranians have ever fired on a u.s. drone. the shots missed on both attempts and iran's fighter pilots briefly pursued the drone which land safely at an undisclosed location. >> the incident occurred over international waters, approximately 16 nautical miles off the iranian coast line. our aircraft was never in iranian air space. it was always flying in international air space. the internationally recognized territorial limit is 12 nautical miles off the coast. and we never entered the 12 nautical mile limit. >> asked whether the i want was an act of war, the pentagon spokesman said he would not legally label it, adding the state department had protested through the swiss protective powers, which have represented the u.s. government in tehran since the u.s. embassy takeover
5:14 pm
in 1979. >> the united states has communicated to the iranians that we will continue to conduct surveillance flights over international waters over the arabian gulf consistent with long standing practice and our commitment to the security of the region. >> in december, a classified rq 170 u.s. sentinel drone crashed inside iran after losing contact with its handlers. while monitoring iran's nuclear sites. the iranians recovered it largely intact. the pentagon did not at first disclose details of the more recent drone incident, citing its, quote, classified mission. meantime, more rising tension is looming with china as president obama prepares for a second term. a new report suggests china is just two years away from deploying nuclear ballistic missiles on its submarines, missiles with a 4600-mile range. china recently unveiled a second sophisticated stealth fighter jet that industry experts say may have been developed with stolen u.s. technology. the chinese j. 31 stealth
5:15 pm
fighter has an air intake and wing dimension that is suspiciously similar to the american f-35 and a silhouette similar to lockheed martin's raptor. u.s. navy officials confirm a russian nuclear powered attack submarine was detected 300 miles off the east coast of the united states in late october. russia's navy commander announced earlier this year that on june 1, russian nuclear powered subs would return to patrolling the world's oceans as they did during soviet times. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> heather: coming up, new insight into the 2012 election. polling showing the biggest gender gap in recorded history is this part of a new trend? if so, what will it mean for future elections? and then fed up. we'll talk with one county leader who is calling on the feds to get involved with power restoration in his community as customer frustration grows.
5:16 pm
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines. four days after the election, the associated press says president obama has won florida. the state says he beat governor mitt romney by about 74,000 votes. looks like there could be another bush in office one day. former florida governor jeb bush's son, george p. bush, has filed campaign paperwork in texas. no word yet on what office he might be seeking. and the statue of liberty, the lamp there shining once again thanks to temporary lighting made possible by great many donations. the light was off and the statue closed due to damage on liberty island caused by super storm sandy. >> heather: shining bright again of the that's beautiful. >> gregg: nice. >> heather: the 2012 presidential election exposing some major differences between the two candidates. according to gallup, president obama had a 12 point lead among women voters.
5:21 pm
governor romney had an 8 point lead among male voters, making this a 20-point gender gap. the largest in recorded history. so what does this mean going forward? joining me now with a fair and balanced debate, jehmu green is former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor and brad blakeman is a form deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thank you for joining us. >> hi. >> heather: to be fair, 2012, it was the fifth straight election to feature a double digit gender gap. but this is the largest since gallup began tracking it in 1952. so gentleman knew, i'll begin with you. why do you think it's so large and appears to be growing? >> it's impossible to win the white house without convincing women voters to be on your side and as we saw throughout the election, many republicans wanted to pretend that this war on women didn't exist. there are three reasons why the gender gap was so large this year.
5:22 pm
women support obamacare. they didn't want to be charged higher rates just because they were women. women support equal pay. they know they're not getting paid for doing the same job as a man. they're not getting equal pay. that is going to affect their family and their pocketbook. third reason, women were absolutely against the government and even governor romney's support of not just the government, but your employer getting involved in your personal health decisions. it boiled down to women's health security played a decisive role in this election. >> heather: brad, i'm going to answer lett you answer all that and to make another point to you, jehmu, this year's margin among women voters, you're right, it was big, but it wasn't bigger than it was four years ago. the margin was actually bigger in 2008 with president obama winning women voters. 14 percentage points over john mccain. among men in 2008, president obama and senator mccain split it evenly. in that respect, governor romney did fair better, right, brad?
