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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 10, 2013 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that is news watch. thanks to our panel this week. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. see you next week for another edition of fox news watch. >>. >> gregg: i'm greg generator and welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. >> a stark warning for a top senator coming to the president's defense and c.i.a. nominee. he says the obama administration must be more forthcoming on benghazi or else. >> i don't think we should allow brennan to go forward with the c.i.a. directorship, hagel to be confirmed as secretary of defense until the white house gives us an accounting, did the president ever pick up the phone and call anyone into the libyan
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government to help these folks. what did the president do? >> gregg: thousands still without any power right now after the first blizzard of '13 and there is a powerful new winter weather system threaten threatening to be the unwanted sequel. we'll get the latest. >> heather: and caught on tape, mayhem at mardi gras. police are searching for a gunman that struck four people in the big easy. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert. awaiting a los angeles police department news conference. one of the largest manhunts in california history, still underway at this hour and police are setting up a task force to find the former police officer turned triple murder suspect who has evaded a massive law enforcement operation to find him. fox news getting voo videotape of the suspect showing him training with the lapd and the lapd investigating his past and
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agreeing to reexamine dorner's claim of racism when he was on the job. we're waiting for an update. we may have to cut away any moment now. in fact let's go to it right now >> the mayor is going to be addressing concerns to folks in los angeles. last word chris dorner, former l.a. police officer is big bear lake area. >> the search for christopher dorner continues. let me be clear. our dedication to catch this
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killer remains steadfast and confidence that we'll bring him to justice is unshaken. this search is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. i want christopher dorner to know that. to that end we're all here today for one purpose, to stand united and say that we will not tolerate a killer targeting our officers and their families, targeting innocent people in this city and in this region. yesterday leaders from throughout the region including leaders from businesses and unions, government, law enforcement and community groups came together to pull resources and protect our core values of
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public safety. collectively this group that by my office is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. we will not tolerated anyone undermining the security, the tranquility of our neighborhoods and our communities. we will not tolerate this rein have terror that has robbed us of the piece of mind that residents of southern california deserve. we will not tolerate this murderer remaining at large. authorities from los angeles, irvine, riverside, the f.b.i., the united states marshal service and other agencies are working together to bring this ordeal to an end. let me say this. some of you have heard me say this over the last seven and a
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half years again and again. we are safe as we are. we are safer than any time since the 1950s and no small part because the lapd, the sheriff's department and the law enforcement agencies of this region work as collaborate actively as they do. that is also true for our federal partners. once again we are working seamlessly to protect the public and to bring more dorner to justice. now, chief beck will give you an update on the search in just a moment. first, wlour me to acknowledge a number of people who are here with me today. in addition to lapd charlie beck riverside mayor rusty bailey. i vine mayor, dr. steven choy and f.b.i. director in charge,
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bill lewis, riverside police chief, u.s. marshal for the central district david singer and also supervisor has joined us. i want to thank all the public safety officers across the region for answering the call of duty. every day i marvel and applaud their unwavering bravery, their dedication has been complemented by the vigilance of residents throughout this region. you've been on the lookout and shared your leads with law enforcement. we thank you for it. anyone with tips can call 213-486-5230. but i also want to remind everyone to continue to be alert as long as this man remains at large.
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if you see mr. dorner or suspect you see him. please do not engage him. he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. with your help we can bring this tragedy to an end and now i would like to introduce lapd chief charlie beck. >> i will give spanish remarks afterwards. >> good morning. thanks for being here. as the mayor said, the search for dorner continues. we continue to focus on his last known locations in the big bear area, but our search continues in and around the areas where we have known targets. there are over 50 families that have not only security but also surveillance in and around their neighborhoods. these 50 lapd families are targets of dorner's and are
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likely victims. the reward that the mayor talked about, $1 million, this is largest local reward ever offered to our knowledge. some may ask why so large. this is an act -- make no mistake of it -- of domestic terrorism. this is man that has targeted those that we entrust to protect the public. his actions cannot go unanswered. a society is defined by what it values and we value our law enforcement family. that is why the reward is so significant. also, this is not about capturing a fleeing suspect. this is about preventing a future crime, likely a murder. every day that dorner is loose,
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the likelihood of an attack on either a uniformed police officer or a family of a police officer is likely. that is why we rush to make this offer. we ask the public, please, help us to protect you. help us to find dorner before he is able to kill again. i want to thank some folks. i wanted to thank my allied law enforcement brothers and sisters. we have located in joint intelligence center and we are working seamlessly with our local, state and federal partners. i am confident that we have the best of the best working this case. i visited a joint regional intelligence center yesterday, spoke personally to the scores of detectives working there.
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they are committed to this hunt. and the mayor is right, we will capture dorner, we will bring him to justice. for those of you have questions about how the reward works, the reward is for the capture and conviction. for those of you that question how so much money was put together, it was amazingly easy. when we reached out to members of this community, they gave immediately. i want to particularly thank my employee organizations, significant donation by my police union, significant donation by my federal credit union and they also reached out to employee organizations of law enforcement up and down the state who gave willingly.
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i wanted to thank the private donors who not only gave willingly but immediately. many contacted me or the mayor. they didn't have to be asked. they called and demanded to be included. this shows what l.a. and southern california values. i think it is important that we make this statement. just as i think it is important to capture christopher dorner. >> also with us is chief john thomas of university of southern california police department. i want to acknowledge him and their efforts and generosity in this effort. and riverside city mayor, rusty bailey.
