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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 24, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight the voice mail from manti te'o's fake girlfriend. does the person on the other end of the line sound like a woman to you? we'll place the voice. you decide. plus, the defense secretary says allowing women in combat will make the military stronger. we are moving forward with a plan to eliminate all unnecessary gender-based terriers in service. >> some women could do it fine and some women would never be able to. >> shepard: we'll hear from the women who actually serve. >> i feel if a woman is strong enough to stand up and give the oath, then she's strong enough to be right threw next to her other soldiers. >> we are strong as men.
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>> shepard: tonight the changing face of the united states military. plus, revelations about the nanny accused in a baby's death. >> when i found out she was a nanny, i was really concerned. >> i wouldn't leave her watching my dog for an hour. >> shepard: what we've uncovered about this woman's past. that is first from fox this thursday night. they hired a nanny to take care of their infant daughter. instead, investigators say that nanny attacked the little girl, broke her bones, and on her first birthday, hurt her so badly that days later, the child died. now the nanny could face murder charges. it's an investigation still developing in cambridge, mass. the death earlier this month, one of the nanny's neighbors said he had confrontations before and always knew she was trouble. >> got to the point where i actual lea had thought about following her to work one day
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and finding out whose kid she was watching and i was gog tell the people that they should probably take a better look at who they have watching their kid and in hindsight, i wish i had did that, because if i did, a baby might still be alive. >> shepard: as horrifying as this sort of crime is, it's not unheard of. in october, police say a nanny here in new york city stabbed to death two children in the family's apartment. and in washington state, a nanny is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of a one-year-old baby boy in 2011. in this latest incident, massachusetts state police say they found a pillow and a blanket in the infant's crib, both stained with blood. and bloody baby wipes hidden in a diaper pail. this week a judge order the nanny held on half a million dollars bail. she's pleading not guilty to assault and her lawyer says she had no role in the baby's death. but investigators say that nanny was the only one with the child when the injuries occurred. the only one watching a child who was completely helpless,
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innocent, and whose parents are now heart broken. the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt in our news room. this nanny has a history. >> yes, and a history of violence. she was apparently involved in at least one bar fight, actually mccarthy brady, who is 34 years old, had a previous assault charge against her, two restraining orders. she was also in the united states illegally, having overstayed the 90-day visa waiver program way back in 2002. according to her attorney, none of that has any relevance to the way she cared for one-year-old rema. listen. >> she's very experienced. she is never, ever hurt a child or been alleged to have hurt a child. she would never hurt a child. >> investigators clearly think otherwise and we are told that they are likely to upgrade the charge against this woman from assault to murder once they get the autopsy results completed.
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shep. >> shepard: the documents show that the infant's injuries are consistent with what doctors call shaken baby syndrome. >> yes. some of the injuries are consistent indeed with sbs, that is what it sounds like, the violent shaking of a baby that causes severe or even fatal head brain trauma. now, according to one study, and there aren't many studies on this, but this one cited by the cdc conducted by university of north carolina, ex program plated across the united states, they say there are probably something like 1300 cases a year resulting in something like 300 deaths. if you look at child abuse deaths as a whole, department of health and human services says in 2011, there were more than 1500 deaths. but shear what's interesting. more than three quarters of those deaths caused by the parents. only 2.3% caused by a care giver. that is perhaps why it catches our attention so much, shep, in
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that it is pretty unusual and it is, of course, the worst thing that could happen to a parent. you entrust the lives of your children to a care giver and that care giver takes those lives. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live. now manti te'o, the plot has apparently thickened in the already bizarre dead girlfriend hoax. we now have audio voice mails that the nation's most famous nonexistent girlfriend reportedly left fort notre dame football star. messages including one in which the apparent perpetrator's left the day before the so-called girlfriend supposedly died of leukemia. manti te'o claims somebody tricked him in an on-line romance with a fake woman. the alleged mastermind behind this hoax reportedly posed as the woman, composing e-mails, tweets and even talking to him on the phone using a female voice. talked for hours on end, according to the cell phone records. toe appeared on katie couric's talk show and he played an audio
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of a voice mail from september 11, one day before he claims to have learned she died. >> i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. i know that you're doing homework or with the boys. i just want to say i love you and i'll be okay tonight. i'll do my best. yeah. so i'll talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much. sweet dreams. >> shepard: the voice is supposedly that of a man. because woman from california claims the perpetrators used her photos for the girlfriend's fake twitter account without her knowledge. just yesterday manti te'o claimed he lied to his father about meeting her and lied at least once in public about the girlfriend after he learned about the hoax. trace gallagher with more. the person whose who is on that voice mail sounds like a woman. >> it sure does. a manti te'o released three voice mails. you heard the first one there.
