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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 18, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EST

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they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> good morning, to you, it's sunday, november the 18th. i'm ainsley earhart, filling in for alisyn. on the brink. more air strikes on the israeli-gaza strip. and benjamin netanyahu warns he's prepared to ramp up attacks on gaza and we're on the ground as tensions rise in the region. >> and the white house says she did not take out on the talking points on benghazi. who made the edit. >> clayton: and airport walking off jobs? will unions leave holidays
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high and dry this weekend? "fox & friends." ♪ a fox news alert to tell you about this morning, and israel promising to ramp up attacks on gaza after militants continued their assault on the country. hamas firing at least one missile at tel aviv overnight, but israeli officials say that it was intercepted by their iron dome. the israeli military responded with air strikes hitting two media centers in the gaza strip area at least five palestinians were killed. israel says they'll launch more targeted and deadly attacks at rocket launching sites and hamas commanders if it continues. a deadly attack in thailand
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hours before president obama's visit. he's there kicking off the first leg of his visit in asia, two were killed after detonating a bomb at a train. the second attack, one person died when a motorcycle bomb exploded. a such continues for the remaining crew member missing from the oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. the body of the other missing crew member was found by the drivers after the coast garden terd the search. and the coast guard says no oil leaked from the platform, concerns that this would be another disaster just like the explosion two years ago. in northeast ohio one man set up camp last thursday and calmed out for nine or has done this for the last nine
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years. >> when you have five kids and limited income what you want to be able to do, provide for them and get them decent christmas presents. >> most are pros, coming equipped with heaters, grills, mattresses, making it a home away from home. >> a few things i'm worried about, putting the heaters inside the tents. >> not a good idea. >> don't light up the propane stove. >> and i saw that guy on steady diet of hotdogs, only thing. >> dave: a lot of concerns there. >> clayton: i'm concerned about the health of the people. have you seen the people, are is the weather going to hold up for the black friday camper. >> rick: it seems like they spent two grand to prepare. >> clayton: they spent the money they're going to save, it's a wash. >> rick: exactly, you could be home. i've been out anywhere on a black friday and i don't understand. . >> dave: me neither.
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>> rick: do the sales go away. >> on saturday is it done. >> clayton: this friday i've got black friday tech deals on the show and like $300 savings that vanish on saturday. >> rick: okay. >> dave: and appear on cyber monday. there you go. >> rick: weather is good for pretty much everything. we've got a nice week in store in general. and i hate thanksgiving week, so many times big storms and hints we're dealing with a nor'easter, we're not. and there's disturbance across parts of the carolinas, and it's going to remain there and shift off towards the northeast and it's not going to have any big impacts to the northeast, but right now rain, maybe heavy at times across the coastal carolina area, a minor beach erosion, and then you go across the west and this is where the activity is. big rain, big mountain snow, a series of storms lined up to continue to pull in here and bring up a lot of moisture. what it won't do is move into the central of the country and we'll see the pieces break
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off. and light rains across new mexico and west texas and maybe missouri, but that's about 1/10 of an inch of rain and nothing that's going to cause problems for anyone. temperature-wise looking good in the northern plains and that's around 15 to 20 degrees above where you typically would be this time of year. so it's really, really nice here today. tomorrow, the temps remain warm and in fact builds across the great lakes and 56 towards chicago and everyone looking very nice for what could be kind of a cold time, guys. >> clayton: now there's no excuse to get there and rake the leaves you've been putting off. >> dave: you know what? the superstorm came and blew a lot of them away and i figured, i like that. >> another batch. >> clayton: another storm and-- >> another superstorm >> and happy thanksgiving week, today a sunday, we'll kick off thanksgiving. >> clayton: and welcome to ainsley. and we've got a lot of big news stories to cover for you, plus taking the president live
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at a big press conference this afternoon and fun cooking segments we'll get to later. first this story. >> dave: fox news alert. video of the president arriving in bangkok and thailand is the first country in the swing through asia. the first international trip since his reelection. >> clayton: peter doocy is live in washington following the president with all of the details, good morning, peter. >> good morning, clayton, it is president obama's first international trip since the election, what they hope to get done before they get back to d.c., meet with the longest reigning monarch in the world, the king of thailand overnight and he's been in power since 1946. and a fun fact he was actually born in massachusetts, and next up comes burma, the president is visiting despite the very shaky record on human
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rights, but the white house says they think the best way to get burma to shape up is to directly engage them and add that the burmese have made continued positive action in the early stages of transition to democracy. a trip to cambodia on the schedule where he'll attend a summit with the association of southeast asian nations and host nation like burma, less than impressive human rights and although that's concerning, the president will bring it up when he sees the cambodia prime minister. even though he's away from the white house, the president is monitoring, we're told, what's happening in israel and gaza and someone asked the top advisor if the united states is advising to go forward or put the breaks on gaza. and the advisor says israel is going to have to make their own choices about military operation. >> thanks. >> clayton: when you take an
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asian trip we'd end up in coach all night, and deep vein thrombosis and the president gets to sleep on the plane and bound down. >> dave: fresh and no jet lag and air force one. meanwhile, while the president is over there in asia, back here, still questions about what happened, yes, in benghazi regarding the intelligence leading up to and after the fact. four americans being killed there in benghazi and now, the question is, again, who took out the term al-qaeda and inserted extremist in the talking points that went to eventually susan rice and told americans? who edited those talking points? that was the question given to david petraeus on friday, no answer there. >> clayton: we thought we'd get it, so friday we didn't get it. thought maybe saturday, we didn't get it. sunday, no answer, but new insight into exactly some of the editing process done with the talking points and a
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statement from the white house deputy national security advisor, ben rose, the only edit made by the white house and state department was to change the word consulate to the word diplomatic facility. those are two words. since the facility in benghazi was not formally a consulate. we were presented with points, and the only edit made by the white house was the factual edit how to refer to the facility. no mention though of removing al-qaeda and putting in the term extremist. so still we have a gray area, something in between the white house and the intelligence community somebody edited it. >> so petraeus testified on friday, al-qaeda was a part of the statement and should have been part of the talking points and susan rice had the press conference on 16th of september. four to five days after the events on september 11th and said there was no mention of the word terrorist in her talking points. was it in there?
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and who took it out. >> dave: we don't know what we saw. a good point. no one's got to question her and no one got to sit down awn talk to her because the president said go after me, not her. >> and he said why are we linking her? she had nothing to do with this, the question, if she had nothing to do with it, why was she selected to have the press conference on the 16th. >> clayton: what governor huckabee said on our show i think was revealing. plausible deniability. she was the one not involved in the discussions, she's not in the state department, not in intelligence epicenter. >> dave: she didn't know what happened so technically, right, she wasn't lying. she was just reciting a script. congress not buying it, trei gowdy not buying it, thinks the white house edited the version that we saw play out on the sunday shows. >> they knew before anyone else knew it was terrorism. why would the department of
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state. why would the cia, why would they lie, the narrative was al-qaeda was on its heels and when the narrative is al-qaeda is at the front door and about to kill four americans. of course they knew and scrubbed out that information so susan rice either didn't have it or didn't use it when she went on the television talk shows on sunday. >> dave: the thing i can't figure out, david petraeus on friday said that again, i knew from the start, we knew from the start it was terrorism. why in those talking points was there ever any mention of a youtube video and a spontaneous protest, if the intelligence community knew what it was, why was that ever a part of the talking points, another question we likely will not get an answer to, don't hold your breath. >> clayton: as peter king
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talked about yesterday, the bureaucratic way of questioning them. >> dave: getting susan rice. >> clayton: protocol, to get the answers and she may not know anyway. >> at one point in the weekly standard it says, the president says we're after an election now i think it's important for us to find out exactly what happened in benghazi and i'm happy to cooperate in any way the congress wants and then the writer here, steven hayes goes on, was it not important before the election. >> clayton: what did it have to do with telection. and benjamin netanyahu issuing a strong warning as hamas fires more rockets into israel and a massive air strike from the israel. is the middle east on the brink of war? the consulate general is here this morning. >> and one of the scenes we've seen captured on video. ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know
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i'm free ♪ >> that soldier dad and his daughter are joining us coming up. ♪ ♪
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ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. >> tensions rising this morning in the israeli gaza strip this as benjamin netanyahu warns he's prepared to significantly expand the operation there. meanwhile, u.s. officials moving to deescalate the rising violence, advising israel not to enter gaza, fearing it could draw egypt in to that consulate. and joining us the consulate general, good to see you
6:17 am
ambassador. >> thank you for having me. >> dave: the latest what we just said. benjamin netanyahu told the cabinet he's ready to significantly be expand its operation in gaza. is israel prepared for a ground invasion into gaza and what could incite that? >> look the mandate from the inception was to remove this strategic threat posed by thousands of rockets on israelis-- innocent israelis paralyzing our entire southern region. so the goal was to remove that threat and the mandate given to the defense forces from the government was not limited in time nor in scope. so in other words, the possibility of israel moving in with ground forces certainly exists, it depends how the operation develops on the ground. right now, hamas is firing rockets. hamas is still displaying a tremendous degree of aggression towards israel and the purpose of this operation is to eliminate that threat.
6:18 am
>> more than 1100 rockets have been launched from gaza into israel in this year alone. just this morning, i read about one shot down by the iron dome system headed towards tel aviv. the question is this though, benjamin benjamin netanyahu is all about red lines and he let us in front of the u.n., here is our red line during enrichment. where is the red line in terms of aggression shown by gaza, by hamas. >> look, the problem with hamas didn't start yesterday. we're dealing with an organization that is not willing to accept israel's right to exist. so, obviously, there are no easy solutions. when you're facing an enemy who is not even willing to recognize your right to exist, doesn't even value the same values, does it celebrate life, nutures the culture of death and they're actually saying it. all you have to do is read their charter and see what they think about israel and what they think about the united states. >> when you look at the map, it is of course, tells the
6:19 am
picture, the whole story, when you look where israel is and what it's surrounded by, more importantly, you get a sense of how frightening that situation is for israel. here is the question though, when you have egypt, when you have tunisia, when you have turkey, all democratically elected government. all u.s. allies, appearing to support hamas, what does that do to your position in the region? >> well, entering this operation, we assume that some of the countries surrounding us are not going to be happy about it, but at the end of the day, our job, as the only western democracy in the region, is to provide safety and security with our people. i had the privilege of hearing the mayor of serote, his little town of 25,000 people had to endure over 8,000 rockets and missiles. i want you to think about it. i want our viewers to think
6:20 am
about what would have happened here in manhattan if we had only one rocket. >> dave: war, that's what would-- >> this little town 8,000 of them in seven years and this is unthinkable for us to allow hamas and continue it paralyze our lives, not to mention the loss of life, not to mention the damage to israel's economy that's estimated in the billions. >> dave: it is a frightening situation, clearly you're not disagreeing with the fact that hamas has support in the region and that will make this situation going forward. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you for having me. >> dave: coming up, getting into a military mindset? up next, a veteran shares tips that you need to reach financial stability forever. and a nationwide drug shortage becoming so extreme, doctors are forced to ration medications. is your prescription on the list? details on a scary situation just ahead.
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>> welcome back. here is a seg. everyone can relate to. especially if you're dealing with credit card debt. i was certainly after college. one military veteran the best way to boot out debt is to bank on a military mindset. >> ainsley: he's training to help people reach financial stability and he's here, a military veteran and certified financial planner. and the author of "dollars and
6:25 am
uncomm uncommon sense" and take us through your financial boot camp. what do you do. >> change the way you think about money and you need to take charge of it. you know, the definition of leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish their goals by providing purpose, direction and motivation, good leaders seek responsibility and take responsibility for their actions. if you want to accomplish your money goal, you have to take responsibilities for your spending and savings decisions and no one is going to start taking charge of their money. >> i was no money after college and paying for chinese food on a credit card and finally, you just have to be honest with yourself, that, all right, i've got some debt here and i've got to clean this up and that's really one of your next steps here, you've got to be honest and you've got to look yourself in the mirror, right? >> yeah, you know, i left 32,000 worth of credit card debt and the whole time, i
6:26 am
thought it was normal to have debt and i was telling myself. i didn't have a problem. once i was honest with myself, and i accepted that, hey, i had a spending problem, once i did that, then i was on-- i took the first step on towards getting out of the credit card debt. >> what did you do next? >> you know, the first thing you have to do is assess your situation. what, you know what you're making, but how much are you spending? and once you can identify your wasteful spending you can cut it out. if you you want to get out of credit card debt first thing, cut up your credit cards. pull out the tupperware bowl, fill it with water and stick it in the freezer and tempted to use the credit cards, a while before it thaws out. >> clayton: you talk about the sacrifice, and tough areas, maybe that $5 latte on a regular basis or you're smoking, spending what $10 a pack of cigarettes, areas you need to look in your life and say, you know what? i need to sacrifice.