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to lay down one's life to one's friends. while many americans in sub enjoy a rest this sunday, our brave law enforcement officers are patrolling the streets responding to calls to help and protecting our cities from evil. we lost one of those courageous souls this week and we stand in solidarity to ask christopher dorner to surrender without further loss of life. our hearts go out and prayers are lifted high for the officers and families that have been forever impacted by this senseless manifesto and random act of violence in riverside. we also stand here in prayer for the safety of those that continue to search for the perpetrator of these evil acts. thank you all to support our professional police departments and law enforcement agencies. god speed to you all in your
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ongoing investigations and search. while god is quick to forgive he does demand justice. there will be a day of remembering on opening in this world or the next. there is one day in his court than thousands elsewhere. our hope is this reward will bring closure to this tragic situation and that someone with specific knowledge will bring that forward to a hasty and peaceful resolution. >> himself with us is you are vine city mayor dr. steven choy. >> thank you, good afternoon. i am mayor of the city of irvine. on behalf of my city and city council, i would like to thank
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mayor antonio villaraigosa and chief charlie beck and our own police chief and the many score agencies for working so hard to catch this ruthless criminal. you have seen the agencies involved here that have i have not mentioned but they are very strong, good partners including f.b.i. and riverside city and also san bernardino. the offer of this $1 million reward is clear demonstration that we are collectively committed to solve this tragic case as quickly as possible.
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we thank you for all the partners for that. we will never forget that this senseless tragedy that started just last sunday in our city of irvine. seven days ago, our community lost a wonderful young couple that was preparing to get married soon. chief lawrence a safety officer at usc and monica kwan a basketball coach at cal state fullerton. it is important to know that they had dreams and aspirations. our irvine police department is
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committed to helping find this suspect every day and every night. >> gregg: we've been listening to the officials in los angeles. you heard the mayor of irvine talking about monica kwan the daughter of now retired police officer who represented the suspect in a termination hearing which resulted in his being fired and disciplinary charges against him. let's go back to alicia who is outside lapd headquarters. talk to us more about the background of this case. >> sure, and actually the chief of police charlie beck announced yesterday that she reopening the investigation into how and why christopher dorner was fired back in 2008. he says he is not doing this to appease him, to appease an accused murderer but also to
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offer transparency to the public because an accusation of wrongdoing has been made. the police department in christopher dorner, she claiming more than 50 people in the lapd police department are responsible, partly responsible for his firing. he was the one who turned in a fellow police officer for misbehaving during an arrest. then in turn was fired for giving false statements. it was monica kwan's father that represented him. there were many hearing of appeals and hearing after hearing he represented him during that process. he then allegedly killed his daughter and her fiance. that is the background on that. quickly, i want to give you the significance of the location where they are holding this press conference right now. it was originally scheduled to be held a few yards from where i am standing but in turn, they decided to hold it indoors and
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under ground for security purposes. many of the people that are holding this news conference are targets of christopher dorner. >> gregg: she described by the chief of police there, charlie beck as a trained assassin, he is certainly capable of doing such things. do they have any idea, is he in the big bear lake area 90 miles east of los angeles or down in the san diego area perhaps trying to cross into mexico where his i.d. was found? >> the search has stretched from big bear mountain northeast of los angeles and it is in the northern border of mexico and arizona-nevada as well. there is a great concern he could be in the downtown los angeles area, specifically tonight. the grammy awards are being held here in downtown los angeles, not too far from the la pd police department. there is always a big police presence there.
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tonight it has been stepped up. so in essence, there are even more targets there according to chris dorner. there is a big concern tonight. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: coming up, a major announcement impacting our troops overseas. latest on the four-star general chosen to be new leader of the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. >> gregg: first it was a large soda, now a new york city mayor, michael bloomberg is proposing another ban. find out which popular product could be getting the axe this time. >> and lance armstrong facing a tsunami of lawsuits, why he could be forced to pay back millions in prize money. >> treated dope like he would on piece of equipment. he pushed the envelope on training methods and the same thing with doping. he was just ahead of everyone
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. no confirmation without information. that is senator lindsey graham's
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vow in president obama's pick for c.i.a. director and defense secretary. neither john brennan nor chuck hagel should go forward with their respected nominations until the president provides more information on the benghazi terror attack. democrats firing back calling graham's stance unjustified. steve is live in washington with more. >> reporter: there could be that attempt to hold up two important nominations until the white house answers more questions about benghazi. during that attack, senator lindsay graham wants to know whether the president reached out personally to libyan leaders. he said the nomination to chuck hagel and john brennan as c.i.a. chief could beside tracked until senators get the answers they want. while stopping short of supporting a filibuster, graham has serious concerns about whether the president did enough to stop the attack that killed four americans. >> i do believe if he had picked
4:25 pm
up the phone and called the libyan government, the folks could have gotten to the annex and last two guys may have been alive. if he called the libyan officials and blew him off, whether or not i would give foreign aid to the future to libya but if he failed to call on behalf of those people that is massive failure of leadership by our commander in chief. >> reporter: democrats suggest that graham is doing the country a disservice. >> it's unprecedented and unwarranted to stop or attempt to stop the nomination of a secretary of defense and c.i.a. director. we need men and women and department of defense to need a leader. >> reporter: they postponed the nomination on chuck hagel and could come up this week. >> heather: steve, thank you. coming up a massive cleanup
4:26 pm
underway all across the northeast as the region digs out from yesterday's huge winter storm. the latest on the snow removal efforts. >> gregg: and florida senator marco rubio is spearheading immigration reform. what he needs to say to convince members of his own party to get on board. >> we have a fundamental problem in america today, that is we have a broken legal immigration problem and we have serious illegal immigration problem. those are the problems we are trying to address in a common sense sway for america. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. the northeast is trying to get back to normal following historic and deadly blizzard that dumped three feet of snow in some parts. it's romantic being blamed for 11 deaths in the u.s. hundreds of thousands still
4:31 pm
without power. boston will be closed tomorrow for the city schools and now even as the northeast recovers, could there be another one heading our way? maria molina is in the weather center. >> good to see you. we have another storm system that will be arriving tomorrow. it has good news and bad news. good news we'll be seeing a dramatic warmup for temperatures. that will be helping a lot of snow melt in areas of northern new jersey and massachusetts up to the state of maine. some places got hit with 40 inches of snow. that is concerned the connecticut area. bad news we're going to be seeing some rain and that can make that snow heavy. if you have snow on your roof and we could see additional roof collapses. in areas will be freezing rain advisories, across pennsylvania and portions of connecticut and
4:32 pm
massachusetts. if you head out to work this morning, drive slower because could you have black ice on roadways. otherwise that storm is across northern portions of the u.s. producing blizzard conditions and we have some watches across this griar. winter storm warnings up to 16 inches of snow could fall in portions of minnesota. so there is a lot of snow and winds will be gusting up to 40 miles an hour. that does produce whiteout conditions and northern portions of the state of nebraska and minnesota. we have the risk for severe weather early the year, during the month of february but we do have currently a tornado watch in effect across southeastern portions of louisiana, southern parts of mississippi until 6:00 p.m. local time and brand-new watch was issued across southern areas of the state of alabama. we do have a tornado threat out here. there are also a number of tornado warnings. when they get issued you need to
4:33 pm
seek shelter. it means there could be a tornado on the ground. this storm system will stall out over portions of the southeast so there is a flood threat, up to 6 inches of rain. this is good news. we do have drought conditions across parts of georgia and south carolina. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: a florida senator marco rubio will give the republican response to president obama's state of the union address. for the first time he will give that address in both english and spanish. he is also leading his party in the looming battle over immigration reform. late last month, any new measures must account for the illegal immigrants within our borders. >> i hope i never again in the future have to come back here and say, guess what, folks, we have another 5 million people here undocumented. let me be clear, i will not support any immigration bill that does not prevent that from happening.