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we will play you the other two. as you said, not only did they talk for several hours on end, but they talked every single day, says manti te'o, and the records back that up. listen now to the fake girlfriend reassuring him that she loves him, right before her first chemotherapy. >> i'm just letting you now if you call her and i'm getting ready for my first session and i want to keep you posted. i miss you. i love you. bye. >> katie couric asked him if the man behind the hoax impersonated the voice. teo said, i'm quoting, if he somehow made that voice, that's incredible. that's an incredible talent to do that, especially every single day. it turns out the tuiasosopo is very talented. the head of his high school drama club and recently tried out fort television show "the voice." shep. >> shepard: you know, from what we're learning here, it sounds like even phony relationships
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have problems. >> yeah. and this phony relationship apparently had jealousy problems. remember, they had dated for three years, even though in actuality, they had never actually met. but during this voice mail, she or he accuses manti te'o of being with another woman. listen. >> this is my life. i don't know who answered your phone. and i don't care. you made it clear what you want. take care. >> he said that tuiasosopo told him on january 16 that the hoax wasn't an effort to be mean, that he was simply trying to help him. shep. >> shepard: trace, thank you. a historic move for the united states military. the pentagon will let women
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serve in hundreds of thousands of combat jobs. lots of women know all too well you don't have to go to the front lines to end up in combat. we'll get reaction from some of our men and women in uniform. plus word of a secret meeting about chandra levy. she's the former capitol hill intern who disappeared back in 2001 and her father says he's worried about what this new meeting might mean for her convicted killer. the new murder mystery from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report
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>> shepard: the enemy's bullet don't discriminate by gend examiner soon no longer will the u.s. military. panetta and the joint chief chairman announced they were lifting the ban on women in combat, one that stood since 1994. >> not everyone is going to be able to be a combat soldier.
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but everyone is entitled to a chance. >> shepard: of course, women have been fighting and dying for this country for years. as battlefield lines have blurred, more women have found she was in the middle of the action. in fact, in afghanistan and iraq alone, nearly is thousand women have been wounded. is 52 have died -- 152 have died. despite their sacrifice, despite the blood they've left behind and despite the reality that women have proven themselves over and over again, controversy remains. >> i think that opens up a lot of opportunity for women serving, especially women like me. >> women like her will get the stunt to serve in positions that were previously off limits. >> i'd like to be an infantry officer, help strategize and plan. >> go, go,. >> shepard: putting themselves side by side with their male counter parts on the front lines. >> i feel like this is a great role for women to show america that we are strong as men and that we can fulfill the role just as much as men can. >> i hate to say it, but that's
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because i'm an old timer. >> shepard: the plan has its skeptics among folks in the military. >> combat is different than a lot of people understand. some women could do it fine. and some women would never be able to do do it inform others are taking a wait and see approach. >> physically i think it will be really hard. women aren't built the same as men. >> different jobs require different abilities and skills. i think it's a little too early right now to judge or decide hey, this is going to work. >> shepard: whatever happens, it's clear the battlefield has evolved over the past decade with more women in the line of fire. >> everywhere is a combat zone and what has happened now is women have been in the thick of combat. >> shepard: few people can speak to that better than tammy duckworth, the first female double amputee of the iraq war. >> we were hit by an hpg. it ripped through our aircraft t
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took off my legs, most of my right arm. >> shepard: she supports the decision to lift the military combat restrictions. >> lifting the restriction is going to allow those women who want to fight in combat positions to try and to try out for them. if they can make it, good for them. there is a lot of women who won't make it. but there is a lot of men who can't make it either. >> shepard: no question there. president obama responded to the pentagon's change with a statement that reads in part: today every american can be proud that our military will grow even stronger with our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters playing a greater role in forgetting the country we love: jennifer griffin with the news at the pentagon. first, explain how this will work. >> no positions have been opened to women as of today, shep. but 230,000 positions could soon be open to women as early as this year. the service chief have until may 15 to present their concerns to the defense secretary and ask for certain units to be exempt. but they will have to make a strong case.
