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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 15, 2013 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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the ball went about three feet. >> we're making fun of her but she's a singer. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is monday, july 15. hope you had a fantastic weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. we're going to start with a fox news alert. overnight violent reaction to the george zimmerman verdict. now the department of justice says it's their turn to possibly go after george zimmerman. we'll have the developing details for you. steve s.: celebrities making matters worse perhaps like a deadly warning from giant starter victor cruz. wait until you hear what victor was tweeting over the weekend. >>brian: what happened to glee star cory monteith? the final hours before his
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death revealed this morning here on "fox & friends". i'm at city field. this is the first hour of "fox & friends" monday edition. roll the animation. >>brian: tonight is the home run derby. yesterday i had a chance to play in that big celebrity softball game. you're going to get some of the highlights because it's always interesting when you try to cross that barrier and try to do the things you talk about. we had a good chance to interact. >>gretchen: you connected, though? >>brian: i did well. yes, i did connect.
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>>gretchen: is that jenny finch pitching to you? >>brian: yes, that's jenny finch. she will be joining us live in 40 minutes. dwight gooden joins us live. you're going to hear from kevin james as he has gotten word through his people, through our people that i worship requesting here -- that i worship "here comes the boom." an all-star line up from the all-star game. >>steve: fantastic. >>brian: i'll be bringing you all the action. >>gretchen: great. let's do headlines. the fastest man on two wheels is killed while trying to beat his own record. motorcycle racer bill warner was going 285 miles an hour when he lost control and went off the road. he previously hit 311 miles per hour on the same course in 2011. that is the speed record for a motorcycle.
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cirque du soleil resuming performances tomorrow but without the final battle scene that left a performer dead. two weeks ago an acrobat slipped to her death. she reportedly slipped out of her safety wire. trial set to begin today on the constitutionality of pennsylvania's photo identification law. critics say the law discourages young adults, minorities and the elderly from voting. reporters say the law will prevent voter fraud. the law was upheld by a lower court last year but was put on hold for the 2012 election. >> it's the sweetest comeback in history. twinkies returns to store shelves today. they disappeared last year when hostess went bankrupt. but thanks to a new owner the american tradition is back. the new twinkies will have a shelf life of 45 days.
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i don't know if that is good or bad but that's what it says. >>steve: three minutes after the top of the hour. breaking overnight, massive protests in cities over the george zimmerman not guilty verdict from los angeles to new york demonstrators blocked streets and some of the protests did turn violent. some of the them serious. live in sanford, florida, with the latest. >> good morning. first let's start in los angeles. it started as a peaceful march. then you had this break-away group that split from the march and started clashing with police. we're told protesters threw rocks and batteries with officers who returned with nonlethal force firing bean bag rounds at these breakaway protesters. also over the weekend there were renegade protesters in oakland, california. several demonstrators broke windows, set small fires and spray painted graffiti. these are apparently the exceptions when you're looking at these
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demonstrations that have been going on all over the country attracting crowds ranging from a dozen or less people to more than a thousand participants saying they want to work within the system, whether it's through civil litigation or getting the federal courts involved. supporters of george zimmerman have been smaller. they have been working behind the scenes many sending donations to support george zimmerman and his wife who have, according to family, been having a hard time finding work during all the controversy surrounding this case. day two after this verdict was announced, the protests continue. by and large peaceful but again there are occasional reports of some breakaway demonstrators getting out of hand. >>steve: what is next exactly for george zimmerman? we know there's a possibility that the martin family is considering a
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civil lawsuit. keep in mind, george zimmerman doesn't have deep pockets so it's unclear what they would get out of it aside from getting him on the -- in the courtroom once again and getting him in the chair and asking him a bunch of questions about what happened. also, gretch, we've heard perhaps the department of justice might actually go forward with some sort of civil rights case. >>gretchen: i think the department of justice looked into this originally. we know the f.b.i. did and found no evidence of racism on the part of george zimmerman or his past. this makes me think about the o.j. simpson trial a lot over the weekend because you have some of the same figures coming back talking about it but also because the families who lost loved ones in the o.j. simpson situation ended up suing him civilly and winning. you have less -- you don't have to prove as much in a civil case, so they were successful. that family, even though o.j. simpson had money, never actually received anything. so it really would not be about the money; right,
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brian? >>brian: it wouldn't be about the money but the department of justice could be getting involved on the federal level. the f.b.i. is doing a parallel investigation. it seems as though they did not see any hate crime here. they did not see race being an issue here. the department of justice going to see if they're going to take this on. we're going to talk to jay adams about this. here's alan dershowitz last night on the chance of this whole case having another chapter, with governor huckabee. >> in general the justice department does not investigate civil rights violations committed by one individual against another unless that individual works in the state or federal government. the violation of civil rights usually involves the government violating someone's civil rights. george zimmerman can't really alone violate the civil rights of an individual even if he were to be guilty of a crime. >>steve: alan dershowitz, famous harvard law professor. he was one of o.j.
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simpson's defense lawyers. i understand his record is something like he's won 13 of 15 murder and attempted murder cases that he has handled. he's somebody who understands what's going on. also they say to make their case, the feds would have to show zimmerman was motivated by racial hatred when he shot martin. the people who have observed this from the get-go say it is very unlikely the department of justice would get involved at this stage. >>gretchen: the question is what's next for george zimmerman? when the judge says you're free to go the other night, where does he go? he has a brother that we've heard from. basically i think he's going to be in obscurity for awhile because of the reaction that this trial has had. some famous people tweeting some things that were probably inappropriate. is this man now going to live in fear for the rest of his life? and will he still have a gun to protect himself, brian? >>brian: he got it back and he's allowed to keep it in florida. i watched his brother over the weekend and his brother said of course he's going to keep it.
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he needs it now more than ever. i will say the one conclusion from an l.a. crisis manager, advice to george zimmerman, it sounds callous but hide. you've got to get out. friends of his are saying he wants to get into law. he says he wants to help other people in similar situations. meanwhile his defense attorney, mark o'mara, he weighed in and said this about the reaction. >> i think that he feels truly in his heart if he tkw not have that -- if he did not have that weapon that night, he might not be here. >> do you think if he could he would carry a gun again? >> definitely, even more. there are a lot more people out this who actually hate him. he will never be able to just walk down the street and not worry about who's looking at him, who's walking up behind him. >> does george zimmerman still walk around with a bullet-proof vest? >> he wasn't wearing it during the trial. i know out in public he wears it. i think he has a legitimate fear and legitimate concern. he doesn't know who is going to overreact.
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>>steve: you don't know who is going to overreact. that was particularly clear on twitter shortly after the verdict was reached. victor cruz, the new york giants, new jersey giants receiver, he tweeted this: he said zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up with him. he deleted it. there was backlash. then he tweeted i immediately realized my tweet was a mistake and i apology. that's why i deleted it. i believe nonconfrontation -- >>gretchen: he says he never advocated violence. it wasn't just victor cruz tweeting. there was an a.p. reporter and other people getting in. >>steve: meanwhile 11 minutes after the top of the hour. another top story this morning. medical examiners conducting an autopsy today to determine what killed "glee" actor cory monteith.
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ainsley earhardt has that story. >> good morning, steve, gretchen and brian and to you at home. many fans in shock this morning over the 31-year-old's tragic death. cory monteith, he rose to fame on the popular show "glee" was found dead in a vancouver hotel room over the weekend. this is a photo that was taken of him on july 6. it is one of the last photos taken of the actor. he is seen here with some friends, and one source who was there at the time said he did have three beers over the course of a few hours despite his recent stint in rehab. we're also learning he went out with his friend the night that he died but returned back to his hotel room alone. the cause of death is still not known at this point. police were able to rule out foul play. many hollywood stars mourning the loss of the young star on twitter. his "glee" costar tweeted this: going through a million memories and emotions today. i'll love you always, brother cory.