4:34 pm
it all starts to deal with the reality we have 11 million that will be here without documents. we have to deal with that. >> harris: more staunch members of the g.o.p. to support membership for more illegals and should he? joining for debate is tony a national political correspondent for talk radio news surveillance and fox news contributor julie. first of all, the question goes to both of you. should the senator address immigration in his response on tuesday and should republicans accept what he has to say? >> he should and they should. the reason is that gallup came out with a poll, only 16% of hispanics identify as republicans. that is big number for the republican party going forward. they are going to need a big
4:35 pm
chunk of hispanic votes as the hispanic population increases. so marco rubio he is very smart, they need to do this in order to remain a relevant party. >> i think he can and he will address it obviously in his response. look, the republican party has already had a vibrant component within the party that does believe in comprehensive immigration reform. we need to make sure that the president goes along with the plan that includes liberals and marco rubio that makes border security the primary aspect of this before the rest of the plan takes shape. we can't have any sort of program or any immigration reform if we have porous borders because we will have to visit the issue down the road. second point for the senator for to ensure and maintain the leadership in this bill is the fact that it is a pathway to
4:36 pm
legal status. it's a long road to citizenship. this can't be what the president wants to be which is amnesty and one that puts border security at a relegated --. >> heather: i want to talk more about the differences what rubio and bipartisan group in a moment. the 16% number, in the fall, president obama won 71% of the latino vote. i guess the word would be denigrating to that group of people to assume that all they care about is immigration. if you talk about immigration, you accept immigration reform or put a latino on the ticket then as republicans you are going to get latino votes? >> that is denigrating. latinos are cubans which marco rubio is and a lot of people
4:37 pm
from mexico. >> heather: they care about other topics. >> if you look at the exit polling, healthcare reform it wasn't immigration. immigration is very important and i'll explain why. if you are in arizona and you have laws for driving down the road whether the law or not, practical application you can be pulled over if you are suspected of being an illegal immigrant. who may look latino, that is incredibly denigrating. that is why you see the numbers come out for barack obama. we need to resolve this before we are able to reach hispanic voters. it's really a horrible critique of dangerous community is this one issue. but marco rubio has been the leader. for the first four years of the president's administration.
4:38 pm
they had more deportation than george w. bush. it was when the senators proposed a bill last summer that the president ended up coming out, i'm on going to circumvent the competition and pass an order that will be some sort of dream act. it was a major discussion,. [ talking over each other ] >> president circumvented the bill, but he decided the executive order. he has been a real leader of this not just a republican leader. >> heather: we have to wrap it up on that. thank you very much. >> gregg: how about lance armstrong gearing up for yet another court battle getting sued for millions. we'll talk about his exposure both civil and criminal now that he has admitted he has cheated. the capital one cash rewards card
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>> zbloot. >> gregg: the hits keep on coming from lance arm strong. now, he admitted of using performing enhanced drugs and now they wanted cash back. the same company that sued him in 2005 accusing of kheeg but the company could not prove it and they settled out of court. does the company now have a case? let's bring in robert and kesha. do they have a case? >> yes, absolutely. the insurance company filed the suited in 2005 that they relied on what he testified to and what he swore to, he did not take performance enhancing drugs. now a fraud has been committed and his team. they are going to be able to recoup some of the money. >> gregg: robert said detrimental reliance but my
4:44 pm
question is, what about damages? >> the damages will have to be assessed based on how much they profit from the contract. there was fraud. i'm sure his attorneys may say, the statute of limitations, five years but the fact of the matter in civil cases, the judge will oftentimes delay the running of the statute of limitations. >> gregg: statute of limitations especially when somebody involved lies about it. let's let's put up on the screen all of the different potential lawsuits that he is looking at. the federal whistle blower case, $30 million. libel reimbursement, $12 million. how about. defamation cases. he went out of his way to destroy people's lives. >> people will be lining up to
4:45 pm
file lawsuits against him. he went on a search and destroy mission. anyone that spoke against him, he came out and crushed them in court or in the newspaper or on television. the problem for him is, he has admitted it. he went on oprah, four hours of sit down video where he says, i knew that they were telling the truth and i knew that i was lying. >> gregg: it's not just defamation, but intentional infliction of emotional distress. >> imagine what those people when he sued them for defaming his character when he was lying all along. they definitely of the right. >> gregg: some of those victims were kicked out of the business forever. >> right. careers and lives and finances. >> gregg: and he was vicious. >> one of his former teammates because he couldn't show his face here in united states. >> gregg: he apparently worth about hundred million dollars. i mean if you start adding up all of the potential judgments
4:46 pm
against him, the settlements and lawyers' fees, the guy could be broke. >> yes, he is going to lose a lot of money. his best bet is to settle. >> gregg: my question is will he end up behind bars. let's look at the criminal prosecution. now, the feds say, you know what we might just do this, drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury. he was intimidating witnesses. >> absolutely. the perjury charge is going left to decide but the other charges are legitimate. there was an article that was run about two years in sports illustrated about lance armstrong. when the federal government was executing search warrants on his home he was taunting them on twitter. bad idea, lance. >> there is also the issue of obstruction of justice. there was federal indictment where he was questioned and he outright lied even if the perjury doesn't stick he will be
