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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 9, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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special report is up next.
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re-evaluate our behavior. >> billions of people wondering if we made her cry, maybe we should re-evaluate ourselves. terry, does it comfort you to know that while you are in some foreign hell hole trying to stop bad guys, this is what is going on back here? >> yes, i just got back from a two-month trip saving all of your butts. you are welcome, america. i have a twitter account and i haven't gone on in a year and a half because i'm not that interesting and i don't think that you are that interesting and neither are you. i don't care if people don't like your glasses or having a case of the mondays. >> that's why i tweet recipes. why don't you read one and learn
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something. >> was that too mean to you. >> no, i have a thick skin. trust me. >> do you simple these with miss hewitt or is she being a winy celebrity. >> she has an amazing career ta puts her in the spotlight. people are interested, maybe, in what she has to say. we all know there are nasty people out there. >> there are. >> if she doesn't have thick enough skin to deal with it, then go off twitter. i don't know what the announcement is for. >> i think to tell america how awful twitter is and how great she is. bill, any thoughts about following her lead in quitting twitter or even life itself by throwing yourself in front of a speeding train. please say yes to both questions. >> i don't like where tonight's going. i'm already seeing a trend and i'm not a fan of it. as far as this jennifer love hewitt thing is concerned when i read this terrible news i thought to myself why do haters got to hate. i think we all that that and
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then i thought about it more and think why would anyone seed anyone an inocous, c-list star -- excuse me, got to clear my throat -- anything negative? why would they threaten her or spend time to do. that by negativity she meant pictures of people's genitals. that's what she was getting. that's the trend. whether or not she goes back on twitter, one thing will remain, she has an amazing rack. and it is only going get better because she's pregnant. >> this could be the beginning of the end for twitter. i will tell you why. my theory before the web is the only unusual, sick people you encountered was not by choice. it was within your own family. if you had somebody that was weird you had to deal with it at holidays and stuff like that. the people who were nuts, or friends were dating somebody who was nuts what happened with twitter is it allows a whack job
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from 2,000 miles away to bother you and bother you constantly. and you can't acknowledge them because if you acknowledge them then it is worse. so you have this cloud of malice that is above you at all times and maybe we have to walk away from it. >> block them, right? block the person on twitter. >> can't block everybody and that's a bit selfish. >> if everybody hates you, get off twitter any way. >> that's a good point. tieing in to what bill said, as well. if you were a man of anne margaret back in the day you would have to find her in a park to show her your [ bleep ]. >> that's true. >> he's right. you had to put in effort. now you can just go, excuse me, jennifer love hewitt -- >> the walls are down and you can confront -- it's a great equalizer from porpgss to people on their own. >> where where do you think this stuff is going to go. i'm the worst tech guy. i don't do twitter or facebook anymore. everybody is going like.
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this does anybody hang out anymore or -- >> no matter what happens, terry you will survive and outlive us all. >> i want somebody to hang out with and talk to me. >> people can't have conversations anymore, guys. >> is he immating me. >> no, i was agreeing with me. >> i think the fact she is pregnant has something to do with it. >> i have never been pregnant but they become more sensitive and emotional. >> sexist. >> you have never been pregnant that you know of. >> i have been pregnant and after the fourth month you get really horny. >> from hewitt to screw it. does obama care have a prayer? on tuesday the obama administration announced it is putting off until 2015 a requirement that employers offer health insurance. a republican senator said it was quote a clear admission the law is unaffordable, unworkable and unpopular. a lot of uns, terry. the nfl, whatever that is, declined to promote obama care them administration's department
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of health and human services had requested help with getting americans on board with the law. but the league released a statement that said, hey, quote, they currently have no plans to engage in this area. to use the football term the white house struck out. for more let's go to "red eye" white house senior correspondent. ♪ >> he's hiding. >> not good enough. you are lunch. do you think the delay inform until after the midterm elections is politically motivated and please use the word "yes" in your answer. >> actually i do think it is. i think it is unworkable. unpopular as you just reported a moment ago. i think that politics is of course driving this decision.