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a tpraoebgt glee guest star tweeted -- a frequent glee guest star tweeted rest in peace. you will be loved always. cory monteith's girlfriend and costare lea michele is reportedly hysterical and inconsolable. this is the last photo she tweeted of them to the. the two began dating last year. very tragic. 31 years old. so young. >>gretchen: coming up on the show, he was fired for not -- go ahead, brian. sorry. >>brian: an actor from "glee" played in the celebrity game. he would not comment. obviously upset. >>gretchen: he was fired for not arresting george zimmerman. can the former police officer now sue now that zimmerman was found guilty? coming up next. >>steve: it was a weekend
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>>steve: former sanford police chief was fired in 2012 over his handling of the george zimmerman case. he says now -- quote -- "it was relayed to me they just wanted an arrest. they didn't care if it got dismissed later. you don't do that." in addition the state i.t. director, that guy there, was also fired and crew boss after he testified prosecutors withheld information in the case. so what can those guys do
6:17 am
now that george zimmerman has been acquitted. you've got case that sanford top cop bill lee, he says city managers, people down in sanford, said to him we just want an arrest. as it turns out, he was right, there wasn't a case. what can he do now? >> he can obviously sue the city, bring some kind of a civil lawsuit against the city of sanford. i think the better question, though, steve, is whether or not chief lee is telling the truth in this case, and i actually think he was and he is. i do believe he was ordered to make an arrest which actually does no service to trayvon nor to george zimmerman if that is the case. any time politicians get involved in cases like this, local cases like this and start telling your police department you have to make an arrest, that's not a good thing. the police department are the experts. they should be allowed and trusted to handle these cases in the best way that they know how. >>steve: but there was so much political pressure and it came even from the
6:18 am
president of the united states. he weighed in on this. everybody was expecting george zimmerman to get a day in court. he wound up with it and now he's free. >> george zimmerman did get his day in court. but let's look at who took him to court. angela cory. i'm not sure if that is better than the police department handling the case. that case was bungled waeult from the very beginning. -- bungled all the way from the beginning. look at the evidence and everything that went into the case it was bungled from the beginning. angela corey did a horrible job. i think chief lee has some litigation he can bring against the city of sanford. >>steve: what about the state i.t. guy, he was working on the case and he realized we haven't turned over all these photographs we are mandated by law to. effectively he was a whistle-blower but he got canned last week. >> here's the thing about that and that's a very
6:19 am
interesting question and i'll tell you why. this i.t. guy, they work at the pleasure of the city, at the pleasure of the police department. he does not have any right to release any information because he thinks it should be released. there is a procedure you should go through if they want to get this information out. the way he did it was improper. i question whether or not he has civil action he can bring against the city. he can do that, but again i do believe his actions were improper, steve. >>steve: let's see if either one of the guys has legal recourse. rod wheeler joining us from d.c. thank you so much. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. congress can't seem to get its act together, and that means $52 million in additional cuts to our military. up next, a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan says our national security is in jeopardy. and we're on royal baby
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>>brian: quick headlines now. let's roll it. model and former reality star contestant renee alway is behind bars this morning facing 20 charges including 12 felonies after california police found her hiding with a gun in the garage of a home whose owners were on vacation. the blonde bombshell is suspected of burglary as
6:24 am
well as fraud. always played third in "america's top model." opera singer plac i do domingo out of a hospital where he was treated for a blood clot in his lungs. the singer had to cancel several appearances but now he hopes he'll be well enough to sing in austria next month. gretch? >>gretchen: thanks very much, brian. congress defending money for one of these things and cutting it for another. the dancing i.r.s. gets money. while pay for our troops is being cut. does this affect our national security? joining us is pete hegseth. good morning to you, pete. this is the result of
6:25 am
sequestration, that big, long word that had to do with the fact that democrats and republicans couldn't get their act together to come up with how to cut our deficit and now this is the end result; right? >> absolutely this is the end result. this is directly how d.c. washington dysfunction acts our national security. because politicians left and right are unwilling to come together and reform things that clearly need reform, whether it's the i.r.s., who anyone who has their head out of the sand knows has serious problems or whether it is the defense department where there is waste to be cut, but no one is willing to make the tough political calls to get it done. so instead cuts fall on the backs of the trigger pullers, whether it's benefits or combat pay. and the big stuff that should be reformed never gets touched. >>gretchen: last we can we were talking about the fact that these danger zones -- i believe there were 18 of them through out the world -- basically if you were not at a direct threat of being killed imminently you're not going to get additional danger pay if you're a member of
6:26 am
the military. a lot of people are like wait a minute, isn't it implicit in the fact that you serve you're going to be in danger. $35 billion from 2013 coming up on 2014, $52 billion. how is that going to impact our national security? >> first, it's going to continue to hit another $50 billion every year if we don't figure out how to reform the way we spend money. it's going to hit because it will manifest itself across the board in indiscriminate cuts which means it's going to hit every part of the pentagon budget including personnel and benefits and stuff like danger pay and combat pay. until the white house leads and congress, republicans and democrats put forth budgets that reflect the budget control act, or at least acknowledge it in planning, you're going to continue to hit the sequestration $50 billion this year, $50 billion next year, and every year it's going to be bad cuts. i call them stupid cuts because that's what they
6:27 am
are. instead of real reform that get us on a sound fiscal track and acknowledge we're $17 trillion in debt but we need to keep the biggest, baddest military we can in the world. >>gretchen: i think what angers so many people or from frustrates them is last week we reported on this $34 million facility in afghanistan that nobody is ever going to use. now you have this state-of-the-art place that is a complete waste. you think about that kind of money and how it could help members of our military. >> absolutely. it is a glaring example. you take that alongside the $72 billion wasted in the abg -- acquisition process whether it is an empty headquarters in afghanistan or something else, there's ways to cut our budget. >>gretchen: thank you for your time and effort. have a great week. coming up, congress isn't ready to approve some of the president's
6:28 am
appointments, so harry reid says he's going to push them through. stuart varney is on deck with a warning for mr. reid as a result. the discovery that has some divers in florida swimming right to the bank. ♪ somewhere ♪ beyond the sea ♪ somewhere waiting for me ♪ my lover ♪ stands on golden sands ♪ stands on golden sands ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convennt two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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>>steve: time for your shot of the morning. even though brian is at citi field where the mets play, over the weekend it was fox fan weekend. here's the all-star lineup from the saturday crew. tucker carlson, peter johnson jr., brian kilmeade. heather nauert, patti ann browne and me. it was a lot of fun. we had 500 invited guests in attendance. the yankees didn't do so well but a good night was had by all. one guy said this party is so luxurious i feel like i'm at something the i.r.s. would be throwing. >>gretchen: you had your whole infield in that picture. >>brian: it was very nice too. the general manager came in, said hello to everybody, spent some time and really likes tucker carlson's vest. he talked to him most of the time maybe because he has such good hair.
6:33 am
it was a great time to meet people. there was people there from kansas. people from kansas, pennsylvania. they came from all around to watch the yankees and to see us. it was great. it was wonderful meeting them. >>steve: brian, i met somebody who had come all the way from oregon to be with us. one guy found out on thursday morning he had tickets and he called his wife when he was leaving the gym and he said come on, we're going to the fox fan weekend. they made that in no time. >>gretchen: i love that spontaneity. something else happened spontaneous where you hooked up with a hollywood star and it all had to do with your movie review. >> gavin called me, a longtime producer. he said brian -- senior producer. he said you want to play in the celebrity all-star game. i initially said yes and i realized i hadn't played since seventh grade and that might be an issue, so my friend took me to the
6:34 am
batting range and got me ready. i saw a fellow i can relate to, a fellow long islander who was thankful i sang the praises of "here comes the book" -- here comes the boom, a show the whole family can watch. he talked to me before the game about how he was going to play the game. >> the sad part about playing in today's game is you cannot be home watching a copy of "here comes the boom." yes, it's true. i do that daily. i can't believe how hot it is right now. not good for a big guy, not good for a beard. >> might you shave it in the fourth inning? >> it might have to come off. wow! >>steve: they moved the bases? >>brian: no. that's where you play softball. it's not 90 feet. i think it's 60 feet.
6:35 am
that was the highlight of the game. there was actually another highlight by a wounded warrior who lost both his legs. the play he makes or almost makes will blow you away. we'll share that with you tomorrow. we can't you who won because it doesn't air until tonight. we'll show you tomorrow. that was cool and kevin james absolutely stole the show. >>gretchen: we'll continue to get highlights from you. in the meantime we have a couple of headlines. one of america's fastest men tested positive for a banned substance, talking about tyson gains. he is not saying anything about the drug test but says he will cooperate. former world record holder were red flagged after the jamaica world championships last month. both denying knowing anything about taking a banned substance. >>steve: a brazilian man crushed to death when a 3,000-pound cow fell through the roof of his
6:36 am
home. how does that happen? the victim and his wife were sleeping in their bed at the time when the cow walked on to the roof of the home. i don't know how it got up there. the wife was unhurt. it's believed the cow escaped from a nearby farm. this is not the first time a cow has crashed through the roof in the area. but this is the first time it has turned deadly. >>gretchen: they don't call it the treasure coast for nothing. four divers hitting the jackpot off the florida coast. they skoefrd -- discovered 48 gold coins dating back over 300 years. the divers made the discovery 100 feet offshore. the discovery is expected to be worth over $250,000. >>steve: the royal baby could arrive at any moment, but that didn't stop prince william from playing polo. the prince participated in the match 100 miles from his pregnant wife. to be safe he had a backup
6:37 am
plan in place. they hired a helicopter to be on stand-by so william could rush home in case kate went into labor. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. extreme heat hitting the east coast this week. temperatures are expected to soar into the high 90's and stay there for days. maria molina is tracking conditions and joins us right now from the soon to be sweaty streets of new york city. >> probably almost there already this morning. we're talking temperatures into the upper 90's and possible triple digits across section of the atlantic. a number of heat advisories are in effect as far as north as parts of new hampshire, parts of massachusetts. the northeast will be dealing with hot temperatures. the problem is when you factor in the humidity it feels even hotter. these are your forecast heat index temperatures. philadelphia 101 is what it's going to feel like this afternoon.
6:38 am
97 in new york city. 100 in washington, d.c. the heat wave is forecast not just for today but over the next several days. tomorrow expecting another hot day. that's pretty much going to be the story across the northeast even as we head into this friday. this entire work week plan to dress very lightly. wear flip-flops as you head out to work and then of course put the more professional shoes on once you're in the office. across parts of texas unusually cool. 78 degrees for your high temperature. that is typically the spot you would be thinking about temperatures in the 90's and triple digits. a little on the cool side in texas and parts of new mexico. the problem is we have low pressure and that is what's helping to keep temperatures on the cooler side. we have areas of rain and flooding concern. a number of watches are in effect because some of you could be exceeding over six inches of rain today and into tomorrow and early wednesday morning. a lot of rain forecast across parts of texas and new mexico. wear the rain boots as you
6:39 am
head out to work. yesterday i also went to fox fan weekend. here's a picture of me and a fan. we have people who came from as far away as georgia. the yankees didn't have that good of a game either unfortunately but it was still a lot of fun. >>steve: thank you very much. meanwhile 20 minutes before the top of the hour. gearing up to be the most heated debate in washington this week. senate majority leader harry reid says he wants to change the rules so the president can -- senate can approve the president's nominees without help from the white house. >> the constitution is pretty specific. if you want a super majority vote, look at what a veto is or treaty. if you want to look at a nomination, you know what the founding fathers said? simple majority. that moves what we need. >>gretchen: why does he want to push them through? stuart varney says it all has to do with the big "you" word.
6:40 am
unions. >> that would be correct. i think senator reid is desperate. he is beholden to the unions. unions are pushing very hard. they are saying we want our guys on a national labor relations board because we want thing between labor and management to go our way. so senator reid pressed the button. go with the nuclear option, make sure nominees pass by a simple majority vote and not this two-thirds majority that has previously been required. that is the nuclear option big deal. >>steve: it is a big deal because when one party does it, next time the other party is in power they can go remember when you did it. that come back to haunt them. who are some of these people they are talking about putting on the nlrb. >> the national labor relations board makes major decisions. sharon brock and richard griffin jr., two of the nominees the president wants on that board and wants them on soon. >>steve: why those particular people? >> the national labor relations board makes important decisions. for example, do we have a
6:41 am
secret ballot to decide union membership or do we go with just signing a card? the unions want signing a card. they want the national labor relations board to make that decision. >>gretchen: didn't that fail? >> they did but there is a backdoor way to what's called card check. another issue. if you're a union member what are you allowed to say on social networks about your management? the national labor relations board decides that question. the president, senator reid, they want pro-union guys on that board. it looks like they're prepared to press the nuclear option button to get it. desperation, high stakes poker. >>steve: mitch mcconnell did say reid would go down as the worst senate leader ever -- >> the two sides will be behind closed doors. it is such a big deal. >>steve: we'll see who comes out with a black eye.
