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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 30, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> megyn: a lot 60 feedback on the segment that had their baby taken away after the doctor complained. he's shepard. >> shepard: the news begins anew. there are new details about the criminal history of the widow of the dead boston bombing suspect, and there she is. we have not heard from her but we're getting a more complete picture of katherine russell. president obama now weighing in on the case, and is defending the job that the fbi has done, both before and after the attacks, and foxy knoxy, her memoir comes out today. what aman do knox has to say. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on
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"studio b." help shep at 3:00 in new york city, new look at the witness dove the older suspect in the boston marathon terror attack. her name is katherine russell and these are photoses from her arrest in 2007 when police say she stole $67worth of clothing. she was 18 at the time. it happened, this arrest -- i should say it appears this arrest happens before she new tamerlan tsarnaev. they met at a nightclub sometime around 2009 and married soon after. until now we had not large much about the witness to who has largely stayed out of the spotlight since the boston bombings. yesterday the fbi confirm it searched the home where she was staying in rhode island. and last night a source confirmed investigators found female dna on the boston marathon bomb. of course we should keep in mind these details no not necessarily
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mean the widow had anything to do with plotting or cargo out the deadly attack. rick len ven that is on it. no question the widow is an important part of the case. >> absolutely, shepard. a key focus for the fbi is trying to dimple anyone else was involved in the bomb examination what tamerlan's motives and inspiration might have been. few people knew him as well as catherine russell. a security guard says she watched katherine at an old navy in rhode island, stuff clothes in hand bag along with a friend. describe as a skinny teen, hazel eyes and auburn hair me and made a contribution to a victims fun and her case was dismissed. a couple years later she met tamerlan, converted to islam, married him in 2010. she now has an attorney who
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won't comment on any possible involvement of katherine in the investigation. >> shepard: what do we know of other possible suspects or people of interest? >> there's been a lot of interest in who tamerlan may have associated with in the months and years prior to the bombing, especially people he may have met up while in russia last year there are suggestions he may have associated with known militants in dagestan, and congressman peter king went into some detail on that last night. >> may well be more than two. i mean, we have two students being held -- i'm aware of at least four or five people being looked at, and, again, talking -- >> domestically? >> yes,. >> people here in the united states. >> yes, people -- associates who may turn out no involvement at all. >> the fbi not commenting on any
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of that this afternoon. >> shepard: back to the dna samples thefed took from the bombing suspect's widow. with us now the former new york state lee asewn to homeland security. >> afternoon. >> shepard: i don't know. she is got to be at least looked at closely. >> she is, and the point is, as you know, not to let the evidence have any bias. it takes you where it takes you. it's happening, every threat is being pulled out from everybody roz life to see what happened. there's some big questiones. how did you assemble the bomb? where? did you try it before stand what was going on in the six months he was overseas and what was the wife doing? there is some information out there that they had kind of a troubled relationship. what other signs were out there? if you were the unfortunate person to have e-mailed this couple, specially the wife, you're going to get looked at. these are all the pieces of
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information that the authorities need to kind of put together so they know what the picture was prior to the attack. >> shepard: i wondered from the beginning if this link that they found, female dna, on the bomb, might have been an effort to put some pressure on her. >> well, could have. you have an explosion, dna can come from anywhere. it's not conclusive. but again, it's an interesting aspect of this case. it continues to develop a lot of different aspects particularly how did they assemble the bomb. the time squares bomber went overseas, got trained, came back, didn't work. so it's not something you and i can figure out, put this thing together and have it go off. remember, it happened very quickly. showed a timing of both devices-didn't happen just once, happened twice. that's not something you do just off looking at a web site.