6:27 am
>> definitely our armed servicemen and women and their families make sacrifices each and every day to keep your country free, and you're not required to make those sacrifices, but little sacrifices a latte every day and you need the latest and greatest electronic gadgets? you need 300 television channels? find certain areas in your finances eliminate or at least reduce. >> ainsley: it's easier said than done, a lot of people are out there. they want to save and get out of debt. what is it for you that made that light bulb go off? >> you know, i had to change the way that i thought about money and you know, life isn't fair, life is hard, and you know, bad things happen to good people, but you have to use those times to motivate you to make different decisions about your money and like i said shall it's not an easy thing to do, but if you continue to make excuses, nothing is going to change for you. the first thing you need to do is change the way you think about money and start taking the necessary steps to fix
6:28 am
your financial problems. >> so, once you lay it out on paper and see where you're wasting money and things you need to start sacrificing be, you have a plan to help people get back on the right path and call your 10-10-80 plan. once we've done that, how we can get on the right path. >> 10-10-80 rule. most people spend everything they make and spend what's left off and give only when possible. and most people have issues with their money, i want to do the opposite of everybody is, give away 10% of what you make, save 10% and live off the rest and first thing, steve says, i can't afford to give 10%, i tell them you can't afford not to. when you give, i believe you receive. i don't have an agenda, i don't care where you give your money to. if you're tithing at church that's great or wounded warriors project, awesome, but if you have money, you have to give. people that are good with
6:29 am
their money, they give. it's not common or uncommon sense, but rethinks the way you think about money and you have to give 10%. >> ainsley: great advice. >> clayton: the book dollars and uncommon sense, thank you for waking up with us on military time he can get up at 4 a.m. >> ainsley: he's done a for a while. thanks steven for your service. what do you do if your mother-in-law starts choking at the thanksgiving dinner table. do you save her? of course you do. >> clayton: what? >>, but, seriously, next the life saving tips you're going to need this thursday. >> clayton: and talk about a lot of nerve. union workers at one of the nation's largest airports threatening to walk off the job on one of the busiest travel days of the years. will you be left high and dry. >> ainsley: a heart warming story out of hurricane sandy devastation and dozens of dogs, so cute, left orphans and now need new homes.
6:30 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." a fox news alert. israel coming under attack by more militant rockets as hamas rockets land closer to israel's major cities, israeli
6:34 am
officials are threatening to respond with harsher or deadlier attacks. >> clayton: a ground attack is a concern at anytime, but there are concerns of a regional war. leland vittert with the latest. good morning, leland, or good afternoon. >> reporter: afternoon here, morning in new york to you all and this is a country ready for war indeed. we've seen soldiers gassing up at the local stations and picking up supplies and headed off to battle and these are citizen soldiers manning the armored personnel carriers and tanks which are maneuvering here in the desert landscape just before the gaza border you see out there and as it happens, hamas is beginning to take pot shots with mortars here into that area and the tanks and armored personnel carriers are getting set up for a possible multi-pronged attack in the gaza city and quite simply the air war has not stopped the rockets from flying. a thousand rockets towards
6:35 am
israeli cities and two more towards tel aviv and those were intercepted by the iron dome system. it's not perfect, but there were a couple of rockets that fell in towns, injuring several people. we were in an apartment building where the rockets came through two cements ceilings and into the second floor and the israeli airs for is continuing day five of what many say is the most intensive part of the bombing campaign and flown various sorties and much of the hamas infrastructure is flattened, going after major buildings and communication centers, those kind ever things and 52 people dead inside gaza and a number of they will militant and a number of them also civilians, so far about two people killed today, those were children and the warning coming now from prime minister netanyahu, he says that israel is getting ready to widen this offensive, he says, and they are ready to bring in the next phase.
6:36 am
and that quite simply is a warning that the ground phase is about to begin. the troops are poised. we saw a number of tanks with engines on and guns sighted in. this is a country in war mode, that's in part to send a message, right now inside egypt there are negotiations going on between the egyptians, some arab leaders and also hamas and islam jihad that control the gaza strip about a possible cease-fire and israel saying 24 to 48 hours to bring it to the table or go on the ground and became you succumb and finally stop firing the rockets. back to you in new york. >> dave: are you seeing the ground troops on the border escalate from when we talked to you yesterday or is it about the same? >> reporter: absolutely. in the past 24 hours, there are significantly more ground troops and a sense they're beginning to get ready. we've seen the special forces teams now driving around in their hume vis, the camouflage
6:37 am
is coming off. you've got guys in full combat gear moving around ready to spot targets ap the tanks are going from their carriers off and now on to fighting positions and ready to move in. this is a very imminent and ground invasion if it's going to happen. >> ainsley: be very safe out there leland. keep safe reporting from that dangerous area. >> dave: good job, man. >> ainsley: the rest of the headlines, a nationwide drug shortage becoming so extreme, health care workers are turning to drug rationing to make medicine last longer, some doctors are forced to use less effective or expired drugs just over 100 drugs are in short supply from morphine to heart medicine and prompted government action to ease the supply. imagine the chaos, thousands of airport works, listen to this guys, if you're flying on thanksgiving, walking off the job on the busiest travel day of the year? that's likely to be the case on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving the at lax.
6:38 am
workers and union supporters there plan to strike the day before thanksgiving to demand higher salaries and better benefits and 8.1 million people are expected to travel through the airport over the holiday weekend. they were displaced in the wake of hurricane sandy, look at these guys? now a new home for the holidays. about 60 orphan dogs and cats flown across the country from newark, new jersey to santa fe, california and sea world and southwest airlines organized the trip and the four-legged friends will stay at helen woodward animal center until they're put with new families. oh. rick, you want to take one of those? >> no. (laughter) >> that was a quick answer. >> rick: no thank you. all right. guys, a little bit after chilly start to your day, not bad. could be worse and we've got a pretty nice week ahead, which is good, so much travel to be done and wednesday's travel day, look at the sunshine
6:39 am
there, a nice day across the eastern seaboard. not a lot of wind, pretty much no rain except across parts of texas and that's not going to cause any problems for travel. out across the west, rain across areas of northern california and into oregon and washington as well, but those areas are use today getting the rain. so, look at it. all right, guys, back to you. >> clayton: all right, thanks so much, rick. >> dave: as your family gathers around the dinner table this holiday, do you know what to do if someone is choking? >> our next guest is here to give us life saving tips for keeping your family safe during the the holidays. >> ainsley: all right. our pediatrician, dr. mary ellen rana joins us now and she's going to choke dave and demonstrate how to get the food out. >> i'm going to save dave. save dave. >> dave: seriously, it is a serious situation and you're sitting around and it is a likely situation. >> yes. >> dave: what do you do? >> first thing not to panic. the first thing that everyone gets an overwhelming sense of
6:40 am
anxiety. what do i do, panic, panic. what you have to do is relax, look at the person and ask them if they can breathe. most of the time they're going to say nothing, if they really can't breathe saying nothing, if they're choking and choking and making noise, or leave them alone, just let them get it up themselves. >> ainsley: even a child. >> even a child if they're making noise, pat them on the pack, certainly can do that. but you can certainly do that. if they're making noise leave them alone. if they're the not making noise, that's serious, and they can't breathe. and gasping for breath. >> this is what you call your 5-5. number two if they can't breathe, have that issue call 911. >> you're not going to call 911, say, george, call 911, name someone specifically. if you say call 911, everyone
6:41 am
assumes someone did it and not calling. if you're the one who knows what to do, say to somebody, call 911. you'll take the person and demonstrates, dave. and you may be grabbing your throat, and you're going to kind of bend them forward and heavy blows, five quick thrusts upwards and you're going to let gravity work for you and why you're bending them forward and get something out. >> we're not doing the heimlich, then the heimlich, agained them over the back load increase pressure to get the food out and swing them forward and do the heimlich, generally a few times and then you're going to do the quick thrusts upwards and then we're going to do that again and continue to do that until you see something coming out or they start to make noise. >> dave: you've never been-- >> have you ever had, have you ever experienced this. >> dave: good job. >> my wife was saved by someone.
6:42 am
>> ainsley: really. >> clayton: mother's day, it happened to a family member of mine, my dad not missing a beat jumped up and did this, and wow, the food went flying at a restaurant. >> ainsley: the biggest concern for me and my wife. >> dave: what if it happens to one of our kids because they always seem to choke. >> they do. >> dave: how is it different with a child or a baby. >> if this was a baby, with children over a year of age, similar situation and so much easier to manipulate and little guy you don't want to, you want to get enough force without cracking a rib, if you can. >> clayton: bending them over. >> exactly. with infant a different story, infants and you're trying to get gravity work for you and hold them in your arm upside down and-- >> let graph if i, but instead of doing abdominal compressions push on the
6:43 am
sternum, 1, 2, 3, increase the pressure, almost like when you get the wind knocked out of you. >> dave: what about the finger sweep? >> only if you see the food. >> ainsley: something we don't want it talk about, but need to be prepared for. >> every parent is terrified to start table food, what if they choke. most common question, what if they choke. >> clayton: reminds yourself. >> five and five. >> thank you, doctor, appreciate it. hopefully this doesn't happen. >> right. coming up on the show, this woman claiming she was fired for getting cancer. can a happen really get away with that? we're going to hear how she's fighting back next. >> ainsley: and this patriotic school has a special surprise for a military dad. it's caught on video. >> dave: those proud americans join us next. ♪ [ female announcer ] e-trade technology
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♪ ♪ to be an american where at least i'm free ♪ >> it sounds like a hero's welco welcome. students in connecticut singing "proud to be an american" to welcome home their classmate's father who is back from afghanistan. first sergeant john bolda and his daughter, ten-year-old maggie who helped arrange for her dad a welcome home assembly at the school. what an honor for us. we have been talking about your story on fox for the the last few days and it's just wonderful to see you in person. you're so cute. i love your dress. >> thank you. >> ainsley: maggie, tell me how you organized this and what that day was like when your daddy came home on halloween. >> oh, well, it was really -- i don't know. >> ainsley: it was special. >> it was special. >> ainsley: everyone getting together. >> yeah, it was, it was really
6:48 am
like exciting and you could feel, like 0 that everyone was excited for the homecoming. >> ainsley: i'm sure. and what was it like for you to come see your daughter and all of her friends supporting you, the whole school. >> yeah, certainly was, it was overwhelming, coming from such a small community to have the amount of support that we were shown that day was, it was overwhelming. >> ainsley: did you ever expect all of this to get the national coverage. >> absolutely not. >> ainsley: you deserve it, you were gone, in afghanistan for a year and came back on halloween. previously you'd served in iraq for a year. and so you've missed a lot of-- sacrifices that you make in the military. >> it is, it is. certainly missed a lot of growing up with maggie and my son sam as well this last year. >> ainsley: i was reading she was in fourth grade when you left and now she's in fifth grade and a younger son, too. what's it like to have your dad back home. >> it's happen-- like, when he was gone, i had like a lot of his
6:49 am
responsibilities, so, when he came back, it all came off. he took his responsibilities. >> ainsley: and now i can play and have fun. >> yes. >> ainsley: that helps with little brother and feeding him. >> yes. >> ainsley: and how appropriate, too, for the holidays. and this is even more special. >> yes. >> ainsley: what do you want for christmas? i think you got your present, your dad home. >> yes. >> ainsley: now, you have the kite in between you if anyone know the kite runner, in afghanistan that's the part of the culture. tell us about the kite. >> in afghanistan, it's a tradition to fly a kite before he left. my current history teacher. s due fran made this kite with her husband and said that it's for a safe return. and so, we all made the poem at the bottom of the kite and we kept it at my house and then when he got--
6:50 am
tuesday when he came, we wanted to fly it, but since it was raining we couldn't. >> ainsley: so when are you going to fly it. >> veterans day. >> ainsley: neat, that's great, that's great. any last words you want to say? lots of people supporting you and watching. >> no, it was just great to have such a small community come out in full force and i know that i deployed as one of thousands each year and to have one community stand up like this really means a lot. >> ainsley: and you went to that elementary school. >> i have a grad, yes. >> ainsley: that's so special, we're so glad you're home and you're so cute. thank you. and why does the president dies agree with the facts and more importantly, why is he raising taxes. ♪ 4g lte is the fastest.
6:51 am
so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear.
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ichltd. >> clayton: welcome back, everybody. >> dave: president obama set out in his message in 2012, on taxes. >> we've tried this before and guess what, virginia, it did not work. it didn't work then, it won't work now. we tried it in the last decade before i was elected president. it didn't work then and it won't work now. . >> dave: our next guest says, yes, they have and the proof can be found in the the history books. >> clayton: wall street journal columnist steven moore joins us. >> thank you.
6:55 am
>> clayton: and the trickle down never works some liberals say, what evident is there that this actually did work. >> i say the president needs a new history lesson and he missed part of the economic history of our country and i looked at our piece we published in the wall street journal, the force times when the taxes cut in the last century, 1920's and 1960's under john f. kennedy, a democrat and the '80s, of considers under ronald reagan and george w. bush's tax rates in 2003. it's interesting, i found two universal effects of those tax cuts. first, in every instance we cut the rates, the economy worked faster. it did work, mr. president, we got a lot of growth. but the second may be more interesting, is that guess what happened to the share of taxes paid by the rich. they went up, in fact, if you want to get more money, mr. president, out of rich people, cut their tax rate, don't raise them, because
6:56 am
history proves it. >> dave: certainly did in the reagan years and another peace in the wall street journal a couple back, clinton rates, raised top tier 39.6 and as the authors of that piece said produced the one period of shared prosperity not because they raised taxes, but certainly lead to growth, right? >> no question. the 1990's was a prosperous era, but i think that sometimes people get a little of that history wrong what happened in the 1990's, president clinton raised taxes in the first year in office and remember, the first two years in office were a catastrophe and in fact so much so the republicans came in and won a historic election and after that, the next six years, bill clinton moved to the middle unlike barack obama who is still in left field. that when we had newt gingrich
6:57 am
and balanced the budget about the late 1990's, and we cut the capital gains tax and the economy really did boom. you've got to do two things, you've got to cut the-- >> we've got to leave it there. just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪
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visit to learn your risk. >> good sunday morning to you. it's thanksgiving week and it's november 18th. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn. we have a fox news alert. president obama on his first post election, overseas trip arriving in thailand overnight and in a few minutes he's set to hold a press conference, we of course will take that live. >> and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issuing a strong warning as the hamas militants blast more rockets into israel. is the middle east on the brink of war? the latest on this growing crisis. >> plus, the white house saying it didn't take the word al-qaeda out of the talking points in the attack on benghazi that left four americans dead. who made the edit and will
7:01 am
justice ever be served on those talking points? "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> good morning. >> good sunday morning, everyone, welcome in to "fox & friends," and ainsley in for alisyn and i'm clayton morris, good to see you. >> we will have the latest from the gaza situation in just moments, but we're talking about, again, benghazi, what did, what did not happen. what was taken out of talking points. the president did have someone speaking for him regarding that situation and david petraeus testified on friday, who may have changed the talking points that circulated in the inintelligence community and through the white house, removing al-qaeda, inserting their language, extremists, there by changing, really, the narrative of what happened when four americans were killed.