6:42 am
stuart, we'll be watching your show at 9:20 eastern. >>gretchen: coming up next, the naacp wants to meet concerning the george zimmerman case. >>steve: a brand-new datsun just revealed. that's coming up next. ♪ ain't nothing like the real ♪ ♪ thing
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>>gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just joining us, quick headlines. both victims of that horrific parasailing accident back home in indiana. both are now able to walk and talk. after 30 years in retirement, the nissan
6:46 am
datsun returns. a new version of the car -- it looks like an old one -- i guess it's new. it is unveiled in india. the five-door hatch back will cost only $7,000. kind of cool. steve? >>steve: it is cool. meanwhile the naacp outraged over the george zimmerman verdict of not guilty, they want the department of justice to investigate. but remember the black panthers party, the new black panther party who were charged with voter intimidation during the 2008 elections, the d.o.j. dropped that case. where was the outrage then? joining us is justice department whistle-blower jay christian adams. thanks for joining us. >> good morning steve. it does sound like a double standard? >> not to the naacp. don't forget. they teamed up with the new black panthers trying to get the justice department to pursue criminal charges against george zimmerman. they don't worry about double standards anymore. the naacp used to be in favor of the rule of law
6:47 am
and equality. now they seem to support lawless and inequality. so this is nothing new. >>steve: if the feds were to bring federal charges they would have to prove he was a racist or racially motivated. if he was, you would think that the prosecution would have brought that out at the trial and they never did. >> they tried and failed. but what happens now is you have groups like the naacp and the new black panthers who see racism everywhere. i have a piece that shows how the new black panthers were the spark behind this entire zimmerman investigation. nothing was going to happen until they went down there and started threatening people. the justice department responded to their demand. the local prosecutors responded. we should not be allowing the new black panthers and radical race group to decide what happens to george zimmerman. >>steve: mr. adams, why does it seem the department of justice has taken their marching orders from the new black panther party? >> this is part of a radical racial agenda eric
6:48 am
holder implemented since he took office. look at the new black panther dismissal. look at the attack on south carolina voter i.d. laws and voter i.d. laws around the country because they are apparently racist according to eric holder. look at the fact that holder forced the new york city fire department and the dayton police department to hire black police officers who failed the exam. this is just a couple of many, many examples of this radical racialism that this justice department has pursued. >>steve: do you think the justice department will bring more charges against george zimmerman? >> well, i think that the f.b.i. will tell the lawyers that, no, there's no evidence of racial intent. i think the criminal section of the civil rights division will be reluctant to pursue charges. the big question is: will eric holder overrule them, as he has in other instances, because of a political agenda, because of a racial agenda? that's the question. will he listen to the new black panthers or listen to
6:49 am
the f.b.i.? >>steve: what does your gut tell you? >> in the past he's listened to the radicals. this one might be so insinned kwrarry that he won't -- incendiary he won't touch it. >>steve: thank you very much, sir, for joining us today from washington. 11 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday. pizza delivery about to get more expensive thanks to our regulation nation. what the government now wants all pizza chains to do that's going to cost them money, which means it's going to cost us money. brian says he did okay at the celebrity softball game, at the all-star game. but we're about to get the real story from a pro who was there. former mets pitcher, scott gooden live at citi field. next, live at the all-star game.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ >> brian: he's an all-star legend, dwight gooden is here and he's thinking about his all star experience, and also about last night's celebrity all-star game and we can not give away who won, the american or national league, or why i took my hat off. but we will talk to doc gooden about his experiences. welcome back. >> good to be back. >> brian: what was it like playing with darryl? the fans loved it, playing with john franco and mike piazza was a great experience. >> it was great. i think it was a great thing for the fans. >> brian: i think it will be tremendous. it will bring millions of dollars to moo the new york
6:54 am
area. you played at shay. this is relatively new. you like it? >> i love this stadium. i think it's great pitcher's ballpark, even though they brought the fences in. it's still a pitcher's park. shay would be remembered for great history. >> brian: right. you don't remember this, but as a met fan, there was bad for a long time you come up in '84, '85, in '86 you win it all. the mets owned this town. >> that's true. i have a son also that was born in '96 and he's a yankee fan. i have seven kids. you're right. in the '80s, the mets was the toast of the town and now it's the yankees. but hopefully things change a little bit. you're right. it was so many great memoryies of the 1980s. >> brian: there is still a lot of room to put up world series. now. how do we get people to care about the all-star game? i was looking at stats, in 1970,
6:55 am
people loved it. now 8.1. fox is doing everything they can from putting mics on the bases to letting the home field advantage have that league. what do you do? >> i think now what baseball is doing cess great and fox, what they're doing. part of the fans ultimate experience is it wasn't the same. when it first came, it was great. but hopefully they can maybe change that little bit and have where it's the mets, yankees, clubs, white sox and i think the interest will come back. >> brian: i agree. when you see the brewers playing the other side, you don't think it matters that much. neither does a met-yankee game. what were your memories? do you remember getting in? what was it like to be there? as teen-ager, 20-year-old looking around and seeing pete rose and company in. >> it was a great feeling. i get goose bumps when i talk
6:56 am
about that. it's like going there as a 19-year-old, making the team and being around a lot of guys and competing against them. i have remember sitting down in the bullpen. they said, gooden, you're up. my knees buckled. anxiety. having gary carter there was a tremendous thing. it was like you walk into a cloud. >> brian: it was a nice tribute to gary last night. so great to see you. go get his book issues a true learning experience. great to see you. >> brian: coming up. celebrities tweeting death threats to george zimmerman jurors and a deadly warning from giants star victor cruz. donald trump is no stranger to this. he's going to speak his mind. what does he think of all this? he joins us live at the top of the hour. then, get half off your next hotel room. there is just one little catch. you have to sleep with a stranger, who might be strange.
6:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, july 15, 2013. hope you're gonna have a great week. i'm gretchen carlson 6789 thanks for sharing part of your day with us. new overnight, protesters taking to the streets now. they're clashing with police burning flags after george zimmerman found not guilty. could politics pushed this case to the brink? we report. you decide. >> brian: gretchen, disgusting message from giants wide receiver victor cruz, just signed a huge contract. he tweeted, zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up with him. really? >> steve: and more on the shocking death of "glee" actor cory monty. what we just found out about the moments before he died. "fox & friends" hour two for this monday starts right now.
7:01 am
♪ >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. thanks for sharing your time with us. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. look where brian is. steve and i in the studio. brian where the big all-star game taking place tomorrow night. homerun derby tonight. right? >> brian: yeah. every time you hit a homerun, what's unique about city field, you'll see it in the corner. that's the top of the apple. that apple goes up with every homerun. so the homerun derby tonight has all the sluggers in the league, they put together their own team. that will go up each time in the outfield. the children of wounded warriors. so they'll be out there shagging the balls. it will be an explosive night here at city field. since they built the stadium, they were promised an all-star game. they don't get promise add world series. they got to get better to get that. >> steve: and brian, if you
7:02 am
weren't watching the first hour, was in the celebrity all-star game last night. there is no possibility you'll be in the actual all-star game tomorrow night, right? >> brian: no, there is a chance. and a lot of guys looked like they had tight calves and hamstrings. they could call on me. i played short center in 7th grade. that was some miff best years. >> gretchen: all right. loosen up, 'cause you never know >> steve: oh, he's loose. >> gretchen: stretch and do a little yoga. maybe the dog ward dog while i do headlines here. >> steve: please don't do that. put that over your head. >> gretchen: i used to be able to do that as a kid. >> brian: we don't have time. >> gretchen: i can't do it anymore. >> brian: donald trump is coming up soon. >> gretchen: hopefully he won't be stretching during the interview. medical examiner's conducting an autopsy to determine what killed "glee" actor cory monty.
7:03 am
the 31-year-old found dead in a vancouver hotel room. this photo taken july 6 is one of the last pictures of him. one source who was there at the time said he had three beers over the course of a you into hours despite his recent stint in rehab. he went out with friends the night he died. this morning many hollywood stars mourning on twitter. it was tweeted, going through a million emotion. i love you. always. his girlfriend is inconsolable. this is the last photo she tweeted with him. the fastest man on two wheels killed while try to go beat his own record. he went off the road, racing at a form air force base in maine. he previously hit 311 miles per hour on the same course back in 2011. that is the world land speed record for a motorcycle. trial set to begin to seek the constitutionality of
7:04 am
pennsylvania voter identification law. the foe at the i.d. at polling place social security at issue. psychiatrics say it discourages some people from voting. supporters say the law will prevent voter fraud. it was upheld by a lower court last year but then put on hold for 20912 election. some guys have all the luck. >> are you kidding me? >> they didn't get another one. think did. it rolled down and another one. >> get out of here. >> gretchen: one fan of progressive field grabbed not one, not three. four foul balls include the leave land indians win. and he's a received ticket holder who wasn't even sitting in his usual seat. the odds of catching four foul balls is 1 trillion to one. go buy some lottery tickets today. >> steve: absolutely. it's monday morning. that means donald trump joins us. good morning to you.
7:05 am
>> good morning. >> steve: good to have you. we like to get to you weigh in on the george zimmerman case. he was found saturday night in florida not guilty. the jury bought his defense that he killed trayvon martin in self-defense. there have been protests in the last 36 hours or so all across the country. for the most part, nice and peaceful. it does look like the department of justice is look whether or not to open a civil rights case. we don't know about that. we don't know whether or not the martin family will file a civil case against george zimmerman. what do you think about what happened? >> you have to start by saying zimmerman is no angel. it's really a tough situation, very, very terrible. i've watched it. i found it interesting. and the problem is there was very little evidence. there was no proof. the self-defense groups down there, they're very strong on self-defense in that fellow. they have a very strong statute, very hard to get away from it.