4:47 pm
prosecuted about that. >> gregg: they say he is celebrity and he is a big sports hero though now shamed and he reasonable won't go to prison but i think of marion jones who did go to prison. >> we're not talking about roger clemens and barry bonds on a much larger scale. if he was convicted of these charges, he would be facing he could face some swrial time. >> is there more public anger as opposed to the marion jones. like you said he has ruined so many lives and he outright came out and said i was lying. >> gregg: this is why you guys tell your clients, don't talk to anybody but you. >> right. absolutely. >> gregg: robert shaw and kisha hebbon, good to see you. >> mayor michael bloomberg is
4:48 pm
considering a ban on styrofoam arguing that fills landfills. is this a nanny state run amok? a fair and balanced debate up next. ♪
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>>. >> heather: more than eight months after proposing a ban on large sugary drinks, michael bloomberg is now reportedly taking on styrofoam cups and containers. his administration says they are pushing to make everything in the waste stream recyclable, but many restaurants are blasting the potential styrofoam ban calling it intrusive. joining us now is radio talk show hosted ben ferguson and alan colmes and author. thank you both for joining us. what do you think. should it be contraband and illegal or are we saving the environment or being intrusive. >> now, this is one of those times i laugh at the mayor, i never trust a guy, that spends millions of his own dollars to win election he can't win on his
4:53 pm
own without spending all those millions. he then comes out and says what type of drink you can buy and how big it is going to be. now, he sits there and flat out bored or what, on the list of things they are facing new yorkers, education, taxes, the winter storm, he is sitting they're going, i really don't like styrofoam. i don't know how far this guy is going to go. yeah, it's overbearing. i would tell him, instead of sitting up in your office, go down the street vendors and how complicated this could make their life. i don't think he has done that or any intention to. >> heather: you have the ban on big gulps and now styrofoam, what do you think? >> this is based on the demur. this is based on those who manufacturer and use this in the food business and the fact is, the epa has 57 chemicals that has caused disease that is used
4:54 pm
in the chemical that what it is made up. it takes up 35% of landfill, it costs the taxpayer's money, they would save the taxpayer money and plus what the city is doing is giving tax breaks to businesses that don't use it. also animals get to it. it gets in the water streams and bad for animals. there is all kinds of reasons to go after styrofoam and not have it used. you can't eliminate everything that is going to cause pollution but you do what you can and this makes sense. >> heather: what about the cost to the businesses right now. given the state of the economy, what these businesses need more regulation, what about the costs to them? >> it's not as simple as saying regulation but businesses could get tax breaks for not using styrofoam and it will save taxpayer money not to take 30% of the landfill and have it
4:55 pm
filled with styrofoam. >> heather: but alternative to styrofoam, they cost two to three times more than using styrofoam. >> i always love how the government says don't worry, we'll make things kheevp for you. how is the tax base looking right now in new york city? how are small businesses doing right now? it's easy to say, don't worry you'll get a rebate. if that were true and going to save you money as alan is trying to imply and government is going to save the environment and save the world with a tax break, then why are all the people out there on the street corners livid over this new idea? >> i live in new york city. i passed a vendors and they didn't seem that livid. there is more to it than saving money. the point is, the government can save money on landfill.
4:56 pm
it's terrible for the environment and public policy has to take into consideration what is best for the long term well-being for the earth. >> i don't think this is really about mayor bloomberg saving the environment. if he was, he would stop flying in his private jet. i think this is mayor bloomberg sitting they're not realizing, there is a list of hundred things that he should be working on right now before styrofoam. that is when you know she out of touch. >> i think you can do more than one thing. >> heather: we have to wrap it up there. by the way, there is a company in new england that does recycle styrofoam. >> it's not biodegradable. >> coming up next, most influential republicans in the senate vowing to stop nomination of two of the nominees unless white house is more forthcoming about benghazi. fresh reaction straight ahead.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
>>heather: hello, welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >>gregg: topping the news, a stark warning from a top senator deciding the fate of the president's defense and c.i.a. nominees. he says the obama administration must be more forthcoming on benghazi. or else. >> i don't think we should allow
5:01 pm
brennan to go forward for the c.i.a. directorship, hagel to be confirmed as secretary of state until the white house gives us an accounting, did the president pick up the phone and call anyone in the libyan government to help the folks? what did the president do? >>heather: plus, tens of millions digging out after the massive blizzard that hammered the northeast and now the road to recovery as folks run into trouble getting to work tomorrow. >>gregg: a grouch -- group of volunteers giving men and women in uniform a special day they deserve but cannot afford. >>heather: police in los angeles offering $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest of chris dorner, a former lapd officer accused of murdering the daughter of a retired lapd police, her fiance
5:02 pm
and another police officer. >> the police chief here said it was easy to get that large amount of money for the reward. it has been a week sin the first people were killed in the rampage. there is still no sign of dorner. here is the police chief. >> this is an act of domestic terrorism. this is a man who has targeted those we entrust to protect the public. his actions can fault go unanswered. a society is defined by what it values. we value our law enforcement family. let me be clear, our dedication to catching this killer remains steadfast. our confidence we will bring him to justice is unshaken. this search is not a matter of
5:03 pm