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>> shepard: surviving suspect just got a high-profile attorney. >> they're now going to be locking down, trying to see what kind of deal they can make make. that's the state they're at. they're looking at a potential death penalty here and that the key moment for the feds. what kind of deal can they make? >> shepard: be interesting to see what solid evidence they have. hopefully a lot of it. thank you. for the first time president obama took questions on the boston bombings today. at a necessary conference the president defended investigators actions both before and after the attack, said that based on what he has seen, it looks like everybody did the right thing. let's get to the white house. wendell is on the north lawn. what is the president saying below the investigation? >> the president says the director of national intelligence doing his own review, but mr. obama doesn't think the fbi should be blamed for missing clues for the boston marathon attack. critics note that the russians
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tagged tamerlan tsarnaev and brought them to the attention of the fbi, but mr. obama says they didn't ignore the warning. >> it's not as if the fbi did nothing. they not only investigated the older brother, they interviewed the older brother, and they concluded that were no signs he was engaging in extremist activity. so that much we know. and the question then is, was there something that happened that triggered radicalization? >> secretary of state kerry is headed to russia next week. one item on the alleged is cooperation win the two countries' intelligence agencies. the president says there's lingering distrust going back to the cold war but it is improving. >> shepard: a question in the news conference on the outpost in libya. >> president asked why survivors have not been allowed to talk to member of congress. he said he wasn't aware anyone
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had been prerent from testifying about the attack and promised to along into it. a california congressman darryl isis pushing hearing. mr. obama says his focus is on the future. >> what i've been clear about from the start is that our job with respect to benghazi has been to find out exactly what happened. to make sure that u.s. embassies, not just in the middle east but around the world, are safe and secure. and to bring those who carried it out to justice. >> a special ops member who survived the attack says the military could have sent help from croatia. military officials have said that no help could have gotten there in time. >> shepard: wendell, thank you. police say the man who murdered a little girl her own home is still out there somewhere and on the run. investigators say they don't seem to have a suspect, at least just yet.
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>> shepard: the suspect in the stabbing death of an eight-year-old girl in northern california intended to attack his third-grade victim. that's according to the newspaper. investigators say they do not believe the motive was robbery. leila fowler died on saturday after her 12-year-old brother said he found her bleeding in their home. cops say the boy confronted the attacker but the man managed to escape. for the last four days the police heave been searching attics and sheds and anything they can think of. the victim's family is devastated, believe egg the suspect is still out there.
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>> i've spoken to the family of the victim, and as you can imagine they're quite distraught. we'll not rest until we want tour the responsible person. >> shepard: the police say they managed to fine some fingerprints and may have collected some dna. claudia cowen in our san francisco newsroom. any idea when they'll get the test results on the dna? >> hey hope to get them back by next week and that could be the most critical evidence in an investigation that appears to be focusing on an unknown intruder intent on killing this little girl. she was brutal lay stabbed by a man described as six feet tall. white or latino, possibly long gray hair and no specifics about his age. neighbors are giving conflicting accounts after seeing a man running from the crime scene, and we're learning a third witness may have seen the suspect a few days earlier.
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>> there are some consistencies which we he released to you and there's also con con sis stensis. >> authorities are contacting known registered sex offender and parolees in the community. leila's parents appeared at a news conference. it was thought they would make a statement after he sheriff said a few words and intro introduced them but they were too distract to speak. they may have something to say tonight at leila's school. >> shepard: the big development in the case of the florida man who says he shot and killed an unarmed teenager. today the defendant, george zimmerman, gave up his right to an immunity hearing that would have allowed him to claim self-defense under the stand
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your ground law. he was charged for the shooting that called trayvon martin last year. the case trigger protests which spread far beyond central florida. since his release from jail theft has lived in hiding. here is how he responded in court when the judge asked about the potential immunity hearing. >> is it your decision not to have a pretrial immunity hearing? >> after consult addition withmy attorney, yes. >> as anybody threatened you? >> no. >> shepard: with that the full trial set to get underway in june. as attorneys for the teenager's family say they're ready. >> we're just trying to move this case on to trial. we really want to stay focused, and on june 10th, everybody wants it to to -- go to trial.