7:06 am
you just -- i didn't like the fact that zimmerman was told to stay in his truck, don't move, and he went out and certainly moved. but he's no angel. we know that. this is not a guy who doesn't deserve certain blame. the fact is, though, the jury made a decision based on the fact that there was no proof, no evidence and they brought the self-defense statute in, which is very, very strong in the state of florida. >> gretchen: it sounds like you disagree with the verdict. >> no, i don't disagree with the verdict. i just don't think that zimmerman is necessarily somebody that's going to heaven very quickly. >> brian: i just found the whole trial -- i mean, there was no intrigue to it. it's such tragedy on both sides. one guy's life is ruined, another kid is dead. i almost found both sides, everyone is saying, look out for what's next. i'm not saying cheering on a
7:07 am
would be rye i didn't -- riot, t everyone is wondering if this will be the 1990s in los angeles again and i hope we're smarter than that and i also see simply when al sharpton comes forward and says i'm ready for plan b and thinks civil rights and federal prosecution could be coming, i think this thing could just be starting. >> hopefully that's not going to happen. a lot of people thought it shouldn't be brought because of the self-defense. frankly, it was brought. it was brought without showing some pretty bad pictures of zimmerman and other things. so pictures of how badly he was hurt. so it was brought and a lot of investigation should go on. but maybe it -- look, the trial perhaps should never have been brought. it was a very ugly situation. it really is too bad with all the cameras around today, every time you see something, you see cameras. unfortunately, there were no cameras you could have solved it really quickly a camera in the right spot.
7:08 am
but the law is the law and the fact is that that's the way it is. the jury has ruled. these people were under tremendous pressure. i will tell you, the six jurors were under tremendous pressure. i thought they may do something different just because of that pressure. >> gretchen: i know. that was amazing and there are only six of them and they were all females and many people use stereotypes and say they'll let emotions get the best of them. they had an amazingly tough job. >> i think it took a lot of courage for the jurors to come up with this decision, frankly. >> steve: finding them guilty would have been the easy way from a public relations standpoint for their lives going forward, you would think. >> they went with the -- from a legal perspective, they did the right thing. six women, five mothers and frankly, what they did took a lot of courage. i actually thought there was a possibility they may convict on manslaughter or they may convict on something, on the lesser ground, on the basis and just on
7:09 am
the basis that there is a lot of -- there is potential danger to their lives. i never seen a picture of the jurors. i guess they're keeping that away. but the jurors really, they really went out of their way. a lot of people were surprised that they did this, although watching scholars and watching legal scholars, they absolutely made the right decision. >> brian: a lot of people like you tweet on situations like this and major stories to follow you on twitter and to know what you're thinking. unfortunately, i think a lot of people are not taking their time before they tweet. for example, victor cruz says this: zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up with him. rode white, all them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid. kirstie alley, white people used to make black people drink from
7:10 am
separate drinking fountains. what's your reaction? >> this is great hostility. amazing. you have thousands and thousands of trials going on in this country. but this one captured everyone, for whatever reason. but this one captured everybody's imagination. you have big trials going on. nobody cares about them. this one, i found it personally fascinating. i thought it was amazing. it cap duringed everybody's imagination. there is pretty much still gray area here. everything is one side or the other. and there is tremendous hostility. i've seen it. i saw it over the weekend. tw people that felt totally different about it. so it's tough. again, i'm very surprised the jury -- they showed tremendous courage. >> steve: they did. you know what? as the people take to the streets and we're looking at some of the protest, you made great point. down in the great state of florida, the stand your ground law and self-defense in general is very broad. and if they want to change
7:11 am
anything, change the law. >> well, it's very broad, it's very tough in terms of zimmerman, it was very, very good for him. a lot of people thought at the beginning of the trial it was so strong, that this is a case that should never have been brought. a lot of people are questioning why it was brought because the how -- law is so strong that the jury had to make that decision. it's a mess and it will continue to be a mess for a while, but i'm sure it will work out. >> gretchen: let me ask you what he should do next because you are the master of public relations and getting people noticed in the world, getting your products noticed and things that you've accomplished. would you advise him just the opposite right now? that's with a alan durshwitz is telling him. >> disappear and he went off to england and disappeared and that served him well. o. j. simpson didn't do that. o. j. simpson forced himself on to the public that wasn't interested in seeing him at all.
7:12 am
i would hope george zimmerman would disappear from view and just trying to rebuild his life. >> gretchen: what do you think? a harvard professor who was one of o. j. simpson's attorneys. >> i think he should disappear. it's good for everybody if he disappears. let him get on with his life, but he should just leave. this has been a traumatic period for the country. and actually hasn't been as bad as a lot of people thought it would be. we're just beginning. let's see what happens. but this has been very traumatic. he should disappear for his own sake and the country's sake. >> brian: he wants to be a lawyer. let's see how that goes. >> steve: all right. donald trump, we thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, get half off your next hotel room. there is just a little catch. you'll have to sleep with a stranger. >> gretchen: what? >> steve: it's true. you save half. >> gretchen: that should be for free in some cases. pizza delivery about to get more
7:13 am
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>> steve: if you like your pizza with extra toppings and who doesn't, then brace yourself. you may end up paying more for that pie all because of obamacare. joining us now to explain this week's regulation nation is republican strategist thicky neily. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> steve: wait a minute. obamacare means that places like domino's is going to have to have 34 million different combinations of calories for people? >> yes. exactly. it was one of the many provision in the 2700-page bill and
7:17 am
surprise, surprise, written overly broad. it loops in a ton of other businesses that it wasn't meant to cover originally, like small grocery store, convenience stores if your locally grocery store has pasta salads. they have to show calorie counts for different size option you can buy. and for places like domino's, as you said, there are 34 million different combinations. and just to have those combination calorie counts listed on-line is not good enough. they actually have to have them physically in stores. so every domino's location is going to have to have an enormous binder that will be about as big as the bill itself. >> steve: 'cause you couldn't put that on the wall. tell us a little bit now about a -- a lot of people go to the beach these days. but if somebody wants to move the sand electric -- from one place to another, what happens? >> in chicago or suburban chicago, there is one beach that
7:18 am
has too much sand and there is nearby beaches that have too little sand. you think, this is an easy problem, right? wrong. because the illinois epa has gotten involved and the epa has said they want the sand to be tested for asbestos. that cost $17,000 a year to do. never mind that the army corps of engineer has been doing this. says the sand is clean and moving it already. and dumping it in the middle of lake michigan. the epa has said no, you have to do this anyway. so the sand has been -- the beaches with shortages have been buying sand, literally purchasing sand. so as milton freedman said, if you put the government in charge of the is a -- sahara, there will be a shortage of sand within five years. >> exactly. >> providers forgot to ask the state permission to buy ultrasound machines? >> this is in virginia. it place place in a lot of states, it's called a certificate of need provision. the institute for justice is
7:19 am
litigating this because it essentially is asking the government -- it has the government having you ask for permission to compete. not only do you have to, if you want to buy an ultrasound machine, you have to go before a state board. but your potential competitors, other businesses who have similar services in the area, are actually allowed to oppose it, which unsurprisingly, happens all the time. >> steve: no kidding. once a week she joins us to tell us about the government red tape that's binding up the whole economy, it seems like. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: sand. meanwhile, straight ahead, the government spending $34 million on a military post nobody is ever going to use. that building right there. it gets worse. now our nation's heros about to lose danger pay. allen west is reporting for duty. he'll weigh in on it next. and she may only be 15 years old. but she's one of disney's biggest stars and she is looking for some kids to join her band.
7:20 am
she is live in the studio. good morning, you're next. ♪
7:21 am
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>> brian: city field where the people ant here. first, 50%. that's how much you can save on a hotel room if you share it with a stranger. let's you create a profile to find a room. write us. next, 44.8 million. that's how much the top spot in the box office raked in. barely beat out "grownups 2" and "pacific rim." and this greeter at nordstrom
7:24 am
started working in california in the 19 40s. he's good at it. steve? >> steve: well, you're going to want to bring your kids to the tv. she is the teen star from the hit disney show "shake it up." >> i kind of invited -- >> cc to come? >> yeah, but not like last time because she's bringing a date. that will be fun, right is this. >> as much fun as dinner on the titanic. >> i heard that was really fun. no? not enough life boats. [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: she's recording albums, filming music videos, writing books. she's only 16. zendaya joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: hello, rocky blue. >> gretchen: is it the third season already? >> yes, yes. we finished the third season.