5:23 pm
>> he did fair better, but we didn't do as good as we should have done. and whether it's the gender gap or whether it's the minority gap, we should be doing better with african-americans, hispanics, asians, the youth. we should be doing better. so if anything is to be learned by this outcome of 2012 on the national level, it's the republican party has to do a better job of not just asking for people's vote when we need it. what we need to do is encourage people not only to join our party, but also be leaders of our party and also candidates of our party. we can certainly do that because our message and our platform is appealing to women. we've got to do a better job of recruitment. >> heather: here is the thing, let's talk more about the women's vote specifically. jehmu, lumping more than 50% of the population into one group and talking about it as a single unit definitely oversimplifies things a lot to say the least. the number, the preferences, they can grow or shrink depending on a lot of different factors, race, age, marital
5:24 pm
status, geography. we've all seen it happen. and president obama actually captured only 42% of the white women's vote. romney captured 56% of it if we break did down. white women actually were an area of strength for romney. obama gets a huge edge when we shift back to black women or hispanic women. he won 96% and 76% of their votes respectively. even better than the president did with black men and hispanic men. so moving forward, using those numbers, gentleman mucous i'll begin with you, what do both political parties need to do to grow their base? >> the only way republicans are going to be able to stop the flow of women running away from their party is to change their policies and i just don't think that's reasonable because in texas, we say don't mess with texas. the republican party has gone after legislatively women in an assault that women are feeling across the country. so it's almost don't mess with
5:25 pm
women and that's what they continue to do. >> that is nonsense. assault on women? we won the married women vote! we've had a great attraction to women. the attraction is not great enough because we need to broaden our base and this kind of rhetoric that you have is very destructive. you're trying to paint the republican party into something that it's not. we understand what the deficit is and why we have it. but it's certainly not the reasons you're giving. >> well, the republican party doesn't support equal pay. the republican party doesn't support women being in control of personal decisions that the government and their bosses have no business being involved in. >> that's nonsense. obamacare would have more of an intrusion on women's rights not only within the care that they're to receive, but the care they're going to get. >> the republican party in ohio, days after the election, has already started the process to put into place one -- actually the nation's most restrictive abortion law. guess what? the gender gap isn't just for
5:26 pm
2012 or the past five presidential elections, it's moving into the future because of those policies that women are running away from. and then the tea party supporting candidates like aiken and murdoch and not having your leadership move away from them and those ideas because that's what paul ryan believes, that's what many of the -- >> heather: i have to wrap you up. brad, you get the last word. >> look, paul ryan rejected the kind of comments that you talked about by the candidates that you're suggesting and the candidates that you're suggesting were not the republican party main stream. as a matter of fact, they were so out of the main stream they lost. >> heather: thank you very much. we appreciate you both joining us today. as always, a heated discussion. we'll see what happens moving forward. thank you. >> gregg: lawmakers on capitol hill gearing up for hearings looking into the deadly terrorist attack on our u.s. consulate in libya. why some are calling for secretary of state hillary clinton to testify about what she knew and when. judge jeanine pirro weigh not
5:27 pm
guilty on that just ahead. >> heather: plus, outrage and heart break as thousands prepare to spend another night in the dark in the wake of super storm sandy. how seniors are cope be with the disaster in one of new york city's hardest hit neighborhoods. >> no power. no water. no lights. freezing to death
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
5:31 pm
>> gregg: welcome back. bottom of the hour. time for top of the nurse. the nation's top spy resigning after admit to go an extramarital affair with his biographer. david petraeus, director of the c.i.a., stepped down yesterday. congressional hearings are set to begin soon on the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. some say secretary of state hillary clinton should be testifying, but she's actually
5:32 pm
scheduled to be out of the country at the time. dead levi less than raging in syria. car bombs rocking a military base there. activists say at least 20 soldiers were killed. >> heather: no power, no heat, a situation that would surely be an inconvenience to say the at least for most of us. for those who survived hurricane sandy in rockaways, new york, things are more complicated because many are seniors and today they're feeling stranded. dan bowens with our new york fox affiliate, wnyw, has details. >> here in the high-rise in the rockaways, this building hasn't had power since hurricane sandy. there are lots of elderly people living here along with hundreds of others. we're using a flashlight right now to use light to light me up. when the light goes off, to the pitch black, dark, frightening in these hallways. many residents tell us they are very scared and feeling cast
5:33 pm