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today's decision does not imply women are going to be included in the selective service or draft. shep. >> shepard: what about reaction from lawmakers? >> reaction did not necessarily fall along party lines, which was interesting. congressman duncan hunter served in iraq and expressed concern, quote, what needs to be explained is how this decision when all is said and done, increases combat effectiveness overall. >> i think it's appropriate, but i also think that we have to expect the same rigorous physical standards, particularly for combat units. we can not have two standards, physical or mental, for that matter, standards for people to qualify. >> the views of two republican veterans on capitol hill. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. thanks. unintended pregnancies are on the rise among service women. that's according to the findings of a new study released today. amid the news that the pentagon is lifting the ban on women in
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combat. just over 10% of women in the military said in 2008, they'd had an unintended pregnancy in the last year. we're told that figure is about 50% higher than rates in the general public. access to birth control can be a problem for troops deployed for long periods of time. if women become pregnant, abortion is legally restricted on u.s. military bases. a professor at the university of california san francisco conducted the study based on department of defense data. president obama's nominee for secretary of state, the massachusetts senator john kerry we want off script today during his confirmation hearing. his comments about senator john mccain's ordeal in vietnam that were not in senator kerry's prepared remarks, plus what made him cry today. and the kennedys like you've never seen them. newly uncovered family photos, including a seve from jackie o. that's still ahead.
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>> shepard: there is a new twist as fox reports in the murder case of the washington intern chandra levy more than ten years ago. her parents now tell fox about new secret meetings surrounding the case. they say that lawyers on both sides mettles twice since december to discuss the testimony of one witness. remember channel chan's case made headlines because of her reported affair with gary condit. but a court ultimately convicted this illegal immigrant linked to a string of assaults at rock creek park where a dog walker discovered her body nearly a year after she disappeared. her parents say they do not know which witness is the subject of the post trial meetings, but they say they're hoping this does not jeopardize the murder conviction.
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>> they haven't really said 'cause it's all secret. whether they have o have another trial or suspect or whatever, we don't know. they can't tell us because it's secret. >> attorneys cannot even go along with people who are reporters or news people. >> shepard: a court put the convicted killer's appeal on hold because of these meetings. the national rifle association wasted no time responding today after democratic lawmakers took the first step toward banning assault weapons. senator die unanimous feinstein introduced a new version of the assault weapons ban that she wrote and congress passed back in 1994. president obama called for lawmakers to renew the ban after the massacre at sandy hook in newtown, connecticut. senator feinstein says the issue is also very personal for her. remember, she became mayor of san francisco in 1978 after a gunman shot and killed the mayor at city hall. >> once you have been through one of these episodes, once you see what the crime scene is
7:23 pm
like, it isn't like the movies. it changes your view of weapons, i think. >> shepard: the assault weapons ban expired almost a decade ago and tonight a spokesman for the nra says there is no need to renew it because gun bans do not work. shannon bream live in d.c what would this new bill do exactly. >> it would ban the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 157 specific guns, along with a broader group of other guns that would meet a new lower threshold for classifying a firearm as an assault weapon. there would be numerous bans on various high capacity magazines and beefed up background checks on the sale and transfer of all assault weapons. vice president joe biden said today assault weapons aren't necessary for personal protection. >> the shotgun will keep you a lot safer. a double barrel shotgun than the assault weapon in somebody's hands, you know it's hard tore
7:24 pm