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>> a defense lawyer says george zimmerman may still seek unemployment. florida stand your ground law gives no obligation to retreat if he or she feels they're life is in danger. >> the president is still promising action if the united states figures out who used chemical weapons in syria. we'll talk with somebody who has been to syria looking for the very weapons. he says he is skeptical of the reports. to the details are coming up right after this. ragu users ch. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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>> shepard: the united states could use military force against syria if it can confirm the regime used chemical weapons against its own people. the president says it appears someone used weapons about at it
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unclear whether it was the government or the rebels. the syrian civil war has been raging for more than two years, as of a month ago more than 70,000 people have died, but last year president obama said the use of chemical arms would be a red line in the sand. today, the president reiterated that position with certain caveats. >> what we now have is evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria, but we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them. we don't have a chain of custody that establishes what exactly happened. and when i am making decisions about america's national security and the potential for taking additional action, in response to chemical weapon use, i've got to make sure i've got the facts. >> shepard: what would that additional action be? we don't know what kind of military action the president
3:21 pm
would authorize. let's get to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, any indication that the president has ordered the pentagon to begin positioning troops anywhere? >> no, not as of yet. the president again called the use of chemical weapons in syria a game-changer but there's still no indication the pentagon has been asked to act. >> as early as last year, i asked the pentagon, our military, intelligence officials to prepare for me what options might be available. and i won't go into he details of what those options might be, but it will clearly -- that would be an escalation. >> options are ready, and if it becomes -- either if it becomes clear to me or i'm ordered to too so, we'll act. but at this point that hasn't occurred. >> dempsey went on to say that in essence, no-fly zone may not achieve what some on capitol
3:22 pm
hill would like it to achieve, so there are a lot of caveats to the plans that have been presented to president obama. also, remember, there's still currently only one aircraft carrier in the region in the persian gulf. they would have to move an air craft carrier off the coast of syria if they were going to have a no-fly zone. >> shepard: a lot of discussion around here. anything from the syrian regime? >> well, at the united nations a short time ago the sirrian representative indicated the assad regime is being framed and reminded people about intelligence regarding wmd in iraqing which proved wrong. >> what hand in iraq is still alive in our mines. until this very moment. our region, ladies and gentlemen, is still living the consequenceses of such force. >> the syrian representative
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added that the assad regime would allow u.n. investigators in to investigate this amend recent chemical weapons attack, but have taken no steps as of now as to make arrangements for that u.n. team. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thank you. let's bring in robert young, a terrorism expert. abc news sent hmm to iraq to look for weapons of mass tee instruction in 2003. spent a lot of time in syria and along the border and is the author of the book, the world's most dangerous weapons. so the assumes is chemical weapons somewhere, somehow. >> if they're talking about sarin, it's a very, very difficult weaponnized product. you have to handle it very carefully, store it carrie, odorless, colorless, a pesticide developed by the germans before world war ii. >> shepard: seems to be an
3:24 pm
effort to get the syrian regime to stop and to not get involved. >> we are are on the horns of a dilemma to use a cliche. we have a strong major considered to be a moderate but he is killing his own people, and then you have 22 to 40 rebel groups running around, all shading to the side of islamic fundamentalism. so if we stop assad from winning we then support a new -- made out of islamic rebels on the border of israel and iraq and slows to saudi ayoob and turkey. >> shepard: john mccain called for the arming of the rebels we trust. who are those? >> well, good luck. we have a good relationship with the titular fsa, but they're made -- >> shepard: free syrian army. >> there's no structured military fighting against the syrian government, and as you know from libya and iraq and
3:25 pm
every other country, as soon as you create some type of structure, it quickly falls apart as they squabble. right now the syrian government has a lot more weapons in the area of tanks, which are easy to spot. they have helicopter gunships, transport. they're dropping barrel bombs out of the back of gun ships. so that would reduce the number of civilian casualties. and if we're going to provide some kind of support we need to get in there on the ground, not with troops but advisors who can tell us the level of the bloodshed and the killing and then direct some of these no-fly attacks. >> shepard: to what degree do you think somebody in this collective "we" is already in there? >> about 200 adviser and troops inside jordan right now, and they're also involved in a fairly serious training effort
3:26 pm
with the rebels. so we're already involved. so when president obama says we don't want to get involved, he means physically putting americans, but you can see tapes on youtube where english language mentors are involved in shoot-down of syrian government helicopters. so we're there. >> shepard: robert, thanks. >> my pleasure. >> more reaction to the boston terror investigation ahead. president obama defended the actions of the feds before and after the attack saying, this is hard stuff. and there's no doubt there. plus lawmakers in massachusetts are now officially investigating how much money the taxpayers opinion yesterday i -- ponied up for the welfare for the family of the bombing suspects. ♪ block mr. hroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs
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>> shepard: this is "studio b." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama ordering a review of intelligence to find out whether we missed warning signs before the boston bombings. the president says he will leave no stone unturned to fine out what could have stopped the attack. in says he wants to find our why the suspects stayed under the radar even after the warning from russia. president obama acknowledged the russian officials told the fbi the now-dead bombing suspect could extremist ties.