"if" but a matter of "when." i want christopher dorner to know that. >>heather: that news conference was originally set to be held outside the lapd headquarters but moved indoors as a security precaution. the focus of the church is the big bay ski resort northeast of los angeles, but he could be anywhere if alive adding to the tension, downtown los angeles is hosting the grammy awards that draws the music industry's best but requires a large law enforcement presence. that is being upped tonight. the police department here is concerned christopher dorner knows that and this will offer him the opportunity to come out of hiding and target more officers. >>heather: thank you. >>gregg: fox weather alert. parts of the northeast continuing to dig out following
5:04 pm
the historic and deadly blizzard that dumped almost 3' of snow in some areas. the killer storm claims 11 lives and hundreds of thousands still without power and heat. boston city schools will be shut down tomorrow. now, live from logan airport in airport. how is it looking for the commute? >>reporter: that is where eyes are focused. here in boston the transit system has re-opened in a limited basis. the goal is to get the trains believe they need tomorrow and they advise people to get there early to have a slow commute on the different trains and buses around the city. here at boston they expect it to be back to normal by the end of the day and the airlines up and running. everyone is playing catch up because it has been slow. they advise people to check flights and the arrivals and departures through the day. the big concern is the rain
5:05 pm
tomorrow. they are worried the rush hour will be slushy and dangerous. so take it easy. watch out for the big drifts. there is a lot of snow. much has been moved from the snow but they are concerned about the weather and the rain and the impact. >>gregg: when do the lights and heat come back on? >>reporter: a lot of concerns about that. it is expected to remain what up tomorrow so the sheet not is much a concern. the good news is a lot of people expect to get the power back. right now they have 200,000 people still without power. that is a big difference compared to 400,000 people without power during the storm. some of those folks may have to wait until tuesday. we had a tweet saying possibly thursday for a small amount of people. some could be in the dark until at least tuesday night.
5:06 pm
>>gregg: not comfortable at all. thank you, molly. heather? >>heather: a horrible tragedy over the weekend. an 11-year-old boy died of carbon monoxide poison near boston. he and his father were shoveling snow and he got cold but the exhaust was packed with snow and it caused the lethal carbon monoxide to leak into the car. neighbors described the heartbreaking scene. >> we could caught in believe it was this high and he was helping dad. >> he was not breathing and we noticed the exhaust wasn't uncovered so the father brings the boy into the home and lays him on the ground and he comes back out and collapses. >> instinct kicks in and the boy is in the living literally in my door and you don't think about anything, you just try to go in
5:07 pm
and could what you can. i felt disturbed, this is tragic , and i wish it never happened. i wish it never happened. >> that little boy was declared dead at boston medical center. you her the witness say the father collapsed. the father suffered a heart attack at the same time. he is expected to recover. horrible story. >> now the weather center. there is a wintery, another one, developing in the plains and the midwest. could there be another storm right behind the blizzard that just pounded the northeast? maria is monitoring that. maria: that is right. we have a storm system developing across the north central united states producing blizzard conditions in minnesota and south dakota and nebraska so that is what is going on. that is the very same storm system that will head eastbound and tomorrow into the northeast
5:08 pm
produce areas of rain and also freezing rain and additional snow but not much accumulating snow fall but temperatures are mild, into the 40's tomorrow afternoon. but the radar across pennsylvania tomorrow morning you will be dealing with areas of freezing rain, the pink shade, the white tough is snow and areas of heavy rain, .5" is expected in new york city is it will be a dangerous commute during the morning hours for many of you across the northeast as you try to head out to work and with temperatures so warm we will see significance snow on monday but even into tuesday with high temperatures into the 40's. incredibly mild for february. otherwise, westbound, here is the storm system right now, the center is across portions of the north central producing heavy snow, very strong wind across the region so blizzard warnings are in affect. we have winter storm warnings in affect as far east as northern wisconsin so it is a large storm system out here. the blizzard warnings are posted
5:09 pm
for tomorrow morning, as well. on the warm side of the system, we actually have a tornado threat today, very dangerous stuff out here. we have had a number of tornado warnings issued this afternoon and across southern mississippi and southeast louisiana, as well, and two tornado watches in affect of the one is in affect until 6:00 p.m. local time and that includes southern parts of mississippi and portions of alabama and off to the east. we have a tornado threat with temperatures warm and we have strong thunderstorms. we have had tornado warnings issued across the region. when they are issued for your area you have to seek shelter immediately because that means there could be a tornado concurrently on the ground and they move quickly at 40, 50 or 60 miles per hour. we have currently three tornado warnings in affect right now as well to the north of the city of new orleans across southern mississippi. this storm system will stall out across the southeast, as well, so we will see anywhere between
5:10 pm
4" to 6" of rain across mississippi, alabama, georgia, and we could see flooding out here. we will keep an eye on it. >>heather: thank you. we will check back with you. >>gregg: a republican senator, lindsay graham, vowing no confirmation without information. he says president obama's picks for both the c.i.a. director and the defense secretary should not go forward on their nominations until the president provides more details on the benghazi terror attack. democrats respond calling graham's stance baseless. steve, what, exactly is his concern? >>reporter: he wants to find out how the president was involved in the minutes and hours after the attack on the consulate in benghazi, and whether the president reached out personally to libyan leaders, he said the nomination of hagel to head the department of 20 and john brennan at c.i.a.