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companies don't want it. we know it that is going to be expensive and it is very complicated and delaying the inevitable may have nothing more to do with just simply the white house getting more support, trying to get more support for something that nobody wants. >> which they will pay for with government money that they will collect from taxes. they collect your tax money, try to sell you on the product that you don't want. >> exactly. >> is anybody paying attention to this? >> everybody is. basically we are sick and tired of it, terry. while you have been gallivanting, i have been following this. jessie, you don't get health care where you work at the phone key i don't s kiosk at the mall. >> and what is worts is all i can eat is aunt annie's pretzels. >> they smell so good. >> the cinnamon ones.
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>> i saw, first it upset me they are pushing it back. that means all of the employees won't get health care for another year possibly. then i read that cancer is taking a year off. so -- >> there you go. >> terry. >> sir. >> they are saying it needs to be simplified for businesses. what about the rest of us idiots? if mac truck doesn't know how to do it how will i? >> the individual mandate, as i understand it, is still in place. joe q citizen is on the hook for this and if he doesn't get health insurance will be penalized. the nfl, the nfl is apolitical. no they are not. that's why they hammered rush limbaugh and wouldn't let him in the organization because it is political correctness if the nfl thought they could get more people to watch their stuff, despite the gang land activity and other crap they do they would have signed up for this, but they are not. for them to say you are staying out of it, you are being smart. >> terry bringing knowledge
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finally to the show. waiting for him to wake up. >> do politics belong in football and separately does your head belong on a stake. >> let me think of the order of that. >> dude, don't even answer that. >> no to the stake part, i will tell you that much right now. with the limbaugh thing he was announcing for a while and the reason he got out of the nfl is he said black quarterbacks were overrated and greg didn't get a slap on the hand when he said he agreed with him. oh, no that was true, too. that is true. but -- >> is that your answer. >> yes. >> don't try to contradict me. further more, you -- you have had a little bit of juice tonight, haven't you? >> have i. >> you are putting us all down and quite frankly i've had enough of it. >> we are the only person at fox working right now. >> there's nobody in the city. >> you know who did our hair and makeup tonight? me.
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i dichld you are welcome, guys. >> i was going to say i think terry is trying to come to my defense and if there were a team of soviets after me i would want you on my side. since it is him making awkward [ bleep ] half-written joke about me working at the mall i can handle this one. >> i don't think that jessie needs defending from the likes of me. i'm defending myself quite frankly. >> shut up to both of you. >> from train wrecks to turmoil, with egypt broke was he on a boat? did he rest during their unrest? secretary of state john kerry was out to sea on wednesday despite an earlier denial from his camp. cbs news producer spotted the super rich exsenator boarding the vessel in nantucket within hours of the coup in cairo and reported the sighting. the state department quickly called it inaccurate. however, after photos surfaced of kerry at the helm of the ss
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wasp, how fitting is wasp. >> is that real. >> and his spokeswoman said while he was briefly on his boat on wednesday secretary kerry worked around the clock all day including participating in the president's meeting with his national security council. red eye has obtained video of kerry on his boat. oh, yeah. be happy. let's face it, dog and dolphins do not belong together. you can take the supreme court stuff as far as you want, but you know what, i'm stopping at the dolphins and the dogs because you know what, one of them has to get in the water and drown and that's not -- i'm not going to let it happen, i'm not. it's sick. it's against nature.
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it's against nature. >> dolphin pride. you do what you want. chase that rainbow, dolphin. >> jessie, you have never seen a yacht much less a body of water that snnt a gas station sink. but isn't this what a guy with a yacht does? they go out on their yacht? how can they be to blame? >> that is not true. i rented paddle boats for the summer. >> now you are just doing the jokes for me. listen, guys, being secretary of state is a hard job. every now and again you have to cut loose, take a break. get on your sailboat and get the wind in your giant, long face. >> remi, isn't it a good sign he's on his yacht. things are under control, we don't have to worry. he is sending a signal that things are calm. >> that's not the signal i got from it. not at all. i think good for him he has all of the money and he has a boat. i have no problem with him being on a boat. the problem i have is the state department lied. why did they lie about it?