7:25 am
so it's been quite an amazing journey and i can't believe it's already three seasons. it feels like we're still on number one. it goes really fast. >> steve: for folks who are unfamiliar with "shake it up," what's it about? >> it's a buddy comedy built around dance. about two best friends who dream to become professional danceers and they're two hip-hop girls and live in chicago and kind of get to live out their dream on a hit show. >> gretchen: there is something about the younger shows where we see young teens actresses and it seems like the things you're passionate about, play out in the show as well. you are a real life singer. you have a band. >> yeah. that's a really good thing. i think especially just to see young talent in general. i feel like isn't, very important, especially for the younger people to see kids closer to their age doing what they might love to do or being able to just kind of see that inspiration is good and good to get started. when i made my band, i really wanted to make sure i had young elements in it and i really
7:26 am
wanted young kids to be part of it. so i have an 11-year-old bass player. >> steve: do you have to pay him a salary or just an allowance? >> i don't even know about all that. >> steve: you guys are busy, 'cause you were performing yesterday in saratoga, new york, right? >> steve: yes. god bless you, you traveled all night to be here with us. >> i did. i got there at like 2:00 o'clock in the morning. i had to sleep. i can't believe i'm awake right now, to be honest. and i'm quite perky, to be honest. >> steve: 16-year-old during the summer awake at 7:26 in the morning. >> gretchen: you're one of the few who could pull it off. tell me about the book coming out this summer. >> i wrote a tween advice book called "between you and me." the whole tween thing. but i had a very smooth tween transition. i think it's kind of a time that isn't really given enough credit because you're not really a teen-ager yet. you're not a kid. you get the responsibilities you want and you don't get enough
7:27 am
and so i think it's just to kind of make that transition smoother and i know there is a lot of stuff going on in school. there's a lot of things happening. i feel like i wanted to help kids and give it kind of like a fresher mindset 'cause it just happened and i just got out of that. so it's just fresh on my mind and something i feel like i can help out. >> steve: speak of that, you got a brand-new single out on itunes? >> yes, coming out tomorrow. i'm so excited. it's called "replay". >> steve: what's it about? >> it's about -- it's basically saying i think for me personally, it can work for anything, any kind of passion, any kind of thing you truly love. it can be a person. it can be a hobby. but just when you love something so much you just want to constantly put it on replay and you want to -- >> steve: over and over. >> and over and over again. so that's kind of what it's about. >> steve: that's great. >> gretchen: i just saw your fingernails. oh, my god. >> these old things? >> gretchen: very cool. i like how they don't all match
7:28 am
each other. but they make a nice grouping. continued success to you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: amazing success so far. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: all right. straight ahead, while you were sleeping, violent reaction to the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. protesters taking to the streets clashing with police and burning some flags. we're live with the very latest. >> gretchen: after 34 years, hall of famer tim mccarveer will be calling his last all-star game tomorrow. what's his favorite moment? that's coming up next hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
7:29 am
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>> steve: this is a fox news alert. breaking overnight, protests in some of the largest cities over the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. from los angeles to new york, demonstrators blocked streets. some of the protests were violent. >> gretchen: jonathan is live down where the heart of the whole matter started, which is sanford, florida. he has the very latest for us this morning of the good morning to you. >> good morning to you. these protests going on in cities nationwide. some of them more than 1,000 people. others very small, less than a dozen. and while most of the demonstrations remain peaceful, several have gotten out of hand. take a look at this video. last night in los angeles, a group of protesters broke away from a peaceful march and got
7:33 am
into a confrontation with police. protesters threw rocks and batteries. police responded by firing nonlethal bean bag rounds at the protesters. also over the weekend, demonstrations got out of hand in oakland, california. some protesters smashed windows, set small fires and painted graffiti. but by and large, protests going on in communities from california to new york have been peaceful. participants saying they want to work within the system to make their voices heard. >> i think it's very unfair what happened in the zimmerman case because we started seeing more racism now and instead of the racism dying out, it's becoming worse. >> while most of the protests remained calm, zimmerman family is worried about its safety. george zimmerman's brother telling fox news that the family received death threats regularly
7:34 am
through twitter and other social media. back to you. >> gretchen: all right. far from over, thanks very much for your report. here are the rest of the headlines. cirque de soleil resuming performance of their show tomorrow, but without the final battle scene that left a performer dead. three weeks ago a veteran acrobat fell to her death while performing at the mgm grand hotel in vegas. she slipped out of her safety wire. her death was the first on stage fatality in the company's 29-year history. >> steve: overnight, we learned a six-year-old boy who was trapped under 11 feet of sand is expected to make a full recovery thankfully. he's still in critical condition. but does not have any life-threatening injuries or brain damage. he was buried in a sand dune for over 3 1/2 hours after it collapsed underneath him. he was found in an air pocket and it was the air pocket that helped keep him alive. >> gretchen: never before seen photos of marilyn monroe are up for auction.
7:35 am
they were bay celebrity photographer. one is called "graduation." she never had a real high school graduation picture. so green decided to shoot this impromptu graduation photo. >> steve: meanwhile, a fan on her way to a dave matthews came across a stranded bike rider. she stopped to help, only to discover that the bike rider was dave matthews himself! matthews went out for a bike ride and when his tire popped, he did not have a phone with him at the time. >> i was riding my bicycle. i got a flat tire on the bicycle. a nice lady rode up in a red car with a bicycle and gave me a ride. >> steve: that is the dave show saturday night at hershey park in pennsylvania. thankful for the gesture, matthews invited the couple out
7:36 am
to dinner. gave them front row seats and then let them come back stage. >> gretchen: talk about being in the right place at the right time. >> steve: and doing the right thing. extreme heat in the east coast this week. temperatures are expected to soar into the 90s. maria molina outside where you could really use a little air conditioning. >> a little air conditioning. can't wait to hit the subway later on today. >> steve: right. >> they're very cool down there. temperatures well into the 90s along parts of the i-95 corridor, from parts of dc, philadelphia, all the way up into sections of massachusetts and into new hampshire. the other problem is that when you factor in the humidity, it feels even hotter. take a look at the heat index values, 101 in philadelphia. 100 in washington, d.c even down through richmond, virginia, it's going to feel like 100 degrees when you let outdoors. the heat is not expected just for today. not even just for tomorrow, but even as we head through this friday. so this entire workweek out here across parts of the northeast, you're going to be dealing with
7:37 am
very hot temperatures tomorrow. it's going to feel like 97 over in philadelphia. because of all of this, we do have a number of heat advisories in effect across parts of pennsylvania and new jersey. heat safety tips to keep you safe today. drink plenty of water, stay hydrated. spend more time in air conditioned places and also try to wear some more light-weight, light colored clothing. colors like yellow, maybe white, that helps reflect the sunshine and keep you cooler. temperatures in texas, take a look at this. very unusual. 78 degrees for your high temperature in dallas. you could be setting a record in terms of your high temperature being the coolest it's ever been this time of year. and because of that, we're expecting -- relatively cool temperatures is because we have rain, flooding even a concern. on sunday, actually this entire weekend, we had fox fan weekend and i want to show you some pictures of sunday. this is actually -- this is on saturday. this is a team. you can see steve there, brian holding the bat.
7:38 am
heather nauert, patti ann. on sunday we had other members of the fox team, including myself and also alisyn camerota and clayton and ainsley and heather childers. let's head out to where brian has been helping with the homerun derby tonight. >> brian: major league baseball all star catcher, played for a bunch of years. how about 21. hall of fame broadcaster 34 years, and he's finally going to say i retire. i quit. tomorrow will be his last all-star game he's calling. what are his favorite homes you moments? we need our own hour, tim. hall of fame broadcaster tim mccarver, welcome. >> why are you here? the ballpark is here behind me. >> brian: i know. mine looks a little more authentic. not much more, but a little bit more.
7:39 am
>> brian: yeah. >> i know. how are you? >> brian: doing great. you're calling this game tonight. why are you retiring now? i mean, not that you need to do this anymore, but why now? >> i'm not retiring. i'm stepping back. next year i won't be doing the all-star game. i won't be doing the league championship series and i won't be doing the world series. that's really right now the only change between this year and next year. it's time. i mean, i'll be 72 years old in october. it's time to step away, smell the roses and that's exactly what i'm going to do. >> brian: i heard cooking and wine, two of your other passions. now let's talk about your favorite moment as a player. you say no doubt about it, scoring the winning run 1966. i was two. the all-star game was in its prime. there you are sliding in. did that hurt? >> that's not your picture perfect slide, is it?
7:40 am
>> brian: it looks good to me. >> if you arrive before the ball is all that counts. i've got a picture at home not only of the slide, but of who greeted me after the slide. harry walker, the third base coach who was the manager of the pirates that year, was the only guy who was not in the hall of fame. willie mccovey, willie mays, and others. it was great. what a wonderful memory. that first all-star game in st. louis in 1966. >> brian: yeah. it was unbelievable. now let's talk about your favorite as a broadcaster. not too many years ago when the all-star game was at yankee stadium, 15 innings, it went to extra innings before it was over. you loved it. >> that was 2008. what a great way for the grand old lady to bow out.
7:41 am
i loved old yankee stadium. i loved it. i like the new stadium, but i loved the old stadium. a lot of memories there. the 1964 cardinals we won a world championship at the old yankee stadium. i broadcast there for three years. and to see it bow out so gracefully in 2008 and that was the longest all-star game in history. it matched the all-star game from innings played, but it was the longest one and the famous throw from nate mcclow to russell martin who eventually became a yankee catcher. a lot of memories from that game. >> brian: wow. tim, i told think from day one when you game the met broadcaster, i started learning so much more about baseball. there was no doubt about it. you're going to be the best. that's where you are petering off just a little bit. thank you for joining us. good luck in the game tuesday night on fox. you and joe buck, if you don't get sick of him first.
7:42 am
>> brian, things are slowing down and i'm enjoying this job much more than i ever have. >> brian: all right. and you're still in your prime at 72. >> thank you. >> brian: thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, the government spending $34 million on a military post no one will ever use. and it gets worse. now our nation's heros about to lose danger pay. colonel allen west on that and more. then talk about hitting the skids. danica patrick takes out another driver. her boyfriend. that story next members of the american postal worker's union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer?
7:43 am
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7:46 am
>> did danica turn him? wow. they just got all hooked together. >> steve: took out her boyfriend at the new hampshire motor speedway this past weekend. it's the second time this season the couple has been involved in a crash. jimmy kimmel tied the knot with his girlfriend and head writer for his show, molly mcneary, in california, about 300 people, including matt damon, ben affleck and jennifer aniston were all in attendance. congratulations. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: thank you very much. even after the not guilty verdict was read, race remains at the forefront of the george zimmerman trial in florida. should race have even been brought into the case to begin with? joining me is former florida congressman and fox news contributor now, colonel allen west. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> gretchen: i'm doing great. you know florida better than anyone. you live in florida. what did you make of the case and how the discussion now will continue with regard to race? >> i think one of the things that we saw was the
7:47 am
interinjection of race into this case, especially by the race baiters, probably caused the prosecution to down the path of a charge that was going to be a little bit harder as far as the stipulations and the conditions they would have to achieve to reach that conviction. if we had just maybe let the justice system take its due course, you probably would have had a different outcome. but once again, you see a media and you see many people out there that are stoking the fires of quote, unquote, race because they really are concerned about keeping that at the forefront, to keep this country divided because of a collective mindset. then also you have those that need to have these type of issues there to keep them in some type of media limelight. >> gretchen: the naacp is calling for criminal charges, or the department of justice to investigate. we call immediately for the justice department to conduct an investigation into the civil rights violations committed against trayvon martin. this case has reenergized the movement to end racial profiling in the united states. that's from the naacp. let me pose two scenarios to
7:48 am
you. some people said over the weekend, ten african-american teens died in the city of chicago alone, but nobody is talking about that. and number two, the idea that had george zimmerman been african-american as well, nobody could would have ever heard about this case. can you comment on that? >> sure. first of all, the naacp, where are they talking about the black on black crime that we see rampant throughout chicago and many of the other inner cities? then also where was the naacp when we had the new black panther case going back to the 2008 election, weather did not for the department of justice to get involved there. i'll bring you were other heinous murder cases. i went to university tennessee in knoxville. there was a case of a white couple that was brutally and savagely killed. you never heard anything about that. then earlier this year we had two black teen-agers who shot a white infant in the face with a .22 caliber pistol. and we still have not heard anything from the naacp or from the media on that case as well.