use an assault weapon to hit something that is a shotgun. okay? >> by the way, the new classification would include a number of rifles, shotguns, and hand guns as well. >> shepard: i mentioned the nra is all over this? >> here is reaction from the group today saying this, senator feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law abiding citizens for decades. it's disappointing but not surprise she's focused on curtailing the constitution instead of prosecuting criminals or fixing our broken mental health system. the nra says it's confident congress will not pass this particular bill. senate majority leader democrat harry reid, a long-time gun rights advocate, has been under pressure to act. he is hinting he may allow a measure to go to a vote, but only with a very liberal amendment process which could strip out the most controversial parts of the measure. >> shepard: shannon bream in washington. we're gotting our first look at rare photos that show the private life of the kennedy family. they've been locked up at the home of the late long-time kennedy aide. this picture said to be from
7:25 pm
1954 shows the future president, john f. kennedy, and his wife, jackie, and his sister, ethel. you can see jackie with the camera taking it there. this is a birthday card that jfk, junior gave his father in 1963. the year an assassin's bullet would kill the president. relatives of the aide say they found them as they discovered to sell his home. the cost of snail mail goes up on sunday. the price of a stamp going up a penny to 46 cents, sending a letter internationally jumping to 1.10. of course, u.s. postal service has been hemorrhaging money for years. but something else may go up this weekend. the cost of many credit card purchases. and in a big way. we'll tell i couldn't next. and just in time fort super bowl, the price of chicken wings is flying high. have you heard the rumors? we'll set them straight as we approach the bottom of the hour
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now at the sleep number white sale. >> shepard: you may have heard there is a chicken wing shortage in america, a shortage threatening to ruin your super bowl party. like manti te'o's girlfriend, it really doesn't exist. no wing crisis, according to the national chicken council, officials there responding to speculation over record high wing prices. they say companies simply produced fewer birds last year because the record drought raised the price of corn. there is a lot of that in
7:30 pm
chicken feed. economists advising folks to buy early. they say wing sales go way up as super sunday approaches. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. it could get a little more expensive to use your credit card come sunday. that's when merchants in 40 states will be allowed to add a swipe fee. a charge of up to 4% for any customer who uses plastic. up until now, businesses had to swallow those fees themselves, but a recent antitrust settlement between credit card companies and merchants changed everything. now stores and restaurants will be able to push that cost right on to you. fortunately they have to tell you first and you could still pay with cash. gerri willis is with us. not every card will be hit with these? >> n. debit and prepaid cards will not. by sunday, you'll start to see signs in your favorite store saying whether or not you got to pay this extra fee, they have to
7:31 pm
inform customers as of sunday. it applies to purchases on-line as well. so if you think you're going to get around this by going to amazon or something, forget about it. the top limit on the fees here, 4%. that's not nothing. especially if you're buying a big ticket item. >> you're paying 8 or 9% in sales tax and now this. in some states, this is illegal. >> yeah. okay. here are the lucky people in california, colorado, connecticut, florida, kansas, maine, massachusetts, new york, oklahoma and texas. listen, this is a big deal and i think people are going to struggle with this thing and they're not going to be happy about it and consider, these fees were really already built into the price of stuff, so you're really paying it twice. what they should do is give us a discount in cash. >> shepard: they should. >> but they're not going to do that. no. >> shepard: thank you. a real shock shock today. shares of apple fell far from the tree and rotted in the orchard. the tech giant price per share
7:32 pm
off 12% today alone. off 36% from the high. quarterly earnings came out today, they were up but not as much as analysts expected. slowing growth, it shows. after five blockbuster years. senator john kerry did ad libbing and fought back some tears during his confirmation hearing. in his opening statement, he added a mention of his trip to vietnam with senator john mccain who is only the committee holding the hearing, senator kerry talked about their visit to the cell at the hanoi hilton where senator mccain spent years as a prisoner of war. and then senator kerry got motion alias talked about his own father's career in the foreign service. >> my father's work under presidents, both democrat and republican, took me and my siblings around the world for personal journey that brought home the sacrifice and the commitment the men and women of the foreign service make every day on behalf of america. >> shepard: he also received a warm introduction from the