3:31 pm
>> the internal review will examine the' intelligence to determine whether warnings from russia that tamerlan tsarnaev was a follower of islam were adequately investigated and shared. with the traditional al qaeda leadership in the tribal areas of pakistan and afghanistan, he says the brothers appear to be poster boys for the radical islam. >> one of the dangers we now face are self-radicalized individual of individuals who are already here in the united states in some cases may not be part of any kind of network. but because of whatever warped, twisted ideas they may have, may decide to carry out an attack. >> according to the justice department at least seven alleged cases of homegrown terrorism have been brought to federal court since december last year, and the president is
3:32 pm
calling on his counterterrorism team for new ideas. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. the surviving suspect, dzhokar tsarnaev just got a new attorney, month the defendants she had let represented. in the unibomber, ted kozinski, and jarred loughner who shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords in tucson. both killers were spared the death penalty and are serving life sentences instead. she's good. >> she is supposed to be good but she supposed to be really good at negotiating life sentences. not -- i'm sure she has trial experience, but she goes in there as the closer. she is going to try to save this kid's life, most likely in exchange for all of the information that he can possibly have to help us against any future terrorist attacks. >> shepard: is that process
3:33 pm
underway? >> it's got to be. especially since once this kid was mirandaizeed he shut up. she is coming in. the thing that is irritating, the judge appointed her. so who is paying for the specialist? me and you and the rest of the country just like we pay forked the federal public defenders office. he is not paying for her, we are. >> shepard: do how much thigh charge? >> it's not coming out of his pocket. >> shepard: this kid grad weighed in '07 and got in trouble then. graduate from north kingstown high school in 2007. landed -- >> this the wife. >> shepard: these people who suggest, oh, leave her alone, that's crazy. >> she was in a little bit of trouble. she was shoplifting in 2007 when she was 18. >> shepard: you don't leave alone the wife of this guy.
3:34 pm
>> absolutely not. they want to know if she is an accessory to the crime or what she new. whose dna was on the bomb. although questions need to be answered before she is off the hook. >> shepard: what sort of representation does she get? >> she has not been charged. her attorneys are privately retained attorneys. she might keep. the she can afford to she may never be charged. we just might pull off the information for her we can get and her attorneys are there to make sure she doesn't put her foot in her mouth. maybe she won'ts to provide information and she is not guilty of aiding and abetting her husband. so between me and you, she is the wife. she lives in the house. when he was on the computers, shopping for bombmaking materials. she was in the kitchen cooking. >> shepard: you can't ascribe -- certain actions toward other actions. you santa say because she said nothing means -- i don't know five. like if a member of my family
3:35 pm
had blown up innocent people in boston i might be going, i knew no i'm sorry. >> you might be. her excuse is that the was a language bare yes. even though she was married to him but the conducted his business in russian and she couldn't understand him. so much more to come from her camp. >> shepard: interesting to find out what she knows just about that trip to russia. did they have contact back and forth? i guess they have the e-mail from that by now. >> may even have a little more than that. i think the computers will reveal a whole lot, other than the e-mails, what she knew and when. if she doesn't want to be involve as a potential defendant, she should give up all the information that she did have. >> shepard: i wonder hour prosecutors are weighing the idea that we might be able to learn a lot. what do they know? we don't know for sure if they're lone wolves or really self-radicalized but sounds like it. >> i guess we're going to fine out. we have to go down every single avenue. the wife is a good place to start. and you know what else is
3:36 pm
strange? she is his wife. the parents are in russia. no one has claimed his body yet. so it's amazing to me. i don't know what that means exactly but why wouldn't you, if you're the spouse of somebody who was killed, why wouldn't you claim the body? i don't get it. >> shepard: in the morgue still. >> we can't find out oautopsy results until the body is claimed. we don't know whether he died because the brother ran him over or in the spray of bullets. >> shepard: we know the brother ran him over, just don't know if he was already dead. we reported the suspect's parents previously collected taxpayer funded welfare benefits. now lawmakers are looking into how much the family actually got. our chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is here do we know yet? >> we don't know figures but we know from this letter from the department of transitional assistance in massachusetts, sent to one of the representatives investigating all this, that they received
3:37 pm