7:49 am
so i think there is a little cherry picking here for the sake of political purposes and we need to get away from that. >> gretchen: all right. appreciate your comments on that. let's talk about something else that you're an expert on, the military. i know you'll be dismayed as the questerration cuts continue to affect the military. now danger pay in 18 countries may be cut back for members of the military. at the same time, we have this $34 million building in afghanistan that we paid for that will never be used. what can we do about this? >> first of all, we need to have an audit of the department of defense and need to streamline the acquisition and procurement processes that we have. we need to have review of all projects. i find it heinous that we're concerned about 120 million, which is really what this hostile danger pay is, while we just wasted 34 million on that facility in afghanistan which now we're going to have to demolish. then again, when you think about president obama and his speech that they gave at the national defense university, he really doesn't believe that there is a war on terror out there.
7:50 am
so i think that's a reflection of that. and also remember that during the clinton administration, we sent the uss cole into a port in yes, ma'amen and they were told this was going to be a friendly area and look what happened there. >> gretchen: some of those regions are still hot beds, specific eegypt, syria, jordan, et cetera. colonel, always great to see you. thanks so much for your time. >> thanks so much. have a great day. >> gretchen: you, too. thank you. top model turned top thief. which former contestant turned thief? jenny garth struggling with something many families go through. she's here to help her daughter and others. right back [ female announcer ] it balances you...
7:51 am
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>> gretchen: jenny garth struggling with something many families go through. she found help for her daughter and this morning she's here to help others. >> steve: that's right. jenny garth, good morning to you. >> hi, guys. >> steve: you're talking about glasses. this is something that near and dear to my heart. my daughter has worn glasses since she was one years old. you found out your daughter was struggling. couldn't hardly see the chalk board. >> right. and it's not something that they can articulate that. sometimes that's a way into their academic process. it's important to find out early on. when i started doing my work with this campaign, i was made aware that one in four kids have a vision problem and a lot of those kids are going untreated. >> steve: that's troubling. >> gretchen: so tell us about the organization and how people can get involved. >> because of that fact is why i teamed up with the eye solution called the i saw good campaign. and it's really easy for
7:55 am
everybody to get involved. you see good in your world every day. so it's see good, share good, do good. take pictures of things that you see good around you. share them on twitter. and that automatically will trigger a donation to kids vision for life, which is an organization that provides kids in need with eyecare and glasses and i've seen firsthand what an impact that's had on a lot of school age children. >> steve: that's terrific. a lot of children are thinking, i don't know if i want to wear glasses because i might look a certain way. >> right. >> steve: it's hard to get that -- past that. >> right. but the kids that i met with are so appreciative of being able to actually see or not have to ask questions to their friends about what does that say up on the board, that it's such a huge impact that it's such a simple thing we were talking about that we overlook. can they see well enough to learn? and a lot of kids are being held back because they can't.
7:56 am
>> gretchen: hopefully kids will come to that organization and get help. you just reunited with the "90210" cast. your friend was doing chippen dale? >> yes. >> gretchen: ian. >> steve: you went to see him strip in vegas? >> i did. he looks amazing. we should all look that good. he's older than me, i'd like to say. and he looks incredible and he's having the time of his life. >> steve: he is. he was in "shark nato" this past week. once again, the web site fort vision project? >> you can upload your pictures there, donate a dollar toward kids vision for life. >> steve: great advice. always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, president obama releasing a statement about the zimmerman verdict. it's a lot different than his original comments about the case. bret baier on that, top of the hour. >> steve: then have you seen this? singer carly rae throws out the first pitch. maybe she should stick to her
7:57 am
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if 12347 good morning, everybody. it's monday, july 15. i hope oared great weekend and now to a great week. i'm gretchen carlson. protests in reaction to the george zimmerman verdict and now the department of justice may add fuel to the fire. the new details moments away. >> steve: president obama releasing a statement about the zimmerman not guilty verdict. it's a lot different than his original comments about the case. bret baier joins us live from dc with analysis. brian? >> brian: all right. brand-new details about the shocking death of "glee" actor cory monteith. what he did in the hours before he died. all coming up on "fox & friends'" final hour. don't go away.
8:01 am
♪ >> steve: city field, first thing in the morning, brian kilmeade, for the all-star game. you would think that you would have better seats. it looks like you're in the bleachers. >> brian: i know. take a look at this. you really can't see much because the cameras are locked down and i'm not wireless. but basically we have people warming out, the sons and daughters of wounded warriors. they're in the outfield. there are some people taking batting practice. this is where the all star classic takes place. 84 years they do it. they move from ballpark to ballpark. it's not shay. the yankees a few years ago hosted it. they brought $184 million to the city. they expect to bring $174 million to this area, to the region from manhattan down here. keep in mind, the super bowl will be in new york. there is a lot going on here and fox is hosting. sadly, this has not been a highly rated game because they play each other during the year. american league against national league. with the all-star game, they tried to make it matter a little bit. the winning league gets to host
8:02 am
an extra game in the world series. they'll have home field advantage. still the ratings are sagging and we're trying to see if there is more interest in this year's game. we'll see what happens. i know the field and setting couldn't be better. the guys are pumped up. tonight is the homerun derby. tomorrow the game. yesterday the futures game and the celebrity game right here. >> steve: big, big. >> gretchen: lots of stuff going on. i'll see threw on tuesday. in the meantime, let's do some headlines. medical examiner conducting an autopsy to determine what killed "glee" actor cory monteith. he was found dead in a vancouver hotel room. this photo taken july 6, one of the last pictures of him of the one source who was there at the time said he had three beers over the course of a few hours despite his recent stint in rehab. we're also learning he went out with friends the night he died. this morning many hollywood stars mourning him on twitter. kristen chenowith tweeted, rest in peace. you will always be loved, always. monteith's girlfriend and
8:03 am
co-star lea michelle was in mexico when she got the news. friends say she's devastated. she's begging for privacy. this is the last photo she tweeted with him. fastest man on two wheels is killed while trying to beat his own record. bill warner was going 285 miles per hour when he lost control, went off the road racing at a former air force base in maine. 44-year-old previously hit 311 miles per hour on the same course back in 2011. that is the world land speed record for a motorcycle. a trial is set to begin today on the constitutionality of pennsylvania's voter identification law. here is what is at issue. the photo i.d. requirement when go to vote at polling places. critics say the law discouraging young adults, minorities, elderly, disabled from voting. supporters say the law prevents voter fraud. the law was upheld by a lower court last year, but then you may recall it was put on hold until after the 2012 election.
8:04 am
maybe she should stick to her singing career. watch. >> this is all i'm going to tell you. you're going to have -- >> gretchen: carly rae jepsen gets an a for effort. she knows learn be watching. it went three feet into the dirt. she covered her face and giggled. we think she had a bad day. she threw one out earlier that was a strike. time to bring in bret baier. this is why you don't put yourself out on the line to do something like that unless you think you might have a chance of getting it to the catcher's glove, right? >> don't call her a pitcher yet. >> steve: exactly right. let's talk about you're joining us from d.c brian is at city field. let's talk about the george zimmerman verdict reached live
8:05 am
from stanford, florida on saturday night. what six women jurors found was the evidence concluded that he was not a criminal. we have had some protests across the country. some quite big. a little violence. now the department of justice is at the suggestion the naacp and aclu considering federal hate crime charges. what do you think about that? >> this federal inquiry started just after the shooting and before the state criminal trial began. so they're kind of reopening this inquiry into the possibility of hate crimes charges on a federal level. it is moving forward. the doj put out a statement that prosecutors would look at all the evidence again to see if they move forward. but there is a very high bar to bring those charges and to be successful on those charges and even the attorney general talked about it, saying that you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what's in the defendant's
8:06 am
mind, that he was acting specifically on race. if you talk to legal analysts, a lot of them think it's a stretch to think the doj is going to do this, but as you mentioned, they're being asked to and prodded by the naacp and other groups to look at it. >> gretchen: so the president politicized this, many believe from the beginning, where he said the original statement that if i had a son, he would look like trayvon martin. it was interesting after the verdict, this was the statement many were expecting we'd have to hear something from the president after he injected himself in the case to begin with. here is part of that quote. the death of trayvon martin was a tragedy, not just for his family or any one community, but for america. i know this case has illicitted strong passions and in the wake of the verdict, i know those passioning may be running higher, but we are a nation of law and a jury has spoken. what do you make now of the politicalization of this whole issue? >> clearly there has been politics on all sides.
8:07 am
the president, when he said what he said, he was answering a question about the case when it was hot and heavy before charges had even come on a state level. that statement yesterday was really, i think, an effort to calm things down, to ask for calm across the country in the wake of the verdict. whether that's a different tone, it's also a different time and the verdict has been reached and the president was trying to calm some of those protesters. >> brian: bret, he didn't stop there. the president kind of seguewayed to gun laws and said let's talk about guns when it comes to trayvon martin. he kind of wanted to go back to an issue he still obviously considers an open wound. >> clearly a lot of people believe that this case kind of dove tailed with the whole gun issue here in washington and a lot of people bring up the two topics together. i still think that there is going to be a really high bar for the department of justice to
8:08 am
move forward on anything federally. they'll probably be an effort to go after george zimmerman civilly, but there is still a high bar there. stand your ground law in florida might prevent that from happening. >> steve: sure. meanwhile, what's next for george zimmerman? he is a free man right now. what's interesting, though, is it sounds like the infamous gun reduced in the -- used in the trayvon martin shooting will end up back in the hands of mr. zimmerman to protect himself, according to his attorney yesterday. listen to this. >> i think that he feels truly in his heart that if he did not have his weapon that night, he might not be here. >> did he think if he would, he would carry a gun again? >> yes. even more now, isn't there a lot more people actually hate him, though they shouldn't. he will never be able to just walk down the street and not worry about who is looking at him or who is walking up behind him. >> does george zimmerman still
8:09 am
walk around with a bullet proof vest? >> he wasn't wearing it during the trial a lot. but i know that when he was out in public, he wears it. i think that he has algate mitt fear and concern. he doesn't know who is going to overreact. >> steve: so he's free, bret. but he's got to watch over his shoulder forever. >> yeah. and he has that right in florida and -- to carry a concealed weapon and he can carry that weapon because he's been found not guilty on all charges. so it sounds like from his lawyer someone who is very concerned about his safety and was so even before all of this attention. >> gretchen: all right. always great to speak with you on monday mornings to jump start our week. bret, have a fantastic show today and we'll see you next week. >> we'll see y'all. >> gretchen: the royal baby could arrive at any moment. but that didn't stop prince william from playing polo this weekend. 100 miles away from his pregnant wife. paul is on royal baby watch live
8:10 am
in london. good morning to you. what's the scoop? >> at the moment, there is -- these are the famous steps of the linder wing. this is where the duchess of cambridge will give birth whenever that will be. they also are the steps where diana and charles emerged emergh harry and charles. and the press has been here in large numbers. just take a look at the cameras and the lenses that are trained on those front doors. whenever that due date will be. the problem is, the kensington palace have only said the baby will be born in july, which has meant from the first of july all the press began arriving here and they've been here ever since. a lot of time to kill. you rightly point out prince william was playing polo over the weekend, so he's had a bit
8:11 am
of time off. my understanding is that prince william has still a few more days off. so vital days with his wife ahead of her labor, whenever that will be. but it's all eyes for the moment trained on the front door of the linder wing in the great kate wait. >> gretchen: great kate wait. love it. thank you so much for that update. >> steve: what are they going to name the baby? according to the betters, over in the united kingdom, they're going with alex andrea, charlotte and victoria. the most popular girls names. they have picked george as the most popular name for a future king. >> gretchen: you know what i like? they do traditional names, unlike some of the zany names we hear from other stars in our country. you know it's going to be something traditional. i like that. >> steve: all right. straight ahead, george zimmerman may now be a free man. but his legal problems are far from over and it's not just the department of justice that could be going after him. peter johnson, jr. on his future, coming up next.