7:33 pm
current secretary of state. >> john has built strong relationships with leaders in governments here and around the world and he has experience in representing our country in fragile and unpredictable circumstances. >> shepard: secretary clinton's appearance on the hill today likely her last as america's top diplomat. today session was calm, compared to the fierce back and forth yesterday when secretary clinton testified about the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. of course, it was a controversy surrounding that attack that sank ambassador susan rice's potential nomination as secretary of state. and left senator kerry the top candidate. today also marked a bit of a strange reversal for the senator because he spent decades serving on the senate foreign relations committee and the last four years chairing it. >> for 29 years, i've sat up on the dais where you aller and kind of looked down at the witnesses and wondered what they're thinking sometimes. as we question them if suddenly i am feeling a lot of sympathy
7:34 pm
for the folks who sit down here. >> shepard: he need not have worried. his colleagues weren't too tough on him. although they did have some questions about his priorities. mike emmanuel live on capitol hill. there was a lot of talk about iran today. >> indeed. and once he is confirmed secretary of state, it will be one of the major headaches, iran and its ambitions. senator kerry took heat for president obama's foreign policy which he supports, but says time is running out for the regime. >> the president has made it definitive. we will do what we must do to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and i repeat here today, our policy is not containment. it is prevention. and the clock is ticking on our efforts to secure responsible compliance. >> i hope you would help me with because in your testimony you alluded to president obama's vision for the world and the two years i've been here, i've struggled to fully understand what that vision is.
7:35 pm
>> on syria, another hot spot they'll face, senator kerry and senator mccain, a democrat and republican, said every day that goes by, it gets worse, shep. >> shepard: he was also, senator kerry, put into position to defend another of the president's cabinet nominees. >> that's right. his nomination is not controversial. he's well-known and plenty of experience and so he's expected to be a shoe in. but senator chuck hagel, the nominee to be the next secretary of defense has taken some heat and today senator kerry stuck up for senator hagel. >> i know chuck hagel and i think he is a strong, patriotic, former senator and he will be a strong secretary of defense. >> also tonight, a letter being circulated signed by former secretaries of state, secretaries of defense, and national security advisors trying to help the hagel nomination across the finish line. >> shepard: mike emmanuel, thanks. senator kerry testified before
7:36 pm
the same committee more than 40 years ago as a vietnam veteran who opposed the war. as he put it back when he was 27 years old, how do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? senator kerry talked about that testimony after an antiwar demonstrator interrespected today's hearing. >> i first came to washington and testified, i obviously was testifying as part of the group of people who came here to have their voices heard. and that is above all what this place is about. people measure what we do and in a way that's good exclamation point to my testimony. >> shepard: also one of his colleagues pointed out senator kerry would be the first chairman of the foreign relations committee to become secretary of state in more than 100 years. north korea will soon conduct more nuclear tests and it's warning its military planes or plans to target its so-called sworn enemy, the united states. that from the communist regime's national defense commission,
7:37 pm
which today claimed its rockets are designed to one day carry war heads to america. experts say the north koreans do not yet have the technology to make good on that threat, but as you know, they launched a long-range rocket last night, reportedly to put a satellite in orbit. it crashed into the sea. as for the nuclear test, they're stowed have detonated two bombs in the past. it's unclear when the next test might come, but many think soon. this amp, the defense secretary panetta said the u.s. is, quote, very concerned about these latest threats. temperatures as low as 29 degrees below zero, as bitter cold slams millions of people. it's no help to firefighters in chicago. tonight they're still battle ago fire two days after it broke out. even as their hoses freeze solid. plus, a blast rips right through a road. surveillance cameras rolling as the earth erupts with people standing nearby.