some pretty extensive benefits. look at this. katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, received food stamps and transitional aide to families with depend tent children from september 2011 to 2012. just after the berth of the baby she had with the now-dead tamerlan tsarnaev. the tsarnaev parents received food stamps from october our 2007 to november 2004, and august '09 to december 20 1. plus the transitional aid from january to march 2003 and again all 2009 to june 2010. now, there are some pretty large figures out there, shep. we have not confirmed those yet, and the department of transitional assistance is saying they can't tell us because of privacy laws. >> shepard: how are lawmakers reacting. >> we thicked chairman of the mast hoss post audit and
3:38 pm
oversight committee. he tolds that his committee has received a total of something like 500 documents regarding all of the benefits the tsarnaev family received, and he says every one of those documents will be thoroughly reviewed. lisp. >> we're going over every single bit of data here to determine what public benefits were given to the people who were accused in this horrific act, in an effort to protect the taxpayer from having to pay. >> we should point out there's no suggestion at this stage that anybody improperly received the benefits. they were all qualified to get them and it's important to note that none of them have received any benefits, according to the records we have seen, this year. >> shepard: thank you, sir. sex and drugs.
3:39 pm
aman --da knox, more details from the woman accused of at one time of kill herring roommate in a drug and sex-fueled rage. the interview is next.
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3:42 pm
>> shepard: just got summon video in that frankly is like nothing i've ever seen. we reported yesterday about a cargo plane that crashed in afghanistan.
3:43 pm
and now we are led to believe that we're seeing the final moments of the doomed jet. the pentagon says it believes it's real. our sources say they believe it's real. the video roared on a dashboard camera. look at this. >> shepard: we are not showing the crash itself. the video of the impact. military sources in the pentagon in afghanistan tell fox news they, quote, strongly believe this video was shot by a service member driving security at the airfield. all seven people on board died. all seven were americans. the national airlines president released a statement that reads this is a devastating loss for our family and we'll work diligently with authorities to find a cause. the taliban claimed responsibility for downing the jet, but nato indicates there
3:44 pm
had been no reports of insurgent activity in or around that base. more details as we get it. the full video is online. search around if you choose. the thought of going back on trial for murder would be like crawling through a field of barbed wire. that analogy from main da knox in an interview set to air on the same day of the release of her memoir. foxy knoxy serve four years in an italian prison for killing her then-roommate during what prosecutors called at the time a drug-fueled sex game but in late 2011 an italian court overturned the cop visitation and set her free. earlier this year a separate court decided to retry her in italy they took that. in the book "waiting to be heard" amanda knox describes her school trip to italy. her regular drug use and the one-night stands.
3:45 pm
it's worth noting the book's publisher is harper collins which is opened by the parent company of this network, and the foxx family attorney claims harper collins bade amanda knox $4 million for the rights of her story, but somehow she got an interview with abc news' diane sawyer, and in it she denies she was involved in the murder of meredith kercher. she says, it's one thing to be called things in media and another to be sitting in a courtroom fighting for your life while people are calling you a devil. for all intents and purpose is was a murderer, whether i was 0 or not. >> i don't know about at the wisdom of this. what do you think? >> well, shep, actually thing it's a good strategy. she has the book coming out. people used to go an oprah to sell their books. now she is doing diane sawyer. she has not air-ed her past. she talks about drug use and
3:46 pm
one-night stands and the public will be receptive because of the fact this took place in italy. there are questions raised about the judicial system over there. so the initial stages ol' the rollout -- they're doing everything right. >> shepard: i assume that anything she says here could be used against her? >> as you mentioned, compelling her to go back to italy. they have no subpoena power to get her back. it is, what does she do with the fame? write a back and you on with our life or go on "dancing with the stars." >> shepard: i assume the attempt is to come off as sympathetic and wronged. >> yes. that's clearly the ultimate goal, but you and i have seen other people who have had 15 minutes of fame and what they tried to do terms of catapulting that into some sort of brand. i'm interested to see how her interview goes with dianne sawyer. i think sawyer will ask her tough questions, and i'm -- what
3:47 pm
she has done thus far, if i were advising her camp, chev is doing the right thing. >> shepard: a re-introduction. >> yes. a re-introduction. she spent four years in prison over there. and questions were raised about the process. the judicial process. did she get a fair trial? the evidence put into the -- raised by the prosecution. one of the courts in italy decided to acquit her. so there's enough circumstantial evidence to point they might have the wrong person. >> shepard: now two years after the feds shut down gambling web sites. online poker is back. don't grab your laptop just yet unless you live in exactly the right place. and later, the government launching an investigation into gum. why chewing gum is getting the feds' attention.