7:02 am
>> this all unfolded on friday and we learned when general david petraeus testified before congress and look, when the intelligence community handed the information over to the white house, yes, in fact, the words al-qaeda were in there, that we knew that it was terrorism and handed it to the white house and when susan rice went out on the sunday talk shows later, it vanished. it wasn't in there, and david petraeus saying, we don't know who made those edits. we didn't. we gave them that information. >> ainsley: well, the white house came out and said, the only edit that was made by the white house and also, by the state department was to change the word consulate to the word diplomatic facility. and since the facility in benghazi was not formally a consulate. we were appointed to represent their investment and the only edit made by the white house was at that factual edit how to refer to the facility. and the bottle of white out just spill across the pages? how does it happen?
7:03 am
the you have the intelligence community, general petraeus under oath as governor huckabee said yesterday, you don't lie about it, you're in front of congress, under oath and said yes in fact we said it was al-qaeda, gave this information to the white house and somewhere in between it vanishes? and representative gowdy saying somebody at the administration had to have taken it out. >> they knew before anyone else it was terrorism. why would the department of defense, cia, lie to the executive, lie to the commander-in-chief. remember the narrative was al-qaeda is on its heels. when the narrative becomes, al-qaeda's at the front door and they're about to kill four of our fellow americans, that doesn't bode well from an electoral standpoint. of course they knew and scrubbed out that information, so susan rice either didn't have it or didn't use it when she went on the television
7:04 am
talk shows on sunday. >> and the kids are old enough now and blame one another for things, this is what it seems like. >> dave: and particularly-- >> do you do it sm somebody did it because only two of you did tone of you did it. >> dave: the argument's gotten so lost in semantics, i'd still like to know why information about a spontaneous protest related to a youtube video why that was ever in talking points. petraeus said he knew on friday it was terrorism. why involve it at all. secondly, this is about the intelligence breakdown, why are four americans dead? let's not get bogged down in words. and why were the americans killed and-- and especially-- >> will it really ever surface? because you have one saying it's not terrorism, we didn't know it was terrorism. that was never in the talking points and then we have petraeus saying, it was in there. how can you-- >> well, to your point earlier, president obama saying, post-election and i
7:05 am
don't think the american people want to go through a massive sort of white -- sort of watergate style investigation on something like this. you know what? if there are answers and four americans are dead, and that certainly rises to a higher level of outrage than guys breaking into a headquarters during watergate. >> ainsley: if terrorists was part of the talking point we've got to find that paper work it has to be somewhere unless someone burned it or got rid of it. that person needs to come forward. as you said there are four americans dead as a result of this, it's important. >> dave: and hillary clinton expected to testify in september. maybe then we can get some closure on this, stay tuned to that. first, some headlines. >> ainsley: all right. now for your headlines, start with a fox news alert, overnight israel threatening to ramp up attacks on gaza after militants continue their assault on the country. hamas fired at least one missile at tel aviv overnight, but israeli officials say it
7:06 am
was intercepted by the iron dome. the israeli military responded with air strike, hitting two media centers at the gaza strip. at least five palestinians were killed and they'll launch more targeted and deadly attacks on rocket launching sites and hamas commanders if the search continues. the remaining crew member from the gulf oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. a body was found yesterday by divers. the four other workers were badly burned in that fire. the coast guard says no oil has leaked from the platform. that's a relief as there were some concerns that this would be another disaster just like the bp oil spill back two years ago. he planned to build a bomb, but didn't get fire. a doctor with ties to the occupy wall street movement busted after his girlfriend reportedly told cops about his team. police found weapons and a huge stash of chemicals used to make explosives inside his
7:07 am
house. his name is roberto rivera and he lives in ridgewood, new jersey. the 60-year-old's bail has been set at 1 million dollars. this is storm sandy, flooded out parts of new york city, including the financial district. and now, sources are saying the flood waters took over a massive underground vault on wall street. potentially, drenching billions of dollars in bearer bonds. this would make them worthless if they're destroyed. reportedly a contractor is working to salvage the papers. which firms are potentially affected has not been given, along with an exact value. but, some of the members who store their bonds there, including jp morgan, bank of america, and gomldman sachs. not good news. those are some of your headlines. >> clayton: thank you, ainsley. a new video now, president obama in bangkok thailand.
7:08 am
the president greeted with a special ceremony. peter doocy live in d.c. this morning, with details on the trip. good morning to you, peter. >> good morning, dave. and the president has been in bangkok for about four hours now and one of the first stops at the monastery where a monk gave the president and secretary of state hillary clinton a tour of the monastery and the president told the monk that the united states could use some prayers right now to avoid the fiscal cliff. listen here. >> (inaudible) >> president obama also met with the king of thailand overnight who is the longest reigning monarch in the world. been in power since 1946. believe it or not, the king of thailand born in massachusetts, as a gift, the president obama gave the king an album with pictures of the all the presidents and first ladies he's met starting with
7:09 am
eisenhower and the last page was left blank, we're told so there's a picture of a picture with president obama from this week's trip. and once it's wrapped up in thailand, it's off to burma. no sitting u.s. president has been to burma and their record on human rights is not great, but white house officials say they think that the burmese have taken some positive steps toward democracy lately and their position, the white house's position is that the best way to address any concerns about human rights violations is for the president, president obama to engage burmese leaders directly. and the final stop on the president's itinerary has been cambodian that's where he'll attend a summit with the association of southeast asian nations and while he's there, just like in burma, white house officials say the president will bring up cambodia's less than impressive record on human rights when he sees their prime minister. back to you in new york. >> clayton: much was made of course of china and asia during the run up to the
7:10 am
general election. and president obama speaking extensively about it, and the president speaking about it. is the economy going to be a focus, and international trade regions with in nation and an important trip the president scheduled right after the election. >> that's obviously going to be a big focus for sure at that southeast asian nation summit. once he gets to cambodia and look at a picture right now of the scene where the press conference is going to be. we're told that the way they do the press conferences there, they like to have an mc who calls on reporters, so it's going to be very orderly, and somebody will, we're told all the questions are going to be in english and that there will be an official from the thai government there who will call on two thai reporters, i believe, that the order was they want to do it. they want to call on a thai reporter and then an american reporter and then a thai reporter and then an american reporter. and we'll only have to wait a few minutes, really, to see how concerned the thai press, that part of the world is with
7:11 am
the economy, but obviously, president obama is on his mind even though he's halfway around the world, if he's asking the monks in a very light way, but in a funny way, if he could pray for the united states while we're working on the budget here. >> clayton: peter doocy live in d.c. >> once again, ladies and gentlemen, we will proceed in about two minutes. >> clayton: much more on the press conference here in a little bit and peter doocy live for us. and that i willed the oldest u.s. ally and the oldest treaty between our country and another country, going book to 1883 and he joked with the king, peter was just talking about. it's good to know that the ebe lex we ebe-- election went well and that the people had some confidence in me, joking with the meeting. >> dave: and you could imagine somewhere in the discussion, the discussion with china and u.s. and relates to the
7:12 am
economy and where thailand more with the united states and that's an issue moving forward as we try to figure out our debt situation. >> clayton: i love the photo album he gave the king. the king who born in massachusetts, the king was born in the united states, the king of thailand, he hands him this photo album that peter was talking about and the king has been in power since 1946 and met with all of these u.s. presidents and hands him a photo album with all of the presidents that he's met and his own photo with himself in there as well. >> ainsley: and the last page i guess was empty so he could take a picture with president obama on this trip, as well put the picture as well. >> clayton: we're awaiting the president to come to the podium and answer a few questions, interesting, a first international trip of course post election and it's always interesting to hear what the international press asks of our american
7:13 am
president. we we always get revealing questions as peter was talking about. the thailand press. >> dave: probably won't be the big warm kiss he got the other day from our press corps. when you think about that press conference he had here the other day, let's hope it's not at all like that where one reporter sitting in the front row, congratulated him on the win and a nice moment, a nice exchange back and forth. and maybe they'll ask the tough questions. >> ainsley: and you see jay carney sat at the front row the spokesman for the president. it's interesting he chose this as his first trip after the election. >> clayton: you have to imagine this was of course scheduled and planned and regardless what happened during the election, this obviously, this summit there when he, the president arrived was going to be top, top of importance and obviously, as we look at the way that american companies deal with international trade and asian trade, you look at a company like, technology, apple or
7:14 am
other big tech companies that large portion of their trade, a large portion of their sales are international and in asia and to the 30, 40% here in the united states, a whopping 60% are in the asian market and you think about that. it puts some things in perspective for the company. >> and do you think there are going to be critics in the wake of what we're seeing in israel and gaza, are there going to be critics, here look, we're in your second term, you're in bangkok, thailand, and you've never been to israel. he certainly would not go now, but he's never been to israel, but he's been in bangkok, thailand, and around the globe. >> ainsley: i think he realizes how important it is to support israel, he did speak with benjamin netanyahu twice on the phone over the last weekend and told him
7:15 am
three things that-- i was reading this morning, that the u.s. does support israel and the right to defends itself, and he regrets he told benjamin netanyahu i regret the lives lost on both sides in this. and they discussed options to deescalate the situation there. so i'm not sure what those options will be. >> clayton: and we spoke to the israeli consulate yesterday here on the show and we talked about this and he said, look, this is what happens, and we spoke to the consulate yesterday here on "fox & friends," he said that the united states has been given us the utmost of support. everything and governor huckabee corroborating that and that's the position they have to take right now. when terrorist missiles are pouring into the heart of jerusalem, what other position would the white house take other than to completely defend israel. >> dave: i think the position
7:16 am
of the president regarding egypt is the one we pay attention to. when you think about egypt right now one of our closest allies in the region, over a billion dollars a year in economic military aid and now the new president who replaced hosni hue barrack. will we stand by egypt if they are in fact standing by hamas, a known terrorist organization? that will be an interesting question for the president, probably not one today, but he'll face on returning here. >> ainsley: absolutely. all of this fighting leads to civilians being killed and fighting. and leland vittert, i wrote it down, 52 people dead as a result of the last day or so in gaza. these are innocent lives and people are being killed and it's just, there's so much unrest there with gaza and israel. >> clayton: and interesting, also, secretary of state clinton along with the president here in thailand as we're awaiting the president's press conference here in just a moment. and we're going to hear from the prime minister and president obama here at this
7:17 am
press conference as we look live inside this hall, where the two podiums are set up. the white house spokesperson jay carney coming in a short time ago, and as they fill in, as peter doocy was explaining the way in way the protocol will be laid out. certain questions, you'll get a number of questions from the thai press and the american press corps and answering back and forth, will be in english and the questions in english won't have to suffer through the translations. >> dave: finally seeing lines of life here in bangkok, and here comes the president. >> as follows, first of all, your excellency, prime minister of the king of thailand will say a few words and followed by the honorable barack obama, the president of the united states. and there will then be short session for questions and answers from the media and that will conclude the joint press conference, so, at this
7:18 am
juncture, ladies and gentlemen, may i invite the prime minister of the kingdom of thailand to say a few words. >> ladies and gentlemen of the media. let me start by once again welcoming president barack obama and his administration to thailand. thailand is the first country president obama choose to visit following the election less than two weeks ago. we recognize the significance of the president and we all thank you for being here today. president obama, it is the perfect occasion to launch the celebration of 180 anniversary of thailand next year. i thank president obama and secretary clinton for actively
7:19 am
promo promote... this afternoon i have the honor of accompanying the president for an audience with his majesty the king. the close relationship between our two countries at the highest level. lastly, at the bilateral meetings we had... discussion a partnership. thailand is the oldest ally of u.s. in asia and a long lasting one with commitment to democracy, human rights and free markets. i expressed to the president that it is my firm commitment to the people to preserve and
7:20 am
protect the democratic system and i have shared the president's support of democracy in thailand. and democracy will lead to economic prospects. we look to the future and to view an even stronger... both countries and indeed the broader activity. on the economic front to generate growth and create jobs for both thai and american. the president and i agreed to redouble our effort to promote, spread investment and people to people exchange. we will also extend our cooperation in energy and security. furthermore we agree that thailand is a location and
7:21 am
connecting these. we will work together to make the region an engine of growth, contributing towards global economic stability. it is in this context i inform the president that thailand will initiate negotiation on the trans pacific partnership and undertake the necessary domestic legislation process to make it become a realty. the president and i had these discussions about regional issues and i welcome his upcoming historic visit to myanmar and cambodia. and forecast on southeast asia
7:22 am
and believe our bilateral partnership can help contribute to regional peace, security and prosperity. but our cooperation goes beyond the region. at the global level, thailand -- therefore, i informed the president that thailand will join the proliferation security initiative or psi. we believe that psi will keep from falling in the wrong hands which is in the shared interest of all. the president and i also discussed on how to tackle problems and in particular human trafficking. i reaffirm my commitment to fight human trafficking with
7:23 am
equ equal-- we also discussed cooperation on combatting terrorism and how to deal with the issue. especially in the term of this relief. finally, we recognize the importance of continued high level exchange and consultation between our two countries. the president and i agree to stay in close touch and to have our agency to do the same. we discussed today. thank you. >> thank you very much, and now invite the honorable president obama to say a few words. >> thank you so much. good evening to the people of thailand who have welcomed me so graciously, let me say--
7:24 am
i will say that the prime minister's english is much better than my thai, but i want to say thank you so much, madam prime minister, for your very warm welcome, your generous words and the sense of partnership that you bring to our work today. as you indicated, asia is my first foreign trip since our election in the united states and thailand is my first stop and this is no accident. as i've said many times the united states and always will be a pacific nation and the fastest growing region in the world tit will shape the prosperity in the century ahead and critical to creating jobs and opportunity for the american people and that's why i've made restoring american engagement inhis region a top priority as president. at cornerstone of our strategy is our strong and enduring
7:25 am
treaty alliances which includes our alliance with thailand. thailand is america's oldest friend and nation. next year will mark 180 years of diplomatic relations. we've been treaty allies, committed to our common defense for nearly 60 years. our men and women in uniform have stood together and they've bled together. our business people and our entrepreneurs work together to create jobs for both of our peoples. our diplomates, development experts, researchers and student partners every day work together so that our citizens and the people across this region can live in peace and security and dignity. most recently the people of thailand have worked to restore and strengthen our own democracy and we're very admiring of the efforts that have been made. earlier today i had the great
7:26 am
honor of having an audience before his majesty the king, a leader of wisdom and dignity who embodies the unity of this nation. today i'm honored to stand beside the elected. in holding democracy, governance, rule of law and universal human rights all of which i know, madam prime minister that you believe in very deeply. when we met in bali last year, the prime minister and i discussed how we could deepen and broaden the partnership between our countries and with this visit i'm please that had we've agreed it a series of efforts that revitalize our alliance to meet the challenges and opportunities of our time. and first, we're deepening our security cooperation. our military's already trained and exercised together and we're already close partners in combatting terrorism and
7:27 am