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>> shepard: the same type of battery used in boeing's dream liner jet once burned a whole building to the ground. a stunning revelation after airlines grounded them over safety fears. last week overheated battery forced a 787 dreamliner to make an emergency landing in japan. you can see the charred battery here. just one week earlier, another fire on another dreamliner in boston. now the feds are investigating and we're learning more about the type of batteries these planes use and why during testing a few years back, one of them exploded and burned down the whole lab. dan spring better the news, he's live in seattle tonight. dan, aviation officials had to be concerned about these batteries a long time ago.
7:42 pm
>> absolutely. the faa had major concerns about boeing's use of lithium ion batteries in the 787. they knew about the fire in 2006 at a lab in arizona. it was caused when a 60-pound lithium ion battery exploded during some testing. this company supplies the battery charger for the 787. the battery maker is made in japan and it's the same type installed in the dreamliner. the maker says their batteries are not the problem. they've been used on space satellites without any issues. the ntsb still can't say for sure why two of the batteries overheated and one caught fire on that plane in boston. but they know boeing's safety system failed. experts say it looks like this investigation will last for a while. >> suddenly 787 will be on the ground for an indefinite period. whether that's two months, four months, six months or more, i have no way of knowing. but it's not going to be back in the air any time soon.
7:43 pm
>> united airlines is the only u.s. carrier to have any dreamliners. they have six. the ceo says he has confidence the problem will be fixed and customers will come back. shep. >> shepard: dan springer in seattle, chunks of concrete go flying as a sewer explosion tears up a downtown street and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. china. security cameras captured the moment the road suddenly burst open in a southern province. one angle appears to show three adults and a child standing a few feet away. officials say nobody was hurt. the blast destroyed some 250 feet of roadway. authorities are investigating the cause. australia. torrential rains triggered heavy flooding in the northeast. several feet of water blocked roads and swamped farm land in the area. some 6,000 homes reportedly lost power near the coast. forecasters predict more rain in
7:44 pm
the region through the weekend. chile. dozens of inmates in a prison near the capitol city of santiago flash dancing to songs like "we will rock you" and" macry in a." it's part of an initiative by corrections officials to lower prison violence and help ex-cons rejoin society. the chilean tv personality helped choreograph the dance. united kingdom. chime pan flees brave ago cold snap in wales. workers helped the animals stay warm with hot tea and blankets. most them are used to the warmer conditions of their native rain forest. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. fox weather alert. th deadly arctic chill continues to harm the northern u.s. bitter cold temperatures from
7:45 pm
the plains to the east coast. forecasters say snow on the way for many. of course, it's especially bad for folks still without heat and power after super storm sandy hit back in october. still without power. here in new york, volunteers set up these warming tents on staten island. they say the heaters don't fill the tents completely, but they're providing some relief. we reported last night about that massive warehouse fire in chicago. one of the city's biggest fires in years. this morning it started up again. microphone machine chicago. how are the firefighters doing? >> they think they got it out. they had orgeat back out in the wee hours of the morning and that bitter cold because the fire rekindled overnight. they had to deal with their ladder trucks icing up. all of their gear icing up and they dumped water back on top of this old warehouse, creating that remarkable to lock at, that ice castle. but in and of itself, that is dangerous. the ice is heavy, that building is old. the whole structure is at risk of collapse. this fire started on tuesday and produced one of the largest
7:46 pm
fires that chicago has seen in years. it was a big five alarm, 170 firefighters were part of the process. two were injured and tonight the chicago fire department is hoping that they're not going to have to deal with that warehouse again. shep. >> shepard: let's hope not. folks in florida, including within man who moved into a foreclosed mansion without paying a dime. police say the squatter notified officials he was moving into the posh pad under an obscure old florida law known as adverse possession. cops stopped by, but the guy showed them his paperwork. the neighbors are not pleased, but the lawyer says he'll probably got the boot. bank of america spokesman says we are in communication with the police department and appreciate their assistance. we're taking this situation seriously and understand the concerns expressed by nearby residence. we filed the appropriate and immediate legal action to have the trespasser removed from the property. a reminder to soccer fans, you're supposed to kick the ball.