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and then when they finally found out there was proof he was on the boat that there were pictures, what did they say, he was on the boat but only for a couple of minutes an he worked around the clock. who cares. own up to it. he probably did work around the clock and was on the boat why so apologetic. >> i think it shows the culture of lying in the state department and federal government. if they are willing to lie about something like hanging out with dolphins you don't think they will lie about benghazi and stuff. no, he wasn't there, yes, he was. >> i tell my clients because a lot of them get in trouble for the cover-up, not the crime. there's nothing wrong with him being on the boat on a wednesday nampb the summer. but then they lied about it an then it became a problem. i don't think it is emblematic of a deeper problem. >> it shows when anything gets hot their instinct reaction is to tell an untruth.
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>> i don't think it means -- it always is. >> i think terry is right an you are wrong. >> we're totally right. >> conspiracy theorists think alike. >> we have had nothing but competence since twiegt with our secretary of states. they have always told the truth. both were failed presidential candidates and i don't know why we are all coming down on john kerry while we are eating hot dogs in the park struggling with the masses he was on his yacht. >> i wish you would throw off a boat and drown and i forgot to turn it in a question. >> how many times do i have to say, bill, should you fall off a boat and drown. it is simple. i don't think this is good for any other reason that egypt hates us already. now instead of signs that say all americans are terrorists. now they will say all americans have signs are super rich and don't care what is going on in our country which come to think of it is an improvement. >> you deal with terrorism and you fight and kill them.
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isn't egypt better off -- we don't know what will happen in the next couple of days. >> no, we don't. >> but is egypt better off now -- anything is better than the muslim brotherhood. >> absolutely. now the thing is, too. it's interesting this is happening on independence day, 4th of july. i want to tell these countries, you want freedom, go fight for it. we'll talk to you later. this is a good thing they got ritd of morsi. he was taking them down the path and if you are a christian you are getting crushed in egypt. this is better than before. we'll see how it goes. >> could get ugly. because morsi -- the muslim brotherhood. >> they are not going to lay down. they are not going to lay down. >> the problem is don't they get exhausted by radicalism. don't you get tired of it? don't you want to be normal, get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee. >> that's why i'm trying to recruit them to my club because we have a blast. it is more than a book club. you really should join us sometime. >> you are a jerk.
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any way, coming up, is any press good press? jessie discuss his appearance on the cover of wall and chain and cigarettes magazine. i hear it is like town and country for roadcy dis. but first is love in the air for the nsa leaker or are those just fruit flies. call me, fruit flies.
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. . . test. >> test.
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get hit to the snti. former russian spy, anna jackman, there she is, has proposed marriage to edward
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snowden, on twitter. which means it's legally binding. she posted this week, snowden, will you marry me? adding later, nsa, will you look after our children. they were accused of gathering intell. she and nine others were deported back to russia. we were nice, we deported them. meanwhile, snowden got another kiss. they called snowden a hero. it's more a disgrace that obama is more concerned with hunting down snowden than reforming the george bush style eavesdropping. i believe he's referring to the dosh -- ♪ ♪ >> i can't watch that whole thing. >> frightening looking baby. if my baby was that hairy, i
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wouldn't take pictures of it. we haven't had you on this show since the snowden show broke. you've been doing whatever you do. what do you make of him? we get into huge fights on every show. hero and villain. i think he's a villain. i think he was doing it for ego. what do you think? >> neither. i heard he tried out for special forces and he didn't make it. no, i don't think he's a hero. i think he's kind of an idiot only because do you really think if he was that smart he would know what he's doing is not the best way to do this. he's going to get hammered. >> couple things. >> go ahead. >> slamming the czech republic, that's one thing. >> i got that. >> by the way, russian, i don't trust any russian, except your wife who's a very nice gal, i want to say that. i want to go on the record, elena's a very nice gal. the rest of them, criminal. i said that on national tv. >> including her family? >> i met her mom, she's very