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>> shepard: online poker players can now antibiotic at the up from their couches, that is is you live in nevada. two years ago january gamblers logged in so see that the feds shut down sites. online gaming has been strictly illegal ever sense. but as more struggling states look to rake in cash, nevada could be but the start of a surge in states to allow online gaming. trace gallagher is live. looks leak the feds will be watching this very closely. >> and a lot of other states who are also watching this closely. this ultimate poker site has to
3:52 pm
follow every letter of the law. in other words, the games are fair, the money is safe, players are all at least 21 years old and all live in the state of nevada, which means players have to submit their social security numbers and nevada addresses. now, if the poke site does gain the trust of regulatears and politicians you can expect rapid expansion. two dozen other sites are set to go live, and when the feds shut down the site, the popularity didn't go done, just went elsewhere. >> what happened is since there were really no more entities profiting off of the u.s. player pool, a lot of the tv shows and stuff kind of disappeared because it wasn't profitable for advertisers anymore. the popularity of the game has remained intact the whole time. several people, myself included, relocated out of the united states to continue playing online for a period of time. >> just so you know you can register for ultimate poker
3:53 pm
online right now if you live in nevada. >> shepard: i would just nevada? >> well. new jersey and delware also passed gaming laws. casino games involved in there as well, and a lot of other states are also considering these laws because they, too, realize that this is a cash cow. in fact some experts say in five years online gaming could be a $10 billion industry, and the big money is going to come when you have interstate gambling, which means i can sit here in l.a. and gamble in nevada. and the governor sign a law that allows him to negotiate with other states. it's very unlikely we'll see the feds get involved. shep now you can get your deadly jolt -- you can now get you daily dose of caffeine and chewing gum.
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the federals launched an investigation into he potential health impact, caffeine. now they're complaining why. you can see a package of the wrigley's product. called alert energy caffeine gum. the company reports one piece of the gum has the same amount of caffeine as a half cup of coffee and wrigley will market it only to adults. now the food and drug administration says they will take a fresh look at how this may affect children's health. the fda is investigating energy drinks and energy shots inch a statement one official reported the only time the fda explicitly approved the addition of caffeine was cola and that was in the 1950s. >> most security experts agree if somebody pulls a gun on you, it's best to do what the gunman say, but one would-be robbery victim never got the memo and turn the tables on the mugger with the shotgun.
3:55 pm
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>> shepard: today the first openly gay athlete in men's major professional sports says coming out lifts a huge weight off his shoulders shoulders andw waiting for somebody else to, quote, raid their hand. jason collins made the announcement yesterday. this morning, collins said at first he struggled with the decision. >> yeah, in the beginning. i think they call it like the 12
3:59 pm
steps you go through, anger, denial, and -- but when you get to the point of acceptance, there's nothing more beautiful. >> now he compares it to ripping off a band-aid and says he hopes that others will realize that being a gay professional athlete is really not that big a deal. >> and then, there's this. before we wrap things up. a robbery target in new orleans made a very dangerous choice over the weekend. about it work out okay so we'll show it to you. look at this. police say this win down on saturday morning. the robbercocks a -- cocks a shot gun and then walks up to the clerk and the would be-be victim turns the tables. the gunman and the accomplice got away but police say they hope the video will lead to an arrest. that's it for "studio b." i'm shepard smith. the final


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