narco traffic. now we have a broader vision for our alliance, improve the ability of our militaries to operate together. we'll help thai forces assume greater in the region from disaster relief to prevent piracy. i especially want to command thailand to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction and advance our shared vision after secure and peaceful asian pacific where the rights and responsibilities where the rights of all nations are upheld. second, we're taking new steps to expand trade and investment. the united states is already one of thailand's biggest trading partners and we're already one of the biggest investors in thailand. we believe we can do more and agreed to reconvene our trade and investment council to explore new ways our companies and entrepreneurs can do business together. we'll continue to work with our apec partners to reduce
7:28 am
barriers and move towards to seamless regional economy and work together as thailand begins to lay the groundwork for joining high standard trade agreements such as the trans pacific partnership. all this have will advance our vision of a region where trade is free and fair and all nations play by the rules. third, on this 50th anniversary of the peace corps in thailand we're moving forward to development of human dignity and focus on human health and developing a vaccine for hiv/aids and available especially along the mekong river. and i announced the steps that the united states is taking to confront the scourge of human trafficking and thailand is taking new steps to address this challenge including measures to better protect,
7:29 am
empower women and girls and i'm very pleased to see the leadership as the prime minister has taken on what i think we all agree is a very important issue. and given thailand's role as an emerging donor country, i'm pleased that our two nations are working for development in other countries, fighting malaria along the thai border and welcome the leadership that thailand has taken in protecting wild life around the world. and it's something that thailand should be very proud of. and finally, we discussed a range of regional challenges. thailand has thwarted the cause of democracy in burma, protecting dissidents, hosting refugees and promoting reform and i very much appreciate the prime minister's insights as i prepare to visit burma tomorrow. as a founding member, thailand will play an important role in our meetings in cambodia and i especially want to thank our
7:30 am
thai friends for being supportive of our role in the east asia summit the premier role for discussing regional challenges including maritime security so once again, madam prime minister, i want to thank you for your hospitality and your partnership. because of the progress we've made today i think we put the u.s.-thai alliance or even firmer footing for years to come and tonight i look forward to celebrating the bonds of friendship between our peoples and enjoying some thai food which is one of my favorites, so thank you very mu much. >> thank you very much, mr. president and now we'll take a few questions from the floor. i would ask, if i have not already mentioned so, to ask you to identify your name and affiliation, and we have about four questions. and so the first question is to the thai media, so have the first question, please. >> i am representing local
7:31 am
newspaper here in thailand. the question to both of you, mr. president and mrs. prime minister. you talked about democracy and my question is this: are you both satisfied with how democracy in this democracy now in thailand i'm talking about the responsibility for... you still have the law (inaudible) and have political prisoners and human right abuse. in your opinion i mean, how do you call this. and mr. president, which thai dish is your favorite again, could you be more specific? thank you. >> the prime minister may answer the question first.
7:32 am
>> let me answer the question on democracy today. i think the definition of the stability because democracy we believe is a fundamental of growth in the future so the definition to go with that, that region is that the reconciliation, but for thailand, i think we will speak with the principle of true democracy by using the process and make sure that all the things will be equal and fair and in thailand, also, we would like to see the regional reconciliation and through our position, with the passion and with the peaceful way, the democracy way will be the place to solve the problem, thank you. >> well, let me just say, first of all, that, you know,
7:33 am
democracy is not something that is stat static, it's sometg we have to constantly work on. the united states has the oldest democracy in the world, but we constantly have to, as citizens, work to make sure that it is working to include everybody, to make sure that the freedoms that are in our constitution, tfreedom of speech, the freedom of worship that those are practiced and observed. so the work of democracy never stops and i think that what you're seeing here in thailand is a democratically elected prime minister who is committed to democracy, committed to rule of law, committed to freedom of speech
7:34 am
and press and assembly, but obviously what's true in thailand, as is true in america, is that all citizens have to remain vigilant and there's almost, there's always improvements to be made and i very much congratulate the prime minister on her commitment to democracy and i know that many of the reforms that she continues to be interested in are ones that will strengthen democracy even further in thailand and will serve as a good example for the region as a whole. in terms of thai cuisine, i like it all and i've looked over the menu for this evening's dinner and it looks very good, which is good because i'm also very hungry, so, but i think i saved my appetite and looking forward to having some authentic thai food. >> thank you very much. the second question comes from the u.s. media.
7:35 am
i'd like to call on "the washington post," please. >> thank you very much. madam prime minister, thank you for hosting us with the american media as well as the president's delegation. mr. president, you'll make history as being the first president to be burma, and premature given the violence that left hundreds dead and up to a hundred thousand displaced this that country and your director of human rights said at that people are living in fear and terror, why are you moving so quickly to endorse the burmese leadership and endorse them with personal visit and give us the given the setbacks in the middle east and why are you-- and madam prime minister, as a neighbor, do you think that
7:36 am
the president's doing enough to protect the human rights there and president obama's visit is premature or appropriately timed, thank you. >> well, first of all, i think it's important to recognize, david, this is not an endorsement of the burmese government. this is an acknowledgment that there's a process underway inside that country that even a year and a half, two years ago nobody foresaw. the president is taking steps that move us in a better direction. you have an elected member of parliament. you've seen political prisoners released. there is an articulated
7:37 am
commitment to further political reform. but i don't think anybody's under any illusion that burma has arrived, that they're where they need to be. on the other hand, if we waited to engage until they had achieved a perfect democracy, my suspicion is we'd be waiting an awful long time and one of the goals of this trip is to highlight the progress that has been made, but also, to give voice to the much greater progress that needs to be made in the future. so, when i address the burmese public as the first president who's ever visited that country, what they'll hear from me is that we congratulate them on having opened the door to a country that respects human rights and respects political freedom and
7:38 am
it is saying that it's committed towards a more democratic government, but what you'll also hear is that the country has a long way to go and you know, i'm not somebody who thinks that the united states should just stand on the sidelines, and not want to get its hands dirty, but there's an opportunity for us to encourage the better impulses inside a country. and in part, i'm taking my guidelines r guidance from what sue-chi who knows quite a bit about repression in burma sees as the best means to continue the development and
7:39 am
progress there. when she visited me in the oval office she was very encouraging about the process of a visit. and one thing we've learned in countries around the world is that change can happen very fast if a spotlight is shown shone on what's going on in the country and the people there start believing their voices are heard around the world and one thing we can do as an international community is make sure that the people of burma know we're paying attention to them, we're listening to them. we care about them and this visit allows me to do that in a fairly dramatic fashion, but we understand there is he' going to be a work in progress and what we've done is calibrate our concrete policies and responses based on the understanding at that more work needs to be done and if we see back sliding and slipping, then we're in a position to respond
7:40 am
appropriately, but my hope is that we will continue on a positive track and hopefully nigh visit will be able to encourage that. >> for myself on the situation, i think now we can see that from my observation and also, i have several chance see a lot of progress on the political reform, and i think from the-- we believe that the potential of and-- stability of democracy. because people in the region believe that democracy will be the way for the country to be free and fair and also, that's why we believe this is the right destination.
7:41 am
so in the case of myanmar, thailand, as our neighbor country, so we want to help our neighbor and truly we want to see people of myanmar to have a better life. to have a better education, to have better development. i don't think we can be able to lift up the profile and especially on the year 2015 will be the year of the committees so it will be necessary for us to work towards myanmar to make sure that the political reform will come in the right, but for us alone, i think we need the support from international to keep -- so i think this is important for countries to
7:42 am
work with them, helping them and make sure that they bring the true democracy in terms of the real democracy that the international law cross the gap and make sure that people will have better life and better jobs. thank you. >> thank you very much, mr. president and madam prime minister. the third question goes to the thai media, please state your question. >> thank you madam prime minister and mr. president. from thai public broadcasting service. first question i'd like to ask mr. president, what are your priorities in your new asian policy and where does thailand fit in that policy and to madam prime minister. what is the plan of the thai government in pursuing with the u.s. thank you.
7:43 am
>> well, when i announced our desire to pivot and focus on the asian pacific region, in part it was in response to a decade in which we understandably as a country have been focused on issues of terrorism, the situation in iraq and afghanistan and, you know, as a consequence, i think, we had not had the same kind of presence in the region that is growing faster, developing faster than anyplace else in the world and we, historically, have been an asian pacific power and i wanted to make sure that all our friends and partners throughout the region understood that we see this as a central region for our goals and our prosperity. and it's not one that we can
7:44 am
neglect. so, in terms of my priorities, number one, expanding trade and investment. we believe more jobs for our countries and we have a strong trade relationship with a country like thailand and we believe we can do more. and the trade investment council that we've set up will further explore ways in which we can synchronize our economies so that entrepreneurs and business people who want to trade, want to produce products, want to take advantage of opportunities in both countries will have an easier time doing so. a second property is
7:45 am
maintaining the stability that allows for prosperity and that means that our security arrangements in the region are extremely important. once again, thailand is a central part that have, as our oldest treaty ally in asia. one that has not only worked with us here regionally, but also does outstanding work performing peace keeping activities around the world. and i want to make sure that we continue to strengthen those relationships, not only for the purposes of dealing with potential security threats, but also, humanitarian responses, you know, we've seen in this region a number of devastating natural disasters and when we have strong cooperation and training between our countries, then we're in a
7:46 am
stronger position to respond quickly and thailand, i think, having experienced its own floods understands the importance of this. a third area that's important is human development. we've already discussed how important it is for us to work together on issues of human trafficking and forced labor. we all believe that our countries will prosper if children are getting a good education, if public health systems are set up to deal with issues like hiv/aids or drug resistent malaria. those are all issues where countries working together can do more than countries working by themselves. and so scientific exchanges, medical exchanges, working together on development issues, all that becomes very important and because
7:47 am
thailand, i think, is more successful economically than some of its neighbors, it's now in a position to be a donor country and for us to be able to partner with thailand, for example, the u.s. working with the thailand, the thai development agency to help people in the mekong river area develop and be able to prosper, to have greater food security, to be able with the public mehealth challenges that's an outstanding policy for us and finally our goal in the region is make sure that there's an international or a regional architecture through mechanisms like the u.s. dialog or the east asia summit that allows us to work through tensions, conflicts,
7:48 am
differences in a constructive way. in way that is -- allows us to resolve these differences in a peaceful and orderly fashion and i think that thailand's leadership in those institutions have been extraordinarily important. so, we expect to work with all the countries in the region, but obviously the cornerstone of our work in asia begins with our alliances and the longstanding friendship between our two countries make this a very appropriate place for me to stop in my first trip after my reelection. >> helping to fight off the tpp, one thing that we, on the economic growth in the future,
7:49 am
i think we need more goals and the way our goals -- the free market and i think all the other countries who have been going off the economic and the economy, saw this is very important for the country for the future and stability of the economic growth will be to work on fair and also free markets. so that's why thailand thought that tpp is very important for the future, but of course, i think in the beginning of course the concern of the country or readiness of the country will be another issue we can work parallelly by the way, community building and after that, i think we can work along and understand and sometimes the benefits will be
7:50 am
better to innovate all other countries. so it means to have more markets, to have market to work, so that's why we think it's important, but along the way we can work with. >> thank you very much. the last question goes to bloomberg news, please. >> thank you. i'm margaret with bloomberg news. mr. president, you're hereof course at that talk about asia, but much of the word's attention and yours has also been diverted back to the middle east and now the situation in gaza. your calling for deescalation of violence between the palestinians and israelis. do you believe that movement of israeli ground troops into gaza will be escalation are you concerned that the arab spring at least in the near term made matters worse and
7:51 am
pivot to asian. and madam prime minister, you may know the president's first visit today was to the royal monastery where he told the monk he'll need a lot of prayer to help the u.s. avoid a fiscal cliff, sort of a joke kind of, right? what can emerging democracy ins asia take away from how difficult it's been for the president to get congress to agree to budget negotiations with him and why shouldn't china's system of government look more appealing in this region when you confront a situation like this in the u.s.? thank you. >> well, let me start with gaza. let's understand what the precipitating event was that's causing the current crisis and that was an ever escalating number of missiles that were landing, not just in israeli
7:52 am
territory, but in areas that are populated and there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. and work places and potentially killing civilians. and we will continue to support israel's right to defend itself. now, what is also true is that we are actively working of with all the parties in the region to see if we can end those missiles being fired without further escalation of violence in the region and so i've had several conversations
7:53 am
with prime minister netanyahu. i've had several conversations with president morsi of egypt. i've spoken to the prime minister of turkey who was visiting egypt right in the midst of what was happening in gaza. and my message to all of them was that israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory. if that can be accomplished without a ramping up of military activity in gaza, that's preferable. that's not just preferable for the people of gaza, it's also preferable for israelis. because if the israeli troops are in gaza they're at much more risk of incurring fatalities or being wounded. we're going to have to see what kind of progress we can make in the next 24, 36, 48
7:54 am
hours. but what i said to president morsi and prime minister is that those who champion the cause of the palestinians should recognize that if we see a further escalation of situation in gaza, then the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two state solution is going be to be pushed off way into the future. and you know, so, if we're serious about wanting to resolve this situation and create a genuine peace process, it starts with no more missiles fired into israel's territory and that then gives us the space to try to deal with these
7:55 am
longstanding conflicts that exist. in terms of the arab spring, let's just remember that the exact same situation arose just a couple of years ago before the arab spring. so, i don't think anybody would suggest somehow that it's unique to democratization in the region that there's a conflict between the israelis and the palestinians. it's been going on for several decades now. i do think that as egyptians, tunisians, others have more of a voice in their government, it becomes more important for all the players, including the united states to speak directly to those populations
7:56 am
and to deliver a message that peace is preferable to war, that this is an issue that can be resolved if parties are willing to sit down and negotiate directly. that violence is not an answer and that there are no shortcuts to the hard work of trying to bring about, what i think is a best option two states side by side in peace and security. and that, that's the message that you can't just direct at a single figure in these arab countries. now you've got to be able to deliver that message across the board. and that, that will probably be a little bit harder. but the truth is that for any peace that was going to last, that was going to be necessary anyway. and last point, i know it wasn't directed at me, it was directed to the prime minister, but i'm going to make this point. first of all, i always believe in prayer, and i--
7:57 am
i believe in prayer when i go to church back home and if a buddhist monk is wishing me well, i'm going to take whatever good vibes he can give me, to try to deal with some challenges back home. i'm confident that we can get our fiscal situation dealt with. and i think it's important to recognize that, yeah, democracy a little messier than alternative systems of government, but that's because democracy allows everybody to have a voice and that system of government lasts and it's legitimate and when agreements are finally struck you know that nobody's being left out of the conversation and that's the reason for our stability and our prosperity.