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nice too. russia's criminal. >> has he hurt our fighting forces, snowden? >> i don't think so. >> no, i don't think so. >> jesse, you look like snowden's older brother who sells pot to high school kids. i guess that makes you an expert on this story? >> yeah. >> good answer. >> do you think i actually sell pot to high school kids? i don't look anything like this guy. >> you're like him with a makeover. gussy your hair up a bit, get you some contacts. >> i don't see it either. >> anyway, i don't get what the big deal is. like i literally don't. i keep trying to wrap my mind around why i care about this story and i don't care at all. i'd just assume -- doesn't everybody assume governments are spying? one out of every three immigrants i automatically assume is a ukrainian or korean foreign operative. i figure that's got to be what's
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going on. who has a cell phone conversation without expecting somebody -- what do you -- >> i'm glad i'm being surveilled because i like to feel like i'm being monitored. i need the addition. >> i think it's the baby-sitting you need. >> you defend murderers and arsonists with glee. snowden's not evil enough like that. >> oh, god. i'm not sure he's a client that i would take. >> really? >> yeah, i'm not so sure about that. i like the part of the story, anna chapman. first of all, where is she? what is she doing? she looks great. she's on twitter. >> "maxim" in russia. >> proposing to him. i didn't realize that's what it was and that's how it worked. i didn't realize it was legally binding. in that case i'm going to tweet brad pitt. he's turning into a celebrity more than anything else. >> i think that's what he wanted. >> i think that's right. >> but that is worse than
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treason, it's trying to become a celebrity. still, snowden gets marriage proposals from sexy spies while you get them from homeless guys. puts things in perspective for somebody zblels maybe i like homeless guys. put that in your perspective box. >> how did you know i had a perspective box? >> i saw it. >> it used to be called my dream catcher box. i wasn't catching any dreams. i had a perspective somewhere. >> a lot of people think that all of your dreams are done. >> because i fulfill them all? >> huh. you turned them around on me. >> i had him and he got away. >> snowden has to be looking at chapman and thinking to himself, god, i wish russia would take me. she has her own tv show that she hosts now. >> wow. >> she gets paid a lot to model. she's a huge global celebrity. a multi-millionaire and all for what? why does she have all of this? because she could not espionage
3:27 am
her way out of a sample sail. she was a horrible spy. she got nothing. she did nothing. she got caught real quick. she sucked. snowden should have looked at all of this and tried to do something. >> do you know what the equivalent is? could he go back to america? he could not go to jail. he'll have the best lawyers. >> he wants to be a rock star the way they wanted to before, the stonge. they had a sexual thing. yo you are' just a weirdo. i think he was lauding the governments of china, all the ones that we know are really, really, really great. as soon as he said that kind of stuff, you know he's not on point. >> do you know who wants to be a rock star, chris angel. guessing women's panties doesn't make you a soreserer, it makes you a [ bleep ]. >> that came out of nowhere. >> this coming from somebody who wears chris angel's coat.
3:28 am
>> can we fix the economy? jaffert wrote the book, i once killed a man with my right nipple. >> who was channing's first crush. rhymes with smutville.
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the screens weren't what they seemed this week at michigan woman or any of a kind
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dialed 911 when she heard what sounded like a violent altercation between neighbors at her apartment complex. according to cops in between the shouting the woman heard a repeated loud noise and a female who was possibly being hit screaming stop, no. when cops arrived the women inside the apartment explained that her boyfriend had continued to pass gas and that she was pleading with him to stop. this is the story bret bahre refused to touch. >> that ends up lightening round. lightening round. >> terry, here's the thing. do you think maybe if gas is brutal enough it could be domestic violence? it could make your eyes water? >> dude, no, frting is always funny. you can be anywhere and if someone farts, someone's going to giggle. i think that chick needs to lighten up and go with it. >> all right. that's interesting. remmy, you are a woman.