off. >> we had to get this from a nursing home. we had to go to a nursing home to bathe, to wash up and stuff so that way we could live and survive. >> we met these two on the first floor of the high-rise. they just filled that suitcase with bottled water. they're using it to flush their toilets. >> these old people should have first. >> we followed them up the steps carrying the supplies and found one of those seniors they're so concerned about. a man who seemed confused, but in search of water. >> this will flush it one time. two of these waters to one flush. you want this? >> go ahead and take it, sir. it's okay. >> he took it. we climbed further to a darkened quarter on the 9th floor
5:34 pm
where lola is caring for an elderly woman in a wheelchair. >> no power, no water, no lights. freezing to death. >> next door, greg says emergency crews have been check on residents. >> we have volunteering checking our food and the cops checking on elderly people. i heard a couple people passed in the building. no heat. can't get up and down the stairs. >> he says the building is on the lipa system. while he waits, he's been heating his home with a gas stove. some people say that's dangerous. >> it's dangerous, i don't keep it on all night. my mother is almost 80 years old. i got to make sure it's warm. >> you do what you got to do. >> that's right. >> they're trying to get it on as early as this weekend. you believe it? >> i've heard that story a couple of times already. >> waiting in the dark, hoping the lights come back on soon. >> heather: turning the gas on your stove north texas recommended. that's dangerous stuff. that was dan bowens with our fox
5:35 pm
affiliate, wnyw. thanks. people doing what they have to. >> gregg: well, on long island, a similar story. according to the latest figures, more than 130,000 customers in and around that area are still without any power. my next guest has called on the federal government to get involved to oversee power restoration. joining us now by phone, edward, the nassau county, new york executive. thank you for being with us. lipa, the long island power authority, the utility there, insists that it's working hard, but they say the damage was catastrophic and the challenge is unprecedented. in your min is that simply not good enough? >> that may be part of the facts, but this they can not run away from as they failed to communicate any clear instructions at all to our citizens here in nassau county. no written document with any
5:36 pm
clear instructions has been produced to date. >> gregg: a state authorized independent analysis was undertaken after hurricane irene, that was last year -- it determined lipa is an outdated, barely competent organization. shouldn't governor cuomo, who controls nine of the 15 seats on the board of directors of lipav taken action then to either reorganize or replace lipa entirely and since he didn't do it, isn't cuomo to blame for this? >> i don't see how the governor is to blame. this is an operational issue, a managial structure. we literally have thousands of crew members out there and i don't believe there is a coordinated effort. it doesn't take a computer to manage these guys and ladies that are out there. >> gregg: i got to stop you there. when this study ands hurricane irene and determines that this is a boarder line incompetent
5:37 pm
operation, don't you have to revamp it entirely, replace the entire board of directors and start from square one and it could have happened a year ago, but the governor didn't do it and he has the authority to do it. >> i would only say this, clearly the governor is outraged. he has promised a full review. we're going to have hearings here locally on this and clearly the utility cannot continue under its present structure. >> gregg: former new york city mayor rudy guiliani says that fema is also failing as badly as it did after katrina and he also blames president obama for failing to lead, for failing to do more. do you agree with that? >> look, here is the issue, the issue is you have these big mega agencies, they're chalk full of money and employees and all year round they're supposed to be planning and waiting to react. and we're holding them accountable. we want to see these people and we want to see them helping our residents. we want to see them have clear instructions and put them out
5:38 pm
there. we have manpower, we have communication systems. government here locally is ready to help. we bring every asset possible. we'll clear the trees out of their way. we'll sweep the streets. but they have to hook up the electric and fema has to tell the people their housing options. >> gregg: what kind of a grade do you give fema? >> what kind of a grade do i give fema? i give fema a slightly greater grade than lipa right now. fema is organized -- >> gregg: what is that, an f or d a c? >> i want to reserve it 'til tuesday and i'll give you a grade because they're under directions to give our residents here clear instructions on the housing option. they've shown me some data today where they've distributed significant amount of money to our residents and i just want to make sure that they are really getting that money before i would condemn the agency. they've sent down some higher ups here to help arrears did not
5:39 pm
and i hope and i pray that they're going to do this job correctly. we're on top of them. again, i believe that it's a managerial issue that is at stake here. there seems to be a lot of people walking around. >> gregg: does it anger you when a bunch of self-congratulate tri politicians, chop noor a definite stated area with all kinds of promises to deliver food and water and clothing and gasoline and shelters and power and then they leave without delivering on those promises and one can argue that the president is guilty of doing exactly that. he came in, made a bunch of promises, see you later. >> he's coming back, i understand here, and i hope he's coming back to deliver. 'cause the people here in nassau county have long-term needs now from this devastating storm. both human needs in terms of housing and assistance to rebuild, and also our economy has been severely damaged here.