5:11 pm
chief could be sidetracked until senators get the answers they want while stopping short of supporting filibuster graham wants to know if the president did enough to stem the attack that killed four americans. i do believe if you pick up the phone and call the libyan government could have gotten to the airport and the last two guys could very well be alive and if he did call the libyan officials and they blew him off, that will affect whether i would give foreign aid in the future to libya. but if he failed to call on behalf of those people under siege, i think that is a massive failure of leadership by our commander in chief. >> he says the white house has been stonewalling senator requests for information. >>gregg: what are democrats saying about idea of blocking the nominations? >>reporter: they sink graham is doing a disservice. here is senator jack red of rhode island. >> this is unprecedented and
5:12 pm
unwarranted to attempt to stop the nomination of the secretary of defense and the c.i.a. director. we need a secretary of defense, and chuck hagel is qualified to be that secretary of defense. >>reporter: they postponed a vote on hagel last week and it could come up again for a vote. >>heather: a safety exercise goes wrong on a cruise slip and a drill was underway when a lifeboat fell upside down and into the sea at a port in the canary islands with five crew members killed and three injured and 1,400 passengers were on board the ship but were not hurt. in word on the cause of the lifeboat to plummet 679. >> a new report from the american medical association raising pretty serious concerns about the health of baby boomers. >>heather: the postal service making plans for the future
5:13 pm
trying to go high-tech and streamlining services. but is it too late for the post office to catch up to the times? >>gregg: helping the men and women who serve our country they have an easier time making it down the aisle. ♪ i've got to get there ♪ in the morning ♪ girls, kiss me ♪ say you will miss me e. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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>>gregg: and now, police finding camping gear and weapons inside the burned out truck belonging to the ex-cop on the run in california, former lapd officer christopher dorner expected in three murders. in connection, three being questioned in the death of a 15-year-old gunned down in gang-related violence days after performing at president obama's inauguration. the first lady will attend her funeral tomorrow. from the white house, after the president's state of the union address on tuesday he will travel to asheville, north carolina, atlanta, and chicago, to talk about proposals mentioned in the address. while in chicago the president expected to take on gun control
5:18 pm
proposals. >> the cash strapped u.s. postal service looking for ways to stay competitive in the 21st century by finding high-tech ways to become more efficient all in an effort to keep up with fed ex-and ups. is it too late for the postal service? brenda is a senior fox news correspondent. brenda, can the post office be saved? >> there is a lot to go with here. essentially, the talk is we have to save it because it is loading money. it lost some $16 billion in the last fiscal year. the problem is, the post office has been forced to prepay for retiree health benefits, up to 75 years in advance. that is a big, big reason for the red i in. k and people like to dis the post office but if you look at 12 years ago to sort 35,000
5:19 pm
pieces of mail it took 70 employees and now it takes two so they are becoming more efficient but with online shopping, with people sending e-mails, volume is way down, down from 20 percent in the last five years and revenue is down 12 percent. do we privatize it? that is the question. >>heather: in order to privatize it, we would have to change the constitution. >> yes, the constitution says the federal government has to be responsible for getting the mail to the house. the post office is essentially private down to the last mile of delivery. they contract to private contractors all the time, fed ex-was the highest paid supplier last year and it is hard, you would think they are competitors, and they are, but you see the postman go from house-to-house to house-to-house >> rain, sleet, snow, whatever. they are some of the hardest working people i know.
5:20 pm
raphael never misses a day but now what they have to do is compete with ups and with fed ex-who are the greatest competitors they have to learn a way to get a package not from house-to-house but from here to here to here. they do not have g.p.s. or any way to do that. >>heather: is that dynamic routing? >> yes, that is what ups and fedex do. the postal service wants to contract that out. we don't know how much that would cost but they have to figure a way to be more die synaptic in delivering packages. >>heather: you mention that mail volume was down 25 percent last year but online retail sales are expected to go up 12 percent so that means delivery of the items, so that is why this is so important? >> they may get a package at noon that has to be delivered by 3:00, so the postman gets to the post office at 8:00 and he doesn't come back until 5:00,
5:21 pm
they have to figure a way to get from here to here to here. >> right. canceling saturday deliver, will that help? >> i don't think -- it may save some money, but it is a drop in the bucket. there has to be a systematic change to how mail is delivered. there still will be a need for mail. i send thank you notes all time. last month they post add request for i.d.'s from the u.s. government and also from individuals so if you have an idea, a way the post office -- they did it quietly. it is not expect clear that ups or fed ex-will be sharing their secrets they spent a lot of money to get. >>heather: let them know some of your ideas, brenda. thank you. you can catch "bulls and bears" on saturday morning right here
5:22 pm
on the fox news channel. >>gregg: hand written thank you notes? i gave you a lavish gift for christmas and you know it. i did not get a hand written... >> a new movement to support our service men and women, weddings for war yards. is giving love first in uniform the ceremony of their dreams. for free. elizabeth, live from atlanta. >> not only are funds an issue but deployment is expected in wartimes and the couple never dreamed of walking down the aisle and a young couple we met mapped on going to the courthouse. the couple were not sure where they would be living or if they could arrange the family to come. these challenges, until weddings for warriors, a group of volunteers in georgia who come
5:23 pm
together, they hold private wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for military couples. the goal is to get all details planned for the bride and groom. >> everything was provided, the church, the minister, her dress, the makeup for her and my daughter, the photography, it was there. >> to be able to express that in front of the people we care about privately in that beautiful setting, there are no words to describe how grateful we were for that. >>heather: the pool of volunteers has grown and now more than 100 businesses in savannah participate and now the florist is getting donations from distributors as far away as florida and photographers fly in to help. each couple has their own private ceremony and there is a big group celebration after, the executive director for weddings for warriors tell us more often than not she hears of those who never made it down the aisle in the first place.