3:33 am
women mostly dislike flatulence. it can be used as a weapon. i know bill has in elevators. >> well, you know, it's a medical fact that women don't fart, number one. number two, i specialize in the field of domestic violence. this is an interesting argument. >> has it ever come up or come out? >> no, but it is interesting. the neighbor's phone call to the police being concern that there was some sort of violence happening is what happens in most domestic violence cases where the cops show up. so the cops don't know what they're walking into. they don't know that the girlfriend's upset that her boyfriend's farting. i have been around some men who their farts were lethal. i don't think it rises to the level of domestic violence as was intended by the law. >> can they get in trouble for having the cops show up? >> no. the neighbor was conscientious. she thought there was something wrong, that's why she called 911. that's what you hope people would do and wouldn't ignore a problem. >> jesse, couldn't the man say
3:34 am
she's not respecting his right to express himself. free speech. >> i didn't think of that. you're right. i don't like this story to begin with let alone trying to wrap my mind around the constitutional ramifications. >> is it a violation of the fourth amendment? >> i think it should be noted that the woman's boyfriend is a herd of cattle. that's an important detail. >> thank you. bill, should we be applauding this guy? pretty impressive. it's almost like the moon shot of flatulence? >> it is. you used the word moon. that's a good name. >> enjoy my moon shot. >> i think that there's a lot of people in that neighborhood all over america that are listening to the story. i get shot in the leg three times and this guy is not coming over. this guy dutch ovens his wife and they're watching this and not enjoying the ramifications. >> i must apologize for dutch viewers.
3:35 am
there's no need, there's no need for this kind of bigotry. dutch oven is a derogatory term and we don't have a place for that here. >> bill, why did people invent it? >> the only people who can say dutch oven. >> she wants to nestle with a trestle. she has married a 600 pound bridge. she's beautiful. she spent a decade of courting a bridge, for a music project. she got hitched to the la pond du diable. she wrote on her website, her other half, overpass, is, quote, everything i could desire in a husband, sturdy, trustworthy, sensual, kind and handsome. oh, god. just as our curves compliment, we truly bring joy to each other and the strength of his pylons will always carry me home.
3:36 am
i used to tell john gibson that every day but he still left me. wow, terry. doesn't this open up a huge problem, that someone wants to marry the same bridge? then you have polygamy bridge. >> i actually have nothing prepped for this at all. >> really? >> you're a jerk. >> she married a bridge. >> that's the name of a new matt damon movie. she married a bridge. >> i opened a zoo with that. i bought a zoo. i married a bridge. >> greg, in trying to take care of the animals he ended up taking care of himself. >> that is true. >> looking for love on four legs he found love on two. >> yes. >> and then he killed her. >> what? >> in the movie? >> spoiler alert. >> that would have been better. >> you didn't like the gay elvis movie he just did? >> liberace. >> liberace. >> let's stay on topic, remmy. >> remember the part when
3:37 am
liberace -- >> can you talk about gay marriage. that taboo falls, you were shouting that actually in the hallway. >> what is wrong with you? >> i don't talk to you in the greenroom. i don't talk to you unless we're on the set and micced up so there's a record of it. >> true. >> this story just makes me sad. >> really? >> i just, i feel sorry for her. i want to get her into a good doctor's office, give her the right medication. i'm a 37-year-old woman who would hope one day to meet the right man and get married. this is just -- taking it to a whole new level. >> you are a bridgeophobe. >> i've dated men who are just as interesting as that bridge. >> yeah. what does that mean? yeah, like that guy. >> cue the comedian. >> he lived under a bridge. >> i did. >> actually, i did, too. >> i sort of feel a little sorry for that bridge though. >> oh, that's cruel.
3:38 am
>> bill, you've been wanting to marry a vacuum cleaner for years. even that inan him in mant object hates you. does this finally encourage you to do it? >> tell him no because vacuum cleaners can do things for you. >> that's a good point. >> this is going to a bad place. >> i'm very upset because i've been living under that bridge for many years. i come up and tell people they need to give me a riddle before they pass. i've been there in front of her the whole time and she chooses the bridge over me. >> go ahead. >> what's weird is when she ends up throwing herself off of it out of loneliness, they can charge that bridge with. >> murd ter. >> domestic homicide. >> i will catch her, say a riddle and it will end with a proposal. >> i think it's beautiful that she found lodge and foo on you for judging what she finds makes her happy. we should all be happy no matter what you do. what am i saying? >> whatever.
3:39 am
>> i was just defending her "the joy of hate", it is so good, right, terry? >> probably one of the best books i've ever read. >> yes, thank you very much. now shut up.