5:40 pm
this is the type of assistance the federal government is supposed to be prepared to provide. this is why we send all these federal dollars up there to the federal government. and we want our services and what we paid for delivered here at this time of need. the rest of the years we've been here just supplying the dollars. we've been hit hard. now we want to see some of those dollars and resources here. let me tell you something, tomorrow is too late. >> gregg: edward is the nassau county executive. our best wishes to you and everybody there who is still suffering. >> thank you. >> gregg: so many days after hurricane sandy. we'll keep an eye on it. >> heather: not so sure another study is going to help those folks. >> gregg: they act on that one study that determined that lipa is pretty much incompetent. >> heather: exactly. i think a second study may say the same after this. a filmer of hope and charity for brides to be impacted by super storm sandy. glass half full here. a bridal shop in new jersey is
5:41 pm
offering 1,000 dresses to brides ready to get married. here is the shop owner with a very happy mother of the bride. >> it's a bittersweet. it's like we've been crying since monday. every store has been so touching. and you cry over it and then you smile. >> i know that smile is a mess. so we want those ladies to come in. >> it's just amazing that this woman is doing such a great, great thing. she is an angel. >> heather: nearly all of the dresses are new samples that have never been worn. so good for her. >> yeah. that's a good story. >> heather: yeah. >> gregg: congressional hearings beginning next week in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. what can we expect? who will testify and which major players in the obama administration won't be available? traveling "a.i. artificial intelligence" broad, sorry about that. judge jeanine is here to weigh in. >> heather: no political ads on tv. can we all say a big cheer?
5:42 pm
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5:46 pm
>> gregg: we are just days away from congressional hearings. a bunch of them. looking into the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in libya, the september 11 attack killing four americans, including ariosos ambassador, chris stevens. lawmakers expect to hear from officials like the directors of national intelligence and the national counterterrorism center. some say secretary of state hillary clinton should also testify, but guess what? she's scheduled to be out of the country at the time. judge jeanine pirro is the host of "justice" with judge jeanine and tonight she'll be talking with two lawmakers who are scheduled to take part in hearings next week. some will be behind closed doors because we're talking about classified information. at least one, house foreign affairs committee, that's open
5:47 pm
to the public. >> right. you've got house intel and senate intel that will both be closed doors. both of them, i understand, general petraeus was to testify at and of course, that's kind of blown up. but hillary clinton was invited to testify before the house foreign affairs committee and tonight we'll have the chair of that committee on my show and clearly if hillary says hey, i'm out of town, then what is the incumbent won the committee is to whether or not they'll subpoena her f. they subpoena her and she does not come, then what you've got there is contempt of congress and there are criminal sanctions for that. >> gregg: instead of in person testimony, if i were on the committee, i'll rather see the documents. there is always a paper trail and often times it is highly incriminating. how do they get their hands on that? >> you know what, gregg? you teed it up for me, get your hands on the documents? by the way, cnn got to the
5:48 pm
documents before the f.b.i. did. we found the journal at the scene in benghazi. other magazines have gone in and found out that information. but a lot of this stuff has already been leaked, both classified and unclassified regarding the information. >> gregg: what you don't know and what you might be able to find out from hillary clinton were she to testify is what security requests were made before the attack, because there had been previous attacks, and apparently they were begging for more security, or to get out. why were those ignored or rejected? that's one of the questions. >> clearly on the day he died, a cable was sent by ambassador stevens saying that they needed more security. in fact, their security was reduced and if you remember, charlene lamb when she testified before house oversight, she said that libya was normalized and they were going to have the february 17 brigade take care of the embassy. why didn't this guy have a marine detachment in a place where you get danger pay? i mean, all of this stuff stinks