7:58 am
and the notion somehow that you can take shortcuts and avoid democracy and that that somehow is going be to be the mechanism whereby you deliver economic growth i think is absolutely false, i think over time when you look at the most prosperous nations on this earth, they are the ones in which every individual, every citizen feels like if they put in the effort, if they a're working hard that those efforts bear fruit. that a government respects them and observes rule of law and doesn't take their property without due process and they don't have to pay a bribe to start a business or get a telephone installed. and you know, it's worked for us for over 200 years now. i think it's going to work for thailand, it's going to work for this entire region and the the alternative, i think, is a
7:59 am
false hope that over time i think erodes and collapses under the weight of people who's aspirations are not being met. you i know you didn't direct that question to me, but i just wanted to make sure the prime minister didn't get put on the spot without me having something to say about that. all right? >> and my answer i think talk about the basics of the economic growth, i think to believe that said that the democracy will be the fundamental. but this is the one way of basic fundamental because as you have stability in the political. so it will be the stability of economy. but anyway, in the economy, will be have to understand the cause and root cause of the problem, the right way to
8:00 am
solve the problem and also, that as far as you work with this principle of the financial, but along the way-- the economy because i think you have any place -- we find the right place and so-- thank you. >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, a final program note the joint press statement in english and unofficial translation in thai will be available shortly. thank you mr. president, thank you madam prime minister and please be seated. >> clayton: there's the president, president obama and the prime minister of thailand press conference wrapping up, 40, 45 minutes or so touched on everything from thai food. >> dave: yeah. >> clayton: to what's going on in israel. that question of course came
8:01 am
up and also, human rights and abuse ins and around the asian region as well. >> dave: two observationses is the relative attractiveness of the prime minister of thailand op twitter and the thai food. >> ainsley: and she's very smart and the president complimented her english. >> clayton: and she spoke first in english, and president said i'm not going to try thai. and a take away wendell from the press conference, a lot of topics to be covered this morning. >> reporter: well, this is the first stop of a three-nation trip built around the east asian summit in cambodia. the showcase the stop in burma, the next stop, mr. obama will be the first president to visit. the pivot to the asian pacific region and after focusing on the war against terror, we've
8:02 am
lost focus on trade in this region and china it make strategic and diplomatic advances here in this region. and there are critics who say he really shouldn't be visiting any of the three countries that he's going to, mike green of the center for strategic and international studies says he's visiting the three troubled children of the so-called pivot. burma gets the most attention, and the president will the first u.s. president to visit there and the country holding hundreds of political prisoners, but the president says he's not an endorsement, not endorsing the burmese government he's acknowledging the process is underway to move in a better direction. like wise cambodia may be worse in human rights than burma and holding hundreds of political prisoners and that situation actually getting worse the past decade or so, but the president is going
8:03 am
there to attend the east asian summit and even in thailand the president says that democracy is not static you constantly have to work on it and edge couraged the government here, six years ago, there was a coup. and the man arcist upset at the united states and the people involved in the coup upset at the united states for not choosing sides. and the president on a three nation trip to see the troubled children of the pivot, if you will. and all of them have human rights problems and the president has to be diplomatic. >> dave: thank you. now it's eight o'clock there, eight o'clock p.m. there. and the eight o'clock a.m. here. and the president eating thai food. and the israel, their right to defend themselves any nation in the world would do exactly
8:04 am
what riz is doing, he was ready for that question, appeared he wanted that question. >> ainsley: now for the rest of the headlines this morning, start with a fox news alert. you heard the president say that israel has a right to defend itself, as it dave. and overnight israel threatening to ramp up attacks on gaza after militants continued their assault on the country. >> look at that, hamas firing at least one missile and israelis say it was intercepted by their iron dome. the israeli saying at least five palestinians were killed. and israel will launch more target and deadly attacks on rocket launching sites and hamas commanders if it continues. and the search for the missing crew member from the rig in
8:05 am
the gulf of mexico. the four other workers badly burned in that fire and the coast guard says no oil is leaked from the platform. relief of course as there were concerns this would be another disaster just like the bp oil spill two years ago. a solemn vigil last night in texas in honor of four veterans. hundreds of people lighting candles, saying prayers for the four men killed on thursday, during a veterans day parade. here are their pictures, army sergeant joshua michael, marine chief warrant officer, gary stauffer. army sergeant major lawrence boivin and william lubers. and investigators say now that the float crossed the tracks after the warning lights were turned on. the train hit its emergency breaks, but could not stop in time. and a california woman says
8:06 am
that she was fired from her job because she got cancer? this lady says she had breast cancer and was fired. her name is susan and she was a senior executive at a tech company. she claimants that she was fired because her chemotherapy was quote, disruptive and her bosses didn't like her constantly leaving for doctor's appointments, however, the company says she actually resigned. she's now suing the company for 6 million dollars in damages. and those are your headlines. clayton. >> clayton: all right. thank you so much, ainsley and the super storm sandy stunneded even veteran weather experts with sheer strength and size and parts of the east coast feeling devastation, and our next guest was able to watch the storm unfold in real time and sandy is the focus of a new discovery channel cu curiosity special airing tonight. joining us now it a 30 year weather expert of extreme
8:07 am
weather, from accu-weather, henry, welcome to the show. whys with a this storm shaping up to be what many people call the storm of the century, what were you able to see happening that sort of gave you pause from the beginning. >> i think it was the whole overall weather pattern shaping up especially in the atlantic ocean where you had systems na were block sandy's advancement to the north atlantic and sandy had nowhere to go, but the jersey coast and seven days in advance of sandy coming. our rick reichmuth our meteorologist here, it was well down past of florida and cuba and saying it's heading for us, you're seeing the super charged areas around the world and you were able though to monitor it, using incredible technology and think back in history what we had with the galveston hurricane that devastated the port of galveston in early
8:08 am
1900 and relying on telegrams from cuba and dispatches. that's all we had to work with. >> yeah, you know, and he saw that storm coming as well and saw what was happening in the atmosphere as it was approaching galveston and one of the things that i remember back with andrew connelling into florida and we just had the doppler radar system put in place, and i could remember that morning seeing the winds on that radar going, oh, no, homestead is going to be devastated because of wind were just so incredible and that was really the first time we saw it using the doppler radar system. >> clayton: when you saw it was headed for new jersey, what did you think? >> basically i said the coastline was going to be changed forever. there's no doubt about it in my mind. when a storm like this was going to make a left turn toward the coast coming from the southeast we saw waves up to 39 feet and just the funneling effect of the ocean going toward the coast line we knew the coastline was going to be changed and devastated flooding into the new york
8:09 am
city area and really, you know, there's a point where you get you go from excitement of the storm to just dread. and you just know that people are going to be killed. we know that houses are going to be destroyed forever, the coastline is going to be changed and by sunday and monday that dread hit us hard. >> clayton: you know, as the governors here and mayors dealing with this, look, we weren't supposed to have 100 year storms, two years in a row and that's the new reality. and as all of these experts have come together the past few weeks, look, the climate has changed and global sea waters have changed dramatically and seeing the changes. is this the new normal that we can expect now on the east coast, these types of massive storms and the change in the atmosphere? >> we don't know yet. we don't know whether that's part of the climate change or not, but we do know that the big storms are hang and we've had the blizzard of 2010 in new york city and we've seirene, and flooding in pennsylvania.
8:10 am
so the big storms are happening. >> what can we expect, if i'm the lay person and i don't know the technical details of weather and i'm fascinated by the stuff. watching the special airing tonight on the discovery channel. what can i take away from this? >> your friends are going to learn why sandy was so big and the second thing to see, you'll see tremendous video about what sandy caused along the coast and when i saw some of the previews of it, i was just floored at some of the damage that sandy did, seeing water levels up through the second floor of houses and just everything, this storm did. it's still today, i don't know, i'm at a loss for word sometimes when i see the damage and we're going to be studying this storm probably for the next two decades to understand it. probably the benchmark storm from the eastern seaboard in terms of looking at the infrastructure of our cities and the coast line. >> yeah, changing forever now. tonight at 9 people on the discovery channel, mega storm premiers, henry, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> coming up on the show the
8:11 am
white house claims it didn't take al-qaeda out of its talking points on the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. who did, we'll get answers on where that missing phrase went. we ask chris wallace to weigh in next and retail therapy the countdown for black friday, some serious shoppers lining up. how they can get some grit deals. great deals. ♪ it's the final countdown [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:14 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday, more controversy surrounding the white house response to the benghazi attack. the question is who removed al-qaeda and inserted extremists into the cia talking points, describing the attack. the white house is saying not us. so is it true or another part of some sort after coverup,
8:15 am
get to the bottom of it. >> ainsley: the host of fox news sunday, mr. chris wallace, how are you. >> dave: hello, sir. >> i'm great, guys, how are you. >> ainsley: we're great. what do you make of all of this, who is true? who is being, you know, who is correct. >> clayton: where is the missing phrase, chris. is it hidden in the washington bureau and who took it? >> let me check under here. no, it's not here. i don't know. i guess at this point until proven otherwise you've got to take people at their word and reportedly david petraeus when he testified behind closed doors said the talk about al-qaeda was taken out and one of the reasons it was taken out was because they didn't want to tip-off the specific groups that they were targeting, like ansar al sharia. and islamic agrab, one they were targeting them and two intercepting some of their communications they didn't want to blow the intelligence that they had pipelines into
8:16 am
what they were saying, now, it may turn out not to be true, but at this point until proven otherwise, i think you've got to take them at their word and you do have this top official, ben rhodes, and the national security council who is saying the only edit that the white house made to the talking points that it originally called it a consulate and for diplomatic reasons it wasn't officially that, it was a diplomatic facility and changed that one phrase for, you know, diplomatic reasons, but other than that that they changed nothing that would have had impact on the-- >> can we take them at their word, too then. >> say again. >> ainsley: should we take them for their word, too, who do you believe? >> i'd say unless you've got evidence to the contrary. >> dave: right. and that will come up on the show. now, some interesting guests you have, governor scott walker and governor bobby jindal who both side they would not set up their own exchanges regarding obamacare and that should be interesting to discuss with them. chris, what does that do for a
8:17 am
state? i mean, now the federal government comes in and sets up its own health care exchange for them. why do these two governors, in addition to rick perry and who else. >> a bunch of other states. >> dave: why do they do that and say no we won't set them up. >> they say you're giving us the responsibility, but you're not giving us all the funding and what they worry is that they're going to set up these exchanges which cost money and then the feds are, they're going to support them in the beginning, but maybe they'll go out and get an unfunded mandate in effect where they're left holding the bag and they, their taxpayers and their states have to pay for it. so, instead they're saying we're not really going to have that much control over it anyway, even if we set it up. let's let the feds just come in and the exchanges and these are basically places where uninsured people will be able to go in and to comparison shop and look and say, well, here is this policy, here is
8:18 am
this policy. what will they give me, how much would they cost, these various exchanges and saying we're going to let the feds do it, because we don't want to be left holding the bag for taxpayers. >> clayton: we can imagine the fiscal cliff will come up on your show. >> have you seen my notes? >> i have. they sent them to me early so i could-- >> a 40 minutes press conference from thailand we looked into your entire show. >> clayton: no, but seriously, the fiscal cliff obviously on the top of the agenda and what washington is facing here before we head into the holiday break. and you'll be tackling that and so much more on fox news sunday this morning. the make sure to check it out. if we don't see you, have a happy thanksgiving. >> ainsley: and chris, we didn't alter your talking points even though we've been going over them. >> clayton: we tried and took out some friezs. >> you did. >> clayton: we'll send them back to you. >> i appreciate that. >> ainsley: thank you, chris. >> dave: and governor scott walker and bobby jindal and an interesting piece on the future of the republican
8:19 am
party. and took some shots, and looked like mitt romney, we'll be interesting. >> clayton: and jindal leading the headlines this week. >> ainsley: and you'll like this next one. >> clayton: come on, if you're a guy, anyone on thanksgiving, football. what about football. sandra lee is here next with the perfect tailgating dishes. she's been working all morning with that stuff over there. >> dave: and considered the world's foremost mentalist, clayton is second on the list, shocking audiences for decade and this morning, the amazing creskin here live to play a trick on us. and you won't want to miss this one. come on in, sir. ♪ 4g lte is the fastest.