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who was magic mike's first like? it's clearly the most important news of the week. channing tatum has revealed that her childhood crush was none other than alisa milado. mine was robert conrad. that was a different time. said tatum of "who's the boss" actress. quote, she was it, man. i would love to run into her. i'm pretty sure i'd geek out. that's disgusting. how do you feel about his first pick. strong choice? who was yours? >> kristie mcnichols from "family". >> she was tough. >> she was a tom boy. >> what does that mean? >> my first crush was sandy partmore, she made fun of me and
3:43 am
now i'm afraid of girls. >> that was the girl that disappeared. >> not happening. >> i won't implicate you in that murder. >> do not. >> remmy, my first guess is that your first crush is charles manson. >> who told new. >> he did. we correspond via carrier pigeons. >> who cares. i have said this on your show over and over again because every time i'm on apparently tatum is a topic that we have to discuss. >> yes, it is a topic we have to discuss. >> what is the big deal? am i the only woman -- >> yes, you're the only woman. >> who doesn't find him -- i'm not drawn to this actor. >> you will be drawn right the heck out of here. take your butt right now, woman. >> he made me see "magic mike." >> i made you? you are lying. >> i fell asleep. >> you are disgusting. >> i want you to sleep eternally after saying that. >> jesse, let's try to ignore everything she said. your childhood crush was an over
3:44 am
weight circ at the 7-eleven. she used to give you free 5-hour energy drinks at the counter in exchange for not pooping at the frozen food aisles. >> bubbaloo was not fat, she was husky. slow news day. he was hoping that the 4th of july story would be a stevo firecracker story. instead it's this [ bleep ]. i would say mine was puncy brucester and she had the hope of an enormous rack. >> did i already talk to you, phil? your first crush was barbiturates. >> yes, barbie. i just start answering now. i don't wait for the inflection. >> not a question. >> my first crush was debby
3:45 am
herring. at the end where she goes ♪ the tied is high >> something weird happened. >> you wet yourself. >> yeah. >> that's never changed. >> my crush was farrah fawcett. >> i was going to say, i had that poster up in my room for -- yeah, that was the best. >> she -- >> come on. come on. >> before she was in "charlie's angels" she played a nurse in a comedy sitcom and she would show up in different places and i think she was dating lee majors. >> yes. >> then lee majors dumped her for heather thomas, is that right? >> yeah. >> in "fall guy." >> what is this, tmz 1974? >> coming up. >> coming up, "green acres" retrospective. >> the report from daniel levy. >> was andy griffen gay? 13.
3:46 am
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back to tv danny levy for the post game report. >> thanks, greg. jennifer love hewitt quits twitter. what's the outcome of all of this going to be?
3:50 am
is the internet going to be less mean? i don't think so. i think she's not expecting anything. >> all right. >> i wanted to mention that she was in "garfield, the tale of two kitties". >> so you slandered her to mention that? >> yeah. >> fair enough. >> cool. >> she was awesome in "party of five" and i can't believe anybody didn't bring that up. >> i can't believe anybody mentioned it. >> what a great show that was. >> you bastardized it on your 5:00 slot. nothing party about that. >> terry, how are you, man? >> i'm good. >> you have a twitter account. >> it's really bad. >> i don't use it. >> i know. i know. yeah. >> well, terry might be able to respond with something at this point, that he asked -- >> oh, let me -- that was completely -- so i'm like, my god, i was thinking of an insult for you. i was like, why am i doing it. hey, listen. it's 4th of july. people say i support the troops.
3:51 am
no, you don't unless you do something. shut your pie hole. do something. it's called pizzas 4 patriots. they delivered fresh dry iced frozen pizzas to iraq and afghanistan. not just for bases but for operating bases out in apache country. >> very cool. how do they find them? >> what do you mean? >> how did people find pizza 4 patriots? >> go to the -- >> why do i bite on this? >> pizzas 4 master sergeant mark evans. retired air force guy. he's awesome. >> thank you for walking me through that. >> absolutely. >> bill, you asked why anyone would take the time to send threats to a c list star. she's a much bigger star than we are and we get nasty stuff sent to us all the time. >> i get it double. >> i don't think so. i think greg and i get more threats because at the end of the day, which is a horrible thing to say, i'm choosing to say it in this case, nobody cares about you.