5:24 pm
>> they told themselves, some day, we will have a wedding, and they tell us, some of these gentleman, and ladies have been deployed, four, five, or six times and three or four babies, they don't have the funds to do it or the time and we just found out how to "gift" them that some day and that has made us happy. >> she has no shortage of volunteers. word is spreading and she is getting calls as far away as hawaii who want to host events in their cities. it could come near you, you never know. >>gregg: great, great idea. elizabeth, thank you. >>heather: still to come, the massive clean up underway in the noise following a storm blizzard that buried the region in snow and crews are raising to get the highways and public transit all back up and running before tomorrow's commute. >>gregg: john brennan hoping to be the next director of the
5:25 pm
c.i.a. but the confirmation hearing anything but routine. will he make it through? political insiders are next. twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core,
5:26 pm
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>>heather: the big dig continuing in the northeast still buried under piles of snow. the record-breaking blizzard clobbering connecticut with crews working around-the-clock to clear the roads and get ready for tomorrow's commute. now, to connecticut. >>reporter: folks in the northeast are still dealing with a tremendous amount of snow. we are in an area where 38" fell here. check out this sidewalk plowed in this postal service box how
5:30 pm
high the snow is. the postal service has to suspend service yesterday. the travel ban has been lifted in connecticut the governor is urging folks if they can to stay off the roadways. winds rocked this area, hurricane force reported in some plays and gusts of 82 miles per hour clocked in west port. temperatures were above freezing but the snow is not going anywhere for a while. driving around yesterday and today almost nothing is open. some residents are trapped in their homes snowed in and neighbors are helping each other. >> we are headed to dig out a friend's sister who has asthma and she cannot get out of her driveway, if case an emergency vehicle needs to get in there. >> police in new york are bringing in road graders with portions of the long island expressway closed until about this hour for snow removal. that is where hundreds of cars were stuck and emergency crews rescued people. the majority of new york did
5:31 pm
well, the governor cuomo sending plows and power crews to other states since they got hit harder. president obama signing an emergency declaration today for the state of connecticut to free up snow removal resources. >>heather: thank you, from milford, connecticut. >>gregg: well, john brennan, the president's nominee to be the next c.i.a. director got grilled at the confirmation this week saying he spoke out against the use of interrogation techniques that some call torture but when asked why he did not intervene to stop it, he said, not my job. >> i had expressed my personal objections and views to my agency colleagues about certain of the situations where i professed personal objections but i did not try to stop it because it was something that
5:32 pm
was being done in a different part of the agency under the authority of others. >>gregg: our political insiders, john leboutillier, pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy carter, and doug schoen in beautiful miami today, he, too, a fox news contributor and former pollster for president bill clinton. pat, what did you think? >> he was better than hagel in the hearing. >>gregg: that is not saying much. >> he got caught up in the drone stuff and making incredible statements. what came out because the same day he testified we had outgoing secretary of defense panetta, went to testify on benghazi and told us what we learned. two weeks ago, we talked last week about the difference between what panetta and clinton said about iran versus hagel,
5:33 pm
and two weeks ago when they went on "60 minutes" we called it the biggest pay off in history. in that show, i remember suggesting one of the reasons that came out of hillary clinton's testimony was interesting to pursue, what was the president doing? we now know the president wasn't engaged. they had a 5:15 minute meeting that was preplanned and he did not talk to secretary of defense, clinton, and according to panetta, talked to no one. what we have a foreign policy that is coming apart. >>gregg: you were in the carter administration. all hands on deck the. >> the president himself, for ten, 15, 20 hours a day, in the middle of the greatest moments of this, involved himself personally. we were trying to get them out the day they flew home we were there all night and the next morning up until the time of the inauguration and the president was hands on. the notion this president was disengaged and talked to no one
5:34 pm
after the 15 minute meeting and went off the next day to a fundraiser? now we understand and this is causing the republicans today to start saying, patrol and -- start saying, graham and others, they will hold up the nomination. >>gregg: does it appear lights were out at the white house while an american diplomat was underattack and other americans? >> that is right. to me, the bottom line question that pat raises and you raised, too, do we have a coherent foreign policy and national security policy not only through iran and north korea but through the role of the united states in rooting out terrorism in north africa, what is the role of drones? what is the role of human intelligence in i don't think we have answers. the bottom line to what pat says quite clearly is the united
5:35 pm
states which had an engaged president now has a president who so far has been able to dodge hard questions and the right questions and now given the confirmation hearings, the questions are coming to him and most particularly and directly, his nominee. >>gregg: is this why the president and the white house did not want to talk about it. >> totally. they put the freeze down on everything and wanted to dodge the bullet. the other story in this crisis and it is a political crisis of the management of foreign policy, the republicans are at each other's throats over two distinct camps. one is the camp that wants do do drone strikes, assassinations, and involve america more aggressively in pakistan, syria, they did libya. they wanted this. the more traditional republicans who say a line that always works: america cannot be the
5:36 pm
world's policeman. the republicans are divided over this. what should the role of the united states be in foreign policy? there is in answer coming out of the republican camp which allows obama to dominate this stuff with no policy. he has no policy. >> the drone issue, whether the president can unilaterally kill american citizens overseas by himself with no other say so whether we have rights this were george bush, remember what happened? they were capturing people and interrogating them and waterboarding them on or whatever and three people they waterboards, this president killed four americans with drone strikes including a 16-year-old without authorization. the problem here, the vast hypocrisy of our system. we saw this in the hagel hearings. half the democrats know at least that the chuck hagel has no business being defense secretary but no one will speak up. everyone is putting party ahead
5:37 pm
of country and we are seeing it on foreign policy. the press took a dive and covered this up. we find out today that there is more stuff about whether or not there were agents in benghazi. hagel said israel was the problem, not iran and the middle east. >>gregg: let me put up a comment by former head of the c.e.o. bin laden unit about john brennan. he is a patchwork of deceit and suck upping to his superiors, and not a word that i could put in. we understand what he is saying there. doug, how do you handicap brennan and hagel? >> i think brennan will probably be confirmed and i believe, given what lindsay graham said
5:38 pm
today and what senator inhofe has said about hagel, there is a greater chance of a hold being put on the nomination or a filibuster. there has to be some accounting for the uncertainty of brennan and the incompetence of hagel and hagel is the one most likely to go down. >> the man who said that is a tremendous guy who i have followed for years and i think it is true that brennan is a weasel and we have seen it after the bin laden raid. he briefed the media from the white house press room, and made up the story of how the raid happened, the white house role, fabricated it. >> bin laden was reaching for a gun, all nonsense but the bigger
5:39 pm
issue, senator feinstein chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee said we have had 11 c.i.a. directors in a row would have pulled the wool over our eyes --. >> preparen is disingenuous, he will say anything, he --. >>gregg: is he a liar? >> let me tell what you brennan said, there has not been a single collateral death with the drones and we node 500 civilians have been killed, at least. >>gregg: we have to have a quick break, with just days until the president addresses the nation with the state of the nation. what in the world will he say given the economic conditions? dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria
5:40 pm
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>>heather: los angeles police say they have found weapons and camping gear inside the burned out truck of triple murder suspect christopher dorner. the ex-cop has vowed revenge against former colleagues and law enforcement is offering $1 million for information leading to his capture. >> airports in the northeast are inching to normalcy after the deadly blizzard. the storm dumped up to 3' of snow in the region. >> the search is on for three suspects in a mardi gras shooting with four wounded in new orleans on bourbon street last night. police hope amateur video from the scene will lead to arrests. >>gregg: president obama will deliver the state of the union address on tuesday hoping to provide some clarity on his upcoming agenda.