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8:23 am
>> let's have some fun here. >> dave: we are. >> clayton: and a guy i watched back to the carson days, the amazing creskin. >> good to he see you. >> clayton: and he doesn't claim to be a fortune teller. he has a knock for predicting politics. >> i tell you when i wrote the book, it was available, and barnes & noble, one of the prioritiesless things about this i've known 50 years is the introduction that roger ailes did and graphically told long ago, i made a long range prediction and to wrap it up fast, one of the most dramatic moments of my entire life unfolded last week, i wrote what i thought it would be the results of this election, one year, four months ago. >> we have the video clip. >> sure. >> that's remarkable creskin on jimmy fallon last week.
8:24 am
>> i'm going to write down here what i believe, jame jimmy, the results of the presidential election 2012. >> you're going to put it inside this safe here where it's going to remain and by the way, i-- i'm the only person who knows the combination and it will stay here at nbc, democrat wins that was my prediction. >> wow, right there! >> and the man that romney picked months later, and i don't know what, i'm going to be-- i'm going to be interviewed hundreds of time whatever made me say that. jimmy as god is my judge, i don't know 0 what made me pick him, it came into my mind. >> you're still the greatest. >> and democrats win and picked representative paul ryan. >> i tell you, you're going to hear-- when i wrote this out. nobody knew who was going to be running on the republican ticket and i had written his name down and when they picked romney, i thought i've got to
8:25 am
live one year, four months knowing i failed and suddenly picks as his running mate paul ryan. if you asked me and i said to roger ailes at a press conference last week, i don't know what made me, i could not give you an answer. >> you've been doing this for years. did you put money down on this? and. >> no, no, i want to tell you something, folks, if you're looking in and we've known each other for years, i know these are good people and they're flaky, but i love them. and those are the only interesting things and-- >> and you call this, you call it synethesia. >> when i read thoughts i hear them in my mind. it's if you sense something like, if you see something you might hear it or if you feel something you might taste it. it's a transformation and a lot of musicians have this as a gift. it's interesting you brought that up. and i appreciate that. you know, quickly, one of the
8:26 am
legend of my life, in december i'm doing private dates rather than concerts. my check is hidden in everywhere i work and anywhere in the theater while i'm out of the building and when i return there's no questions asked. the committee has to concentrate if i don't find my fee i don't get paid. >> that's how you've honed your skills. >> i failed nine times. >> and by the way, roger ailes, we don't participate. >> roger, and this guy started walking-- >> and an idea. >> and we've got to clear this off. because you're going to do a trick. >> not a trick, a-- >> and this is a mental exercise. >> get the table cleared off. >> at the press conference
8:27 am
last week, regarding my new book, roger came in and joined us and said to the press, you know him for reading people's thoughts and you see them read thoughts for years, he said i know him well wait until you see what he does with cards. we haven't prearranged anything. >> no, a handshake. >> and i'll give all of you watching a chance, as well. do this, close your eyes and trust me, folks, looking-- >> i don't trust these guys, how can i trust you. >> in your hands. >> let me tell you, folks, before the show one of your crew i went to a gentleman in the hallway, and security guide hand me a card from another deck, keep your eyes closed. >> all right. they're closed. folks do you see what i've done here, don't say anything, don't say anything, let he me do this now, and open your eyes. >> open your eyes. >> let me tell you this, every one-- >> and what did you do. >> and everybody, everybody watching is going to participate.
8:28 am
nothing to do with slight of hand. which is the closest camera to look at. what monitor, point to her. >> over here. >> over here, and where can i hold the cards to show the camera here. >> look at the monitor. >> and all of you at home, folks, look at your camera and you folks look at the monitor and show the cards, see these close up. you look at the monitor, don't look at my cards. >> think of any card you see, but don't tell me, all of you at home, think of one card, one card you see, you must have seen, you saw the cards. have you thought of one. >> i saw one. what you don't know, i took a card from a blue backed deck and put it in here and nobody know the card. what's the card you thought of. # of clubs. >> and let me that i can this out of the deck. 6 of clubs. don't turn this over, what you don't know, don't look at it yet. what you don't know, is before the program, i fellow know the
8:29 am
hallway handed me a card from a blue back deck. and you could have thought of any card i was concentrating, turn it over and show us the other side. and thought of the 6 and i was-- >> and i will tell you most of the viewers got that card because that's what i projected. and that's how the mind-- >> is it because you're saying it. >> i didn't say the card. no, it's, i had you tuned into the way i was-- >> and one card and i looked and i waited and that's interesting. >> i heard the moment you thought of it. you almost thought of a picture card at first. >> and this must help in dating when you know what a woman is thinking like that? oh, man, you must have-- >> and these of my-- >> and you know, and read women's minds like that. >> sometime when i come back i'll show you a story about to break, which is a terrible story, it's a news story i'm going to agree to testify for the government.
8:30 am
they're going to try to prove i talk about this book, that sirhan, sirhan, didn't kill-- the man who killed bobby kennedy, a group of lawyers is going to try to prove he was hypnotized and a story that has me infuriated. this is an abuse of science to imply that. >> dave: in the tv business, it's called a great tease. >> i can say to all of you in the spirit of broadcasting, i'm not going to say goodbye, i'm going to say to be continued. >> ainsley: and aur you're the cutest thing. >> roger ailes did it not with hypnotic influence, he did it on his own. >> we'll see you again soon, to be continued. the and coming up on the show, it's bad enough when the american jobs are shipped overseas, but our iconic twinkie about to be taken over
8:31 am
my mexico, a mexican twinkie. >> dave: and my mini muffins, what's up with football and a beautiful woman. does she do house calls? ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away
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8:35 am
. >> clayton:. a fox news alert to tell you about. just a short time ago. president obama speaking out on the escalating violence in the middle east, reinforcing that the u.s. stands with israel. >> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so, we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. >> ainsley: overnight hamas militant sent more rockets into israel and officials say they'll respond with harsher, deadlier attacks. leland vittert is live at the border of israel and gaza. good morning, or good afternoon to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, ainsley, all along the gaza-israeli borders in the field israelis tanks ready for a ground assault. so far the air assault by the
8:36 am
air force here into the gaza strip have not stopped the rockets the. earlier today. we were in the line of fire. this is the ray intensity of war and we were here where the rockets landed a couple of minutes, near our hotel. another ten or 15 feet and that would have been inside the house. the problem for the israelis right now the iron dome has been so effective in intercepting the missiles and make sure that the people around here take cover when these air raid sirens go off. we're headed right now from one location to another and you probably heard the iron dome go off. you can see a fellow taking cover right there, which is about the best thing you can do when you're out in open areas and the whole key during one of the sirens is to try to find a place to lay down and tuck in, somewhere like the rock, a fact of life and the time the sirens go to have and you need to be down is 20 or
8:37 am
30 seconds. and this shows you the power of these rockets. through the roof of this apartment building, and through this next floor with reinforced ceiling and down here to where it almost went down yet another floor inside this apartment, almost everything is a total loss, covered in explosive material and lot of it is destroyed and the only good news the family photograph and the clock is ticking. inside of the gaza strip, the punishing air strikes, almost a thousand sorties flown and 50 people killed 14 of them children, a couple of those this morning. right now there are cease-fire negotiations going on inside cairo and today the prime minister says the israeli army is ready for the escalation, the only thing that would mean a ground war and came at 24 hours notice to put a
8:38 am
cease-fire deal on the table or tanks will be headed across these fields. >> dave: say staff, my friend. it's complicated by the fact that turkey, tunisia, u.s. allies, democratic governments appear early side hamas. >> ainsley: can't take living here in america for granted. can you imagine that, hearing the sirens and hunker down and find a rock. >> clayton: all tw take would be one rocket. and let's check the weather and rick reichmuth is looking at the forecast, headed into the big travel week. >> rick: everybody wants to know whether they can get home. what the weather looks like, look at the sunny icons there, that's good. temps not bad. plenty of sunshine, no big storms or wind that's going to impede air travel. across the west, a bit of a different story, and across area of the northwest and northern california where we'll see some rain and some showers, it's not going to be that cold, the snow across the
8:39 am
highest elevations and of course the airports are equipped to deal with that kind of weather. we're looking pretty good on wednesday and a quick look at the forecast in across the northeast, we'll see a nice one. temps a little warmer than yesterday, if you liked yesterday you're going to like today. a similar day, down to the southeast, yesterday we had rain across coastal areas of florida and today that system moving into the coastal carolinas, and we'll see maybe a shower across west texas. all right, guys, back to you inside. hi there, ladies. >> hello, we are chitchatting about cooking and outfits and whatever else. thanksgiving is all about your family food and of course, the football. so, why not celebrate this thanksgiving with a hometown tailgate, right? >> joining us with great recipes is hosts of sandra's restaurants remakes and cooking channel's sandra lee's
8:40 am
taverns, lounges and clubs. >> the club show i could have done for you. >> dave: this segment is tailored for me. bloody marys and chili, i'm good. >> we have a couple of minutes. you're making a slow cooker, five bean alarm chili and collect your recipes, i am diagnose the biggest recipe contest ever with verizon, called the fast, festive, fun contest and it's through december 19th. go to, or verizon lee and enter and win big prizes and we might have a football one for super bowl, never know i'm coming back and everything you see here, you've got your brief, your toe potatoes, unonce, three he different beanies, three bean alarm chilly and along with jalapenos, and chili seasoning and a little bit of pepper.
8:41 am
and go in here and stir, that's your job, here is yours. >> you-- >> i know my way around a bloody mary. >> here is what i heard, i know how to do a bloody mary, once you do this bloody mary i'm taking a picture testify with my nice, dandy tiny gift to self for christmas tablet from verizon. >> well done. >> and tweet it and facebook it it everybody. in here tomato juice. >> that's green. >> red tobasco. >> green pepper, red pepper. >> you want it hotter, don't you. >> for you, you're going to-- >> this is wore chester. >> my friends are getting mini bars, look how cute this is, they're getting mini bars, all different kinds of liquor, this is vodka. >> and this is all they have at the bars. >> really? >> it's supposed to be a one ounce. that's a one ounce bottle and that's responsibly. >> this is a double. >> and okay.
8:42 am
a little bit of ice. >> whew. >> and you have lemon. >> don't break. >> i like a little lime as well. i like lemon and lime and i love this and i also like throwing in a pickle these days, a little-- >> pickle these days. >> a pickle in the bloody mary. >> does mean you have to have-- okra, have you had that. good in a bloody mary. >> go ahead and pour it into the glass. i have a black velvet. >> and sandra, i'm tired of stirring, can i eat? >> no, turn it on, the lid. >> and you please got to eat. and wear an spanx with my outfit and you're walking around in the blue dress. and in this, captain morgans, intense spiced rum and i'm baking with it, so you don't have football. >> you're baking?
8:43 am
>> baking with it. >> and dave, drinking the cocktail. >> and hot chili. >> we're going to taste this and hand it over to clayton, you're awesome. >> dave: sandra lee, food network. >> ainsley: clayton, we're going to eat. >> dave: send her your recipes. >> ainsley: yes. >> dave: for the contest. >> please do, verizon lee. >> ainsley: spicy. >> clayton: tensions are rising in the middle east and our next guest says society has made it incorrect to bash evil. steven crowder is here, why israel has his full support. plus, take a look at his picture. that's fbn's melissa francis played on little house in the prairie. the story behind the picture, one she's kept private for a long time in her new book, you don't want to miss this when we come back. ♪ male announcer ] you spend weeks planning it.