8:12 am
>> gretchen: remember the dotson? who doesn't? this morning the car is back. i love this. is this a car you think that's refurbished or a brand-new car? >> steve: that's jay leno's car. >> gretchen: we'll let you know coming up. the great outdoors... ...and a great deal. thanks to dad. nope eeeeh... oh, guys let's leave the deals to ooh that one! nice. got it! oh my gosh this is so cool... awesome! perfect! yep, and no angry bears. the perfect place is on sale now. up to 40% off. only at
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
8:15 am
>> steve: george zimmerman may have left the florida courtroom on saturday night a free man after being acquitted of murder in the death of trayvon martin, but this may not be his last time in court. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us right now. so it could be the department of justice. it could be the martin family. he's got all sorts of things.
8:16 am
>> it's really important now that respect for the rule of law becomes the rule of the nation 'cause that's what we're based upon. a jury, the jury has spoken. there has been determination that he engaged in self-defense against trayvon martin and that homicide, as tragic and sad and unforeseeable and bad as it was, was legally justifiable. now george zimmerman is facing a civil lawsuit potentially. the family collected more than a million dollars against the homeowners association for whom he was performing a watch work. secondly, naacp and others called out for a federal civil rights indictment and depending upon the type of indictment that's brought, the penalties could range from life imprisonment to, unfortunately, under one scenario, which i don't think could happen, will be the federal death penalty. the federal civil rights law, though, makes it clear that there has to be hate prejudice, race animus.
8:17 am
f.b.i. has investigated and said there wasn't. number two, there is the issue of under color of law. usually these indictment are brought against police officers based upon their official acts. zimmerman is not police officer, not engaging in official acts. >> steve: also i understand you've done some research. you've got some information about people acquitted, but then later dragged back into court. >> let's talk about people who have been acquitted in the past, but still lost in other venues. remember o. j. simpson, he was found not guilty in his criminal murder trial, then found guilty as it were, liable, civilly liable in a wrongful death suit brought by the estate of nicole brown. then in 1993, the lapd officers were found guilty of violating rodney king's civil rights. the truth is, riots ensued. so we are at a precipice in our development and in our american history today. does the prosecution become persecution? do we focus on ways that we
8:18 am
improve our country rather than ways that we tear it apart? so the language in a very short time has become bitter. it's become raw. it's become divisive. we see people going to the street. we see some acts of vandalism, some acts of violence. so i think in my view, it's incumbent on awful us as americans, of every color, of every stripe and feeling with regard to what this verdict should have been that we come together in a way that's critical. that's where the president comes in. where will the president be in helping bring us together? not in the sense of political commentary about gun laws or gun control or stand your ground. what do we do to increase the conversation, the communication, the hand holding between races to bring us together in terms of what bonds us? lot of people are going to try and divide us. white people, black people try and divide us on this issue. we need to come together. >> steve: we do indeed.
8:19 am
and for people who are angry about the verdict, those six women jurors, what they did was according to the law and the way they looked at it, he was not a criminal. and he was able to -- they said it was self-defense and they believe that. really if anybody wants to do anything down in florida, they would have to change the law, wouldn't they in. >> they'll have to change the law in a lot of states across the country. there has been said that the system is bad, the jurors were bad, and let's take to the streets. let's respect the rule of law. let's understand we have the best system in the world. it's not perfect. it is imperfect, but it is the best that we have and the best that we have seen. these people have discharged their duties and i believe we should respect it. >> steve: indeed. peter, thank you very much. straight ahead, they fight to protect our freedom. but now our troops are facing a different kind of battle against their faith. we're going to take a closer look next. and have you seen this?
8:20 am
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>> steve: news time. quick headlines. a top model contestant charged with not so model behavior. renee allway was arrested in palm springs, california. officers found her hiding in somebody's garage with a gun in her hand. cops believe she was going to rob the joint. the owners were on vacation. and after 30 years in retirement, the nissan datsun returns. a new version of the car, that right there, called the datsun
8:24 am
go was unveiled in india. it will cost about $7,000. that's cute. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: thanks very much. they fight to protect our freedom, but now our troops are facing a different battle. religious expression in the military coming under attack by the government and now some lawmakers are rallying behind a measure to expand religious protection for our service members. joining me is louie agreement joining congressman phlegm not guilty this effort. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so tell me about this amendment and what you're trying to do and why. >> we're trying to get it actually passed into law because this president has been -- has allowed abuse of christians in the military, unlike any other religion. and we have had continued reports, really blatant going after military members, crosses being removed from chapels.
8:25 am
this administration has fought tooth and nail to prevent the cross from being reerected in the movave desert. we hear constant reports on the military. we're not supposed to hand anybody a bible at walter reed, you're not supposed to bring anybody a bible. it's considered an act of hostility if you give somebody a bible on their death bed or mention god or try to help them even if they're seek guidance at the end of their life. the old saying is, there are no atheists in fox holes, but this administration is trying to make sure there are atheists all the way to the end. >> gretchen: why? why do you think that is, in your mind? >> i think we got a clue back early on when this administration appointed three different ambassadors to the vatican that were pro-abortion. this administration has gone out of its way to thump christians.
8:26 am
it's also been true in the department of justice right now, directly under this president, his buddy, eric holder. there is a memo that directs that you must openly embrace gay marriage and homosexuality and silence is considered to be disapproval. i mean, there is open hostility. this administration also declared war on catholics and christians who believe against abortion, that it's against their religion. and would not make conscience exceptions. so you know, this president says he's a christian. i take him at his word, but he certainly is not gone after islam and its antihomosexual beliefs the way he has allowed christian groups to be attacked. you look at the irs, the irs in the scandal, they went after specifically christian groups that believed in biblical forms
8:27 am
of marriage. so you see this long litany of attacks against traditional judeo christian values. he celebrates ramadan at the white house. when was the last time he had israeli leaders to celebrate passover? there just seems to be an assault on judeo christian beliefs and it's got to stop, especially for members of the military. i know my four years in the army, we weren't in combat. we should have been in '79 when we were attacked, but still, we lose members during peacetime and to think that a commander in chief would allow hostility toward passing on a way to eternal life, not proselytizing. there are plenty of regulations against that. but actually just friends talking or providing a bible or having a cross or a bible out on display, those who are ready to give up their lives to protect our religious freedom should be able to have their own.
8:28 am
>> gretchen: it's obviously something you're very passionate about and we appreciate your thoughts on it this morning. keep us up to date on how this goes. >> thank you and god bless you and your new move to your new spot, gretchen. >> gretchen: thank you so much. i appreciate it. have a great week. >> you, too. >> gretchen: it's the sweetest return ever. you know what's back today? yep. those squishy little things with the cream filling inside. twinkies. but there is something different about them. we're taking our first bite after the break. brian was picked to be in the celebrity softball game. how did he do? kevin james reports for us, coming up next my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal
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♪ ♪ welcome back ♪ >> gretchen: there it is. that squishy little thing. >> steve: twinkies are back on the store shelves today. brian kilmeade, too bad you're not here with us live. we've got the first ones. you know, the new ones are supposed to be fresh for 45 days. >> gretchen: as opposed to what? >> steve: used to be 26 days, according to the manufacturer. >> gretchen: okay. can you freeze twinkies? >> steve: uh-huh. >> gretchen: you can. that's a good idea. how is it? >> steve: it's delicious. >> gretchen: oh, good. >> brian: why are they back?
8:33 am
>> gretchen: don't you remember they went bankrupt. >> brian: who put money into twinkies? like who put them back? >> steve: another company. because they're money in the bank. >> gretchen: there was a huge protest. people were going to miss their twinkies. i don't know what happened to ho-hos. >> steve: i know what happened to them. it's the sweetest comeback ever in history, according to the brand-new hostess twinge crease, which -- twinkies and taste just like the old ones. >> gretchen: good to know they can be on the shelf for 45 days. [ laughter ] i've never seen them move so quickly. >> steve: they're delicious. scotty, sorry. >> gretchen: they're coming in from audio. >> steve: borat, over there to you. brian kilmeade, this one is for
8:34 am
you. >> brian: i don't have them. sorry. >> steve: ian, can you get a shot of that, going up on 18 years, we have never seen this before. a twinkie on the teleprompter. looks like a burrito. >> gretchen: or one of those breakfast pocket things. we're having twinkies for breakfast. brian, we have to do a couple headlines and then we'll talk to you again out there at city field. one of america's fastest men tested positive for a banned substance. we're talking about sprinter and former olympian tyson gay. he says he's going to cooperate with the investigation. he could face a six-month suspension. >> steve: meanwhile, a man crushed to death when a 3,000-pound cow fell through the roof of his house. the victim and his wife were sleeping in their bed in brazil when a cow somehow got onto the roof of the house, which backs
8:35 am
onto a steep hill. then the roof immediately gave way. it's believed the cow escaped from a nearby farm. the owner of the cow could be charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> gretchen: they don't call it the treasure coast for nothing. four divers hitting the jackpot off the florida coast. they discovered 48 gold coins that dated back 300 years. they're in good shape. some of the dates you can even read still on the coins. divers made the discovery just -- this is the inspiring thing for the rest of us. it was only 100 feet from shore in six feet of water. amazing. >> i'll never forget. he waves us in and says, i think i got one more and he drops 15 in my hand. >> i love the sound of gold. this right here is what makes it all worth it. >> gretchen: imagine finding that and get this, it's not just a couple bucks. that treasure is worth $250,000. >> steve: jackpot.