7:47 pm
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>> shepard: get out of benghazi. that from some european leaders warning of a specific and imminent threat to westerners in the libn city where an attack last month killed -- i should say last fall killed four americans. americans including our ambassador there. british and german officials are telling officials to leave benghazi right now. the dutch say staying is not advised at this time.
7:51 pm
this comes as french forces battle militants with ties to al-qaeda in mal, and a week after terrorists attacked a gas plant in algeria. three americans among the dozens of hostages who died. catherine herridge in d.c what are you hearing about this threat? >> shep, this advisory the state department telling any americans left in benghazi to get out. at least two other diplomatic missions have advised their citizens to leave benghazi immediately. adding that while there is no specific information pointing to imminent threats against u.s. citizens, the potential for violence and kidnapping is high. the defense secretary offering a a candid assessment to reporters. >> everybody in that area, i think is very concerned they can't provide the security necessary to protect people in those places and i think that's why these countries have made the decision that they have made. >> this is an area where al-qaeda and islamist group al
7:52 pm
is a rear i can't are operating and both are blamed for the benghazi attack on 9-11. >> shepard: new details how they are worning together? >> the chairman of the joint chiefs saying al-qaeda affiliates and like minded groups are develop ago regional strategy. >> north african and west africa is a syndicate of groups who come together episodically when it's convenient in order to advance their cause. sometimes their cause is terrorism. sometimes it's criminal. sometimes arms trafficking. >> after the fall of moammar gadhafi in october of 2011, military analyst who has worked intelligence says we are now seeing the ripple effect. >> what you have is a proliferation and a flow of cheap weapons. that is the recipe for trouble for years and years to come. cheap weapons, weak institutions and grievances. >> while drones are relatively easy options in the near term, the u.s. military would need to
7:53 pm
establish assets on the ground to run and maintain them. they do not solve any of the long-term problems. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. there is no kicking ball boys in soccer. english premiere league hit a player with a three match band after he kicked this 17-year-old boy in the ribs near the end of a game. the ref gave the player the boot. look again. but he will not face criminal charges. the ball bye i and the player talked it out and apologized to each other. the coach said the ball boy acknowledged that he was wasting time for the home team and that he and the player both recognized they were wrong. that was especially wrong. if you find yourself eating by yourself a lot, japanese design company has you covered. look at this. it's the anti-loneliness ramen bowl. it's on preorder now. and comes with a dock for your iphone. so you can check the facebook status of your happy successful friends while you slurp cheap soup alone in the dark.
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some folks would love a little help removing snow, but not without their permission. now one woman is in big trouble for doing just that. the return of the so-called cleaning fairy. plus, first he was a singer, then an actor and now justin timberlake's music career is coming back around. a look at jt's brand-new video. that's next so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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7:58 pm
then left the bill. seventy-five dollars right there on the napkin. her latest job took her outdoors where a surprised homeowner found a clear path to his door. >> our walkway was clear, i didn't understand why. >> i thought it was one of the neighbors being nice, but i guess it wasn't. >> he's right. it was the cleaning fairy. cops busted her for violating probation. singer turned actor justin timberlake turning back into a singer now. the video for his new single "suit and tie" debuted today. ♪ as long as i got my suit and tie ♪ ♪ . >> the song is a hit on the interweb. more than 300,000 digital copies sold. it's cracked itunes' top ten in multiple countries. j.t. set to make his live return at a charity event in new orleans this saturday, just ahead of the super bowl.
7:59 pm
on this day in the year 41 a.d., the roman emperor of irrelevant peerial guards ended the reign of one of history's notorious lunatic when is they assassinated the emperor caligula, the son of a anus general. when his uncle died, the young man assumed the throne, but power apparently went right to his head. ancient accounts describe massive orgies and killings for fun. once bored at a sporting event, he reportedly order his men to throw an entire of the section of the crowd into the arena so he could watch wild animals eat them. he's said to have purposefully caused famines just to see what would happen and he even appointed his horse a high priest. after four years, his enemies had enough and murdered an infamous psycho 1972 years


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