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8:47 am
>> we're following the latest developments out of the middle east this morning. israel is ramping up air strikes in gaza and with talk of a potential ground war, is a push for negotiations even possible in this region at this point? our next guest says most people do not know the true history of the conflict. he recently put out a video in support of israel and says he's now receiving death threats because of it. joining us now, our fox news contributor steven crowder, thanks for being with us. if folks want to watch it. how do they find it. >> go to steven or death threats. >> why are you getting death threats. >> they had to fight off myriad air of armies which is important to move forward to the six day war in '67. essentially the dictator of egypt says we're going to
8:48 am
exterminate israel and one said we're in. and they're jumpy, it's politically correct for my generation to condone evil. what i say to a lot of young people and young so-called progressives, they're siding against one cultural enclave of social and human rights and that dark part of the world instead of siding with nations, who can beat their women and hanging their gays. and you need to support israel to support women's rights and gay rights and not see them hung. >> ainsley: you talk about that in the video and please go to the bottom of the screen and comments. >> comments i can't repeat. anti-semitic or anti-gay. and not a huge sense of humor when you talk about hamas and when you look in the charter, it can be simplified. tough issue to solve and ease toy explain. hamas says israel's views
8:49 am
should not be here period and if i said anything wrong that offend anybody, ease toy find at s crowder. >> it's a video, entertaining and educational. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> ainsley: thank you, steven, good to see you. coming up next, she's kept the story behind her childhood stardom a secret for a very long time, now, fox business network's melissa francis is ready to tell it. if you watched little house on the prairie like we all did. you'll want to hear her story. ♪ chooep d bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been songer.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> welcome back, we all remember our next guest to played cassandra cooper i
8:53 am
think ingals from little house on the prairie. >> as long as we're together, nothing's going to happen. come on. oh! >> my leg! it's broken. >> oh, i don't know, i've got to go back. >> you can't! >> i have to. you can die. >> no, no! >> and jason bateman not with us this morning. and melissa francis has written a tell-all book about being a child actor and growing up in a household with as melissa describes as dangerously competitive, tiger mom. >> and we can't go past that clip without saying something about it. i mean, those bear traps laying on the ground. that happens all the time. and you're watching in the street and almost walk into a bear trap? >> and this is so surreal. we were allowed to watch an hour of tv when we were little and of course my sister and i, i was in love with your entire
8:54 am
family and you started working the at fox, i was like, i i can't believe this i'm star struck and i'm sitter hoofrjts i watched it all the time, too. >> it's a great show, such a great family oriented show. >> maybe not a guy that-- >> and all right. so. >> we're sorry. >> ainsley: we have to talk about her book. >> dave: we are talking about your book and look, not every person out there had a mom who pushed them to act, but everyone went through some sort of difficult, adversity, when they were young and you can either let it define you or you can define it. what did you learn from this, as you call it, dangerously competitive cycle. >> ainsley: what happened. >> i grew up on little house in the prairie and more than hundred commercials and tv and j the outside looked like a magical chide hood, and i had tun working, but fueled by the hollywood version of the tiger mom, and drive my sister and i to perfection in everything, whether it was school, ice
8:55 am
skating, show business, whatever it was. and you know, my sister and i were very he different people and had very different impacts on both of us, for her, she wasn't able to perform and compete in the way that my mother expected and it had a, you know, a destructive impact on herself confidence and really the rest of her life and you know, for me, we were a team and a machine for a long time, working, but you know, behind it there was a lot of cruelty and. >> ainsley: was she abusive or pushy. >> both, i mean, the opening scene in the book talks about, you know, something now i've learned has happened to a lot of people being thrown out of the car and left on the side walk and left on the side of the road as she weaved and it was a tough relationship and ult the matly in the end our family comes it an explosive and shocking end, and from there, you know, i had to make a decision about the rest of
8:56 am
my life. you know, like so many people that have been through trauma of any type. you have to decide are you going to let it paralyze you and stall you or are you going to turn the page of your life and have a chance for happiness and joy, and start a new beginning. and that's what i decided to do and a lot of people have read the book and so sweet and reached out to me and said i had the same thing, the same thing happened to me and turns out their story isn't the same, but what they're identifying with is the idea that a lot of people hit hurdles along the way and you can recover from that and have a joyful life. people see us on tv and we're all blond and happy and turns out i am he' not blond, but you know-- but you know that there's actually a human being with a lot of struggles behind that. >> ainsley: all right. so good to see you, we're all going to read your book, i off working with you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: and on behalf of so many people that struggled.
8:57 am
>> dave: thank you, check it out. here is the book "daughter of a stage mother", thank you, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ?
8:58 am
it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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9:00 am
good morning, it's 9:00 on the east coast. sunday, november 18th. israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu is issuing a warning at hams the middle east teeters on the brink of a war. the latest on the growing crisis. zoo. >> the white house saying it did not tague al-qaeda out of it's talking points out of benghazi. who made the edit and will justice be served? >> he's known as a bad boy and outlaw of the nascar world but he has a softer side.
9:01 am
kurt busch joins us live and dave briggs will try to bring out his softer side. fox and friends hour 4 sports right now. all right. >> how are you, everybody? >> a wild show. >> it's been an interesting couple of hours. >> this hour will be more interesting so if you're waking up. welcome in to "fox & friends." ainsley in for allison. >> as we head into the thanksgiving who would we have great weather, good food and other things. >> sand sandra lee was feeding us. she's so great. >> let's tell you a little bit of news, that's our job. we start with the headlines, president obama speaking out on
9:02 am
the escalating violence in the middle east reinforcing that the u.s. stands with israel. >> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. so we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's home. >> israel threaten to ramp up attacks on gaza after militants continued their assault. hamas fired one missile but it was intercepted. the israel military responded with several air strikes in the gaza strip and will launch more targeted deadly attacks on rocket launching sites and hamas commanders if the violence continues. the search continues today for the remaining member -- the crew member missing from friday's oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico.
9:03 am
the body of the other missing crew was found yesterday by divers hired by the rig owner after the credit coast guard ens search. the coast guard says no oil has leaked from the platform, a relief as there were concerns this could be another disaster like the bp oil spill two years ago. he planned to build a bomb but didn't get far. a doctor with ties to the occupy wall street movement busted after his girlfriend told cops. police found weapons and a stash of chemicals used to make explosive in his house. the bail is set at $1 million. let the black friday madness begin. shoppers already lining up all right in front of some stores around the country to be first in line for the deals. in northeast ohio one man set up a camp outside of best buy last
9:04 am
thursday. he camped out for the last nine years. >> five kids, limited income, you want to be able to provide for them and get them decent christmas presents. >> most of these campers are pros with heaters, grills and air mattresses it making it a home away from home. >> it's amazing. don't put a grill inside your tent or heater, like a generator. >> it's interesting, rick, do you agree? i don't know if i should go friday because if the lines started last thursday, there's going to be nothing left. >> nothing could get rick reichmuth to a black friday sale. nothing. >> you don't -- >> when you live in a 300 square feet apartment. >> there's no room. >> i'm camped out here. >> much easier. >> reminder, it's new york city. >> i know. here's the temps this morning. cool start but not a horribly
9:05 am
cold start. we don't have any cold air in the u.s. until next weekend. next weekend looks like the northeast seeing cold air in the northern plains eventually the start of the following week. right now we're good. the northeast looking good. rain across the mid-atlantic is what had been talked about as a potential nor'easter. this will move out to sea and not impact the northeast. in the meantime we have showers, heavy at times, along the coast of south carolina and north carolina. but it's a coastal event, inland you're fine. another two days before the system moves on. all of the action is across the west. a series of storms lined up here so we'll see more rain and mountain snow but high elevation snow. temperatures are warm and it will move toward northern california and towards the pacific northwest. one batch of that energy moving across new mexico and texas. maybe a thunderstorm or two but
9:06 am
nothing that's a big problem. look at the temperatures, 64 in rapid city, 56 in minneapolis today. tomorrow, the heat continues and builds towards the east. 56 for chicago. looking very good for this time in november. >> thank you. rick. >> there are more questions this morning with the deadly attack in libya after david petraeus's shocking testimony. the former c.i.a. director claims he always knew it was al-qaeda and they were responsible. lawmakers are accusing the white house are editing out that information. >> we in the intelligence community had it right. somewhere along the line policymakers changed it. maybe the president is right and the person we should look at is the president himself as to his role. >> joining us, required u.s. colonel tony shaffer. >> the testimony on friday was
9:07 am
one big headline and what you heard, the white house responding now. ben rhodes responding for the white house saying we didn't edit anything. the only thing edited was the name from consulate to facility. that's the bottom line. there was no al-qaeda removed. what do you make of this? >> first off when susan rice -- i'm quoting, the best information is what she should she put on sunday is opposite of what general petraeus is, director of c.i.a. gave the administration. jim clapper testified saying he didn't change it either. we -- all roads lead to the white house. these are highly paid, 150 to $180,000 a year executives not knowing how somehow information got switched between the c.i.a. and white house. this is not a order form for girl scout cookies in the neighborhood. this is a freaking national intelligence and the idea someone lost track -- we don't
9:08 am
know where it came from, not possible. everything was measured, weighed and all roads lead back to i believe the national security council or above that. >> i'm not as concerned about who changed it from al-qaeda to extremists. what i can't figure out is general petraeus friday said i knew it was terrorism within 24 hours. we in the c.i.a. knew. so what happened between the fact he knew 24 hours after and the fact that somehow in these talking points became a spontaneous protest related to a youtube video. that's what i don't understand. >> that's the problem. i was on "fox & friends" with you guys and both crews within 48 hours saying was a a terrorist attack. this was not an intelligence failure. not remotely. not before the attack, not the day of the attack, not after. this is a policy failure. people failed to act before the attack. people failed to act during the attack and afterwards --
9:09 am
>> on behalf of home? >> that's the question. we don't know. but somehow the policy got changed at the senior level. >> that's the troubling part of this whole thing. four americans died. we had all these attacks in libya in that area leading up to this. that's going to get lost. >> it has. >> in the semantic game about who removed a phrase but that's where we're at. at fault may be the person who removed it. >> do you believe the white house knew this was a terrorist attack but did not have that word terrorist in the talking points like they said? >> if david petraeus reported accurately, the only people who have authorization from my direct knowledge and experience is the white house. intelligence officers give estimates. the bottom line. we have a minority report attached but you never change the premise and it was completely changed. you donnelly that at the policy level, not the functional level. >> i want to ask you about
9:10 am
general petraeus. the president said leading up, he was told two days after the election that his c.i.a. director was being investigated by the f.b.i. you have spoken with intelligence officials. >> look. >> can that be true? >> i spoke to a former c.i.a. director last week about this. i said how long would it have taken if your name came up while you were director, how long would it take the president to find out? he said probably two or three days, maybe a day if he was out of the country but he would have been notified instantly. >> that is the duty of whom? >> the justice department to notify the president. >> shepard: z what happens now? >> this is not like watergate by the fact you have four dead americans at a critical time not only in history but in the time of trying to settle the middle east. the facts are we had intelligence indicating there was a threat and failed to act.
9:11 am
the day of total chaos then afterwards, to changed the points? this is not a girl scout cookie order form, this is national intelligence. i can't believe no one knows who changed the points. >> all this -- moved on to the next office and stamped. your insight is second to none, lieutenant colonel, always great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, three weeks after sandy and still in the dark. what's the power company's answer for thousands of frustrated customers? brian kilmeade among those. our next guest says this government entity made the disaster much worse. >> it's bad enough when american jobs are shipped overseas about is our iconic twinkie about to be taken over by mexico? ve late.
9:12 am
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it was the storm that rocked the east coast and residents on long island are still reeling from hurricane sandy as hundreds of folks and families are still in the dark. long island power authority faced mounting criticism for their slow response. the embattled coo, michael hervey, stepped down. our next guest served in the aftermath of hurricane katrina and he says they have a lot to learn. joining us, paul t. conway. good morning, paul. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm great. a lot of folks on long island are not okay this morning.
9:16 am
thousands are still without power. it will be three weeks this tuesday. what exactly could they have done differently? >> i think you hit on the first point, the most important. we're five days from thanksgiving and for the tens of thousands in new york without power our prayers are with them. i would tell folks the most important players on the ground are nongovernment agencies, catholic charts, red cross, team rubicon trying to get lives restore. lipa, after katrina there was extensive national discussion at the state and federal level. the federal government through dhs, you have state governors and local governments trying to apply the lessons of katrina. for lipa, it's unforgivable. last year they had a similar problem and have not applied the principles of preparedness and did not anticipate in advance
9:17 am
having utility poles and probably most alarmingly they did not replace a computer system that's out of date that in 2006 they were told was a failure in terms of trying to identify power outages as well as able to move the workforce around to deal with power outages as they were happening. inexcusable. >> absolutely. i was on long island last weekend, people were without power, little kids and elderly people without heat. they said we've done everything we're supposed to do, why aren't they taking care of us. you're saying they didn't learn the lesson and they knew days in advance the storm was coming. >> bottom line, if you're be a elected official today in government or head of a utility in the private sector, the strength of dealing with natural or man made disaster after 9/11
9:18 am
or katrina comes -- you will not be successful. in the case of lipa that's a state agency and the governor of new york appoints the overseeing body. there were 15 appointees, seven vacancies. that's the governor of new york. he initiated an investigation and the attorney general has as well and issued subpoenas. at the end of the day for people of new york without power, they should be asking questions and the media has got to stay on this. fox has done a fantastic job but the only pressure that will be brought to bear on behalf of the folks on the ground will come from the media and local elected officials fed up with the service they've gotten. >> if we didn't learn after katrina, we will after sandy. thank you for being with us. out of all of superstorm sandy's devastation we have a
9:19 am
heartwarming story. dozen of animals left orphan have a place to call home. from the police property room to your living room. how you can get awesome deals on stolen stuff. we promise it is legal. customer erin swenson bought from us online today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm hi'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (together) happy. i love logistics.
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9:22 am
first 36, how many of president obama's aides owe backs taxes according to a report. they owe nearly $1 million. next. thousands of dollars.
9:23 am
that's approximately how much hostess streets like twinkies are selling for on ebay and craigslist. hostess is selling its brands at auction. finally $71.2 million, that's how much twilight's final movie, breaking dawn part 2 raked in just opening night. it's expected to pull in 135 million through the weekend. i know clayton among them. >> that's right. they've got 30 of my dollars. it won't stop there. >> only to items is what we're talking about on sale for a bargain of a price. sounds like a scam or good way to get arrested. >> it's actually legal. pj is the chief of steals from the website property and he's here to explain how this works. i went on your website yesterday. you have all kinds of things,
9:24 am
jewelry, skis, weapons, computers. this is -- people who have stolen these items, they can't recover them, and so -- ow are can't get them back to the owner. >> 2500 agencies across the united states, the old-fashioned police auction was not working. our founder, tommy lane, said got to be a better way. he's a former detective. he used to clean out the property and evidence room. >> i had a ring that was stolen to i looked for my ring on your website. if someone finds it -- >> did you find it? >> it was not on there. >> i bought it. >> i did not look in here. those are beautiful. mine's not in there. what if i went on your website and found my ring. do you give it back? >> we authenticate it's yours and give it back free. >> that's one way to recover some of this. you have broken it down by region. some of the most popular stolen items wind up on your site on a
9:25 am
regular basis. in the northeast, some of the most commonly stolen items. >> at your end of the table we've got fashion items, and we have a watch, a coach purse, typically it retails -- that would be over $50, the opening bid a dollar. >> a rolex watch. >> that's a rolex watch. we destroy anything that we know is a counterfeit and that has gone by a jewelry and will go to a third party watch maker for authentication. >> in the southeast, automotive parts. >> we have a jack over there. >> and then in the south, and the midwest, decorative weapons, a tactical case, very common in those regions. >> what about in the west? >> don't ask me why, we get an awful lot of photographic equipment and skis.