8:36 am
meanwhile, road rage at the racetrack caught on camera. what just happened? an angry driver tried jumping in a rival's car at race in north carolina. he ends up getting dragged across the track, then thrown into the wall. he was not hurt. he actually got up, tried attacking the car again, but security stopped him. he was mad at the winner for bumping his car earlier in the race. that guy could never be a nascar driver. meanwhile, extreme heat hits the east coast this week. temperatures are expected to soar into the high 90s today. heat waveries on the streets of new york city. >> that's right. we have a pretty big crowd this morning. where are you from? >> tennessee. >> how do you feel right now with the temperatures nice and warm? >> it's really humid here. >> really humid.
8:37 am
that's going to be a big problem today. so as you go around new york city and you explore today, make sure to stay hydrated and that goes pretty much for everyone, from parts of philadelphia up into sections of massachusetts, and even into new hampshire where we do have the heat waveries in effect because we're talking not just temperatures into the 90s, but the humidity. that's going to make it feel like triple digits. look at some of the forecast. 101 letter the heat index value in philadelphia. that's what it's going to feel like. that heat sticks around tomorrow and then take a look at this five-day forecast for philadelphia. upper 90s through friday. so this entire week will be hot, humid and you're talking triple digit heat. stay hydrated. otherwise as we head farther west, texas, where you typically think about the heat, 78 degrees for your high temperature today in dallas, texas. very unusual. we do have a number of flood watches in effect for texas, new mexico, parts of colorado,
8:38 am
because we're talking heavy rain. more than six inches expected in some spots and that purple is eight, even a foot of rain. a lot of heavy rain expected in parts of texas. let's head to brian in city field. >> brian: thanks a lot. as you know, yesterday was the celebrity game, which is -- i really think started on mtv and they brought it over on espn tomorrow and the game is going to be on fox on tuesday night. that's the all-star game. used to be a one day thing. now it's a three-day events, along with fan fest. now it's back in new york city after being at yankee stadium just a few years ago where it's supposed to bring $173 million into the city from queens through bronks and everywhere else. meanwhile, some of the celebrities, the biggest celebrity was kevin james. and he was there playing on the national league. i was on the american league. we put our problems aside and the fact we were going to be head to head for six full innings with boomer esiahson,
8:39 am
dock gooden and everybody else. kevin talked about what it would be like playing in 100-degree weather in very heavy outfits and so much more. he also is really appreciative that i like, and i sincerely do, his movie "here comes the boom." let's listen to kevin. the sad part about play not guilty today's game, this is one more time you can not be home watching "here comes the book." >> that's right. i do that daily. i can't believe how hot it is right now. it's not good for a big guy. not good for a beard. i got a lot of things going against me. >> brian: might you shave it in the fourth inning? >> it might have to come off. wow. [ cheering ] >> brian: kevin james slid into second. that was the second best play you'll see in the game. we'll show you tomorrow the best play. but he slid into second as mike
8:40 am
mia zoo pointed it out, isn't it interesting that the slide moments before they told us, whatever you do, do mott slide 'cause we don't want the turf torn up before the all-star game. but as you know, in softball, it's not 90 feet. everything is in more. and everyone gets a chance to play. >> gretchen: were you catching? was that you in the catching position when he was hitting? >> yeah. >> gretchen: i thought it was. >> brian: yeah. i was catching and playing second a little bit. jenny finch was pitching. >> steve: if that was the second best play of the game, does it involve you? >> brian: no. i would have to say. but you agree, had you see the play, you'll agree with me 100%. >> steve: sure looks like it. >> brian: i do get up twice. >> gretchen: when jenny finch who won the olympic gold, if i remember correctly with u.s. softball, when she pitched to you, was she pitching full force? >> brian: she said harder than she usually does.
8:41 am
>> gretchen: yeah, right. >> brian: she said it was harder than when she played in the olympics. 'cause she felt like she had to turn it up a lot. she ran a triathalon that morning. she was supposed to be here this morning. evidently she drank a little bit of the hudson. >> gretchen: i'm watching her motion there and unless it's in slow motion, that is not her normal pitching stance and style. >> brian: gretch, they slowed it down. they slow it down. >> gretchen: i get it. >> brian: tomorrow you'll see it's sped up. she was actually throwing. >> steve: very nicely done, brian, out at the all-star game. there are going to be more bushes at the white house today than anybody else from any other family. what's going on? george and jeb's brother, neil bush, is here coming up next.
8:42 am
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>> gretchen: quick headlines now. ever heard of the author robert gallonbreath. turns out he doesn't exist. the real author, j.k. rowling? turns out she wanted to write under a pseudonym and felt she could not get legitimate feedback because of the harry potter work.
8:46 am
a researcher found out they had the same publisher and wrote alike. did you see this? ♪ how much is that doggy in the window ♪ >> the dog couldn't get back in. the firefighter gave him treats and water to gain his trust and went in for the grab. steve? >> steve: thanks, gretch. these words served as the inspiration for an award that celebrates the power to spark change and improve the world. >> we will turn to the only resource we have that in times of need always grows, the goodness and the courage of the american people. >> steve: that was president george h.w. bush at his inaugural address back in 1989. a speech that helped launch the
8:47 am
points of light honor which is honoring its 5,000th recipient today. joining us from the white house is george herbert walker's son and the chairman of the points of light foundation, neil bush. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. >> steve: i remember your father's nominating speech at the rnc back in 1988 where he talked about 1,000 points of light. how did we get to 5,000? >> actually the 5,000 are those we recognize through this program, the daily point of light award. what's most important are the 65 million americans that find their calling, that serve in some way, that help the lives of others, or become environmental stewards. so this celebration today at this very special place is really recognizing the great work of the millions of americans that help others. >> steve: and so later today at 1:45, the white house is going to be celebrating the 5,000
8:48 am
points of light with a couple of people who have done some fantastic work. are we allowed to say yet who they are? >> go ahead. >> steve: well, floyd hammer and kathy hamilton. >> from iowa. they're from union, iowa. this couple saw a desperate need, saw people starving and kids starving in tanzania. they started a group called outreach. they're work in america through feeding america and work in 15 countries around the world. their story is pretty typical of lots of amazing and remarkable stories. there is a story of a lady that taught in palm beach, florida, for 50 years, a lady named eustelea will be at the white house today. she used her retirement savings to start e tella's brilliant bus. she travels around in her community with 17 computers and
8:49 am
inn a mobile bus and teaches kids how to use computers. there are lots of stories like this of remarkable citizens that are doing great things to help others. >> gretchen: remarkable citizens. plus your father and your mother as well have done so much and they'll be at the white house later today hosted by the obamas. how many bushes are going to invade the white house today? >> i kind of lost count. i think about ten of us. we're very, very grateful for president and mrs. obama for opening up this very special place for this occasion. my dad used the presidential bully pulpit or the platform for promoting service. every president since him, including president obama, has taken service and volunteers to a whole new level. this president signed the serve america act. he's had service days for each of his inauguration. he's honored dad at a tribute we hosted at the kennedy center. he's been promoting service and we're really proud and honored to be invited here for this
8:50 am
occasion. >> steve: neil bush joining us from the north lawn of the white house, a house you know very well. thank you for joining us today and best to your parents. >> thank you. >> steve: indeed. ten minutes before the top of the hour. next up, many americans can't understand why the jury didn't find george zimmerman guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. our next guest says there is one simple legal reason. casey anthony's attorney, jose baez on deck to explain. first up, bill hemmer. >> new news about the sequester and how priorities are being made and decisions being made that you need to learn about today. also will eric holder pursue george zimmerman? full analysis with judge alex today. and how the media reacted since saturday night. and karl rove on the new push by house republicans, what they're doing now to push back at obamacare. and guess where martha is today? you'll find out in ten minutes, top of the hour
8:51 am
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>> gretchen: george zimmerman now a free man, the entire trial has drawn a lot of attention since it began last month. our next guest no strange tore high profile cases. defense attorney jose baez who defended casey anthony joins me. >> good morning. >> gretchen: let's clear up something with regard to the defense. we know he's acquitted. but stand your ground versus self-defense, they never really used the stand your ground law in this case, correct? and why? >> correct. they absolutely elected not to have a stand your ground hearing. they waived that for the criminal case. but there is questions as to whether they can still use it for any civil matters that might arise later. >> gretchen: you believe maybe they decided not to hold that hearing before the trial. they strictly we know with
8:55 am
self-defense because they might need it or use it as we move forward now with possible civil litigation? >> here is what i think the defense was thinking. i think that they felt that the public pressure was going to be too much for this judge to issue a immunity stamp basically for the stand your ground. what stand your ground does is it it gives you absolute immunity. they didn't feel they would get that from this judge, so they waived it. now that he's acquitted, if and when he's sued, let's face it, he probably will be, they will then have the stand your ground hearing at that point. he may be found immune. >> gretchen: very interesting. where do you believe, in your mind with your expertise, zimmerman should go from here? >> i think wherever he goes, he should keep a low profile, extremely low profile. i think there will be financial opportunities for him in the future given the nature of this case and the exposure it received.
8:56 am
once he exploits those and puts a little nest egg away for himself, i think he should go somewhere, keep a low profile, disappear. >> gretchen: i only have 20 seconds. i'm interesting in folk what you think the department of justice may or may not do? >> i think it's ridiculous they're asking for them to do this again. the f.b.i. has already investigated mr. zimmerman and found no civil rights violations. you can't reinvestigate something and expect magic to appear and new evidence to show up. it doesn't happen that way. >> gretchen: jose baez, criminal defense attorney, well-known, thanks for your thoughts this morning. >> thanks. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" just three minutes away to eat. then rest. to fuel the metabolic cycle they were born to have, purina one created new healthy tabolism wet and dry.
8:57 am
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