5:45 pm
this will be his 5th state of the union address before congress and it could be crucial in persuading mens to support him in the final term as president. what should he say? we bring back our political insiders, john leboutillier, pat caddell, and doug shoen. poverty is rising and incomes are dropping and the deficit is unsustainable. what does he say? >> he will talk about the economy. until now he was going to talk about the issues washington, dc, is consumed with but a new poll from pew shows the top things people are concerned about the economy, deficit, jobs, things the president did not talk about at the inaugural. at bottom were immigration, gun control legislation and the very bottom, global warming, the
5:46 pm
issues the president was going to hammer. we will see. now he is going to go with the economy and fight the sequester. speaking of hypocrisy the bill he proposed and the republicans and democrats in congress both passed, now they all deny they now how we got here. >>gregg: what do you expect, doug, from the president? >> he will say he has a job strategy as pat suggested, because the disconnect between the american people and the elites in washington could not be greater. the president knows his own popularity while greater than the republicans is hanging on a slender reed and he has to make the case he has a strategy to address the issues you are talking about, the fragile state of our economy. he will tie that, i think, to the debt and the deficit. he will talk about raising
5:47 pm
additional revenue. there is going to be no sign of compromise, no willingness to do a deal on the budget any grand bargain of the type that simpson-bowles proposed and we will get more of the same with a focus on jobs and the economy and more stimulus spending. >>gregg: he raised taxes on minute and now he wants more tax revenues? >> he says he does and the democrats are saying they need another $600 billion in tax revenue. we are not at the issue of spending cuts. no one wants to talk about it in either party. there is leak today that the president in the speech will talk about debt and deficit reduction because they saw the pew poll that shows this is what people care about. the polls show it. the public pegs this debt problem to the part of the reason why the economy is lagging yet the president
5:48 pm
ignores this. >> he never mentioned any of this in the inaugural. remember, it is not a spending problem? he never mentioned the economy and now the numbers are going down. >>gregg: i only have 60 seconds. marco rubio will deliver the response to the state of the union. what do you make of that? >> he needs to listen to the three of us on your show every week for a year i have been saying the republicans need a positive message. i don't want to see senator rubio coming on there and dumping on the president. forget that. come only here. hit three things that republicans stand for in health care, job creation, tax policy that are different than the president. >>gregg: do you agree? >> i do. i go back to the late great congressman jack kemp. we need to hear hope, growth, opportunity, optimism, a sense that the republican party offers
5:49 pm
something more than negative negativeness. john has referred to them as the stupid party and unless and until senator rubio addresses the question of how we have a growth-oriented society with low taxes, reduced spending, and offering inclusiveness which means immigration reform, unless he can do that, the republicans will be behind the eight ball. >>gregg: thank you, as always, more on the political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern. they will be back here next sunday and you can follow him on twitter, as well. back in a moment. technology,
5:50 pm
verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. first stairwell. allowing them to see through anything. south side of the building. south side. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. verizon.
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5:53 pm
>>gregg: troubling new statistics abuts baby boomers coming from the journal of the american medical association. >>heather: they are far less healthy and active than their parents' generation. we have a family medicine physician joining us. so, what are the primary health concerns you are seeing for the baby boomer generation? >> obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.
5:54 pm
all the big ones all traced back to the lack of physical activity they report the 52 percent are not active compared to 17 percent from the generation before. that's a huge difference. the inactivity is going to three diabetes, the obesity, to everything we are seeing. the only one i can give, well, not really sure it is significant is cholesterol because 20 years ago we were not testing at the same rate we do now, we did not have the same medication. >>gregg: when a big time governor like chris christie goes on late night talk show and eats doughnuts in front of everyone and says i'm the healthiest fat guy you have ever seen, what kind of a message does that send? >> it was irresponsible. look, i have patient whose are obese who are healthy but they are active. the inactivity, to me, is the biggest issue.
5:55 pm
i don't think everyone should be a size two. my patients know if they are skinny or overweight. you cannot wait until you are older. they come in, move to morning and they think walking is going to do it. >>heather: i was happy to discover i am generation x not a baby boomer, but --. >>gregg: really? >>heather: what can we learn from this? now, you would think a lot of us are more sedentary online and sitting at home. >>guest: exactly, at age 45 i started doing triathalons to be an example. i did it to get more active. i am training around 10 hour as week or more. if i can find time as a single
5:56 pm
mom and a physician, don't tell me you don't is five hours a week. i am sorry, going up and down the subway stares does not count unless you do it for a good half hour straight. >>heather: get active? >>guest: i tell people to start with again minutes every day. every day. >>heather: that is do-able. >>gregg: that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is next. >> i will see you back at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow for "fox & friends" and will see you. >>gregg: have a great week, everyone. ccident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin
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