9:26 am
also a lot of grow lights. we just didn't have room. >> for marijuana? >> well, you know, we don't ask where they come from. >> it is legal now in colorado. >> maybe we'll get less. >> what about this? >> will soon have a george bush talking figure and i did check. he has cowboy boots on. >> why -- people are stealing this? this is a common item? >> tommy lane used to say people steal everything but the kitchen sink. nowadays, they steal the kitchen sink. >> mr. president, he's not talking. >> i guess we need to charge that with batteries. >> the computers, how much do these go for? >> this is an apple laptop and that will go 30, 40% off retail. >> a lot of electronics? >> i imagine. >> a lot of electronics. >> people picking up smartphones. >> smartphones, bicycles.
9:27 am
a trek bike. we sold 0,000 in one 12 month period. >> can you buy these items? >> we collect them and bring them to the warehouse. we distributed $46 million to communities across the united states. our -- we think, hey, shop on and lower somebody's taxes. >> my favorite character on walking dead. >> be careful. a crew member. >> that's got a sharp point. >> hey, chris, stand back. >> thanks. >> picture this, your kids posing with santa and guns. now that's a christmas card you will not forget. we've got all the details still ahead. and it's thanksgiving with a twist. we've got mouth watering recipes you'll want to try coming up next. so you say men are superior drivers?
9:28 am
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welcome back to "fox & friends." a lot of people wanting to know the name of that stolen property website. we'll get it out to you. >> what if you're not on twitter? >> you can't duet it. first your headlines. during a birthday party for iowa governor the celebration turned
9:32 am
to a focus on the economy. >> that wasn't an accident. congress chose that. the fiscal cliff is a complete creation of the political branch in washington, d.c. it's an example once more of a dysfunctional process. >> who is that guy? florida senator marco rubio who turned eyebrows in iowa. they say the turnaround on the economy isn't by raising taxes on the wealthy. >> what started as a case of the hiccups landed a man from maine in the hospital for more than a week. >> [ hiccups] . >> doctors thought the cause was severe heartburn and gave mickey prescription drugs. when that didn't work his wife convinced him to go to the er. >> my stomach is so sore. i can't keep any food down.
9:33 am
feels like i have done a million crunches. maybe i'll get a six-pack out of that. >> you want to hear that sound again? doctors believe it might have to do with inflammation in his esophagus. one study says more than 4,000 americans are hospitalized every year due to persistent hiccups. >> here's something that might solve it. have a franklin. it's bad enough -- twinkie. the twinkie may be about to be taken over by mexico. there's word this morning bimbo, the world's largest bread making firm -- contain yourselves -- may make a bid to buy the bankrupt hostess. the mexican company already owns part of sara lee, enter mans and thomas english muffins.
9:34 am
so bimbo might bite hostess. >> got it. they were displaced in the wake of hurricane sandy but they're getting a new home. 60 dogs and cats flown to santa fe, california. seaworld and southwest airlines organized the trip. the four-legged friends will stay at the helen woodward animal center until they're put with a loving family. we've been waiting to talk about. this number one and number two in college football lost. notre dame number one for the first time since 1993 on track to play alabama in the national title game. >> the question, who will get top ranking. >> notre dame, no question. >> we'll see. ow to rick reichmuth outside for the weather. >> how happy is alabama about that? >> amazing. >> right? crazy. a little bit chilly to start your day. of course everybody's wondering if they'll get home this week.
9:35 am
you are. no problems in the airports, on the roads or anything. a lucky thanksgiving travel forecast. look at maps and you can see what's going on for our wednesday. we're talking about nice conditions, a lot of sunshine. maybe we don't have maps. it's nice on wednesday. sunny across the eastern -- really almost three 40s of -- fourths of the country. across the west is where the trouble will be. southern california will dry out. san francisco will dry out. northern california, oregon and washington will see the majority of the precipitation but it's a lot. some spots picking up 10 inches of rain in the coastal range so there will be weather. your forecast for the day today, very nice across the northeast. we've got plenty of sunshine. a repeat of what you saw yesterday so if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. the southeast, same story, comfortable temperatures, the rain in florida yesterday will be across the carolinas.
9:36 am
minor beach erosion, rough surf. in the northern plains, a mild one. temps around 15 to 20 degrees above where you should be to comfortable. across the west continuing to be unsettled with the rain and mountain snow. move that map one more. mountain snow, especially in across areas of the north. we'll send it over to you with thanksgiving. turkey looks great but cold. >> i'll try to get this segment. we're shivering. everything loves turkey on thanksgiving but i bet you'll love it even more, especially you men, when it's wrapped in bacon. sounds amazing, right? to give us a unique twist on our turkey and more of delicious sides and desserts, rebecca lang, author of southern living around the southern table. a contributing editor for southern living magazine. >> i am, yes. it's warmer down 0 south.
9:37 am
>> we get to say y'all. i'm from the south. >> i'm so glad. this is fun. you know nobody does thanksgiving like we do in the south. >> like our moms and grandmothers. >> we've rolled it out. around the southern table i celebrate thanksgiving. i have over 150 recipe that are truly southern. this is the perfect example to make your table as southern as it can be. >> we like our bacon. >> i put it on everything. there are three b's to remember when you bake your turkey. everybody hates a dry bird. i'll show you ways to prevent the dry bird. we're going to start with a brine, half salt, half sugar, back peppercorns, mustard seats. heat it up to dissolve the salt and sugar then cool it and sub merge our bird about 24 hours. put him in the fridge or cooler with ice and make sure it stays cold. now we bake it and the nice thing before we put it in the
9:38 am
oven is the second b is butter. >> i love butter. >> parsley and a little bit of sage, salt and pepper and we loosen the skin and rub the butter underneath the skin. extra butter on top. >> you can get the kids involved. >> kids love turkeys. this is fun. in the oven about 350, an hour and 45 minutes then take it out. the fun part, we're going to put bacon, the third b, on the breast of the turkey. if the turkey's going to dry out, the first place is on the breast. we cover it with bacon and you know the fun things bacon does. the flavor comes through and look at this beautiful bacon-covered turkey. >> gorgeous. >> i love that she brought silver. you never leave the south without the silver. >> i want to bring people back to the table and sit down and connect with those you love.
9:39 am
that's what thanksgiving's about. southern living, we love to do that. we like to bring you back to the table. so pull out your grandmother's heirlooms and use it to teach your children where it came from. >> i say year-round. >> silver stays in better shape you more you use it. >> this is a casserole, our favorite, especially -- we love the marshmallows. >> when i was a kid, i thought it was a mistake. i thought mom accidentally forgot and put dessert on the table and i ate and ate. i do a little bit of a spin on it and i take gingersnaps that are crushed and tossed in melted butter and we're going to take and make a row. you can see it on the finished product. we're going to do like a football field. we love our football in the south. we'll make a stripe. >> this gives it a little bit of a snap. >> a snap, it gives a spice. and also a pretty texture on top. that's really nice. we bake this at 350, about 28
9:40 am
minutes until browned and inside the potatoes, simple baked sweet potatoes, buttedder, eggs, cinnamon. nutmeg. >> where can we find this recipe? >> on your website. around the southern table. it's a cookbook that takes you through thanksgiving and every other holiday. >> are you staying in new york? can you feed my family on thursday? >> i'll bring my children but i'll be there. >> more the merrier. after the show we'll talk about the wonderful desserts, hummingbird cake. >> oh. >> dave, over to you. >> thank you. hummingbird is delicious. they're hard to catch but once you do, mmm. that's nasa. >> the middle east teetering on the brink of war as hamas militants blast more rockets into israel. this morning president obama reinforcing our nation's support for israel.
9:41 am
the latest on the situation there coming up. >> plus he's got the bad reputation on the track but kurt busch has a softer side. he'll show it to us next. [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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9:44 am
quick headlines. nothing says christmas like pictures with santa. and his guns. the scottsdale gun club offers familiars pictures with the big guy and your choice of automatic weapons. bring the kids. despite criticism the gun club always has a ton of people sign up. >> plus after 25 years of marriage, def leppard's vivian campbell and his wife are splitting up. the guitarist has filed for
9:45 am
divorce citing irreconcilable differences. we have two young daughters together. a fox news alert. cease-fire talks in egypt today to try to end the violence between israel and militants in gaza. the president reinforce the the u.s. stand with israel. >> a there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders so we're supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. >> hamas militants fired and the israel responded. legal land vitter -- leland vitter toured some of the damage along the border this morning. >> this is the raw intensity of
9:46 am
war. we arrived here where these rockets landed just a couple of minutes afterwards. it was near our hotel where this happened. another ten or 15 feet and that rocket would have been inside the house. the problem for the israelis is the iron dome has been so effective in intercepting missiles, they have to make sure people around here take cover when these air raid sirens go off. we're heading right now from one location to another. you probably just heard the iron dome go off. a fellow is taking cover there which is about the best thing you can do in open areas. the key during one of these sirens is to try to find a place to lay down and tuck in somewhere like this rock. this is a fact of life. from the time the sirens go off to the time you need to be down is 20 or 30 seconds. this shows the power of these rockets through the roof of this apartment building, through this next floor with the steal
9:47 am
reinforced ceiling and here to where it almost when down yet another floor in this apartment. almost everything a total loss. a lot of it is destroyed. the good news is the family photos were saved and the clock is still ticking. >> remarkable. leland vitter right in the heart of it all and will continue to cover it for you here on fox "fx news channel." >> next, kurt busch, trying to shake his bad boy image by showing his softer side. live from the homestead-miami speedway where the championship is determined today. we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board.
9:48 am
what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ]
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welcome back. nascar driver kurt busch known as a bad boy and outlaw of the nascar world but he has a softer side. a big supporter of men and women in uniform. that's why he's being revealed in a special called kurt busch, the outlaw. >> it makes me realize that there is struggles that people live with every day. you can have good days and those good days might be for him sitting up straight for an hour all by yourself. for me, good days would be going to victory lane. so when my bad days happen, they're not so bad anymore. let me stop the tape. >> well said, kurt.
9:52 am
he joins us from homestead, mime speedway. great to see you, man. >> good morning, guys. thanks for having me on. >> what puts things in perspective for you and how important our men and women in uniform are and the sacrifice they make? >> our armed forces do a great deal for all of us that live in america. when they come back and their lives have changed forever with some of the wounds, mentally as well as physically that they have, it's an honor to go see them, whether it's at bethesda or walter reed or the v.a.'s. some of our passing from vietnam and world war ii, to talk with them, share some stories and to share that moment with them. it's a bridge that both of us get to cross and we can relate to one another on some of our stories. they get inspired by someone coming to see them. i get inspired by what they have
9:53 am
done for our country and given up of their life. >> many people are surprised when they see how emotional you get. are there two sides to kurt busch? >> well, there's two sides to every story. i'm one that pours a lot of ten tenacity into my racing. i want to go for the win. a lot of times i'm on the edge and it becomes controversial or there's an moment where there's an opinion that isn't the definition. this show was a great way to show i'm not a nonconformist. i do things my way but over time i'm accumulated a lot of wins and shared a lot of moments with great teams and this show puts that softer side to things on, hey, everybody's i'm and we put our pants on the same way. >> i live on the edge with you, so i totally understand. the documentary reairs thursday the 26th. 8:00 a.m. eastern time on the speed channel. today, though, you are at
9:54 am
homestead speedway in miami. brad kozlowski going for the championship, the first title for penske racing, huge for roger and brad. he has a 20-point lead and only has to finish in the top 156789 is there any way he does not take home the title today? >> well, anything can happen and there's these tense moments that lead into the finale. your transmission with break on lap two or your wheel can come apart and you'll struggle the rest of the day to build up that position but brad's going to start up front, hopefully have a smooth day and i wish nothing but the best for penske racing and miller lite team and dodge. i worked with those guys many years and had things go good and things go bad but it's great to see them pull it together and we're rooting for them to beat jimmy johnson but at the same time, she's johnson with --
9:55 am
here's johnson with five championships. it's going to be a good battle. we hope for more guys to be involved such as kasey kahne or clint bowyer. we saw what happened to boyer last week but with this format we want as many as possible. >> clint bowyer, a scuffle between he and jeff gordon, gordon taking him out. the crews were rumbling, the two of them jaws at each other. gordon fined 100 grand. lieu like what nascar is doing in terms of minimizing the incidents? daryl wrote that nascar needs to let it be the sport it used to be. some feel the lack of drama in this chase or should they make some changes in the future? >> it's a catch 22. the way all of us have to represent our millions of dollars of corporate sponsorships, you have to be that choir boy or come off
9:56 am
squeaky clean. you can't have bumps, bruises, or black eye and have the sponsor happy. 20, 30 years ago, budgets were less, drivers had no personality. there was less consequences when we got out of line but it's just the fab of america and the world is changing on how politically correct we need to be. nascar can still put on an entertaining show within reason and still have guys going back and forth and not have the big corporate punishments. gordon stepped out of his box and showed his muscle and you know, the way that some guys get away with it and do it, gordon had a lot of equity in the sport. >> i loved it as well. the documentary reairs on speed november 26 at 8:00 a.m.yo nor "fox & friends" in two minutes. moment considering any broth but swanson?
9:57 am
the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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