3:52 am
>> care enough to hate, andy. that's the very worse. >> that's the kind of caring. >> but they don't passionately hate you, bill? >> no, that's true. >> do you guys really get a lot of hate mail, seriously? >> we don't use mail anymore, terry. >> e-mails for sure. >> yeah. >> wow. >> remmy, you said it's good that she's quitting twitter if she doesn't have thick enough skin. i'm the same. >> you're going to get off twitter, andy? >> yeah. >> because people are so mean to you? >> they're obnoxious. >> you tell me who they are. i'll take care of them. i have clients who can take care of them. >> they're stuptd. i'm tired of stupid people. >> i have a great experience with twitter. i'm not that active on it. i get a lot of love. it makes me feel good if i see something that somebody writes that's nice. >> do you respond sometimes, remmy? >> you are a lot more loveable. >> i'm true. >> obama care's employer mandate pushed back a year. jesse, you asserted as fact that this is no big deal because
3:53 am
cancer is taking a year off. that is simply not true. >> no, it is. it's going to write a book and it wants to get into the wire and, you know, that's a real commitment. to get into the wire, it takes a while. >> i guess "breaking bad," the last season is about to start. >> cancer has a lot of stuff to replace. >> cancer is not a laughing point. >> no, that's my point. >> nfl is not pitching obama care. the nfl has never been apolitical. if people could watch this stuff, then they would get behind it. isn't that the definition of apolitical? >> shut up. shut up. >> let's hear a response. >> you know what, the nfl is one of the most mercenary organizations. yeah, i guess they are apolitical, but they're political if it's in their favor. >> they're self-serving. >> yeah, they're self-serving. >> they don't want controversy, no matter whether it's right or left. >> yeah. they don't want to rock the
3:54 am
boat. they don't want to stir up the boat. >> shows what you know, they don't play on boats, they play on fields. >> speaking of boats, john kerry, the s.s. watt, it is the isabell. >> it's a boat, not a bell. >> i hope somebody turns that into a gift. >> snowden sucks. terry, you said you heard snowden tried out for special forces and he didn't make it. that's true. he claimed that. people checked the time line and it didn't work out. >> i just heard that, too. >> no, he said that. it doesn't seem like it was very true. also it was good to hear you say you didn't think snowden was a hero or villain other than the short little frequent who sits there saying, i think he's a villain. >> who, jesse? >> no, i'm referring to arty johnson. >> that's a good one. >> 90% of the population says -- >> look it up. they'll learn something. >> he's alive. >> yeah. >> remmy, you asked what emma
3:55 am
chapman is up today. she's the host of a tv show, "secrets of the world." >> they give anybody a show. >> she's the host of the show "secrets of the world." >> yeah, what kind of secrets did she have to begin with? i think she's hot, that's why she got the job. >> you think that's why someone on tv got the job? >> huh. >> police called to domestic flatulence disturbance. you said, remy, the kopts don't know what they were walking into. the police report does say once they established what the deal was, they cleared the scene expeditiously. >> they wanted to get the heck out of dodge. their services were not needed. >> nope. >> greg, a dutch oven is an actual piece of cookware. >> i'm sure it is not purchased frequently after it has been smeared as a phrase for something else. >> it is basically a casserole dish is what it is. >> i'm sure that's what phil meant. >> yeah.
3:56 am
woman maris a bridge. terry, you said you had nothing prepped for this. you could have gone with, well, now she'll always have a bridge partner. >> i was not that quick. >> also the bridge is 600 years old. you could have pointed out the age difference being a possible problem. my assumption is the bridge is probably a producer. >> you're probably right. >> slightly younger than hue hefner. >> this woman is like the courtney stoden of bridge marriages. channing tatum says his first celebrity crush was melissa milano. good job making her feel old. terry, i agree with you about christie mcnichol. remmy, you said every time you're on we talk about channing tatum and i assure you, it's when you're not on too. >> remmy, if you're not into tatum, then we are not into you. >> yeah. >> you don't like channing, i'm not a fanning of you. >> remmy, jesse, terry, that
3:57 am
does it for me. that was nice. little violence there. all right. channing tatum. >> i'm greg gutfeld. card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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