5:49 pm
to high heaven. >> gregg: the other things you want to know is, what was going on in the real time monitoring of the attack itself. it went on for seven hours and rescue missions arguably could have been deployed and why they were told either stand down or we're not going to help you. >> interestingly enough, what we know is that once that drone was sending back images of what was going on in real time, everyone knew they needed help. the question is, why weren't the people in washington, we know the president, the vice president and leon panetta were in the white house -- >> rick: they get a feed for that stuff directly into the white house. >> anyone who had access could get this up on a computer. >> gregg: state department, pentagon, white house, c.i.a. they were all likely monitoring the attack. >> everybody could watch it. the question is, who in washington wasn't watching it? on my show tonight, we're going to have another time line because now there is just a new time line released where the
5:50 pm
c.i.a. is at odds with the time line that was released by the department of defense. this is craziness. we can't get to the truth of it. and every day, every week, there is another obstruction. >> gregg: judge jeanine, thank you very much. we'll be right back [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. it's the cleanest, clearest water. we fd the best, sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announr ] hurry in to rd lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees, all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, st 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't pt on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i seaood differently. >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the
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>> heather: we normally have scott rasmussen on at this time every week. but he's traveling today. but he had some pretty good polls following the presidential election. so we thought we'd look at them. we want to start with this one. the daily presidential tracking poll, now that president obama has been reelected just over half of those polled say they approve of the job that the president is to go. >> gregg: what about the undecided voters? rasmussen reports finding 70% roughly made up their minds more than a month ago about who should be the leader of the free world. 18% in the last month. 8% in the last week. 4% basically tossing autopsy coin inside the voting booth. >> heather: how about the president's election night victory speech? 46% said it set the right tone. that is down, 10% from 2008. 32% say the president missed the mark. and 22% weren't sure. >> gregg: as fort voters themselves as they headed to the voting booths, most were more
5:55 pm
conservative on fiscal issues like taxes and government spending. 38% identifying themselves as conservatives. 31% liberal. 28% moderate. >> heather: not a huge surprise. most of those polled say they are hungry for an end to the gridlock in washington. 55% want republicans to work with the president, while just 39% say they want gop lawmakers to stick to their principles. that's nearly identical to voter's attitudes from four years ago. >> gregg: after a long and bruising campaign season, more than 90% say they're glad the presidential election is over. while just 8% say sorry to see it end. >> heather: what about you, are you glad it's over? >> gregg: i am so glad, i can't tell you. >> heather: the news moves on. we want to end on this note, the proud today, the marines are celebrating. the united states marine corps marking 237 years. a group of proud patriots joining "fox & friends" this morning for a birthday cake.
5:56 pm
>> marines believe that you can know what you stand for if you don't know where you came from. we teach our history because we are determined to repeat it. >> heather: absolutely. the united states marines, proudly protect our safety here and a. on behalf of all of us here at fox news, happy birthday. >> gregg: one of them was at iwo jima. amazing. congratulations, happy birthday. have a great day. and a great weekend to all of you and thanks for being with us this afternoon and this evening. that does it for us. rick and arrest they will take over top of the hour. >> heather: we will see you back here right here same time tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> gregg: have a great weekend i have a cold... i took dayquil,
5:57 pm
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